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Like Palin, Ryan obscures the top of the ticket- only it's about 10x more so

I love seeing the 70's stuff...

Why Ryan? Here's why

Does anyone buy food or household products from Amazon?

Funny - I am not so much bothered/worried by RMoneyAynRand as I am offended.

Greek police looking for killers of Iraqi migrant

Any here work with seniors or have a senior parent, and helped with their "Part_" medicare choices?

I won't lie... I really hope Biden goes with the Weinermobile during the debate

Reuters: Palin will not speak at RNC Convention.

CNN Olympic spoiler (the bastards)

What if Mitt is planning on dropping out?

People are really trying to create outrage at Leo Manzano?

Europe air fees... WTF?

Terms of Service; Didn't Read

200 Rescued in Iran After Quakes; Death Toll Rises to 300

Obama opens his Chicago home to supporters


Rmoney found his big boy pants.

What was that spot on Ryan's flag pin on 60 minutes?

DO NOT underestimate this Rmoney/RAynRand ticket

Will your parents vote for Romney and essentially end your SS and Medicare ?

Publicist Dale Olson, who Convinced Rock Hudson to Admit to Having Aids, has Died

Crossposting from GD re Win file directory/save as issue

For those that care

Bain/Pain 2012

Fuck you GB and whatever remains of your empire.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 14: Summer Under the Stars: James Cagney

Chasing the drought across the Midwest - pictures

Feeling left out of Judgment Day?

Paul Ryan: Arrogant Prick 'It's Mr. Ryan now'

Did you ever think that your worst enemies would be your own countrymen?

Dear Media, Romney still needs to release his tax returns

Atheist Evangelism

Bain Capital Companies:

HP won't cut jobs in India; may add to workforce in long term: Meg Whitman

Ayn Rand Joins the Ticket (Jane Mayer | The New Yorker)

This is just creepy

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 15: Summer Under the Stars: Lillian Gish

About time!

Paul Ryan loved Ayn Rand, before he said he didn't (LA Times)

Paul Ryan on Ayn Rand

Gekko/Galt- 60 Minutes remarks about tax shelters (Video)

School bus bullies: Mitt Romney and Karen Klein

Miami Herald: Ryan could hurt Romney in Florida

The Boss Wrings A Little More Productivity Out Of U.S. Workers

Been incommunicado all weekend - on one of the biggest political

Estes Park News Weekend Special Report Break-In News!

AWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwww Molly!!!!!

Alleged $700B ACA 'Medicare cut': Slashes healthcare svcs to seniors or trims corporate welfare?

Union leader strives to ease Obama's "white guy problem"

PitBull attack (you decide)

Romney campaign cancels Monday visit to Orlando

I thought I had discovered a healthy snack...raw red kidney beans

More from Mars (IMAGES)

Why The Houston Janitor Strike Was Historic

What choosing Paul Ryan as Vice President means

Gas prices see biggest jump of the year

New York police charge 5 for assaulting, robbing migrant workers

Pro-labor rally draws tens of thousands

Federal workers fret about jobs as sequestration looms

HELP defeat cantor, who is holding up action on House Agriculture bill.

My God, the Fuckstick Duo...

Co-op union vote set (Aug. 23-24 under scrutiny by officials from the NLRB)

Camel's eye?

Greenwald: Paul Ryan is no fiscal conservative

I'm actually very concerned about how we respond to the Romney/Ryan ticket.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 13 August 2012

No time for trolls

A Crunch Cometh

How Can I Get My Cats To Stop Waking Me Up In The Morning?

A Fistful of Rupees: The Legend of Zelda Told as a Spaghetti Western

Is it really that blatant....

Bill Moyers Essay: Everyone Should Be Entitled to Medicare

It's a shame the world is so broke. Closing Ceremonies suffered.

I don't know nothing about birthin vampire babies. LOL!

The victims of low-interest locusts

Family of deranged man fatally shot by cops in Times Square upset over use deadly force

HBO Newsroom alert

How to tell Science from Disinformation....

An Open Letter to the Romney Campaign...

The Gungeon, Sarcasm in an Alert, & a Jury Fail

bwaahahahaha monty python...olympics

No, YOUR Hair Is Marvelous!

Howard Dean: "You Can't Convince People That A Dem Is Going To Cut Medicare"

The Irony and Cynicism of Mitt Romney’s Secrecy Surrounding his Tax Returns

Ok someone help me out here - what is with teabaggers and cheetos

Is Dick Morris the worst political analyst in America?

19 months after mass shooting, ex-Rep. Giffords moves back to Tucson

Eric Idle is drop-dead funny. "Always Look On the Bright Side of Life"

Not One Jobs Bill, Ryan! Not one!

You're stuck in a room for a while -

"the crux of the American elite"

Please define "concern troll" for me.

12/27/11: Thom Hartmann attacks Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) for support Paul Ryan's Medicare agenda

Who would you get to showcase the music and culture of the USA during a 2+ hour ceremony/concert?

Can Romney successfully distance himself from the radical RW Ryan budget ?

Arctic Methane Release at Extinction Levels. Republicans Admit to Crisis, Formulate Plan for Masses

I have poll withdrawal

Who saw the Romney/Ryan speeches today and 60 mins interview?

Issa: We are filing charges against Attorney General Eric Holder tomorrow

"We are filing charges against Attorney General Eric Holder tomorrow"

Got ticket for Obama on Wed. (plus campaign office was pissed)

Paul Ryan: I will show two years of taxes

To bad Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason

(Wash. Post on Don Siegelman) When is a campaign contribution a bribe?

AP FACT CHECK: Social Security’s funding shortfall adds to budget deficit in a roundabout way

Has anyone ever been to an Olympics?

AP Fact Check *SHREDS* Romney/Ryan "Questionable, Eye-Popping, Do Not Fit With Reality" Claims

Isn't this the source of the Federal Reserve, Freeman, Sovereign Citizen CT?

From Huff Post: Alan Singer: Cuomo, Common Core and Pearson-for-Profit

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, August 12)

So it appears the Olympic Games in London were very successful, contrary to Romney's "concerns"

I wish we had the UK coverage of the closing ceremonies, instead of our bland coverage.

Thank you Brits! Enjoyed the Olympics and had a great time!

