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Denver, Colorado Springs, McCook, Dodge City Hit New Record Highs Surpassing Dust Bowl Records

Exxon's CEO: Climate, energy fears overblown

The Republicans believe that you can quantify a person's worth

Obama Bain Attacks On Mitt Romney Leave Swooning Democrats In Love Again

I only have this thought about today's NRA

Unprecedented. Raleigh, NC - forecast highs - our weather is about to jump the shark...

uh oh, ru$h unhappy with mitt

Elizabeth Warren can't shake Scott Brown race remains deadlocked

This is a witch hunt of the first order

Chinese Government Divided on Long-Term Future of Nuclear Power

"Ten Questions for Republicans Only"

Congressional Black Caucus May Walk Off The House Floor Tomorrow.

How Scary is the US “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme?

Real quick since someone's sexual orientation is being discussed. It's not about what you do in bed

A Wednesday morning Kayak with my wife - Falls Lake, Raleigh NC

Fox News Justice

Could Issa be charge with a crime for trying to get the AG to release documents...

Who are the 30 Dem. House members supporting Holder Contempt?

Confirmed.Obama coming to Colorado Springs Friday? My Daughter works at

Should charges be levied against Issa for KNOWINGLY deceiving congress and public for political gain

GOP Plan To Replace Obama Care:

"I think man is the most interesting insect on earth, don't you?"

Obama up by 5 in new FOX News poll

Michael Tomasky: My Supreme Court-Health Care Prediction

George Clinton live RIGHT NOW

Forget all the other bad stuff (and good stuff, if there is any) about Rmoney & just consider this:

Dear Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, for you to be so dismissive

Two-Thirds of Americans Think Barack Obama Is Better Suited to Handle an Alien Invasion Than Mitt

Study: ‘Stand your ground’ laws result in an additional 4 to 7 killings per month

Black caucus to stage walkout during Holder contempt vote in House

Can hummus be frozen?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!

Google unveils small tablet, challenges Kindle Fire!

Folks it's about not cooperating with the system any more............

I made the entire universe for the sake of one subset of one species on one planet on one of

Thoughts on the Democratic Senate Debate

Facebook Just Secretly Changed Your Email Address! But Could It Be Worse?

pop quiz! no cheating!

Cleveland Wants Goats To Mow City Lawns, But Will This Solve Goat Unemployment?

The firefighters trying to save Colorado homes don't have health insurance

Fast And Furious Probe Slammed For Ignoring Key Witnesses On Contempt Vote Eve

The President & First Lady arrive for the annual picnic held for members of Congress - pics

Boy, does DU feel like home to me. It's been quite a journey....

Hardball - Fast and Furious...and false?

London hosts conference touting Israeli innovation

Israel accuses Iran of anti-Semitism after drug speech

Prosecutors: Madoff brother to plead guilty in NY

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 28 -- What's On Tonight: Teen Idols

Limbaugh ties Hillary Clinton to Muslim Sisterhood

Venezuela poll shows tight race for Chavez

prostitute review site sues blogger!!??!

"It's a beautiful night for a concert- there's not a cloud in the ceiling!"

*ELIZABETH WARREN about to appear on Rachel show!

Elizabeth Warren coming right up on TRMS!

Even RW National Review Calls Out Issa's Conspiracy Mongering On Fast and Furious!

The Daily Beast: Who's Screwed If Obamacare Gets the Axe

I was wondering if it would be ok to post a link

Latest polls show bad, bad news for Senate candidate Josh Mandel - June 27, 2012

Thank Kraft For Their Rainbow Oreo! (boycott has started)

0-6 Jurors? REALLY?

Elizabeth Warren on Rachel! How in the hell can this race be even close?

Airbus plans factory in Alabama!

So, give it to me straight (re: Fast & Furious)

The Truth - "Mexicans Protest Media Bias in Presidential Election" - Any Different From Fox News?

My first post in this group,

Lichen Can Survive in Space: Space Station Research Sheds Light On Origin of Life

17 Animals That Became Extinct In Our Lifetime

Caroline Kennedy campaigns for President Obama in Nashua, N.H. - pics

Toronto floats dramatic $30-billion transit plan

U.S. defense cut could cost billions to implement

Chickpea Vegan Quarterly

Mass evacuations ordered as wildfires rage in Colorado

Don Grady, One of TV's 'My Three Sons,' Dies at 68

Fast And Furious: Issa No Longer Suspicious Holder Knew Of Gunwalking

why are old threads appearing on the "latest threads" page?

Did I mention that I'm the host for Columbia Drinking Liberally? Y'all come!

MST3K FANS: EVERY episode of "Cinematic Titanic" can now be viewed on Hulu

just a reminder

"So, John, did you get offshored or outsourced?"

Cactus fruit.

"Pick out the Immigrant" speech by Rep. Luis Gutierrez on House floor

My friend who still pines for Bush blames Obama for taking away his beer money

A dedication to Tuesday Afternoon: Sarah BRIGHTMAN singing "An Unexpected Song"

Today, I wished I did believe...

You're so stupid you don't even know the difference between a Motoryacht and a Sailboat!

Does anyone know what time the contempt vote

Who saw Rev. Al Sharpton today?

4 police among dozens of arrested ‘Rastrojos members' .

Karl Marx - don't leave home without him.

There's a first time for everything.

Has anyone else ever heard a conspiracy theory about. . .

200-300 homes lost in Waldo Canyon fire... President to visit tomorrow.

We'd better get a lawyer .........

OAS to investigate Colombia's role in 1998 massacre .

"New Poll Find That Just a Third of Voters View Romney Favorably" by Jon Ponder

OAS to investigate Colombia's role in 1998 massacre .

Michael Moore will be on "The Last Word" tomorrow night!

Romney Vows To 'Offshore' The Washington Post

"Now we know why he's called "Turd Blossom"

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 29 -- What's On Tonight: How To Murder Your Wife

CREDO To Join Medicare-For-All Push If SCOTUS Guts ‘Obamacare’

How to fight one Fast & Furious conspiracy theory with another. (Sorry, but this is war.)

Hi my Democratic friends!

Gloat Free Football Scores (Wednesday, June 27)

U.S. beaches laden with sewage, bacteria: study

Why is Exxxxxxon Mobile running teevee ads in support of teachers?

It's time to post this again. "Why Socialism" by Albert Einstein.

A Dissent by Scalia Is Criticized as Political

Rasmussen: Romney ahead by 13 in Arizona

2700 bucks for a beach bike?

"Scarborough: Romney doesn't want people to know what he believes" (video)

I am hearing about some Democratic members of the House will vote yes on contempt

Can you just FEEL the clarity that is coming through the next few days?

Update on UN report into Houla massacre in Syria

Breaking: NRA's LaPierre Gave Guns To Mexico...

Republican Hypocrisy (Mitch Daniels edition)

Newest Obama commercial suggestion

Focus on the family HQ threatened by wildfires...

I'll miss you very much laconicsax.

OMG the wildfires are in Kansas now.

*VP Biden rally in Waterloo, Iowa, Tuesday, on C-SPAN NOW.

Mitt Romney shifts focus from Post article on Bain to health-care law

Tennessee man returns $13,000 in cash he found on trash can

can you have Single Payer and keep insurance companies?

If 80 million mericans believe in UFO's, are they all pigliCONs that believe in aliens and do not

a maybe dumb question about DU's rules

New Season of Weeds: Sunday July 1 10 pm Showtime.

I asked a question in GD about the new Go Google, about it being better then the Kindle Fire....

The ED Show - New report blows the lid off Fast and Furious case

You know the joke about buttered toast on a cat?

The ED Show - NRA will track tomorrow's contempt vote

CNN: Romney once touted mandate he now deems unconstitutional

"Who's Paying for $6 Million of New Anti-Obamacare Ads?" Mother Jones

They don't want us to be educated. They don't want us to think.

LA council votes to strictly enforce Clean Air Act

"Son of Democratic Party royalty creates a" By STEVE FRIESS at Politico

The Italian court that linked MMR with autism used Wakefield's BS from the Lancet as its "proof"

The TWO Democrats that are going to vote with GOP: @RepJimMatheson @RepJohnBarrow

anyone following the fires today?


