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Romneys Cayman Daydream (TV ad)

Pirates 3, Cardinals 3, going to the 19th inning . . .

Republican Todd Akin: Victims Of ‘Legitimate Rape’ Don’t Get Pregnant (Photo)

60 Minutes re-ran their story about Irish Catholicism tonight.

Growing Number Of Conservatives Call On Akin To Withdraw After ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comments

Duchess St. Rollins on Todd Akin...

Eurozone crisis: Angela Merkel ally says 'no room for Greece concessions'

A question regarding the spokespeople who present political ads.

What does it mean that a fictionalized TV series about the news has more credibility than what we...

i am so fuckin mad with this "legitimate rape" crap from atkin

I want one of these Romney pins...

GOP scolded after drinking, nudity in Israel

We Love Joe - pics

Do you really want a US Senator who believes there is such a thing as "legitimate" rape?

Paul Ryan says the Medicare "debate" is one that he wants and one that he will win.....

US rule set to slash cars’ fuel use

France to stick to deficit plan

GOP rep in 1995: "the juices don't flow, the body functions don't work"

Food companies fight against GM proposal

Wonkette guide to Legitimate Rape vs Illegitimate Rape according to Todd Akin science:

Big gulf between political parties, divisions within

Rep. Akin says he 'misspoke' about rape in interview

Let's just hope that Akin does NOT step down until after Tuesday 5pm.

Almost time for

To understand the GOP position on vaginal regulation

Trivia on a slow night (my new sig file)

Okay folks...I will match up to $1,000 in contributions to McCaskill...let 'em know DU sent you

Welcome to the new "labor" market...There is no labor market for 2/3 the worlds' population,

More HELP, please:

Romney Camp: ‘We Disagree’ With Akin

Sky Cake!!!

Romney Camp: ‘We Disagree’ With Akin'

Ambushing Cops. The return of Posse Comitatus?

Good friend with an issue:

"Call Me V.P." Political Song Parody of "Call Me Maybe"

The Sunday "news" show wonder why their ratings are so bad?

GOP translated: If a raped woman gets pregnant, she enjoyed herself!!

Ryan, Akin, raping and pillaging... (cartoon)

"Republicans for Rape":

imagine this: romney releases 12 yrs of tax returns, Obama refuses to release more than two years

When it comes to a women's rights to make her own health choices...

Is there a Petition for Akins to Stay in the Race?

This Obama/ Rmoney tax calculator would make a superb TV ad.

Romney Medicare Message to Moms

When Facebook friends who are not political post about something political, damage has been done

Police Attack Protestors at Assange Ecuadorian Embassy

I tried making mullet tonight.

Think I will contact Akins DC office in the morning (202) 225-2561

Obama's win on Medicare: Medicare for All!

Newsweek Cover-- WTF?

Exclusive: FBI probed GOP trip with drinking, nudity in Israel

Rep. Kevin Yoder Apologizes For Skinny Dip In Front Of Fellow Congressmen

Exhausted, but jubilant Annaleise Carr completes Lake Ontario crossing

Goldman Non-Prosecution: AG Eric Holder Has No Balls

The ads, the ads, I'm sick and tired of the ads!

"Miss me yet?"

Besides the ignorance, the most insidious thing about the Akin comment is the word "legitimate".

San Francisco Giants' Melky Cabrera launched fake website in ruse

A PSA from Clayton Williams to Todd Akin

Alan Simpson Praises Paul Ryan As ‘Spokesman Of Hard Truth Against Fakery'

Do Pennsylvania's voter suppression efforts, qualify for FBI intervention under *C.A.R. violations?

In response to Todd Akin's comments on "legitimate rape," I ask all of DU to...

Gu Kailai given suspended death sentence over Neil Heywood murder

Down's Syndrome Pakistani girl accused of blasphemy

Romney-Ryan give up your Healthcare our taxes pay for yours. I CHALLENGE YOU

Protect Your Pets the Betty White Way -- HomeAgain Pet Microchips

Cosmopolis Tops Specialty Box Office

First lady to visit families of Sikh temple shooting victims

Need help figuring out value for painting or whatever it is

Three New Zealand soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 21: Summer Under the Stars: Kay Francis

Pope says Orthodox-Catholic meeting raises hope

Where exactly does this myth come from?

LOL! Freepers used to criticize Romney supporters. Now they attack Mitt's detractors. It's Orwellian

Someone please tell me that "Legitimate Rape" Akin is NOT leading McCaskill by 8 points in the polls

Why isn’t anyone talking about Afghanistan?

Another Afghan insider shooting as U.S. talks to Karzai

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 22: Summer Under the Stars: Jack Lemmon

Anyone else remember this British cartoon?

New member, but long time lunker

Texts From Mitt

Let the Photoshops Begin = Rep. Todd Akin

don't always agree with Krugman, but this nails it

Central CA 8/22 at 10:30am Press Conference to stop mining on Jesse Morrow Mountain. (Kings Canyon)

Photoshop this = Rep Todd Akin

Freepers today respond to 20-year Ruby Ridge anniversary -- in a predictable manner

Press Conference to save Jesse Morrow Mountain, central CA. 8/22 10:30am

This is from a black co-worker regarding Obama and abortion

Two Wolves

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison Gets Support Calling for Accountability for Torture (video also)

Todd Akin: Let's talk about Mitt Romney's tax returns.

"I am reminded today why I, as a republican, am supporting @clairecmc over @ToddAkin for #mosen."

Got a rude message from a low post DUer just now.

Bubba reunited with Bill Clinton

Well folks, no sense fighting for the President any longer...

I have to admit...I am struggling. The current political climate is causing some soul-searching....

How many trillions of American money are in offshore accounts? Any good guesses?

"An Unserious Man" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Wildfire Jihad: Al Qaeda urges followers to start wildfires, California among potential targets

Mormon & Freemasons

Can DU help to make history in Jacksonville, FL?

KRUGMAN Eats Ryan For Breakfast: "Mr. Ryan isn’t a serious man — he just plays one on TV."

That Akin thing is gonna leave a mark

What other groups besides the Mormons and Scientologists

Aug. 19, 1953: When the Eisenhower Administration destroyed Iran's secular democracy

We lost two others last week.

