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O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?

If Democrats called for higher taxes on the wealthy and cuts in defense spending?

Compare and contrast~

a biography of the day--ada lovelace

What became of Mike Stanton?

Anyone know what occurred at the onset of the Korean War in 1950?

quotes of the day

Two 15-year-old students accused of high school murder plot in California

“We have an obligation..."

It's not a "voucher", it's "premium support".......riiiiight.....

45 years ago this week: The Letter and more move up the charts.

M. Dowd - Beware a Beautiful Calm

Toon- Presidential campaign reporting for dummies

Tropical Diseases: The New Plague of Poverty

PSA: There is a ticket to get out of hell...

So...anybody see the GOP Presidential candidate today? Didn't think so.

To those who scoff at Julian Asange's fears

U.N. names Algerian diplomat as Syria envoy; refugee crisis dire

UN expresses concern over influx of refugees at Kenya's Kakuma camp

Letter from Over 130 Members of the House Seeking Greater Transparency in Trans-Pacific Partnership

Stakes races at Saratoga and Arlington 8-18-12

Why is it that the RWingnuts aren't professing musical love for the likes of Ted Nugent

Ok, so this should be in the "football" or "sports" area......I JUST CAN NOT DEAL WITH THE T BONE

This is a joy TO BEHOLD TreT, The Parkour Dog From Ukraine, Amazes With His Free-Running Talent

Found this on Facebook. And YES. It is real

Are conservative groups trying to buy popular liberal FaceBook pages?

President Obama campaigns in Windham and Rochester, NH - pics

Toon: Right Wing News

"Hatchet Jack was a wild one..."

Has anyone noticed what I have about republican candidates for office this year?

My neighborhood is the first test market for Google Fiber which starts next month.

Nance Greggs: An Open Letter to Brian Williams

Jimmy Fallon To Nancy Pelosi: ‘Have You Ever Seen Paul Ryan With His Shirt Off?’


One Term More! Share this Far and Wide!

90 million Unlikely Voters Pro-Obama

why can't we get a DU mail when posts are alerted but NOT hidden...

Hilarious poem about Romney by 92 year old retired Judge and WWII vet. (Video)

if Obama was delivered to the White House with Jesus Christ,

You Could Not Even Afford A Vet With Your Medicare Coupon

I have an idea. Let's make a list of all the truthful statements we have heard from the Romney

More frugal thrift store finds today..

So You Need A Driver's License to Vote?

Is MIM's real name James?

"Paul Ryan On Foreign Policy Credentials: ‘I Voted To Send People To War’" at Mediaite

New spider family found in US caves

"Undoing Obama Medicare cuts may backfire on Romney" at

So if Obama isn't responsible for killing Osama.....

Sunday Talk Shows

Who knows DVDs?

Bill Maher takes on racist voter ID laws

Obvious that Romney is from Remulak.

anyone watching the Mitt Mormon doc on Current right now

WaPo Editorial: Mr. Romney’s ‘garbage’

Just watched Hunger Games with my wife and daughter...hadn't read it,

David Simon Explains Why So Many Jaws Dropped When Mitt Romney Said He Had Never Paid Less Than A 13

16 women arrested in Tampa prostitution sting before Republican National Convention

"Joe Biden, the 'practically perfect' vice president" by Jonathan Bernstein at Salon

Oh the shame.

Caller to Ed Show had a great idea. Ed blew him away.

the single question I hope someone asks someone tomorrow

CNN says Opsec Can Cost the President the election

Sheriff: Suspects in killings of 2 Louisiana deputies linked to anti-government extremists

here's a classic - Do Ya by ELO!!!

Man Arrested in Parking Lot Shooting at Texas Mall

I'm rich! I'm rich! I'm rich! I'M FUCKING RICH!

Kaiser Health News - "Can GOP Deliver On Its Promise To Preserve Traditional Medicare?"

Activists in Argentina Expect Landmark Ruling against Agrochemicals

Does this offend you?

I can't possibly live with Republicans for the next few months...

Stock Market trend indicates Obama's chances are higher than we think

The Hill - "Tax Policy Center stands by Romney analysis" - Cuts for the Rich, Hurts Middle Class

"5 Ways Privatization Is Ruining America" by Paul Buchheit at AlterNet

Oh, lordy... The Freepers are discussing poverty tonight

CU professor calls “BS” on Romney’s 13 percent tax rate claim

Must-See-TV... "End of Road" on the DOC channel (repeating 8/22)

27 Words, outside a place of worship

I don't know how to tell people how I feel.