Comcast is telling me that one or more of my computers may be infected with a bot

Ford truck on Jefferson st.

Tests find only marijuana in face-chewer's system

Get organized! Even MFM could get with this plan.

NFIB, Plaintiff In Supreme Court Lawsuit Against Obamacare, Refuses To Disclose Donors

The hysteria over a white privilege hysteria campaign only strengthens the message.

Stonewall Day Programming on Community Radio

Scott Pelley on Letterman tonite.

Hey Dude! That wave stole my crab!

Stonewall Day Programming from Tucson Community Radio

Click your way through the final frontier of unlimited political money.

Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

Old picture, not sure if it has been posted before...

TYT: The Dirty Secret Behind Bain Capital Profits Under Mitt Romney

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, June 27)

Flashback: Obama calls for BCS playoffs

view from Space, (Colorado and Russia) Fire Forest...

Obama is behind amongst all white male demographics... except one

California governor signs budget relying on taxes

Stop-and-frisk policy might cut violence, Ed Lee says (San Francisco mayor)

Report: News Corp. board approves company split

Bill responding to LA-area teacher sex case fails

Congress reaches deal on transportation bill, the first since 2005

US Texas College hacks unarmed drone..

Does this look real to you? (letter from Simpson to Bauer re: Rove/Akbar affair)

David Harvey interview: Tarlabasi Istanbul

Is anyone else having trouble posting

Bill Press Show: Shuster calls for MSNBC to own up to its Wawa mistake

As Seen on Yahoo! News Comments Tonight...

FNC: Not Enough Doctors For Everyone To Have Health Insurance

PBS News Hour: Harsh Punishment for Misbehavior in Texas Schools

It's late, and (I ain't got) No One To Depend On.

tablet to replace laptop?

This is really bad....I've been on DU since the Huff Post has had this as their headline.....

I posted this on a redneck site...

Yesterday we made dill pickles; tonight, heirloom tomato salad; tomorrow we make pesto....

If Rick Scott's corporation pled guilty to 14 felonies, how could Scott still run for public office?

Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You? (xpost)

Raid on Megaupload's Kim Dotcom illegal, search warrants unlawful - NZ Judge

Funny Left-Wing Bumper Stickers

@LOLGOP smacks Ari Fleischer:

Ain't That a Shame

Overspending isn't California's problem

OH MY GOD!! Cenk has the best explanation on the Fast And Furious lie

Sam Seder: Lori Wallach on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Secret Trade Pact

Can a person do this?

Turkey sends anti-aircraft guns to Syria border

Today's forecast is for ONLY 99° after yesterday's record 109°

Tepco Detects Record Radiation Levels At Fukushima

Don Grady of My Three Sons has Passed Away

Paul Krugman in NYT: A Manifesto For Economic Sense

Upheld Or Held Up?.....

Musicians sometimes get the short end of the stick (pic)

'Sex offender' extradition halted

Mitt Fucking Romney

"The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal" - a detailed account of the operation

As we think about the Health Care Act and what's coming remember

Amy Goodman: Big Money Wins in the Big Skies of Montana

Emi Ito, one of the two twins from "The Peanuts" died.

Now what do we do!!!!!!!!

Cuyahoga County GOP lying about jobs at NASA

Family Meltdown: Why the Nuclear Family Is Not the Model for Women Leaders' Success

Cuyahoga County GOP lying about jobs at NASA (cross post GD)

The One, the Bold, the Mitt-ster!! Please come CAPTION our wanna-be President!!!!

'A history of congressional contempt' (several prior cases)

Scalia must go.

What it takes to be a Republican: Incompetent Thinking

Is the Bible a Threat to National Security?

NBC News/Marist poll: Obama +2 in North Carolina, +4 in Michigan, and Tied in New Hampshire

Joe Williams suspended from Politico for telling the truth about Romney

Russia Says Transition Is Needed in Syria but Cannot Be Imposed

Colorado fire raging out of control

disturbed by dream

Saudi readies oil line to counter Iran Hormuz threat

Blasts erupt near Syrian Justice Ministry

Why good teachers go bad

And however unlikely, it's possible the Supreme Court might rule not to rule at all:

Prosser Fails To Recuse All His Colleagues (update on a neverending saga)

On healthcare -- Is there a good response to this?

'Smoking vaccine' blocks nicotine in mice brains

China's odd requirements for female astronauts

The Married Consciousness ~ Nora Ephron

Bwaaaaaaaaaah hahahahha Rbully aka Rmoney does not get a retraction

It’s Merkel vs. everyone else at troubled Europe summit

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (06/28/2012)

When do the 9 who get free healthcare for life let us know what we get?

Dinosaur cold-blood theory in doubt

A friend and I did a single payer presentation for the VP of our local business round table

SCOTUS decides..Mandate Survives....a tax...5-4...Roberts..Yes....on insurance awareness day...

JPMorgan Trading Loss May Reach $9 Billion

Small Town Police Amass 'Battlefield-Grade Arsenals' in New Federal Program


JPMorgan Trading Loss May Reach $9 Billion

Syrian Arrests Are Said to Have Snared Tens of Thousands

Flesh eater in Miami did not have bath salts in body. Now what?

Do you agree with E.J. Dionne that Justice Antonin Scalia should resign?

A Few Words About Breasts ~ Nora Ephron

Knew this would happen: Judge halts federal attempt to block Florida’s voter purge

Rand Paul’s stunning hypocrisy

LIVE Scotus blog, blogging right here: (LINK)

UN court acquits Karadzic of 1 genocide count

Houston's Strip Clubs Hit by New 'Pole Tax'

Ken Salazar on Arctic Offshore Drilling Safety: ‘I Believe There’s Not Going To Be An Oil Spill'

Hamas member 'assassinated' in Syrian capital Damascus

If the Supreme Court's hard right 5 man wrecking crew demolishes health care...

I just realized why I hate Chuck Todd and people like him

Wow this group is quiet! I have a gopher problem. Help!

Got up late today but has the Fortune story been mentioned on Morning Joe or any other cable shows?

Bernie Sanders' full speech from yesterday.

Romney gives super fan new truck at Sterling event

image: the absurd contradictions of capitalism

Super PAC Ad: Romney Profited From Bankruptcies At Bain

I am a nervous wreck

Black caucus to stage walkout during Holder contempt vote in House

Intrade shares on HCR Mandate dropping

My health care plan: Medicare for all (who want it).

If so-called Obamacare is declared unconstitutional...

"Some fat chick in a towel just gave me a kiss"

6/26 Drought Monitor - 500+ All-Time High Temp Records Broken Week of 6/19-25

Iraq bomb attacks kill 15, wound scores

Perfect Day for a Picnic

The firefighters trying to save Colorado homes don't have health insurance.

Is this a virus or a hacker, do you think? There were 2 attachments, which I didn't touch with a 10

WOW! Was that REALLY Chuck Todd??

If a flash drive goes bad—that is, any computer that you plug it into tells you that it needs to be

What happens when a tweeted post is deleted from DU?

Republican Law Maker: Kindergarten Leads To Higher Crime Rates

Bolivian police end rebellion after pay deal reached

Reading City School District closes 5 schools, lays off 231 employees and raises taxes

On-line Hue Test.

Hey Scalia, Four Reasons Your Gang's Obamacare Ruling Is Like A Prostate Exam

Why the hell are taxpayer dollars being used to maintain a basketball court at the Supreme Court?

Is this a virus or a hacker, do you think? There were 2 attachments, which I didn't touch with a 10-

GEORGIA: Anti-Gay Counseling Student Jennifer Keeton Loses Suit Against School

MO Republicans won't pass health insurance exchange because it is supported by President Obama

Website gives Obama 99% chance of re-election

Can humans be frozen?

25 unionists killed in 2012 (Spanish)

What's At Stake When The Supreme Court Rules on Obamacare

One Minute to go until US Supreme Court opens session

Why reading and posting on DU isn't enough.