This Former SEAL Attacking Obama's 'Leaks' Has A Very Big Secret Of His Own

Boston's progressive station 1510 is officially sports. (UPDATED)

What's the purpose of insurance?

Distance swimmer Diana Nyad said to be steady, strong, on Day 2 of Cuba-Florida record attempt

On CNN's "Your Money" today Will Cain explained why the GOP could not give specifics.

Today I learned that sperm are like vampires:

Newsweek goes negative on Obama: 'Hit The Road, Barack'

"Akin himself has suggested in the past that women may claim to be raped as a strategy..."

Calling Lynnesin...Calling Lynnesin...F'Chrissake put up a Trueblood thread!!

two tails of love

Gu Kailai, wife of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai, gets death sentence in murder trial

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, August 19)

My in box is full

Tony Scott Dead: 'Top Gun' Director Dies After Jumping Off Bridge

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Why can’t the prosecutor interrogate Assange in Britain? (Swedish Prosecutor's Press Communique)

Romney/Ryan looking to split the Senior vote by appealing to the greedy-geazers...

Ahhhh'll be back! ....and he is. Arnold returns to the silver screen.

Anybody have experience with Colibri (powderless) rimfire ammo?

This reminds me of when my oldest daughter was 2

The simplest of truths

The simplest of truths

What's for Dinner ~ Monday August 20th

US wind energy industry breezes past 50GW milestone (enough to power 13 million homes)

This is my big worry about Romney: we know that security minded voters are being

Australian Parliament to apologise to Peter Norman

How Todd Akin And Paul Ryan Partnered To Redefine Rape

Director Tony Scott commits suicide...

Take a strength and turn it into a weakness....Obama got OBL.

Didn't the show just start?

Why Santos Did Backflips for Castro -?

HuffPo: The Best Political Jokes Of The Week - video link

I am tired of being labelled a hero worshiper

Probability of Republican's taking the Senate has dropped from 50% down to 46% on Intrade

Gibbs Slaps the Shit out Of Fox News and Trump...

An Unserious Man

Santos administration negotiating peace with FARC in Cuba: Uribe .

I've almost got this season of Breaking Bad figured out (spoilers)

WH: Statement by the Press Secretary on World Humanitarian Day

Joe Biden accused by Rick Santorum of playing 'race card' after 'chains' remark

Trotsky's murder remembered by grandson, 72 years on

FOX FUN: Awaiting President Obama's Arrival In Me.

Libya arrests Gaddafi loyalists over car bombings

Check out the front page of HuffPo regarding Todd Akin before it changes.

DNC Debbie Wasserman-Shultz' tweet ties Todd Akin to Paul Ryan

California Watch: BART urged supplier to report job growth

freepers have posted the work phone # of the Missouri GOP chairman

Insight: At Guantanamo tribunals, don't mention the "T" word

Women produce a spermicide in rape! GOP-er Stephen Freind 1988

How much do you want to bet....

Freepers are a freakin out. Todd Akin and his close ties with Ryan is a game changer.

Re: Assange, a most unlikeable charachter.


Anyone else notice any decline in the BBC heard in the US in the late evening?

Re: Assange, a most unlikeable character.

Director Tony Scott commits suicide

???What the bloodly hell are Centrists???

OP-ED: An Unserious Man - By Paul Krugman

Wikipedia is being thrashed by right wing propaganda!

MLM is an accomplished sailor

cute bear

OK, now count to . . .

Here's a photo op that is going to haunt the Ryan/Romney candidacy.

FBI probing gopers getting drunk, skinny-dipping on trip to Israel

No longer a 'Solid South' of all-red or all-blue

Howson Apologises Over (Christine) Assange Nazi Taunts

AUC acquired hundreds of weapons in US while demobilizing .

AUC acquired hundreds of weapons in US while demobilizing .

Former senator charged with promoting, financing death squads .

Mexico’s Calderon says he was target of assassination threat -report

Mexico’s Calderon says he was target of assassination threat -report

Middle class and the working poor give.

French mother in custody battle with Saudi prince falls to her death

Rep. Akin-Fertilization and Embryology perceptions in the Middle Ages

Burma abolishes media censorship

CME Plans London-based Derivatives Exchange

Uncle Sam Needs YOU for a Bailout: 6 Reasons Another Big Banking Crisis Is Coming Our Way

Expensive council homes should be sold, says Policy Exchange think tank

'Top Gun' director Tony Scott jumps to his death from L.A. bridge

Skip the Ryan Hype: Romney’s Campaign Is In Makeover Mode

ECB's Asmussen: Greek exit manageable but not preferable

Akin... another one of the right's useful extremists

Assange: hero?

Sometimes I'm just embarrassed to be from Missouri....

Akin's apology should be publicly and stridently rejected.

Republican Fair Play (cartoon)

Trotsky's murder remembered by grandson, 72 years on

We got push-polled last night - from India

The corporate cock-up that's refuelled the Canadian tar sands debate

Paul Ryan's favorability compared to Rubio, Christie, Petraeus, etc.

Joe Scar is having a BAD Monday. He's begging for Tylenol!

Cancer in over 65s predicted 'to explode {uk}

Democrats target Paul Ryan on women's issues

Toles Toon-No More Goldilocks Economy

Rape is Rape

DU post supporting Todd Akin's contention about rape and pregnancy --from a long time member

William Windom, Emmy winner and TV everyman, dies at 88

Why do akin/ryan tea bag sucking repubs want to re-define rape? I mean, WTF?

Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, and Redefining Rape

If I jumped into the Sea Of Galilee while drunk, nekkid or whatever,

Beyond Super PACs: Nonprofit Millions Flooding Elections

Did the page layout get changed?

U.S. Court Upholds Status Quo on Gene Patents

Mega Million CEOs: Our Tax Dollars at Work

Assange could be questioned while he is abroad:

Sing a song of Seamus: Ry Cooder releases “Mutt Romney Blues”

From GD. Ry Cooder sings Mutt Romney Blues

To those insisting that Assange would be accorded the full protections of the

Romney/Rape logo

Daily Beast-Ryan and Romney and Taxes-Tomasky

Best Tweet yet re: Akin/rape/pregnancy claim:

Chris Hedges: The War in the Shadows

As President Obama put it: “Rape is an affront to our shared humanity”

You just have to love the lead stories on Google's News

The Today Show is doing a segment on why so many people have anxiety.

