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Family of Unarmed Youth Killed by NYPD Reportedly Harassed by Cops

Communications Coordinator Job Posting (MD/DC area)

Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest: 50 Finalists

Exit Poll: GA, TN Republicans do not like Mormons.

Pirates, McCutchen reach deal...

Ok we have welfare the women with children, welfare for disabled and senior citizens.

Feliz 80, Mami.

Bring It On.

Can Joe the Plumber Become Samuel the Congressman?

Limbaugh’s Not Done: “What Is It With These Young, Single White Women? Overeducated…”

ABC News just broke into our local news coverage to project GA for Newtie

Paula Deen's Horribly Racist Quote From The Lawsuit Against Her (WARNING: N-word)...

Newt wins Georgia

Central American leaders say meeting with US vice president to focus on drugs, violent crime

Will Newt's win in GA re-over-inflate his ego?

Romney doing worse than expected in Vermont.

Central American leaders say meeting with US vice president to focus on drugs, violent crime

Patrircia Heaton even more vile towards Sandra Fluke than Rush.. Look at her tweets

Romney wins Virginia.

Question about Georgia delegation to GOP national convention and presidential nomination

Goodbye, Mrs Windsor

The Georgians should've practiced their "hold nose and vote Romney" move today

Who is going to the Hunger Game's opening night or morning show?

Repeat trolls (ie Library Girl)

So, Eric Holder, we should just trust that the president won't assassinate us?

Mitt Romney Is Awash In Rush Limbaugh ‘Slut’ Money

Moose alert!

This BC is all about OBAMA ordering it, from my REPUKE husband

Omaha Steve Ward I wide literature distribution will probably be March 31st

Maher's response to the Rush stuff - updated with his tweet tonight

CNN exit poll shows Romney winning Ohio by about six...

The left made Rush Limbaugh do it — and who’s paying for his Viagra?

The Bipartisan Force Behind the For-Profit College Scam: Big Money

Rmoney is getting crushed in GA

Democrats protest plan for Rush Limbaugh bust in Missouri

I was watching Jane Valdez-Mitchell tonight.

OK I just saw our flag on Jeopardy but have you folks seen this

I predict a lot of sore feeling in the Republican Party.

Does it matter to anybody here who "wins" tonight?

My parents raised me as a Catholic ... had my parents followed Rick Santorum & Rush's

quotes of the day

Roll Call!

GOP candidates cower before Limbaugh - Robinson, WaPo

The shady past of LifeLock, Rush Limbaugh's sole remaining tech advertiser

Who are the Newt babes being interviewed on MSNBC?

Two Murdoch journalists reportedly attempt suicide

The Master Butchers Singing Club-Chapter 5-SPOILERS

Virginia school retreats from proposed cross-dressing ban

Spring is here---I saw my first

I have not seen one Romney sign in the largest Mormon community in Ohio

Here's a LINK that shows the GOP results of all TEN states

NBA debating whether to sell ad space on players' uniforms

Here's a LINK that shows the GOP results of all TEN states

Let's Do Some El Rushbo Math Shall We??

today in women's herstory

Does anyone understand why this seems to be happening re Brown/Warren -

22 have pulled out

PA. Supreme Ct. Justice Gets Barrage of Calls to Resign After Hard-Hitting Court Testimony About Her

My preferred outcome of this whole flap is not for Limbaugh to be off the air.

My lesbian daughter GETS it. My married, straight daughter DOESN'T

Obama Calls for Scrutiny of Possible Oil Speculation

I'm tired of advertisers claiming "we buy radio ads, but not on Limbaugh's show"

Disney Legend, Robert Sherman, Dead at 86

a biography of the day--Jessie Redmon Fauset

Should I get a dog or a cat?

biography of the day--Lynda Barry

Desperate Sarkozy turns to xenophobia to scare up votes

CNN exit polls Tennessee: Santorum 35%, Romney 28%, Gingrich 23%, Paul 11%.

Rush down 35 advertisers...

the six-point group

A beginners guide to rightwing talk radio

Fla. headmistress killed in apparent murder-suicide

Assange Counts Down To Sweden

Big Anonymous Bust


FBI offers $1 million in ex-agent's Iran disappearance

Music on Rush's show ???

Raw-money Romney is so concerned about the debt he plans to add $3.5 Trillion to it - YOU'RE DOIN IT

Immediate Action Required to Protect HOA Owners

Elections Canada targets PayPal records in robo-calls probe

Romney pads delegate lead with Super Tuesday wins

Did Limbaugh go too far calling Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute? will you sign a petition?

Romney goes silent on Fluke vs. Rush. "I'm not going to weigh in on that particular controversy."

Is Gingrich staying in the race to keep Santorum's aspirations in check?

Excerpt from new fiction writer tells tale of Mexicans working in America

Obama says nation needs changes in tax laws

Holy Shite InSantaliban wins Tennessee

Man on Dog defeats Dog on Car in Tennessee

Please sigh this petition.

Has anyone else's email been spammed

Oh God....Palin on CNN....said this -

CNN projects: Santorum wins TN.


Santorum wins Tennessee.

D.C. streamlining gun registration

Gingrich speaking in 1 minute

Obama: Time has come to wind down Afghan war

Hail, Stranded Dogs and Gushing Waters

CNN officially predicts Rick Santorum has won Tennesse - 55 delegates.

she speaks. glossy head speaks

How To Get Anything Through TSA Nude Body Scanners

Toon: Alternative Honor for Limbaugh

Definition of Rush Limbaugh:

Newt Gingrich wants to be Pres. His wife first lady.

My few comments to a media survey/poll.

Gingrich says its just REMARKABLE that he won his own state

CBS: Oklahoma Goes For Frothman

Santorum wins Oklahoma.

Is Newt delusional?

Obama: Syria's Assad "will fall", but no air strikes


Anyone having a problem loading anything here on DU?

Was today's drinking word "elite"?

Big lie Newt

This thread has NOTHING TO DO with Palestine!

I believe in this man. No war. Ever.

When gas was $4.50 under Bush, "President had no control." But...

