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Archives: March 5, 2012

Profiting Off Nixon’s Vietnam ‘Treason’

Canadian long gun registry to be abolished next week

Once again, Weather leads NBC's Nightly News, and once again, neither "GW" or "CC" are mentioned

Fed up, New Orleans looks to shake Murder City title

State budget cuts hit small-town Ohio

Omaha Steve to be in Senator Bob Kerrey's return to Nebraska commercial!

Petition: Get Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio Now!

Hard times at Citi Field

CNN needs to cover the Kasich decision to reject federal disaster aid

About the War on Women being conducted by the Republicans and Theocrats

British journalists accused by militia group of spying in Libya

Rush ~ I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.

Ryan Braun hears it from Giants fans...

"Scientist" finds that the Earth isn't rotating.

Bob McDonnell's Virginia

Box Office Shocker: 'Dr. Seuss' The Lorax' Opens to Record-Shattering $70.7 Mil

My 15-yr-old son gets it...even if Rush doesn't.

A Sex Ed 101 curriculum for conservatives (Amanda Marcotte)

Editorial: Speaker's investments cry out for Missouri ethics laws

Lifelock...another Rush advertiser is on Amazon too...

Maine company ready to install tidal power unit

Holy Cow - Really?!?

Penguin Cam, Tweeted by David Shuster...

Kasich to Ohio, 'Drop Dead'

Your favourite tv series and Why? M*A*S*H, then Sex and the City, Justified, Weeds, The Wire.

The best and worst places to be a woman -Best place for high-skilled jobs: Jamaica

(UK) Ministry of Justice sounds warning over secret hearings (ministry sued by Gitmo detainee)

2016 Elizabeth Warren

"Good Times Ahead"

"What Women Deserve"

Vermont ending philosophical exemptions for childhood vaccines

"In case you haven’t noticed, the economy is actually getting better. Noticeably better."

Iranian human rights lawyer jailed for 18 years

We Can Live with a Nuclear Iran

OMG! I almost lost my cats tonight

Are Emotions Prophetic?

N.C. puppy needs home - quick

Enbridge Canada-U.S. pipeline shuts after fatal crash

Obama urges Israel to give diplomacy a chance with Iran in AIPAC speech

Lava claims final home in Royal Gardens Subdivision

On 'Wrecking Ball,' Bruce Springsteen takes aim at robber barons and bankers

What types of planes have you seen in action? I've seen spitfires and Harvards at an air show. I've

There are some things that I guess that I AM a reactionary about.

Deepwater Oil Drilling Picks Up Again as BP Disaster Fades

Kitzhaber's new 10-year energy plan draft floats big ideas to reactivate green energy

Girl, 3, dies of hypothermia after 'mother and boyfriend locked her in freezing bedroom for wetting

Jon Stewart Shows How Fox News & The RNC Are Joined At Hip, Separated At Birth

When is your pet the adult in the room? Mine is at bedtime. She tries to lure me into bed

today in women's herstory

quote of the day

biography of the day--Concepción Arenal

Tortured by the very doctors who should be saving their lives: Smuggled images reveal horror

Santorum tells hecklers they should get a job ......

Top five U.S. states in renewable energy investment

Was Geno Auriema playing psy-ops against the Irish before their Feb. 27 showdown with the Irish or

a biography of the day--olympe de gouges

So, the "Obama Tapes" will be released in a few days. (*UPDATED*)

Green Festival NYC April 21-22, 2012. Anybody going?

This will either make you sad, angry, or shocked, but chances are, you will react to it.

Proflowers has taken down their contact page

Harpers - The Tyranny of Breast Feeding

Bureau of Communication: Rush Limbaugh grievance

Should a major theme of 2012 be that a party afraid of Rush Limbaugh is UNFIT TO LEAD America?

Was looking at that pervert Limpballs on the front page

Birther Economic Index: Borowitz Is Onto Something

Tornadoes, Extreme Weather And Climate Change, Revisited

Returning veterans in Scranton find they have no jobs, the wrong skills and new challenges

TOON: Unmanned drones

Newt says Rush does not speak for the Republican Party. "Its silly"

What story reminds you of how simple life used to be way back. My dad used to take the street

What accidents did you get into as a kid? I was once riding my bike over to a friends house.

BP settles while Macondo 'seeps'

Newport Beach man must remove 72-foot ship from his yard

The Walking Dead 2.11 - Judge, Jury, Executioner (spoilers)

Girl Scouts fight back against cookie money thief

Limpbaugh apology makes FReep call him a C-word! UPDATE with MOAR

Winning Strategy

Sulley! Jeff! Great stuff from the Hudson Heroes! (Video)

Rec individual posts?

World seed vault in Norway

A North Korean Corleone

Rick Santorum: If Elected I Will Nullify All Existing Same-Sex Marriages Nationwide

Piers Morgan: Kirk Cameron Was 'Brave' And 'Honest' To His Beliefs For Voicing Anti-Gay Views

Britain's most senior Catholic, sets out opposition to the Government plan to legalise gay marriage

If Obama wins re-election, two of his top cabinet members won't seek reappointment.

Two internet privacy tools

U.S. senator asks FTC to probe Apple, Google

It doesn't get much simpler than this....

Venezuela on the brink of the chasm

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

the blue moons

Clear Channel: "We respect the right of Mr. express those opinions."

