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Archives: August 17, 2012

The 26 Top CEOs Who Made More Than Their Companies Paid In Federal Taxes

Time, CNN Reinstate Zakaria After Plagiarism Review

Increasingly I am considering a Pardon of Tweety after 15 years. But very foot draggingly.

Guys...instead of getting out the vote. We need to get out the ID's


The dividing line between laity and Church, a Catholic primer...

Air bags hurt!!!!

The Coal Miner's Daughter...oh, pleeeease

My husband is teaching our son how to shave...

Romney's plan for bin Laden

Has anyone thought of what you will do if Romney wins?

Cabrera suspension shocks Giants GM (2nd time this year)...

"Get Real Mitt" - (new Obama ad)

Resistance, while not necessarily "futile," might make us very upset... (graphic)

3 reasons Obama and Romney aren't talking about Afghanistan (+2 Mr. Fish cartoons)

Fan sues Dallas Cowboys for ‘burned buttocks’

DU Ap for IPhone

"Here’s why Romney pounced on Biden's "chains" gaffe: He’s losing" By Jamelle Bouie at WP

Video: Sam Seder talks about protecting Social Security and Medicare from compromises.

Akin says federal government shouldn't pay for school lunches

I planted one of these at Monument and Glenside yesterday (Richmond VA)

Candidate answers atheist label with ‘I am Jewish’

Presented with letters, Ryan admits requesting stimulus funds

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 17 August 2012

Paul Ryan vs Sarah Palin: Fox News Weighs In

Don’t even bother trying to stop our religion plan: PQ to Supreme Court

Slouching Towards Tampa (Big Mac Daddy edition)

Records: Ohio House office aided legislative group

The Country of Texas?

No news is good news

Frank Rich on the National Circus: Ryan’s Bungled Rollout" By Frank Rich at NY Magazine

Paul Ryan did request stimulus funds, but says retroactively he would not have done that (updated)

Why aren't you reading a LynneSin post right now?

Former US Servicemen Dishonor the US Navy SEALS and the President

LePage refuses to say why he is planning special legislative session

"Is Paul Ryan a Ticking Time Bomb as Mitt Romney’s Running Mate?"

Ryan To Talk Medicare In Florida’s Largest Retirement Community

Forgotten Massacre of Indonesian Communists

Six weeks since I quit smoking.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! RailRoaded & a new Kitty gif

Andy Borowitz: Paul Ryan's Song of Himself

Mitt Romney Tells Elmo to Get a Job and Pledges to Kill PBS

Tom Morello: 'Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against'

I, Romney

Union of South American Nations Calls Crisis Summit Over U.K. ‘Threats’ to Seize Assange

Bwaaaaaaaaah hahahah Ryan is a fugging LIAR

Hollywood Reporter: Wire' Creator David Simon Slams Mitt Romney's Tax Admission

O'LOOFAH has admitted to being a wingnut!1 What next, will he confess to constant SPINNING?!1

Wow!!!! CO2 emissions down!!!

Reaganesque Ryan

For Any DUer With questions about Medicare:

Bad Hair Day!!!!!!!!

Tampa Abandons Efforts to Evict "Romneyville" Protesters

Uh, talking shit about the CINC honors the country and military?

Sympathy for the victims of gun violence (cartoon)

Just saw a TV ad for a movie called "2016," supposedly "the truth"

Tom Morello: 'Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against'

Randian philosophy summed up in a sentence.

Romney - Bad Lip Reading (a friggin' classic!)

Vancouver police officer filmed kicking arrested man

Rare wildfires threaten Canadian polar bear habitat

Sen. Sherrod Brown coming up on TRMS.

Brazil Union’s Highway Occupation Cancels GM Layoffs

Another scandal? Surely not....

The United States And Its Comrade-In-Arms, Al Qaeda. And Other Tales Of An Empire Gone Mad

The King died on this date.

LMGTS: Romney can't carry his own state and neither can Ryan?

Parsing Romney's latest tax claim...

Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews to Anchor MSNBC’s Primetime Convention Coverage

Cracked: The 7 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Movies of the Decade

President Obama steps up portrayal of Romney, Ryan as out of touch with middle America

See Romney Run

Saltwater "Wedge" In Mississippi Reaches Chalmette, LA (Borders New Orleans Proper)

2,4-D (Key Herbicide) Showing Signs Of Losing Effectiveness - Reuters

Recognizing Paul Ryan’s ‘tell’ when he is trying to avoid something

Beyond Imperialism? Have We Reached a New Stage of Capitalism?

Hillarious...Ryan loves Ayn Rand.. Let's take a look at her philosopy..

Drought May Ease As Summer Ends; Too Late For Crops; 50%+ Of Corn In 18 Top States P/VP

For the people here in Ohio, you can vote by absentee and all you need to do is...

Romney's money has more foreign policy experience than he does

FT investigation: Romney link to union suppression ruling UPDATED!

Rachel's was excellent tonight

Gov. Granholm debunks Rmoney/Ryan Medicare Plan

NASA - Parry Channel Open 30 July 2012; Median Coverage For Date 1980-2010 79%

AP IMPACT: CO2 emissions in US drop to 20-year low

Dogfighting ring broken up, pictures and video, all good, have a nice day.

I have a question for DU ladies.

Go Lawrence - tear them a new one re WiLLIARd's tax returns

US swim club settles complaint alleging bias against black, Hispanic day campers

My theory on why Mitt won't disclose

I just watched Rachel Maddow on Romney and his taxes and ....

Undoing Obama Medicare cuts may backfire on Romney

Remeber the day when Republicans seemed to care about national security experience?

Video: Romney shows 'pension for secrecy,' Axelrod says

Charges dropped against fugitive doctor, because evidence is using too much space on federal servers

Simon Critchley, Atheist Religious Thinker on Utopia & the Fiction of Faith

Anti-gay slogans on display at Family Research Council's press conference

NYT editorial: In Thrall to Sheldon Adelson

For the people here in Ohio, you can vote by absentee and all you need to do is...

What Lies Ahead For America's Nuns

OPPD will hire private company to run troubled nuclear plant

Revealed: LynneSin's most fun sex ever.........

