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NPR - National PaulRyan Radio..

My shark show with a conservation twist - Shark Fight

Scott Brown runs away from Paul Ryan question

They can't even cheat smart...LOL

The GOP asswipes have 100% no problem with flat out lying. And know most people are....

'Stars Earn Stripes,' NBC Reality Show, Criticized by Veterans, Military Reporter

Biden Hits Back on "Chain" Poutrage!!

WTF a fundy nutter lady with big pink hair is on the TV

Lawmakers suspect money laundering issues at Wal-Mart

In addition to banking services, the Post Office should expand into providing internet service.

"The dog lover vote" and Romney....

TSA to investigate racial profiling claims

Two Dark Money Groups Outspending All Super PACs Combined - ProPublica

Is Motorola Finally Dying?

Ecuador says no decision yet on Assange's asylum

College Democrats of Wisconsin Statement on Romney Vice Presidential Pick

Residents in a Washington Town Want to Stop Canadians From Shopping at Their Neighborhood Costco

Prosecutor Defeated by Glaring Stupidity of Pot Laws

Romney on Ryan's Medicare plan: 3 different answers in less than 24 hours

Is Romney Take A Dive and Throwing the Election?

Plain cigarette packaging passes in Australia.


CHEDDARBOMB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U.S. must stop countries reflagging Iran ships: lawmakers

Never have I seen such confusion in a Presidential campaign

Obamas tap White House home beer

Joe Biden clarifies "in chains" remark

And Thus Spoke Susan

Jaguars among species 'virtually extinct' in Brazil's Atlantic forest

Paul Ryan’s Family Business Built On Government Contracts

Chalk a sidwalk, go to jail

Obama/Biden need to rule out a chained CPI.

Spokesman for Wash. pot group fired at his own news conference

Paul Ryan to Colorado supporters: I drive a truck. I'm not a witch. I’m you.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! March of the Mysogynists & a new Kitty gif

Shitty Politico headline

Obama campaign doesn't know a ring from an ass.

I think I've figured out the real difference between the two campaigns.

Just watching some jitter-buggin on TMC...

Extremists target Tunisian medallists

Mitt Romney's Drug Dealer Host

Rachel is discussing Ryan's vaginal probe bill-

So I came upon a website where authors publish horror stories to advance their nascent careers.

75 gather at FDR site to celebrate Social Security

Mental health coverage to benefit under health care act, advocates say

An Olympic Feat Of Ignorance

It's official...I am working on a campaign... Kenneth Sanders,District 6(Barton's)

United Airlines ‘Lost’ an Unaccompanied Little Girl, Refused to Help Parents Find Her

Prediction: Tommy wins primary but loses to Tammy in November.

Today's headlines from Yahoo! when I checked my email

PAUL RYAN: Pretty Much Evil

Meryl was too old to be the daughter in Postcards n/t

How Paul Ryan will Screw you

Demand specifics on whether Deb Fischer (R-NE) will end Medicare as we know it & Soc Security

The llama photo that got the Colorado shooter accepted to grad school

Red Sox stars blast manager Bobby Valentine in heated July meeting with ownership

"The Ryan Plan: The More America Hears About It, The More They Hate It" at Daily Kos

What's Ryan's Stand on Vaginal Yeast Infection?---What's the GOP Stand on the Issue?

OK, for the guys who shave their faces ...

ROTFLMAO Bill Maher comparing Paul Ryan to Sarah Palin at Huffington Post

UPDATE..:) Remember Schoep the arthritic dog and his owner, John?

Steve Wozniak: Web crackdown coming, freedom failing (video)

I am officially working on an election campaign...Kenneth Sanders for Congress.

Rachel: Ryan Pick Already Impacting Downticket Races in FL

It's Official... I am working on an election campaign. Kenneth Sanders for Congress

Okay, I'm gonna whine a bit.

I don't know why this story keeps making me giggle.

romney has effectively shut down the "show us your taxes" talk...laugh at your own peril

Romney’s Estate Tax Cut Would Save The Koch Brothers Up To $8.7 Billion Each

The ugly step-child

Factual talking points on the economy (UPDATED)

So... umm... where's the "Ryan bounce"?

Romney and Ryan = One big Tax increase

Factual talking points on the economy (UPDATED)

Former Visteon CEO to leave with $12.7M

Romney Calls Obama 'Angry and Desperate' at Close of Battleground Bus Tour (WOW!)

There actually are sane, rational Republicans out there - Decent folks, fine, upstanding Americans

Energy staffers were warned not to use personal e-mail

Men, do you shave? How much, and why?

New Film Attacks Obama For Boasting About Bin Laden Operation (brilliant strategery!)

Obama campaign: Romney seemed 'unhinged'

I have a feeling FOX news isn't charging the Romney campaign for commercials.

UPDATE: "Suicide while handcuffed"->Chavis Carter 'Suicide' Reenactment By Jonesboro Police

Zimmerman: The Power of Circumstantial Evidence

Cantor, Powell to debate Sept. 28!!!

Free Webinar on citizen journalism, rights and safety

Powell, Cantor to debate September 28!!!

"Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks" at Reuters

Nate: Early look shows Ryan bounce between 0 and 2%

Romney and Ohio coal miners:

BBC's Mark Thompson named new president of the New York Times

TERRIBLY sad day for education in Clay County, FL

Carlyle Group Said to Be Leading Bidder for Getty Images

New Jersey Fines Halfway Houses $45,000 Over Escapes By

Romney Hid Behind Ann's Skirt and Now Hides Behind Ry-Ann's Skirt .....ummm, maybe not

Who is your favorite Politician of all time ?

Bill Maher on Ryan pick

Normalizing Torture: Impunity at Home, Rendition Abroad

I'd like to see the Dems use more charts to show Republican lies!

'Fertilized Egg' admitted to Ryan event

Survey time for those DUers of the female persuasion: For what do you save your money?


I'm not complaining. But I don't get it.

Biden is right to talk about people being chained to volatile markets. In the late

Nazi suspect Charles Zentai wins Australia extradition case

OK, for the guys who save their feces...

Lawrence just busted Ryan

Fearing Ryan Plan, GOP Doubles Down On Suppressing The Senior Vote

BLR " More Mitt "

Romney to Obama: ‘Take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago’

House Republicans Failing At Their Job. From Nancy Pelosi's channel.

