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Archives: April 16, 2012

NC Dems director resigns, denies harassment allegations

Fans of Julian Assange should Check out Promo for his New Show...linked here on DU!

For all you dolphin lovers out there.

'Thrive Movie' Jury Results

Quote Of The Day - Jim ("Free" Republic) Robinson

Werner Herzog on death, danger and the end of the world

About 100,000 cyclists and pedestrians participated in Ciclavia Bike Festival Today

The evolution of death

Marco Rubio: 'I'm not going to be the vice president'

Toles: The Other Stand Your Ground..

Half of Britain now officially in drought

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 16 April 2012

Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band - Dixieland

US home-buying season finally signaling a recovery

Just one of Monsanto's Crimes.....

Philip Adams in schism with the Dawkinsonians

David Bromberg - Cocaine Blues

Guess who's running for president

Have we reached Peak Oil...?

Religious row: Students clash in Osmania University over 'beef fest'

Taliban storm Pakistan prison, free 384 inmates

Abraham Lincoln WTF?

Beirut back to its glamorous glory

Tiny gene change affects brain size, IQ: scientists

Rachel Maddow - Accusations of GOP's war on women are not 'for no reason'

Feathers fly as pillow fight overtakes central Rome

Iowa GOP spouting off about fall election

CISPA bill in House will destroy email privacy

I just wrote Betty McCollum asking her to oppose CISPA

Why Republicans are foolishly fighting the Chevrolet Volt (Rick Haglund column)

What was for dinner tonight? We had spaghetti and meatballs, gluten free, with cheese (I like

Steve Goodman: A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request

Tim Geithner: Romney "Campaigns in fiction... [while Obama]... governs in fact.

Gotta love Both Ways Mitt...

11 bodies found in Chicago area cemetery chapel buried

a museum exhibit in Salem Massachusetts

What Allen West Doesn't Know About Communists and Congress (i.e. that the real Commies were Repubs)

As rifts continue, Gazans pay price in innocent lives

Here go 2 hrs down the tubes: Celebrity Apprentice

Obama: 'Angry' if Secret Service allegations true

President Obama with Colombian singer Shakira during a ceremony in San Pedro Square, Cartagena -pics

My newest food obsession....

Gingrich Urges Romney To Drop Out So He Can Focus On General Election

Does anyone know anything about wall mounted heating/ac?

You know what would be great for Obama and the Democrats to do now?

Proof that douchebaggery is not confined to humans...

WWII assault rifle used to stop home invasion.

Obama sets his sights on Arizona.....

Why does JimRob over at FR have such a hatred for Mitt Romney?

Oh Willard! (lol)

The Cars - Moving In Stereo & All Mixed Up

Remember we pledged to go Anyone but Bush.

Post a fleeing song

People with pierced ears. Have your ear holes every become hypoallergenic over time? I used to be

Wow - now THIS is a cake (made it today for our daughter's birthday). PB and chocolate lovers only!

I'm calling for a new federal bill that would give the President the power to set gasoline prices

this law can ruin maine land owners

Smokehouse Blues - Jellyroll Morton by way of Wynton Marsalis

From the Re-Elect Obama Facebook Page: "We are engaged in a war of ideas."

Hillary has a hot time at Cafe Havana in Cartagena

Today was Orthodox Easter.

Free Old Time Radio Shows from "The Golden Age of Radio!"

Andrea Taylor, Blind Kansas 5-Year-Old, Gets Stolen Therapy Dog Back (VIDEO)

It's All over Now. Baby Blue....

Colombia! ***Pics***

What dreams do you have that will never come true but you dream anyway.... I dream of living

Advocates fear tax-credit rule will exclude some from health-care benefit

Has anyone ever managed to actually grow an avocado plant from a store bought avocado,

Land of the Free, Home of the Chickenshit?

How someone looks doesn't tell you where they are from, nor their ethnicity

For the *EXTREMELY* paranoid gun fanatic...

Latin America rebels against Obama over Cuba: State Department calls Cuba a sponsor of terrorism!

Another stumper. Film about...

Looking for a title of a film.

Victims’ Advocates Protest as Prosecutors Detain 17-Year-Old Rape Victim in California

Guess who the guy is ... I'm bored : )

NY Times: After Florida Shooting, N.R.A. Crowd Sticks to What It Knows

Hey, anybody here using a Wacom tablet?

El Salvador marks murder-free day

How bad is Obama derangement syndrome? It's bad... really bad.

Should any drugs STAY illegal?

