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Well, this is awkward re: Chat Roullette (pic)

'How the US Press Lost Its Way' by Robert Parry at

White House Petition Response: Voting and Federal Elections (National Election Day)

DU Poll: Do you know a republican that plans to vote for President Obama?

Western premiers fume as Mulcair sticks to ‘Dutch disease’ guns

Why Mitt Romney and the GOP Love Debt

From Rebuild The Dream: Tell Sallie Mae to work with student loan borrowers, not against.

President & First Lady greet the family of Specialist Leslie H. Sabo, Jr.-WH Photo of the Day May 16

"They don't get us."

If you missed Joe Biden in Ohio today

Caption Romney speaking with the press

A friend on Facebook just called Obama more conservative than Reagan ...

Wow. "How FBI Entrapment Is Inventing 'Terrorists' - and Letting Bad Guys Off the Hook"

Happy 100th birthday Studs Terkel ! Here's a few classic Studs interviews from WFMT:

Vice President Joe Biden May 16, 2012 - pics

LAT Magazine: Promised Land

Why Do Conservatives Hate Freedom?

CHART: Spending, Taxes, And Deficits Are All Lower Today Than When Obama Took Office

Stretching dollars at the grocery store on household supplies, food

Here's The Link to Donate to Tom Barrett

Java Junkies, raise your cup if you are wrong in all the right ways......

Things that are LOWER today than when Obama took office: 1.Spending, 2.Taxes, 3.The deficit - IMAGE

Bobcats to interview Ewing

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Depicted In Dog Collar On GOP Candidate's Website

National Coalition For Men Endorses GOP Version Of VAWA Bill

Max Keiser: Devil's Breath: People drop debt all over US

at work today...

NC Non-Citizens Voting, Dead Offered Ballots, UNC Officials Embrace Voter Fraud

Missing episodes on Netflix streaming...

Verizon Wireless to end unlimited data plan

When General Grant expelled the Jews (Video)

Atlas Shirked: The Teenage Revolt Against “the Nanny State" by Rich Broderick at Truthout.

Lots of airport scannings in the airport.

Sophia A. Nelson on Ed Show

A right-wing effort to rewrite Wisconsin history to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the re-call.

Bloomberg News Service whines about Obama's plan to slap tariffs on Chinese solar products

They say there's someone for everyone. Now, there's someone for graywarrior.

Cat juvenile delinquents out behind the school:

MiddleFingerMom has fallen in love yet again.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Church Night

For WinXP...

N.Y. Giants unveil Super Bowl ring

Civic Literacy Exam

If Repubs Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage Again, Where Will Voter Anger Fall?

"Mitt's Miami Vice" by Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog

An Open Letter To President Obama

TYT: Medical Marijuana: Obama Vs 74% Of Americans

Wow, so glad that this thread is here....

Wells Fargo Foreclosure Leads Man To Commit Suicide

You think Romney would send someone else's children to die in Iran if he were elected?

Obama's Approval Rating Down After Photos Surface Of Him Eating Big Sandwich All Alone

JPMorgan’s Trading Loss Is Said to Rise at Least 50%

I KNEW there was something suspicious about that escalator.....

Allen West Says Gay Discrimination Don't Happen Here

FDA rejects 1-800-GET-THIN's proposed corrections to its 'misleading' advertising

More classic Bill Maher New Rules: Sarah Palin sees a witch doctor

Republican Senate candidate compared welfare recipients to lazy, scavenging raccoons

Floyd Mayweather Comes out in Support of Marriage Equality

The Tea Partied Republican War on Education – Ain’t That a Blip?

House Passes Violence Against Women Act Without LGBT Protections

Arrests After Accusation Lobbed at Two Men Accused of Fondling

Greenwald: Obama’s new free speech threat

My son just bought his first new car...

Tennessee Walking Horses Tortured **GRAPHIC VIDEO**

Romney campaign keeping reporters away from the Bully by force if necessary

What if a plumber does not want to work on a problem at Planned Parenthood? Or....

In the midWest when you shake on a deal, it a done deal. Also being polite and neighborly is the

Energy industry uncovers old shipwreck site in Gulf of Mexico

Mim is remembering the Good Old Days...

Martin Bashir - Rep. Yarmuth: Boehner plan is 'the definition of insanity'

Daughter of Cuban leader Raul Castro to visit U.S.

Breaking Fox Poll: Obama is Opening up a Can of Wup on Romney

PPP: Obama holds small lead in NC

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 May 2012

U.S. tax exile Kenneth Dart pockets €400m from Greek crisis

Teacher fired over pregnancy can sue religious school

The C's on the road take care of business...

Charlie Crist vs Jim Greer...Will be a duzy

In Ohio, "fracking" boom a delicate issue for Obama

Gimme an A or I’ll Get You Fired—Student Blackmail, Latest in Ed Deform

The Politics of Motherhood

Any day you are not licked by a giraffe is a good day.

