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Ex-Haiti official gets U.S. prison for telecom bribery

I eating lemonade and banana bread. What are you snacking on?

Do you think Mitt offered Cory a place on the ticket?

IPCC on Renewable Energy

Classroom debate over Obama goes viral; teacher suspended

Black-and-white thinking -- not just for conservatives any more.

Encountered two dumb drivers this afternoon

Cory You Dont Speak For The American Public of Democrats

Hawaii Responds to AZ Sec. of State’s Obama Birth Certificate Threat

Bloodied at a protest? Kind of the point.

Scott Jurek's new book out.

NYPD Cop Caught on Video Threatening to Ram Penis in Suspect's Mouth

GM wheat trial at Rothamsted vandalised

What do you think was worse - The etch-a-sketch comment or the nauseous comment?

North Carolina Amendment 1 Political Cartoons (Dial-Up Warning)

I think I saw the most ineffective PSA ad ever at all the mall today

gasoline prices went UP this week in northern California....

Long Beach Wilson High Students Drown Out Anti-Gay Protestors

A bad alert but with civil jury responses.

Gays may have the fastest of all civil rights movements

"Sympathy for the Devil"..."Reminder of WAR/Politics: Vietnam ..Iraq, Afghanistan and the New Wars?

It's time to stop the Corey Booker bashing

"We'll always have Schadenfreude..." Part II

Computer hackers access U.S. Justice Department website: spokeswoman

I can NOT believe that Booker identified himself as an Obama "surrogate" before trashing him.

Can we get Greece's Alexis Tsipras to cross the pond? ..... He gets it.

Jesse Jackson... 1988 DNC.

Rubio in a paroxysm of lunacy calls Obama

A pic of the lovely new (well, almost new) hotel in downtown Indy:

So tell me, ...what did this guy do to deserve it?

Anyone know their spiders? (Warning to arachnophobes, spider picture inside)

Spanish Region Backs $571 Million (400 MW) Solar Plant Without Subsidies

Baby Lisa’s parents again plead for her return, seek more from police

Bain and Financial Industry Gave Over $565,000 To Newark Mayor Cory Booker For 2002 Campaign

When you're president . . .

The Nation: Mitt Romney: Heterosexual White Vampire Hunter

If corporations are people, how do we determine their gender?

Protesters, time for a heart-to-heart talk

Doing a rec

ThinkProgress: 'Bain and Financial Industry Gave Over $565000 To Cory Booker'

In Arizona, more birther buffoonery (WaPo Editorial Board)

Why Support Timothy Hill?? (GOP Tennessee State House District 3 Primary candidate)

Odd bug on mobile devices (SnapBack scrolling)

Ken Bennett's Had About Three Months to Give Hawaii a "Legitimate" Reason to Verify Obama's Birth ..

-$2.2 Billion (but the kids are alright)

And now . . . It's Brigid the Ebony Princess's turn for her internet debut!

Rachel's show

Bomb threat forces evacuation at Utah spy site, FBI says

A Monday Duck Story

OFA: Joe Ricketts Decries Socialism Asks Government for $300 Million to Renovate Wrigley Park.

Computer hackers access U.S. Justice Department website: spokeswoman

Was trying to join Pinterest. They asked if I wanted an 'invitation'. I gave them my email

Booker sounds nervous on Rachel's show. nt

DU video: Why Support Timothy Hill?? (GOP Tennessee State House District 3 Primary candidate)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Check-in! Best of Malloy

President Obama vs. Mitt Rmoney summed up very succinctly...

Romney Economics: Job Loss and Bankruptcy at Ampad

Matt Taibbi talks JP Morgan's $2+ Billion Dollar Gambling Loss

IRS widens taxpayer debt forgiveness program

Facing Criticism, Obama Defends Ads Attacking Romney's Record at Bain Capital

Booker's crime wasn't defending Private Capital, it was perpetuating the 'both sides' myth.

just got into a verbal fight with a birther

The 1%?

More cases of Flesh-eating Bacteria

Mandatory Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Monday/Monday

The C's!!

We're gonna need a bigger Vomit Smilie

Who is Booker and wtf is going on with him? I see lots of posts but don't know who/what.

All Routine PSA Tests For Prostate Cancer Should End, Task Force Says

The Vatican Lays a Cunning Trap for American Nuns

Cory Booker's comments on Obama's 'nauseating' campaign: Gaffe or calculated tactic?

President Obama at the commencement ceremonies for Joplin High School in Joplin, Missouri - pics

Obama Biden 2012 - pic

My Mom is in NYC, I just got off the phone with her.

Florida Democrats ding Marco Rubio with a song

In Cuba, mystery shrouds fate of Internet cable

Are constitutionally protected rights subject to change?

