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Archives: April 14, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen: How to make a Woo Woo!

Budget crisis over! DOJ giving bonuses to state workers! Yeah!!!

The Real Hilary Rosen Scandal: Does Her Firm Sell Access To The White House To Powerful Corporations

Question about the Ann Romney issue and working moms.

Obama to Colombia to Boost US Exports

President Obama: Romney claim about women job loss is "bogus"

This Boogeyman Gets Paid to Scare You

Forecasters say Saturday storms 'life threatening'

(NLRB) News: Pilot program will consolidate offices in Regions 10 and 11 and Regions 14 and 17

Is It Too Much to Ask of Our Leaders to Put America First? Leave Us Out of Another Middle East War

Romney Wins Some Votes, If Not All Hearts, At NRA Meeting

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: The Rich Are Different from You and Me – They Pay Less Taxes

CCOKC-Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron

Personally, I think Ann Romney insulted all working parents.

Bill Nye Wants Your Help to Save Our Science

For Big Companies.. Life Is Good..

State Agency May Publicize Detailed Information About Abortion Patients

Sally Struthers wants to help you get fit

Easy CNN Comment Form. Trash Wolf

Dude, did we wake you?

Friday Talking Points (206) -- "Mommy Wars" Versus "War On Women"

Brandstad appointee rejected

Somebody tell the radio-causes-cancer nuts some basic physics.

Corey looks courageous, savvy in Trayvon Martin case so far

Venezuela's Chavez set for more Cuba cancer treatment

Health care plans - Is a 9.9% increase for all forms of plans coincidental?

Video shows aggressive arrest by MPD in downtown Milwaukee

4 people on this jury apparently does not get sarcasm.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Too Sexy For This Show & a new

Arabs hot for Israeli porn

Ozzie Guillén and Fascism in Miami

Rachel diagramming rmoney's speech/sentences @ NRA!!!

Looks like a bad weekend on the way -- be safe and well, Oklahoma DUers

Another Friday, another $2 Billion spent on Afghanistan ($800 Million of it borrowed).

Hulk Hogan sells waterfront estate for $6.2 million

Obama Drops the Hammer on Mitt Romney’s Lies

Seeking cheap therapy:)

I just had to turn off Rachel Maddow.

The OFA will call on the LGBT community, what I found at an OFA last night

Question About French Eating Habits/Diet vs. Americans

Ann Romney and raising children:

A Golden Takin takes care of her one-day-old offspring - pics

Freeper: Romney "means well...any damage he does will be (a) less and (b) an unintended consequence"

Happy Friday the 13th!

The DUzy Awards for Friday, April 13th, 2012

Hey GOP assholes? Got a medical license? No? Then stop legislating stupid shit on women

American Nazi Party registers a lobbyist in Washington D.C.

Fun Facts About the 11 “Greatest Books for Kids”

Forecasters say Saturday storms 'life threatening'

Democrats hope to dethrone Rep. Steve King in Iowa

Who is the most underrated or underappreciated actor today?

Guess who is building the largest average houses? (Hint, not the US)

I just excused myself from a jury...

Le PUE doesn't get it

Challenge accepted.

Anyone other than me sick of all the 'cat' threads that get posted in GD?

Why I love the New Yorker...

White House photo of the day, April 13, 2012 - pic

I'm thinking this photo might be photoshopped

Any Shameless fans?

SF businessman backs out of “I believe you, Zimmerman” merchandising: it’s “disgusting”

U.S. Secret Service agents recalled from Colombia for seeking hookers.

TYT: Pathetic - Wolf Blitzer Scolds Hilary Rosen Over Ann Romney On CNN

UCLA Develops Stem Cells That Kill HIV in Mice

No Checks Please...

AZ's abortion law & My wistful advice to fellow Pro-choicers

The 99% Spring is HERE! Olivia Wilde, Penn Badgley, & Zoe Kravitz ask: Are you in?

Korean Rocket Blows Up: Is This What We Are Wasting All That Money to Protect Ourselves From?

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Prison!