*** Gets out her letter box and posts this week's DU Church sign message ***

What this 'racism is hardwired' story says about the Daily Mail {uk - misuse of science}

Health Care up in a few minutes


Student journalist assaulted in Tahrir Square

Mandate struck down NO WAIT, UPHELD???

BREAKING: Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate As A Tax

Individual mandate survives as a tax.

Obama won mandate safe

SCOTUS upholds individual mandate?


ABC: SC UPHOLDS Health Care Mandate!

Touché ... Stand-your-ground Texan sentenced to 40 years..


Mandate is constitutional from Chief Roberts!

SCOTUS decision on Health Care Law: UPHELD. Fuck YOU, Romney. Fuck YOU.

Massive victory for Obama

Self delete - lots of threads on this topic (but YA-FUCKING-HOO!)

WTF? CNN screwed this up?

Lawmaker backs spousal benefits for military gays

I'm hanging in the lounge until the dust settles.

Jesus H. Christ on a sippy cup

Giles Simon spouts off about how women don't deserve equal pay...

Wellcome Trust will penalise scientists who don't embrace open access

JFK's approval wen up post-Bay of Pigs

ACA essentially upheld

Wait a minute...upheld?

"Literally Unbelievable" is my new favorite site

Anyone have a SCREEN SHOT of CNN saying it was KILLED?

It's official, folks - your for-profit health insurance company is now part of the government

OK, I get it.

Hilarious RW reaction SCOTUS live feed

Chief Justice Roberts' vote saved the ACA.

Republicans turning purple in front of the Supreme Court Building

Supreme Court upholds Obama health care plan - USAToday

U.S. Home Loan Banks Overexposed in Europe, Audit Finds

What was the SCOTUS vote count?

So Roberts gives the right wing Citizens United and all the money they can spend and

Spike the ball in front of your conservative friends

Who won? The INSURANCE companies

CNN has gone off the deep end

Wolf Blitzer and John King look so disappointed.


And now, let the ACA be forever known as OBAMACARE.



BWAHAHAHA! Freepers wet themselves over premature Drudge story claiming "Omamacare CRUMBLES"

Now SCOTUSblog got something wrong. You can refuse to comply with the mandate by paying the tax.

For sale: CNN stock, super cheap

So Who Is Going To Be Fired At CNN?..........

I've got a nice shiny new quarter for anyone brave enough to go over to Freeperville...

We Demand Real Healthcare for the 99%

CNN has finally acknowledged they're idiots.

Alvarez: SCOTUS rules US citizens are free to lie about military honors.

So, if it's a tax

So many people here against the decision, so strange

Supreme Court Upholds healthcare law including mandate 5-4. Roberts voted in majority

The Atlantic Guide to Womanhood

Thank you Chief Justice John Roberts

Anybody going to listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, and Levin

states can opt out?

Individual Mandate Tax = Back Door To Single Payer

SCREEN GRAB of CNN's Epic Dewey-Defeats-Truman FAIL

I called it exactly!

Are conservatives and republicans going to throw Roberts under the bus?

Keiser Report: Baby Bank vs JP Morgan

Is Roberts turning into the next Souter?

I'm glad CNN/Sludge Report fucked up.

Tea Party heads explode, their children with pre-existing conditions saved.

BREAKING: Obama in Oval Office doing the cabbage patch...

Considering the factors at work in America, this decision should be welcome.

Tweety absolutely got it right.

SUPER FAIL ...CNN and FOX get major story (on Obamacare) completely wrong...

These five people just saved millions of Americans

These 5 People

Faux spinning Obama SCOTUS victory as a "tax increase"

Post your respectful consolations to the rightwing opponents of HCR....

Lordy...Faux is REALLY blaming Roberts ! HAHAHAH

Amy Howe's Explanation from SCOTUS blog in plain english

Remember when Scalia compared health care with broccoli lmao!

My deep thoughts on why the SCOTUS kept the mandate

I know it will take time to figure everything out but I am confused.

Does Obamacare Empower Workers in the Marketplace?

Why are some people complaining....?

Recent naked news from Florida

In a nutshell Roberts knew that if they repealed healthcare coverage for millions who got coverage..


Joe Montana gets OK from Santa Clara for stadium hotel...

Gardening is just as schizo as everything else in life these days.

Boy, the spin on fox news is making me dizzy.

We haven't been taken over by the Soviets...

The opinion is now posted on the Supreme Court website

Anthony Kennedy is no moderate

Pic Of The Moment: Oh Yeah!

Our president is a constitutional lawyer...

Pelosi: ‘Victory For The American People!’

Hey Clarence Thomas - I have a message for your wifey.....

Next up: Romney to praise SCOTUS ACA decision as correct....

JP Morgan finally admits the trading loss was huge: now 9 billion.

Supreme Court upholding health care reform is good news... for Mitt Romney!

So, GOP Bifecta Thursday is not going well - will they still vote to hold Holder in contempt?

Didn't I tell you?

Hospital stocks sharply higher after health care ruling

In the span of two days

Bumper sticker idea for Pres. Obama's reelection...

Why are the Repukes saying the law will take people off their private insurance

Props to Robert Reich: He was right about Chief Justice Roberts

USA TODAY: USSC upholds ACA, 5-4, with Roberts rather than Kennedy joining Ginsburg et al

The health of our nation's populace

Gay Marriage has ruined society and caused Roberts to vote with the left

Texas GOP opposes teaching "higher order thinking skills"

Mooselini weighs in (do we care?)

Hear that sound....

Question about the mandate/tax

What I want to see from Romney is...

Hmm...since Roberts was the deciding vote, is the ACA ruling an LGBT issue?

El Supremo de Estados Unidos avala la reforma sanitaria de Obama {el pais}

Anybody check out freeperville yet?

I love the sounds of exploding RW heads in the morning...

FIRED UP READY TO GO, FIRED UP READY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ATTN: Watch for a major announcemnt from CERN (9:00 AM central europe time, 3:00 AM CST) July 4th!

Rupert Mudfuck is on foxie crying and whining. Gawd I never go there, but had to look at the train

I'm growing hopeful that SCOTUS will strike down DOMA and Prop 8.

Slow down DUrs

Do you smell....

Show your inner CNN Headline reporter - post your headlines here

Link to the Supreme Court decision

Where is Ashton Kutcher??????

So fucking tired of the MSM trying to find a way to spin this badly...

Copy of Opinion

Time to buy stock in Aetna & Blue Cross.

Big headlines....

Prediction: the media will phase out discussion of Obamacare by early next week

Keeping it Simple....

One question about this now...who's gonna clean up all the blood....

Kansas brothers’ parody video ‘I’m Farming and I Grow It’ goes viral

The SCOTUS opinion may be "a major blow to Congress's authority to pass social welfare laws."

UK Guardian: Roberts defection to the liberal wing on ACA will "sink the US conservative movement

Supreme Court strikes down Stolen Valor Act for military medals

A Note From the Universe

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Barackman vs. Bain

Canada's health care took decades to implement.

All Dems w/ NRA cards should call for the removal of NRA leadership...

Watching Jeffrey Tubin squirm now. Pig.

President Obama will make a statement at 12:15.

Laconicsax made DU suck less.

MSNBC: President Obama to speak at 12:15 EDT

I immediately went to FOX for their "analysis" after the decision and enjoyed

I betcha the pukes will be calling the SCOTUS ruling proof that Obama raised taxes on the American

A Manifesto for Economic Sense

A majority of the Scotus justices upholding Obamacare were women

Pre-existing conditions - insurance companies can charge whatever they want? Or not?

I don't get it. If this is a "tax," what entity collects? To whom/what is it then dispersed?

"Bishop Bans HPV Vaccine in Catholic School, Because Cancer Prevention Turns Girls into Sluts"

President Obama Rolled The Republican(t)s

Can we all at least agree on this, a bad day for the GOP, RW'ers, Tea Baggers....

Florida has some insurance rebates coming!

We are Series...Hugh Fail

Ronald Reagan Jr.: If people knew GOP's real immigration stance, 'nobody would vote for them'

Should we reach out to freepers? Hear me out...

