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Straight Party

Copy & Forward: October 27, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in New Hampshire

VoteVets: Ryan budget "shortchanges veterans horribly"

A message from Rob Zerban, Paul Ryan's opponent in Wisconson District 1

Paul Ryan looks like he forgot to put his dentures in to me.

Ryan not good enough for head Freep.

Copy & Forward: October 17, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Mass

One more Day Care video...Molly and the Boyz :-)

Meridian Schools Violated Student Rights In Mississippi, Arrested Students Without Probable Cause...

Redstate's Erick Erickson issues warning to Romney

Awwww....!!! Cute Slow Loris Enjoys A Snack. Awwww....!!!

Take your guesses before peaking: Paul Ryan voted by his HS class the BEST___________

Paul Ryan's Jack Abramoff And Tom DeLay Connections Likely To Draw New Scrutiny

I am relieved it wasn't Marco Rubio [a post I had embargoed until after Romney made his pick]

What are you reading the week of August 12, 2012?

Copy & Forward: In ME, you can register to vote up until, and even on Election Day, but why wait.

Local produce markets and the frugally inclined

Lolita on TCM

CNN: Feds try to rescue 2 children seen in porn videos

Howard Dean: Romney "will be forced to serve as an autopen" for RW policies.

Hee hee-- let more lies begin: "FACT CHECK: Questionable claims in veep debut"

Woah. Check out some of these Ayn Rand quotes re faith and religion

Russian air force hopes for revival

Want to see something scary?

PA DU’ers Go to and check that you are registered to vote.The state is

Does anyone know if Rachel is doing a special show tonight? I know Chris Matthews was on.

Women's Right To Control Their Destiny Now In Mortal Danger

Some pics I made today

If owning a gun is a right, should guns be subsidized for the low income?

Are Conservative Republican's Really Pro-Life?

I am already tired of listening to Ryan talk ...

If these asshats win, I will lose my gd mind....

You know who Ryan reminds me of...

I have changed my sig line image till the end of the election

Obama Romney Tax Calculator

JUst Goes To Show You How ##%#$ Up Things Are With The Vote


See how people like Ryans plans at thinkprogress:

The Democratic Party's National Anthem

The Ryan Plan Will Create A $20 Trillion Deficit

Montana Supreme Court allows anti-Citizens United referendum on Nov. ballot

"A Risky Rationale Behind Romney’s Choice of Ryan" By NATE SILVERat the NY Times

a Pro dog video <3

The Democratic Party's National Anthem

What the Internet does really, really well is what it's really good at.

School officials say prayer law won’t change anything


The Democratic Party's National Anthem


Like father like son: Both Huntsmans say Romney should release taxes

Great Googly Moogly! Tom Brokaw is reliving WWII!

The Democratic Party's National Anthem



Here is a link of a letter written to Paul Ryan for his continued misuse of catholic teaching

At least a good source of protein

So fine! The racist rail passenger and the elderly black conductor who kept his cool

romney's magic underwear is showing.......

Facts about the Obama recovery

Versatile Wise Dan takes the 2012 Fourstardave Handicap

Balloon Launch

Caption Ryan

Just kitties

Hello there

An article about Ryan on

First Lady Michelle Obama meets with first responders to the Aurora theater shooting - pics

Ahh thie name of this Wikipedia article cracked me up...

I did not know this (from my 'friends' on the right)

Democracy Vineyards

H-1B program: U.S. Companies Hiring The World's Geniuses: 24/7 Wall St.

How Ryan makes Romney's Tax problem worse

School vouchers lead to strange bedfellows: Why a hard-core Republican group is backing Democratic c

Sunday Talk Shows

putting the "cry" in "cryosphere" -- thinner than expected

Said it before, say it again...

As of Today, the Stakes of the 2012 Election Are Knowingly Dire

Meanwhile: The First Lady Visits Aurora shooting victims

My own personal rainbow...

Investigation: election day fraud “virtually nonexistent”

PSA: Perseid meteor shower tonight...

The Mittsters!!!!

Mitt Romney Would Pay 0.82 Percent in Taxes Under Paul Ryan's Plan

President Obama in Colorado, August 9th and 10th - pics

Encore: We The People - Dr. Gene Sharp at Zeitgeist Americas 2011

Chicago Union chief: Teachers should prepare for strike

Guitarophiles: Gibson admits to using illegal rainforest woods; settles with gov't.

Is the fix in?

Paul Ryan re: "Our rights come from God and nature, not the government"

Where can I find cute vegan shoes for work that don't look like I strapped a tire onto my feet?

PSA: Perseid meteor shower tonight

A general rule of thumb for selecting a running mate.

Killer Q - How many tax returns did Ryan have to turn over to Romney to get the VP Slot?

Don't worry. We got this covered...

Intrade opens market on whether Romney will release taxes before elections

Ryan may be a self-styled GOP rock star...

Marc Caputo, McClatchy: How Paul Ryan could be a drag on Mitt Romney in Florida

Cross post - Dr. Gene Sharp:

NYPD and Microsoft Team Up to Create 3,000 Camera Surveillance Network

The cutting off of Mitt's balls.