Go ahead and shoot me but I'm going to say it

APNewsBreak: Secret Service agents sent home from summit amid allegations of misconduct

APNewsBreak: Secret Service agents sent home from summit amid allegations of misconduct

President Obama releases taxes - Mitt files extension

I think I'd be more into the whole jesus thing if only...

Made my day around 6:15 a.m.

Cuba: Intelligence agent returns to US probation after humanitarian visit with ailing brother

Cuba: Intelligence agent returns to US probation after humanitarian visit with ailing brother

A friend of mine recently died.

Gun Makes Men Look Taller And Stronger, Air Force Study Shows

Last Chance to PROVE you aren't a Fraidy-Cat!

Secret Service agents with Obama at summit relieved of duty

Progressive Discussion or Mutual Stroking Society? WillyT and I Want to Know!

Jan Brewer signs abortion ban defining pregnancy before conception

Ok so I'm thinking of getting pregnant. Does that make me pregnant in Arizona?

WTF will Democrats do?

Santorum in 2016?

Ozzie Guillen's comments hit home for Cuban-born Felo Ramirez

Introducing my new vehicle

'Vindictive and headline-hungry' Arpaio costs Maricopa County $775,000 in settlement

Gamesa Launches New Wind Turbine Designed For Low-Wind Sites

when you have lots of money, it is easy to be a stay at home mom

Three glasses of wine! I love you DU!!

Tuna linked to salmonella outbreak in 20 states

GOD DAMMITT THE HELL FUCK SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

What upcoming movies are you excited to see?

Ever have that "I'm not alone" in the shower feeling, like Psycho?

Angela Davis speaks on struggles of feminism

Rural Africa Looks Beyond the Grid

A night to remember:Thunderstorm shatters records (lightning strikes Golden Gate & Bay Bridge)- pics

UC Davis Guilty at All Levels in Student Pepper-Spraying Incident

New rule for Republicans -

Hinduism is a Way of Life, and Life tends to be Organised Chaos

SF Giants' Matt Cain lost perfect game to pitcher

jQuery would you center this on a page?

Pane Of Glass Falls on Boston Bruins Forward David Krejci

Shea Weber slams Zetterberg's head into glass

Ugghhh...another right wing little snot...

Who are the nicest and most obnoxious authors you've met ?

Wonder if she reached President Obama

Springtime in Hebron

Mitt Romney Files Extension For 2011 Tax Return

Anyone live in a condo flat? In a building? How much are your condo fees each month?

Anybody use Windows vista? Have they ironed out the bugs? Is it as smooth as xp?

Here's an atheist with a sense of humor.

Romney Wild Eyed Hysterical And Hateful - No Where Man

2.15 Billion for a bankrupt company ?

Check In Here If You Support Mandatory GMO Labeling

Trying to find the name of a guitarist

Buying Land? Are you familiar with Real Estate ...?

Double Dutch dog goes viral: Amazing skipping hound never misses a beat

Pin setters

If you had to fly to somewhere for dinner one night where would it be? Right about now I'd go to

Secret Service scandal rocks Obama trip

In Defense of Ozzie Guillen: Cuban-Americans Have Held US Policy Hostage Long Enough

What's with ads showing up below search text boxes?

Christians are being persecuted, says former archbishop of Canterbury

O'LOOFAH always attacking "the FAR Left." Never praises any "Left." Who would those be?!1 Guesses?

The Power of Symbolism...

Iranian Dissident Opposes Sanctions on Tehran

Bill Maher On ‘Rosen-Gate’: Just The Latest In ‘Stupid, Non-Consequential, Meaningless Controversies

The "Trash this thread" feature

What You Should Know About Exxon Mobil’s Latest Ad Campaign

Some women are above reproach and some aren't. Not ALL women are equal...

Republican Convention Names Google & YouTube Official Social Platform and Live Stream Provider

There is a reason why I did not defend Hilary Rosen during yesterday's one day controversy

How sure are you that atheists don't "get" religion?

You may have a drinking problem if...

