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Food allergies: something I ate last night did not agree with me, big time.

Wisconsin Governor Walker And Five Others To Be Charged In John Doe Probe After The June Election

The right claims that the pie can get bigger as more wealth is created. Sure

Should we remove "In God We Trust" from currency?

Photobucket Atheism (Dial-up warning)

Christian Louboutin: 'I don't think comfort equals happiness'

My God Fox writers are Illiterate,,,I have watched all day for them to correct this and it is still

derby's Memorial Day Weekend Challenge - selected just for you! :)

Let's move Memorial Day back to the 30th of May

Today is the 75th anniversary of the "Battle of the Overpass" at the Ford Rouge plant

Quebec Labor Unions Join Students in Historic Fight Against 'Bill 78'

Conservative blogger Dan Riehl: ‘If Joan Walsh Is Going to Open Her Mouth, She Should Do.....

Stray dog joins China mountain bike race, travels 2,000 kilometres

Montreal Mayhem: 'Protests grow beyond just student issue'

Republicans Against the Pentagon

Max Keiser: Reform = Crime To Favor Wall St. Crooks

Raj Patel: Treaty Like It’s 1999: Connecting the Dots on Trade

U.S. Hopes Assad Can Be Eased Out With Russia’s Aid

Reclaiming America? - LTTE

"Romney's Bain Experience Wasn't Real American Capitalism" by Peter Fenn at

for Mingus fans among us.

Toon- The many uses of police drones

Saudi Woman Defies Religious Police: It Is None of Your Business If I Wear Nail Polish

The Wing Nuts Blame Obama, but Never Give Him Credit When They're Proven Wrong

Proof that just a few people can make a positive difference.

The Tremeloes - Silence Is Golden

Romney's Investment in For-Profit Schools...with His Son Tagg!

How do you deal with liars?

Gas or charcoal?

Funny Walker sign photo here in Sheboygan county...

It Is Really About Maturity

Texas Honors Student Jailed For Missing School

"Why Bain Questions Matter" by Eugene Robinson at

Report: Miami officer shoots, kills naked attacker

Kerry calls Romney "naive" and "wrong" on Russia

The most underrated singer of my generation: Little Anthony.

What are you reading the week of May 27, 2012?

Democrat To Offer A ‘Lifeline’ For Single-Payer Health Care

Identify the animal on the cam.

Track Coach Fired for taking Senior to Prom

CO2 Emissions from Electrical Generation: 1980 to 2030

Electric razor or razor blade?

"Romney to woo black voters simply to convince white women that he likes blacks" by John Aravosis

Question about good/bad words

Dozens of children killed in new Syria attack

Office for Civil Rights investigates Seminole charter school

Palo Alto newspaper rescinds judgeship endorsement after learning of Prop. 8 support

Memorial to war dogs possible in Columbia

A Memorial Day Message From an (Old) DUer

This is a video from the Dean of the U of Toronto Bus. School going against the current corporate

Foreign radicals are after the oil sands

How long will Herman Cain talk at the RNC convention?

Report: Fla. officer shoots, kills naked attacker

Biden says end to wars gives foreign policy new flexibility

An unexpected clinical downside to the pharmaceutical "pill culture" in this country:

Sunday Talk Shows

Bill Maher Creates Mitt Romney 'Wifer' Controversy

Wow, 111,964,701 hits on the Somebody I Used to Know cover.

Very cute: I hate Bank of America

The Grey. OMIGOD, when good actors make bad decisions. SPOILERS

An image Clay Bennett's bank rescue plan

Just an FYI - Tampa Bay at Boston. National coverage - TBS, 5/27, 1:30 Eastern.

To the Ends of the Earth

Last day to help drop the $$ bomb on Monsanto = any amount will help tonight

Mitt Romney clarifying and endorsing Government spending!

Charter school scandals

Reich: the commencement speech we haven't heard yet

No comment necessary >>

Memorial Day Rant: Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue

Depression on the Moon......


The Birther Decision Chart

Pittsburgh's new immigrants equal brain gain!

Are independent voters welcome here?

Golden Earring - Vanilla Queen

The Republican Plan

Potty Mouth George Tierney Makes Local TV - Sandra Fluke

"Who's Killing Philly Public Schools?": Daniel Denvir on 60+ School Closings, Privatization

Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

Sam Seder wrecks Fox re: Food Stamps

Note To Juror No. 4: Obvious Troll Is Obvious

Nato air strike 'kills Afghan family'

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Saturday, May 26)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, May 26)

Ex police chief Joseph McNamara addresses the new police mindset in this op-ed:

Afghan women leave the country in fear of Taliban return

With Annan's peace plan 'dead,' rebel Syrian army calls for retaliatory attacks

What I've learned about conservatives in the last few months

Possible cure for a serious drug problem:

Memorial Day this: Afghan official: 8 civilians killed in airstrike

Of job creators and evildoers: It’s poppycock

People hardly ever vote in favor of their own economic interests.

