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Archives: August 18, 2012

"Romney, Ryan Slam President Obama For Spending Too Little" by Benji Sarlin at TPM

I dunno why, but I keep seeing Ryan's name as

The Rev. Pat Robertson Entertains Us Again.....

Kid (13) designs political board game

Not so fast, naysayers: These may be parts of Earhart's plane

Post a song that sounded so great / so cool at the time, but now... not as good as you remembered...

Posted before deserves a repost: "Romney Badger Don't Give a Shit" Fuckin' Hilarious.

Why was the guillotine invented?


Big Ed's question tonight - who is the bigger LIAR Rmoney or Ryan?

Moody’s warns on California city defaults

Ryan video on Ed's show... HECKLED with Video!!!

Chinese to become biggest spenders as record numbers head overseas

Please SPREAD! 92yo sister of 'Pennsylvania Polka' writer pens Voting Rights parody

Spider and the Fly

How can anyone take Yahoo! seriously?

(satire - sorry!!) Ann Romney: “Why should women be paid equal to men?”

Pennsylvania Voter ID Ruling May Hurt Puerto Ricans Most (¿coincidence?)

German TV crew attacked while filming at Chinese factory

U.S. sues Florida over ending kosher meals in prisons

Watching Teachers Rock on CBS

Paul Ryan's Uphill Fight for the Catholic Vote

wowza . . .

60 Pro-Bradley Manning Protestors Disrupt Obama's Oakland Headquarters

I guess on Sat. I'll see Tom Hayden here in Austin.

The Tea Party has officially been replaced

Kelowna city hall considers flying 'pro-life' flag

How Public of a Trial: US v. Bradley Manning (Philip D. Cave | The Jurist)

How many lies today? -Ryan Got Fed.Funds To Help With Bush-Era GM Closure He Blames On Obama

Is Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund running ads against Pete Hoekstra?

Friday Talking Points (223) -- Scary Medicine

"Recognizing Paul Ryan’s ‘tell’ when he is trying to avoid something" By Matt Miller at WP

A little good news, for a change, re: voting rights:

Texans Fleeing To Mexico For Reproductive Health Care

Mango scratched his head.

"Why Romney’s choice of Ryan won’t help America debate the big issues" by Robert Reich

Tom (Rage Against The Machine) Morello reacts to Ryan saying Rage is his favorite band (should see!)

Alabama Democratic Party panel votes to disqualify chief justice candidate

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Finally Friday & a new Kitty gif

"Missing the Medicare forest for the trees" By Steve Benen at the Maddow Blog

Want to support the Teaparty?

Shouldn't Paul Ryan Already Be Impeached?

Randall the "Honey Badger" guy was recently in Portland (Video)

British legal expert: "Assange makes everyone look ridiculous"

Let's all get clear about Medicare/Social Security and the GOP

Heh heh. (Credit to some other anonymous internet hero)

Family pushed Paterno to read Sandusky report

Potato chips *or* real potato/ carobo?!1 WHIch *is* it, take a side!1 n/t

Eight myths about Assange

Bill Maher back at 10 pm in 30 minutes - here is the lineup

My Right Wing Facebook Friend called R. Maddow unintelligent

Mitt Romney's tax returns: the 'voter fraud' theory

The War Against the Jews (Very Long Article)

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Democrats Fighting Back!

Ballot evidence suggests Ron Paul planning to run as third party candidate

Assange turned out to be a coward

Voter Advocates Call On Husted To Restore 2 Weekends Of Early Voting

Does Paul Ryan sparkle in sunlight?

Think of someone you know who knows nothing about opera. I know less.

It's Maher time in 10 minutes

Paul Ryan Gets The Seamus Romney Treatment!

Washington's highest court rules MERS cannot foreclose on homeowners

An English speaking Sarah Palin....

