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Archives: August 21, 2012

I appreciate you Juror #6

Tweety just said "All is not right in nut country!"

the 501(c)(4) American Future Fund from Iowa releases ads in Wisconsin and Florida.

From the onion: Pregnant Woman Relieved To Learn Her Rape Was Illegitimate

Wow. So the repubican insiders are telling Aiken to get out of the race or they'll stop funding him

Right-Wing News

I want to thank Rep Akin

Akin not alone in bogus rape theory, more nutz weigh in including Dr. Jack C. Willke

Another Legitimate offense...

Tuskegee airman G. Hickman dies in Seattle at 88

Slouching Towards Tampa (Ryan’s Hope edition)

Eugene Robinson: Blaming the victim, again


Where does the money in your offering plate go?

Are there any polls in Missouri showing a drop in support for Akin since his brilliant statement?

Here's the thing - the GOP, especially the males, are a bunch of ignorant neanderthals

(Gov.) Snyder, (AG) Schuette try to keep collective bargaining proposal off (Michigan) ballot

Tea Party, 94% opposed as compared to urban liberals, 93% in favor.

Per Big Eddie, Ryan called Akin and suggested he drop out...

Roger Clemens coming back? 50-year-old to pitch for Sugar Land Skeeters

Akin sent out a fundraising email 15 minutes ago

So why is it so important to extradite Assange to Sweden?

Akin is nothing new - 1990 Clayton Williams - 'relax and enjoy it'

Tax Returns....

Cartoon I'm awaiting:

White House full press conference Obama 8/20/12

Have you noticed? It's not about women's health. It's about how it looks!

Akin apologizes for rape pregnancy comments, says he'll stay in U.S Senate race - video

What is your favourite sauce for stir fries? I'm making one tomorrow and only have hoisin sauce.

Low water strands 97 vessels on Mississippi River: USCG

I am shocked that today's GOP thinks that anything is out of bounds.


Republican national platform 'respectfully' tells gay Americans they aren't getting squat

With Social Media, it'll only be a matter of time:

I'm rooting for Rapey McPsycho in MO

Beware of artists!

Where Akin screwed up

What Was That You Were Saying About Biden?

Has anyone read "Barack Obama, The Story" by Maraniss?

RIP Phyllis Diller passed on at age 95

Breaking Bad: Buyout (Spoilers)

Apologize to Vanunu

Re: voter suppression in Ohio. Is there no recourse in the courts or

Jews and Guns

Paul Ryan's budget: 4 ways it proves he's not a fiscal mastermind

Did Romney Possibly Commit Fraud on His Income Taxes, But Received Amnesty?

Syria airstrikes, shelling kill 100 during holiday

Coming out: I'm a survivor of sexual violence

In case some newer DUers haven't seen this ... A BULLY GETS BULLIED

Judge: Mangano can't slash employee benefits (LI, NY)

Mexico Olympics, 1968

Does the award for the greatest evil go to Satan or God?

FreedomWorks: "We've definitely taken over the Republican Party."

Paul Ryan Caught PLEADING for Stimulus Money on Video

Another example of why you can't beat me at a game of The Six Degrees of MrScorpio

Help DUers, Efficient Market Hypothesis, what say you?

I just had the best green sauce evah!

"The Men Who Stare At Zygotes"

Point - Counterpoint. Should Akin quit or stay in the race?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Flying Monkey Monday & a new Kitty gif

Seriously, do you think Akin believed that outlandish bullshit or was it more a matter of . . . .

I dedicate this song to Todd Akin.

Rachel is depressing the hell out of me right now.

Akin just went on the radio and announced he is staying in the race

First trip to the groomer

Romney Ryan Campaign Turns NH Voters Away While Busing In Others From Out Of State

Rachel is deconstructing this 'legitimate rape' bullshit

We're All Going to Die....The Gallows Humor Will Be Spectacular.

My question: Can the Missouri GOP replace Akins without his consent?

Michael Moore and Oliver Stone:WikiLeaks and Free Speech

A song for Todd

Hey, girl (Paul Ryan meme)

Monday car show! (Picture heavy)

Dedicated to our new bestest friend in the whole wide world, Rep. Todd Akin (Dumbass-MO)

The Akin thing is big

Akin is a mainstream repubican.

Were Republicans engaging in Legitimate Nudity in the Sea of Galilee?

What's the smallest number that's divisible by all numbers 1 thru 20 without leaving a remainder?

Happy Birthday Robert Plant

Todd Akin’s comment brings "war on women" back to prominence

Yao Ming visits Kenya to film anti-poaching documentary aimed at protecting African elephants, rhino

i got the president's autograph!!!!!

The governor here in Maine is trying to roll back Medicaid assistance in a big bad way. Do you

Picture contest!!! Who is the guy on the left?

And Just In Time For The Conventions: New Young Republican Group To Push For Climate Action

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Dear Mr. Akin, I Want You to Imagine...

Anybody need a good cry?

This Montgomery County, OH, (Dayton) BOE crap on Rachel show

Finally a little good news!

American Family Association and Family Research Council backing Akin

Boy scouts chairwoman ousted and berated for breastfeeding

X-post: The governor here in Maine is trying to roll back Medicaid assistance in a big bad way.

Haleem a Ramadan food that crosses religious boundaries in India

So I was looking at Todd Akin's website...

I Misspoke—What I Meant To Say Is 'I Am Dumb As Dog Shit And I Am A Terrible Human Being'

Morsi's visit to Iran could reshape political landscape

Papantonio: Ryan, Akin and Old Man GOP Impotence

Fox News Institutes Virtual Blackout Of Todd Akin’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comments

It's this simple - if Akin stays in the race the dems will keep the senate

How will Obama team in Chicago respond to the latest opening neanderthal Todd Akin

Ukraine wants to ban SpongeBob SquarePants

David Axelrod: Todd Akin's Comments Are 'Inconvenient' For Romney-Ryan, 'Not Inconsistent'

Whoa, whoa, whoa...Ohio allowed early voting in the GOP Presidential Primary earlier this year.

OBAMA To ROMNEY: "This is not an entitlement, being President of the United States."

In Ecuador, a dissident fights extradition

Republicans Spend $2.5 Million For RNC Stage To Make Romney Look Likeable

A Full Fact-Check of Niall Ferguson's Very Bad Argument Against Obama

The greatest all 'round entertainer, ever!

Pat Oliphant: legitimate rape

"Private-Market Tooth Fairy Can’t Cut Medicare Cost" By Peter Orszag at Bloomberg News

GOP War on Women Part II - A Sequel So Soon After Rush Limbaugh Called Sandra Fluke A Prostitute?

Where the hell is RiffRandell?

How often you brush your teeth linked to chances of dementia !

When Akin was in the MO House, he claimed women can't get HIV

Romney Racks Up Huge Cash Advantage Over Obama

I just spent time composing a post for Omahasteve & clicked post & was told I could not reply

Piers Morgan Calls Akins "A Gutless Little Twerp" For Skipping Out On Interview


How did Scarlett Johansson get David Bowie to sign on?

