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Looking for an Unbiased, Straight Forward Bio of Che Guevara

Doonesbury- "Where's the Idiot?"

How Dare he even think of running with this current status WTF ? 12 Cayman Islands Funds

As a boy growing up in Missouri, Rush Limbaugh designed a condom made from a goat's lower intestine.

RKBA in early state constitutions

Senate rejects 'Buffett rule'

Cannabis wine catching on in California

just saw the Romney-bus (get it? like omnibus) here in Philly

NEVER forget that RAYgun's ESCALATION of the Drug War has BANKRUPTED our states with MASSIVE PRISON

IDF’s Religion Problem Displayed in Assault

"Start packing?" Really?

Talk me down, I may have caused someone to lose their job

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 17 April 2012

If Romney wants to get rid of HUD, if he doesn't combine it with other agencies if


Oil execs get monster raises after a ‘very strong’ 2011

Anyone have any experience with gutter guards? Do they work or are they over-rated?

I was rear ended today, how fast was the other driver traveling?

Religious zealots hot to impose their creeds as science — this time in Tennessee

Walmart is bigger than Manhattan and richer than Norway

Bernie Sanders is tearing the oligarchy a new one on Ed Shultz

Mitt Romney Tells Rich Donors His Secret Plan To Cut Housing Assistance

is mittens the first to be known for sure to have

Why Eric Cantor’s $46 Billion Tax Boondoggle Will Cause A Real Headache For Small Businesses

The BUFFETT RULE: Democrats & Collins (R-ME) voted 'yes', GOPers & Pryor (D-AR) voted 'no', and

Barney: you have healthcare for life and your job was to help others have it too

Ed just asked a question I have been thinking about all day.

Caps' fans extend warm welcome to Bruins' Tim Thomas.

Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes?

H.U.D. and the Republicans..... they not only don't like it but Reagan paid off donors with it

Despite Obama charm, Americas summit boosts U.S. isolation

Gopher tortoises no longer buried alive, but will relocation save them?

Where can you sign up for right-wing emails?

Romney Tries To Reframe Wealth Attacks As "Apologizing For America's Success At Home"

Forget ObamaCare - I Want CheneyCare n/t

Judge extends deadline for BP oil spill accord

Fate of Japan and the Whole World Depends on No. 4 Reactor

I know one thing about this election

Reports: Australia to withdraw troops from Afghanistan earlier than expected

Nature - Study Shows Karakoram Glaciers Gaining Mass, But Total Gains Slight

Tupac Hologram Full Performance Coachella 2012

Up To 2,800 Dolphins May Have Been Claimed By Peruvian Mass Dieoff - 615 Corpses In 135Km Of Coast

Click on this HuffPo link

America's deadly devotion to guns.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! What Happens in Vegas . . . . & a new kitty gif


Announcement of Rachel Barrios-Van Os as candidate for State Chair of Texas Democratic Party

Worst Drought Since 1976 Confronting Britain - Half Of Country Already In Drought

Colorado Democratic Party Endorses Pot Legalization

Senate Bill 1813…Giving the IRS power to revoke passports and travel

Microsoft reveal final Windows 8 name and number of editions – 5

Statement by President Obama on the Buffett Rule

MSM: Summit of the Americas

Mentioned on Norman Goldman: Ronald Reagan called binLaden a Freedom Fighter

Goin' primal! Caught my own dinner tonight.

Post-Newt, Adelson donates $5m. to GOP PAC

Please send healing vibes to my son.

The "I got screwed by the Republiscum's failure to renew the Making Work Pay tax credit" thread.

Just loved this headline...........Gay men kiss as Muslims protest atheist convention in Australia

Fukushima damage leaves spent fuel at risk-U.S. lawmaker

Lets try to save some jobs in Washington State.

What is your favourite street/blvd? I like St. Denis in Montreal. When I was in college it was

The Buffet Bill! Lawmakers take BOLD ACTION for the 99%!

Romney tells Obama to 'start packing' in interview with Diane Sawyer

U.S. Minimum Wage Lower Than in LBJ Era Needs A Raise

Bruce Springsteen - Death To My Hometown and thoughts of small town America

Romney’s Favorability Is Weakest on Record, Polling Shows

Senate Republicans filibuster Buffett Rule

Backup signals - Annoying and useless.

Ann Romney banned her parents from her wedding ceremony.