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday May 27th

Show History (Sinfest)

TYT: Racist Tweets From New Orleans School Psychologist

The ‘Invisible Art’: A Woman’s Touch Behind the Scenes

(Sort of) Off-the-Grid Living in Brooklyn

A New Taste for Collard Greens

For Native American Women, Scourge of Rape, Rare Justice

Activists: Syrian Troops Shell Central Regions

Ontario Poised to Pass Bill Mandating 'Gay-Straight Alliances' be Allowed in All Schools, Including

New Jersey could become the first state east of the Rockies to run out of water

Wallpaper That Blocks Wi-Fi

Gannett Wisconsin Investigation: Walker campaign has spent $20M since 2010 victory

Lady Gaga cancels Indonesian show over security

Mexico's Drug War: 50,000 Dead in 6 Years

Beware of False Walkergate Story

Walker must come clean on Walkergate now!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Litter Box Labyrinth Edition

Bain Capital: Economic angel or vampire?

Protest tells Pa. guv: ‘Shut prisons, not schools!’

MSM: John Brennan, Death Czar?

"Fusion Centers" Circumvent Laws Against Domestic Surveillance (Spying on Occupy)

An amazing and touching story about the search for a WWII pilot killed in a Japanese prison camp:

Hey, Politico! About that 'stumbling' Obama campaign . . .

Moten Swing - Count Basie

Billie Jean King on Equal Opportunity & Pay in Sports - excellent

Ya gotta love Juan Cole.....

An Open Letter to the Mainstream English Media, From Montreal

Fact-Checking Claims on the Wonders of Pomegranate Juice

Brash Hypocrisy Doesn't Begin to Describe It

sinfest toon

planting evidence to sow fear: chicago cops are terrorists


Police Forces Now The Tool Of The 1%

Kansas City filmmaker takes on ‘Corporate FM’

Nothing Grows Forever

Happy 90th birthday, Sir Christopher Lee!

Liberals' Targeted Killing Problem

The slow-motion Tet of 2012 continues

Students may weigh dreams vs. dollars in career choice

Toronto: G20 senior commander facing misconduct charges for ordering U of T mass arrest

One Homeowner's Uphill Battle with Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs {stacked courts}

Fast-food burgers have tripled in size since the 1950s

Why Mobility in America Is in the Dumpster

NanceGreggs: Well, If the STFU Fits (An Open Letter to a Closed-Minded Hypocrite)


How the Post Office Is Being Destroyed By a Phony Budget Crisis

Noam Chomsky: More rights than people (THE CORPORATION)

NYT: The Emotional Tug of Obama

Happy Pentecost Sunday....

Too Dry in the Great Lakes state

Collateral Damage in the War on Protesters: Neighbors of the NATO3 Cuffed, Held at Gunpoint

Beryl-ing toward the coast

McDonald's, the meat industry, and chickens (from Food, Inc)

Need Any More Proof Elizabeth Warren is Part Native American?

Reignited Nikki Haley ethics probe grabs spotlight

Who "Tweety" is and how he got that name & why is he loved/hated here

How a tiny Pacific island went from tropical paradise to facing oblivion

I can't deal with the stupid anymore...putting behind electric fences to stop breeding..

Sunday's Doonesbury - Helping Veterans

Meet Maureen Russo: An Eligible Florida Voter Governor Rick Scott Just Purged From The Voting Rolls

Breaking down Walker's campaign spending

So, what do you think? Patrick Fitzgerald for Supreme Court?

Marquette Law School surveys show familiar fault-lines divide voter demographics in Wisconsin

Fox News Viewers (cartoon)

Ants and spiders and slugs, oh my!

Blair the war criminal - PR spokesman for the dictators of Kazakhstan

Debt-Hit Greece 'Running Out Of Medication'

"If the election were held today, a lot of people would be very surprised."

'Regular Mom' Ann Romney practices one of the 'sports' of millionaires in the company of a 'trainer.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Knucklehead of the week

GOP to Women: Obama’s Your Guilty Pleasure

newt lies outright on meet the press. david gregory sits there mute.

Why do we keep honoring the term "conservative" by continuing to use it?

The Media’s Foolish Elizabeth Warren Witch Hunt

Chinese Android store

Iron Man

Favorite GTA character named after a WWII amphibious plane?

