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Archives: August 16, 2012

Heinz says Barber piles on 'dumping ground' of 'extremist legislation'

Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin statement on Thompson victory in Republican Senate primary

Rape culture, airplanes, and unaccompanied minors

If you want to join the Photography Group, and enter the September contest

Judge: Former ACORN worker can sue James O’Keefe

My fundie republican brother just can't vote for a Mormon

52 years ago today, my little sister was born

Already planning for next year - anybody know about coleus?

Ok who wants a cucumber

Let's start a thread re: birth cert prices in various states.........

Live NOW, USA vs. MEX

Live NOW, USA vs. MEX (soccer)

LA Times finds car dealers setting customers up to fail so they can repossess and resell vehicles

President of News Corp.'s Fox steps down

Rmoney Can't Even Hit The Panic Switch Now...

APNewsBreak: General investigated over spending

House members' VIP loans excluded from subpoena

Let me tell you about my canvassing this morning.

Thousands line up for right to work legally in US (Dream Act)

No, Menstruating Women Do Not Attract Bear Attacks

A Healthcare Con Artist: Ryan Claims Universal Coverage Fails in Every Nation

A question for Torontonians

Romney/Ryan remind me of how Florida got stuck with Rick Scott

Congress’ record unpopularity — and what it means for Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

Quick question re: Rmoney and Ayn Ryan

What Mitt Romney's VP pick means for women

Immigrants Made America Suck. So FU to Immigrants, And Yay For This Graphic!

Ann Romney as a first lady??? She seems like an annoying, arrogant, rude woman to me.

Joe Biden Gets Emotional At Virginia Tech Shooting Memorial

Romney's plan to destroy Amtrak

I'm sure some others have noticed this too. Ann rMoney

First hand with president

Forget Paul Ryan's Budget: His Scariest Idea Is About the Federal Reserve

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night. RailRoaded

So Alan Greenspan was also a follower of Rand....

Mea Maxima Culpa

Rachel is discussing the voter ID decision in Pa.

Sen. Sanders:Republican Deficit Hawk Hypocrites

Ryan’s former priest issues warning: “You can’t just pack your own heat & protect your own building"

Some quick pics from Obama's Davenport, Iowa stop (Dial up warning)

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted calls for uniform early voting hours

Brewer bars public benefits for illegal immigrants

Who Will Be The Most Disappointing/Surprising Teams in the NFL in 2012?

Britain Warns Ecuador It Could Enter Embassy To Get Assange

"We Haven't Run The Numbers:" A Startling Ryan Admission That's Getting Little Attention...

Romney promotes designer jeans

Even with modern equipment..

Paul Ryan to Obama on Medicare debate: Bring it on

T-Paw says Romney and Ryan plan will give insurance company unlimited money and calls it good policy

Everytime I hear republicans talk about gay marriage it makes me

UK police descend on Assange's embassy refuge

Obama Responds To Romney’s Accusations Of Waging Campaign Based On ‘Hatred’

Find 'backbone' to punish Standard Chartered, US senator tells regulator

46 percent of Mississppi Republicans want to make interracial marriage illegal


Ok ladies on DU hears your picture of Ryan in workout gear whats your impression

· "Who does she think she is?" Strangers react to Ann Romney's Marie Antoinette act

Colombia to build mega prisons to curb overcrowding .

As A Lobbyist, Paul Ryan's Wife Made A Career Representing Cigar Interests

Skittles...Lipitor...what's the difference?

A life raft for you if you ever get discouraged by a day of bad polls.

U.S., Japan said discussing missile-defense ship upgrades

You tell me.

Neuroscientists Discover Cranial Cleansing System

Scott Brown's true record from Mass Uniting

Why does DishTV charge extra for MSNBC but

"Romney’s budget plan is a fantasy" by Ezra Klein at WP

FYI $20,901,075 (2011 AGI)

This cat is unnerving!

Atomized America of Late Capitalism

Just came up with this bumper sticker idea. Needs some work though.

"Sorry — You Can’t Guilt Trip Me About Bottle Feeding My Kids" (Jezebel)

Pastor charged with sexual abuse flees Colombia .

The RW called Obama the antichrist and all the rest, it could be the movie I

Residents of Pa. drilling town near settlement

Thompson will not release personal tax documents (vid)

New ad campaign portrays caregivers' call for help

"Mitt: “Division & Attack & Hatred”…Really?" Blown away by this post on salon.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis discussed Romney's MA record with Rachel Maddow tonight

Mailer from Coffman: Dems want to destroy Medicare part D.

Kelsey Grammer implies he was screwed out of Emmy nod for being Republican

Sen. Sherrod Brown will be om TRMS tomorrow.

Ecuador Shock at Threats from the British Government

Help me here

Democrats Should Keep Attacking

Republicons can feel it right now, they want a fascist nation.

credits from the movie "The Other Guys," with Will Ferrel and Marky Mark>>illustrates...............

Colombian court upholds extradition of Uribe 'parapolitics' witness .

LO is about to show a pissed off Ann RMoney. I can't wait.

Science fiction satirist Harry Harrison has died

Who is your favourite person to follow on Twitter? I like

So,.....did you ever see your parents doing IT!

THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY - due August 28, by Louise Penny

I'm so tired of the media saying this is the nastiest campaign ever...

Publishing Is Broken, We're Drowning In Indie Books - And That's A Good Thing

Publishing Is Broken, We're Drowning In Indie Books - And That's A Good Thing

Since one of Ayn Rand's acolytes has been selected to run for Veep, this short quip should be

Portland man tracks bike thief to Seattle, sets up sting operation with friends, police (VIDEO)

Regarding all the RW attacks on Joe Biden, there is only one explanation -

Did you know Obama invented Herpes?


Astronomers find record-breaking galaxy cluster

Matthews to Republicans: ‘Do you really feel proud?’

SYKM August 15 Issue

My recipe for Tex-Mex pizza

Winners of the Gates Foundation contest to develop a no plumbing toilet for africa.

Biden reacts to Senator McCain

Obama ahead in CO. Romney ahead in OH, VA and FL. (Purple Strategies poll)

Hey Ann we don't trust you or WiLLIARd Rmoney

MITT ROMNEY: Accused of Hijacking Silversun Pickups Song

Links to Genealogy Books online

Will Julian Assange Come Into Play 2012?

