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The Stealing of the 2000 Presidential Election

Martin Bashir - Does Congress do any real work?

Help, please! Elderly neighbors in danger of losing home!

Occupy Kaliland!!!

Ohiosmith totaled the only muscle car he's ever owned.

It NEVER fails... when LynneSin overhears astronomers talking about a gas giant...

Poor HopeHoops has suffered from insomnia since adolescence.

Believe it or not, MiddleFingerMom DOES have to-do lists.

MiddleFingerMom was a JOY as a child and his parents took him with them everywhere.

City Officials in California–Arrested on Federal Bribery Charges

Ecuador recalls London envoy to discuss Assange

Jimima Khan calls bullshit on false news articles re her opinion of Assange...

Regardless of what you think of MFM, he is a Force of Nature......

A message to a younger generation of the LBGTQ community on the 43rd anniversary of Stonewall

yebat!!! russian dash-cam videos. good, clean, time-killing fun...

Ecuador's quandary over asylum for WikiLeaks chief

Russia’s FM Warns Against Issuing Ultimatums To Iran Over Its Nuclear Program

Report: Assad's inner circle plans defection if Syria unrest boils over

The boy salutes President Barack Obama, (different view)

An explanation of the Affordable Care Act that’s simple enough for a five-year-old to understand

Another racist ad about President Obama from a PAC

Please help!

30 arrested in CR prostitution sting.

The Bible is boring and insipid.

Collin County crackpot injures self with own bomb

The Bobblespeak Translations

Saturday is Garden State Equality's 3rd annual Equality Walk.

Paraguay's president Fernando Lugo ousted from office

Thanks, BODS!

1st Ever SPACE SHUTTLE Landing - I was there for this one

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fridazed & a new doggie gif

Why wasn't it possible for Obamacare to fully kick in this year?

Why “PINKIFYING” Science Does More Harm Than Good

3 Things Barack Obama Did That Ruined Mitt Romney’s Week

Romney Stares Uncomprehendingly At $1 Bill

Friday Talking Points (215) -- Morning Phones A-Ringing

We leave a legacy by loving.

D3 folks - OMFG have you gone there yet?

The best thing that could happen to Citizen's United is

TYT: 2/3 Of Republicans Believe Obama Born Outside Of United States

If America was founded as a "Christian Nation"...

Obama Admin-brokered mortgage settlement ended up helping Scott Walker

Undercover Boss - the 1% meets the 99%

*Sandusky verdict reached;

GUILTY 45 out of 48 Counts- !!! - Jury reaches verdict in Sandusky trial

Corporate Profits Just Hit An All-Time High, Wages Just Hit An All-Time Low

What will Washington do about Fernando Lugo's ouster in Paraguay?

What will Washington do about Fernando Lugo's ouster in Paraguay?

The GOP Is Unbelievably Full of Shit on Executive Privilege

Caption this emu pic

Don't ever say that I reject great ideas


Class is now in session..."How Clients Will Fuck You Over 101." Please be seated for today's lesson.

GOP's Real Problem With Holder?

*Kind of sarcasm,

Has Romney Just Undercut GOP Witch-Hunt Against Eric Holder?

Hillary Clinton Spices Up Swearing-In Ceremony In Purple Cat-Eye Sunglasses - video link

I expect Mr. Sandusky will rest his head this evening on a state-owned pillow in a small cell.

Rita Coolidge & Kris Kristofferson - Whiskey, Whiskey

How old is Kirk Douglas

*Reporters filed out; crowd cheers.

Sandusky Guilty on 45 of 48 counts.

G'bye, shitsoul. Burn.

They just put him in a police car...he wasn't smiling!

Week in the field Obama/Biden 2012 - pics

Booming Iceland makes second early loan repayment to IMF

Sandusky Guilty

General Motors’ Gay-Friendly Move Causes Some Chafing

Sandusky won't last long in jail

Paraguay's leftist president ousted by Congress

Rules for the Cat

Penn State's football program is toast.