Google's Brin Bashes Hollywood, China, Facebook as Enemies of Internet Freedom

USA Today stirring the race relations pot with Americas pastime

So the group of people I work with is moving to another floor...someone is taking my office

I totally voted to hide that disgusting post of yours in that one thread

Obama Criticizes Coverage of Summit of the Americas

Tweety baffles in Cartagena! Obama rescues Chris Matthews

If it's one of my religious tenets that I have access to reproductive care in my health insurance...

Livin' la vida loca! Hillary Clinton knocks back a beer and dances the night away

TYT & YouTube Attacked by Right Wing 'Media Research Center'

Never, ever has attending a mandatory weekly staff meeting been a productive use of anyone's time

Really Newsweek?

SNL Politics Reviewed: Josh Brolin

Meditation can speed up the brain, researchers say

The Great Leon Redbone

Meditation can speed up the brain, researchers say

Jorma Koukonen - Police Dog Blues

Food's Biggest Scam: In the U.S., "Kobe" beef is really “Faux-be” (you can't buy Japanese beef here)

Romney Sells Inauguration Access, Nine Months Early

Romney Sells Inauguration Access, Nine Months Early

BEHIND THE CURTAIN: A shockingly cynical Ann + Mitt Romney overheard by reporters at private fundrai

New York’s Ed Towns stepping down

Filipino protesters throw paint at main gate of US Embassy to demand end of military drills

Ed Towns Stepping Down: Longtime New York Congressman Reportedly Will Not Seek Reelection In 2012

Jay Parmley, North Carolina Democratic Party Director, Resigns Amid Harassment Allegations

Les Miserables Metaphor Of Our Time

Sarkozy 'embarrassed France' with Obama video conference TV stunt

Many U.S. Immigrants’ Children Seek American Dream Abroad

Ann Romney: Hilary Rosen Controversy Was 'My Early Birthday Present'

For reals?

Republicans Accuse Nikki Haley (R-SC) Of Lying

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Australia eases some sanctions against Burma


This jury happened.

Still starstruck: Young Belgian's misery three years after she had 56 tattoos on her face Read more

'Just found out Titanic really happened!' The tweeters who thought world's most famous shipwreck was

I Made A Homeless Person Very Happy Today

“Her positions are not terribly relevant for my campaign” (Romney, speaking of his wife in 07)

Obama concludes Summit of the Americas on the defensive about inviting Cuba

Why politicians are blind to the plight of the poor...

NC Democratic Chief Resigns


Paul Asaro plays Jelly Roll Morton's Fingerbreaker

Votes Aimed to Embarrass Opponents Fill Congress Calendar

I give you the Thomas Kinkade of the late 19th Century - although this guy could actually paint.

Newt’s billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, gives $5M to establishment

Amazing pictures sent to Earth from Space Station via Twitter.

Don't wait for Social Security check in the mail

Dose Of Socialism Could Save Our States...Single Payer Healthcare Would Bring In Business & Jobs

Kucinich wants to know if he should move to WA State

Kucinich wants to know if he should move to WA State

G.O.P. Lawmakers and Romney Face a Delicate Tango

America’s presidential election .... Game on

Note to woo-woos, St. Johns Wort is just another SSRI!


102 things not to do if you hate to pay taxes.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Sunday, April 15)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, April 15)

Can we have a Climate Change Group...?

UK experiences worst drought since 1976

What Would Tornado Victims Do If No One Shows UP?

More Seattle Catholic Parishes Say NO To Archbishop Sartain Regarding Referendum 74

TIME Magazine - Photos: Oval Office Secrets from Truman to Obama

EJ Dionne: Why the NRA pushes ‘Stand Your Ground’

The goals of Romney vs the goals of President Obama

Romney Identifies Tax Cuts at Private Fund-raising Event

Why have a regular sword fight when you could have a FLAMING sword fight?

Holy shit. A formerly rational old-school Republican wrote this...

Analysis - No simple answer to EU growth versus austerity conundrum

Eagle Owl landing at 1000 frames/second taken with Full HD High Speed Camera SA2

4 hearings this week on agency's spending scandal

Obama: US has offered no 'freebies' to Iran

Sarkozy Says His Policies Have Killed 35-Hour French Work Week

Big new story on the horizon: What is it?

Norway prepares for Breivik massacre trial

Japan to be without operating nuclear reactors on May 6: Edano

Hanford target of Occupy Portland protest (w/ gallery, video)

Seriously crappy caucus attendance

A jury I just served on allowed a post with the slur "tranny" to stand.