Paul Ryan seems Uncomfortable with the Booing and Heckling

Sad goodbye to Danny Roundfield, who died tragically saving his wife

Sarah Palin Wins “Worst Mother in America” Award

Video: Bob Kerrey (D-NE) meets with Willie Nelson before singer's Kearney concert

Giving a lecture on old-timey quack medicines tomorrow

Waaa.....Waaa....Waaa.....Obama took credit for being the POTUS when OBL was killed.....Waaa.....Waa

Politico: Democrats' Trans-Pacific Partnership tightrope

This bald headed fuck on Real Time is talking over everyone

Will Gays and Lesbians Allow Religious Leaders to Take Away Their Spirituality?

Pennsylvania civil rights coalition appeals ruling in voter ID case

Fullest Sack of S*** of The Week: Extremists in Denial

Ryan's "Irish Problem": his philosophy is the same one that hurt his forefathers in the Great Famine

The Romney/Ryan Plan Now Comes in a Can - image

The Best F#@king News Team Ever prepares for the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Classic quote from John F. Kennedy about Republicans

Facebook falls to half of public offering price

Is Abby Huntsman still a Mormon?

Navy SEAL Who Founded Anti-Obama PAC: ‘I Have To Admit I’m A Birther’

Carmel Dansen meets metal (with original song inside)

Please post the most Erotic place you ever visited.

What kind of plant is this?

The ED Show - Pennsylvania takes another step to make it harder to vote

Aren't you coming to bed?

Dem sailor

Took family for small getaway to Kansas City on way home,,


What's Your Opinion on the Framing of This Picture?

Anti-Obama Navy Seal leader admits to being a birther

US intends to chase Assange, cables show

CNN: Both sides using Rove's campaign strategy this year

TIME - Joe Klien - "Romney’s Medicare Nonsense"

Paul Ryan’s hypocrisy and the Romney/Ryan Vision for our Country

Deep in the Heart of Texas: Obama Fans!

John Lennon's killer seeks freedom again

Democracy Now did a great piece on Frances Perkins the beating heart in The New Deal

Does anyone mind if I drop an F-Bomb??

The incredible Mr. Shakespeare-- "135 Phrases coined by William Shakespeare"

Fake followers cause of Romney’s Twitter spike, tech firm says

Part Two of Frances Perkins done in 2009 but worth a view

The ED Show - Documenting the Romney-Ryan lies of the week

"People “Like” Paul Ryan on Facebook; Dislike Him in Other Contexts" By Juli Weiner at Vanity Fair

Read what my Congressman wrote to me about Medicare.....

Parenting and having a gay child... just ran across this thoughtful phrase

Whether it was college or high school, what was the book you hated to have to read?

The difference between cat tricks and dog tricks

Paul Ryan has record of pushing for and earmarking federal funds for his district

You can be pro-victims rights and still acknowledge the absurdity of the Assange ordeal

Venezuela gov't says economy up 5.4 percent

Question for El Supremo. Since you think I am a flip-flopping baseball fan, can you explain this...

Posting links to anti-Assange in Swedish is chickenshit.

Any DUers know how to cut and paste sound clips off of an ipod padcast and attach them....

Charles M. Blow on the GOP's "Dark Road to the White House" - shady money, voter suppression & all

"The Panic of Fukushima" by a UC-Berkeley Physics Professor...

Judge rejects Facebook offer of $20m on 'Sponsored Stories' suit potentially worth $52.5b

"Who built that?" by Greg Sargent at the WP

Ralph Nader strips the bark off of Paul Ryan....

Went to the Duran Duran show tonight

US election: Mitt Romney may have breached ethics laws through company linked to Paul Ryan's brother

Live 24/7 Equadorian Embasy video.Watch it here:

Bill Press: Sen. Sanders talks Social Security's surprising surplus (Breakfast with Bernie?)

The money is being spent...nearly wall to wall anti-Obama ads in NC...

Fehr: Players not surprised by NHL lockout threat...

Obama in a nutshell a` la the average, undiscerning Right Wing Nut Low Information Voter

Evacuation expanded for area near Belle Chasse chemical plant

JPL Morse Code on Mars Curiosity vehicle.