Who saw John Fund lying on Morning Joe this morning about voter fraud?

*** Gets her Staple Gun out and posts today's DU Cafeteria Lunch Specials ***

GOP waits for Rush's defense of Akin !

Another Fat Cat threatens to 'Go Galt'

Scott McKenzie has passed. He sang this sixties anthem:

Claire McCaskill up next on MSNBC

Seriously will 'hurricane' Isaac be the keynote speaker at the ReTHUG

A simple response to complex problems

Mega-Million CEOs: Our Tax Dollars at Work

New Zealand PM says to move forward Afghan withdrawal

Keep Republicans Talking!!!

U.S. health panel likely to make HIV tests routine

Dear DU members who have been raped

FoxNews Joins the ‘War on Women’, Tells Women their 5 Worst Mistakes in Bed

Question about Manning/Wikileaks/Assange:

Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin’s Guide to Legitimate vs. Illegitimate Rape

Roger Ebert on the Separation of Church and State:

Will the repubs throw akin under the bus?

I like this idea!

Utah political reporter/editor: Is Mitt Romney Hiding Something About His Tithing?

Aetna to Acquire Coventry Health Care

In America

Raising the Ritalin Generation

Why should ALL boomers be tested? I can see it if they have risk factors.

Thanks for the (new?) feature allowing suppression of milestones on the Latest page.

Romney Team's Trump Says Women 'Don't Get What's Going On'

Siri Is Smarter Than Rep. Todd Akin

Shell spending millions of dollars on security in Nigeria, leaked data shows

The next time you ask "Why doesn't media do its job?"

Toon: You're Too Young!

Biofuel fails EU sustainability test, German researchers claim

What Does Obama Really Believe In?

Florida: No dissent allowed as Ryan lied about his plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system

When Wall Street Watchdogs Hunt Whistle-Blowers

Stereotyping the White Working Class

Kerry to speak at the Democratic Convention

Oregon Police Chief leads lonely charge for stricter gun buyer background checks

Democrats Link Akin To Romney-Ryan: ‘The Real Issue’ Is The GOP

Oklahoma law bars mental health records release for gun purchase background checks

Greg Mitchell, The Nation: 'Newsweek' Cover: Niall Ferguson Hates Obama, Has Man-Crush on Ryan

Insight: Experts hope to shield cars from computer viruses

Romney Literally Believes He Will Be A God Someday

LAPD filmed punching man for skateboarding on wrong side of street

...What does Paul Ryan really believe about abortion?

Hank Jr:

Crop Outlook Seen Eroding As July Heat Compounded Drought Damage

Paraguayan Gov´t will Use Force Against Workers

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 20, 1964

Let's Just Label Them The "Pro Rape" Party

Romney Statement on Abortion Contradicts Ryan's Earlier Stance

Carlson Toon: 4 Things We Know More About Than Mitt Romney's Tax Returns

More dog whistle: Romney renews Obama welfare criticism in new ad

So a Congressman swam naked in the Sea of Galilee

OccupyMarines - Baby: I know nothing of hatred, intolerance, racism, sexism, bigotry...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Why does the mislead readers?

Rep. Todd Akin: Wrong, But Not Alone (Republicans scrambling to distance themselves) - updated

New study : Lower-income Americans DONATE MORE to charity than those in upper-income

Feel free to depart... but leave the stuff, thanks.

Pass Extreme Bike Law or You Hate Life

The political ad Claire McCaskell should run.

Suspended Democratic elections officials meet with Secretary of State today to learn fate

GOP Believes In Legitimate Rape Of Everything

Krugman: Unethical Commentary, Newsweek Edition (Niall Ferguson's Cover Story)

President Obama's Campaign To Debut New Radio Ads In Seven Swing States

The US is Looking for a Lost Species

Obama yields electoral votes to tossup status

Chris Wallace Gets Romney Campaign to Admit It!

My God! If The Polls Are Close For Any GOP Race We Are Truly Insane As A Nation

I just beat Romney's 13%.

Mining, Repression And The Rhetoric Of Democracy And The Rule Of Law In Guatemala

White supremicists and animal abuse, a case in KY

Avoiding a 21st-Century Dust Bowl


The very people praising Ryan's "serious" budget are the same that mocked Gore's

I Would Not Care If Obama Was From Another Planet I Would Vote For Him!

Let's Use Clear Language: Paul Ryan Doesn't Believe Rape Victims Have Rights

G.O.P. Packaging Seeks to Reveal a Warm Romney

I saw "The Campaign" yesterday and couldn't believe how much the Sea of Galilee story

woman offers $150 rent discount if you adopt a pit

Facts. HUH! What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

Sadly There Are Enough Nuts In Missouri To Elect Akin

Remove Rep. Todd Akin from the House Science and Technology Committee

Tom Tomorrow: The Ghost of Ayn Rand

Quote from a DU juror comment

I am naive.

Released Hamas Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi on Palestinian Public's Delight at Suicide Bombings

Funniest newspaper correction ever:

Democratic convention adds speakers

An estimated 32,101 pregnancies result from rape each year

Biology challenged GOPers show why we need sex ed in schools.

If he believes his own statement, I'm surprised Akin isn't objecting to this:

If its RMoney shouldn't it be RAyn too?

The Population Of Billionaires And Millionaires Did Not Begin Until Reagan/Trickle Down Economics


Romney: Akin’s Comments ‘Insulting’ And ‘Inexcusable’

New Republican sex ed class: forget abstinence, just "shut the whole thing down"

Study finds less religious states give less to charity

Romney Statement on Abortion Contradicts Ryan’s Earlier Stance

If You Vote Republican You Might As Well Drink Hemlock Because You Just Killed Yourself

What Religious "Hostility" Looks Like

Like Health Insurance CEOs, Ryan Wants You to Have More "Skin in the Game"

Politifact: Ryan Supports Banning Abortions for Rape And Incest

What do you think of the Snorg Tees ads here on DU?

The Mutt Romney Blues - Ry Cooder


The President doesn't have to Campaign the Right is doing all the work for him

MORE tax breaks for the 1%? That we have to pay for? Romney-Ryan Ticket says YES

Dear Paul Ryan, human rights do not come from god

'Hottest Congressman' forced to apologize for skinny dipping in holy Sea

Didn't Ayn Rand discount rape as an invasive hostile crime?

