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Aaaaarrrrr Maties... Parliament Ho!

Question about internet options to delete history

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

The K-Tel thread!

Governor Walker Defending "Divide And Conquer" Comment

Poll: 51% agree with Obama's endorsement of gay marriage

Black churches conflicted on Obama's gay marriage decision

Newsweek Cover Story Article: Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama: The First Gay President

Bill Maher Asks Joe Biden to Make More 'Gaffes' - LOL

Evangelicals and social conservatives are drawn to hate like a moth to a flame...

Joey Votto (Reds) hits 3 homers, walk off grand slam

Happy belated Birthday to TuxedoKat! They celebrated yesterday too!

Mitt Romney Weighs In On Time Magazine's Breast-Feeding Cover

Apparently we can be for gay rights in the abstract

Koch Brothers Exposed (the movie) Sat May 19th 7pm in Clovis (next to Fresno)

Crayon Dragon-This student film carries more of an emotional punch than most movies

JPMorgan Expected To Accept Resignation Of Chief Investment Officer, Source Says

Fresno's The Center for Nonviolence will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary! Sat, May 26 • 6 p.m.

Finland’s brilliant plan for dealing with nuclear waste: pulling a Keyser Söze

Democratic Wife Hits Republican Husband With Car Over Walker Recall (Not An Onion Story) |

Hilary Rosen: Straight people dont need help tearing down marriage. You're doing just fine as it is.

The Guinness Book of (Pointless) World Records

Were these JP Morgan trades two-sided?

Biospot "Defense"-- new formula is totally ineffective

Texting While Walking Banned in New Jersey Town

Monsanto WISHES it could make corn this cool

Moms rock!!! (Repost from DU2)

I would like to suggest that threads linking the Onion or Satire Political etc

Fox News has finally figured out that low gas prices are bad

You can NOT haz cheezburger

We Won't Pay for your Crisis - 'Indignants' back in Madrid's Puerta del Sol square

Strong Towns, Street Plans and Stroads

Mothers Day - not just breakfast but ICE CREAM breakfast in bed

the international jousting tournament in taylor texas

A new song...

Crash the Simpson-Bowles party

Stopping in to share new song about staying present.

HuffPo: Beer Sniffing Reporters Invade Pine Ridge

X-Post from Native American Forum: HuffPo - Beer Sniffing Reporters Invade Pine Ridge

Excuse me.

Time magizine knows its audience (breast feeding only on US editions)

Romney may face an uphill fight here in PA

It amazes me how many people who do not believe pseudo-science believe in dowsing.....

Global push to guarantee universal health coverage leaves US behind

JPMorgan Unit's Whole London Staff at Risk

Eastern Pacific folks - pay attention

NATO has failed Libya’s stricken civilians

The Obama team has a hell of a ground organization in Pennslyvania

Nyan Cat Goes Underground

It Could Happen to You

What did you get your mother for Mother's Day?

Did everyone know that Obama's mother was posthumously baptized by Mormons?!

There is something different in Mudville ver 3 than there was in ver 1 and 2

Given one must now reinstall Windows, is a 301GB Steam folder a *good* thing, or a *bad* thing?

Florida Charter Schools--good article/criticism.

Gay political donors move from margins to mainstream

Same sex marriage is more than just a symbolic issue.

Watch this animated short made by a film student. It will give you chills.

Why Equality Matters

Paul Krugman: Why We Regulate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 May 2012

Four Worst Media Misrepresentations of North Carolina's Anti-Gay Amendment One

Pentagon Issues Drone War Talking Points

E-Cigs I am about to start. Quitting is the goal

Bullying: A Personal Story

War Powers Reconsidered

Kings. Real.

Super weeds no easy fix for US agriculture-experts

The Evil of Monsanto

He was a bass player powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline

Companies must raise £28 trillion to finance 'wall' of debt

Sea Shepherd anti-whaling founder arrested in Germany

Admit it. You're here for the drama, aren't you?