Vouchers: if Mitt wins, a transfer of wealth will take place from the middle class to the rich,

"Voter ID's Evil Twin" by By Erik Nielson at Salon

Did you know

Lots of troubling things about Obama's campaign. Lots. They're worrying things.

Apparently 40 years of neuroscience research is a lie because...

17th century ship to be freeze-dried, rebuilt

Obama Is the Overwhelming Favorite of Nonvoters

Julian Assange expected to make statement

Texas: Where people cite the "Give a man a fish/teach a man to fish" idea

GIFT From McCain's Opposition Research On Mitt: Romney and Bain profited from massive Medicare Fraud

Race Rumpus: Cops Stop & Search Bias Hits UK Minorities

So which states have become more Democratic in the past 4 years?

Jury duty: clicked wrong button

We got a wild one here tonight (end of 8)

It's a Beaut: RealNews on Ryan, Social Security and Insider Trading

The US and Honduras

The US and Honduras

Zinn's Peoples History displayed prominently in the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, August 18)

Was at a customers house today, he had on MSNBC

Jimmy Cliff

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday August 19th

What the hell is wrong with cucumbers?

Miami-Dade judge tosses murder charge based on self-defense

The Mormon Candidate - documentary on Current now.

Julian Assange case: stay patient and do the right thing (Guardian editorial)

God as a drug: The rise of American megachurches

Isn't this like saying I can see Russia from my house?

Assange's mother subjected to Nazi taunts

Teacher fights to spend more time with sick wife

Conduct Unbecoming RE: (OPSec, Right Wing Group Trying to Swiftboat Obama)

Poll: Facebook "Timeline"

Julian Assange är inget offer (Julian Assange is not a victim)

I Know You All Want It

Rad-Fems who use the term "Manboobz"

Ayn Rand's Fountainhead is showing on TCM at 2:00 AM next monday....

Pres Hits Home Run!!

Julian Assange, refugiado político (Julian Assange, Political Refugee)

Answering anti Obama Facebook friends.

Watched MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE the other day

the best thing I love about this campaign is the difference between the people... facepalm

Hank Williams Jr.: Obama Is 'A Muslim President Who Hates Farming, Hates The Military, Hates The U.S

Kerry slams 'swift boat' attack on Obama

National Priorities Project

John Kerry: Obama being 'swiftboated'

Here's a blast from the past!

Washington Post Hits Obama viral email.

Sunday's Doonesbury - Mark Tells Jim Crow: 'Not a Single Case of Impersonation Fraud'

I'll take irreverence wherever I find it...

Think back to the day you graduated from high school. What music was hot back then?

I really don't get the new system here

Does Romney's icon infringe upon Routledge ?

Gove 'made school deal with council'

Hague ignored lawyers to send Assange 'threat' note

The Beatles: Time to let it be?

Cardinal Keith O'Brien snubs gay marriage talks with Scottish government

No Timmeh thread today?

Republicans, like Democrats, opposed to cutting Medicare benefits, wary of privatization

Japan activists land on disputed islands amid China row

I'm no economy expert but, Why do conservatives shoot themselves in the fiscal foot

Congressman Ultrasound (CULT)

Romney to ax art funding

FBI arrests top fundraiser for NY GOP Rep. Michael Grimm

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Veni Vidi Squishi Edition

Romney still can’t shake income tax controversy

Pregnant teen dies after abortion ban delays her chemo treatment for leukemia

Romney/Ryan ticket trails in Ryan's Wisconsin

Who are the job creators?

Why is Hunting Part of Republican Culture?

How £11bn pledged for water sanitation aid never arrived

My 87 year old mother is about to use her new bong for the first time.

RE: Swiftboating Obama's capture of Bin Laden, someone needs to bring this up

weekend crossword frivolity

Assange to make 1st public appearance in 2 months

DUers it's time to pay attention again - 94l (Isaac) is going to hit some folks

Julian Assange & Wikileaks: Timeline of Events

David Korten: America’s Deficit Attention Disorder

Marineland protesters demand end to animal acts

X-post from GD: Pam Warhurst: How We Can Eat Our Landscapes

'Fortress Alberta' falls to rat infestation

Muncie Star Press (Indiana) - OUR VIEW: Romney must release tax returns to restore credibility

This is so shocking it's hard to believe. Shocking I tell you!