Single payer advocate gives up and moves to New Zealand

Breivik says not guilty over Norway killings

Stop Obama’s Drone War in Pakistan

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and the blurry line between conservative media and the far-right

I wonder if Issa will give the secret service the same slap on the wrist that Vitter received for

America: The Gasoline War | John Michael Greer

Krugman: Let’s talk first about the link between inequality and polarization.

Hilary Rosen was right. Ann Romney doesn’t speak for women in the workforce

The Perfect Pillow

Happy Tax Day, suckers

A RWer's reply to my comment makes me ask the question about when Ann Rmoney has time

Texas got a CRAZY amount of hail

Government spends $40 million mowing lawns of empty homes

President Obama and Children of the Afro-Colombian Communities in Cartagena (pics)

Chris Hedges: First They Come For the Muslims

Is Georgia Waiting for Its Jobless to Just Kill Themselves? How State GOPers Made Unemployment Hell

Is Georgia Waiting for Its Jobless to Just Kill Themselves? How State GOPers Made Unemployment Hell

The WikiLeaks War Logs Don't Show Rare War Crimes--They Show The (Legal) Reality of War

Question for lurking ReTHUGS

hoverboard question

Michelle Obama Thanks Beyonce For Letter: "You're A Role Model"

How Organized Labor Helped Win Marriage Equality in Maryland and Washington--And What We Can Learn

AFL-CIO Urges Senate Democrats to Reject Challenge on Union Vote

Job candidates' purgatory: multiple interviews per job

America’s Port Truckers Deliver a Resounding Yes Winning Union Recognition as Teamsters

Cascade Steel Security Guard Strikes Picketer with Vehicle

Gold glitters for North American mining students

Powerful graphic regarding racism

Solar prices drop more, pressuring panel makers

We don't need tax increases as much as we need wage increases...

Washington Whispers About Who Will Be Next Secretary of State

Shakira Shakira

South Korea nuclear failure hidden for five weeks, sparking protests and investigations

How race may affect this year’s election

Truth or Consequences - Dan Rather and the Story About W's Military Career

US: 56 coral species face extinction danger from warming, acidic seas

What to believe?

Why not outgun them with a mandatory-carry law?

Man in nursing home reacts to his favorite music

Some people are gay in space. Get over it.

Please read Pinned Post - Proposed SOP

Lee’s Summit senator seeks to expand work ‘misconduct’ rule

Happy Tax Day, suckers

Chris Hedges: First They Come For the Muslims

If Just One Millionaire Followed the Buffett Rule

Have the morning shows played the Romney C-Span video

Oh XChrom...JoeyBee....everyone else.

Toon - What I'll Do on Day 1

This one has it all! Gays Kiss Outside Muslim Protest Of Atheists Convention

Toon: Hey... Look!

Obama, Santos confirm US-Colombia trade pact takes effect May 15

Wisconsin's WalkerGate: DA Chisholm decision on John Doe charges won't be political; Count on it

Black pastor being insanely racist against blacks.

Obama, Democrats raise more than $53 million in March

Publisher of a childrens religious book gets it right.

Empathy and Moral behavior in non-human animals

5 Countries That Do It Better: How Sexual Prudery Makes America a Less Healthy and Happy Place

GOP Meme Only The Rich Are Entitled

NRA: 10 ways it has weakened gun-control laws in the US

US, Filipino troops start drills near disputed sea

Brady Campaign Statement on Romney's Appearance at NRA Convention

Re: George Zimmerman's Defenders

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom is ALWAYS on time...ALWAYS. Unless, of course, there's a detour.

Interview Inquisition Serves Its Purpose For Employers

"2,700 Companies Collect State Income Taxes from Hundreds of Thousands of Workers & Keep the Money!"

George Zimmerman Had Accomplices. Too Bad We Can’t Arrest Them Too.

"Fans were screaming out "Fuck Axl" through much of the night..."

Senate GOP poised to kill Buffett Rule

The Making of a Rampage Murderer:

Breivik Admits Massacre, Claims Self-Defense

I don't know how the weather could get much weirder.

The Money Trail Behind Florida's Notorious Gun Law

After eliminating 90 jobs, suburban school district finds it must eliminate 74 more teachers

Tragic truth on Craigslist (please KILL me now...)

Sailing Fans Reeling Over Yacht Race Death- 4 still Missing

Hell hath frozen over! I am saying something nice about Yankees and their fans!

All This Talk About Education Reform Is No More Than A Ruse

Mother Jones: WTF, GOP?

