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Today in Stupid

Heads up for those who missed NBC's The Situation Room special

We're Rubber, You're Glue

Blind pooch gets his own service dog!

Dumb as a Foxx

Tim Tebow impresses Tony Sparano

Anderson Cooper is most definitely in the bag for the Republicans,

"Ferrari Train" debuts in Italy

Never trouble trouble

Confused dog watches family cat on the laptop:

Righties and racists believe JT Ready's last minute Facebook post that cartel killed him

Occupy San Francisco supporting the Inlandboatmen's Union with a kayak armada

Advocating for 3rd party candidates

Star reporter denies peering into Rob Ford's yard

Bedard, Pirates set team mark with 17 Ks vs Cards

Duke Energy Rigs Rates against Small Businesses and Families (re: Apple, Google server farms)

Romney is going to etch a sketch all the wedge issues, his base is already sold on those issues.

Edvard Munch's "The Scream" — sold Wednesday for a record $119,922,500 at auction in New York City.

Here's Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years

Has anyone seen 'Oldboy'?

Romney said he'd do ''the opposite'' of what President Obama has done for our economy - image

My dog is an idiot.

Sometimes you just have to say fuck the rules

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Radioactive & a new Kitty gif

Rachel starts in Arizona with the neo-Nazi J.T. Ready slaughter

Thoughts on the Evolution of Our Species.

New York Post Covers Obama Spikes vs TOP GUN Bush

Yahoo confirms misleading info on new CEO's resume

Democrats want NC ethics probes after resignations

The MO House passed a nasty teacher accountability bill today

Can you be banned for having a post locked?

Mariano Riveira injured during BP

(stepping into it) Let's discuss "Hotel CA" as A (not THE) greatest song ever

Pelosi Condemns Obama’s Continued Raids on Marijuana Dispensaries

Say theology is stupid, get called a bigot.

NC Amendment 1: "white people had founded this country"

Yes, the Health-Care Mandate Is About Liberty

More Democrats stand up to threats & intimidation from Obama Adm. and condemn medical pot attacks

They Just Can't Stand It

Bumper Sticker - "Don't Be A Mitt-Wit"

How to irritate...


50 shades of grey by E.L. James....

When Herman Cain Came to Town

(Montana) Medical marijuana advocate pleads guilty to federal drug charge

Woman Shoots Abusive Estranged Husband Who Assaulted Daughter

Ron Paul to continue Nevada delegate strategy despite RNC threat

Hardball - Blame the Republicans?

Your best boobie tunes here:

Water Guns Banned, Handguns Allowed at GOP Convention

Does Michelle Malkin ever walk away from her computer?

Washington is awesome!

Has the announcement been made, no advocating for 3rd parties?

What are you reading tonight Lounge? I'm just about to start "The Green Collar Economy" by Van

Mitt Romney Grabs 9/11's Rudy Giuliani For Terrorism Help

With the help of our daughters we just put together our A frame.

Radical Missouri bill would supersede federal law...

Plutocracy, Paralysis, Perplexity

Infusion day (chemical therapy) tomorrow. I really hate going

Latest Campaign Ad

Avengers Assemble!

Ok, everytime I see a headline about the "tanning mom," the mother gets darker.

When is the media going to address the RightWing's 'terrorist wing'?

Where was the outrage when Bush used the word "FORWARD"

The Hate Amendment/NC - Far more than marriage : by Chris Fitzsimon

Backup PC now dead too

So proud of my Prez...

what the hell is the matter with SC2 players these days

Newbie to BC: recommendations for ISP's

Michigan House passes bills to change medical pot law

The City of Raleigh offers domestic partner benefits. Will it be required to stop

Patrick Lanzo, Georgia Bar Owner, Calls Obama 'N*****' On Road Sign Again

“God bless you, J.T. You will be fiercely missed”

San Diego mayoral candidate: Newspaper won't endorse me because I'm not a Republican

Researchers say they have new clue to Lost Colony

Excellent image of Walker running from Recall

Ron Paul Racks Up Delegates, Putting GOP Establishment On Edge

Missouri Republican announces he’s gay in response to ‘don’t say gay’ bill

DEP Fines RW Products More than $21,000 for Illegally Dumping Drilling Mud in Bradford County (PA)

Federal report on last years massive Southwestern blackout released

Is it cool to kill someone that is a detested enemy of our country?

Koch gives Smithsonian $35M for new dinosaur hall

Tom the Dancing Bug offers "Inner Hive" subscriptions

Remember "Things Happen" - Connect the Dots on 5/5/12

Ronnie Dugger Endorses Rachel for State Party Chair

Missouri House Passes "Ag Gag" Bill Designed to Stop Factory-Farm Investigations

I'd love to see many more of these blown up near Donald Trump's head.