GOP Strategy Revealed

Odd but disturbing thought on the Romney Campaign

Florida: Big Win for Alan Grayson in Tonight’s GOP Primary

Ryan Greeted In Las Vegas By Protests Outside Adelson Event

Pentagon: Iran building, training militia in Syria

What the fuck has NASA done to make your life awesome?

"Hello Lonesome" Incredible indie film.

a biography of the day--roxanne quimby

a quote of the day

The ED Show - Ryan budget a tough sell for Republicans

Lamar Sternad, Florida House Candidate, On Questions Of Being GOP Plant: 'Kiss My Lily-White Ass'

Wow. Dorworth won soundly in the primary. He's next Speaker of the Fl House,

Paul Ryan Will Talk About Tax Policy 'In The Light Of Day' -- After The Election

Please explain how to sell Ayn Rand to low-information voters in 30 seconds...

The ED Show - Republicans push major lie about Medicare cuts

Unprosecuted Hate Crimes

8/14 NSIDC Update - With 5 Weeks To Go, Avg. Daily Ice Loss 38,000 Square Miles Since Late June

A story about an old time Perv that meets a bad end

Paul Ryan to Colorado supporters: I drive a truck. I used to work at McDonald’s,I like to camp...

Obama campaign: Romney seemed 'unhinged'

Florida Democrats Will Send First Gay Legislator To Tallahassee

Retail sales in July rise by the highest rate in five months

Interesting NOAA Graphic On Temperatures - 2012 Plotted Against Existing Record

Rep. John Mica Defeats Tea Party Rep. Sandy Adams in Florida Primary.

Washington State Whooping Cough Cases Up 1,300% In 2012 From 2011 To 2,500+

"VOUCHERCARE VOUCHERCARE VOUCHERCARE" !! Say it 1000 times. Framing a message is everything.

Linda McMahon Defeats Chris Shays In Connecticut GOP Senate Primary

Barges Move Upriver To Transport Drinking Water From Above Salt Intrusion To Plaquemines Parish

Catholic Publication Deems President Obama More Pro-Life Than Mitt Romney

Tea party billboard compares Obama to Osama bin Laden

Daily Kos: Florida newspapers: Romney is in big, big trouble

Why is Hell so unfair?

Shelli Yoder for Congress!

Anybody catch John McShithead on Greta Van Susteren?

Cottonwood, Maple Seedlings Already Thick On Ground Behind Remnants Of Elwha Dams

Please say VOUCHERCARE all the time to describe the Ryan plan to kill Medicare.

I'm sorry, I have to say this: Paul Ryan is a Fraud.

Say VOUCHERCARE every time you talk about the Romney/Ryan plan to kill Medicare.

Don't overestimate "Joe Six Pack".

Looking increasingly it will be Tommy Thompson (R) vs. Tammy Baldwin (D) here in WI for Senate

Anybody have a good experience with a term life insurance company?

Republicans are correct in comparing the 1980 election to 2012

"Paul Ryan’s Fairy-Tale Budget Plan" by David Stockman at the NY Times

The $5 trillion hole in Paul Ryan's budget

Libertarians . . . .. . . siiiiiggggghhhh . . . . .

Romney surrogate Sununu acts boorish to Soledad O'Brien: always a wind bag

The President must hammer home the truth about the 716 billion medicare lie. The rethugs

Has anyone here bought a grow box?

Paul Ryan Endorsed Candidate Loses Primary in Florida's 19th CD

Do old seeds work?

Tea Party rich boy Eric Hovde loses to Tommy Thompson in WI Senate Primary

Bill Maher Talks Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin & Medical Marijuana On HuffPost Live - (VIDEO)

I really hate the "It's MY PERSPECTIVE" shit.

Colbert is really eviscerating the new NBC reality show, Stars and Stripes...

I've never enjoyed a repuke vp bounce this much before!

I really hate the "It's MY PERSPECTIVE" shit.

They're going to try to swiftboat Obama

Jon Stewart Takes On Hypocrisy Of Paul Ryan’s ‘Fiscal Conservative’ Image By Invoking Vampires

Ryan gave Atlas Shrugged for Christmas!

Is Madison no longer in WI?

Thompson, former Wisconsin governor and Cabinet secretary, wins Republican US Senate primary

Chile student protesters occupy high schools

Cliff Stearns loses, won't be able to witch-hunt Planned Parenthood anymore

Romney to Obama: Take Your Anger And Hate Back to Chicago

flashback 4/12 from One Chance regarding Osama Bin Laden

Potent human toxins prevalent in Canada's freshwaters

KITTY MYSTERY: I found a single drop of blood in their room after they were

Washington Nationals players question plan to sit Stephen Strasburg


Studies Examine Health Consequences of Meltdown, Damage to Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants in Japan

Linda McMahon won tonight!

My song for generating the necessary intensity for this election season....

DU Poll: Have you moved or planning to, because of your state going further

Just for the pure mind-boggling astounding awesomeness of the universe in which we live.

Joe the Plumber: ‘Put a Damn Fence on the Border and Start Shooting’

UH Physics Researcher Develops Nanoparticle Coating for Solar Panels

a biography of the day--happy 100th birthday Julia Child

Ryan Meets Casino Mogul and Major G.O.P. Donor

Major advance made in generating electricity from wastewater

I bet Mitt wishes he went with Palin about now.

Study: Obama beating Romney in the online campaign game

Modeling reveals significant climatic impacts of megapolitan expansion

The Man's Prayer

Ryan wins 7 terms in a blue district

'Joe the Plumber' adds to Klein's kook credentials

So it appears the Texas A&M shooter, Thomas Caffall, was a HUGE gun nut (PHOTOS)

Police 'stole sensitive data of 31 million Colombians' .

Police 'stole sensitive data of 31 million Colombians' .

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman Says Presidential Pardon is "Last Hope for Freedom"

And they said romance is dead

The effect of Social Security on the economy.....

Ever had this frozen dinner?


Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, August 14)

????? 65+ Seniors Favor Romney By 19% ?????

Last night I walked a drunk girl home...

Squeezed by debt crisis, Greeks ditch cars for bikes

Honduras passes bill to slash public spending

Voter Disenfranchisement

Obama-Ryan Battle Intensifies Over Medicare Savings

X1 Electric car vs. a Lambo and a NASCAR race car.

Are You Sure You Can Vote?