SCOTUS ruling on health care law a huge win for Medicaid

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Supreme Court (before decision)

A theory as to WHY Roberts voted the way he did...

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Superpacs and Republicans

"Obamacare" will now become more popular...

RICHARD NIXON was the best liberal president in years...

So do you think romney will come out and do what he did with the auto bailout?

We are series..Hugh Fail

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Mittens

We've been had.....again.

Romney to make a statement at 11:45. Boehner NOT making a statement now.

Thom Hartmann: Time for Congress to Impeach Justice Antonin Scalia

Obama: GM (check), OBL (check), ACA (check)

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- Half-fast and Furious

CNN jumped the gun...

Harry Reid: ‘Happy’ And ‘Pleased’ With Supreme Court’s Decision

Simplest Answer to the ACA "tax" charge

Pelosi called Vicki Kennedy today,per speaker's office:"She told Mrs. Kennedy: “Now, Teddy can rest"

Thursday TOON Roundup 5- the rest

Judy Agnew, Wife of Vice President, Dies at 91

How Obama now can win.

I wonder if being on the losing end of ACA is what had Scalia spitting nails the other day?

'Monopoly': Calling the Global Financial Sector What It Is

Please Mr. Boner, please don't spike that ball at us....

Do you spiral-cut your wiener?

The news is making me dizzy!

MSNBC waitin' on a Boehner...he said he wouldn't "spike the ball," but will he CRY? WILL HE CRY???

CONFESS!!! Who watched Geraldo Rivera's show where he opened Al Capone's vault?

QUESTION: Do you think price control will be the "TAX" now?

if you have RW *friends* on fb, join me...

While I'm happy the ACA was upheld, I'm unhappy that it wasn't upheld with the Commerce Clause.

"Leaving the church is a luxury the world cannot afford"

Regarding the ACA. Was the City of Rome built in its entirety on February 12, 101 BCE?

The "Umpire" Was The Decider

House GOP To Vote On Full Repeal - Again

Umm so yeahh: Karl Rove's Bisexual Affair Might Have Sparked His Bizarre Rant on Fox News

Florida's Employer Health Insurance worse than Penalty Tax

ObamaCare Upheld By Supreme Court

Rand Paul said

should we let go of the traditional role where boys/men pay for a date?

What's for Dinner? ~ Thursday June 28th


Screen-grab of FOX news EPIC fail:

11:45 AM (ET) - Romney to give speech about how the SCOTUS judges are all the right height

Since DU3 is about transparency, posting info that we all can see almost got me my 1st hidden post

WP: Justice Scalia's partisan discredit to the court

Rice researchers develop paintable battery

CNN: What the Health Care ruling means for you.

Name the date Anthony Kennedy became a conservative hack jurist.

Rand Paul: Just because a couple people on the SupremeCourt declare something to be 'constitutional'

Michelle Bachman Said "America Will Never Be The Same Again."

PDF link to 193 pages of USSC ACA opinions and dissents, with an outline

Michelle Bachman is on teevee pretending to know history again.

Oxycontin Pigsnout frets and sweats over possibility of a "Dictator's Wet Dream" (3rd Obama term)

MSNBC Vote: Do you agree with Supreme Court ruling on health care law?

Oil Drops as U.S. Jobless Claims Hover Near Year’s High

Freeper Meltdown taking place now.

Top court strikes down military medal lying law

It was "Obama Care" said with a sneer - until a few hours ago. Now it is "Obama doesn't deserve

Anything that Michele Bachmann,Rush Limbaugh & Antonin Scalia are against is probably pretty good.

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Climbs to Highest Level in Two Months

After watching TV about our win on so called "Obamacare".....

This beats EVERY example of Fox News hypocrisy ever.

Lawrence O'Donnell will have a great show tonight.

This is great. Thank you Mr. President. Good luck in November. Where are the jobs?

CNN - Romney about to respond to SCOTUS ruling

Concerning the exchanges (or rather, lack thereof)

Circumcision is grievous bodily harm, German judges rule

For Joe Biden......

Republicans moving to Canada

The sound you just heard...

So, what will get the majority of the air time today?

MSNBC: Boehner just "CALLED OFF HIS REMARKS" until a later date. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

In other SCOTUS news, Stolen Valor Law Struck Down

CNN's mistake on Obama health care ruling historic

Here's why we need to get Obama re-elected

Bernie Sanders: A Good Day

ACA in bullet form.

Romney speaking right FUCKING now.

"What the court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day in office."

Key Provisions That Take Effect Immediately

I did not know Rmoney's ass was that big...

Rachel Maddow - Elizabeth Warren on restoring credibility to Congress

Obama's Truman moment.

Charlie Pierce hits the ACA nail squarely on the head

told you they'd make it about taxes, listening

YO! Trolls!

Texans Reacts to Health Care Ruling

‘Vagina’ Speech Makes Michigan Lawmaker Symbol in Abortion Wars

Brace Yourselves

Poor Mittens.. Someone needs to get him some scissors & a cop uniform

Kerry: Conservative Roberts Court Upholds Health Care Reform

Romney Is speaking now

Paul Finds Success Through Obstruction of Senate Bills

Arizona man wants execution delay until new governor

Does Romney ever speak without providing more work for fact checkers?

Romney: Obamacare Kills Kittens

Strange dissent.

I hope Roberts has good security detail

Romney: government out of our healthcare, Koch Brothers in.

30 seconds of listening to Romney = 3 blatant lies


Glaring contradiction in SCOTUS ruling on ACA. A tax or not a tax?

Nancy Pelosi To Appear On ‘The Ed Show’ To Discuss Health Care Ruling

This may be the day Scott Brown lost the election

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Michael T. Klare - Natural gas bubble in the US? P1

Brace yourselves!

Rachel Maddow - GOP counters Paul supporters with Romney loyalty oath

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Michael T. Klare - Is humanity screwed? P2

A Question or Two for Mitt Romney Regarding the Afforable Care Act

Did hell just freeze over? Roberts siding with the progressive justices?

There's a TV show called "Anger Management?" Huh? nt

Insurance companies spent a hundred million dollars fighting ACA

Hospital stocks skyrocket after health insurance ruling.

Was Scalia’s Dissent Originally a Majority Opinion?

Elections have consequences, and the Supreme Court is one of the many. The ACA was just luckey to

Obama hits the billiards to celebrate

Final Update: I recently joined an Army Veterans Facebook page............

ThinkProgress: 12 Really Nice Things Conservative Republicans Said About Chief Justice John Roberts

Flip/flopper Romney... blast from the past

Discrimination Against Millions of Our Fellow Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions End!

Romney: "I plan on repealing Romneycare on Day 1"

JK's statement on the ACA ruling

Best Health Care Reform Cartoons

LIMBOsevic opens with, "Have you heard about the economy today?!1 It's a disaster!1"

Crow is poultry, and therefore must be cooked to 165 degrees internal temp before eating.

Panetta pleads for missile defense dollars

Will the new Obama Care not make thousands and thousands of new jobs? Nurses, Physician Assistants,

Mexicali Tour, From Tummy Tuck to Root Canal

White House: "It's a good day for Mitt Romney"

Dennis Kucinich press release on health care ruling

Oh yeah, he's got swagger.

*POTUS speaking now.

(PEW) Pakistani Public Opinion Ever More Critical of U.S. (3 out of 4 Call America Enemy)

Post here if you or someone in your family has a pre-existing condition:

Remember this thread from a while back?

MMFA: O'Reilly said he'd "apologize for being an idiot" if #SCOTUS upheld #ACA. How about tonight?

Now that everyone on the right and left agree that the healthcare companies are evil...

Rep. Gohmert whines "Impeach Kagan"

Obama on CBS, NBC & ABC

Did Roberts uphold the ACA to ensure he wrote the majority opinion.