Another fact that history is on our side concerning Ryan pick

Why AsahinaKimi is now and ever shall be a HUGE fan of the Olympics:

From Daily Kos: Mitt Romney's 1980 fantasy.

Well, for doing my first real exercise today, I'm surprised my legs aren't too bad.

The Nuns on the bus go round and round - visit Paul Ryan

By picking Ryan, Romney demonstrates a "Pre-9/11 mindset".

Bill Moyers: Anthony Baxter on Donald Trump’s Callous Capitalism

Note and quote this: "Our rights come from nature and God, not from the government."


"Paul Ryan Is Not a Vice President. Paul Ryan Is a Fake" by Charles P. Pearce at Esquire

Social Security

Saturday, August 11th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

TV Ad Obama should make now that Ryan is on the Repub Ticket ....

Can someone photoshop Florida being shoved up Romney's posterior?

Paul Begala, The Daily Beast: With Ryan, Romney Has the Plutocrat Ticket

Oh, crikey. Cool night, windows open, pleasant breeze. Who is wearing the Eau de Skunk?

Romney Names Paul Ryan His No. 2

You know the more I'm reading today and seeing Romney Ryan the more nervous I become.

Afghan police and US soldiers killed by attackers in uniform

Investigators ask why Chevron didn't replace pipe

I Love It When People Say I Can't Understand Romney Because I've 'Never Started Or Run A Business'..

If Obama's Campaign is wise they get an Ad Created about the "Norquist Puppet"

Another o'my ignorant opinions: Teach me how wrong I am:: Agatha CHRISTIE sucks.

"We all gotta go sometime"

When Democrats nominated a Christian with an African name,

I haven't posted anything here in a while.

Ayn Rand inspiring Ryan to enter public service is like Ray Kroc inspiring a career in nutrition

The New Christine O’Donnells? Hard-Right Nominees Endanger GOP Senate Hopes

Romney built a golden IRA (up to $100 million shielded from initial taxes) while he was at Bain

High Number Of Swing-State Residents Watching Controversial Obama Super PAC Ad Online

romney and ryan combined have zero foreign policy experience

Paul Ryan gets a 20% investment tax credit for living in his mansion in Janesville, WI...

AJC Luckovich Comments on VEEP

Beam me up, Scotty!!!! This is rational?

Now, wouldn't they be surprised if they found a shopping center and condos just over the hills?

I do not want a President who won't answer questions from the public...

Jolly good time on DU today

From 4/27/12: Ryan re-embraces after rejecting after embracing Ayn Rand.

When you excuse yourself from a jury, what do you usually think?

One day, Paul was riding on the road to Damascus,

Heh! Miami's new receiver busted for head butting his new wife.

New database of US voter fraud finds no evidence that photo ID laws are needed

Democracy, Velvet Revolution, Emancipation, Suffrage - what do these things have in common?

What do Obama and Voltaire have in common?

Just found the logo for my Romney/Ryan for president sign.

Language of support for marriage equality in Democratic platform released

Note to TeaBaggers: Pauline MAIER said their deification of the 18th Century boys is crap

This November every voter has to pull the straight Democratic handle............

Paul Ryan has sponsored only 8 pieces of legislation........

Has Mitt "snatched defeat from the jaws of (maybe) victory" again?

Yogi has a drinking problem

The Media Coverage of Ryan Will Occur in 4 Phases

Really good jury decision...

So has KKKarl Rove KKKommented on the selection of Paul (Ayn) Ryand??

For the first time in the history of the GOP party, they don't have a Protestant on their ticket.

I just saw a Mitt Romney commercial here in Florida

A Former Massachusetts Governor and an Irish Catholic named Ryan

Copy & Forward: October 16th, 2012 is the deadlie to register to vote in WV

DU, let's make some noise at DCCC to support Wayne Powell,

Best thing about Romney picking Ryan:

Ryan is a shitty Catholic.

Copy and forward: The deadline for registering to vote is October 12, 2012 in NY

Just so you know, Obama announced Biden as VP on a Saturday

Suddenly, it occurs to me that the second hand is actually the third hand.

Romney-Ryan Granny Whammy

Copy & Forward: In CT you must register by mail by no later than 10/23 or in person by 10/30

Copy & Forward: In RI to vote in the November 6th general election you must be registered by 10/9

Look what crawled into my glass.

Copy & Forward: To vote in NJ in the general election, you must register no later 10/16/12

Time for Saturday Night Jazz.....

Budget, staff and service cuts considered at Texas Parks and Wildlife

Copy & Forward: In DE you must register to vote by 10/13/2012 to vote in the General Election

Some people are saying-

Brit Hume Already Writing Romney's Obituary re: Paul Ryan

I got a terrific deal on a router...

Paul Ryan: "Snow is proof climate change is false."

Buying a used car isn't like it used to be

not going to do it

Is this cat a 1%er?

Paul Ryan is being put into the VP seat compliments of the Koch boys and Wall Street...

Paul Ryan and Obama's Grand Bargain

WH - West Wing Week 08/10/12 or "We Have A Moral, Sacred Duty"

GloFree Baseball Scores (Saturday, August 11)


Drought crop damage worsens, ethanol waiver urged

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday August 12th

Equating mental illness with RW Extremism is NOT OK, it is BIGOTRY.