Egypt security officials: Dismissal of army top brass thwarted a coup attempt

Paul Ryan Worth Millions Thanks To Wife's Wealth

Ryan: GOP ticket to wait to disclose tax specifics

66 seniors favor R-money (since 66 is more than 65)10,003 for Obama

When I was a young man, I really wanted to explore all sorts of ways of looking at the world...

Could this be an election the magnitude of Johnson Goldwater....

Newest Safari update seems to have a glitch

What Ryan and Palin have in common...

Martian soil looks just like the crap in my yard. I sense an Ayn Rand style "business opportunity."

Man accidently shoots self in Nevada theater

Israel Plans for Iran Strike as Citizens Say Government Serious

US military tests hypersonic jet

"I wonder if we might blatantly disregard your privacy..."

Angelenos - another Drinking Liberally event in Santa Monica 8/22

Red Dawn III - Invasion of the Meteorologists

South Korea's Lee says history 'harming Japan ties'

SFPD underreports Latino, Asian arrests

Note to Republicans: There's this thing called video...

NH: Democratic hopefuls Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster lead their Opponents; Obama by Six

Researchers Identify Virus Attacking Captive Bred Boa Constrictors and Pythons

Paul Ryan's Anti-Embargo Record

Ayn Rand in clear and conscise language.

The other Paul Ryan plan: $800B in Medicaid cuts

Krugman: How the press paints Ryan

Anybody else see this idiot FB image (pro-drug testing "for welfare")

Two Buddhist brides wed in Taiwan

Olympic Legacy. Ho Ho Ho. Ho Ho Ho Ho. Ho Ho Ho.

Will the big lie work for the Romney and Ryan ticket

Well. A guy decided to do an open carry experiment in my town.

Report: Obama's campaign more wired than Romney's

Round up of yesterday's primaries: Thompson in WI

Prime minister says India will launch an exploratory space mission to Mars in 2013

Effective Jan 1... 4.25 % on 12 mo CDs...4% on regular savings accounts

GUILTY: Pastor Kenneth Miller found guilty in civil union custody case

House members' VIP loans excluded from subpoena

To prevent a "December Surprise" raise hell NOW!

rMoney the racist piece of shit uses the "angry (black) man" meme:

Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks


What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday August 15th

Paul Ryan won't close Mitt Romney's gap with Hispanics

Can Ryan help Bill Nelson beat Connie Mack in FL?

Obama campaign opposing Ryan budget at state level

Best Friends Day

Just all Mormons think it's ok to lie?

It Has Come to This -- Close-to-Death Cash-Strapped Americans Selling Their Life Insurance Policies

The Bible Says More About Unicorns Than Fetuses -- Maybe Anti-Choice Christians Should Take a Closer

"Romney Hood, Ryan Hood, not in our neighborhood"


Sea Lion Gunshot Wound: Whirlybird Recovering At The Marine Mammal Center


Great news!! Guess who Ryan's #1 political handler is......

Am I subliminally supposed to read "MONEY" when I see this?

"For the first time in my life, I will be voting against a Republican candidate for president."

Meghan McCain: Joe Biden 'Is An Idiot'

Most New Yorkers are biased against atheists and born-agains in politics, poll finds

That's what Olympic Games are all about

Why are some guys jocks and some not. What makes the difference?

Gore Vidal’s ‘Burr’ Is Antidote to Tea Party Myths

Mitt Romney Says He’s ‘A Big Fan’ Of Papaya, Which Apparently Means ‘Vagina’

Come on, President Obama, it's time to defend yourself...

When he responded last night Joe Biden should have thrown in

The Working Man’s Tablet

Women, Religious Freedom Groups Stake Victories

Iowa man’s alcohol level could have been lethal (DWI 0.6%)

Does God hate Republicans?

Catholic church in Nepal says it has received threats from Hindu group that bombed it in 2009

Non-Voters Overwhelmingly Back Obama

NRA opposing efforts to regulate lead hunting ammo

Thanks to Pres Obama, today is a landmark day for 100s of thousands of young undocumented immigrants

Afghanistan: Dozens killed in day of violence

New AD: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it

How I Ended My Lifelong Love Affair With Guns

Chatting with Chomsky

Paul Ryan's anti-abortion rights record a target for Obama camp

The Obama campaign needs to fight back hard against that $700 billion Medicare lie

Greek Government Could Collapse

Great news - Julian Assange will be granted asylum

Carbon Taxes Cut Debt, Cool Planet

Global Food Crisis May Hit Us ‘Very Soon,’ IFPRI’s Fan Says

Puke alert - Preibus is on Morning Joe Scum

Priebus just said on Morning Joe...

“Todskunkmittelstrasse” is German for "dead skunk in the middle of the road."

President Obama and Kids at the Iowa State Fair

Best way to count seconds? "One-Mississippi, two-Mississippi," or your favorite? nt

Today would be Julia Child's 100th birthday. In her honor, a photo of her filming a show:

Soledad is kicking Tim Pawlenty's ass all over the set!

Losing our brothers-in-arms

If the Afterlife gave you a choice to live in a TV show, which one would you choose?

What's the point of Israel's psychological warfare against Iran?

Don't turn out the light! Terrifying photos of ghosts that will keep you up at night

How do the 1%-ers feel about all us 99%-ers out here in fly-over country?

Romney Pulls "The Angry Black Man" Card On President Obama

“You don’t have to believe in God to pray.”

Confiscated guns to be sold by police

Study Demonstrates That One Extinction Leads to Another

President Obama Also Has A Medicare Plan

Romney says Obama just trying to 'hang onto power'

Fish Are Warmer, Faster, Stronger: Unexpected Benefits of Living in a Changing Climate

I want to see Romney's birth certificate...

Macabre Finds in the Bog at Alken Enge, Denmark: Skeletal Remains of Hundreds of Warriors Unearthed

Yep, This Describes Fox and its viewers exactly

Christian Right Historian David Barton in Freefall Over ‘Jefferson Lies’

Revealed: Romney Campaign’s Attempts to Deny Paul Ryan’s Insider Trading Don't Add Up

Obama's LeBolt Fires Back: "Romney's Unhinged"

BREAKING: Jury Finds Preacher Guilty Of Kidnapping Daughter Of Lesbian Mom

MISSOURI: Voters Approve Referendum Granting Students Right To Refuse Evolution Lessons

My Medicare LTTE

U.S. Swine Flu Outbreak Spikes

They Can Run Away From The Budget All They Want But ----

CONNECTICUT: Warm Seas Force Shut Down Of Nuclear Power Plant

Moving from Europe to Africa - for a better living

When 'anger and hate' replaces 'jobs and the economy'

it's wednesday and romney has still only released one year of tax returns

CONFESS!!! Who was your childhood crush

Joe Madison: The so-called new black panther party is nothing but a rightwing front group

Harry Harrison died today

We Have To Do All We Can To Really Unhinge This Guy

The ecological crisis of capitalism intensifies: Global warming may be reaching 'tipping point'

Happy 100th Birthday, Julia Child! I miss her.