Stephanie Miller: Paul Ryan's Plan isn't a bold plan. It is a horrible plan.

Local NBC cut off the Olympics finale and airing Animal Practice!!

Dear dog. An Emotional Homecoming For Paul Ryan In Wisconsin

Romney VP pick Paul Ryan to visit Central Florida this weekend

sorry wrong section.

Forget reality for 1 hour... The Newsroom kicked some booty tonite... even Paul Ryan was mentioned -

Looking for the tax release graph pic

Best movie quote you've heard in the past 10 years.

Go US Women!

So many facets to Newroom. It really exposes the commercial exploitation of news in this country

Breaking Bad -- anyone see tonight's episode? (possible spoilers)

Romney's Death Squad Ties: Bain Launched With Funds From Oligarchs Behind Salvadoran Murders

Re Eddie MUNSTER, more like Anthony WEINER, stay with me

Dumb Question but What is with Ayn Rand?

How does romney/ryan plan to get to 270?

The Ryann choice a sign of desperation?

Understand This: You Will Need Medicare When You Get Old

From the Archives, my vote for the "Best Ayn Rand Post Ever"...

How did "The Seventh Veil" really end? *** SPOILER ALERT ***

Here's a link to the full Romney/Ryan 60 Minutes interview - video

The New Elitists

How did "The Seventh Veil" really end?

Egypt's president asserts authority over army

NBC Cut Ray Davies Performing Waterloo Sunset! And a Kate Bush song!

Why I believe Paul Ryan is a death blow to the Romney campaign

Readout of President Obama's Call with Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom

Overexposed photo...

Did any "unnamed Republican source" say they opposed McCain's selection of Palin the day after?

Google chiefs could face British MPs over tax avoidance schemes

a biography of the day--rachel binah

"Poll: Six In Ten Oppose GOP’s Medicare Privatization Plan" by John Terbush at TPM

The core of Mitt Romney

If I Hear Family Values or Values Voter One More Time I Am Going To Throw Up

a quote of the day

"PANIC! - MSM: "Romney is in Big, Big, Trouble" - daily kos

Oh, the interesting things you learn while browsing Wikipedia ...

seneca falls declaration of sentiments july 19-20 1848

seneca falls declaration of sentiments

PANIC! - MSM: "Romney is in Big, Big, Trouble"

The GOP Will Create Massive Voter Chaos To Win

Lucy Calkins and Her Teacher's College Cult of Failure

All Democrats. I beg you. Please stop saying "as we know it"

Michael Savage blames Sikh temple shooting on Democratic Party and the SPLC

"The Ryan Budget: A Primer on What’s Now the Hottest Topic in 2012" at Time

It's Election Season. What news commentary shows are you watching?

The RW Hate Machine And Its Allies Are Inciting Racial Violence

What Wisconsin Journalists Want You To Know About Paul Ryan

Hi, Everyone

Joe Kubert, N.J. comic book legend, dead at 85

If there is a legitimate democratic candidate in Ryan's district...

Paul Ryan is no Sarah Palin (and that's either really good or really bad)...

"Mitt Romney's Astoundingly Cynical Medicare Strategy" Jonathan Cohn at the New Republic

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

"Dems Try To Discredit Paul Ryan As A Deficit Hawk" by Pema Levy at TPM

Ryan won't join Florida tour

NY Times - "As Ryan Looks to Focus on Economy, Spotlight Shines on His Other Views"

Here's a great clip of RFK on the 60's "The Smothers Brothers Show".

Repug presidential candidate makes stop in Miami Monday at...El Palacio de los Jugos?

Drug caravan to visit more than 20 US cities

Will Ryan drop out before the convention?????? If the reaction is like FL

I am very proud :0)

Olympics closing ceremony...

Study Links Healthier Weight in Children With Strict Laws on School Snacks.

*C-SPAN NOW, ryan questioning Geithner,

Why Ayn Rand is worshipped

President Obama Campaigns in Chicago - speech VIDEO

Need a laugh?

What's for Dinner ~ Monday August 13th

Ryan impact on NC

Volare, Deana Martin. I think she sings it just fine.

I think someone really screwed up here...

So RCP changed Wisconsin from leaning dem to neutral because of Ryan's selection...

Why did RMoney select Ryan? I mean, let's get serious. Why does Mitt think Ryan will help

Mitt Rmoney on abortion throughout the years...

When you are young, you believe that you will do well.

OMG !!! Paul Ryan IS just like Sarah Palin

Who Would Fardels Bear?

So the 2012 Olympics came and went with no "security problems".

Hong Kong court orders eviction of Occupy protesters

What Atlanta cats do when their owners aren't looking

Illinois man accused of shooting at mosque

Romney Hood and Little Paul

I have to say...

I Hooked Up With a Gay Evangelical Christian -- Here's Why I Outed Him

9 Reasons Romney's Choice of Paul Ryan for Veep Is Smarter Than You Think

Before she quit, Janna Ryan was a DC lobbyist

Why We Should Care About the Homeless Vote

Cameron: "Let's Keep The Olympic Flame Alive By Dissing Primary Teachers. Again"

Flag Fen hosts 'crowdsourced' Bronze Age archaeology dig

The Silliest Chart You'll See In The Paul Ryan Debt Plan

Bain’s ‘Creative Destruction’ Destroys Lives

Australian refugee plan criticised by human rights groups

Obama to launch three-day bus tour of Iowa today as Ryan leaves Romney bus tour of FL

Weird bug with PMs?

VP Biden coming to Durham for campaign stop

What the headline reads: Romney-Ryan would aim to overhaul Medicaid. It should say:

Parasites May Get Nastier with Climate Swings

Get back to Mitt's taxes...

Snap Judgment: Ultrafast Camera Renews Promise of Blood Test for Early Cancer Detection

The Republican War on Everybody Else

NRA wants new open-carry gun law in Florida

City Rushes To Accommodate Rapidly Rising Homeless Population

NRA Up to Old Tricks at ALEC, But "Docs and Glocks" Bill Halted

Mitt's Secret (cartoon)

Crowds in Cairo praise Morsi's army overhaul

The Next Mayor: An NYPD Still Outside the Law?

