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Wisconsin reaches for the last resort - E.J. Dionne

An Open Letter To Those Who Would Steal The 2012 Election

Police identify body-parts suspect; severed hand bound for Liberals

Breaking: Bill Clinton is finding his "comfortable shoes" to come to Wisconsin

Need Help! I Want To Alert the Media and ANYONE Else about Voter Suppression.

Need Help! I Want To Alert the Media and ANYONE Else about Voter Suppression.


Statewide nuclear summit gains energy in the fight for nuclear sanity

Statewide nuclear summit gains energy in the fight for nuclear sanity (California)

Double Standards on Civilian Deaths

New York Times: "Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will"

Rick Scotts voter suppression purge lacks originality.

Florida Concocts Signature Test to Purge Democratic Voters

Political the libertarian world.

David Cameron’s former media adviser charged with perjury

Almost had a rainout a Marlins Park today.

BHP Billiton hints at Jansen potash mine delay

Anyone seen the new BBC series "Sherlock"? Is it any good?

House debates abortion ban for sex of fetus

Anyone see BIG ED segment on getting in the Obama teams ass for not coming to Wisconsin

Hornets win lottery for NBA's No. 1 draft pick. Breaking on CNN/SI. nt

Military Moms Breastfeeding in Uniform Stir Controversy

What are Romney's views on stem cells? Seriously we need to ask him all sorts of questions on

Reaching for the cleanest jockeys in the dirty clothes pile....

Ignorant & Unafraid

U.S. military trainers trickle back into Pakistan

Is sexual attraction racist?

Facebook campaign "Justice for Cisco" puts pressure on Austin police over dog shooting

Well, well, well, WELL. Another fukken Bush Administration criminal steps up to kiss Romney's ring.

'Fox And Friends' Anti-Obama Video Could Double As GOP Ad (Fed Elec Commission Should Be Notified!!)

Wisconsin residents weigh in on Obama's timidity in visiting WI to campaign for Barrett:

As a Wisconsinite I will feel President Obama has let us down...

Syria rebels give government 48-hour ceasefire deadline

Isn't economic 'growth' created by what Romney wants - just a bubble?

Damnit, how long till Winter?

CNN in the DUMP on ratings in May

Can I grow potatoes in straight compost?

If You See Something, Film Something (Recording The Police is Dangerous, but Necessary!)

DU3 ignore presents a genuine problem

Bruce Springsteen lashes out at bankers in Berlin show

Nuns' fight with Vatican highlights Catholicism's global struggle

(DGA Pres. and MD Gov) O’Malley to stump in Wisconsin, touch down in three other states

Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III speaks out about Marriage Equality

U.S. Catholic nuns go about work after rebuke

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Church Night

Council members call for San Jose mayor (D) to back gay marriage

More sense...

Storage Wars. Can't believe what I just saw.

June's Starself Astrology Newsletter - Astrology and Predictions

Seattle shooting suspect reported to be alive

Rachel begins with Thaddeus McCotter's fraud investigation

Former justice Stevens predicts cracks in Citizens United decision

Fending off cabbage moths?

North Carolina considers outlawing accurate predictions of sea level rise

Wisconsin goes from tied to Obama +8 in two weeks

Are Soldiers Heroes?

GOP Totalitarian State

The Mitt "Amercia"'s a good question:

11-year-old played dead to survive Syria massacre

Saudi female entrepreneurs exploit changing attitudes

Chamber says it will evade disclosure ruling by tweaking ads

My Poor State of Michigan

Anyone listen to MJ this a.m.?

Memorial Day, 2030

Three Years of Business Experience Before Running for President

I've decided to come and foment discord in this group

I can use some good health vibes.

Let me vent here, it's friendlier than in GD (my opinion).............

The Bettencourt disaster. Is the loonislature unravelling?

Students Press for Action on Immigration

Radfem Sheila Jeffreys, transphobe, barred from speaking at the RadFem 2012 venue!

German Plan to Abandon Its Nuclear Energy Lags

UPDATE to Radfem Sheila Jeffreys, transphobe, barred from speaking at RadFem 2012 by venue

Europe’s Economic Troubles Push Investors Toward 10-Year Note

5 Unexpected Downsides of High Intelligence

calling another user moronic is now OK?

(CA) Lawmakers pass bills on pipeline safety

Dylan and the "medal of freedom" award

More info on contacting the DOJ about what's going on in Florida

Hey there: the WI recall is basically tied. If you care, do something about it.

"Drowning in a sea of GOP campaign cash" By Steve Benen at Maddow Blog

Could Super-Pacs be used to launder money?

Video - Hamster plays dead

Jeremy Bird's Dashboard thing -

good evening

BREAKING: MAJOR REVELATIONS IN JOHN DOE PROBE - Scott Walker Mistakenly Admits He is Under Investiga


Incumbent Democratic Congressman Silvestre Reyes Defeated by Marijuana Legalization Candidate

Choice of valedictorian sparks complaints about dual enrollment

Now that Condi Rice has endorsed Romney, what should her NEXT move be?

BREAKING: New Poll shows Wisconsin campaign for governor TIED

Anyone going to Comic-Con this year? Look who is going to be for sale there!

