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Archives: May 2, 2012

Matthews, Chuckie, Halperin, Susan Page and Ex Fox Anchorman Garrett.....All Discussing....

Somewhere in the middle of Afghanistan, there are the ruins of two demolished Buddha statues...

CLARIFICATION: US/Afghan agreement does NOT keep US troops in Afghanistan past 2014.

If you say Jesus backwards...

President Obama's Speech Tonight - Your Opinion

Dell Dimension XPS 410 with Seagate hard drive problem

New York man convicted in subway suicide bomb plot

Scott Walker's Fundraising Aided By Out-Of-State Super PAC Donors

'Even Jimmy Carter'

Mitt Romney's 'clarification' on bin Laden is another foreign policy blunder

The Commander-in-Chief just pissed off a bunch of Teabaggers with his speechifying

What is the point becoming a better person?

President Obama Speaks on Ending the War in Afghanistan

Hi, DU Lounge peeps! Talking to you from beautiful Toronto, Canada!

Fired-Up Women For Obama in Virginia

Internet card trick....see how you do

Congratulate Me...... I Lost Another Facebook Friend over Mayday

Police arrest man for paying with legit $50 bill

Is the GOP doubling down on gender Pay Gap?!?!?! There's something afoot here

'We Must Stand Up'

Draft Dodgers, Pedo Nugent Booted From Army Concert

President with the troops ***Pics***

Human rights showdown awaits Clinton in Beijing

Brockton, Mass. retirement board sues Google over stock split plan

GOP should have just came out and said great call on the bin Laden operation Mr. President

Brockton, Mass. retirement board sues Google over stock split plan

I've been called for jury duty...

Independent UK: If Murdoch thought the worst was over, he was wrong

So if I volunteer, what would I be doing for Obama?

What was for dinner tonight Lounge? We had Caesar salad and raspberries with whipped cream.

Democracy Insurgency - The Curriculum

Someone here in DU mentioned a Chrome plugin that confuses Google.

Rupert Murdoch's Fox broadcast licences targeted by US ethics group

'Doomsday prepper' sentenced to prison

Oakland Police Department's new toy

Mayday protests turn violent in Seattle

Finally, a photo I can be proud of....

There's a huge protest still going on in NYC. Live stream here.

Got Science? Free bumper sticker from Union of Concerned Scientists.

Robert Reich: The Tinder-Box Society

Why you shouldn't fall asleep in class (gif)

5TH Avenue New York and OWS

" . . . . has proved itself sufficient . . . . "

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Fear and Loathing on May Day

This morning on TV Ann Romney Wore a Reed Krakoff Bird T-Shirt That Costs $990

St. Paul: Black bear in Frogtown killed by police

Dow Jones average hits highest mark since '07

A reminder for Mitt Romney: President Carter DID give that order.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Really good Frontline Program on PBS

How long after Mittens loses the election does Ann Rmoney become just another Fox News blonde?

4-year-old fires handgun in Alaska pawn shop

Where is Romney's rebuttal on the President's Afghan trip and speech?

muddy brotherly love

AP PHOTOS: May Day protests around the world

Strategic Agreement

(NYT) WI Recall Election Tests Strategies for November

5 Reasons Why the Common Core Standards are not Good for Teaching and Learning

Meet Michael Grimm, Labor’s Favorite Tea Party Republican

1 puppy. 1 slug. 1 vomit.

No Horsing Around with Evolution for Fundie Knuckledragger

Fla. Gov. Rick Scott signs Cuba-crackdown bill, but event turns into a public relations fiasco

How the Death of Osama bin Laden Sent the GOP Chasing Its Tail

TUrn on Rachel right fugging now

We have our first tornado watch of the season until 1 am. Usually the hills break them

LOL....."We must finish the job we started in Afghanistan"

This could get me banned, but...

Numbers of Muslims, Mormons rising sharply: report

Protesters took over the empty building down the street from me again

George Zimmerman’s Myspace: every Mexican pulled a knife.

Subtlety is not LynneSin's strong suit.

Watching interview with Dan rather on CNN

Tens of Thousands Take Over BroadWay on MayDay NYC. (RoofTop Video)

The Efficacy and Ethics of U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy - John Brennan

Romney Surrenders to Religious Right, Forces Out Gay Spokesman

Gosh there seems to have been a national outburst from the blac block

North Carolina: Obama 47%-Romney 43% (New SurveyUSA poll)

Obama is bad for business!

What about UN crimes?

The Implosion of Capitalism

Israeli teacher aims to galvanize Syria fly-in, to highlight need for global intervention

Post your suggestions for writing a good alert

Fahrenheit 9/11 Bush "Boat Party" scene - 9 years ago today

Romney heckled in New York: ‘You’re a racist!’

Press Release (via KILI): Senator Johnson Visits Pine Ridge Economic Development Group

Troop Support in Afghanistan

Thread to post YOUR pictures of General Strike events

K&R if you like May Day!

caption the newt & the mitt....

