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Archives: March 31, 2012

How do people like Santorum get to where they are?


Harrisburg receiver Unkovic resigns: mayor's office

Joint Chiefs chairman sees security ties with Latin America as key to war on terror

One of the most damning and scary aspects of the Trayvor Martin murder

History of the word feminist

ARREST GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, Quit Smearing Trayvon Martin

General Motors pulls funding from climate sceptic thinktank Heartland

So much for Olbermann's

U.S. drones attack militants in Pakistan, Yemen

Where's Keith?

Orwell's 1984: "The Lottery...was the one public event to which the proles paid serious attention"

America's Drone Central: Happy To Be "Semi-Accidently Killing" People

Lawyer Says U.S. Blocks Investigation of Afghan Massacre

Obama can't win.

Yeah, Sharpton's gonna burn this motherfucker down . . .

It just seems so WRONG..... Harvesting Asparagus.

IRS: No investigation into Haley or temple

Have you ever heard a conservative Christian quote Jesus?

Tibetan Exiles March for One of Their Own Who Died in Flames; US Senate Passes Tibet Resolution.

With U.S. okay, Cuban agent returns home to see brother

I’m glad the police are fully investigating the death of Shaima Alawadi,

Photos: President Obama in Vermont

Who else has a feeling this Zimmerman cover up could blow up to be huge?

General: U.S. May Export Terror War Tactics To Fight Drug Gangs

Army Reserve Reprimands Soldier Who Spoke Up at Paul Rally

Anonymous says it probably won't shut down the internet this weekend.

Attacking Iran: Did US Just Torpedo Israeli Deal For A Base In Azerbaijan?

FDA Rejects BPA Ban

U.S. Ambassador Says Russia Is A ‘Wild Country’

Friday Talking Points (204) -- The Herd Mentality

Quiz: what song are these lyrics from?

Breaking: Olbermann to be on Letterman Tuesday Night

US Senate urges China to end 'repressive' Tibet policy

Campaign Donor Advertising Rule Thrown Out by U.S. Judge

If I win the lottery tonight...

Damn. Just Found Out I'm A Goverment Nig--

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! That Was the Week That Was! & a new Kitty gif

Five major Sunday news shows this weekend feature 12 white men as guests, no women, no minorities

Johanna Quaas what a swinger! 86 yr old gymnastic champion wows the crowd.

anyone watching Toure on Piers Morgan ? he is going after him for being a crappy interviewer

NEW YORK: Gun Control Measures Disappearing

Question about our group.

Who Else??? Kentucky's Davis is AP Player of the Year

When I was a young man, I used to think that I was king of the world...

Warned of an Attack on the Internet, and Getting Ready

Arthur C. Clarke in 1974 Describing the Internet/PC as Commonplace as the Telephone in 2001.

Hey, CMD. How ya doin?

Campaign Donor Advertising Rule Thrown Out by U.S. Judge

Students in California may be asked to declare sexuality when enrolling

Dow, S&P 500 push to best 1st quarter since 1998

L.A. schools to tell parents of teacher sexual misconduct within 72 hours (Miramonte)

Chart of the Day: The Affordable Care Act and Women

Sure Ricky, sure.

Syria crisis: US urges Saudis to support diplomacy to end bloodshed

Hanging out with dad - pics

Obama, Romney shift to general election

National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day

Right wing host Michael Savage says Obama will win by a large margin against Romney

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Announces Run For Governor In Walker Recal

Trayvon Martin: three ways George Zimmerman's story is falling apart

Current TV ousts talk show host Keith Olbermann

President Obama at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vt. - pics

Dude, where's my job (follow up to "we grew apart")

Todd Schnitt is calling for MSNBC to fire Al Sharpton

Protest for Justice in Dante Price Shooting; Unarmed Man in Dayton, Ohio Killed by Security Guards

Mike Tate (WI Dem Chair) just posted this on Facebook:

Sunday is Rachel Maddow's 39th birthday!

Patrick vows to veto 'stand your ground'

Looking for tactics/experience/advice for parents dealing with an adult child with eating disorder

The oldest pitcher ever to win a major league game?