Romney camp cancels Orlando stop scheduled in Florida tour due to exhaustion

For Billionaires, a Heaven on Earth Beckons

Math algorithm tracks crime, rumours, epidemics to source

Ryan tears up at Wisconsin rally: ‘My veins run with cheese’

Could Omaha cast the deciding presidential (electoral) vote?

As the U.S. Presidential Election Begins in Earnest, a Study in Contrasts (Transportation policy)

IBM Claims "Spintronics Memory" Breakthrough

California unlikely to meet prison crowding reduction requirement

"Please, don't say anything bad about Paul Ryan."

Toon: The Choice

When will the first post-Ryan polls be out?

Hack Gregory - it makes perfect sense that he was picked

Cartoonists react to Ryan Pick

ryan's right, we should rid America of those lazy cheaters who drag the rest of us down

ryan and his insider trading problem...

There is a morning news 'LOVE FEST' that is going on for Ryan that is so

So the minister of propaganda has spoken and it's no suprise

Wisconsin: Right wing 'Dems' out to beat progressives Pasch and Zamarripa in Aug. 14 primary

Toon: Are You Ready To Compromise?

Anagram: Ryan = Ayn R.

What do Floridians think about the Romney-Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it?

Republican U.S. House Staffers Indicted for Felony Election Fraud as GOP Fraud Epidemic Continues

Obama targets Ryan Medicare plan in new video

Chris Hedges: Criminalizing Dissent

(Wisconsin Wave) Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus has threatened to destroy the entire County's

Morning Joe Scum - the discussion this morning has nothing to do with people's lives

We Have Pubic Hair for a Reason

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA Tea Party hijacks Romney and the presidential race

In Iowa, Obama to announce measures to soothe drought pain

NYT's David Firestone: A Tax Plan That Defies the Rules of Math

Top Obama political adviser draws comparison of Ryan and Palin, says Romney will regret choice

Nugent on Ryan: Awash In The Blood Of Bambi, You Become A Man

60 Minutes segments

Oil rises above $114 a barrel on Israel-Iran tensions

Michael Tomasky on How the GOP Plans to Block the Black Vote

Romney cancels Orlando stop in Florida tour due to exhaustion (Can't handle workload!)

Here's a reason for young people to understand what an asshole Paul Ryan is..

Ryan Farther-Reaching Than Romney On Taxes Without Detail

Robert Shrum: How Obama Will Cash In on Paul Ryan: Medicare, Taxes, Education & More

Saving the Post Office: Letter Carriers Consider Bringing Back Banking Services

CNN Quick Vote: More or less-likely to vote Romney since he picked Ryan?

The real reason Moneybags picked Eddie...Follow the money

Would someone remind the media hacks that Paul Ryan was at that Inauguration night dinner

Turkey's PKK rebels say they kidnapped lawmaker

Oil Companies Failing to Adequately Disclose Drilling Risks to SEC and Investors

Venezuela plans a 'guerrilla army' against US invasion

New Obama Video Welcomes Romney To Florida

What are your favorite conservation songs?

Still voting for Mitt?

Luckovich Toon: Is Rmoney secretly on the Dems Payroll?

Did anyone see the clip of Romney chiding/chastising a heckler for interrupting him

Mr. Fish Toon: Investment Opportunities

Krugman: The Ryan Role

Syrian Rebels Claim to Have Brought Down a Jet

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: A Love Affair Against the Common Good

Observation about ROFLMAO

In Romney's America, Welfare Is for Losers

The Ryan budget: "vague" promises, "fewer jobs, greater insecurity, and shrinking opportunities"

Tea party activist: Fox News too far left because of Bob Beckel

America’s clear choice: Franklin Roosevelt or Ayn Rand

The Anxious Idiot

Joe Scar was his worst nasty self this morning...

If you only want a few replies, post about taxes. If you want several, election fraud. For many...

its monday, will romney release his income tax returns ???

As the U.S. Presidential Election Begins in Earnest, a Study in Contrasts (Transportation policy)

So.... I'm not allowed to talk about Mitt's Olympic experience, taxes, Bain or time as governor....

Picking Ryan Wasn't Bold; It Was Insane

Joe B. Pegs Romney/Ryan as the Wealthy, Right-Wing Idealouge Ticket

CNN Money says there aren't any skilled workers in Northeast Indiana

Chuck Todd spoke truth: "Older people want security, not choices in their health care."

So It is Monday and will the question of taxes come up OR the fact he demanded Ryan Tax returns

Issa to piss away more money .... Oversight committee to file contempt case against Holder

*** Gets out Hammer and hangs sign for the new DU Lounge Bathroom ***

Piyush Jindal aka Alfred Neuman is on The Daily Rundown

Chicago Supporters Sing *Happy Birthday, Mr. President!*

Romney tried to kidnap Wonderboy & ended up losing his pants

Former Governor Doug Wilder: If Obama doesn't get the black vote out in masses he will loose

Nukes have momentum of their own

"Look at Greece"

Let's put an end to this

Romney leading by only 1% in Missouri (SurveyUSA)

The three "Rs"

Survey USA Missouri poll (taken Sunday) Romney leads by only one-point

Romney spokesman: Ryan skipping Florida has nothing to do with his plan to end Medicare

USAT/Gallup Poll: Paul Ryan gets low marks for VP

"If he didn't want this albatross, he should have picked a better vice presidential nominee."

The press attacks on Social Security continue; Social Security surplus dwarfed by future deficit

Debunking Republican LIES: Medicare has become a blend of corporate welfare and unlimited healthcar

So now all of a sudden from four days ago the battle ground states are tied up now

I am still remembering the fun of the Olympics

Pope's ex-butler Paolo Gabriele to stand trial

Robert Gibbs - Mitt RMoney's campaign is built on LIES

Caracas Murder Rate Hits 60 in One Weekend

President Obama opens his Chicago home to supporters

south carolinians: does obama have a chance here?

Ok, it's going 'round FB about some college roommate of Barack Obama's

USAT/Gallup Poll: Paul Ryan gets low marks for VP

Jet Skier Breaks Through JFK Airport's $100 Million Security System

Tom Tomorrow: 'You May Call Me... The Nominee!'