You can find the tax returns the Romneys have released here


When some one says SS or MC will go broke

Is The IRS Bound By Privacy Laws?....

Just for fun..Obama killing Ryan in shirtless battle on TMZ

Raising the Minimum Wage Essentially Helps Women: Think Progress

Early Bain-ization...How a Few Got Rich Illegally Suppressing Unions

Bashar al-Assad makes first public appearance for six weeks

Help Convention goers plan their visit to NC!

Helping the Sioux regain control of what is theirs.

Curiosity is firing its vaporizing laser today

You don't know how to eat a watermelon.

NYT's Gail Collins: Political Page Turners

Question about movie, OUT OF AFRICA. At the beginning of the flick,

'Solid South' no longer just all-red or all-blue

The US Navy Is Going To Spend $400m To Repair The USS Miami

Film Tackles Capitalism and Identity - “Supercapitalist,” a new financial thriller set in Hong Kong

Please help and keep kicked: "The only hope I have, My last shot at freedom"

Army morale declines in survey

Madonna sued in Russia for supporting gays

If you believe in an afterlife where you see all of your relatives who

CNN just said "Is Paul Ryan fibbing on the campaign trail...

Marriage for all

Toon- Hate Group

Worst repub toon yet

Toon- Paranoid?

Drone attacks pound northern Pakistan, killing 13 in two days

San Onofre whistle-blowers less protected than others in California

Trending on Twitter: #thingsthatenragerepublicans

Turn on Chris Hayes right fugging now

NYT: Truth and Lies About Medicare

“Voters can no longer believe anything they say” (NYTimes on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan)

Presidential Campaign Reporting for Dummies

Gary Hart: A Landslide Election

Nice hat Hank---You racist piece of shit.

Lukovich Toon -takes the Rovian Playbook and turns it on its head, yet speaks to an essential truth.

WOW...Gillespie just said that Romney's 13.9% was on ADJUSTED GROSS

6 Reasons Teachers Unions Are Good for Kids

Dowd to Ryan: 'Your Budget Reflects the Values Of AYN RAND Rather Than JESUS CHRIST'

From RT: Ayn Rand for Vice President

Madonna sued in Russia for supporting gays

Republicans Loved Stimulus When Bush Was in the White House

Julian Assange Calls on U.S. to 'End Its Witch Hunt' Against WikiLeaks Organization

Tattoo Location Chart

Paul Ryan Defended Stimulus When George W. Bush Wanted It in 2002

Tampa: America’s hottest mess

Gibbs: Ryan should ‘thank’ Obama for strengthening Medicare

WAPO: Washington Post Mocks Mitt Romney's "GARBAGE" Tax Plan

Mr. Romney's 'Garbage' (WaPost Editorial)

PolitiFact misses the elephant in the Room. George Allen says Bush era *budgets* would balance.

Lewis Turco's form of the week: 1) triolet & 2) triversen

Etch-A-Sketch Eric strikes again

Can we all agree that Paul Ryan is the gift that keeps on giving?

Lewis Turco's form of the week: 3) terzanelle & 4) parenthesis

Oh FFS... Ryan voted for the 2008 Stimulus Act

Lewis Turco's form of the week: 5) the mirror sonnet & 6) the prose poem

Dexter - Season 7 Trailer - mild spoilers and speculation

Mitt, it's not that you might lose our trust if we see your taxes....

Lewis Turco's form of the week: 7) the clerihew & 8) blues

It ain't the Mormon thing, it's the Mammon thing.

Lewis Turco's form of the week: 9) the sestina & 10) genre poetry & 11) ballad

All I can say is "Wow"!

Scientology detox programmes: expensive and unproven

Forbes editor: Shaming the poor ‘makes us great'

Tom Toles: ballots vs. bullets

RYAN Brags To FOX Re: His Foreign Policy Credentials: "I Voted To Send People To War"

Why Romney's Panicked Campaign May Pander Even Harder to the Far Right

Can Democracy Survive with 0% Media Accountability?

Obama Camp: No Apology for Biden Comments

Know your haters: The Values Voter Summit dancecard

MFM is known in certain circles as a lady's man

Focus on the important issues, People!


Is there a tactical compulsive lying gap?

Stephanie Cutter: Giuliani Should Consider Palin Endorsement Before Attacking Biden ...ZING!