Biden may have meant well but it was a stupid comment...

Check in if you LOVE Joe Biden...

Judge upholds Pa. voter ID law

Conservatives Should Stop Giving Trophies for Trying

BREAKING: Judge upholds Pa. voter ID law

All through the early 2000s, conservatives blamed Clinton for not getting bin Laden...

Five Reasons Why Crisis Persists

Voter ID Only Applies To Democratic or Democratic Leaning Voters.

This is why Oscar Pistorius competing in the Olympics was worth every step:

OK, for the guys who shave their peggies ...

Its time for a good laugh

Anybody ever watched a silent movie?

Paul Ryan presents a target rich environment.

The new RW talking point - Obama is desperate, lies all the time - is really pissing me off

A Very Important Question From A Young Obama Supporter

How do YOU personally pay zero taxes, & in what country do YOU keep your millions?

Paul Ryan: "We are living, right now, in an Ayn Rand novel."

The Cost of Erasing Dissent by Hillary Procknow (Facebook and now going around the internets)

so terry branstad, gov. of iowa, wants federal help.... bwahahahahahaa

John McCain Says Romney Absolutely Did Not Pay Taxes


Title IX

This is too cool. President Obama is a beer geek!

Breaking: Romney to reveal 10 years of IRS returns.

How a Hmong candidate won the Democratic primary

Ann Romney: on Taxes we're only going to do what is 'legally required of us'

If Men Could Menstruate

Chuck Todd actually doing his job for a total of 3 minutes...

Fox News Poll has Obama ahead by 9%?

The Koch Brothers money and policies = Paul Ryan. Rev Al, Keith Ellison, Patricia Murphy discuss.

Its not fiction: the FARC attacks Arauca and flees to Venezuela

Energy cuts in Japan sap spirits and economy

Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand Video

GOP Owner complains Obama's Iowa beer tent stop cost him $25,000

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 15, 1867

ACORN ‘Pimp’ James O’Keefe Can Be Sued In Infamous Video Case, Rules Judge

DUers make sure you see the Kent Conrad interview with

Gov. Terry Bransted (R - corn pone) is a lying douche.

5 Ways the Patriarchy Hurts Men Too

Chile student protesters occupy high schools (protesting private sector takeover of schools)

What the Affordable Care Act Means for Transgender People

Another Barack Obama campaign headquarters just opened near us!

Giuliani: Biden Lacks ‘Mental Capacity’ for VP Job


New Group Criticizes President Over Bin Laden Raid


The "I hate that commercial" thread

Paul Ryan's budget proposal would spread pain widely

The Top 5 Myths About the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act

New study finds virtually no voter fraud. Total amount called "infinitesimal".

Poll: Obama Leads Big Among Those Unlikely To Vote

That one-night stand just became an even worse decision: New craze of men tweeting pictures of their

'DJs For Obama': New Campaign Video Features Steve Aoki, D-Nice, DJ Cassidy, DJ Rashida

Privatization of Voting Machines Threatens Wisconsin Election Integrity

Leader of Anti-Semitic Party Learns He's a Jew


"Ryan says he won't detail his tax plans until he is elected"

Republicans are not serious people.

Atlas Spurned: Ayn Rand Wouldn't Approve of Paul Ryan

First lady joins final leg of Iowa bus tour

Flashback: Romney Ad Calling Obama a Liar Proven Wrong

Did anyone see Romney on CBS Morning Show

Whoa, Prez's got a flaming orb!


Shameful?!? Priebus: Biden ‘chains’ remark ‘shameful’....look in the mirror buddy

Suicide Is Anything but Painless

Ha-ha. This might not mean anything to DUer's, but Jon Stewart 1, George Stephanopoulos 0.

FIBA Wants 3-On-3 Basketball At 2016 Olympics

OK, now that the VP pick is being addressed let's get back to the tax returns

I wonder when the stericycle ads are...

Lets's see how the jury does on this one

When 'anger and hate' replaces 'jobs and the economy'

Fish for sale

Boycott "Animal Practice"! (Important Link)

If you could be anyone, real or fictitious, for an hour, who would you be?

A Giant (Bain-owned) Hospital Chain Is Blazing a Profit Trail

Ryan's legislative record should be enough

Israel Plans Iran Strike; Citizens Say Government Serious

Even Ann Romney admits releasing details on the family's taxes would merely give "more ammunition."

One Step Closer to Game-Changing Electric Vehicle Batteries

Is That New England Accent in Retreat?

Mitt Romney finally admits what's really bothering him

You-Gov Poll: Ryan Pick Has Little Impact On The Voters Thus Far

Keep your friends close, but keep your DNR closer

Devo Are Releasing A Single About Mitt Romney's Dog

How Chris Christie's state of NJ ranks in unemployment

HUNGARY: Leader Of Far-Right Fascist Party Outed As Secretly Jewish

Does anyone else wish Auntie Em wasn't a good Christian?

OHIO: Republicans Work To Reduce Polling Hours In Liberal Areas Of The State

America's Aversion to Taxes

Saudi government objects to ‘.gay’ domain name endings

Ann Romney: No More Tax Returns Will Be Released

Bill-O Bullies Sister Simone Campbell

Are You Sure You Can Vote? Confirm Voter Registration Here.

Former GOP Leader Warns Party on Medicare

And the Duck is saved, for now.

Atheists give Paul Ryan an F

Trickle-Down Economics Adorably Debunked In 2 Minutes

This Romney chap seems a little oversensitive, wouldn't you say?

Drought: Obama Administration Looking at Ethanol Rules

A jury for DUzy nominations

For You History Buffs

Aptly named Jeff Flake (R-AZ) doesn't like the 17th Amendment

Wave of Suicides Shocks Greece

Hit Men for the 1%

That'll Teach 'Em (Toon)

Bibles and booze mix Sunday mornings at iconic bar

Rebels Reject Jihad Are Reports of al-Qaida in Syria Exaggerated?