Mitt Romney’s ‘veepstakes’ begin

More Airline Trickeration

There's a show for Graywarrior on A&E

Suspect arrested in Occupy S.F. stabbing

(Kinde Durkee) Campaign treasurer pleads guilty to fraud

Keith Olbermann: Current Won't Pay $50 Million Deal

We need to get Kucinich back. Interesting exchange with Governor Scott Walker

Toons: Soylent Pink, Mega-Million Stupid, A Bad Joke and More. - 3/30/12

Truth Team Tipsheet #4

Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’?

What will your defense be if or :when your bank walks into court with a pile of invented documents?

Chinese Company and Employee Deny Any Involvement in Hacking Attacks

Primary Turnout Could Signal Trouble for G.O.P.

Apologies, but the DUzies will be delayed by 24 hours.

$3.99/gallon here for regular unleaded. $4.19 premium. How about where you are?

BRILLIANT Bill Maher episode tonight.

Will Rubio's naked ambition cost him the VP slot?

I just decided to start using my old 5.5gen click wheel ipod again.

Papers going to subscription based Wil you buy?

Should liberals play the lottery?

Rajaratnam prosecutor joins Boies Schiller (was Wall Street special prosecutor)

I'm sick of this myth that people in other countries hate free health care


Postal System for Sale? Please Say It Ain’t So.

'Countdown to looking glass' a nuclear war movie from 1984, starring Newt Gingrich

Spartacus Vengeance season finale was tonight...

Anyone seen the movie "Shopgirl" with Claire Danes & Steve Martin? Is it any good?

Stream to hear Studs Terkel interview Bob Dylan back in the '60s.

Actually, I won!

I got busy bees doing backyard work!

I love Keith. Will miss him. But the guy needs to talk to someone about his ego/personality issues..

Did Olbermann already have a new deal in the bag?

David House (Manning activist): 1st Amendment lawsuit against U.S. govt goes forward...

If the damn right wing court declares the Health Care law illegal, then the GOP will run ads.....

I'm looking forward to the day when it's really not a big deal myself...

Confession and praise for DU.

The Republican Party is America’s Cancer

Smoking May Be a Risk Factor for Schizophrenia

So...le me get this straight...Keith's out of a job, but Rush is STILL ON THE AIR?

As a Mormon, Romney believes he could become God of a planet

Joe Scarborough Lambastes Conservative Websites For Posthumous Vilification Of Trayvon Martin

Donut Shop Robbed in Southeast Portland - Police Investigating (No, really!)

All Parties Ignore the One Way to Reduce Health Care Costs: Single-Payer

In response to Keith's dismissal, at least I can still watch RT...

In Memory Of Adilah Gaither, Tanganika Stanton, Mildred Beaubrun and Sakia Gunn...

Newspaper Guild Protests Over Freelancers, Seniority, Merit Raises

The Terror Of Catcalling, Ctd

Johann S B In da house!

Back from another trip to the sandbox

The Right to Vote is Too Important to Give to Everyone...OMG

The white t-shirt

still not one word from the msm over Santorum

We Cannot Kill Our Way to Peace

The Callista Effect:

NanceGreggs: Ricky, PLEASE Lose This Number

A Health Law at Risk Gives Insurers Pause - NYT

Check in here if you think Keith Olbermann was wrongly fired.

Diapers and Spoon-Feeding. Really, Robert?

Check in here if you think Keith deserved to get fired.

Mega Millions madness

TV show you couldn't believe lasted as long as it did.

Survey gets a grip on dark energy (BBC)

Check in here if you don't care one way or the other about why Keith Olbermann was fired

$640 Million Mega Millions Jackpot Hit in Maryland

What Really Goes On In The Forest At Night

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, March 30)

Bill Maher On George Zimmerman Tape: Is There Any Doubt That He Is A ‘Big F*cking Liar?’

Now They Are Taking The Vote Of The Most Vulnerable They Are Walking On Our War Dead.

Does this photo look fake to you?

George Galloway victory; the Truth (by "The Artist Taxi Driver")

Seen in my work parking lot:

Questions: Who is the Sanford Fire Dept. Paramedic Brady That Pronounced Trayvon Martin Deceased???

