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Archives: May 24, 2012

“Touch it, dude!” Mr. Obama said.

U.S. General Says Soldiers Who Commit Suicide Are 'Selfish'

Feminism just a needle and thread away

Latinas are Watching in Arizona

My Mom passed this morning.

Why doesn't Romney discuss the details of his work with the 2002 Olympics?

Gas prices could jump 35 cents by Sunday in Washington

Gov. Scott Walker has a criminal defense fund. I'd like to hear your thoughts about this DU.

Hey Current give John Fugelsang his own show.

"The Learning Channel" no longer qualifies as that.

MIT’s Freaky Non-Stick Coating Keeps Ketchup Flowing

‘Heretics’ or ‘Atheists’? A Response

Admins: a new bug list, pinned to the top here in W&H, would be helpful.

Jane Lynch Narrates Obama LGBT Rights "Documentary"

I'm looking for an alarm function:

The Dems need to advertise STRONGLY about the health care reform act.

"New Study Confirms (Again): Keystone XL Would RAISE Gas Prices"


'Biggest Act of Civil Disobedience in Canadian History'--Marchers Defy Bill 78/Bang Pots & Pans!

You’re Doing It Wrong: Veggie Burgers

""Palestinians Hunger Strikers and U.S. Veterans Returning Service Medals Lead Movements for Peace"

What if solar got the same subsidies as fossil fuels? Well...

'Pro-Choice' Americans At Record Low, Poll Finds

Tonight on Charlie Rose - Naguib Sawiris / Philip Kaufman / Diane Ravitch

In a sense, the Repubs attempted to "private equity" the USPS

The tycoons lie low while the rest of Greece suffers.

Used cell phone drive to support victims of domestive violence

"Venus was at its peak brilliance last night."

Some of our FRiends seem very confused about the HP job cuts...

Redefining "Vulture Capitalist" as "Spider Capitalist"

Is health care reform here to stay?

Hi, I am Grateful for Hope and Welcome to all newbies!

"Snarling Banks"...Jim Hightower....Includes nice Woody Guthrie Tune!

If you live in SD-16, I need your support

i love these chickens!

Death-cheating Aussie racehorse an Olympic contender

Update: Man Who Put Toddler into Washing Machine Not Boy’s Father

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!Romney Warrior Princess?

Priest in Pa. child sex-abuse case: 'You don’t say no to Cardinal Bevilacqua'

How about this? POLICE CHANGE SIDES!

To the Admins

Connie Schultz: Catholic Leaders Must Dial Down the Rhetoric

Cory Booker surrenders

Police Officer tickets man for littering after he gives money to a panhandler in a wheelchair

Rachel Maddow just called Dick Cheney

Whatever else you do tonight - watch Rachel

Another idiotic job creator.

France's Hollande Makes Bold Debut on EU Summit Stage.

"Mitt Romney's Neocon War Cabinet" by Ari Berman at the Nation

9-Yr-Old's Lunch Blog Shames School into Making Changes

Mitt Romney's Education Report Card

HP to cut 27,000 jobs

ABC OTUS (Via Yahoo!) 'Pro-Choice' Americans At Record Low, Poll Finds

Facebook's stock may have dipped, but mine remains stable at "worth jack shit" per share

Today-In-Tech (Via Yahoo!) Incredibly wealthy Silicon Valley exec arrested for.....

"The New, Nasty Obama Campaign" by Molly Ball at the Atlantic

Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones.

Asking very nicely and politely for the pollsters to dial it back

NFLPA files collusion suit vs. NFL

Newfoundland woman wins Canada's 2012 Multiculturalism Award

Romney Silent On Immigration As Latino Vote Slips Away

Hardball - Romney, GOP are running a 'campaign of falsehoods' against Obama

I'm going to read Don Quixote again, although I got lost a couple of times. n/t

"The Earth is not dying, it is being killed

A message from the DNC Treasurer

E.J. Dionne @ Politics and Prose

Check out this CHART regarding 'The War on Women'

1st Annual “Pontius Pilot” Awards for Unintentional Theological Comedy

MSNBC: The Right-wings Record on Women's Rights

Hello from northeast PA

Take that Darlin's!

Brazil rocked by abortion for 9-year-old rape victim

Oil drops below $90 for 1st time since October

Catholic Cardinal Says Church Is Willing To Let Poor People Starve In Protest Of Contraception Manda

Chopper LIVE stream hovering over nuclear sub fire in Maine

Ancient walking mystery deepens

Secret Service director says Colombia prostitution scandal was isolated incident

Colin Powell to Romney: 'Think'

G.O.P. Nightmare Charts

FaceBook UnFriends Its Fan Base -- CEO and Execs out on Spending Sprees while FB in crisis

OC candidate removed from local GOP after George Wallace mailer

In Occupy Frankfurt, police removed helmets to march with the people.