Nolan beats Clark and Anderson to win 8th District primary.

Has the Ryan pick helped Romney with young voters: New Zogby poll indicates yes

Academy of Villain's performance on America's got Talent.

32 Crowdsourced Questions for the Presidential Debates

Pigs, Sheep, Chickens Bought Votes in Mexico's Elections

Drumbeat: August 15, 2012

Drumbeat: August 15, 2012

Judge tosses lawsuit over FBI surveillance of California mosques

A Democratic Party Motivational Song

A Democratic Party Motivational Song

Global Food Crisis May Hit Us ‘Very Soon,’ IFPRI’s Fan Says

A Democratic Party Motivational Song

A Democratic Party Motivational Song

PA. Appeals Court Refuses to Stop Voter ID Law

Ryan Has Kept Close Ties to Wealthy Donors on the Right

Mine Owner Throws his Workers onto the Street to Help Romney Win an Election

This is what panic looks like

TPM:Obama Will Respond to Medicare Attacks in Iowa

New Study Says Venezuela is a World Leader in Increasing Internet Usage

Curiosity rover, Martian solar day 2

A new ad takes down Romney’s naďve education plan:

Soros Compared To Koch and Adleson. What is the most he has ever contributed in one election?

Israel: Demand For Gas Masks Jumps As Public’s Anxiety Over Possible War Rises

Rachel Maddow did a great job last night explaing Ryan's love for Ann Rand.

George Monbiot - A Manifesto for Psychopaths

This is what panic looks like

Ryan Greeted In Las Vegas By Protests Outside Adelson Event (Wow!) - updated

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The long knives of Ryan&Rmoney

In light of the voter ID decision, please make sure you are eligible to vote! Handy link inside:

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: RR= SOS

Industrial Production in U.S. Rises 0.6% on Autos, Utilities

Gossip time! Cable keeps talking about how good looking Paul Ryan is (yes, this is news?!?)

Homebuilder Confidence in U.S. Increases to Five-Year High

Chuck Todd Calls Out Iowa Governor For Lying About Obama’s Welfare Waivers

Romney Sharpens Old Message: Obama Runs On ‘Hatred’

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

Survey USA: Ryan pick might help Romney in Florida???

"White House Honey Ale." Yes, Mr. Obama has installed a brewery in the White House...

Mitt Romney: Ryan will fall in line on Medicare


Fox News reportedly replacing Sarah Palin with Quark from Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Tunisian Olympians targeted by Islamist radicals

Paul Ryan Mocked With Internet Meme At Campaign Event

The Rude Pundit: Mitt Romney's Cringe-Inducing Desperation

The new RW Talking point calling Joe Biden an idiot - is really pissing me off...

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky

The other Paul Ryan plan: $800B in Medicaid cuts (AP via Yahoo)

Etiquette question involving guns

Romney-Ryan plan would repeal Reagan's spousal safety net

I'm sorry, but

A Tale of two Men: Why I will not vote for Romney and Ryan by Brian Coffman

I can't wait to get past this MSM Ryanmania and GOP convention...

Lounge Vibes Requested - Kittens

Can a President unilaterally make Medicaid and foodstamps state block grant programs?

Pic Of The Moment: "We Haven't Gone After The Personal Things"

Ann Romney: I have no idea what's in our finances, but I know it's legal, so shut up already

The Repukes have never changed

Is there a "curse" on Colorado?

On 77th Anniversary of Social Security, Paul Ryan Pushes Dismantling the Social Safety Net

One of my better tweets, if I can say so myself :)

Soros Buys Up Shares in Wal-Mart, Facebook


Do you more frequently wear a tie or band shirt?

August Winners thread is up

A few facts about Joe Biden (which many of us already know, but bear repeating nonetheless):

RVP to Manure-Wow

Rachel Maddow - Romney's Ryan pick hurts Republican candidates

Australia's Gay Pole Studs

Rain falls at 115°F in Needles, California

BREAKING: Shooting At Family Research Council Headquarters

West Nile virus kills 16 in Texas, sickens hundreds

Cheerios Arsonist Dies

A "very rare" heat wave for Phoenix

Their base is making them unelectable.

Binging Bears Ravage Cabin in Norway .... "They had a hell of a party in there."

Want To See Something Beautiful?

You can cheat at Scrabble?

Fuck Arthur Davis: Former Obama campaign co-chair to stump for Romney

Beware the new Caroline Kennedy "quote" making the rounds on the interwebs:

Saudi Arabia Orders CItizens to Leave Lebanon "Immediately" - Saudi State News Agency

Bill Gates kicks off search for toilet of the future

"Upon the People"

Mitt Romney: Slash Amtrak, PBS Funding, But Defense Cuts And Middle Class Tax Cuts Off The Table

Rachel Maddow - Paul Ryan is not a fiscal conservative

Watch Chad Johnson get fired from his coach

Chrysler rises from ashes with production revolution

Republicans attacking Biden for 'chains' need to take a long, hard look in

Arnie Gundersen rethinking entombment for units 1,2,3 (podcast)

Adviser to Egyptian President: Morsi Mulling Possibility of Amending Camp David Accords

Paul Ryan was their President already. Why make it obvious?

Downpours in west kill one; two missing Trains halted; Byodoin said safe as floods swamp Uji

My Macbook Pro suddenly got a screensaver?

Obama shifts to offense on Medicare

Israel 'prepared for 30-day war with Iran'

Government Faces NEW Warrantless Surveillance Battle After Losing Landmark GPS Tracking Case

Rachel Maddow - Democrats hope women remember Ryan in November

UNREAL section of PA voting rights injunction decision

Are Republicans Really That Dense

Rachel Maddow - Women's rights advocates make 'hey' of Ryan's record

Yes, Mr. Ryan, I’m from Iowa

Japanese photographer spotlights Navajo code talkers

Japanese photographer spotlights Navajo code talkers

US launches sweeping immigration reform

Engagement Rituals: You think your engagement was tough, check out some of these?

Nearly seven decades later, Northeast Asia still haunted by war

Milwaukee Vegans...

When I Think Of The Prospect Of GOP Rule I Think Of The Art Piece "The Scream"

Fukushima village marks coming of age

Please compare statement by Dierdre Capone with Ann Romney regarding husbands tax problems.