12-year-old Ontario girl slams modern banking system, becomes YouTube hit

The Chris Rock Show....Election 2000 coverage w/correspondent Wanda Sykes

As much as I bash Obama, he is the only thing standing between us...

Saw three Stooges at the budget theater:

1992. What is significant about that year?

Poll asks about "impression of Mitt Romney's proposal to cut federal income tax rates by 20 percent"

Alabama legislature passes new immigration bill

Drug Tests & College Graduations.

Odd. Yougov/Economist poll: Romney leads Obama by 4%

What's amusing about this

FBI: Hundreds of letters with white power likely the work of someone in Texas

D.C. police to allow Sikh officers to wear beards, religious items on job

Amigurumi Alien baby

GOP legislatures hit back at gays on two fronts

Meet Michele Bachmann's mentor. He's running for Congress.

Is "Prepping" Practical Or Paranoia?

I see that small fellow, Jimmy O'Keefe, has decided to take on Adam Limehouse,

What if a cop refuses to address a threat to a pharmacist who refused to fill

Do you think Edwards is going to jail?

Farewell, San Francisco USD

Mayor Corey Booker (D) and Gov Chris Christie (R) team up for NJPALCC video

Is John Edwards a criminal?

Richard Engle On Maddow Tonight

LynneSin's blind date exceeded all of her expectations.....

Doors to Limbaugh's Missouri "Honors" Locked, guarded by armed Missouri Highway Patrol members

VP Joe Biden stops at Ohio Dairy Queen, buys local children ice cream - w/pics

Federal Judge Blocks Indefinite Detention Provisions Of NDAA

So, I'm off to my new gig as Hostess at Red Lobster......

May 2006: Mary Cheney refers to John Edwards as “total slime” during an interview with Diane Sawyer

Member survives two alerts on him in a thread, he's told of one, but shoots himself anways.

VAM Bashing From the Right

Greece's new caretaker PM jokes about name

TSA pat down known terrorist and then let him on plane

Carpenters Union Supports Rachel Barrios-Van Os for State Party Chair

Greg Sargent, WaPo Op/Ed: How Mitt Romney gets away with his lying

The Last Word - Tea party vows even more obstruction


New Puppy!

Scalia will have to eat his words, again....

All my proactive preventative efforts have failed...

39% of Union Households in Wisconsin Support WALKER???

Ballad of Seamus Romney

Duane Hanson original - and a few other works of art

NEW MEME: Romney's prairie fire of LIES!

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Wednesday, May 16)

I read it in the DU Gungeon...

Linksys - Wireless-G Router

Embrace The Punt (A town in Ireland goes back to the Punt)

Mo. softball team excluded due to pastor's bisexuality

RFK Jr.'s estranged wife, Mary, found dead in NY

Is U.S. going above and beyond for Israel?

I just saw Steve Tyler in that new Burger King commercial

So apparently Lurch the Fucking Stiff's handlers....

I'm 58 and I just got a BS in Management of Technology.

Obama wants tough rules after JPMorgan loss: report

Toons: The New Greek Olympiad, Same-Scheme Marriage, Fire-Fighter Mitt and More. - 5/16/1

Whites Account for Under Half of Births in U.S.

Md. passes income tax hike on six-figure earners

One Month...and counting...

I am back to save the universe

IMF chief warns on cost of Greek exit from euro

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, May 16)

Obama awards Medal of Honor posthumously to Vietnam hero

same sex marriage opposition summed up in one 'toon

The Democrats should take some advice from Syriza and stand for something.

Number of days since Clarence Thomas' crimes uncovered: 479 and counting!

Greece eurozone exit extremely expensive: IMF chief

Avatar selection

Can US banks be trusted to self-regulate?

Biggest has-been horse's ass "singer" I've seen so far.

MP calls for gays to leave Lithuania (be driven from the country)

Assad’s Fourth Division Jihadis

Taibbi on Goldman naked short selling

Missouri License Plates: Lawmakers Move To Ban University of Kansas Logo

'CNN’s Racist Depiction of The Black Church and Gay Marriage'

Human rights report on Colombia panned as 'whitewash'

Jerusalem Rabbinical Court Grants Rabbis Custody over Nablus Tomb, Violates Oslo Status Quo

Dullards and Criminals.

Well, I just had eye surgery on the 15th...

Urgent: Help Fox news beat voter fraud

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday May 17th

Who believes that Bush stole 2000 election?

Rush Limbaugh allowed entrance into Missouri Hall of Fame at an undisclosed location

Homeland Battlefield Act Portion Found Unconstitutional By New York Judge

Anyone use Hazel?

NYTimes: Storyboard for Hit Piece on Obama Leaked From Joe Ricketts' Super PAC

National Enquirer: Did Obama out Robin Roberts out

Wall St. and Congress: Who Regulates Who?

