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Archives: March 8, 2012

Molly Ivins: "Rush targets dead people-little girls-& the homeless--none of whom can fight back"

Oakland sues Occupy protester over smashed windows

What is your favourite ecosystem? I like the Cathedral Grove, vancouver Island, BC.

AP Exclusive: Iran May Be Cleaning up Nuke Work

Time for a name change - Republican Party should be Rushpublican Party

Lets address the big lie about Republics caring about "the sanctity of the vote" right now

Walkom: Toronto’s last-ditch attempt to soften Canada-EU free trade deal

Another company out of the running for Obama’s ‘green car’ program

Rush Limbaugh’s show targets jerks, judging from the latest ads

LImbaugh Double downs! Going after YET another woman.

RUSH Fiasco "Sending Chill Up The Spine Of Radio Advertisers & Programmers"

Atheist Billboard Offends Some African-Americans

The CiC...

The Old South is Not Dead Yet: Suppressing the Vote by Rev. JESSE JACKSON

NH House passes birth control exemption

"Vote Republican 2012"

Thinking about the Republican Party of my childhood.

Found a little bug in the jury system.

"Some Advertisers Think He Is Still Highly Effective!"

Investors With 60% of Greek Bonds Agree to Swap

First on CNN: Levin says Limbaugh should be dropped from Armed Forces Network

This video gives me faith in Humanity: Random Strangers singing on a train

I can accept losing Kucinich and Hinchey if we can elect Joel Tyner in NYS

Colin Farrell and Gay Brother Want to End Homophobia In Ireland

First issue on Omaha Steve's web site ($30,000 wasted to get less)

Murder charges dropped against doctors who performed late-term abortions

It's a full moon tonight people!

RMoney pic makes Snopes!

TLC not bringing 'All-American Muslim' back for second season

Arizona sheriff's pink-underwear policy may be unconstitutional: court

Hitting somebody with a tomato and hitting somebody with a baseball bat

Heard something concerning a while ago,

A good many DUers are able to post on DU without getting their posts hidden.

Tonight on Countdown

Florida honors student wins reprieve from deportation

Biggest Solar Storm in Five Years to Hit Earth

Senator Carl Levin says Limbaugh should be dropped from Armed Forces Network

Civil Beat Poll - Majority of Honolulu Voters Don't Buy Rail Congestion Argument

Pssst: Clear Channel…. A Word about Limbaugh….

do you not give up citizenship when you move to a warzone and conspire with enemies to destroy

The heart drug with an unusual side-effect... it could make you less RACIST

My dog likes homemade bread

Legal group is suing U.S. Air Force for access to FLOTUS Travel Records

Subject for Debate: Are Women People? (Jessica Winter, Time)

Ohhhh it's on now... Ed connecting the dots between Mittens and Rush....

I just sent an email to Geico Re: Rush.

Yay! Sen. Carl Levin calling for Rush to be dumped from Armed Forces Radio.

Bad news: Dennis Kucinich must leave Capitol Hill. Good news: So must Jean Schmidt.

Cute overload: Kitten meets cursor

Is there a retrograde happening?

Syria's deputy oil minister defects - YouTube video


From this day forward, I will sign my jury decisions

Rising sea levels because of climate change put 12 of 19 UK nuclear sites at risk

When Limbaugh Backed Mass-Murdering Warlord Joseph Kony

For those with pets.

Anyone want to play a game again?

AMR offers to freeze, not terminate, pensions

Obama Releasing Documentary

YAAY, Keith calling grinch out for his lies

Daily Mail Issues Retraction 10 Months After False Claim WikiLeaks "Hacked" US, Got People Killed

Syria crisis: Valerie Amos describes Homs 'devastation'

It's good that so many advertisers have dropped Rush, but

Meet Syria's wealthiest and most elusive man

Guess who won the Ohio Primary last night..... President Obama!

Well, well, well looks like Rush is going to pick up a new advertiser.....

My twin has gone national.

Rush Limbaugh Wants to Know When To Pull Out of the War on Women

Colton is the best villain in Survivor history

EarlG needs to take credit for his work on Snopes

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Abortion bill raises KU Med accreditation concerns

Unions unite in Tallahassee power struggle

Stepford Women

Hmm. Noscript now has an extensive default "whitelist" that includes Google.

Hannity is such a desperate loser

Mitch McConnell: Congress should authorize bomb, bomb, bombing Iran

Mother Jones: Unprecedented Ocean Acidification Underway

Syria's deputy oil minister announces resignation

Do you love Joni Mitchell? Oldie but goodie -

Campaign to arrest Uganda rebel chief Joseph Kony goes viral

Frontline (PBS) aired the whole Obama college tape in 2008

Lets have a nice little Northern Overexposure thread

The Most Astounding Fact (Neil DeGrasse Tyson)

Ralph Nader: President Obama Can Do More on Oil Prices

Temple football says goodbye to the MAC

RFK Jr: Speaking of prostitutes

Hannity Show: Hannity Debuts Breitbart' 'version' of Obama College Video

Winter, we hardly knew ye.....