Approval of Congress falls to all-time low

Your car, tracked: the rapid rise of license plate readers (4,983 words)

Statement on UK Threat to Storm Ecuadorian Embassy and Arrest Julian Assange

Ann Robbedme lied by saying Twit Robbedme is an honest

Obama blasts ‘dishonest’ Romney-Ryan attacks over Medicare

Romney's Latest Outrage: Claims Obamacare Subsidizes 'Pussy Riot'

Monsanto donates $4.2 million to defeat California GMO labeling initiative

The LO'D show is exposing Rmoney's tax return problems now ...

So what is this "MORE" I keep hearing the Romneys talk about?

Do you think the Romney camp watches Lawrence O'Donnell?

Memories of my daughter Kristen

I Guess This Is What Romney Is Referring To When He Refers To Obama's "Hate Filled Campaign"

My subscription to DU has run out. So I'm getting pictures

More suspicions against Wal-Mart of Mexico

I found this clip from the Eagles concert in New Zealand

Oops, I lost the airport. 106 airports face shut down.

"FELONY" Lawrence O'Donnell uses the "F" word-Romney won't release his tax returns because he can't

So today I ran an experiment. I didn't learn anything new.

Holder's Justice Department -- what have they actually accomplished?

Hulu Plus Sucks

Officials: Man criticized group before DC shooting

I just served on a jury without once having to show a photo ID. Damn!

Mitt Romney Shreds The Study That Tore Apart His Tax Plan: 'They Made Garbage Assumptions'

It is time to take this voter suppression problem to the United Nations. Desperate

Romney/Ryan is Roman

"When Cruelty Is Cute" by Maureen Dowd at the NY Times

All of Obama's Policy Positions are in the President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2013.

I think that Romney is delusional. No one is going to believe that President Obama is ...

The Tax Man Returneth...

Noted Session Bassist Bob Birch is dead. Self inflicted gunshot wound...

Paul Ryan. I've seen this guy before.

Does Spooked911 Post Anywhere?

How about some love for King Felix?

"...the Octomom has 40% more children than there have been cases of voter fraud in America."

Humble Bundle for Android, PC, Mac & Linux 3 - Indie Games and Charity

Jon Stewart Blasts ‘Divisive’ Charge Against Obama By Chronicling GOP’s Own Divisiveness


Ann Romney Explains "You People" Comment, Talks Caddys and Bentleys! (Parody)

The importance of father/daughter relationships

"One Term More"

Nate's saying don't get your panties in a wad

If lack of a health care plan kills 45,000 a year. Do these people vote democratic?

How the Universe Works is on the Science channel right now..

Ecuador To Let Assange Remain In Its Embassy In London Indefinitely

No African Americans in Mitt's Community

Let me tell you something about Joe Biden re: Ryan

Lipstick On A Pig

First lawsuit filed for Chevron fire

Lawrence O'Donnell's segment regarding Ann Romney & Mitt's secret tax returns - A MUST SEE!

The birther, the plumber, and the conspiracy maker - video

This is killing me!! DU -- Just what do you think is in those tax returns???

women who ran for president (and there were a number of them!)

Gallup: No immediate bounce for Romney after Ryan VP pick

Hi everyone, Here's my 1st video of Crook, my cat

women who ran for president (and there were a number of them!)

An interesting e-mail I got yesterday from a local Republican county party

Silversun Pickups Blast Mitt Romney for Using Their Song

Timothy Egan, NYT: Romney the Unknowable

Remember Joe Lieberman's disposable political party?

Some U.S. companies pay more to CEOs than to Uncle Sam - study

Question: on Mitts Tax Returns and Mormon Tithe

After this election we need to work on a multi-party

ann romney is one tax return interview away from a wire hanger moment

Gallup: No immediate bounce for Romney after Ryan VP pick

No change to pay the toll, no problem!

What's for Dinner - Thursday Aug 16th

The Last Word: Romney's Taxes the Smoking Gun

A theme song for Ann Romney (and Mittens too, for that matter).

Immigrants Line Up For Obama's Program

In nomination of the word "Jobs" for the Newspeak Dictionary.


PA Judge that upheld Voter Suppression Law bio:

After the UK threatened to storm the Equadorian embassy, do you really think...

Ann Romney reminds me of Barbara Bush

England let mass murderer Pinochet go free but threatening Assange via Ecuador.

Thom Hartmann debating conservatives on voter ID

Sen. Coburn - dancing with birthers..

Saul Alinsky vs. Ayn Rand

I sent an alert on a post at..........

The October Surprise (maybe I'm just a cynic)

This is why I never took to Mountain Dew...

Is there a GOP presidential hopeful out there as anxious to see Rmoney's tax returns as we are?

(resolved) Hey Metalheads. (Warning: Rude band name)

Check Out.. "One Term More"..An Inspired PObama GOTV VID Set To Les Miz!!

Palin Got High Before Gretta Interview ?

Republican Lingle promotes her candidacy with photo of her and President Obama

U.S. win in Mexico for the first time ever

Medicare the republican way -

Is DU loading slowly for anyone else?

I am watching the Triangle Fire documentary that HBO was running this month...

"We Are All Pussy Riot": Kathleen Hanna Speaks on the Jailed Feminist Punk Group

OPSEC, Special Forces Group, Attacks Obama Over Bin Laden Bragging With New Ads

Juror #2, did you click the wrong button?

Occupy Buddhism Or Why the Dalai Lama is a Marxist

Johnson and Johnson moving in the right direction...

Does anyone know why Santorum's "Chain" Remark, isn't being used to defend Biden?

Band blasts Romney for using their song (nice blast)

Does anyone know why Santorum's "Chain" Remark, isn't being used to defend Biden?

Juan Cole: Ayatollah Cameron Threatens to Invade Ecuador Embassy

anyone here familiar with Heritage Quest?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, August 15)

Bill Clinton Meets Bill Clinton: Former President Has Lunch With Ugandan Boy Named After Him

Blue iguana breeding program succeeding

The artist in me thinks that Romney's logo sucks

Excellent Read: "5 People Who Bravely Fought Christian Takeover of America"

Never heard of this show, but I'm liking it! HUSBANDS Season 2 - EP 1: Appropriate is Not the word.

Salt creeping up the Mississippi River

AT&T, Abbbot Labs, Citigroup and others pay their CEOs more than they pay in taxes

DEVO's Jerry Casale replies to comments regarding their new song about Mitt Romney's dog:

Family Research Council guard shot by gunman in D.C.