Miami Marlins working to plug leaks in Marlins Park’s roof

We Japanese Americans Must Not Forget Our Wartime Internment By George Takei

Deadline nears for Occupy Lincoln movement

Haters, based on my experience with them and all the available empirical evidence

Feds examine response to Montana sexual assaults

Blast heard in Afghan capital after Obama leaves

My thread was locked out and the explanation makes absolutely no sense.

John Brennan on U.S Use of Targeted Strikes with Drones

Barack Obama promises to 'renew America' in address from Afghanistan

Today's RimJob Fatwa: "Same sex marriage is tyranny! Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God."

Toons: Flat Earthers, Rambo Romney, Mission Accomplished and More. - 5/1/12

Georgia bans most late-terms abortions, assisted suicide

Obama Has Edge in North Carolina

Venomous Snakes owned as pets

Aw, come on, Paul!

OSS agent who led WWII rescue of 500 dies in NY

FINALLY!!! A photo of MFM busy posting at DU

Republicans Are (Gleefully) Destroying Democracy

Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe goes completely ape shit over Presidents trip to Afghanistan

Tong quits Conn.'s US Senate race, endorses Murphy

The ED Show - Republicans back off criticism of President Obama

New York City pension funds to vote against Wal-Mart directors

One was saved this week

republicans are swiftboating Obama on bin laden...

Richard Carmona, former Bush surgeon general, best hope of turning Arizona blue, Democrats say

Why is this moron Oliver North blasting away my TV ad... it was for stupid commercial for

Women's Health Experts Speak Out

Journal: 24 New Lizard Species Found in Caribbean

It feels good...

Labor Day clock

Ugh! I want to throw something at David Barton.

good segment on dan Rather reports...

why was this hidden?

Just curious about post blocking vs mail blocking

I Survived Beyond and Back - Don't make me call him....

Frans de Waal: Moral Behavior In Animals

I've invented a new metric for you to ponder: The TeaTroll Index

Jon Stewart Goes Off On GOP Hypocrisy For Criticizing Obama’s Bin Laden Ad

What is the most successful diet you have tried?

We have cut taxes on the rich and cut spending vs raise taxes 3-4 % on the rich plus cut spending.

You can be Frank,without being Curt.

Did Newty end his campaign? Haven't heard anything about it

Oklahoma Supreme Court rejects embryo 'personhood' measure

help and support needed to stop another eviction.

What Obama has done is reprehensible and deserving of impeachment.

Top 8 Reasons to be an Assad Supporter

Why bring up Jimmy Carter when Reagan (Think God!) decided to put Marines in Lebanon?

I don't understand why this poster was alerted on.

Just you have a preference between OWS and "the 99% Spring"?

You know what're great? Chicken Fajita Lean Pockets.

Oakland police may face sanctions over handling of Occupy protests

When the GOP demands credit for OBL

Occupy Scottsdale

When civilizations die

Unlocking the secrets to ending an Ice Age

The Rachel Maddow Show - Paul Krugman talks about income inequality

Anyone know how to block posts requiring "social apps" from Facebook feeds?

Neil Young & Crazy Horse return with "Oh Susannah"

Right here! Anyone? Anyone?

The Rachel Maddow Show: Rachel's segment regarding the Obama campaign using the slogan 'Forward'

Romney auditions Virginia's McDonnell for veep job

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, May 1)

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Tuesday, May 1)

Why do the poll threads now show the names of the posters who voted in them...and how they voted?

How do you keep track of what you've read?

Prosecution Excluded Every Gay Juror from San Diego LGBT Protest Trial

Medical Admin has died.

'Close Your Eyes'

seen this?

Diablo 3

This "Cheney would have been carving Bush's face into Mt. Rushmore" shit CRACKS...ME...UP.

Dee Evans, HuffPo: "Obama Can't Use Bin Laden but Bush Could Use Saddam and 9/11 -- Really?"

Calif. Man Forgotten in Cell Says He Drank Urine

Obama Ad: Mitt Romney - Extreme on Women's Issues

Romney’s Conflicting Tax Goals Make Burden Shift Likely

Guatemala declares state of siege in province

Colorado regulators halt drilling at old landfill

Guatemala declares state of siege in province

The gun lobby: fair-weather federalists

If Obama had chosen the word "Onward!" as his slogan

Can we get the archival posts? Can we add some old threads to our current journals?

Chess (May): Results of Chinese Championships, Russian Team Championships and other events

If there is to be much of a campaign, it'll be pure invention

Daily radiation readings from Fukushima Prefecture

Mexico seeks to protect journalists, rights activists

Mexico seeks to protect journalists, rights activists

Y'know...I've just figured out who Mittens REALLY reminds me of...