May 17, 1954: Brown v. Board of Ed is decided

May 17, 1954: Brown v. Board of Ed is decided

Excellent piece of Dan Rather on Stephanie Miller of Bush AWOL and corporate media

Many trapped in poverty survive off of a little more than a dollar a day.

Starting Nov. 1 all Oklahoma applicants for assistance must have drug screening

J.C. Penney Is the New Sears: Ron Johnson Has Done “Incalculable Damage,” Davidowitz Says

Judge Blocks Controversial NDAA Provisions

How Bain does it

Spot on Plante 'toon

Bill Clinton, Boehner, And Some Other Rich White Guys Had A "Summit" And Agreed: It's Your Fault

You Set The Scene: How to Use Scene Modes on Your Camera

How the Christian Right's Homophobia Scares Away Religious Young People

Alan Grayson: Unemployment--Why

900 Cries For Help... Now She's Dead

Wal-Mart Reluctance to Reveal Bribery Is Common Business Posture

Plan for Vt. Windmills Causes International Furor

Census: Minority births top whites

Corbett is being flown around by Empire Beauty Schools

Denver Union Approves Contract Extension

Scotland: Arrests over anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook

Glaxo’s Melanoma Cocktail Slows Cancer in Study

Coffee May Help Drinkers Live Longer, U.S. Study Suggests

Plans to strike Iran "ready", says U.S. Israel envoy

It's Getting Lonely for Merkel within Her Party

How Small Groups Can Power Big Change

Am I being overly sensitive?

Bill Moyers/Simon Johnson: Are JPMorgan's Losses A Canary in a Coal Mine?

"What Mischief Does Li'l Mitt Get Into This Time?"

Online comment-writers to get own internet

All it took was one Bain ad and Romney folds up like a cheap accordion?

Fox Poll: Majority Opposed To Constitutional Marriage Amendment

Fox Poll: Majority Opposed To Constitutional Marriage Amendment

Do you think wealthy liberal Democrats will make big contribution to Obama Super-Pac??

FL State Attorney Angela Corey sets the record straight on Inside Detroit regarding Marissa Alexande

The Texas Farm Bureau Applauds Domino's Support for Gestation Crates

A Tollway in Dallas and the Absurdity of Building Duplicative Infrastructure

Too Often, a New Baby Brings Big Debt

G.O.P. ‘Super PAC’ Weighs Hard-Line Attack on Obama

Obama “just not an American”

African American, because I can’t forget

Agency honors first African-American federal officer killed in line of duty

A New Count of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids

Poll: New Jersey Voters Support Gay Marriage, Want It Brought To A Vote

African-American's roots revised

Ex-Houston cop not guilty in Chad Holley beating

Willie Middlebrook dies; photographer documented African American life

Photos: "Body Jars," Cliff Coffins Are Clues to Unknown Tribe

Not a black-and-white issue for HBCUs

If this man were alive, would you vote for him for POTUS? I would.

The Romney campaign’s strange response to Bain attacks

Romney Raises $40.1 Million in April, Nearly Matching Obama

Walkergate II: Son Of John Doe

MI public-works employee finds gun at work -- turns it in -- loses job for having a gun at work.

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (05/17/2012)

New Fight on a Speaker at a Catholic University

Millionaire man Maldonado answers critics

Hudson Bay: Vacation Destination 2070?

Robert Kuttner: A Tale of Two Elections

Medvedev Warns of 'Full-Blown Wars'

Don't you wish

Maybe They Can Bring Back Keyes

Krugman: Spending and Growth

Does anyone here self-reflect that they may have prejudices?

Whoa....Wisconsin moved from Lean O to Tossup..

What's it like to work with a personal trainer?

Obama Camp Rebuts Karl Rove In New Video

Two types of Republicans

Breaking Fox Poll: Obama is Opening up a Can of Wup on Romney

I can't stand John Edwards. I never could stand John Edwards, but

Judge Blocks Controversial National Defense Authorization Act

applegrove's kitty:

Sometimes bigger is DEFINITELY not better. Ow-ow-OWWIE!!!!

I don't buy that the fiscal crisis in 2007-2008 was caused just by the banks or homeowners

Politico: Sunday talk shows don't want to appear partisan. (I am LOL)

MFM (#40) was a star highschool b-ball player & woulda given MJ a run for his money in the NBA..

The GOP has its own source of nourishment: Mother's Milk.

Right to Work legislation ready to go in Wisconsin

12-year-old Ontario girl slams modern banking system, becomes YouTube hit


Senate GOP backs radical Ryan plan

Conservative Super-PAC Prepares To Launch Major Ad Campaign To Blast Obama Over Jeremiah Wright

Mitt Romney raising money at home of 'morning-after pill' exec ($50,000-a-plate fundraiser )

Ohhhhhhhh does this sound familier?

Replay of Charles Franklin info Youtube

A Terrible Act of Reason: When Did Self-Immolation Become the Paramount Form of Protest?