How will Penn St. survive this financially?

the investigation at penn state continues......

U.S. raps Argentina, Indonesia import curbs at WTO

Poland shaken by case alleging an illicit CIA prison there

Man jailed for threatening South Park writers

*Amendola, Sandusky attorney, on MSNBC now.

"Books that Shaped America"

Japanese Court Rules in Favor of Sexual Slavery Photo Exhibit

Moyers: The Power of Good Reads

Check out the defense attorney slut-shaming

I have renewed faith in the US justice system.

Go forth DUers, and spread this on Facebook....

What about the authorities in law enforcement who helped cover up Sandusky's crimes?

I knew it. One of the Freepers blames gays for Sandusky.

Dad died in his sleep last nite, hugging his pillow...Korean war vet helicopter medic crew mechanic.

Martin Bashir - Romney out of touch with middle class, Olympic past?

Muslim Jesse Curtis Morton jailed over South Park threat

Did Commonwealth Atty Kelly spend the day writing that speech she's (still) giving???

What is this guy yelling at the Sandusky presser?

OK, now we can get this "alleged" bullshit out of the way:

The ED Show - Outsourcing: The Bain Of Romney's existence

This seems like a good place

Whenever I think Obama's not savvy, he ups and out-savvys everyone

The ED Show - Report: GOP wants 'a scalp' in Holder investigation

A real page scorcher takes on RC bishops & Natural Law - written by a 16 year old with a VOICE!

Sandusky Guilty: The Story of Jerry, Dottie and Matt

"Unacceptable, Unconscionable, Grotesque"

Anyone watching Rachel on Bill Maher

Why Can't we do it ourselves?

*President Obama on C-SPAN now,

Keith Olbermann's Lightning Photo

Bill Maher’s Message To Conservatives: ‘You Act Exactly Like 14-Year-Old Boys’

"Chronicling Mitt's Mendacity, Vol. XXIII" By Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog

Republican resigns from the (MI) Board of State Canvassers, gives Democrats the majority

Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, And Reason’s Nick Gillespie Have Epic Showdown Over Fast & Furious

'Cognitive dissonance': Why people protected Jerry Sandusky instead of helping his victims


Dominance of SuperPACs ensures protection of wealthy interests

Statue of Liberty under construction **Pic Heavy**

Do you think it's possible that Sandusky's wife didn't know?

My diet is still going well. As opposed to quitting smoking or quitting drinking, there is much

Can't we all just stop?

Penn State Says Open to Resolving Claims by Sandusky Victims.

Benzene spill at ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge far bigger than first reported

Fast & Furious? Come on GOP be honest, you want to impeach Obama

I'm starting Season 2 of Nurse Jackie.

Um, Jerry Sandusky's natal chart (no given birth time)

The Wild Conspiracy Theory Driving The Fast And Furious Investigation

PHOTO: "I've waited 221 days to hug my mom"

Judith Wallerstein, researcher on divorce, dies

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday June 23rd

I keep getting letters every month from t-mobile saying THEY owe me 37 cents

O'reilly regularly says that when he votes he has to show ID. NY has no ID law to vote.

Sandusky should be in his Orangies by now.

Which three charges were thrown out? Sandusky.

If you got to have dinner with Obama...

Goodbye, Sandisgusty!


DU: Again, WTF?

Police: 14-year-old shot intruder in Laveen home

68 years old

The Immoveable Earth

what does ppr mean and who does it?

"Science: It's a girl thing!"

I found a very good episode of ST:DS9

Federal agents: Help us identify endangered teen

President Obama's Full Speech at NALEO!

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, June 22)

What kind of homeschool programs, curricula, styles do you use?

Who will Rmoney pick as his VP candidate?

Pa. teacher suspended over blog sues district

i knew it was bad news when i saw the red glowing behind the mountains tonight

Powerful congressman accused of campaign finance violations

U.S. eyes return to some Southeast Asia military bases

Wonder if we'll Sandusky on a Lockup episode on MSNBC?