I’m a Mormon, Not a Christian

Metaphorically speaking (for all you "Next Generation" fans) -- "Kali...When the Summers Fell":

Delusions of grandpurr:

The "Clint-squint":

I don't care WHAT anybody says -- do NOT piss off your food service worker.

Krugman slams "gullible" MSM for kissing up to Ryan

He'll bet you 2-to-1, all these years later, that they STILL remember MiddleFingerMom in that ER!!!

There's a pretty damned good reason why MiddleFingerMom stopped dropping acid.

President Obama tags Paul Ryan as Republican "ideological leader"

Pudd'nhead Mitt and the Great Giveaway

Republicans Create A Crisis and Then Use Social Programs To Pay for the Crisis

Who's going to control the message, Romney or Ryan?

The words of the day are "Pubic Hair". Use "Pubic Hair" in a thread title.

Speaking of LGBT athletes: Corey Johnson mulling run for Christine Quinn's Council Seat

David Gregory and Chuck Todd sounding more concerned this morning about Ryan hurting Romney,

Atheist billboards mock Romney, Obama religion

Summer Arctic sea ice is going extinct 50% faster than predicted

Please vote for Obama and 4 policies here:

Koch brothers have Paul Ryan's back

Paul Ryan traded on insider information to avoid 2008 crash!

Paul Ryan Warned Of RomneyCare “Death Spiral”

Are DUers watching Egypt -

"Reverse Sexism"

2012 Presidential Debate Moderators: Candy Crowley, Jim Lehrer, Bob Schieffer And

Mitt...Mitt, Did You Think We'd Forget? /Thought You'd Distract With Your "Palin II" Bit?

Yet another source who validates what's going on astrologically & energetically

CNN Money says there aren't any skilled workers in Northeast Indiana

New MO poll w/ 57% polled after Ryan pick: Obama virtually tied w/ Romney, moderates 2:1 for Obama

MO: BO's Not Spiderman

Bamiyan Buddhas: Should they be rebuilt?

* snorty snort snort *

Issa is an impeachment genius!!!

‘Intelligent Design’ Not Enough For Creationists, Now The Push For ‘Divine Mathematics’

Ban heterosexual marriage

Chuck's saying Robme's "senior problem" makes it hard for him to win now

This is incredible why does Newt Gingrich have a platform?

Idaho Nuclear Developer's Lawyers Want Off SEC Case

Romney Taunts Chinese Moon Landing Plans

My opinion: Romney chose Ryan because he is a lightening rod who will

Picking Ryan Wasn't Bold; It Was Insane

Don't laugh at me (yet), but I think NC - and even SC - could be in play now.

The olympics are over and the only terrorist attack

Dear Republican Party...

Copy & Forward: October 26, 2012 is the voter registration deadline in Alabama

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 13, 1971

FAQ: How Paul Ryan Proposes to Change Medicare

Woman Becomes First Openly Gay General

"An Extreme Choice": Touting Ayn Rand, GOP Pick Paul Ryan Backs Dismantling New Deal.

Japan pledges less reliance on nuclear energy as Nagasaki marks anniversary of A-bomb attack

The Paul Ryan Vision: Ban Abortion, Defund Contraception, Outlaw In Vitro Fertilization

Help me with a rebuttal to this

Copy & Forward: October 6, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Mississippi

Mediaite: Maddow "absolutely right" that battleship use offensive, a Dukakis Tank moment on steroids

The U.S. and Its Comrade in Arms, Al Qaeda, and other tales of an empire gone mad

Jennifer Aniston is engaged.

Paul Ryan Acted Immediately After 2008 Bush WH Meeting on Impending Economic Meltdown

Down on the farm: Obama to go after Paul Ryan in Iowa speech

Congrats to Rory McIlroy -- wins PGA Championship and sets record

True Blood Recap - it's the 'Ice your clam!' issue

I mis-read one of the new GOP ads -- thought for a second it said "America's Scumbag Team"

Flying house concept

The Mormon and the Catholic - how much will religion matter to the base?

So did the LDS Church really choose Ryan?

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Blocked plug in

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

If this is true then 'swing voters' are dumber than dirt (or Palin)

Paul Ryan thinks this is a person

Paul Ryan's Plan is just like Euthanasia Liberty!

So, Romney's advisers against Ryan. So who pushed him? The Kochs?

Howell / Gilligan 2012

Was Mitt brainwashed into picking Ryan?

When the pathologist is a government tool-the G20 protest murder by police

Medicare To Penalize 2,211 Hospitals For Excess Readmissions

EU, US Nuclear Regulators To Discuss Belgian Reactor Cracks

MittPaul attempts to communicate with you lesser beings (graphic)

never mind. source discredited. nt

Romney/Ryan Really?

Which of your kids' basements do you want to live in when you're a senior citizen?

January 2009: Paul Ryan Literally Plotted To Sabotage America's Economy

Ezra Klein - The Republican ticket’s big Medicare myth

David Bender believes they will sell ryan as the "savior" of Medicare. With all the super pac money

just found my favorite blog entry ever

Question (re: Medicare vouchers)


"... I'm going to convince famous actors they have super powers!"

The Corporate Media's meme about Paul Ryan should be destroyed (warning: RANT)

" people who got Medicaid coverage were less likely to die than people who didn't."

Scary Stuff

Message To 65 +'ers On Medicare GOP Medicare Trojan Horse

The Rude Pundit: Paul Ryan's Family Is Rich Because of the Federal Government

50% of Ryan's 13yrs in Congress was to save "arrows".

Pass Out Medicare Funeral Coupons

Nuclear ruse: Posing as toymaker, Chinese merchant allegedly sought U.S. technology for Iran

Obama Casts Ryan As Face Of Do-Nothing Congress

Japan’s Utilities Lose $46 Billion as End of Era Nears

So "Ryan Inc." essentially built its fortune on the single-payer (i.e. U.S. federal gov't.) system?

So Ryan is still running for his House seat according to his opponent Rob Zerban.

Why Ryan pick won't help Romney

Paul Ryan says 'you did build it.' Well, the government built Paul Ryan.

Rolling Stone: The Five Fatal Flaws of Romney's Ryan Veep Pick

Paul Ryan and the triumph of theory

30% of Girls' Clothing Is Sexualized in Major Sales Trend

In 2010 Obama said Ryan's Medicare plan was 'entirely legitimate'?