Birthers find their hero in Ken Bennett

Bain and Financial Industry Gave Over $565,000 To Newark Mayor Cory Booker For 2002 Campaign

Precious Protest Photo

More silliness from Arizona (Arizona Republic editorial)

Senior Japanese Journalist Reviews the Investigation of Fukushima

Catholic dioceses, colleges sue over Obama mandate


A Fight For Jobs At T-Mobile

Wow Martin Bashir is on for Lawrence

Obama campaign condemns Bill Maher’s Romney ‘cult’ remark

Big Surprise: Schools Hiring Fewer Nurses, Librarians

"How Banks Bought the Tea Party: Cash Transforms Populist Insurgents To Reliable Vote For

In Cuba, mystery shrouds fate of Internet cable

I think I'm falling in love with a Replicant.

Facebook: The only way a geek like Zuckerberg could claim to have more than 500 friends.

For Republicans the American Community Survey is now government overreach.

Republicans have no soul

Rush Limbaugh to 14 yr old girl: You're a Rush Babe and Baby...

Cynicism and the Facebook IPO

Two Gay Men Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got

The Hangover

For El SuTebow... "Manning looks good in Broncos' first OTA workout"

Trapper lures wolves from Denali, kills 2; pack's future in doubt

A guy caught back to back homerun balls in Cincinnati tonight.

Chicago Police Face Accusations of Entrapment, Brutality in Crackdown on NATO Protesters

Martin Bashir - Do conservative justices have the Supreme Court in control?

NC Pastor Wants To Build Electrified Fence To Contain, Starve And Ultimately Kill Gays

How is it possible that Obama was born in Africa if...

speaking as an LBN host can I make a suggestion?

Even sea lions enjoy viewing a solar eclipse - pic

Oh, I get it! If I dare to criticize Islam, that means I'm racist!

Is racism a subtext in all these attacks on Cory Booker?

SyFy cancels Sanctuary...

Who decides who gets murdered by drones? They won't tell us. It's classified.

"No NATO, No War": U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return War Medals at NATO Summit

An important lesson the world has apparently not yet learned

How hot? 105 F here in Tucson.

From fear to fortune: Tel Aviv's attitude

Dinner with Helen Thomas, for dmr, lpbk2713 and others who asked

I have a very important announcement to make...

I see an overt faction trying to ruin Cory Booker on this board. He is a great democrat who was off

Obama's speech at Joplin graduation today

August 6, 2004: McCain Criticizes Ad Attacking Kerry on Vietnam War Record

Climate Science Disinformers Are Nothing Like Holocaust Deniers

States Against Citizens United.

Bain and Financial Industry Gave Over $565,000 To Newark Mayor Cory Booker For 2002 Campaign

The absolute (almost) final map of Congressional districts...

Guardian (UK): Indian women turn to firearms against threat of violence

Caption this pic

What happened to THE DAILY SHOW?

OK, where the heck is the Daily Show? Colbert Report?

Those poor people in Marion, Indiana who worked for SCM

President Obama just signed an executive order!

Citizen Radio coverage from Chicago protests over the weekend.

A lesson to be learned...

Online bids rise for apparent vial of blood from Ronald Reagan!

Greece's new prime minister meets party leaders

Five charged in mob attack at Tinley Park restaurant

Opposing Restrictive Voting Trends, Connecticut Eases Voter Access

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 23: Star of the Month: Joel McCrea

An Ultimatum for Greece - Europe Raises Threat Level against Athens

Eve of Destruction

Shareholders are increasingly asking for more disclosure of political spending and lobbying by their

Stories Of Being Sick Inside The U.S. Health Care System

Cory Booker was on Rachel's

KRUGMAN zaps Norquist, Cory Booker and the Heartland Institute

The ED Show - Brown running on a distraction against Warren

I need 4 to 6 kid-friendly Obama accomplishments....

Calling Ted Koppel: Nightline led with 20something couples swinging, followed with boob implants.

Bush and Blair’s Pre-Iraq Conversation Must Be Disclosed, U.K. Tribunal Rules

Fukushima Japan Nuclear update 5/21/12

Trying to sue the Bachelor and the Bachelorette into diversity?

Martin Bashir - Exxon Mobil wields powerful GOP clout

NATO Summit: Journalists Arrested, Injured Covering Protests (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Cory Clucker

Why is the "American Future Fund?" it taking over Youtube?

Ruling that Protects Transgender Workers Goes into Effect Today

Colombian Militias Threaten New Leftist Movement

Anger over 'Ronald Reagan blood' auction

Berkeley, CA police chief used police to look for son's phone, some on overtime.

Today's sky and tonight's water

How the US fuels Latin America's surveillance technology

Arkansas blast fatally burns 3 beyond recognition (oil workers)

How the US fuels Latin America's surveillance technology

Philadelphia Archdiocese ousts two priests due to sex abuse allegations

Is H&M Forum now the cool place to be on DU?

