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Shakespeare Insult Generator

Good lord....the idiocy is amazing! Re: Same Sex Marriage - Maine

Todd Harris JUST revealed Mitt RobMes plan to counter Bain attacks

Are Cesarean Sections Contributing to Childhood Obesity?

Dance for that Anarchy: My Love-Hate Relationship with Black Blocs

Who else is covering the effort to privatize schools except Ed?

Big Ed is going off on Mittens about education!

Ed Shultz - Holy Shite -Rmoney Promotes For-Profit College Owned By A Private Equity Firm That Does

Tony Perkins: some same sex couples probably make good parents

One thing about it

Tim McGraw to give away 25 mortgage free houses to Veterans. How awesome is that

Trayvon's killer said to make self-incriminating statements

Daily Caller giving away guns to readers now through Election Day

16 minutes (and why Mitt Romney can kiss my ass)

Swimming in Jello

Bigoted Church Member Defends Pastor Worley

This is the craziest reason to get banned yet.

"FACT CHECK: Romney off on Obama’s relationship with teachers’ unions; it’s anything but cozy" by AP

Porn stars vs. Santorum

"...the man from Bain"...from Chris Matthews.

Amazon shareholders met by protesters, company cuts ties with ALEC

A new member's view of the Religion Group

Women born women? RadFem2012 actively excluding trans women from attending

Bain & Mitts Record In Massachusetts are Key To A Romney Defeat

E.J. Dionne: Conservatives used to care about community. What happened?

Diablo III hot fixes - See whats changed

I wish we could mark THREADS instead of the whole forum.

Progressive Powerhouse Invests in Local Democratic Races

Teacher Raises in Omaha

California School Pressures Parents to Buy IPads

"Sorry guys, no more Heartland Institute conferences" by Jess Zimmerman at Grist

Haha - another brilliant Teabagger sign! This one could win the prize....

Links opening new little, tiny windows.

I really wish people would read the contents of a post before recommending.

I just invented a new word: "Brainstipated"

Al Capone never created wealth, just transferred it to himself. Like Mi$$ Rmoney. The

New Possible Evidence in Manson Murders

Elba On "Luther" Third Series & Film

Trayvon's killer said to make self-incriminating statements

Bill introduced in PA legislature to defund Planned Parenthood

Bill introduced in PA legislature to defund Planned Parenthood

Politifact: President's record "accomplished in collaberation with congressional Republicans"

The new witch trials? Damned if you do, damned if you don't

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Romney . . . Warrior Princess? Happy Birthday Maru

can someone tell me why Steve Earle wants to look like Alan Ginsberg?

It looks like I'm going to run for State House.

Should I change my avatar to this?

Diablo III questions

There is nothing wrong with taking money out of the economy. Saving is not bad

Why does running a business automatically mean that you can run a government, too?

You Cannot Make This Stuff Up...

when sarcasm becomes an alertable offense, it's time to take a step back

Why is Mitt Romney in politics?

Massive Chicago Teachers Union Rally Takes over Downtown

Americas Gayest Cities Show Their Pride Fort Lauderdale (possible NSFW)

My break with the extreme right-"The new hysterical right cares nothing for truth or dignity"

Who's been the best Democratic president in your lifetime?

Name a movie the critics (and everyone else) hated, but you like.

Absurdity Today!: Guess where we FOUND JP Morgan Chase's LOST BILLIONS?!

Hustler Magazine Sparks Rage With a Rude Image of Pundit S.E. Cupp

WWF - Positive Energy: how renewable electricity can transform the UK by 2030

Heard on CNN that a very good teacher teaching to thousands of kids (via computer) trumps class

Anybody wanna make a quick donation to Tom Barrett in his run against Walker?

All those in Wisconsin area. The whole country is watching make it happen.

Here's How Weird Our Obsession With Rich People Is

Wells Fargo has blood on its hands (and Californians can do something about it)

Cannes Festival scraps screening of "The Anti-Semite"

The nightmare of Reagan and the useful idiots who voted for him is still with us

Gar Alperovitz, "Democratizing Ownership in America" at The Nation (Video)

The conservative rebuttal to the Rex Nutting article

Luke Russert, nepotist prince - The Hack List -

President Obama at the Paul R. Knapp Animal learning center in Des Moines, IA - pics

Occupy Homes MN Foreclosed Home raided Sheriffs, Police 5/25

Tracking Poll Has Wisonsin recall at dead heat.

Fluke Condemns Hustler’s Pornographic Depiction Of Conservative Columnist

"What happened to the Occupy movement?" by Arun Gupta at Aljazeera

Oracle smack down: Krugman vs. Laffer

Rupert Watch, Leveson Testimony Spells Doom for Cameron and Hunt

Dragon as seen by the ISS

Viva La Revolutionary Guards

Corporate Crap Associated Press trying to suppress Dem turnout in WI recall.