Today (*for Mira)

Tracie McMillian, victim # 2, Rush needs to go NOW.

Viking Women: A Reinterpretation of the Bones

Wonder if the solar flares

Leading Egyptians accused of harming military's image

An Open Letter to Republicans-"Thank You, thank you, thank you."

How To Use Natural Dyes to Color Your Ostara Eggs

This sums it up fairly well...

Tracey McMillan, Rush's latest target, getting abuse on Amazon.

Undefeated since 1950!

The Psychedelic Cult That Thrived For Nearly 2000 Years

"TV's Frank" Conniff (MST3K) and his Facebook fans react to the SHOCKING OBAMA COLLEGE VIDEO!

Syria's deputy oil minister defects - more info from Al Jazeera

Lawrence O'Donnell will have a segment on Hannity lying about the Obama college video - on NOW

Obama Admin. Decides to Aid Syrian Opposition

WOOHOO! 60s F all next week in Fargo!!!

Candle Cafe.

Taking an "interest" in energy and the environment

Dolpins and beach goers, very cool video

Captured: The First-Ever Images of Atoms Moving Inside a Molecule

Updated: "Kony 2012," criticism and response

See, he's an uppity black man

I'm not to fond of Kfed,either.

VIDEO: New Jersey Meets New Orleans

Love it. Sandra Fluke has so succeeded in getting under the skin of Limbaugh and his FReeper

Two Strong Solar Flares Could Disrupt Earth Communications, Power Grids

Sexist remarks and wolf-whistles could become criminal offences (in UK: now a Limbaugh ban?)

Army says 285 patients at Wash. medical center had PTSD diagnoses reversed by psychiatry team

(GOP) Rivals vow to fight on despite Romney's nudge

Republican Sen. Mike Enzi Warns Gas Tax Must Be Raised

Gingrich spokesman: Alabama and Mississippi are must-wins

Number of U.S. Hate Groups Is Rising, Report Says

YAAAY Lawrence, + 'Senator Vinick,'

Azam Ali - "Neni Desem"

Anyone see the tv show about doomsday preppers?

Problems pile up for Righthaven with new ruling (in favor of DU)

Wind Producers Getting Paid to not Produce

Bad Romance--Women's Suffrage

Put <insert name of your favorite progressive radio personality here> on AFRN and STOP

Overjoyed Romney Celebrates Voters Hating Him Marginally Less Than Santorum

China plans to ban government officials buying foreign cars

A banker is going to jail...IN AUSTRALIA for holding a woman hostage with fake bomb.

Sandra Fluke is being encouraged to sue baby sue....

Women in Texas Losing Options for Health Care in Abortion Fight

Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!

Women in Texas Losing Options for Health Care in Abortion Fight

Obama HUGGED his Professor?!

Twittershpere having fun with the 'Breitbart' tape.

Vegan Nutritional Research Study

NYT front page tomorrow: Intractable Afghan Graft Hampering U.S. Strategy

Bill would update Hatch Act, which regulates federal worker involvement in politics

A Personal Quest to Clarify Bin Laden’s Last Days Yields Vexing Accounts

Colombia's Santos: Cuba not invited to Americas Summit

Warning! this video of the Civil Wars singing Billie Jean

BREAKING HARDDDDD: Photo emerges of Obama hugging Malcolm X!

A Lesson in Teaching to the Test, From E.B. White

Watched "The Corporation" with my dad earlier tonight....

LAUSD Lost Records of Accused Molester

Bill changing work permits for children passes House over Democrats’ objections

New front in birth control rule battle: the courts

Teen Harassed by School for Comparing Schools to Slavery

The Influence Industry: Obama gives administration jobs to some big fundraisers

I was finally on a jury involving LGBT

Another Election, Another Segment Of ‘Jon Stewart Ruthlessly Mocks CNN’s Election Coverage’

Rasmussen poll, Obama leads Romney by seven points, (49-42)


Can I shamelessly beg for recs for this video here?

PBS already aired Breitbart’s Obama footage

Michigan City Celebrates Oldest Gay Rights Ordinance in U.S.

Lawrence O’Donnell And Obama Classmate On Harvard Video: ‘Why Would Anyone Hide This Speech?’

Billie Jean King's New 'Battle of the Sexes' Republicans' War on Women - Sign the Petition!

Freedom Rider, Life Long Social Justice Peace, Marv Davidov Memorial. March 10th (online)

Post your favorite Obama HUGGING photos!

Good Read:Virginia woman: The GOP’s War on Women makes me feel ‘unwelcome in my hometown’

suspicious shenanigans in my part of the state make the Phx New Times

Hey you guys!