DfER Defiles the Holy Name of Democrats

Record Number of California School Districts Face Bankruptcy

President Obama fielding question about Romney, Bain, Booker controversy

Another Reason the Left Should Just Suck It Up

Hi there. I'm rrneck...

L.A. Times, Sacramento Bee sue for officers’ names in UC Davis pepper-spray case

Oh my lord. My new puppy is cute, but it is work with two of them!!!

way over the cuckoo's nest

World Health Organization weighs in on Fukushima

ice knot

Fukushima’s doses tallied

Fraternity flap brings down banner

Republican Josh Mandel Can't Handle The Truth

Obama Campaign Launches Outreach To LGBT Voters

On Books

Absurdity Today: We FOUND The Money JP Morgan Lost! Guess Where?

Chris Hedges in Conversation with Community Church

African asylum seekers injured in Tel Aviv race riots

Severe Nuclear Reactor Accidents Likely Every 10 to 20 Years - New Max Planck Institute Study

Heartland Institute in financial crisis after billboard controversy

Clinton: US hacked Yemeni al-Qaida sites

Pull on your own bootstraps...

Rented Woman in Black today and seriously, scariest movie I've seen in a long time.

"Join The Party"

Relations with the ex-wife

Last year's senior Wahine volleyball night

The ED Show - Romney outlines plan for education

Here's a stumper for you - Can you name one Republican in Congress that has given President Obama

Patrick Fitzgerald resigns suddenly. Why?

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Wednesday, May 23)

Sushi has pink slime, too. Beware.

Solidarity Forever...

Of 7,000 felons purged from voting rolls, many are Democrats, blacks

"If the President does it AND it's about National Security, it's not illegal"

What will the U.S. be like in 2076

The ED Show - Republican sociopath Paul Ryan calls Obama a failed president

The ED Show - The Birther Party

"Obamacare" ads on Youtube?

The ED Show - Major Republican rips into Romney's business experience

Israel to gay tourists: We’re open for you!

I think you guys might like this parody (FFVII)

Israel’s gay rights record touted in NY

Should the Bush tax cuts be allowed to expire?

"Poll Mitt Romney losing the argument over George W. Bush and Unfairness" at Daily Kos

All Along The Watchtower

Heads up: Letterman's got BillO on tonight

Bug on Topics Page...

Just so everyone knows...

New lifesaving gizmo...

Rove's newest dumbass attack ad...

Russia Tests New Missile, In Warning Over U.S. Shield

Video: Roger Martin On Overhauling The Corporate World and his book "Fixing The Game". Talks about

HELP.!! >>>

Libya on track to reach 3 million barrels per day

Andy Samberg's speech at Harvard

Rep. Barney Frank at Harvard's 2012 Senior Class Day

Pelosi To Boehner: Let’s Vote To Extend Middle Class Tax Cuts

LGBTers and Allies: How LGBT Friendly is your Community?

Question on Doubt

Avoiding the simplistic, re: tax cuts and spending

Hi! I'm Aristus.

some Elmore

Wisconsin Natural Resources Board unanimously gives go-ahead to draft regulations for fall wolf hunt

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, May 23)

President Obama Addresses Title IX

Thousands of students protest media coverage of Mexico’s presidential election

Thousands of students protest media coverage of Mexico’s presidential election

Toons: Librul Media Bias, Nutty Time, The Bain Approach to Government and More. - 5/23/12

Did you see Rachel showing Colorado Teabagger Mike Coffmann only repeating himself?

Now This Is What I Call Creative

How in the world can we justify a program like this...???

African asylum seekers injured in Tel Aviv race riots

George Zimmerman's 'Cozy' Relationship With Sanford Police Questioned (WATCH)

Law of the Sea Treaty Is Found on Capitol Hill, Again

US drone 'kills 8' in Pakistan

Falun Gong: Tragic Death of a Girl

Two questions

Not All Israeli Citizens Are Equal

Poll: Did you have a Slinky when you were a kid? - Check out this VIDEO

Republican Adds

SpaceX cargo craft en route to flyby of space station

Speaking of crop patterns...

Flashback: Now That’s Rich (Krugman)

Elon Musk: "The President just called to say congrats. Caller ID was blocked, so at first I thought it was a telemarketer :)"

NATO Protests - Chicago 2012

Castro's niece speaks in Bay Area

Castro's niece speaks in Bay Area

Afghan war is not over yet

Fourteen arrested in nonviolent direct action at Plymouth, MA nuke

Prosecutors in George Zimmerman murder trial want some evidence sealed

I've an adolescent puppy dog. Oh my.

Argentina officially indicts civilians for role in 'dirty war'

Turkish prosecutors seek life sentences for Israeli raid commanders

Angst or Arithmetic? Why Germans are so skeptical about nuclear energy.