Atlantis Project Documents Show Same Old BP Negligence - Leaks, Safety Flaws, Design Problems, More

Study Confirms Presence Of BP Spill Oil In GOM Zooplankton - Houston Business Journal

Google target of new federal privacy probe

Being-Hit-On-The-Head Lessons: Gulf Coast Res. Hit Directly By BP Spill Most Likely To Lean Green

Three in elite NYPD anti-gun unit accused of treating black suspects like 'animals'

Footie on MHz Worldview

Obama loses vote on ‘Buffett,’ gains tool

Warming Atlantic Primes Amazon For Fire: "Once In A Century" Gauge Increasingly Meaningless

Potential Clemens jurors question cost of hearing

Freeper Fantasy

BBC - Jellyfish Blooms Appearing Worldwide, Capsizing Fishing Boats, Shutting Down Power Plants

Mitt Romney: The Least Interesting Man In The World

Dog Seamus ‘Loved’ Trips Atop Family Car, Says Ann Romney

Road Less Traveled- Second Book-Further Along..

Meridor: Iran never called to wipe out Israel

Wheelchair Chasers.....


What did you wear that you are embarrassed of today? I spent a at least half a year in

Suggestion for everyone, stop referencing the Bible to shore up arguments in support...

"...1967: When marathons were just for men"

Have you seen how out of shape Michelle Obama is?...

Forget Hilary Rosen, Ann Romney Decribes Her 'Birthday Gift' From Mitt

Silk to Ermine

Memo to the "secret" Republican...

Do I need to dig up and replant my asparagus?

HuffPo, Politico Earn First Pulitzers

Omaha Steve needs some tech help! (keep it kicked)

AI: Shocking Facts About Who’s Arming Human Rights Abusers

God to the Pope: Yeah, I'm gonna have to talk to this fool.

Those of you who love my show...

ISSA, a 1%er with history....

The ED Show - Romney hides policies from his biggest donors

I GOT A JOB!!!!! I'll be working for a Congressional campaign!

The Cartoons That Won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize

Bo Obama: Three Adorable Years In The White House, Stumping For Four More (PHOTOS link)

I GOT A JOB!!!!!

Must see Solar Flare Explodes from Sun's Surface Today...

LynneSin's cats are concerned that playtime is getting a little weird lately.

"Start packin! Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh..."

Rhino Wars: Defending the horn

Have you read or seen the movie "The Help"? Mrs. Romney strikes me as the "Hilly Holebrook" type

Stand Your Ground Marissa Alexander

Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails start mass hunger strike today

This message was deleted by Orrex

TNGOP Chairman Chris Devaney calls GM workers "union thugs"

General Election Obama vs. Romney - Reuters/Ipsos: Obama 47, Romney 43 (Obama +4)

Toons: Secret Service Scandal, Titanic Memorial Cruise, Starving for Attention and More. - 4/16/12

Am I the only one?

Florida standarized science test really doesn't care their answers are wrong.

Sous Vide sort of?

Bernie Sanders Opens up a Can of Whoop Ass on GOP Oligarchs

Is the self-abuse feature being deleted?

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this request (Atheist "A")...

If I ever get a parrot,I don't think I'd name her Polly.

Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News’ ‘Media Sh*t-astrophe’ Over Hilary Rosen’s Mom Comments

Most Red States Take More Money From Washington Than They Put In

NRA's Wayne LaPierre Takes Moral High Ground On Media... What?

Senate confirms another Obama female judicial appointee and 4th Circuit Appeals Judge

Reuters: "Trayvon Martin's killer showed signs of injury: neighbors"

Phil Donahue interviews Tavis and Dr. Cornell West on their new book, "The Rich & the Rest of Us"

Nevada congressional contenders build up hefty war chests

Huge coronal mass ejection today. Luckily it was not pointed at earth.

How Huffington Post aided a demolition job on climate science

Mitt Romney, a man of falsehoods

Anyone watching Robert Baer and Douglas Brinkley on Piers Morgan discussing Secret Service Scandal

Hedge fund managers with incomes in the billions can pay ZERO income tax by deferring their profits

What percentage of people at your churches are under age 35?

Rick Santorum declines to endorse Mitt Romney

Need advice on student loan issue

For the pro-gun people in this group, and I know you're out there

Ann Romney: Seamus ‘Loved’ Trips Atop Family Car, and diarrhea is funny.

Just askin'...

Another Zimmerman-Martin like case in North Carolina?

Homeland Security chief contemplating proactive cyber attacks

Obama should listen to Rmoney and "pack his bags".

Here IS Another Number To Call To Fight ALEC

CBS: U.S. preps for its last major Afghan offensive

I think we need a fun forum on here, where we can come in and tell

Craziest thing you can find someone do for money (steal live power lines, for example)

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, April 16)

Stupid State Testing ... arrgh!

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, April 16)

G.S.A. Officials Get a Grilling Over a Trip to Las Vegas

Afghan Assaults Signal Evolution of a Militant Foe

President Obama to Award Medal of Honor

Convicted defendants left uninformed of forensic flaws found by Justice Dept.

