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Archives: May 28, 2012

This morning I woke up and wondered: Why the hell does LynneSin need a chainsaw?

National Memorial Day Concert on PBS now

Obama to mark 50th anniversary of Vietnam War

Porn is hurting men...

Montreal casseroles served at 8 pm nightly.

John Stewart said it very well, and thus we often use it here...

Is Your Water Bottle Giving You Cancer?

Went to a Tibetian Dharma Center today.

Do Concealed Carry Laws Contribute to Crime?

Very creative: Scott Walker's got 99 problems but the rich ain't one.

Will we ever learn how many times someone alerted on our posts,

Heart Sutra being sung in Sanskrit with English subtitles.

Should Hate Speech Be Outlawed?

Game of Thrones coming up on HBO

The latest PIDOOMA scaremongering about a black-on-white 'race war'

A cinch for rookie of the year. The only question is Cy Young?

Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

Bittersweet victory for Vader

50 years later, the fire under Centralia still burns

RE: Perry and Newt warning Obama that attacks against Bain "don't work"

Rise Like Lions - Occupy Wall Street and the Seeds of Revolution

'Casseroles' of the Maple Spring: The Beauty and Joy of Protest'

Fort Calhoun nuke plant meeting set for Thursday (shut down since April 2011)

Small (banking) is wonderful

The new front in religion wars------softball?

The Poverty of Nations

Rolling Stone: Why Private Equity Firms Like Bain Really Are the Worst of Capitalism

New Rules (DU Edition): List of words to avoid using on DU to avoid arrest

I now know what "quesadillas" AND (a holiday_) mean.

oh. my. I heard you could buy a space for the end times for $38,0000....and I stumbled across this!

My friend "Trash" - What do you think of his 55 second music video?

The revolutionary origins of Memorial Day and its political hijacking

Fot the detached relationship (I would guess) -- available at Walgreens!!

Veterans Should Declare War On The GOP Politically

Baseball meets the High Jump >>

Lindsey Buckingham - Tusk

Activists Speak Out Against Lack of Access to Bradley Manning

Highlights of Tom Barrett's round one debate win

For those of you who like graphic novels as film…

Massive, Huge tree of life.

I'm reading "Executive Orders" by Tom Clancy ...

College-readiness test yet another challenge for Florida students

Whom Will We Honor Memorial Day? - Howard Zinn

Game of Thrones #19 - Blackwater (spoilers)

If I stop posting suddenly

Laziness.....found on Facebook.

My sister just replied to the Springsteen video I posted on Facebook, saying he makes her puke.

My son had a simple trumpet lesson, and learned the power of music.

Atheists file suit against Bradford County in Florida

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, May 27)

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Sunday, May 27)

Lady Gaga Won't Tone Down Show, Says Manager

5 mind-bending facts about dreams

O'Neill: No Workouts for I'll Have Another....

Anyone heard of the website FreakOutNation? Looks like a great progressive site.

The stunning truth about healthcare pricing

Game of Thrones Future Love Connection???

"Reasons For Optimism In Today's World" by Fareed Zakaria (Harvard Commencement Speech)

How much should I expect a bathroom addition

Taxes, end Obamacare: House Republicans unveil summer wish list" by Deirdre Walsh, CNN Producer

"Romney uses lessons from bruising GOP primary to fight back against Obama" by Justin Sink

We need a new word.

Have a peaceful Memorial Day, everyone.

"How the Ayn Rand-Loving Right Is Like a Bunch of Teen Boys Gone Crazy" by Sara Robinson

Marta's Mother's Day present

What is a hero?

**Sunday Night Update for MFM**

Woman, 80, Slips Out of Skydiving Harness and Lives

Biological Diversity issues on Noah's Ark

Being airheaded

Legislature in Nepal Disbands in Failure

Where do copyright violation alerts go?

Under Socialism, you get to keep your stuff.

PVC problem

(Chen) Dissident, in U.S., Concerned for Brother After Return to Chinese Village

A Tiny Florida Outpost Divides Over Getting on the Power Grid

Edano, former Chief Cabinet Secretary admits he knew melt through on 3/13/2011

Joe Biden's speech on May 25, 2012 to surviving families of fallen military

Stress can be a real buzz kill when it comes to your CD4 count.