TOM TOMORROW: Sparkman and 'The Heavy-Handed Ray of Ironic Justice!'

TDPS: Did Rick Santorum Permanently Stain Republican Party?

Chris Christie: The Heartless, Smug, Bullying Embodiment of the Republican Party

China bans wind farm construction in grid-poor areas


Obama Bid to End Too-Big-to Fail Undercut as Banks Grow

Catching the wind: China slows growth of wind-power sector

Machine fell into MOX spent-fuel pool: Tepco

Reaching new levels of arrogance, a smirking Joe Scarborough climbs up Sherrod Brown's ass

Obama Campaign Raises $53 Million, Will Regrettably Use It On Campaigning

Everyone please send Ohiosmith best of luck for the new business he just opened....

Nuke majors in decline at universities

Andrea Mitchell Full Of (You Know What)

Life on Mars Found by NASA's Viking Mission?

How much of the gop will not vote for Romney in the remaining primaries?


As Beef Cattle Become Behemoths, Who Are Animal Scientists Serving?

Six Rigged Rules Corporations Use to Dodge Taxes

Economy killers: Inequality and GOP ignorance

Ann Romney and the 40 years to late reality... the climate change era (cartoon)

Occupy Unveils 'Spring Awakening'

Ringworld teaser on Youtube..

The OccupyUSA Blog for Monday (April 16), With Frequent Updates

How to sell underwear in Australia (may not be safe for work)

More American workers sue employers for overtime pay

You people shouldn't be making light of Ann Romney.

"TV's Frank" Conniff: "Romney would eliminate Dept. of Housing & Urban Development. Because...

The Logic of Unintended Consequences: The ‘Mess in Mali’ | Ramzy Baroud

[Iran] Backed Into a Corner

Would a WPA really work today? (pic heavy)

The World's Richest Failed State: Fairness & Freedom in America

Fifty Years Ago Today: Bob Dylan Premiered 'Blowin' In The Wind'

Who is the Worst Pundit of the Decade?

Dem chief: Kucinich a 'narcissist'

Congratulations Jan Brewer - you're the biggest DUMBASS elected as governor

Rmoney already offering donors access to the Inauguration ... a bit presumptive, Mittens?

Brilliant Chinese Grand Prix promises a thrilling F1 season

In case you didn't know, District 12 is for sale.

It's going to be a long hot summer here on DU.

Religious Premeds Plan to Have Faithful Bedside Manner

"Making hard decisions" - why hasn't anybody called this out as code for

why a fair economy is not incompatible with growth but essential to it

Regarding Bill Cosby's take on the Trayvon Martin case and soft bigotry.

Do Republicans realize they’ve just called for the repeal of welfare reform?

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

A Kid With Skittles | James Howard Kunstler

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

"Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Caves on Introductory Credit Card Fees"

Christian Is Not Synonymous With Conservative

Gun violence victims to demand Congress take action

County officials critical of storm chasers on roads

TTAG's Irresponsible Gun Owner of the day

Four-year-old Heidi Hankins joins Mensa with 159 IQ

Texas boy dead, allegedly shot self with mom's gun

LynneSin's cats are modest to a fault.

Ann Romney: It was my early birthday present for someone to be critical of me as a mother.


The USPS is the canary in the coal mine?

Feeling uncomfortable at work

Researchers Develop Stem Cells That Attack and Destroy HIV

yes, 99% spring is a fraud

The Downside of Cohabiting Before Marriage

Before you know it in Arizona, they'll eventually charge women for having illegal abortions...

Is anyone else on the verge of giving up ground beef due to pink slime?

Nuclear Calendar -- April 16, 2012 | FCNL

Miami-Dade Fire Captain Blames Trayvon Martin Killing on ‘Shitbag’ Parents of ‘Urban Youths’

Greg Grandin on DemocracyNow! today talks about the summit

Hill Poll: Voters expect personal finances will improve, not economy

Miami-Dade Fire Captain Blames Trayvon Martin Killing on ‘Shitbag’ Parents of ‘Urban Youths’

Ronald Kessler is a conservative ass attempting to destroy the head of the Secret Service

John Dean's analysis of Walker- not a pretty picture

Things Ann Romney has never said.

Pic Of The Moment: What A Difference Three Months Make

Well it's official, in 3 months I'll be a RETIRED geezer

crazy freaking weather

Whammbulance needed in DC stat!

"It's not the past that saddens me, it's the future."

A short observation...