Soot May Help Shift Tropics North

College drops health care plan over religious objections to new law

Best Buy's surprisingly insecure approach to new PC setup

CNN Story Title: White babies not the majority anymore . . .

How RW Homophobia is driving young ppl away from Xtianity in droves.

NRC researching nuke plant licenses past 60 years

Maybe we can put to rest, the sly, opportunistic talk that the Obama economic recovery is faltering

Pakistan Accepts NATO Summit Invitation

In honor of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Activist Chen Guangcheng says passport application done

So I just checked out the "Mens Group" for the first time....

Cuban congressional freak-out over Visa for Raul Castro's LGBT advocate daughter

NYT: GOP donor wants to resurrect Jeremiah Wright attacks

Low-dose study finds no effects


If an armed man breaks into my home and I attack him, can he shoot me and claim self defense?

The Surprising $100 Billion Solar Investment

Something Stinks About The Whole John Edwards Criminal Trial

Daily POTUS Hug

Israeli fire wounds seven Palestinians in Gaza

ReTHUGs can swiftboat Democratic candidates with LIES


Actual Fox "News" Screenshot. Ohh, the Irony!

Romney Courts Hispanic Vote With Animated Sombrero-Wearing Parrot

Data suggests drug treatment can lower U.S. crime

Terrorists blur into freedom fighters By Brian M Downing

London police use 'quick' cellphone data extraction system against suspects

Aundaray Guess, Artist and Writer, on Graduating from NYU as an Adult with HIV

Mr. Fish Toon-I Believe

Obama awards MH,vows for nation, shameful mistake should never be repeated.

Why Is Mario Batali on Food Stamps?

Recovery Begins When Addiction Ends: An Open Letter to Jamie Dimon

Bob Bradley In Egypt

When "Christians" use the Bible to attack same sex marriage

A Sitting NY Supreme Court Judge With Cancer Makes A Plea For Medical Marijuana

Republicans Attack Biden, Obama Over Coal

Thursday TOON Roundup 1- Willard's endorsements

Thursday TOON Roundup 2-Disunion

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Gamblers and Crooks

Job Creators?

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

What's with the Wade thug routine?

'Khamenei told me that Israel must be burned to the ground'

(FL) State DOT worker took $30,000 in bribes, feds say

Just after birth of twins, SC mom hospitalized with flesh-eating bacteria, undergoing surgery

Senate Intell Committee To Release Report: We didn't learn shit from torturing people.

Another possibly fracking-related quake in east Texas

Teen Finds Finger in Arby's Sandwich

Jobless claims steady, labor worries persist

Auto-Tuning Humanizes Robotic Romney

Federal spending, taxes, and annual budget deficit all lower now than when Pres. Obama took office

Blue Jay Lawrie gets 4-game suspension for hitting umpire with helmet

Who Are the Other Americans Now?

Romney is worth $230 million dollars not including another $100 million he put into a trust for kids

Gay marriage: Obama gets on the right side of history

Reasons companies are not hiring

Manufacturing in Philadelphia Area Shrinks for First Time in Eight Months

Hondurans demand DEA leave after shooting

Hondurans demand DEA leave after shooting

Seasonal contest

If Romney's PAC's go after Obama on Wright then we should go all out on Mitt's Religion

Regarding Manny Pacquiao

Why the Lies keep coming...

The President & Dems haven't passed a budget in 3 years . . . tired of hearing this

Post a favorite tune from the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

The situation in Greece got me thinking........

48 things that will make you feel old (like you needed the help)

Will gas hit $100/gal before the next POTUS is out of office?

Joe Barton has a serious challenger in District 6.

Hinkley nuclear power station delay deals blow to government hopes

Foreclosures Tumble to Five-Year Low as U.S. Housing Recovering

You can love and support your children,

Texas Windstorm Insurance board approves 5 percent rate increase

A letter from Mark Zuckerberg - (really written by Andy Borowitz)

Obama's Dirty Obamacare Trick! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!

Gas Drillers Spent $1.3 Million Lobbying Legislature on Gas Law; Environmentalists spent $51,000

Biden Touts Auto Recovery to Rally Democrats to Re-Elect

Schedule for Bobfest North May 19

Lookie Lookie! Hampton plea deal means criminal charges coming for Ensign???

François Hollande, leads by example, cuts his pay and government ministers by 30 percent

Here is a BLS paper describing undercounting of long-term discouraged umemployed:

Index of U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Falls 0.1%

Mike Coffman (colorado congressman) says President not American

VP Biden Live in Martins Ferry

Republicans seek "extremely literate conservative African-American" for role in Obama SwiftBoating

what can you teach a chicken?

As long as we are talking religion

How to make people 'love' nuclear power

Poll: 74 Percent Want End To Medical Marijuana Raids

Uber-Wealthy Capitalist Gave a TED Talk -"Rich People Don't Create Jobs"- And TED Refuses to Post It

Cain to campaign with Romney...that should lock in the highly coveted sexual predator vote. CAIN!