Peter & Alex: Star Trek

Happy birthday T-Bone Walker

Wicked and dangerous winter weather at the lookout tower

Beefcake Heroes: Comic Book Icons Go Gay (NSFW)

advice for sight-seeing in Jordan

Chinese parents call for anti-gay discrimination legislation

Yoshi doing toy inventory...

Some truth in cartoon form

Didn't someone post about how to jump from the bottom of the page back to the top on


17 year old Texas student jailed for missing school while supporting siblings.

June Contest Reminder

Military stories

Music: Against Me!'s Tom Gabel Makes Live Debut as Laura Jane Grace in San Diego

"Fire On the Mountain" NOLAFUNK Jazzfest @ Republic New Orleans 04/27/12

The Syrian Shabiha and Their State

Anyone here ever been to a nudist colony?

HRW: UN Inquiry Should Investigate Houla Killings (Syria)

Survivors of Al-Houla Massacre: Our Families Were Murdered in Front of Us

I'm still not religious.

Trump University: Something Mitt & The Donald have in common, scam "Universities!"

Mad Men episode 11 The Other Woman

Creationism Bills Defeated!

U.S. Hopes Assad Can Be Eased Out With Russia’s Aid

I really didn't do anything (honest!) but then...

If I am ever carried away in the middle of the night,

The Justice Coin.............

Hi, I'm secondwind, and I paint in watercolor.

Article on Cory Booker from 2002

Well the Pope and his minions have arrested

Is the DC story Final Crisis worth a buy/read?? (Spoilers).

Oh, man...(Mad Men tonight; mild spoilers)

Christie put-downs aim to deflect bad news (not Krugman . . . . local NJ columnist)

Chris Hedges: The War on Gays

Hernandez confessed to NJ prayer group decades ago that he killed Etan Patz, but no one reported it

Rand Paul's Freedom to Lie Amendment

Tony Blair at Leveson inquiry: There was no Labour deal on media policy with Murdoch

Protester Interrupts Testimony at the Leveson inquiry

48 hours until Julian Assange's extradtion verdict will be handed down

Vatican leakers say cardinals among plotters in scandal

Live - Blair at the Leveson Enquiry

DOJ Needs to Intervene in Florida

8 Ways Christian Fundamentalists Make People Convert -- to Agnosticism or Atheism

Blood for Sale? Reagan’s Pagan Cult

How Memorial Day Glosses Over the Real Horrors of War

Success! How Progressives Stalled the Deregulation Agenda of Greedy Telecoms and ALEC

Slim Chance

House Majority Leader Bettencourt (R-NH) admits falsified Academic record

Enter, Laffering (Krugman blog)

skies over Burlington, VT

Tony Blair - The godfather

Rwanda 'supporting DR Congo mutineers'

Lawmakers Work with Simpson-Bowles on Tax Deal

West Point Is Divided on a War Doctrine’s Fate

Tony Blair accused of war crimes by protester at Leveson inquiry

Did u read WAPO's top story? (BS accusation about Iran)

Cynthia Tucker: The Lie About Obama’s Big Spending

Think Congress is sophomoric? A study says you're right

Great Story about a stray dog and 1100 mile journey with cyclists

Small (banking) is wonderful

Give ‘Em Hell, Barry!

What would a Romney Presidency look like?

Crash, attack kill 3 NATO troops in Afghanistan

Scout flag project has a glitch, but they are up this morning (photo added)

110 Success Stories for Endangered Species Day 2012

War and cheeseburgers

On the subject of people seeing deceased close relatives when they pass on themselves....

The road to amnesia

Two of the young guys at work didn't know who Joe Biden is.

When I first saw the movie "The Great Escape," I was 15. I really liked Steve McQueen

when i was young -- this would be the fifties -- my family would travel to iowa to visit

When You Can’t Win – Cheat: Election Fraud From Coast To Coast

Noam Chomsky on the State-Corporate Complex: A Threat to Freedom and Survival

Really Funny: Thomas Friedman Is An Enormous Mustache | The Partisan Report

Gen. Dempsey: Pressure on Syria's Assad to mount

A Rare Admission That Money Trumps Everything Else

Newspoll just out . ALP clawing its way back

Gallup: Veterans overwhelmingly back Romney

Torie Osborn Crashes the Party

UK police arrest woman over phone hacking

Torie Osborn Crashes the Party

Is this a proper use of the alert function?

remembering our furry heros

" the Ten Commandments on the courthouse lawn"--what would be the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish,

Memorial Day becomes religious battleground

How can we believe Falun Gong?