Journalist shot dead in northern Colombia .

At colleges, faculties are graying and staying

Second Colombian journalist killed in less than a month

Goodnight, Lounge

Second Colombian journalist killed in less than a month

Is there anyone here dealing with Renal Failure?

The Fortress of Solitude, DU.3 version....

I wish somebody running for president would give THIS speech...

Colombian politicians take plea deal in parapolitics case .

Retroactive (Michigan) state law lets GOP chairman's brother off hook for $2.4 million

Prosecutors file list of statements in perjury case against Penn State officials

Colombian govt bodyguards should go to threatened rights defenders: Congressman .

It is for to laugh

Supermarkets Battle Over Israeli Matzo: Loss Leader Takes Center Stage for Passover Sales

"The electronic guitar is also dismissed as a jangling noise machine..."

Keith Olbermann

Well, I'm in a pickle.

Babeu’s Office Investigated Over Missing Records In Ex-Boyfriend Scandal

Dwayne Wade's nephew among 13 injured in Chicago shootings

3 CentAm leaders reject legalization of drugs

Piers Morgan And Touré Finish Their Twitter Feud On CNN’s Air - two part video

Guatemala's president surprises critics by renewing UN commission on impunity

Okay! Why wasn't Josh Powell arrested and prosecuted?

The world's net oil exports are starting to decline

Bush 43 is notably absent from GOP presidential race

White House - West Wing Week: 3/30/2012 or ''I've Got Seoul''

Mysterious Animal-Shaped Structures in Peru Are Oldest Known

Argentina's Carlos Menem faces bombing trial (former President)

Argentina's Carlos Menem faces bombing trial

Romney and Ryan are a match made in heaven

Agency: Dreaded citrus disease detected in Calif.

What Studying the Women in the Founders' Lives Reveals

Syrian official says regime won't back down first

Cruise ship catches fire off Palawan

This is how you tell when your bird has had enough coffee

OK, now who hasn't ever done this...

Unedited version of the Zimmerman video as he enters police station

If you won $600 million, what would you do?

The fall of the Roman empire and the rise of Islam

UK: Police face racism scandal after black man records abuse (Contains Offensive Language)

Koch Brothers, Worth $50 Billion, Sue Widow Over $16.00 of Nonprofit’s Stock (Secret Owners of Cato)

Iran Breaks UN Resolutions as Nuclear Program Grows, Russia Says

Margaret Sanger...

EDL holds far-right rally in Denmark to unite 'anti-Islamic alliance'

In July 2005 Zimmerman should have been given felony charges

TCM Schedule for Sunday, April 1 -- What's On Tonight: What's Your Number?

Why Are People Dying to Bring You Dinner? The Shocking Facts About Our Food System

Mali rebels attack northern town in coup aftermath

America Needs Healthcare, Not Health Insurance

Syria declares it has defeated revolt


Barataria Bay Dolphins Severely Ill

China Clamps Down on Social Networking Over Online Rumors

Illinois Lawmakers Push To Outlaw Sex With Corpses

Ex-NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf arrested on theft-drug charges

Point Break: 'Spain last nail in Euro-coffin'

The Muslim Brotherhood's international charm offensive

President Obama urges Congress to pass 'Buffett Rule' for rich

Sometimes, less is more.....(and one for the road...)

Weekly Address: Passing the Buffett Rule so that Everyone Pays Their Fair Share

The conservative grip on power

Robert Reich: Whose Recovery?

President Calls Out Republican 'Madness'

David Korten: When Bankers Rule the World

Winning MegaMillions tickets were sold in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland

Panetta blasts defense cuts

Always the Gentleman

SacBee cartoonist Rex Babin dies

LOL. Texas GOP scheduling a debate for May. Santorum, Gingrich and Paul planning to attend.

Government to reconsider nerve agent pesticides

US woman told to remove mezuzah – or get fined

President Obama: President Abraham Lincoln "couldn't win the nomination for the Republican primary

Scott Van Wynsberghe: Will Afghanistan’s war end in the same way as Vietnam’s?