Organ donor idea

Clothing Of The Future: Cantilevered shoes & containers of candies for cutie

San Francisco Democratic Party tells Obama to end crackdown on medical marijuana

Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng leaves US Embassy in Beijing

One Koch nephew comes to support another as Walker struggles to save at least 1 government job: his

Walker's fundraising: An image

Is the judge right? Woman who lost Ark. lotto ticket entitled to $1M

amazing isn't it

Scott Brown says daughter insured under health law -

Biffo? No. From tram-ride trauma to joyful exchange

Defending Politics: Why Democracy Matters (

Please vote in this poll: Was the president's trip to Afghanistan politically motivated?

Eat this and be wildly grateful, By Mark Morford

Trivia: What US-built warship was attacked by the Japanese but ultimately sunk by the British?

Pioneer of global peace studies hints at link between Norway massacre and Mossad

Medical examiner in JFK case dies

In case you missed Jon Stewart last night

Now for something a little different from FL. it ever worth it?...

Don't think of the elephant in the room...

"The President is taking a page right out of Karl Rove's playbook"

The People's History of International Workers' Day

Union seek to organize newest Atlantic City casino

Obama/Wisconsin/Marxism/Unions: The right is desperately desperate.

Musty smell in books.

Obama Stands Up for Workers’ Rights in Powerful Speech

Mark McKinnon: GOP Attacks on Obama’s Bin Laden Ad Misguided

Bridge bomb plot: Suspects were active in Occupy Cleveland, even as movement slowed to a crawl

New targets being sold...

New Study Predicts Frack Fluids Can Migrate to Aquifers Within Years

What would really happen to "Quantum Fusion"

"Festive, Righteous Anger": Occupy Makes a May Day Comeback With Massive Demonstrations

Why Are Universities Buying Up Drones Faster Than Police Departments?

Newt Gingrich $4 Million in Debt; Staffers and Creditors Fume

A Surprise for Gay Marriage in the South?

Subsidy Buffet for Agribiz, Table Scraps for Good Food

A Message To Women From A Man: You Are Not “Crazy”

How Samuel L. Jackson Became His Own Genre

Woof!.......Don't touch the bike!!!!......Woof!


Max Keiser: How bankers stole Labor Day

Ann Romney Rocks a $900.00 + t shirt on CBS

Moron spotting of the day

Kerry's diplomatic trip

A blast from the past - in case you do not already dislike Mitt enough

Eleven killed in Egypt clashes over army rule

US Economy Faces Risk of 'Fiscal Cliff': Fed Officials


Trip to Afghanistan Through the White House Lens

Sustainability Summit: Unleashing Our Creative Genius, David Korten, pts. I & II

Is a realtime accurate test for marijuana intoxication...

Laura Flanders: Chatting with Chomsky

Charles Evans of the Chicago Fed called the cliff a "big uncertainty" while Atlanta Fed President De

Women in Secret Service scandal not tied to cartels, terrorism: report

Your infidelity is written all over your, um... all over your... oh, nevermind!!!

This is the way each and every day of MiddleFingerMom's life starts. Each... and... every... day.

Calling us angry? Michelle Obama and the 'angry black woman' label

Per CNBC - ADP Numbers bad

Article provides update on PA. budget situation, and protests

SNIPER: TN 6th District Republican Primary Candidate Van Huss Gunning for Rep. Dale Ford's Seat

"We're tired of washing your dishes. F&%K You!"

The Ryan Budget And Ryan Are Like The Achille Lauro Incident

New Jersey mom accused of taking daughter, 5, in tanning salon booth; child suffered burns

Krugman: Rich Guy Says We Should Be Grateful For His Wealth

AFP - April 2012 Wettest April On Record In Britain; Monday Rains = 1/3 Of Monthly Average

Obama camp keeps memory of Gingrich campaign alive

Maryland court finds pit bulls are 'inherently dangerous'

The "Sans Auto" Generation

Vietnam's Environmental Indicators Dropping Rapidly; Air Pollution Among Worst In World

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Game On!

After 50 years, Cubans hope to travel freely

Chile's Supreme Court Votes Unanimously To Block Canadian Gold Mine In Favor Of Native Peoples

Carnac Holds The Envelope To His Head-The Voice Says "The Answer Is - Lie, Cheat & Steal".....

After 50 years, Cubans hope to travel freely

How Monsanto Planted GMO Alfalfa Before Allowed by USDA

Lincoln Was An Atheist

This is what you will see in June Venus transits the Sun photo

Errant Army Shell Kills Family's Cat

Mother of groom arrested after Danvers wedding brawl

Mother of groom arrested after Danvers, Mass. wedding brawl

Occupy’s Meme Warrior

Woo-hoo! At last, we in CT can buy alcohol on Sundays!

The futile politics of Osama and religious parties

Wisconsin: Field Canvassers needed to beat Walker. $80 / day.