Why Many Men Don’t Embrace Equality

Weapons for the Weak in the Climate Struggle

SB1161: Just what is it?

Moving Toward KKKarl Rove's Dream - Permanent GOP Dictatorship

The Stimulus did not Create a Single Job


"Back Off": Assange Attorney Michael Ratner Urges U.K., U.S. to Respect Asylum Decision, Int’l Law

Team Obama Calls Out Romney For Lack Of Transparency In Press Conferences

“If (Ryan) wants to protect Medicare for his mother he should first of all thank President Obama"

The Atheist Visibility Movement: Should Atheists Slam Religion or Show Respect?

Romney Adviser Says GOP Would Extend Medicare’s Solvency By Raising The Eligibility Age

To the tune of the Beatles

Ed Gillespie:Says GOP Would Extend Medicare’s Solvency By Raising The Eligibility Age

Good News And Bad News From The R$R Camp

The lovely Grover Norquiest was just on Face The Nation

New "zero determinant" strategy discovered for Prisoner's Dilemma

Indignados: Re-Asserting The Human Right To Dream

Would release of Assange's "poison pill" information dump be a good thing?

Are significant numbers of working poor getting assistance turning down better paying jobs?

The real best sign ever:

The GOPer cult du jour

Ebay bans magic, psychic readings... and prayers

Assange FULL SPEECH- from the Embassy Balcony

Kyrsten Sinema must be doing well. I get a call every day from the dark side knocking her.

Desalination and the Israel-Palestine issue

How I Unwittingly Infiltrated the Boy’s Club & Why It’s Time for a New Wave of Atheism

Indignation High

Somehow it rings quite untrue when a former opponent says he had much hope four . . . .

is this possible re: mitt's refusal to submit his tax returns?

I need help tracking something down on Ryan -

President Obama and Family walk to St. John's Episcopal Church - pics

"Citizens United" opened the flood gates for unlimited money from corporations, unions, special . .

Hell''s YEAH, Li'l Skittles kicked its ass & for the first time... ... ... biting was involved.

How I Unwittingly Infiltrated the Boy’s Club & Why It’s Time for a New Wave of Atheism

Once again, LynneSin was UNBELIEVABLY disappointed by the use of poor grammar.

Dogs are MUCH more helpful around the house than cats are.

HIGH 35!!!!!!! ... ... ... (poss. dial-up warning)

MiddleFingerMom just does NOT understand people who try to use Genesis to justify homophobia.

MFM didn't win all that Olympic gold because he had a big heart... but an itsy-bitsy bladder.

Sherman Perk in Milwaukee - The owner is a right wing Walker supporter

Nellie, the cup stacking otter

O'Malley defends Obama, slams Romney on Medicare

Ummm, Mr. (Ed) Gilisispe ...

Gov. O'Malley - Ryan "the leader of the Tea Party Republican Congress"

Paul Ryan Defended Stimulus -- When George W. Bush Wanted It In 2002 (VIDEO)

The Atlantic on GOP campaign tactics

Durbin pwns Mayor 9/11 on Face the Nation

Catholic Priest crashes a GLBT protest against Chick Fil-A, gets labeled accurately by participants.

America’s Deficit Attention Disorder

Sunday service

Now this is respect.

Protecting Republicans from temptation.

A look at cultural traditions on death

War on whistleblowers and first amendment

World must brace for higher food prices, experts say

Police: 4 shot at Cedar Park Wal-Mart; suspect in custody

WTF! Ohio GOP Election Board Member: Our Voting Process Shouldn’t Accommodate Black Voters

Russian Bear stops Finland leaving euro

Lord Rothschild takes £130m bet against the euro

When I google "democratic underground"...

REUTERS: Assange berates United States from Ecuador embassy balcony

Ed Gillespie: Mitt's plan to convert Medicare to a voucher system raises elibility age to 67

Adviser says Romney to release 2011 tax return by October 15

I think see an even larger political advantage in the Medicare debate.

Journalists, if you dare: Ask Republicans to name one benefit that has been cut from Medicare

I just found out..

Rage Against the Machine fans - what should I start with?

Meanwhile, Ecuador prepares to extradite a blogger it offered asylum in 2008.

On "This Week," Jake Tapper posed the question, "Is the nation headed towards bankruptcy?"