A Hitchhopper's Guide to the Galaxy:

MiddleFingerMom is a man's man AND a snugglebunny rolled into one.

I'm new here

This cartoon says it all

Update on killing of elderly black ex-Marine by police: no charges will be filed

Minneapolis May Day March Energized And Disciplined and Solidarity with Immigrants

Cyclists accuse Toronto mayor Ford of 'war on bikes' (BBC)

Thank you all for your kind wishes.

MN Tax bill deserves 'smoking' hot veto pen' says DFL (GOP passes more cuts for business)

Book suggestions (women and science): Rosalind Franklin and Henrietta Lacks.

Why Fukushima Is a Greater Disaster than Chernobyl and a Warning Sign for the US

colorado civil union bill one step closer to law

Dear DUers, are any of you members of Avaaz?

Not only will Kathy Nickolaus be in charge,but Tabulators That Announced Wrong 'Winners' to be Used

Obama's Perception As 'Dictator' Cost GOP Lobby Shop Cash, Says Founder

Help for local equestrian therapy stable...

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, May 3)

Massive rise in Asian eye damage (BBC)

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Thursday, May 3)

Mariano Rivera - torn ACL shagging flies in BP... The Life of Julia

2009-Obama Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent

Mitt Romney's Neocon War Cabinet

A few from the road going South. Very South.

KINGS!!!!!!!!!! 3-0 and one more game in L.A.

Obama expands Summer Jobs program, adding 110,000 new jobs for young people

Toons: Occupy America, Hotel Afghanistan, The People Or The Money and More. - 5/3/12

I'm glad the GOP debates are over

Radiohead - Scotch Mist

One of my wife's friends is a hoverer

Outer Space

Harley Davidson Wants To Restore Motorcycle Found As Tsunami Debris For Original Owner

If Al Gore had won his home state of Tennessee, he would have been POTUS.

Colo. Civil Unions Bill Passes Biggest Test Yet

Christie: Education Reform is Led By GOP

Happy 93rd birthday, Pete Seeger!

H-E-B Issues a Precautionary Recall For Asian Ready-to-Eat Meals due to Possible Health Risk

The 99 Percent Wakes Up - Joseph Stiglitz, 2001 Nobel Prize for Economics

Anyone see Aasif Mandvi reporting on Missouri gun owner discrimination?

Raised as a carney, MiddleFingerMom's first gig was in the arcade.

Is buying Joni Mitchell and Nicki Minaj music in the same day a sign of a brain disorder?

Calfskin Tattoo Depicts 2011 World News Events (VIDEO)

GOP attacks Obama on Jobs from Philippine Verizon Call Center

I believe Japan will be forced to vacate Tokyo due to Fukushima exposed spent fuel rods.

I might meet Elizabeth Warren tomorrow, what should I ask her?

DNC Ad: "Mitt Romney and the Luckiest People in the World"

Obama campaign tailors message for key states and voters

Colombia's Supreme Court overturns FARC guerrillas' sentence .

Scientists invent dental fillings that kill bacteria and remineralize the tooth

Aguilas Negras neo-paramilitaries 'terrorize' Colombia's journalists: NGO .

Aguilas Negras neo-paramilitaries 'terrorize' Colombia's journalists: NGO .

Mom of Florida A&M student killed by hazing wants celebrated marching band dissolved

U.S. Stresses Concessions From China (economic issues)

Four Georgia men arrested for 'beating to death' ex-Marine who survived TWO tours of duty in Iraq.

Just got home from seeing the Avengers

BREAKING: Office of Civil Rights opens investigation into TUSD school board

EPA e-mails on anti-pollution rules reveal agency’s frustration with White House

Leslie Aun, Susan G. Komen V.P. Of Communication, Resigns

Picture : All the earth's water in a single sphere compared to earth

NYT: Tired of ‘Tainted’ Image, Lobbyists Try Makeover

Japan’s Leaders Fret as Nuclear Shutdown Nears

Three Photographers Found Dead in Mexico

Feds: Alabama immigration law caused spike in Hispanic student absences

There are times when I wonder, "What would John McEnroe do about this?"

Local elections: Labour make gains in England and Wales

Chomsky, others seek justice for Soni Sori

I have heard that today is a very special day for MFM

China says activist 'can apply' to study abroad

These men are against gay marriage...

Akita tries to attack a bear on the tv

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Man Song!


It's May 4, Skinner . . . Is the primary season over yet?

A Complete Guide to 'Hipster Racism'

Tell Leader Pelosi: Don't slash benefits

Colbert Reports post on Dee Dee Benkie: Is this woman brain dead?