US Factory growth grew at fastest pace in 10-months in April

Why America Isn't The Best... In Transit and Other Stuff

Something I noticed on Morning Joe today: let's change the subject sez Joe Scum!

Rick Perry says God forgives people for their "oops moments," even if voters don't

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Mitt and Newt, one last time

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Education, Health Care, Rights

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Is it fair to point out...?

George Zimmerman’s crude Myspace page from 2005 uncovered

My cat's having trouble breathing

Do SSRI's make you hot natured? I don't mean hot flashes, I mean you're just hotter all the time.

MI6 death: 'Unlikely' Gareth Williams got in bag alone

Tomblin says he's uncertain whether he'll vote for Obama

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah Coleman on with Chuckie Todd

Big Republican contributor arrested for scamming charity for Navy veterans out of $100 million

U.S. Job Creation Nears Four-Year High

$990.00 for a T-Shirt! Ann, really?

Republicans Launch Facebook App to Defeat Obama

Why the GOP's Really Afraid of a "Cool" Obama

Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani Get Firehouse Photo Op, Immediately Unload Pizzas Onto Aide

Gallup: Job Creation Highest Since 2008

FYI: MITT ROMNEY has always been a dick

I've found that, to my dismay, there seems to be a gang forming at DU *points to sign*

mission accomplished?

make up your mind wingers...

Any doubts that music is magical? Watch this...

Tom Toles on state of Mitt's campaign today...

75-Year-Old Man Bitten, Dragged by Alligator at a Golf Course Pond

Tonight on my agenda an evening with Clinton....

EPI: The wedges between productivity and median compensation growth

Take part in the absolutely most important poll ever created in DU

Democrats Have Moved to the Right, Not the Left

RW website members call McCain moron, a-hole, whose daughter is fat

Drumbeat: May 2, 2012

World record for fastest motorized toilet

Drumbeat: May 2, 2012

Ah, the rich......such patriots they are.....

What a hypocrite - it's not socialism if it benefits me.......

You just don't appreciate the super-rich

Predator GE: We Bring Bad Things to Life

Elizabeth Warren Ad Stars Obama In Massachusetts Senate Race

West Wing cast reunite to promote a simple cure all...

ADP & TrimTabs Showing Much Weaker Payrolls Ahead of Unemployment Report

Modern-day baseball nicknames can't match past

What do you think would happen if somebody wanted to pipe water from the Great Lakes

Gene Lyons: How the GOP's Golden Boy Works His Con

The OccupyUSA Blog for Wednesday (May 2), With Frequent Updates

Marijuana DUI Bill Clears Big Colorado Hurdle

My hometown may re-regulate buses


Putting the Future of U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan in Congress' Lap

Jon Stewart on Repubs Whining About Obama Touting bin Laden Killing: 'Are You on Crack??'

GOP would never dream of politicizing September 11th.

Oliver North Sold Weapons to Iran. Now He’s Selling Call of Duty.

Occupy’s Meme Warrior

Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home

Romney Courts Hispanic Vote with Animated Sombrero Wearing Parrot

Interesting: Obama chooses May Day to go to Afghanistan

Wife of NC State Senator says Amendment One is necessary ‘to protect the Caucasian race’

Wife of NC State Senator says Amendment One is necessary ‘to protect the Caucasian race’

Obama, in a "letter to one of his romantic partners"..

40 Years Of Workers Left Behind (CHART)

Why use a coat hanger when a 357 works better.

My Ten Thousandth Post

"5 Ways to Spot a B.S. Political Story in Under 10 Seconds"

Hope this doesn't catch on - New Tour at Museum Reveals All

Former Deadbeat Dad Says Barack Obama Won Because He's Black

Why the "Obama politicizing OBL" thing works

Anyone from Odessa/Midland TX?

ADP Jobs Report Disappoints

Iron Butterfly - Inna Gadda Da Vida

Waiting for jury duty. Threw a roast in the crockpot...

David Suzuki: The fundamental failure of environmentalism

So, I'm at the bus stop this morning when this total weirdo shows up!

California’s Law-and-Order Culture Shows Cracks

The Official Bankster Dictionary

A VERY GOOD read: Becoming Obama

Romney: I Would Have Bought Al Qaeda, Given Bin Laden a Poor Buyout Deal

This is one Creepy looking Media Mogul.... Talk to the Hand

President Obama Singing Again

Chinese activist leaves US Embassy in Beijing to protect family from death threats

Missing Voices: A Study of Religious Voices in Mainstream Media about LGBT Equality

Richard Grennel resigns from Romney Campaign after Backlash

Mom Arrested after Taking Daughter (5) to Tanning Salon

Just got a big helping of FAIL in my email: J-Lo needs to SHAVE!

Israeli Conservative Movement Will Ordain Gay Rabbis

Former GOP Gov. Arne Carlson: Poll Tax Amendment is a “stain on the virtue of Minnesota”

Common Pesticide “Disturbs” the Brains of Children

CREW asks the FCC to revoke Fox's broadcast license

"Presidential adviser wrote about crackdown on expressing opinions."

