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Friday Talking Points (214) -- Rubio Talks, Obama Acts

Needed: Title & author of your favorite family saga. I have an idea for a family

A couple of days ago, an old friend of my wife's stopped

Neil Munro: Chris Wallace, Shep Smith Hammer Reporter Interrupting President (VIDEO)

"Not A Dream: Romney's Top 5 Comments On Immigration During the Republican Primary"

What questions will Romney face Sunday in his first major non-Fox interview, on CBS FTN with Bob Schieffer?

I have only seen the sound bits from Romney's Obama Bash yesterday.

New Yorker: Obama's Second Term

Oh, snort. You have to love it when Jan Brewer is left squawking about

"1% Pathologies" by Chris Hayes at Truthout

Photo of the Day: President Obama talks to kids

" according to fox news "a bag of suspicious election materials was found yesterday in Wisconsin..."


A great Father Day's quote from Mitchell Kane: "You know, my father said once…"

Please tell me I'm wrong.

A.B.M,!!! (Anbody But Mickelson)

May Bob be with you and also not with you.

“Incompetent” and “Untrustworthy” FABRICATION Committee Chair Darrell Issa Strikes Again!

I'm not surprised that some asshole from that fucking cesspool, Daily Caller was at work today

Thank you relax with his family for Father's Day weekend..(Pictures)

Chowchilla 'busnapper' wins release from prison

Firefly-powered glowing stuff! Thanks nanotech.

undocumented students graduation ceremony at UCLA

The History this Weekend is in Egypt and Greece...

Mexico cancels big tourism project after civic pressure

Camping through the Falklands, hidden history of the war’s gay seafarers

Bill O’Reilly Scolds DailyCaller Heckler: You Must Respect The Office Of The Presidency - video link

Who is the most trust worthy news source?

A Huge massive Romney Rally today (pictures)

Republicans fear uncertain scope of Keystone study

Why doesn't Tom Hanks sing or make an instrument in Castaway?

BBC world news editor: Houla massacre coverage based on opposition propaganda

From a tactical standpoint, Neil Munro and Tucker Carlson just did us a huge favor.

Michigan GOP Spokesman: Female Reps Threw ‘Temper Tantrums’ Over Abortion Bill

Psychological testimony allowed in Sandusky sex abuse trial

The 20 Gayest Cartoon Characters Ever

Ron Christie is a tool..

Life as a Mermaid: Being Transgender in West Borneo

Europe makes big bets on nuclear waste burial

"Michigan Republican Township Supervisor not happy with privatized prison in his area"

California legislature approves main budget bill

Celebration In Jail Over President Obama's DREAM Order Today

President Obama Hosts LGBT Pride Reception at the White House - pics

Contractors run U.S. spying missions in Africa

Adobe Flash Player not working.

Warren Buffett Fires CEO for vacation..

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike & a new Kitty gif

America Reacts To President Obama's DREAM Order, June 15

There is no Rachel Maddow show tonight. My cable guide says she is to be on but Lockup is on.

US holds high-level talks with Syrian rebels seeking weapons in Washington

This guy needs to get a room...

U.S. expands secret intelligence operations in Africa

Gay Tory MP challenges Church of England over intolerant language

PROJECT: Mail the word "Vagina" to the Michigan Speaker of the House

Obama's "LGBT Pride Month Reception" video

1% Wives Are Helping Kill Feminism and Make the War on Women Possible

*Instead of Rachel show tonight, Oral Argument on Health Care Law on C-SPAN2 now.

Now everyone's asking, "What is MDS?"

When tanks crush children, Syrians must ask: who are we?

So the kids and I just finished watching the series "Jericho." Anything else out

Kansas Democrats say Kobach’s office lost candidate’s paperwork to run for office

Caribou Barbie's daughter will be on Lifetime


Why you should NEVER leave your glasses on the nightstand:


Kali bought a new pair of cowboy boots... er... horsegirl shoes... um... whatever.

Strawbaby Fields Forever!!!