Who's your pick for VP?

Alan Turing, the father of the computer, is finally getting his due

Mistakenly released database reveals that Florida has pledged nearly $155 million in incentives to

Sometimes I do leave my yard

In Appalachia, Saturday is Baking Day!

Harper sought Mulroney's advice on wooing Quebec

Why the CIA Won’t Relish Its Syria Mission

WHY AM I HERE ON DU? Hmmm, Not many responses to anything of late. I went thru hours of work tonight

Colombian army captain implicated in paramilitary massacre .

Colombian army captain implicated in paramilitary massacre .

Medical pornography: Ear wax removal videos on YouTube:

Meanwhile on another planet, UVA had a coup & President Sullivan was ousted

Barack Obama has 25,069,003 more fans than Romney on Facebook...

Man stranded in desert builds motorcycle out of his broken car..EDITED

Finally, a sense of closure.....Poweful article

Alan Turing, the father of the computer, is finally getting his due

Indictment Links Prominent Texas Family's Horse Stable to Zetas Money-Laundering Case

They're no longer even trying.

Britain to be spared EU bank tax: European leaders push ahead with plans but drop demands for all na


No Sandusky threads?

Major opponent of gay marriage switches sides

Image: death due to lack of health coverage

Thom Hartmann: much does it cost to bring down a Prez?

Thom Hartmann: What Do Republicans Love about Rape?

Weekly Address: Congress Must Act on Transportation Bill and Student Loans

Do You Look Like a Prostitute? (Whatever That Means): It Might Mean No Taxi Cabs

Max Keiser: Armed & Dangerous

Max Keiser: Banks Are Dead!

Bath Salts Gone Wild !!!

The Cuppa Joe knows...

And yet, he has an elevator for his cars...

Are you my new buddy?

Wow - Syrian army defector talks to Al Jazeera

"He's always been a law abiding member of this community

Abdullah brothers will take break for religious reasons

Dolan Says Obama Policies Threaten ‘Sacred Liberties’

Biometric National IDs and Passports: A False Sense of Security

Question for DUers - do you think the College football playoffs have finally been accepted

Qargha Lake siege undercuts U.S.-led narrative that Afghanistan war is on track

Bill Moyers & Co.: Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith (tangled web of banks and government)

U.P. worker hurt at safety class gets $1M

A 10 minute scooter ride through Homs, Syria

Court Rules Obese Dad 'Unfit' to Parent, Kids Placed Up for Adoption

In Capitalist America...

Poll: Best understands people under 30: Dems 66, GOP 19

There's A Reason Americans Pass By Homeless People In The Street Without A Second Glance

For Bravery...

Severe Nuclear Reactor Accidents Likely Every 10 to 20 Years - New Max Planck Institute Study

Tell me about deck stain...17 gallons later...

First New Art Publicly Available From Calvin and Hobbes' Creator in 16 Years

Climate MADness - and The Lorax in 3-D!

In light of the Sandusky case, please pass this on or post it, etc.

Now we know what would have happened to Simon Birch if the mom had lived.

Bill collectors trying to collect deceased person's bad debts.

Massive clampdown on Iranian labour activists (take action link)

Dr. Arjun Makhijani on the downsides of thorium reactors and why solar power will save lives

We don't have to wait for nature to make bird flu airborne. We now have man-made airborne bird flu

Victor Spinetti, Favorite in Beatles Films, Dies at 82

Anybody know what happened to A-Schwarzenegger?

Greece brain drain 'wrecking my social life'

Nirvana Original Painting

(Florida) State was warned voter purge used inaccurate data

Turkey vows action against Syria for downing jet

Large Format

How about having two separate groups for guns?