The most popular or most recommended posts on DU should get tweeted

Something weird seems to be afoot on the Right.

does "legitimate rape" mean black rapist, white victim?

Woo hoo! Congressman Yoder went skinny dipping for Jesus!

just heard a song that reminds me of my mother

"Legitimate" NOW I get it! Republican enlightenment 101

CNN:Dems seize upon Akin remarks as questions about Ryan's position surface

Late Breaking News, with a nod to CaliforniaPeggy

The "Gallup" Poll "Gallup" Doesn't Want You to See

Venezuela prison riot 'leaves 20 dead'

Bill Kristol: Mitt Romney's Low Tax Rate Is 'Kinda Weird'

what kind of boat is this?

Supremacist couple face racketeering charges in U.S. Northwest killing spree

The Religion Thing - The Sacred Skinny Dip

Chris Hedges: The War in the Shadows

McCaskill: Akin 'legitimate rape' comment a 'gut check' for voters

2 free tickets to hundreds of museums on Sept. 29th

WikiLeaks Embarrasses Sweden

Utah Is Mitt Romney Hiding Something About His Tithing?

New Romney Welfare Ad Cites Newspaper That Says Its Welfare Reform Claims Have ‘Been Debunked’

How can Romney criticize Akins when his running mate has the same Abortion position as Akins?

Guatemala victims of US experiments to appeal

Editorial: A moral choice on the Ryan budget

Scott McKenzie dead at 73 (If you're going to San Francisco: Be sure and wear flowers in your hair)

Paul Ryan is on the air chumming for bottom feeders again.

I hear there's a new group forming: "Rapists for Akin"

Todd Akin also said this: The Voting Rights Act Of 1965 Should Be Overturned

Anybody seen "God Bless America" ?

Best quote ever about Ayn Rand's typing

Todd Akin Explains The 'Science' of Self-Executing Abortions For 'Legitimate Rape'

Catholic Priest rapes another child. When are people going to stop supporting this church?

Todd Akin

‘God’s Little Shield’: A Short History Of The False No-Pregnancy-From-Rape Theory

Pic Of The Moment: It's A Legitimate Disaster

Things in Massachusetts were so good under Romney....

Michelle Obama hosting a Kids' State Dinner today!

Republicans Talk A Cool Game..............

Why Paul Ryan Will Be In The History Books Under The Chapters On 'Hate' And 'Fear'

Listening to Romney and Mini-Me and find it remarkable GOP adopting traditional Democratic Party's

Fox Lets Rove Discuss Akin Rape Comments Without Disclosing His Conflict Of Interest

Augusta National admits two women.....

Kiss Cam Guy Chooses Beer Over Girlfriend

The world is ending! Augusta National just accepted 2 women members!

Four shot, one charged in fight at parking lot of Cedar Park Wal-Mart

Romney's Side-show Bob Campaign

Turned the host reins over to IcyMist

I want somebody to ask Mitt Romney where the jobs are.

The Rude Pundit: What Todd Akin Meant to Say

Ryan/Romney/Akin Ad Concept

"the GOP is a reactor powered by hate and crazy, and cooled by soothing Villager bullshit"

It's official. Mitt Romney is dumber than a stick

Banks blame "free accounts" for making them fix Libor rates.

Ryan Begins Attacking Romney's Record As Massachusetts Governor

Willed To Marry A Woman: Marry a woman or else no inheritance for you!

DELICIOUS!!! - Obama "Really Doesn't Like, admire or even grudgingly respect Romney"

OK High School Valedictorian w/ 4.0 GPA denied diploma because she said "Hell"

Romney and Ryan are in New Hampshire spouting generalities.

Forget Mitt's taxes... We need to know: What's Obama Hiding?

Karl Rove has given the "legitimate rape" guy almost a million dollars

Todd Akin is on the Committee of Science, Space and Technology

OMZ Kelly RIPA's permanent co-host TBA Sep 4. I hope it's GROBAN not Seth MEYERS

A Bitter Future

Apple: The most valuable company in history

CHART: Bush Vs. Obama On Private And Public Sector Job Creation

Laura Bush's Chief of staff writes, "Why Paul Ryan is not 'bad' for women"

I would appreciate any input on a little research I did last week.

Augusta National Adds Condoleezza Rice, Darla Moore As First Two Female Members

Is there any study that shows a GROUP of peoples moral breaking point? What does the GOP have to do

Interactive 2012 Election Map..see where Obama is the strongest

Chinese, Costa Rican presidents vow to further ties

Jet and one of his many fans

How Nonprofits Spend Millions on Elections and Call it Public Welfare

Has Akins experienced a woman blocking pregnacy during an attempted rape? Just collecting

Rep Todd Akin is not alone on the Right in his "legitimate rape" beliefs

Want to Create Jobs In A Hurry? Lower The Retirement Age to 60

ROFL! The ghost of Ayn Rand despises Paul Ryan!

A double whammy of misogyny: ‘Illegitimate Rape’

McCaskill should continue to regard Akin as her opponent no matter what

I was expecting a "trifecta" of bad stories for reThugs today...

We Can’t Wait for Congress: Pres. Obama Speeds Transportation Projects to Provide Construction Jobs

'Top Gun' director Tony Scott had inoperable brain cancer, ABC News says

26 Corporations That Paid Their CEOs More Than Uncle Sam

Privacy No More? TrapWire's all-seeing eye tracks your every move

CA Voter Alert: Prop 32 Is A Republican-Financed Anti-Union Measure. Vote NO!

Governor of Texas Anne Richards won because of nonsensical rape comment by GOP opponet

“I had no idea that people lived like that,”

Can Rep. Todd Akin withdraw? Sure, but it’s unlikely

The GOP And Ronald Reagan ARE The Reason Americans Are Working Harder

Good one on FB for once

What Drives Obama/Romney Supporters?

Aussies: Royal Commission Must Investigate Predatory Priests

The Mind of a Flip-Flopper

27 subscribers. Anyone want to talk?