Koch Brothers, Republicans Join Forces To Close Technology Gap On Obama, Democrats

Help donate a free mammogram a day to underpriviledged women with just a click!

What madness is this that when we have beautiful women in our country some people want to marry men?

North Korea nuclear reactor construction progressing

Donna Summer passes

Guitarist/Musician/craftsmen opinions wanted! Is this cool or bullshit?

Obama on the View delivers Record Ratings

Senators to Unveil the ‘Ex-Patriot Act’ to Respond to Facebook’s Saverin’s Tax ‘Scheme’

McCain, Romney Camps Decry Super-PAC Proposal to Attack Obama on Rev. Wright

73-Year-Old Woman With a 20-Year-Old Body (w/video)

Now *this guy* knows how to make a protest sign.

Donna Summer Dead at 63

Papantonio: Republicans The Losers In War On Terror

Is it appropriate to tell a female she has her panties in a twist?

Democrats’ Odds of Retaining Senate Improve

DU This Fundie Blog's Poll: Do you support President Obama's declaration favoring same sex marriage?

NYer & Ali Soufan take apart the tissue of lies told by Jose Rodriguez on 60 Minutes.

Big Oil Delivers Its To-Do List-- And It's Not To Dare Do List--To The Congressmembers It Has Bought

The transit of Venus, trigonometry, and the size of the solar system.

I'm sure that just like Colbert and Stewart there won't be any coordination here:

Demand, and the demand for jobs

Russian police clash with Occupy protesters at two Moscow sites

Tim Tebow’s lawyers go after makers of “My Jesus” shirts

A Judge’s Plea for Pot

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Super-PAC Plans To Bash Obama

The President and First Lady Announce the 2012 Launch of Veterans and Military Families for Obama

Last Dance...Donna Summer dead at 63.

Pre-ordering school supplies

Dog question. One of my Labs has recently developed the bad habit of

House GOP Defense Bill Calls For Billions More In Defense Spending Than Obama Plan

I just heard at work that Chuck Berry passed ... can't confirm ... anybody know if this is true?



My bully and Mitt Romney

Bringing Back Rev. Jeremiah Wright Puts ‘Mormonism On The Table’

How many times does it need to be proved before people start to care?

Judge Suspends War Crimes Trial Of Ratko Mladic

Prosecutors give closing argument in Edwards trial

The fact this was voted to be left alone 2-4 is only a small part of why I'm posting it.

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway buys Media General newspaper group

Any former Yalies here? Sad news...

Greeks not alone in bank savings exodus

Debrief: a word that means the exact opposite of itself.

The Biofuel Greenhouse Gas Emissions Labyrinth

Bibi on Romney: 'We did not know each other that well'

Freepers commit mass suicide...BREAKING

You agree with this statement? Its a lot easier to vote for someone you like than someone you hate

Rachel Maddow last night exposed link between wife-beaters and mail-order bride tycoons, and GOP...

Whatever happened to the idea of starting an antinuclear activism group?

Senate Confirms Fed Board Nominees

Trayvon Martin Case Shadowed by Series of Police Missteps

Randi Rhodes comment about GOP attack on family finances.

Rest in peace, dear lady ___ 'There Will Always Be a You,' Donna Summer

Developer: Can't have casinos everywhere

The Guardian: Conservative thinktanks step up attacks against Obama's clean energy strategy

need help identifying strange bird at my feeder, looks something like this:

Trayvon Martin: "...gunshot wound to the chest fired from “intermediate range,” ..."

Exposing "The Homosexual Agenda"

Fred Davis, Joe Ricketts Disavow Rev. Wright Proposal

Dennis Prager: white people believe in American values more than non-white people

Dim All The Lights - We Loved To Love You

So why are so many billionaires willing to spend millions to defeat Obama?

Question about election-year DJIA

Iran Attack Decision Nears, Israeli Elite Locks Down

Is this a bug? Somehow I managed to recommend the same thread twice?

John Lewis is on Andrea Mitchell discussing the restrictions to voting across the country

At this point in time, has the autopsy report changed your view of Zimmerman's guilt?

CBS sets the trap, the right steps in it.

For those who question whether Republicans are racist...

It's been 3 years since the federal minimum wage was increased

Found it on facebook...

Solar Power Prices More Competitive Than Thought: BNEF

Shaving a picture of Matt Bonner in his head could net a young Spurs fan an in-school suspension

"I'll take a lot of credit for a man landing on the moon" VP Biden mocks Romney

Spain and Ireland Did Not Overspend and Overborrow

What cookies did Romney choose to eat? Vanilla cream, lol

What Do GMO Seeds Have to Do With Bee Die-Offs in the Corn Belt?

James Abdnor, Former South Dakota Senator, Dies at 89 (R who succeeded McGovern)

Thom Hartmann: Can Romney win only by lying?