San Francisco panel rules Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi committed misconduct

Missouri’s GOP Senate Candidate Says Federal Govt Should Stop Funding School Lunches

FAA OK’s Cape Wind (wind farm at Cape Cod, Mass.)

Prof. Chang, Cambridge

Catholic Nuns Gun for Paul Ryan - The Daily Beast

Anyone Remember "Backwards 'B' Girl"?

Would Republicans consider this to smell like voter fraud?

GOP Congressional Candidate Accuses His African-American Opponent Of Pretending To Be Black

Boy’s ejection from SF school illustrates struggles in violence prevention

Have you ever actively deconverted someone?

1 boy dead, another missing in Yosemite river

God, I hate the Marlins!

The ED Show - Romney adopts Bush strategy on propaganda

Mitt Romney is anti-American...

2 words you won't hear Ryan/Romney say together...

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 17 -- Summer Under The Stars: Katharine Hepburn

Libertarians Sue to Have Romney Kicked Off Washington Ballot

Take it from a teacher -- school has changed

Official Won't Back Down Trailer

Paul Ryan was for the stimulus before he was against it...

Republican Forest Preserve Official Goes Cuckoo

Top Democrat on House Budget Committee to play Ryan in Biden debate prep

Scott's wrecked ship Terra Nova found off Greenland (BBC)

Experts: Ex-PSU president Spanier could still face charges

One Term More

Thank You For The Job, Mitt Romney!


We in California have a word we use to describe people like Paul Ryan

Anyone else have a problem with a jury duty which wouldn't load recently?

The sham “terrorism expert” industry

DuPage Forest Preserve Official Goes Cuckoo

Patrick Kennedy has 'emotional' meeting with Jesse Jackson Jr.

Nate Silver: Aug. 16: Why I’m Not Buying the Romney Rally

Obama campaign chooses Chris Van Hollen to play Paul Ryan in VP debate prep

Monthly Army suicides reach all-time high in July with 38 suspected

The ED Show - Ryan Vs. Ryan: Who to believe?

Md/Md, We Giant fans would like to thank your Pirates tonight

Twitter tightens its stranglehold on apps with new restrictions

The ED Show - Romney talks tax returns

A request for those who can graph and such

What The H Will It Take For Americans To Wake Up.

LGBT people are harassed, threatened, intimidated, beaten, and killed on a daily basis

I'm thinking about starting a new career.

If you're happy and you know it, thump your chest ...

Julian Assange still on most-wanted list despite asylum decision: Interpol

Ayn Rand is to Liberals what Saul Alinsky is to Conservatives

Let's See, you can't call a person a fucking asshole in a thread or it gets hidden by the jury

Do you like David Cross? if you do......

LOL Limbaugh: Your Pain is My Victory

NBC, what is wrong with you? (Next week's Rock Center)

I Will Bet That Most People On The Safety Net Are Caucasian And Not Minorities.

BVM Nun gives invocation during Presidential Visit


Catholic Nuns Gun for Paul Ryan

Democratic leaders push gun bills after mass shooting in Colo.

Exclusive: White House studying potential oil reserve release

No drought relief? Blame Paul Ryan and John Boehner

Stewart Rips Voter ID Laws As ‘The Price You Pay For Something That Doesn’t Happen’

Can Piers Morgan Move To Faux News ALready?

The latest Romney cover up:

BartCop On Kelsey Grammer

I witnessed what we are up against!

Bain Capital Crushed Pilots' Effort To Create Union At Key Airlines

Romney link to union suppression ruling

Chicago Teachers Union Vs. Astroturf Billionaires

If your state allows for absentee voting...

What's for Dinner ~ Friday August 17th

Hey everyone. Thanks in advance for listening to my original work.

We Will Be In Deep "S" If There Is A Major Epidemic

Assange supporters enter Melbourne consulate

a suggested remedy for voter id problems:

I had someone ask me today

Why Linux is a desktop flop

Finaly good bat pictures

Rod Hoffman, Missouri Legislative Candidate, Saves Child's Life While Campaigning

Federal court says Florida’s plan to restrict early voting could adversely impact black voters

Donald Trump's Convention "Surprise"

My sincere apologies for crashing everyone's computer earlier

Feel Free To Share This Graphic Early And Often

with all the potential problems, why don't as many people who can vote absentee? /nt

It's a good thing the GOP is passing these Voter ID laws...

Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand, and the Church of Satan (Photo)

Getting parse errors

Getting parse errors, quite a few in the last 10 minutes

Reg Henry, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Romney-Ryan seem right as extreme team

Babies and small dogs

Nice site I found today....

One of my favorite memories is from the era when this song by Yes came out....

We spent billions of taxpayer $$$, 1000s of lives so Iraqis could have a democracy & vote.

The biggest lie yet!

No foreign terrorist attacks under Obama

Land bridge

It is frustrating to not call a compulsive liar a compulsive liar

I'll vote for Chelsea Clinton when...

How long does nicotine show up on a blood test?

12/15/11: Thom Hartmann interviews his former fellow Portland morning show host on Wyden/Ryan

Behold the puppetmaster behind Romney and Paul (if you dare)

(California senators) Feinstein, Boxer back Brown's tax plan

New federal union chief promises change

5/29/11: New DNC chair Wasserman Schultz calls RyanCare 'unfair to youths'

Very good article about Assange and Ecuador in the Guardian

Brazilian president riding high in approval ratings despite economic slowdown

I hate to seem dense... and please forgive the language...

Rush Limbaugh owes me a new Keyboard

Stolen Honor: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan Puffed Wienermobile Driving Experience

THe Chronicles of Mitt: Aug 16, 2012

Who besides me sees the whiteboard distraction

‘Preconcert’ and the strange coincidences around Julian Assange

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, August 16)

Workshop on political strategies in rural areas on Saturday in Eau Claire

Why do conservative voters tolerate Republican lies?

Sikh shot dead in Wisconsin in an attempted robbery

US plans institute of innovation to prevent jobs going to India

You Go, Susan B!

Wisconsin's 4% margin more newsworthy to the MSM than Missouri's 1% margin

The Detroit Metro Throws a Big Car Party This Weekend. Everyone's Invited!!!