I just try to be a good person. I guess that's my religion. No sense trying to complicate things.

Faux Journalist: Criticizing Romney's Record at Bain Capital is Like Birtherism

Understated headline of the year.

Cleveland Occupy arrests are the latest in FBI's pattern of manipulation

No Conundrum About It (the Oppression Olympics)

Some thoughts on Memorial Day

Tom Tomorrow: "DRONEY!"

"And when I get rich, I won't have to pay any taxes!"

Why Lady Gaga's Cancellation in Indonesia is bad

The Most Powerful Women You've Never Heard Of

Flame: Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say

I Am Becoming Embarrassed For My Country As A Veteran

General payments freeze takes hold (Greece)

880,000 New Yorkers not getting increase in minimum wage thanks to GOP & Cuomo(?)

President Obama is honoring veterans today. Rmoney is plotting to make their lives worse. nt

Ever look at a high school yearbook from the 1950's or so, and it seems like the students

Actors who were more interesting playing a person of the opposite sex.

Presidential Proclamation--Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 2012

Here’s to more picnics and fewer wars.

It is not the differences between us that tear us apart

Veterans and the Veterans Administration: Part 1

Veterans and the Veterans Administration: Part 1 (xpost from GD)

Bird populations dropping in EU tied to farming policies (The Guardian)

Rode my bike to the gym yesterday

The best picks around the world for celebrating Pride

The First Decoration Day (Memorial Day)

When You Can’t Win – Cheat: Election Fraud From Coast To Coast

But he didn’t want to be questioned!

With a nod to WillyT, my favorite engineering marvel:

Are Voters Just Rooting for Clothes?

sharing activist plain paper bumper stickers

America "LOST"

Two Tibetans self-immolate in Lhasa: is protest spreading?

Republican on National Labor Relations Board Resigns Amid Reports of Leaking Info to Romney Campaign

Leveson Inquiry: Tony Blair called 'war criminal' by intruder

Soothe Cancer Agony Worldwide by Easing Morphine Controls

"Flags In" - pics

Juanita Jean voices her opinion of the JOP who jailed the honor student for absences:

Remembering America's Soldiers…With Charts

Are kissing booths still legal?


Alan Simpson to GOP: Show me a guy who won’t compromise & I’ll show you a guy with rock for brains

The Stunning Truth About Health Care Pricing

9 Progressive Vets to Watch in the Battle for Congress

It is hard to imagine Americans today being as dedicated to the war effort as they were in WWII.

French Teenager Cares For Graves OF American Soldiers Killed In WWII

‘Pioneers’ who helped break Marines’ color barrier to get Congressional Gold Medal

Boz Scaggs.........

Wetlands expert suspended by DEP after she refuses to approve permit

Coal industry paid astroturfers $50 to wear pro-coal t-shirts at EPA hearing

Congressional Black Caucus rallies preachers to tackle voter-ID laws

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Paul Krugman - End This Depression Now P1

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Paul Krugman - End This Depression Now P2

Anyone see this incredible story WOW!!!

Anybody know the name of this flower? Are they low- or high-maintenance?

There is no "Happy" in Memorial Day.

Wow, I just got banned from another board and I have no idea why.

Tim McGraw to give 25 homes to veterans

West Point Is Divided on a War Doctrine’s Fate

The best way to honor war dead is to stop making more of them.

The curious case of the weather service’s misappropriated $35 million (26MM from LOCAL WARNINGS)

Girls for Gender Equity honor Anita Hill at 10-Yr Anniversary Celebration, June 14, NYC

Lotsa Socialism in the Memorial Day speeches live on TV today.

Never mind, problem solved

Glitch report...I can not rec a thread

A Picture Book Without Pictures

Fidel Castro, spy master, bedeviled U.S., says former analyst

Military Times helps you honor the fallen.