New York (City)’s Poverty Rate Rises, Study Finds

The Gay and Transgender Wage Gap

How Gender Identity May Determine the Right to Vote in 2012

Where will the Ron Paul supporters go in November?

The Obvious Solution to Our Social Security Problem

Can you measure how drunk you are by musical taste?

Why does Ann stay married to a guy who thinks she has no dignity?

In the local news, (Stockton) a priest convicted of 3 counts of sexual molestation

The most extraordinary Webcam!

Scientists examine a hot epoch to forecast climate future

archy the cockroach--prescient in 1935

NJ couple is suing their landlord, claiming he rented them a haunted house

Roger Clemens' retrial begins with quest for neutral jury

17y/o unarmed girl shot in the head, no charges will be filed due to Alabama's Stand Your Ground.

Mayor Slams Study on Irving Entertainment Complex

For Romney "lying isn't a sin, it's a business plan"

When did corporate raiding become the quintessence of

Republicans Recite Dem Attack Lines — With Little Hope Of Success

A translation (from Norwegian) of an account of Breivik's testimony today

Romney speaks to Independence Hall Tea Party at 'tax day summit'

Was Dan Rather Right? Interesting

Freedom from a Dead-End Life: True Liberty Means Defeating the Right-Wing's Nightmare Vision

Man on Earth: 7 Dec 2009

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Demands Romney Condemn Surrogate Ted Nugent’s Offensive Remarks

Bruins goalie Tim Thomas (refused invitation to the White House) greeted by Obama masks - Hilarious!

10 Wildly Depressing Facts About the Gender Wage Gap

50 Percent Pay Cuts at GE's Plants: Is This the Future of American Jobs?

Santorum gets mandatory counseling before aborting campaign

Advocates Try Reaching the One in Six

Incensed Spain threatens Argentina after YPF seizure

President Obama to Submit Plan to Congress to Curb Oil Market Manipulation

US, Haiti kick off vaccination campaigns

Secret Service (cartoon)

The Bungled Hunt for 9/11’s Mastermind: KSM

Republican tactics pander to racial prejudice

Washington Caps fans taunting Tim Thomas with Obama signs

Entrapment Threads

Your Vagina Isn’t Just Too Big, Too Floppy, and Too Hairy—It’s Also Too Brown

Inbred cat

President Obama: (Retiring Congressman) Edolphus Towns was a Tireless Fighter

NWF Photo of the day...

Whereas, I might suppose that James West and Artemus Gordon wouldn't have approved...

Do Americans love war?

No Pulitzer Prize in fiction this year.

Possible security breach: Secret Service agents had president's schedule in rooms

You can run but you can't hide.

Too bad he'll live a long comfortable life. Breivik claims victims were not innocent.

Syrian opposition sees hope in Moscow; Assad's critics say Russia's stance may be shifting

Does anyone realize what the GOP just did?

Peak oil review - April 16

Peak oil review - April 16

France's former centre-right president, Jacques Chirac, will vote for Socialist Francois Hollande

Indications that somebody is right-wing:

Where does the term "left coast" come from? I never heard it until I came here.

Discovery takes final flight

Can There Be “Good” Corporations?

who the right really represents

Posted without comment

Catholic group criticizes Paul Ryan

Helpful Gardening Sites

John Kerry and Murphy's Giant Obama Head

The end of the Minutemen: Tea party absorbs the border-watching movement

It's Looking More And More Like The Recession Was A Deliberate Set Up By GOP

Where's Mitt's taxes? And what's in there he doesn't want us to know about?

Toto The Tornado Kitten

Mitt Romney's BIG LIE: Obama made the recession worse and last longer

Best rendition of the Canadian national anthem...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Not so secret Service

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- GOP problems

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

Veterans Should Force Joe Walsh To Resign From The Election

What words do you dislike?

Mitt Romney answers THE Question: NO, I Wouldn't Put Dog On The Roof Again

Libyan Phantoms & Iranian Assassins: Greatest Hit Squads 1981-2011

Rich Mother Fuckers have too much fucking money!

Another Florida Stand your Ground episode

If you were a hitter in the Major Leagues, what song would you choose for your at-bats?

From Germany: Neo-Nazi Rehab: How Do You Change The Mind Of An Extremist?