Occupy Oakland activists escape hate-crime charges

China fake parts 'used in US military equipment'

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Monday, May 21)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, May 21)

Anderson Cooper doing it again, why is it ok to criticize Romney on Bain but have fundraiser

Toons: Where The Power Lies, Majestic Mountains, All Hell Breaks Loose and More. - 5/21//12

DU has a blogroll

Obama faces pressure on Volcker Rule

Poll: Obama, Romney in dead heat

Four die on Mount Everest

Google is worth $200 Billion

We will see a lot more Cory Booker

Jury votes 3-3 to leave alone a post by an obvious troll

Colombian Paramilitary Men Were Contacted to Overthrow Chavez

Double trouble at JP Morgan: trader's losses could exceed $7bn

Warning-Larouchie running for Washington CD9

Cory Booker: Concern Troll

Arizona deputies in Hawaii seeking Obama birth certificate

Warning-Larouchie running for New Jersey CD5

I need a break.

How Greece Leaves The Euro In 8 Incredibly Simple Steps

Uh oh. Cascading Effect on the Environment Expected

Welcome, Nato, to Chicago's police state

Civilian gets hit by police vehicle during NATO protests | 5.19.12

SpaceX launch attempt #2 about an hour from now

Sea Shepherd boss blames Japan for arrest

Authorities Announce Arrest in Sierra Lamar Disappearance

Colombia Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Spreads to the DEA

Colombia Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Spreads to the DEA

every time I try to access 1940 census my computer locks up

Anonymous Claims Massive Leak of U.S. Department of Justice Data

Spanish school and university protest at education cuts

BREAKING: SpaceX rocket begins milestone mission to space station

Predator drone spotted outside Chicago

Liftoff of SpaceX Falcon 9

More than 1,600 US museums to open doors for free to military families throughout the summer

The Wal-Mart Corruption Case

Commando Raid Followed Honduran Drug Shooting

Commando Raid Followed Honduran Drug Shooting

Dutch opposition to Brussels' emergency fund increases

A decent discussion of why folks like vinyl, plus

Native title granted over Australia's Lake Eyre

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday May 22nd

Summit doubleheader short on surprises

Great footage from Chicago 1968 or is it Chicago 2012

In Arizona, more birther buffoonery

Throw back to another era 1968 Democratic Convention Gestapo Tactics in the streets of Chicago

this is an expert? oh really!

Dubai cyber cops gag Facebook, Twitter accounts

How to get arrested in the UAE

Leaders must act to halt slide toward violence (Lebanon)

Public Money Finds Back Door to Private Schools

What Happens When Toddlers Zone Out With an iPad

can this be true

Military Industry Lobbyists Manufacturer Fake Tea Party Outrage Against Cutting Defense Pork

Resolution disinviting Cory Booker from the keynote speaker's position at the state convention

The Super "Connected" 1% CEO: The Incredible Tale of Billions of Dollars of Failure

Democrats & Bain: Execs at Bain have donated more to the Democratic Party than the GOP. Why?

War erupts between India’s cricket chief and his gay son

50 Cent is 100% for gay marriage but not gay men that touch ‘your little buns’ in elevators

This Ross Douthat guy is a douche, but this is the first I have heard of this

Found this and thought it might be of interest to some (especially sisters-in-arms)

Greg Palast on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Several Hurt in Shooting After Oklahoma City Thunder Game

Great Collection of Nine Arguments Against Rmoney and Bain Capital

Iowa Republicans Challenge Obama's Citizenship

Powell not ready to endorse Obama for re-election

Krugman: "wealth and power creates a bubble in which people are so eager to please the paymasters

Chose wisely

Did anyone else see President Obama's commencement speech at Joplin High School last night?


WTF is wrong with the media? A man attempts suicide by going over the Niagara Falls

Carl Hiaasen: Fat Cat Urged To Bankroll Anti-Obama Hatefest

CBC: California as "America's Greece". (bankruptcy vs. "too much" democracy)

Cannes' Best Film Yet? A Controversial, Cross-Dressing Epic

Kentucky Church Tax Exemption Targeted Over Anti-Obama Sermon

Mitt Romney's Bain Advantage

Teen Blogger: Feminism's Future is Online

Fighting Foreclosure Together

Butterfly DNA solves copycat mystery Author: University of Edinburgh

Robert Shrum: Bain is just chapter one in the Book of Romney

Energy bill expected to favour nuclear and gas over renewables {uk}

In Cuba, mystery shrouds fate of Internet cable

Obama backs French growth ideas vs. German austerity.

Vatican condemns ‘criminal’ leaks

Assange Episode 6: Coups & Corruption. Ecuador y el Presidente Rafael Correa

David Letterman’s Harsh Look At A Mitt Romney Presidency

Ed Koch: Why I Support the Reelection of President Obama

'Unfairness' vs. 'Over-regulation'

Americans paid by Rich Americans to beat up on other Americans expressing their Constitutional Right

U.N. nuclear chief says Iran agrees to probe of suspected weapons work

European taxes (personal, corporate and the VAT) have gone up since 2008.

Lounge vibes needed, please.