Jews, gays rally in Rio to protest Ahmadinejad visit

Politico fired a reporter for telling the truth because told them to

Analysis: Oversight Failures Help Oil Obama’s Killing Machine

Israel army denies it killed Gaza boy

Egypt election results now expected Sunday

Bottom Line

nytimes: The Anti-Union Roberts Court

NHL first round draft picks

Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army

It’s not Mitt’s party: Top GOPers keep stepping on Romney's message, not sure he'll be leading them

An Introductory Feminist Reading List

Why the U.S. Olympic Committee Cracked Down on a Knitting Group

The Soapbox: On Feminism & Judging Other Women

ACLU question

Anne-Marie Slaughter and the fiction of 'have-it-all' feminism

That thread about "Dog the Bounty Hunter" marathon got me thinking....

It is what it is.

Here's hoping the criminal system goes after the witnesses to Sandusky's crimes

Live Radio At Noon CST-Middle Class Issues Liberal? Conservatism Anathema To The Middle Class?

Does anybody have good video to demonstrate how to make an angel kiss?

Do you ask for anything in return for your vote ??

Jamie Dimon wore presidential seal cufflinks at senate hearing

Scotts Miracle-Gro pleads guilty to selling poisoned bird seed

California begins mapping future without nuclear power

'The question is: What vision are we going to stand up for? Who are we going to fight for?'

So,.....I had a dream that LynneSin and HopeHoops came to my house for beers. As I don't know what

Lugo: 'I say goodbye as president' after Paraguay impeachment

Negotiators closing in on student loan deal

Corporate Profits Just Hit An All-Time High, Wages Just Hit An All-Time Low

Fast & Furious is a NRA Conspiracy

Syria forms new government; key posts unchanged

Occupy Comedy

Have you ever flown as a companion to an elderly, frail person?

Private Prison Riots: Coming Soon To A Wisconsin Town Near You?

Roberts--and Alito--simply lied. Balls & strikes. Right. They are politicians in robes-nothing more.

Installing British summer

Luckovich Toon- "Romney's Economic Plan"

"The Safety of Objects". Well worth watching.

She's ba-ack!!! Please come CAPTION Michele (This Is Your MInd on Empty) Bachmann!!!!

How to get rid of an old tire and get a new huge planter...

Still Fighting Bush’s GWOT

Libya Investment Authority to investigate losses of $1.75 billion managed by Goldman Sachs

Chris Lincecum attacks Bay Area sports media..

Love Letters in the Sand: Please come CAPTION Willard and Ann!!!

Anyone seen the movie "The Safety of Objects"?

Whale shoots rainbow out of blowhole

After admitting to sex with an employee, Rep. Matt Wingard (R) drops campaign for re-election

Weekend toon roundup

The Business 9 Women Kept A Secret For Three Decades - UPDATE!

Proposal: two guns groups: "Gun Policy" and "Gun Enthusiasts".

The '70s called...

This is what we're up against.

There's no foolin' Peggy Noonan!! Please come CAPTION this omission of the human!!!

I will admit I do not know a lot about Fast and Furious...

The battle over climate science.

Bill Maher on What Teenage Right-Wingers Represent: Conservatism Today Is "Just Being a Dick"


Random thoughts on a Saturday morning...

I have more evidence that 911 was an inside job than right-wing whackadoodles have that Fast and

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

America's Dental Care Crisis

Here's a simple recipe for grilled salmon

new ad (Bain...)

Homophobia helps protect guys like Sandusky because

Romney Stares Uncomprehendingly At $1 Bill

Why the "Dollar Zone" doesn't face a break-up

Gaiam TV

Report: Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL) faces Ethics, Justice probes

'The Invisible War' takes on military sexual assault 'epidemic' edit, RQ added a better article.

Agenda 21, bike lanes (and the idiotic fight against it)

Should I snip the flowers/stems on a stressed tomato to help it recover?

occupy monsanto 5pm

Obama's fate rests on first debate?

Does corn meal go bad?

Romney attempted to impose a $10 fee for a state certificate of blindness and $15 for photo id card

This is weird. We just found out today that one of our friends had died, too. Bad day for this.