I am so proud to be a democrat with a leadership that is fighting back with passion

Rolling Stones cover of Robert Johnson's Love In Vain

Will Romney's non-disclosure of income tax returns decide the election ?

Social Security--still the best retirement deal around

Satan ice skates to work, again. Soledad O'Brien comes back the next day to FACT CHECK Sununu's

Verizon offers two defenses of indefensible $5 fee

Phone hacking: Andy Coulson and other NoW staff due in court

Conservatives won't admit it, but they'd be apoplectic if it were the Obamas hiding tax returns.

Kudos to CBS...

Three simple comebacks to the Republican mouthpiece at the bus stop.

Elvis Died 35 Years Ago Today

Assange will be refused safe passage even if Ecuador grants asylum - Foreign Office

Pizzabon. Can the apocalypse be far behind?

Republican's Counter With "McCain Only Released Two Years Of His Income Tax Records"

a little irony with my tea this morning

4 News Stories That Probably Make the Rest of the World Think Americans Are Gun-Crazed Bigots

the two faces of paul ryan

Walnuts 'improve sperm health'

7 Reasons Why Romney-Ryan's Desperate Attempts to Spin Medicare Won't Work

The Bernie Fine (SU) saga continues - wife & daughters are involved in controlled substance crimes


Nike’s Sexist “Gold Digging” Shirt Under Fire

Far-Right MEP with Jewish roots under pressure to resign

Male Privilege

Question re: latest American for Prosperity (Koch brothers-funded) ad

New MPEG format paves the way for UHDTV

Ryan comes from a Congress that conspired to block everything this President proposed...

Loving Hand of President Obama

the two faces of ryan

Kucinich Demands Investigation of Nuclear Safety Agency--NRC Employees Change Their Tune About Davis

The worm is turning...

I've never seen an election where the repubs HATED their own candidate

C-Span is actually interesting the is morning: why people won't vote...

I wish my mother had aborted me

Ann's body language

President Obama Stands Behind Joe Biden

Yippee! The FB1 Department of Fix is protecting my $8.3 million funds

Group attacking Obama for security leaks includes past talkers (to press Plame etc)

Question about 1950's cars. What's with the button pushing after you turn the ignition key?

Oh the difference a year makes.

My cat turned 14 in June. Is it safe to sedate an elderly cat to have her teeth cleaned?

Morning Joe-More delusional than normal

I so want to go swimming here!!!!

Original Post - The state of the GOP: Team Romney-Ryan 2012

Jan Brewer Signs Executive Order Denying State Benefits To Children Of Undocumented Immigrants

Finding birth mothers.

Another case of "money trumps"

Is anyone even complaining about the "chains" thing aside from obvious Team Romney partisans?

Tom DeLay Registers to Lobby on Sex-Trafficking Issues

Romney’s Estate Tax Cut Would Save The Koch Brothers Up To $8.7 Billion - Each


NATO helicopter crash kills 11 in Afghanistan


Lebanese Shiite clan vows to abduct more Syrians

The only plus I see for Romney in this Swiftboat attempt is this:

Once again the Romney campaign LIES - this time about a song they use for their campaign

Question about Jury Service

Romney's China hand encounters rough seas

20 Shiites pulled off buses in Pakistan, shot, killed: police

The Big Lie of the Day: Republicans Balance Federal Budgets

Balloon-Juice: Some interesting points regarding the Sununu-O'Brien dustup..

Atheists find a new venue for the godless: on film

Undoing Obama Medicare Cuts May Backfire on Romney.....his plan makes Medicare insolvent by 2016

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (08/16/2012)

Burma killings: Keep religion out of it

Brownback to honor state workers with pack-your-own picnic

Joe Klein: Ryan's Grand Vision - a "libertarian Disneyland" & "puerile vision" whose time has gone

Wading through the $700 billion from Medicare Attack

BREAKING NEWS: Ecuador Grants Asylum to Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange

Why Mitt Romney isn’t releasing his tax returns, part 563

Luckovich Toon: Mitt's 'Hope'

It's Official: Ecuador Grants Wikileaks Founder Assange Asylum

Polls: Obama up 5 points in MI; no change in PA, leads by 6 points.

From 2 rabid republicans in my office

West Nile virus: Dallas declares state of emergency

VanityFair- Romney: Where the Money Lives

Danziger Toon- Paul Ryan in Vegas

The upcoming election: "Money vs. The people"

*** Gets out her Staple Gun and posts yet another warning for MFM ***

Oliphant toon perfectly sums up the Ryan-Rmoney 'plan' for the elderly

My Scorched Earth Proposal

FCO 'risks breaching international law' over Assange embassy crisis

Summary of the Photo ID Decision

Senator Grassley calls Romney's wind policy "stupid" "I felt it was just like a knife in my back

Ongoing John Doe probe of Walker aides reaches state level

I got a terrifying phone call yesterday.

Venezuela Prison Violence Rises, Report Says

80 Percent of Public Schools Have Contracts With Coke or Pepsi

Ryan's "inadvertent omission" of 7-figure trust from House financial disclosure forms for 2 years

Mike Luckovich Toon: Hope the Voters are Stupid

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 16, 1963

While being vetted, Ryan amended 2yrs of disclosure statements to include a trust valued @ $1-5 mil.

Krugman: What’s In The Ryan Plan?

Dear Mr. President

Yesterday was a bad day for actors. Two big accidents.

Your car, tracked: the rapid rise of license plate readers

Boston Globe: Obama’s costly investment not yielding new voters


Romney Talks Medicare Wed: Paul Ryan and my plan for Medicare, I think, is the same if not identical

Franklin & Marshall College Poll of PA: Obama leads by six-points

Joe the Plumber Says Start Shooting Mexicans Across the Border

9/11 Museum To Atheists And The 9/11 Cross Lawsuit: Are You Kidding?

Hamburg to guarantee more rights to Muslims

Romney-Ryan Want It Both Ways on Medicare

I'm buying a small practice (guitar) amplifier. Any recommendations ?

Catholic Nuns Gun for Paul Ryan

Recording reveals LePage has plan to call special session to push through legislation

Accountability and Wars

Denying an Injunction is NOT upholding a Law

McCaskill votes with Obama 98% of the time

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've just been hired to pick Mitt Romney's Campaign Songs

post-Ryan poll in Michigan shows a bump in favor of Obama

Walkergate: Still Waters Run Deep

So happy right now!