Sacramento Liquor Store Owners Fight Off Robbers (Video at link)

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says US on ‘right track’ in Afghanistan

Unofficial DU3 Basic HTML Reference Lookup Table

What's the difference between a "liberal" and a "leftist," if there is one...

New "bulge" in wall of Fukushima reactor building 4 worries public

Melissa Haris Perry's INTENTIONS may be good. Her delivery is like nails scraping down a blackboard.

Yet another reason organized religion is a scam and a cult

Polling Place

The Economist: Limited version of federalism is a less miserable solution than break-up of Euro

'Reaching Out' to the Black Community With a Wagging Finger, a Closed Fist, and an Empty Hand

Why has FoxNews discontinued the "Comment" function on their website?

One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd. June 15th

Privileges and rights at stake again.

My pic of the morning while strolling around the yard....

"good morning" from my best pals.....

1,100 miles of racing today

EXCLUSIVE:Florida Telling Hundreds Of Eligible Citizens That They Are Ineligible

Not only is executive seat up for grabs in Wisconsin but so is the legislature. 4 Senate seats also

Femme friendships

How to find certain colors in an image using Photoshop?

Gender equity: Doing the math

Shut up and do what you are told, the new taxation without representation.

Inflated auto-insurance claims? Morgan & Morgan, Dan Newlin deny State Farm allegations

30 North Korean officials involved in South talks die 'in traffic accidents'

George Will Calls Donald Trump a ‘Bloviating Ignoramus’

Google says the Golden Gate Bridge is 75 years old today (dial-up warning)

Alabama Women's Prison Inmates Sexually Abused By Guards

Mark Webber/Red Bull make F1 history at the Monaco Grand Prix

Kansas GOP House Reps: water conservation and building bicycle paths are communist plots

Hilarious- NC GOP are not nice guests at convention at college

Gay students graduate openly at military academies

George Will Calls Donald Trump A ‘Bloviating Ignoramus’

Why it matters

It's really only about 10% of the problem.

Missouri's statehouse is led by a fractured GOP

Afghan Family (8 Innocent Civilians) Killed by Nato Air Strike

Cuba Announces Suspension of the Medical School Scholarship Program

See Cuba for Yourself and Challenge the US Blockade!

Humpty Dumptyism - The protean meanings of political words

Casseroles - Montréal, 24 Mai 2012

The Syrian crisis viewed from Turkey

The Gungeon

my husband passed away 4:35 this morning.

Indy 500 fans, check in!

Spent Fuel Rods Drive Growing Fear Over Plant in Japan

Not ironically, he was driving around in a luxury car ...

As Memorial Day Nears, a Single Image That Continues to Haunt

Donald Trump proposes himself for VP and a nation laughs...& I do too....

Romney Admits Budget Cuts Would Throw Economy Into ‘Recession Or Depression’

Venezuela: Fiber-Optic Cable to Cuba Is Working

From prison, Cunningham pleads for his gun rights

Remembering this Memorial Day.

Syria UN observers visit ‘massacre’ town

Real Time, May 25, 2012 ( Michelle Bernard, Paul Krugman, Arthur Laffer )

Interesting audio clip from 1974...oil embargo...don't be fuelish...electric car available this fall

It's the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th Birthday today

"Romney won't get Bush's numbers among Latino voters"

Democrats, losing ground in Wisconsin, play down recall election

The Obama-Romney battlefield: Electoral college ensures it's weird

Tom Morello Warns Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker the ‘Recall Ball’ is Coming

*Delurking cause I'm bored...*

Republicans politicians are like coaches who tell their players to, "Go out and win the big game"...

Zakaria Azmi, aide to Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, jailed

Judge Lanny Moriarity; Has an attitude that says he cares!

George Will Calls Donald Trump a 'Bloviating Ignoramus'

Muffin Tops.

Catholics caught between bishops, Obama’s birth control mandate

When Put This Way, Corporations Actually Sound A LOT Like People. Annoying, Intolerable People

What is your favorite cat fight in a movie?

Syria's Houla massacre: UN Security Council 'to meet'

Why I want all our children to read the King James Bible

You're doing it wrong.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is scheduled to campaign with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Tuesday.

(UK) Anti-GM wheat protest halted by police

"Obama never ran a business...."

Public Pension "reform"

Iran Won’t Halt Production of Higher Grade Uranium

Family says auction of WWII relics is a 'gross dishonor'


Dozens held after Russian Orthodox church activists attack gay rights rallies

The 25 Best Reasons To Stop Sending Our Soldiers To War

Crosspost- Heres how Idaho remembers its Veterans

Palestinian Airlines resumes flights after 7 years

An atheists view of religion

Bill Maher Mocks Birthers: The Wifer Movement

Truly Obnoxious Pet Names and the People Who Choose Them!