Obama's numbers go up during the week and down during the weekend in polling, why?

Why would feral cats eat (and then) vomit grass?

The Vol. 4 bio of LBJ by CARO is out!1

Cow on the loose wanders to McDonalds

Ya know, if someone takes the effort to round-up cartoons for you,

Continued Pushing of Afghanistan 9/11 Planning Meme

You Don't Have To Be Pretty

I just realized who Chen Guangcheng's alter ego is.

Well, duh

Explosive Dust-Up Over Iran Policy

U.S. considers issuing floating-rate debt

Avery's bucket list

Lounge thoughts needed.

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday May 2nd!

Ray McGovern: Not Explaining the Why of Terrorism

Shell's stance on wind power reveals a profound truth of capitalism

Mitt Romney with Rudy "911" complains about the pres politicizing the killing of Osama Bin Laden

Pic Of The Moment: Cool vs. Tool

Signals of Natural Selection Found in Recent Human Evolution

President Obama greets hospital personnel in the ICU, Bagram Air Field. White House Photo of the Day

Why cockroaches need their friends

Nuclear waste 'may be blighting 1,000 UK sites'

Wikipedia founder to help in government's research scheme {UK}

Student abandoned in DEA holding cell drank own urine to survive

"Tough on Crime" No Longer the American Mantra?

Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow: Slavoj Žižek & David Horowitz

More on hero Rudy: Mitt's patron saint

Why is it so hard for people to RSVP to a kid's birthday party?

Right-Wing Refuses To Believe Cleveland Bombers Are NOT Part Of Occupy Movement

The Purpose of Spectacular Wealth, According to a Spectacularly Wealthy Guy

Please convince me Obama will change this idiotic war stance....

If you got any friends in NC, now would be a rilly good time to call em and tell em

And I Got Fired

Weird crush confession time

Helping Rudy Giuliani Exploit 9/11! $$$$

Nevada: Obama 52%, Romney 44% (R)asmussen

Shanthi, the National Zoo's Musical Elephant, Plays the Harmonica!

New Orders For Factory-Made Goods See Steepest Drop In Three Years

I'm admittedly sexist. Prove me wrong

Four NFL players suspended in Saints bounty case

Horrible Pastor Advocates Beating The Gay Out Of Young Kids

Anyone know where I can find a metric crescent wrench??

Classy move by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dad breaks window to rescue girl locked in day care

According to John Nichols 63% of Scott Walker's money from Out-of-state badger lovers

What A War Widow Might Say To The War Profiteers

Coble says Edwards prosecution is political

Made in America (Harley), Lost in Tsunami, Found in Canada

Rick Scott allows guns at GOP convention to ‘protect’ citizens from ‘protests’

‘Shame on You’: Why I interrupted Obama counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan

Jason Segel: Hillary Clinton rejected me

VIDEO: Bush 2004 used rubble of 9/11 to say liberals won't fight terrorism

Politifact mentions the Democratic Underground

The World’s 10 Busiest Subway Systems

A Fap A Day Keeps the Doctor Away! Masturbation Prevents Prostate Cancer

Northern Cal judge James Ware, who presided over gay marriage and torture cases, to retire in August

TYT: Fox News Says Dan Savage is 'Bullying Christians' with Bible Comments

California advances bill banning ex-gay 'therapy' for minors

She Looks Good For Being 2 Weeks Pregnant

Unearthed: George Zimmerman’s MySpace Page

How do you delete your account? Or change your username?

Court rejects torture-related case against Bush lawyer

Interesting takeaways from HuffPo/Pollster map

(Freedom Party leader Geert) Wilders wants Netherlands out of EU

Mitt’s Plan

Krugman: many on the right now portray the postwar years of prosperity as a triumph of libertarian

Black Hole Caught Red-Handed in a Stellar Homicide [hd video]

'Cool' Means He's Communicating

Holy Shite Jose Rodriguez knows what led to Bin Laden

Six Army Battalions Called Up Under Emergency Orders To Meet Growing Threat On Egypt, Syria Borders

Saints get taken to the house

Does 65 come with or without chunks?

Late Night: David Barton and Jon Stewart debate Thomas Jefferson

More nuclear subsidies? "Political talk threatens Ohio energy project"

Survey describes faith behind bars

OOPS! Pettitte 'May have misunderstood Clemens!!!'