“Sweetheart” Foreclosure Deal Enables Banks to Knock Over Houses Instead of Keeping People In Them

Rick Santorum ads right on DU front page?

Making The Cheap Channel - Bain Connection Clear...

Campaign Season Starts in Earnest in Minnesota

Child labour re-emerges in Naples

The Right Wing Media Wants A Race Riot

U.S. seeks life in prison for Russian arms dealer Bout

The Afghan girls who live as boys

Afghanistan presses for answers on long-term U.S. military bases

a man calls 9/11 over 30 times since 2012 and carries a gun

I think my long lost life sized bust of Al Pacino/Tony Montana has 8finally* been found

Actor Warren Stevens dies at 92.

Missing endorsement?

Prayerful kitteh is prayerful

Brzezinski Says Romney Lacks ‘Grasp’ of Foreign Policy

Pope calls for glorious Cuban revolution

Eventually, you will have to make an effort to join us. Why not now?

All things Chieftains.

Serious question - isn't Bullying just a manifestation of

Obama proposes new rule for immigrant families (LA Times)

Over 90% of Ward I is seeing this in the Omaha World Herald this morning over coffee (OS 4 Council)


FDA rejects call to ban BPA from food packaging

Anti-Terrorist Cuban Fighter Rene Gonzalez in Cuba

It's cool to say 'cracker' on DU when referring to white folks?

Bruce Springsteen’s Song For Trayvon Martin (American Skin)

Chinese military defends $ 106 billion defence budget

Slavery, the Horror of No Return

Koch Brothers, Chamber of Commerce Face Possible Campaign Donation Disclosure After Ruling

Florida Derby runs today

The WTF? File: New $500,000,000 U.S. Embassy in London.

Obamacare Supreme Court Case Is a Bad Joke

The world's net oil exports are starting to decline

article about 3D printing

Lieberman, Santorum and Hagee

Clinton: Time running out for diplomacy with Iran

Chenille baby blue chick just hatched in time for Easter!

Harm Reduction and Syringe Exchange programs

O’Reilly To Trayvon Martin Family Attorney: ‘It’s Wrong To Convict Anybody On Television’

Melissa Harris Perry had Amadou Diallo's mom on

Violence in Disney (and an unsettling amount is against female characters)

Those who want to kill Obama's Health Care Reform effort should take note

I'm going to go make my first legal purchase today

Need some advice/insight on meditation, answer seeking


In Manhattan Pizza War, Price of Slice Keeps Dropping

What's Next?

In Afghanistan, Businesses Plan Their Own Exits

We're really swimming in it now.

Primary Turnout Could Signal Trouble for G.O.P.

WTF: Under Pressure From Bishop, Anna Maria College Rescinds Invitation to Kennedy’s Widow

who says gardeners don't have a sense of humor?

Clinton: Time running out for diplomacy with Iran

German public workers: 6.3 pct raise over 2 years

Jets of Health Insurance

Towering tablets rise from a central green-roofed mound at new U. of Indonesia Library

Let’s Stop Big Media’s (B)AD Behavior

Post Office - Workers

Hannity asks Trayvon Martin family attorney if "there has been a rush to judgment"

live video: NAACP march for Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fl

lost on the moon

Herman Cain’s ‘Smoking Man,’ Mark Block, Under Federal Scrutiny. CAIN!

Why I Support President Obama

I think I should tell DU, I'm one of the ones who won the lottery last night.

Why we will never leave ANY of the 'Stan countries:

My song for the day,

That Negro Thinks He's Better Than You

Supreme Court Might Decide Their Second Election

Rush Limbaugh: My Enemies Are Lying About My Financial Health

Saturday, March 31st. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day

It's the last day we can contribute to Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson!!! Donate here:

50 Unique And Wonderfully Geeky Hand-Painted Shoes

Kansas: Where controlling women and creating jobs works

Algorithm Spells the End for Professional Musical Instrument Tuners

Today, 3/31/12, is the last day we can contribute to Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson.

PA. to cut public college funding by $257 million to pay for $247 million corporate tax cut

Misogyny isn’t caused by male horniness

Will Keith Olbermann’s Firing Be His Salvation?