Gingrinch speaking on CNN. The audience is so phony as Gingrinch goes on and on. CNN breaks away.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Super Tuesday. & a new Kitty gif

This is funny. One word comes to mind watching Newt preaching to his choir. Bloviate.

Santorum at 38%, Romney at 37% in Ohio with 20% of the vote in. Santorum has already won Oklahoma

The big news out of the Virginia Republican primary: extremely low turnout. (updated)

Santorum pulling away in Ohio.

So, it is looking like Insanitarium and RMoney are the last clowns standing?

False equivalence. "When I was speaker...gas was $1.13. It should be "When John Boehner was Speaker

Newt just said he'll make sure no American president will ever again bow down to a Saudi King.

Plunderbund: Kucinich & Kaptur breaking 75/25 - each leading in their home counties

3 Cheers for Obama

Gingrich to supporters: If I couldn't carry my home state of Georgia, I'd have no credibility

N Korea makes progress on nuclear reactor

Boy! CNN will give any scumbag a job.

I just saw a promo for Sarah Palin's film "Game Change."

Titanic Sunk by "Supermoon" and Celestial Alignment?

Ties That Bind Oil and Dollar Snap

If you listened to Gingrich

"Keep The Maps Fair" petition

About that bowing thing . . . .

Ok was just called for santorum. It scares me to think that Texas may follow...

did Frothy just say...

Does Santorum think he's going to lose Ohio? Why make a speech now BEFORE OH results are in...

Santorum wins OK and TN

The contraception debate.

Just wrote, on newt2012 fb page, that Newt LIED

Should we read into the fact that Rick is doing his "Victory" speech In Ohio a state that the Koch

Nice Gaffe

‘We Are Terminating Our Relationship with Rush Limbaugh’: Satan

Roy Blunt Booed, Called 'Devil'

Just a short question anyone in this group: can you tell of someone has your emails blocked?


listening to the wanna be's. God they are ignorant

I'm calling OH for Willard.

"We've given up our jobs! We're livin' off our savings! Yeah, we're makin' a bit of a sacrifice!"

Lehman emerges from 3.5-year bankruptcy.

does frothy remind anyone else of Dan Quayle?

Obama: 'Now is the time for us to transition' out of Afghanistan

Companies turn to bankruptcy again - and again

With all that home schooling you'd think Insantaliban would have taught

I just had the WORST night tonight and I doubt any of you could top this!!

Okay whose drunk yet?

"Best internship..."

Nate Silver: Romney underperfoming EVERYWHERE

During Santorum's speech was he saying 'Stupidville' ?

anyone else having problems with DU...

President Obama Discusses His Phone Call to Sandra Fluke

"Fight or Starve: March 6, 1930"

latest MSNBC results

What outdoorsy type trip is in your dreams? I dream of going through Tuscany by horseback. Or

Run Ricky Run! (Super Tuesday is like a box of chocolates)

Maddow accidently plugs Gingrich website

I worked the polls today in my town in Ohio

Yes, Willard, it's about entrepreneurs.

Mitt is hilarious.

What does this say: Romney 72% in MA; Gingrich 48% in GA

Judge temporarily blocks Wisconsin voter ID law - - X-post from LBN ....Woo Hooo!

Poor Willard is merely playing catch up with

Ann Raw-money Romney reveals...

Mitt Makes It Official: He's with Big Oil

To me, the real sin - shame - stain - of this GOP clown car event is the wasted money.

Fuck Mitt Romney.

Mitt's audience, makin' Snidely Whiplash boos and hisses and huzzas just launched into "USA! USA!"

Grammy nominee Marcia Ball hosts rally, labels Perry a ‘raging hypocrite’

With over half the count in, Santorum leads in the North Dakota caucus race

Fort Worth Rep. Wants Pension ‘Double Dippers’ Revealed

Rmoney can't beat Sweatervest, how bad will Obama win?

anyone else notice just a hint of....

After listening to Newt, Rick & now Mitt- what a difference their Super Tues speeches are compared

It looks like if mittens loses Ohio he is toast.

Eye-controlled arcade games move closer

Mitten's concession speech in November will be the most boring in history.

'Occupy' protester arrested for throwing flower petals in California Capitol

What are you munching on tonight? I'm munching on those baby cut carrots. I know, I know,

(Indiana Senate) Mourdock picks up NRA endorsement in GOP primary

Romney has a creepy demeanor

Birth Control PSA

Unions had a big win today!

George Takei on LGBT rights and Tennessee lawmakers - please watch and share

Tweety: Late deciders went with Santorum.

But but but...Mitt has a plan!!

Santorum wins ND

DU3 doesn't seem up to the drill tonight.

CNN calls North Dakota caucus for Santorum

Nate thinks Santorum will edge out Romney OHIO

George Takei on LGBT rights and Tennessee lawmakers

Conservatives want Adam Carol, vikileaks, to testify. He was a Liberal staffer who had to quit

... in a moment, it was no more. And so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands.

What's the opposite of a Concern Troll?

Harold Ford predicted big Romney win in Tenessee, Santorum wins big in TN.


Barkley admits to cheapshots and trying to "Theismann" someone...

Someone help me out: What was Brokaw talking about when discussing the '96 GOP convention?

If Romney can't beat Rick Santorum, how the hell could he possibly beat Obama?

Is it possible that some of this Super Pack money that is keeping Gingrinch & Santorum

Working late I listened to Romney speak just now and it reminded me of an age old joke

Geomagnetic Storms Could Blow Away the Power Grid

Michael Moore just used the phrase "Man on Dog and Dog on Car"

Doctor compares Syria horror to Chechnya

Just got home after voting in the VA primary....

Michael Moore has Rachel covering her face!!!

Lucas County (Toledo area) flipped from Romney to to Santorum.

LOL. Michael Moore just cracked up Rachel Maddow

Zombie self-defense test.

Santorum is back with Super Tuesday wins (AP)

Obama unveils two new housing initiatives

NPR just said that among Republicans, they think Mitt Romney is like Pat Boone

I watched the pilot of "Awake" on NBC starring Jason Isaacs.