I hope the far right enjoys itself today, because I don’t think the fun is going to last.

What a guy!

nearly 40 percent of voters can't identify a fossil fuel

Let It Be (acoustic Beatles cover)... hanky warning :(

From Ryan's Porch...

CNBC: Wealthiest Voters May Like Romney Even More Now

The GOP's down-ballot anxiety (Republicans trying to run away from Ryan's budget)

The Nun Who Broke Into the Nuclear Sanctum

Dispatches From The War On Women: Meet Paul Ryan Read more:

Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan: Smart vs. Dumb Visions for America

The election results this November will be horrifying.

Olympians Medal in London, While the NRA Meddles in Harrisburg

Who hasn't shown more of themselves at a waterpark than they intended? i.e. Katy Perry.

Des Moines Register: Romney’s Welfare Attack False.

I LOVE this Romney- Ryan "Ad"

Just Stop

Why Obama, the pro-choice candidate, is also the truer pro-life candidate.

Pic Of The Moment: Thought For The Day

Got my golden ticket and I have a question.

A discussion regarding pubic hair?

New GOP Bumper Sticker

Paul Ryann has a KILLER workout plan P90X

So ok, here is the latest email Anti-Obama PR I received

Food price fears prompt plans for emergency talks

Olympics 18.45 million viewers; Romney/Ryan 60 Minutes 5.98 million

Papantonio: Who Are The Climate Criminals?

Ryan Doesn't Meet Romney's Own Requirement


Google, Salesforce were allegedly offered 'TrapWire' spy tool

Oh joy oh joy: Candy CROWLEY to be first woman moderator of presidential debates

They preach your personal responsibilities, not theirs.

Just in time for the GOP convention: "RED ALERT: Strip clubs among Tampa's cleanest kitchens"

I think the immediate effects of Arctic Storm John Galt are finished playing out

Chicago-Area Mosque Shot With Rifle After Rep. Walsh Warns Of ‘Radical’ Islam

Opinions please


Trickling over the ivories

AARP, the seniors’ lobby and chief gatekeeper of Medicare benefits ENDORSED Obama Plan

Voting Record Analysis Finds Paul Ryan Most Extreme VP Nominee In A Century

Mitt Romney has decided that talking about his business experience is now ‘gutter politics’

Curiosity photo reveals stunning evidence of life

If you're concerned about "Jobs", you're too poor to vote republican

"All Part of the Plan"

I need some 'splainin' done

Ryan's Medicare plan would be tricky to pull off

Google Switches Up Its Search Engine To Shun Sites Suspected Of Peddling Pirated Content

God Punishes Anti-gay Boy Scouts With Rabid Beaver Attack.

The Ryan pick is an admission that Rmoney can't win

Medicare Obama vs. Ryan questions

Wall Street's Big Concern: Can Ryan Help Romney Win?

They're creepy and they're kooky (Facebook photo)

Analysis: Are Israelis Tough Enough For A Long War With Iran?

Here's the worst kept secret and the truth that won't be spoken...

Ahmadinejad Arrives In Saudi For Islamic Summit

VP Joe Biden to go after Romney/Ryan 'with both guns'

But what does Ryan's lifelong fascination with Rand say about him?

Israel Assured U.S. will Join War on Its Side – Report

Robert Reich on The Ryan Choice

Attack ad against Jeff Brandes - 'Those darn driverless cars'

The real reason Romney canceled his visit? Fighting with Gov. Scott...

Moratorium on new school construction in PA.

Mitt Romney’s constitutional amendment would bar Paul Ryan from the presidency LOL!

Sarah Palin Redux

Taoist kitties

Anders Behring Breivik could have been halted –report

In a nutshell: There's nothing in Ryan's Medicare plan that contains costs

Vet’s Office Says Shopping Online Endangers My Pet, Won’t Approve Prescription

keep in pocket

Paul Ryan Insider trading, DU, get this information out there now!


Walmart, Right-Wing Media Company Hold Star-Studded Benefit Promoting Education Reform Film

Gary Weiss, The Street: Ryan's Skeleton in the Closet (calls Ryan a LIAR for denying Rand influence)

What if Paul Ryan had lost every single vote he made in Congress. What would the deficit be now?

Taking bets on Paul Ryan

Inspiring Story: Annie: “I have a second chance at life”

Mitt Romney, pathological liar and wimp

5 Ways Privatization Degrades America

Neighbor is charged in Illinois mosque shooting

WTF is Obama doing praising Paul Ryan?


Racial profiling rife at Boston Logan Airport, according to federal officers

Re-Implement FDR’s 2nd Bill Of Rights w/Video

Obama Blasts Ryan on Farm Bill Stalemate

Motorola to cut 4,000 employees as it focuses on high-end devices

Warm seawater forces Conn. nuclear plant shutdown

The Poor Get Poorer: How Ryan's Budgets Would Affect Ours

Chicago-Area Mosque Shot with Rifle After Rep. Walsh Warns of "Radical" Islam

Update from the Campaign Trail

Kathy Nickolaus destroying ballots? Waukesha County DA says “Nothing is being destroyed today”

The Most Radical Part Of The Paul Ryan Budget Has Nothing To Do With Medicare.

"Ryan is the logical end of any Grand Bargain the White House strikes on the economy and on debt"

Brutus Is An Honorable Men

Graham Hancock questions Richard Dawkins on psychedelics and challenging his world view

How One Shot Could Stop Drug Addiction

Hezbollah's Propaganda War - Part 1

I know a Republican who uses private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid

sheldon adelson: Casino Mogul’s Frontman in China Is Focus of Inquiries

14 Wacky "Facts" Kids Will Learn in Louisiana's Voucher Schools from Mother Jones

Don't ever take your eyes off of Republicans

Award for todays dumbest political cartoon goes to:

Obama Just Took His First Big Direct Shot At Paul Ryan With A New Line Of Attack

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul (Ryan)

Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid

Obama Camp’s Tumblr: Paul Ryan Is ‘Actually The Worst’

Romney claims Obama "robbed Medicare" to distract from GOP plans to END Medicare

Stopping Cantor and Ryan

What is your hard licker of choice?