Wed 5/30 at 11AM Central CA. Save Jesse Morrow Mountain (sacred Native American site) from Cemex

The ED Show - Florida Governor purges voters from voting rolls

Wed 5/30 at 11AM Central CA. Save Jesse Morrow Mountain (sacred Native American site) from Cemex

Only 83 percent of democrats plan on voting in Wisconsin

Petition: Investigate Catholic Church & Cardinal Dolan for Tax-Exempt Violations

Post your favorite/great song lyrics!

On a serious note:

Adam Lambert: First Openly Gay Musician To Debut at Top of Billboard Charts

from tonights protest in Montreal

NFL Rookies and Veterans Weigh in on Gay Players

Oldie that is still apropos with all the "value" politicians today. "Religion is like a Penis..."

Iowa: Advocates Prepare for Lesbian Parental Lawsuit

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 25 -- What's On Tonight: Frank Borzage

The ED Show - Romney flunks education trip to Philly

Should I ingest potato chips or incite a Lounge disputation?!1 n/t

Obama not taking vocal role in Wisconsin's recall clash

Romney's Big Test: You Know Obama Is Going To Really Get Under His Skin.

Text to morse code generator. Kind of cool.

Toons: Sisyphus Sam, Honest Abe, Mega-Leviathan Investment Bank and More. - 5/24/12

Seen on a car in Madison, Wisconsin: If You Stand With Walker ...

Awesome Ad Narrated By Jane Lynch on PObama's

Florida law thwarts jobless benefits, advocates tell feds

BWAAAAH! How did I miss this?

Shouldn't she have said "Stack them deeply, teach them cheaply?" Maybe not an English teacher.

Moving on. Assist me in assembling a Playlist for a new watering hole.

Is "ohiosmith" the social director of Lounge?!1 If so, it's o.k., I like it!1 n/t

Blame WillPitt - Say Yes C/K

For those who care: Current Fukishima headlines....

I watched a sitcom last night Modern Family

When are the 2012 Bulwer-Lytton contest results expected?

So the Mittbot3000 has released an alleged certficate of manufacture.

Romney praises Cheney’s ‘wisdom and judgment’

Goldman to plow $40 bn into green energy

I need to hire a helper.

Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their party.

this is barack - let's get this started

Bare Breasts On Statue Offend Some at Arboretum

I am re - reading Portnoy's Complaint...What a great book.

Club's ID Policy Angers Some Customers

Spain to close up to 30 state-run airports

On being a woman in public

Wait... China owes us $1 trillion? Is this article real?

Woman Kept Off American Airlines Plane For Allegedly Offensive Shirt

PZ Myers: I had a better impression of Canadians before I read that tripe

Temple Israel (Miami) cancels Wasserman Schultz speech (Romney supporter objects)

Financial crimes squad probes 500 politicians (in Greece, not the US, unfortunately)

There is exactly ONE SOLUTION to the republican voter supression

Toxic tsunami debris will flood Alaska's shores

Some useful information

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Thursday, May 24)

Priceless! Another one found on Facebook

About Cuba and other nations..I will post this again..please help me understand if I am wrong

Really great education cartoon at

Rachel Maddow - Very existence of Wisconsin Democratic Party at stake in recall election

Crosspost: PPP: Gay Marriage Likely to Pass in Maryland (Obama endorsement key)

If Your Parents Can’t Pay Their Bills, You May Have To

Huffington Post "comments" sections

The lounge is pretty quiet tonight. Tell us a joke! Here's mine. Energizer Bunny arrested:

Just me or how bad does it creep you out to turn on the light & find big ass cockroaches

Important "Let Me Finish" tonight on Hardball

"Dogs drive Douglas Dizzy" Mittens comment at a school today.

I want to create a threat that never dies.

Possible tropical storm for parts of the southeast this weekend

Yeah Nuclear Power is so safe...and didn't travel from no worries right?

It has been said "That all politics is local".

Americas Dumbing Down Via Talent Shows...

John Fugelsang subbing in for Eliot Spitzer: "Only in America.....

Most criminals aren't exactly smart but...

Photos: Protesters ask Sheriff Arpaio for trips to Hawaii

i wrote a song about my husband

Trouble In The Badger State

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, May 24)

The "original" Batmobile?

Ben Shapiro of is an idiot

It has been said that, "All politics is local".

Men Who Breastfeed (or BlueIris Gives BUST Magazine Another Chance.)

A piece worth reading about Fukushima and Fear.

Whisper, whisper . . .

MFM is fine, no need to kick this

Tea Party Patriots: Stupid, Or Corrupt?

Digital 3D Printing of Super-Green Houses is Happening Now

NASA aims for human rendezvous at Mars in 2033

12 Reasons Gay Marriage Will Ruin Society

Digital 3D Printing of Super-Green Houses is Happening Now

Why we should teach philosophy to kids

Jordanian sets himself on fire after he was fired from his job

An English Cat In New York

Dan Savage Announces Proposed Details For Debate With NOM’s Brian Brown

Does anyone believe O'Mara when he says he hasn't reviewed perhaps the prosecutions best evidence

Pet peeve: "I made this recipe EXACTLY ... EXCEPT"

Another of bloombergs mayors against (illegal - yeah right) guns arrested.