Beck, Bogert & Appice -- a regrettably short-lived mostly-forgotten supergroup from the early 70's:

What Potatoes Say about the State of US Democracy

TYT Stealing Pizza Is Worse Than Stealing $1.2 Billion

You don't need to see his tax records

a whiteboard is a Karl Rove trademark tactic!

Mars Curiosity Team is not impressed- not photoshopped ...LOL

My response to RW friend on facebook 'hate is flowing heavily from the left' (re FRC shooting)

The 'Ice Man' Ötzi has a higher % of Neanderthal genes

Mitt Romney Innocently Uses Cuban Slang For 'Vagina' When Professing Appreciation For Papayas

Mitt Romney Innocently Uses Cuban Slang For 'Vagina' When Professing Appreciation For Papayas

Another journalist slain, special mechanism for protecting journalists announced

Another journalist slain, special mechanism for protecting journalists announced

Assange will risk arrest to speak outside embassy

Americans Guilty About Food Waste: Survey

Bain (illegally) Capital Crushed Pilots' Effort To Create Union At Key Airlines

Afghan police officer kills 2 U.S. troops, military says

Assange’s Special Asylum: Why Ecuador Isn’t Nice to Anyone Else

South Africa police say they killed 30+ miners

IMO the denial of Sweden to guarantee Assange that he will not be sent to the US is enough to

Horrific: South African Police Massacre 30+ Striking Miners

Tom Morello: 'Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against' Read more: http:/

School playing fields: Government apology for wrong data

In the private sector, no one in their right mind would invest on someone who says Trust me.....

How Can You Demonize Someone Like R$R When They Are Demons Already?

"You small-minded people, you citizens of the USA, should shut up and sit down." - Willard (R)

Into Deep Waters by Kaje Harper

I Wonder If Anything Is Really Different From The Past

Toxic Wastewater Dumped in Streets and Rivers at Night: Shocking Environmental Crimes

23-year-old Pennsylvania man with autism denied heart transplant


FT Poll: Obama Better for World Economy

Medicare Surpasses Private Plans in Cost Control

This Property Will Be Sold At Auction!

Beware Bambi of the night.

Libertarian Party sues to keep Romney off the ballot in the state of Washington

I was much too early for the Early Bird car wash special.

On this date in the future (What goes around, comes around)


Still of the night.

Lincoln’s (NE) gay rights ordinance won't be on ballot

NISA told Tepco to delay reporting looming explosion

Funny all the recent "anti-election fraud" crap from the repeatapublicans sounds like a smokescreen

Sheriff: 2 deputies assassinated in LaPlace "ambush"

I'm trying hard not to be a douche.

Japanese beef exports to US postponed

If you can afford to buy a Senator

Federal Court rules on Florida voting issue

In swing states, economies mostly looking up

I hit 3000 posts the other day. All DU gave me was ...

Paul Ryan's parish priest weighs in

Don't blame EPA for enforcing laws on coal industry

Why I vote for Obama.

The one thought that ruins my day ...

We will fall

Obama defends Medicare record in new ad

Ann Romney fiercely defends decision to withhold tax returns

Report: US Tax Dollars Funding Exhorbitant CEO Pay

Two may have contracted hantavirus while visiting Yosemite

Campaigning Aside, Team Plans a Romney Presidency (literally based on Bain Capitol)

Republicans, it's not a game. It is not your team against my team.

Accused Colorado theater shooter in court for hearing

Santa didn't deliver all those gifts, we North Pole Elves did!

Washington's Wall Street Sugar Daddies

Christine O'Donnell To Headline Troublemaker Fest In Tampa

Bravo! The Project

STOP picking on Anne are stressing her out and making her MS flare up!

Obama better for world economy: poll (Reuters)

RETHUGS in NJ are trying there best to get new legislation to institute new voter ID laws

BREAKING: Pussy Riot have been found guilty.

Qualcomm and Renault to conduct field trials of wireless electric vehicle charging in London

Chris Mooney interviews Joe Romm about "Language Intelligence"

NJ unemployment rate is 9.8 percent and Fat boy Christy gets no blame for it

Voting for Chelsea Clinton

Mothra is real - Photo of the Fukushima radiation mutation.

Is there such a thing as a sane Republican voter?

Ecuador Defies UK/US Pressure, Gives Assange Assylum

Obama ad rebuts Romney Medicare ad- "Facts"

Obama campaign offers Romney 5-year tax disclosure

"Why the left gets away with it" Jennifer Rubin yanks out the false equivalency re: FRC shooting

I'd vote for Amy Carter over Clinton's kid anyday

Joe Conason: Voodoo Economics Still Isn’t a Plan

anyone heard of Emilio Palacio of Ecuador?

In Paper, Chief of Egypt Army Criticized U.S.

Russian female punk rock band found guilty, await sentence

Horrifying footage of Marikana platinum mine shootings in South Africa

Obama Campaign Targets Paul Ryan: "Facts" - Obama for America TV Ad

"Facts" - Obama for America TV Ad

Ecuador Grants Julian Assange Asylum; U.S. Seen as "Hidden Hand" Behind U.K. Threat to Raid Embassy

AP standing by abortion campaign story

(R)'s see you as consumers, (D)'s see you as citizens.

U.S. Reliance on Saudi Oil Heads Back Up

Russia embassy in UK says attacked by Syria activists

Obama offers Romney a deal on tax releases- just give voters 5 years

TimPaw on with Joe Scab this morning...friendly territory

*** Gets out her Hammer and hangs the sign for the upgraded DU Restrooms ***

Common Parasite May Trigger Suicide Attempts: T. Gondii Produces Brain-Damaging Metabolites

Just saw this on the 98% facebook page

Obama campaign offers Romney 5-year tax disclosure

National Priorities Project: Ryan vs Obama on Projected Defense Spending

Yosemite Tourist Contracts Rodent Disease, Dies

National Priorities Project: How Obama and Romney Differ on Key Policy Positions

the explosive rage has been nonstop

Binyamin Netanyahu's aides launch stinging rebuke to Israeli president (on Iran)

Ryan: I’d Be Treated Worse If I Made ‘Chains’ Gaffe (Cheese with that?)