Maddow: Romney on board with the legacy of Dick Cheney

Argentina officially indicts civilians for role in 'dirty war'

Colombia's military stands behind Santos after alleged coup plan

Colombia's military stands behind Santos after alleged coup plan

Fire King is hot at the mall.

In US, Castro's daughter focuses on gay rights

In Honduras, U.S. should tread lightly

"Citizen journalism" focuses on Israeli occupation

In Honduras, U.S. should tread lightly

Report: More students taking science, math

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday May 24th?

Former nuclear testing tower demolished in Nevada desert

Photos: New Volcanic Sea Vents, Crawling With Creatures

When Did Homeownership Become a Nightmare? The Fascinating History of Housing in America

74% Of Americans Believe That Religious Beliefs Should Supercede Civil Law?

Can Science Vanquish the Small-Mindedness and Bigotry of Social Conservatism?

UN Security Council 'tired and out of step', says Amnesty International

Heartland Institute in financial crisis after billboard controversy

Calcium supplements 'double risk of heart attack', study finds

Monsanto simply buys up a bee research institute:

Trefael Stone reveals stone age burial chamber

How many hard working Americans retirements is Romney enjoying for them?

Water inside Fukushima No. 1 reactor may be only 40 cm deep

Homophobia in online gaming

From think Progress: How The Banks Bought The Tea Party

Please can we have an Alert spammer alert function!

How whales open their huge mouths

Yo. I'm REP and I grow orchids.

They've figured out how to enslave us humans

France Dominates EU Summit Hollande Steals the Show from Merkel

Paul Krugman on Euro Rescue Efforts 'Right Now, We Need Expansion'

Wheat Fields Parched By Drought From U.S. To Russia: Commodities

Safeway Reinstates Suspended Employee

Confirmed: Fox News makes people dumb

How is it legal to hire "commission only" sales people?

What Thomas Kuhn Really Thought about Scientific “Truth”

Democratic group infuses another $1 million into Wisconsin recall election

Joe Scum, Politico and the Wall Street Journal have declared Scott Walker

No alternative to nuclear power

Robert Scheer: Do the Bain Hustle

New dispicable abhorrent Facebook trend: Trayvoning

Scientology For Your Cat

Cameron's Boys, BSkyB and NewsCorp - the Hunt is on

African American doctor depicted as gorilla at UCLA event

If you see someone with a Super Soaker, you might be in serious trouble:

Amy Goodman: Memorial Day: Honor the Dead, Heal the Wounded, Stop the Wars

The Politics of Mythology

Father Shoots 1 of 3 Armed Home Invaders Who Were Holding His Son Hostage

homeowner allegedly takes the law into their own hands

Yemen Suffering 'Catastrophic' Food Crisis as US Escalates Its Drone War

CBS: Why Mitt Romney won't get specific (education, taxes, health care, immigration, etc.)

How to spot a misogynist

Peter Edelman: Losing One Generation After Another: When Will We Stop the Carnage?

I suppose those court orders aren't worth the paper they're written on.

"If Elizabeth Warren wins, she's on the fast track to a National Ticket..."

Toronto cycling by the numbers

Reich: Obama has to Explain Why Fairness is Essential to Growth

Dean Baker on the Facebook IPO

The Rise of the New Economy Movement

All the Water in the World.

My kids call them "Dress Code Nazis"---and I agree.

Super Fun-Pak Comix! Featuring Lucky Ducky, European Edition!

Young workers stage ‘die-in’ at Wells Fargo

Cannot believe I sat through all those American Idol shows to watch the results last night.

Slaughterhouse 'gang time' challenged in court

NJ Dems cave to Christie: Will support tax cuts despite loss of revenue

Feingold endorses Barrett in Wisconsin recall

Obama Pride -- Jane Lynch narrates a new video w/Obama interview

the flip flopping right wing maine repukes

Educators discuss labor and management relationships in Cincinnati

NBC polls: Obama edges Romney in three key battleground states

Let’s Get Women Out of the Red

USW Welcomes GAO Report on Employer Policies, Programs and Practices that Discourage Workplace Injur

Another Conservative Breaks With The 'New Hysterical Extreme Right'


From NOW - Newsweek Glamorizes Women's Submission (re: Objectification)

NBC/Marist Poll: Obama Leads Romney In Ohio, Virginia And Florida

Fraud warning: new card scam nets £1m in four months

Kellen Winslow's dog poop problem

Dig "proves" Bethlehem existed centuries pre-Jesus

Etan Patz death: Person implicated, say New York police

Rock’s ‘secret feminism’

Not For Sale: The Sex Industry Sell Out

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (05/24/2012)

DNC sends out fundraising appeal for Barrett in recall fight

Splitting Generations GOP Style

greetings from a teeny tiny farm.