I spent the last week at school saying "axing" instead of asking, waiting

Article on Sanford March--Might need your attention.

"find something that bothers you and try to fix it"

I happen to know EXACTLY what Santorum was saying...

Teens and suicide

Matthew Yglesias: The Promise and Peril of A Single-Payer Comeback


MFM peeing in the pool was only the beginning

Got tired of people spilling things on my car seats

A few have honed road rage into a fine art

What to make of this latest Santorum "slip of the tongue"

Meanwhile, in Belarus

today in women's herstory

Japanese Power Struggle Delays Nuclear Regulatory Reform

PA. tea puppets are trying to ban "Nickel And Dimed" from high school reading lists

quotes of the day

Any chance of teaching DU the difference between news and press releases?

Households Earning Less Than $13,000 A Year Spend 9% Of Their Income On Lottery Tickets

Gah! Know how fast time flies?

Click on Rick Campaign: See a Santorum ad on DU front page? Click it -- he has to pay DU!

a biography of the day--ida b. wells-barnett

The Root: The Untimely Deaths of Unarmed Black Men (audio)

now Jakey is having his own trifecta

Libya: 147 killed in 6 days of clashes in south

Olbermann Vows to Sue Current TV

Spring at our arboretum

Gay Marriage Law Heads to Appeals Court in Mass.

Barbie Will Get Bald Friend

Child labour re-emerges in Naples

More Myths That Are Killing Us

Have you taken care of your voting bidness. Not to early to check it out.

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge: 'Shameless Hussies!'!

Let's speculate wildly about the Zimmerman backstory for a moment

China mounts online crackdown amid political crisis

It's time to repeal "shall issue" concealed wepaons permit and stand-your-ground castle laws

Beyond Trayvon: Black and Unarmed

Reverend Sharpton sure is a powerful speaker !

Atheists Rally for Reason on National Mall

the first in a long line of Vladimir Putin shirtless pictures

Government can't create jobs!

I feel kind of bad that I just posted

Forced marriage: Girl aged five among 400 minors helped

TMZ Breaking: Keith Planned to Quit the "Ragtag" Organization

Clinton: Iran Agrees To New Nuke Talks

Cesar Chavez Day: Honoring The Latino Civil Rights Leader By Continuing The Fight For Justice

3 Religion Trends at the European Fine Art Fair

George Bush’s hometown is running out of water, thanks to climate change

Google Maps: It's 14 minutes to the Sanford Police Station on 13th Street

AutoZone to Settle EEOC Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

Earth Hour tonight 8:30 - 9:30.

Nevermind, I figured it out

Biden: Trayvon Case Could Spur Fla. Gun Law Debate

Elizabeth Warren pledges to lead on LGBT rights

so, how do we explain this view count?

15 years ago today, the world lost one hell of a man!

Mitt Romney's foreign policy team consists of George Bush's old advisors!?!

A "Real Real American" and his delusion.

Did the Sanford police actually collect evidence the night Trayvon Martin was killed?

Wisconsin Republicans To Run Fake Primary Challengers

Health care freedom means all of us are on our own

Vietnam veterans’ homecoming overdue

EMS docs suggest Zimmerman didn't sustain serious injuries, call for a 2nd ambulance was cancelled

Is there a place for religion in public life or in the political arena?

Conservatives versus Science: A New Scientific Validation of the Republican War on Science

The GOP National Reciprocity Law would allow George Zimmerman to carry a concealed weapon anywhere

Sky is falling!!!!


Charges dropped against tea party leader in CA

Supreme Court Decision Tree


High court upholds private property over public beach access

Today is World Backup Day

Krugman on ACA and the Supreme Court

Floodgates of Inflation

US drone strikes in Pakistan ‘counterproductive’

US terror drone kills 18 in southern Somalia

How about a little reminder of the way things were in the 70's?

The Kind of Stress That Doesn't Kill You, but Makes You Stronger

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is out on DVD.