Ohio probably won't be called tonight per Chuck Todd.

OH-9 Primary results

Damn...just when you think it can't get any stupider, it does...

Michael Moore made references

Ohio primary amplifies party divide

who here liked music BEFORE Kurt Cobain off'd himself?

Still Burning Witches in Kansas

The Dictator's Handbook.

Martin Bashir: Mitt Romney is the Prince Charles of the GOP.

OMG Bashir is KILLING me

A thought about bain romney's "inevitability".

Geomagnetic Storms Could Blow Away the Power Grid


Who's right?

The idiots at Red State publish Sandra Flukes e-mail

Looks like Mary Jo Kilroy falls short in bid to return to Congress: Joyce Beatty wins Dem primary

Let's get real... Romney will win Ohio by 500 votes

Obama to Romney re Super Tuesday results: "Good Luck . . . . Really"

CNN reporting Romney ahead in Ohio...

Who said it: Mitt Romney or Mr Burns?

Judge blocks report on UC Davis pepper-spraying

Obama Scolds G.O.P. Critics of Iran Policy

Is Keith on a diet?

I have no hatred of Kirk Cameron. I just believe he's an abomination.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, March 6)

There are 6000 votes advantage for Romney in Hamilton County that haven't been counted yet

Occupy Homes Buys Time, Gets Jury Trial for Foreclosure Case in MN set for March 9th

***** OHIO Primary Results LiveBlog *****

Politicking on the plains

The Idaho Caucus is COUNTING COINS.....

#OH09 Kaptur (D) defeats Kucinich (D), right now it's 56%-40% Kaptur

Conservative Christian by Todd Snyder

LAUSD Bans Blindfolding and Eating in Class

Thousands of Sacramento-Area Teachers to Receive Pink Slips

A food question answered in the latest Saveur magazine

Movie trailers - do you know of any narrated by a woman?

Mock Test Woes From a Teacher Who Opts Her Own Child Out of State Tests

Santorum will not be the nominee celebration thread (Warning: pic not for the easily offended)

A question: in hindsight, could Mitten's have won 'cleanly'?

The Shamwow guy has a new product!

‘Bill And Ted 3 Script: Keanu Reeves Confirms It’s ‘Good’

president's proclamation for women's herstory month

Beech Grove, Ind., councilman (D) arrested in solicitation of oral sex

NY protesters line up against US unemployment

Ms. Magazine "Should we ban slut and ho from the lexicon?"

Gloria Steinem speaks out about 'war on women,' Rush Limbaugh

Psst... Here's the scoop on Michael Steele

Does Anybody Know When & Where Vice-President Biden Campaign Rally

For those urging the President to veto HR 347


Best news from OH. Mean Jean Schmidt is losing her primary.

Simple solution to Rush Limbaugh/Famous Missourians flap

Kaptur defeats Kucinich, wins Democratic primary in newly-drawn 9th District

Dennis Kucinich has been defeated by Marcy Kaptur

The 37 companies that pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh (+ their statements explaining why)

Rachel heard Santorum people going to grinch

How sad is my life when I tell my cat "No Ifs, Ands or MEOWS about it". I know he can't

MSNBC reporting Santorum will openly push for Gingrich to quit...

Oh looky! No Preference got 1,793 votes in Massachusetts

Cookie Monster has an eating disorder

David Corn, MoJo: Mitt Romney's Zombie Problem

The Republican Primary is the biggest Fuck Up in 50 years

Jean Schmidt Loses House Seat In Major GOP Primary Upset

Toons: Contraception for Conservatives, On the Frontlines, Play Dirty to Win and More. - 3/6/12

I wish they would identify the anchors on MSNBC

Obama chides GOP candidates for 'popping off' about war with Iran

President Obama just beat Mitt Romney in Ohio tonight (NOT KIDDING)

Mean Jean Schmidt lost the GOPer primary for HER seat in Ohio?

When did teacher bashing become the new national pastime?

Duct tape time.

What do you think of this article about HR 347 (Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds etc...) ?

When are Alaska polls closing?

AP just called Ohio for Mittens....

China's Local Debt at $1.7 Trillion

Brazil 'overtakes UK's economy'

Romney scores narrow Super Tuesday win in Ohio

Jon Stewart Assuages Israel And Iran With Penis Jokes, Talk Of Baklava

Watch: "8": A Play about the Fight for Marriage Equality (youtube)

okay when did this start????

MSNBC TV: Joe the Plumber won his GOP primary and will be running against Marcy Kaptur (D-OH)

Joe the Plumber won his district for US Rep on the Ohio ticket.

"I Think Feedom Should Come with Small Amount of Responsibility"

KONY 2012 [Warning: Graphic Content]

Obama to unleash Joe the Biden on GOP

So Who Gets Cut In The Morning...

Beyond environment: falling back in love with Mother Earth

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Wins Six On Super Tuesday

Alaska results coming in now. Palin voted for Gingrich and he's in last place so far :)

Sign the petition to get OxyRush off of AFR Network

Fineman and tweety talking about difficult General for PrezO v mittens.

How Obama Kicks Romney's Ass in November

Blunt gets smoked at student performance

Hate to burst the bubble, she's a Public Figure, no doubt

Another sad attempt by Drudge to make Romney look strong

US Southern command watchful of political turbulence in Latam

US Southern command watchful of political turbulence in Latam

Turns out Obama had good reasons to bomb the Moon back in 2009 -- payback for terrorism.

Funny tweet on Super Tuesday's inconclusive results

Randall Terry polls 18% in Oklahoma Dem primary, earns 1 delegate

Never knew just how hard right my father was, and how scared conservatives are till I got a new PC

The Walking Dead

Bill Maher Stands Up For Rush Limbaugh, Decries Advertiser Intimidation

Heads up: "TV's Frank" Conniff (MST3K) has been riffing some tasty political commentary on Facebook

Is anyone else noticing DU loading too fast?