Texas senator tells airlines to leave American alone

marsha blackburn...totally full of shite

Boeing updates 737 for a new era

Apes' Simple Nests Are Feats of Engineering

Ann Romney's tale of 'struggling': We 'learned hard lessons' living off our stock portfolio

Mitochondria Are Related to Ocean Bacteria, But Not to the Ones We Thought

Antipoverty Tax Program Offers Relief, Though Often Temporary

First They Come For the Muslims - By Chris Hedges

six year olds can be handcuffed

Gingrich bitten by a penguin at zoo

For Two Economists, the Buffett Rule Is Just a Start

Business leaders lash out at both parties, tell Congress: Do your job

Obama seeks to confront oil market manipulation

Embarrassed by Bad Laws

Elections Ahead: A Turning Point for Greece?

TDPS: Specific Plan for Affording Single Payer Healthcare...It Saves Money

Coolest High School Design ever!

Georgia refuses to be out crazied by Florida and Arizona

I'll probably be given a hard time for this post but I don't care.

Testing For HIV Without Consent

Real ID law sucks

At what point is my 2 year old considered smarter and more advanced than my dog???

Controversy Continues Over Firefighter's Trayvon Martin Case Facebook Comments

Justice for Cisco, dog shot by Austin police.

One of the greatest men I've ever known is dying. He is 92.

Anyone know about Richard Lander - founder of

PSA | If you are on a jury and think MIRT should see the post you *must* vote to hide it

I saw Discovery!

again... Eat More Kale

Want to be a firefighter in Georgia? Get sent to jail

Although he died 15 years ago, Tupac was one of the standouts at this years Coachella

The GOP Is Like An Old Hollywood Set

Reporter stops on air report to look at shuttle.

Romney has weakest favorability rating on record for a presumptive presidential nominee since 1984

Ann Romney believes in a womans right to choose.

Drought brings outbreak of horse disease

As if Ann Romney didn't have a staff of housekeepers and nannies helping her be a stay-at-home mom.

How Wealth Reduces Compassion

SMART move by a local bike shop -- others should pay attention

WI Recall: Walker leads likely rivals by 5-7 points, Obama leads Romney by 6 in state

Get offa my sled!

Robert Kagan says the U.S. goes to war because the American people want them -- and both candidates

How many different frontrunners did the GOP have this season?

Ann Romney explains dog on roof: ‘He had the runs’


BREAKING NEWS: Boner endorses Rmoney...

USA-A Subsidiary Of The NRA

Decades Later, the Coping Continues


Jon Stewart: “Oh my God. I think Mitt Romney just said his own wife has no dignity…”

Reason Number 203 That The GOP War On Women Is Very Real

Six degrees of aggregation: How The Huffington Post ate the Internet

Newt Gingrich Hated By Blacks & Whites

Abu Qatada arrested ahead of fresh deportation attempt

5 reasons why the very rich have not earned their money

And here's the triple threat --- Laura, Condi and Junior in Brazil:

Gay Iowa Teen Takes Own Life After Bullying

What GE Is Cheating America Out Of By Not Paying Its Fair Share In Taxes

Woman Impregnated at Concert Seeks Father on Craigslist

Fox News approved "liberal" drops F-Bomb on Hannity program....

Bullying in the workplace:

Osama bin Laden's family due to be deported to Saudi Arabia

Big Banks slack on maintaining foreclosed homes in minority areas complaint charges

Sen. Bernie Sanders blasts economic inequality: This is not what democracy looks like

A Woman’s Lifetime Earnings Lost To Pay Gap Could Feed A Family Of Four For 37 Years

Wake up and smell the Rove on the faux outrage about Ann Romney

LOL, European rednecks are cooler than our rednecks

Mitt Romney realizes he's screwed with Latinos

Patrick Murphy or Katherine Kane?

"Masturbation" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "masturbation".

The only effective tactic we have ever had against the wealthy is Collective Bargaining

Reich: Income inequality highlighted on Tax Day (Wealth concentration vs Democracy)

Norway killer on trial: "I would have done it again"

House of Representatives Passes Sweeping Climate Change Law

A shout out of pure gratitude to all the great folks here on D.U.'s Lounge!!!

Justice Department Makes Amazon CEO Dictator of eBook Monopoly for Life

Church Marquee of the Day

A shout out of pure gratitude to all the great folks here on D.U.'s Pet Group

Friend of The Family Committed Suicide This Weekend

A shout out of pure gratitude to all the great folks here on D.U.'s Ohio Group!!!

A shout out of pure gratitude to all the great folks here on D.U.'s ASAH

I Got Banned From GLBT Board By William769

I have a mixed opinion here:

The VRGYNYA license plate

How Wisconsin Congressional districts look under the new maps

The repukkkicans and Romney plan on framing Obama and dems as bigots.

Students amass mountain of debt as default rates continue to climb

boehner...'Mitt Romney has a set of economic policies that can put Americans back to work'

If Everybody Paid the Same

I did jury duty on a post and was unsure how to vote.