Confronting a False Meme: Libya’s Deadly ‘Stinger Equivalents’ - By C.J. CHIVERS

Tobias Schlingensiepen

You guys MUST read this story. "D4 Grizzly-Proof"

White House appoints George Mason professor to head nuclear commission


Italian proverb describing politics

WikiLeaks Launching Its Own Encrypted Social Network That Actually Sounds Kind Of Neat

Looks like Pete Rose is getting into the instructional video business

U.S. Human Rights Report Cites Bright Spots, but Also Points to Abuses

An Often Procrastinating Congress Is Raring at the Gate on Tax Cuts

Rombot Invades Middle School

After Barreling Ahead in Recession, China Finally Slows

(NJ Gov.) Christie Accepts Monitoring of Muslims

Spanish doctor ordered to pay for upkeep of child after failed abortion...!

Scottish independence campaign has stalled, says Alistair Darling

A back yard visitor

French President Hollande in Afghanistan on troop visit

More talks planned on Iran nuclear issue

NY Times magazine: How Did Wisconsin Become the Most Politically Divisive Place in America?

Wesley Brown, Pioneer as Black Naval Graduate, Dies at 85..Helped by Jimmy Carter

Wesley Brown, Pioneer as Black Naval Graduate, Dies at 85

Two jailed over New Zealand Rena ship disaster (oil spill)

Gunman misses Colombia union leader, kills brother

Gunman misses Colombia union leader, kills brother

Staying in Holland if Romney's Elected

August vote on Right to Pray ballot in Missouri

Co-op banking

Los Angeles to become largest US city banning plastic bags

Gov. Scott talks to King Juan Carlos of Spain about elephant hunt, creates international stir

Venezuela sends 3000 troops to Colombia border .

Link to Top 100 songs each year from 1950 to 2011

To bad the new villain in the soon to be released Batman movie spells his name Bane....

Mars 'has life's building blocks'

Investors plan soccer stadium for Haiti shantytown

Just saw Rodger Waters perform The Wall live. Epic!

Police Worldwide Becoming Militarized

U.S. blocking Cuba’s access to information technology

The Domino’s effect: The pizza giant refuses to phase out inhumane pork

Old timers: Was all the crap that the government put out about nuclear war in the 50s

Tony Blair to appear before Leveson Inquiry

Capitalism Has Failed: 5 Bold Ways to Build a New World

Still keeping watch on Harper

Goodbye Fish and Shellfish? Meet the Biggest Threat to Our Oceans

NC master flatpicker Doc Watson listed as critical after fall.

Tens of thousands of elephants likely killed last year, experts say


German medical association apologizes for Nazi-era crimes committed by doctors

An International Movement for a Participatory Society?

Daily Kos: Florida begins MASSIVE voter purge in early bid to steal Presidency before elections

Doc Watson, 89, in critical condition in hospital

ReTHUGs must have exploded last night at the

Luckovich 3 for 3 this week- "I'm with stupid"

'A cow pie of distortion' - Obama calls it like it is

Top CEO pay equals 3,489 years for typical worker

Probe of US military gear traces counterfeit parts to China

Revolutionary Doctors

Obama's Meeting With Republicans - Key and Peele on Comedy Central

“Hide the children, Martha — Obama is comin’!”

A good Bill Maher quote :

Male pill: gene discovery may lead to contraceptive

Pilgrim relicensing at hand despite NRC chief's denial

'Emergency plan' to eradicate polio launched

Battle Brewing Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food

Update: Where’d the big snake go? (Video) Columbia, SC

Conservative Website To Give Away Free Guns Until Election Day

Earliest music instruments found

Unions angry with Dems over lack of help in Wisconsin recall

Amid Economic Concerns, Carbon Capture Faces a Hazy Future

Lawdy! Paul Begala is on a Twitter rant about Newt comparing Mittens to Ike:

Music for girls

Judge strikes down Defense of Marriage Act provision in state employees' case

How Can We Cope with the Dirty Water from Fracking?

Funny Friday...

N.C. county backs down, allows protest of anti-gay sermon

Intolerant Eurovision Host Gays Face Rampant Homophobia in Azerbaijan

A Life Worth Ending - A son’s plea to let his mother go.

This picture sums up Tebow perfectly.

Racist attacks top concern for Euro 2012

Racist attacks top concern for Euro 2012

And Don't Come Back

Club's ID Policy Angers Some Customers

Bad news for Macaca

Journal Sentinal (which endorses Walker) rates Walkers job claims as MOSTLY FALSE

Factbox: What does the Square Kilometre Array do?

Harper Gov. Enacts Massive Cuts At Fisheries & Oceans, Including Entire Ocean Contaminants Division

AFP - Bonn Conference: Scientists Now Project Average Global Temp Rise May Surpass 3.5C

Walker, Barrett to meet for first debate-live statewide at 8 p.m. Friday

Peak oil notes - May 24

Drumbeat: May 25, 2012

Peak oil notes - May 24

"Don't Teach Your Children To Love The Wilderness" - Bustling Megacities, 24-Hr Entertainment Better

Drumbeat: May 25, 2012

Whose Blasphemy? The Atheist Case for 'Religious Freedom'

No More Needles: MIT Develops High-Powered Liquid Injection Device

"Any help for the post-born?" - Signe Wilkinson

I'll be at an Early Voting Event for Barrett in Madison on Saturday organized by OFA

JPMorgan Gave Risk Oversight To Museum Head Who Sat On AIG Board

Paul Krugman: Egos and Immorality

"A Great Wall". Charming little film.