Ryan's Fed policy views well outside mainstream

What do you do when a juror seems to have voted incorrectly? (by his/her own comments)

Tampa Bay Times Editorial - Nation still waiting for Romney's tax returns

[email protected] Eric Fehrnstrom: Mitt Romney Tax Returns 'Not An Issue' (VIDEO)

What hath Republicans wrought?

Has Teach for America betrayed its mission?

"Republicans. Dedicated to the principle that vaginas need reform but Wall Street doesn't."

Mitt vs. Mitt (video)

Is there a list of progressive/ liberal friendly businesses?

some of the most honest 3 and 1/2 minutes on TV right now. (Newsroom)

Washington Post: Mitt Romney Tax Plan 'Garbage'

Since when is Medicare for All a "radical fringe position"?

Joseph Lazzaro, IBT: Ayn Rand's Economic Views, Backed By Paul Ryan, Would Result In A US Dystopia

Professor to David Horowitz-ish 'academic freedom' students: This is a university. Act like adults

we bought a bread machine. Pretty cool

Wouldn't (Some) Indigenous Cultures Have A Legal Advantage Over The Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Who is the bigger liar Romney or Ryan?

Godzilla takes on his most colorful foe — Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light

All Show! So Mitt will release his 2011 tax return

Israel Debates the Cost of War

Winners: Anti-Romney bumper sticker slogans!!

Since when is it okay to take out a guy's knee in an NFL exhibition game?

About those Medicare vouchers - why would insurance companies

UNICEF confirms that Cuba only Latin American country w/o infant malnutrition (nowhere in English)

Guilty As Stim: Chris Hayes Digs Up Devastating Video Of Paul Ryan Stimulus Hypocrisy


George Schultz: Company Man

Hound them, Chase them, Drive them from this land

"Traditional Medicare works better, and more cheaply, than most private-insurance plans."

Mass Shootings Reignite U.S. Gun Control Fight

OMG ! This could cost the democrats the election.

Fashion by Famine: Clothing manufacturers exploit the poor

Has using the term "Obamacare" backfired on the GOP? I think yes.

We are going to get our little lady spayed this week. She is 5 months old now

One Term More - One Day More "Les Miserables" Parody for Obama!!!

Hey GOP - if you're going to set the generations against one another, as a long term plan it's

"if you're not doing anything bad you have no reason to fear..."

Bubonicon 44.

The Upside Down Attack on Josh Treviño

Cool pool

Remember Bush's Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?

Take Action: We Must Protect Voting Rights For All In This Country

Anyone else not elderly or infirm yet thinking about going into assisted living?

Money Grab: How Can Cities Recapture Investment In Public Infrastructure?

Question for those of you between say 50 and 65 -

a health insurance small business question -

Rmoney/Ryan say they will put back the $716 billion into Medicare if they get elected

I Have Noticed a Definite Change in CNN

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 19, 1958

If Romney doesn't release his taxes is will set a dangerous precedent

Where ‘Socialized Medicine’ Has a U.S. Foothold

We have serious problems and we need a serious Congress to fix them.

C&L: Gibbs Blasts Romney for Using 'Right-Wing Nut Jobs' Like Trump (video)

What the heck is up with these old ass Rock and Roll singers mostly men hating on Obama

Gibbs: "I'm not going to get lectured by Mitt Romney...about the tone of this campaign"

Romney’s equating of taxes and charitable giving sparks debate

kitten vs TWO scary things (video 1:54 minutes)

Will history repeat itself?


Hey you stupid idiot Republican talking heads - Americans DO CARE about MoMoney's taxes...

Quote of the day goes to Palin, er I mean Santorum.

A MUST READ: Peter Bergen Are 'Swift Boat' attacks on Obama bogus?

I'll go there....

Dan Rather Reports, "Adopted or Abducted?" Promo for May 1, 2012

Before We Were Queer

Patrick Schwarzenegger Joins Gaga's Born This Way Foundation


I don’t want to spend the next four years wishing we had done more.

Republican Senate Nominee: Victims Of ‘Legitimate Rape’ Don’t Get Pregnant

Connecticut hometown honors Marine convicted in 2005 Iraqi killings of unarmed civilians

We are doing well with the "low information" voter, judging by my experiences this week.

The Ecuadorian Embassy rejected MY suggestion for a solution. What would YOU recommend they do?

Greg Louganis Back on Board

Robert Reich: Romney’s 13 percent is shameful.

Check out CNN..they're campaigning for Romney again....

"What if we had a WikiLeaks in August of 1964, when we were told the North Vietnamese fired on...