Dan Senor says there's a distinction between Bush using 9/11 and Obama

100 charged in health care fraud bust

Stephanie Cutter: Get the facts on Mitt Romney, Big Oil, and the Koch Brothers

The First Lady shares a smile with Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg - pic

Mitt Romney: Democrats 'just don't like business very much'


Berkeley law professor cannot be sued over Bush-era torture memos

OH BOY here we gothe rethugs trying to bring up an Obama old girlfriend

'Taps' was played at my dear Dad's burial ceremony this morning;

Parrot and dog fight over yogurt container

Pastor Sean Harris Says He Was Only Joking About Beating The Gay Out Of Children

Army closes investigation into the killing of 21 members of the a-Samuni family in Gaza

Made boeuf en daube the other evening. MMMMMMMM...........

14 yo uses skeet gun to deter home invasion.

Tom Barrett calls on Walker to release defense fund information

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to take part in scheme to make research freely available online

Thom Hartmann: May Day - Is this the kick off of OWS spring?

Julia Bluhm, Seventeen Reader, Petitions Magazine To Feature Non-Airbrushed Photos

Missouri Republican Announces He's Gay, Opposes 'Don't Say Gay' Bill (

Port in a Storm

Alliterative headline of the day

Iron Maiden singer sets up aircraft firm

Obama and Judaism

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Poster Child for GOP's Problems

WTF!!!Romney camp criticises British PM's Obama 'love-in' ahead of Olympic visit

Junior Seau Dead - Cops Investigating Shooting

Plants flower faster than climate change models predict

First Lady: This photo makes us smile

Because it merits a thread of it's own- courtesy of Hay Rick; Medical Admin's post to DU

Romney's former partner at Bain wrote a book about income inequality.Guess what--he's in favor of it

Tsunami survivor claims Harley-Davidson found in Canada

Ideology and Electricity: The Soviet Experience in Afghanistan

The Last Word - Alec Baldwin on GOP: 'These guys are getting scared'

After epic debate, avian flu research sees light of day

Latin America Delivers A Swift Kick

Four suspected illegal immigrants killed in Arizona crash

When a client asks how to do your job...

Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau dead in suspected suicide

Welcome to the 2012 Hunger Games

WI poll: Walker, Barrett tied; Obama leads Romney by 9 points. (updated)

"Opinion polls show that 75 % of Greeks are in favor of retaining the euro, but 60% are against

Police Called to Former Chargers Junior Seau's Home

American CEOs enjoy 15% pay rise in second year of double-digit hikes

Tsunami debris, including a motorcyle, reaches B.C.

An old gem and still appropriate for an election year....

Nature publishes details of bird flu strain that could spread among people

L.I. Couple Found Dead in Apparent Murder Suicide

News Corp. Board Issues Unanimous Statement Of Support For Murdoch

Thom Hartmann: May Day Hits Capitalism

The World’s 10 Busiest Subway Systems

Is Jimmy Carter Romney's new boogeyman or something?

75% of deaths of premature babies are preventable, says report

The "Sans Auto" Generation

Paul Krugman on How to Fix the Economy - and Why It's Easier Than You Think

Teachers’ Board Become Fifteenth Group To Drop ALEC

Faith is the excuse we give ourselves to believe things without good reason

Some pilots refuse to fly F-22 Raptor amid jet's oxygen problems

22,000 Were Arrested for It, And It Was Perfectly Legal

Is Obama Pushing Us Closer To Replace The U.S. Dollar with the "Amero"? (from a "fundamentalist

Nuclear “Renaissance” Meets Economic Reality, But Who Gets the Bill?

House GOP Offers Narrower Domestic Violence Bill

Please explain this to me:

Romney Pays Surprise Visit to his Money in the Caymans

Check Out All The Important And Worthwhile Things Congress Is Doing

Quiz: What's the name of The Professor from Gilligan's Island?

News Corp board comes out in support of Murdoch

Lead me not into temptation, I think I know the way by now...


Good Effing Grief

BREAKING: FBI documents show Bob Marley shot the sheriff, also shot deputy, but missed

Newt is on MSNBC and he must think that he is making an acceptance speech.

Newbie to BC: a request for help.

California Faculty Association votes to authorize a strike against the California State University

Levi Johnston's second child to be named after a gun

The Washington Post Continues Its Love Affair With NAFTA and Disdain for Facts

Behind the Lobbying Effort that Helps Save Apple $2.4 Billion in Taxes a Year

LOL!!! MSNBC: "BREAKING NEWT" in the lower left corner!

Retirement Blues

"It's nice that the President broadcast from Afghanistan. The center of El-Cay-EEEDA today is YEMEN"

You want proof Rush is back on the Oxy?

"The ECONOMY! Something Mitt Romney knows 60,000 times more than does President Obama!"

They are going to have to lasso Newt and drag him screaming from behind the podium.

Speech too long

1980's picture found in a Southern Poverty Law Center pamphlet

What an arrogant, egotistical, self absorbed asshole.