I don't mean to offend anybody, but this picture almost made me pee from laughing

Pamela Geller Spews Hatred at Sandra Fluke ‘Banging It Five Times a Day’

All this talk of women's right to prescription and such is really only all about will science

How could a boycott of the Koch brothers be done?

Just discovered the TV show

funniest tweet all day....

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 7th: Star of the Month: Karl Malden

"Congress shall make no law respecting...the right of the people peaceably to assemble..."

This American Life: What Kind of Country?


Rush Without Protection

Newt said he wanted to start a marketplace of ideas last week. I said it months ago.

Guten Abend. Ich muss mein Deutsch üben.

I can't believe this thread in the Feminists group

Austin homeless icon Leslie Cochran moved into hospice

All this religious talk is about imposing a hierarchy on americans. Any hierarchy will

Is it possible to take too long to submit a jury decision?

A Pig in Slop

Buffett's 'wager' on BNSF Railway also paying off in oil industry

Lear Capital (sponsor) wants to hear from you about Rush!

They blocked me on Rush Limbaugh's Facebook page

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 5 March 2012

House bill seeks report on Iran in Latin America

Homophobes need to be actively demonized in the media

Mayor Parker (Houston) getting political pushback on gay marriage support

Mayor Parker (Houston) getting political pushback on gay marriage support

House bill seeks report on Iran in Latin America

Sandra Fluke's Statement in its Entirety

Some say (Obama) re-election fear is driving gun sales in Fort Worth, elsewhere

What do you know about Eggland's Best eggs?

Biden and Calderon to talk narco violence and U.S.-Mexico trade

TEDxAntarctica: Solar Powered TED Event Takes Place In the Antarctic March 6

3/5 Please make calls and sign petition to help stop the Eviction of Monique White.

Nothing but good news for Obama/Dems in this article -

How do we search for a user profile?

Scores Dead In Congo Munitions Depot Blasts

It's the Free Market Kicking Limbaugh's A#$ --- So Cry me a fucking Ayn Randian River

Bush impersonator dies at 48 (Steve Bridges)

Un-Cheating Justice: Two Years Left to Prosecute Bush

Evangelical meme: I'm against equal rights because I have "Values"!

A "Fearful" Rush is down from a self-inflicted wound & it is time NOW to kick him

Limbaugh's "apology" sucks!!!!

The 5 Saddest Attempts to Take Over a Country

"last time Ocho is targeted for the rest of 2012"?

Biden and Calderon to talk narco violence and U.S.-Mexico trade

Biden and Calderon to talk narco violence and U.S.-Mexico trade

Hi everyone...

Lost in Space

What is like a tornado cloud... trying to touch down and pull humans into its' vortex?

After stare-down from Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray exits NY restaurant with main course in doggie bag

That must be the door to the outhouse since the only thing that ever comes out of his mouth is crap.

A Challenge to Rush: Prove Your Ratings---"His audience is a myth. He is a paper tiger."

Oregano and sinus infections

Don't re-enact scenes from "Platoon" with Charlie Sheen.

Look at us, serving on juries on each others' posts.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Sunday, March 4)

"Swear to lil 10 pound bearded baby Jesus I just got peed on by a real "Lion" I'm not lying either."

Any Presbyterians here? Was interested on your thoughts about the faith

NBC/WSJ poll: Primary season takes ‘corrosive’ toll on GOP and its candidates

Their platform, indeed.


Toon: Sure, the police are "part of 99%", only problem is ...

Just shaking my head in disbelief as I listen to this...

My good deed for the day

Outrage when Rush is sexist, 4-2 to keep a sexist comment on DU.

Another cartoon that sums it up nicely.

Friends of Aristus, check in, please.

It was challenging being a feminist in the US. It is much worse living in the Middle East

NBC Poll: Kaine Leads Allen in Virginia Senate Race

New PPP poll finds that 45% of TN Republicans believe President Obama was born outside the US

Ouchie ouchie ouchie...

Limbaugh meaning

Miami Herald Opinion: Crisis coming as Caribbean drug-running heats up

The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching.

Collaboration shields AIDS patients from TB: UN

Is this the worst thing Breitbert had on Obama?

Collaboration shields AIDS patients from TB: UN

This must be seen


Spider silk strands spun into violin strings

Shameless (spoilers)

Kasich stands by decision to not seek federal aid

Brazil's Lula in hospital with 'lung infection'

Isn't it remarkable the last two legitimately elected presidents have received the most grief...


Who will save Syria?

Here Is How My Occupy Group Plans On Dealing With HR 347

Let's vote! Lead host and hosts.

The Secret Life of Bees (Smithsonian Magazine)

Protesters Drown Out Santorum's Fake Religious Speech....

Chess (March): 3-way tie in Aeroflot Op; Magnus still número uno

Sandusky says prosecutors haven’t given him enough details about accusers to build a defense

Iceland ex-PM Haarde to go on trial over 2008 crisis (BBC)

"In Positive Economic Sign, Republicans Starting to Say Obama Wasn’t Born in US Again"

Sheriff Joe: "I'm gonna give ya a scoop. I talked to him 4, 5 hours before he died. He called me..."

So how did you spend your Sunday?

Cross-posted from the Feminists group..

In Age of Dual Incomes, Alimony Payers Prod States to Update Laws

Romney: Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon if Obama is reelected

FBI probes former News Corp investment

Extradition request lodged for Kim Dotcom

Breitbart's big posthumous bombshell: Obama took part in a panel discussion for a play!