MiddleFingerMom is a very private person and would prefer NOT to discuss his "love life", BUT...

The first two words to come to ANYONE'S mind re: MFM? Why, of COURSE... ... ... "chick magnet".

I'm going to walk across Niagra Falls on a tightrope because

So I have the answer to the eternal question...

First African American President

Citizens United has taken away my freedom of speech

Colombia's poor won't value free housing: Giuliani .

Colombia's poor won't value free housing: Giuliani .

"TV's Frank" Conniff..."I Love Pornography!" (SPECIAL Fox News Personality© CAMEO APPEARANCE!)

Closer Look Shows Way More US Solar Power

California to free Chowchilla school bus kidnapper

Texas teachers suspended for letting kids hit class "bully"

I wonder: Does Romney want the Supreme Court to strike down Obamacare? I don't think he does

"Vagina, Vagina, Vagina" <---- actual headline

Kaiser Permanente: We’ll be ready for the inevitable climate-change-based downfall of society

Debt crisis: tensions mount as Angela Merkel attacks French economy

BDO Admits Generating $6.5 Billion In Phony Tax Shelter Losses, Pays $50 Million

Billionaire pledges 90,000 acres for conservation area in Colorado

UPMC's anti-union efforts have risen, service workers say!

Default and exit from the eurozone? Greece could begin again

TYT discusses Racism: "Obama Heckled By Daily Caller Reporter During Immigration Remarks"

Will Congress compound its error on ‘highly qualified’ teachers?

Gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger gets a rough welcome in southern Utah

At least 16 dead in Paraguay land eviction clashes

Is it a sin to scroll?

Why is Nancy Pelosi making such bold predictions about the looming Supreme Court decision?

Cooked Squid Inseminates Woman’s Mouth

So true!

President Obama rudely interrupted in rose garden

Watching/listening to SupCt healthcare argument AND BeeGees!

"Naked" is the word for this evening. Modify a thread title to include "naked".

‘India is drowning in its own excreta’

Post processing - pencil drawings

Finally sitting on job offers..

US holds talks on arms handover to Central Asia: report

North Carolina's GOP Wants to Protect You From Discrimination–Except if You're Gay

Businesses Are People, Too!

Library defeats Tea Party!

RAKHINE RIOTS: True stripes revealed in Myanmar

Documentary - The Power Principle (3 parts)

Modify a thread to include the word "vagina"

To the male politicians who insist on creating laws regarding my woman regions...

Wow ..Just found this..Could anyone have said it better than Bill Cosby

Whereupon Big showed our neighbors the way . . . . .

White House Correspondents' Association: Daily Caller heckler 'discourteous'

WSJ: Reporter Interrupts Obama Remarks

Mal Reynolds (Firefly) knows the feeling...

US Military revoked permission for emblems to appear on bibles.

The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fumes As James Lipton Criticizes Mitt Romney

Puppy cam

Tomorrow (June 16th) is Bloomsday!

My new name is now MrMaradona

Justice Ginsburg suggests "sharp disagreement" over pending hot-button cases

When I read the headline I knew it was Steve King

Syrian fighters' credibility shot to pieces by toy guns posturing

Yep, that fits...

Ok who did it? Which one of you gave me your cooties?

Presidential Pride Month Proclamation

Out of the mouths of babes...


'Gayest' Neighborhoods: Most Gay And Lesbian Friendly Zip Codes Ranked By Trulia

Obama’s Missed 'Comeback' to Right-Wing Heckler

How Can Labor Combat Obama's Secret 'NAFTA of the Pacific'?

Divine Vessel launch at 6:37am EDT, live coverage

Now I'm supposed to boycott WHAT??!!??

That reporter interrupting Obama is a dog whistle to the GOP base: scapegoat here, attack, attack,

This poster sums up my feelings...

Portland Police : "It gets Better!"


What's for Dinner ~ Saturday June 16th

Bill Maher To Panel: ‘The Problem With Racism Is Matt Drudge’

After much ado, the Michigan Congressladies will be allowed to speak on the floor of Congress.