Arctic Sea Ice Area hits lowest ever recorded value, while still in August

Is War on the Way Out? - Institute of Politics at Harvard

Apple sets record for company value at $621B (Becomes Most Valuable Company in History)

AFA's Bryan Fischer: Todd Akin Wasn't 'Misspeaking' but Speaking for a Movement

Romney's attacks on Obama and welfare deemed false by fact checkers

86% Voter turnout (highest in the US) and so BLUE you could name a crayon after us. WHY?

Abortion is Legal Because so Many Men are Lying, Thoughtless, Irresponsible Dicks

Why aren't there More Conservative Comedians?

anyone watch R&R townhall in NH?

NASA’s Doing Something Right

Countdown to Charlotte with Villaraigosa

Yoder - "Account of overseas skinny-dipping fuels clarifications, accusations on Hill"

I am firmly starting believe that the GOP will lose the house this November

DEAR TODD (a most RIGHTEOUS RANT by a registered Republican woman)

Another disgusting implication of the Akin theory of "legitimate" rape

Todd Akins (R) Missouri Validates GOP Strategy of Suppressing Votes

Augusta National Golf Club Admits First Ever Women Members

Scott Brown says Rep. Akin should step down after ‘legitimate rape’ comment

If you had to pick the top states that voter suppression/election fraud is likely

Masculinity and Mass Violence

It's the Amnesty Program, people!

Hypocrisy of gigantic proportions

Augusta National Golf Club Admits First Ever Women Members

Hank Williams Jr is really hitting the bottle.

As Woody Turns 100, We Protest Too Little

Chavez: George Bush Drunk in Beijing

There Is Only ONE WAY Romney can Rebuke Akin...

Secret E-Scores Chart Consumers’ Buying Power

Ryan worsens Romney's tax problem(s)

The movie "2016"...

I've seen several of these ads from a group, "Restore Our Future."

Toon: Avenging Uterus back in action!

similarities tooo hard to ignore..

John Nichols: If Akins stays in the race McCaskill will win

Contribute Now to 2012 Democratic Senate: 9 Women Candidates

Hot Particles & Measurement of Radioactivity (Arnie Gundersen & Marco Kaltofen)

Finally, Rep Yoder's Xmas card makes sense!

Toon: Rules for Embassy Attack (and others)

The Department of Funny Business has been approved in Florida.

Overworked America: 12 charts to make your blood boil

Alex Wagner is a bright spot on msnbc's daytime

Rep Todd Akin(R): Legitimately Stupid

Augusta National Golf Club Adds First Women Members; Condoleezza Rice Joins

A record fire season in the U.S.

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology study on rape-related pregnancy

LoL. Another awesome picture from facebook:


Condoleezza Rice will be in the Augusta Nationals

Rep. Yoder, R-Kansas/Sea of Galilee, could still be charged with public nudity

WTF? Let me see if I have this right.

New Survivor Cast revealed. Two "Celebs" and 3 returning players

How many planets are known NOT to have living forms

The Official Guide to Legitimate Rape

Legitimately Scary

A possible theory on Aikins comments.

Would Earth be capable of supporting life...

The Official Guide to Legitimate Rape

See Politico's Dave Cantanese work himself into a knot defending Todd Akin

How much actual Rmoney/Rayn support are people seeing?

Weekly True Blood Recap - Hahahaha! We were all fooled *spoilers*

Todd Akin Staying In Missouri Senate Race ("I'm not a quitter")

Any ideas on this?

All logic aside, there is room for real concern about this election

George Galloway attacked over Assange 'rape' comments

"Hit the Road Barack?" Really, Newsweak?

Obama on TV now

How Obama Picked Ryan

Heads Up: POTUS giving a presser on teevee 1:30 pm EST (now)

There's a lot of really pissed off ladies on my tv news machine today

Official US House of Representatives Lady Parts diagram courtesy of Todd Akin.

President Barack Obama : "Rape is Rape"

Akin’s Views Are Mainstream on the Right

Tony Scott had inoperable brain cancer.

Lesbian Couple Loses Baby After Argument with Hospital Over Rights

Russian police hunt other Pussy Riot activists

Akin Unmasks the Pro-Life Movement

DU survival football- open to everyone- No limit

DU survival football- open to everyone- No limit

James Fallows just rips Niall Ferguson to shreds. This is a thing of beauty.

What's the DNC plan for Tampa?

'Solid smoke' material aerogel gets added strength (BBC)

F-15 fighter jets refuel midair

Autopsy: Death of handcuffed man in Jonesboro ruled a suicide

Virginia Republicans Call for Armed Revolution if Obama Wins in November

Who here thinks LynneSin is the best ....

Crossroads pulls out of Missouri after Akin comments

Dear Todd: An open letter from a Republican woman.

David Axelrod: Todd Akin's Comments Are 'Inconvenient' For Romney-Ryan, 'Not Inconsistent'

Obama says Americans expect more tax returns from Romney

'Legitimate rape' – a medieval medical concept (The Guardian)

WAC to drop football after 2012 season

Another resource repubs must use re: rape

Family Research Council PAC ‘Enthusiastically’ Backs Todd Akin (will Mitt denounce them) - updated

Five things the rest of America doesn't know about Chris Christie

Obama On Todd Akin: 'The views expressed were offensive. Rape Is Rape'

The Mars rover, Curiosity, has fired its defensive laser at a Mars hostile lifeform!

Did you Know Julia Child Couldn't Stand Republicans?

Will Akin remain in the Missouri senate race or will he withdraw?

Whoo-hoo! Singulair just went generic!

My PRESIDENT changes LIVES for the BETTER!

Just for fun: will todd 'legit-rape' step down voluntarily or be forced to by Tuesday?

Anyone catch the talk amongst the press after Obama's presser?

Obama Calls Akin Rape Comment 'Offensive'

Gunsmoke: A Game of Death ... An Act of Love - super script!

My grandmother passed away this morning.


Why Romney keeps lying about Obama and welfare

Assange supporter George Galloway: Swedish charges only involve 'bad sexual etiquette'

Just heard on MSNBC: Romney Won't Ask Akin To Bow Out of Election

Mormon Democrats to Gather at Charlotte Convention

Todd Akin: ‘I’ve Not Yet Begun To Fight’

Our Political Signs-(Dial-up Warning)

Mormon Democrats to Gather at Charlotte Convention

Statewide Ballot Question language released (Gay Marriage, DREAM ACT)

Why do mormons run so many online ads and TV commercials?