Scott McKenzie Dies At 73.

Wisdom blog

Do We Really Want Change?

Real-life Walter White sought on meth charge

GIBBs: "I'm not going to get lectured by Romney or Romney Campaign about tone of this Campaign"

Gather 'Round For Another Lesson In Women's Rights & Health Issues from the GOP

The top-25 jerseys sold on from April 1 – July 31, 2012:

Romney Campaign Backing Off Pledge To Balance Budget By 2020

Cops Strip Search Mom, "Forcibly" Pull Tampon Out of Her for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign

Nato strike in Afghanistan kill top Taliban leader

Ever Wonder Why The Media Plays The Same RW Talking Points?

We are in a Political War against the right

Tweets from N165, the rock the Curiosity Rover just zapped

Dems slam Ryan over Social Security privatization

yep, that's how I see it too.

DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora - Hot Right Now (Official Video)

How many people actually pay the top tax rate of 35%??

Ala. man fights to keep wife buried in front yard

TOON: Romney Can Run, But He Can't Hide!

ACCOUNTABLE CARE ORGS: 2.4 Million People w/ Medicare to Receive Better, More Coordinated Care

The Presidential election is now President Obama vs Paul Ryan. What I hear (CBS radio, NPR),

Republican Senate Nominee: Victims Of ‘Legitimate Rape’ Don’t Get Pregnant

Head of Jewish Agency: Talk of Iran strike slowing Aliyah to Israel

Lounge standards and self policing

Julian Assange: the balcony defence (Guardian editorial)

Thank God it's just an alligator ('specially for Floridians)

why am I getting stuck on the splash screen

Uninsured Quiz (Kaiser Family Foundation)

‘Legitimate rape’ rarely causes pregnancy...

Inner Zodiac

JFK said this........and it still applies today...

Hardly persecution, Mr Assange (The Independent | Monday 20 August)


Hey Mitt - why don't you listen to your father?

Seen on the Facebook- anagram - Ayn Rand porn (no worry it is safe)

What if Romney's tax return is a LIMITED HANGOUT?

Marriage – Gay or Straight – is not about religion…

Britain's progressive paper, The Guardian, writes an editorial on Assange.


Anybody know what this is?

What is Rasmussen up to? Obama ahead of Romney again.

Medicare - The 40-54 demographic

Did Todd Akin just have his macaca moment?

LOL GOP Twitter feed

what are you/we?

Romney Campaign Backing Off Pledge To Balance Budget By 2020

HELP, please, to respond to a ltte

What if DU flexed a muscle? A DU experiment that just needs you to click your mouse once :0)

Friend of the blog voted Republican 40 of the last 44 years wants to see Romney returns. Help please

Paul Krugman: Unethical Commentary, Newsweek Edition (slams over anti Obama cover)

Cincinnati Tennis Spoiler - Mens Final

There are 400+ comments on the Washington Post Facebook page regarding what Akin said

Anyone else watch "The Mormon Candidate" on Current?

Hateful and divisive, eh?

Bad news For Americans

Do I want an Ipad? Pros and cons, pls.

many tomato blossoms are not turning into fruits

How to anger a Republican

If Assange isn't under threat then WHY is Interpol's "Red Alert" for him Still In Force?

Assange Lightning Rod Places U.S. Bullying and South American Contradictions on Vivid Display

Akin On ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment: ‘I Misspoke’ (updated)

"Gun-buying enthusiasts crash firearms 'turn-in' event at Memorial Coliseum"

Assange Lightning Rod Places U.S. Bullying and South American Contradictions on Vivid Display

There is a lot of shit heading our way (Weather)

How to Protect Your Knees Every Day

Missouri's GOP Senate candidate: Pregnancy from rape is 'really rare'

What the Hell is "Legitimate Rape???"

Senator Claire McCaskill's responses to Todd Akin

Check out this Romney quote on tax returns

Andy Borowitz

Dressage: A Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan Presidential Slash-fic [Kindle Edition]

Defense Sec. Gates and VP Biden both opposed the successful Osama bin Laden raid.

NY Daily News Exclusive: Bizarre plot by Melky Cabrera to use fake website and duck drug suspension.

Akin Outburst Will Put Pressure On Romney-Ryan

Can someone explain what this is doing in a baseball park??

How Todd Akin And Paul Ryan Partnered To Redefine Rape

Evolution is a lie....