The best elevator prank in the world

Sarah and Todd Palin irrelevant even to Alaska GOP

Mercosur countries to agree on a common protocol for vessels from the Falklands

Thank you, Dennis, for everything.

So who won Ohio? Romney or Santorum?

Medical bills can wreck credit, even when paid off

Santorum camp asking conservatives to pressure Gingrich to drop out

Congratulations on your win tonight Marcy Kaptur

In 1988, Pat Robertson won the R primary in Washington!

Report: Peyton Manning will be cut by Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday

Mmmm, chocolate covered bird

Toon about the GOPeas and Rush from Juanita Jean:

Cuba showcases cancer vaccines

Mean Jean and Dennis the Menace losing yesterday is hopefully part of a trend...

Cuba opens biotechnological fair showcasing cancer vaccines

Aldous Huxley's Letter to George Orwell

11-Year-Old, Handcuffed For Being Rude

The best friend of Muammar al-Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad lost tonight

I helped President Obama win Oklahoma!

It was a real good night for PPP Polling.

Not rich? Then you can't fuck!

‘Creative ... motivating’ and fired

Some in Congress object to new soccer field at Guantanamo

FLASHBACK: Fox News On Gas Prices In 2008

Political quotes

Steve Tibbetts - Ur

'Joe the Plumber' wins Ohio Republican congressional primary bid

Finley Peter Dunne - Great American Humorist or Greatest American Humorist?

Amethystium - Strangely Beautiful

I'm reading a lot about how advertisers are claiming their ads on Limbaugh....

Six UK soldiers believed killed in Afghan explosion

Suspicion rises between Western advisers, Afghans

John Lee Hooker and Ry Cooder 1992

Are you familiar with Dunning-Kruger Effect?

Why China Should Slow Down – but Probably Won’t

Injustice against Cuban Five Denounced in Geneva

Venezuela New Program for Disabled People

What are the legal obligations of an FCC licensee regarding malicious intentional slander?

General Batshit

X Minus 1 Old time science fiction radio stories from Bradbury , Asimov, Heinlein and more... Free

Get a load of this New York Times headline: 'Romney Appears to Win Ohio Primary'

With the Grinch still in, votes continue to be split, helping Mittens.

Police Arrests at Women's Rights Protest Richmond Virginia

How to be a complete jerk about it, By Mark Morford

How much does a new trailer cost?

Slowpoke Toon- The O'Reilly Method

The Costs of War, Collective Amnesia and Learning From Experience

Alabama and Mississippi on March 13.

Romney and Santorums Greatest Show on earth

More Trouble for Paula Deen-Now a Sexual Harrassment suit.

Just a word of advice

Liberal Congressman Kucinich defeated in Ohio

Fermi Lab thinks they have seen the Higgs boson particle

Obama Seeks Time for Sanctions on Iran as Israel Prepares for Air Strikes

Wisconsin: Wanna be a Delegate to the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte?

Buying a condominium now or in 2 years ?

Kentucky's Anthony Davis is Sporting News player of the year!

Debbie Harry Mistaken For Lindsay Lohan By Photographers

Poppy Bush slobberfest on Morning Joe

Romney won Ohio by one point (with caveat) - updated

The oldest known color photograph: 1872

As Pension Crisis Looms, Golden Years Fade to Black

cats in need of LOLcats captions ... get 'em here

How the drug war rolls back civil rights

The Religious Right's Plot To Take Control Of Our Public Schools

TransCanada to Seek Approval for Building Keystone in Pieces

Does the Right Really Want to Beat Obama? Maybe Not

Barbara Bush: 2012 Campaign The 'Worst' I've Ever Seen

Republicans In A Bubble - Bill Maher

What America Lost When Dennis Kucinich Lost

Wealthy voters deliver for Mitt Romney - updated

Wisconsin: Yes, we won in the recall elections!

KONY 2012 Viral Activist Campaign Spreading Like Wildfire Across the Internet

The headline on the Yahoo homepage re: the Dennis Kucinich loss

In Ohio exit polls, 30% of Republican primary voters made at least $100,000. Mitt handily won them.

G.O.P. to Mitt: We Still Don’t Really Like You

Dover mortuary pressed to avoid dumping of 9/11 remains at landfill, official says

Wild brown bear observed using a tool

Gen. Fraser defends $744,000 Guantanamo soccer field

Ohio cleans the deadwood from their house reps. The mean and the inept

Obama Drops Ceremonial Pen, Angering GOP

Low turnout in MA Republican primary

Limbaugh on Joseph Kony

Milwaukee County has a Republican pretending to be a Democrat running for County Supervisor

I'm leaning towards Ron Paul

What next with regard to Limbaugh?

Republicans report that number of lazy people in the US has doubled in last 15 years

More depression for the GOP - Private sector adds 216,000 jobs in February

Indiana sets sight on having official state rifle

Cartoonists Nail Rush, Day 3!!!

Chávez makes clear that the government seat is in Havana

Toon: GOP Philosophy

Apple to open solar farm in October

Norway attacks: Breivik charged with terror attacks

GOP committee hopeful arrested, accused of destroying opponent’s fliers

I've been up since 4:20.

Do Psychopaths run the world?

California man arrested after cannon blast kills his girlfriend


Upper East Side ‘Mommy Madam’ Also Specialized in Pigs

Mining Company Says It's Pulling Out Of Wisconsin

Toon: The Lorax Speaks (for a fee)

U.N. aid chief Amos in Syria, heading to Homs

How Americans View Gasoline Prices in 2 toons......

Duncan: Unfair School Punishment Rate 'Alarming'

CNBC analysts just said they expect this week's job's report

In your opinion who is the most offensive Conservative Commentator that should be allowed on the air

With the primary season well underway, I notice that

Drumbeat: March 7, 2012

Drumbeat: March 7, 2012

Santorum Acknowledges the Ultimate Irony of His Narrow Loss in Ohio

How the drug war rolls back civil rights

Joy Behar: "Last I checked, you can't have unwanted pregnancies without erections"

UAE to place orders for four more nuclear power plants

ADP: Companies added 216, 000 workers last month

Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - 1977

Self-Defense Tip: The Three Rules of a 911 Call (How to keep yourself out of trouble with a DGU)

Tribes make push for Violence Against Women Act

Lowering our expectations for foreclosure settlement

(Iowa) Lawmakers: Deal Reached On Nuclear Power Bill

Do you know how much a gallon of gas costs now? I don't.