HELP! My cat/sunshine thread was hijacked. What do I do!

Man Gets 3 Days In Jail For Saggy Pants

Loyal Lab Found in Street by Buddy's Side Has New Home

10 Google services you can live without - Google Search, Gmail, etc.

Dan Rather vs. W: 'The great untold story of modern Texas politics' (10,450 words)

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest ever to play this game.

"NO APOLOGY" Romney Book: ‘Nonworking Parents’ Produce ‘Indolent And Unproductive’ Children

The all time feel good story and picture


Housing at BYU circa 1970

Truth or Consequences: The bizarre postscript to George W. Bush's military service.

Scottish Groove

but, don't call it "racism"

Run-In with Swan Leaves Man Dead

Awwww, C'mon! A couple weeks back, we had enough warm weather

Media lawyers: Unseal the George Zimmerman court file

Why do different societies come up with the same myths? Like the Bigfoot/Sasquatch/

Iran Nuclear Diplomats Look to Talks in May as Netanyahu Criticizes Timing

Can you imagine sewing an angel's robe? You'd have to have buttons or tiestrings or something

Alberta election - Wild Rose party leader Danielle Smith backpedals from supporter blog entry

The Wait is Over: Announcing the 2012 Jefferson Muzzles!

LGBTers and the election season... please read and voice your opinions.

First Dodgers triple play since 1998? Bull!!!

Romney Campaign Tries To Walk Back Policy Details Revealed At Fundraiser (HUD & Dept Of Education)

Robert Caro’s Big Dig - The Life of LBJ

POOR ANN: "We were living on the edge"

Caption Willard with Kraft:

Cheerleading | Is it a sport?

We need a resources & info pin

Young, Black, Male, and Stalked by Bias

Pets of San Francisco, Earthquake Planners Have You Covered

My congressman, John Tierney, could use some support

the prayer

Israeli TV Report Shows Air Force Gearing Up For Iran Attack, Says Moment Of Truth Is Near

feminism, temperance and prostitution

Te-Boo! Jets' New Backup Booed At Yankee Stadium

Let's Play- Outrage Roulette! Round 5!

Rachel Maddow - More strikes by GOP in argument vs. 'war on women'

Retail Sales in U.S. Climb More Than Forecast on Jobs

UK would-be shoebomber sentence cut over deal

Dennis Prager: men laugh more than women

Karzai says NATO failed as 18-hour Kabul attack ends

TOON: Supreme Court strip search ruling could lead to unintended gov't health care

Palestinians made refugees again!

Conservative Christians are becoming more confident in the political arena (in UK)

U.N. condemns North Korea launch, warns on nuclear test

Thom Hartmann: Does this Generation have a Rendezvous w/Destiny?

How many jobs are they supposed to work?

World Bank Officially Selects Kim as President

"As Ice Cap Melts, Militaries Vie for Arctic Edge"

Red Sox Fans fill in the blank. Bobby Valentine will be fired __________

Hippie Hating

Nations take advantage of climate change for the military exploitation of the Arctic

The 6 Or 7 Career Myth Is Still A Myth

Y'ever notice . . . ? Whenever there are crotches to be sniffed, Darryl Issa is the first in line?

Romney Thinks It Is Dignified Work To Marry A Wealthy Man

Ann Romney parties with dog barbequer

Homeland security secretary Napolitano to speak at my college (streaming live)

Bill Moyers Essay: It Pays to Be Rich

speaking of advanced thinking in the distant past

Death Row Inmate’s Best Lawyer Was Himself

Where Do Space and Time Come From? New Theory Offers Answers, If Only Physicists Can Figure It Out

Nodding Disease Origins Remain Unexplained

Perhaps the most tragic thing about Brian Beckmann's racist rant.

Spain's bond yields jump as bailout fears grow

Media Firms Sue to Force Opening of Zimmerman File

Anybody watch "The Good Wife" last night? It was all about dirty politics.

Is DU for people's personal agendas?

The Energy [R]evolution will not be televised. But it will be tweeted.