Mike Huckabee explains the upside of rape

This is a baby.....

"Niall Ferguson Publishes Embarrassing Defense Of Newsweek Article" at Business Insider

Maybe we will just have to wait for Paul Ryan to utter the phrase “legitimately poor.”

How about a thread that isn't about Todd Akin. Do we have any polls

Dems should hang Akin around Ryan's neck.

"Fed Studies Show Damage to Labor Market Is Reversible" by Alex Kowalski at Bloomberg News

Would Faux News be running cover for Obama if he said he

Republicans Condemn Akin's Comments As Blemish On Party's Otherwise Spotless Women's Rights Record

Romney leads in cash on hand by $62M

Akin bails on Piers Morgan's show tonight!

The ED Show - President Obama calls out Romney on gross falsehoods

Tea party rogue AKINS Tonight: “I have just begun to fight, and I’m in this race to the end!”

New PPP Poll Akin still leading

Akin Bails On Piers Morgan, Morgan calls him a "gutless little twerp"

"On the Road to Ryan and Ruin -- An Analysis" by Lawrence Davidson at OpEd News

Two pros showing how it's done.

Fat People Lose Their Thinking Skills Faster Than Thin People

The Akin issue could get tricky - since he is not the official GOP nominee yet because ...

Hang in there, Todd Akin.

David Axelrod: Todd Akin's Comments Are 'Inconvenient' For Romney-Ryan, 'Not Inconsistent'

The ED Show - Stunning admission shows Ohio voting laws target African-Americans

Need help debunking Heritage Foundation claim...

Akin's has a firm deadline for dropping out: TOMORROW.

Israel seeks speedy UN condemnation of Iran's latest calls for the Jewish state's destruction

Final PSA from the GOP: Pregnancy rules out rape and the sex was legitimate

Foreign Ministry lists Iran’s anti-Israel remarks

The ED Show - GOP candidate's rape remarks have Republicans scrambling

This whole "legitimate rape" thing shows conservatives are concerned at

Aug. 20: When the Polling Gets Weird

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday August 21st

Did I miss something?

Has anybody seen this?

Mike Peters Toon

If there is any women who votes republican this election, they have serious self-destructive

Ever notice how so many rethugs long for the days of the 1950s?

Obama Outraises Romney $9 Million as Conventions Approach

Just turned double nickels today.

"The Truth About Taxes and the Rich" by Veronique de Rugy at

Palin's choice to replace Akin

Akin is a moron on climate change too.

Prez: Romney 'Welfare' Ads Making Claim That “Everyone In This Room Knows Is Untrue'

Todd Akin Launches ‘I’m Not Quitting’ Ad Campaign

I'm confused! How can both of these be true?

I don't know what the heck it is, but it sure is CUTE (in capital letters, too!)

You can't make this up--Romney takes questions from backers-CBS news

"13% in taxes? Al Capone paid more than 13% in taxes!" -David Letterman

Romney Tells NH Crowd He Wishes He Were a Resident So He Could "Save Me Some Tax Dollars"

In 2007, Romney Touted Endorsement of Doctor Who Pushed

GOP wants to institute Taliban policies for women in US

Todd Palin sez...

Rachel Maddow - Can Republicans shut down Akin?

To the people I said I saw similarities the way Kerry ran his campaign and Romney, I apologize

No means NO! - But that isn't good enough.

Economist Brad DeLong calls on Newsweek to fire Niall Ferguson

MiddleFingerMom's Achy Breaky Heart Season 2

PPP: Akin still leads Senate Race despite comment

On Facebook - Anatomy of our naughty lady bits a la Todd Akin

Chris Christie's Pet Project Casino looking to borrow another $100mil to avoid bankerupcy

Toon time - Todd Akin

Ex-Dictator’s Daughter Nominated for South Korean Presidency

Phyllis Diller roasts Ronald Reagan...

Restrictive voting laws tied up in court

MO conservatives comment on the Akin mess

Todd Akin Piers Morgan Interview Fail: Embattled Senate Candidate Bails On CNN Host

NEW SurveyUSA Poll: Missourians Say Akin Should Quit Senate Race

Enough said.

Independents favor cooperation, are dissatisfied with political system

Rachel Maddow - Anti-abortion extremists mainstreamed to GOP leadership

When was the last time a presidential candidate didn't release his taxes?

Where the hell is nolabear?

Greene County, Virginia GOP Group's Newsletter Calls For 'Armed Revolution' If Obama Is Reelected


So what's on your fuck-it list?

Denny Lieberman, one of the two Democrats on the Montgomery (Dayton, Ohio) Board of

Two funny new Twitter accounts re:Akin

"I Wanna Be Your Man"

China says U.S. support for clean energy violates WTO rules

If you supported Akins a week ago...

Generals Meet to Study Afghan Violence

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, August 20)

A homemade toilet plunger washing machine.

humourist phyllis diller dead at 95

Richard Dawkins: The Playboy Interview

Question about posting in Greatest Threads

Classic Thom Hartmann (2/9/11): Thom's mock CPAC (conservative conference) keynote speech

Someone is finally saying "enough" on those kiddie pageants.

Remembering a great lady.

Todd Aiken mispoke.

A video message in support of Todd Akin

Text from Hillary: Paul Ryan edition

Life imitates art (sort of)

quotes of the day, in memory of one hell of a woman

Luxury hotel for dogs to open in New York City

Akin hit the lottery. He can stay in and have a good chance off being a Senator or

Former head of Border Patrol union pleads innocent in fraud case

What's a good cleanup utility/registry fixer for Windows XP ?

*** Gets her Staple Gun out and posts a sign announcing new books at the Library ***

"Akin is helping Republicans to snatch defeat from jaws of victory"

Mendocino firehouse

Will Akin have a "one yard short" finish on November 6?

Does Grover Norquist allow eliminating Deductions?

EU Probes Cigarette Deal That May Have Aided Syria

Rollcall: What happens if Akin drops out?

9/11 families appeal court decision (on burying remains at the memorial museum)

Are there any shows you like now that you're older, but didn't watch during their original run?

Hells Angels sue U.S. over visas, criminal designation

(Grain of Salt Alert) Republican Source: Akin Moving To Withdraw

EDIT: Akin has apparently finished his meeting with The Cowboy.

NFL-Lights out for Merriman as Bills cut veteran pass-rusher

Funniest jokes from this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Ooh, that was quick! What happened to Akin???

"Doctors agree that the Republican brain shuts down when attacked by a new idea..."

Free banking a myth, Which? report says

Looks like Akin might be planning to pullout

US 'should hand over footage of drone strikes or face UN inquiry'

My brother got some peppers yesterday.

Why is anybody shocked that the GOP is for RAPE?