A Terrified Puppy Named Moot

Real Housewives of Disney.

A bit of fun for all of us occupyers!

Al-Qaida kill 25 Iraqi police officers

The "Statement of Purpose" (SOP) for this group.

Copyright Alerts

PIC: Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns?

Quake tremors felt in Indian capital

Bruce Springsteen: "Death to my Hometown"

HB347 is a disturbing assault on the first amendment

Rate the Organizational Strength of the Democratic Party

Confessions of a ‘Bad’ Teacher (Please read)

Our Mess in Sacramento

George Will blasts GOP candidates, leaders for failure to criticize Limbaugh

In Japan, 'Herbivore' Boys Subvert Ideas Of Manhood

Redshirting: Holding kids back from kindergarten

Chief economic strategist, PPI: “This feels like the beginning of another tech-driven jobs boom"

If you could not live in the USA, where would you live, and why ?

Seahawks re-sign Marshawn Lynch

Sound advice from Dick Cheney

Bernie Sanders to take on oil speculators.

The Offspring - Tehran

Any diabetics want to share our stuff?

Aitken's Bible Endorsed by Congress (& more on religion in government)

Book with Joe's best essays now on Amazon

CNBC: Oil to retreat, US crude may drop to $100 (that sound you hear are GOPers cursing)

Trial of Iceland ex-PM Haarde over 2008 crisis begins

SUBLIME - Leaving Babylon - Costa Rica 1993

Peres: Obama showed maximum support possible for Israel

Bill Nye: How to Talk to an Alien

Protest in Olympia 3/5 re Repub/Conservadem budget

TOON: Slowpoke - "The O'Reilly Method: Who Needs An Aspirin Between The Knees...?"

Reckless: The Inside Story of How the Banks Beat Washington (Again)

When does Mad Men start? Has it started already? Wahhh, I need my role model!!

OSCE: Russia election 'clearly skewed' for Putin

AIG sells shares in Asian unit AIA to pay off $6 billion from US government bailout bill

O'Donnell debated Coulter last night

DU3 Google search box, is it protected?

MAD Magazine- 'Who said it Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns?

Lost Tornado Pets Focus of New Facebook Pages

Lazarus Fading: Welcome to the End of Newt Gingrich

Juvenile inmates bond with dog through Dream Seekers Animal Rescue and Training program

Google Chrome is Most Secure Web Browser, German Government Says

Joe Scarbourough throws in the sponge...

Another sobering "99% percent" sign seen on FB

Russia’s president orders review of conviction of Khodorkovsky

Alternet: America Has Never Been Safer - So Why Are Politicians and the Media Trying to Terrify Us?

This demonstrates the difference between radio and TeeVee.

Chris Hedges: AIPAC Works for the 1 Percent

Syria Detains 13 French Officers in Homs, Daily Star Says

Toon: Speaking of Prostitutes...

Soledad and Cantor

A question about our profiles

How to Fund an American Police State: Real Money for an Imaginary War

Today marks one month since she died

Devastating NBC election poll...

Gun bills, not taxes, ignite tempers (Iowa)

What we said 80 years ago: Labor's victory

If anyone in the Austin area needs a computer

Up to 900 tropical bird species could 'go extinct'

Eric Cantor is incapable of answering the simplest question.

A Broken Writ, a Kangaroo Court

Drones in Texas and Tanks in Tampa: Inside the Out-Of-Control Weaponized Homeland Security State

Republican DA downgrades charge against Anthem/Blue Cross Prez from DUI to ....


Bassist Carol Kaye

National Iranian-American Council Runs Full-Page WaPo Ad Against War with Iran Quoting Military

Should I vote in Georgia's open primary tomorrow? n/t

Lorax being used to sell Mazda SUVs to school children- assisted by the NEA

(Worker) Safety fears at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant

Pat Buchanan Moves to Fox, Immediately Makes Birther Joke


Rush Limbaugh Isn’t the Only Media Misogynist

The Simpsons - epic Game of Thrones opening

Who says Joe Scarborough isn't prescient...

Heroes of Japan's Nuclear Disaster All but Forgotten

3-Dimensional Solar Cell Reduces Payback on Solar Power Systems by at Least 40%

Bill Press to have morning show on Current-TV

norquist is spewing his vile shit on mourning joe

Bill Press has new Current TV show

Some in Congress object to new soccer field at Guantanamo

We just had a 4.0 earthquake

Firefox issues;

OMG, they're coming after us (H.R. 347)

GOTV a Mission of Hispanic Media

On Taxing the Rich, a Top Pol Breaks Ranks

Strange Lump of Dark Matter Shouldn't Exist, But Does

Spain's safety net frays as care workers go unpaid

Stephanie Miller getting show on Current TV

Putin's return: Why It Matters

Angela Merkel and her gang of thugs try to stop France's would-be new (Socialist) president

Morons fear Obama re-election, gun sales boom....

Channel 4 News Exclusive: Syrian doctors 'torturing' patients

Good News! Fed Judge: Posters allowed at work telling labor to organize.

IAEA has "serious concerns" as Iran boosts nuclear work

700-Pound Man Becomes Viral Sensation After Plea For Help on You Tube

Krugman: States of Depression

TSA forces woman to pump breast milk into bottles before boarding

Considering how the Koch family got their money

email exchange I am having with a local Rush carrying radio station.