The Vatican Leaks: does anybody have any idea at all

TWENTY NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS - Fifty Percent of the nation's energy needs.

Indian skeptic faces 3 year prison sentence for explaining dripping crucifix

What's for Dinner ~ Monday May 28th

Devastating critique of libertarianism

Monday's election toon roundup

A Dilemma for Libertarianism

So 12 years ago, my female partner of 13 years ran off with a straight man.

“I want some nasty”

Tibet capital sees first anti-China self-immolations: report

Church which served Twin Cities peace and justice activists burned to ground in apparent arson

Vatican says trust in Church hurt by scandal

US drone strike in Yemen allegedly kills local al-Qaida leader and four others

All you need to clean toilets is vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and/or borax.

"Romney's per­sonal finances are a poster child of what's wrong with the Amer­i­can tax system"

States are incrementally banning Sharia Law. What about Orthodox Jewish law?

African Voices Join With UK Farmers: GM Is a False Solution to Hunger

Electoral map

New expenses row adds to David Cameron's many woes

Heading to the olympics...

"intricate web of secretly-funded groups behind anti-Obama media"

Would luv to see the jury results on La Lioness Priyankas hidden OP

WI Recall progress report--my perspective

People are paid $100 to put "Stand With Scott Walker" signs in their yards (Wisconsin)

"Why Do We Have Memorial Day?"

Coal industry pays fake activists $50 to wear pro-coal shirts at public hearing

President's Prayer For Peace

David Weber, absolute proof that very smart people can buy into wingnut bullshit..

George Mobus, on using sapience to navigate the bottleneck

The Rude Pundit - A Poem for Memorial Day

Gallup: Veterans Still Going Big For Romney And GOP

My proposal for Banning Sharia Law in the US

WI Recall: Barrett: 'It's all about getting a monster turnout'

Jesse James and Debt Collectors

The Girls' Guide To Calling Out Sexism Without Being Attacked

baby's best friend

Senator Schumer, why should friends have to pay sit together? Families are just more equal, huh?

The Onion: GOP stalling Obama agenda by speaking, moving in slow motion

I've finally been called a militant atheist...

Where/how to contact DOJ in regards to nationwide election fraud

This was my favorite picture of her. I took it some years ago, while stationed in Germany

‘Most sophisticated cyber virus ever’ reaches West Bank

Have you ever read Ray Bradbury's 'A Sound of Thunder'?

HUH? Gov John Kasich's energy proposal would gag doctors from talking about fracking related illness

Memorial Day Qat Story (Or "kitteh" as most of you have it...)

Cuba Announces Suspension of the Medical School Scholarship Program

Minnesota pastor may lose church because he supports gay rights

Don't Stop

Genesis of an anti-Semitic state

What ails Roger?? Please come CAPTION Jabba the Slut!!!!

A rabbinical sister act


How Florida Governor Rick Scott Could Steal The Election For Mitt Romney

Honduras: Miskito villagers demands answers after deadly raids

Out of the north, a folk singer breaks forth

Some may wish to sign this Save the Children Fund petition about Syria

I see we have 3 threads hidden recently in this Forum

105 Hide. 3 Leave. A question for "leave"s. No name calling, PLEASE. Good ratio though.

Romney's World vs. Real World

Big Idea: To Fight Inequality, Link Worker Pay to Corporate Taxes

Russian foreign minister: 'We don't support the Syrian government, we support Kofi Annan's plan.

Do most people only read the thread title and no more?

Obama will lose the White Vote big in 2012

Pics from Bobfest North

I had the mama of all Charlie horses this morning

Torie Osborn: The Super Activist

On Social Security benefits..if you were 62 and were underemployed

Bravo Chris Hayes !!!!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

Question/thought about rehydrating dried chipotles.

Chris Hayes: Referring to fallen soldiers as heroes can be used to justify potentially unjust wars

A prayer for memorial day

Flame: Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say

Catholic leaks, corruption, intrigue - Cardinal possibly among plotters in Vatican scandal

Thom Hartmann: The Business of Government is not Business

Peak oil review - May 28

Bush Convicted of War Crimes at Tribunal

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - May 28

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Politicians demand return of 'exterminated' communist party .