There's always one on every jury, isn't there?

Bob Diamond's 'highly selective' evidence slammed in MPs' Libor report

Foreign Secretary .. on Ecuadorian Government’s decision to offer political asylum to Julian Assange

I stuck my wet tongue on a light pole in Steelers Stadium....

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday August 18th

TEXTO COMPLETO: Declaración del gobierno de Ecuador dando asilo a Assange

What would the US be like if the Teabaggers and "Christian" conservatives have their way?

Is Paul Ryan's plan really his ideas

Freepers unimpressed with latest crazed JimRob rant: "Jim, you are Jim Jones sick"

Just seen on Facebook:

Ecuador Grants Asylum, Respecting Human Rights Despite Threats From UK

could we have an "I'm keeping an eye on you" smilie?

"The New New Deal" - Obama took office after financial earthquake, but before economic tsunami hit

Keystone XL pipeline crosses political boundaries in Nebraska and beyond

Last Sunday's True Blood had one of the most powerful scenes of the series thus far. (Spoiler)

Old Obama acquaintance voices South Side’s disillusionment with his former ally

When was the last time

Obama Lags on Judicial Picks, Limiting His Mark on Courts

"My Ultimate Ayn Rand porn"

Those anti-texting ads.

New Investigative Report into DEA-Related Killings in Honduras Finds Inconsistencies Between U.S. an

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, August 17)

I keep getting a message

The Rmoney Movie Poster Parodies Thread

A video for my friends at DU.

Assange refused offer of assistance from Australia

Mitt Romney racist???

Who else is going to the Convention in Charlotte?

Romney Hood and His Sidekick!

elections coming down to just 30 second commercials ?

If you weren't shot in the face for calling the president a Marxist dictator...

Olympic silver medalist Jeff Demps to sign with New England Patriots

The OAS is holding a meeting about UK/Assange/embassy over the protest of the meeting by the US:

Nothing to see here

NASA rover Curiosity prepares to zap a Martian rock in first laser target practice

In UK threat to Ecuador, experts see mistake

Everyday it seems like PA is a lost cause due to right wing cheating.

In UK threat to Ecuador, experts see mistake

Chevron probe produces Facebook grousing


Don’t Waste the Drought

Sunday Talk Shows

pussy riot trial


Cereal bars: Healthy image a myth - Which?

Police release video in Ark. patrol car shooting

Holy Moly, DU's I opened a can of electronic voting machine fraud worms... here's a quick synopsis

"Ordos: The biggest ghost town in China" (building boom over; bubble to burst?)

The Paul Ryan Insider Trading Story Won’t Die Because It’s Legitimate

Song of Mitt's Self . . .

Can anyone recommend a good MP3 player to me?

6 Reasons Teachers Unions Are Good for Kids


Cleveland Browns, 2012 N.F.L. Season Preview

Government officials accused of 'schmooze-athon' with Shell {uk}

Glacier National Park glaciers receding at alarming rate

So I just came upon the Game of Thrones...

Puke: Romney slams Obama over Medicare, pledges more help for 'poor' and 'sick'

Time to make the rich pay {eurozone}

Rebel spokesman: Syrian vice president defects; regime doesn't confirm

Twee is now used in journalism?

Man Sues Kansas School District For Failing To Stop Homophobic Bullying: VIDEO

Same-Sex marriage "monstrous insaneness" and breeds violence: Michael Heath

The West Has Just Become A Giant Banana Republic

Gay Australian Olympian Trampolinist Comes Out as HIV-Positive

President Obama's 'Stimulus' Act Lifted At Least 7 Million People Out Of Poverty

What would happen if we hired Americans instead of people in other countries?