Soledad O’Brien - This time mocking Christine O'Donnell with "Define Marxist"

Seven killed in bombing in southeast Turkey: source

Using rainwater collected from your roof for the garden

"Legitmate rape" ... This is where I have trouble.

Todd Akin's Greatest Hits

Akin to Idiocy, or George Galloway’s Insertion

Robert Reich On The Romney-Ryan Economic Plan

...another todd akin quote...'at the heart of liberalism really is a hatred for God'

Democrats Tie Ryan, Romney to Akin as ‘Dangerous’ for Women

Oh, God, there's a searing call on The Ed Show right now

Robert Reich The Romney-Ryan Economic Plan

Why Romney keeps lying about Obama and welfare (American Prospect via The Plum Line)


The Romney Campaign's Brilliant Dodge on his Tax Returns

The Fact That ANYONE ANYWHERE In This Country Can Defend Akin -----

*LONG SCROLLABLE IMAGE* Money Masters by Forensic Accounting dot Net

Family Research Council Backs Akin

"Single Women for Romney" Bwahahaha

Want to have some fun?

Warren: (Scott) Brown Still Supports GOP Agenda On Women (FRC warns Brown)

DSCC Raises $5.84 Million In Best July Ever

For Anti-Abortion Moderates: Heads Up! Your Movement Has Moved The Goalposts!

Obama On Todd Akin: 'Rape Is Rape'-"The views expressed were offensive"

Romney, Ryan and Rape: A Todd Akin Special Delivery

Shout out to EarlG!!! How a Romney Gaffe that Wasn't Went Viral on the Web

The Most Alarming Thing About Hank Williams Rant ----

GOPer prosecutor full of excuses for not indicting MI House Speaker on election fraud

Maddowblog: Paul Ryan is not a foot soldier in the GOP WAR ON WOMEN. Paul Ryan is a GENERAL.

Akin Bad: Paul Ryan’s ‘Forcible Rape’ Bill Co-Sponsor Drags Him Into Daylight

Question about a gripe I found on FB

McCaskill says rape comment was a 'window into Todd Akin’s mind’

43 violent deaths this weekend in Caracas

TPM: Tony Perkins: Scott Brown Should be 'Careful' (re his telling Akin to drop his Senate bid)

Romney: Akin Should Take 24 Hours to Reassess Senate Bid

Rep. Akin Was Right About Rape And Pregnancy, If He’d Been Talking About… Ducks

Reports: Akin Advisers Make Preparations For Withdrawal Tomorrow

The Caterpillar Strike as Metaphor

Rmoney had a large crowd at his rally today. I wonder how many of them were paid and bussed. nt

I'm hearing too much parsing of words by pundits. Rape is rape and there are no different

Constituent berates Rep. Dan Lungren over global warming (R - CA)

Are you ready for the Rape-ublicans?

Ryan Hailed Akin’s ‘Leadership’ During Missouri Senate Primary

Rape victim responds to Akins comments

GOP gossiping that Akin will drop out so they can pretend they don't agree with him

It's Eric Cantor's fault that he could not control his delegation. Everytime republicans cross the

romney did NOT ask for akin to step aside as missouri's senate candidate

Sequence illustrating why Right Wingers desperately wish to see Julian Assange falsely imprisoned.

this looks like a faceless skull

Tweet: To get your legitimate rapes notarized contact @toddakin

Mitt and the RoveBots want to turn America into Chicago circa 1920s & 1930s.

Cute: First lady hosts kids at lunchtime 'state dinner'

Actually, Todd Akin is TYPICAL of the far-right in this country

Monmouth University poll: Obama leads Romney by 1%

FRC Hold Romney to His Extreme Stance on Abortion, Defend Akin (No Exceptions on Abortion Ban)

The WikiLeaks DU support thread-post your links here--thank all the whistleblowers everywhere

Just look at this smug motherf*cker.

Am I wrong to find this offensive?

Transnistria: The story of arms dealing from a country which does not exist.

Mitt Romney Tells Akin To Reconsider Staying In (updated 2x)

Just because.

Todd Akin's Rape Theory a defense attorneys dream come true!

Venn Diagram: Rape v Forcible Rape


Recommendations display.

Comedienne Phyllis Diller dead at 95

Oh come on people!!! We ALL know he didn't mean it!!!

Phyllis Diller has died....ABC TMZ NEWS Link Updated

It’s Not About Assange

RYAN-Haunted by his muse... by - Tom Tomorrow

Todd Akin Campaign Tweet: ‘I Am In This Race To Win’

Judge throws out Palmer H-1B suit against Infosys

This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me

Obama to media: Romney’s whole campaign is based on lies

Queen Live Aid Full Video HQ

This is who I am.

Muhammad Ali with his four year old grandson in a new ad

Golden Pig, Coffin Man and Noodles: When Asian tattoos don't turn out quite as planned

Todd Akin Campaign Tweet: ‘I Am In This Race To Win’

Rape, abortion, and the privilege of magical thinking

Activist Richard Aoki named as informant

Activist Richard Aoki named as informant

First day of classes. Please come CAPTION Mitt ("you people") Romney!!!!

Doctors appalled over Rep. Akin's comments that 'legitimate rape' prevents pregnancy

TPM-Breaking: Akin Advisers Make Preparations For Withdrawal Tomorrow

Prediction: Akin drops out, will be replaced by a Republican thats had that seat in the past.

The link between Romney and Ryan and Akin is the current top headline/photo on HuffPo ...

GOP Source: Officials Looking To Replace Akin

I can't believe what this charter school did!

Scott McKenzie, singer of flower power pop, dies aged 73

And now for some light comic relief, an interview with the author of Honey Money

Fuck cops

MIT (Nuclear Accident) No-Evacuations Study Debunked

Good night, sweet Sebastian

Interesting take on the basic partisan political divide. Goes back to 1607 in Jamestown Colony.

Inside scoop: Rmoney got told by a major funder he had to pick Ryan or Christie

Dailycaller touts poll where Obama "could lose Illinois"

Have the names of the 30 rethug Lake of Galilee swimmers come out yet?

