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Scooter Store founder resigns

Keith Olbermann's show just started. He's wearing a hoodie.

Ford Nation(Cons) vs Little

Tonight on Countdown

Stop Target from Unfairly Closing the Valley Stream Store (link FIXED)

Starve the Poor to Pay the Rich.....

I had a pet peeve but

'This so-called post-racialism is a figment of our imagination.'

Three State Senate Candidates Have Come to my Door...

Jeb Bush Sign The "Stand Your Ground Law" While He Was Governor Of Florida

The eyes are the window to the soul

I just got this in an email.

Asian population increases in San Francisco Bay Area, California, and US

The "stand your ground" law applies to everyone right? .. including Trayvon.

I have a pet peeve against using the term "pet peeve"

Researchers engineer molecular magnets to act as long-lived qubits

do I understand this correctly? zimmerman claims he killed the boy in self-defense, so, on HIS WORD

the result of watching FOX NEWS

Amarillis by morning

Meet Peter Slipper

Sez aww: Corgi Cam (a walk from a corgi's perspective)

When Was the Last Time we Saw a Crowd Like This? 30,000 for Trayvon.

Trayvon's murder was a modern-day lynching.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 23 March 2012

Richard Hanna, GOP Congressman, Tells Women To Give Their Money To Democrats

Big Head Todd and the Monsters

The scientific meta-narrative

Bwaaaaaaaaaah hahahahaha Karl Rove: Bin Laden killing was no biggie

Horrible Video Puts Indigenous Hunting Under Scrutiny in Australia (Video)

What weird task do you like to do? I love cleaning the lint out of the lint trap. I don't know why.

Govt to keep info on Americans with no terror ties

think I am going to throw up--caught an episode of Nova yesterday-- and right there, in the

Doctor Tells Fellow Physicians: No Coercive Ultrasounds – It’s Rape

Shooting of possible intruder prompts more residents to get armed

GOP appeals Kerrey ruling (NE Supreme Court)

This fellow could tell some interesting stories. Bet we never hear them though

Analysis: House GOP Budget Gives $187,000 Tax Cut To Every Millionaire

Etch a sketch sales have gone up 1500%. Looks like this Romney campaign mistake is going to stick!

TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill & HB3808 (2012): Sermon On The Mons

College Expels George Zimmerman Following Trayvon Martin Shooting

so walker is coming to springfield illinois to tell us how to create jobs.....

Angela B. Corey, the new Zimmerman-case prosecuter

Sugar the miracle cat survives 19-story fall

Statement by President Obama on the Passage of the STOCK Act

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Stand Your Ground & a new kitty gif

2 Florida officials step aside in teen death probe

Far too many people are missing the point: This is an attempted police coverup.

Bug? Clicking "edit history" does nothing for me.

Ohio Art Company (OART) -Etch-A-Sketch closes +5.65 (141.25%)

walker is coming to Springfield to tell us how to create jobs and balance the budget

FBI investigating Yassine Enterprises' businesses (Austin club owner) - updated 3/27

A protest over polling sites (1/2 of them closing in Omaha)

It seems to me that GD is just full of rightwing long time trolls.

Jury Error Message

Theory as to why (R)'s pushing for war with Iran.....

How can the Koman Foundation get back in the good graces of women?

tough fight, but the Badgers lost tonight....

calling to follow up after sending flowers. Faux Pas?

Which "Girl With the Dragon Tatoo" movie is better?

G20 Civil wrongs (Canada)

Welcome to the Reason Rally!

Cops and Judges Endorse Washington’s I-502..

Only 4 of 16 NCAA basketball finalists DON'T broadcast on Limbaugh stations.

Ryan’s plan: Take from the poor, give to the rich

Zimmerman: anything less than 1st degree murder is not acceptable

EPA Refuses to Take Action Against Acid Rain, Rejects Scientific Advisory Committee’s Recommendation

Angels, anyone?

Any DUers have experience or knowlege of skin grafts or wound healing?