How the supreme court ruling will affect you

House sets (this) afternoon contempt vote on Holder

Sen. Sanders: Statement on Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

TYT: Sadly Not From The Onion - Texas GOP Against Thinking, & Voting Rights

"This idea's enjoyed support from both parties, including the current Republican nominee for

Justices find fault with Medicaid expansion

Finding the Mandate is a Constitutional Tax Paves the Way to Single-Payer

Congrats to the DU Men's Relay Swim team of MFM, Hopehoops, Ohiosmith and geardaddy!

Romney: ‘Time For American People To Make A Choice’

World awaits latest in hunt for Higgs particle

Hospital stocks up. Insurer stocks down.

Romney's use of "ObamaCare" made him sound more like a hack than a statesman

Michael Moore: It's not "Obamacare" - it's Obama Cares.

SWAT team throws flashbangs, raids wrong home due to open WiFi network

Romney: Supreme Court Ruling on Health Law Wrong

I'm glad I watched MSNBC deliver the ruling...

"It's the End of America as We Know It" "DEATH PANELS HAVE ARRIVED"

I cannot afford insurance

Nancy P up now n/t

Brace yourselves!

Rachel Maddow - Fumblebragging exposed, Scott Brown royally flushed

SCOTUS didn't invent or discover the Tax argument

"Conservatives planning to leave US, but..."

Americans Are Being Prepared For Full Spectrum Tyranny

ThinkProgress: FACT CHECK: The Individual Mandate Is Not A ‘Massive Tax Hike’ On The Middle Class

Less than 2 weeks after Obama was elected, America's Health Care Programs sent out a press release.

Happy about the huge win but wish I'd thought of buying for-profit healthcare stock yesterday...

Could you just hear the talking heads if the ACA decision went the other way? The Dems are still

Which one of you guys went to Bizzaro World and swapped John Roberts?

Did Justice Roberts switch his vote?

Romney's speech: Unbelievable Demagoguery

Why? Because the Supreme Court is now known as the Roberts Court...

SCOTUS sides with federal power

At first it was 6-3 who was the other justice they thought voted for it?

Health care fallout: Provider stocks jump, insurers fall

Jon Lovett imagines the conversation at Supreme Court lunch table today... LOL

And Willard responds.

Colorado is on fire: Pics from the Denver Post Blog.... Jeebus....

For teapublican viewing

Rachel Maddow will be on MSNBC - Andrea Mitchell Reports - at 1 PM EDT

Biggest fail since Dewey Defeats Truman.

President Obama calls Supreme Court healthcare decision a victory

This link has CNN and Fox both reporting "NO" on Mandate from.. Talking Points Memo:

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the Supreme Court Health Care Decision

OBAMACARE CRUMBLES! (The dangers of day-trading Drudge)

CNN and Fox News fail: Cable channels misreport Supreme Court's health care ruling early

Correct me if I'm wrong: Isn't the tax on a sliding scale based on income?

For all you gaming nerds that's distracted by Diablo 3... the Skyrim expansion is coming out.

Snyder OKs jail for disrupting religious service

Conservatives plan to leave US but can't find wealthy Western democracy w/ out universal health care

A Palestinian Village Tries to Protect a Terraced Ancient Wonder of Agriculture

Note to self: Don't drink out of the DU punchbowl today.

Why when I edit a post does it show up in the Edit history ...

Obamacare law upheld! Enforced by tax penalty or not, a win is a WIN.

U.S. Health Care Costs More Than ‘Socialized’ European Medicine

I'm old enough to remember when the Roe v Wade decision was announced. First thing the righties said

Physicians for a National Health Program: Press Release re Supreme Court Health Care Decision

We have reached the Day AFTER the Future!

For single payer advocates

re: Roberts - I heard this on Norman Goldman yesterday.

The $19 Million That Sent New York’s Attorney General After The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

"If ACA = Obamacare then Soc Sec = FDRcare, Medicare = LBJcare & tax cuts for millionaires = Wcare"

The Freepers are going NUTS! Even attacking Rush...

My CNN Breaking News (defeated) email was time stamped 7:09am. The correction came at 7:18am.

Is this a green shoot of new life in a burnt out forest?

just like with the auto bailout, Romney will now claim ObamaCare was his idea

Thrilled and relieved, sick patients cheer court ruling (those of you unhappy, talk to these folks)

US Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Healthcare Act

I am very amused at the Freudian slips being made by Republicans on the floor

Moving here, soon as I find it

Mittens to the Teabaggers.

Mandate Unconstitutional!!!! Please come CAPTION Megyn ("I knew I was right") Kelly!!!!

3.1 million young adults - 62,000 Americans with pre-existing health conditions

ObamaDoesCare!!! It is a beginning. Fine tunining of the healthcare

Just managed to watch some of Fux News coverage

Question from my mom re: ACA

Rand Paul: Just Because SCOTUS Says It's Constitutional, 'Doesn't Make It So'

Wisconsin: Gov. Scott Walker Refuses to implement healthcare law

Look for mergers and acquisitions in health insurance and services

Obama Calls Health Care Decision ‘A Victory,’ Romney Vows Repeal

Perfect visual for Tea Party "feelings" today

Does someone have a good explanation of the Medicaid part of the ruling?

We're waiting, Bill O'Reilly.

Nancy Pelosi To Ted Kennedy's Widow: 'Now, Teddy Can Rest'

Holy crap -- try reading the titles of bills the House has considered ...

Sweet Victory...

The whack jobs are backed into a corner since the ACA ruling from the Supreme Court

Romney just looked like a tightwad executive promising to end Obamacare after the court ruled

ACA: What Happens If You Don't Get Insurance, Pay The Penalty Tax, And Then Get Sick?

Why lookie lookie it's the cry baby speaker up now n/t

The Last Word - Romney campaign demands WaPo retraction

*Boner + on now.

Nice summary from Sullivan

Please come CAPTION Rand ("I know the law, not no robe-wearing puffs!") Paul!!!!

A picture that is worth 1,000,000,000 words...

Willy Wonka has a message for those who thought the SCOTUS should strike down all or part of ACA

Roberts & Dems Deliver a Grand Slam for the Right: Obamacare Wins, We Lose

Struck down

Romney PLEASED with decision ... Must See TV!

Roberts takes a swing at Scalia in ACA majority opinion.

To those on the left that wanted the Supes to kill the ACA.

Obama camp: Romney missed opportunity to move country forward with his 'callous' statement

My SECOND favorite part of the ACA ruling:

German Solar Installations Coming In at $2.24 per Watt Installed, US at $4.44

Did Roberts switch his vote?

want more good news ?

Rmoney is pissed because he will have to pay an additional 3.8% capital gains tax

Toon- Scalia goes 'Back to the Future'

Obama Betrays Campaign Promise to Label Genetically Engineered Food

Stellar Flare Blasts Exoplanet

Now that Obamacare has withstood the court will Iatrogenocide go into high gear?

I wonder if Rush needs help packing?

So the Supreme Court gets a pass now?

TPM chooses good pics for their ACA coverage -

Jeeeez, pass the aspirin!

Dear Congress Drunkard Bonner, just what is the Republican health care plan substitute, replacement

Whodathunk? The Supreme Court is made up of Kenyan, socialist Muslims too

A couple honest questions about this ruling

A crow question -

NM mom jailed for overdue 'Twilight' book, DVDs

How exactly does Romney overturn this?

Just ran a few errands...........82 year old mother was pissed......

How do you feel about joke alerts?

Summary of key points made by Papantonio and Nichols on the Ed show today re ACA

Raising the Bar

We Cannot Pay These Firefighters Enough For What They Do

I saw two Bicknell's thrushes on the the Appalachian Trail last weekend

Re: Civility at the SCOTUS ...

Good time to repost this chart: Obamacare provisions remain widely popular

Hey True Blood Junkies - I got a few scoops for you *** spoilers ***

Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law, LGBT Leaders Cheer

History Made: "This is a big fucking deal!"

For Those Opposed to the ACA, How Can Single Payer Get Through This Senate?

Obama camp: Romney missed opportunity to move country forward with his 'callous' statement

Egyptian officials sentenced over Israel gas deal

(D)s should offer to repeal and replace the Individual Mandate

Palin nails them! Come CAPTION Sarah (Rogue Jurist) Palin!!!