Gingrich's private ventures are going bankrupt

Greece and the euro: the essential guide

"No NATO, No War": U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return War Medals at NATO Summit

New and more effective CPR method

Bush and Blair’s pre-Iraq conversation must be disclosed, U.K. tribunal rules

Game of Thrones - "Blackwater" preview looks awesome

Mitt Romney: Not a Job Creator (DNC Video)

Turkey hopeful that US will sell it armed drones

Gov. Haslam defends his moves to make records again

Canadian Artist Steve Walker

House Democrats calls for Gov. Walker to clarify testimony in light of new video

Eugene Robinson: The NAACP’s Relevance Step

Poll: Voters Think Romney And Bain Were Driven By Profit, Not Job Creation

Equity firms are about wealth creation not jobs

U.N. observers see Syrian forces kill two: rebels

The Kids Are Not All Right

North Korea to boost nuclear deterrent after U.S. pressure

Said on the TeeVee

U.S. Energy Policy…Brought to You by ExxonMobil

Insight: Jerusalem expansion reaches point of no return

Seen on Twitter. . .

Exploding the myth of the feckless, lazy Greeks

OMG!!! Make this Cauliflower recipe!!!! <---not elevens!!11!!!! Really. Right now.

MSM is hoping Obama will be embarrassed in today's Arkansas & KY primaries

Good To See President Obama Geting The Campaign's Bain Train Going Again

The fugging airline industry is about to charge us to sit next to

U.N. nuclear chief : Deal with Iran reached on probe

Ed Koch (vile, git) stumbles into moment of lucidity, endorses Obama.

University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll: Mittens leads Obama by 20-points in Texas

Republican Convention Cuts Ties With Strategist Mentioned In Rev. Wright Ad Proposal

Palin advises Romney: ‘Go rogue’ and use Rev. Wright to attack Obama

The 1 Percent Is Buying Up All Of The Low End Real Estate

John Nichols: Calls out Marquette University Poll that had Walker up by six-points.

What happens when some get the lion's share of wealth for no good reason whatsoever?

It appears the Republicans ARE the problem after all...

Our Silent Spring

A post of mine (one of my photo-collages) was just hidden by a jury (4-2)

It appears the Republicans ARE the problem after all...

"Gerald ZIRNSTEIN" doesn't resonate like "pink slime". He's who coined it. Sorry.

Catharine MacKinnon

Athena Cantaloupe

Been seeing a "broken promises" ad by some group here in Iowa

In Europe, Banks Get Bailed Out and Countries Get Austerity

Together We Can

They Key to Non-Violent Protests Is To Win The Police Over

Cyber-bullying crackdown one of top priorities for Gov. Cuomo

A Step Forward for San Francisco BRT

I truly believe we have a solid, sure bet 211 electoral votes

You can be a proud anti-war progressive who is proud of the Chicago Police Department, PEACEFUL...

Pic Of The Moment: Morally Bankrupt Politician Now Also Financially Bankrupt

looking for a salmon cake recipe using fresh salmon

Poll: Obama, Romney in dead heat on economy

Bigot preacher Re-mix.

Okay, let's play battle of the surrogates over Mitt Romney's career at Bain

Chinese vitamin C maker to settle antitrust lawsuit

Remember Romney saying he would "contact his attorneys" about taking the country to war?

Roger Ailes Says Jon Stewart is a Socialist

Found: MFM's one true love wedding pic.......

Judge rejects part of IndyMac fraud case

Agenda 21: Kansas Lawmakers Endorse Measure Opposing U.N. Sustainability Plan

Jay-Z Has 99 Problems But Gay Marriage* Isn't One Of Them

Obama inspires Joplin, MO Graduates

The Great Real Estate Agent Bust

Enthusiasm gap confirmed in WAPO poll

Congressional speeches drop a grade

First woman to command Royal Navy warship takes helm

"First do no harm": Demand that AMA counter the bishops

Be ready for mass Catholic Hospital shutdowns if the Bishops lose lawsuit. That's

Again, Lounge led to an answer: Got my grassy yard weed identified: Hooded Windmill

How the Republican Party got lost in the Bushes ( reaction to a Buchanan column.)

If You Are Under The Age of 50 and If Paul Ryan's Budget Passes, You Will Have To Leave The USA


Students suspended for riding bycicles

Can this be true? seems like it is!

Generations in Conflict - Grappling with the Feminist Wave Metaphor

Extreme Right Group, Citizens for Responsible Government, tied to anti-teacher fliers (Janesville)

Horrifying story: Anti-paedophile vigilante who murdered gay man jailed for 18 years

Soujourner Truth was the original Third Waver

Turkey hopeful that US will sell it armed drones

'This One's For the Girls

Watch President Obama Speak in Joplin - Inspiring Speech, Inspiring Town

*** Once again gets out her staple gun and hangs the sign for the new DU Cable Car ***

Trans* rights in the United States. See a problem here? A shocking chart

oh if this is true-sure seems it!

This Terrifying Amendment Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public

UK can decide which prisoners vote, says European Court

How much time do you spend on the web in your job?

Lockerbie bomber: Public figures demand inquiry into conviction

Economic Confidence in U.S. Hits New High

Last night I almost had TWO dead cats on my hand

Disabled veterans in Texas fleeced by VA-appointed money managers

You know the one thing i have realized about privilege


How Rural America Got Fracked

How protest is being outlawed

Today makes me giggle with glee...