Just another beautiful night in the desert...

Hello! ... and confused :)

Adelson lawsuit describes pressure on NJDC to apologize

Stupidest religious painting I've ever seen.

Hypocrite! Romney required "several" years of Ryan's tax returns to consider him for the job

Right wing message Boards "Ryan is the new Reagan"

Koch brothers have Paul Ryan's back

Gerald Celente on Eurozone Reckoning Day and how Goldman escapes charges!

The Cost of Health-care

(Romney/Ryan) How Campaign Outwitted the 24-Hour News Cycle

Saturday coverage by NBC...

In the face of climate change, are hazel bushes the salvation of the US farmer?

She looks like somebody.

Here's my favorite photo of this Olympics

The American people deserve the chance to vet Mitt's tax returns,

Prepare for season of fear and loathing - by Shannyn Moore at the Anchorage Daily News

Cuban exile flotilla launches colorful fireworks show off Havana, but no discernible protest

Cuban exile flotilla launches colorful fireworks show off Havana, but no discernible protest

Meet Paul Ryan: Climate Denier, Conspiracy Theorist, Koch Acolyte

Ryan will produce tax returns, Romney says ...

The GOP plans to suppress the Democratic voters on election day.

US cites human rights concerns, withholds funds to Honduran National Police

Rimjob tears FR asunder: Ryan is a good man, but does not redeem the abortionist/homosexualist

Of mice and melodies: Research on language gene seeks to uncover the origins of the singing mouse

Living Fences in Costa Rica a growing idea

Navy: U.S. destroyer collides with oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz

The terrible legacy of Agent Orange

Democrat Hirono wins US Senate primary in Hawaii

A choice between 2 visions of Capitalism (Main Street vs Wall Street)

A choice between 2 visions of Capitalism (Main Street vs Wall Street, Finance Econ vs Real Econ)

Bullshit : Paul Ryan claims he had to choose between professional ski racing and politics

Private eye who blew open Hialeah ballot case had been there before

I don't want to offend anyone but what about Ryan's upside down smile?

Here's ANOTHER reason to make damn sure Obama gets re-elected...

Janet Napolitano Accused of Running a ‘Female-Run Frat House’

Data pertaining "over 50" demographics in swing states?

Miami mayor draws unusual follower — mocking cop in a truck

U.S. News: Democratic Presidents Beat Republicans on 11 of 12 Economic Indicators

Is Paul Ryan made of people?!?

Racial profiling said to be rife at Boston's Logan Airport

Drill kit begins journey to Antarctica's Lake Ellsworth

What's happening with Sharon Cissna's campaign?

290 pages of opposition research on Ryan

Anybody been watching the free campaign ads on TV5?

Thanks for giving Paul Ryan cover, Senator Wyden

Olympic marathon: Guor Marial, running for the world

Mitt Romney: I’m Running With Paul Ryan, But Not On The Ryan Budget

Other Than Mormons, Is there a Demographic Favorable to Romney?

"Path to Prosperity?" For many Senior Citizens VP Pick Would be Path to the Poorhouse

Romney: "I didn't pick Ryan because of his budget. I picked Ryan because he is the right height."


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) I Fought The Lawn Edition

Romney doesn't want to lose. He believes that he can win in a base election

Donate to R&R! Just .03 cents to help cost them money!

Why President Obama shouldn’t step down from the Boy Scouts

Ben Rattray and

So I'm in Chicago this weekend and among other things,

Summer’s record heat, drought point to longer-term climate issues

Gun violence targeted by doctors as a social disease

Where the world’s running out of water, in one map

Keep up the pressure on gun violence

the paul ryan pick -- it's all about the benjamins

A nation is not a business. A nation is a haven for human souls.

NRA prevents funding for studies on gun violence

Ambiguity in Health Law Could Make Family Coverage Too Costly for Many

URGENT- Stop Waukesha Co from Destroying Recall Ballots!

Anyone else burned out on this Olympics stuff?

So Ryan drove a Weinermobile...

Well this is counter-intuitive

A pack of seeds tells the story of our warming world

An interesting piece on the Vietnam war in the NYT's today

14 Wacky "Facts" Kids Will Learn in Louisiana's Voucher Schools

In Ill Doctor, a Surprise Reflection of Who Picks Assisted Suicide

Amsterdam TV ad: Warning: Mitt Romney's A Pickpocket.

GOP Forums And Open Meetings And Town Halls Are Phony

The Craft of Ruling Which Country Has the Best Government?

MAUREEN DOWD---The biggest Media Whore on the Planet!

Paul Ryan loved Ayn Rand, before he said he didn't

Roseanne Cash "On Being" interview

Hopeful signs emerge in Libya (AJE)

From Poverty to Power How Good Governance Made Brazil a Model Nation

My favorite thing about Mitt Romney's pick

Steel mill, ensnared in lawsuits, polluted SC town as Romney's firm made millions in profits

Weight Training May Lower Diabetes Risk

If You Built A Business You Really Did Not Do It On Your Own EVER- No One Did.