The Paul Ryan Origin Story Is a Heaping Pile - By Charles P. Pierce

Rich toddlers draw fashion designers' eyes

Mom loves me.

Stopping Cantor and Ryan

Regarding Romney's tax returns . . . BigTree gave me an idea

Stopping Cantor and Ryan

Veep Choice Doesn’t Move the Polls (Gallup and Rasmussen unchanged)

The toughest flappers in the world

Egyptian newspaper confiscated for insulting the president

Was it Paul Ryan that wanted to Annul any marriages that didn't produce a child? Or was that a

I'm a living example of why we need healthcare reform

Royal Court plans Pussy Riot readings on day of trial verdict

Here's why I think Rmoney selected Paul Ryan for VP

Alaska, 2062?

Paul Ryan a gift to both campaigns (wingnuts are happy and Romney is screwed)

Hailing Mars rover landing, Obama tells NASA if Curiosity finds Martians, ‘Please let me know’

The question of the day goes to Wolf Blitzer.

Ryan is a big part of the WORST CONGRESS EVER

Biden on FIRE!!! in NC

Mitt Romney Scrubs Ad Attacking Newt Gingrich Over Paul Ryan Budget

Thank you DU.

Paul Ryan traded on insider information to avoid 2008 crash

Science explains the existence of God.

Chicago audience sings "Happy Birthday" to President Obama - pics and video

Paul Ryan - An Environmental Disaster Waiting to Happen

CNN's Crowley to moderate Oct. presidential debate

Already whining: Team Romney Objects To Farm Bill Attacks Without Specifics

By the time that this Election is concluded in November

The Growing Disconnect between the "sane" and "fiscally sound" Beltway Insiders and the Rest of Us

The truth about GOP hero Ayn Rand (interview with Mike Wallace)

If you want your SO to pay more attention to you, try poisoning them.

TAIBBI: Ryan, another young, prickish, over-coiffed, anal-retentive deficit Robespierre

Typewriter Erotica. Not safe for Prohibition Era Work

I learned about "Bundling" on Americam Pickers.

Climate Impacts of Disappearing Sea Ice

Multiple people, officers, shot near Texas A&M University

Paul Ryan is the new breed of Catholics.

Copy & Forward: October 6, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Texas

New York Governor Cuomo Beefs up Gun Laws

Krugman: Romney/Ryan: The Real Target (Romney exploiting media's gullibility and vanity)

Brad DeLong: Reflections on Paul Ryan's Transactions in Individual Bank Stocks in 2008

Where is Tamron Hall?

So how soon do the pugs start attacking the CBO?

LOL- Paul Ryan: Exciting, But Not Palin-Level Exciting (CHART)

Can this possibly be true: Ryan well received by seniors

Forget the Tax Returns (for a minute), Romney release your medical file now.

Anyone remember Dole-Kemp?

Paranoid Conspiracy Theory

Brady Center Leads Challenge to Arms Act that Protects Firearms Industry

My doc wants me to take vitamin D, which I think is quite in vogue these days. What's the deal with

really late, but Ryan at State Fair at 1:30 at the soap box

CNN Breaking News email: Several people shot near Texas A&M University.

DUer Steve Deshazer ("stevedeshazer") has died

4 years ago was canvassing for Obama in Savannah Georgia

Romnopoly -- if Romney Ryan 2012 was a board game!

Racist freak objects to black bagger, gets kicked out, files lawsuit

One man's trash: the state of modern waste

A decent image from Facebook

Mommy vs. media in sexualization of girls: Where are the dads?

Pussy Riot Closing Statements

Mayo Clinic: Rep. Jackson being treated for bipolar depression

President Obama and Democrats DO have an alternative to Ryan's Budget/vouchers:

Would AARP endorse a $716 billion Medicare cut?

NYT: Racial Profiling Rife at Airport, U.S. Officers Say (Boston Logan)

U.S. Senate Race (in MI): Hoekstra says states would do better appointing their senators

You don't need much to be a Washington insider or lifetime political hack

Looks like things are getting interesting for Ryan in Iowa

A crop of "pubic hair" posts on DU today!

Jenna Bush works for NBC?

The Romney Economic Plan's Misreading of History

Oil Rises To Near $94 On Israel-Iran Concerns

Congressional Democrats' Friday-night happy dance

Israeli Minister Asks Nations to Say Iran Talks Have Failed

Giving more "supply" to those who already have....

Caption this HopeHoops moment:

"Give me $6500.00"

"President Ryan" - Another Shrewd Move in the Corporate State's Long Game

I find your lack of mail disturbing.......


Seniors, do you have a spare $6,500 a year?

Flame war fodder: "ice tea" or "iced tea"?

Paul Ryan’s Iowa Speech Opens With Hecklers Getting Dragged Away And They Just Keep Coming

FOr those who love Biden (and not only)-Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan: Smart vs. Dumb Visions for America

Huge Question ...

Romney's advisors were against picking Ryan

Paul Ryan and Walter

Snap Judgment: Ultrafast Camera Renews Promise of Blood Test for Early Cancer Detection

"Born to a prominent local family".....

Best argument for not shutting down Strasburg....

Which is the real Mittfalca?

Exclusive: Planned Parenthood Web Video Calls Romney-Ryan ‘Really Wrong For Women’

..and remember, "Now is not the time to discuss gun laws" (re: Texas shooting)

Jesse Jackson Jr has been an inpatient at the Mayo clinic for 2 months

Mississippi Schools Sending Kids To Prison For Misbehaving In The Classroom

Ryan Heckled At First Solo Event

Where is Thom Hartmann?

Poll: Paul Ryan's early numbers worst since Dan Quayle

Leadership? NOT! - Paul Ryan’s Legislative Record is Pathetic-Only 2 Bills In 13 Years

America’s Deficit Attention Disorder

What a great ticket. An unpatriotic tax cheating snob (but apparently not an inside trader cheat..)

Do you throw away your old/unused meds in the toilet? Quit it! the meds are getting into

Psst, wingnuts, Romney appeared with Clinton to condemn congressional republicans

SteveDeShazer has died.

Mitt Romney Scrubs Ad Attacking Newt Gingrich Over Paul Ryan Budget

Copy & Forward: October 9, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in New Mexico

Could Obama benefit from religious loyalty?