The “Negotiations” Fraud: U.S. Propaganda, Iran & the Politics of Nuclear War

Ann Romney is the new GOP rock star, but she's not running for President

Lesson learned, just break through

New Mexico governor asks feds to stop horse slaughterhouse

KUOW wants to hear about people's experiences with unemployment

Juan Cole: Iran’s supreme theocrat, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei sez the bomb is unislamic

Occupy Detroit Celebrates 6 Months, Plans For Spring

For your weekend diversion: Google Nigeria

Covalent bonds (humor)

The Road to 2020 - "Energiewende" part 1 & "States on a New Course" part 2

Captain Beefheart featured on Lawrence O'Donnel Thursday Night Romney coverage

I just snuggled up with a glass of Merlot

'Sounds of Silence' Proving a Hit: World's Fastest Random Number Generator

You KNEW this would happen EVENTUALLY: "Artist creates Zimmerman portrait with Skittles"

Q: So why did God tell Perry, Bachmann and Santorum to run for president just to have them lose?

Toons: Glorious Symbols, Bogus Issues, A Winning Platform and More. - 4/13/12

Saints owner Tom Benson buys Hornets from NBA

Another one for the Ladies......

What shift has this country made that makes the Nazi party register a lobbyist group?

Help - what's the title of this song?

I think this is how we summon the UFOs...

It's my 48th birthday, ask me anything!

US Secret Service agents sent home from Obama duty over misconduct allegations!

A Short History of Neoliberalism (And How We Can Fix It)

*** official Saturday April 14 Storm info page***

Jeff Beck and Imogen Heap live at Ronnie Scotts.

Huuuui~ Merry Monarch!

Do any of you have any connection to the Titanic?

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, April 13)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, April 13)

as we speak cbayer is rising from the dead


The more things change...

Charts: March Jobs Report - Bikini Graph

KETV: Jury Backs Millard Schools For Suspending Students

I'm going to keep my eye on the lounge lizards

'Gay cure' Christian charity funded 20 MPs' interns

Want to know where fanatical murderers come from?

I figure this is the perfect time of the night to post this...

Reed Elsevier Joins Mass Exodus From ALEC

Texas Board Approves Rules on Use of Stem Cells

China Says It May Reduce Role of Foreign Firms in Surveillance

Teen Girl Saves 25 Horses From Stable Fire

This happened.

Why I oppose stem cell research

Spain's Stolen-Babies Scandal: Empty Graves and a Silent Nun

Uribe denies responsibility for vigilante group CONVIVIR

Life Threatening Tornado Outbreak For OKC, Wichita, Omaha Saturday - Please k/r for wide visibility

Baltimore police arrest suspect in man's beating, stripping

House Republicans to Tackle Ambitious Budget

Hybrid solar: How to kiss the grid goodbye (Australia)

Canada Wins!

Drought expands throughout USA

Embarrassed by rocket crash, North Korea may try nuclear test

Life-Threatening Tornado Outbreak Likely in Plains States

Lawrence O'Donnell (this is great!)

My status of FB - if you hate bacon, the terrorists win

Oldest Arctic Sea Ice is Disappearing

Obama will play defense at Summit of Americas

Spitfires in Burma 'could be found'

How could DU'ers be fooled by John Edwards? (Please see apology)

The whole, "Zimmerman MAY apologize." statement...

Assange show premiere: Time to watch 'The World Tomorrow'

Graphic Evidence Of The Racism Of Fox News: Racial Photoshopping

MPs: We speak up for Israel - and get death threats

Memo Pad previous | Faking It: Right-Wing Republicans And Women’s Rights

Twitter Backlash for People Who Did Not Know ‘Titanic’ Was Real

U.S. Senate (GOP) candidates square off on televised debate

Awake or Knocked Out? The Line Gets Blurrier

San Antonio orthodontics office banned from state Medicaid program

Oops -Secret Service Agents sent home

Happy Mars Direct!

Activists Report Shelling in Syrian City of Homs

The Depressing Idiocy of the Common Core

GOP on Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wi): "like watching a temper tantrum by a 2-year-old"

Book Rec: Women: Images and Realities.

Are we facing a crisis of democracy? MUST WATCH!

Good news for Rob Zerban (running against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin District 1)

Watchful Owl

6 People You Need to Start a Revolution

Revealed: CISPA -- Internet Spying Law -- Pushed by For-Profit Spy Lobby

Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys..