Custody at Risk After 'Toddlers & Tiaras' Star Wears Controversial Outfit

Todd Akin defiant as support withdrawn over 'legitimate rape' claims

Parrot stabbed to death; Everett man arrested

Todd Akin: "I misspoke what I meant to say is 'I'm dumb as dog shit and a terrible human being"

Akin’s Spiritual Mentor: Women Occasionally Invite Rape, Victims Are ‘Hysterical’

NHS hospital trusts invited to expand abroad

Bloomberg News: Republican Platform Won’t Protect Mortgage Tax Deduction

Nearly half of US doctors struggle with burnout: study

Sixteen wounded in clashes in Lebanese port city

Exclusive - Iran looks to Armenia to skirt bank sanctions

Having some success running Windows games in Ubuntu Linux. (oops - misspelling fixed)

Do men need to play more of a role in stopping mothers from sexualizing daughters?

Eve Ensler - "Dear Mr. Akin" (huffpo piece, one of the best ever written)

Locomotive steams through Downtown Pittsburgh!

Why some believe Akin can survive controversial comments

Julian Assange row: Embassy entry 'would be suicide for UK'

Yao Ming visits Kenya to film anti-poaching documentary aimed at protecting African elephants, rhino

Yao Ming visits Kenya to film anti-poaching documentary aimed at protecting African elephants, rhino

Of course Akin will withdraw today

Shanghai 'most vulnerable to flood risk'

One Amazing Father Finishes A Triathlon…Carrying His Daughter With Cerebral Palsy Across The Finish

Great sign at Assange protest:

Exclusive: Akin ad asks for 'forgiveness'

A really good read by Chris Hedges re: the Dark Side

Mika, please place your foot in his face.

2 spoken poems by mrs. r --->

"Paul Ryan & Todd Akin - Forcible Rape Co-Sponsors"

Neighbor shot in the face for yelling at his dogs to shut up.

6 Worst Things Republicans Have Said About Rape, Sex and Women's Bodies

In spite both the prevention and termination of unwanted pregnancies,

Akin ad asks for 'forgiveness'

Shock and Humiliation: How People Are Being Strip-Searched for Trivial Offenses

Coming to MSM near you -WSJ/WashTimes writer's book --Hillary made The President kill Bin Laden

TransUnion: Late auto-loan payments fall in 2Q

Obesity 'bad for brain' by hastening cognitive decline

Déjà Coup All Over Again: U.S. is silent as Paraguay follows in the steps of Honduras

Todd Akin’s comment brings ‘war on women’ back to prominence - By Eugene Robinson

Echinacea remedy not for children under 12, says MHRA

One State's Poor Excuse for Funneling Taxpayer Cash to Private Schools

Toon: Jesus at the GOP Convention

Assange, Democracy & the Decline of the West

todd akin: "by the grace of God we’re going to win this race,"

Chris Hedges and Jonathan Haidt: On Capitalism

Mica tore Joe Scum a new one this morning


George Galloway’s Guide To Sexual Etiquette to be ready for Christmas

Shouldn't RYAN also step down, because he and Akin share the SAME view ...

Max Keiser: Attention financial terrorists: Wall St. is hiring!

Early Man Migrated To Asia 20,000 Years Before Previously Thought

Interesting point on MORNING JOE about Akins

Breaking Bad - Walter White could now be a CEO, GOP, Fundie Preacher, etc. (the insane clown posse)

Manufacturing the "Equivalency" on Medicare.

GOP Platform To Call For Constitutional Ban On Abortion: Report

Florida DUers - keep an eye on TD9

NRA enabled bullets-by-mail used by Colo. shooting suspect

Akin still has commercials on local tv.

The US Is Now Attacking Rescuers That Come To The Aid Of Drone Strike Victims {long read}

TPM: GOP Platform Draft Calls For Abortion Ban Without Rape, Incest Exceptions

Did Romney's vetting team know Paul Ryan & Todd Akin were Forcible Rape Co-Sponsors?

Jim Talent Rules Out Run for Senate

"The mistake I made was in the words I said, not in the heart I hold."--Akin

Please send your support to Todd,

"Romney's problem is that he can denounce Akin all he wants,...

Todd Akin 'Deliverances' Proof He’s An Equal Opportunity Offender

Todd Akin and Paul Ryan Are More Alike Than You Think

Replace akin with john freakin' ashcroft?

Tiger population of India facing 'total disaster' due to tourism ban

Paul B. Farrell: Ayn Rand: Patron saint or soulless capitalist?

nytimes: New Frontiers of Extremism

GOP prepares tough anti-abortion platform

Autism Stem-Cell Therapy To Be Tested In Kids In Trials

The Ron Paul yard signs are being replaced by Romney yard signs around here

Step 1 in Romneys plan to "help" the middle class: no more mortgage tax deduction for you.

Assange. Here's why he must go to Sweden. Unconditionally.

Belarus dissident fighting extradition by Ecuador

Video: Don't let the Koch Brothers use their billions to buy this election

Can we look at profiles to see if a poster is still here? Two I am wondering about.

David Horsey: Romney-Ryan Republicans pray to Jesus but bow to Ayn Rand

Group targets Koch brothers on cable ads

Peak oil review - August 20

Carlson Toon: Akin's "Legitimate rape" vs. Ryan's "Forcible rape"

Peak oil review - August 20

Commodities Headed For Bull Market As U.S. Drought Withers Crops

Wake up America, this is not just Atkin's view, this has been the republican parties view for years!

A Bully Gets Bullied (Limbaugh)

First on CNN: GOP prepares tough anti-abortion platform(no exceptions for rape or incest)

You could see this coming: Yoder IS Letterman’s Top Ten List

I'm done dancing around playing nice. I'm done looking for the high road. I'm done with it. I'm done

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Hammering Akin

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Ryan and the rest

So this will be the entire point of the Romney-Ryan campaign. Lie lie lie. Muddy the waters.

The Mitt Romney Tax Return Bombshell: Aborted Fetus Disposal Profits?

Prime Time for Paul Ryan’s Guru (the One That’s Not Ayn Rand)

Ethiopian strongman and Western ally, Meles, dies

Agenda Malfunction in Akin unit MO-02 (pic)

ESPN Announcer Says White Redskins Fans Will Support White QB over Black one

Obama 2012 Campaign Helped By, AFL-CIO Super PAC Alliance

I have a feeling "Pro-Life" means many things to many people....

Posh and Becks joke is 'funniest'

Private Schools Will Get to Pick and Choose Students To Get Tax Credit-funded Scholarships

Todd Akin, hang onto to that career instead of doing what's right. If it was a Dem who said

Je triche.

To prevent the conception of Wingnut Idiocy

Honolulu’s Rail Project Back in the Crossfire This Fall

Poll: Most Opposed To Ryan’s Medicare Reforms, Voucher System

Money Grab: How Can Cities Recapture Investment In Public Infrastructure?

Minding Our Children’s Minds

Poll: Most Opposed To Ryan’s Medicare Reforms, Voucher System

The Only Big Idea Coming Out of the Romney-Ryan Camp Is the Big Lie

Kitty Corner: Jaguars Win Critical Habitat in U.S.

This movie was first released 25 years ago today!!

This campaign season makes me glad

What's the Single Best Explanation for Middle-Class Decline?