"Things Happen" - Connect the Dots on 5/5/12

Italian ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi 'hosted nun strippers'

Ann Romney Responds to Attacks on Motherhood

Social Injustice in a Supposedly Christian Nation

The 1%’s Hand in the Afghan Murders

Social Injustice in a Supposedly Christian Nation

One Paddle, Two Paddle for the Dalai Lama

Mitt Romney to Mothers: Want dignity? 'You need to go to work'

If you've seen "Gran Torino" can you please

Mitt Romney's tax musings suggest he wants the rich to pay more

War on drugs 'not working,' Harper says (Canadian prime minister)

Man kills wife outside divorce lawyer's office

The 1% Bubble

Vietnamese bloggers deny charges, third in leniency bid

Job creator creators

S.F. hospital deal could raise health care costs

Underwater turbines run into opposition

One Enormous Reason The U.S. Is Still Miles Behind Other Countries

The Bluffdale NSA spy center

(Public transit) Free Muni for S.F. kids could hit a few bumps

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds Kaitlin Bell Barnett - The Medication Generation P1

One Photograph That Will Restore Your Hope In The Fight For Equality

(Canadian) Prison rehab program axed due to budget cuts

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds Kaitlin Bell Barnett - The Medication Generation P2

Supremes Mum on Media Ownership Case Review

The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See

Herman Cain Rally at the Capitol Fails Spectacularly

Many U.S. Immigrants’ Children Seek American Dream Abroad

Compensation package

Are these any good for running?

So the Distinction is Freedom? Really ...?

A Girl's Guide To Battling The Harmful Effects Of Mass Media

Is the self-delete feature being abused?

Can you recommend any sites that sell parts?

Adorable Kittens Want You To Smile Because You Can Haz Fairer Taxes

I have some questions about the words transgender and transgendered.

Seoul-born Kim beats Nigerian finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who said the decision was not ma

Republicans To Slash Food Stamps

Where can I get size 8A shoes?

(Wis.) State Supreme Court won't hear appeals on voter ID ban

Ohio widow informed of soldier husband’s death via Facebook

Mitch McConnell is an ass.

Renewable-Energy Investment Plunges in Quarter to Three-Year Low

Stop the Nuclear Industry Welfare Program by Senator Bernie Sanders and Ryan Alexander

Argentina to nationalise Spain oil company

Argentina to nationalise Spain oil company

Bumper Sticker check, or Proof Cons have given up.

Ex-GSA head apologizes for $823,000 Las Vegas spending spree

Texas teen faces 9 murder counts after van crash that killed suspected illegal immigrants

Women Brought All Politicans Into The World

Ann Romney "loves" the (gift) criticizing that she received?

Let Fish Walk!

NHL playoffs are chippiest in six years

Boy to school officials: Mom, sister dead at home

Who got Mad magazine growing up?

Web freedom faces greatest threat ever (Int Sergey Brin/Google)

March 2012 was the 16th coolest March on record (since 1880)

Mea culpa!

They walk among us. Real life monsters?

Gallup tracking publishes first Obama vs. Romney poll today

Florida Law Firm That Fired Workers For Wearing Orange Cites Bullying

What's for Dinner ~ Monday April 16th

"SHUT IT DOWN---MAY 1st!" (from "Nation of Change")

Battleground America - One Nation, under the Gun by Jill Lepore / The New Yorker

Huron Valley prison for women stops routine strip search described as "sexually humiliating"

Man plotted suicide bomb on NYC subway: prosecutor

Dan Rather - George Bush Showdown

I watched 6 episodes of Kitchen Nightmares UK back-to-back. Ask me anything.

Murray Rose, 73, four-time Olympic swimming champion

UAW calls for protest at Troy (MI) GOP fundraiser with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

NRC rejects groups' request to halt Plant Vogtle expansion

"Hillary Clinton and Katie" - pics

How To Talk To A Zimmerman Apologist (by Matt Bors)

UAW calls for protest at Troy GOP fundraiser with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Collegiate Baseball Newspaper Poll 4/16/12

DU Album of the Day: "New World Record" Electric Light Orchestra

Cable News Panel Discusses Transgender Issues

A World Bank Legacy...Kosovo Coal

If sh*t could take a crap, there would be a pile of Ted Nugent in the toilet.

ROMNEY: “Fox is watched by the true believers. We need to get the independents and the women.”

Hey, Zimmerman, Lets See How Well You "Stand Your Ground" Now

How Long Does It Take To Decompose?

So. My cable/phone/internet provider, Charter Communications, just hijacked Firefox.

The vast majority of gays here believe Obama merits relection on gay issues

I kinda, sorta think Jose Canseco is saying climate change is bad, but in a really warped way

Phone left in restroom triggers Delta bomb scare

LOL, I stumble across the craziest shit

Special Rights for Military Members is Law in Florida SB998 HB463 - We Need to Overturn This

Ted Nugent: Once again ready to "ride into that battlefield"!

P.S.A. 'Tranny' is incredibly offensive to the LGBTIQ community.