Weekly Address: It's Time for Congress to Pass the Buffett Rule

How to handle alerting on posts with disturbing photos?

A possum in every pot and a Repo Man on every lot...

President Obama Calls on Congress to Pass Buffett Rule

"We just need some republican politicians to get on board with where the country is"

A New Yorker Summed Up His Thoughts on Tebow yesterday

Humble Pie + the Blackberries.... Black Coffee

10 shot, 3 dead, on South and West sides (Gun free paradise of Chicago)

How Our Absurd Drug War Hurts Everyone

President Obama has offered a helping hand to a British boy's battle for a new pair of legs

Frugality Fatigue Spurs Americans to Trade Up

Top Earners Can Find Ways Around Buffett Rule

Who's watching this pro-pink slime Washington Times

Mitt considering Santorum for possible running mate

Penguins from Space: A New Satellite Census Doubles the Known Population of Emperors

Gay 'conversion' therapies give moral authority to bullies, says ex-missionary

6 People You Need to Start a Revolution

Gov. Walker tells NRA gathering that Wisconsin recall effort is a referendum on big government

David Sirota: How the drug war hurts everyone

Not to keep harping on Pink Slime

Regardless of one's opinion of Edwards, Maddow did a great service last night with her story

LifeStraw Saves Those Without Access to Clean Drinking Water

Report: German ship halted with weapons for Syria

NYT Editorial: Republicans pander to NRA while Dems silent

222 'killed in five days' in Yemen

Is any research being done about how to stop a tornado? Sort of like seeding clouds

Post your good advice here

Dunno who the token conservative is on Chris this morning, but she's horrible.

Spectacular volcano eruption

President Obama Supported Executive Order Against Gay Discrimination in 2010. Now He's Against It!

Iran nuclear talks 'positive' after 15-month break

Reports: US man diverted to Iran after midair heart attack

New rescue -

A surprisingly unsurprising Facebook discovery

IRAN: THE TIME HAS COME TO TALK Blockades and the danger of disaster

Memorial crosses at California Marine Corps base ignite debate

Hilary Rosen banked millions destroying Napster, was crisis management consultant to BP

Question for guitar buffs

Question for guitar buffs

Beaten Giants fan, son move crowd in home opener..

Liberals arguing that the U.S. should give weapons to Syrian rebels underestimate Assad's power

Which author would you most like to meet?

Advisor says Romney's public views don't reflect what he privately believes

Obama & His Secretary paid HIGHER tax rate than Romney in 2011

Trayvon Martin's father says he warned son about stereotypes

war on women

Spring Cleaning on steroids

100 years ago today my daughters' great grand aunt, Bridget Donahue, lost her life on the Titanic.

Rick Santorum Signed Up 3-Year-Old Daughter For A Lifetime NRA Membership

Trouble with DU this morning.

"the only First Lady since Mamie Eisenhower not to have worked outside the home"

Gingrich cries that fox news is biased ...says CNN more balanced because Fox Murdoch wants Romney

Mine expert, Wheeling Jesuit investigated for misue of federal grants!

US has no intention of ending drone strikes, officials say

He believes in nothing except that it's his fate to wield great power

Secret service agents sent home after Colombia prostitution allegations

The ‘Creative Class’ and Comeback Cities: Beyond the Hype

AFP Rally in Madison???

Events around the world mark 100 years since Titanic tragedy

Rubes’ Gold in Sacks

Report: GSA official to assert right to remain silent at House hearing

Beautiful flowers, beautiful spring

Transgendered are part of our community also.

It's a distraction from a BIGGER ISSUE when we get caught up in this Ann Romney bullshit.

uranium double standard: the U.S.. Kazakhstan and Iran

On Brewer's desk: bill to ease gun limits in public buildings (Arizona)

Christian Newspaper Makes Hilarious Mistake

Petroleum economist says the Afgan war is NOT about oil. Anyone care to weigh in on the discrepancy?

Would Romney roll back expansion of health insurance for children?

Romney Addresses NRA

Peggy Noonan: The GOP proved they 'tend towards orderly and...experience"

Oh, Robin GIBB is in a coma. Colon, liver cancers; pneumonia

Post your BAD advice here.