N.C. county backs down, allows protest of anti-gay sermon

Top 10 New Species Of 2011 Include Sneezing Monkey, Blue Tarantula, Spongiforma Squarepantsii

How do you embed youtube videos on Blogspot?

Bernie Sanders Praises Obama Pick to Head Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Longtime Yucca Mt. Critic

Soldier convicted of bomb plot near Texas Army post

Maine churches raising money to fight gay marriage

Catholics see a rallying cry for ‘religious freedom’ in ‘For Greater Glory’ film

How to handle lots of site traffic

This Week in Poverty: Wage Theft in the City of Millionaires

My health insurance costs

Operation Elveden: Journalist arrested in payments probe

Wesley A. Brown, first black Naval Academy graduate, dies at 85

FDIC: Bank profits at highest level since 2007

Vatican in pact with Microsoft to initiate world's youths into Office

U.N. Finds Uranium in Iran Enriched to Higher Level

Doonesbury continues to nail Romney

What's for Dinner ~ Friday May 25th

I was listening to Paul Krugman and realized why the GOP wants the U.S. to default on its debt

Former head of fraud at Lloyds Banking Group has herself been charged with a £2.5m fraud

Vatican detains person with documents in leaks scandal

Mass knows Robdme - NY Times: Romney’s Massachusetts Woes: A Bad Omen? (Obama up 25)

Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Lift sanctions, UN's Navi Pillay urges

Judge strikes down Defense of Marriage Act provision in state employees' case (LBN)

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Fbook fallout

What a circus: Female Juror Flirts With John Edwards

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Election

Friday TOON Roundup 3- the rest

Rudy's first day at Doggie Day Care

Our Education System

Out of 178 countries worldwide, the US is one of THREE not to guarantee new mothers paid leave

Students will be tracked via chips in IDs

Senate rejects dueling student loan relief bills

Job offer...Great job,Good company, nice people

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway buys Media General newspaper group

I just donated to Tom Barrett

Petition Urges to Update Marriage Definition

politico crapco: Obama stumbles out of the gate

Marine Shoots Nude Man in Self-Defense

I had enough and I walked away this morning.

Confronting NOM Tactics, Black Faith Leaders Launch .

Catholic High School Withholds Diploma From Chuck Shriner for Tebowing

What Is One Of The Most Satisfying Moments Of Barack Obama's Presidency?

A Court Covers Up (torture)

Abbott is giving LynneSin cause for concern.....

Dems rush money to Wisconsin for Walker Recall

Post a pic of a store you'd like to have in the newly renovated Lounge Shopping Plaza.

The Obama campaign spent less that a $100,000 on the Bain roll out

If Watching Fox News Can Make Us Dumber, Can Watching Elizabeth Warren Make Us Smarter?

I think Ohiosmith took his love of KFC chicken just a bit too far!

BE A GOOD FRIEND: Tell Others What This Means So They Can Fight It In Their State

Check out the beautiful music of Tim Story

Afghanistan: Our Forgotten War

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Climbs to Highest Since 2007

Bill Murray plays FDR is now the 16th major corporation to cut ties to ALEC

How to find a Democratic / Liberal Accountant (CPA) ??

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Successfully Captured by ISS

Follow the bouncing jobs estimate

"As god is my witness, I thought Hot Dogs Could Fly"

Elizabeth Warren's Campaign Funded by People

Honduras Coup Delivering a Bloody Return on Washington's Military Investment

Russ Feingold Email Address?

Poll: Obama struggling among struggling white voters

Honduras Coup Delivering a Bloody Return on Washington's Military Investment

Current Fukishima headlines #2:

France Outlines Early Afghanistan Pullout

October surprise!

Al Franken comes to Tammy's aid.....

Today is National Hypocrite's Day. Please come CAPTION Eric ("Guess what I'm holding") Bolling!!!!

The Overly Emotional Safelite Commercial

Colombia and Venezuela - Joining Forces

Three-quarters of Japanese firms oppose nuclear power

Can Renewable Energy Be The Solution To Rural Alaska’s Energy Crisis?

Japan eyes smaller nuclear role but no exit strategy

Men Photographed in Stereotypical Pin-Up Poses (IS safe for work)

Captain Paul Watson meets with the Foreign Minister of Costa Rica Enrique Castillo

Captain Paul Watson meets with the Foreign Minister of Costa Rica Enrique Castillo

MSM: Obama, not Mittens, is the one off message

Harrisburg Area School Districts Face Tough Choices on Spending Cuts & Tax Increases

Wait!? Mitt RobMe lied about the class size study TOO?!!??

Larry Sabato has a truly wicked thought about both the Dem and GOP conventions:

"Bodie's" campaign for senate claims Booth not eligible because he's a teacher.