A host's locking post alerted on

Devastating NBC/WSJ poll skewers Republicans; GOP primary called 'corrosive' (updated)

Cartoonists Nail Rush

Monday's Republican Toon Roundup

Can any registered voter in Virginia vote in Tomorrow's primary?

Reality Check

As expected Santorum is fading while Mittens is gaining in final days leading to Super Tue

Toon - apologies if already posted

Andrew Breitbart's "huge bombshell" that will "sink Obama"

Making Americans Elect come clean

Chinese 'miracle' resting on unsound foundations

I know the temptation is great, but please don't tune into Rush today

Who will be the first Repuke in Congress

First time I heard Rush Hudson Limbaugh he was attacking the disabled

Three way tie in Tennessee for GOP primary according to new poll

two new polls have Romney opening up lead in Ohio

Last week's tornadoes were were powered by

]Denial, Collapse

Panel: Ann Arbor should embrace medical pot shops

Profiles in courage -- or lack thereof (Romney's comment on Limbaugh)

Current TV

On Taxing the Rich, a Top Pol Breaks Ranks

Ice dam collapses at Argentine glacier - includes video

DU Album of the Day: Yes - "The Yes Album"

A revealing portrait of Limbaugh (NSFW, sort of):

States of Depression - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Nothing on Omaha's AM station that airs Rush... oh except that he apologized already

Limbaugh And The Right-Wing Nervous Breakdown

Private prisons may be costing Idaho more; state hasn’t checked

Looks like AOL uses Rush in their advertising -- update: They pulled their ads!

Limbaugh And The Right-Wing Nervous Breakdown

Gov. Hickenlooper Won’t Back Away From Oil And Gas Lobby Ad

Antoni Tàpies, 1923-2012

McCain: Limbaugh’s Attacks Are ‘Totally Unacceptable,’ ‘Should Be Condemned By Everyone’

Repudiating Limbaugh: A Matter of Integrity, Not Politics

TOM TOMORROW: Back to the parallel primary

Ice skating in hell: Roger AILES (not our DUer) endorsing/blurb for Rachel MADDOW's book!1

The “sluts” at Fox News have the health insurance benefit that Sandra Fluke was talking about.

So, why aren't "we" buying more electric cars?

Dorothea Tanning, painter, sculptor and poet, born 25 August 1910; died 31 January 2012

Being angry at someone for eating a doughnut...

When States Abuse Women (Texas)

Rush apologizer saying that Ed Shultz and Bill Maher do the same things that Rush does

The Geography of Government Benefits - interactive map from the NY Times

Fluke VS Bristol: Who would you want to be your daugher's role model?

When was the first time you heard of Rush Limbaugh?

(LOL) Donald Trump: George Will is ‘overrated fool’

smart growth fail

What's for Dinner ~ Monday March 5th

John Kerry says GOP ‘ideological rigidity and stupidity’ hurting Congress, country

Back to the parallel primary --- by Tom Tomorrow

iPad gives boy a voice at his bar mitzvah

Will Limbaugh get a big audience today?

Given that Sarah Palin likes to bask in the spotlight, "contributing" to public debate,

It's time to go after stations carrying limbaugh

Eyewitness: 'Slaughtered like sheep' in Homs

The Amazing Race...spoilers...

Toon: a revealing portrait of can't unsee this one ROFLMAO!

Protests in Russia after Putin wins election

Reporters without Borders 2011-2012 Press Freedom Index

McCain: Limbaugh’s Attacks Are ‘Totally Unacceptable,’ ‘Should Be Condemned By Everyone’

Cardinal defends ‘grotesque’ gay marriage comment and calls to stop ‘progress’

The Secular Creed

I'm bored....amuse me.

The Beagle Effect: How Saving Puppies Enriched These LGBT People

The drumbeat from this weekend and today...

The drumbeat from this weekend and today...

BRILLIANT: New Yorker Nails It With Cover Of Romney Driving Car With Santorum Strapped On Top

B.C. has 'seen the light' on important fossil beds

Plateau Oil meets 125m Chinese cars

Brilliant New Yorker Cover..

Belarus President: Better to Be a Dictator Than Gay

Reasons to vote Republican in 2012

IMUS re Rush: "He's an insincere pig."

The Fallacy of Faith

I hope that the election doesn't end up getting decided over Iran/Israel

Rush Never Had the Ratings He Claimed

Don Imus: Limbaugh is a 'insincere pig'

Carlsberg reclassifies itself as an 'essential service' to prevent Lithuanian strike action

GRAPH: Most Employed Former Members Of Congress Who Left In 2010 Work In Lobbying

How did the state of Ohio manage to elect a person devoid of common sense?

Oops.... Never mind!

ABC: Romney win in Ohio would be big leap toward nomination

The right wing panic reaction

This is cool that there is one big place here for people to moan about shit

Speaking of Prostitutes...

Nine More Dirty, Aging Coal Plants Set to Close, ...Total U.S. Retirements to 106 Plants Since 2010

Tweeting Mandela: Officials forthcoming after hiding leader's previous health scare

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Candidates Stumble Towards Stupor Tuesday

Cigna CEO sees compensation jump 25 pct in 2011

DAVID GILMOUR FANS: Free download of "A Pocketful Of Stones" on his Website

War Crimes Hypocrisy

Stan Stearns, Photographer of JFK Jr.'s Salute to His Father, Has Died.