Gay parades banned in Moscow for 100 years

Applauding Whistleblowers

In Forbes: 13% of What Mr. Romney?

Iraqi attacks kill close to 100

Life Under Lockdown

Baseless Deconstruction: How Your Dollars Became Ghost Towns in Iraq

Lindorff: Taking it Out on the Kids (Again): Sanctions on Iran are Hurting the Young and the Sick

Funeral director says goodbye to dog that changed his life

Romney declines Obama deal on tax return releases

Mitt Romney's Whiteboard Blues

For those who don't normally go to Video and Multimedia, you should check out this thread...

CO2 Emissions in US Drop to 20-Year Low

Rewriting economic history against Obama (Romney's lying AEI/Bush crony hacks)

THIS is what happens when government doesn't have the resources it needs

10 years from now this place will have Malia and Sasha wars.

Amount of space required to transport the same number of passengers by car, bus or bicycle.

Men and women judged equally for sexual practices

Paul 'the LIAR' Ryan 'grew up on Ayn Rand'

Republican VP candidate U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan in Villages Saturday

NEW MOVEMENT needed: We Are the Eight Percent.

Into the Fray: What’s wrong with the Right — Part I

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Pander-bot

Cowardly Lion named the official mascot for the Republican National Convention

Ted Nugent isn't the only pile of excrement masquerading as a washed-up rock musician.....

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Ryan's plan

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Voting, GOP

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

DAMN!!! An 18th-century philosopher sizes up today's Republicans!

96-year-old Tenn. woman can't get voter ID because her birth certificate shows her maiden name

GOP Marries the Tea Party!!! LOL!

Saw the film "The Campaign" last night.

Paul Ryan questioned over apparent shifts on issues

OMG! Ann Romney IS Nelllie Oleson & Mitt is Willie *CLIP*

Prelude to a stiff sentence: The Judge is SLAMMING the members of Pussy Riot:

Romney Campaign Manager Releases Obama Campaign Manager's

Cup Of Joe With Joe - A story to tell

Not the Onion: Kentucky lawmakers shocked to find evolution in biology tests

Why I’m Not Buying the Romney Rally

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 17, 1966

Romney Campaign Manager Turns Down Obama Camp’s Tax Offer

Graywarrior! Next time try this when you're in a mood to quack people up...

Have you heard Jessica from True Blood sing?Even the old gits from the Lounge are going to love her!

Mitt Romney Should Give These Two Guys a Call

Stunning science photographs

Former MI Assistant Attorney General Ordered To Pay Gay Man $4.5M; Claims 1st amendment rights

Obama better for world economy: poll

Update on Colorado Student Banned from Yearbook Over Racy Photo

Gay Club Hit By 'Flaming Projectiles' In Salt Lake City

Romney and IRA math

Shudder, Mittens'transition team is working; & his governing style "like at Bain Capital" - really!1

Many happy returns. Please come CAPTION Mitt ("None means none") Romney!!!!

Russian feminists (Pussy Riot) convicted and sentenced

If Romney wins and I need Medicare - can I get it via Groupon?

Tom Morello: 'Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against'

Dumb idea for Obama campaign to seek deal with Romney over taxes

If it wasn't the rape charge against Assange, it would have been something else.

Union Workers present IBM with raspberry “Hall of Shame” medal

Peak oil notes - August 16

Drumbeat: August 17, 2012

New Apple retail chief makes "mistake" in firing staff, hires them back

Peak oil notes - August 16

Drumbeat: August 17, 2012

US in pursuit of Assange, cables reveal

Lifetime Sinecures

Help! I'm a virgin.

Rage on!

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Does The Math

Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro

We now know which of mitt's returns are most damning--2007, 2008, and/or 2009.

Paul Ryan Never Asked for Stimulus Cash, Besides the 5 Times He Did

Comparing the 2012 drought to the Dust Bowl droughts of the 1930s

Why asking for 5 years of Romney's tax returns was brilliant

Restoring Women to Cultural Memory

Could I get some back-up help on debunking GOP/Tea lies...

If you know anything about burning ISO iamages to disk, a few questions...

How would this narrative have changed if this happened in a country of muslims or of people of color

Eddie MUNSTER's favorite band rages against him, his "like...MANSON's love for The Beatles"

"Facts" - Obama for America TV Ad

MITT-He not only fudges the numbers to America, but also his God.

Republican Forest Preserve Official Goes Cuckoo

Republican Forest Preserve Official Goes Cuckoo

Ryan caught illegally filming women???

US intends to chase Assange, cables show

Sherrod Brown targeted by outside campaign spending

Rachel Maddow - GOP targets Democratic turnout with war on early voting

I don't care if it is MFM's girlfriend,....send her an eviction notice RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

(German) Grid Instability Has Industry Scrambling for Solutions

Women Well Loved

They are ruthless: PA drops plans for 2 online initiatives to boost voting

Obama better for world economy: poll

US synagogue welcomes Muslims seeking a place to pray

The Time is here!

Come on, Governor Romney, dozens of federal and state agencies can review your tax returns

The Lounge Intimates Shop is pleased to present its new Flights of Fancy line for men.

Tax Policy Center responds to 'garbage' comment

Obama is in a mess!

Why are we arguing Amy vs Chelsea?

Rachel Maddow - Voting access, dark money give advantage to Republicans

Atheists Taxed For Not Going To Church? (Oh My God!)

Would you, could you, date this person?

Okay, Three years of Returns and we'll throw in a Franklin Mint Civil War Chess Set

For Boob Jobs: Head To The United States Senate Credit Union

Consumer Sentiment At Three-Month High In August

Rachel Maddow - Romney not trustworthy after Massachusetts tax lie

Obama has averaged 27.7% rate on his income tax returns in last ten years

LaPaglia dumps Tarantino for Assange

When wall bangars turn fatal.

Jeremy Grantham hits another one out of the park

The Feminist Photo Project

Online Game About Romney's Tax Returns

If the U.S gets its hands on Assange, what will they charge him with?