Gibbs: Romney Can’t Criticize Obama Tone When Supported By ‘Right-Wing Nutjob Donald Trump’

Pakistan disabled girl arrested for blasphemy

Freak Cat Won't Let Go Of The Meat (video 1:56)

It seems a little difficult to buy a star.

It's Ryan....Oh Yeah?

Jewish settler attacks on Palestinians listed as 'terrorist incidents' by US

Have you seen Newsweek's cover for this week? We need a response.

Got a pic with a candidate out on the campaign trail today in Indiana.

Cross your eyes, relax your vision until there are three images, then focus on the center image

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 20 August 2012

Akin needs to drop out now

Actor William Windom Dead at 88.

Bill Maher New Rules On Republican Voter Suppression w/Voter ID Laws in 90 Seconds (VIDEO)

Senator Claire McCaskill's responses to Todd Akin

Powell slams Cantor at open town hall meeting.

Right now there are two CNN threads in Politics 2012...

Who is Newsweek's cover story author Niall Ferguson

He posted about "revolution" on FB - now he is held by NDAA

It is time to elect 50 Democratic female Senators and 216 females to The House

Chris Hayes on Julian Assange from Today's Show

Does it matter to you what taxes Mitt Romney paid?

Quinn signs religious tolerance bill at end-of-Ramadan celebration

Determined. Relentless. Driven. Disciplined. Single Minded. Dogged. (This is an apolitical post)

Republican Congressman Proposes National Security Role for Uterus (Borowitz, New Yorker)


Ohio's republican SOS, Husted suspends two Democrats on Montgomery Co. Election Board

"Besides people voting, the number one thing that gets in the way ...

GOP Official: Ohio Early Voting Process Should Not Accommodate Black Voters

Even our FRiends think Todd Akins might have gone a wee bit over the edge...

Unless you have one, shut the fuck up!

JTMP and Amnesty Intl at Russian Embassy for Free Pussy Riot Global Day

Ann Romney to headline RNC's opening night

A Great Time & A Great Turnout At Obama For America Block Party Omaha (Sat 8-19-12)

What do you, personally, think will happen with this mandatory tax cut/sequestration thing?

Someone needs to ask Todd Akin what rape is "legitimate"and what rape isn't

For Good Customer Service Go to Government, Not Corporations

SPRAY OF HOPE Military developing anti-suicide nasal spray as deaths hit record numbers

Does anyone live in the 4th congressional district?

Guilty As Stim: Chris Hayes Digs Up Devastating Video Of Paul Ryan Stimulus Hypocrisy

Deloitte says accountant's suicide unrelated to Standard Chartered

Repurposing: Can you think of a way to use damask tablecloths?


So you want to fight misuse and crime via prohibition of currently-legal items?

Todd Akin, look it's a shiny

President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden released 12 yrs of tax returns

GMO Labeling - Find Out Which Companies Are Paying Millions To Stop Proposition 37

"On one level, it was a typical Sunday morning for Mr. Romney"

After 77 Years, Social Security Still Crucial for Women

70% Chance of Tropical Cyclone Formation....

Major argument at my house

Here's The Brutal Truth On The Labor (Job) Market And Why It Is So Messed Up.

Now this is what a Republican death panel looks like...

Copper on BBC at 10 p.m. tonight. (EST) Cannot wait..n/t

A couple of graphs

Shell spending millions of dollars on security in Nigeria, leaked data shows

How do you Deactivate the Journal?

Wikileaks Greatest Hits: Climategate

The Martians Had It Coming To Them

US drone strikes in Pakistan kill 13 in flurry of weekend attacks

Biofuel fails EU sustainability test, German researchers claim

This is what VOTER FRAUD look like...

Re: the latest episode of Suits.

Some Missouri Republicans not feeling the love for Akin

Means Nothing, but (Psychic Experience)

The GOP thinks President Obama is the most dangerous President in history...

Do you notice the people who yell at us to stop blaming Bush

Petition to Overturn Citizens United: Sponsored by Al Franken & Sherrod Brown

Is This TRUE? .........Whistleblowers Compare Reprisals from Bush, Obama

At least 4 people shot at a Texas Walmart


Why We Need Whistleblowers.....Is this a RW HACK posting this?

My Family Doctor has this season's flu shots in - I'm going down to get mine Tuesday.

School supply lists have changed.....

Google Shopping Search For Vitamins And Supplements No Longer Displays Results

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