Here's a great link I just stumbled on...

Mike Myers Performs What's New Pussycat for President Obama

fifth grader finds loaded pistol on playground

By the end of the week the words 'Romney' and 'Bain' will be synonymous with each other

NLG: Protesters facing terrorism charges in solitary, over 100 defendents from the weekend,

TYT: Christian 'Lifestyle Statement' Leads To Mass Resignations At University

Multiple people shot after OKC win

The Outcasts of Feminism

Our President

New report on "deteriorating" and "desperate" financial condition of PA. school districts

Egyptian police officers convicted of murder in protest crackdown

Romney's playbook on Bain unclear as attacks grow

wtf????? Arizona deputies in Hawaii seeking Obama birth certificate

Did anyone else see Rattner getting red in the face on Morning Joe today?

Bain is just chapter one in the Book of Romney

Soujourner Truth, the original Third Waver

Welcome & Help

You've found the new Welcome & Help forum. I'm Skinner, one of the Administrators here at DU.

For each of us, the Universe really only a pocket of finite time and space...

Hey, this forum is just "Meta-Discussion" now!...nt

New forum: Welcome & Help

Help & Meta are divorced.

The Nation: Protest Is Coming to the London Olympics

Hello, I'm EarlG

NJ man accused of Obama threat can get guns back

Only renewables - not nuclear - could be too cheap to meter

DU Album of the Day: "Double Fantasy" John Lennon/Yoko Ono

Hello from Elad

ALEC Says It Plans To Craft Legislation To Take Down State Renewable Energy Targets

Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Thank you for separating the two forums.

Care to join us in DU's new hot tub?

This is great! There are lots of experienced DUers who can

John Belushi Auditions for Saturday Night Live 1975

Make a wild un-educated guess! Who's Romney's campaign co-chair in Arizona?

Hi! I'm Ohio Joe...

Louisiana Democrats are talking like Republicans

(Education/Race to the Top) District Grant Contest Unveiled

French ban of Monsanto GM maize rejected by EU

Anybody want to look under the bridge

(South African white supremacist) Eugene Terre'Blanche murder: farmworker found guilty

Ross Mirkarimi begins campaign to keep sheriff job (dismissed due to domestic violence)

(Federal) Court upholds city's right to ban pot dispensaries

Prisoners must be given right to vote, European court rules

Hi. I'm Stinky The Clown

The way old slaves were treated helps explain the attitude toward older workers, social security...

Mississippi legislator fears for life after comments about gay marriage

Welcome to DU Newcomers!

U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Is Set to Leave This Summer

Hi, I'm MineralMan, and I'll be happy to try to help

How much longer will CONgress CONtinue to BANKRUPT our states w/the REAGAN ESCALATED Drug War?

American Military Casualties in Iraq - You've never seen a graph like this...

Bad times can happen to anyone

I know this is an outre sentiment here but I kind of like Mark Zuckerberg.

If there is Nothing to be said, and No One is saying it

Astonishing X-Men Creators Dish on Marvel's Historic Gay Wedding

Here's a link to some advanced formatting tips

Hello and WELCOME to DU. Please feel free to ask about anything and have fun.

Hi, I'm Spazito!

Did Lesbian Couple Fake Hate Crime?

Rachel Maddow Bitchslaps the GOP

My name is Bob...

Hot List 2012: Molly Ringwald - America's favorite teenager has a grown-up secret life

Hi, I'm SidDithers and welcome to DU!...

Outsports’ 100 most important moments in LGBT-sports history

Welcome to all the new comers


Howdy - NRaleighLiberal here.....

Thanks for the new forum

Report: Ohio has one of the nation's lowest rates of death by injury

Welcome to DU! I'm Viva_La_Revolution

Owl Love Knows no Borders

Hi. I'm Ken Bennett, Arizona's Secretary of State and top election official!

There is Hope for Conservatives (Rats Display Altruism...)


Is this where I come to complain?

Please give the small groups a try. There's something for everyone, I am certain.

Greetings all

Hi I'm SunsetDreams

Hello everyone! My name is ScreamingMeemie (Laura)

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Setting an Example

Happy 82nd birthday Harvey Milk!

Hi, I'm bluesbassman and I'd like to invite all newcomers to come visit The Lounge.

Past Photography Contest Themes and Winners

Churches tread lightly on politics in 2012 election

Hi, I'm Karen

DU's mascot: Oscar the Mixed Animal, whose origin was chronicled by our friend A-Schwarzenegger

Pallets of PV: Communities Purchase Solar and Drive Down Costs Together

Church of England to allow women bishops

new forum!

Hi I'm one_voice aka...dial up warning.

Hi, I'm msanthrope.