So you want to use contraceptives?

fawn and skunk

Maybe Breitbart keeled over rather than face the embarrassment of the bombshell anouncement

The hacking group Anonymous has taken down the Vatican website, saying it was targeting the "corrupt

March 10th, Sat. Celebration of Freedom Rider, Social Activist Marv Davidov, St Thomas U. and online

Keith’s note on the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke controversy and false equivalency from the Right

84-Year-Old Woman Trying To Vote Is Told She’s Dead

Bread and Roses

Who would like to host the angels after me?

Due process clause, and judicial process are different?

Krell music.

anybody know anything about Matinee Energy?

Tree planting saving Peruvian bird species

Interferon decreases HIV-1 levels, controls virus after stopping antiretroviral therapy

Ilya Sheyman's Progressive Run(from The Nation)

Okay, this really pisses me off. (850 KOA defending Rush)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 8 -- What's On Tonight -- Lady Killers

Toons: Super Romney, Knock-Out Punch, Standing Tall Against Iran and More. - 3/7/2012

Shorter Dow Jones Newswire: Republicans are worried that Americans might get jobs.

GOP strategist to L.A. Times: If Newt dropped out, 'Romney would have his hands full with Santorum'

who here liked music BEFORE Kurt Cobain was born?

Can I get some feedback on an article?

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, March 7)

Alan Grayson: A Warrior for Peace

need help with criteria in latest and breaking...

Official: Panetta misinterpreted on 'permission' for Syria intervention

"LEAVE IT ALONE and said: MIRT should handle"

Government eyes Summers and Rice for World Bank: sources

The Canada Party

Oh Fookin Well!

International Women's Day Tweet

I have a special message for Juror #3

Colombia says Chavez will head home early next week

Rush vs. Rush Limbaugh: Band Demands Radio Host Stop Using Music on Show

Ex-ruling party official moves to Mexico's left

Photo surfaces of President kissing anti-American radical with ties to terrorism

Enter at your own risk

Bachmann: ‘Health care dictator’ could force one-child policy

Found on Facebook courtesy Proud to be a Filthy Liberal Scum

Colombia: 'Carbon credit' scheme a cover for land grab

has everyone seen the google doodle for international women's day?

Harvard's qualified for the NCAA?

Point Reyes National Seashore

Ok. I know this is not the lounge..But

Election, economy spark explosive growth of militias

Marine's Facebook page tests military rules

'We hid this during the election': Obama ally confesses he covered up 'race' video Andrew Breitbart

Atheist billboard in Paterson draws shrugs from Muslims [video]

Get ready for the great Venus and Jupiter conjunction

In rural, religious South, Romney just doesn't connect

Dogging Mitt Romney (HEH!)

Republican Challenger Accuses Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL) Of Trying To Bribe Him

Dolphins Washing Up Along Texas Coast

Tim Tebow to speak at Georgetown church on Easter

State Funds Earmarked for I-35E Expansion

Texas breast-milk bank one of few in the US

Happy International Women's Day DUers

Hannity Agog Over Breitbart’s Recycled “Obama Race Video”

Bhutan Happiness Index: Buddhist Country Fails On Its 'Gross National Happiness' (GNH)

Let's honor the Woman of History Thread

Presidential Candidates as D&D Character Sheets

Texas CPS Investigator Arrested On Child Sexual Abuse Charge

The Keystone XL Flim flam

Does the new "Obama Leading College Protest" video help him with OWS members?

Hunt for missing US troops set to resume in NKorea

Happy International Women's Day, Limbaugh & dittoheads!

It's Obamas fault - he should have seen this coming.

Just a thought on Food Pantries/Organizations that help those who need help feeding their families.

Many stored foods are becoming rancid faster than they used to. Here is why

Study found cat owners were 40 percent less likely to have heart attacks than non-cat owners

Rush Limbaugh sculpture unveiled at Missouri Statehouse.

$7B swindle may keep Stanford behind bars for life

Banks Shouldn’t Be Both Judge and Jury on Credit Defaults: View

Press Complaints Commission to close in wake of phone-hacking scandal

Well It's been exactly one week now and Andrew Breitbart is still dead.

Arizona House Votes To Repeal Gun-Free School Zones

Homeless youth: the next battle for gay equality

Gas prices hurt red states more than blue states

Snort- "Not me you Drone!"

Breaking News: Joe Scarborough is on the Today Show with Ann Curry calling for a new GOP candidate.

Toyota to recall 681,500 vehicles over safety concerns

IMO one of the most objectionable parts of the "targeted killing program" is the non-reviewability

Joe Conason: Can Obama Muzzle the Dogs of War?

It’s About Sex and the ’60s

Pardon me while I cheer... Re: Rush Fiasco

When the Facts Don't Matter

Best Troublemaker:  Gov. Nikki Haley

THIS guy? Really, THIS guy is offended at the Presidents remarks about taking war too casually?