Bolton: Bush Left Obama ‘a Mess’

I am "Shaving the Way to Conquer Kids’ Cancer!”

OK, what's this Brownback asshole up to now? (Updated to answer my own question!)

A Resounding No: ExxonMobil Votes Against Its LGBT Employees

New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks

Who is watching The Hatfields and The McCoy's Part 3? I didn't realize how violent it was. Being I

Veteran shoots home invader in 2009, then again in 2011

Texas Legislature: Overturn the anti-communist law

"As governor, Romney picked winners and losers of his own" by Andy Sullivan at Reuters

Rachel Maddow: Mitt Romney's birth certificate release feeds birther extremism against the President

When republiCONs say "Walker asked for the John Doe investigation" send them this

When President Obama went to George Clooney's house, do you think he brought up that Batman movie?

Oxycontin and Coffee Cake....Margaret and Helen...

Fundy's teaching schoolkids genocide...

So I just served on a jury about a post in a safe haven group. I did the best I could . . . but . .


Rachel Maddow - Florida governor pushes dubious voter purge ahead of election

DVD not available

Romney is MUCH WORSE! That is all the motivation you need for 2012!

It’s in the stars! Astrologists predict President Barack Obama will win the 2012 election

How the ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ Feud Ruined the Image of Rural America

A League of their Own on AMC;

Deval Patrick endorses Elizabeth Warren for US Senate

Brookings Study Indicates Public Education Not So Bad After All

KINGS BABY!!!! Winnin' on the ROAD!!!

55% of Oakland’s African American Males At Risk of Not Graduating

Tax Dollars at Work: CSU Spent $2 Million on Presidential Homes

Circus Contraption. RIP

The good news is that he lost, in rather embarrassing fashion

Obama's favorability in Wisconsin is +14% today

Prove Mitt's not a unicorn, group says in satirizing 'birthers'

US SENATE dreamer "Leaky Pete" Hoekstra (NUTS-MI) Doubles Down On Federal Birther Office Idea on CNN

Hamster...shot...dead....with a finger!

New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks

Jon Stewart Begs Donald Trump To Jump Back Into The Presidential Race

If we lost Missouri, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon, and Colorado

Perfectly said by Bruce Lipton

Seattle's shooter of six people was mentally ill, according to his family. Not surprising.

defense of marriage...what a joke


Joe Walsh: Democrats Want Hispanics, African Americans 'Dependent On Government'

Mucho excited. Just ordered one of the brand new Series 5 550 Samsung Chromebooks

Performance Improvement Plans...

A question for the computer experts:

Scissor Sisters - Baby Come Home

Jowan Qupty aims to be the first Arab-Israeli Olympic swimmer

Serpent-Handling' West Virginia Pastor Dies From Snake Bite

Eisenhower family remains opposed to tapestries planned for memorial

Medical device tax repeal bill gains some ground

Toronto cop "harassed and berated" for arresting drunk-driving officer

Victim of ‘Miami Zombie’ attack graduated from Manhattan’s Stuyvesant High School ~

A party recently allowed a candidate to run for their presidential nomination who was not USA-born

In this picture, Alan Alda looks just like my dad.

Heat survive Rondo's huge night, win 115-111 in OT

Check out this website ~ President Obama's Accomplishments w/ links!

Who is the most anti-gay elected official in America?

"We are in a depression."

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday May 31st

Ossifer, did'ja get the license plate of that truck?

Oh, I get it. Just because a robot wants to kill humans, that makes him a radical...

U.S. Women See Assault on Reproductive Rights: Poll

Florida GOP Chair Compares Disenfranchising Voters to Stopping Drunk Drivers

Toons: Trumps Pie Hole, Shaky Beliefs, An Unpaid Intership and More. - 5/30/12

**Wednesday night update on MFM**

Internet traffic is set to explode to over a trillion gigabytes over the next five years

No matter what the stars say

This beats the goofball with the steak knives through his face

Researchers Find Clues in Malware

Conservatism = Fear n/t

Ireland referendum no vote will prove costly, warns Irish prime minister

OMG Seriously? Maine Governor Vetoes Teachers Bill, Cites Union’s ‘Endorsement Of Same-Sex Marriage’

Libyan women plunge into politics

Egyptian Teenager Invents New Space Propulsion System Based On Quantum Physics

Home from the rehab hospital!

John Bolton: US Voters agree George W Bush left Barack Obama with a mess

Walt Disney's "The Story of Menstruation" (1946)

So, I'm listening to Religious Programming...

I've found the source of your problem...

Aha! That weird little Romney bump in female approval explained. (Serious post)

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Wednesday, May 30)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 31 -- What's On Tonight: True Crime

Is anybody doing the "Walk With Mike" (Michael Moore) thing?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, May 30)

Who scored the touchdowns in the Seahawks-Longhorns game tonite?

Breaking Poll Shows Clear Majority of WA State Voters Approve of Marriage Equality Law

Cage fighter tips out still beating heart of trainer, blames mushrooms

Nudist resort owners' banning of children riles the naturist community

So lets suppose that someone made a cheesy movie about Your everday life.

a special mesage for all who open this

The President’s Kill List

France moves to cap executive pay at state firms

Mark Ruffalo PSA - Don't Frack OH - June 17, 2012

French-speaking Anonymous publishes Quebec billionaire's banquet.