Charles Bruce and debtors prison

Former Bee Gee Robin Gibb in a coma, report says

"Fear Itself." Artist creates Zimmerman portrait with Skittles

Walker Campaign's Communications Director - careful - sizzling hot! (If you like that sort of thing)

Ex-RPOF official says Crist approved Jim Greer fundraising

Is our President safe in Cartagena? Three explosions.

_______ vs. ________

NYT: Are hard line Cuban Americans as strong as ever?

Mitt Romeny makes $57,000.00 per day. His wife Ann doesn't know what struggle folks are in.

Working moms: they’re all the same

Thom Hartmann: Go to & help Rebuild the Dream

Thom Hartmann: Patriotic Millionaires beg for more taxes...

Superior Court Orders Newton Police Chief to Issue Gun License and Pay Attorney Fees and Costs (NH)

11:00 CDT: Here We Go: Severe Weather Warnings Running For KS; Watches/Advisories So Far In OK, TX

20 quakes in Fukushima beginning with M5.9 24 hours ago - Consecutive M4.4s in last 30 minutes

Senator John Kerry says much of world conflict fueled by clash of modernity with tribalism

"Titanic" to be re-released in Super 3D

Meet New Anti-Obama Super PAC Donor Irving Moskowitz

What do Romney, Goldman-Sachs CEO's, and minimum-wage earners have in common? just may be a Communist

Obama and Biden Disappoint, and Blitzer is an Idiot

The real reason for the Romney's extension

Moyers: THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT - It's like they own "Their Own Private Switzerland"

UN Security Council passes plan to deploy Syria monitors

Well, Don't Get Your Goddamn Panties In A Twist

A friend, in need, is a friend indeed

Our Mr. Brooks Takes a Mysterious Trip to the Café - By Charles P. Pierce

Alright, fess up. Which one of you lounge lizards did this

Bill Maher: "I think Rosen meant that Ann Romney's never gotten her ass out of the house to work"

Brewer just said she's keeping her "eyes very watchable."

Why We Fight...

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Ann and Mitt, the college years: “STRUGGLING” so much that they had to sell stock.

Check in for your Congressional District. How does it look for 2012?

Stop the nuclear industry welfare program by Bernie Sanders and Ryan Alexander

political debates

Economic recovery is a snap: just ask ALEC

Rush Limpo's comments vs Hilary Rosen's comments.

How to always be undeniably right about religion

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Caves on Credit Card Fees: Credit card companies win battle

Why Mega Billionaire Warren Buffett Will NOT Be Welcome At The Next GOP Fundraiser

What's for Dinner? ~ Saturday April 14th

Media tracker: Walker not running Falk ads

Democrats are Sexy...

If Democrats cannot support a limited Executive Order

Interesting: Ann Romney trust fund invested in sex site

A Brilliant George Carlin Quote Just In Time For Tax Day

Post A Drinking Song

Seriously, this is what the Boston Globe considers news?

Ron Paul Ups The Ante And Claims Sexual Harassment Shouldn’t Be Illegal

Obama: 20.5% to charity vs (faux) über-Christian Santorum < 2%

HILARIOUS! Stephen Colbert's New Segment 'Lady Heroes' Handles The War On Women

Post a Peeing Song

This high pollen is driving me nuts!

Did the jury make the right decision here?

Chris Matthews gets served by President Obama at the Summit of the Americas

MSNBC just had on this woman who was an oil company shill.

Obama says drug legalization not answer to cartels

North Korean regime threatens South Korea with toilet paper!

Former Nazi Soldiers Gunter Grass Lashes Out Again Israel, Yet Again

Outsourcing is relocating

Ralph Nader endorses Rocky Anderson for president

Unwelcome Mat: Ga. Senior Plans to Skip Graduation Because It’s in a Church

$1000 reward for a gun quote no one can seem to find

When science and religion are compatable.

Air Force to Remove Requirement for Hotel Bibles

Ann Romney and MS

Real Estate and Land...Who's buying? (x-post from investing)

NRA official: Media sensationalizing Martin case

If Health Insurance Mandates Are Unconstitutional, Why Did the Founding Fathers Back Them?