Church violates separation of church and state

Zimmerman obviously has this aura surrounding him, preventing an arrest right now

The Strange Fruit of the Trayvon Martin Case

Book banning MO superintendent resigns.

Where are the normal Christians?

Funders Behind New Anti-Obama Ad Blitz Stay Hidden

FDA finally responds to GMO-labeling campaign but differs on numbers of supporters

Clinton: Time running out for diplomacy with Iran

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday March 31st

Kittens taste good

Anonymous: Revolution 2012

Colleges Withhold Transcripts From Grads in Loan Default


Behold the Mighty Hunter

Have just discovered "Looking Backward" by Edward Bellamy...

Keith Olbermann to file against Current TV

Most PA. College IDs cannot be used to meet State's VoterID requirement - more voter suppression

I just about got screwed over at work regarding my health insurance.

There are 3 replies to this thread and I cannot see any of them.

I'm being very, very bad right now.

Trayvon Martin marchers to Sanford, Fla., police: 'We want an arrest. Shot in the chest'

Itsy-Bitsy Tiger Triplets Just Born At Calgary Zoo

GOPers keep repeating the LIE that U.S. has highest Corporate taxes in the World

Most PA. College IDs cannot be used to meet State's VoterID requirement - more voter suppression

Riot police detain Russians demanding free assembly

Senate District 67 Convention Report:

Republicans Reveal that Entire Presidential Race was a Prank (Borowitz)

*smurky little smart a$$es* instead of Earth Hour tonight RW offers "Human Achievement Hour"

For those who like their Rock music hard: NIN - Letting You - Rehearsal 2008

Ariz. sheriff faces crossroads in civil rights case

Following Santorum fish fry & bowling alley speech, one attendee faints and is removed by EMT

A property we bought has a water well which was abandoned by filling with bricks.

Happy Cesar Chavez Day

Have this weeks DUzy awards been posted yet?

How Much More Do Women Pay for Health Insurance?

Well I have to say this about Zimmerman and the far right.

Egypt's Brotherhood picks presidential runner

Grassroots ‘Mission Houses’ are spreading the faith in Cuba

Foot Shooting: 'Disturbing oil imports hurts US first'

12 injured, 2 dead in shooting outside funeral home in N. Miami

US to protect Australia from New Guinea?

Has anyone's cat ever Sleep Groom? I'm here playing on the computer and I look over to my one cat

Expert: Nuclear Power Is On Its Deathbed

For those who just enjoyed NIN: an old one it reminded me of.

NDAA - the first step to the death of individual liberties

President of the American Atheists Seems Pretty Mad At Movie Tavern For Refusing To Run Atheist Ads

Syria eyewitness dispatch: 'I watched as Assad's tanks rolled in to destroy a rebel town'

Second grenade hits restaurant in Kenya's Mombasa: police source

Game of Thrones gets updated with metal

Electroacupuncture May Help Relieve Depression

Blazing Saddles: "The sheriff is a ..."

Mitt Romney’s Obamacare Nightmare

The Trayvon Martin / John Doe thing sounds suspicious and not like a mistake

Did I ever tell ya the story about when I went out drinking with the son of CHIEF of police?

REPORT: Rep. Schock Used Campaign Cash For Lavish Items (including gym membership which he opposed)

Got a small issue re Firefox

Under "Obamacare" 27% to 32% of insurance premiums will go for profits and administrative costs ...

It's Not That Complicated

Chas. Fried, Reagan Sol. Gen.

What 5 TV shows would you suggest an alien/future culture watch to understand humanity-good/bad

Poll getting freeped by birthers at

Slaves Work For YOU, Hunger Strikes, & Plastic Surgery For The Poor (The Point)

Si Se Puede!

GOD HAS BLESSED AMERICA: The Santorum Bubble Finally Bursts

Pistols, Politicians, and Paranoia: the Case of "Stand your Ground" laws

How Faux News tried to convict a Florida black teacher and football coach who I worked with

Obama’s Recess Appointments Shift The Balance Of Power In Senate Back To The Majority

Cats Riding Calves:

Taxpayers paid over a million dollars for Cheney's heart transplant

Obviously, not ALL of them do.

Tobin is about to join The Walking Dead.