David Horsey describes how you could get Romney as president, Biden as VP

"campaign that R's wanted to be ... on President's job-creation record ... about everything else"

Best Bye-Bye?

republican platform, no abortion in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother

NYT's Bruce Bartlett: Exploring Mitt Romney’s Taxes and Tax Plan

Hilarious Video on Big Ed's blog: I'm Mitt Romney, and I Did Not Approve This Message

BB&T Bank gave Millions to Spread Ayn Rand's philosopy by Grants to Colleges & Universities

PA. Releases Natural Gas Production Data, Without Mentioning Largest Producer Was Not Included

Prez: 'They can run the campaign they want ... truth of the matter is you can't just make stuff up'

Romney's Clown.

Chuckie Todd: Can the WH make soup out of your underwear?

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 21, 1998

Mystery Group Goes After Dems in Senate Races

Americans United for Life (founded by Brent Bozell) source for Akin rape propaganda (Post-Dispatch)

Tomasky: The Only Big Idea Coming Out of the Romney-Ryan Camp Is the Big Lie

Akin: When I Was Talking About "Legitimate" Rape, I Meant "Forcible" Rape

Mitt Romney campaign spent $500 at Chick-fil-A last month for ‘meeting expense’

Occupy Activists Prepare to Protest Political Conventions

Studies showing "benefits of circumcision" highly flawed

“Who’s Your Daddy?” Van Offers DNA Tests on the Go

After Rape Comment Akin Still Leads McCaskill In Brand New Missouri Poll

You Too Can Kill Osama bin Laden, in a Real-Life Navy SEALS Role-Playing Game

Thank you Michelle

Five children killed in SUV crash in East Texas

Rx for War

The Great Dictator

oh joy, bloomberg giving niall ferguson a venue to bash Obama without a counter to rebut him

No Person Shall Be Deprived of Life, Liberty or Property… Unless the Oil and Gas Industry Says So

Siena Poll: Obama increases lead in New York to +29

pot calling the kettle black

Time To Borrow Anne Richards' Classic Line?

The "rape issue" could be a "deal breaker" for many swing voters.

Mitt Romney showing his Mormon faith

Missouri has worse than Todd Akin take MO State Senator Brian Nieves.

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

Legitimate Rape is the Tip of the Republican War on Women Iceberg

Mike Huckabee Would Like to Remind You That Rape Has Created Some Extraordinary People

Man behind bars 2 years after judge orders release

Kirk Cameron on Today show - re:Todd Akin

Niall Ferguson doubles down on the lies, trying to defend himself


Wrong Direction's 'Disclosure' or Mitt Romney STILL Has Not Released His Tax Records

Niall Ferguson trolls everyone in Newsweek by Alex Pareene for

A Love Story And A Clearance Sale

The gop INVITED the crazies into their tent, now they have to DEAL WITH IT.

Question about "stand your ground" versus "legitimate rape."

Will Ryan be asked to clarify "forcible rape" in his debate with Biden?

Planned Parenthood launches new breast health initiative

First Lady and the 'Kids State Dinner'


Republicans: Test Your Knowledge of Women!

The LGBT rights movement has had its share of villains. These are some of the worst.

Gotta love The Onion.

The Cost of Hunger Drought Only One Factor Behind High Food Prices

Akin controversy shows how social media made the story viral

911 call, woman begs for her life, found murdered.

Kirk Cameron defends Todd Akin (not an Onion piece)

Any news outlets

Just think if the GOP put as much effort into helping children as they do the fetus

Details Christie will overlook in his keynote

Oregon health insurance exchange: Small businesses push for choices

US conviction of Uribe aide to have 'profound impact' on Colombia politics .

US conviction of Uribe aide to have 'profound impact' on Colombia politics .

Republicans think women should pay the price for being raped

ROMNEY VS. THE GOP! (John Fugelsang/Caffeinated #5)

NY Times Editorial - "New Frontiers of Extremism"

Is Helen Mirren right about date rape?

All rape is "forcible rape."

There are loud booming noises outside and wet stuff falling from the sky!

5 Myths that Are Destroying our Country

Peace Is Increasing by Prof. Joshua S. Goldstein author of "Winning the War on War"

US court orders CIA to reveal documents on Pablo Escobar .

Old movies that couldn't be remade today because of *taboo* subject matter

Obama shifts to Ryan education plan

Government can use buying power to force gun changes

Senior Citizens For Medicare Cuts

Bain of Our

Everyone Around You Needs To See This Video Robert Reich Dropped Everything To Make

The Best Graphic You Can Share About Todd Akin And Paul Ryan Right NOW

The Romney campaign is Relentlessly Racist

Todd Akin not the only idiot in the GOP

Akin has seven hours left to decide

"Game Of Thrones" Theme Sung By A Cat

Why It Is Laughable When Romney Has A Temper Tantrum About Releasing His Taxes

PA. Refuses to Release Info. Requested by US Dept. of Justice on Voter ID Law

Pic Of The Moment: Todd Akin Apologizes For Rape Comments

Surrogates Admit Romney Will Cut Medicare Benefits For Current Seniors

How the Republicans want to screw your Mother over...

Got to give Akin some credit here -- at least

Post your time guesses as to when Akin bows out.

Pro-life doctor John Willke, linked to Akin’s ‘forcible rape’ claims, endorsed Romney in 2007

Hillary Clinton on sexist interview questions

FULL OF MITT - Ben Sheehan (Official Music Video for Mitt Romney)

26 alleged neo-Nazis on trial in Germany

The media keeps saying that Todd Akin "faces a deadline" to get out of the race

Smart cars to be put to test in Ann Arbor

In 2007, Romney Touted Endorsement of Doctor Who Pushed "Legitimate Rape" Junk Science

AP - Powell - Cantor Breaking News

Mitt Romney: Honor Students Do It All Themselves: "I credit the kid, not the bus driver!"

Draft Republican Platform Ratchets Up “Defense of Marriage”

Today is not Akin's last day to drop out.

Earnest Lackey, Texas man, allegedly tortured to death by members of Aryan Brotherhood

WAKE UP AMERICA: They will say this is about one person. It is not.

Tea Party/GOP: It's Ok To THINK Like Todd Akin, It's Just Not Ok To SPEAK Like Him.

Corbett administration rips feds over voter-law request

Surrogates Admit Romney Will Cut Medicare Benefits For Current Seniors

Oops, they just woke the sleeping silent majority

Former Rep Artur Davis (Ala) Akin's comments 'could cost' Romney Missouri

put your money where your mouth is

Pres. Obama: 'That's (Romney's) answer for a young person hoping to go to college – shop around'

What is the best online florist?

The job for Democrats in this election

The Last Word - The Ryan-Akin connection

Now that would have been a real Olympic event

"Akin would get 27% of the vote if he clubbed a baby seal on The View"

An Apology from Todd Akin - by Andy Borowitz

Brutal Nazi experiment data used by wingnuts for "legitimate rape theory"

Obama and Romney election apps suck up personal data, research finds

GOP policy is the scandal, not just Akin's comments

How is everyone???