Do seniors on Medicare pay, at a minimum, $550 per month for PArt A and Part B?

It's the end of the world as we know it....

The Romney-Ryan plan

If the UK invades the Ecuadoran Embassy in order to capture Assange,

I don't care where you stand on Assange, what GB is doing sets a dangerous precedent

Reasonable Republicans?

Ayn Rand's philosophy- an excuse to be a sociopath.

Fake Out Alert: GOP Senate candidate Joe Kyrillos open to tax hikes

Fake Out Alert (NJ): GOP Senate candidate Joe Kyrillos open to tax hikes

We've always had to show ID to vote in my state.

This is who Ryan reminds me of.

Before her great-aunt died, she told Graciela a family secret...

In Soccer, America’s Team Is European

Hey Girl! Paul Ryan is a douche

Representative Democracy, Heal Thyself

Medicare trustees: Repealing Obamacare cuts would hasten insolvency

NYT: Romney on Regulation

Craig Murray: America’s Vassal Acts Decisively and Illegally

Mark Weisbrot: Julian Assange asylum: Ecuador is right to stand up to the US

Ayn Rand's Crime and Punishment

Maddow Blog: Paul Ryan condemns Paul Ryan's policy

Housing starts, jobless claims in good shape

common dreams twitter for assange - Results for @wikileaks OR @ggreenwald OR @theCCR lang:en

"No more taxes will be released"

RNC Slams ‘Anger And Division’ In Obama Campaign

Mom and baby are at a playdate till noonish, so daddy's off to the beer bar

The Newsroom 8/12 *Spoiler*

Quote Of The Day - Dave (Megadeth) Mustaine: President is staging murders

Ford seeks relief from most-expensive workers

Dem group hammers Michigan Republican Dan Benishek on Ryan budget

This may make you thirsty

According to the only poll analyst I trust...

Tony Auth on Pennsylvania Voter ID ruling

Luckovich: Romney's 'Hope'

Sen Charles Grassley (R-IA) calls Romney a 'stupid back stabber'

Tim Kaine endorses Wayne Powell!

Romney: Ryan No Longer Supports His Plan’s Medicare Cuts

Voting is a right. Requiring ID to vote is turning it into a privilege.

Bush Tax Cuts Saved 57 CEOs More Than $1 Million Each Last Year

A little story I wrote for all the people my age...

NRA Locked in Gun Battle With Pennsylvania Mayors Over Town Laws

OREGON: Catholic Priest In His Underwear Chases Boy Down Street After Abuse

Ryan will bring gun owners to the ticket

Rasmussen: Romney up by 1% in Wisconsin

Cantor challenger visits Culpeper tonight.

Report: 4 cops shot, 2 dead, in St. John shooting

South Africa police fire on striking miners, several dead

the ugliness seems to know no bounds

Beneath the Bottom of the Barrel (about a WaPo article attacking elderly Americans)

Ezra Klein: Mitt Romney’s budget is a fantasy, Part II

Jaguars among species 'virtually extinct' in Brazil's Atlantic forest

Did Mitt participate in the 2009 Swiss bank account amnesty?

Health Reform Strengthens Medicare, Doesn’t “Rob” It

Why does Elvis mean so much to a lot of people?

How long was Assange in the UK prior to seeking asylum with Ecuador? n/t

August 16, 1977. Where were you the day Elvis Presley died ?

Is it against the law for a person to help another person get their ID

Crane Lower That Rover -- And Then Bug Out.

Please stop calling them "Job Creators"! They are first and foremost "Profit Makers"!

Major fossil discovery in Nova Scotia being announced today

Wouldn't normally post a GOP ad here,!

Locked-in syndrome victims lose 'right to die' case

An In-Depth Look at Ankylosaur Armor

Apparently some take dueling banjos too far

Papantonio: Republican Hack Judge Strikes Again In Pennsylvania

Facebook needs someone to 'like' it

This Is CNN's Soft Birtherism - Alex Castellanos

Sweden summons Ecuador’s ambassador

Ryan Calls Obama A ‘Doormat’ In Dealings With China

Probably NSFW -- A Fascinating History of the Word "C***"

Happy Birthday Madonna!!

Ecuador offered to send Assange to Sweden:

Was anybody watching this mornings media fest overreaction to VP Biden's "Chain's" comments?

Megaupload case: New Zealand court wants FBI evidence

Obama Campaign Strikes Back Against Former Navy SEALs

The ED Show - Ann Romney talks tax returns

Medicare Advantage - wasn't an advantage

TRUMP's incredibly lame big surprise for the Rethug circle jerk convention. Can lame be spoiled?!1

Ayn Rand has a philosophy?!?! (BTW, I'm being sarcastic)

'Severe abnormalities' found in Fukushima butterflies (xpost)

We're NASA and We Know It (Catchy lil tune)

Love this photo of the President in Waterloo, IA - pic

Why do states have the ability to regulate national elections?

Matt Taibbi: Goldman Case Shows Eric Holder "Has No Balls"

Romney, GOP presidential candidate, is a construct. Here’s what his supporters will be voting for:

The difference between faux news and msnbc;

Bulgaria bus bomber may have had accomplice: ministry

Anyone good at deciphering freeper?

Sweden slams Ecuador's asylum decision

Caption this Mitt pic

Four-thousand posts!

Ann, here's how I know you are lying.

Windows 8 vs. Windows 7 Performance

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos and Wife Give $2.5 Million in Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Did you know that Winnie Cooper from Wonder Years is good at math? For moms who have

Boehner calls Tea Partiers knuckle-draggers on Fox.

The ED Show - Romney distracts while GOP blocks the vote

Julian Assange: can Ecuador's embassy be stripped of its diplomatic status?

Man steals bikes because he wanted to speak with cops

Evidence that "Special Ops OPSEC" is a Swiftboat-like organ of the right

Can someone check my algorithm problem?

Just what has Chelsea Clinton done that makes her so admirable?

My family doctor

Conservatives claim criticizing David Barton (The Tea Party's 'historian') is like the Holocaust

The ED Show - Republicans are doubling down on their position on Medicare

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Ryand and Robme

INFOGRAPHIC: Everything You Need To Know About Romney’s Dishonesty On Medicare

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- The rest

Romney reaffirms his (and Ryan's) Medicare plan

Housing Starts in U.S. Fall as Permits Reach Four-Year High

Texas Pee-Wee Football league bars 300-pound 7th grader

What's going to happen to the Moonie groups, including the Washington Times after Moon dies?