Quick..what should I do? Waiting for a call to set up a phone interview

General Mills to cut 850 jobs in restructuring move

More eclipse images, from Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer (dial-up warning)

Hello From The Magistrate

WI Senator Ron Johnson, Rep Sean Duffy speak at 8th grade leve, according to study

Senate Dems back increase in air travel fee to close funding shortfall at TSA

Funny Pro-Gay Marriage Signs

Keystone XL Would Raise Gas Prices, Report Finds

VIP Protection

Howdy! gkhouston here. A few things about DU.

Hello, my name is Tom. Welcome to DU!

Indonesia's Rising Religious Intolerance

Hi,I'm swede.

Um...hey, what's up?

Gay Marriage Political Cartoons

The Lifetime Cost Of 13 Bad Habits

The religious war: Time for the culpable media to step up

O hai—

Researchers warn of destructive power of triple Nankai tremors on Osaka, Tokyo

Danziger Nails Booker

#romneyjobexperience - go have fun with it

Papantonio: The Worst Republican Party in History

There is a New Statement of Purpose for Meta-discussion

Hello fellow socialists/communists/anarchists -

Opinion: Generation Dora

Watch the fun! New Obama PAC ad uses all the other Rethugs against Romney.

SpaceX has posted lots of videos on vimeo

All in all, cops are the biggest beneficiaries of the occupy movement.

My name is rug. I like long walks on the beach and intimate candle-lit dinners.

Yeah, yeah, you're here for the politics...

Gun Deaths Outpace Motor Vehicle Deaths in 10 States

The RW meme says, "let business self regulate and all will be fine". How can they be so blind

Louisiana School Psychologist: Young Black Thugs who won’t follow the law need to be put down

I'm XemaSab, and I rule the Environment/Energy group with an iron fist!

Rachel Maddow defends her long-time friend Booker

German Author Says Berlin Is Hostage to Holocaust in Euro Crisis

Americans Are the Wealthiest but Not the Happiest


The Rude Pundit - Karl Rove Plays "Basketball": An Interpretation

Hi I'm Jillan - a proud Dem in Az - Welcome to DU and remember

Nothing to smile about Mr. Walker!

Walker on Kelly "Misconduct in Office" Rindfleish: "She did the things she was expected to do"

Greetings, humans.

Walker on Kelly "Misconduct in Office" Rindfleish: "She did the things she was expected to do"

Jesus and the Chamber of Commerce

Thank you to each and every person posting welcome threads here!

Law about to pass PA. legislature to break union contracts in distressed schools & end school boards

Should NATO Exist? Democracy Now! Debate on Alliance's Purpose, Afghan War's Future

Bernie's No-Bullsh_t Defense Of Social Security That's All Over Facebook

Keystone XL Will Increase Gas Prices: Explained

Honduras: Which Side Is the US On? {'drug war"}

Loris and Ampad

Hi, I'm Richard D

Splitting help and meta was a very smart move.

Americans, Including Catholics, Say Birth Control Is Morally OK

California bullet train chief seeks environmental exemptions

Spy agency seeks cyber-ops curriculum

Obama up by 8 in new Pennsylvania Poll

Who's on first? (Molokai)

Who's on first? (Moloka'i people do not want the cable!)

Obama's counter-terrorism chief has "seized the lead" in secretly determining who'll die by US drone

Is this man drunk or sober?

West Bank isn't in Israel, but its factories, somehow, are

This is my 15,000th Post...

Is it too soon to discuss collapsing the various feminist groups into two?

I'm TrogL. I specialize in Canadian politics, religious fundamentalism and LGBT issues.

Hi! I am madinmaryland, though some seem to think it is maidinmaryland!

A meta discussion about these forums

A meta discussion about these forums

A meta discussion about these forums

This message was hidden by Jury decision.

Oh it says gay marriage is a sin in the bible? (Great Willy Wonka picture)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Admits Using Taxpayer Funds To Pursue Birther Conspiracy Probe: ‘So What?’

Rasmussen Poll: 56% Favor Legalizing, Regulating Marijuana

Mustafa's Space Drive; a hint of the future?

Romney's response ad to Mayor Booker's comments was rather impressive in its speed...

NLRB Orders New Union Election at Valley Stream Target

After Welfare Reform, the Poorest Families Had More Trouble Paying Bills

What is Wikipedia's Market Cap?

Detroit's Matthew Stafford gives $15,000 prize to family of sick little girl.

JPMorgan Said to Hire Ex-SEC Enforcement Chief McLucas

It will be a mistake if Romney keeps mentioning Bain.

Rmoney's money = $45 million in liquid assets....

Food for thought about panentheism

Hello. I'm grovelbot.

Heartland reflects on its beating

Adobe flash script error

George Lucas Strikes Back!

Hi, I'm Scuba, a proud progressive Cheesehead....

Native American tribe sues beer companies

Dolan: White House is "strangling" Catholic church

A slightly cynical passing thought regarding Cory Booker

A-Schwarzenegger, present & unaccounted for.

Don’t worry, Joe: It ain’t so. Why Obama won’t run with Hillary Clinton.

Howdy. I'm El Supremo.

Upstate N.Y. Republican Leader Outed as Antigay Internet Troll

Is hate speech from the pulpit more dangerous than hate speech elsewhere?