The President of Iran ordered the killing of an Iranian living in the US.

Pennsylvania Doctors Worry Over Fracking 'Gag Rule'

State probes McCotter petition - Such 'overt massive potential fraud is ... very rare,' ex-AG says

Petition Demands Arizona Sec. Of State Ken Bennett Investigate If Mitt Romney Is A Unicorn

Am I the only one who'd like a sticker, t-shirt, button with this on it?

Greetings and Salutations!

Mississippi Town Regulates Menstrual Cycles - original satire from

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Seeks Ban on Super-Size Soft Drinks

Hello I am SalParadise1000

Yeehaw! House ethics panel votes to reopen probe of SC governor Nikki Haley

More SC news: Sheriff candidate charged in kidnap attempt on retired judge

The polarizing impact of science literacy and numeracy on perceived climate change risks

Dragon is leaving the station

2 American tourists kidnapped in Egyptian Sinai

Iran site buildings "completely razed"- U.S. think-tank

Hollande to clamp down on fat cat pay

Warming gas levels hit 'troubling milestone'

House to vote on sex-selection abortion ban

Geothermal Power to The People: Forget Iceland, Hot Rocks Are Everywhere

Citizens United Attacks From Justice Stevens Continue

Fox releases 4-minute attack on Obama

Benefits Dominate Calif Labor Talks

Aldi Workers to Vote on Union

Special report: Tamil asylum-seekers to be forcibly deported

Don't Honk at old people

Donald Trump, "My Twitter is very large"

A Gap in College Graduates Leaves Some Cities Behind

2/3 vote requirement for revenue bills struck down in superior court

2005 booklet Social Security for Dummies is still relevant

Globally 1 in 5 do not have electricity; enter the "Eradication of Darkness Program".

Archdiocese confirms payments to abusive priests who left ministry

Romney's Massachusetts record under scrutiny in Obama campaign video

I am not an enthusiastic supporter of my progressive U.S. Senator this year

Jeremy Hunt (UK Media Sec) at the Leveson (Murdoch etc.) inquiry - live

Money is not the is the problem.

Dick Beals - voice of Davey Hansen and Speedy Alka-Seltzer - dead at 85

Since the 6 recessions I have lived through I have figured out what is different about the last one

Pour a fresh cup of Thursday. Please come CAPTION Steve and Gretchen!!!!

Mitt Romney's 'Amercia' and 7 other embarrassing political typos

Time to revisit the Salted water for Boiling epic thread at Epicurious

Disgusting: 7 Million Kids and Mothers Suffer Extreme Poverty in the Richest Country in the World

Burned Alive at Work: American Workers Dying in Totally Preventable Accidents

US sales of bank-owned homes fell in 1st quarter

The Audacity of GOP Dopes on Health Care

The Right’s ‘Gendercide’ Crusade to Limit Women’s Autonomy

"The Life of Julia" explains why all women should vote for Obama

Robert Scheer: Hope Burning

the high way bonds -yes or no

E.J. Dionne: The Stakes in the Walker Recall

How Christian fundamentalists plan to teach genocide to schoolchildren

E. J. Dionne: The Stakes In The Walker Recall

BHO and/or The Big Dog visiting Wisconsin: Yes, no? Good, bad?

Tax relief limit on charity to be axed in fresh U-turn

Are Germany’s `Minijobs’ a Poverty Trap?

Jane Goodall honoured at Observer Ethical Awards 2012

11 Ways Mitt Romney Shows His Rich-Guy, Ayn Randian Cluelessness

I will say it again.

America's Spy State: How the Telecoms Sell Out Your Privacy

The joke's on them: Republican's accidental stimulus

Jewish Leaders From Conservative Movement Praise Obama After WH Meeting With Rabbis

May change in employment +133,000

Anti-Gay Leader Takes Up Lesbian’s Dinner Invitation

More nastiness expected in GOP Senate race in Texas (tea party vs. 'moderate')

Thursday Toons 1- Trumped

Michael Ware - a MUST read

Thursday Toons 2- The Rest

How Is Gender Oppression within Progressive, Radical, Revolutionary Movement(s) Maintained, Supporte

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (05/31/2012)

Broken Promises: Romney's Massachusetts Record

Growing gun violence demands concrete solutions

Economy In U.S. Expanded Less Than Previously Estimated

Staffing & Budget Cuts, Suppressed Reports - Romney Environmental Record As MA Governor

Guns more than gangs are fueling violence in Seattle, police say

Isn't it time for Murdoch and Ailes to be investigated in the US

Bill to prevent DNC liquor drought

Peruvian Mining Protest Leader Arrested For Calling For More Protests - BBC

Tell Eric Holder: Immediately suspend & investigate Governor Rick Scott's voter purging in Florida

Media Matters: 4 minute anti-Obama video on Fox News was $100k of free advertising for Republicans

TIME Magazine’s Last Chapter

Does anyone have a list of the Americans assassinated by President Obama?