And now . . . making her internet debut . . . Perpetual Motion Ruby!

Mother's Day Brunch Photos

The good that completely disconnecting for a week can do for your mind...and soul...

Yahoo! Chase that sword and fall on it.

"We'll always have Schadenfreude..."

Has anyone else here seen Laurie Anderson live....

Could Jeremey Lin be a potential future Bill Bradley?

Um, regarding your browser history...

Did I hear correctly?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, May 13)

Recent Worker's Power articles..........

It's alive! Zogby is doing polls again

AP Exclusive: Drawing focuses on Iran's nuke work

How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform (Matt Taibbi)

Global warming threatens pine forests, forcing federal officials to shift strategy

In Rebuke to Merkel’s Party, Social Democrats Win German Vote.

Union Rights Are Civil Rights

U.S. trains African soldiers for Somalia mission

Not to distract from all the drama, but there appears to be an actual technical problem with DU.

Words of Wisdom From Master Yoda (Photo)

Facebook has informed me that it is officially LynneSin's birthday

More are renouncing U.S. citizenship as IRS cracks down

NATO Underplayed Civilian Deaths in Libya: HRW

Mary Bono Mack pimps...and pimps HARD...for some unknown Romney Administration dangling carrot

Real estate and family

"Cheesy Grits"

$5 to someone that doesn't speak Italian that knows what's going on here!

For your pleasure....

Obama breaks the bigotry barrier

Arnie Gundersen warns Californians to watch Spent Fuel Pool 4 "Like a hawk"

400 Athletic Bilbao fans went to Hungary to see the Europa League Final (which was held in Romania)

What Occupiers Have Learned From Obama

Obesity in America, the HBO documentary and why “Big Government” needs to intervene!

FIFA test goal-line technology

Administrators, is there really nothing that can be done about code glitches re alerts?

Hierarchy's inability to mourn thwarts healing in church

So will we start to see Gov. stimulus money in Europe now? If so how soon?

(insert "hi" smiley here)

Protecting our troops: Military diaper vital combat equipment

Moody's Economic: Beneath the surface a recovery

Elizabeth Warren Calls on JP Morgan Chief to Resign from NY Federal Reserve Bank Board

Sick of hearing 31 states voted to ban gay marriage

Perception is is the attempt to standardize the metaphor of the depiction of space....

Harry's Law

Puppy's New Trick

Even a 12 year old knows about the banking system Public and private

13 or so minutes

Buddhism, Marxism and the Market

Calif. FBI agent missing, possibly armed, suicidal

Happy Mother's Day, FLOTUS!

They say that the first thing to go when you get old is your memory.

What's for Dinner ~ Monday May 14th

ShopRites Achieve Energy Star Rating

Venus Transit Timetable for most Cities and countries on earth.

Global Space Solar Power Working Group has held its first meeting

121-megapixel picture of Earth from Russia's Elektro-L No.1- most detailed photo yet

2 resign at Penn State following hazing incident!

Interplanetary internet The orbit wide web

NYC Gets a Huge Bike-Sharing Network, Largest in North America, Thanks to Janette Sadik-Khan (Citiba

Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?

my opinion

Queen to "resurrect" Freddie Mercury for 10th anniversary show

I watched Game Change for the Third time last night

Dog domestication may have helped humans thrive while Neandertals declined

Anyone catch Family Guy last night?

President Obama seeks to undercut Mitt Romney's record on jobs

Coming in from Boston to Chicago for the festivities of NATO protests

Angry woman crushes 2 week old kittens with hands

Joe Scum is defending JP Morgan this morning because they have so much money

Whose money did JP/MS lose?

Romney Economics

Joey Scar's panties in a wad early this morning. The new Obama campaign ad has hit

Hi. Anybody know a free or open source way to make Flash applets?

HAHAHA - Funny skit on SNL with George W. Bush returning.