AF Basic Tng recruits who thought Skittles was merely a hot instructor were in for a rude awakening.

MiddleFingerMom had INCREDIBLE success on the G&T diet (it wasn't even DIET tonic water).

Don't be concerned if you don't see MiddlefingerMom tonight. He has a VERY hot date.

Why Does The Department Of Homeland Security Need 450 Million Hollow Point Bullets?

Gingrich focusing on 'soft delegates,' considering shared ticket with Santorum (to block Romney)

State attorney that decided not to prosecute Zimmerman is "tough on gun crime" - I THINK NOT!

Church sign of the day

Win Win

My take on the "Pink Slime" controversy...

The Next Susan Boyle ?

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmermann...

Why does my cursor jump to one corner on my laptop screen?

Vaccine to stop heart attacks could be here in 5 years

Pat Dollard??? Please help me with any

"Goldilocks Planet Will Be Found Within Next Two Years"

The Utopian Madness of Hunter.

I used to laugh at my parents because they could no longer see fine print on labels...

Mysteries of "The Redshift Desert" --Why Do Galaxies in the Early Universe Appear Old?

Amid global suspicion and mayhem, a route to religious understanding

I'm just one person -- what the hell can "I" do?!?!?

Colorado man ticketed for tying his cat to a rock after it refused to go jogging

Occupy Toronto hold rally for arrested, injured protesters

Zing! Pow!

Truth Team Tipsheet #5

Olbermann to be on Late Show

Trayvon Martin made the cover of People magazine this week -

Here's why the health care law's MLR rule is significant

Trayvon Martin shooting: It's not George Zimmerman crying for help on 911 recording, 2 experts say

Did I ever tell you about when I hung out with the daughter of the Chief of Police?

Trayvon Martin shooting: It's not George Zimmerman crying for help on 911 recording, 2 experts say

Joe Walsh: Tammy Duckworth A 'Wounded Veteran -- What Else Has She Done?'

I hope the below article/news will be found useful

Creeping Sectarianism

Mitt Romney is a penis

Dear Mitt - Obama's not a doctor. He can't make individual treatment decisions. Strawman point.

Pakistani Beauty Queen Charged in Alleged San Jose, CA Mortgage Scam

Summer Sprites?

So why was the post about "guns are the new rope............

If You Feel

Argentina threatens to sue banks helping Falklands oil explorers as trade war with Britain escalates

Hannity has a "Tawana Brawley Moment" of his own that he doesn't want to talk about

Losing Any Sense Of Sympathy.

Road To Nowhere

barbie show

NBC to do ‘internal investigation’ on Zimmerman segment (edited 911 call)

5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women

Ann Coulter on This Week Tomorrow

Base in Yemen Is Attacked by Militants

In honor of The 3 Stooges movie opening 04/13/12, some memories from the past,,,,


Syria says revolt over, but army still shooting

Heads Up! Guess who returns on CurrentTV at 6pm ET today?

Louisville looks like shit. >>

Oddly, the Rat-bastard insurance companies may be our ally in the SCOTUS ruling.

Romney's bombshell: The GOP primaries were an April Fool's joke.

TCM Schedule for Monday April 2 - Star of the Month: Doris Day

A thrift-store Picasso?

more jury hypocrisy...

(white nationalist) EDL summit in Denmark humiliated by low attendance

Why the GOP will lose in November

What a great performer in general and icon in gay culture - Freddie Mercury.

Police: Man punched OPD K-9 (and tried to gouge the animal's eyes out)

Webcam pic thread: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald

(NE-R) Senate hopefuls would repeal health law

Rupert Murdoch-linked pirate website targeted rivals, online file shows

Obama campaign reviewing background of volunteer fundraiser accused of fraud

Female teacher sexually abuses female student.. So, of course, *men* are the problem.

Beijing Ducks wins the Chinese Basketball Association Championship

April Starself Astrology Newsletter - Why You Need a Balance of all 12 Planets

Letter to my congressman (R) regarding proposed new $500,000,000 London embassy:

Phipps vows election changes (under presure for closing of 166 of the county's polling places)