Syria Sees No Need for Journalists to Investigate Massacre (government only should investigate)

Matt Bors: Casualty Count

Check out the motivation! - II

Eurozone: ECB says no countries ready to join (why would they want to join now?)

Falsely accused Brian Banks will try out for Seattle Seahawks

In Milwaukee Post, Cardinal Dolan Authorized Paying Abusers

Mitt Romney Will Not Live by Your Bourgeois Moral Standards

Local Fox reporter just said Romney spelled America wrong on purpose

Vos and Walker Throw 30,000 Off of BadgerCare to Make Room for Millionaire Donors Children

Sooo...I guess Mitts Etch-A-Sketch don't have a spell check...

Priest defrocked for fiddling children now works for the TSA at Philadelphia Int'l Airport!

Colleges' bank deals saddle students with big fees

The 1 Percent’s Problem & The “Be Selfish” Solution - Joseph Stiglitz

Six blasts across Baghdad kill at least 11

Solidarity Forever: Occupy Throws Support Behind Struggles in Quebec, Mexico

ROMNEY/TRUMP Star In "What Happens In Vegas"

Reich: since 2009 national income going to workers has fallen in the US, while rising in Europe

Check out the motivation! - III

Wal-Mart ending membership in conservative group (ALEC)

Death Zone Pictures Rolling Stone Video

Check out the motivation! - IV

Rape Culture, the rape joke & Commodification

AG Eric Holder, Rep. Lewis Blast Republican Efforts To 'Steal' 2012 Elections

An 18 year old girl was killed by a texting drunk driver. He was just acquitted. He is rich.

Check out the motivation! - V

Greece’s Tsipras Denounces Austerity to Break Election Deadlock

Inspired By Romney’s Misspelled iPhone App, Colbert Sings ‘Amercia The Beautiful’

Bunkum Awards Spotlight Shoddy Ed Research: Winner Says Charter Schools Should be Like Cancer

Romney needs to produce a real birth certificate -- not the bogus one he produced yesterday

Funny or Die Tom Brady skit.

‘Fox and Friends’ airs 4-minute anti-Obama video that looks like a political attack ad

Israel returns the remains of Palestinian bodies

PLEASE SIGN- CREDO petition re: FL voter purge

No Pressure Drop: After NATO Summit, Chicago Labor, Community Groups Protest Rahm and CME

Gay superheroes under fire from US pressure group

How the hell did Luka Rocco Magotta fall between the cracks?

Am I surprised that Fox News is now running BLATANT propoganda pieces against the President? No.

Drug War Violence Throws Honduras into Disarray

It occurred to me that this election may well turn on possible events this summer:

The Best Mitt Ronmey Amercia photo - EVAH!!!

Making strides for AIDS

DISCOVERED!!! Ohiosmith's Yearbook photo from his senior year.....

Deploying Urban Space

Grants Pass, Oregon Releases Inmates After Budget Cuts Leave County With 'No Other Alternative'

Introducing Yooper Airlines

Boston court: US gay marriage law (DOMA) unconstitutional

How many broken or other wise useless remotes you got laying around?

Justice Stevens: Pres. Obama's SOTU Criticism of the Court's Citizens United Decision Not a 'Lie'

Wells Fargo Still Hasn't Addressed Its Troubling Pattern Of Racism

An Echo of St Crispin's Day...We underfunded, We happy underfunded, We band of Badgers

Introducing Yooper Airlines

Calvin Hicks dies at 71; his photos chronicled black life in L.A.

Michelle Obama urges NC A&T grads to seek change

Scary political cartoon of the day.

In Milwaukee Post, Cardinal Authorized Paying Abusers

We underfunded, We happy underfunded, We band of Badgers

Frank Rich on the Obama = Bush comparisons

Joe Biden on what states have been assigned to him...

Illustrator Leo Dillon, first African-American Caldecott Medal winner, dead at 79

Vatican Declares “Year of Assault”

ABC News: RNC Says a Tuesday Walker Win Means ‘Lights Out for Barack Obama’

June is full of Pride events.

Emory University acquires rare collection of historical African-American photos

12 Reasons We'd Love To Thank Mitt Romney's Proofreader

Chicago Puchasing Managers Signals Recession Bias

Robert Shrum: The unnecessarily frenzied handwringing over Barack, Biden, and Bain

NBC-Marist Poll: Obama vs. Romney in IA, CO & NV

I am Obamacare

Just like us: Immigrants embrace 'distinctly American' values

The Rmoney iPhone app has been 'fixed.' But here is a PNG with transparency...


Good morning, all!!! Court: Heart of gay marriage law unconstitutional

EXCLUSIVE: Palm Beach Elections Supervisor Rejects Florida’s Voter Purge List -Says 'Not Credible'

Just one of the boys out having a beer...

France's new socialist government scraps restrictions on foreign graduates' right to work

LynneSin's Alma Mater......

Cardinal Dolan's $20,000 payments to pedo-priests.

Rookie cop takes heat for arresting off-duty officer

Sign The Do Not Kill List Petition Here!

Business buzzwords I'm sick of.