The Last Word - Paul Ryan's stimulus hypocrisy

Andrea Greenspan is making a big deal out of Biden's

Scenes From NRA's Secret War On Guns"

John Boehner tries to reassure Republicans nervous about Ryan

Revealed: the REAL Mitt/Paul logo!

Condom Maker Creates Special Mitt Romney Rubber

Paterno biography: Penn State coach “sobbed uncontrollably” after firing

what the media should call the Romney-Ryan ticket

Fresh from Tuesday's win, Nolan ready to face (MN) 8th District Rep. Cravaack

My 14-year-old created this Ryan/ Romney meme...

Japan’s seniors to visit Los Angeles to speak on Fukushima nuclear cleanup, Aug 18

The Last Word - Romney and Ryan run from Ryan plan


Guys, the counterpart survey question. What do you save your money for?

"The flat tax is the best idea for fixing the economy" (resident Wing nut, abridged)

Judge tosses lawsuit over FBI surveillance of California mosques


Lets say we tax Rush Limbaugh at 50%, He would still have 20 million dollars a year.

Politico on Ryan: Big-spending Conservatism

The Last Word - Paul Ryan rewrites romance with Ayn Rand

I need help with a small issue with a MacBook pro

Help me identify a horror movie

So wait....Ayn Rand's "masterpiece" has a part where she kills off every type of person she hates?

Families of Iran's murdered nuclear scientists sue Israel, US and Britain

Walter Rhett: We Want Your Vote So We Can Cut Your Safety Net

Marcy-the high energy dog videos.

Romney steps away from Paul Ryan's Medicare cuts

Paul Ryan: Cruel, not courageous

Tea Party Movement's Magical Thinking

Obama Administration Advised Police To Not Arrest Occupy Protesters

They can warn you about the size of LynneSin's buttcheeks, but DAYUM... no one expects the reality!

Don't you just HATE when "Open Carry" gun law advocates flip-flop on the issue?

Many fail to reap the rewards of their efforts merely because they lack enough patience.

Carl Sandburg? "The fog comes on little cat feet", my aching balls!!!

Not many people remember back in the day when MFM won Olympic gold for synchronized mooning.

Believe it or not, it's embarrassing to MiddleFingerMom that so many fans ask him for autographs.

LIMBOsevic caller says our superficial Lib reason for hating Mittens & Eddie MUNSTER is:

Meanwhile, over at FR: JimRob in TOTAL MELTDOWN MODE

Man Shoots Guard At Family Research Council Headquarters

Media Fails Again On Climate Change Coverage

"Believe people when they tell you who they are." Romney, Ryan, & Rand

Anyone ever seen this film inspired by a suggestion by FDR? He is credited in the opening

*** Gets out her staple gun and updates the rules to the DU Lounge Restroom ***

Late notice, but

Mitt tells himself to stop whining

MI GOPers stop another Nov. ballot proposal. This time it's not "font size"

Pi-hundred million people live in U.S.

Wikipedia even has article about Rand's philosophy: Objectivism

US inflation little changed in July

High speed videography reveals the mystery of the wet-dog shake

Rush Limbaugh is going down – here's the proof

China automakers' export plans clouded by asbestos recall

U.S. officials see "mercenary" suspect in Venezuela

Biden: "I Don't Get What's Gutsy About Giving Millionaires Another Tax Break."

Canadian doctors to Ottawa: don't recriminalize abortion

“Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! - - - Devo releasing song about Romney's dog

Ryan's Tax Plan Would Reduce Romney's Tax Rate to 1%

Kitteh love (squee break)

Golden ratio discovered in uterus

Thousands await Obama & First Lady in Dubuque on final day of Iowa swing

This really cracked me up - Jon speaking as Romney. 8/14

This is the Threatdown! The Number One threat to America... CANADIANS!!

How Mitt Romney Would Quickly Bankrupt Medicare

Come on MSNBC, don't you have an intern that could use

Merideth Chivers: What do women want?

Does the DU Lounge have a flower garden?

AlterNet: Story on Ryan "Insider Trading" Apparently Not "Debunked" After All?!?

Ryan pick gives OBAMA small bump in latest Yougov poll

Can Mitt write a huge election defeat off his taxes?

Only 2% of Canadians deny climate change, suggests poll

Giants Melky Cabrera suspended 50 games

Obama 2008 Co-Chair Hits Trail ... for Mitt

A Runtime Error has occurred

Indiana Tea Party denies this is a threat to the President

The 10 most livable cities in the world...

Lounge inspirational message of the day

Gallup compares Ryan pick bump to past VP announcements

How to speak Boston in one easy lesson

Makes you wonder what it was like before

Biden Pushes Back On Romney’s Character Attacks

Should we be redrawing those "Obama wins by a landslide" electoral maps after PA decision?

Flashback: Obama cracks himself up making fun of Mitt

Texans United to Amend (United against Citizens United)

The Truth About Karl Rove's "New Majority Agenda"

Least Productive Congress Since World War II

58% more women than men want more power...

Skylanders videogame character inspired by us!

GOP poll has President Obama leading in Maine by 15-points

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA Impunity at home, rendition abroad

Orange Kitteh in lub with tubby puppie

For those Congressman who don't like Medicare cuts in Obamacare...

JPMorgan, UBS Said Among (7) Banks To Get N.Y. Libor Subpoenas

Commercial ebola vaccine 'unlikely' say researchers

"More Mitt" — A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite

Ben Tre redux: "It is necessary to destroy Medicare in order to save it".

Greenland melting breaks record 4 weeks early

Ann Romney: ‘No More Tax Releases’ But ‘There’s Nothing We’Re Hiding’

Who is filling in for Tamron Hall?

Dark chocolate 'may lower blood pressure'

HUGE CONTROVERSY !!!According to msnbc !

The House I Live In

Hell Bent For Election -- 1944

The best donation I ever made to DU! Hope you enjoy : )

Azaz air strike in Syria leaves '30 dead'

Israel and Iran: lethal game of bluff - GuardianUK

Bob Beckel Drops F-Bomb While Threatening Fox News Co-Host

Must the Poor Go Hungry Just So the Rich Can Drive?