Survey: Teacher Job Satisfaction Hits a Low Point

Union-buster joins Wisconsin recall fight

The Road We've Traveled Official Trailer - Obama for America 2012

Arizona House Votes To Repeal Gun-Free School Zones

Japanese editorial: Time to say goodbye to nuclear power

MO Rep. Stacey Newman Proposes Bill to Restrict Vasectomies

Contaminated water may still be leaking into Pacific

Govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants' Facebook passwords you all see this music video for Santorum?

$20 Trillion Deficit Plan

Can 'The Scream' painting warn future generations of radioactive waste risks?

Left Coast Sports Babe on Romney/Santorum

John don't run

I say they pick Dan Quayle.

Why Putin is driving Washington nuts

Listen, Rush

Blame Yourself

“Evolution is overrated. Go old school—vote Reptile in 2012!”

Amy Goodman: The Bipartisan Nuclear Bailout

Wisconsin’s ‘Defeat the Recall’ campaign largely funded by out-of-state donors

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (03/08/2012)

Florida religious leaders condemn 'anti-Sharia' bill

oh really -your vote counts?

Financial Magic Thinking Dies Hard

The 8-Hour Sleep Myth: How I Learned That Everything I Knew About Sleep Was Wrong

Latest purchase by my husband to drive his coworkers insane.

Wisconsin: Republicans latest effort to discredit the recall is discredited

Appalling Smugness In Virginia

I have never seen a YouTube video worth watching that was longer than two minutes

They Turned the GOP Into the Tea Party

Utah Senate passes bill banning contraception education

Marine's anti-Obama Facebook posts test military rules

Luckovich Toon- "Mitt Happens"

The NYPD Tapes Confirmed


Joe Madison: Have you white people gone NUTS!!! he's speaking about the Breitbart tape on Bell

Google Chrome hacked at $1m Pwnium contest

Tell me this recurring dream is not literal.

Survivor One World - Episode Four Discussion thread

China blocks Airbus deals over EU carbon tax, says EADS

Canada - considering how to speed up the immigration process

Wisconsin: Walkergate, son of the caucus scandals

Happy International Women's Day, everyone!

Lance The Rush Infection

Kim Kardashian in “Process of Adopting a Baby”?

The GOP’s gasoline alley

Envoy Annan warns against more force in Syria

Pakistan court: Zardari corruption case 'must be reopened'

GOP Rep on the definition of abortifacient: it's up to religious belief, not science

Is this "Text Enhance" advertising thing something specific to DU now?

Rush Limbaugh’s depravity is the endpoint of conservatism’s long journey into the heart of darkness

Can 'The Scream' painting motivate us to end fossil fuel use ASAP?

A Broken Writ, a Kangaroo Court

Manning will be a Dolphin within a couple of weeks.

Whistleblower says BofA defrauded HAMP

Jessica Sanchez 'I Will Always Love You': 16-Year-Old's Rendition Stuns 'American Idol' Judges

Watch: Obama Campaign Documentary Trailer (TPM)

Utah lawmakers pass bill to curb sex education in schools

Remembering Bloody Sunday

John Nichols: Vermont town meetings will battle big money by moving to amend - You can too!!!

BREAKING ON NPR: The economy has made vast improvements lately...

Hyatt Hotel Housekeepers, Fired After Protesting Sexual Harassment, Rally for Better Treatment

Why Are Religious Beliefs Off Limits? Lawrence Krauss - HP

Israel asks US for more bombs

Rushbo enters brave new world

The fiendishly clever White House

Our "Special Relationship"

Brazilian military generals warn Rousseff in an open manifesto

Lady Antebellum, Own The Night album download, 25 cents

When rumor, the Internet and school violence fears collide

Our FRiends are really excited about the Breitbart video...

1 in 4 kids live in a family struggling with health care bills

NBC Special(Richard Engle): A snow that would never melt began falling

Poland resists EU push for deeper CO2 emission cuts

Lewis Black on the GOP race: "I think its one of the most spectacular races

my head is about to explode

Election, economy spark explosive growth of militias

Colorado Courts Continue to Protect Felons’ Rights to Keep and Bear Arms

Jobless claims rise, but labor market healing

Industry, Unions Step Up Pressure To Block Automatic Defense Cuts

Xpost from E&E: To what degree can the unfolding planetary catastrophe be blamed on interest?

Over One Thousand More PA. Public School Teachers to get Corbetted this Year

The Top Chef Season 9 Reunion

Next scoop on Hannity - Information is uncovered that Obama lived in Indonesia few years...

PTSD: A Cancer of the Spirit

Pat Robertson Must Be High

A Century of Tax Bracket Thresholds

U.N.'s Amos says "devastated" by what she saw in Homs

Current status of white-nosed syndrome in bats?

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday March 8th

Pakistan charges Osama Bin Laden's widows

Why taxpayers serve nuclear power and not the other way around

Where do I go if I want to alert on a poster?