24 year old (Penn State alum) wins Pulitzer for PSU Molestation Scandal Coverage

"No. No. No. No. No. No. No."

'Good Night Ryan' - a short documentary about a vet who may have committed suicide

Scrap the lotto

In the Footsteps of Fusion

A Peek at the Real Romney

Obama Admin. and LGBTs: 3-D chess game or slow motion train wreck?

Mitt Romney wants a round of applause for paying less than 15 percent in taxes

I need some brainstorming...

Don’t Leave All the PR Work To Colombian Prostitutes

Speaking of a steaming pile of dog s%^t...

Why do so many people assume a billionaire is deserving of everything he has...?

Progressive Democratic candidate Wayne Powell is running against Congressman Eric Cantor in Virginia

This is What Happens When You Photoshop Celebrities Into Your Holiday Party

Papantonio: The Billionaire GOP Puppeteers

Mad Men. I wanted to be upset with this show...

For N.J. same-sex couples, filing taxes turns headaches into migraines

Snoop & Dr. Dre bring back Tupac via hologram

Kitteh Crosses Bridge

Colombian state 'kidnaps' children for overseas adoption: Reports .

24 year old wins Pulitzer for PSU Molestation Scandal Coverage

Colombian state 'kidnaps' children for overseas adoption: Reports .

Republican on FoxNews compares Romney to communist Soviet Union without knowing she did

Seattle offered up KeyArena site to arena investor for free

x-post with GD - Don’t Leave All the PR Work To Colombian Prostitutes

Scary post up at FR: "We are all George Zimmermann." (Not satire.)

Latest gallop poll says romney is ahead 47% to 45%. indicates dead-heat

CNN Poll: Obama Leads Romney by Nine

Did anyone watch The Simpsons last night? *SPOILERS*

Trans Activist: Boston Police Abusive at Protest

Romney supporter Ted Nugent, stumping for Willard: "Chop their heads off in November""

CNN Poll: Gender gap and likeability keep Obama over Romney

Dick 'deficits don't matter" Cheney attacks Obama for too much debt

Bogota mayor creates LGBTI support group .

Murder, Inequality, Corporate Profits, and Free Trade Go Together

Beyond The Battlefield: From A Decade Of War, An Endless Struggle For The Severely Wounded

'The Bravest Woman in Seattle' (Just won the Pulitzer Prize. A haunting read)

Pacific Intent: 'US big brother role not welcome in Philippines'

Latin America v. Obama: U.S. Policy Under Fire at Colombian Summit


Fresno state prof accused of showing porn in a Human Sexuality class

Anyone here have a Swiss bank account?

Not many posts here...

Bill Keller joins Krugman/Brooks Op-Ed fight {centrists v progressives}

Thousands of Pakistanis hold anti-US demonstrations

When religion and spirituality collide

Sen. Orrin Hatch Threatens To Punch ‘Radical Libertarians’ In The Mouth

Vote Democratic.

Greenland ice slip ‘n’ slides into ocean

Mitt Romney is, first and foremost, a corporate raider.

EU’s ‘Recession-Busting’ Wind Industry Set to Triple in Value

A physicist talks his way out of a traffic ticket.

Spain wind power reaches 60.5% demand, prices fall

Justice for Cisco- cop shoots dog

Meet ALEC's Equally Despicable Anti-Choice Cousin -- AUL

(10 MW) Solar project could be a catalyst for more if policies allow it (Georgia)

Congratulations to Matt Wuerker for winning the Pulitzer prize for Editorial Cartooning!

So the Secret Service has been cutting corners

AllEarth Renewables proposes new Vermont solar farm

Hannity reports Romney leads Obama in several new polls

The "give me a kiss" parrot

General Election OBAMA vs. Romney - CNN/Opinion Research: Obama 52, Romney 43 (Obama +9)

Obama lead over Romney down to four points: Reuters/Ipsos poll

"Pack your bags." Heh, heh

Michael Hudson: Debt: The Politics and Economics of Restructuring

Secret Service revokes security clearances of 11 accused of misconduct


Emails show Haley Barbour was urged not to pardon DUI offender who ended up killing a woman

People & Power - The Koch Brothers

A Sharp Rise in Retractions Prompts Calls for Reform

Deadly Bat Plague Spreads to Midwestern US

Why Congress is Putting Mark Twain on a Coin

OMG the Euro 2012 Holland home kit must have want want want

Just had a call from Rasmussen;

Weird Winter - Mad March - Part 1

Weird Winter - Mad March - Part 2

Romney open mike moment for education is a Montessori K-12 for the 1%.