Wow. CU Boulder is going full-fascist against 4/20.

NRA official: Media sensationalizing Trayvon Martin story

Obama calls Romney's immigration stance "troublesome"

Polls Show Huge Public Support for Federal Gay and Transgender Workplace Protections

"Repeaters" Like a real dark "Groundhog Day"

The difference between Ann Romney's world and the rest of us. (PHOTO)

Argentina ex-dictator admits dirty war "disappeared"

Afghan war whistleblower Daniel Davis: ‘I had to speak out – lives are at stake’

Catholic Leaders to Rep. Paul Ryan: Stop Distorting Church Teaching to Justify Immoral Budget

Texts from Hillary’ creator: Always loved ‘the idea of powerful women texting each other’

About Hillary Rosen

Why The GOP Can Never Accuse Obama Of Abandoning Women

Catholic Leaders to Rep. Paul Ryan: Stop Distorting Church Teaching to Justify Immoral Budget

What a shame King Juan Carlos broke his leg badly while killing elephants in Africa

Exposing ALEC: How Conservative-Backed State Laws Are All Connected

Egypt disqualifies top Islamists, Mubarak VP from vote

Mars and nine or ten companies follow others out Alec's door

How much more do women pay for health insurance?

Swiss banks to hand over staff names in U.S. tax row: report

It's called leadership....

Colombian prostitute calls the cops on the American Secret Service

Ann Romney has united women even more than before

Kudos! A 19 year-old Dem door-to-door canvasser.

DNC: Your membership has expired - We need you back

Bill Maher on the Ozzie/Castro controversy.... Perfect.

Are purity tests always bad?

Tea partiers take over Madison

Defactive cords

Picture this arguement in the Romney Household...

THIS is the NRA......

DCCC Billboards Hold House Republicans Accountable For Choosing “Millionaires Over Medicare”

Post a song peeing. Or drinking. nt

The ALEC exodus means one thing...

Galgenhumor (cartoon about a hoodie)

Trouble accessing DU?

"It wasn't much, a few thousand dollars" ...what would you do with a "few thousand"

5 Countries That Do It Better: How Sexual Prudery Makes America a Less Healthy and Happy Place

A Nazi Lobbyist in Congress? Mein Humph.

Obama and ENDA: How about helping him get it passed?

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Busted for Pot

Representative Virginia (Crazy like a) Foxx (R-NC) has no sympathy for people with student loans

A close friend of mine wrote this with Babyface. Wanted to share.

I think

I saw a great bumper sticker the other day


5 US military personnel involved in misconduct in Colombia

Rolf!!!!!!!..Behold the fluffy ennui of the existential cat

Medicare B pays for penis pumps

US military: 5 service members accused of misconduct at same hotel as Secret Service agents

How many really deeply believing religious folks...

At Nuclear Talks, Iran and 6 Nations Agree to Meet Again

The lead sponsor of ENDA in the Senate opposes Obama's decision not to sign the limited EO

Baptist leader criticizes Trayvon Martin support

(Environmental Defense Fund) Unexpected Ally Helps Wal-Mart Cut Waste

(NHL player) Former Habs captain Bouchard dies at 92

FCC Proposes $25,000 Fine on Google (maps collecting data from unencrypted Wi Fi)

LOL...I love this one..

Arizona's Latino voters overwhelmingly Democratic, overwhelmingly opposed to AZ's immigration law

Caucusing and tornadoes - this is great!

Barbados to analyze green monkey population after noting unexplained increase in numbers

Not a DIY'er, need some advice

The spark when workers come first

Do you know the difference between people that pray in a church and those that pray in a casino?

Ann Romney: Stay at Home Mom...

Obama Calls on Romney to Release Tax Returns: Univision

Three Toons on the Romneys...

Tornado reported in western Kansas

Has anyone else had trouble getting on to DU today?

Question for all the foodies and frugals here

Science has NO NEED TO reconcile with RELIGION !

October 2011 - Record-Low 26% in U.S. Favor Handgun Ban

America's Safety Net Under Attack

Chris Hayes had a good segment this morning about guns and the NRA.