With 37,000 Wind Jobs At Risk, Obama In Iowa To Push For Renewable Energy Tax Credit Extension

I think David Grohl is one of the best musicians our country has to offer today!

Publishing: Rude bits in disguise

The Message Congress Sends When It Can Only Be Influenced By The Lobbyists

Coney Island - 1940's

NYT's Floyd Norris: Colleges for Profit Are Growing, With Federal Help

Watch this now! Hurry! It's amazing and historic! NASA TV live!

Pic Of The Moment: Obama Calls Romney Speech A "Cowpie Of Distortion"

Bolivia will implement a model program for early childhood development

POTUS answering questions on twitter, May 24, 2012 - pics

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Wesley Brown, first black Naval Graduate, & how Jimmy Carter encouraged him

Typical CEO made $9.6M last year, AP study finds

Total Eclipse

Getting errors in GD...

Missouri House Drops $1,100 For Camera To Guard Limbaugh Bust

Yes, Virginia, DU is broken. Stand by!!!!

Total Eclipse

Four Latin American Countries, U.S. Hold Joint Naval Drill In Peru

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Wow - that was FAST!

This is like the end of the world!

For your daily dose of creepy


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Yo, threads about DU being broke go in Welcome & Help

Having serious issues on DU May 25, 2012 10:28 AM

So I wake up early today because someone is cutting down a tree with a chainsaw right outside

If you can read this, you have survived the nuclear apocalypse. Welcome Survivors!

This morning I was cutting a tree down with a chainsaw and...

Okay who broke The DU? Fess up.

I sent an alert to Admins about the Failed Query error users have been getting...

Well at least I know this won't start a flamewar. :)

THIS is why we cannot have nice things.

Democratic Underground is down. Grovelbot went berserk, and we are trying to catch him....

Link to DU2:

DU Album of the Day: Lauryn Hill: "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"

This morning I woke up and wondered 'What the hell happened to my chainsaw'

Montreal's student protesters defy restrictions as demonstrations grow


The meaning of life, explained in detail this thread.

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.

Edit: problem appears to be resolved for now

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This morning I was wondering: What if DU's software was as lousy as Free Republic's?

Answer to all of lifes mysteries found in message text.

5 month old Cooper plays with other dogs for the first time


Turn off willingness to do jury service and you get in

Edit Per Earl G: problem appears to be resolved for now

MFM Appreciation thread: In his honor post alot of ..... and Funny Photos

Utility Says It Underestimated Radiation Released in Japan

Anyone hungry this morning?

Well, Walt Starr DID say "May 25, 2012" right before he said "Tombstone me right fucking NOW."

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We can post OPs but not read messages or reply? This will be wild.

Look, all I wanted to do was post a simple story about my trip to Olive Garden.

Still not working for all threads. A few but not all. - NOW THEY ARE! Thanks!!!!

The jury system has finally had enough! It is self aware and online!

****** Is it fixed? *************

Welcome to DU4!

Whatever happened to $200 oil?

OK, what was THAT all about?

This morning I woke up and wondered: Why is there a tree in my house?

Dem Lt. Gov Candidte Mitchell fires up more than 100 dems leads them to early voting in Racine

Here's an excellent article and thread about dealing with our parents.

The Rude Pundit - This S.E. Cupp Thing

DNA study seeks origin of Appalachia's Melungeons

Utility Says It Underestimated Radiation Released in Japan

Girls in Danger, abroad and at home, because of religious fundamentalism

Who here thought they were being tombstoned and wrote Skinner a goodbye letter.... and sent it?

How The Zero Weeks Of Paid Maternity Leave In The U.S. Compare Globally

Madison Police Give Homeless $180 Tickets For Asking For A Cigarette

IL Bill Lets Amish Own Firearms Without Photo ID

Dragon is docked with the ISS

Republican Jesus strikes again...

Steny Hoyer and Steve Kerrigan Recall Convention Memories

Neil deGrasse Tyson presentation about intelligent design

Accusations that climate science is money-driven reveal ignorance of how science is done

Yesterday, Romney went to a school in a black community and told them class size doesn’t matter.

easel is a fun word to say

More Than 100 Items Found In Tummy Of SC Gator

Africa and Australasia to share Square Kilometre Array (BBC)

NIU sociologist Jeffrey Kidder leads new study that finds everyday tax talk is ‘morally charged’

Arizona unleashes birthers for amusement

Send a message to tax the rich - Vote Mike Strimling in the primaries.

It's official: Barack Obama is American

Earliest music instruments found (BBC)

Hey you Douglas Adams fans~~~~

What is it with parsnips anyway?

Heron Swallowing Fish

Birthers Firm Despite Obama Birth Certificate

Hey you Douglas Adams fans~~~

Thom Hartmann: Debunked: The Myth of the 1% Job Creator

The Conception of the Birther

Thom Hartmann: Nick Hanauer's - Is Romney a Predator?

China manipulating currency

Democrats blowing ‘birther’ bonanza

Solomon and the Republican Mentality

Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?