Index of U.S. Leading Indicators Rises More than Forecast

[email protected] Riot members sentenced to two years in prison in Russia

Tetalman for Congress

Our Oversized Groundwater Footprint

Geraldo Tells ‘Fox And Friends’ That ‘Lesbian Cabal’ Has Taken Over DHS And ICE

Rachel Maddow - Romney inconsistent on agreement with numberless 'numbers guy' Ryan

Cambodia: Bathing children unearth Buddha statues believed to be about 1,000 years old in pond

Beekeepers Worried About Aerial Pesticide Spraying

Ayn Rand Institute finds dilemma in radical author's evolving legacy

Mexico's big oil problem

Mexico's big oil problem

When MFM finally got to 2nd base, he wanted to immediately run out and tell all the other guys!!!

msnbc trying to equal faux.

On Lurch....

KETV Omaha: Lack of Insurance Keeps Hit-and-Run Victim Out of Rehab Center

Arizona Governor Tries to Thwart Obama's Immigration Directive With Executive Order

Chinese government has a sex scandal.

Is your county going to allow 12 days of early voting?

YES!!!! Rick Scott Strikes Out Again: Federal Court Blocks Florida Attack On Early Voting

What are the odds Romney paid income taxes to foreign gov'ts but not ours?

Ex-Morgan Stanley exec gets prison time in bribery case

O’Brien Grills Former SEAL About Ad Accusing Obama Of Taking Credit For Bin Laden Raid

Just got a tweet from Obama campaign -

MSNBC's Toure: Romney Engaging In 'Ni--erization' Of Obama

EarlG's Pics of the Day

Libertarian party sues to remove Romney from the 2012 WA ballot.

The Obama campaign goes digital on Mitt's regressive whiteboard lies. (updated)

LatAm countries back Ecuador in Assange case

LatAm countries back Ecuador in Assange case

Need external storage for the iPad2??

We need a little outside help on this missing Tax Return thing....

Beyond furious. (Insurance claim denial)

Talk about a sticky situation...

Guys, hate speech isn't a "difference of opinion"

The Rude Punidt - Reacharound Friday: In the Words of Pussy Riot

Insurance denied big expensive claim. I have a question.

Russian female punk band Pussy Riot gets 2 years for hooliganism over Putin protest at church site

Kentucky Distressed That Their God-Fearing Students Are Dumb | Crooks and Liars

I'm nearing the end of Infinite Jest. Anyone else read it?

Has anyone noticed that

Would you ever trust a Multimillionaire with a white board?

Obama super PAC: You call that ‘small-minded’? [New Ad]

The Speech: "What did Paul Ryan know about Ayn Rand and when did he know it?"

Speaking of commercials. I wish more were like this.

Anti-Putin Pussy Riot band members get 2 years in prison

Across the globe: Pussy Riot protests (NYers are being arrested for wearing masks)

Rachel Maddow - Ryan overlooks own $20 million stimulus request while opposing stimulus

Papantonio: Right Wing Courts Sending America Back to Dark Ages

Newest Ad by Priorities USA Action: "Small-Minded"

You gotta love E.J. Dionne.

Modders restore missing Fallout: New Vegas content, companion, much much more (PCGamer)

On NOW (MSNBC) was brought up, that if Ryan's Medicare is SO good for all UNDER 55 years old...

From Real News: Ecuador Defies UK/US Pressure, Gives Assange Assylum

Romney Campaign didn't "think through" the white board thing very well.....

John Salley says Jordan not even his top 5 he played against

The Obamabarn

Controversial anti-Israel rally gets go-ahead for Queen's Park

America: Where any Dynastic Blue Blood Spawn can grow up to be president

Conservatives see Family Research Council attack as more evidence of what they call war on religion

A level pictures: Tom Daley displaces nubile girls

One Term More: A Must See IMHO

Panelist reviewing fracturing study has his own industry ties

Queen Ann (Romney) Shoots from the Lip, Once Again

Question on the Ryan plan.

How Environmental Destruction Causes Illnesses and Diseases by David Suzuki

Forget Snakes on a Plane, check out Edmonton’s Snake in an SUV

''I'm wasted, ya got me!''

Kasparov beaten at Pussy Riot trial

"How much has Mark Zuckerberg lost?

Running from Ryan and his Medicare plan By Greg Sargent

The Last Word - The Ryan week one disaster

Hey Willard ........ Tax returns are all about the Issues

Santa Monica hotel discriminated against Jews, court rules

The Strasburg shutdown debate has now truly jumped the shark

(Daily Caller) Carlson interviews Mitt

The Ryan bump

4 Ways Paul Ryan's Budget Would Devastate the Poor

Has anyone seen the ads for a new political film on Obama called "2016"?

From Democracy Now: On Julian Assange piece

The Real News: Paul Ryan – Insider Trading and Attack on Medicare

Spider Version of Bigfoot Emerges from Caves in the Pacific Northwest

How do they pay for Repealing Obamacare???

UC anti-Semitism report sparks free speech fight

Clear Links Found Between Inflammation, Bacterial Communities and Cancer

2,4-D Resistance Found in Weeds Could Limit the Herbicide’s Future Usefulness

Julian Assange is being smeared and framed by the 1%.

"Stuck Between Stations." Wow!

First Chinese ship makes trip to Atlantic via Arctic


Why Ecuador's Embassy Stand-Off With the U.K. Might Not Actually Be About Protecting Julian Assange

You aren't an Economist, I see.

Valley of God


I'm loving the Politico Swing State map right now! (predict Obama 332 electoral votes)

Seriously? $200 for a bottle of beer?

The Last Word - Mitt Romney's tax mistake

U.S. Keeps Russia on ‘National Threat’ List

Is anyone watching to see if the Mormon Church is involved in this election?

Car-sharing program Zipcar

Rage against the Machine doesn't like Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan's spending votes get a second look comments

Cenk: @Wikileaks’ Julian Assange should be your hero

Do you like Mint 13 and if so which desktop are you using? n/t

Friday rant: Hot mess edition

"Ground Emerges as Tim Tebow's Favorite Target"

To those writing in The Sentinel to support Chick-fil-A’s Dan Cathy and accuse us “liberals”

What is your state's best "alternative" paper/blog?