The American Forces Network - Are Taxpayer Dollars Funding Rush Limbaugh?

Voters Slowly Realizing Santorum Believes Every Deranged Word That Comes Out Of His Mouth

Sandra Fluke on The View now.

'Libro-Traficante" to smuggle banned books into Tucson.

Meddling in France - Merkel Forges Anti-Hollande Alliance in Europe

Sandra Fluke on the View... 6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying

Texans re-sign Arian Foster

So, I finally finished Season One of "White Collar" on DVD...

Rush...: ‘I’m Not Going To Apologize. People In My Position Never Apologize’

today in women's herstory

Check in if you watched the '8' The Prop 8 Play online

quote of the day

EIB Considering Suspending Rush Limbaugh? (Can't Find Link)

Fleeing Homs with tales of slaughter (BBC video)

a biography of the day

Crazy Stuff The GOP Says: Israel

Postal Chief's $384,000 Pay Sparks Call for Cut!

Republican Apology Greeting Cards

biography of the day--Marilou Awiakta

I'm ignorant, inform me.

Please Join This Facebook Page: Join the fight to flush Rush Limbaugh!

Scott Walker - That's our Governer

AOL just quit the Limbaugh show.

After AIPAC speech, Obama's meeting with Netanyahu is almost superfluous

Outspoken first lady fights for those 'on the outside'

Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Network respects Rush Limbaugh's right to call women sluts

Rush Limbaugh, AOL Part Ways

If you can play, you can play.

Rush Limbaugh Song

Pentagon says military will still air Limbaugh

Hockey PSA Campaign Aims to End Homophobia in Sports

After 53 days in Nevada desert, dog reunited with owner

You stay CLASSY, Snooki's ex-boyfriend.

TOON: THIS MODERN WORLD--Back to the parallel primary!

Prediction on El Fatbo's new advertisers...

Extreme Poverty Drops Worldwide - first MDG goal achieved ahead of schedule

Well, this answers a lot of questions...

You know you f-ed up good when Imus attacks you for going over the line!

Apology Not Accepted: Fluke Says Limbaugh’s Statement Doesn’t ‘Change Anything’

Mark Halperin went to great lengths today on Morning Joe to tell viewers that "Game Change"

American manufacturers importing workers

Could Sandra Fluke Actually Sue Rush?

Dr. Jacques Bérès, co-founder of Doctors Without Borders, participates in a demonstration

Dogma on the ropes?

Please write to your Congress Critters re: Rush Limbaugh and Armed Forces Radio

From the Armed Forces Radio website:

That Does Not Make Sense

Ron Paul Says Tornado Victims Should Fend For Themselves

How is it THIS is the slur that broke Limbaugh's back?

Rush today, continues his attack on Ms. Fluke....

Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders calls for referendum on dropping euro, return to guilder

Hey Rush - I dare you to use the term Feminazi now.

Rush trying reverse boycott on advertisers

The Amazing Victory Scored With Obama That More People Should Be Talking About

Why Are Religious Beliefs Off Limits? - Lawrence M. Krauss

8 Reasons To Support President Obama

I want to apply to be on the Republican Sex Panel ...

Female Veterans Demand Rush Limbaugh’s Show Be Pulled From American Forces Network

Hard to imagine forty years ago this riddle stumped almost an entire nation

She rejected the apology!

Jonathon Capehart: Blacks and Gays: The Shared Struggle for Civil Rights

Five women in religion to watch

Thom Hartmann: Is sharing the key to an advanced society?

Not Just Limpballs Sponsors We Should Be Asking....Its Every Sponsor ON...

Life Technologies to hire 100 people next fiscal in India

Rush Limbaugh on air: Apology was ‘heartfelt’

UPDATE 1-Iceland puts former PM on trial over crisis

"I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees and now the SUVs!"

"The Endangered Moderate Republican"

Gruntled Old Man's Super Tuesday Predictions, You Darn Kids!

Iran overturns death sentence for 'CIA spy' Hekmati

Revenge is a dish best served -- HEY!!!!! WE EAT ON THAT TABLE!!!!!

As an ex-3-pack-a-day addict (cold turkey in 1997), MFM can testify that this ENTIRE thing is true.

Monkey sea... monkey do.

Gotta admit, LynneSin's Synchronized Swimming Training has saved her penguins more than once.

MiddleFingerMom is now convinced beyond any doubt that his spirit animal is an owl.

Limbaugh may actually speed the demise of the Republican Party....

MFM is more sensitive than most people could imagine. He weeps too, y'know.

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman react to Rush Limbaugh's attack...

Limbaugh today: STILL blaming someone ELSE (this time, "the left") for his abuse:

Venezuela's Opec Stand Is A Win For Climate Change Campaigners

signs of the times

Darling-Hammond on VAM...

So..Proflowers 'suspended' advertising on Limp-pig's show?....

Rush Limbaugh has so much more to apologize for

Why the Amish Are at the Forefront of Genomic Medicine

Doctor struggles to fill role of slain Kansas abortion provider

Yahoo layoffs could reach thousands, happen this month, report says

MOOT has been rescued!

OK, we knew the University of Chicago's economics dept. was full of sh*t, but this is crazy......