Crashing the economy

White Supremacist ‘Serial’ Bomber Dennis Mahon sentenced to 40 years behind bars

Toon: The Bain Presidency


"The 'Inappropriate' Outfit That Got My Daughter Into Trouble At School"

Today's Luckovich Toon: "Spending comparisons"

Senator warns Lieberman's Cybersecurity Act has same privacy problems as CISPA

Time: After the Revolution: Libya Photographed by Yuri Kozyrev

Is Welcome & Help too nice?

Obama benefits from growing swing-state economies

Nine inmates dead in La Planta clashes (Caracas)

News You Can Lose

Why A Cyber Security Bill Will Pass

CRG : The Depth Of Depravity (Citizens for Responsible Government)

The ONLY way Mittens wins

(UK) MPs get free vote on gay marriage

American Workers: Shackled to Labor Law

Does Obama want to get rid of the "Buy American" provisions of the Trans-Pacific Pact Trade Deal?

Republicans’ Hispanic problem — in 2 charts (updated)

Fishing: The Republican Way

Clinton says US has hacked al-Qaeda websites in Yemen

Marylou's hiring practices draw federal scrutiny, owner says its witch hunt

The burns...(AC interview with a member of Pastor Worley's "church")

Climate Change Will More Than Triple Annual US Heat-Death Toll

Senate 'Fire Department' seeks to ease partisan rancor

Dorworth surprised to draw a Republican challenger (Dorworth=House Speaker 2014)

St. Norbert College/WI Public Radio Poll: Walker 50% Barrett: 45%

reince priebus

Despite Being Warned, Right-Wing Media Buy Into The "BS" Claims About Obama's Spending Record

Lori Compas trounces Scott Fitzgerald in amazing debate

Dangerously Vague Cybersecurity Legislation Threatens Civil Liberties

Study Finds Fox News Viewers Least Informed Of All Viewers

The unabomber has updated his status in the Harvard alum magazine: "Awards, 8 life sentences"

Property Rights and Fishery Conservation

Warren vs. Brown DEADLOCKED!!!

Rich-poor divide reopens at UN climate talks

Doonesbury nailed Romney

ROBERT REICH: A Dangerous Schism Has Opened Up In The Democratic Party

Annnnd how would you like to find this on a tree in your yard?

St. Norbert College/WI Public Radio Poll: Obama: 49% Mittens: 43%

Obama leads Romney in Ohio, FL and VA (NBC News/Marist)

How Redistricting Targeted Women Lawmakers In Statehouses Around The Country

Nerdy Feminist: How To Enter Feminist Discussions at the 101 Level

G.O.P. Nightmare Charts

White House visitor logs provide window into lobbying industry

The Catawba Valley area of NC fights back against hate

thursday, Rally (again) Against the Viking Stadium. Make calls MInneapolis

Yet another fantasy fiction character to which you can compare Fla. Gov. Rick Scott!

Israel offered $6 million to Turk raid victims: lawyer

If you own an Iphone - you MUST get this App

Obama has to Explain Why Fairness is Essential to Growth & Some Democrats Have to Stop Believing It

Boys are gross!

Weekly US jobless aid applications dip to 370,000

Papantonio: Banker Pigs At The Facebook Trough

I have a new blog up!

I have a new blog posting up!

The Cracked Pipeline: How Redistricting Targeted Women Lawmakers In Statehouses Around The Country

Ya got that moran?

A revolutionary Egyptian blogger gets it right re religion.

Update on man arrested in Etan Patz case:

15 year old girl 'Kidnapped For Vatican Sex Parties,' claims RCC's leading exorcist.

Beautiful Venezuela: Tourism with a Social Conscience

Catawba Valley Area of NC Fights Back Against Hate

Georgia gay activists rally after religious attacks

More Plant Species Responding to Global Warming Than Previously Thought

Twenty two years ago...

Success! The Arctic is open for drilling!

Totally stoked man! There's a new item in the Lounge Convenience Store.

Pic Of The Moment: Romney's Economic Strategy Revealed

Possible Cabinet positions for Newt after he goes on Hardball tonight and kisses Mitt's ass

Commonly Used Pesticide Turns Honey Bees into ‘Picky Eaters’

Is anyone familiar with the Springfield, MA area for LGBT living. Thinking

Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein were on MJ this morning.

HP hits crossroads of capitalism

I can't wait! It's almost summer!

OP falsely adds "...and validate his birth certificate" to a Dem Senate Candidate's quote

Scientists uncover a photosynthetic puzzle

Times-Picayune (New Orleans) to stop daily print publication

not good: Capital goods orders (minus non-defense aircraft sector) plummeted for 2nd month in a row

Iran rejects West's proposal on nuclear curbs

NY GOP does not *heart* DU

Can someone from the Tom Barret campaign confirm this email?

Constitutional Rights Attorneys, Media Challenge Secrecy of Manning Court Martial

Colombian Court Approves Adoption by American Gay Man

Why it is difficult to control the ‘cowboys’

Get a clue from us Massholes! This is what we think of Mittens!