Shimmer magazine, a new professional market for contemporary fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror...

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

David Barton's Junk History a Grave Threat to Our Secular Future

DOJ offers guidelines for acceptable racist Voter ID laws

Caption Romney

Fun new game: Troll the Tampa Craigslist ads

Erratic on refreshing posts.

40 Celebrities who are Dem's and 40 who are repugs from Buzzfeed

Flurry of Voter ID laws tied to conservative group ALEC

Someone needs to publicly ask Ted Cruz what his position is about "legitimate" abortion.

The Last Word - Rep. Akin ruins Romney’s day

Proud? Proud Of What Exactly?

Akin formed a PAC called "Takin Back America" Here's who gave him all the $ (+who he gave it to)

Priebus: GOP platform 'not the platform of Mitt Romney'


Just got a pleasant surprise in my latest Amazon order..

Bryan Fischer of American Family Association: Akin right about ‘real, genuine rape’

Ouch: Superwood plant to close in Duluth (140 jobs)

The Last Word - A history of re-defining rape

DFL leaders want Gauthier to quit race

GOP convention's host city is a disaster, reflection of where Tea Party politics will lead cities

Todd Akin Fallout: Rape, Abortion, and the Dark History of Qualifying Violence Against Women

Playing the race card?

Teabaggers starting to place poorly spelled sex ads in Tampa Craigslist

Anti-vaxers kill another child

Mike Huckabee defends Akin by reminding us that really awesome people came from rape

Huffpo: "GOP Platform To Call For Constitutional Ban On Abortion: Report"

Here's where that "What's mine is mine" philosophy comes from...

Obama Reiterates Desire for Grand Bargain on Taxes and Spending

The Last Word - Bipartisanship & Romney's secret tax returns

New pizza restaurant...

BET To Interview President Obama Today In Columbus, Ohio, Time Mag. also gets interview

GOP Platform Committee Rejects Civil Unions For Same-Sex Couples

Rumour has it that Clemens might be in the Bigs in Sept. Wonder if Nolan and W will take

Bachmann BFF & fellow nutjob King: I’ve Never Heard Of A Girl Getting Pregnant From Statutory Rape

Rep. Steve King: I’ve Never Heard Of A Girl Getting Pregnant From Statutory Rape Or Incest

By Akin's logic.... the "legitimately raped" woman's magic ladybody is performing... an abortion....

Ryan Akin Ryan Akin...what was that other thing? Oh yeah, HEY MITTENS! I WANT TO SEE THE TAXES

Rep. Steve King: I’ve Never Heard Of A Girl Getting Pregnant From Statutory Rape Or Incest

Crazy Rep King-R never heard of a women getting pregnant from rape or incest

Words for Tennagers

Republicans in disarray thanks to Akin explaining what they all think about rape

They will steal it! News from Wisconsin ....

Statistically At Least One Of Every Five Politicians Is Atheist or Agnostic

Todd Akin digs in ahead of dropout deadline

Bacon scattered at NY Ramadan celebration probed as hate crime

Alex Wagner MSNBC is doing a fantastic job this A.M. She is going after Grover now

Anyone else see the irony of "Choose Life" bumper stickers?

Alex Wagner just disappointed me.

Robert Reich: The Five Reasons Why the Ryan-Romney Economic Plan Would Be A Disaster for America

Does anyone remember the year that Kirk Cameron jumped the shark?

Bye bye Best Buy?

The untold drama of Northern snow cover

Russia warns West over Syria after Obama threats

US Army battling racists within its own ranks

Are Wedge Issues That Were The Forte Of The Repugs To Split The Electorate And ......

Limbaugh: The only innocent here is the baby (paraphrased)

WaPO: GOP votes down civil unions

PPP: Romney +1 in Wisconsin

Ryan Adviser Calls On Congress To Authorize War With Iran

Stocks hit a new four-year high

Now they're saying Tony Scott did not have an inoperable brain tumor.

Is Akin giving license for ill mannered men to have non-consensual sex with women

Women's Biology 101 -- according to Todd Akin

Legitimate takedown: Todd Akin meets the women of the Internet

see, evil liberal immoral women have been lying about rape to "illegitimately"

Image: Sith Romney Uses The Force

In memoriam: Phyllis Diller, actress, humorist, atheist

Why Akin probably doesn’t exit today or tomorrow

Papantonio: How Whistleblowers Brought Down Countrywide

Leading Scientists Agree:There IS a 'Todd Akin Biological Rule'

Banks Falsify Credit Card Lawsuits

Spineless Mitt & Lyin' Ryan's Newest Movie...

Anger as Iran bans women from universities

Assange asylum seen as travesty of justice in Sweden

If it's okay for the body to perform an automatic abortion why is it wrong for a brain to choose it?

First Foray into BRT in Chicago, Not Quite BRT

"That dude running for president . . .". BWHAHAHA!

Why is Todd Akin walking back his firmly held beliefs?

Justice Department approves Virginia voter ID law

Presumably rape victims should report directly to "fetus protection" clinics, then?

PPP: Romney ahead by 1-point among likely voters in Wisconsin

Middle-aged people make the most money...

Pakistani Christians, fearing backlash, flee community after girl is accused of blasphemy

Ban on Sharia law to be in the RNC platform

Akin is staying in the race

Boom goes the dynamite! HuffPo's headline:

Kstew came out of hiding.

Breaking - Huckabee Announces Akin will STAY

Todd Akin announces his intention to stay in the race

A secret BIGGER than the Illuminati or Masons

My Visit to a London Embassy Under Threat--Report from Jeff Cohen/Root's Action

Akin has gone rogue

Book: College kids today are coddled, entitled, tech-savvy

go Akin! don't hide your batshit light under a bushel!

Obama And Romney Faith Interview: Candidates Speak Openly About Religion

NYPD: Muslim spying led to no leads, terror cases

Thank you PPP

Mitt Romney in his own words

Imperial by Design: How we got into such a big mess in foreign polciy - John Mearsheimer

‘Legitimate rape’ remark fuels women’s skepticism about religion

Backpacks and Belief: Religious Freedom Goes to School in South Carolina

grammatically speaking, "forcible rape" isn't a name for a crime, it's a name for a tool.

Image: American Taliban 2012

Todd Akin reaffirms decision to stay in the Senate race

Rep. Steve King: I’ve Never Heard Of A Girl Getting Pregnant From Statutory Rape Or Incest

Imperial by Design- How America has gotten into a such big mess in foreign policy -John Mearsheimer

PPP/Daily Kos National poll: Obama leads Romney by four-points

Please give me some good news!

HEY malaise........DUCK!

Oh my God! They decapitated Chewy! You Bastards!

London Calling

Paul Waldman: Akin flap shows when it comes to the crazy, the parties aren't equal

Lincoln woman accused of making up hate crime

Dont know much about history. Dont know much Biology

"Forcible Rape" is just the latest in a long line of Luntz-isms

Republicans officially endorse exact same abortion position they're claiming is so 'offensive'

Akin:"By taking this stand, this is going to strengthen our country," "It will strengthen the GOP"

"False Rape" . . . . this gets funnier and funnier.