China, Russia plan naval exercises in Yellow Sea

If I hear one more rich fuck talk about the dignity of work...

$376,000 Lamborghini Aventador up in smoke

Alberta Wildrose Party platform says no global warming

Shamed Former Congressman John Sweeney's Back! And He Wants George Maragos' Money

Katy Perry and the Military-Pop-Cultural Complex

Here in Arizona ...

Senator Wyden: Fukushima Worse Than Reported

Well, MY day is off to a ROTTEN start. The servants missed some oil spots in the car elevator!

The OccupyUSA Blog for Tuesday (April 17), With Frequent Updates

President gave a great speech about oil speculation.

"If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it to themselves."

Very Cool Space Shuttle...

Occupy and the Right to Protest

Romney woke up this morning with a Boehner...endorsement

new polls

The Challenge of Going Vegan

Do you like your Home Town Newspaper

"I Love Stay-At-Home Moms" Unless...

How do I find out how much free MB I have on my hard disc?

A Sharp Rise in Retractions Prompts Calls for Reform

GOP Gets The Boot

500 Days of the WikiLeaks Banking Blockade

Romney Should Rebuke NRA Board Member Ted Nugent for Extreme and Violent Rhetoric

NASA prepares for possible Romney presidency

My lawn is covered with dandelions - and Red Admiral Butterflies!

Progressive Victory: ALEC Ends Its Guns And Voter Suppression Task Force

"TV's Frank" Conniff: "Women still dislike Romney. Turns out praising stay-at-home moms...

Karzai wants 'at least $2 billion' a year from US

Six-year-old handcuffed, arrested for temper tantrum

The New Nobles

Republicans are losing the argument over taxes. Will it matter?

I.M.F. Raises Global Forecast for Growth

Personnel rules could spell trouble for 'sh*tbag parents' firefighter

Upcoming NYC job postings

One or twice,

Obama and Romney should go on Jeopardy

So ... Ted Nugent Threatened to Assassinate President Obama? (Updated: Secret Service Is On It)

Wind power wildly exceeding DOE goals

PROGRESSIVE VICTORY: ALEC Ends Its Guns And Voter Suppression Task Force

D.C. man served 28 years. Then the evidence that sent him to prison fell apart.

Police handcuff Ga. kindergartner for tantrum

My Doubling Down On GOP Causing Another Recession Again

Romney Picks 'Bully' Kid as Running Mate, Dares Media to Attack

Teen faces 9 counts of murder after Palmview rollover

Truth or Consequences - Dan Rather / G.W. Bush's Air guard service

How A Bill is Passed

Georgia lawmaker quits ALEC, calls it ‘radical’ group with ‘dangerous agenda’

Drum Roll... it's TOM FRIEDMAN!

North Korea says no longer bound by nuclear test moratorium

Jon Stewart dismantles FOX "news" RE: War On Women

U.S. top court: lawyers hired by cities can seek immunity

Life's short...

Outrage as palm oil companies exterminate hundreds of orang-utans

Julian Assange chat show, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah first guest

Perry wants a pledge he can use as a political hammer

Where in the world is MiddleFingerMom?

New free iPhone app to influence your dreams. Cool!

N.Y. Guard Slauson: Jets will be "2 different teams"

Ann Romney takes a turn with the Etch A Sketch

Water tank poisoned at Afghan girls' school; 140 hospitalized

Classically trained Canadian chef Douglas McNish went vegan and lost 100 pounds!

Where do you get, or pick up your comics?

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

I Am With Norman Goldman The GOP Has NO Legitimacy As A Political Party

PPP: Obama doing well in Florida

Obama's Refusal To Sign Anti-Discrimination Executive Order Slammed By LGBT Activists

Lawrence O’Donnell Believes Obama Will Legalize Drugs In Second Term

Shuttle Discovery final flight over Washington

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday April 17th

How "Centrist" Democrats Are Helping Conservatives - and Failing America's Moms

How to deal with posters who you feel are abusing the self-delete function

ALEC caves on social conservative issues, will ‘redouble’ on economic front

Remembering victims of racist terrorism in Norway

Now that the wheels of the ALEC bus are coming off,

"CURVEBALL" .."Man whose WMD Lies Led to 100,000 Deaths Confesses All"

Is a poster notified if they've been alerted on?

Berkley calls Heller vote on veterans issue ‘shameful’

After $23 million in cuts, Harrisburg School District still has $16 million deficit

I am tired.

Apple Gets More of Its Power From Coal Than Any Other Big Tech Company

Secret Service Scandal Investigation Involves Brother Of GOP Senate Candidate

I'm looking for a name of a clothing store.