It's not like people are forced to take student loans.

El Niño Weather and Climate Change Threaten Survival of Baby Leatherback Sea Turtles

Air Force Academy Graduates First Openly Gay Cadets

Police kettle Montreal student protesters, arresting 518

Rachel Maddow Show - Dick Cheney poised to influence another presidency

NIU sociologist Jeffrey Kidder leads new study that finds everyday tax talk is ‘morally charged’

First Open Atheist Candidate For GA Legislature Would Legalize Marijuana

A Brief History of Street Vending in New York City

Hurricane Bud 105mph moving NNE

9-Year-Old Catholic Raped, Excommunicated for Abortion; Rapist Still Catholic

Judge rules against St. Louis red light cameras

Equal pay icon Lilly Ledbetter joins opponents of Scott Walker in WI

Republican Economic Policy Summed Up In A Pic.

Chief of Staff Bill Ward to Quit Corbett Administration

Juan Cole: The Baghdad meeting with Iran is making progress in averting war.

Barrett Releases Pre-Debate Ad In Wisconsin Recall, tell the truth about the John Doe investigation

Dem group pours more money into tight Wisconsin recall race

Cheeky bastard!

'Reagan blood' auction cancelled

Why is Diablo III still a work in progress?

Romney clueless in interview about what running Bain has to do with being president

Chevy Volt electronics teardown -- "nearly 100 microcontrollers"

Walker, Beware: Huge Early Voting in Madison (update: Milwaukee, too)

World Powers Report Progress at Iran Nuclear Talks

HopeHoops' church is on to him!

WTF New Zealand (Video has strong language, not safe for work but worth seeing)

Today's 'to-do' list

West New York mayor arrested by FBI on hacking charges

What to do about the Bush tax cuts

The wisdom of the Great Orange Satan

2400 ft Skydive without Parachute

Thom Hartmann: What Exactly is & is Not ''Private Equity''

IBM worries iPhone's Siri has loose lips

PPP: Gay Marriage Likely to Pass in Maryland (Obama endorsement key)

Need some cat advice...

President Obama watches graduates toss their hats during the USAF commencement - WH Photo of the Day

I'd like to share a song with you

Occupy Wall Street sues NYC over confiscated books

The Most Disturbing Way To Encourage People To Vote That We've Seen This Year

Quote from a coworker, "I'm a process voter."

NOAA sees 'near normal' Atlantic hurricane season

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Foie Gras Donut

Scenes from a phantom rebellion (Sun-Sentinal article)

Here's How Weird Our Obsession With Rich People

President Obama at the Fox Theater in Redwood City, CA - pics

European court rules against MasterCard on cross-border fees.

UK minister leaked information in Sky deal: News Corp

Suspect Arrested in Mexico for Murder of U.S. Journalist Brad Will

Dick Cheney picks himself as Rmoney's VP

WI Recall: Volunteers bringing van loads of people to vote early in Milwaukee

Romney participates in a 6th grade language class (caption time!) - pics

Scott Walker Declares War on Wisconsin Deer Hunters - Wants them to Pay Up

Do student loans mandate cost-containment?

Ezra Klein: If Romney’s policies come from business, where do Ryan’s come from?

Romney's World vs Real World

Citizen complaint of the day: The tow driver can probably read, he just chose not to

US drone strikes again, killing eight in North Waziristan

World Health Organization beholden to nuclear interests “Like having Dracula guard the blood bank"

Nuff Said about Obama

Local High School Kid takes on the Local Conservative Christian Right Wing Social Media Bully

The Little Bird in My Backyard

Corporations are people, my friend." — Mitt Romney (toon)

The Rude Pundit - A Radical Proposition: Let's Take the Word "Conservative" From Them

This is what gets me about the whole Facebook IPO

Why won't the WIS. Dept. of Workforce Development release the latest job numbers?

Outside-ad bans get little traction outside Massachusetts

ByeBye Mr. HUnte - Murdoch is going to take down Cameron as well

Pakistan to US: Respect our decision to sentence CIA informant

Where is Romney's Birth Certificate?

LeBron James: We still can’t tell if he has the heart of a champion...

Campbell to Bennett: resign Romney post

Hal Steinbrenner denies report family will sell New York Yankees

Blog post & article on Corbett's Very Bad Week - Repub Powerbrokers Think He Has an IMAGE Problem

Russian spam mastermind jailed for creating botnet

Is the Roman Catholic Church downsizing into a sect?

Report: 2010 Census Significantly Undercounts Minorities, Youth

Brothers won't seek more from diocese

X-posted inLBN: Brothers won't seek more from diocese

So what's going on in Wisconsin? Morning Schmoe is calling it for Walker.