My mother-in-law's younger sister

Waffle House Executive Pushes Georgia Anti-Picketing Law That Would Put Founding Fathers In Jail

OK Guys, in order to get a vasectomy or obtain Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

McCaskill: Obamacare Is Like Ryancare For Non-Seniors

218 Reasons to Vote for Obama

The Olive Garden restaurant review from Grand Forks, North Dakota

How to embarrass the $### out of your grandkids

To all DU Women.

A Perfect Quote For International Women's Day

The Stepford Candidate

Apple's big lie about job creation, and other bogus claims

Kerry: Romney’s wrong-headed assertions about Iran

Team Obama mocks Romney ‘death march’

Some great news for the Lounge

Michelle Malkin explains the significance of the Obama Harvard video

Great R'Puke presidential buttons courtesy of Juanita Jean

Call to Action: Jennifer Granholm posts two petitions that aim to get Limbaugh off the air

D-Rose step-back jumper for the win!

Third day of dealing with the roofers replacing my roof (and two of my next door neighbor's).. OMG

Did the Feminist Movement Get Us Anywhere?

Waffle House Executive Pushes Georgia Anti-Picketing Law That Would Put Founding Fathers In Jail

Clovis elects mayor who called Obama evil

my first real photography gig

Alleged Stratfor hacker no stranger to law enforcement

Ninja Cat

Help me understand why this was locked

"Liberals have the same view of conservative women as Muslims do of all women"

Catholic Question

And there you have it...

International Slutty Women's Day: A Story in GIFs (LOL!)

Cuellar: I was attacked for standing up for Hispanics

The mandatory sonogram requires the patient to pay for it but does that mean insurance

We Ard-ly knew yee.

NRC says near final vote on Scana reactor(s)

Pardon to be re-examined for gay codebreaker Alan Turing

We dropped a banner for International Women's Day 2012 from the Benson I70-overpass during rush hour

Soledad vs. Breitbart

Rush and the GOP love the ladies

US Justice Department threatens Apple and publishers with court battle

So do we know anything more of Mr. President's plan to assist

Damn all you people!

American Heart Association doesn't even want free advertising from Rush Limbaugh

William Smith, the invisible candidate (OH-2)

Proof Limbaugh is a vile punk, scrubs site

Amendment One Harms Unmarried Women {NC}

The Incomplete Greatness of Barack Obama

A SERIOUS restaurant review

My latest LTTE

Rep. Adam Schiff seeks new penalties for gun traffickers

Texas doctor indicted in $375 million health care fraud scheme

Wedding Colors etc

Best acoustic guitar performance ever

NewsFlash! Barack Obama *hugged* the first tenured black professor at Harvard Law School!

Sebastian Meyer: Interview I did with Syrian Army soldier in Iraq

Georgia women senators walk out, protesting 'war on women'

I don't get the whole iPad 3 craze.

NH House passes bill for insurance companies to "opt out" of contraceptive coverage

AZ Senate Passes Bill Allowing Doctors To Not Inform Women Of Prenatal Issues To Prevent Abortions

Southern Illinois Democrats blast Chicago gun bills

DU Album of the Day: "Living in the USA" Linda Ronstadt

2 children found living in abandoned bus in Texas

A Year Later, Mysterious Space Plane Is Still in Orbit

The right wing smear of Derrick Bell begins

Reclaim Wisconsin - Rally Saturday on the Square... Free Rides!!!

Keystone pipeline faces vote in Senate in highway bill

Thom Hartmann: Why politicians are trying to scare and alarm Americans

The Rude Pundit: What the GOP Is Really Saying: This Isn't That Important of a Presidential Election

Feminism and labor

Why The Reason Rally is Worth Coming Out For

FBI Must Deliver Info on Informant Reagan

"Activists Worry That Mobile Phones Could Do More Harm Than Good"

13-year-old students report seeing their teacher on a porn site...

New poll shows Rick Santorum leading in Alabama GOP primary

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Nouriel Roubini, and the Chinese delegation coming to Monroeville

Santorum calls for Gingrich to drop out of race.

“Bloody Sunday” Remembered in Selma -- Obama Campaign Participates in March

Rep Adam Smith and Mark Udall Propose Amendment to NDAA

Xpost DUEE: Why taxpayers serve nuclear power and not the other way around

An update on the release and quality of the PA Birth and Death Documentation..

Az women - and men who love women - there is an activist group on FB to fight the war on women.

Can anyone tell me what a third interview entails?

I heard from a source that should know that in 2013, all part-time workers couldn't work more than

FBI Investigating Cliff Stearns For Bribery,

Bradley Manning's idea as dangerous as leaks:

Cliff Stearns, GOP Rep.investigating Planned Parenthood is under...INVESTIGATION by FBI.

Thom Hartmann: Is the endgame for Greece the same for the US?