Rush: I Became Like The Left When I Attacked Sandra Fluke, So I Apologized

Energy Department Announces Small Modular Reactor Technology Partnerships at Savannah River Site

MOOT has been rescued!

Fugelsang: Limbaugh has now devolved from a hate-fueled person to a Human Id barely covered by skin.

Stenberg (R-Ne) would raise retirement age (running for US Senate)

Petition to Deny FCC license to WJNO-AM, home of Rush Limbaugh

IAEA voices 'serious concerns' about possible military dimensions to Iran nuclear program

Chad Ochocinco sprayed by lion at charity event

Why is it no matter how early I get up…I’m always down to the wire when I leave for work?

Meet Molly

6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying

Student Loan Delinquency Reached $85 Billion in Third Quarter

Communism-evolution or revolution?

Anyone Who Listened To Rush Today - Who Is Still Advertising On His Show?......

North Korea tests show Iran already has nuclear capability, expert says

Banned! AIPAC Bars AlterNet From Covering Its Big Conference

Save the Rich

McCain to call for air strikes on Syria

Source: Snooki is getting married

Mitt Romney owns Rush Limbaugh. Boycott Mitt!

Eric Boehlert, Media Matters: Limbaugh And The Right-Wing Nervous Breakdown

ATTN Mainers: Help Collect Signatures to put Chellie Pingree on the Ballot

So I Attempted to Attended The Washington State Republican Caucus Saturday

This Week's Limbaugh Puzzler (heartfelt apologies to Will Shortz):

Maryland Gun Law Found Unconstitutional (Good and compelling reason no longer applies)

Tax Resolution suspends ads on Rush..

Some things about Limbaugh and talk radio.

Who On Earth Listens To Rush Limbaugh, Anyway?

GOP Hopefuls Losing Ground to Obama Among Latinos, Poll Says (Fox News/Latin Insights)

Is the closet getting smaller?

Arrests as protestors stage central Moscow sit-in (VIDEO)

Occupy candidate won't make PA-13 ballot

Send my cat DeeDee good kitty vibes.

Rush blaming liberals for his own words...

Yellow squash - need advice please

Lois Frankel has big financial edge in District 22 congressional race

PPP: Rush Limbaugh losing Republicans in Super Tuesday states

Ohio Gov. Kasich Refuses Federal Aid After Twister Devastation

Much More Than 'Two Words'

Nov. 2008 - RIP, GOP..... Nov. 2012 - RIP, GOP. Yes or no?

McCain is urging the US to begin air strikes on Syria. He's going to remind the President

Limbaugh Blames the Left for Calling Sandra Fluke a 'Slut'

Gas pipeline explosion in Egypt

Pentagon defiant: Military network will continue to air Rush

Up to 9 companies have now dropped rush...

Global warming's latest victim: outdoor hockey

West Palm OWS Being Moved Again

ads so far - Rush Limbaugh- San antonio edition- few national ads


No news about the Gopper candidates today? .... BWAHAHAHA

The Greatest Hoax

Male as the default setting

Gas Prices Spiked By Speculators, Congressmen Claim

Has a date for Breitbart's memorial been set?...

One way to end the contraception issue ...

"One of the Quan Recalls Suspends Campaign"

Camelford water poisoning: Aluminium in brain 'beyond belief'

Coaches poll--Kentucky #1, North Carolina #4

Colorado Supreme Court ruling: Guns allowed on CU campuses

Wouldn't it be neat to have Otters as pets

Patricia Heaton feeling the heat from her Rush-inspired vitriole

I am a slut.

*** Posts a sign by the only DU electrical outlet in the Lounge *** NEW DU RULE!!!

The most vicious remark I've heard or read about Obama today.

CNN: "Do any in the liberal media raises theri voice condeming? NO! It is obsene."

Filmgoer takes stand on costly snacks, sues AMC Livonia theater

MSNBC just said Brown is leading Warren by 9 points in a recent poll,

Tomorrow my state has an open primary.

The 16 Percenters

Just so everybody knows - andrew brietbart's work continues.

The White House's Economic Case for Reelection in 13 Charts

Putting people on ignore:

Ohio Gov. Kasich Refuses Federal Aid After Twister Devastation

Fox News On Gas Prices In 2008: "no President has the power to increase or to lower gas prices"

Obama's transgendered ex-nanny an outcast

Santorum: ‘Higher-income people don’t have to pay taxes’

SC Republicans must sign "Pledge to pre-marital abstinence, no porn" to run as a republican

Cancer Risk Found in Coke, Pepsi, Group Says

What do we know about Bastrop Co Judge Ronnie McDonald?

If somebody is shitcanned from DU

Sammy Hagar posts on the passing of Ronnie Montrose

Rush’s Last-Ditch Defense: Rappers Are Worse!

US Congress passes authoritarian anti-protest law

Rush Limbaugh: Vile, Racist, Homophobic, Sicko PIG

Off to the dog park for the first time.

Judge William Adams made $49,000 during first four months of suspension (child abusing judge)

My little Shih-Tsu just got attacked!!!

Judge William Adams made $49,000 during first four months of suspension (child abusing judge)

WaPo: Why an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France

Several RSS Links are Broken

Another First Amendment issue?

Rush's advertisers are using the 'rhythm method'

Poll: Latino voters overwhelmingly support Obama

here is the letter i received from THE ARMED FORCES RADIO and my reply

Artificial pancreas gives girl a vacation from diabetes

Since Kirk Cameron's dumb ass popped up out of his cesspool again...