Inside the bowels of UK's National Health System

Don't forget: Rachel Maddow will be on MTP at 9am today (Sunday Aug 12)

Ayn Rand followers applaud Paul Ryan

Countries With Less Global Exposure Are Actually Doing Better Than Those With More

Religious group, Natrona County officials find solution to keep sweat lodge burning

Soaring Ointment Prices Are a Dermatologic Mystery

Under partner Paul Ryan's plan, Romney would pay next to nothing in taxes for the next ten years

First Lady Visits Aurora, Colo., Shooting Victims

Are the Little American Flags at Mitt Romney's Rallies Made in America ??????????

I'm really hating on C-SPAN these days

Best ecological movies

The Syrian Conflict: All out Ethno-Sectarian Civil War

12 things you should know about Paul Ryan: (TruthOut)

Here come the "BOLD" narrative.

At Afghan orphanage, friends from different sides of the war

Residents wait in long lines for Obama tickets (Council Bluffs, IA)

Ryan selection shrouded in secrecy (VP vetting included "several years' worth of tax returns")

Corporate "Sin-Washing" - Embracing the Olympic Brand Pays Off for Sponsors

Kosovo Catholics practice faith openly

Ryan's Experience:

2 Syrian journalists killed in Damascus

In the Shadow of Paraguay's Coup: Social Movements Mobilize for Democracy

Death toll in Iran quake raised to at least 250

The Upper-Middle Class Has Itself to Blame for Student Debt

Hope Biden takes the gloves off in this year's VP debate

Heard on NPR: A woman when asked why she approves of Romney's choice of Ryan said...

Walking rate for exercise. 5.14 miles, 84 minutes.

Israel To Hold Home Front Drill Amid Rise In Iran Tensions

I am TIVOing Press the Meat this morning (first time)

ProPublica- Paul Ryan Reading Guide: The Best Reporting on the VP Candidate

Woo Fucking Hoo

Obama-Ryan History One Of Sharp Words On Vision For U.S.

LOL - Romney's afraid to take Ryan to Florida with him this week

49ers reach agreement on disputed stadium funds...

Candy Crowley right on cue...

McCain Dodges When Asked If He Embraces Ryan Budget

Will The Real Paul Ryan Please Come Forward?

Scott, Romney offering conflicting messages about Florida economy

I'm not smart enough to give this a good caption - but I wanted you to see it.

Regardless the Wingnut Propaganda: Obama is the •smallest• gov't spender since Eisenhower

NBC Latino: Paul Ryan’s policies, if implemented, will have deep consequences for Latinos

Fact Check: Questionable claims when Mitt Romney introduces running mate

I'm thinking about trying school at age 48. Good idea or bad?

Free Republic's Founder: Paul Ryan Is A Good Choice But I'm Still A Not-Romney

Ayn Rand & Paul Ryan, Rand is the Goddess of the Great Recession

Rmoney's double standard when it comes to taxes SHOULD be highlighted by all Liberal media Monday.

Congrats to the countries of Bahrain, Botswana, Cyprus, Gabon, Grenada, Guatemala & Montenego!!!!

Are we ever too old?

Ha, ha, ha. Listening to Meet the Press it sounds like Obama has to beat the VP

Lockheed Martin's 'Flying Humvee' Concept Gets a Lift from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

David Korten: America’s Deficit Attention Disorder

GOP candidate for governor of North Carolina afraid to comment on Ryan budget plan

McCain: Ryan Pick ‘Also A Bold Choice’ Like Palin

Romney demanded "several" years tax returns from Ryan

Press the meat (go Rachel go)

Best sound byte on MTP: MADDOW!

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 12, 1982

Ryan Brings the Tea Party to the Ticket

Romney, Ryan, Rick Scott, Medicare, Florida

Eugene Robinson: I’d like to hear Obama & Romney talk about the future of the planet-What about you?

Ex-Missouri guardsman tells of training supremacists

'Western powers antithetical to peace in Syria'

Axelrod calls Ryan a 'right wing ideologue'

FOX Fist Bump

'US political system hostile to Americans'

Israel vs Iran: An Israeli Media Report

Borowitz: Ryan is opposed to Obamacare and Medicare. Also, the word "care."

Romney/Ryan: The Double-Down 'Trickle Down Tax Cut Fairy Dust' Team

BEGALA: "Romney Hood has his Friar Tuck. And somewhere in hell, Ayn Rand is cackling with glee."

Keiser Report: Wall Street vs City of London

Rich Lowrey is an arrogant little prick.

Romney, Marriott And Son Of Boss ---- For Dummies

Mitt believes himself important enough to view several years of running mate tax returns, but

God the media coverage of Ryan pick is so annoying

What I have in common with Paul Ryan

Ryan: The campaign's answer to Romney's wimp factor

Latest wingnut talking point: "Romney gave 10% to charity"

It'd be great if we'd all wear this on our bumpers...

East Longmeadow absentee ballot surge triggers state investigation - Update

US v Spain basketball final

The numbnuts running Romney’s campaign have no earthly clue about the shitstorm they just triggered.