Kelly at the Pond

Politicize? Nah, just the facts

Wired opens NewSpace portal

Scottish Episcopal church unveils gay wedding mural

White House CEQ begins its first tweet with "Mic check" - pretty cool

Judges rejects gag order in Zimmerman case

Court: Bush Torture Memo Author John Yoo Protected From Lawsuits

DU Album of the Day: "Closer to Home" Grand Funk Railroad

Rising Groundwater May Flood Underground Infrastructure of Coastal Cities

Georgia Governor Approves Ban On Abortions After 20 Weeks With No Exception For Rape Or Incest

He called me Dad -- David Rovics new song

In final week, Opposition to Amendment 1 strengthens

Poll: Barrett, Walker would face close matchup in Wisconsin recall

Quiz: What was Charlie Brown's father's profession?

Bigotry on the Ballot

So which one is the weirdo and which one is Ohiosmith

What was Governor Scott Thinking at the Freedom Tower?

Missouri Republican announces he’s gay in response to ‘don’t say gay’  bill

Unemployment Reaches Record High in Euro Zone

Newt's goodbye speech was even longer than John Holmes'...list of films.

Dan Rather on G. W. Bush report: ‘We reported a true story—that’s why I’m no longer with CBS News'

Attending a Green Party Meeting

Things you'd see in a nightmare society

Shep Smith reacts to Romney reacting to Gingrich quitting - "Politics is weird ... and creepy..."

New poll gives Obama 9% lead in Wisconsin over Romney

My neighborhood and my son's school are on lockdown

Just so you know. LynneSin is the resident Lounge housecleaner.

Thom Hartmann: Were the San Francisco Vandals Paid Provocateurs?

JUST like Charlie Sheen, RimJob has a STRATEGERY for WINNING. Click HERE to LEARN his SECRET.

Has anyone seen the movie Hesher?

Messages in Biblical storys/tales/parables/plot line/etc.

DEA apologizes to student who says he drank his urine to survive

France Greenpeace Activist Paraglides, Throws Smoke Flare Onto Nuclear Plant

Pinellas jail visitor arrested after visitation gets too explicit

losing my mom was bad enough . . .

Beat The Gay Out Of Kids Pastor Apology Attacks Homosexuality As ‘Abomination’

the big con for 2012

the big con of 2012 by the right

An alternate ending to the movie "Seven" with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman:

SURPRISE! Ron Paul Destroyed Mitt Romney In Massachusetts This Weekend

Chan790 likes a little more order in his life than many others do.

Tenn. governor vetoes bill exempting college religious groups from nondiscrimination policy

Seen on a street in L.A.

Ten years of US failure in Afghanistan

MFM thought long n hard (Beevis voice: heh-heh - long n hard) about the perfect metaphor for his GF.

LynneSin has a "dark side".

Zimmerman's "only to be king again"

May Day protests in front of the White House

Graffiti artists are shot in Syria....

Pentagon dropping bombs overseas doesn't help US economy

Maybe the proposed Amendment One to the NC constitution isn't about what you thought it was about

Gunfight in Mexico over you guessed it, Drugs.....

What would you do to win a tee-shirt in Maryland?

Stuff you'd like to know?

13 Charged in Hazing Death of Robert Champion

It's Derby day Saturday May your favorites yet??

Tweety - Rmoney - President or Puppet

A new Progressive Movement has begun

Gov. Rick Scott turns down Tampa's request to ban guns outside GOP convention

First Somali Delegate Headed to Democratic National Convention

Obiwan Kenobi arrested for hit-and-run in California

Wow...Chris Matthews really doesn't...

Blending Day and Night by Stephen Wilkes (dial-up warning)

Evangelist Graham takes out advertisement on marriage amendment

Water Guns Banned, Handguns Allowed at GOP Convention

Fuck Dylan Ratigan-I'm done with him.

What Did We Get for 381 U.S. Dead Since the Death of bin Laden?

When this baby hits 88 miles an hour, you're gonna see some serious shit! Not for the squeamish.

Nanotech Dental Filling Kills Bacteria, Strengthens Teeth

Human Rights Watch: Syria

Large fire breaks out at Tyler Perry Studios

One of my patients just e-mailed me that Tweety

If Chad, Gordon, Peter, and Jeremy all formed one band what would the result be?


"WAIT a minute! Grover Norquist is VERY supportive of hiring gays and lesbians. Come ON!"

Police: Five people shot dead in Arizona by man in body armor

Drone strikes: US government's broad definition of a threat

Kucinich: We are Not Exiting Afghanistan. We are Staying.

The 2nd Amendment crystal clear or as clear as muddy water?

AACK!!! Need a hotel in San Fran May 17th and 18th

ACLU: Admission of US Drone Strikes Does Nothing to Justify Program’s Legality

PHOTO: When it comes to potato chips, MiddleFingerMom prefers "grill flavor."

PHOTO: "Er...yeah, that's great. But don't you have Coke? Pepsi? Shasta? RC?"

Is Skinner's ban on starting threads about chicken still in effect from DU2??

Newt Gingrich: Frankly, not Mitt Romney's biggest supporter.