Elizabeth Warren coming up on CBS Morning Show

Zimmerman's lawyer to get first look at evidence today

Duplicate post..

Chris Hedges: Colonized by Corporations

California Committing Educational Suicide

Hedges: How Our Demented Capitalist System Made America Insane

Tale of Two Cities: NYPD's Racist Arrests Create Class War in New York

Tammy Duckworth Takes on the Tea Party

Bill Moyers: Championing the Robin Hood Tax

Occupy Isn't About Electing Democrats--It's About Exposing a Broken System

What did it cost to travel to London or Athens from Ancient Rome?

Obama seeks to undercut Romney's record on jobs

New 'super' PAC hopes to woo younger voters

Paul Begala: Dick Lugar's Fate Shows When Right Is Wrong

JPMorgan exec expected to resign, AP source says

Doonesbury does it again!!!

Bloomberg: Michigan Pro-Union Move Shows Labor Wars May Help Obama

Obama Campaign Goes After Romney’s Record At Bain Capital

'Solidarity Kick-Off" In Wisconsin Launches Door-To-Door Gov. Walker Recall Effort

Looking for a spoiler for Games of Thrones.

Now THIS is how you sell underwear (SO Not Safe For Work)

So MornJoe has the gall to accuse Obama of going too far in naming Romney's donors

We've lost another one: Jay "Corey" Jones Commits Suicide After Relentless Bullying

Chris Hedges: Colonized by Corporations

You must do what the image will make you feel better

Some Alabama farmers cut back crops, citing illegal immigration crackdown

Angela Merkel's party gets its ass kicked in North Rhine-Westphalia elections

The most important difference between President Obama and Romney on marriage equality

Proud to Be a Democrat

Today in bad gay cinema...

"Vegeta, what do the nutrition facts say about its calorie level?!"

9 Nasty Truths About The Meals You Eat

Greece's moderate left says no government possible

dr handsome is pretty grown up

Paul supporters booed one of Romney's sons.

Beverly Hills blocking Los Angeles' 'Subway to the Sea'

Romney's hard up niece gets a sprinkler system - and Mittens gets chocked up about it.

bug eggs on my plum tree

Remembering Studs Terkel Who Would Have Been 100 yo 5/16/12

Fla. Gov. Rick Scott's chief of staff resigns amid scrutiny of state contracts awarded friends

Castaway sues Princess Cruises over rescue failure

Fed regulators in hot seat over JPMorgan loss

Australian project simulates effects of runaway climate change

"Obamacare beats the hell out of..."

RNC Chief: Leave Wall Street alone

'Sustainable' Seafood Labels Come Under Fire

Wow. Jeffrey Toobin: How Chief Justice John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision.

The Next Kennedy

Shit - when did I get old??

In Paris, Line 1 trains now fully automated at night; all times by end of year

What happens when I "Like" a company on Facebook

Money Unlimited-How Chief Justice John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision.

Let’s put Jamie Dimon on trial

Romney Economics: Bankruptcy and Bailouts at GST Steel

Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama: The First Gay President

Michigan Poll: Obama leading 45-40;

Romney Economics: Bankruptcy and Bailouts at GST Steel

Clay Aiken Tells Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins He'll Be Ashamed of His Opposition to Equality

Johnson: Jamie Dimon Should Resign in Shame

Stevie TV - on Facebook 'like'

IT'S A MANDATE! Mitt Romney's hellspawn Josh BOOED OFF STAGE in AZ.

The Sports World Reacts To Barack Obamas Marriage Support and NC Vote

Occupy Chicago Prepares For NATO

Oil prices slide as dollar strengthens

Dead Intern and the rest of the Republic Party sure can dish it out

Usually I am against grave dancing.

Hardcore Queen fans may LOVE this news, but I hope this hologram trend ends SOON.

Thanks Mom

If you don't already know about it, simply the best website ever by the Obama campaign.