Ex-Maine legislator to plead guilty to gun charges

Santorum's Big Decision

Former New Jersey governor goes undercover as homeless man

I saw the Quaker Oats dude on the TV box yesterday.

Charles Bolden and Neil deGrasse Tyson live webcast testimony today (March 7)

GA Republican primary: turnout lower; Romney gets 22 percent fewer votes

KONY 2012

New report on the state of the art of the strategic energy technologies

Former Mossad Director: Romney ‘Is Making The Situation Worse’ With Iran

Do NOT tell me there is no war on women after reading this...

What is with weekends and bombing?

Artificial Wetlands Can Provide Benefits over the Long Haul

Lovie: It's up to us as African Americans to show that we have Barack Obama's back

50 Advertisers Have Now Dropped Rush

The O'Reilly method

Libyan leader vows to keep nation together by force

Pink Slime For School Lunch: Government Buying 7 Million Pounds Of Ammonia-Treated Meat For Meals

Baby Dies From Herpes After Controversial Circumcision Ritual

Super Tuesday: Four Shades of Resentment

Photo: iPad. The official laptop of the Obama White House...

Is fundraising now allowed on DU?

Suit alleges inadequate healthcare in Ariz. prisons

right-wing freedom of religion: if employees want birth control, they can pay for it with money...

70 smears against women from Limbaugh

Air Forces Mothballs $3.8 Billion Dollars 'Worth' of Global Hawk Drones

GOP loses its appetite for contraception fight (updated)

More sponsors yank ads from Limbaugh (many buyers are advising their clients to sever ties…)

Insurance coverage a "courtesy" that "everyone else" is paying for? NO. It's part of MY wages.

Nuclear Powers Prepare Demands for Iran as Diplomatic Solution Is Sought

Government to look at imposing gun limits (Australia)

Republicans and Sex

Syria to keep seat on UN human rights committee

Mining firm drops out after Wisconsin bill rejected

(OHIO) Extremely low voter turnout reported


Why they are against contraceptives and what we face

An Iranian (Persian) girl singing Adele - Someone like you

Anti-abortion activist might keep Obama from unanimous re-nomination

Dubstep and animals pooping

He's moved on to another woman

Germany Hits Back Over Belarus President’s Anti-Gay Jibe

Capitalism In Action - 34 and Counting

US may sell Israel advanced ‘bunker-busters’ enabling Iran strike

Watch WI Rep Pocan expose ALEC...

Bank files suit for $1.9M from orthodontist (Medicaid fraud)


Gingrich Campaign Launches Anti-Romney Facebook Timeline

$1B of TSA Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog — How Anyone Can Get Anything Past The Scanners

Horse on hillside

A Quiet Farewell For the M-2 Bradley

Screw America ! Vote Republican !

Borowitz: Overjoyed Romney Celebrates Voters Hating Him Marginally Less Than Santorum

Roy Blunt Booed, Called 'Devil' At Kennedy Center

Anyone know the cost of "Composite Three Surface Anterior" dental work?

Fukushima's Lessons Guide Safety Upgrades at Oyster Creek, Says Exelon

“Can we call them racist, misogynist bigots now?”

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday March 7th

Vatican Dispatches Elite Team Of Bishops To Sabotage Contraceptive Manufacturer

How the GOP in Ohio voted by county....

Female Journalist Attacked By Limbaugh Responds: He ‘Just Doesn’t Think Women Count’

Palin weighs in on the Big Fat Misogynist Turd.

Have you ever vomited to a point of passing out?

2fer, Judge blocks Scott WALKER's voter supression law; & vets among the suppressed

Clarence Page: Could this be the end of Limbaugh?

Injustice in a small Ny town

Iran was the first country to bomb a nuclear reactor.

Michael Moore on MSNBC last night (VIDEO)

Protest at the State Capitol (Richmond Virginia, March 3) - This is a retrofeed from Facebook


Blog for International Women’s Day- March 8

Black 8th Grader’s Essay Comparing Education System To Slavery Ignites Outrage

quotes of the day

today in women's herstory

Will 'Downton Abbey' have to go on without the Dowager Countess?

Exclusive: Why Can’t You Smoke Pot? Because Lobbyists Are Getting Rich Off of the War on Drugs

Heads up! Bernie Sanders on Senate floor speaking now (VIDEO link)

Not-So-Super Tuesday... The real winner of the Republican primary is Barack Obama.

Gun Nuts on Contraception

a biography for the day--Maria Goeppert-Mayer

India police arrest man with Iran link over Israel attack

Clear Channel’s Directors Give Big to Romney, Who Won’t Criticize Limbaugh

Patriotic Millionaires To Grover Norquist: 'Move To Somalia'

Get Rush off Armed Forces Network, and he's gone for good

Who Said It? Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns?

Overjoyed Romney Celebrates Voters Hating Him Marginally Less Than Santorum

biography of the day--Lan Samantha Chang

Limpballs has lost 43 advertisers.

The incumbent's organizational strength

Access Hollywood's Billy Bush calls Julia Roberts' Character a 'B***h' and a 'C****r'

xpost from Feminists: Access Hollywood's Bush calls Julia Roberts' Character a 'B***h' and a 'C****r

Exclusive: Why Can’t You Smoke Pot? Because Lobbyists Are Getting Rich Off of the War on Drugs

European Parliament performs "vagina monologues" as cross-party call to end violence against women

european parliament performs "vagina monologues" as crossparty call to end violence against women

The 411 On The #StopKony Movement!