Don't Let the Republicans Drive the Bus

***Gets his Staple Gun out and posts a sign announcing new boobs at the Library*** (copycat thread)

It must be pretty bad when even the Phelps support our position (Akin)

Let's revisit the activist judge concerns - Here's a Romney quote on a faith in public life query:

The REAL problem with what Akin said

How is the far right religionut American view any different from the supposed "enemies" of the US?

Songs for a Lying Sack of Crap

Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins wrote the marriage plank for the convention platform

These crazies were elected. By actual voters. By people you likely know.

Does a rapist get parental rights when an abortion is denied a woman? nt

Todd Akin has EMBARRASSED America to the world (Australian news report on the controversy)


Akin needs to withdraw by 5 p.m. Which timezone?

What the fuck is wrong with Seniors? PPP: R/Rs greatest strength in Wisconsin is seniors

The republic dictators, the Koch brothers brought us tod akin.

Akin Clarifies ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comments: Women Make ‘False Claims’ About Being Raped

NRSC: We Will Not Support Todd Akin’s ‘Misguided Campaign’ (just his "offensive" position)

Scarborough: Romney welfare ads are "completely false"

2012 Republican Platform To Advocate Abortion Ban Without Rape Exception

To help win this election, convince a non-voter to vote.

Microchipping people for Obamacare?

In re: Religion, public office and the law - Romney is no JFK

Ok let's have an open and honest talk about Polls

Remember the NE woman who claimed she'd been brutalized in a hate attack? Police say she made it up

(NOW) Calls For Romney and Ryan to Renounce Republican Party Platform on Abortion

Romney has a Rape Problem.

PPP: MA Senate--Brown leads by five-points

Lesbian Super PAC Nears Fund-raising Goal for Baldwin

Sometimes on DU posters ridicule groups of people who are "inbred", usually small groups in rural

Is Mitt Romney Trying to Avoid Having to Admit to Massive Tax Fraud?

why does DU automatically refresh the page after you hide a thread?

You have GOT to see this! Coolest thing I've seen in a very long time.

My parents can't program a VCR - how would they "shop around for private Medicare"?

Could underwear save your life?

Veep Biden Rockin It In MN

Mitt Romney: Church State Separation Taken Too Far By Some

If only hate-filled fundies could see THIS light when it comes to social/political beliefs.

Day-care workers accused of urging toddlers to fight -- on video

I'm sure you all got the attention getting message, but in case you have not for some reason seen it



Ben Quayle: Sea of Galilee swim not ‘inappropriate’

Troubled waters: Landowners, angler wrangle over access to Va. river


Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll: Ryan plan unpopular, but vouchers are hated

Deadly Syria-Linked Clashes Hit Lebanon's Tripoli

So...WHERE are those TAX RETURNS?

"Prime Suspect"

I just paid what I was able to pay!

WRT Akin

Respect the Women in Your Life: Walk With Them

Wow. Now, this is going so sound like a shameless ploy for attention, but

We need a good laugh here in GD - let's revisit a 2008 Campaign Classic Photo!

GOP passes Abortion Platform to "respect human life" but also passes Platform protecting guns

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen Asking WI Supreme Court To Reinstate Voter ID Law

Keep Up The Work DUers! The MSM is Starting To Get It!

Foreign Policy, Akin-Style: How the U.S. Denies Abortions to Women Raped in War

RW whackjob & Conspiracy Theorist OPSEC Spokesman Ben Smith A Birther, Has Called Obama A Communist

Starbucks To Recycle Coffee Grounds and Food Waste into Bio-Plastics in Hong Kong

To those who find sports and/or athletic competition a waste of time, do me a favor ...

Saw two guys on the bus today talking...

Ask mitt romney:

There may be an uninvited guest at the RNC convention next week...

The Grand Old Party? Tell Us Again....

Abuse of the Alert tool?

Kirk Cameron defends Akin: ‘I believe he’s a good man’ (VIDEO)

The perfect republican world?

I wonder if all this GOP nonsense about "legitimate rape" goes back to Ayn Rand?

It has come to my attention that this is satire. I am sorry if I

Really, you have to give credit to Mitt Romney for his adept campaign skills...

Cat on desk

Election Fraud discovered! Do they bear out Republican fears of widespread Democratic voter fraud?

Pew: Medicare Voucher Plan Remains Unpopular

What are your ideas on taxes?

Bad BP gas causes car trouble. Start saving your receipts for a while after purchasing fuel

Aiken is not alone in his beliefs

MPAA censorship makes some old movie characters appear Crazy

Highland Park couple fined $21,000 for cruelty to cats

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Clarifies Position On Rape And Incest

I think the latest spate of GOP insanity reinforces how important sex ed is in public schools

Stuart Rothenberg moves MO-SEN race to "pure tossup".

The Mitt Romney Gasbag

Seeking assistance regarding Election Fraud discussion.

Um, Excuse me. I need to use the computer

mitt romney: Church State Separation Taken Too Far By Some...oh really mitt?

Anyone remember Magdalene laundries?

Obama Campaign Confirms Biden Event During RNC In Tampa

'Full Frontal' Activists Wanna See What Romney's Hiding Below

Cradle to grave

Ecuadorans Rally Behind Assange, Correa over Asylum

Since Assange isn't accused of "forcible" rape, shoudn't GOP support him?

Bullshit: Romney ahead in Michigan poll of "most likely voters"

With thanks to Nolabear for the phrase: If you're a Vaginal American or Vagina ally, K&R this thread

If a person is TRULY pro-life it shouldn't matter if a babies dad was a rapist

If Romney's or Ryan's "budget plan" were presented to a banker...

Does anyone use Amazon Cloud Player?

If anyone is getting a giftcard from MFM there is a reason why he's handing these out to everyone...


A World of Hillbilly Heroin: The Hollowing Out of America, Up Close and Personal

Any chance of a culture of labelling satire clearly developing here?

87 Year Old NC Woman Uses 9mm Handgun to stop 2 Home Invaders

Got a live one in GD! Enjoy it while you can!!!

Democracy for America Endorses David Schapira (AZ-09)

Please help with my pie recipe.. it came out too runny

Suspended Montgomery County Ohio BOE Officials On Rachel Maddows

The many faces of the Democratic Party

Syria makes veiled hint of Bashar al-Assad resignation

Standing Up for What You Believe In

LOL, Romney campaign can't find anyone 'appropriate' to talk about lady things

There's one thing womens bodies can shut down

Shocker! Romney campaign can't find anyone 'appropriate' to talk about lady things

Great image

Organizers of New York City Ramadan service find bacon bits



Most EXCELLENT graphic that I hope goes viral

The Rude Pundit: Has One CNN Commentator Lost His Fucking Mind Over Akin?

Do they still make disappearing headlights?

Two more hours

i won't watch m$nbc and let s.e. cupp give me a fucking lecture

Ignorance is Bliss, He must be very happy!!

two hours!