Toon: Game is Over

Hello, I'd like to have an argument, please. n/t

Obama's clean debt-ceiling request stuns Boehner

Google Ads on the NYT/Five Thirty Eight website is generating an ad for...

Donna Summer, Queen of Disco, dies at 63

French ministers sign up to austerity wages and sober code of conduct

If Walker wins Recall, I predict that Romney will select Paul Ryan as his VP

Softening, Merkel Says She Is Open to Stimulus for Greece.

Preying on the Poor

A Fox News poll — yes, Fox — puts Obama ahead 46-39

Vermont first state to ban fracking

When some people find something but others do not

High-Fructose Diet Slows the Brain, Hampering Memory and Learning

A More Perfect Union - Boston Phoenix

Reuters: Israeli decision to attack Iran nears

How To Create an Angry American - The Bush Regime Lies That Led Us to Iraq - video

Hilarious irony - Rmoney and the nutbag billionaire hater from Chicago

The Rude Pundit - The Re-N*****ing of Barack Obama (2012 Version)

Tamron is on fire again today, whipping Armstrong Williams. nt

Loss of biodiversity Could Rival Climate Change,

New Rules Target Sexual Assault Epidemic Among LGBT Inmates

Fitzgerald Inc. Reveals GOP Plans for a "Right to Work" Wisconsin

Greece cannot fix Greece. Europe will have to accept Growth (and inflation)

Fitzgerald Inc. Reveals GOP Plans for a "Right to Work" Wisconsin

I have an idea for a O2012 ad

Fukishima update:

Hooliganism for dummies

773-404-2827 Option 5

How do you guys feel about assisted suicide?

It would be wonderful if Rev Wright found a way to sue these idiots for using

The futility of tryinhg to discuss anything at all with a right-winger...

(Romney) blueprint for a hate-filled, divisive campaign of character assassination speaks for itself

Poll: 47 percent of Russians believe the media can turn people gay

Senate Republicans block Iran sanctions vote

Patriotic Biker

When you turn the lights on, cockroaches tend to scatter

Gotta Vote

Australasia has hottest 60 years in a millennium, scientists find

Ancient Giant Turtle Fossil Was Size of Smart Car

Religion Deserves More Study by Scientists, Say Researchers

Thursday thrashes thru the end of the week. Please come CAPTION the Mitt-ster!!!

Venezuela: Economy could grow as much as 7 percent

Arrests over anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook

Harrisburg Area Community College eliminating up to 43 positions, plus increasing tuition

'Pro-family' group runs radio ads to keep kids out of school on Harvey Milk Day

The attack ad on Romney being a French Communist Zombie will not be released.

How can you communicate with someone that is too close-minded to hear the facts?

Pulpit Politics: Religious Leaders Should Persuade, Not Pronounce

These are the times when austerity is needed

Biden incredulous at GOP claims to understand middle class

NASA estimates 4,700 'potentially hazardous' asteroids

Religion can improve your self-control — even if you don’t believe in God

In Florida the "Stand Your Ground" law still enjoys strong support from voters ...

An abrasion on his index finger! Well, there you go. George HAD to shoot the little fucker.

GOP also-rans airbrush their anti-Romney scripts, make nice — more or less

Phrase of the day is "almost took my breath away." Modify any thread to include.

No Gays Allowed on Oklahoma Election Board?

Fukushima Daiichi: It May Be Too Late Unless the Military Steps In

When a right winger posts some talking points on a social media sight, or in a group setting,

chief sponsor: Amendment One “is only backwards if you think that forward is a good thing”

A little exchange with My Favorite Wingnut:

Phrase of the Day: Bushy Nut Nibbler. Modify a thread title to include "Bushy Nut Nibbler"

Rmoney is talking live right now and I can see his magic underwear.

Romney smacking his lips again on the teevee

Mike Thompson toon: Willard Rmoney schools Warren Buffett on GM

Cuomo Seeks to End City’s Fingerprinting of Food Stamp Applicants

RW columnist: Less black people escaped slavery than voted for Obama, they WANT white supremacy

Toronto mayor makes surprise appearance at anti-homophobia event

Good Luck Getting Laid

My sister is having problems with her feet going numb and has been to a GP and a podiatrist.

Amid ‘Sabotage’ Investigation, Honeywell Lays Off Plant’s Entire Union Workforce

I'm gonna love Lilly Tomlin in this new show. I love Lilly!

Here's a conservative who opposes voter ID laws.

USPS to close or consolidate 140 mail sites

Did Obama Push Romney to the Right?

Trippy Thursday freaks out. Please come CAPTION the Mitt-ster!!

JMG: The Twilight of Protest

Safety inspections don't hurt businesses-study

Is there a way to draw more attention to announcements?

Is there an extremely literate douchebag who can speak to conservative douchebags out there....

(Maryland) Delegate warns of 'black youth mobs'

New York police plan changes to "stop and frisk"

Diet panel to tackle question: Did TEPCO want to desert Fukushima plant?