Andrea Greenspan has DWS on now and wants so bad for

The obvious answer Romney won't give on his tax plan

Scientists Discovered Why It's So Easy To Scam Old People

Eric Clapton Is Very Disappointed

Lovesick and nauseas

Jobless rates creep up in swing states

SHUT UP, ANDREA MITCHELL!!! Now I feel better. nt

So Much For The Ryan Bump And From (R)assmussen No Less

Drop Dead Diva: Arrested for Sperm Donation?

Trust. But Verify, Trust. But Verify, Trust. But Verify, Trust. But Verify,Trust. But Verify....

White House ‘disappointed’ by Pussy Riot verdict

Cuteness felinified

Ryan Blames Obama For Retroactively Not Saving A Plant That Closed Under Bush

Hey "Journalists" when the rw pundits say no other candidate has been forced to show their taxes....

This Beautiful Photo From The Olympics Is Worth A Thousand Words

Judge Upholds PA Voter ID Law; GOP Admits Law Designed to "Allow" Romney to "Win the State"

Don't roofrack me bro LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

Bob Beckel says Romney won the week because of Biden gaffe


This canard that Obama and the Democratic Party are avoiding a discussion about the economy is

Visited Dads grave at the V. A. cemetery and decided to take a walk through.

6' 1 1/2" 300 lbs, 7th grade 12-yr old, student barred from PeeWee Football League.

The Best Darn Display Of Real Journalism On A Major Network We've Seen In A Really Long Time

Great News: US court says Florida's early voting rules discriminatory

"...Paul Ryan has gotten so playing to the gullibility of self-proclaimed centrists"

Daniel Ellsberg Interview explaining why Assange's Efforts are so Important to Democracy

What If Every Voter Knew The Truth About About Mitt Romney's 'Job Creation' Record?

Horrific bigotry directed at Pussy Riot in Russia -- NSFW Language

Paying 13 percent in income taxes isn't anything to brag about

Tom Morello ... Rage Against the Machine ... is not feeling the Ryan love

Four More Years



Confederate flags flying proudly at TN high school...

A strange, soothing calm has overtaken me

LynneSin should let us go back to feeding the Lounge wildlife........

GOP Reserves $1 Million of Television Time in Eastern Iowa

Who Wins Catholic Hearts and Minds - Nuns on the Bus or Paul Ryan and the Bishops/Pope?

The Tax Letter to Mitt Romney from Jim Messina

Coders Get Instant Gratification With Khan Academy Programming


Associates of Rick "Swift Boat" Reed Contracted by DuPage Government

Coursera Hits 1 Million Students, With Udacity Close Behind

Paul Ryan's spending votes get a second look

Say What?!?!? Romney Adviser: It's 'Politically Unwise' To Campaign In Specifics

Russia issues warning to Britain over Assange

Don't forget, if you don't vote...

IMHO, those governors and elected officials who are backing voter suppression need to be

I Just Saw A Commercial On TV For A Movie Called "2016" It Showed A Pic Of President Obama.....

When Putin Becomes Religion

TELL Romney to put or shut up! – SHOW HIS RETURNS!

If Republican economics are so successful, why was Obama's stimulus necessary in the first place?

Democratic convention

Protesters Outside Of GOP Rep’s Town Hall Bemoan His Support For Ryan Budget

While Florida and Pennsylvania Make Voter Registration Harder, New York Makes It Easier Online

If you can't tell me the fucking DETAILS of how you'd run the country...

Paul Ryan's five-point bump ... for Obama

Get ready for mega convention overload

How Progressives Should Address Family Research Council Shooting

Rage Against the Machine's guitarist on Paul Ryan

Romney advisers confirm it: We’re running a `just trust me’ campaign

So, if someone had a website and they wanted people to download all the files for

Paul Ryan's five-point bump ... for Obama

Define 'worse'

In UK Threat to Ecuador, Experts See Mistake

Soledad O'brien is a hero!

Paul Ryan to use his elderly mother as prop in Florida...

I passed a Focus On The Family blue bus this weekend in NY state.

Carl Rove's talking head on Tamaran Hall said...

Romney Camp Whining to NBC about Toure comment

Paul Ryan has record of pushing for and earmarking federal funds for his district

Highest Number of Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes Ever Reported in 2010

Romney has spent years railing against "high taxes" yet has no idea what his tax rate is?

Romney's Cat or Schroedinger's Tax Returns

Forget voter ID laws! We could use voter IQ laws!

(VR Headset) Oculus Rift hands-on video: everything you’ve heard is true (PCGamer)

The best Clinton-for-VP denial ever?

Trust Mitt: Releasing his tax returns would be "damaging" and policy details would be "suicidal"

The church's deep pockets, the butler did it, and myths about atheism

Republicans are excited about Ryan and how he'll probably make them lose

No Apologies - Most ironically titled book in history?

Bad Lip Reading


We can't give our tax returns because they will be attacked?

Jackie Cilley, New Hampshire Governor Candidate, Releases Tax Pledge Zombie Ad

Julian Assange extradition: Ecuador 'willing to co-operate' with Britain

Salt Dome Filling With Water?

Kevin Gosztola: "Assange’s Fears About Extradition to the United States Affirmed"

Obama better for world economy: poll

When you agree with a Jury Decision...can that be good enough? Do you have start a Meta Thread

Bill Gates' Latest Tech Development: Turning Crap Into Resources (Literally)

Russia issues warning to Britain over Assange

The Secret Life of Paul Ryan, Part 2

Krystal Ball - The Cycle

Two workers rescued from Louisiana sinkhole

Illinois House expels Representative.

I agree with jorno67

Illinois House expels Representative.

Is starting a new thread about another thread better than responding in the original thread?

Can we "Kony2012": Release the returns 2012

Lying for the Lord Explained

Harvard Scientists store 700 terabytes on a single gram of DNA

Homeland Security Is Run by 'Lesbian Cabal'?

A man who wants to be President is telling you that his taxes are not your business

What is your reaction/response to this Dana Milbank column?