I am a single mother. My son is not a criminal.

Effects of the Texas voter id/suppression law

Pic of the Moment: Scandal!

Horatio Algers of Rudeness (You Could Be Next Part 13)

The Great Vermont Uprising Against Corporate Personhood

The Darwin-Wallace Mystery Solved: Darwin Vindicated from Accusations of Deceit

Nigeria rescue bid: Kidnapped Briton and Italian killed

The Darwin-Wallace Mystery Solved: Darwin Vindicated from Accusations of Deceit

Accountability Data, Remixed: White House Launches

Hassebrook out of U.S. Senate race (endorsed former Nebraska Gov. Bob Kerrey, a fellow Democrat)

War on Women, 2012: A primer (Lisa McIntyre)

Dec-Feb 2011-12 Fourth-Warmest Such Period On Record For Lower 48 States - NOAA

Just called McDonnell's office to thank him for turning Virginia BLUE

Gorilla DNA offers clues about humans too

Palestinians To Submit 20 Sites For UNESCO World Heritage Listing

Chinese Developers Destroying 130 Sq. Miles Of Cambodian National Park For Casino Resort

Seamus, the dog-on-the-roof, a political icon

Dad on teen athlete’s son’s coming out: ‘A liberation for all of us’

Insane Sex Laws Inspired by Republicans

AFN's reply to me about Limbaugh

Has SOPA/PIPA been shot down for good?

"Yes, I’m an athlete. Yes, I’m gay. Yes, I probably kicked your ass on the field."

2012 Pacific Coast Salmon Season Shaping Up As A Bumper Year - SF Chronicle

1100 Anti Women Bills Proposed By GOP

Hello all, what tribes are represented at DU?

Global Soybean Reserves At 16-Year Low Thanks To S. American Drought

Salinas city councilwoman's son arrested on gun charges

Romney’s wrong-headed assertions about Iran (WP)

Glenn Greenwald Tears Apart the Propaganda Driving the Insane Push for War With Iran

Outer Banks' Highway 12 - Rebuilt After Irene, Bridge Needed Reinforcement 3 Mos. After Replacement

Have you ever found yourself skipping out of certain DU Jury Duty requests?

One of the most truly satisfying video clips I've ever seen

Diplomats say Iran cleaned nuke work

Feminism’s final frontier? Religion.

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Rises to Highest Level in Four Years

Martin Sheen Has Harsh Words For Progressives Critical of Obama

Memo to Presidential Candidates: Redistribution of Wealth Is a Divine Commandment

Wal-Mart to use more self-checkout lanes

Don't pee in my Wheaties.

Romney Team Ponders How to Rise Above the Fray

Unintended irony from the NYT

One super PAC takes aim at incumbents of any party

You know a man by the companies he keeps...

Rights Groups, Law Experts Reject Obama's 'Assassination' Program

Revealed: The best and worst places to be a woman

How Big a Deal is H.R. 347, That “Criminalizing Protest” Bill?

Bloomberg Reports That Even A Free Advertiser Is Asking To Be Dropped from Rush's show

I want WAR with Iran, dammit!

"..."repeal and replace" appears to have been rebuffed and rejected."

Radioactive Cesium in Urine Of Children In Miyagi, Iwate, Chiba,

Priorities-USA plus? Democratic super PAC's unite to form a super super PAC

Josh Hutcherson is Straight But Not Narrow

Gingrich's Weak Home State Victory

Hey! He's NOT dead!!

Major Kudos to Soledad O'Brien

Jerry Brown tax measure has slim majority in poll

Number of Antigay Hate Groups Rises 60 Percent

U.S. fake cancer drug probe may have Canadian ties

Immaculate conceptions...

Are we doing a March Madness pool this year?

Calif. lawsuit seeks to restore prisoners' votes

Majority of Israelis oppose a unilateral strike on Iran nuclear program

"Gay Wives" face legal limbo

Kentucky company sues to stop name airing on Limbaugh

I have no idea what you’re talking about…so here’s a goat eating pizza

Chile: Gay man scarred with swastikas after homophobic attack

Daily Mail columnist: ‘Church’s opposition to gays marrying shows its irrelevance’

Rush Limbaugh Closes First Hour With Dead Air

Various birth control methods and failure rates

While a woman collects $200 a month in food stamps, big oil gets billions in welfare...

Another War on Women - Arizona Edition

Esquire Magazine Article: Eric Holder's defense of assassinations "is a monumental pile of crap"

Graduate hands back Oxford degree over Christian Concern conference

A heartbreaking scene at lunch

Israel and the Coushatta: one miracle that deserves another

Utah senate votes to stop discussion of homosexuality in schools

Toon: Not Worthy

Canseco admits using banned substance, won't play in Mexican League

Limbaugh's New Advertisers?

On International Women's Day...