Friday night in the Lounge! What's everybody drinking?

Matthew 25 in the The Conservative Bible

John McCain: Mitt Romney Super PAC And Others Receiving Foreign Cash

Rooster afraid of his own shadow

Darwin award candidate!

Rep. Darrell Issa willing to postpone House contempt vote against AG Eric Holder

What a bunch of pre-schoolers who flunked due to being spoiled brats!

Many years ago, my brother took this time lapse photo of a mine.

"Limbaugh Describes Obama’s New Immigration Policy: ‘Catch, Release, Vote’"

Norway's Holocaust inverters

Can we recommend DUZies?

Chinese buy London Metal Exchange in £1.4bn takeover -JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs get massive windfall

Models Do 'Call Me Maybe'—Here's Today's Ad Brief

Does Hooters have stuffed breasts? won't load.

‘Papers please’ ex-legislator booted from AZ Mexican restaurants in fundraiser flap

Silenced (Michigan) legislator to perform '(The Vagina) Monologues' on Capitol steps

Got great news, new landlord, and he lowered the rent!

Dudes- Could you kindly put the instructions for renewing via paper in the account renewal...

Suspected ‘Cannibal Killer’ Gay Porn Actor Luka Magnotta Now Linked to Unsolved Miami Murder

Challenger defiant against coal-backed McKinley

A Father, a Son and a Fighting Chance

Smell the Tyranny

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, June 15)

This website is chock-full of great articles

Dear GOP...

Chevrolet Volt Outselling Corvette in 2012

FCC proposes first cellphone radiation investigation in 15 years

How does it work in the US during an upcoming election?

Post your "Neil Munro Interupts Famous Speeches" Pics

Canada: Court Says Ban on Doctor-Assisted Suicide Is Unconstitutional

Hey, remember that recent "HFCS makes you stupid" study?

Fox News Edits Out Bill O’Reilly Slamming Obama Heckler

*Justice Ginsburg discussing this term, including Affordable Care Act,

Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency exacerbates the effects of metabolic syndrome in the brain.

My Rant on the Reporter Interrupting the President's Prepared Immigration Speech

Anarchy in the UK

Did you know that Darth Vader had a daughter?

Neil Munro Twitter

The Truth About Our National Debt - image

Scientists to strap cameras to Hawaiian seals

Japan nuclear restart gets PM's approval

New York Civil Rights Violation Lawyer from The Perecman Firm Welcomes New Stop-And-Frisk Reporting

Robert Fisk: Assad will breathe a sigh of relief at death of Arab Spring

Yo! This Romney "Quiet Rooms" quote begs to be an Obama ad.

Krugman: Wealth Destruction

L.A. Group Plans Anti-Wal-Mart Rally

Five Minutes With: Danny DeVito

The Truth About Religion in America: The Founders Loathed Superstition and We Were Never a Christian

Tell KUOW how the Supreme Court's decision on health insurance will affect you

How to Criminalize an Entire Generation of Black and Latino Men

DAVID ROSENBERG: These 3 Charts Prove We're Living In A Modern-Day Depression

Don't censor the school lunch blog.

FBI recovers rare first-edition of the Book of Mormon

Not a "dependence upon the people alone", but a dependence upon funders.

Atheist organization seeks 'closeted' unbelievers

Weekly Address: Ending the Stalemate in Washington

President Obama’s Weekly Address: GOP to Blame For Stalemate

I'm trying to convince myself this GOP ad is a joke

Catholic priest would choose jail over fine if found guilty of illegal assembly

Dave Zirin: Red State Hoops: The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Value of Seattle's Rage

Vaginas Take Back the Capitol! Michigan Action

Happy Bloomsday to The Lounge!

Break out the links, please.