Pro-Bradley Manning protesters occupy Obama campaign’s Oakland headquarters

WaPo: In Israel, speculation rises of pending attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities

Obama: We've Come Too Far to Turn Back Now

Girl's family to sue over shooting at Bremerton school

FBI arrests former top fundraiser for Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm (R)

Los Angeles city sued over marijuana shop ban

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Maryland Gun Permit Requirement


Uganda prime minister hacked 'over gay rights'

Gay parades banned in Moscow for 100 years

Chris Hayes is deconstructing Ryan

Romney-Ryan Campaign In One Sentence

War Is Not Necessarily the Cause of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Time for some action! Or are we just going to watch this go down?

Romney Wants His Risky Pick to Play It Safe

Urine Based 'Potion' Can Act as CO2 Absorbent

Weekly Address: Congress Should Back Plan to Hire Teachers

Study Reveals New Molecular Target for Melanoma Treatment

The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence has Declined

President Obama: Republican approach to education funding is backward

Toon: I wonder who holds the leash?

Jim James, singer-songwriter for My Morning Jacket -- REASON 10: Barack Obama is not a robot.

The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip Flop Video–America Cannot Believe Anything He Says

Exercise frustration

"...his name begins with 'Paul Ryan' and ends with silence."

We've Come Too Far to Turn Back Now

2 dead, 17 wounded in overnight shootings across city (Guess Where)

Dr. Drew Officially Is The Grim Reaper; Another "Celebrity Rehab"-er Bites The Dust

Today's TOON to send the righties

Atheists to Tear Up Biblical Passages Near Huntington Beach Pier Preacher This Weekend

Another day in my wonderful life

Toon: Republican Policy, Explained

What would happen if they raised the minimum wage?

Middle TN schools make religious accommodations for students

First Evidence Found for Photosynthesis in Insects

Best Romney/Ryan anagram ever

I take comfort in these polling numbers - here's why.

Illinois -- DuPage Forest Preserve Police Intimidation


The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers

Why Do Birds Live Longer Than Turtles?

Assange diplomatic row spreads ahead of key statement (by Assange)

Tales of High Finance by Christopher Brauchli

The September Theme

All charges against Planned Parenthood are dropped

Voter Fraud? - Found - RIGHT HERE - & Wait, It's Mitt Romney!

Dark Road to the White House Shady money, voter suppression, shifting positions, murky details.....

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 18, 1920

It's simple, George Bush stole his election..

Biden’s outrageous comments inject RACE into the election!

World War II Veteran Ralph Maxwell says 4 More Years!

Image Hosting suggestions?

Chevron: The Toxic Threat Next Door

RepubliCON Convention = Large gathering of total assholes.

September Photo Contest

Romney Position Changes Recited By 92-Year-Old Ex-Judge/ WWII Vet On YouTube,Hilarious And True Poem

Tampa Bay Times: Nation still waiting for Romney tax returns

So, Paul Ryan's mother's supposed to speak for the millions his budget axe threatens?

Americans Against The Tea Party get it right.

Give me a break! Paul Ryan's district got millions of dollars..

"Return to Sender, that's what she wrote." Please come CAPTION Mitt (suckers deal) Romney!!!

Sometimes the bull gets lucky

Licking pussy

Ex-Texas teacher guilty of having sex with 5 of her students

Ryan Not Exactly a Cash Cow for Romney

Assange, cyber warrior must be made example of and will be in

Anti-woman slurs - why are they more acceptable than slurs against other minority groups?

Kobach shouted down in Alabama

Salt Lake City Tribune: Why examine Romney’s taxes?

MSNBC's Alex Wagner: Mitt Romney Has "Castrated" Paul Ryan

Hold it now, for just a dog gone minute....

Wow, the rent really is too damn high in NYC

Why does the RW INSIST on 100% vetting our candidates--yet refuse to vet their own?

Douchebag sled thief

Maureen Dowd on Paul Ryan: "Cutest package cruelty ever came in"

How Obama can help local Dems get elected.

Where is this retirement community Ryan is speaking at right now?

Bwaaaaaaaaaah Ryan better watch out for those old folks

Ryan is already killing seniors

Romney to school bus drivers: You don’t count

NYT Editorial- In Thrall to Sheldon Adelson

Calif. gasoline production INCREASES after refinery blast, but prices soar anyway

Please post the most chaotic place you ever visited.