Catholic Diocese Defunds Homeless Shelter Because New Director Supports Marriage

Inside that new anti-Occupy bill

Steven Seagal Sued For Being Lousy Cop

I don't know why AFN does not seem like they want

'Nude sledding' is the phrase of the day. Modify any thread title to include 'Nude sledding'.

Repub Lawmaker Now Supports Obama, Says GOP Presidential Candidates ‘Would Take Women Back Decades

The Great Vermont Uprising Against Corporate Personhood

Limbaugh Site Scrubs Some Insulting Attacks On Sandra Fluke From Transcript Archives

Bruising gay-marriage showdowns likely in 5 states

Republican Lawmaker Now Supports Obama, Says GOP...Candidates ‘Would Take Women Back Decades’

LIMBOsevic wants you people to know he has standards - STANDARDS!1 you people!1

Trump Starts National Robo-Calls for Romney

National Commission on Indian Trust Administration and Reform

CaddyShack - Cinderella Story

Arizona Senate approves lying to women to prevent abortions

Bully - A compelling documentary that kids need - Sign the petition...

"What America Lost When Dennis Kucinich Lost" ---John Nichols, The Nation

Fitzgerald Reveals That Corporations Wrote Mining Bill

Fitzgerald Reveals That Corporations Wrote Mining Bill

nikon d4 at high iso

Joseph Kony is not in Uganda (and other complicated things)

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day

Climate change threatens tropical birds

TYT: UN Official Denounces Bradley Manning's Treatment

Strong scientific evidence that eating berries benefits the brain

‘Iran remains prepared against US aggression’

Miss. Supreme Court rules Barbour pardons valid

Death by drone

Turn on Bashir NOW!

New Poll... Obama leads by 23 points in Maine

Authorities arrest congressman for paramilitary ties

"Cigar-smoking sack of malordorous vermin..."

"https" links not posting correctly

Mom's voice may improve the health of premature babies

Many women use birth control pills for non-contraceptive reasons

Walking Dead - Judge Jury and Executioner - "Sorry Brother"

Thom Hartmann: Why Primaries Force Politicians to tell the Truth

Wish me luck.

Greece closes offer with bond swap set to pass

Pic: 'Go probe yourself'

Eddie Bernice Johnson said Republicans oppose abortion but are against these children after

Several injured in shooting at psychiatric clinic outside Pittsburgh

Air Canada prepares to lock out pilots Monday

Harlequin NASCAR

Yet another setback for Speaker Boehner

KONY 2012

What the primary race has done to Matt Romney's favorability ratings

Steven Seagal, Joe Arpaio Deputies Sued For Reality Show Tank Raid

Happy International Women's Day!

Flickr vs. Photobucket: Which is better?

Ezra Klein: How a $1,000 test could destroy the health-insurance industry


One Suicide Every Nine Days On Golden Gate Bridge

Multiple victims in Western Psych shooting (PA)

The Words Of A Leader: 60 President Obama Quotes That Put Republicans To Shame

NEW FOOD PHOTOS: Desserts & Drinks from yesterday's photoshoot at client's restaurant

Eric Holder Says He's Somehow Disturbed By Police Spying on Mosques and Islamic Student Groups

Obama 'assassinated' Breitbart for this?

Wells Fargo to charge $7 fee on more checking accounts

Ferguson: John McCain very unhappy he's portrayed as clueless and angry

Sen. Inhofe provides proof that climate change is impossible...

Come on, you numbass.

Rush Limbaugh "signed" book on ebay to Sandra Fluke

This is FUNNY!!!

Ladies of the lounge -

The Private Prison Problem

Said on the TeeVee

Iditarod Musher Dramatically Revives Fallen Dog

Breitbart conspiracy theories exposed.

curious to know why this thread was locked

Gunman sought after Pitt shooting; several injured

Argument in H&M caught on Film

Is the FBI offering one million in taxpayer money as a reward for a missing private citizen?

According to Google, this is Internation Women's Day!

Christians comprise a third of the world's people but half its migrants,

Busy bees in the Sacramento Valley

Coke And Pepsi Are Changing Their Soda Recipes So They Don't Have To Bear A Cancer-Warning Label

Obama Super-PAC: Maher’s Words ‘Vulgar And Inappropriate’ (Talking Points Memo)

Thanks, Breitbart, for leading us to THIS interview from 2008

Obama Super-PAC: Maher’s Words ‘Vulgar And Inappropriate’ (VIDEO)

A Clinton-Obama [yes the ladies] love fest at State...this should drive the right crazy...

Fox reporter falls asleep on-air?

I want to say that my hat is off to any and all who helped

Senate Rejects GOP Keystone Pipeline Measure

Center for American Progress: 10 Facts You Need to Know About Immigrant Women

Rep. Speier: Air Force awarded alleged rapist instead of punishing him

Understanding lunations, i.e., Full Moons, New Moons, Solar Eclipses & Lunar Eclipses

Jury: government may go after $330 million in foreign bank accounts (Stanford's)

RFK Jr. sides with Teamsters in Sotheby's auction house union fight

Are you kidding

Poll Finds Americans Reject Republican Assault On Unions

Seeking the Self: A Ghost Story

BREAKING:Senate rejects move to fast-track Keystone

Zombie Marie Curie?