China launches space mission with first woman astronaut

The Final Battles of Pope Benedict XVI

The Holy See's Priorities (cartoon)

Why Ronald Reagan Would Not Lead Today’s GOP (by former Reagan/Bush official Bruce Bartlett)

Monsanto Corn Injured by Early Rootworm Feeding in Illinois

Reefer Madness gets even more mad

What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

ENCINITAS: Council will put San Onofre on agenda to examine safety issues

ENCINITAS: Council will put San Onofre on agenda to examine safety issues

Sick and very sad: Woman Sues City of Tulsa For Cutting Down Her Edible Garden

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef dies

Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks - did she drop any hints?

Congressman Tom Graves of north Georgia:

Suu Kyi accepts Nobel Peace Prize 21 years late

I'm off for a storage locker auction!

Chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Who Is Allison Macfarlane?

We deserve a duck thread--add your duck photos here

This Week in Poverty: Disposable Families in Ohio

The DUzy Awards for Friday, June 8, 2012 - Part 2

The bad news about some restaurants:

I'm going to do something a little different here and a bit of a book review.

UN suspends Syria peace mission

What About Jesus and the Dinosaurs?

Report: LA Wal-Mart lobbyist posed as reporter

From the Halls of Congress and the Tarmac to the Rose Garden

Under the 'nuclear shadow' of Colorado's Rocky Flats

Baghdad car bombings target Shia pilgrims

Why Bloomsday Is Special This Year

George Will calls for President Romney to appoint Extreme Conservative Activist Justices

Carlotta weakens, downgraded to tropical storm

Texas A&M Study Says Castle-Doctrine Laws Increase Homicides, Don't Deter Crime

Not Where They Hoped They'd Be

Deadly bus bombing hits north-west Pakistan town

Gay marriage part of a long struggle

West Bend, Wisconsin: Library patrons may now stand their ground...err...library stack!

These colors don’t run; but why these colors?

Under The 'Nuclear Shadow' Of Colorado's Rocky Flats (NPR)

Alaskan militia leader's wife says he is guided by the laws of God


Neil Munro did the Obama campaign a huge favor

Jordan imposes restrictions on refugees from Syria

Commentary: Texas congressional race becomes an extreme Obama hate-fest

Amy Goodman is really good on Up with Chris Hayes today

Pregnant prisoners are being forced to go through labor while cuffed and shackled.

The DUzy Awards for Friday, June 15th, 2012


Needed: Title & author of your favorite family saga. I have an idea for a family

Toon- Border signs

Buff your Saturday. Come CAPTION Charles (If hate's your daddy, then I'm your man) Krauthammer!!!!

Obama’s immigration order corrects egregious flaw

Dave Zirin: Red State Hoops: The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Value of Seattle's Rage

The water coming from my kitchen spigot is spraying everywhere.

Should inactive voters be purged and punished by being denied their right to vote?

What is the best way to report a potential troll

Priest, father, teacher facing charges of traveling to meet a minor for sex (Florida)

Indian father accused of killing baby 'for being a girl'

Manny Ramirez*, Vladimir Guerrero, released from minor league contracts

The greatest and his grandson - very cool

As a father, 'I have to be the best human I can be'

Who here has been purged from voter rolls? Me twice. Once without enough notice to respond.

How Fast Your Day Can Change

Game of Thrones first season DVD pulled because of George Bush head on a pike.

Why Does Mitt Romney Like Firing People? Because He Made $20,000 On Every Laid-Off Worker

Fractured Feminism: New Film Explores Different Definitions of Movement

My version of Starbucks Iced PassionFruit Lemonade Tea Unsweeted w/ low ice

Teacher of the Year on how political action benefits students

Obama to GOP: 'Stop worrying about the next election and start worrying about the next generation'

Fox Hosts Hate Group FAIR To Debate Undocumented Immigrant Issue

NASA teams evaluating ISS-built Exploration Platform roadmap

Vagina Jase Bolger - Eric Schwartz

The persons known as corporations...

I have a question for those of you that are much more observant than me..

Mark Shields: "But, very bluntly, "this is the worst day of Mitt Romney's life" (6/15/12)

VA Board Of Health Passes Modified Abortion Regulations

Paul Ryan’s Budget: Its Own Natural Disaster

Why not require political advertisements...