Los Angeles sued over crackdown on medical marijuana shops

IF this country is dumb enough to elect Mitt to the POTUS...please can I have ONE request?

Ryan's hoodwinking old folks, ya'll

The Guardian: Mitt Romney's tax returns: the 'voter fraud' theory

Reason #3,271 in our series: Why Paul Ryan Was A Bad Pick

It should not be an admirable political strategy to lie to the American people

The Repubs are trying to say they are Medicare Saviors!

Just remember - They Don't Care. Period.

Cantaloupes Blamed for 141 Salmonella Cases, Including Two Deaths

Archdiocese Of Portland Offers Defense Loan To Child-Molesting Priest

Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx Rips Dave Mustaine Over Shooting Conspiracy Theory

"Trickle Down"

British soldier killed in Afghanistan

Back in 1991 Matt (The Simpsons) Groening totally got it in "Life In Hell"

Gene Lyons: If Paul Ryan is America’s accountant, we’re in trouble

Have a good time here at DU today, but remember... ... ... play nice!!!

My Favorite Columnist on Romney's Paul Ryan pick.

Who has Netflix? Is it really "instant" streaming?

Ryan is not a very good speaker...

Radio 1s Grimmy confirms he’s gay and would like to date Frank Ocean

US drone kills 5 militants in northern Pakistan

Black Fish activists vow to confront illegal tuna fishing in Mediterranean

Just saw this bit of wisdom on Reddit

Electronics Recycling Fire Unnerves a N.Y. Town

Chinese vessel traverses Arctic Ocean for first time

US carbon emissions in surprise drop

EPA Defeats Challenge to Higher Ethanol Levels in Fuel

Question about forwarding threads via email

‘Multiple Choice Mitt’ or consistent and evolving? GOP presidential candidate is a conundrum

Obama calls for funds to stop teacher layoffs as student-to-teacher ratios rise

The Daily Show-"I can't think of one prominent Republican who talks the way that they talk." Palin

WE DID IT: Earned Sick Time initiative gets certified for Nov ballot (Orlando-Orange Co, FL)

Raise taxes progressively for all income over $250,000. Eliminate esoteric tax avoidance schemes.

Villages setting for Ryan's FLA rally: "hotbed of GOP retirees" w/ open-air bars, happy-hour pricing

Pussy Riot in action.

So MFW responds to something I wrote with

Yep...this about sums it up...

Obama: GOP plan means one percent tax rate for Romney

Romney's job plan for veterans

The ED Show - Ryan calls on Mom to help campaign

to old Joe the Horse. He was a good 'un.

Biden’s journey: a senior senator embraces role as junior partner without sacrificing self

Bill Maher on Ryan and Palin

Man denied free voter ID in Pittsburgh

Why the Family Research Council is a hate group

Ryan on the Issues.....a reminder

The ED Show - Ryan releases his taxes, why not Romney?

Am I missing something, it sounds like some of the media on the left

I keep getting a message

Do you want Fluoride in your water?

How Many More Days Till The Ryan Effect Wears Off .

The ED Show - Could Michele Bachmann lose her job come November?

With Romney, "The Party Of Lincoln" Has Become ---->

Paypal unacceptable

Rachel Maddow - War excluded from campaign talk as Romney hires Bush Iraq spokesman

Has Keith Olbermann completely disappeared since Current? I never hear

CURRENT Social Security/Medicare recipients face financial ruin if Romney/Ryan get their way.

Cat parents, has this ever happened to you?

North Carolina retirees lost at least $4.1 million on Facebook, state discloses

Have you seen ads by the Social Security Institute on TV? I just saw one. It was going by so fast I

The new opening trademark for Intertubes streaming of MGM movies:

"The Wire" (as performed by ducks) -- -- -- "OMAR/GRAYWARRIOR COMIN'!!!" (dial-up warning?)