Congress Revolts On Obama Plan That Would Ban 'Buy American'

while at Lowes yesterday

Women: Occupy the Left

Bad Case of PIISD: Private Insurance Induced Stress Disorder

England: Tory election losses the fault of gays

Why Conservatives Believe in Anti-Gay Pseudo-Science

Anybody have a clever birthday gag gift idea? besides Geritol.

Will a Militarized Police Force Facing Occupy Wall Street Lead to Another Kent State Massacre?

5 Special Interest Groups That Help Keep Marijuana Illegal

Dennis Kucinich: Questions Remain 42 Years After Kent State Shootings

Funky Winkerbean comic strip goes to the Prom. Introduce a gay couple who wants to attend.

Weekend Eye Candy

Japan: Tsunami clean-up Then and Now slide show

I've heard that the Koch Brothers want to lower the minimum wage.. is this true? n/t

* * * * * * HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MiddleFingerMom! * * * * * *

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 5, 2012 -- The Essentials: Star-Crossed Romances


Robert Parry: How US Hubris Baited Afghan Trap

Bill McKibben: A Worldwide Effort to Make Climate Change Visible

Drug Fans: More Teens Smoke Weed Than Cigarettes; The War On Drugs Has Failed

Attorney Kurt Haskell, a witness on the underwear bomber flight, runs for Congress as a Democrat.


Better Cluck Next Time: ‘Food, Inc.’ chicken farmer has a new, humane farm

Well lookie lookie here - Austerity has consequences for Cameron and Cleg

this makes my neck hurt

AP apologizes for firing reporter over WWII scoop

Motorcyclist clocked at 170 mph on NY Thruway

Be very afraid - A socialist is coming to power in France

This gets to the heart of the matter

Share everything

Escort Has Message For Wall Street Men: You Are Bad In Bed

David Sirota: Property Rights In the Cloud

MISSISSIPPI: Governor Signs More Pro-Gun Legislation into Law

Me and my sweetheart

Eugene Robinson Why are we in Afghanistan for the long haul?

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You...

Another victory for gun rights.

Romney's Veep (cartoon)

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder as Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Candidate?

Bragging Rights (cartoon)

Civil Unions Advance In Colorado House After GOP Member Changes Her Vote

Funny Friday...

The Corporate Hijacking of America’s Land-Grant Universities

Brown’s ‘amazing’ basket came after four missed shots

Stonehenge Had Lecture Hall Acoustics

7 hurt at Kent St. in 1970 shooting want answers

Return of the Clap

NORTH DAKOTA: Concealed carry permits rising. 170% increse in one year.

Activists met by police in attempt to clean up downtrodden bank-owned home

Payroll employment rises 115,000 in April; unemployment rate changes little (8.1%)

** gets out her staple gun yet again ** - This is to you know who and you know who you are!!!!

Disappointing Jobs Report

I saved a Lizards life today...

Why does the jobs report always have to be announced with a

WH Flashback to Flash Workout with First Lady


Paul Ryan would have been great televangelist or Hall of Fame funeral director

Do Nothings and Know Nothings

Toles Rant: "Who Knows?"

Looking for instructions for how to leave DU/cancel account.

Romney Pens Open Letter To Obama In Ohio

Walker blames DOC sick usage for budget problems They're being injured due to his policies!

NYT: US chose better Path to recovery

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Still more Bin Laden commentary

Friday TOON Roundup 2- cold primary action

shit. mike (mdmc) has been banned.

Friday TOON Roundup 3- Repubs and Rupert

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The rest-

Today's CEO Like Old Slave Masters

Cameron's Conservatives take a beating in British elections

Which of these street food preparations would be the most tempting...

California pension fund sues Wal-Mart, alleges bribery

Argentina nationalizes oil company YPF

The OccupyUSA Blog for Friday (May 4), With Frequent Updates

American Airlines' fate in Goldman Sachs' hands?

Iran dismisses Western demand to close nuclear bunker

This Week in Poverty: The Philly Alliance

Etch a sketch Eric Fehrnstrom is a complete and total moron

I just saw someone I have a crush on...

UK government asks for special status in (Murdoch) media probe

End Student Debt!

There Is a Plague Loose Upon the Land

"Ted Nugent Explodes At The Notion That He's Not a Moderate."

K&R if you agree it's time to go into campaign mode and support the Democratic Party.

Do you use nutritional yeast?

Woot! First real gig in over two years tonight.