Like father like son: Both Huntsmans say Romney should release taxes

Axelrod: Romney would pay fewer taxes under Ryan plan

Why would you answer a question posed on a discussion board IF YOU DIDNT KNOW THE ANSWER?

Knife-wielding man gunned down by cops in Times Square

Sen. Wyden says Romney is 'talking nonsense' about Wyden's Medicare work with Paul Ryan

Former Homeland Security Analyst On Being Retaliated Against for Work on White Supremacist Terrorism

Ryan is well-liked by blue collar workers in the midwest.

Alleged $700B ACA 'cuts in Medicare' were discussed several times on MTP

New Meme for Ryan Pick: "Secrecy of Ryan Choice Worthy of Spy Novel"

Ummm George ...

Pawlenty just told Stephanopolous that he didn't know how many years of tax return he gave Romney

Is this a replay of Goldwater/LBJ campaign?

On the Mark (cartoon)

Papers, Please

Anyone see t-paw get body-slammed by Stephanopolous?

It's not just economic reasons to oppose Ryan. He is far, far right on all issues. Look here.

Romney just lost control of his campaign

Joan Walsh: Paul Ryan - Randian Poseur

An apology to the Lounge as a whole. Mea Culpa.

Myth: Paul Ryan grew up in a middle class family.

Reel Dicks! Post a pic of a flick Dick.

Mitt Romney Would Pay 0.82 Percent in Taxes Under Paul Ryan's Plan

An Image: Michael Martin's The GOP's Munster ticket

A Question for America-

The Top Ten Differences Between White and Non-White Terrorists

Some Seniors Worry Over Ryan Selection

I was gonna say...slam Ryan for his vote supporting the Iraq invasion/War

74% of the Elderly DISAPPROVE of Ryan Plan

Romney's Veep Pick: Paul Ryan, Koch Ally and 'Right-Wing Social Engineer'

Requested 'Several' Years of Tax Returns of VP Contenders

Priebus: Obama Is ‘Stealing’ From Seniors And Has ‘Blood On His Hands’

Strategy of Romney's pick of Paul Ryan--Conspiracy?

This Is A Message To All On DU That Are Below The Age Of 55......

Former Bush Official: Paul Ryan An ‘Unfortunate Pick,’ Has ‘Very Thin’ Foreign Affairs Record

We must act now to prevent gun violence (Milwaukee Op-Ed)

My problem with the Sunday Morning Shows ...

There have been a lot of revisions in Paul Ryan's wiki today.

Paul Ryan in 2011 - Janesville Labor Day Parade - Image VS Reality.

Could this be the scariest hotel swimming pool ever?

Romney requested several years of tax returns from his VP candidates

Joan Walsh on "Paul Ryan: Randian poseur" (no better example of fakery at heart of GOP)

Vote for Mitt!

Republicans and the voters they can depend on this election

Mittens and Paulie have told us what they will do if elected: Better pay attention

'The Go Back Team'

Romney Campaign Doubles Down: He ‘Would Have Signed’ The Ryan Budget

Paul Ryan tore up the Constitution and ground it

If you have a strong stomach: Romney and Ryan together on 60 minutes tonight.

James Downie, WaPo: No, Paul Ryan is not ‘courageous’

ABC - "Romney Campaign Requested 'Several' Years of Tax Returns of VP Contenders"

From Emily's list on Paul Ryan.

Maureen Dowd on Obama's "chuckleheaded" "You didn't build that" remark

Face the Nation, whomever the woman is moderating, she is a Ryan apologist

Water Privatization Overlooked as Factor in Egypt's Revolt

There is an essential fundamental about a Rmoney that aRyan can't change

Egypt leader Morsi orders army chief Tantawi to resign

CNN: Ryan flying to Vegas to meet with Adelson on Tuesday

Keep it simple for stupid

I'm sorry, but I'm not seeing Ryan as a "big idea" guy, a super intelligent legislator and

HAH Stephanie MILLER told Mistah KURTZ "Eddie MUNSTER is trending" & "zombie granny killer"!1

The bombsy twins (Rmoney and RyanRand) are going to be on '60 minutes' tonight

Here's the Mountain RMoney Must Climb


What is Milestone?

Convention dates

If the Sikh Temple Had Been a Mosque

Whose really going to run the Romney/Ryan White House aside from the Kochs and Sheldon Adleson

I think I found a spoiler for True Blood!

Medicare for None and Social Darwinism

"Obama's Amazing Summer"

Splooge stain Eric Fehrnstrom is getting his ass handed to him on FTN

A word of warning to the Democrats who will try to demonize the Ryan pick for VP

Is anyone else suddenly getting spammed with Romney fundraising emails??

Go to work Grandma

MittPaul on pesky old men (graphic)

Can we try to avoid strawmanning?

Curiosity sees Mount Sharp Up Close and gets ‘Brain Transplant’

I truly haven't been watching TV--truthfully now, how is the Ryan VP selection going over?

Doncha luv it when wingers show up and are just so damn certain their superior wisdom will sway us?

Too Sweet! Mother dog saves her pups by taking them to the fire truck

We keep hearing about the cuts the govt. will make to SS and Medicare...