Wouldn't it have been nice if we had some women involved in the drafting of our constitution?

John Terry - "Yes, I'm a dick."

Decided to order a new iPad. Ask me anything.

So an "acolyte of Derrick Bell" has been president for 3 years

How the Right’s Smear Machine Started

My YOUTUBE Channel Changed Over Night. Anyway I can Have It Go Back To The Way It Was?

What should the MaidInMaryland Exception be?

So, go get the killer

The Wolf Slaughter Continues... Here's What You Can Do To Help.

Arizona Senate approves lying to women to prevent abortions

Tweety takes a real cheap shot against Republican guest.

international women's day--the story

Africa, Sierra Leone Waldorf Earthship School

international women's day--the story

A123 Predicts a Good Year, Providing Electric Cars Sell

Please Sign this Petition for Congress to enact a law to stop the lying on Radio and Television

Hey - how about some real estate horror stories - I'll start -

Limbaugh broadcasts dead air during commercial breaks

Thoreau's Notes Reveal How Spring Has Changed in 150 Years

Employment data may be too good to be true

international women's day--how it's celebrated around the world

Plenty of wriggle room: Gigantic carpet of deep-sea tubeworms found thriving in strange methane-infe

international women's day--how it's celebrated around the world

Accidental Heroines

international women's day--10 ways to celebrate

Our Financialized Economy

Strictly my speculation...Rush and Clear Channel will come to some sort of agreement (monetarily)

One of Tweety's guests jumped ALL OVER HIS ASS right before the commercial break

GAO: Almost Half of Bailed Banks Repaid the Government With Money “From Other Federal Programs”

international women's day: 10 ways to celebrate

EUREKA! I've got it! I know who Mit Romney is!!!!

(D-Ne) Kerrey, Reid talked committee spots

I finally saw the "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" Daniel Craig remake. Do yourself a favor.

ReV Al will have a section on the rise of hate groups since Obama become President

Obama Super-PAC: Maher’s Words ‘Vulgar And Inappropriate’ (VIDEO)

Great article in The Nation on Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood

Youtubers Unite To Give 600-pound Man Help And Weight Loss Advice

Some of these might be photoshopped

More advertisers have pulled out from Scumbaugh than

Fukushima lesson: Prepare for unanticipated nuclear accidents

Reverend Al is interviewing female journalist slammed by Limbaugh for her "B-I-itchy opinion"

Tornado prep - keep some bike helmets handy!

How did you meet your SO? (Significant Other)

We're Underestimating the Risk of Human Extinction

Polk couple punished boy with nine-hour kneeling sessions, deputies say

"But Bill Maher said a bad word too"

time to resurrect the national women's party

"b-i-itchy " Rush Limbaugh said today

Bright Is The New Black: New York Roofs Go Cool (White Roof 42°F cooler than a Black Roof)

With every passing minute, I'm falling more and more in love with Liberal MEN

A Sea Monkey Solution

time to resurrect the national women's party

Texas vulture study upends forensics

Report: Number of U.S. anti-government groups rises for third year

Want to limit aggression? Practice self-control

ugg. Dumb, Dumber and Dumbassary abound in Kansas

(Oklahoma) Committee Votes to Protect Wind, Oil and Gas Industries

Nanotrees Harvest the Sun’s Energy to Turn Water into Hydrogen Fuel

Stem cells beat kidney rejection

Stupid Is As Stupid Does (California Dreamin')

Verizon Wireless to Shut Three U.S. Call Centers, Affecting 3,175 Workers

Glorida Allred Seeking Ways To Prosecute Limbaugh

Limbaugh down to 1 paid advertiser in NYC; 90 percent of ads today were free PSAs

Alzheimer's, Dementia Care to Cost U.S. $200 Billion This Year

Shift to green energy sources could mean crunch in supply of scarce metals

Russia Says 15,000 Foreign "Terrorists" In Syria

UN Women's Rights Panel Due To Culminate Annual Session By Condemning Israel

Free Will: Contraceptives and Guns

Ellen Wins: One Million Moms Group Concedes JCPenney Fight

London Olympics volunteers quizzed on how to deal with gay issues

Kansas Abortion Bill Could Raise Taxes On Women Seeking Procedure - Even Rape Victims

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 March 2012

Gas Drillers Pay Penn State to Train Gas Drilling Regulators (!)

Ilya Sheyman's Progressive Run(From the Nation)

Ew. Men, please take note. Women, don't puke.

Alaska urban shots!

GOP rhetoric hurting party among Latinos

Church tax exemption