Caption this photo

All coalition troops at Afghan bases now armed around the clock

OK -- it's just a stupid ad -- but this pic deserves to be preserved for all posterity

OFA isn't asking for 5 more years of returns - they are asking for 3

Lord and Lady Rmoney pay 13% and they think it's fair...

A Cautionary Tale

Thomas Berry on Nature and Humans

Has anybody been watching the Little League World Series?

No place for Israel in Middle East, says Iran’s Ahmadinejad

Ryan's China syndrome: What did Sheldon Adelson tell him?

should sex between consenting adults ever be illegal?

Man unleashes pit bull on bride at wedding reception and also beats the bride with brass knuckles

Mitt Romney may have breached ethics laws through company linked to Paul Ryan's brother

anti-choicers are going to blow a gasket: Charges against Kansas abortion clinic dropped

Obama's dream 'super power': Speaking any language

I'm sick of GD stealing our thunder.

Former Swiftboater against Kerry and Anti-Obama Navy SEAL leader of (SOS): I’m a Birther

The Arctic Ice Crisis

Pussy Riot Sentenced

Air France: Out of Gas? Ask Passengers to Pitch In

This Weekend In Seattle: Earth’s Largest Weed Rally

Romney's Revisions

It just doesn't get more Orwellian than this:

KUNM , Albuquerque has a job opening

Pay-for-performance a faulty policy in medicine

"Trust but verify" ?

Is Ryan trying to appear hip, or has he actually read RATM's lyrics and they just didn't take?

The REAL Anti-Christ.........

No, in general people should not be starting new threads as a response to another thread. ( n/t )

How Romney and Ryan Plan to Close Your Family Planning Clinic

To be or not to be...(Cartoon)

Insensitive...(Atheist Pig cartoon)

Lyin Ryan on CNN live just now

on CNN now, the boy wonder is talking and I'm counting 3 African Americans

RATM - Bulls On Parade

Analysis: Paul Ryan Voted to Add $6.8 Trillion to the Federal Debt

I just had to remind my ex-wife that balls come in different sizes

Lyin' Ryan blames Obama for GM plant closed while Bush was president...

Mitt Romney's 2010 Tax Disclosure May Be Lacking 'Unrelated Business' Form- missing 990-T form

Soledad does it again!!!! This time with OPSEC (the navy seals trashing the President)

Robert Reich: Paul Ryan’s Faux Populism

Bloomberg network has been having jerks on saying wall street expect Romney to win. How do

Let me tell you how I feel about Romney's tax rate, I don't care. What I do care about is ...

Founder Of Obama Swift Boating Group: ‘I’m A Birther’

Other things romney should show & tell us while we're waiting to see his taxes:

Pa. swim club - accused of racial discrimination - agrees to settlement

As usual, the Unitarians are ignored

Obama Releases $470 Million for Highway Work

Keeping kids ignorant in the bible belt

Dear Wikileaks: If you want to make yourself useful,

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag On Medicare And Social Security - It Will All Be Dissolved

Poll results: Obama Better For Economy, Business Executives Around (by 2:1 over Romney)

A most interesting jury result

I agree with Capt. Obvious

Mommy, mommy, look at the blue monkey! What's in his hand mommy?

Joe The Fake Plumber said he thinks we should just start shooting immigrants!

What to Do With Political Lies?

Analysis: Paul Ryan Voted to Add $6.8 Trillion to the Federal Debt

Having watched Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, it's sobering to realize

Plaintiff in Voter ID Lawsuit Gets Temporary ID (PA)

U.S. leading economic indicators rise in July

Building a public pool in a river in NYC (kickstarter initiative)

Obama Administration on Idle Earmark Projects: Use It or Lose It “We Can’t Wait” Action Helps States

"Catholic Death Panels Coming to a Hospital Near You"?

Tom Morello reacts to Paul Ryan siting "Rage Against The Machine" as

Send In The Clowns (Romney & Ryan)

Lawyer ordered to pay $4.5M to gay U-M student

US rejects 'diplomatic asylum' for Assange

A message to the 20/30-somethings who are not "enthusiastic" about voting for Obama

Oh Perfect. Best concise description of the Teaparty. "Tantrum Politics"

Let us pray

Monkeys understand equal pay for equal work.

World Execs pick Obama for economy (Reuters)

Tony Perkins continues to exploit the shooting at FRC by blaming President Obama...

Bon soir, DU! The Friday Afternoon Challenge is here with: “Making the art of trees.”

You Made the People Dumb

Somebody please verify..

Are republicans this desperate?

What is ON Mitt's "Things We Can Talk About" List?

The Republican Pouty

If it was the staff's fault, then why did Paul Ryan sign the letters?

HAHAHA! "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan" is an anagram for "My ultimate Ayn Rand Porn".

Rick Scott, Gov of FLorida, Strikes Out Again: Federal Court Blocks Florida Attack On Early Voting

POLL: Republicans Oppose Paul Ryan’s Proposed Changes To Medicare

I've decided the (R)Mon-(A)yn campaign is like that thread you find on a pull it,

Striking Caterpillar Workers Ratify Contract Offer

Convention protests


Doesn't Feel Like Ryan Is Already Falling Apart?

INFOGRAPHIC: Paul Ryan's Plan for Your Retirement

Isn't there a "Donate Now" button somewhere?

How do I put a picture in my signature

The goal of the 1%? Buy off politicians, suppress voters, pay no taxes and send the 99% off to war.

Lateste GOP talking point

So how do you combat willfull ignorance?

Weekend Economists "Hello, I Must Be Going!" August 17-19, 2012

dems need their own swiftboat ad.. using "Thurston Howell & Lovey"

Another Big Lie from Romney: Obama’s plan raises taxes on the middle class - really?

From Huff Post: Tom Morello Rage Against The Machine Guitarist Rejects His Appreciation

Ohio Secretary Of State Threatens To Remove Democrats Over Weekend Voting Hours Rule

Picture of suspects in St. John Parish shootings starting to emerge

Why Boycotting Hyatt Is More Than Just a Union Issue: An Interview With Activist Cleve Jones

Crazy conspiracy theory? Or insightful analysis? Can we learn to tell the difference?