Risk Builds as Junk Bonds Boom

The ED Show - Rep. Ryan hasn't 'run the numbers' on Romney's budget

Tories seem to have already conceded Corby!

Alleged Bicycle Thief Claims On Video: “It’s Not Illegal To Buy Stolen Stuff… I Looked It Up Dude!”

No One Will Be Charged with a Crime for the MF Global Collapse

Israel Would Strike Iran to Gain a Delay, Oren Says

William Ostendorff, GOP-Appointed Regulator, Under Investigation For Thwarting Nuclear Safety Probe

Do you know specifically what ID will be required in PA

The Rude Pundit: Grappling with Obama's Un-Liberal Actions: A Voter's Conscience (Part 1)

Paul Ryan’s Democratic Fan Club

11 Killed in American Copter Crash in South Afghanistan

Injured dog rescued from atop mountain

Swiftboating II: Republicans angry that Bin Laden is dead

Religious Progressives Cannot Sit Out This Election

Anyone watching Romney and his whiteboard?

Is Ryan a Desperate Romney Choice?

Anyone watching mitt write numbers on a whiteboard for a crowd?

LOL - Fixed News Poll: Florida voters more afraid of Obama's Medicare plan than Ryan's

A question about R&R's Medicare vouchers. If I understand it correctly, the voucher system

Rachel Maddow - Michael Dukakis on Romney's 'pathetic' record as governor

LOL Mitt using a whiteboard to explain his stand on medicare versus the

Bush Tax Cuts Saved 57 CEOs More Than $1 Million Each Last Year

Artur Davis, Former Democratic Congressman, To Speak At Republican National Convention

Mike Pap is subing for big Ed he is spilling the beans on Judge Simpson from PA

President Obama makes surprise visit to DNC

Chelsea Clinton is so awesome! I really do hope she seeks office one day.

Rachel Maddow - Romney record in Massachusetts not much to run on

From 'very different' to 'identical' in 24 hours

"I Didn't Leave the Republican Party, It Left Me"

Exploding toilets prompt recall, lawsuit

For those who talk of 'just a split condom': One Assange allegation is rape, in the UK

Reversing Obama Medicare cuts may backfire on Romney by speeding up program's insolvency

Pic Of The Moment: Back Where It Belongs

The Left Had Better Not Sit THIS Election Out

Accused FRC shooter charged with federal, D.C. offenses

Caregivers Thread

President Barack Obama’s deferred action immigration policy begins making 'dreams' come true

Romney Ruin

FOX "News"

Rev. Sun Myung Moon In Intensive Care: Unification Church Asks Followers To Pray, Fast


Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum; U.S. Seen as "Hidden Hand" Behind U.K. Threat To Raid Embassy

Chuck Schumer: Paul Ryan's plan is a 'fraud'

Phila. area voter documentation.

"Keep Fighting: How to Beat Pennsylvania’s Attempt to Suppress Your Vote"

Guess what I got in the mail today?

Highest Number Of Anti-Gay Murders Ever Reported In 2011

False equivalence at its worst? "Worst. Campaign. Ever. Obama and Romney aren’t telling the truth

Romney: I Never Paid Less Than 13 Percent In Taxes

The Sioux campaign to buy back the Black Hills that belong to them

(Canada) Enbridge deletes islands to push pipeline

Highest Number Of Anti-Gay Murders Ever Reported In 2011

I'm so sick of hearing this... please form your opinion based on facts, not on feelings.

I've been a little puzzled at how quick the bishops were to slap down Paul Ryan's budget,

Virginia Business Owner Shuns Biden Over Obama’s 'You Didn't Build That' Remark

Rob Zerban is running against Paul Ryan

Oh wonderful... Walker is giving Ryan advice

a Wash Post article that shows how Obama's campaign seems different

Police open fire on South African miners

Kaiser August tracking poll shows Mitt's problem on health care law, Medicare and seniors

'When I Hear Mitt Romney Speak it Makes Me Sick to My Stomach'

Romney: My Medicare Plan Is ‘The Same If Not Identical’ To Ryan’s

US new home construction falls

The Lounge Gun Shop is pleased to present the newest addition to its female friendly accessories....

The path to less prosperity

White House says President Obama is sticking with Biden as running mate

Some Afternoon Joe

Mr President, If the republics want to protect defense spending, I want it cut big time.

Fiery Gay Marriage Opponent Who Torched Cheerios, General Mills Lawn Dies

More fake petitions for Thaddeus McCotter discovered

I have no words... Brian Brown Calls For "Civility"

Leave Mittney's tax returns alone!!

"Separated at Birth: Mitt Romney’s Campaign Logo and Aquafresh Toothpaste" LOL

Facebook shares hit all-time low as lock-up expiration lets insiders sell

Congo mine collapse kills at least 60

UN Syria observer mission over, says Security Council

Ryan is killing House Republicans.

Romney: "I never paid less than 13 percent in taxes"

There was only ever one live performance of MFM's interpretation of Swan Lake........

July is deadliest month of 2012 for US troops

HHS Secretary in WPB slams as “nonsense” claims of $700B in Medicare cuts

Vid of Mayor of Reykjavík, Iceland, Jon Gnarr, on parade float dressed as a Pussy Riot member

Mitt Romney’s `just trust me’ campaign

The new totalitarianism of surveillance technology

Did Tim Tebow go too far??

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 16 -- Summer Under The Stars: Elvis Presley

President Obama's Camp On Romney’s Latest Tax Talk: Prove It

MIT Scientists develop camera that lets you *see* light moving

Think about what Mitt says in this video about his tax returns.

A good facebook page to find things to share on facebook

Why the Romney/Ryan ticket will bring a Greek style collapse to the American economy.

This Assange business definitely uncovers certain peoples' priorities

Asheville NC Tea Party machine gun social

FRC Shooter

Assad's feared brother lost leg in bomb attack: sources

Whiteboard Face Off: ThinkProgress Takes On Romney’s Medicare Madness

We need a sticky post as a depository for inforgraphics to share

Paul N. Van de Water: Health Reform Strengthens Medicare, Doesn't "Rob" It

Team Obama Needs To Do A Better Job Explaining That $716-Billion "Cut" To Medicare

Global warming deniers would rather blame God for extreme drought

Ryan has tough words for China, contradicting 2010 vote

Would some reporter just ask Romney about income taxes if he paid any and how much?