AOL and Tax Resolution Services Drop Rush

McDonald's offers free breakfast to students on test day

Peter Gabriel to Rush Limbaugh: Stop using my music...

Fla. farmworkers stage fast outside Publix headquarters

Tom Tomorrow: Back to the parallel primary (This Modern World)

Income goes up...especially for the rich

Income goes up...

IAEA: Iran tripled higher-grade uranium production

This is why Limbaugh must be taken from AFN

Anti-war protestors blast US warmongering policies on Iran

How to Fund an American Police State

Where is Santorum today?

US assassination drone crashes in Central Somalia

San Francisco earthquakes rattle Bay area residents

Teen stopping hunger one person at a time

Death by Drone: The ghost and the machine

Apply for the Netroots Nation Scholarship Competition

Deadly drones come to the Muslims of the Philippines

Pat Robertson: God would have stopped the tornadoes had more people prayed

Pat Robertson: Prayer Could Have Stopped the Tornadoes

This man's tears give me hope.

President Obama's approval rating amongst liberal Democrats for February 27th-March 4th is 85%.

Orie(R Pa) staffer says she spent half her time on campaign work!

Md Gun law found unconstitutional

Are there any BC teachers here?

(Casey) AIPAC and the Push Toward War

Human origins traced to worm fossil in Canada

I love Martin Bashir. eom

Japan Is Now Another Spinning Plate in the Global Economy Circus

Trifecta of lunacy in one Pat Robertson rant

Papantonio: Limbaugh’s Sexism Divides GOP

Conservative excuses when they're proved wrong.

I had a vasectomy

If only THIS were a joke...

Updated: 10th And 11th Advertisers Drop Limbaugh (two more)

I, for one, welcome our new robotic cheetah overlords

Peter Gabriel Pulls Music From 'Rush Limbaugh Show'

Richest 1 Percent Account For Nearly All Of U.S. Recovery's Gains: Report

So I was just watching "The Weather Channel" and . . .

OH FOR THE LOVE OF... - how's this for timing?

WTF? Rush To be Honored in Missouri

OMI God Wolf Blitzer stop saying "Right now!"

phoenix photo spots

Congress almost Unanimously Supports Protecting the President

Donny Deutsch called Rush a thug.

If you want me DU you can find me left of center wondering about you

Thought this worth posting again for anyone who didn't see it: FCC address

In SC, state government has many part-time (aka temporary) workers.

How much does our homeland security cost us?

G-8 summit to be held at Camp David, not Chicago

Hawaii Station Cancels Rush

State Rep. Kelly Cassidy Proposes 'Viagra Amendment' To Ultrasound Mandate In Illinois

Richest 1 Percent Account For Nearly All Of U.S. Recovery's Gains: Huffpost

stream mining hearing now---> 03/05/12 1524

I love my mittens (morning Joe)

Rush: among the many things he says or thing you never see from him...

Lenny Dykstra sentenced to 3 years; grand theft auto

Sears is 11th advertiser to drop Limbaugh

Samsung Customer Support...

Janitors suspended for tying up 10-year-old students in school bathroom

Personal History--Why Limbaugh has just got on my last nerve.

Judge bans teen from driving for life

[Admin] Potential Bug...

Wisc. Republican’s bill condemns single parents for ‘child abuse and neglect’

Republican logic. Hey Boss I am having trouble paying my bills, think I could have a pay cut?.

Venezuela arrests top ELN commander

deliciously ironic that the free market is devouring Limbaugh

Declaring war on 55% . . . 70%? . . . 90%? . . . of the people in this country seems not smart.

KPUA cancels Rush Limbaugh radio show in Hilo

Angus King, former Independent Governor of ME will run for Senate

Former chief prosecutor to respond to paramilitary accusations

Santos and Uribe named as witnesses in corruption case

AIPAC, Israel, and the Hypocritical Claim of Backing a Two-State Solution to me about Congress

Colombia's Santos to meet Venezuela's Chavez in Cuba

Tracy Chapman.....I 'had a feeling We could be someone... the 99% song

Caption President Obama and Netanyahu from meeting today

SC County GOP: If You’ve Had Pre-Marital Sex, You Can’t Be A Republican

G-8 summit to be held at Camp David, not Chicago

I'm an educated, independent woman.

Another Rush advertiser - Vitacost gone

You can hear streaming spring training games here:

Whatever you did wrong - post here and blame the liberals for it!!

GOP Moderates..This Is The Time To Stick Knife Into The Rush Pig!!

A NINTH advertiser bails!

Pat Robertson: Had enough people prayed God would have stopped tornados

How do I find companies that advertise on the local broadcast of Rush Limbaugh?

Synchronized sky-diving:

Earth sheltered homes built on a gently sloping hillside

Portmanteau (animation)

Republicans better for business? Bloomberg doesn't think so...

Female Veterans Call for American Forces Network to Drop Rush Limbaugh

I think next we should be contacting ABC and ask them to remove Patricia Heaton from "The Middle"

24 Year Old Mayor - Youngest Ever Elected Who Was Homeless At One Point

Sign the petition to Rush's advertisers

Lewis Black is on Piers Morgan's show tonight.

Just saw a bumper sticker that said...

Our state government has many part-time workers.