So, I just prepared an attack on birtherism for Huffington Post

Learn how Obamacare benefits you

Snow White and the Huntsman review by Lainey Gossip--SPOILERS

Wisconsin recall fever: Russ Feingold revs up Barrett supporters at Majestic

DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Appeals Court

Overdiagnosis poses significant threat to human health

Hello, I'm meow2u3

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg left no tip after Rome lunch

i certainly wish I'd taken this one.

Luz get her drawing autographed by President Obama

Community Comes to Aid of Jailed Texas Honor Student

Alpha ruled out of Belmont Stakes

When Blacks stand their ground

Fla. candidate legally changes name to web address

Chicago Puchasing Managers Signals Recession Bias

SPLC's new report: 30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right

‘Walking Dead’ preview, marathon set for July 7, 8

Suspect's family: 'We could see this coming'..( Seattle shooter)

DOMA ruled unconstitutional

Dragon entering the atmosphere, splashdown in 15 minutes

Pic Of The Moment: Of The 1%, By The 1%, For The 1%

Thom Hartmann: Anti-Obama ad...written & produced by Fox ''GOP TV'' News?

"We’re looking at a fleet of SMRs. We have no interest in building a few and walking away"

Thom Hartmann: The new American job killer is Bank of America

Farmers markets are becoming the new town square

NICHOLS = Seven ??'s for Walker Debate tonight: Did U lie? Did U lie? Did U lie? Did U .....

Here is the best, most honest symbol for the Republican Party you’ll ever see

Willard Romney- The FoxNews Candidate

The job I did in '79 has increased in salary by 80 cents in the past 33 years! Yeah Trickle Down!

We're On the Overpass Engaging Peaceful Protest While Cowards Break Our Car Windows.

Not With a Bang, but a Derp: It's Mitt


To students’ heavy debt loads, add another burden: heavy fees on cards marketed by colleges

George Lucas Says He's Retiring

The Rude Pundit - A Tale of Two Nations and Their Future Teachers

Fed: Student loans soar 275% over past decade

Motorcyclist clocked going 193 mph on NY highway

Leftist Gains Ground in Mexican Presidential Polls

Leftist Gains Ground in Mexican Presidential Polls

The Tear-Jerking 3-Minute Speech From Sigourney Weaver That Had Us Reaching For The Tissue Box

The Most Passionate Defense Of Workers We've Seen Yet

Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, federal appeals court declares

Megarich superPAC crybabies whining about scrutiny

Happy Birthday John Henry Bonham

U.S. Business Activity Expands at Slower Pace as Orders, Production Cool

Conservative Grifter Bev Oda's staff silent on travel expense changes

NOW Toronto: Quebec protesters have reminded us how much we’ve lowered our expectations

Wisconsin polls all say the same thing: GOTV

Filings for unemployment aid rise, at a 5-week high

Oil Set for Biggest Monthly Drop in Three Years

My response to the jury...

"A-bove the FROOOOO-tid PLAAAAAANE, Amercia, Amercia, God shed his grace on thee..."


"Trust women. It’s not a lot to ask."

An endorsement...

Poverty, hunger among retirees increasing

SpaceX Vehicle Returns to Earth After Leaving Space Station

Romney aids DISRUPT an Obama campaign press conference by cutting off there speaker system

Gitmo prisoners tortured with Sesame Street music

"AMERCIA" is not misspelled...

Can I just say- we need to get 100% behind Sadler for Senate!

US Has Second-Highest Rate Of Childhood Poverty In Developed World, Only Romania Is Worse

Red Plenty

Syria military intervention would engulf Israel, says Iranian official

Beautiful memorial found on Facebook

"Bush returns to the White House for hanging...."

For-Profit Education: Milking Students and the Taxpayers for Corporate Profits

Quelle Surprise !!!: One out-of-touch rich man sticks up for another out-of-touch rich man

Federal appeals court rules Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional

Create your own message in real galaxies!

Plate scanners raise privacy fears

Iraq Fails to Entice Bidders for Most of 12 Oil and Gas Blocks at Auction

Losing Yemeni Hearts and Mind

Another inter-species play post

"Trayvon Martin looks like he's up to no good ..."Thank God Zimmerman didn't have drones/ Will Bunch

HILARIOUS! Stephen Colbert On Why Romney Needs Help From 'The Donald'

INDIANA: Sheriff Denies Claim That "Ain't No Homos" Church Got Death Threats

Anyone in Wisconsin? Mark your calendars for June 9, 2012!

Cardinal Dolan's Blackmail for Jesus: The Empire Strikes Back

Valerie Jarrett: Bob Herbert is 'Simply Wrong'

BLOODBATH: Watch Facebook Investors Panic to New Lows

Purging voter lists is not always a bad thing

The stock market can be very orderly

The Last Word - Romney tries to rewrite 'civil rights'

Appeals Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional


TYT: Ana Goes Off Over Domestic Terrorism, Bill O'Reilly & 'Moron' Lila Rose

U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli's 2012 commencement address at Univ. of Iowa Law School.

Skyrim's 'Dawnguard' DLC gets first trailer

What documents do I need to go from Amercia to Canadia?

Mulder was right...the truth IS out there. Found on Facebook: (Dial-up warning)

Truth that the kitty does care for you!