Poehemian Rhapsody:

The startled eel comedian takes on the controversial subject of Mexican food:

MiddleFingerMom says "Fuck da Air Po-lice!!!"

MFM can deal with his "public-speaking nervousness", but it takes a while. A long... LONG while.

Hank Jr. just couldn't contain the worst of his racist, bigoted, xenophobic self anymore

"One Term More" (Pro-Obama parody of 'One Day More' from Les Miserables..Broadway singers) HA!

MFM Shoots, He Scores!

Why Race Is Still a Problem for Mormons

Rachel Maddow - Precedent undermines Romney's credibility on tax assurances

Young Tory MPs blame 'lazy' baby boomers for Britain's economic decline

Republicans have the advantage with seniors?

"Disability activists in wheelchairs arrested at Gracie Mansion ADA celebration"

US Dept. of Justice. Civil Rights Division. Voting Section.

Even GOP-favoring Rasmussen shows flip from Romney 46-44 to Obama 46-44 in week since Ryan pick

Just posted and got a failed message the thread had been hidden (think that's how it read)

Megan McCain.... talking dizzy ditz

How Palestinians Keep Shooting Themselves in the Foot

Pizza Franchise Creates ‘Not After Dark’ Delivery Rule In Detroit After Driver Shot

BB&T Bank gave Millions to Spread Ayn Rand's philosopy by Grants to Colleges & Universities

If someday we learned that MFM was the most brilliant writer for a show, which do you think

Live Radio NOW: Obama, Romney, Biden, Ryan & Solutions to Media Malpractice Sat 12-2PM Central

What did liberals do that was so offensive to the Republican Party?

U.S. official: Israeli leaks are damaging efforts to halt Iran's nuclear program

Dems slam Ryan over Social Security privatization

Lady Gaga's body guard throws a fan to the floor for walking up with pen and pad

Company to produce 3D bio-printed meat for human consumption. Discuss.

Congress should back plan hire teachers

Dare I predict this?

Paul Ryan’s Lies Can’t Hide His True Belief that Stimulus Is the Path to Prosperity

In the Not Too Distant Future...


I took my car in for service yesterday. Had an interesting (brief) conversation...

A paean to the First United Methodist Church of Delmar, from an atheist

AP College Football rankings:

Mitt’s 13% Tax

"Just trust me"

Guardian UK: Julian Assange row: ministers from across Americas to hold meeting

My House of Representatives prediction: Republicans will maintain control

Gwen Ifill 'Livid' At Snub, Chorus Of Protests Continues Over Diversity

Obama calls for funds to stop teacher layoffs as student-to-teacher ratios rise

Religious boundaries

The Overpass Light Brigade is at it again! How great is this?

Pa. voter-ID plaintiff finally gets card

"Drop yer magic fundie undies Mama, I feel a fall election a-comin' on!" ~ Mister (r)Money

California's gradual retreat from capital punishment

All Together Now: "JUST TRUST ME"

Is Your “Safe” Deposit Box REALLY Safe?

Ronald Reagan was right......

The Catholic church in America: Earthly concerns

Subpoena Mitt Romney's Tax Returns

Why did Mitt pick Paul??? Please come CAQPTIO!!!

13%??? - Why On Earth Are They Screaming Taxes Are Too High?

Assange and the sex crimes...

Paul Ryan Tells Fox: ‘I Didn’t Know About’ The Letters I Signed Asking For Stimulus Funds

'We Are Woman' Rallies Supporters of Women's Rights.

How Not to Reconstruct Iraq, Afghanistan—or America

Finally, an explanation for pro-Romney voters

Stephen Fry Is Offended You're Offended

Romney-Ryan strategy: Resurrect the "death panels" lie.


"U.S. has the Greatest Health Care in the World" Bullshit Meme Abatement

Ryan On The Campaign Trail: "I usually lose to a 17-year-old woman who grew up on a dairy farm"

Is Your “Safe” Deposit Box REALLY Safe?