The Big Lie Of The Day: Fabricating A Failed Obama Presidency

Does Paul Ryan's Black Ex-Girlfriend Matter?

You CANNOT reach out to or reason with Christian conservatives

Fox News targets a very specific audience

Tropical Diseases - The New Plague of Poverty NY Times

Wait.....what? Steve King's office asserts support for 'federal abortion coverage.'

Akin Clarifies "Legitimate Rape" Comments: Women Make "False Claims" About Being Raped

These Are Not Fringe Lunatics Of The Republican Party. They Are The Leaders.

Breaking: romney calls for akin to go.......tic tic tic tic tic tic

Michigan--Obama (44) Romney (48)

Fears Rise That Assad Is Trying to Stoke Sectarian War in Lebanon

Todd Akin More in Sync with G.O.P. Platform Committee Than Party’s Own Nominee


Singing and Saving Lives

In Ohio, Obama rallies students, hits Romney on education funding

Favoring 'exceptions' to an abortion ban is morally degenerate

Pulpit Politicking Prevarication: For Liberty Counsel’s Staver, Truth Is Not An Option

Wikileaks Greatest Hits: The Venezuelan ambassador's emails

Armed Rape Patrols

(Police brutality victim) Ian Tomlinson pathologist Freddy Patel guilty of misconduct and dishonesty

WATCH: Liberal Group Goes After Koch Brothers

The Authority on Stupid has Spoken, Rush Limbaugh: Todd Akin's Comments Were 'Stupid'

Bored with all this Todd Akin talk on the Thom and Randi shows? Listen to All Things Considered.

Sandra Fluke To Go After Akin In Obama Campaign Email Blast

Ann Coulter calls on Akin to step down... "for the good of the party"

89 minutes for akin to drop out

The Bigger Lie

With 1 1/2 hour to go Reince Priebus is BEGGING Akin to drop out!

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss Face off tonight.

3 Cheers for 1StrongBlackMan ...

Record radiation in Fukushima fish

There is no doubt that the RNC platform will be more right wing than any that preceded it

State worker files whistle-blower suit against his own agency

Here's an oldie from Akin last year that should not be forgotten:

well there you go, ron christie says there is nothing to see in romney's taxes

This is not Swedish Fish.

I guess juror #3 should get props for being honest?

Maybe I'm being a little too cynical here

Reminder: Kochs Started Tea Party With Stalin's (and Tobacco Mafia) Money.wmv

Poll: GOP-backed Medicare proposals remain unpopular

Oh, I've done it again...FB fight about voter rights.

Nurse who aided shooting victims in Aurora, Colo., theater attack drowns

PA Poll: Romney 96 Obama 4

Need advice on cell phone choice

Mitt Romney's Implausible Bid for the High Road

Assange is like the NYTimes editor receiving the Pentagon Papers

Todd Akin's ignorant comment made international news.

"California Farm Labor Shortage 'Worst It's Been, Ever'"

Bo Obama is on a diet, president says

Pro- Ana groups (pro-anorexia)

Again, what address did you use on your 2008 and 2009 1040, Mr. Romney?

Woman held captive in Philadelphia basement for a decade sues city

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveils short-range Iranian missile

Let's Help WikiLeaks Liberate the Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiating Text

Horrifying LIVE THREAD: On C-SPAN 2, the RNC Platform Committee live

Video of Romney's selective memory on his draft record - Not Satire

LV's tip of the day.

Preckwinkle: Reagan deserves 'special place in hell' for war on drugs

Romney up by 15% in (a very strange version of) Florida

feminism needs to rise again in this country. clearly, it didn't take the first time...

Is Akin really out of the Republican mainstream?

Assange eats Dominos

"God exists because I have 1 fewer rib than a woman"

Meanwhile, the EPA was suffering a setback today

My Gift to Anyone out there having a Battle with Righties on Reproductive Rights

Todd Akin should drop out of Senate race, Romney says

The speakers at the Republican National Convention and what they represent (add Arpaio to the list)

Democrats won’t disclose donors to convention until after the event

Shock fall in tax receipts hurts UK debt-reduction plan

Israelis fret over 'lynching' of Palestinian

Are there any GOOD polls/news today?

Immigration Agency Accused of Bias Against Men

YouTube footage 'shows police officer stamping' on man

Greek cuts to be deeper than trailed

Apple's Foxconn Supplier Makes 284 Changes After Labor Audits

Yellow Pages publishers to merge

This is an amazing & poignant comment on the latest stupidity to vomit out of the mouth of Todd Akin

Too Weak to Be President

Rachel Maddow: Mitt Romney 'Lies All The Time'

40 minutes and counting

PPP: Obama continues to lead in Virginia

PPP Virginia---Obama (50) Romney (45)

A hypothetical question for Akin

Female Reproductive System according to Todd AKin

‘Boy band’ Wrong Direction wants to know what Romney’s hiding

Republicans Are Some Sick Puppies -They Don't Believe In Statutory Rape

Look, I am NOT saying Todd Akin supporters should eat shit and die. I'd never do that.

Missouri Republican official: ‘God chose to bless’ women with pregnancies from rape

Disposal of Fracking Wastewater Polluting PA Rivers

Newsweek's funny new coathanger cursor

Man pleads guilty to theft from (Warren) Buffett Foundation

Rep. Steve King adds to GOP's Todd Akin problem

'Hands Off, Crazy' - video by

What will the Log Cabin Republicans do now? Still stay with the GOP.

MN state senator blasted on Twitter for anti-same sex marriage remark

In my e-mail

Updated: New NBC/WSJ poll (will be good for Obama)

Pennsylvania Wants Voter ID Supreme Court Hearing Delayed

Inventor of Todd Akin's fake science was strongly praised by '07 Romney campaign

Biblically Approved Rape: Female Prisoners of War (DT 21:10-14, NU 31:17-18)

TRENDING: GOP platform committee approves tough anti-abortion stance

Will Hurricane Isaac flood Tampa and cut the Republican convontion short?

The Only Big Idea Coming Out of the Romney-Ryan Camp Is the Big Lie

Doctor behind Todd Akin's rape theory was a Romney surrogate in 2007

Obama to media: Romney’s whole campaign is based on lies

Paul Ryan's sister in law is African American and his college sweetheart was an

Legitimate Rape is the Tip of the Republican War on Women Iceberg

GOP Platform Misattributes Jewish Saying To Ronald Reagan

Sweden will not extradite Assange if he faces death penalty in the US

Well the one bright side about these old fucks in Congress is....

Mitt's favorite bible verse. Maddening.

Snopes followed up on my email alert.

Truth and Lies About Medicare - NYT

Julian Assange, free speech and rape (Worker's Liberty)

Some Test Shots

Remember Mitt Romney also Hides From His Real Name......

Blind woman warns of pigeon poop exposure danger

Do you even watch television on television and on their schedule anymore?