Chen Guangcheng, Blind Activist, Offered Study Abroad Option To End Diplomatic Standoff

Plastic to fuel

Data sheds light on speed of Greenland's glaciers

Argentina nationalizes oil company YPF

Latin America Delivers a Swift Kick

No Charges in White Plains Police Shooting of Marine:DA

Protests in Syria's Aleppo after university raid-Syrian forces opened fire on thousands of protester

Why workers must take the lead

Happy star wars day

Gundersen: Move south of equator if Unit 4 fuel pool goes dry

The Angry Underground World of Failed Pickup Artists

Fox News: Where Romney Advisers Are Undisclosed, Impartial Analysts

New Sex Allegations Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Scientists: Extinctions Just as Damaging as Climate Change

Homeland Security-funded Study: Playing down public’s concern over radioactive fallout

When Mitt Romney Fired a Gay Staffer, 2004 Edition

Sept 11 case returns to Guantanamo tribunal

Cross Eyed Christie is on set grinning at the job numbers

Naturally the media is pooh-poohing the jobs report

Standoff in China over dissident inching toward resolution

Khamenei's clerics set to trounce Ahmadinejad camp in Iran vote

Global Cannabis March tomorrow ....... Events in more than 300 cities worldwide

Be nice to me, I gave blood today.

The economy may hold on until November

Clarifying recent changes to our electoral system

Ron Christie: "It's NOT about 8 years of George W. Bush! It's about 4 years of Obama's POL-iss-EEZ!"

TransCanada says it has reapplied to build Keystone XL oil pipeline

More Bad News for Komen: Vice President Biden Will Skip D.C. Event

Pam Geller: "Where are Muslims to debate me?" Muslims stand up, she throws them out

Marijuana is not a single-issue issue.

Romney...Economy Should Be Adding [500K] Jobs A Month, Which It Has Done Only Four Times In 50 Years

Angus Reid Poll: Three Quarters Of Americans Oppose Prison For Marijuana Offenses

Be nice to me, I'm bloody drunk today.

Proving once again that despite my best efforts I don't actually know everything.

Yellowstone Super-Eruptions More Numerous Than Thought?

Will Republican Purposeful Prevention of Recovery Keep the Unemployment rate 8% or Above?

The Pope vs. nuns - by Matt Bors

Peak oil notes - May 3

There's no fucking "war on women" my fucking ass!

Drumbeat: May 4, 2012

Well, it's May, and time for the Gideon's annual pilgrimage to my school

Peak oil notes - May 3

Drumbeat: May 4, 2012

Should you ever apply for the same job more than once?

Buckner ball from '86 Series to be auctioned

Latin America Delivers a Swift Kick

Big one this weekend

Analyst: Wells Fargo's 34% mortgage share troubles regulators

Pic of The Moment: Etch-A-Sketch Candidate Promises To Support, Punish Firefighters

scary chart

Happy 75th Dick Dale!

Ok to be gay Hip hop song

AZ review shows private prisons cost more - So legislature ends the study.

The eye-watering expense of nuclear power

NC paper takes back endorsement after candidate 'embarassed himself' questioning Obama citizenship

GOP drinks more Tea

Thom Hartmann: When will America focus on the rights of the unarmed?

Osama bin Laden's Final Days

Heartland Institute compares belief in global warming to mass murder

Well time finally ran out.

Hahahahaha! Capitals’ defenseman Karl Alzner’s dogs had way more fun Wednesday night than he did

Thom Hartmann: A Revolutionary Way to Re-Distribute Wealth

Chen Guangchen Study Abroad Deal Forged (Fellowship At US University-China Expected To Allow Travel)

The Avengers...Plus One

How did Quebec Students Mobilize Hundreds of Thousands for Strike?

Thank you, google.

According to the DU Terms of Service, general election season has begun. Don't expect big changes.

I have to share this here too...Hehehehehe

MAY DAY 2012 with CHRIS HEDGES, Pulitzer Prize winner, pts I & II

shale gas export boom - planned all along?

Boulder's famous 'falling bear' killed on U.S. 36

Hagai Amir, brother and accomplice of Rabin's assassin, released from prison

whatever else it is, the Edwards trial is a damning indictment of how we fund campaigns

Can the president order a jobs bill fixing bridged by labeling it disaster relief or something

LIVE ON USTREAM NOW-11:30est Japanese/US doctors current radiological health conditions in Fukushima

Real U-3 Unemployment Rate: 11.6% + People Not In Labor Force Soar By 522,000, LFP lowest since 1981

Hillary Rodham Clinton Full T100 Speech - "you actually can run the world in heels and pantsuits"

Non-smokers rights in the workplace ???

Introducing "BRAD" (Berkley Ridiculously Automated Dorm)

Elevator speech: What I tell people when they say "the stimulus failed"

Uh, I still can't start threads in the Announcements group.

Taliban suicide bombing in northwestern Pakistan kills at least 19

Dirk Allen Konopik, CA Republican Candidate for Senate

Dozens killed in Nigeria cattle market attack

42th anniversary, 4 Dead Ohio, Kent State

Clashes between Myanmar troops, Kachin rebels kill 31

Suicide bombers kill 12, wound 110 in Dagestan, Russia

How Biodiversity Keeps Earth Alive

Stephen King: Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake!