The new Obama campaign ad on CNN now..

Quebec cops assaulting student demonstrators (video)

Romney Mitt: The Demon Barber of Cranbrook

The AUSTERIANS - by - Tom Tomorrow

Experimental psychologist Dan Ariely on the “Irrationality” of American inequality

Romney spin control (cartoon)

Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphins 'learn factory whelk waste times for food'

My aunt has right-side congestive heart failure

Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity

Saudi and Bahrain expected to seek union: minister

Former Nat'l Review Writer Claims White Supremacy Is ‘One Of The Better Arrangements History Has'

From last nights Family Guy - best Quote ever about the Tea Party!

Obama Ad - SLAMS - Romney on Killing Jobs at Bain!

Is there any doubt...

Mothers in Honduras without Much to Celebrate

Calif. FBI agent missing, possibly armed, suicidal

Inequality on the Island

America as a shining drone upon a hill By Tom Engelhardt

Let's have a bit of fun in GD today . . .

For my friends in the lounge: Flower of Eternity

Arizona Republicans warmly welcome Josh Romney

Obama To Newsweek: NO, You're Gay

Caught on Camera: LynneSin's Birthday Dance.

Display of 100,000 Floating LED Lights on a River in Tokyo

Obama Campaign's Website reveals "job-destroying corporate takeover artist"


What's It All About, Romney? "Richie Rich's Evil Twin"

Matt Bors' take on the Time magazine cover

My interview is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon...

FAA warns man who took video of bird strike with iPad

Is anyone thinking or going to buy any shares of Facebook when it becomes

Co-founder of Facebook, partner pledge $100,000 to Maine same-sex marriage campaign

ROMNEY / CHRISTIE 2012! "Christie's pension issue: N.J. probe looks at running mate, double-dipping"

Company Owned By Walker's Biggest Donor Paid -NO- State Corporate Income Tax In Recent Years

Global Gay Pride

Easy Sunday For Hate Group Leader On CNN, CBS

Lying about having a college degree is mere "embellishment", according to this.

"WINNER" Ashleigh and Pudsey - Britain's Got Talent 2012 Final

White House & Dems Back Banks over Protests...Feds Central to Occupy Crackdown

New Obama OMB director a Bain alum

National Hurricane Center Tracking Two Pre-Season Storms

Survey USA: Obama leads Romney 50-36 in Washington State

WH & Dems Back Banks over Protests: Newly Discovered DHS Files Show Feds Central to Occupy Crackdown

Chevron Sells 80% of Wheatstone Gas After Deal With Tohoku

R Emmett Tyrrell kicked some serious ass on C-SPAN!

GOP Rep. Lankford Explains Why It Should Be Legal To Fire Someone For Being Gay

Does filming your takeoff and landing really interfere with the operation of an airliner?


Newt’s Last Stand: Dispatches From The Frontlines of Republican Politics, Part 2

1 Data-point in 2001 tells entire story-Insane spending increases-timed with drastic tax cuts...

Ally unit ResCap files for bankruptcy

say what? John Edwards defense: prosecution theory OKs campaign-paid abortions

Two large quakes strike Peru-Chile border area – USGS


If we had Single-Payer Health Ins. the USPS would be solvent.

Obama's Bain ad: 'Like watching an old friend bleed to death' (Updated)

"It's not about hatred or bigotry of any type. It's about marriage being between one man, one woman"

If MFM weren't immortal:

How Chief Justice John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision

Positive jury result--With a couple of notations:

I like this group just fine!

Allen West Compares Riding His Motorcycle To 'Touching My Wife'

ROMNEY Announces Support For Corporations To Marry

Report Says 230,000 Unemployed Losing Benefits Over Weekend

Romney's Apologizes...NOW, Back To The Campaign...

'Cuse me, 'Cuse me, Mr. Romney what is your plan to bring the jobs back, especially women's jobs?