Politicians demand return of 'exterminated' communist party .

Public Domian ? Why, it's Disney's Domain!

President Barack Obama hits it out of the park.

That's gotta hurt

FARC releases proof of life of French journalist (video) .

State: 3 foster children removed from home of GOPer Knox Commissioner Jeff Ownby following charge

President Obama OP-ED "We must honor all vets"

Are they going to talk about extra credit?

Update on the Clemens' trial

Monday, May 28th. The Memorial Day Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Chris Hayes is being attacked on the comment blogs this morning

Romney is too delicate to run for the presidency.

French officials travel to Colombia ahead of Langlois release .

Blaze at Qatar shopping centre kills 19

With thanks to Raindog, I was able to post some photos of my 'work'... I'm still a

Why does Romney only do Fox? Schieffer asks

New nanosensors could detect disease earlier

He’s the fifties, he is retro, he is backward, and we are forward__ f**king guy's gonna take us back

Explosion hits downtown Nairobi

President Obama Beating Romney 5-To-1 with DOD & Military Contributions

My memorial day message: one for civilians, one for soldiers.

Greek Businesses Fear Possible Return to Drachma

So I saw an Asus i7 or 7i at the Gregg store for 629.00

Well, yuck.

Top Pentagon officer urges non-military pressure on Assad (Reuters via Yahoo)

Alabama Prison Sex Abuse: DOJ Looking Into Allegations Against Male Guards At Women's Prison

The Republican Message in the Herbert Hoover campaign

WATCH: Florida School in Antigay Bullying Investigation

Wounded war veterans find brotherhood in softball (Reuters)

Watch President Obama's Speech at the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary (EXCELLENT!!)

Climate change led to collapse of ancient Indus civilization, study finds

I just saved a chipmunk's life.

It's Memorial Day, but hundreds lined up to early vote in recall in MILWAUKEE

Pepsico Mexican Unit Firebombed as Officials Point to Cartel

Steel (An official Obama/Biden Bain Capital ad)

Nation of Change: Lobby Responsibly

I think there are a few day cares that Romney hasn't spoken too yet.

Pope's butler vows to help Vatican scandal probe (higher-ranking ecclesial heads may soon roll)

Syrian army being aided by Iranian forces

Radioactive bluefin tuna crossed the Pacific to US

Intrade predictions

Groundwater depletion in semiarid regions of Texas and California threatens US food security

Yes, the UK will need a spaceport

Powerful "Flame" cyber weapon found in Iran

Obama says Vietnam veterans too often 'denigrated'

Today in Labor History May 28, At least 30,000 workers participate in a general strike & more

John Huston's PTSD documentary, "Let There Be Light," newly restored and available for viewing

Workers at eight metro hospitals ratify new contract

Can anyone recommend a decent pressure washer for residential use?

Illinois passes Teamster endorsed school bus safety bill

Air Canada plane makes emergency landing at Pearson after reports of falling debris

hdmi cable-pc to tv - display settings

12 arrested in Occupy protest to support post office

New GOP Meme - No Taxes On The Rich Or Businesses

Climate change led to collapse of ancient Indus civilization, study finds

NCAA Baseball Brackets announced

10 million years to recover from mass extinction

Remembering America's Soldiers…With Charts

MUST READ! Cooperative Banking: The Wave Of The Future.

Computer model pinpoints prime materials for efficient carbon capture

How long before the Tea Party says 'Unemployed are lazy, they aren't competing enough for jobs'?

Drone strikes 'essential' for US security

Congressional Black Caucus rallies preachers to tackle voter-ID laws

The Enigma 1,800 Miles Below Us

Ky. weighed politics, medicine in inmate's surgery

Drunken man sleeps through being run over by 8000-ton freight train and walks away without a scratch

The Dirty Dozen is about to start on TCM

Hopping on the Localist Wagon, Farmers Flood Charlotte

Huge fire in Egypt at office of one of the Presidential candidates HQ

Freakin hilarious.

What did ya'll have for your BBQ or picnic today?