Man photographs half-sunken log, claims it's Loch Ness Monster

Mexico's monarch butterfly reserve stops logging

President Obama Rips Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan In Iowa (Ryan tax plans as ‘trickle-down snake oil’)

Germany Reopens Facebook Privacy Inquiry

***IF*** Romney were elected --

Pawlenty Suggests That Soledad O’Brien Doesn’t Understand English

Leading figure of Hungarian anti-Semitic party discovers he is Jewish

Marijuana Decriminalization on the Ballot in Grand Rapids, MI

President Obama in Dubuque, Iowa

oooOOOhhh, those nasty Democrats are 'going negative', we're just telling the truth

First Lady Michelle Obama joins President Obama in Iowa - pics

Assange Faces Arrest Even If Ecuador Grants Asylum

Immigrants Made America Cool. So Yay For Immigrants, And Yay For This Graphic!

eBay: Tons of kids clothes! (Gymboree, GapKids, Mini Boden, Carter's)

Obama is Slamming Romney/Ryan Medicare in Iowa!!!

This question if for the women of DU. What qualities are REALLY important in a guy?

Dude, they ain't gonna legalize pot because of all the for profit prisons....

The Graphic For Anyone Who Thinks Paul Ryan Couldn't Get Any Worse

News Corp sets up global ethics team in wake of hacking scandal

Caption this photo of President Obama and Vice President Biden

Man who staged fiery protest outside General Mills dies of heart attack days later

Robot told me to say hi

Assange faces arrest even if Ecuador grants asylum...

Tell it Bernie!

The key to understanding Mitt Romney:

Help the NLG Protect Protest!

The drought and the corn.

Romney steps away from Paul Ryan's Medicare cuts

"Isn't that all a budget is? Numbers that have been run?"

Brazilian court halts Belo Monte hydro-electric dam project

Cereal-burning anti-LGBT protester dies

Olympic Memories...

But there's no climate change. Hottest rain temp ever 115°

It's Official: No VP Bounce For Romney/Ryan

Is it OK to accuse fellow DUers of being members of a hate group? Or spouting hategroup talkingpoint

Don't Roof Rack Me Bro by Devo. (Seamus Unleashed)

Exposed: 'Auschwitz-like' US death camp hospital in Kabul

Paul Ryan admits 'We haven't run the numbers' on Romney-Ryan budget plan, but trust him, it's great

Study off Mass. coast finds noise harming whales

I think Romney has crossed the point of no return on taxes...

OBAMA: They know their plan is not very popular-You can tell because they're being pretty dishonest

Get over it! You are not going to see anymore of our taxes.

Ann Romney Refuses to Release More Tax Returns

Please! Cosmic vibes for our DU family members that are in a bad way.

Biden: I say 'exactly what I mean, it's not gonna change'

Liberal group American Bridge launches initiative targeting conservative movement

Thoughts on the MSM

Yaron Brook, president of the Ayn Rand Institute- Ryan not Ayn Rand enough gigglefeast

Chris Shays endorses McMahon "I think she is a terrible candidate and . . make a terrible senator"

That's some job application.

Why is there no liberal Ayn Rand? Conservatives have a canon, why don't liberals?

Etiquette question involving gubs

Obama’s silent, non-voting majority

Missouri shipwreck resurfaces because of drought

Ken Langone on CNBC . . . .my GOD, where are these people HATCHED from?

Tobacco firms lose Australia plain packet case

Where does this idea come from that the Republicans are better for Israel?

St. Augustine Asks the Hard Questions Atheists Don’t Ask

Did this ReTHUG lady on Bashir

Song Premiere: Devo, 'Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)'

So President Obama cuts $700 billion in fraud and waste from Medicare and the Repugs accuse him....

MLB just caught a cheater--the Milk Man

Meet the new NYTs boss, same as the old boss?

By more than a 2 to 1 margin, what KEY group supports Obama over Romney?

Obama's European Socialist Empire

Top Catholic defends Obama invite against conservative criticism

It would be nice to see a army of kids chasing Mitt screaming "leave Elmo alone".

UK unemployment falls due to temporary Olympics jobs boost

Mitt Romney: Venn Diagram Fail.

Selfishness As Virtue: The Narcissistic Politics Of Paul Ryan

'Rich Kids of Instagram': Overserved and Oversharing

ECON 101: Tax cuts create a DIS-incentive to hire workers

I love Joe Biden too - why are they asking on tv...

How Many Points Can You Score on Defense?

Dr. Strangeice - or - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Global Warming Bomb

GOP translator. (Hope you can see this and pass it on!)

Lady Blah Blah says Biden must go - Bwaaaaaaaaaah hahahaha

Anyone know what happened to the Duzys?????????

Juliet Marine’s “Ghost” Ship Emerges from Stealth Startup, Gears Up for War

Good vibes request

Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks

"One Term More" (Re-elect Prez O) Amazing Les Miz adaptation by Hollywood & B'way pros

Schumer To Democrats: Pound Paul Ryan As A Fiscal ‘Fraud’

Tweety on the manufactured outrage re Biden

Must see! Fantastic adaptation of Les Miz theme

Song Premiere: Devo, 'Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)'

Get your GOP vouchers here....

UPDATE on SUMMER contest

Berlin maintains firm line on Greece (on austerity)


Paul Ryan's striking similitude to Ralph Reed

Dr. Strangeice - or - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Global Warming Bomb

'Rich Kids of Instagram': Overserved and Oversharing

My Modern Engineering entry, RichardD and coincidence.

TrapWire tied to White House, Scotland Yard, MI5 and others, claims hacked Stratfor email

Kentucky's GOP lawmakers question standards for teaching evolution in schools

Some new polls in.....Numbers aren't good

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted calls for uniform early voting hours

Houla killings: UN blames Syria troops and militia

History was made in Florida yesterday (politicians).

A small bump for Romney, but not a game change. (updated)

Was Tommy Thompson loaded for his acceptance speech?

Mitt Romney vs. dead potted plant, Mark Morford

Beginning to think that Romney genuinely isn't very bright.

Sometimes you have friends you don't know about, and sometimes you have friends you can do without!

I get the distinct impression that the NRA has become Orwell's "Brotherhood" for some people

Gynecologist visit true story

saw my first Romney bumper sticker today... ABQ

How are they going to try and steal the elections

I can't use the back button and have tons of ads rendering

Did we just lose Pennsylvania?