Update regarding when Akin can drop out and what it would cost

Zappa fans. The Zappa catalog is now on iTunes. Damn, where to begin.

So my earlier fears that they were deliberately throwing the election were obviously garbage.

Voter fraud propaganda mass email

Todd Akin: ‘We’re Going To Stay In’

Akin on Sean Hannity show: 'We're going to stay in' Missouri Senate race"


Tony Scott's suicide makes me wish we'd revisit Physician assisted suicides

Fox News's Inconvenient Truth

An observation re: Todd Akin....

This thread should never have been locked.

British MP Says Sex With Sleeping Women Isn't Rape But 'Bad Manners'

"1 out of 3 Native Women will be raped in their lifetime…"

Obama Victory Fund Raised $30M In July

Martin Bashir is back!

Remember this -- VP Republican candidate, Paul Ryan helped coined the term "forcible rape"

Hey, they just named a spider after me

So, they introduced their new dogwhistle term, "Legitimate Rape" too soon

Knock-knock. - Who's There? - Freedom. - Freedom Who?

Best argument ever for Vegetarianism...

US judge says Vatican isn't priests' employer

So the Akin mess allows Reid to keep his tax information until next week?

First ever Kids' 'State Dinner' hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama - pics

Best Tattoo Ever!

The Devil Inside Paul Ryan and Todd Akin’s Redefinition of Rape

Maria Sharapova Launches Her Own Candy Biz: Sugarpova

Countries that now have Paul Ryan's abortion laws include Iran, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Sudan

Damage Caused by Akin is rippling across the political landscape

When is any rape "legitimate"?

Mitt Romney Taxes Enriched Foreign Governments At U.S. Expense

Legal myths about the Assange extradition

Deadly bombing strikes Turkey's southeast

Problems for girls who get pregnant or don't when the the guy isn't happy...

So, Mr. Akin, given that you are an expert on woman's

"Alabama man fights to keep wife buried in front yard"

Something that would be nice...

Great. Akin will bow out, and another Repuke who feels the same way, but is smart enough ...

This Atheist Activism Failure Might Actually be a Win for Skepticism

In Poll, Majority of New Yorkers Say Police Favor White People

Religious speakers say fundamentalism poisons

This Election Is Turning Out To Be Mental Torture It Is Getting So Absurd.

ROMNEY VOTERS-January 2014

Any word on this film premiering in a few weeks?

Something else the female body can do, Mr. Akin

Obama, Upset by Latin America Criticism, Replaces an Advisor

need advice about star membership

Mitt & Ann go boating...

While the Dow Jones plunged, GOP overseas junket took a fun dip. Whee!

Mitt Romney Taxes Enriched Foreign Governments At U.S. Expense

Akin on Sean Hannity: ‘We’re Going To Stay In’

"...that's the price you pay to prevent something that doesn't happen."

The Official 2012 G.O.P. Platform

Phyllis Diller Dead at 95

President Obama On Romney Welfare Accusations: 'You Can't Just Make Stuff Up'

Bill Kristol: ‘Kinda weird’ Romney pays taxes lower than the middle class

Connie Mack: Akin’s Comments Are Offensive — Just Like Joe Biden’s

+++ Season 4 NFL Picks / Preview +++

Rehberg Gives Akin Donation To Teen Pregnancy Center

So, now even the Freepers are turning against Akin... but not all of them

So if I'm the victim of an "illegitimate" homicide, does that mean I'm not dead?

Biggest winner in the Todd Akin mess?

One simple question to ask Mitt Romney which will destroy his election chances:

A Visit From My Libertarian Brother-in-Law

National GOP pulls funding from Todd Akin’s Missouri race

How many other Republicans are running for Senate this year.....

Let's List All The Groups That The GOP Has Angered

Desperate flip-flopping at FR as JR goes from "No Romney No Way!" to "All in" for Romney

Live by statistics, die by statistics

FBI not investigating Republican skinny-dipping, drinking in Israel

Tesco could face hefty fine after dawn raid by UK Border Agency

From friend of blog Jerry: A look at health care from front lines (an original post)

Guard commits suicide in private area of Smithsonian art museum; building evacuated, closed

President Obama : ‘Rape Is Rape’

In Tarrant County, acquaintance rape cases often die in grand jury room.

Who are these doctors advising the GOP?

Woman who suggested using Tabasco sauce to punish child on new season of Survivor

Other Things MO Rep. Akin Believes About the Uterus

Obama assails Romney on ads, defends his own, upstaging Romney-Ryan rally in New Hampshire

Question that'll probably get me banned...

Why is the NRA so much like Al Qaeda?

Maybe HopeHoops will stay out of the Lounge pond now!

Romney's Health Care Plan Freaks Out Utah Republicans

These grocery bags are too effing heavy!

FYI to all you Republicans calling for Todd Akin to step down from his Senate Race

In a bad sign for Todd Akin,Crossroads yanks Missouri ads

Obama campaign tailors messages for swing states

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi faces trial in Libya

Third Wave Atheism or The New Skepticism?

RIP, Scott McKenzie. My favorite song of his.

Ryan & Akin Partnered On Radical ‘Personhood’ Bill Outlawing Abortion & Many Birth Control Pills

Besides Bush and Cheney, the person I most despise is Condoleezza

Phyllis Diller dies at 95 ...

"Sensational!" - Winding Way - 2012 Rancho Bernardo Handicap

Toon: Red State citizens explain rationally why Obamacare is just wrong

CWFA takes break from calling Obama a Marxist dictator to defend convictions of 'Pussy Riot' members

Caption this!

Wait.... What? Akin Corrects Statement, Says “Rape Is Never Legitimate”

Pres. Obama: "You can't just make stuff up."

How bad is the Ryan-Akin anti-abortion bill?

Obama Warns of Military Action on Syria Over Chemical Weapons

More Good News from the GOP....If you don't have "legitimate" health care coverage.....

Obama to Assad: U.S. would act if chemical weapons used

Hot on the left is not right for right handed frugalists..

Spirituality correlates to better mental health regardless of religion: researchers

Rosie O’Donnell: I Had A Heart Attack


The reason the GOP is FREAKING about Akin-gate is because his partner in crime

Somalia's first parliament since 1991 inaugurated in Mogadishu

Toon: Another Mitt Romney $10,000 bet...