We Should Lay off Using Romney's Mormon Beliefs as a Criticism

Remember when Ahmadimejad claimed there were no gay people in Iran?

Corporate Media and the Austerity Campaign

Christie screws the pooch AGAIN

A Person Paper on Purity of Language

Wash. Man Bitten by Rattlesnake at Idaho Wal-Mart, or was is in Washington?

Who would you root for in a debate, a Mormon theologian or a Jehovah Witness theologian?

Thom Hartmann: The DOJ vs. Sheriff Joe's Racist Abuse

A GOP Unified Super-Fabulous Conspiracy Theory...Obama DID NOT Kill Bin Laden!

"I Wish"

Matt Taibbi fans...he's part of the panel on MSNBC's "Now with Alex Wagner," on now. n/t

TYT: Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets Sold Out In 2 Days

Howard Kurtz: Tamron Hall Was Wrong To Cut Tim Carney's Mic During On Air Clash

Is 'The New Normal' Falls Next Big Gay TV Show?

Obama Winning Investors by 49%-38% Against Romney in Poll

Americans Consume 80 Percent Of the World's Painkillers

If You Really Want To Innovate Put An Autistic Person On Your Team

President Obama shares some of his family pics & sentiment thinking back on his mother & Michelle

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - 14 May

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - 14 May

What Jamie Dimon didn't tell you on 'Meet the Press'

Romney Campaign Massively Downgrades The Number Of Jobs It Claims He Created From 100,000 To ‘1,000s

What is the acceptable "context" for the use of bigoted slurs

I need a giant vortex cannon!

DU Album of the Day: Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti

Russia Warns Against Training Syrian Rebels in Kosovo

Pic Of The Moment: Make Money The Mitt Romney Way

If the DNC

One of these kids just found out he was born to parents who would vote for Mitt Romney

Romney looking non-presidential

IATSE Busts a Move, Openly Organizes VFX Workers

Protesters arrested at Obama Chicago office ahead of NATO summit

Big Food and the illusion of choice

Just Dinner With Friends

Chesapeake’s house of financial horrors

DU Album of the Day: "Songs for Young Lovers" Frank Sinatra

Walker up by 9-points in new WI Recall poll, WI Dems upset with DNC

Mitt Romney has just announced his support for "Bully Rights"

Renewing a Queer (Religious) Agenda

War supplies collecting dust near Pakistan border

Exposed: MFM in his birthday suit. WARNING! Not appropriate for all viewers.

Nick Coleman, on "The People's Stadium"

Mr Gay World 2012 South Africa

Democrats take aim at oil industry tax breaks, partnerships

If Tom Cruise was running for President

University of Michigan Study: Economic downturn needed to slow global warming

It was Romney who decided that the faults of youth were fair political game

ERCOT looking for ways to keep lights for the summer, future

I LOVE these "Shelter Pet Project" TV commercials / videos...

Have you ever heard of Future States films?

"You ever hear of the saying "Life's not fair?"

Space X launch set for this Saturday

House Votes This Week to Tie Obama's Hands on Iran

Krugman: Months, not Years (Eurodämmerung)

Alert: The Stooopid is breeding!

Just being fair here...

Poor Bristol Palin. She can dish it out, but she can't take it....

Romney Campaign Massively Downgrades Number Of Jobs It Claims He Created From 100,000 To ‘Thousands'

Was Romney A Bully? America's Finest News Source

Sci Grad Student's Anti-Anti-Evolution speech

Saw a Craigslist help-wanted ad: canvassing for the Democratic Party

i turned on my heater. i am cold. i have been cold for three days

Dana Perino calls marriage equality "crass politics of the left"

Palestinian prisoners end hunger strike as agreement reached with Israeli officials

Stop the sale of Trayvon shooting targets

A reminder, Christie gave $1.57 billion in state tax breaks for 2,364 jobs, or $387,537 each

Heat's Bosh has MRI, ruled out indefinitely

New Poll: 62 Percent of Americans Support Same-Sex Unions

LIVE NOW: President Obama speaks delivers commencement speech at Barnard

LIVE NOW: President Obama speaks delivers commencement speech at Barnard xposted for your enjoyment.