Meet the astroturfer planning to swift boat Obama

Welcome to the 2012 Hunger Games: Sending Debt Peonage, Poverty, and Freaky Weather Into the Arena

Paid $3.80/gallon for regular this morning (down 3 cents from Sunday at same station).

SOMALIA: Burkas to tracksuits

DU Album of the Day: "Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws" Bruce Cockburn

"Na Na-na-na na na na na..." May 4, 1970

Luckovich nails Dubya today

Thomas Edison: Occupy Wall Street activist?

Definitive proof of Evolution

Inspirational Motivational of the Day - Wow!

Thom Hartmann: Is WI a test case beween organized people & organized money?

Greg Diamond for State Senate! (CA-29)

What will Romney losing to Obama mean for the GOP?

How did Quebec Students Mobilize Hundreds of Thousands for Strike?

President Obama walks to the Oval Office - White House Photo of the day May 3, 2012

Ted Nugent to Reporter: I'll S**k Your D**k, If ...

The cold truth about Obama and FDR

A batch of links from OWS re May Day actions.

Middle Eastern Cheeseburger Pizza, No Really

India proposes setting up sovereign fund to buy coal assets abroad -min

India's Reliance hit with US$1.25b fine (for production drop)

Greg Diamond for State Senate! (CA-29)

Wastewater Jitters in New York

Israel's move toward vote may shelve an Iran strike

Notes on Fukushima Forum Spent Fuel Pool 4 danger / media blackout - still live on Ustream 12:20est

Distracted flying?

Report Points to Decline in Ability to Monitor the Earth

Here are some ideas for some new Stephen King books

Why does php work on our IIS6 server?

Freed Israeli co-conspirator in Rabin assassination: "I am not regretful. I am proud of what I did."

I was talking to my teenage niece about records...

On being an atheist diagnosed with MS

Frank Pavone, the leading Catholic anti-abortionist, is suspended from Priests for Life?

Make the jury 5 people! No ties that way!


Bill Kristol: Romney 'foolish' for attacking Obama on Chen

bye bye Senator Lugar. Hello batshit crazy Senator Teabag

Methodists uphold policy that calls homosexuality ‘incompatible with Christian teaching’

these are so much fun! Dem ad uses Santorum words against Romney

Republican Brain, Asteroid Mining, & U.S. Schools Killing Science? (The Point)

Ted Nugent is losing his mind and not that there was a lot there to start with

New racial profiling app FlyRights helps travellers report harassment at airports

Meet the Press

Sanford's interim police chief promises thorough review of department

Secret Service Hooker I Could've Stolen Top Secret Obama Information

If Lugar gets teabagged out of the Indiana GOOP primary, who will be the Dem candidate for his seat?

Edwards Prosecutor: Is there a reason you didn't tell the gov't that? Witness: You never asked.

Really hard jobs. Name one.

Dan Brown, author of Catholic conspiracy books was working on a Mormon Conspiracy book

Colbert Uses Epic Star Wars Analogy To Explain 2012 GOP Race

Anderson Cooper To Rush Limbaugh: 'You Might Try The Gym From Time To Time'

Romney: Anything Over 4% Unemployment “Not A Cause For Celebration” (updated)

Bosnia Still Needs Fixing.

Get ready to weep, Tony Kornhieser

Chicago's parking meter privatization debacle: The company running them wants $14 million more

Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch has died, TMZ reports...

Challengers outraise GOP incumbents in 1st quarter

Md. church secretary fatally shot, priest wounded

F-16 fighter jet crashes in west Utah desert, pilot ejects safely

President Obama speaks to students at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, VA - pics

Obama renews push for student loan rate freeze

Luntz Tells Dems How to Win

Beastie Boys Co-Founder Adam Yauch Dead at 47

This guy was the cousin of my kids school sad

Turbo Crapper

4 May Day Stories the Corporate Media Missed While Fixating On Obama's College Girlfriend

Thank you George Clooney!

Newspaper Rescinds Endorsement After GOP Candidate Goes Birther: ‘He Has Done Nothing But Embarrass

The Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch is dead.

Egyptian troops, protesters clash in Cairo

Chicago: South Side Episcopal church will be sanctuary for NATO protesters

Regarding perceived "failures" in "un-precedented levels" of administration openess:

US wants drillers to disclose 'fracking' chemicals used on federal lands

In Memory of Adam Yauch - post your favorite Beastie Boys song here

Some chrisTians Mad because a Pastor Had an Opportunity to Bash Gay People and Didn’t Take It

What's for Dinner ~ Friday May 4th

You Might Be A Ron Paul Supporter If...