SC cops: man beats his grandmother with hammer, tries to rape her

Scott Kelby world wide photo walk announced

Romney-Ryan would target federal workers

Paul Ryan sold his stock BEFORE the 7 pm bailout meeting -- but this doesn't let him off the hook.

The Influx of Dark Money Could (Technically) Stop Tomorrow

Shooting happened on George Bush Dr.

On the ticket just ONE DAY and they're already heckling him?

Copy & Forward: October 12, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Oklahoma

Brazil's "Trickle-up" Economics

As Seen On TV: A Fetus

Copy & Forward: October 16, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Kansas

Romney and Ryan, the Animal House Ticket, -fragging Middle Class America-

Fusion: The quest to recreate the Sun’s power on Earth (BBC)

President Obama inspects drought damaged corn on the McIntosh farm in Missouri Valley, Iowa - pics

Sad news about a DU photographer

Good grief.Ryan's wife was a lobbyist.They met in DC

Exodus leaves San Jose wastewater plant shorthanded

Limbaugh said it could be cheaper to buy private Medicare Ins.

Horse Racing: Revised Drug Rules Have Provision for Salix

Luxury Liner interior cabin photos from the - very elegant

New York's oldest radio station, WOR (710 AM) bought by monolithic Clear Channel

NRCC Memo: Don't say 'entitlement reform'

Just Curious - When Did John McCain Begin To Realize That He Was Going To Lose To Obama?.....

Johnny Pesky has died

Have the politicians told us to pray over the Texas shooting yet?

Romney/Ryan = Bain/Pain nt

Texas A&M Shooting: 1 Officer, 1 Civilian Dead In College Station Shooting

Helen Gurley Brown has passed

Carlisle's Fall: Incumbent Is 'Skunked' By Cayetano

Longtime Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown Dies at 90

Where The Hawaii Senate Race Goes From Here

Ryan pick about exploiting media vanity like GWB in 2000.

Let's play Free Association. I'll start. Dick Morris.

Psssssssssssst! Send this to your parents and grandparents

For those of you who loved the "Python" stuff at the closing ceremonies

TSA Agents: Anti-Terrorist Program Targets Blacks and Latinos

Nice Job Mitt: Ryan Polling Worse than Sarah Palin. He's NET NEGATIVE.

What happened to Martin Bashir ? Vacation, fired ?

Which lanes are the American athletes in? (cartoon)

We are so euphoric about these idiots..Let us think again.. Reagan was an idiot too.

Language is everything. So, please, it's not that Romney will "end" Medicare.

Unemployment Stories, Vol. Five: ‘I Go to Bed Every Night Hoping I Won’t Wake Up’

Obama Never Needed Joe Biden...

David Korten: America’s Deficit Attention Disorder

Where is Martin Bashir?

Auburn Hills police: L. Brooks Patterson not wearing seatbelt at time of crash

Restaurants in the South.

Yonge St. pedestrian fair: can Toronto’s main drag stage a comeback?

Found this Paul Ryan gem.

Op-Ed: A view of the 2012 GOP Ticket

Locking. Please repost in the gungeon. I trashed the gungeon long ago.

When Ryan gets heckled he has to call security, when the President gets interrupted, he just yells

Not From the Onion: Boehner’s Office Says Obama Avoiding Personal Responsibility For Drought

Karen Handel, Komen stooge, writes book about being 'bullied' during Planned Parenthood

DU votes Ronald Reagan over Hitler as the person they most want removed from history.

Copy & Paste: October 6, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Utah

'New coup looms for Egypt as sacking of generals horrifies US'

Paul Ryan's Biggest Influence: 10 Things You Should Know About the Lunatic Ayn Rand

There is only ONE QUESTION we need to get the MSM to ask Paul Ryan. Forget everything else.

No immediate lift for Romney from picking Ryan

My brother suggested to me that if rMoney rLyan win, I should emigrate

Fuck Ryan...

Copy & Forward: October 8th, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Arizona

Tweety is looking for Rmoney's spine

Who else wonders when Rolls Royce will sue Mittens?

If they could work it so the US military only protected the rich in this country instead of

If in 10 years I only completed 2 projects...

Copy & Forward: October 22, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in California

Haskell winner Paynter to skip Travers Stakes

When could Israel strike Iran? CNN pushing the next War.

Early Ikea

troll call out for a campaign operative of the Romney/Ryan ticket.

New Senior Romney Advisor Called Ryan Entitlement Reform Plans "Irresponsible…A Bad Idea"

Small but interersting point

Some pundits are questioning why Obama is in Iowa for three whole days...

Credit Card Debt Collection Looks a Lot Like Foreclosure Fraud

If Ryan's plan is, as the pundits describe it, "serious" and "thoughtful"

Copy & Forward: October 9, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Colorado

Facebook Approves "Just Say Now’s" Marijuana Reform Ads

I need ideas for a name.

Mark Halprin on Tweety says protesters

And when you gaze long into an abyss ....

Paul Ryan Not Qualified to Be President, According to Mitt Romney Proposal This Year

The Ryan/Romney budget explained in one sentence.

What Makes a Living Legend? A Bolt of Black Lightning

No one is more obnoxious than Screaming John Sununu

First Lady Michelle Obama & Gabby Douglas on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" - pics

Elizabeth Warren coming up on Tweety next...

Boehner’s Office Says Obama Avoiding Personal Responsibility For Drought <--- NOT an Onion headline

Now it can be told! John Boehner thinks Obama is GOD!

here's your birthday cake! happy birthday!

Fried things they sell at fairs!

Is this WHAT its gonna come down to???

Parents who believe in miracles 'torturing' dying children, doctors warn (UK)

Nobel Laureates Call for End to TV's "Stars Earn Stripes"

Egypt - Morsi defends military reshuffle amid foreign doubts

So McCain and Levin want to bar United Technologies from getting defense contracts?

Did the Romney Campaign Just Get Punk'd Again? DU gets a mentions

Greg Kouri, PayPal co-founder, dies at 51 in New York City

Today's Republican Talking Point: Divorce Romney from Ryan's plan right after picking him for VP

Does Maher come back from summer break

It's only once in a life time that an opportunity like this comes along...