Obama’s Commencement Speech at Barnard College (video, pics)

Most underrated dessert

Derrick Rose’s surgery successful, could be 8 month rehab

UC police arrest 9 as they clear Occupy the Farm

Why can't we discuss dry fried ass meat in Meta?

What backup systems do you use?

Did you know - thread jacking is a hideable offense

Anyone doing Early Texas research? (1820s - 1840s)

Crosspost: GOP Rep. Lankford Explains Why It Should Be Legal To Fire Someone For Being Gay

TOON: THIS MODERN WORLD: The Austerions from outer space are here to serve man

Forty-nine headless corpses found in northern Mexico

Invasion of the The Austerions (This Modern World)

Ex-Senator Espada Guilty of Embezzling From Health Care Network

It Officially Costs More To Be Overweight Than A Smoker In America

Howza'bout this? War crimes tribunal finds Bush/Cheney, et al guilty of war crimes.

On PBS tonight, make sure you watch "American Masters."

US Supreme Court refuses appeal over ship treasure

Senate To Advance Domestic Partnerships Bill This Week

"Dry fried ass meat" is the Lounge phrase for the day. Modify a title to include dry fried ass meat.

Republicans Urge Romney to Visit Israel Before 2012 Election

Walked by a tv with Faux News.. Mark Fuhrman

Uh-oh. Tweety is pulling a Wolf Blizter on Jeopardy...

Hawaii's Biggest Clean Energy Contract Generating Big Interest

I'm lounging in this Post

New meme image-WILLARD!

Colorado: special legislative session, per Civil Unions

My Huge Beef with the NBA

Obama will skip APEC in Russia

Robb is The King in the North!!!

18 Public Universities in Pa. agree to hold down tuition increases in return for no more budget cuts

NBC Anchor a Keynote Speaker at Conservative Fundraiser

back in the 70s ..............

Romney's JP Morgan Problem - Worse than his gay problem.

Senate To Advance Domestic Partnerships Bill This Week

EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Dems furious with DNC for refusing to invest big money in Walker recall

This from a friend in the forensic psychology field--

Local Police Union Switches From Walker To Barrett (Friday)

British PM under pressure over former spokesman

Columnist: Gov. Corbett is blind to the biggest fraud

So now we know who "the real Mitt Romney (please stand up)" is: Draco Malfoy

Add "Sweetie" to the word list.

Ron Paul to end active campaigning

President Obama needs to cite the Fourteenth Amendment whenever marriage equality is discussed.

Poll Shows Obama In Command In Minnesota

What do Repubs consider off-limits when attacking Obama?

One of our esteemed SC state senators may be removed from office. Can you guess why?

Navy study: Sonar, blasts might hurt more sea life

Climate Change and Conventional Wisdom

Ron Paul suspends campaign

Confessions of a Cheating Vegan

Top 5 Lightning Prone States

Arizona's Contraception Inquest a Victory for Corporate America

Survey USA: Minnesota looking good--Obama up by 14-points

Missing FBI agent now subject of a nationwide manhunt

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds Anya Kamenetz - Generation Debt

I keep reading that not having god in school is why teens are so screwed up...

Colorado civil-unions bill moved to "kill" committee

VIDEO: The beauty of pollination

Paul Cameron: Might need to stop ban on reparative therapy w/ violence even though it does not work

"The Rise And Shine Test: How to Tell Your Kid Brother Will Grow Up to Be Awesome"

New Conservative Talking Point: "Obama doesn't really care about gay civil rights"

Brown Proposes $8.3 Billion in Cuts for California

TSA - the most hated profession in America?