TCM Schedule for Monday June 25 - TCM Spotlight: Starring Ross Alexander

Whale showing his/her pride!

Mitt Romney, A/K/A The “Outsourcer-In-Chief”

Ms. Harris Perry's piece on reverse migration

Happy 40th Anniversary Title IX: From Girls' Sports to Women's Wages

Venezuela's Chavez hosts close ally Ahmadinejad

Poll: Most Americans do not identify Obama as Christian

American Autumn, an Occupy Documentary, set for World Premiere

Hamas Threatens To Escalate Attacks As Gaza Militants Trade Fire With Israel

American Autumn, an Occupy Documentary, set for World Premiere

Pride Parade to put faith at the forefront

Opposition Video Shows Homs Not Destroyed by Massed Artillery, as Reported.

Turkey caught peeking in Syria's back yard

How Can We Combat Obama's Secret 'NAFTA of the Pacific'?

A whole bunch of movies and TV shows are expiring on Netflix on either 6/30 or 7/1, so

New super PAC ad hits Romney over Bain

Political Wire: Priorities USA hits Romney again on Bain Capital

Pet piranha bites off Illinois toddler's fingertip

Vote for Romney? - pic

Democratic Congressional Staffer mocks public protests over SOPA, claims "internet at risk"

Vatican Gets Fox Media Adviser

Thank Barack For The Lowering Gas Prices

This thread's subject is not CS!

god, what stupid "lock-step" mind set. Repukes are all predictable. They are calling Pres. Obama

Paper Plant Victim of Romney Takeover: 'When we built that stage it was like building my own coffin'

NREL says 80% of US electricity can be renewable by 2050 with current technology

Man shot by CHP on I-10 had no weapon

13 days - and what was learned - As the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis approaches

This is a hoot -


Refresher (Taxes, Spending and Stimulus)

Students for Scott Brown Phonebank: Average age-- Fifty?

Because nothing feeds the hungry or takes care of the sick like spending

Question about simple remote controls for SLRs

The Guardian Describes Mendacious Mitt's Bid To Become Liar-in-Chief

Fraudulent R-74 signatures include names of Whatcom County voters

Has Romney Now 'Liberalized' His Nightmare Dream Act Proposal?

Pres. Obama: "The outcome of this decision, this choice, is entirely up to you ...You decide"

Fast & Furious is a NRA Conspiracy

I am sick of hearing about Ann Romney's horses.


Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner. Where?

media seems to be blaming Obama now for all the money being raised

It is forecast to be 100 degrees today...

I was asked to rejoin the feminist group. Anyone else?... (cont.)

My daughter's little farm is growing. The baby turkeys are getting big. The eight geese are out of

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain celebrates 5th anniversary

Delta closes on deal for Philly-area refinery

Saturday, June 23rd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Deathwatch for Public Schools in Michigan, Part 2

Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith on Bill Moyers

Politico suspends black reporter for saying Romney more comfortable around white people

Educators: Kids aren't the only ones bullied

Alabama defeats communism with anti-sustainability law

I'm sorry, there's something terribly wrong with him

As a Pennsylvanian, I see the Sandusky case as being analogous to Watergate and here's why:

Alan Grayson is a Tenacious and Tireless Champion

Pluto is not a gas giant.

Leo Tolstoy on Mitt Romney

Rizzoli and Isles pissed me off this episode

Kevin Youkilis may be moved soon

Visiting berkeley for a couple days

Found on DU2

Private Prison Group Quits Mississippi, Heads North

Church of Scientology seeks higher profile in Denver with new church

Police Restrain People Who Attack A Gay Pride Parade In Northern Greece

Uploading photos

It's June. The new interns are working at your favorite local TV news station.

Assange, Ecuador, Rape, and Sweden - 1

US base fracas exposes Argentine vulnerability

Are charter schools useless?