I'm sorry Ahmadinejad, Kim Jung Hu, Al-Assad, & Netanyahu - I can't remember what I told you

'US played right into Al-Qaeda hands in Yemen'

Brazil Navy investigates new oil spill off coast

Anti-War Protesters March to Obama Campaign HQ, European Consulates

Pirate guards need global guidelines: U.N. agency

US drone strikes kill civilians in Yemen

Trickle up economics. I use to be against some of these ideas but the positive effect they have

Are there any browsers, or add-ons for them, that stop the bars many sites put on top?

Martin Bashir needs to change his name to "Martin FUCKING Bashir," effective NOW. Read this...

Romney: "I don't know what I said, but I stand by it"

1000+ Italian Activists Liberate Beagle Puppies in Daylight Raid

Whatever I said, I stand behind it....Romney

H-P gains on layoff reports (30,000 jobs); techs slip


IMO Mark Holden general counsel for Koch Industries

CMD Releases New Report “ALEC Exposed in Wisconsin: The Hijacking of a State”

So basically Romney has threatened to use Rev. Wright if Obama uses Bain

Burma rewarded for political reforms as US names Derek Mitchell ambassador

Kucinich, Conyers look to block White House effort to expand drone strikes

No One Else To Fuck

So, what's your favorite forum? And your favorite group?

Canada axes green advisory body

Facts About The Rich And Job Creation Are Too ‘Politically Controversial’ For TED Talks

The Ted talk that is tooo politically incorrect....

The daily Lounge inspirational post

Anybody interested in studio lighting?

Facebook's Saverin says to pay millions in U.S. tax

Republicans Haven't Always Been Against Raising the Debt Ceiling

A question about my dog

The moment you realize you're completely fucked

Loveland enacts emergency fracking ban, Ft. Collins may follow

Senate Banking Committee to ask Dimon to testify

Woman suffers severe burns after rocks collected on beach ignite in her pocket

Ok it's been proven I am guilty of this here.

The "Free Market" Lie

Nobody can say that MFM hasn't ALWAYS been one hip dude

Passive Agressive Birds

Greece in crisis: this is not a quarrel in a faraway land

*Awkward*!1 Ellen's taped show played Donna SUMMER's "Not Stuff" just now

Romney's April fundraising haul...

Obama 'metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln.' as presented by Huffington

Arby's customer in Jackson, Michigan finds piece of finger in sandwich

Did Mitt have a meltdown yesterday? Hope not, because then they will not let him have any debates.

Hewlett-Packard Said to Consider Cutting Up to 25,000 Jobs (Meg Whitman in action)

C'mon, America, you're not Really Going to Elect Mitt "Empty Vessel" Romney, are ya?

Just saw this t-shirt at the mall:

Bad doggie

Vilma sues Goodell

NASA science: revealed.

Hey kids! New feature!

Barbara Ehrenreich: Looting the Lives of the Poor

Tide and time ...

Here's a neat quote from my daily cryptogram.

Thom Hartmann: US-Colombia Trade Deal a New Low for Workers

If every DUer could ban any other DUer, who would be the last one left?

Thom Hartmann: Why Common Cause is suing the U.S. Senate

The Lure of Ideology

A Judge’s Plea for Pot

The View from Now Here

Got the results of my PET scan last Monday. I am officially

Kentucky man buys out entire Kmart, donates it all to charity

They say more than 3 means...

Gallup: Romney Registers Personal Best 50% Favorable Rating

John Waters Picked up Hitchhiking by Indie Band in Ohio

Rest in Power, Sister Donna

Can racism be unlearned?

Turning Down Electricity Use in the Bay Area

Alabama governor wants more discussion on immigration law

U.S. Slaps High Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels

Have you looked at your ballot? Effing s**t!!!

Roubini: Get Ready for the Spanish Bailout

Please watch Nich Hanauer's 6 min video on DU front page and Video and Multimedia Forum

David Cameron defends 'make up or break up' euro warning

Robert Scheer: Obama Can’t Knock the Hustle

60-plus guns going back to 3 members of Hutaree militia

Raul Castro's daughter granted US visa

if anyone is interested -

Cops, Witnesses Back Up George Zimmerman's Version of Trayvon Martin Shooting

Tweety starts with the New York Times article on the attack on Obama

Exclusive | Geithner: 'I Don't Understand' Why Debt Ceiling Debate Is Back

Romney: Obama Bain Attacks Are ‘Character Assassination’

Proposal: The Jackie

DETROIT: Large increase in women getting Concealed Pistol License.

I miss the southwest. Anyone care to post some pretty pictures for me?

Mixed Messages From Capitol Hill on J.P. Morgan Loss

The undercover persecution of Muslim Americans

Chuck Todd's mouth is full of right wing talking points. You can never pin this guy down on

The Tea Is Getting Weaker

Greece downgraded deeper into junk

It could just be me, but I thought this ironic enough that George Carlin could have worked it...