To those wishing Hurricane Issac would blow Tampa away

If you really believe in WikiLeaks, you must want Assange to face up to justice

Oh my. Little Old Man Tries To Help, Ruins 200 Year Old Portrait

Clay AIKEN's Tweet about Todd AKIN

Papantonio: The Republican Has-Been Hate Talkers

Priebus: RNC won't support Akin in Senate race

Why does the President of IBM hate IBM?

According to GOP Gospel, Sex while wearing a condom is rape

Oligarchs are happy because most Americans have no idea what

Akin: "I said one word in one sentence on one day, and everything changed."


Gemma to make "game changing" announcement Wednesday

Todd Akin: Political FUBAR

West Virginia ranked as No. 1 school, for partygoers

It's after 5:00. I've seen nothing to say that Toad Achin' is pulling out.....

the deadline has passed....todd akin is the republican senate candidate

The method behind Mitt Romney’s Big Lie strategy

Colombia to provide syringes to heroin addicts .

Still No Health Care. Still No Job. But 907 Days Later, One Vindicating Court Decision.

Undecided Independents: Not Nearly As Important as Pundits Would Have You Believe

Tropical Storm Isaac Forms, May Impact RNC In Tampa

John Boehner needs to come out and ask Todd Akin to resign from his current U.S. House seat.

The Invisible Wounds of War: Number of Soldiers Committing Suicide Reaches Record High


Akin Stays in Race to "Spread God's Message"

Todd Akin's Apology Website Removes Fetus Photo, Has Spelling Calamity

Chris Hedges and Jonathan Haidt: On Capitalism

Walmart, Right-Wing Media Company Hold Star-Studded Benefit Promoting Education Reform Film

240 Million Americans to Lose Protections From Coal Pollution

Is there a consensus on what they mean when they talk about legitimate/honest/forcible rape?

Martin Bashir - Akin stays as GOP, Romney freak out

Todd Akin launches new website with fetuses, grammar errors

ABC is doing a bit on Mormonism on the evening news

What liberal media?

Dee Snider To Paul Ryan: We’re Not Gonna Take Your Use Of Our Music

Did Mitt Romney Commit a Crime while Governor of Massachusetts?

What can we expect when the crippled gop get 4 more years of Barack Obama?

Solar-electric Advancing For Deep-space Propulsion

9 Year Old NC Woman Uses 2mm Handgun to stop 87 Home Invaders ...

Anonymous avenge Assange by hitting UK govt sites

Amaro and Fernet

Todd Akin Defies Mitt Romney and Stays in Missouri Senate Race

Does anyone have an objection to me helping to be a host for this group?

Isaac named/upgraded to Tropical Storm

What would Republicans think if one of our female soldiers was raped by the enemy?

Romney's Post-truth Campaign Continues Apace - The Maddow Blog

Dump Dimon : Let Chase Eat Cake (Why is Jamie Dimon regulating himself?)

'West wants Libyan oil, country set for ruin like Iraq and Afghanistan'

PPP: Obama leads in Virginia by five-points among likely voters (with Goode Obama up by 8)

I also have never accused Mr. Romney of being a felon.

I've had it!: "Listen" is a verb!!!

Party invitation from a right-winger. Typical.

Today I saw a man working at a computer for the very first time.

PPP: Obama leads by five in Virginia (up by 8 with Goode on ballot)

Record Profit Nets Jiang $308,000 Versus Dimon’s $23 Million Pay

Dr. Akin's guide to the female body


Legitimate Rape (music video)

Social conservative Bryan Fischer says the person who’s really being raped is Todd Akin.

Tweet from Angie McAllister

11-mile stretch of Mississippi River closed

Poll: Obama leads Romney in Michigan

NYPD: Spying on Muslims produced no leads, terror cases

This is RESPECT!!!

I kept waiting all day long for him to drop out

NBC WSJ Poll: Heading into conventions Obama leads by four nationally

Two Minutes After Missouri Deadline Passes, DSCC Mocks GOP Over Akin


Veep Pick Paul Ryan Lobbied On Behalf Of Companies Who Gave Him Campaign Cash

I know, I know, another FB post .. but I really want your opinion

Akin Rape Theory Rooted in Nazi Death Camp Experiments

"L'affaire Assange" has nothing to do with rape or diplomatic cables.

Romney’s agenda: Class warfare

Uh oh! Storm headed to Tampa next week? What are the odds?

Toon: The New GOP Platform

How much more vulnerable have these fucking ReTHUGS made women

Washington Republican Campaign Committee has declared my congressman as the number one target

Mitt Romney Medicare Fraud: $117,000,000 fines and resitution.

Public Domain music for Republicans.. (so they can quit stealing music)

Guild Wars 2

Powerful toon: It's media

You don't say......

I wish I had the desire to infiltrate

Akin is not a liar....

Five dead beat dads indicted for owing $129,469.23 in child support

Don't lose sight of why the US is out to get Julian Assange

Court: Texas can cut off Planned Parenthood funds

We're a bit tardy, but I think we have finally found this year's dog days of August story: Todd Akin

The Mormon or the Christian...

A new "Call Me Maybe" cover...

I'll take my seaweed plain, thank you.......

Do Republicans think it is okay for their wives to be raped?

Live streaming feed of President Obama in Reno

Tampa welcomes the RNC

I've been thinking about this all day: "LEGITIMATE RAPE"

Warning in ‘Green on Blue’ Attacks

U.S. Open tennis umpire allegedly killed husband with coffee mug

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama Keeps The National Lead (Romney's negatives up)

Anyone planning to watch the repuke convention?

Turn on Current tv now. Interview with idiot that made Obama 2016.

The Republican Party Is a National Disgrace

Mitt Romney To Donors: I Would Explain My Energy Plan, But Reporters Are Here

Tim Kaine goes positive in first Senate campaign ad

Suze Orman's $25,000 per month mistake

Akin Announces His Comeback Theme Song

Special operators to anti-Obama group: Zip it

"I used the wrong words" = "I'm sorry if some misunderstood me"

I was part of a discussion on DU about whether Romney's tax issue would fly

Too quiet to kill?

Rep. AKIN should be ASHAMED. This is the DU SHAME ON AKIN thread.

Douchebag Politics In Ohio

Standing by her man........ a republithug praises Akin

That Rolls Royce logo needs to be made into a Republicans for Rape logo.

It took me until 4:45pm today to realize I came to work with my underwear on backwards

What good can their Convention do the Republicans?

Can someone explain to me what Julian Assange has been charged with in the US

UPDATE: Japan Considers Zero-Nuclear Energy Policy

President Obama in Reno (on CSPAN live)

(VA-7th) Wayne Powell draws Eric Cantor into his first debate in 10 YEARS (at Cantor's home court)

Akin Rape remark causes uproar, Ifill tells us the President's sensibilities are purely political

We're way overdue for a dog picture thread. Let's see your special canine companion!

My republican acquaintance today said the voters hate Claire so much they'll vote for Akin anyway.

U.S. Open tennis umpire allegedly killed husband with coffee mug

Is the small penis meme offensive to you?

i want to know... has anyone heard, if a woman must have a rapists baby does he get

I had to use a URL shortener for an LBN post

New hash tag idea: #TampaxConvention