AXE: How Does Romney Paying Less Than 1 Percent In Taxes Help The Middle Class?

Come one come all

If the GOPT want to cut Social Security

Paul Ryan's Only Private Sector Experience Was Driving An Oscar Meyer Weinermobile One Summer

Paul Ryan Announcement - Question

The Haircut

Following Fartstorm's blathering on FTN...

I wonder...

On Meet the Press this morning:

With Olympics, we yearn to be like gods

Giffords, Kelly move home to Tucson

Research On Language Gene Seeks to Uncover the Origins of the Singing Mouse

The DNC had better insure that all voters have a voter ID in those states that require it. This

Paul Ryan's Family = "The Kennedy's of Janesville"

80% of Michigan Charter Schools are For-Profits

Vaccines Recommended: Worst Outbreak of Whooping Cough in 50 Years in U.S.

Seriously NBC announcers need to learn to STFU

The radiation effects at Chernobyl will last 1,000 years

Joanne WOODWARD tells Prez that Paul NEWMAN was a big supporter. Prez guessed PAWLENTY

X-ray reveals drunk tourist sleeping on baggage belt at Rome airport


Before we get too presumptious....

Aren't These the Only Thing Obama Needs to Say for the Next 3 Months?

Spoiler Alert

Chicago School Board Member Benefits From District Budget Cut

Romney/Ryan Health-Stamp Program

Romney "isn't concerned about poor because of the safety net," with Ryan who wants to cut it down.

I'm not looking forward to past the primary.

Ron Wyden Takes Issue With Mitt Romney Linking Him to Paul Ryan

Not exactly a masterpiece, but a good game nonetheless.

Ryan, introduced as ‘faithful Catholic’ on ‘human life,’ was rebuked by bishops over cuts to poor

To Those Of You Who Think They Will Be One Of The "Safe" Ones.

Recruiting a child prostitute in Connecticut

Kind of interesting; a Mormon/ Catholic ticket. Those are two large, mainstream churches

The deafening silence on test cheating

Doesn't the Ryan Plan add ti the deficit?

Campaign crowds provide the last fun things left to the middle class. Like the WI recall or Occupy

Best rational I've seen yet for the Ryan pick...

Sarah Palin came disturbingly close to becoming VP despite not being ready for primetime

After choosing Privitizing Ryan, Florida spooks Romney out of making planned appearance there Monday

Judgment Time For ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ Joe Arpaio

breakthrough for me. potentially good for all.

Stock market growth since 1/20/09

HuffPo Headline: REVEALED: How Romney Kept Ryan Secret from the Press.

The Mormanchurian Candidate and Privatising Ryan

Well! Throw grandma under the bus and tie the dog to the roof!

Dumbshit on board

It is very hard to believe that CBS put together a segment on

Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower?

Ryan plan includes means testing Social Security. Why that is a bad idea.

Chinese exports graph says ...oh oh.

The word fainéant reminds me, where are the tax returns?

Congrats USA Olympic Team on winning the 2012 Games nt

Hard right, hard religious, hard anything policies

Democracy Corps Study: Ryan Budget Doubles Obama Lead

Campaign battle focuses on Ryan's Medicare redesign

LA Times: Paul Ryan loved Ayn Rand, before he said he didn't

Climate change may boost frog disease chytridiomycosis (BBC)

I find it very hard to discuss politics these days -

Pennsylvania newspapers refer to white supremacist group as ‘white people’s rights group’

What does the Ryan pick really mean?

Curiosity rover made near-perfect landing (BBC)

Gingrich explains change of heart on Ryan budget

Israel sniper to get 45 days over Gaza war shooting

Given the amount of flip-flopping they're all doing,

Surrogates are already trying to confuse the facts about Ryan's Medicare plan

Article from March: Paul Ryan and the New Politics of Sadism

Remember when Pres. Obama Peeled Paul Ryan Apart?

Video: The Media Helps Mitt Romney Use Paul Ryan To Change The Debate

Dear Dumbshit Republican who stopped by to argue that we don't need radical health care change.

Wow, look at these rocks.

Romney/Ryan Campaign Stops

Riddle me this: When did Christianity become solely owned by Conservatives?

Paul Ryan's (update: Lies about) Collaboration With Ron Wyden Sure To Factor Into 2012 Debate

"Instructional" video Russell Crowe might want to forget...

Ever Feel Discouraged? Read This:

Government doesn’t take away your freedoms; corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and corporations do

Spread the truth: SS Fund = Legal Federal Treasuries

Hey Mitt, I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Now where's your fucking taxes?

Koch Rmoney ryan...Gods I feel like I have fallen into a Star Trek movie

When was the last time you heard a Democratic politician embrace the "L" word?

Help me clairify something in my mind about Romney and Ryan and taxes

Paul Ryan Only Passed 2 Bills Into Law In More Than A Decade

U.S. drone war: Spies in the sky signal new age of surveillance

Don't forget, Hell On Wheels starts tonight!