Marshall says 'sodomy is not a civil right'

Why is it off limits to say that Romney is a Mormon??

Caption Romney serving cookies to the press

Unemployment would be a point LOWER (7.1%) if not for Cuts to Government - Wall Street Journal

ABC Breaking News: Trayvon Martin Had "Drugs In His System"!!! (it was THC)

Grange Brew: Tapping into Beer’s Agricultural Roots

Why YOU Should Boycott TED Talks

Seriously? The story being touted for the 5 o'clock news.

Dewhurst: Conservative PACs spreading 'untruths'

How's this for self hatred? Wisconsin's leading anti-gay crusader admits same-sex attraction

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.

How long will will I last? I have been a contributing member of DU since 2005.

FLASHBACK: Bobby Jindal's Exorcism Problem

OFA: Joe Ricketts and Fred Davis Had "Plan" to Run Race-Baiting Ads

Battered Indian Tribal Women Caught in Legal Limbo

Get ready to bend over for Verizon [again...]

Romney repudiated Rev. Wright attack after doing it himself in February

Obama Issues Yemen Exec Order

The Revisionaries - A documentary about the right's attempt to rewrite history and science...

Crappy Chuck TODD, Clarence PAGE, and Lewis BLACK on celebrity Jeopardy (don't open for SPOILERS)

A rant about President Obama I heard from a neighbor today.

(Japan nuclear) Kansai power crunch just political rivalry?

Dueling ads paint conflicting pictures of Romney’s Bain years - The Trail (3:17)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If the Obamas had just joined a church once in DC...

Early Honey Bounty in Central Arkansas!

Rmoney looks bored and uninterested

I would really appreciate an answer to my questions: Why can't we buy stars for other members?

Like Going to a Barber for Brain Surgery

According to Safeway's General Council: Pelosi and Clinton are worth less than pigs

The reality disconnect is strong in this post

OK, who cried havoc?

My new strategy for dealing with online wing nuts: Telling them that they're full of shit

Are these contact lenses or does this guy have the scariest eyes in the world?

How in all hell could the WI RePugs be "more motivated" than the Dems????

New Product Review: Nature's Hilights Brown Rice Pizza Crust

Marco Rubio attacks on cue about the US Visa for Raul Castro's daughter

John Travolta Allegedly Tried To ******* "Grease" Co-Star Jeff Conaway While He Was Sleeping

Move Your Money: Faith Leaders, Activists To Target Wall Street Banks Throughout Month Of May

Happy Anniversary Massachusetts

Two hot dudes team up against bullying

‘....I Stand By What I Said, Whatever It Was’

Regulator: Paddy Power ad which asked viewers to ‘spot the trans lady’ was offensive

Death by lap dance

I come to the Lounge to get away from "DRAMA"!

Is sending a PM really that exciting?

Obama Campaign Manager Counters “The Defeat of Barack Hussein Obama”

Preemptive raid against activists in Chicago... what's it going to take before you are pissed off

Thom Hartmann: Have you heard these stories in the Corporate News Media?

So, what does the lounge think of my new favorite band: Mumford and Sons?


Has there ever been a Presidential re-election campaign...

VIDEO: OFA: Joe Ricketts and Fred Davis Had "Plan" to Run Race-Baiting Ads

The Rachel Maddow Show - Romney: George W. Who?

From sonic boom to light whisper: Texas legalizes silencers for hunting

Fighting at gay rights march in Tbilisi Georgia

ABC news erroneously reports that JFK jr died before his mother


You guys ever participate in a jury...

What could possibly go wrong?

Neo-Nazi Tea Party activist abused girlfriend before killing her, a toddler and two others

FU, GZ..."Court docs: Trayvon Martin shooting 'ultimately avoidable by Zimmerman'"

Preying on the Poor

It must be RUN AWAY day - first Ricketts and now on "Obama born in Kenya"

OMG! Mitt Mania!

Senior Moments, Brain Farts

Lewis Black, Clarence Page and Fuggie Todd are the celebs

Robertson's Ranting is Typical of Tea Party Tantrums: "Break it!"

U.S. Agencies Join Forces with First Lady and Dr. Biden to Honor and Support Military Families

Tayvon Martin smoked weed - which now carries the death penalty in Sanford FL

"I would let a sleeping Big Dog sleep"...

You know what else they found in Trayvon Martin's blood?

More user metrics needed for Jury Duty

Help! How can I get the glue off the bottom of some plastic cups,


W.Va. taxpayers fund anti-Obama coal campaign

Fighter Jets In Skies Over Chicago On Friday Morning Before NATO Summit

Curt Schilling's check bounces - the mess gets bigger and bigger

Turkey Says Israeli Plane Violates N.Cyprus Airspace

‘Born in Kenya': Obama's literary agent misidentified his birthplace in 1991

Yeah, go ahead and roll out Rev. Wright and make religion a political issue.