Hall Of Fame college coach accused of running a Ponzi scheme

SEC charges Hall of Fame football coach in Ponzi scheme

Are there any showbiz burnouts or has-beens in the liberal camp?

Meet ROMNEY's 'tax evading friend' (secrecy)

Mitt Romney was looking over his likability stats and he got hopping mad

Prosecutor Defeated by Glaring Stupidity of Pot Laws

does it seem like Obama is going easy on Romney?

ROMocchio..... stop telling us all those lies!

At Least 39 Killed in Wave of Attacks in Iraq

Mid-August Ripe with Disgust! Please come CAPTION Mitt (Mr. Tax-Man) Romney!!!

Andrea Greenspan reaches a new low.

What Can We Do To Help PA, OH, etc...voters obtain ID's

Caption this pic of Mitt and his whiteboard

Sexism alive and kicking in Florida politics

8 Big Problems with Sweden's "Case" Against Assange--(for those interested)

Has anyone heard, "Obama is a nice guy, but it's time for a change" in the real world?


The biggest barrier to any kind of growth in this country is the MSM. They

Opinion of news media at all time low (Pew survey)

Tour different parts of America from the air in 5 minutes and 44 seconds...

Did Flip Flopney take a stand on the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act?

"The Go-Getter". Sweet little road movie.

Obama Has Been Great for Israel

What do you think it would take to get Keith Olberman

Microwave laser fulfills 60 years of promise

Think Progress: Whiteboard explained with the correct facts. President Obama vs romney

New poll finds Medicare more important to voters than healthcare reform law

So Mitt admits paying "at least 13%" for the last 10 years; as to jobs axed on his watch,

Paul Ryan Budget: Latest House Republican Budget Threatens Medicare and Shreds the Safety Net

The Euro Is Not in Trouble. People Are.

Indian Ringneck Parrot loves stuffed bunny

Thanks Mittens!!!

Arctic Coastlines Hitting Ecological Tipping Point

Pat Robertson: Be Careful About Adopting Children

Paul Ryan And The GOP Are Creating The Real Hunger Games—That Only They Can Win!

Cuts to Women’s Health Have Hurt More Than Just Planned Parenthood

Fun music question....what is you/your sig. other's special song?

Does Ann Romney remind you of someone...?

Forum just for ranting?

This Is Not a Pipe: Curious Dark Pipe Nebula Seen as Never Before

Should Harry Reid have abolished the filibuster in 2009?

Bachmann pal and fellow bigot T-bagger: Steve King: I’ll Be A Player In The Romney-Ryan White House

This Comedian Stopped Being Funny For 3 Minutes To Make This Short Video. Here's Why.

Salon: Romney’s phony Medicare attack

Phil Griffin Talks MSNBC Convention Coverage, Says CNN Is 'Desperate'

Best quote of the day. You don't mess with the bulldog!!

Beating a Dead Horse!

Romney: I’ve paid at least 13 percent tax rate in each of past 10 years

Wish the GOP would make up their simple minds

Assange could be questioned while he is abroad:

Fatah: Israel Dragging PA To 'Slaughterhouse' Over Iran

Republicans just aren't serious about reforming entitlements

Poor Eddie Munster...

Donald Trump’s ‘Big Surprise’ for Republican National Convention is Unspeakably Lame

Rmoney's White Board (let the photoshops begin!)

Millions of Environmental Refugees Stuck in Limbo

No, the 'burden of proof' on Mitt's taxes does not rest on Democrats

11 Facts about the tax debate -

RMoney Uses White Board to Prove He's Lying.

Seven Tax Return Questions Mitt Romney Left Unanswered Today

Majority Of Israelis Oppose A Strike On Iran's Nuclear Facilities Without U.S. Cooperation

REID RESPONDS! “We'll believe it when we see it!”

I now make liberal use of the ignore function...

Romney Scolds 'Small Minded' People Asking for His Tax Returns

Patriarchy Riot

Did Lurch...

Koch Brothers' Moonshine

Why Congressional Republicans are Sweating Over Ryan

When a politician uses the word “reform,” run

Excuse me, but if Rmoney has never paid less than 13% on his income taxes,

Seven Tax Return Questions Mitt Romney Left Unanswered Today

Obama didn't ignore Bin Laden for 7 years, bush did, so swift boat that up your asses tea baggers

The DMV has to give you ID FOR FREE

Health Care Threat is Real - Priorities USA Action op-Ed in USA Today, 8/16

Caught my 4th MLB foul ball last night....

Obamacare is not hypothetical

The Ryan Budget: Throwing Grandma From the Train

Update: Obama Campaign and Reid's Response to Mitt's Paying no less than 13%

Couldn't get "contact us" to work on Romney's web site

Cooked Squid Inseminates Woman’s Mouth

That Christian group called the Family Research Center

I had no idea that Jimmy Carter's grandson was in the Georgia State Senate

An Obama ad I want to see.

Remember When Judges Decided Elections After The Vote?

You know why the FRC shooter is "left-wing?"

Democrats fight back, Republicans and their media friends get the vapors

Jay Carney: "One place I would not go for advice on vice presidential running mates is Sen. McCain"

Bumper Sticker Idea - "Obama In 2012 ~ Romney? No 1040"

MN Repub House primary winner: Dinosaurs alive in 11th century, women genetically subservient to men

Is it true that GM is going broke? If so, does anyone know what went wrong?

lame ass alert, lame ass hide

Andrew W. Miller/Truth Matters PAC investigated by Tennessee Registry of Election Finance

Some Left-Wing Truth For Right-Wing Liars

Ryan to push his Medicare lies in "a hotbed of pro-Romney money" in Florida

I remember Republicans saying these things about Romney...

Privilege is not a binary thing at all.

The six trillion dollar man

Text of the UK's letter to Ecuador (Via WaPo)

So When Dems Fight Back, The Media Bemoans "Dirty Politics"

The stoopid hurts...