Oklahoma state senate passes "heartbeat" abortion bill

Cops Get Owned!!! - Epic Pee Prank

Professor John Walker Smith Exonerated in Autism MMR Case

Oklahoma state senate passes "heartbeat" abortion bill

Well, Rush has given a gift to Democratic Candidates - my email from Jon Tester

RUSH the Band sends cease-and-desist letter to Rush Limbaugh

Now that the Republican Party is self-destructing, the Democratic Party MUST move further Right...

Romney Declines To Criticize Limbaugh — Again

Wisconsin Voter ID: So what happens next?

Former Congressman Denied Right To Vote In Tennesse

The cease-and-desist letter from Rush (Canadian Power Trio) to Limbaugh's Legal Team

Is THIS the 'smoking gun' Breitbart promised? (VIDEO)

More GOP Crazy Talk

"Republican Party War Against the Uterus Rally" - from Derf

Chellie NOT running for Senate

Unseen video: Obama protesting at Harvard in 1990 for diversity in hiring

Go Wisconsin! Judge grants injunction barring enforcement of voter ID law in April election.

Limbaugh also supports child abduction, brainwashing and war criminal Joseph Kony #Kony2012

Liberal darling Chellie Pingree won’t run for Snowe’s seat

Nightmare Before St. Pat's Day - Creepy (but funny) version of When Irish Eyes are Smiling

PA. Legislature voting on Photo ID for Voters Law - Keeps WWII combat vet from voting

U.S. hands pirate suspects to Seychelles for trial

Pingree won't run for U.S. Senate

Well I know this ain't gonna be popular, but there really are too many Limbaugh threads here

Bill Maher: Liberals "look bad" for not accepting Limbaugh "apology," hates sponsor pullouts

COOL - Obama Protesting at Harvard in 1991

Site for Sugar Daddies "seeking arrangements" with college girl "Sugar Babies" wants to buy Rush ads

French report: Ban child beauty pageants, padded bras for little girls

Should there be a boycott of Bill Maher as well?

Steve Tibbetts - Name Everything

The Day 'Due Process' Under the Constitution Died: Obama, Holder and the End of Unalienable Rights

Slowpoke toon: The O'Reilly (birth control) Method

Wall Street oil speculators are driving up gas prices - Pelosi chart

ugly..Paula Deen's Horribly Racist Quote From The Lawsuit Against Her

Intel group: Israel behind blast in Iranian base last year

"Oh Rush! You're Such A Bad Boy!"

Drug Policy as Race Policy: Best Seller Galvanizes the Debate

The Right's view of sex is basically Catholic dogma

Gogebic Taconite says it will not build its proposed iron ore mine in Wisconsin - - It's over.

Godsmacked! Atheist billboard blocked in Hasidic Williamsburg

Former NJ gov. poses as mentally ill man at homeless shelter

Meet the .01%

When Will U.S. Home Prices Finally Stop Falling And Begin To Rise?

Sandra Fluke, religious colleges and unexpected rules

Cats are like potato chips.

Mitch McConnell introduces Republican's Latest Issue for 2012

Andrew Sullivan: Santorums Culture War Advantage

Your Favorite Team Doesn't Give a Damn About You

Rush Limbaugh Jabs Lesbians Getting Divorced, They Jab Back

Enough Women Are FINALLY Paying Attention To Rush Limbaugh!

Today Limbaugh explained that "loss of 28 sponsors" is meaningless

DU Polls

Bill would create partnership between NSA and U.S. corporations

TSA Nude Body Scanners Rendered Worthless By Blogger

Miniature E-Books Let Journalists Stretch Legs

The Elephant In The Room

Hey Pigboy Rush Limbaugh (please read this pigboy crew people)

There should be some sort of notice when people are dropped as hosts


'How to wash trousers? Give it to your woman, it's her job!'

'Quit school' ad blooper on bus

Inside that new anti-Occupy bill

it's been a good winter for honey bees...

Bill would create partnership between NSA and U.S. corporations

February 2012 Atmospheric CO2 Content 393.65; February 2011 391.76; February 2010 389.82

Rush Limbaugh rips Obama 'hypocrisy' on Sandra Fluke

LA Times Article On CCD Manages To Completely Overlook Possible Neonicotinoid Role In Bee Deaths

A little Spooky Tooth for lunch

Official list of words Feds monitor on social networks

George Lucas Threatens to Re-Release Every Film He’s Had Anything To Do With in 3D

Civil Rights Gay Pioneer Bayard Rustin Awarded 100th Birthday Proclamation

TLC not bringing 'All-American Muslim' back for second season

Not-So-Innocent Abroad

In honor of Deb...damn she's hot!

Papantonio: Why Republican Voters Hate Their Candidates

Prez's gotta be thinking here

ADP Estimates U.S. Companies Added 216,000 Jobs in February

Why an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France

I'm all for using unusual ingredients but I don't think I would try these recipes

Side Effects May Include - What's Wrong With Modern Psychiatry?

Nun Orchid.

Who Said It: Bush or Obama?

Total Popular Vote Super Tuesday - R-Money vs Not-R-Moneys

Paying for you to have sex (The Daily Show on Mon)

Study shows birth control saves taxpayer money

Arachnophobes should stay away from southeast Australia

Narcissism: Why It's So Rampant in Politics

Messina On Gay Marriage In Dem Platform: That's A Discussion We Will Have

Creepy cross-post from GD.

I wonder if Panosonic can build politicans as well as DVD players

Joe the Plumber wins in Ohio

Minn. School District Agreement a "Blueprint" for Antibullying Efforts

Oh Dear G*d, the world is ending in Indiana right now ...

Thom Hartmann: 70 Dems go after oil speculators

Thom Hartmann: Is Limbaugh's rhetoric harmful to America's armed forces?

Bernie Sanders: Vermonters Vote to Undo Citizens United

Extreme Makeover The story behind the story of Lawrence v. Texas.

Hawaii gov. declares disaster after rain, flooding

Palestinians say no to new talks without settlement freeze

Antonio Villaraigosa backs gay marriage plank

Cellulosic Ethanol Gets a $100 Million Boost

Our Country If The GOP Had The Power

Women Are The True Face Of Climate Change

My bass player used to be Rush Limbaugh's personal chef

Tokyo prosecutors charge Olympus and former executives (BBC)

Romney campaign says losing nomination would take 'act of God'

radio station poll. What should happen to Rush

The one sign that sums it up for me:

Sandra Fluke was a plant by the Obama admin to change the subject from the economy. How do I know??