Buying Republicans "Undercover"

"Okay guys, brown-out on 3: 1...2..."

Gay marriage part of a long struggle (impressive article)

The U.S.A. is not nor has it ever been a Christian nation.

A Father, a Son and a Fighting Chance (touching editorial for Fathers' Day)

Good vibes thread for rox63. Surgery date is Monday June 18/2012 BEST WISHES! ! ! ! !

A youtube of the great dancers of film set to "Staying Alive"

Two actors. You name the classic film.

McConnell Calls Obama "Thuggish" Over Opposition to Citizens United

Maher: "the problem with racism is not Gwyneth Paltrow-the problem with racism is Matt Drudge"

Just announced- Michigan performance on Monday!

Drones Over US to Get Weaponized...

New studies to target muscle mass as key to successful aging

Kansas Family Policy Council says it will challenge anti-bias law

McConnell supports bribery as a first amendment right

Paging Neil Munro, Paging Neil Munro...

Venus transit June 5 2012 Photo credit: Gary Poczulp

Why Catholics Can Vote No - Father Bob Pierson {minnesota}

Obama's announcement should be a good thing for my home town

applegrove has turned "reading" into an art form. How she turns a page:

I love a good ghost story

So, you've just been diagnosed with a chronic disease -

i missed this.

Capricious God Violently Shakes Ant Farm Day After Bestowing Orange Slices Upon Colony

Iraq And Iran Form Alliance Within OPEC

Saturday, June 16th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

WW1 and WW2 USS Texas Scuttled by the Texas Legislature.

Who's Romney Think He's Fooling With His Response To Obama's DREAM Order? Romney Hates Immigrants.

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol's horse set to run at Hollywood Park

Wise Dan is Stephen Foster Handicap favorite at Churchill Downs

What sorts of things might replace religion?

The evangelical pro-life guide to sexy feminism

This Guy's Everywhere

China sends its first woman astronaut into space

Saudi crown prince Nayef dead: state TV

Romney is going to pick ......

OK, yes, all right already, I'll admit it. I loved the movie "Rock of Ages"

Enough with the Corporate media BS! High Corporate Tax Encourages Growth, Investment and Hiring

Your Brain Makes Its Own Pot

Status of Production Tax Credit in Congress

MI State Rep. Lisa Brown has an op-ed in today's Detroit News

New Grad Looking For a Job? Pentagon Contractors Post Openings For Black-Hat Hackers

Americans must be punished for their betrayal.

And don't stare at me, you got the bug-eyes.

Seattle Officials Aim for Gun-Law Changes

Fukushima Watch: Looking for New Nuclear Revenue — A Spent Fuel Tax?

Alejandra and David - Facing Foreclosure (and we are fighting back)

A Den of Kittehs. You've been warned.

Report: U.S. Solar Power Shines, Will Increase 75 Percent This Year

I loved Silversun Pickups

Neighborhood watch groups in the cross hairs

space out...

Christian missionary group with pig's head taunt Arab-Americans at Dearborn festival

Cutting Military Spending

The Political Parties and race (not visa versa)

From Day One

US Believes Russia Has Ship With Weapons, Troops En Route To Syria

Want to know why we can't get an ultra-liberal Democratic president?

(Follow Up) Medical marijuana dispensary president Sandusky remains in custody, Upland California

Joy Behar: ‘I’m still ticked off about the 2000 election’

Whatever happened to Saturday morning cartoons?

Energy, strength, protection and love for Obama

RMoney spouts hypocritical nonsense...once again

In new push, Florida Democrats force many Republicans to defend seats (OP)

It's suppose to get up to 115 degrees today in the Sacramento area and central valley

Arguing uncivilly against incivility

Wedding article from CNN causes headache behind my eye

TCM Schedule for Monday June 18 - Guest Programmer: Ellen Barkin

Musharraf was behind nuclear strike warning against India: Report

It's not just the Catholic church.