AP IMPACT: Almost half of new vets seek disability

Israel's FM Lieberman Calls On Britain To Stop Anti-Israel Activities In Universities

The Chaste Trees came in

Iran Won’t Halt Production of Higher Grade Uranium; To build 2 New Nuclear Power Plants

From now on, when someone climbs up my ass in GD, "have a nice day" is code for "fuck you."

Spoiler - News about DU Sports forum's favorite sport

Is everyone in the southeast ready for TS Beryl?

There is no way a mormon democrat would have a shot to be potus

Scott Walker to Deer Hunters: Pay Up or Get Lost

The attack on union employees like you are seeing in Wisconsin began over 30 years ago

"Identity crisis for American capitalism" by Steven Perlstein at WP

Apocalypse-proof condos already sold out

Scientist: Evolution debate will soon be history

Toon: Which one needs to be regulated?

"Shell's Arctic Oil Exploration Stands to Open New Frontier" - Anchorage Daily News

Bruce's History: The Removal Acts of 1830

Should Memorial Day go back to being Celebrated on the 30th?

Essay- The Most Important Thing I've Ever Learned from My Dad, the Veteran

re: the polygamy angle

New study dispels myth blaming climate change doubt on ignorance

One Long Monday Night in the Greatest Healthcare System on Earth

Epic Breakthrough: "Insight into How Matter Formed in the Universe"

'Metamaterials,' quantum dots show promise for new technologies

Ben Franklin: There was never a good war or a bad peace. ...

How many presidents have you known have tried for a second term without any major scandals...

AFRICOM Expands Mission In Africa

Man, 65, shoots motorcyclist in road rage incident

Stay safe, Jacksonvillers, TS Beryl is about to hit you!

There's gold in those landfills.

A Friends Confrontation at a Family Gathering About Supporting Romney. It Gets UGLY!

Alaskans to get best views of Venus transit, a rare astronomical event (AK Dispatch)

Wanna know why Scott Walker has the support of 50% of the voters in Wisconsin?

Neil Macdonald: How compromise became a dirty word in Washington

Scott Walker Spokesperson Has Post Debate Synaptic Meltdown Trying to Spin Walker BS

An estimated 6 million people—2 percent of the US population—have no income other than food stamps.

Listening to C-SPAN call-in this AM, the hatred made me physically ill...

So when you lose a smack down... just fucking alert.

The man who made students disappear in Houston to bring scores up added to Romney ed team

The Beer Winner is Bud Light Lime

The Definition of Irony

Students in Texas to be monitored by microchip

Do you support intelligence tests designed to keep some citizens away from the ballot box?

We're having a weekend that is overcast in the morning, sunny enough in the afternoon

Afghan Family of Eight, Including Six Children, Killed in Nato Missile Attack

Full Bill Maher movie, "Religulous" available on Youtube

Remember when our Bond Rating was Downgraded?

Ashley Judd's (a good Dem!) husband Franchitti wins the Indy 500 again!

Problems with links and the [link: | ] tag? What to do to fix them.

a few photos from this morning while checking out the RNC footprint in Tampa

Judge sends honor student to jail for missing school

Is Facebook destroying meaningful conversation?


National Labor Relations Board Member Terence Flynn resigns (violated Standards of Ethical Conduct)

Awww- how sweet is this? Portland man's choreographed wedding proposal:

Romney: Clueless Drug Warrior

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim's Face Shot/Killed By Miami cops

We figure it all out... then forget.

Why Mormons aren't liked in the South

Rasmussen just called

Most businessmen shouldn't be running anything, including their own business.

Republican Gov. Walker's War on Wisconsin Veterans.

Sunlight and air powers access to sterile water

AP IMPACT: Almost half of new vets seek disability

John Stossel tells us what poverty is. With one day on a line at a food kitchen and a spliced film

Germany breaks solar energy record for the amount of solar energy produced by a nation.

Going Vegan Family Style: New vegan fare makes an animal-free diet tastier than ever

Is asking a female interviewee, "How would you feel about working in a group of all men" acceptable?

Behold the New Jersey Miracle!

Should the Meta-discussion forum be merged with teh Lounge?

Zealous Romney fan drives 40,000 miles following campaign.

How to Forget on Memorial Day: Whistling Past the Graveyard of Empires

June 8th: please support progressive Catholic counter-demonstrations in your area

Herb Silverman share views on religion, politics, math, relationships and more in new autobiography

Almond Milk Yogurt

This photo made the front page of the NYT on Memorial Day a few years back...