Rachel Maddow - Romney running with Paul Ryan, minus the 'Paul Ryan'

The Difference Between Liberal Progressive Christians and "Conservative Fundamentalist Christians"

Media Turn A Blind Eye To Record Greenland Ice Melt

Mitt Romney's tax return stand benefits all tax evaders and schemers

Telegraph: Mitt Romney may have breached ethics laws through company linked to Paul Ryan's brother

Man in Ostrava planned terrorist attack - sympathizer of Anders Breivik

It's time for Democrats to call for the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes.

Paul Ryan Claims He Didn’t Know He Signed Letters Asking For Stimulus Funds

They "frickin" crucified Geraldine Ferraro

We, as a society, have a crisis of "metrics"

Bill Maher brought up something last night that I thought was troubling. He indicated that large

Sittin' on a sack of seeds to his destruction (Bagley cartoon about Romney and his tax returns)

Julia Child Remix

President Obama Speaking Now

Romney Tax Loopholes

"The basic bargain" - A good meme being fleshed out by Obama on the stump.

Why are left wingers demonized and treated as terrorist while right wingers all

dog has mad skills

Jewish settlers suspected of fire-bomb attack on Palestinians

Coalition Against Nukes Announces 3-Day DC Rally for Nuclear Free Future

Papantonio: Ryan Should Scare The Bejeezus Out of Senior Citizens

Attention Obama campaign

Gabbard Out, Honolulu Council Changing

Cooke distances himself from Dems on gay marriage, abortion

Why Can't the Message Be As Simple As

Present for all your Republican friends

What motivates the outrage over Julian Assange's Political Asylum?

If Romney is being truthful about Harry Reid lying,

Voter Fraud Allegations 'Pretty Extreme'

GOP Strives to Make Hate Groups Look Respectable

Romney Caught Lying On 1999-2001 Tax Returns

Just saw the reboot of Star Trek...hated it

Attacks against U.S. Muslims spike during Ramadan

This video makes me so grateful for "experts"

Proposition 32: A fraud to end all frauds

Mars Rover Snaps 1st Hi-Res Self-Portrait

Walt Disney shows how Hitler came *this* close to inventing the high five

Bill Maher's Teabaggers' Quiz

Bill Gates wants a new Toilet and He's willing to pay for it

A question for DUers.

Why is Gallup leaning towards Romney?

the help wanted ad for the NeoCons:

I could barf.

Marion Brady excellent piece on modern education: Eight Problems With Common Core State Standards

Chicago Cubs' Starlin Castro agrees to seven-year, $60 million extension

Are taxes and charity equitable?

If you were a member of a church which was attempting

its saturday, has romney been waiting till today to RELEASE HIS TAX RETURNS?????

Where in the world is Mitt?

California law barring parents from 'curing' gay children moves through legislature

Lawyers of Big Tobacco Lawsuits Take Aim at Food Industry

more LIES: In Florida, Paul Ryan warns of Medicare rationing under Obama plan

I have decided I can no longer work in the "system." No future, no hope.

A question about Peter Cooke.

Why is American media so awful?

Are the republicans THIS batshit crazy?

Close your eyes. Imagine if you will-the response IF Obama refused to release his Birth Certificate

UN observers leave Syria as mandate expires

GM, Isuzu recall 258,000 SUVs to fix power windows

I have a suggestion regarding star membership.

TCM Schedule for Monday August 20 - Summer Under the Stars: Anthony Quinn

Sign the petition asking Romney to show the returns

Gwen Ifill LIVID over the lack of diversity in the Presidential debates

Julian Assange Asylum: Ecuador is Right to Stand up to the US

Actual Fox News screenshot:

"Wherefore Art Thou, Mitt Romney?" by 92-Year-Old Retired ND Judge & WWII Vet

What are you reading the week of August 19, 2012?

(UK riots of 2011) One in five jailed rioters let out of prison early

From a Dem point of view, how did you score ryan's speech

Hold on. I just heard that Paul Ryan said his mother 'depends' on Medicare??