Top MILF official succumbs to stroke

Romney says he wanted gay spokesman to stay on job

Is it possible for DUers to serve on juries judging posts by individuals they have on ignore? If so,

New Matthew's Message May 1, 2012.

Beastie Boys 2003 antiwar track "World Gone Mad"

Michael Moore ... MY FIRST-EVER RECORDING! "The Times They Are a-Changin'"

Private Jobs Turn Positive for Obama Presidency

Well this is interesting.

So, let's review the week in Foreign Policy

Corrupt Media Messaging The Employment Data

How should we determine the difference between a religious opinion and a non-religious opinion?

Army captain died during Skype chat with wife from Afghanistan

An Israeli soul still yearns? (New inclusive version of Hatikvah)

Wingnuts explicitly lost "American exceptionalism" meme by embracing torture & goon Jose RODRIGUEZ

Most commercials irritate me to no end, but this one.....

Which Republicans will get to speak at the convention?

Michael Moore at Left Forum 2012


This is what happens when you consider bigots an important part of your constituency

Iowa Girl Takes Cardboard Cutout Of Tim Tebow To Prom (Not from the Onion)

Comic Bill Santiago on CNN Sat morning @ 7:40.

Nugent: Romney Campaign ‘Expressed Support’ After Controversial Remarks About Obama

What did CBS’s 60 Minutes actually report?

mittens wishes he could have kept the gay guy

How did I miss "Chimes of Freedom"

Youth unenthusiastic about Obama ***Pics***

I Beat The Hell Out of Another Client Yesterday

MFM takes a break from his birthday party:

But officer the monkey was my designated driver

W. never ever bragged...

How to create more jobs

Harrison Schultz, OWS Organizer

The Heartland Institute sinks to a new low (on Global Warming denialism)

Interior Department Releases Draft Fracking Rule Lacking Basic Public Right-To-Know Measures

Georgia Democratic political director sues Georgia bloggers for libel

Banned from DU today, angry Freeper/Birther vents his anger

H&M's new poster boy:

The Nugent Interview The Long Form

Is Rachel Maddow sincere?

Romney softens tone on Chen Guangcheng

"SidDithers molests collies"

American Airlines Union Mechanic's heart felt rant on Bankruptcy

HopeHoops developed his appreciation for the finer things in life at an early age.

Republican Brain, Asteroid Mining & Evolution in Schools

Voter registration down among Hispanics, blacks

UC report calls for more tolerance of protests

Republican Brain, Asteroid Mining & Evolution in Schools

Colombian govt to pay for murdering civilian .

Colombian govt to pay for murdering civilian .

Said MCA, get on the MIC, my man...

Calif. Public Utilities Commission brings it to the plate -

Chris Hedges and Michael Moore on Unfettered Capitalism

Wal-Mart sued by second-largest pension plan in the US over Mexico bribery allegations

"...I said: ‘Baby, cash, money.’ He said, ‘OK. Cuanto?’ (How much?) I said ‘800.’..."

Unfettered "free market" Capitalism led to the 1929 Stock Market Crash and Great Depression

Conrad Black released from prison

Tea Party vs the Constitution - Obamacare Edition

Woman in Secret Service case calls agents 'fools'

What You Need to Know About April’s Jobs Numbers

Man killed during home invasion in Dardenne Praire

"Sabotage: The New GOP Plan" by Andrew Leonard at Salon

Robert Reich: The Jobs Stall Has Arrived

Scientific Consensus Stronger than Scientists Thought?

Romney 'The Green Vegetable The Repubs Have To Eat Before It Gets Its Ice Cream' (Charles P Pierce)

CHART: Under Obama, Economy Has Recovered All Private Sector Jobs Lost During Bush Recession

Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson at Montclair Kimberley Academy - 2010-Jan-29

Anti Fox News Song - Propagandy

Utah Woman Discovers Cocaine Hidden in Tampons

Chicago billboard compares belief in climate change to mass murder

I see AVENGERS movie is #1 when I think of THE AVENGERS--I think...

Are we on the cusp of Reformation II?

Go! Cubs! Go! >>

Links for today's Fukushima press conference and Arnie Gundersen overview on Fuel Pool #4

Sarkozy Supporters Attack French Journalists

Voter Registration Down Among Hispanics, Blacks

Romney in 2007: Let States Decide If It's OK To Fire People For Being Mormon

OPs beginning with "Waaaaahh": Do they make DU better?