Infographic: Transits and Inferior Conjunctions of Venus, 2001-2242

LynneSin is just the most thoughtful pet owner... (squeee alert)

Koch Block It!

Hi, I'm MiddleFingerMom and I'm living proof that you shouldn't judge a book by its screenname.

Occupy Wall Street Holds First Feminist General Assembly

Sen. Ron Johnson speaks at 8th grade level

Eugene Polley, Inventor Of TV Remote, Dies At 96

EU leaders to focus on economic growth

Austerian vampires

Obama Deserves Credit for Taking Stand on Marriage, and So Do We

A summary of some moments in feminist history and "waves"

Would you like to see this group combined with the original Feminists group?

Salon's advice: Obama should focus more on George W. Bush

Hi all - pinto here.

GOP Voted Against 7 Bills to Help Veterans

Americans, Including Catholics, Say Birth Control Is Morally OK

‘Young Black Thugs’ Need To Be ‘Put Down Like The Dogs They Are,’ Says Louisiana School Psychologist

Milkshakes and handshakes for Biden at Peterborough, NH Diner - pics

Asteroid set to narrowly miss Earth, may smash satellites

LBO in Drag

My next recording job...

Give a Tuesday some torque. Please come CAPTION Sarah (the Impaler) Palin!!!!!

I am an unnamed Equine

Asteroid set to narrowly miss Earth, may smash satellites

TOONS: Mitt Romney (vulture capitalism, corruption, fraud, deception)

Restaging debt-ceiling drama is not governing - USA Today editorial

Gloria Allred: Ambulance Chaser of 'Feminism'

Auction claims it's selling vial with Reagan blood

Why peace eludes Israel

Arpaio goons sent to Hawaii for important birther investigation

Scott Walker Is Not Alone, Nor a Fan of Deer-Hunting

Would you like to combine Feminism and Diversity into this group?

Man Arrested for OWI with Zebra, Parrot in Front Seat of Truck

Dem poll has Walker up by only 3 in Wisconsin

Scott Walker Is Not Alone, Nor a Fan of Deer-Hunting

NY Times Exposes the Web of Tax Breaks, Frackers, PA.Republican Politicians & $ for Private Schools

Why is Jamie Dimon a "Democrat"?

The French have interesting laws promoting gender equality in politics. They are way ahead of us.

Della Reese - It Was a Very Good Year

Federal Spending At Slowest Pace Since Eisenhower

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Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Hitting Below the Belt

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Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Farcebook

With thanks to MrScorpio but here's a Hulu video of SNL's farewell to Kristen WIIG

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: GOP

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

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The best lies money can buy

Hollaback: Ending Street Harrassment

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Today's Environment Influences Behavior Generations Later: Chemical Exposure Raises Descendants' Sen

Roger Ailes: We know nothing about Obama, Stewart is a socialist who'd be out of a job without Faux

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Japanese man hole covers

McConnell On Obama: At Least Jimmy Carter Was Incompetent!

Revealed: LynneSin's pet piggy tattoo.

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Toon: Deindustrialization,part 1

Analyzing political speech and assigning a grade level is useful and important

This guy is joking, right? Is he?

NY Times Expose About How Corporate Tax Breaks Are Used to Help Well-Connected Private Schools

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Soujourner Truth was the original Third Wave Feminist

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FCC Violation: Milwaukee Radio Stations Accused of Giving Walker Free Air Time

Anonymous fliers target Wisconsin teachers who signed Scott Walker recall petitions

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La Luz de Jesus Gallery Presents: GERMS "Fasho"

Democrats eating their own again: Ed Rendell

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Galt MacDermot & Hair - Ripped Open By Metal Explosion + Three-Five-Zero-Zero

Barack Obama’s Arkansas primary problem

Solidarity and the Conventional Wisdom

Romney's World and the Real World...

Who said they can't spell in Texas?

Paths of Glory - Final Scene

What is your best memory of childhood?

Why Money In Politics Doesn't Always Win, By Rachel Maddow

GokiGenkyo! Kimiko desu! Hajimemashite!

The Truth About Gender Discrimination So Simple A Five-Year-Old Can Understand It

Hawaii Officials Straight up Messing With Birther-ish Arizona Secretary of State

The Graphic That Every Small Business Owner In The Country Needs You To See (And Share!))

Forbidding politicking from the pulpit is a Free Exercise violation

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Budward the lab crossed over, and one week later, to the minute...

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The Wisconsin Lie Exposed - Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions

Wall Street bankers could have averted the global financial crisis, so why didn't they?

The Republican Party is ugly from top to bottom

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Dad locks child in washer and it starts

Pakistan deserves US apology over NATO attack: Bilawal

New Archaeological discoveries in Peru

Palin Robocalls Wrong State

My happiness was dashed last night

Members Of New GOP Women’s Caucus Voted Against Equality For Women

California Man Commits Suicide Before Foreclosure

MFM's attempt to impress his Australian guests was met with fear and loathing......