McCain: Obama Attacks Succeeding At Painting Romney As Unacceptable

Media Matters: Seven Things The Media Need To Know About Paul Ryan

WikiLeaks Founder Gives Little Away in This ‘Unauthorized Autobiography’

Prepare for season of fear and loathing - by Shannyn Moore at the Anchorage Daily News

The Know-Nothings Ride Again

what the absolute fuck? Romney says Paul Ryan never planned to go to D.C.

David Gregory is more excited about Ryan than the Republican base. On MTP, he has dominated the

Boston Globe Reporter - Ryan just referred to Rmoney as "when he was Governor of Virginia"

What a Vasectomy is Really Like

Fear Them!

Who'd have thunk watching young Euorpean women playing with balls could be so much fun?

No. No. NO.

With the Selection of Ryan, Voter ID Laws Just Assumed a New Importance in this Election

Debbie Wasserman VS.Ryan on Wolf Blitzer

You won't believe what I saw at the convienience store

Democrats use Mitt Romney’s vice presidential selection process in tax attacks

Lest we forget..........Bain Capital's business plan

Did anyone catch this report on how the Romney's transported their horse to the Olympics?

Ryan is the most dangerous Fascist threat yet

WOW!!! Ryan Paul has only passed 2 bills in the 13 years he has been in office!!!

Romney, Ryan campaign 'to change Washington' at rally outside Charlotte

Comics Journalism Takes on Education Reform

Heartbreaking: I just passed US Marines in Orlando holding a carwash and begging

Posted without comment. Discuss amongst yourselves....

Sometimes it's difficult being a man

Another pet photobomb

Info on root cellars and indoor worm composters

Israel testing missile attack cellphone warning system

Romney couldn't care less about SS and Medicare; makes sense he's oblivious to the shitstorm coming

Hi Again

T-Paw calls Mitt's overseas money 'global business arrangements'

He's TV's Hot New Comedy Star

rich lowery was a complete ass to Rachel on MTP...

the choices could not be more clear, the differences in the parties/candidates more stark

How Advertisers Convinced Americans They Smelled Bad

TNR - "Why Ryan Makes Romney's Tax Problem Even Worse"

From a friend of a friend on Facebook

Someone has to do it ...

You know Mitt had a very bad week when he gets smacked down Limbaugh using a pro-Obama ad.

Enduring Drought, Farmers Draw the Line at Congress

Illinois based insurance broker recommendation???

NBC's segment on Matt Mitcham from Friday

How is R/R going to handle angry seniors in Florida? Simple. Keep Rand Ryan away.

Anyone else appalled that the Spice Girls will be performing at the Closing Ceremony????

The power of chatter

High-flying bank exec sues LAPD for $100,000,000 after beating

Paul "Judge Smails" Ryan wants to "save" Medicaid/Medicare

I just made my FIRST political donation !!

In honor of Mittens VP pick, I just donated to Obama & my local campaigns - Kaine & Douglass!

Spanish wildfires: thousands flee as blazes threaten national parks

Can someone in GD help me...problem continuing with my Friday AFternoon Challenge...

Wasserman Schultz: ‘Obamacare’ Added 8 Years To Life Of Medicare

Here's two ways RR will go after those 55+. Just easy starts for them.

Heads up - closing ceremony for the Olympic Games

Also from the Janesville area:

Atlas Shrugged, Jesus Wept

Andrew Luck throws TD on 1st pass

Conservatives Try To Paint Radical Ryan Budget As A Moderate Proposal

I hope this catches on :)

Ryan is a shitty Catholic - post in GD

RR - The Romney-Ryan Railroad.

Ryan passed 2 bills in his 13 years in congress

This comment should turn anyone with half a brain away---

If you carry a firearm and don't kill people are you misusing it?

Businessman’s contributions to Paul Ryan could draw attention

Question about properties of plastic containers. They absorb odors,

How far north will wisteria grow and bloom?

What are Democratic leaders doing about this epidemic purging of voters?

Sometimes I need some early PJ Harvey to center myself

It is time for Democrats to draw a line in the sand!

The Rolls-Royce team says "Vote for us because

Wow! Half time Basketball for gold medal is 59 to 58. Our lead. Much too close for comfort.

Paul Ryan, one of the laziest Congressmen in the past decade

Eric Sevareid on 'objectivity' in journalism.

it's more important than ever to work downticket

Audio Surfaces of Paul Ryan's Effusive Love of Ayn Rand

The Sexual Objectification Checklist

What is the current status of Indiana's voter ID law?

Dog farts. Oh the horror!

Obama!!! I just turned on C-Span and there he is!

Romney seeks distance from Ryan's budget plans

"Homophobic" my fucking ASS.

London 2012 Olympics were 'absolutely fabulous', says IOC chief

George Soros celebrates 82nd birthday with engagement to Tamiko Bolton

What Wisconsin Journalists Want You To Know About Paul Ryan

Saudi Arabia plans new city for women workers only

A Friend And I Are At ODDS...

Eva Cassidy. What a beautiful voice she had.

Facebook page calls for American-only hours at U.S. Costco (at Bellingham, Wash.)

My CNN iReport stating opinion about Mitt Romney’s VP Choice – Paul Ryan on Live CNN TV

Paul Ryan's bio says he used deceased father's social security to..