Didn't the Assholes interrupt one of Obama's State of the Union Speeches?

Rupert Murdoch Pushed Poodle to Join GOP-BFEE Rush to Iraq War

What neighbors do . . .

White House receives political cover on immigration from religious groups

Protests reportedly force Romney campaign to switch venues - MSNBC video

To augment the alert system, DU should implement the tattle monster.

Great ideas you wish you had thought about first

I've got a new show starting in less than an hour

Move to Amend the Constitution with David Cobb! Great Speech!

Italians protest austerity measures

Nader on 2012 Race, Wisconsin Recall and the Attack on Pensions & the Supreme Court

Secret military mini-shuttle lands in California

Obama Campaign -> Ditch the word “Fair”, Replace with “Equal”

Would you prefer to live in Portland or Arlington?

Christian missionary group with pig's head taunt Arab-Americans at Dearborn festival

Toons: Towing the Party Line, Return of the Mummy, Watchdogs and More. - 6/15/12

The Religious Zionist You Didn't Know

That Condescending Feeling You Get From Dudes in the Office? Yeah, That’s Real.

Warning: Offensive Pic

cat burglar caught on video

First World War British submarine found 94 years after being abandoned

Que Pasa, DU

For those with beloved pets...You may want to make a treasured keepsake...


Info for unemployed Pennsylvanians.

So I see that China launched their first female into space

Is the John Birch Society publication/website, The New American,

nice cartoon!

Is there anything we can do to make sure Betty White lives forever?

Glenn Beck 'Horrified' by 'Glee,' Working on Alternative

Christian missionary group with pig's head taunt Arab-Americans at Dearborn festival

TCM Schedule for Sunday, June 17, 2012 -- What's On Tonight: Father's Day Westerns

" a short-term political tactic it's a masterstroke."

I'd like to be deleted please.

Gaia's Lovelock abandons nuclear in favor of fracking

A Letter from Mitt Romney to his Former Gardener - briefly intercepted and read by Andy Borowitz

Everyone knew debate club was never going to be the same once MFM joined

Would Michigan Lawmaker Lisa Brown have been banned for saying ...

ALERT!!!! The GOP Spy Network Is Active Against Democratic Candidates Nationally

Qmilch = ?

Pull out the combat troops and send in the lawyers

Jim Beam whiskey decanters...


I try REALLY hard not to lose my patience with customer service....

Pictures of your collections?

Man jailed for gay relationship after partner dies in window fall

Catholic Hospitals Refuses to Compromise on Birth Control

10 Reasons to Revisit Marijuana Policy Now

Oh by the way that uncouth scumbag is a big time LIAR

Little Star -

Norway Mass Murder Suspect Believed to Be Secretly Gay, Depressed Before Massacre

Let's try a gun amnesty again. *This* time, it's sure to work!

'Romney in a landslide?'

Romney Bus Changes Route Through Pennsylvania To Avoid Challenge From Democrats

US enlists Britain's help to stop ship 'carrying Russian attack helicopters' to Syria

Unmanned Air Force space plane lands after secret mission

I was just put on ignore by a poster I despise

What should the Cave Dwellers do???

Terrestrial Planets Could Be More Common Than Gas Giants

The ED Show - Rape reference, not 'vagina'' reason for censure, says MI GOP

The ED Show - Obama announces immigration reform, is heckled by blogger

This is how Carney needs to handle the frat boy reporter

No veggie garden for us this year :-(

Coming to Netflix July 1: A must for those concerned about the banksters

Being gay is forbidden in Iran while transexualism is considered a fundamental human right

Up w/Chris Hayes - Romney: Bring Wall Street pay plan to government

Light with reflection!

Too bad Obama can't raise the minimum wage by fiat. That would pump a lot of money into the economy.

You had me at "BACON"..."Grilled, Bacon-Topped Meatloaf Stuffed With Beer Cheese"

"The platform also called for an immediate end to police brutality and murder of black people."