Oreck is still associated with Susan G. Komen

Is there a TV program/show (that is still on) that you used to watch a lot but no longer do?

PETITION on "Rush Limbaugh should not be in the Hall of Famous Missourians"

Has anyone here read Sandy Anastasi's Psychic Development books?

Is it true 11 advertisers and 1 radio station have dumped Swinebaugh?

When's the last time you heard this song

That's The Difference

Defenders of Rush, "I don't listen to Rush, but..."

Rush's McCarthy moment

The Republican Party Declares War On Women

Missouri legislature to honor Rush Limbaugh in state's hall of fame in May 2012

Is Limbaugh telling his listeners to boycott advertisers who dropped him?

10th And 11th Advertisers Drop Limbaugh (Bonobos and Sears/Kmart)

Barkley appalled by 'punk' who turned in Gregg Williams

Ann Romney: ‘I Don’t Even Consider Myself Wealthy’

AllState Pulls Ads From Rush Limbaugh Show

Is it possible that Limbaugh is back on the Oxycontin real heavy again?

Limbaugh Loses First Station Over Sandra Fluke Smears

How I would check Iran’s nuclear ambition, Romney version.....

Help me get Rush dropped from KKSF San Francisco.

Many of these same adverstisers are on on Mark Levine, Michael Savage show ect...

Our crack (NYS) State Legislature at work...

Guess who this actor is

Rush: "I became like them".

Breaking: G8 Moved Out of Chicago

Internet rules and laws: the top 10, from Godwin to Poe

You Can Play - The Faceoff

KSFO's JD Hayworth Tells Rush Limbaugh's Advertisers "We'd Love to Have You Over Here"

Ontario bans mining on huge stretch of land

53 of Rush Limbaugh's most vile smears against Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke

*Ask the Governor @ 7:30 tonight, MPT.

The Freepers are helping us keep the War on Women the top story.

List of advertisers who have dropped Limbaugh (from

I'm very eager to get KO's take on Rushbo's plight.

Let's Play- Outrage Roulette! Round 3!

Hey Rush - remember I Hope Obama Fails

Loughner loses 3 appeals over forced medication

Ann Romney: 'I Don't Consider Myself Wealthy'

Ann Romney on Fox News today: 'I don't even consider myself wealthy'

Richest 1 Percent Account For Nearly All Of U.S. Recovery's Gains: Report

Healing Leaf - Film About Raw Cannabis Juice

Why does my cat do this?

First course offered by MITx begins today

Brown up 9 points on Warren?

"Three senior administration officials just laughed..."

Habits: How They Form And How To Break Them

AllState Pulls Ads From Rush Limbaugh Show

Obama to speak to graduates of Joplin school hit by 2011 tornado

Ga-CNN/Orc Poll-Good news for Obama

Obama to return to Joplin

Rush, you remember Dandy Don Meredith, don't you?

Ohio-CNN/ORC more good news for Obama part 2

LRO’s Best Look Ever at the Apollo 15 Landing Site

To Have and Have Not just started on TCM

How can occupy's fifteen minutes be up when none of the problems have been fixed?

A leadership team divided against itself

Have the ReTHUG primary candidates called for Judge Cebull to resign

Russians are TOUGH!

It's hard to believe, but the sperm that created Limbaugh had to beat out 250 million OTHER sperm.

What Not to Say to Radical Atheists/Humanists of Color

Juan Cole: Libya Seeking Qaddafi Assets Abroad

derf Toon- Republican War against the Uterus

DC DUers: Abramoff to speak at Press Club tonight (free tickets from Public Citizen)

Cracked: 6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying

Rush Limbaugh explains his 'apology': Obama and the Left made him call Sandra Fluke a slut

Vegas Machine Gun Range Offers New Way to Let Loose

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 6 March 2012

6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying

Is war with Iran inevitable?

Freepers betrayed! Massive meltdown at FR over Rush's apology

My Take: Five women in religion to watch

Ann Romney: ‘I Don’t Even Consider Myself Wealthy’

Frank talks Israel, LGBTQ rights

Bromance (Weird song, interesting visuals)

Tilley (Missouri House Speaker) names Limbaugh to Hall of Famous Missourians

AFA hires former Concerned Women for America pres Sandy Rios... and she says Jews are enemy of US

Rugby Stars 2012 Calendar Shoot

Democracy for America Netroots Nation Scholarship Competition

Perfect bumpersticker for these times....

Barbara Bush is shocked that "compromise has become such a dirty word"????

Bush Appointed Federal Judge Files Complaint Over His Own Racist Anti-Obama Email Message

Abortion bill stalls in Florida Senate

Up to 13 advertisers gone.

Despite Apology, Limbaugh Continues Attacks On Fluke For Fourth Day

World's Largest Bluefin tuna

Sunspot AR1429 erupts with major X1.1 solar flare

Has this ever happen to you and your dog?

Any of you youngsters remember Flip Wilson? More on catch phrases:

Parents of kids about to turn 21:

Astros owner Jim Crane opposes the removal of the pistol from the Colt .45s throwbacks

Asante Cotman, Gay Student, Allegedly Suspended For Wearing High Heels To School (VIDEO)

If you are about to turn 21, or know someone who is about to turn 21, please listen to me

Microsoft study claims cloud computing will create 14 million jobs worldwide by 2015

Who's watching this asshole with Rev AL

Santorum likens Obama administration to "drug dealer"