Netflix Reportedly Meeting With Cable Companies As Amazon Eyes Original Content

Rush is ANGRY. He's lashing out at Obama and bringing up Rev. Wright

My friend couldn't use her own bank card without her bank's permission.

The authority to kill Americans without trial...

Chellie Pingree, Maine Rep., decides against Senate bid

Sandra Fluke 'Definitely' Can Sue Rush Limbaugh

45 companies have drop Rush.

The "Pink Slime" in Your Kid's School Lunch

Run Forrest, Run!

Real money for an imaginary war

My husband likes to watch Bill Maher on Friday, me, not so much. I would rather socialize. BUT

Limbaugh: Sponsors are like french fries

U.N. Relief Official Visits Homs Amid New Violence and Lost Confidence

Limbaugh Backed Mass-Murdering Warlord Joseph Kony (with audio)

Net-Zero Energy Buildings Take Hold in U.S.

As St. Paddy's Day comes: Top ten reasons why some Irish Americans have no real clue about Ireland

Sluts 4 Obama!

Thom Hartmann: Listen Carefully for the giant Rush sucking sound

You can't keep a good man down--Karl Marx in news stories lately

Today I Wished Bill Maher Had Sponsors

A couple libertarian Paulbots' response to this Kony 2012 video:

Hey, Wisconsin, wanna take a voter ID poll?

Fewer premature births after smoking ban in Scotland (BBC)

Chanting USA at a high school basketball game=dog whistle racism?

Is Rush Limbaugh running out of sponsors?

Rush's words spur rally at state Capitol

What does an underwater homeowner look like?

March 10 and 13 Republican Primaries

Supreme Court Ruling Prompts FBI to Turn Off 3,000 Tracking Devices

The Book of Esther goes Western

Jimi Hendrix

Doo doo doo lookin out my back door.


Is it me, or is Drudge trying to dog whistle the racists with his page now?

Mona Lisa copy may have been painted by Leonardo da Vinci's lover, art historians suggest

The General Election Editor To Release Full ‘Obama College Video’ On Hannity Tonight

As World War One centennial nears, fight erupts over memorial

Question for LGBT activists - especially the older generation - re advice to atheists

An hour-by-hour breakdown of all Limbaugh's sponsors in today's broadcast at Media Matters

Rush attack on women continues "calls Michelle Obama fat"

Colbert Report The Word - Due or Die

UAW'S Bob King: "Failure to speak out against (Alabama's) H.B. 56 is a failure of leadership

RNC to Suspend Presidential Primaries, Introduce New Logo

Let's review the facts, shall we?

Whistleblower confronts Eric Holder at the Apple Store he's working at

Thom Hartmann: Is 2012 the year for worker co-operatives?

China pulls workers from Syria

New historic footage of a young Barack Obama speaking at a 1991 Harvard Law School rally

Stanford offers more free online classes for the world

Hypocrisy? First Amendment rights? Really?

EXCLUSIVE: Subprime Schools Lobbyist Trent Lott Explains How He Won Over Congress

One of the most interesting of the phenomena surrounding the GOP

Was election fraud tactic used here?

Mix business with politics, it's DOOMED

One year on: Steady progress at Fukushima

Can Mitt do Dixie?

Paul says he's closer to Obama than GOP opponents on 'reckless' Iran posturing

Stop the Limbaugh - Maher comparisons NOW.

Bat-crazy Bachmann says the "health care dictator" could decide how many babies you can have...

Is this the most ridiculous Breitbart conspiracy blog post?

Apple "changes everything again"

I heard Dennis Kucinich speak in 2007 and he blew me away

Not one but two Robinsons step up to challenge DeFazio

Netanyahu returns empty-handed from Washington

Why have we raised a generation (or more) of women who speak like crap?

Limbaugh claims he hasn't "lost 28 sponsors"

A Warrior For Peace

KONY 2012

November Surprise

Occupy the Vote: National Urban League to Release State of Black America Report

Autistic man murdered by his own mom

Hatefest radio advertisers in NH

DU Album of the Day: Bruce Springsteen "Wrecking Ball"

ice cream shop offers Santorum shake

Message To Women

I saw a report that LOGO is dropping Gaycentric programming

Jimmy Carter, shortchanged again

David Axelrod: If Romney Can't Condemn Limbaugh, 'How Can He Stand Up To Ahmadinejad?'

BREAKING: Breitbart video on Obama released. It's devastating...

Maine Miscellany

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Limbaugh’s 70 Sexist Smears

John Nichols: What America Lost When Dennis Kucinich Lost

Case Against Teen Brutally Beaten by NYPD Dismissed -- Cops Fabricated Charges to Cover Abuse

Taking aim at gun enablers: Christopher Evans

Planned Parenthood Turns Kids Into Sex Addicts And Promotes the "gateway drug" of Masturbation!

February fund raising totals.. Romney raised 11.5 million. Santorum raised 9 million.

Strong and intelligent women scare weak men. Found this Anthem for strong women.

Are You a Slut? Mother Jones has a Flowchart to Help You Determine

Virginia governor signs bill to require abdominal ultrasound before abortion despite protests

I just have two words...Dog balls!!

Right Wingers Lambast Sandra Fluke - This Time for Supporting LGBT-Specific Health Care

Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class

Lesbian Student Delivered 200,000 Signatures to Protest Bully Rating

Gingrich cancels visits to Kansas thus conceding the state

TYT: Pink Slime For School Lunches!

Comparing an Obama lie to a Gingrich lie

So long suckers!

Ugh: Scott Brown Breathing Easier In Massachusetts — For Now

This is how Right Wingnuts shut down the Left....

Teh Grinch naps on the AIPAC big screen, wakes up to talk to panel. There is no panel.

What's for dinner?