Thom Hartmann: True Christians are embracing gay marriage

Americans Support Ending Federal Crackdown on Medical Marijuana

'Mob Attack' Aftermath: Fundraising Emerges for Both Sides

Elizabeth Warren unscathed by Scott Brown's smear attempt

Update on WIRE absentee ballot voting:

Hoping to exploit a 'struggling' school, Romney struggles to defend his policy to minority educators

Senate panel slashes Pakistan aid over conviction of doctor who helped US get Osama bin Laden

May 26th - Cookie law will make most UK websites illegal : what you need to know

Biola Queer Underground- lets show them some DU love!

Amazon to leave ALEC, per The Other 98%

Just saw "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"

New Arabic Translation of Talmud Promotes Anti-Semitic Narratives

I wish Mika would defend the Dems more, is she scared of Joe???

Carnival Cruise ship leaves with family's luggage, dialysis machine

Where was the oddest, or non-traditional place you interviewed for a job?

A modest driving test proposal -

"How To Sponsor A Uterus"

US poised to vet possible arms for Syrian rebels

DU Album of the Day: "My I'm Large" The Bobs

I miss Martin Bashir's show. Just started working and cannot watch it anymore!

sponsor a uterus. a hoot

Efrain Rios Montt: Guatemala dictator faces second genocide trial

Molly Ringwald to Head Up LA Pride

FSA secures defection of entire battalion – FSA

Tour of Taichung, taiwan on scooter

CrossTalk: Banking Mafia

We have a ROCKIN group!

Democrats vs. Republicans by the numbers

Now go ahead and try and lock this!

If so inclined please support this OP

Memorial Day for as Long as I Can Remember

Editorial: Syria’s neighbors are growing restless

Thom Hartmann: Occupy the PGA

Students in Quebec were asked to send their march route to the cops & they replied with this

Romney promotes the benefit of two parent families? So why not two men or two women?

Schumer Trashes Conservatives For Defending Facebook Co-Founder’s Tax-Dodging Move

Religion not Single Cause of Nigeria Violence

Spiral staircase at Melk Abbey in Austria

wise sayings (most apply to republcians)

Trayvon Martin Gets the Shepard Fairey Treatment in Ebony Magazine

Spread the charts that PROVE the CONS LIARS.

Salazar Highlights 10 Projects in NE States under America’s Great Outdoors Rivers Initiatiative

What the hell is wrong with this man? Is he bored, clueless, or just doesn't like children?

Ronald Reagan Cloned To Be Mitt Romney's Vice President

Is this puppy REALLY speaking english ?

US poised to vet possible arms for Syrian rebels

Small Government Conservatives? Not in Michigan!

Homeoner shoots serial (37 arrests) burglar.

Meg Whitman, job creator

Egypt's open presidential race polarizes nation

New Documents Describe Brutal Hazing That Killed FAMU Drum Major

DNC prodded into helping in WI

If, as Mitt Romney seems to believe, "corporations are people, too"....

If Romney does win, he'll almost certainly sweep a Republican Senate in with him.

VERIZON WIRELESS RANT (and a little record keeping to boot) (also TLDR warning, heh)

Action item: Today is Tony Diaz's birthday. He is the activist who is Librotraficante,

the boy is doing a bit better Becomes The Eighteenth Group To Drop ALEC

Build a better ketchup bottle and the world will beat a path to your door...

Let's send those homophobic pastors flowers!

The War on Women takes its toll on Mitt Romney's fundraising

I think I figgered out my problem.

Iranian sailors chase off pirates attacking U.S. ship

Sabrina Grant, Mom, Outraged After Teacher's Aide Pulled Out Son's Wrong Tooth

Texas man sentenced to 20 years for threats to aid terrorism

Last night Ed Shultz pointed out that Rmoney says he'll

The Nuclear Free Group is now open!

Lawmakers probe food contract for troops in Afghanistan

Newt Gingrich to attend Romney fundraiser with Donald Trump in Las Vegas

A question about RFK

Facebook shareholders sue social networking site

Trump flirts with starting super PAC

Clearly, Priscilla Chan loves the wedding ring Zuckerberg gave her.

Papantonio: The Facebook IPO Fraudsters

Toon: Side effect of too much Lead

Breaking - Gingrich will attend fundraising for Rmoney at Trump Towers

Finally caught a dragonfly (Damselfly)

Latinos and Marriage Equality (Dolores Huerta)

Time for the drinking game. Mitt, Trump, and Gingrich are going to have a

Missouri to vote on 'right to pray' constitutional amendment

Senate Advances Expanded, "Orwellian" Government Surveillance With FISA Amendments, CISPA

Polls: Cell phone users prefer Obama, landline users like Romney

Petition organizers say they have enough signatures to put gay rights ordinance to vote

Donald Trump wants YOU to have dinner with Donald Trump...