NATO killings whitewashed: Civilian bombing raid victims ignored

Paul Cameron: Might need to stop ban on reparative therapy w/ violence even though it does not work

"Christ's life was marked by poverty. He was born in a FEEDING TROUGH."

Lay off Romney and his Mormon beliefs?

Noam Chomsky on WikiLeaks, Obama's Targeted Assassinations and Latin America's Break from the US

The IAM Voter's guide (Molokai Voter Guide)

Revenge of the Dog

The R-evil-oution ends with a whimper. Paul to stop "active campaigning"

Great moments in Creation Science #348

Florida Legislature gets an "F" for cause and effect reasoning.

Five Facts That Put America To Shame

Brown Proposes $8.3 Billion in Cuts for California

Yesterday, I thanked Zoe Lofgren for helping my mother fight an illegal foreclosure.

YO, crude oil is below $95 a barrel, how come my gas isn't $2.99 a gallon petro fuckers

Gotta love Martin Bashir (MSNBC). He just ridiculed Rmoney

Why don't you dance with me?! I'm not no Limburger!

R.I. Gov. Chafee to order state recognition of gay marriages performed elsewhere

Lightsquared is dead (these are the guys who wanted to build a low-priced fiber network)

Same-sex marriage debate shifts to Congress

Elton John Donates Limbaugh's $1M to Obama Campaign

RI Governor Orders Recognition For Same-Sex Marriages Performed Outside The State

House Votes This Week to Tie Obama's Hands on Iran

Carroll Shelby 1923 - 2012

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Lifetime $12.98 from Amazon

Pete Hoesktra, Michigan Senate Candidate, Wants To 'Kill Federal Student Loans'

The buttered-bread/falling cat infinite energy

Pew: Half Say View of Obama Not Affected by Gay Marriage Decision

President Obama is presented with Medal of Distinction at commencement ceremony at Barnard College

Just returned from Early Voting. They asked for my Drivers License until I raised a stink.

President Obama to appear on The View May 15th - pics

RI Governor Orders Recognition For Same-Sex Marriages Performed Outside The State

Bristol Palin Receives Death Wishes Over Obama Blog Post

Republican House candidate: 'Either way, people and stegosaurs were living at the same time'

Commercial Space Market Models

anyone here been to valencia, spain in the last ten years or so?

Somebody replaced Joe Kline with a clone.

Jerry Brown Calls for 4-Day Workweek to Trim $15.7B Deficit

SpaceX Grasshopper landing gear

Diablo 3!!

Only one party’s to blame? Don’t tell the Sunday shows.

A Bully Never Forgets. Unless That Bully Is Mitt Romney.

Does anyone here use Parallels?

Lay off people working for Romney owned businesses

There’s always Toby Keith.

This is who I will be voting for for Senator this June: Mike Strimling

The harsh penalty for failure in the banking industry....

Marijuana may ease multiple sclerosis symptoms

Romney has a higher favorable rating than Obama in Maine, but still lags in poll...

Gesture Control System Uses Sound Alone

How About a DU Fundraiser to Defeat Walker


Romney campaign: Mitt destroying GST Steel was just like Obama saving the American auto industry

Unemployment: Why.

Why would a gay person frown on gay PDA's?

The most glorious and wonderful thing just happened to me...

Romney [Camp] Massively Downgrades...Number Of Jobs It Claims He Created From 100,000 To ‘Thousands’

Michio Kaku on Pacifica Radio 5/11 - status of #4 reactor - dire situation at Fukushima

Obama To Women At Barnard: ‘I Will Be Right There With You’

Tyrion slaps Joffrey for ten minutes in this video

Food For Thought: Clinical Profile Of The Sociopath

oh my, please caption...

President Obama Launches EV-Everywhere Challenge

Johnny Carson tonight on "American Masters"

DU Diablo 3 guild - let's start one

I made a nice picture for you all to look at.