Pelosi to Kennedy Widow: 'Now Teddy Can Rest'

I just was at Free Republic...

Syrian war prey to cross-border escalation

Procedural now showing on cspan to hold Holder in contempt and eight democrats have already voted

Watch: San Francisco Vigil for Teen Lesbian Couple Shot in Texas Park

Conservatives are stupid

Our To Do List After Today's SCOTUS Decision (JK on HUffPo)

Dear conservatives, Unfortunately there's really no way to replace Roberts as chief justice except..

President Obama Speaks on Health Reform

A brief, mature response to Republicans crying about Obamacare.

"Manufacturing Contempt" (the corporate press on Chavez vs. Capriles)

This site is incredible!

For Public Option But Probably The Best We Could Do Was Affordable Care Act

Rewriting the outrage over health care & Rewriting brief history of the mandate

As much as we want to discuss this Important Ruling

US postpones U-Tapao Thailand weather project

Did dems walk out of congress?

Teahaggers pitiful gathering on cspan to object to supreme court decision.

Mike Thompson toon on "activist judges"


Cancer victim inspired Obama-"I got goose bumps.To think the POTUS has my letter hanging on the..."

Did Glenn Beck's head explode yet?

Happy Tau Day everybody!

Justice Ginsburg: ‘Congress Followed Massachusetts’ On Individual Mandate

Libyan dissidents launch action against UK government over rendition

Scalia's Grandfather headed The American fascist party in New York

The Poudre River runs black today (High Park fire)

Romney Promises To Nominate Judges ‘In The Mold’ Of John Roberts On Website

The chief justice’s canny move to uphold the Affordable Care Act while gutting the Commerce Clause.

Republican ball spiking:

Dateline: July 11, 2012--House of Representatives

Anybody got some good circular arguments?

I just served on a DU jury......

Link between religion and being overweight, NSW academics find

Oh HUSH!!!! Please come CAPTION the motor-mouth himself: Rush ("It's inexplicable") Limbaugh!!

Thank you, Ted Kennedy.

Justice Ginsburg: ‘Congress Followed Massachusetts’ On Individual Mandate

The merchants of this landmark bazaar were once ardent supporters of President Bashar Assad

Free Republic posts: Fire all liberals you employ

Time for Obama to seize tomorrow's headline and make an offer

Rowan Williams was always an enemy of the liberal state

May I ask for some light for my show?

Real Time with Bill Maher on GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods)

Kucinich: Supreme Court Upholds [ACA], A Key Step in the Long Fight for Medicare For All

In the end, won't single payer still have to come, "bottom up," from the states?

OK - Here is The Answer To The GOP's "It's A TAX, It's A TAX, bla bla bla":

David Cameron prepared to wield UK veto in eurozone negotiations

so everyone that is against the ACA ...will you be returning the rebates we are going to get

Final debate (50 minutes) in House has started (Holder contempt charge). Vote follows.

Did Scalia write a dissent? If so,

OK DUers who watched Obama

I'd like to "kill" a word

"HOPE" returns today

Bachman using SC decision to raise money

Man convicted over website offering links to TV and video content

Best One Yet! Freeper at my Mom's Office Thinks Obama had 'Something Big' on CJ Roberts

Flint man accused of threats against Levin, Stabenow, Kildee

Watch Romney being for the federal Health Insurance mandate before he was against it

My poor ignorant racist nephew...

Your health insurance premiums at hard at work:

Sweden — running a deficit doesn’t hurt

Any chance they'll stop calling it "Obamacare" now?

Okay, Bill O'Reilly: Time to 'Apologize for Being an Idiot'

Bill Introduced for Equal Spouse Benefits for Gays in Military

Atwater (FL) joins CNN in jumping the gun on health care ruling

Stephanopoulos: "You Reject That It’s A Tax Increase? " Obama: "I Absolutely Reject That Notion"

Democracy for America: With the Affordable Care Act Upheld; Time to Win Back the House

No, right-wing media -- the health care mandate is NOT a "massive new tax"

Another HaHaHaHaHa

Any chance the prez will start saying "Don't like the 'tax'? back the Public Option!"?

Florida Police Still Seeking Killer of Trans Woman

Julian Assange told to turn himself in at London police station

Hiroshima Mon Amour (English Subtitles) (warning: Graphic images)

Two things - one Pelosi will vote no for contempt and then walk out of the house

House of Reprehensibles?

Local media has temp at 101 degrees

Send CNN/FOX this news tip!

Pelosi, then said to Boner...."I'll take my gavel back now"

Senator Johnson (R-WI) says employers should be able to deny coverage to cancer patients

The Republicans were Gloating over Wisconsin Now they Are Playing the Victim Card

Pence likens health care ruling to 9/11, then apologizes

Pelosi: "I did."

Obama wins and rand paul declares himself a dumbass

Health care: the real winners

While happily anticipating "paths to Single Payer", remember this is a game with opponents.

Did Scalia Blow It?

Boner makes his separate peace. Please come CAPTION John ("I've got it covered") Boehner!!!

Missing Rep. Barbara Jordan today.

Would blueberries from the grocery store cause you to be thirsty?

President Obama Initially Heard Mandate Had Been Overturned

Stock prices of health insurance companies plummet

Glitch on the Latest Threads page (Edit: question answered)

FREEPER'S RESPONSE To SCOTUS Ruling: "We plan to fire the liberals in our company"

To have Rmoney call ACA "bad law" is a hoot.

Need help explaining the health care law

Yeah...he's gonna cry.

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations Regarding Today's Supreme Court Decision ...

Vicki Kennedy, Pelosi Praise Late Sen. Kennedy For Pushing ‘The Cause Of My Life’

David Frum: Repeal Is a Fantasy

oh those dreadful socialists.

What do you think people can be motivated by?

The 'Fast and Furious' contemptible Republican House soon to vote on holding AG Holder in contempt

Does high humidity in high temperatures ever make you feel like you can't breathe?

Media Statements Concerning ACA

Remember Bill Kristol saying Reubs must defeat any form of universal health care?

Full House Votes on Contempt Charges Against Attorney General Holder

Schumer: ‘Ask Mitt Romney’ If Health Care Mandate Is A Tax

What if the sun refused to shine? What if the clouds refused to rain?

To all those right-wing crazies who are bemoaning today's ruling

Rupert Murdoch snubs Britain and says he will invest his billions in the US

The Lost Generation

if/when they vote to hold AG Holder in contempt, it will just be a revenge vote because of ACA

When was the last time the Supreme Court had a majority of Democratic appointees?

"13% of the American people think highly of Congress, and today those 13% are wondering why."

Romney uses healthcare ruling to motivate voters against Obama

Every once in a while, I get something correct. So

An interesting peek into the leanings of those who use Yahoo....ACA poll

German Court Bans Male Circumcision, Sparks Outrage Among Jews, Muslims

July4th is almost here, I am having fried turkey.

Saturn moon Titan may harbor ocean below surface

Pelosi is arguing on the Floor now on C-Span (Holder's contempt) ETA: She's awesome! nt

Senator Rand Paul Says The Supreme Court Decision Doesn’t Matter Obamacare Is Still Unconstitutional

Electricity price cap hike generates consumer backlash

I wonder if the electrocution of an eleven year old girl is just the tip in Florida.

David Frum: Repeal Is a Fantasy

Why the Individual mandate is not a massive tax hike

I am not liking this new show on MSNBC.

OUCH! Rove: Health care decision a "boost" for Obama

This is Obama today

ACLU Welcomes Health Care Decision

My conservative Facebook friends...

Pelosi (arguing on the Floor): What's happening here today is shameful.

Nancy Pelosi just said she's "walking" too!!!!

Pelosi is joining the Black caucus and WALKING OUT

Dems frame: corporate health insurance is the REAL massive tax on sick people....

3 million construction jobs to be approved tomorrow? WP: 'Congress reaches deal on transportation b

Borowitz Report: "Romney Blasts S.C., Calling Healthcare Act 'Worst Idea I Ever Had'"

I don't believe in spiking the football.....