Swiss banks accused over tax evasion

Wisconsin Sikh temple holds first Sunday service since gunman killed 6 worshippers

Katie Roiphe: In Defense of Single Motherhood

Freya Worship

So, Paul (Ayn) Ryan is against abortion with NO exceptions

Top 10 Differences Between White Terrorists and Others

Breaking: Romney Staff Warned Him Not to Pick Ryan!!

How to get Firefox to spellcheck the subject line

Great songs at Olympic closing ceremony

Careful black bear raids Colorado chocolate shop

Rare snowfall stuns much of South Africa

Man sets fire to home by microwaving socks, undies

U.S. Army welcomes first openly gay general

Obama: Ryan is GOP 'ideological leader'

Billy Graham in NC hospital with bronchitis

Republicans chose fan of Anti-Christ, conservative fundamentalist Christians Elated.

The 'Monsanto Rider': Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity from Federal Law?

The 'Monsanto Rider': Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity from Federal Law?

The "Tea Party" movement in 2010, Romney/Ryan now: It points to a pattern, and it's Ayn Rand.

Toon: A zombie apocalypse in Washington, DC (Updated)

Faux news is comparing Ryan with Jack Kennedy

Strictly speaking, the UK should have a King, not a Queen,

Everyone I've talked to about the Ryan selection seem to agree

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Back to the Failed Top-Down Policies

Copy & Forward: October 16, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in MD

Romney/Ryan critics only need to let their computers do the writing

Footage of Ryan driving Oscar Mayer Weinermobile surfaces

Copy & Forward: October 9, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in DC

The stories white guys tell themselves

ANIME NEWS: 'Hakaiju' horror manga features in live-action short

Anita Reyes Delivers "Community Lease" to Bank (and steps for community to fight foreclosures)

In Shelby County, white Democrats are endangered species

Copy & Forward: October 6, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in SC

Corporation "personhood" does not mean that

Why I outed a Christian star

For the many

CNN Poll: Optimism on the economy drops

How do you pronounce it?

Romney/Ryan cancel Orlando stop.

I downloaded the strangest book ever today...

Medicare won't need to be "saved" as chronic diseases become preventable

We DON'T Like Young Men! We Want YOU!

The Villages: Florida retirement community provides foundation for Republican candidates

Borowitz on why Romney HAD to pick Ryan..

Photographer catches moment Obama learned of Ryan pick

They never showed the Men's Marathon?????

Mitt Romney Would Pay 0.82 Percent in Taxes Under Paul Ryan's Plan

Social Security is the most successful program ever created for average working people.

Juan Cole: Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others

Copy & Forward: October 9, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Georgia

"Prosperity is just around the corner." --Herbert Hoover, 1929...

Federal spending is helping drive recovery of Paul Ryan’s hometown

Copy & Forward: 30 days before the election is the deadline for voter registration in TN

The Romney-Ryan $700B Disagreement

Stop the Serengeti Sell-off

Airplane catches fire before takeoff at Sea-Tac

history trivia? Has the GOP ever nominated a non-Protestant for President or Vice President until

Copy & Forward: October 9, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in KY

Social Security rooted in grassroots struggle

My own history with Ayn Rand (as shared on Facebook)

Given Romney's track record ...

LOL! WSJ editorial: Saving Public Ryan

I think the majority of folks will be watching the Olympics closing ceremony and NOT R/R on 60 mins

Egypt's president asserts authority over army

Sorry to bug you I am having a really tough night

If Romney loses, will GOP transform itself?

I bought a pack of cigarettes at the gas station and the guy asked me for ID.

Japan: Inspectors Study Plant That Avoided Disaster

Super props to the athletes of the USA---- Medal winners for the 2012 Summer games.

Thousands file claims after Chevron refinery fire

Wow!!! Blazing time in the 2012 Saratoga Special for 2YO Colts....

Thank You DU Brits

Tough coal market means big loss for Alpha Natural

romney quote from 60 minutes....

Recycling Reality: Humans Set to Trash Most Elements on the Periodic Table

If anyone is serving up crow, I'll have to take the first bite.

Why is synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastic in the Olympics

Bernie Sanders tells it as it is RE extending the Bush tax cuts

Mitt Romney y Paul Ryan: Regresándonos a las políticas fallidas del pasado

Erm. Who saw the women's soccer final Japan vs. US?

I talked with a rock-ribbed New Hampshire Yankee

Paul Ryan is mischaracterizing the facts on 60 Minutes.

Who does this look like? :)

Battling fleas in a very large rural yard

What a couple of lightweights!

Strahorn to replace Luckie on ballot

Something tells me this cat has been declawed

Bob Schieffer bought a plane ticket to do this interview ???

Shark Week begins today!

Hey Tea-baggers! While you're chanting "USA, USA" celebrating our women's Olympic performance

Romney Picked Ryan Over Advisers' Early Doubts

Ryan & Romney: We’re Out To Save Medicare

Aurora shooting inspires various perspectives on God and belief

The Romney/Ryan Movie

What album name will best describe the Rmoney-Ryan campaign?

The Blue Collar dream ticket

Janna Ryan