Lingerie Football League goes on hiatus for 2012 season

Christie’s Office Reveals Taxpayers’ Tab For Governor’s Israel Trip

Mitt Romney in 1994: This isn't the 1960s, Now Both Parents Have to Work

Kristen 'professional sellout' Powers has done it again

President Obama is safe anywhere in the world because Cadillac One travels with him

Attention: I am officially a "True Atheist"

Lingerie Football League goes on hiatus for 2012 season (reposted from The Lounge, by request)

Remember the 2008 GOP Convention, when Cindy McCain flaunted her designer clothing

Nuclear Revival is Ruining Climate Protection Efforts and Harming Customers

International petition: No criminalisation for using emergency contraception in Honduras

Library of Congress staffer fired for being gay

I have a legitimate question about this Ann Romney thingy

fucking dumbasses...please report....

I had my first post hidden today on DU3.

Emptywheel: Zimmerman affidavit is shit.

Pottermore is online!

Federal Officers Association Asked Public To ‘Reserve Judgment’ On Secret Service

brewer's AZ bill and "menopause babies".

Stay at home moms on welfare, food stamps, WIC, section 8 housing

Are Unitarian Universalists generally accepting of atheists and agnostics?

A Word About "Prostitutes" And Cartagena Nightlife

Top Earners Can Find Ways Around Buffett Rule

Cuban Harley owners show off vintage ‘hogs’ still road-worthy through ingenuity, labor of love

So I was just doing some algebra homework and . . .

"...understanding the...effects of wind farms on birds"

The Catholic Leadership's Selectuve Use of Duct Tape

Anne Romney has made her "work environment" an issue

So I'm out for a walk with my wife the other night...

Look into your own eyes.

TCM Schedule for Monday April 16 - TCM Spotlight: Spring Break

Penguin Numbers Doubled in First Species Survey From Space

Exhibit of 18 violins tells story of the Holocaust

So, if "stay at home mom" is a working job...

Scott Brown, Wife In Auto Accident, Nobody Hurt

Israel's Other Temple -- Research Reveals Ancient Struggle over Holy Land Supremacy

Some Washington state churches in split over gay marriage

Cuban Harley owners show off vintage ‘hogs’ still road-worthy through ingenuity, labor of love

Dun, dun DUN...dun, dun DUN DUN...dun dun DUN, dun DUN...HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITCHIE BLACKMORE!

They still believe in each other

Al Sharpton, power player

My novel is now available in paperback

TCM Schedule for Sunday, April 15, 2012 -- What's On Tonight: DOUBLE FEATURE AT GRAUMAN'S

Fire Hazard - Surge in Obesity Sparks Crematorium Blazes

"Lack of Income and Education Make for Harried Moms" Cynthia Tucker Reports

Keith Moon invited to play at the Olympics

"UN Security Council Approves Sending Peacekeepers To Syria"

Hitachi spins up 'leccy fan motor sans rare earths

Been at Disneyworld since last Saturday- news blackout - hows (p)Rick and Zimmerman doing?

Colombia’s Santos Urges U.S. to End Cuba’s Isolation

Irish wind generation costs analysed

Colombia’s Santos Urges U.S. to End Cuba’s Isolation

Majorana particle glimpsed in lab (BBC)

Announcer on The Weather Channel: Your tax dollars at work.

The merit-order effect: a detailed analysis of the price effect of renewable electricity generation

Follow up to Southeast Raleigh foreclosure resistance by Occupy

A Choice, Not a Referendum

Light show projects image of Titanic onto giant iceberg

Road Rage in the City (Back Bay is the Florida of Boston)

Bill Keller on Marriage Equality: Conservatives Face a "Fast Moving Tide"

Ben Bernake...finally Turns Left...Good For Him! "The Federal Reserve Turns Left"

Kids are resiliant.

I need help fast. Which neocon said this?

New Titanic miniseries on tonight. Don't read this if you don't want to know how it ends...

"Coalition Works to Free New York Elections From Big Money Influence"

Dullahan Mows Down Hansen in Blue Grass