Patrick Gaspard writes on Twitter, it's constitutional. Bitches.

Talkingpointsmemo: House GOPer Compares Health Care Ruling To 9/11

Estimates show there are 18 million 'voluntarily uninsured'

Get ready for Rangers to fill up All-Star roster

My GOP congress rep just said even the left will want to repeal this law

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Obamacare Is Upheld–Chief Justice Roberts Saves The Supreme Court

Rick Santorum has to be greatly helped by ending of caps

Even Yahoo picked up the the "Dewey Defeats Truman" photoshop.

Maybe we won't see those goddamned canisters at convenience stores anymore

Tea-Baggers trying to organize a massive DC rally in the fall

Questions about the health care act.

Someone needs to introduce a motion to refer Issa to the Ethics Committee

Post here if you're mad because ACA was upheld.

Bernie Sanders: The American People Are Angry

Pelosi To Boycott Holder Contempt Vote

Obamacare Strikes Back!

On Harassment and Policies: An Open Letter to Skeptic and Freethought Leaders

Atlantic: In Health Care Ruling, Roberts Steals a Move From John Marshall's Playbook

President Obama sent me a letter of congratulations

Researchers develop spray-on battery

Former Michigan GOP spokesman says armed rebellion justified by SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare

Snyder OKs Jail for Disrupting Religious Service

Lipstick, the Recession and Evolutionary Psychology

LOL. Excellent. "Mandate struck down"

OK, now President Obama needs to come out squarely in favor of oxygen. Within 15 minutes ...

You know you're an aging Gen-Xer when .............

Obamacare Decision: Romney Won't Like This Passage

Catholic schools’ HPV vaccine ban is ‘immoral’

Romney loves individual responsibility mandate

Study provides first evidence of coevolution between invasive, native species

LynneSin's idea for a BalletBall League quickly faded into obscurity.......

IBM freezes salaries of executives, many workers

Some things in this world cannot be explained rationally. (video)

The Broccoli Horrible (Crow eaten here.)

"As president, Mitt will nominate judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts..."

Local media now has temp at 106 degreees here in NE Indiana

I just love Martin Bashir

So I'm watching CSPAN - and seeing a current vote to refer the contempt to Oversight & Gov't Reform

"Our experience also demonstrates that getting every citizen insured doesn't have to break the bank"

Health Reform’s Medicaid Expansion Is a Very Good Deal for States

Grooming is exhausting work.

The most satisfying climax EVER!!!

What the hell!?!?!? Did YOU fart?!?!?

You KNEW this was, um... coming -- "Snooki Does Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory".

Once again, MiddleFingerMom is proof that life just ain't fair.

The admins STILL refuse to let MFM back in the DU Lounge hot tub.

Judicial Review- Should it exist?

America criminalizing HIV?

NCPSSM: Court Ruling Means Seniors Can Keep New Medicare Benefits

Christine Page, MD, Intuitive, Physician, Author

Mars Science Labroratory Curiosity landing should be fan-effing-tastic!!!!!

Dear Lord

Application question: should I include a pic with my resume for a Genius Bar position with Apple?

A line appears to have been drawn, using DU's DU Rec feature.

Security firm spies on Reuters correspondent

Pollutants Could Pose Health Risks for Five Sea Turtle Species

Krugman: "ordinary Americans have just won big"

Enemies in Deed: US drones & demands hit 'ally' Pakistan

LOL. "Obamacare" is Now History.

People Who Say They're Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare

Final House vote on contempt of Congress for Holder, on now

well shut my mouth, ron christie doesn't like the ruling

Obama Smells Like A Winner

Obama's Health Plan In 4 Minutes

14 Dem votes thus far to hold Holder in contempt.

GOP: stimulus didn't work! Really? 80% of economists polled say it did - U.S. News

Wow, it looks like most of the House Democrats are walking out.

DeFazio announces 1-year extension of county payments

Do you agree with Supreme Court's decision to uphold the President's health care law?

It's time for Holder to stop attacking MMJ patients and giving lip service to the Republicans

Dems just walked out

Turn on Martin Bashir right fugging now Dems to speak on camera

Dear Gladioli,

For those Dems voting WITH the Republicans re: Holder, what is their reasoning, anybody know?

Who is the crossed eyed nitwit Martin Bashir is asking questions,

Gloat Free Football Scores (Thursday, June 28)

Rep "Mean Jean" Schmidt Wigs Out thinking Supreme Court Struck Down Health Care Reform

So the first African American Attorney General is now the first Attorney General held in Contempt...

This calls for a celebration!

I cried today

submitted without further comment...

Did minority's uncompromising insistence on invalidating entire law push Roberts to join moderates..

Did minority's uncompromising insistence on invalidating entire law push Roberts to join moderates..

I'm listening to right wing talk radio. It's hilarious.

MFM's Little Justice League was a scourge to villainy everywhere.......

SCOTUS "Take Away" For America: "Four Justices Effectively Want To Overturn The 20th Century"

Supreme Court ruling. how do you feel.

If I could lift this Mac and toss it I would!

So does this Holder ruling go to the Senate now? If not, what's up for him?

Holder making statement now on CNN

Caption this "Nazi Salute" Mitt Romney pic

Where can I go to be found in contempt of Congress?

4 Reasons Why Republicans Won’t Be Able To Repeal Obamacare

Do you remember when the Rethugs IMPEACHED President Clinton?

they expect full containment on the fire this weekend

Even the COWS at Kali's ranch are anti-social. (Working w/o speakers today -- I believe it's OK.)

SCOTUS Knocks Stool Right out from Mitt's Ass

Think Progress: 4 Reasons Why Republicans Won’t Be Able To Repeal Obamacare

OMG! I called it! Didn't realize it at the time. I nailed it on that adult three-year-old, scalia!

The Dept. of Health and Human Services just aired an ad in my area

Exposing the Dark Side of Thursday's Supreme Decision on Health Care

The "Good for Nothing" Congress...

The Tax part is only the Penalty for not having insurance worse than appears that Wolf Blotzer may be getting his

the house of representatives

Gawker: This Super Hot Lady (and Some Other Guy) Ruined CNN

White House press release calls the contempt vote "a transparently political stunt"

Wimbledon WOW (SPOILER)

Julian Assange told to turn himself in at London police station

Krugman: Double Scotch Time

"The political timing of the Eric Holder contempt vote could not be worse.". . .

Full text of AG Holder's Statement After Contempt Vote

Roberts Decision Was A Stunning Surprise Now He Is Public Enemy Number One.

where's jeffrey toobin drinking today?

Google Tries Something Retro: Made in the U.S.A.!

17 Democrats voted to hold Atty Gen Holder in contempt; 2 Rs voted NO

Holder: House vote "culmination of...a misguided – and politically motivated – investigation"

GOP appears willing to allow a vote on the transportation bill - delayed 2 yrs, damage done, now CYA

Holding HOLDER Accountable?? Goldman Sachs Lied To Their Customers And Congress, no problem!

Which was the bigger news event today: ACA upheld or Holder found in contempt?

This is why the GOP doesn't want to make pot legal

The wisdom of Roberts' reasoning (Wow - did I really just write that?)

One of these days I'm going to clean the place up

Any Twitter Updates from Dana Perrino?

In the aftermath of a significant SCOTUS win for Dems, it is again time to consider . . . . .

Marco Rubio trots out what may be the lamest defense of Mitt Romney ... ever

I wouldn't wanna be the marketing guy that came up with this idea

At What Level Of Misreporting Do You Have To Stoop Before Your Public Walks Away

I Too stand with Minority leader Pelosi

UN: Human Rights Violations in Syria Escalating

I think it would be a good thing for the Dems to start talking about single payer

Forza Italia! Forza Azzurri!