ABC/Wash Post: Romney favorable 35%, unfavorable 47, first underwater nominee in 28 years.

The primary difference between North and South Korea

If drugs like marijuana are ever legalized, who should supply them?

How to lose the drug decriminalization argument while on TV.

Has anyone ever evacuated a plane? How dangerous did it seem?

Just remember when you read this, "It's all about saving money. It's all about saving money."

For the anti-gun people in this group, and I know you're out there

Nebraska Radio Station Threatens to Sue Listeners Over Boycott

NJ Gov. Christie has cops haul individuals onstage at town hall meeting, berating them at length

GOP Congressman Louie Gohmert Key Speaker At ‘We Will Not Be Silenced By Faggots’ Tea Party Rally

Al Sharpton starts with the Rmoney clip -

My new shirt. I love it.

Conservative Scholar: Supreme Court Should Uphold Obamacare

World Bank names US doctor as new president

"I want my country back!"

BREAKING (earlier today)-white mob chasing black men through Boston area streets

UCS: no matter where you live, driving electric saves money, emissions

Zimmerman: Afraid of Being in Jail

Late this year...sorry

Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity Rover Landing Site - Gale Crater Length: 92:19

David Miliband, Jeffrey Sachs and Ngaire Woods on democracy -- the Guardian

Mysterious Particle Found After Decades of Searching

Tea Party Speaker Reportedly Tells LGBT Protesters: 'We Will Not Be Silenced By Faggots'

PSA... Our popularity...

Lost in Translation

Buffett rule bill vote taking place now

Newty's a big frikin' baby walks out of an interview with a college student

NOM Prints Enemies List in New Hampshire

Buffet Bill my Ass

Republicans block the Buffet Rule

You stay classy Tea Partiers!!!

Mitt Romney's Core Scrutinized By David Axelrod, Who Asks, 'What Does He Believe?'

Baby owl rescued at Acadia National Park

Romney Is Screwing Up On Taxes Again, Says Former Bush White House Speechwriter

I'm finding myself disliking Ann Romney almost as much as Mittens

The Secret Service in action - which action was worse?

NPR discussed bullying and the movie "Bully" but neglected to mention its font.

George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O' Mara files request for judge to recuse herself...

Collective Right

Do Republican voters think they will become RICH if they vote for Romney?

So, when is it okay NOT to file a return?

SpaceX's Dragon ship set for station visit (BBC)

"buffet rule"

Righthaven hit with second marshals writ for seizure of assets

Current crisis will deform USA at least as much as Great Depression

President Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats from April 9th-15th is 89%.

that does it. I'm moving to Canada

Ann Romney On Seamus Episode: ‘The Dog Loved It’

White House photo of the day, April 15, 2012 - pic

Corporations to fight California 'middle-class scholarship' bill

The real silver lining of the President winning reelection.

Gas 'fracking' gets green light

Rebates to cut price of $60 LED bulb

Daniel survives

The failure of the "Buffet Rule" is an early birthday gift for the President. I'm sure he

US and China engage in cyber war games


Why are conservatives this delusional?

Lindsey Vonn owes IRS $1.7 million

the boy (cat) on facebook - Sundance...and the furry girl - Pepper!!!

warning: cuteness overload - animals with stuffed versions of themselves

Would-be plane bomber has sentence cut (BBC)

New treatment for prostate cancer gives 'perfect results' for nine in ten men: research

Newt Gingrich Bitten By Penguin At St. Louis Zoo

The Fractured States of America. No more USA. We're now the FSA.

2012 Electoral Map Forecast (Good news for Obama)

Fuck Mitt Romney

Five Reasons Why The Very Rich Have NOT Earned Their Money

Are You Sick Of ‘Highly Paid’ Teachers? (HUMOR)

Is Thomas Kinkade still dead? Or just the Kinkade threads?

Obama Dismisses Latin American Leaders’ Calls for Drug Legalization

'Killer' swan attacks Illinois caretaker until he drowns

A story that makes me say; "eff it! This country is too far gone to save"

Here Is The Voting Record on The Buffet Bill.

Looks like I need surgery to remove a cataract in my right eye.

Since we now know that Ann Romney "loved it," does that mean she can shut the fuck UP?

Alabama's $30K BCS trophy shattered

Dick Cheney got a second lease on life and wasted no time

"More powerful," "less powerful," assault, non-assault - can all of you PLEASE take a breath?