Dana Milbank: Poor Republicans--Dems are finally fighting back

Lyin' Ryan denied asking for stimulus funds

YES!!! "Dems Have Ceased Their Traditional Response Of Assuming The Fetal Position When Attacked"

Poll: Tammy Duckworth leads Joe Walsh, 50-41

Arctic ice under 3 million square kilometers

Parks director Sue Black departs, says Abele fired her

Hayworth blocked by court from Independence line in NY 18th

Who is this Milestone guy and why is he so popular?

it's thursday and WHAT???? no romney tax returns?????

Was Obama Behind the Occupy Crackdown? Look Like No.

The$e Companie$ Oppo$e GMO Label$

USA Today provides fraudulent criticism of pro Obama super pac ad on Bain's steel co. management

Andrew Shirvell testifies Chris Armstrong was pushing 'radical homosexual agenda'

Tammy Duckworth is kicking Joe Walsh's ass

Democrats will win the house!!

Supreme Court Starts Giving Corporations Religious Rights, Too

Busted: Paul Ryan Left $1-5 Million Trust Off Disclosure Forms Until He Was Vetted

What Wisconsin Journalists Want You To Know About Paul Ryan - Media Matters

Family Research Council: SPLC Created Environment That Led To Shooting

NOW Toronto: Rush to rail link (downtown-to-airport rail plan)

When This Oil Spills, It's 'A Whole New Monster'

Apple vs. Samsun should be thrown out of court

Isn't It Time That We Attack & Occupy The Media?

Obamas' first kiss

They Are Not Even Hiding Their Goal - Permanent GOP Totalitarian Christian Rule

Does anybody else think Ann Romney is deliberately sabotaging her husband's campaign?

The Most Important Election News Of The Day

Help Every Pennsylvania Voter Vote - Donate $12.00 PA Dem Party

Even A Majority of Republicans Don’t Want Medicare Turned into a Voucher Program

CNN: Wisconsin now "toss-up" state (Obama +1 right now)

Silversun Pickups object to Romney's use of song

Baltasar Garzon goes around the bend and off the deep end, once again

Think I finally figured out where the anti-government mindset comes from

RYAN Ooops. He "forgot" to disclose more than a million $$$-Trust him, it was just a little mistake

Big-Name No-Shows For The GOP, DEM Conventions

Saw this on facebook.

Why aren't you listening to "Dark Side of the Moon" right now?

Mind blowing conversation this morning with a RW relative.

Israel's Peres against any solo Iran attack, trusts Obama

Murdock Mysteries

Romney Wouldn't Have 'Moved Heaven and Earth' to Kill Bin Laden

It's Ryan??

A Little Perspective....

Blind Metro attorney hit by bicycle in N.Y.

ROMNEY: Most Americans are "small-minded"

We Will All Have Pollaphobia By The End Of This Election

Romney says that Obama inherited a bad situation but made it "worse"??

Today's special: 3D printed meat is what's for lunch, and dinner, and ...

Today's special: 3D printed meat is what's for lunch, and dinner, and ...

David Letterman shows RMoney's new role.

Today's special: 3D printed meat is what's for lunch, and dinner, and ...

Daily Beast: Meet The Man Who Wrongly Accused Fareed Zakaria of Plagiarism

Hey, an historical site!

21st Century Corporate America (and Romney's Presidency) Summed Up in One Onion Article:

Election 2012 Whiteboard Charts, even a "Moran" can understand

Ryan criticizes Obama on '08 GM plant closure from before he took office

Who commits voter fraud???

New Wisconsin poll: CNN/Opinion Research - Obama 49, Romney 45 (Obama +4)

Best way to (easily) clean light-colored kitchen linoleum?

Why aren't you listening to "I've Never Been to Me" right now?

Rmoney and RMNixon.

Supreme court rules ex-paramilitaries can be extradited despite peace deal .

It's Official: Western Europeans Have More Cars Per Person Than Americans

tax returns are back on Hardball.....

Brain Evidence Sways Sentencing in Study of Judges

Barefaced Liar….

time for Dick Cheney to come to the aid of his party and be a real hero

Challengers of PA Voter Photo ID Law File Appeal

Tennis Spoiler

Alabama Dems May Remove Virulently Anti-Immigrant & Anti-Gay Supreme Court Candidate From Ballot

Does Anyone Know - Did This Really Come From The WSJ - "WSJ Calls Obama A Dummy"......

Seven Tax Return Questions Mitt Romney Left Unanswered Today

R $ R Policies Will Be An Economic Atom Bomb For The US. We Need To Be Worried.

If Romney was Self-Employed then his tax returns


So very pissed! My email account was hacked yesterday. Most of yesterday and today spent alerting

How Low Will Facebook Shares Go? 'Lockup' Expires, Stock Plunges

Yoshida in China: Worries about declining U.S. investors

Wisconsin Knows Paul Ryan - OFA Wisconsin

Chelsea Clinton mostly likely the next NY Senator, and she has the.

Ecuador To Washington And Britain: Go To Hell

White House: Thanks But No Thanks on VP Advice

Have you seen this? The $50 Lesson. Posted on Facebook.

Ryan criticizes Obama on '08 GM plant closure from before he took office

Corrupt Colombian officials permamently banned from being granted state contracts

Don't discount Christian fundamentalism when it comes to events in the Middle East

"Baby Got Back" sung by 295 movie clips

Nevada Dem House Candidates Take Aim At Ryan Budget

Far fetched scenario....

The Last Word - The campaigns get personal

The Family Research Council shooter had 15 Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches

Breivik Report Forces Norway Police Chief to Quit

RNC Voter Identification Division

Obama camp posts Mitt’s Medicare whiteboard — corrected

Facebook markdown

Obama Spokesman Ben LaBolt's statement regarding the GOP'ers Swift Boat ad

Mitt's Taxes: Its about National Security, not how much he paid

EU also studying plain-packaging law for tobacco

Papantonio: Republican Judicial Hacks Help Suppress Voters

Finland prepares for break-up of eurozone

The person who inspired my DU username (dial-up warning):

US, UK Betray Basic Values To Get Assange At Any Cost

Colombia to manually eradicate 12,000 acres of coca on Ecuador border .

"Obama’s silent, non-voting majority" Posted by Aaron Blake at WP

Dizzying Transition Underway For VP Pick Paul Ryan, Dan Senor Working With Him Full Time

The Last Word - Romney-Ryan Medicare challenge

Caption the White Board Willard!

Scurrilous Ruffians!!

Did Ryan wear Romney's jacket at the roll out?

In Romney’s view, he should be able to say anything he wants. Tell any lie.