Admins, is anyone tracking the percentage of alerted on posts that wind up actually being hidden?

And so, andrew brietbart's final "devastating" video of a young President Obama...

As somebody who took part in card check lobbying effort this is everything wrong with congress.

Freepers in full state of arousal over "Breitbart will release full video of Obama tonight"

Separated at Birth or just the normal aging process?

Taxpayers pay for women's contraceptives?

Denver authorities: Dead inmate killed up to 20

Rush Sez: You can't boycott me alone - you need to boycott Clear Channel to be effective....

Latest Poll in local paper: Should Newt Gingrich drop out of the GOP presidential race...

EU promotional video causes controversy

An afternoon laugh: Awesome people and amazing animals

$13,500 to Kill Sacred White Buffalo in Texas—Can This Be True?

TYT: Holder Defends Execution without Charges

Milorganite Fertilizer

Limbaugh isn't getting hammered because he has conservative opinions.

I HAVE the secret Obama tape

Women protest over increasing US military presence

mexican mushroom and rice casserole

Storm Warning: American Sociopathy and Ron Paul

Deadly drones come to the Muslims of the Philippines

Energetic Protection from Solar Flares

Stephen Colbert on Eric Holder's Case for Killing U.S. Citizens

Thom Hartmann: Republicans - propped up by Daddy Warbucks

Teen loses drivers license forever.

There is none better.

Engineer Shows TSA Nude Scanners are Useless

Groups Reject Holder’s Defence of Targeted Assassinations

Steve Clemons on 'war' w Iran, Syria, repugs:

Is Rachel the only one to pick up on this?

American exceptionalism. I see it discussed. What I believe it is

the pig claims he has 18000 sponsors and 2 have begged to come back.

It must be difficult to be in a political candidate's family

Nudity is not always a good thing

The women of America should be... and ARE... THANKING Rush Limbaugh:

Video Emerges of Obama in 1991 Rallying for Diversity at Harvard Law School

Rush Reduced to Public Service Announcements?

how was romney's dad allowed to run for president in 1968?

Anyone seen Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? Is it good or great?

School board rewords dress code ban

Feds: 71-Year-Old Man Smuggled 40K Counterfeit Erectile Dysfunction Pills In Golf Bag

Well, FINALLY, looks like the U.S. is celebrating Women's History Month!

David Axelrod: If Romney Can't Condemn Limbaugh, 'How Can He Stand Up To Ahmadinejad?'

Help. Is it possible to change a person's mind, and have that individual vote for gay rights?

Hearing Aids?

Youngstown ad agency exec pulls clients' ads from Limbaugh show

America's University System Is Bankrupting A Generation

Anyone have any idea how the Giants will do this year?

Jessica Simpson once again shows why she is irrevelent and unorginal

New Rule: only happy nice unprovocative discussions need apply.

Elizabeth Warren lands endorsement of National Organization for Women PAC

Romney Flip Flops on the minimum wage

Does Newt look like he is going to drop out? Or are the GOP going to try and keep spliting

Rush claims that he has 18,000 sponsors and that 30+ is nothing.

Lottery Winner Defends Use of Food Stamps

The Right-Wing Meme Generator: Their Most Dangerous and Effective Weapon!

HA! Tweet about the ads on Rush's show today:

Music Stars then and now

Retrofitting for Fecundity

Bob McDonnell, Virginia Governor, Signs Mandatory Ultrasound Bill Into Law

Time to fertilize 'my' rose bush?

Please delete. I got the wrong forum. Ridiculous mistake. Thank you. n/t

Occupy the Vote: National Urban League to Release State of Black America Report

Some of Rush's Remaining Sponsors - Pics

does anybody know anything about "Signs of the Times Alternative News for People who Think"???

Woman saves rude Crystal River driver, daughter from burning car

Let's thank the following advertisers for pulling their ads from Limbaugh:

1 in 8 Chance of Catastrophic Solar Megastorm by 2020

Tell us how you met your current pet. I saw black kittens at the pet store in Montreal. I used

Mitt Romney campaign: It would take 'an act of God' for Rick Santorum to win

If we want to impact the Rush Limbaugh show - we need to boycott local advertisers

Salon's Steve Kornacki has it Exactly Right: Sheldon Adelson is using Gingrinch to help Romney

US ruling against Salvadoran ex-General a ‘huge’ victory for victims

The Midwest's deadly tornadoes: 5 miraculous stories

US ruling against Salvadoran ex-General a ‘huge’ victory for victims

Now that the heat is picking up on Rush...perhaps we need to persuade the advertisers

See! I told you those stakes weren't woodeny enough!!!

Cain: 'Slut' comments won't hurt GOP because 'Limbaugh is not running for anything'...CAIN!

It's on: GOP, Democrats fight over women voters

Is religion dying --or reinventing?

Obama: you gotta eat!

Thread in which we keep score

I would like to thank every taxpaying citizen of the United States!

"In Utero Veritas?"

As feminists, united we fall apart – divided we may yet succeed

Medicare unveils new form to enlist seniors in fight against fraud

Whats the skinny on Bain Capital being a primary owner of clear channel?

Ousted Iowa Supreme Court Justices to Receive JFK’s Profile in Courage Award

Affordable Healthcare Act 101: What To Expect Now And Later

Law professor: U.S. in State of Perpetual War

Union-buster joins Wisconsin Recall Fight

Rove: Palin Endorsement “Not Worth Snot” For Gingrich

X Class Solar Flare Sends ‘Shockwaves’ on The Sun

New nationwide poll shows wariness about nuclear power

Who's Afraid of Missouri Rush?

Rep. Speier: Air Force awarded alleged rapist instead of punishing him

Reverend Al is killing Rep. Rich on his show!

Hébert: Robocalls: Conservative support rock solid despite vote controversy

Female kicker focused on spot with LSU

Is it true that a former Governor for a state went to vote yesterday and was denied due to new

Murray Joins Bipartisan call to bring troops home from Afghanistan

Barney Frank Booted From House Floor Over Spat With GOP

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 8 March 2012

Brian Mulroney: I owe you an apology