Security tighter than ever at Bilderberg conference

Gay Couple Shown In U.S. Tourism Ad

Religion, Misogyny, and Homophobia

So I watched "Auto Focus" again the other night.

Because you were just dying to know: Former Teletubby: Tinky Winky was not gay

Papantonio: Mitt Romney Defends Student Loan Banking Scams

Climate Change: Carbon Dioxide Levels In World's Air Reach 'Troubling Milestone'

It’s official: Bill Clinton heading to Wisconsin to campaign against Scott Walker

Watch this. Digest the message. I admit it gave me chills.

Loved this billboard

Bill Clinton heading to Wisconsin to campaign against Scott Walker

Dennis Prager to firefighters: You are "using up your goodwill" by disagreeing with me

A guy shopping at the supermarket notices a hot woman waving at him.

Things That Are Better Than Having Dinner With Donald Trump And Mitt Romney, According To Twitter

5 Days To Wisconsin Recall: How You Can Help

Hot Drone-On-Drone Action

Please never forget George Tiller and what he did for women

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Gay Military Proposal

Cross burning investigated as bias crime - Bemidji, MN

'Cleaning Fairy' accused of breaking into home, cleaning it and leaving a bill for services rendered

Chinatown Bus Companies Shut Down in Federal Safety Sweep

How long will this John Isner tiebreaker last

any suggestions for finding an authenticator for Reagan signature?

DU Album of the Day: Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II

A couple more Memorial Day photos

New York Fed Quarterly Report Shows Student Loan Debt Continues to Grow

HELP ! Making a no redwine..what can I substitute ???

Down With Religion?

2nd Round of Chinese Solar Tariffs Hits Hard

US Federal Appeals Ct/DOMA/5/31/12

Greek Prisons are running out of food

Torture: The Use of Solitary Confinement in U.S. Prisons (1 minute action item at link!)

Remember the time Corbett used Secret Grand Jury to Unmask his Twitter Critics?

John Edwards Not Guilty On One Count, Mistrial On 5 Counts

Creationism lecture at world Skeptics Congress

Just round it up.....

Thump a Thursday on the chest. Please come CAPTION Michelle Malkin!!

Happy Birthday, Cate94!!!!

Vanderbilt Football Coach Will Not Hire Assistants Until He’s Seen What Their Wives Look Like

Please help crowdsource Walker's email dump

‘Exceptional’ drought nearly gone in Texas

There are two traffic courts. Try to be in the one for rich people.

I dunno, I think he got the smirk just about right

Banner headline on "Reports: Verdict reached in John Edwards's trial"

Since there apparently is a 'kill list' in the WH

Post a commercial that made you laugh...

Bob Dylan, the political poet

So I found a bunch of old floppy disks this morning....

De Ja Isner......

Edwards Trial Verdict: Jurors sent back to jury room by judge

Thom Hartmann: How the Koch's make millions if Republicans crash the Gov?

My wife is no longer unemployed

First picture of Dragon in the ocean as it awaits recovery

And just WHO has ruined the environment?

Favor to ask for star members.

Gospel of Barnabus apparently heralds the death of Christianity

First, Super Weeds, now Super Insects, Thanks to Monsanto

Remember Kathy's special software?

Best Jon Stewart Quotes Ever

JPMorgan CIO Swaps Pricing Said To Differ From Bank

Is Obama's Drone Doctrine Counter-Productive? (Is Drone Warfare "The Obama Doctrine"?)

Bruce Springsteen Performing in Berlin:"The Banker Man Grows Fat, Working Man Grows Thin"

Can someone figure this out?

House Rejects Sex-Selection Abortion Ban

HopeHoops' disregard for the law began at an early age......

The Umbrella Corporation has its first successful mission.

Do any DU Jurors have any input on this story?

Dow Jones Economic Sentiment Indicator For May Posts Biggest Fall Since Oct '08

Dumbya looked sauced again WARNING: PIC OF DRUNK

Do you think Obama should become more involved in the Wisconsin Recall?

Travel in the Eurozone. Good or bad for American travellers this fall?

Barrett/Clinton Rally updates

I'm seeing people's post counts being displayed all of a sudden...

Romney's record is running down the back window...and it won't hose off.

I just noticed the post count shows without having to click for it.

The end of the Milky Way galaxy as we know it

Jury question

Solar at "socket parity" in most parts of Australia

Yankees catcher Russell Martin "punished" by the umpire for arguing.

Is 1000+ coming back?

Nuclear Rubberstamp Commission

Atheist 'denominations' might be helpful, reader suggests

Rudy Eugene's mother: Son was no "zombie", should have been tased, not shot is a great, free site for tracking food, calories and nutrients

Judge rejects challenge of federal hate crime law by Amish defendants in beard-cutting attacks

I'm Going To Say It: I Hope John Edwards Is Acquitted...

Post a commercial that made you cry (or at least evoked emotions)

Warning! This Sign Will Definitely Offend Some Of Your Friends

13th person granted immunity in John Doe investigation

“No true Scotsman”

The story of Taylor Morris (PHOTOS)

Who Are the Shabbiha?