New study shows Haitian cholera strain has evolved

New study shows Haitian cholera strain has evolved

British soldiers killed in mortar attack in Afghanistan

Confessions of a religious anarchist in Israel

Oil prices plunge after long run-up

Honor student pleads guilty in Jihad Jane plot

OMFG - Chen and his family have been given permission to study in the US

South African cat survives spin in washing machine

George Clooney fundraiser could be a $12 million blockbuster for Obama

Probe of U.S. military role in Colombia scandal finished

CHART: Economy Has Recovered All Private Sector Jobs Lost Since Obama Took Office

Green Energy Prices Aren't High, Its Detractors Are!

GOP Nominee For Giffords Seat Changes Position On Ending Social Security, Medicare

144 Armenians injured as balloons explode

Lawmakers push for vote to limit post office closures

Anyone else in Charlotte-Gastonia area?

I've launched a petition calling on Obama to protect the rights of citizens to record cops in public

More war on Women (KLBJ News Radio, Austin)

US spy bases taking over parts of the UK

REVEALED: Full List Of ALEC’s Corporate Members

Utilities boost investments in offshore wind power

Romney is the most despicable, scariest repuke presidential nominee in my lifetime- or yours

The Bushies are back

Josh Lucas vs. Bradley Cooper

U.S. doesn't expect Pakistan to reopen Afghan war supply routes soon


Chen will be coming to the US. Who’s ashamed now?

'Post-Feminist': Why Ubiquitous Use of the Term Is an Insult to Feminism

Defense chief Leon Panetta implores U.S. troops to avoid misconduct

Jeffrey Dean Morgan vs. Javier Bardem

Papantonio: Republicans Stuck With Romney – Now What?

Boy, 4, Shot To Death For Being Gay Because He Slapped A Boy’s Behind

R.I.P. B-Boy MCA (Adam Yauch)

New York post columnist “jokes” Nets should be “New York N——s”

Man lives completely without money...

Mitt the fucking liar sez: I meet secretly with regular families to learn about

Welcome to the 1% Recovery-"the top 1% captured 93% of the income gains in first year of recovery"

Isla Fisher vs. Amy Adams

Azerbaijan: Sounding the Alarm on Religious Intolerance

The fairer sex

When a Chinese dissident being granted entry into the USA is "bad news" to you

I don't think Obama has the time to deal with MineralMan.

Kitten Cam

Terry Rawls Arrested And Charged With Matthew Owens Beating.

Hope everyone is having a great Star Wars Day

Judge: Texas can't cut funds to Planned Parenthood

Natalie Portman vs. Keira Knightly

President Obama to hold strategy session on judges Monday

Live New Orleans Jazz Fest May 4-6

Mysterious origin of Solomon Islands’ dark-skinned blonds revealed

End of the week LOL's (May 4th) - pics

Socialist on track for win as French campaign closes

Mitt Romney’s Bigotry Needs No Spokesman

Richard M. Romney

4 May Day Stories the Corporate Media Missed While Fixating On Obama's College Girlfriend

Homeland Security Documents Show Massive Nationwide Monitoring of Occupy Movement

In Florida, Aging Population Struggles to Get Around

Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday, dear me-e-e-e!! Happy Birthday to me!!

7 pols with Native American heritage

Climate science believers compared to mass murderers

Gov Rick Scott (R-Tea) rejects $200 million in funding, throws kids health care under the bus

'No Plans to Hire'

I tried frying a chicken today. Too much cornflake?

May the Fourth be with You!!!

The Weekend Economists are off to the races!

The Occupy Movement meets Chicago - Dialogue Part 1 and 2 (1972)

Make Some Noise

Gov. Schweitzer is on Hardball now!

El Diablo nuke plant: Putting the foxes in charge of the hen house?

The Friday Afternoon Challenge Returns to you! Today’s Challenge: The Worshipful Artist!

Senator likely to be rebuffed in News Corp inquiry

Walker To Debate. Can the Koch brothers come too?

July 28 in DC.

NY Post Columnist Phil Mushnick Uses N-Word in New York Post Sports Column, Blames Jay-Z

RNC to solicit bids for the Romney-2012 General Election microcode enhancement.

Japan to switch off last nuclear reactor

Chen Guangcheng Case Shows Why Mitt Romney Is Unfit to Be President


12 Problems That Only Busty Girls Have

CaliforniaPeggy sent me cupcakes thru the mail, and as EVERYONE knows, her "cupcakes" are "the shit"

New York Post columnist uses racial slur to refer to Jay-Z's Brooklyn Nets

AP apologizes for firing reporter over WWII scoop

“whats happening in Britain is eating News Corp up-an extraordinary corporate death is taking place"

On Facebook: From the School of Practical Philosophy

First-of-its-Kind Study Reveals Surprising Ecological Effects of 2010 Chile Earthquake

Plant Diversity Is Key to Maintaining Productive Vegetation

TYT: Abused Wife Faces 20 Years In Prison After Failed Stand-Your-Ground Defense

5-Story Building Collapses in Harlem

anybody been to mayo?