He's a great pick!

Caption Ann Romney and Paul Ryans Wife...

Paul Ryan Voted 'Biggest Brown-Noser In High School': Should Mitt Romney Watch His Behind?

Jerry Brown launches website to rebut climate change skeptics

OUCH! Why Religious Leaders Have Condemned The Ryan-Romney Budget

Separated at birth? Jim Acosta (CNN) - George Clooney

Sharpton is Showing the Bumbling of the Fools that Is the Romney Campaign

Israeli Rhetoric On Iran Strike Heats Up, Could Impact Race For White House


Listening to a Mourning Dove outside my window

Look who stopped by for a drink today

Has anyone posted on the theory that Cain was the product of Eve and The Serpent?

Dad,wheres mine?

playing around with macro

We'll miss Bashar Assad when he's gone

Hate, Hate, and More Hate

"Who does your Botox?"

JFK security is breached by man who swam ashore

Hecklers are a liability to Obama Campaign?

Senate Dems Consider Extending MORE Tax Breaks for Rich Taxpayers with Dividends than Obama Proposes

Autism quack charged

U.S. Iran Sanctions Threaten Ties With Russia – Official

Its a neck and neck contest for the august photography contest

Paul Ryan - Collectivist Football Fan

HuffPost goes Live

Very odd that Romney chose a running mate he has to distance himself from.

How does this crap get authorized? Military weaponry budget really needs to be drastically cut.

Fuck NBC for fucking with the 2012 London Olympics

Tom Tomorrow on Paul Ryan a year ago: "Processing the elderly into snack crackers"

Atheists contest treatment from Camp Pendleton

The Myth Of Paul Ryan The Bipartisan Leader

My 82 year old dad is Democratic, crazy, and pretty cool.

Free To Be . . . You And Me

Obama: Ryan ‘Standing In The Way’ Of Help For Farmers, Ranchers

The Pope even has a butler.

George Zimmerman's lawyer: George is nearly broke; the public should pay his legal costs.

Ha! Mitt Romney’s constitutional amendment would bar Paul Ryan from the presidency. I love this guy.

‘Joe the Plumber’ at Arizona fundraiser: ‘Start shooting’ on border

any day now

Woman Sues Disney Over Harassment, Religious Discrimination

TPM: Paul Ryan Insider Trading Rumor Quickly Debunked


The on-air orgasm that Schieffer is having on the CBS news tonight is beyond belief....

Speaking of hecklers

Women, do you shave? How much, and why?

Oakland Liberates Shuttered Library

Rimjob's religious intolerance causes 2 mods to resign over at Freepland

Another screw up for Romney

Which Team Are You On?

"Let Women Die Act"

Economists to Romney campaign: That’s not what our research says

Winter is coming: 'Game Of Thrones' Author, Slams Republicans For 'Voter Suppression'

Ryan Roundup: Everything You Need to Know About Chairman Ryan’s Budget

What happens if you ignore a host? Any consequences?

"Roughly 90 percent of the credit card lawsuits... can’t prove the person owes the debt" - NYTimes

Second SF Bay Area refinery fire

George R.R. Martin re: GOP: 'They Are Oligarchs And Racists Clad In The Skins Of Dead Elephants'

Zombie/Lyin' '12

GOP Concerned Ryan Could Cost Party House And Senate Seats

Ryan's budget lowers Capital Gains Tax to ZERO

Obama & Ryan find $700B in Medicare savings. Obama uses $ to expand drug coverage + benefits. Ryan u

Congrats - 46% Voters Want To Commit Economic Suicide Elect R-R

Family of shooter: "He was crazy as hell...a ticking timebomb".

Islamic body agrees to suspend Syria - OIC source

Syria: western diplomats lose faith in SNC to unite opposition groups

The Romney/Ryan plan is just a sneaky trap. They've lost the election.

Fred: The Town Dog

if we can't discuss gun regulation, can we instead discuss ...

Romney's host at Miami event is a convicted cocaine trafficker

ACT to outlaw religious vilification

So will my family let me die

MARS Greeley Haven 360 panoramic

I wish the Democrats would start saying that people having access to health care prior

Stephanie Miller shows how debunking Ryan's 'boldness,' 'courage' and 'seriousness' is done

I nominate Amanda for Mother Of The Year

(Juan Cole) You might be Paul Ryan if….

Plans to overhaul primary maths are 'seriously flawed'

Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others:

WARNING On Medicaid Going To States - Kids Will Pay

Police in suburban Chicago probing attack on Islamic school

URGENT! PLEASE HELP! Search for Missing Man in Middle Tennessee

Caption this photo

The Obama campaign has a website page up regarding Romney/Ryan in SPANISH

Casino Mogul’s Frontman in China Is Focus of Inquiries [Romney backer Adelson]

GOP concerned Ryan could cost party House and Senate seats

URGENT! PLEASE HELP! Search for Missing Man in Middle Tennessee

Paul Ryan: The Gloves Are Off

'Severe abnormalities' found in Fukushima butterflies

Copy & Forward: October 31, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Vermont

Elizabeth Warren Hits Scott Brown Over Ryan Support

Is the Repubs' "Obama cut Medicare", "blood on his hands" BS getting any traction?

Longtime TV anchorwoman Kathi Goertzen dies after battle with tumors

Ryan is being extremely dishonest when he says he wants to give people a choice.,

Cowboys vs. Raiders ... and Terrelle Pryor

Settle down, we got this. Tell your kids they'll be responsible for your bills

Peregrine CEO indicted for lying to regulators

DFP Guest commentary: I didn't leave the Republican Party -- it left me

$100 Million Penthouse Apartment For Sale In Midtown Manhattan

chris matthews is a RIOT tonight.

Copy & Forward: October 9, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Indiana

Ryan's wife was a tax attorney. The jokes just write themselves!!!

Officer, gunman among 3 killed in Texas shootings

Trayvon Martin killer makes another appeal for a new judge

Recent conversation with a Republican friend:

Ryan: The most exciting politician in a generation

Ryan’s love affair with Ayn Rand, financial deregulation

Is there some shortage of "credit"?

Let's dub the duo "Rom-an", pronounced "ramen", 'cuz

Unicorns, and Affordable Private Health Insurance for Seniors