Why they hate Obama - Jack Lessenberry

A very appropriate sign for Romney

DU Question of the Day: Who would you love to sing a duet with?

OK, help me out here -

Jeremy Lin now owns trademark for “Linsanity”

Just call him Mr. 47 Out of 50

OK, this I did not know! Corey (Sunglasses at Night) Hart Reworks Pro-Gay Track For Toronto Pride

China rolls out mini-stimulus

Latest Barrett campaign poll says race a 'dead heat'

I once got busy in a Burger King Bathroom

British ministers backed Murdoch takeover: inquiry

"Join the Party!" - Betty Bowers

Barrett beats Walker 56-42 among those who did not vote in the 2010

Today in irony: Target Employees make "It Gets Better" video

"Repent & Reload" GOP Super PAC Ad

Military Vaginal Drones In Virginia?

Immortal Technique: US govt at war with people who say 'no'

Sheila Bair urges tough rules on hedging by banks

One Million Shrews Against Father's Day

Sir? Have you paid for that Funky Chicken?

Policing minister Nick Herbert ‘rather fed up’ with being told civil partnerships are enough for gay

Tell Congress: Keep My Inbox Away From the Government

Fla. limits on voter registration drives blocked

Morels, and I don't know what to do with them!!!

Poll reveals an age of pessimism

Former Walker spokeswoman becomes 13th granted immunity in John Doe 5/31/2012

17 Year Old Activist Sues United States Government Over Climate Change

Imagine a jury of your peers composed of 7 free republic members, 2 independents, and 3 du members

TYT: Do Not Kill List

Today was the perfect Doggie Day! The Puppies were flying! (video)

13th person granted immunity in Wis. John Doe case

Russia and US trade blows over Syria

Politicians’ Deleted Tweets Are No Longer Safe Thanks To Politwoops

This is one of the people killed in Seattle yesterday.

Several Indiana GOPers Cross Over To Dem Joe Donnelly

It's time to demolish the myth about Tony Blair

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has officially discredited the Walker camp's claims

Not guilty on count 3 - breaking - Mistrial declared on all others

John Edwards 'not guilty' on one count; mistrial declared on remaining charges

NOT GUILTY on Count 3, re: 2008,

Edwards Gulity

(Elizabeth) Warren says she told schools of heritage

U.S. Ex-Im Bank Gives XCoal Energy $90 Million Loan Guarantee to Export Coal

Tobacco firms 'foiling anti-smoking drives'

Joan Walsh: the Politico-Breitbart mind meld

Guardian UK: America's corporate immigrant detention racket

Fukushima farmers pray for radiation-free rice

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 2, 2012 -- The Essentials: Go Ask Alice

Not Guilty on count 3

Central Banker Says Euro Zone Structure Is ‘Unsustainable’

Amy Goodman: Julian Assange and America's vendetta against WikiLeaks

Maryland man eats roommate's brain and heart

Growing Up Poor

Remember the anthrax letters and Steven Hatfill?

CA request to take over inmate health care denied (health care in fed receivership)

You know who is REALLY pushing the "Unions feel abandoned by Obama in Wisc. Recall" thing?

TOONS: Mitt Romney (quotes, gaffes)

Another poll shows a close contest in WI recall

Job creator Curt Schilling didn't pay his staff

ALEC Slips Exxon Fracking Loopholes into New Ohio Law

Strange Days

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 1 -- What's On Tonight: Based on Erskine Caldwell

Limitless limpid jets of love hot...

John Edwards Not Guilty On One Count, Mistrial On 5 Counts

China Lets Currency Weaken, Risking New Trade Tensions

ALEC Slips Exxon Fracking Loopholes into New Ohio Law

FL - Federal judge strikes down part of (Rick Scott's)state election law

TEDxSB - Alec Loorz - "We Need A Revolution"

The kitten and the crow...

Trayvon Martin Tee I saw in middle school today:

Ever notice sometimes that when a scumbag gets what he wants, he thinks GOD did it for him?

ALEC Slips Exxon Fracking Loopholes into New Ohio Law

Edmonton teacher suspended for giving 0s

Is "Pickles" Seriously Holding "W" Up?

Possible glitch? I haven't been asked to serve on a Jury since DU had that freak-out the other day

North Carolina tries to outlaw sea level rise.

US lawmaker demands accountability in drone attack

Desperate European Bankster Puppets Exposed

Mark Ruffalo PSA - Don't Frack OH - June 17, 2012

Egypt's 31-year emergency detention and arrest law ends

Taco Bell Shooting & 'Stand Your Ground' TYT

Do Obama's Drone Strikes Imperil America?

Facebook Fiasco Coupled With European Crunch Freezes IPO Plans

The Cable News Talking Heads Are Really Raking John Edwards Through The Coals.....

International Agency Calls for Action on Natural Gas Safety

Romney accuses Obama of 'crony capitalism' in Solyndra trip

Can John Edwards rehabilitate his image after this?

I see your kitten pic and raise you two hoglets

The Wall Street Journal is liberal and controlled by Obama

America: World's Policeman, Prosecutor, Judge and Jury

Obama Operatives Go All Out For Walker Recall In Wisconsin

Robert Parry: Steering from the Abyss

Love Song-1


John Edwards, please shut up and go away.