I got the cure right here!

DO A FAVOR FOR OBAMA - House a summer Fellow ...

NYT Editorial: Energy Etch A Sketch

"Next Time He'll Cut Your Hair"

Why Does Mitt Romney Like Firing People? Because He Made $20,000 On Every Laid-Off Worker

Romney: Obama fears Israeli attack on Iran more than Iran nukes

Lawn Chair Balloonist Set for Next Ride

The Republicans' Dirty Little Secret

Bernie Sanders being interviewed on CNBC by Maria Bartiromo

Firefighters seek $2.3M after court OKs back pay

OK, please advise me how I can word this conversation better...

Up w/Chris Hayes - Jamie Dimon, smartest guy in the room?

On the GOP trying to ban contraception

Attack piece from Jindal on


Greece bailout not negotiable, says Angela Merkel

Fischer's (R-NE) Cowardly, Cynical Campaign (vs Bob Kerrey)

Does anyone know if the "Dueling Speeches" are available on you tube

Reporter Who Heckled Obama for 'Favoring Foreigners' Is Himself Not American

1 dead as Radiohead stage collapses ahead of Toronto concert

Psssst! Hey, Bud! Wanna buy a Hawaiian island?

Sam Donaldson Rejects Comparison To Reporter Who Interrupted Obama

What if the November election is stolen under Citizens United?

Favorite Keanu Reaves movie named for a Minneapolis band?

Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien vs. Heckler

War or Revolution Every 75 Years. It's Time Again.

Progressive Morality and the Looming Presidential Election

Illinois HIV Funding: Advocates Protest Lawmakers' 'Gutting' Of State Programs

Dr. Jen Gunter: When a politician decides if the life of a mother is at risk

Does anyone know if the "Dueling Speeches" are available on you tube

Tucker Carlson, once a douche bag, always a douche bag

1 dead as Radiohead stage collapses ahead of Toronto concert

Louisiana 'voucher' school not licensed to operate

Papantonio: Billionaires Now Running Our Democracy

Jury Duty Question

The Military salutes Gay Pride Month for the first time.

Whatever happened to Baghdad Bob??

Dick Romney

Rmoney trying to sound mature...says Obama should have maybe been a Gov first.

Gloat Free Football Scores (Saturday, June 16)

So when Anderson Cooper...

Egypt presidential finale sees apathetic voters, clashing supporters

For Arizonans and others with info: Joe Arpaio

Mitt would not have gone after OBL.... (says he would do opposite of everything President Obama has

Adam Curtis: How to Kill a Rational Peasant - a history of counterinsurgency

London 2012: IOC begins Olympics tickets investigation

Mormon's don't like me cause I'm AA?

Romney: Employees Should Know Political Implications of Their Votes

@Jack Shafer: 'Let Munro return to the White House but make him wear a Hannibal Lecter face mask'

Please Mama Please

Calif Jury Awards $28M in Jehovah's Sex Abuse Case

Why do our universities and government need to be run like a business

So my young teen sons really enjoy playing D&D. They also loved watching "Jericho." Any role-

Sheldon Adelson should be the posterboy for the

“It is likely that the sharp disagreement rate will go up next week & the week after” Ginsburg said.

What does the checkmark do in iTunes?

Joy Behar: ‘I’m still ticked off about the 2000 election’---ME TOO!!!

Mitt ducks Wawa bus tour stop where 200 anti-Romney protestors (and Rendell) had ambushed him

Dang, it's 106 at my house right now. Ice cream truck tried coming by, didn't make it...

George Washington's constitution to be auctioned

RadFeminists are making it difficult for the Democratic party to fight the GOP's attack on women

Toon- Amended 'Stop and Frisk' Proceedures

Yes, it can...

Why the fuck does CNN think this is this news?

I note that a thread quoting an Obama critic was deleted.

Luckovich Toon- Campaign Finance

Rulz you wish you could see on DU.

Ron Paul backers triumphant at Iowa GOP convention


Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo - wonderful artist