Akin ‘rape’ remarks draw attention to candidate’s anti-gay record

Sleazy Rice one of two women selected to be first female members at Augusta National Golf Club

Tea Party Express: Akin ‘Should Step Down’

Ryan and Akin Partnered On Radical ‘Personhood’ Bill Outlawing Abortion and Many Birth Control Pills

Legal myths about the Assange extradition

24 years of candidates releasing more than a year of tax returns

FReeper lord JimRob goes berserk; Secret Service time?

The "Are You Better Off" Election Meme Needs to Die

Nasa selects InSight Mars mission after Curiosity rover

The Blog that Peter Wrote: Assange

Mitt's medical records?

GOP Panics as Cornyn throws Akin under the bus, BIG NEWS because it means GOP fears Senate is lost

Christine Pelosi- Out of the Shadows: DREAMers, Democrats and Democracy

Todd Akin Rape & Abortion Apology: NewsyToons

Guardian UK: The new robber barons: how taxpayers subsidise CEOs' multimillion salaries

school in oklahoma refuses valetictorian her diploma

Do you want to know what is really going on, start reading/watching the financial media.

A GREAT rape analogy...

Mitt saluting like Hitler

Mitt Romney On Akin: ‘We Can’t Defend Him’

"Legitimate rape"? same as what Ron Paul called an "honest rape"

Julian Assange row: Britain seeking diplomatic solution in Ecuador standoff

Why doesn't Sweden interview Assange in London? (Anya Palmer)

B. Box (Boxer) rocks on Rev. Al's show today. nt

U.S. seizes $150 million from Lebanese bank in laundering scheme

STUDY: States with Higher Minimum Wage Have Had Less Employment Loss During the Great Recession

Squeee. Babies and kitties!

Court: Ala can't check student immigration status [but upheld other parts]

Why Condoleeza?

Former MLB MVP Jeff Kent to compete on television's Survivor

I'm from Missouri.

Republicans need a warning label like cigarettes

Evangelical Hospital Holds 5th Annual Gayness Cure Walk

Whatever happened to that phony Yassir Arafat "investigation?"

FBI Probing Rep. Michael Grimm, Not Skinny-Dipping

Fans of Alonya Show and Glenn Greenwald..Know they have Moved!

Claire McCaskilll - one historical point and something I heard today

Clip just aired on ABC News of Romney saying Akin needs to consider

Humorist Phyllis Diller dies at 95 in Los Angeles

Toon: According to Todd Akin...

Speaking of HopeHoops,.....where the hell is he?

"OUTED": PaulRyansMom is not Paul Ryan's mom

Obama doesn't take SEAL group attacks 'seriously'

Toon: The million Mitt March

Should I complain to my old biology teachers/professors, I never heard about "SHUT THAT THING DOWN"?

TYT: Is Kansas The Most Radical State In America?

Zzzzzz...what? Oh, was listening to "Echoes" by Pink Floyd.

CIA Covert Action in the Cold War: Iran, Jamaica, Chile, Cuba, Afghanistan

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 21 August 2012

GOP leader McConnell suggests Todd Akin consider his options (LA Times)

Since rape is all the rage on DU today, I'd like your opinion of this:


I feel a reverse-2004 coming

Hackers claim to target UK site

Could Akin cause a loss for GOP in Colorado?

So, how do we stand on this reference to rape? link:

Martin Bashir - Obama to Todd Akin, GOP: 'Rape is rape'

Does Diversity include tolerance for this reference to rape?

US denies 'wild' Assange claims of witch-hunt

Do Feminists stand against a reference to male rape?

Did the Stimulus Work? Moody's Chief Economist Zandi Says Yes

Community group will join probe of toxic Chevron fire

Martin Bashir - Romney, Ryan, and a questionable foreign policy record

Nuclear power industry's shady payments since Fukushima crisis

GOP Platform Draft Strongly Defends “Traditional Concept Of Marriage” [written by Perkins of FRC]

WaPo: How bad is the Ryan-Akin anti-abortion bill?

Sometimes 3:3 just doesn't cut it. Rape is such an important issue.

'Legitimate Rape' makes it into the Urban Dictionary:

Benefits of male circumcision reconfirmed as rates decline

Six Republicans Who Are Fleeing At Top Speed From The Ryan Budget

Akin will resign either some time tonight or tomorrow.

Columbus Ohio GOP Chair Opposes More Early Voting, Saying It Helps African-Americans

Anyone remember Thomas Eagleton....

Akin & 7 More Crazy Rape Statements, including Ryan's "there's rape and then there's forcible rape"

Clearly we need a rape accreditation institute

So, it's been two weeks for Ryan, and each one has exposed

Family Research Council Defends Akin (and goes after Sen Scott Brown R-MA) LOL

Marta's new Obama shirt just got here (check it out!)

What if Akin stays in the race and wins ?

I just found the weirdest thing in a box of old Jewelry from Ebay

Is everyone just now realizing that what Akin said is the way Republicans believe?

Don't let ReTHUGs fool you - Akin thinks just them

Just finished watching ELP- Karn Evil Nine 1st, 2nd and 3rd Impression complete version Live at the

G.O.P. Trying to Oust Akin From Race for Rape Remarks

The reason I think Todd Akin will NOT drop out of the senate race

Building-integrated wind power.

So, did Sean Hanitty condemn Akin for his remarks, or just say this was about the election itself

A lot of right wingers believe you cannot rape your wife.

The Fox News Nation thought my video was conservative

A Mighty Fortress Is Todd Akin's Vagina

Pregnant Woman Relieved To Learn Her Rape Was Illegitimate

2 Akin signs in my neighborhood have been taken down

Why the GOP wants Akin to quit and why he won't

FBI Probing Rep. Michael Grimm, Not Skinny-Dipping

An interview with Phyllis last month. She offers advice for a long life.

"Journalism isn't equipped to deal with a campaign predicated entirely on falsehoods"

Akin's Kinfolk[read Ryan etc] : He Is Well Within GOP Mainstream

Republicans Condemn Akin's Comments As Blemish On Party's Otherwise Spotless Women's Rights Record

Eric Cantor/Wayne Powell Debate Sept 28

What he really meant