Online Cloud Services Rely on Coal or Nuclear Power, Report Says

Lessons of Deepwater Horizon still not learned

Online Cloud Services Rely on Coal or Nuclear Power, Report Says


The sea as a rubbish tip

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Headed Up Again

Senate Seeks Ways To Save Ailing US Postal Service

Enhanced Real-time Earthquake Information Now Online

A little humor...

Amanda Clayton, Michigan lottery winner, arraigned on welfare fraud charges

The "Mad Men" Era is still with us, even though many think it ended decades ago.

Richard Land: Everybody is being mean to me!

...and the Jury system evolves positively.

ALEC Disbands Task Force Responsible for Voter ID,

WHEN isANY1going to start talking about howRAYgun'sESCALATIONof theDrugWarBANKRUPTED ourSTATES

Thom Hartmann: Who will the Tea Party support now?

Thom Hartmann: 6 People You Need to Start a Revolution

Hate group leader: ‘Open homosexuality’ caused Secret Service scandal

Just a FYI for LGBT members.

Mmm. Toasty...

Nanocrystal-coated fibers might reduce wasted energy

Sort of Sous Vide part II: fish.

Secret Cyber War Games Between U.S. and China Let Countries Role-Play Their Frustrations

What about kids swearing in school...?

Dwayne Schintzius, N.B.A. Center, Dies at 43

Contact Live Nation and demand they drop Ted Nugent

that damned liberal media...m$nbc

How to Pay No Taxes: 10 Strategies Used By the Rich

British farmer’s quest to find lost Spitfires in Burma

We are evolved for famine

Tell senators: Stop corporate tax dodging, fund climate solutions

Eschaton's One True Wanker Of The Decade is...

kudlow&RAYgun gave US: MASSIVE PUBLIC DEBT with their STEALTH taxCUTS for UBER-RICH!

A Woman’s Lifetime Earnings Lost To Pay Gap Could Feed A Family Of Four For 37 Years

Boeing will outsource key Dreamliner components to the UAE

Wild Rose Candidate says he has advantage because he's Caucasian

white house lets ted nugent off the hook

Another Darwin Award Nominee

Sacramento Is Fresh Victim of Bad Stadium Deals

Fracking causes manmade earthquakes

Obama easily beating Romney among U.S. women: Reuters/Ipsos poll

He Has Something to Hide

Two-state solution loses its champion (Sari Nusseibeh)

NYS Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. endorses "birther" presidential candidate

Hydroelectric Power Seen Expanding 15% From Upgrading U.S. Dams

Generic-Drug Makers Win at High Court on Brand-Name Patents

If you live in an area that is flat, you probably get better gas mileage than you would if you lived

Pic Of The Moment: Senate GOP Filibusters Buffett Rule

How to Pay No Taxes: 10 Strategies Used By the Rich

The Rachel Maddow Show - If Romney really respected mothers...

Eliminationist Rhetoric


Over the counter Recall Walker lawn signs in the Fox Valley?

What is the largest amount of money you ever lost?

Wind industry blows campaign cash at GOP

The President is speaking just 3 miles from my house

Fox News Wins Pulitzer for Fiction

Five top N.C. Democratic elected officials ask party chairman to resign

Does anyone know where and when the next ALEC get together is?

Obama leads Romney by five in Florida...

Drugging of America (or, More Hypocrisy in the "Drug" War)

Politics is like Mario Kart, and here's why...

AT LEAST Nugent didn't say anything bad about Ann Romney. That would have been WRONG.


Eh?! Our Founding Fathers mandated medical insurance! So Obamacare is constitutional after all!!

Ann Romney "At Home" with $20 Million a Year

Argentina's defiance on YPF strikes chord at home

Thom Hartmann explains to Prof Berkowitz why colleges are liberal

"Stay At Home" Mother My Ass

Thom Hartmann: Is Ahmadinejad supporting Karl Rove & Mitt Romney?

Baked Alaska: Yet Another Election Crashes and Burns on the Last Frontier

Navy Looks for New Jet, on Top of Its Trillion-Dollar Model

Kim Kardashian Wants to be Mayor of Glendale, California

Buried Treasure: World War II Spitfires To Be Unearthed in Burma (TIME)

NASA prepares for possible Romney presidency

Buffett Rule will raise 'meagre' amounts of revenue - Bullshit

Holy sh*t!!! Swedish culture minister slammed for 'black face' cake

Secret Service Agents Had 21 Prostitutes

A dark day for the future of books (Mark Coker/CNN)

What is the dumbest thing you've seen someone do while they were driving?

Ted Nugent’s Remarks Reverberate Against Romney

North Carolina says "We Do"

GM corn affects its symbiotic relationship with non-target soil organisms

Mitt Romney should disown the remarks of Ted Nugent...