Five Reasons Why Drone Assassinations are Illegal

Chicken paella/gumbo

Drone Program Aims To 'Accelerate' Use Of Unmanned Aircraft By Police

Voters on Romney's Brilliant Business Career: Meh

Billion Dollar Bait & Switch: States Divert Foreclosure Deal Funds

Anybody else going to watch "Hatfields and McCoys" on History Channel?

On the War Path: The Nearly $1 Trillion National Security Budget

(NLRB) Board invites briefs on question of faculty member status

As soon as I touched you I knew you had cheatin on your mind

Cuba's First Daughter Has Gone Beyond Castro Name

More L.I.R.R. Retirees Charged in Disability Fraud

Cory Booker recieved $565,000 from BAIN CAPITAL for his 2002 race for Mayor

Female pilot tosses passenger for sexist remarks

After Two Years, Florida Republicans Are Still Ignoring The Realities Of Health Care Reform

Epic Fail Willard Rmoney and ReTHUGS

Greetings from Starry Messenger.

Support the Candidate Who Spent 40 Days in Jail

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Banned Iranian terror group lobbies for legitimacy on Capitol Hill

I sometimes grow sunflowers.

Car blast in E.Sudan, Khartoum points to Israel

SKY News Bush says "19 kids got on planes to kill 3000 students!"

It’s time for an international force in the West Bank

It’s Official: Watching Fox Makes You Stupider

Local Pastor Calls For Death of 'Queers & Homosexuals'

Mayor received $565,000 dollars from finacial industry speaks out to stop attacks on same industry.

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Wooo!! Crazy Intersections in Vietnam

Camera protects Rush Limbaugh's bust - but not lawmakers

Holy Shite - I think I got it - ALl this talk about Obama not being

The Self-Destructive Nature of “Paulitics”

Lagarde says Greek reforms inevitable

Bristol Palin exploiting her child for a reality show...

Delegates Are Not Bound -- Republican National Convention Rule #38

The Self-Destructive Nature of “Paulitics”

Several George Zimmerman witnesses change their accounts

Euronews: (Greek left-wing leader Alexis) Tspiras wants to save the euro

'Pakistan has withstood all pressure'

President Obama speaking to the high school students in Joplin, MO

California Woman Pleads 'No Contest' To Sex With Biological Son

We have tomorrow, bright before us like a flame ....(Joplin Commencement Speech)

"Middle class Joe" Biden attacks Romney on Bain

Quick kitteh break: Nap Time!

Sincere question: How are we to deal with our Republican friends?

Major pension fund to vote against Wal-Mart board

NYT: Union Gets New Election At a Target

How low will Walker sink? Pretty low to save the one job that matters: his.

Millard teachers, coaches get raises

Ahoy. My name's Robb, and I'm a Dingbat.

FBI urged (by Republicans) to include White House in leak inquiry

Is Mitt Romney A Unicorn?

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GOP ‘Appalled’ Over Obama Granting Castro’s Daughter Visa, Ignores Trips Under Bush

Our local "Idiot Of The Week"

DUI suspect had zebra in truck

Deportation threat lifted for lesbian Vt. couple (another reason to love Vermont)

Bennett Backs Off Birther Threat, Apologizes To Arizona

Bennett Backs Off Birther Threat, Apologizes to Arizona


If you're a fan of both "Doctor Who" and Green Day

Wait a Second, did I hear it right? The Laid off workers from them Bain Companies? Their pensions

Defense of Marriage Act court hearing set

Politicians operate within a few % of their constituency

Come clean Governor Walker and Marquette University, and tell us why Walker left college under dodgy

Objective morality with William Lane Craig

The Y chromosome: apparently here to stay.

Pilgrim nuclear plant shut down after condenser problem

Want to see a fucking idiot? Here's a fucking idiot:

Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: "Uncle Drew"

South Carolina AFL-CIO President Donna Dewitt Puts Nikki Haley's Face On Piñata

Max Keiser: JPM Vultures Circling and Goldman Sachs' Naked Short Selling Secrets

Sarah Palin called Barack Obama an empty vessel

"The revised figures were passed along only to some investors"

Joe Biden just kissed my mom on the cheek

Ohio removes pit bulls from "vicious" list.

Gaddafi prime minister Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi blamed Tawergha for Misrata.

Why is it that 60 degrees in March is balmy, but chilly in May?

Obama goes after Wall Street surrogates (i.e. that means you Corey Booker)

Penn Jillette's Obama Rant on marijuana

Did anyone make it to this or know more about it? Women Occupying Wall Street

Who remembers the Hart-Rudman Commission? Hands? Bueller?

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NFL wins salary-cap dispute with Cowboys, Redskins

Do you believe in Ghosts?

NFL moves trade deadline back, passes rule for more leg padding

The Richest Cartoon Voice Actors Ever:

Government slowly committing suicide

CBO: Taxmageddon would throw U.S. back into recession

This might be the new way to deliver the news. The Week In 100 Seconds: May 14-18

Mitt Romney: Not a Job Creator

A couple of pics from my niece's continuing journey through India.