U.S. plans more drone flights over Caribbean

U.S. plans more drone flights over Caribbean


LGBT People Should Be Put to Death, Says Aussie Salvation Army Major

Man held in triple murder near NYC's Columbia University

Artist Spotlight: Zanele Muholi

A two-income family today is poorer than a one-income family was in the 1970s

ICC apologizes to Libya for 'misconduct'

Surviving Progress (Full Film)

Karla Homolka lives in Guadeloupe and has three children, new book reveals

Movie director John Carpenter made a movie called, "They Live" back in 1988...

"I'm Just Saying"

Mating Turtles Fossilized in the Act

An almighty Koch app: Democrat developer targets billionaire brothers

Nuns On The Bus photos (dial up warning)

Any way to quiet the trackpad click on MacBook air?

Zhonggou Cheng San Francsico! (Chinatown)

Anything better on a Saturday afternoon than a catnap?

I Am A Woman...

A good article on who destroyed the middle class.

Too many wildfires caused by gun owners, says Utah governor

Melissa Harris-Perry - Gov. Haley blocks HPV vaccine access in South Carolina

Parts of Mars Interior as Wet as Earth's

Ex-principal held without bond after fatal rampage

One hundred years.

The Third Intifada Is Inevitable

Caption Mitt....

Who does everyone like in the Secretary of State race?

A one-minute musical Mitt Romney biography

What Role Did Climate Change Play In Epic Duluth Floods?

Gloat Free Football Scores (Saturday, June 23)

"Reward the Second Best..."

Someone needs to make a bumer sticker out of Bain + China jobs

Will the NCAA do the right thing and slap the Death Penalty on Penn State football?

Logic Question

Infographic: Pride Parades around the world

What are ways in which money has negatively affected elections in CA?

My Citibank Card

Smart windows store sun’s energy

Pension Giant Dumps $73 Million Caterpillar Stock Over Israel Ties

The Doctor. Has been blocked from the group

do ya suppose Mitt said this to his billionaire buddies this weekend?

Paraguay president removed from office

Tropical Storm Debby has formed - Louisiana watch out

So I am in the middle of an argument on another chat board...

ZeroHedge: Turns Out China IS Lying About Everything

Is anyone else having problems with google?

A Turing Machine built using LEGO

Anyone here on

Should alleged cyber criminals be spared extradition to the US? (Metro | 22 June 12)

Mark Cuban destroys Skip Bayless

When Putin meets Netanyahu

Big Statewide Anti-Foreclosure Rally Set June 25 for Capitol

Kitchen Dancing, or strolling actually. Enjoy! Bruce edition -

Argument for gay marriage would also legalise incest and polygamy, claim bishops and MPs (in UK)

NASA says Mars landing will be ’7 minutes of terror’

Surpeme court and Obama care

"Character": how much of a role in voters' decisions ?

dirty girl. bad boy

Girly science ad gets European Commission grief

Funniest Jokes Mocking Mitt Romney


Why Jason Kenney getting an award for 'diversity' only reinforces discrimination

It's Not About the Damn Ponies

Gamecocks shooting for history

Why the family conflicts now??

Bath Salts Summer

Vatican hires Fox's Greg Burke to help shape media message

My wife is so predictable! The CFO with one of her clients is resigning his position. He brought her

Looking for tips and advice from people in the Portland area, please.

One of the most profound quotes about outsourcing that I've read in a long time

I just finished watching "The Iron Lady"

Ever seen a cat like this? I think not.

Caption this pic

Database schema document creator

Now there's a fire in Estes Park CO

This went unreported (or I missed it): Obama leads Romney by 5 in NH (Rasmussen).

What do you do when you are attacked?

5 College Degrees That Aren't Worth The Cost

Should an animal abuser be president?

If the health care law is killed on Monday, how will it affect Obama's re-election chances?

Tulsa will soon be home to the largest "community" supercomputer in the nation

An oldie, but still relevant?

There are six games on Fox right now. So which one do they show in Denver?