TYT: Secret Service Scandal

Lady At Mitt For Prez. Says Ted Nugent Didn't Mean It


Norway killer: 'I would have done it again'

Jon Stewart Gleefully Bashes Fox News For Ignoring War On Women While Pushing War On Christmas

Why the U.S. Government Must Release Information on al-Majalah Killings

Blue Cross Blue Shield Becomes 11th Company To Drop ALEC

U.S. strikes kill 6 in Yemen, say officials

Mitt Romney: "It's been fun getting to know Ted Nugent"

Amazing find - WWI archeology


Bishop Compares Obama to Hitler and Stalin

It looks like Bachmann II is running against Keith Ellison

Pearl Harbor attack pics

US assassination drone raids killed over 200 Yemeni in past week

General Election Obama vs. Romney - Pew Research: Obama 49, Romney 45 (Obama +4)

Mitt faces up to 5 years in jail & $10,000 fine if he did not live in his son’s unfinished basement

PPP Poll: Hillary Dems Choice in 2016

Levon Helm in 'Final Stages' of Battle With Cancer

Ted Nugent Remarks On Obama Draw Secret Service Scrutiny

"He had 2 big butterfly bandages on the back of his head, & a big one on the bridge of his nose"

Man shoots armed robber, Police keep his gun. Man sues to get it back.

Secret Service Says They Are Investigating Ted Nugent’s Remarks Towards Obama

Norway's Johan Galtung, Peace & Conflict Pioneer, Reflects on Norwegian Massacre, Afghan War

What makes DU Suck Most...

Now a vital voice in her husband's presidential campaign, Ann Romney turns up the heat….

College loan time bomb to hit on July 1

Pew Research Center for the People and the Press POLL: Among women 18-29, Obama leads Romney 70-25

Just boarding jet blue flight

The ED Show: The Republican War on Postal Workers

Now that we're close to having the "poll option"..........where is the Search?

last one...

Can you measure how drunk you are by pick up taste?


Man faces murder charge over death of Canadian gay activist

Exclusive - UK has vast shale gas reserves, geologists say

ALEC Disbands Task Force Responsible for Voter ID, 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

I need some help.

Bookmark this

Fracking hell: UK government set to green light risky gas drilling?

Usually when I see a church marque with their cute little sayings, I just

Ann Romney and me

So now we have Walt the Warehouse worker?

Religious profiling: An unwelcome guest

Charts to show the Romney's

Obama anti-gun? Says who?

IRELAND: Burglar shooting to test new self defense law on intruders

Just A Friendly Hello To Juror No. Six, Ladies and Gentlemen

It has rained so hard here in S. Mississippi

Great News: CNN Poll: Romney favorable rating rebounds

Elaine Pagel's Revelations

IRS Form 1040 Buffett

Pre-programmed slanted poll.

US banks are back and bigger than ever

Hannemann, Gabbard Pull Away from Pack in CD2 Money Race

News from Florida...State official heard yelling, "F***ing c****"

Don't know if this has been posted....WOW!!

Colombia is fifth worst in the world for unsolved journalist murders .

Colombia is fifth worst in the world for unsolved journalist murders .

Russian lawmakers target gay ‘propaganda’

Warren Buffett Cancer: Berkshire Hathaway CEO Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

My smackdown of Congressman John Sullivan

Grown man sues hospital for circumcising him as infant

Have you ever participated in another forum

Donations from the heart of Silicon Valley's 1%: $803k to Obama, $399k to Romney

Romney's spokeswoman wants us to be 'civil'

Groups oppose bills to change voter registration procedure (in Michigan)

The U.S.'s Tragic Role in Guatemala and a Chance to Make Amends

The U.S.'s Tragic Role in Guatemala and a Chance to Make Amends

Behind the scenes of live action Kenshin movie

Manufactured Outrage, Religious Edition

SEPTA to Remove Gender Stickers From Transpasses (in Philadelphia)

Romney Campaign Responds To Ted Nugent’s Remarks (NOT much of a denouncement)

Is there a way I can find threads that I posted in

Must-See Video: Has Global Warming Caused A Quantum Jump In Extreme Weather?

Batch of dinosaur eggs found in Russia's Chechnya region

Andrew Bowen, Man Who Spends 12 Months Practicing 12 Different Religions, Finds Peace

Romney Demotes Immigration Adviser Kris Kobach To ‘A Supporter’

Mitt Romney's Budget In Less Than 150 Words.

Fracking causes earthquakes, studies confirm

THAT'S Not The Reason The SS Is Investigating Ted Nugent, THIS is:

TYT: Bible To Be Taught In Public Schools In Arizona?