Democrats Walk Out On Holder Vote

Fortune magazine investigation reveals nobody intended 4 guns to 'walk' in Fast & Furious operation

Is there anything in ACA to prevent insurance companies from jacking up prices

Ex-militia blogger behind Fast And Furious scandal predicts armed insurrection over SC's ACA ruling

The DU church inspirational message of the day

Statement by WH Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer on Today’s Contempt Vote in the U.S. House

Romney on tape admitting 'Romneycare' Included “Tax” To Ensure Participation

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to steve doocy's twitter account (healthcare)

Roberts acted on his religion with this ruling

Mike Vanderboegh is still at it...


Keith Olbermann just tweeted that he will be on...

People are still clueless as to HOW Republicans can feel the way they do.

The House of Representatives hard at work

Senator Kerry on Huffpo: ACA Decision by the Supreme Court...

Nancy Pelosi appeared frail as she took Jim Clyburn's arm in front of the Capitol

Any opinions on what Newt Gingrich is saying here?

Texas Rep. Gohmert Calls for investigation of Kagan

Maya archaeologists unearth new 2012 monument

Republicans must be careful not to drive Chief Justice Roberts to the middle...

I'm looking for a place to get some kicks

Hi there. Steny Hoyer should resign immediately as Democratic House Whip.

Who coward 17 dem vote favor against AG holder

Congresswoman "Mean" Jean Schmidt wigged out

Why is it so hard for Thom Hartmann to understand why Roberts voted

A rare weekday home for me, watching some of the damned cable news networks

Who are the 17 Dems who voted incorrectly on Holder?

There are many opportunities to serve the DU community. Host waiting lists are VERY short.

Va. woman claims exorcism turned to sexual abuse.

So rethugs ... how's that *one term President* obstructionism working out for you guys?

Is it all about who gets the credit?

Didn't I tell you?

Any nominations for who to subpoena first to answer questions in front of

Congress passes healthcare insurance mandate 1798

Does your SO leave you little notes of affection? Mine does!

Bernie Sanders Uses Obamacare Decision to Call for Medicare for All

Tony Auth Toon on the SCOTUS Decision

The First Couple Responds to the GOP

Ron Kind (D-WI) voted to politically Lynch Eric Holder

Drugs and Violence Underscore U.S. Influence in Honduras

Affordable Care Cat is pleased:

Drugs and Violence Underscore U.S. Influence in Honduras

BWAAHAAAA! Reverend Al has a guest on who was in the SC Chambers for the reading this AM

It's about about time we give some props to the liberal judges on the SCOTUS!

Obama threatens to veto defense appropriations bill

hey repukes. You lost ...stop wasting our money and time

First I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your kind words and wishes

Senator Says Employers Should Be Able To Deny Coverage To Cancer Patients

Holder: I'm getting back to it.

Cantor has scheduled a vote for July 10 to repeal Obamacare

To ACA Mandate haters: I fail to see one iota of difference

SCOTUS upholds Romneycare !

The 35 Greatest Animal Photobombers Of All Time

Glad ACA was upheld, but, please indulge my cynicism re Roberts' role.

Do you think the whack job bagger governors regret bringing ACA to the Supreme Court now?

Have I gotten cooties again, or WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

Eric Schneiderman: How to fix the housing crisis

Justice Scalia’s partisan discredit to the court (WaPo Editorial)

Do you think the ACA of today is just version 1.0

A third interview...

Question? Do you want a "Blue Dog Dem", or a "Teabagger Nut Case"???

STUDY: Kardashians Get 40 Times More News Coverage Than Ocean Acidification

Photo analysis of reaction to SCOTUS ACA ruling

Affordable Health Care – What’s in it for you and me?

Scalia embodies power corrupt right wing

Tony Auth On SCOTUS Decision

Westboro planning to protest

Jewish groups react to Supreme Court ruling on health care law

Toon - Barack Obama, Elephant Hunter

U.S. House Democratic members walkout in protest over Eric Holder contempt vote - pics

Toon- The "Death to Obamacare" party scene

Amidst Fire and Drought in Colorado, How Much Water Is Going to Oil and Gas Drilling?

Heh Heh

Idiot Wind: 'a playground of left-wing social engineering in our country’s history'

Went to the new Costco in Coralville today

Papantonio: Antonin Scalia Suffers From Character Leprosy

Caption Mitt

OK DU legal experts

This SCOTUS decision reminds me of a joke:

Freeperviolle gem

Hilarious Alert: Americans Angry About Supreme Court Ruling On Healthcare Threaten To Move To Canada

How far the four dissenters were willing to go

People Who Say They're Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare

Officials: Soldier fatally shot by another soldier on Fort Bragg

3rd day of hunger strike to save the Post office

Rand Paul, Declaring Health Law Constitutional, 'Doesn't Make It So'

FACT SHEET: The Affordable Care Act: Secure Health Coverage for the Middle Class

I love the smell of exploding Republican heads in the morning.

The 17 NRA-owned "Democrats" who voted to hold AG Holder in contempt of Congress

Congress Suddenly Cares @Accountability? Goldman Sachs Lied to Congress About Defrauding Americans!

This Sale Only Happens Twice a Year (jeans etc MADE IN THE USA!)

I dare us to have an adult-like, general discussion about this.

Martin Bashir - How Obama pulled out an historical health care win

The SCOTUS ACA ruling will no doubt help the President politically.

Altmire and Critz need a good spanking.

Veterans Forced to Attend Anti-Union Meetings on Army Base

World's first GM babies born

Forced Labor in the US? (Walmart)

Prison term of lawyer (Lynne Stewart) in terrorism case upheld

Just Wait Until People Start Getting Their Health Ins. Rebates

I wish Darrel Issa a long life . . . . . .

Erick Erickson: "John Roberts probably just handed Mitt Romney the White House."

Stephen Colbert called the Pride Oreo a homo-snack-ual

IBEW is Hiring (labor communicator)

Is anyone else having issues with Facebook?

Best Health Care Reform Cartoons

United Technologies sent military copter tech to China

UNION JOB OPENINGS/ Weekly Summary of Communications Postings for June 28, 2012

What if the government said you had to put an Elmo puppet on your dick...

How Bain /Venture Capitalism Works (Photo)

The Political Genius of John Roberts

Back to the Future hoax hits... again

VP-Tweet of the day: 'Big – important – deal' (really big – important – deal)

Facebook Business Page Help

David Pakman: Obamacare Ruling Media Coverage HORRIBLE!

Today's GOP...

My goodness, the FReepers are in a tizzy

Drone policy in Yemen unsustainable: experts

Verified jobs data released; more confirmation of Walker’s poor “relationship with the truth”

Robert Fisk: Western agreement 'could leave Syria in Assad's hands for two more years'

Thank you C&L for catching John King with the stupidest look on his face I've ever seen.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 29 June 2012

SCOTUS took the teeth out of Medicaid expansion

Drone Attacks Damage the US Interests

France's Strauss-Kahn, Wife Have Separated: Media

Here's the Roll Call votes for the SECOND Holder contempt vote (civil) - 21 dems voted yes

The Real Reason I Support Obamacare

Minneapolis anti-war protests says no to war on Syria, Iran

Let me get this straight...They are going to vote again to repeal the ACA?

Pottery 20,000 years old found in a Chinese cave

Are the GOP on bath salts? The zombies are eating their own!

'Landmark Achievement,' Hallmark Of His Presidency'

Hello, human diary. It is I again, Mitt Romney, your better.

Modesty, a “laughable non-problem” for Pagans?

I made a bumper sticker for the Teabillies upset by today's SJC ruling

I REALLY miss the unrec today with these posts griping about the SCOTUS decision!

Can somebody please explain something to me?

The CNN mess up! With video.

time to move forward

Obama UP in Today's National Tracking Polls (Gallup +3, Rasmussen = TIE)

Thumbs up!

College graduate job: Under 25K

I wrote a rap about the Supreme Court ruling today

Republicans went for the gusto today and FLOPPED big time...

'Fracking' safe with strong regulation, report says

Why The Individual Mandate Is NOT A ‘Massive Tax Hike’ On The Middle Class

States can opt out of Medicaid expansion, citizens must buy x, and that's a progressive victory?

If you think this photo is funny . . .

Why IS there an International Caps Lock Day?