Drone attacks: US has to respect Pakistan's red lines, says Raza Rabbani

The light box seems to be doing something

"Mother's Day" is a scam.

U.S. rights group asks for facts on drone program

Former NFL star Junior Seau found dead of apparent suicide

Marin County Teen Charged In Guy Fieri Lamborghini Theft, Attempted Murder.

Rush: "There's "Shariah Law" In Parts Of US. Soon You Can "Make Love To Your Dead Wife for 6 hours"

Should sex-segregated swimming hours be established in public pools?

Target to stop selling Amazon's Kindle devices

Walker's Budget Deficit Enables Deep BadgerCare Cuts

PA Voter ID Law Would Keep 93-Year-Old Who Marched With Martin Luther King From Voting

"protestors won't be able to carry signs, but they will be able to carry concealed, loaded firearms"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 3 May 2012

Britain Gets It Right—Head Of Fox News Deemed 'Unfit To Lead'

Tom Morello + May Day Guitar Bonanza = Awesome

Please keep me in your thoughts tomorrow.

One Broke Student Had A Powerful Idea And She Wrote It On This Sign

Facebook's latest "customer service" FAIL

Are You One Of The 5,000,000 People Whose Right To Vote Is In Jeopardy?

Obama in Afghanistan: Convince Me. Convince Me. Convince Me. Convince Me. Convince Me. Convince M

Sorry I've been gone but...

2001: National Security Adviser Rice Rejects Resuming Use of Surveillance Drone to Track Bin Laden

Are you calling Mitt Romney a liar? Yes

What is the lastest music you bought? I just bought the soundtrack from Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy.

Puppet Media (Fox News)

The Giambino!

Livni: I'll fight to replace Netanyahu's government

xkcd Toon: Forgot Algebra

Wouldn't you like to have Mitt Romney for your boss ??

Robert Reich on our tinderbox societies

Feds arrest about 100 Medicare fraud suspects in South Florida, nationwide

Was anybody else extra happy or energetic today?

Methodists reject divestment motion

TOONS: Newt Gingrich

Marked Women, Unmarked Men

Student-loan debt delays dream of becoming nun

Earl Ray pullin' a Joe stunt

Tsunami-Swept Harley Found In Canada

The Washington Post Continues Its Love Affair With NAFTA and Disdain for Facts

Shep Smith reacts to Mitt Romney reacting to Newt Gingrich quitting

If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine

May 2, 1972 -- 40 years ago in Baseball

Gay teen faces expulsion after carrying stun gun for protection against bullying

Is it true that Mitt wrote all his love letters in disappearing ink? Or did he never

Romney was FOR it before he was AGAINST it...

UK's basketball team invited to visit Obama at White House on Friday

U.S. marshals still don't know Bobby Thompson's true identity

Can Atheist Billboards Kill Religion?

Is YouTube mp3 Converter legal?

Private-sector hiring slows in April, stirs concern

The Achievements Of Newt Gingrich, As Read By Newt Gingrich

Rise in Teen Marijuana Use Demonstrates Continued Failure of War on Drugs

Home Sweet Mobile Home: Co-Ops Deliver Ownership

Libya lifts ban on religious parties as voters register

Recall outrage: Dem gubernatorial primary ballot leads off with ... Gladys Huber, stealth Republican

How Macintosh virus could be stealing $10,000 daily from Google

Empty Suit With No Ideas

The Progressive: Wisconsin Workers under the Thumb of Walker’s Law

I am convinced, Romney is an APP

Gulf spill: Ex-BP engineer indicted on obstruction charges

Barack Obama still leads big in Electoral College

U.S. company hopes to import up to 500 tons of Mexican radioactive waste

Suspect in nightclub drug ring fails to show for court, warrant issued (Yassine Enterprises case)

Feds Catch Navy Veterans Charity 'Scammer'

Wife Of Key Legislator...Claims It Would Protect ‘Caucasian’ Race

Wife Of Key Legislator Behind NC’s Anti-Gay Amendment Claims It Would Protect ‘Caucasian' Race

" me your budget..."

Murdoch facing new challenge as US senator (Rockefeller) contacts Leveson over hacking

Righthaven copyright auction extended due to lack of interest

Said on the TeeVee

"Five Reasons Why Conservatives Should Root For A Romney Defeat" at REASON.COM

Worst. Phishing scam. ever.

About those hazing charges coming out of Florida A&M's band program . . . .

The Rachel Maddow Show - Romney, Republican finger puppet?

Thom Hartmann: The Dark Side of Recycling

Thom Hartmann: How Do You Create Change through Mass Movements?

My mom thinks Chris Matthews just said Romney is gay.

Southwest Airlines 50,000 points for signing up for their credit card ($69 annual fee)

Jurors hit the wrong button a lot

Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign former Rutgers DT Eric LeGrand, paralyzed in a 2010 game