Even more Assault rifle fun this week

Footage Shows South African Police Shooting Striking Workers At Platinum Mine

The Invisible Bike Helmet: An Airbag On The Go

What the hell could possibly go wrong?

Obamacare Fact vs Fiction

Not even Julian Assange is clear on whats going on with him right now

Taxpayers Subsidize CEO Pay, Report Says

Bad Ass Nun Says Paul Ryan is a Bad Catholic

Romney/Ryan plan for America Massive Redistribution Of Wealth From Middle Class To The Already Rich

has anyone heard from Denninmi today?

Remember This: Assange's 'poison pill' file impossible to stop, expert says

I believe that Ann Romney got pissed at her Gardner one day...

Soledad doubles down on Sununu

Obama campaign says Ryan forced to flip flop on Medicare

Thought this might be of interest


Blood on the Hands has Jumped the Shark

The Last Word - More taxing questions for the Romneys

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 18 -- The Essentials: Freddie Bartholomew


The Last Word - Rewriting Ryan and the GOP on Ayn Rand

Texas Lawmakers Latest To Cut Ties With ALEC

At a recent Human Resources Professionals' conference ...

Nevada Dem House Candidates Take Aim At Ryan Budget

"So far, it’s Paul Ryan 0, Jim Messina 1. Get ready for the next round."JOHN GRESS/REUTERS

Fareed Zakaria Cleared By Time, CNN In Plagiarism Investigation

Adorable Cat Behaviors With Shockingly Evil Explanations

Most Holy Redeemer (SF) is at a crossroads

POLITIFACT Weighs In On Medicare: Romney Camp Lying, Obama Camp Telling the Truth

Holy shit... The shooting in South Africa.....

Megaupload case: New Zealand court wants FBI evidence

Consular help available to Assange: govt

Southern Poverty Law Center's brilliant response to Family Research Council's spurious claims

Mars Curiosity Day 2

TCM Schedule for Sunday, August 19 -- The Essentials, Jr.: Eva Marie Saint

Mine Strike Mayhem Stuns South Africa as Police Open Fire (Graphic)

We're NASA and We Know It (Mars Curiosity)

14 billion years of cosmic evolution in just 78 seconds

2 Men Sentenced In Gun Smuggling Case

Does it cost to get an ID in PA ?

Mars Curiosity: Day 2

Sci Fact

Romney's Medicare Plan

Ryan says his letters in support of stimulus 'should have been handled differently'

JFK Forever!

Why don't you small-minded people understand? Romney has chosen to PLEAD THE FIFTH

Ann Romney really believes "Mitt will save the US"


The Romneys are making it so that their opponents don't need to see the records at all.

Libertarians try to block Romney from Washington Ballot

Romney IS a conservative: he uses words to mean anything he wants them to mean!

Google using 3-wheeled bike to add panoramic views of Mayan ruins to ‘Street View’ feature

Shirvell ordered to pay $4.5M in damages for slamming gay U-M student body president in blog

A new (to me) author, James W. Hall

Obama White Board

Ryan says his plan keeps Obama's health savings

Please share/repost/sign ASAP: Workers waiting for contract for 23 yrs.

Tell me, who has become UNHINGED?

STUNNING: Mitt Romney paid taxes at a rate of at least 13 percent (?). And he’s proud to say so.

Crowd growing @ Culpeper venue for Wayne Powell Town Hall!

TYT: Baywatch Star Searching For Noah's Ark

Edx Offers Free Online Courses from MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley

Real life Walter White wanted for cooking meth

Does anyone else think Ashleigh Banfield is wired

What would you do with all your savings if you only had to pay 13% taxes?

WiLLIARd Rmoney is still not using two words

How many US Presidents had Swiss bank accounts?

WOW! Michael Steele is Ripping Romney Campaign a NEW ONE On Hardball

Ryan denied lobbying for stimulus funds after lobbying for stimulus funds

Petition fails in support of Indonesian atheist

Quantum Computing at Room Temperature — Now a Reality

Tithing to the LDS is NOT "paying taxes" Mitt. Lying yet again.. (plus it's deductible!)

Recording reveals LePage has plan to call special session to push through legislation

What's a resource working to delete the tax exempt status of churches, please.

Please post the most Erotic place you ever visited.

Danes frequently confronted by religion: study

ABC, NBC, and CBS Evening News all lead with Romney's tax returns

Shocker: PA Judge Upholds Voter Disenfranchisement Law, Setting Up Chaos Like 2004 in Ohio

Let me get this straight.

Preparation GOP Suppositories

Dictionary meaning of a "tithe" is that it is a tax. Paying his tithe means he paid "lots of taxes"

S&P 500 Rallies to Highest Level Since April on Housing, Cisco

So Mittens has officially become the figurehead in favor of his MUNSTERmate?!1 (RYAN's plan is his)

Mitt's Medicare lies derailed by his own running mate: Ryan contradicts Romney

Evolutionary increase in size of the human brain explained

"Florida has become Louisiana, but without the good food." OS Reader's comment regarding pay to play

Hey, any Gotcha Journalists out there

Liberty Law School and Others Hit With RICO Lawsuit Over Lisa Miller Kidnapping

Sci-fi writer Harry Harrison, who unwittingly inspired the Ryan Medicare proposal, has died. RIP.

Do you know those time travel movies? Where people are accidentally thrown back in time

Sci-fi writer Harry Harrison, whose book inspired movie 'Soylent Green,' dies at 87

'ED Show' alert: Jerry Casale to explain Devo's new song that hits Mitt Romney

Pink Slips Going Out!!!

Standoff at Ecuador’s embassy as U.K. authorities threaten to forcibly take Julian Assange

Does God hate Republicans? Secretary of State Johnson’s citizenship quiz and other GOP baloney

is there an ignore button?

Health Care Reform Strengthens Medicare Doesn’t “Rob” It

I think "Queen Anne", wants to be First Lady more than mitty

Ryan denied lobbying for stimulus funds after lobbying for stimulus funds

Rachel Maddow with Dan Rather: Paul Ryan is "Toxic" for the Ticket

So how are they going to get Julian Assange out of England?

Knives MADE in the USA since 1956 guaranteed forever and supports 500 jobs!!!

What are you munching on tonight Lounge? Me? Raw snow peas. Yummy.

Well-Rounded: Sun Stays Nearly Spherical, Even When It Freaks Out