Interesting tidbit from last week's TIME magazine:

President Barack Obama honors Kentucky basketball champions

Hummingbirds just showed up for the season in Fulton, NY!

Mitt Romney, American Parasite

Ohio court reverses $2 billion judgment against Ford

Tolls Still a Sticking Point in Dulles Rail Project

Saw Avengers last night...

News you can use: Shingles vaccine

85 degrees here in Denver, just saw a dog in the back of a truck with a black rhino

I'll stick to rollercoasters

Do you resign to keep yourself in silence?

BREAKING: Vermont becomes the first state to BAN FRACKING!

Catch last nights Daily Show - NOW!

Classic Bill Maher 'New Rules' ...... on false equivalency

Biden targets GOP over Violence Against Women Act

'Pierre Poutine' launched robo-calls from computer used by Tory campaign

Nurse in Afghanistan Dies in Skype Chat with Wife

If you go see The Avengers this weekend....

Swiftboating Obama won't work ReTHUGS

How the media portrays protests...

Nickolaus Watch: Help us keep Kathy Nickolaus in check on election night (contest included!)

A striking Unemployment divergence

Early spring brings more bat-girls

President Obama meets with the University of Kentucky men's basketball team - pics

Neb. AG says cities can't protect gay people

House GOP Would Let Domestic Abusers Know Their Victims Called For Help

When you lose weight, how primarily does the excess mass leave your body?

Kentucky Oaks card delayed for storm

Another BAD Idea: Ohio zoo returns surviving exotic animals to widow

Heartland Institute pulls unibomber billboard after backlash and calls it an "experiment"...

Romney gets big-time "dissed"

Beehive extract shows potential as prostate cancer treatment

SF Gate - Bob Bowlsby leaving Stanford for Big 12

This is what I look like when I'm reading

Benedict Cumberbatch ‘flattered’ by gay fan-fiction

Spirit Airlines CEO: 'Sometimes We Make Mistakes,' Refunds Jerry Meekins' Ticket

DU this poll please

Osama Bin Laden Letters: Kill Obama to Make Biden President

Somedays family history leads into bittersweet understanding of today.

US Discretionary Spending for Fiscal Year 2011

Santorum 'satisfied' with meeting with Mitt Romney. He will now take time to consider his coming

JC Penny releases pro-gay ad (again), under fire from "One Million" Moms

The Fossil Fuel-Economic Complex: Something's Going to Give

Study suggests new approach to explain cancer growth: low oxygen levels

Gas prices up sharply in California due to 'maintenance and repairs'

FYI... What is Cinco de Mayo?

Caption this photo!

Baby died after mom left in SUV while at work

First-Grader Suspended for Singing 'I'm Sexy and I Know It'

Who is going to be our spokesperson on Capitol Hill?

How to Kill Your Weekend

It's a California plate... but we could sure use the sentiment expressed in the window HERE.

Obama urges "common sense" from Congress on jobs

Happy Birthday Keith Haring

CAM Logical Fallacies (HuffPo fails with its health science reporting again)

Mitt Romney’s Eldest Son Has Twins Via Surrogate

Anderson Cooper Puts The Smackdown To Rushbo...

“If they overdose and kill themselves, it just removes them from the gene pool,”

In case you may or may not have noticed this...

Michael Moore, documentary filmmaker and ..... singer?

If America Elects Romney in November, We Deserve Whatever the Hell We Get

Media in Arkansas refuses to report on Democrat who saved victim from car crash

Inaugural DU3 Song Alphabet Game

Media in Arkansas refuses to report on Democrat who saved victim from car crash

Track and field fans - Jamaica National Invitational meet tomorrow might

Anne Hathaway Vs. everyone else.

GOP Voter Registration Firm Turns in Thousands of 'Invalid' Registration Forms in California


Democratic Caucus SATURDAY May 5 - in Leon County!

Never brag unless you're a Republican, then brag away

Ted Nugent explodes at notion he's not a moderate

Where religion and geekdom meet

Li'l MFM used to SHOUT OUT swear words just to get this appropriate punishment. (dial-up alert)

Airline Pilots: Is Anybody Interested in Being One?

So how do you weigh mice testicles....?

Hurricane Gulch via the Alaska Railroad

Caption Mitt

Lest We Forget.....

Can you embed the video at this link on DU ?

(NLRB) Labor board takes side of Mardi Gras union organizers

Faux 'News' Juan Williams admits: "He Misses Working For NPR 'Big Time"

Why doesn't Facebook have an unlike button?

East Texas cats need a good home, bonded brother and sister pair **pics**