Women leaving a lunch hosted by Ann Romney are confronted by protesters in Tax Dodgers uniforms-pics

What's happened to Michelle Bernard?

Judge throws out Andrew Shirvell lawsuit against former U-M student body president

Album of the Day

Virginia Foxx rakes in the dough from student loans she despises

Olympics Organizers Ask Keith Moon to Play Closing Ceremony

Am I being unfair?

Some Baptists want Texas Lottery Commission shut down

Space Shuttle Discovery DC Fly-Over - NASA pictures

Woman Uses Craigslist to Find Guy Who Knocked Her Up at Motorhead Concert

Article: Mitt Romney Sought Ted Nugent’s Endorsement, Should Answer For It

What sort of entitled prick tells the President of the United States

When a GOPer like Ted Nugent makes an extreme statement, Romney should be asked about it...

US home construction slows

Senate GOP will join legal challenge against Obama's recess appointments

Our Space Shuttle Discovery Pics From DC today

Romney To Travel Back In Time To Kill Liberal Versions Of Himself

Alan Keyes: Santorum was a Romney plant (NOT satire)

Milledgeville (GA) Police Handcuff 6-Year-Old Girl for Misbehaving at School

Who is in charge of the Secret Service

Indians had Jati's , Caste was a British invention

Remember The White House Party Crashers..... Secret Service

German Police Rescue DJ from "Sex Mad" Woman's Home


I am incredibly sad and thoroughly disgusted at the hate in this world

Jon Stewart: hilary rosen made republicans pro choice

Iberia says to cut cost of pilots' wages by 20 percent

ted nugent on dana loesch radio show, responding to today's brou ha ha

2011 world military spending levels out

Taking Bets: When will Newt Gingrich drop out...

Way back last year I had a post about Rob Portman being the VP...

NLRB Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce on recent decisions regarding employee rights posting

Police handcuff 6-year-old student in Georgia...

ROMNEY LIES: Claims John Kerry Released 2 Years Of Tax Returns But Kerry Actually Released 20

Drug reformers slam Obama for ‘prioritizing low-level arrests’

The current head of the Secret Service was appointed under Bush

Sleepy Pilot Mistakes Planet for Oncoming Plane, Sends Passenger Jet Into Dive

Secret donors pour millions of dollars into Crossroads GPS

Palestinian PM to set out grounds for negotiation with Israel

Once Every 36 Years, Primary Fight for Indiana Senator (Lugar)

Rev. Al: "Newt can take great comfort in knowing penguin bites are covered...

Mitt Romney in three words ... GO!

Generic-Drug Makers Win at High Court on Brand-Name Patents

Just Curious - Who Paid For The Secret Service Prostitutes?........

Citigroup investors give thumbs down to exec pay

Prostitute's $50 fee for two agents triggered Secret Service scandal

It's That Time Of The Campaign Where The Polls Will Now Become Close.....

Law professor characterizes progressive tax system as unfair

New Evidence Cited in Secret Service Prostitution Inquiry

Ann Romney’s Birthday Cake At Trump Fundraiser (Photo)

ALEC is Cloning Model Laws for Alaska -- from Shannyn Moore at the Anchorage Daily News

Skinner, that orange banner is scary and instrusive

A Three Hour ESPN Special Just to Announce the 2012 NFL Season?!?!?!

New shrimp-like species found in New Mexico cave

Washington Capitals fans taunt Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas with President Obama masks and poster

"Things Happen" - Connect the Dots on Climate Change and Extreme Weather

Vicious new Romney rumor

Catholic parish gives standing ovation to pastor for saying no to anti-gay marriage petitions.

Rick Santorum's grandfather throws a fit about Bobby Petrino's affair.


Mexican poll points to big win for PRI's Pena Nieto

Court says Arizona can demand voter identification

The War on Women’s Pay: Rep. Speier Marks 'Equal Pay Day' With a Call to Arms

Moisture Today Worse than that of the Dust Bowl Era;

2008: Dallas Police concerned about Secret Service order to stop weapons screening at Obama rally

I am completely unable to imagine a circumstance where it is okay to handcuff a 6 year old.

Chris Matthews does NOT like Romney

Religion Journal: The Making of Delhi’s Lotus Temple

Robert Reich: On Tax Day, I'm a Class Worrier (Not a Warrior)

Romney campaign tries to distance itself from key immigration adviser

Institute of Light

Death To My Hometown

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Obama Says US-Colombia Free Trade Deal a Win-Win

For the first time in more than 50 years young Americans have no reason to aspire to be an astronaut

Just got back from the grand opening of our local Obama office....

Frozen Colorado cows may be blown up (BBC)

WINNING! GOP Economics Explained In One Hilarious Graphic