"Romney: I'll Get Unemployment to 6%, Like My Own Tax Rate"

I confess, I broke DU. I was flirting with four jurors wearing yellow.

Romney's speech writers working on his convention speech

CO congressman apologizes for Obama birth comments

David Sirota: A Rare Admission That Money Trumps Everything Else

AP Analysis: Where Obama, Romney Stand On Manufacturing

The WORST, cardboard crust, shit-tasting waste of money you've gotta be kidding me chain store pizza

A message to those who think that someday they will benefit from GOP upper tax rates.

A Last (Chemical) Gasp for Bees?

Define "corruption"

Nuclear chief Jaczko in no hurry to step down

This doesn't seem like the right move...

The GOP Balkanizing The Women's Movement

Director of Vatican Bank resigns under pressure

What Can We Do About Incarceration Rates?

DOJ to monitor Primaries in Harris and Fort Bend counties

Roger Ailes says there's only one conservative at Faux "news," the rest are liberals...

DOMA=unconstitutional !!!

Accused Coach Sandusky’s Charity Announces It Will Close

Oh this is rich: Mitt Romney says he’s ‘haunted’ by past verbal gaffes, and is a "victim".

California Regulators stiff arm utilities on solar for the public

Kentucky becomes second state to make bass fishing a high school sport

How is Romney like Eisenhower?

German Greens Urge Solar Aid for Iran to End Nuclear Row

what do you guys think of BWW (buffalo wild wings)

If a member is PPR'd, are the Ignored stats affected?

I have to share this comment I found on a Citizens United petition.

Anyone ever grow Sweet Williams?

A musical tribute for all the Occupy folks. Thanks young people. You're the future and hope.

Girl Scouts: Not just cookies. We want science!

When you go to see The Avengers -

Joe Klein: Obama stumbles? Why the President's Right to Talk About Bain

Deciphering the Republican logic on the economic stimulus potential of tax cuts for the rich.

Is the the first election (in a long time) where neither candidate served in the military?

Folks in the southeast - you might want to reconsider your week-end plans

Should Brian Banks sue his accuser?

President Obama Starts His Day With a Tune, and Ends It With a Tuck

The Local Voice in "Silent Spring"

Tim McGraw to give 25 homes to veterans

Shale play a worry for Bexar ozone

President Obama greets people on the tarmac at Des Moines Int'l Airport - WH Photo of the Day May 24

I love Arizona, a beautiful State!

Am I wrong to get miffed at the abundance of "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" posts on FB this weekend?

Do you know any Christians who would follow these rules?

Services for Autism: The next thing to be targeted by fascists as "waste fraud & abuse!"

Dumb Rich People

Is there evidence Zimmerman's actions reduced crime in his neighbourhood?

Question about the group host lists

Venezuela outlaws taking guns into public places

Solar Power MORE Competitive Than Decision-Makers Or Consumers Realize

Thom Hartmann: How do we stimulate the REAL job creators - the middle class?

Warning about pizza stones and the self-cleaning function of your oven

End of the week LOL's (May 25th) - pics

It's Towel Day.

Internal Dem poll shows dead heat in recall race!

Position Anouncement, Huntington, Long Island

GOProud Vs Meghan McCain (re: Andrew Breitbart)

Climate talks stall with nations 'wasting time'

Freaky logic from Zimbabwe: Gay Rights Are Inherently Misogynistic

U.S. probes China's ZTE over tech sales to Iran

Is there still a glitch

Viewpoint: The time Britain slid into chaos (BBC)

DNA & Melungeons - Interesting thread

Pet Overpopulation

BGU Researchers Successfully Test Solar Desalination System for Arid Land Agriculture

I've Heard the Mermaids Singing

Trump, Still A Birther, Says Obama Was Born In Kenya

The Grand

Anyone miss this "bipartisan amendment"?

Twenty years later, she still gives pretty great hugs. - pic

Help Recall Scott Walker Without Leaving Your Home (through the AFL/CIO FAN program)

EU refers Argentina's import restrictions to the WTO

University of Florida physicists set new record for graphene solar cell efficiency

Trump insists that Obama was born in Kenya

Krispy Kreme donuts are ring-shaped crack.

Egyptian election results a 'nightmare scenario'

psst, Obama campaign: Hang Trump around Romney's neck like

Well it looks like the tourists left

Gourmet butterflies speed north (in response to climate change)

Romney camp mum on Trump's latest birther comments

THIS ...did not work...

"Coalition of the unwilling" (US, China, India) confronts EU and poor countries at climate talks.

What Birthers Believe: Review

Romney adviser stands by Trump

Programming note: WI Gov Recall Debate will be on C-Span tonight

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Encouraging the Admirable Qualities of Man (Sic) With Lots and Lots of Guns

I found a chainsaw on the side off the road.

Police: Gunman has hostages in Indiana realty office

Mass. Moves to Require End-of-Life Talks

Obama's statement in 2005 on why he was opposing Roberts' nomination as Chief Justice.

Pakistan sentenced a guy to 33 years for helping us find Bin Laden

So I was at Goodwilll today, and some jackass decided to try out a chainsaw

Reich: Mitt's budget plan "represents not conservativism but regressivism."