America's Reckless Nuclear Policies Have Got to End


Papantonio: Obama Campaign Finally Gets Tough Against Romney

Best IRS letter ever

Kittens grow up

Yap, yap, yap

My local Early Voting place was telling voters they "need a drivers license". I protested.

Diablo 3 - let DU forge a group

TOONS: Romney, Job Creator or Job Destroyer?

The real danger to the elite are those educated middle-class men and women.

Massive fault found beneath Japan's Mount Fuji

Dr Helen Caldicott's video lecture about the dangers of nuclear fallout and Fukishima

Obama’s Barnard College Commencement Speech Win

I'm not laying off shit!

Is there an economic model that transcends the current one:disposable consumer goods + war ?

A Ticket, 3 Taser Jolts and, Perhaps, a Trip to the Supreme Court

Sorry to revisit this but it keeps coming back like a bad penny

Oh, my God--the poet Ai died.

Light-powered bionic eye invented to help restore sight

Rush Limbaugh inducted into MO Hall of Fame in private ceremony

CHART: Scott Walker Has A Long Way To Go To Keep His Job Creation Promise

Republicans - Are you sure you want to continue this fight?

Can anyone help to identify this plant?


George Zimmerman prosecutors file list of witnesses, evidence in Trayvon Martin shooting

Don’t Mess with Massachusetts

JCPenny Gay Day!!

Romney-World Comics Cavalcade (Dial-up Warning)

Gary Johnson: ‘I Will Continue The Ron Paul Revolution’

Romney donor pulls support, backs Obama, over same-sex marriage

Happy Birthday to Me.

Meanwhile, back at LynneSin's house.....

Counter-Strike Source

Martin Bashir - Author: GOP to blame for Washington hyper-partisanship

Donald "Duck" Dunn has passed away.

What is your opinion of Joe Scarborough?

Mitchell Guist Dead: 'Swamp People' Star Dies In Louisiana

AP investigation: Nuclear plant relicensing "resembles nothing more than an elaborate rubber stamp"

Cold, hard numbers

Mitt Romney donor withdraws support after Romney condemns marriage equality at Liberty University

Federal Reserve Allows First Chinese Government Takeover of U.S. Bank

John Doe Development – Wink Begins to Sing Sentencing Delayed

2 Pakistani lawsuits pressure government to deal with CIA drone strikes

(NM Gov.) Susana Martinez, rumored VP possibility, criticizes Romney’s immigration strategy

So Vampire Willard and his ReTHUG goons are upset about the

George Lucas declares star war on fellow 1%ers -- Kills massive film studio project

L.A. gun buyback yields rocket launcher, assault weapons

Martin Bashir - Grading Obama's and Romney's dueling commencement speeches

Is the President growing a mustache?

Questions about oil and gas prices

The $592 Trillion Ponzi scheme is a time bomb ticking under your house

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What if the Paulites and the Vampire RMoneyites shoot it out

Obama on gay marriage: 'Right thing to do'

Hardball has an interesting segment at the beginning of the show tonight at 7:00 EST

Obama To Barnard Graduates: Don't Listen To Media

JP MORGAN, Greece and some Derivative Drivel....

Republicans, against choice, check, against Gay marriage, check, against contraception, check

Romney Mitt, the Demon Barber of Wall Street - Roy Zimmerman

Sometimes Rude is Rude.

Mitchell Guist Dead: 'Swamp People' Star Dies In Louisiana

Baby's Firsts - A female harbor seal pup born April 26, 2012

Culture War Commencements

Tiger Woods' Reputation Takes Another Hit After He Is Caught Operating...

Here's a lousy photo; please advise on how to improve it

Famed FAMU marching band suspended another year

Nolan Richardson III, son of ex-Ark. coach, dies

First Lady Michelle Obama at the U.S. Olympic Committee Media Summit - pics

congressional seat

It is time to say GOODBYE to a very specific MEME.

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