Thank God Jonathan Alter protects teachers when will he help out. Oh I guess he's done enough

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Payola Policy: NCTQ Prepares its Hit on Schools of Education

Temptations of religious certainty only builds walls

In Quebec, A Revolution of Love, Hope and Community

Watching cable yesterday I realized how much my life was influenced by Californian hot rot rodders

Credit score a mystery to many consumers

Tony Blair's moral decline and fall is now complete

Scott Walker's billionaire sugar-mommy paid no corporate state income taxes in recent years

Nobel laureate Günter Grass slams Angela Merkel over Greece policy

Panetta says U.S. will have ‘enduring presence’ in Afghanistan after drawdown

US defence secretary Leon Panetta criticises Pakistan for doctor's sentence

I'm so sick of being poor

Norway Wants to Become Europe's Battery

Assad has less than 10 days to live. It's only a question of who will

Is it possible for an ongoing US astro chart to be done here? It would really be interesting to see

Anti-GM protesters kept from tearing up wheat crop by police

Business To Pay No Taxes In Kansas

When one accepts Jury service, one has three choices.

Honoring Our Fallen Heroes this Memorial Day

Associated Press: FACT CHECK: Obama thrifty spending claim, and MarketWatch analysis, are way off

Hi.. I'm employed, but on the hunt...

Illegal kidney trade booms as new organ is 'sold every hour'

Eurostar (the high-speed rail line) eyes ambitious European expansion

Prepare to throw up in your mouth a little

U.N. Security Council Condemns Syria Over Massacre

Okay, this is my official first thread griping about a Jury result. And a question for Juror #6.

Rush in the Rotunda? No way!

Nazi war criminal Klaas Carel Faber dies in Germany

A message from wisconsin

Voters in majority-black precincts in North Carolina rejected the anti-gay constitutional amendment

Lively Videos of Protests Against PA. Education Cuts in Phila, Pittsburgh, Penn State

FACT CHECK: Obama's spending is small. (America's is not)

Big Plans for Public Transportation in (northern) Virginia. It’s called Super NoVa

This Memorial Day Toon is old, but still very much worth looking at again...

Which Family Circus character do you think finally went all Amityville on the rest?

Robert Reich: Memorial Day Thoughts on National Defense

Hm. Failed jury results:

Budget Crisis Takes Toll on Community for California Farmworkers

Who built the Golden Gate Bridge?

Will War Always Be Our Destiny?

Victory! Re: Safeway to hero: you're suspended (more info & new petitions)

Romney campaign ally tells Joan Walsh to suck his ----

Do we have a pre-Judao-Chrisitian history of religion forum?

Max Mayfield says the rain associated with Beryl is up from 3-6 inches to

Hurricane Party at my House

Some help Identifying these plants? *DIALUP Warning* Updated with more plants.

Some thoughts upon Memorial Day: with Chris Hayes

We don't know names of family yet...but, looks like USA took out another Afghan Family

Democratic leaders back Obama’s Bain strategy vs. Romney, acknowledge risks

Strawberry plants, questions, different types? *DIALUP WARNING*

This is the cutest thing you'll see all day - otter pup being taught to swim.


Labor board member(R)accused of leaks resigns!

Make a prediction: what annoying think tank or bipartisan commission will Dick Lugar join next year?

A "blast from the past" for Memorial Day...

"There comes a time when silence is betrayal"....MLK

New Veteran's Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center Shuts Down After PA. Kept Denying Funding for Vets

Where Are Mitt Romney's African American Staffers/Surrogates/Supporters?

Meeting Einstein "Challenges of Neuroscience - Who are we and if so, why?"

Bradley Manning defence team says US military is withholding key evidence

Israeli settler shoots Palestinian in West Bank (Saturday 5/26)

How racist was Margaret Sanger, the creator of PP, in your opinion?

Cables reveal Australia, US focus on Assange

Pentagon Contractor Admits to Online Attacks on Journalists

Does anyone have any pointers for staying on task while underemployed?

Vatican leak inquiry: Confessor defends Pope’s butler

Did feminists burn bras?

The Volunteer Army

X-post in C & OC: Vatican leak inquiry: Confessor defends Pope’s butler

Some Are Not Happy That the Obama Administration Shared Info About Bin Laden With Kathryn Bigelow

Mississippi Agrees to Stop Handcuffing Students to Poles

My daughters are giving their bunny a bath.

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: Honoring Troops with the Truth

Israel’s Undersea Gas Bonanza May Spur Mideastern Strife

News International 'tried to blackmail select committee' (of UK Parliament)