Biden recalls suicidal thoughts in remarks to families of fallen troops

Rachel Maddow Show - Gaffe Count Grows as Romney Takes on Education

Pennsylvania: Methane Gas Found in Residential Water Wells Near Fracking Site

Ohio treasurer Josh Mandel returns money under investigation

Support The Troops

Things Romney doesn't want to talk about

Group pushes to lift ban on abortion care for women in the military

The Last Word - Democrats fight for equal pay for women

As China Marches Ahead, Is It On Solid Ground?

Obama, Romney continues to be tight race - OR How the republicans plan on stealing Ohio in November

This Weirdly Political Graphic About Space Aliens Has Been Shared 50k Times On Facebook

DNA evidence shows that marine reserves help to sustain fisheries

First Lady: This photo makes us smile (vintage edition)

Free air time for Walker ,running up to election is illegal, and unfair to Barrett.

The Depressing Rise of People Robbing Banks to Pay the Bills


If This Shocking Photo Doesn't Convince You That We Need Student Debt Relief, Nothing Will

Another great column about how out of touch our Governor has become

This Week in the Laboratories of Democracy

How did we miss this gem about Matt Drudge - Social media Moonie?

Don’t start the revolution without me

Murdoch private eye targeted U.S. hedge fund boss

French left ahead in parliament vote: poll

Lounge inspirational message of the day

Dog is my co-pilot

FBI probes fires at women's clinics in Georgia

Response to Bristol Palin's failed damage control

Tie-dye fail

Mystery surrounds children abandoned in Oregon shed

Alcohol consumption in Latin America is considerably less than in Europe and US

GOP House going to vote on extending the Bush Tax Cut in July

Just imagine this:

Why I’m Challenging Secrecy in Bradley Manning’s Court Martial

What political act or event could change the 50/50 vote that we see..?

Mexico leftist moves into second in presidential poll

Marion Barry: I misspoke when I said 'Polacks'

If you were writing a PAC ad, what would it say?

18 Reasons Why The People Of Wisconsin Should Vote Against Scott Walker In The Recall Election

I don't think I can bear any more chainsaw threads.

GOP just isn't that fun an acronym

Milwaukee extends absentee voting hours through holiday weekend

I don't think I can chainsaw any more bears.

Teens share bullying tales in confession booth

Fareed Zakaria, Harvard commencement address -

Today in gay marketing (may not be safe for work)

NamibRand nature reserve becomes Africa's first international Dark Sky reserve

Barrett Is Within Three Points Of Walker, Who Is Under The Critical 50% Mark

Want to see a bare chainsaw thread?

Taking Solar Technology Up a Notch—New inexpensive, environmentally friendly solar cell shines…

Got my new jammies!

RIAA Sued LimeWire For More Money Than Exists In The World

Ambrose Bierce defines "Incorporation"

I don't think I can bare anymore, chainsaw thread.

Can somebody give me guidance pls on how to post pictures in a thread/reply?

Crews battle wildfires raging in six US states

Will Someone Please Say ‘You’re Fired’?

Obama Campaign Calls On Romney To Stand Up To Trump

Former WI AG says legal defense fund may make Walker "culpable"

Why Is Mitt Romney Embracing Birther Donald Trump?

What Happened to A123?

Ethics Panel Admonishes Sen. Tom Coburn

Can't post photos on DU

Backers Of Cost-Free Coverage For Birth Control Fault Legal Challenges

Hey guys. Love & miss you all.

"I understand, for instance, how to read a balance sheet." I suggest that Mi$$ Rmoney will win

Your Friday getaway picture (eyeworm)

Drones killing, Al Qaeda providing food

Romney camp stands by decision to appear with Trump after latest birther comments no longer has reader comments, hmmm! Are they EMBARRASSED of their fans' comments??

What is your earliest memory?

Got this bumper sticker in the mail today.

Spain: 5 banks downgraded, Bankia seeks 19 billion euros in aid

Check out #JohnEdwardsPickUpLines on Twitter...some good ones in there already...

President Obama Talks Clean Energy in Iowa

John Wilkes Booth at Lincoln's Second Inaugural

Romney camp stands by decision to appear with Trump after latest birther comments

Gardening with the dogs.

Welcome to the world's nicest prison.

Just for you today on the Friday Afternoon Challenge: My ‘Curious’ Discoveries!

Coal industry pays fake activists $50 to wear pro-coal shirts at public hearing

Lack of Funding Forces Heartland to End Climate Denial Conference

Osmocote Slow Release Plant Food, Can you help?

Friday afternoon, long weekend, no better time for the werewolves

What's for dinner tonight? Looking for something new? How about a dish of human balls & penis

A Company’s Stand for Gay Marriage In NC and Its Cost

When have decades metaphorically begun and ended?

the republicans are just out right lying on national teevee. all the time.

Any Day Now...

Will Walker take a walk??? Refuse to answer any questions, just leave the stage.