Report: Romney May Have Violated Massachusetts Ethics Laws Via a Company Linked to Paul Ryan's Broth

Obama: Reject Romney's snake oil

92 years ago today, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified, guaranteeing women the right to vote.

FL: Ryan's Attendance "Much" Weaker Than Palin's: "Paul Ryan keep your hands off our Medicare."

Bill would expand fertility coverage for veterans

Hillary Clinton on Being Asked about Her Clothes

DUers how many of you are occupying your local news web site?....

Still waiting for someone to check in on Facebook re: 2016

This story just breaks my heart (child artisanal mining!)

Al Capone Didn't Pay Taxes Either

Here Is (what appears to be) John McCain's Entire Opposition Research File on Romney

Rick Scott Strikes Out Again: Federal Court Blocks Florida Attack On Early Voting

August 18th, 1920--Women's Suffrage ratified

Young Harry Burn, his mother, and the 19th Amendment

Denver College Policy Aids Illegal Immigrants

There's a lot of crazy excuses out there from the anti-Obama crowd…

About VA District 7 where Wayne Powell is challenging cantor:

My work here is done.

Mere coincidence??

This is why we can't have nice things.

Jay Leno Takes Salary Cut Amid Mass Layoff of Tonight Show Staffers


Wayne Powell on ED show video:

Why I’m Glad I’m Not a Christian Feminist

House Democrats spell out Medicare, Medicaid impact of Romney/Ryan plan

from faux news.....'Paul Ryan well-off but not megarich, financial forms show'

SPLC draws conservative ire

South African miners' families back Julius Malema's call for nationalisation

Ryan’s Budget: Right in Your Face, America!

Tom Morello Rips Paul Ryan, Supposed Fan Of Rage Against The Machine

Home ownership v. apartment -- opinions?

Two-time gold medalist to be first female analyst for nationally-televised baseball game


Freeper on freeper crime: 'Your kind of errant thinking belongs on DU.'

Pelosi To Fallon: Unlike Current ‘Obstruction’ Of Obama, My Congress ‘Cooperated With Pres Bush’

Effect of repug's medicare plan on 7th District:

U.S. Says Iraqis Are Skirting Sanctions With Help for Iran

Obama is running such a vicious campaign

Saturday, August 18th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

After 30 years, the Marines are returning to the Colt .45 pistol

Kim warns troops to prepare for 'sacred war': Should the US support South Korea?

Does this seem like an interesting question about Mitt's taxes

Tampa police, making the city safe for (horndog) Republicans.


BBC archival stories of World War II experiences - 47,000 narratives and 15k images

Romney is really like Scrooge

I love bacon

I love beer and ice cream, but I'm not sure about this

4 MORE YEARS!-AWESOME POEM - 92 Year Old Judge/World War II Veteran Ralph Maxwell says 4 More Years!

Oak Creek, Paul Ryan, the Geography of Hate, and the Economics of Violence

What are YOU Doing?

Doctors who prescribe too many antibiotics: It’s not that simple

The so called job creators sure have let us down for the last ten years.

Facebook has a "like" button ... it needs a

DU cavalry needed: Kathleen Turner turns up the heat as Molly Ivins in ‘Red Hot Patriot’

Mitt being paid to put Ryan on the Ticket has Great Explanatory Power

Bait and Switch

Pregnant Teen Dies Because Doctors Prescribed Ultrasound Viewings Instead of Abortion &

Oh goodie

In the Secret World of Willard Mitty.

Canvassing in Virginia - 120 doors today + a funny story

Well this is nice! Respect.

Who believes Romney's 2010 tax rate will remain 13.9%? Suckers!!!

Definitely dripping wet.

I don't have an Obama sticker-- where do you get them without having to pay $5 in shipping fees?

GOP Consultant: Koch Brothers Bought Ryan’s Nomination With $100 Million Promise

President Obama's 194 accomplishments

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