Alan Grayson is right!

Hardballz: Jon Solz of IVAW takes down new SealBoater with facts and reason

Romney, Ryan Slam President Obama For Spending Too Little...really you can't make this shit up!!

Let me get this straight

Some signs should not be taken literally

The Official "Cartoon Characters' Political Leanings" Thread

the real, sinister meaning of Romney's arrogance

Since Paul Ryan has abandoned Any Rand for Thomas Aquinas,

Douchebag bike thief gets owned!

Does Fox run DNC and other pro Obama ads?

LOL! Guess Ryan's trying to take the heat off Mitt, releases two years' tax returns.

North Korea Allows New Civil Liberties –

Suddenly, cat

Nonpartisan my big fat ass!

Sign a petition for Mitt to come clean on taxes?

Break-time.. If you were born in 1967, this is what was happening

Julian Assange extradition: Ecuador 'willing to co-operate' with Britain

Warning! You'll never look at biscuits the same way again

Question for Mitt: Can you pass a security clearance?

What is the best looking car ever built, foreign or domestic? Post pics of the classics.

Some things are worth protesting

Lakhdar Brahimi, Algerian Statesman, to Succeed Kofi Annan as Special Syrian Envoy

Ladies, the donald has spoken.....

ASPCA Offers $15,000 Reward in Puppy Cruelty Case

Fannie and Freddie to pay out all profits

Neo-Nazis, gangs and criminals in the US military

Anyone aware of how -- or if -- this is affecting Bucyrus/Caterpillar Workers?

ReTHUGs love government

If the mission to kill Bin Laden had failed....

What a journalist with integrity, honor and heart looks like..RIP Karl Fleming...


What Paul Ryan has and Obama wants

LaBolt Repeats: Romney Complaints ‘Seemed a Little Bit Unhinged’ and he's right!

Where Romney's $$$ lives . . .

Paul Ryan releases tax returns for last two years (15.9% in 2010 & 21% in 2011)

To say that little MFM was a bad influence on the neighborhood kids is an understatement

The difference between Democrats and Republicans

Smack!! Obama's new ad going after Romney/Ryan on Planned Parenthood and their extreme views

Big Air Show in Chicago this weekend - I found this photo amazing...

Mitt Romney's homes.

It's Nov 7th and Mitt Romney has been declared the winner

Experts: Trayvon Martin's heart kept pumping after shooting

**Ohio Elections Chief Suspends Democrats From County Board**

OPSEC Founder Is a Birther

I swear that Gomez Addams is running the Rmoney campaign.

Republicans - from whyzayker's art class

Britain to pay compensation to family of Afghan boy bayoneted by soldier

Zimmerman's Biggest Supporter's Son Dies In Car Accident

"Accountability and Wars"--Steve Cemons of the "New America Foundation"

4 Ways Paul Ryan’s Budget Would Devastate The Poor

Prince William pilots helicopter to sea rescue

(State Supreme) Court: Arizona can bar candidates over English proficiency

The best Clinton-for-VP denial ever?

This is a really good race to throw support behind.

Swamp Hut

New: "The Same" - Obama for America TV Ad

Pennsylvania Democrats' Voter ID outreach goes into full swing!

I'm under 55. If Romney cuts my Medicare doesn't that cut my Social Security?

Pizza on a charcoal grill?

Its been a long long time

Sometimes you just need a friend to stand guard

Paul Ryan paid 15.9% tax & 20% something percent taxes in the last two years. CNN OutFront

Breaking~ Ryan taxes paid 15.9% 2010

The Pussy Riot was caught red handed…

Paul Ryan: Obama Closed My Hometown GM Plant (Which Closed Under Bush)

This 'Flameless Cremation' Machine May Change How We Care For The Dead

Please read this. Need water ? It's free.

Republicans Blame Obama For Ohio Unemployment

Sleep Now In The Fire! (graphic)

For those of you interested in what's happening with MM in California

Group Attacking Obama On Leaks Has Deep GOP Ties


Help #WikiLeaks Liberate the Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiating Text

Group behind new Obama attack ad has Republican Party ties

The Prosperity Gospel of Trickle Down Economics

"Romney, Ryan and the Real Risk of Rising Inequality" by daniel altman at Daily Kos

Well, I got lucky.

Romney Supporter Spat On By Elderly Protester At Campaign, Fight Breaks Out - video

Assange and diplomatic asylum: A primer

Arizona Gov. Brewer 'George Wallace in a skirt,' county Dem chair says

University Of Colorado To Now Segregate Gun-Owning Students Into Special Gun Dorms

Family Research Council tries to link the Obama administration to shooting

Real Time With Bill Maher *** new episode tonight ***

Treasure Island radiation discovery casts shadow over expansion plans

Did Obama Really Inherit a Big Mess?

am i the only one hearing what ann rmoney said?

US Astronomy Facing Severe Budget Cuts and Facility Closures

Anti-gay Russian activists sue Madonna for $10 million

Toon: Fool Us Once...

Paul Ryan Blames Obama For a GM Plant Closure That Occurred During the Bush Administration

I was going to overlook this reader's comment, but, sometimes I think the only real power we have,

Budget cuts target Kitt Peak telescopes

Just saw a Republican commercial

Take a look at Urban Dictionary's definition of Democratic Underground

Broadway stars turn song from "Les Miserables" into Obama campaign song: Incredible!

2016 Commercial on MSNBC

Broadway stars turn song from "Les Miserables" into Obama campaign song: Incredible!

The Moonie Times News Service (UPI) is plagiarizing Science News

MONEY: All of it. (in chart form)

(David Barton) 'Jefferson Lies' Author Negotiating New Edition for Glenn Beck’s Mercury Ink

Maybe Journalism is making a comeback - Smercomish is going after swiftboater

I think it's time for us parents to ditch our cell phones.

"The Same" - Obama for America TV Ad

Romneys temper

Pete Stark defends Social Security payments to his kids.

VP Candidate Paul Ryan Praised The "Storied" Cleveland Browns And Quarterback "Brendan Wheaton"

I give up what is Ryan's message again