Thursday's throughway turns into a thin trail thru the tundra. Please come CAPTION ol' W.!!!!

BREAKING: Two Arrested at Private Meeting Between Gas Industry and Politicians in Trumbull County

Stunning Visualization of 56 Years of Tornadoes in the US

Producer of Obama Video on Fox News Loses CNN Job Offer

Grexit? Spexit? Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

I'm glad John Edwards is free

It's headed right for us!

Just how serious is Derna’s “Islamist problem”?

Falkland Islands: Argentina Ambassador Says Self-Determination 'Does Not Apply' To Territory

Its Cargo Capsule Home, SpaceX Looks Ahead

Michigan high school athlete with Down syndrome now able to keep playing

I just heard that Pinto is in the hospital

I'm pretty sure there is nothing I want to be reminded that I've done 31,000 times.

Cool website lists a bunch of anti-fracking events.

Don’t Read Politico, Urge Politico Editors

“You can shout down speakers, but it’s hard to Etch-A-Sketch the truth away,”

Depriving a US citizen of the right to vote should be punished with loss

Did I just see Cate's face freeze? Or was it my imagination?

NYC to ban 'Super Sized' soft drinks?

LED light bulbs on sale for those who are interested

Elizabeth Edwards Wrote A Book Before She Died - I Didn't Read It - Does Anyone Know.....

Here's a thread that needs much more kicking

an interesting observation as I worked as an election judge in Red Texas

FYI, text of First Circuit Court Of Appeals panel ruling on DOMA Section 3

Priia slipped out and disappeared

Terminator Planet: A Drone-Eat-Drone World

40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

The Nuclear Free Group is open!

If Everyone Who Signed The Petition to Recall Walker Votes this Tuesday,He Should Be Toast

Jury foreman: Dr acquitted on leaving the scene after killing skateboarder because he "panicked"..

Taco Bell shortchanges man a .99 taco. He then rams truck into building.

What sky photos did you NOT submit?

911 System Wastes Your Money While Jeopardizing Your Safety: Comptroller

According to the Republicans women are conducting a war against themselves

Barbara Lorman: I was GOP lawmaker, but I’m voting for Barrett

So my 75 year old Dad got hit with a Rick Scott voter purge gimmick.

Broken Promises: Romney's Massachusetts Record. I think he was bored as only a governor

Bruce Springsteen: Bankers Are 'Greedy Thieves'


Okay, who is this Wes Moore on Rev. Al's show?

Van Jones at Rebuild Wisconsin

Vile spokesman for Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY). Violence against female Dem. Sens

The gunman accused of killing five people in cold blood Wednesday had a concealed weapon permit

Michigan Supreme Court: Medical marijuana patients safe from prosecution

Bank of America is so corrupt, they should be closed down for good.

Jay Townsend, GOP Spokesman: 'Let's Hurl Some Acid At Those Female Democratic Senators'

'Let's Hurl Some Acid At Those Female Democratic Senators' This GOPer should be fired

Mitt sucking on Roger Alies teat.

Just got my first Romney robocall of the election season...

Lila Rose was schooled very well by O'Keefe.

Colbert sings God Bless Americia full of misspelled words as on his website. Very Funny

On G4's Attack of the Show, coverage of "Amercia" included scrolling through a DU picture thread

Cancer Incidence May Surge 75% by 2030, Lancet Says

What Mormons Really Believe (?)

The voter fraud scammer.....

Well I kiss my chance at being re-hired at UPS goodbye!

Romney Wins the ‘Olympic Gold’ in the LIES Event!

Dear Dog, I done went and installed Ubuntu

Why the prosecution of John Edwards was ludicrous

Walt Whitman born May 31, 1819 (with engraving)

"Springsteen lashes out at bankers in Berlin show!" / Reuters News Service

The ED Show - Outside groups will raise $1 billion for Romney

I like getting the Big Gulp for $1.29.

U.S. Post Office releases MLB All-Stars forever stamp collection

another dog has been skinned alive...this time in Texas

A wonderful, unnamed, popular national psychic told me today in an email:

The ED Show - Fox News attack ad turns heads

I hear Jackie Chan does his own stunts

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 1 June 2012

U.S. Amps Up the Drug War Stupidity

Deeper Digging Needed to Decode a Best Friend’s Genetic Roots

This day could have been chronicled in The Onion: first I went to my urologist for a post-op...

Facebook just farted (crashed)

Remember in November

John Edwards and Newt Gingrich have a lot in common....

Syria blames rebels for Houla massacre

Power of the Picket Fence II: assault, armed robbery, and the shaggy lawn culture.

I hate it when I send an alert only to find that someone else's alert has already failed.

Former Justice Stevens: Supreme Court will ‘crack’ Citizens United

Seattle gunman had a concealed weapon permit even though his family knew he was mentally troubled

December Surprise? From Rubin to Pelosi, Wall Street and DC Dems Push Post-Election Austerity

Walmart Ends Financial Support For ALEC

DU's "Senator" Died June 8, 2011

New York may be banning big gulps, but tomorrow is Donut Day! Yay!