Bangladesh charges Islamist chief Motiur Rahman Nizami (war crimes during '71 independence)

Tiananmen Square victim's father kills himself

Rwandan man pleads not guilty in Ottawa war crimes trial

Engineered Microvessels Provide a 3-D Test Bed for Human Diseases

I call BS on that Gallup poll RE: Veterans & Romney

California Democrats bid for two-thirds control of state Senate

Caltrans records reveal concerns about Bay Bridge concrete

Hubble Sees a Spiral Within a Spiral

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Twitter joke trial: new hearing for man who tweeted about blowing up airport

US drone strike in Yemen allegedly kills local al-Qaida leader and four others

Radioactive bluefin tuna crossed Pacific to U.S.

Arrrrgh! raaage! gr gr gr gr gr gr

***Gets out LynneSin's staple gun and posts this to the Lounge Music Room door****

2 murder suspects escape from Arkansas jail

How can the view count on my self-deleted message be increasing?!

Why We Have Emotions (And Why We Should Not Fight Them)

Hamas Makes Step Toward Palestinian Unity Government

Japan’s Former Leader Condemns Nuclear Power

Brother of 'Bin Laden doctor' calls for verdict appeal

Right-wing blogs freak out over Chris Hayes "hero" comments

Greeks will choose to stay in the euro, opinion polls say

Public Pensions Faulted for Bets on Rosy Returns

Got an electric power washer and I am loving it.


Awesome Memorial Day pic!

Romney's Memorial Day Promise: To Maintain A US Military 'With No Comparable Power Anywhere'

Too Hot in the Hot Tub......Burn My Feet

Scared Yet?

x-post- Got a new power washer

Hot Rod Lincoln

OLIVE OIL CRISIS: Prices Sink To A 10-Year Low Crushing Spain, Italy And Greece

Paul Krugman Destroys Every Republican Argument for Austerity

Just was talking to my BIL, a Vietnam veteran.

Muskegon Heights to become K-12 charter school system under emergency manager's plan

Damascus merchants strike over Houla killings

Six Days on the Road

Cynthia Nixon marries partner

Houla massacre: US military warns Syria as pressure builds on Obama

Beyond Corporate Capitalism: Not So Wild a Dream

Toronto: Authorities probe reports of debris falling from Air Canada Boeing 777

Just when you thought some (crappy) jobs were at least safe from outsourcing...

Tweety: if we had cable news, the Iraq war might not have happened

today, mitt romney dressed up and played president

Tony Blair's Truthiness

Henry wears his Sea Turtle hat to the pool party! (photo)

God and Jesus have their own facebook pages.


Another Sun front page classic

Police accused of 'suppressing' anti-monarchist sentiment ahead of royal wedding

The ironworkers union agrees to a 15% pay and benefits cut (to remain competitive with nonunion)

Rick Scott Approves Ads On Florida State Greenways And Trails

Scott Walker's got 99 problems but the rich ain't one

Rupert Watch, Tony Blair Lying at the Leveson Inquiry

NY unions join bid to boot Wis. gov

So I subscribed to Hulu+ to give it a shot.

Once you understand...

"Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter"? Not as far-fetched as one might think.

Now imagine sharing a bed with him

Robert Reich: Supreme Court Ruling on ACA Expected Soon, Possibly Tomorrow

The President & First Lady greet the U.S. Navy’s first contingent of women submariners - pic

All the progtalkers may be out today, but not this one from Stephanie Miller's home station

I totally want one of these

Picture Thread

Tennessee teacher transferred after 'It's OK to Be Gay' article in yearbook

Women raped while in the US military are denied abortions. End this now

Buy American Mention of the Week, 5-28-12

New Orleans Times-Picayune employees to learn their fates next week

Is it proper for a "scientist" to be seen with an advocacy group

I'm watching the biggest load of hooey right now on Animal Planet.

Russia condemns ally Syria over massacre of 108

BBC News uses 'Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian massacre'

Norquist quotes...

Greek stocks soar on pro-bailout party's poll gain

Why diversity in discussions of feminism: My take

Mark Zuckerberg makes surprise cameo on Chinese TV

A thread i posted in the feminist forum

Tony Soprano Explains Bain Capital

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 29 May 2012

In honor of Memorial Day