New Orleans to lose its daily newspaper

Obama’s Gay Marriage Support Triggers Dramatic Shift In Attitudes Among Black Voters

The Klan is holding a meeting in Harmony, NC. arrives by helicopter for flying visit to climate event

Anyone else think there should be more cop shows on TV?

Why We Still Need the Voting Rights Act

Voting rights groups ask Scott to stop non-citizen voter purge

Ivory Coast minister quits over 'missing' Trafigura money

Occupy Wall Street Sues NYC Over Confiscated Books, Computers

Jesus as 'the Egyptian' of Josephus

How is "Rosecrans" pronounced? nt

ACLU: Negotiating spying on U.S. citizens in secret...

Meet Julius Genachowski, Obama's FCC Commish, and stooge for the cable corporations

The US Government Is Running A Massive Spy Campaign On Occupy Wall Street

Argentina identifies Dirty War victim from 1976

Rob Reid: The $8 billion iPod

Question about removing music from iPad

Finally I won't have to read pro nuclear industry bullshit

Another sad, sad story: Source says Levi Johnston penniless, living with his mom

West Rebuffs Iran’s Concessions

With only 20yr of commercial oil left, does it matter who the next 2 Presidents are?

David Simon on his Commencement Speech at Georgetown

Supreme Court Allows Arkansas Second Shot At Murder Trial In Double Jeopardy Dispute

Photoshoppers - I have an idea for you concerning Mitt & his flip flopping....

Tim Minchin's Storm the Animated Movie

Kind of a weird bug...

Corbett Nominates Chief of Staff Bill Ward to Position on Common Pleas Court! (Priceless!)

Iran, P5+1 Agree To Hold Next Talks In Moscow In Mid-June

SPLC: anti-Muslim movement led by political opportunists and hard-line Islamophobes.

Babies. Ice cream. Music. Sunsets. Flowers....

The American West, 150 Years Ago

Sounds like I didn't get the job...

Sometimes, despite your careful planning, things go wrong.

awww... caption this siamese kitty

Gardner man with history of exotic pet problems is charged with trying to hire hit man

You can get bulk coupons on Ebay

Ok here's one, what do you think would really happen..

Social Security Hater Alan Simpson Needs to Shut Up Already

Cook Political upgrades NC (Presidential) from LEAN REPUBLICAN to TOSSUP...

First, they ignore you...

Just what we need! A random quotes generator....

One Thousand Moms Cue The Bigotry! DC Comics AND Marvel Superheroes Come Out of the Closet

Does just arguing over the debt ceiling damage the recovery? - Bivens, Economic Policy Institute

Nerf Herder - HAVE A CRAPPY SUMMER - Crappy Records

Lounge deli fail......

Do you think it actually hurts to be so dumb?

Polluters Ran Amuck Under Romney, Says Watchdog

When Did David Letterman Become Such A Liberal Partisan?

This is odd..I just got a warning from my AVG security that a virus was

Is it just me, or does it seem that all of DU has let forth a

Two prosecutors cited for misconduct in Senator Stevens case

United Airlines drops early boarding for families with children


EXCLUSIVE: Florida Congressman Demands Gov. Rick Scott ‘Immediately Suspend’ Voter Purge'

You're Not Perfect and that's ok

You're Not Perfect and that's ok

Tony Soprano Explains Bain Capital

ACLU: Treating Addiction as a Disease, not a Crime

Survey: The environment and DU's thoughts on it.

Pelosi’s ‘Middle Class’ Tax Cut Extension Would Benefit Millionaires, Cost Billions in Revenues

Meth Labs and Dead Dogs: How the Founder of McAfee Antivirus Went on the Run in Belize

message to Thom Hartmann on Private Equity meme..

Democratic Senators pay female staffers less than male staffers

From our president: Wanna buy a doctor? (Consumer Reports article)

Several people have reported a malware attack originating

Think Again: The Conservative War on Knowledge - Eric Alterman

Senate Rejects GOP, Dem Plans on Student Loans.

Tony Soprano and Henry Hill from 'Goodfellas' explain how Bain Capital works.

Ex boy-bander spends his spare time harassing women outside abortion clinics.

OPD picked up an #OO activist. Raising bail right now.

Things Get Awkward On Mitt's Bonding Tour Of The U.S.

Cat update...

Mayor Bloomberg taped using heliport during curfew

Hayden's Hatchet Job and California's Hottest Assembly Race

Hey Washington DC, This One Is Pretty Hard To Screw Up!

The Climate of Repression During the NATO Summit

Conservatives will not work with us because they hate us.

GI seeks dismissal of 10 counts in WikiLeaks case

New York Senate bill seeks to end anonymous internet posting

Is anyone else nervous about Ron Paul supporters?

House Votes to Eliminate Funding for NSF Climate Change Education Program

Bradley Manning military trial: group petitions for a more open court

tweety& gingrich

Daily Caller giving away guns to readers now through Election Day

Rich People Create Jobs & 5 other Myths debunked - Mother Jones

Newt's on Hardball - "Obama is an amateur."