Romney Adviser ‘Embarrassed’ He Doesn’t Know When Romney Would Balance Budget, But Shouldn’t Be

Papantonio: Romney The King of Outsourcing American Jobs

Megadeth Singer Obama 'Staged' Aurora Shooting Massacre

CNN's O'Brien Corrects Right-Wing Media Medicare Falsehood

Pentagon's $140M USD Hypersonic Missile Crashes and Burns

Who remembers when the Bush/Cheeny admin was firing district judges

Study Shows Bill Nye Was Right About CNN's Climate Coverage

Beagle devours $275 in cold, hard cash

Romney Adviser ‘Embarrassed’ He Doesn’t Know When Romney Would Balance Budget, But Shouldn’t Be

Presenting DEVO - Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)

Baird pulls aid pledge from Syrian-Canadian group

What Wisconsin Journalists Want You To Know About Paul Ryan

Anti-Gay Marriage Activist Who Set General Mills Lawn Ablaze Dies

At least 20 Afghan civilians wounded as attackers target mosque and market

When the back button does not work for me I just right

Group claiming to be made up of ex-OPSEC personnel attacks Obama for claiming to have killed OBL

McCain: Would be wise to can Joe Biden

Univision CEO Petitions CPD to Add Presidential Debate With Hispanic Moderator

Who's Behind the Anti-Islam Ads on MTA and Muni?

Did you see Robot Man in front of the coal miners?

Russian Atheist Follower ... US Republican VP Candidate

Felix Hernandez throws 3rd Perfect game of the year, 23rd all-time

New York City is having a freaking monsoon!

Sharpton Shows Interview of Ryan Saying he Joined the ROMNEY TICKET

Hedge Funder: Mitt Romney Blew It By Picking Ryan (He Is TOO Honest) And Now He'll Lose The Election


I feel so damn Rock&Roll (Jim Morrison, Elvis, Janis, Jimi) each time I .....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 16 August 2012

REPOST: With a Piece of Chalk (Updated link)

Nike’s Sexist “Gold Digging” Shirt Under Fire

McGrumpy suggests that Biden be replaced with Hillary Clinton

Obama slams Romney, Ryan tax plans as ‘trickle-down snake oil’

Romney Adviser ‘Embarrassed’ He Doesn’t Know When Romney Would Balance Budget, But Shouldn’t Be

Rmoney can't admitt Obama's campaign is based on 100% verifiable facts

Okay. Seriously, Ayn Rand IS Livia Sorpano!

Media has forgotten GOP CONGRESS voted for the Ryan Budget.

PA judge denies challenge to GOP Voter ID law, saying it does not abridge right to vote (!)

Group claiming to be made up of ex-OPSEC personnel attacks Obama for claiming to have killed OBL

I'll just leave this here, and let you chew on it

Question for Lounge guys: What qualities are REALLY important in a woman?

Boner's office blames Obama for drought.

Dallas mayor declares emergency over West Nile virus

The President and First Lady in Dubuque, IA (pics)

Top six myths about Medicare

Tony Pantalleresco, Alternative Healing Recipes on YouTube - Incredible variety of useful vids

blah, blah, blah

Urban Farm Online

What are you hiding Ann?

Has-been Megadeth singer (& Santorum pal) tells audience: Obama staged Aurora, sikh temple shootings

Mitt needs help making Venn diagrams -- LET'S SHOW HIM HOW!

Romney accidentally tells Cuban exiles he loves vagina

Those people behind romney when he speaks, smiling and shaking their heads yes?

"We Haven't Run The Numbers:" A Startling Ryan Admission That's Getting Little Attention

HUFFPO: (WTF?)--Entire Front Page in enormous font: WORST RECOVERY SINCE DEPRESSION

Barack and Michelle are love each other!!! (Obama Diary)

Defeatism and TOS

Because MFM said so!

His so-called job was being a consultant with the family's business.

Mormon undies

We are winning!

Call Center Outsourcing Opponents To Get Endorsement Of Communications Workers Union

Is this even legal?

New GOP mene. Put in Hilary instead of Biden.

A.G. HOLDER HAS NO (Fill in the blank)

UK 'threatens' to raid Ecuador embassy over Assange

'Scared the Hell Out of Me. It Was a Great Wake-Up Call (Although I Wasn't Really Asleep)

Goldman Non-Prosecution: AG Eric Holder Has No Balls

Heads Up - POTUS Speaking In Davenport

I wonder why?

Made in the USA jeans on SALE!!!


Simple truth for all ReTHUGs who can't deal with this fact

Ryan mocked in media for inability to defend his own budget plan

Does Romney sound like an annoying preacher or is it just me?


London 2012 authorities got cyber-attack warning on eve of Games

This is why Mitt is in a panic

Chuck Todd smacks down Romney surrogate over false welfare claim

I think Krugman may have just proven Reasonable Republicans cannot exist

I want to rant. You don't need to reply if you disagree because this is just a rant

I am African American and I loved Biden's

Is Rasmussen polling right wing?

President Obama: "Joe Biden has been an outstanding vice president"

OH GEEZE! Just saw Macaca beside rmoney at 'rally'

Rasmussen just polled me. Very interesting..

Paul Ryan Slams His Own Medicare Cuts In Ohio

Perfect day.

Today I got to read one of the finest stories I think I've come across...

Court-martial of alleged Army base gunman delayed

The Catholic Church Republican Video

dog , cabbage 'nuff said

DU may have to TS me - I agree 100% with this Republican talking point

UK jobs: The plot thickens

Arizona Governor Tries To Thwart Obama’s Immigration Directive With Executive Order

Arizona Governor Tries To Thwart Obama’s Immigration Directive With Executive Order (update)

Iowa deli co-owner caters for Obama visit, but his t-shirt tells another story

Romney: Chains Didn't Bother Me When I Chained My Dog To The Roof of My Car

23 LGBT groups issue statement on FRC shooting

Australian politicians demand inquiry into Iraq invasion

Romney Sees No Immediate Bounce From Ryan V.P. Pick

Sen. Sanders: Who and What Caused the Deficit?

NYT: Importing Russia’s Top Gun

"Paul Ryan: Grow Up" by James Zogby at the Huffington Post

You think Biden has had it with R&R now? Wait till Joe hears about this.....


As a tax preparer and a liberal I have always looked at the Earned Income Credit as

Have these guys ever been seen in the same room together?

I listened to a small portion of Romney's speech on NPR today

Anyone ever seen "Parks & Recreation". Is it good?

Gunmen Have Attacked And Entered A Pakistani Air Force Base Thought To House Nuclear Weapons

Mitt Romney Accused of Hijacking Silversun Pickups Song

If you could have an hour with Barack Obama, with the proviso it was all off the record (I did)....