Drone Lobbying Ramps Up Among Industry Manufacturers, Developers

Jeremy Scahill: A Short History of Drone Warfare

TYT: Memorial Day Arrest Quota For Miami Beach

Egyptians set to face clear choice in presidential run-off

How many of those 80,000 Staples jobs Romney created resulted in mom and pop stationary stores

Deploying Killer Drones in Yemen Will Make Us All Less Safe

Welfare Helps People

Athens stock market plunges

After protest, Amazon workers finally get AC (some work in 110 degree temps for $11/hr)

President calls Romney remarks a "cow-pie of distortions"

Wonder why Americans are getting fatter? Blame 'portion distortion'

Why Gingrich, Palin, And Perry Wouldn't Touch Bain Capital With A Ten-Foot Pole

A birther upset in Arizona?

Joe Biden Confides His Thoughts Of Suicide To Families Of Fallen Troops

Egypt's Revolutionaries Are Distraught

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 26, 2012 -- The Essentials: Billie Burke

A Case Study in the Evolution of Birtherism: Donald Trump

May consumer sentiment highest in more than four years

The video that got me banned from the Conservative subreddit

My grand daughter Ashlee scored level 5 on FCAT

Alliteration Alert

I don't know about you, but intense energies today

Mike Lee (R)UT: living within one's means, fiscal responsibility...more hypocrisy

How to Forget on Memorial Day - Whistling Past the Graveyard of Empires

Pure, unadulterated joy.......

French banks plan for Greek euro zone exit

Bain - Bane

I saw a good documentary last night called "The Atomic Cafe"

Romney says he won't cut spending

Reverend Al is leading off with the President's "cow pie" remark.

We in NC are getting blasted non stop with ads from "New Majority Agenda" -

Little Evan Stone Meet Whitney Tilson of T2 Partners LLC. Or Have You Two Met?

"For Greater Glory": Anybody else heard about this upcoming movie?

Thread in GD: Cold Fusion and the Peak Oil Myth

10 Dumbest Members of Congress

After Greece Exits The Euro, What's Next? An Illustrated Guide To 5 Possible Scenarios

What's pissing you off the most right now volume III


Donald Trump Birther Bug Strikes Again!

A great tagline for those in the battle against Scott Walker

Weekend Economists: WEE Can Fly! May 25-28, 2012

Actual quote by Mitt Romney

Mitt and the Donald

Graphic examples of the racially-based social caste system v2.0

My new guilty TV pleasure: 'How it's made'

A friend got her 6th child support check since 1996.

GOP's Military Mindset Follows Russian Recipe for Disaster

Black history that doesn't make it into the history books v2.0

All the Single Ladies Can’t Stand Mitt Romney

Do ALL The Members Of The House Financial Services Committee Take Bribes From The Banksters?

Antique photography fans: rediscovered glass plate photographs of San Francisco

How To Use One Paper Towel #TED #Ecology #Portland

Is is okay for the administration to leak classified material to the Osama bin Laden film makers

"Twenty years later, she still gives pretty great hugs."

On Politics Nation

Syrian general Hashem urges action to stop ‘genocide’

Poll shows strong support for legal marijuana: Is it inevitable?

Brian Banks - Falsely accused of rape, next on with Al Sharpton.

Man charged with 2nd-degree murder in Etan Patz case

If you are elderly and poor, prison is better than a retirement home

Why are Americans who can trace their roots to Ireland

Maybe the butler did it!

The Tyler Durden text generator: Durden Ipsum

Traces of uranium enriched to 27% found at Iranian nuclear site

In the Debates, I hope someone asks Romney what Job destroying regulations

US Senate dramatically scales down definition of Palestinian ‘refugees’

Is anyone seeing ANY Mitt yard signs and bumper stickers?

Mexico’s two major crime cartels now at war

I see Facebook cited on DU all the time.

Health tips? Diet/Weight Loss/Exercise routine tips? Post em here.

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter beats down educated Mitt

Accidental Shooting News

Man Admitted to Hospital for Kidney Stone, Discovers He's a Woman

Walker Thinks You Won't Vote. Anyone in Wisconsin want to give them four more weeks to damage

Pastor Worley, Heresy the Troll and That Old Time Religion

Brazil President Rousseff vetoes parts of forest law (BBC)

The Edwards case just got weirder: Judge clears courtroom to deal with

I just read that NBC has canceled

Tokyo keepers catch fugitive Penguin 337 (BBC)

Miss District Agrees to Stop Handcuffing Students.

Fugg the Queen and all the Royals on the planet

Matt Stoller FREAKS OUT over Clinton!

Man Admitted to Hospital for Kidney Stone, Discovers He's a Woman

Is the LGBT Group meeting your needs?

Here we go again. And again. And again . . .

Republican Party too 'wacko' to still be considered mainstream (Irish Times)

. . . and stay inside the lines!

"Heaven for climate, Hell for company!"

Shock! Waukesha’s Republican DA declines to prosecute Republican Mitt Romney

Papantonio: Jefferson Was Right – Fear The Bankers

Chairman of Japanese Public Broadcasting Network Joins Nuclear Power Board of Directors

The DUzy Awards for Friday, May 25th, 2012

Moderate Catholics finally pushing back