Missouri House spends $1,100 on camera to watch over Limbaugh bust

recurrent depression

Beau Biden helps unveil

The Lounge pool is now open for the season.

Real Minnesotans Voting "NO": Julie & Rebecca

Film fanatics: Name an overrated "masterpiece" (the older the better)

Taxpayers fund $1,100 for camera Rush Limbaugh

New York wants to ban anonymous speech online

An Occupy song that actually has great lyrics and talent!

Come to the Harmony in Harmony Rally to Celebrate Equality. Show the Klan, that WE can.

I hate answer songs!

Nurse refuses student inhaler during asthma attack

Anger, fear in south Tel Aviv after race riots

UK solar subsidy to be cut

Just saying hello

Anybody doing Camp Nanowrimo in June?

*** Gets out her staple gun and hangs this by the DU Daycare Center ***

Convicted murderer to get 'compassionate' release

Hundreds arrested in latest student protests in Quebec

Dinner With "The Donald" & Mitt Fundraiser???

Sandwich Cat says, "No freaking way, man!" to "TO SERVE CAT".

Is MoveOn using non-union talent in their voice overs?

Violent Antigay Attack at Ohio Restaurant

Politifact: President Obama gets a 'Promise Kept' for new mortgage disclosure standards

New Voting Suppression Method, Delete Past Voting History of Blacks

Frackers Gave $7.2 million for political purposes in PA, including $1.64 million to Governor Gashole

Walker up by single digits in two new Wisconsin polls

James O'Keefe's video about N.C. voting called incorrect, 'infuriating'.

Is Froggy swayed by your impassioned plea?

He was more interested in having the job than in doing the job - Deval Patrick

Linda Chavez - Romney’s Best Bet: Embrace the Dream Act

'US backed off Libya-style regime change in Syria'

Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys - Whoa Babe - 1938

Empire Over Economy: 'US may follow in USSR footsteps'

Bill, you gotta slow down !

New Drone Attacks Worsen Pakistan-USA Relations

Huff Post: Rescuing 'We, the People' by Rep. Jim McGovern U.S. Representative

Initiative 74 news

Workers Win Historic Election for Union Representation at New York Restaurant Chain Hot and Crusty

With Control of Drone Strikes, is Counterterror Chief John Brennan the "Assassination Czar"?

Vatican, U.S. Fundamentalists Join Forces in Unholy Alliance

The Pits of Hell

IAM's Guide Dogs of America Changes Lives

If the congressman who is confused about the President being an American is in

Women Allowed In Combat Under Senate Defense Bill

Report: Schilling’s Video Game Company Lays Off All Staff | TPMMuckraker

An update on my tree situation.

For those of you who aren't old enough to remember life before the feminist movement, I offer

Donald Trump says the best choice as Mitt's VP is Donald Trump...

Mark Sanchez shines while Tim Tebow throws two interceptions in NY Jets’ OTAs

Greece looks on verge of leaving euro

Weekly Summary of Communications (jobs) Postings for May 24, 2012

The American Nurses Association has officially endorsed President Obama

Victory for women in the military!

Scandal du jour for Thursday, Vatican Money Laundering

Current state of Maryland's passed-but-not-yet-in-effect Marriage Equality law.

Pastor Wants To Electrocute "Lesbians" and "Queers"

From Occupy Frankfurt. The German police took off their helmets and marched

Another reason to be against guns.

Gingrich was on Tweety to try and kill the Bain pain

Rebels tried to kill Assad's top aides, Israel confirms

Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban

I just donated to get out the vote in WISCONSIN!

Kicking the Can Down the Yellow Brick Road!

Occupy Wall Street (Won't Get Fooled Again) - The Who

Press Conference on Voter ID Law and Sunday Voting


Garry Wills: Church Bullying Nuns

Good People...

Ann Coulter’s phony budget math (her response to the Nutting graph) - Joan Walsh rips her apart

President Obama greets veteran Archie Hackney, from Des Moines, Iowa - pic

The Ryan Budget, illustrated

Caretaker held in benefits theft, abuse, fraud. Married clients, concealed pet monkey.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 25 May 2012

"Was Greed Good?" by Paul Krugman at the NYTimes

Obama campaign to target Romney's record as governor

President Obama in Iowa, May 24, 2012 - pics

My favorite quote from Father Gregory Boyle (S.J.) of Homeboy Industries in LA

New Study: FOX - STILL Makes You Stupid-Worse Than Those Watching "No Media At All"

SpaceX Dragon flies over Grasshopper - It will jump soon

Legislation may enable states to offer universal healthcare

Butterfly Species Expands Range With Climate Change

Study Finds Fox News Viewers Least Informed Of All Viewers- AGAIN

Employee behind lavish Las Vegas conference out at GSA