Mastery Learning - I'm skeptical


Living Together Trumps Matrimony for Recession-Wary Americans

Pigs and cows give birth to stillborn babies; Georgia women should, too

The Master Butchers Singing Club-Chapter 15-16-SPOILERS

The Story of the Affordable Care Act: From an Unmet Promise to the Law of the Land

Former James O’Keefe ‘Accomplice’ Reveals ‘Barn Incident’ And Harassment Complaint

Insane Freepers frothing at the mouth in homophobic hate fest

Germany: Bishop who promised 'zero tolerance' for pedophile priests accused of leniency

Environmental Coalition Slams Obama's Expediting of Southern Segment of Keystone XL

Clue to male baldness discovered

Rick Santorum prefers Barack Obama over Mitt Romney

#1 seed Michigan State lost.

Obama edging closer to marriage endorsement (before general election)

The new iPad: What's the deal with that?

Ok...Texan asking for a little national help to elect a Blue Senator

FACT CHECK: More US drilling didn't drop gas price

Last stop: Sydney's monorail to be scrapped

Right wing is throwing Zimmerman under the bus to protect "Stand Your Ground".

Trayvon Martin's death is making America reflect upon itself...

Romney Campaign 'Erases' Etch-a-Sketch Aide

Mitt Romney is a socialist.

Pressure Mounts for Transparency in Manning Court-Martial (40 News Organizations)

President Obama: ''This will have a special place of honor alongside my birth certificate...''

Obama calls for southern Keystone XL approval

The Wall Street gold rush in foreclosed homes

io9: 10 Coolest Sidekicks in Science Fiction and Fantasy

More and More French Jews Emigrating to Israel

North Carolina gets ready for 'Hunger Games' fans

DUers with extreme internet know-how...PM me

Really Deranged

Just curious as to how many of us here are introverts or extroverts? I'm and introvert though

NJ Democrats reject Christie pick for New Jersey's top Court

More Dandelions in transition. Better light this time.

Sweet Genius! Evil. Delicious. Fun

Death Bets Leave Oklahoma State University $33 Million in the Hole

City Manager Bonaparte previous issues in Topeka...

Obama Administration Announces $450 Million to Design and Commercialize U.S. SMRs

DND records raise new questions about search for Labrador boy

What are you listening to right now DU? I'm listening to Dolly Partin's "Here You Come Again".

Eat like Trinity, Morpheus, and Neo. Lose weight and donate.

Rmoney Brought Back The Etch-A-Sketch - Do You Think He Can Bring Back These Two......

I am really discouraged. When Obama was elected I was proud, thought that race relations were

Parsing the Black-White School Suspension Gap

CSU Execs Get Raises, Students Get Fee Hikes & Admissions Freeze

To remember me, because I'll be back :)

OCC’s Quarterly Report on Bank Trading and Derivatives Activities

Eugene Robinson: Black Men "never, ever, be caught on the wrong street at the wrong time"

Las Vegas bets on desert water pipeline as Nevada drinks itself dry

Online schools are not homeschooling.

Boycott Squeezes Harder as 31 More Advertisers Want Nothing to Do With Rush Limbaugh

Hey cbayer - How'd the mole turn out? I missed or lost track of any follow up.

Ignore Florida Law on Cuba Trade, County Attorney Says

Ignore Florida Law on Cuba Trade, County Attorney Says

Does Louisiana have a lot of Vietnamese Buddhists? (Q about Pastor Terry's rant)


Bank of America tests new home foreclosure program about unfortunate placement..

For your bedtime song - "Seasons in the Sun".......

Situational Question: DU Copyright Policy and Copyright Law

CONFESS!!! Who was the first famous person you ever met

Romney's Etch A Sketch (tm) in 2002 and 2012

Amazing what the warm weather is causing in Raleigh - everything has opened at once!

My Time as an Accomplice to Convicted Criminal James O’keefe

The NRA is a Republican ancillary organization.

CONFESS!!! Who was the least famous person you ever met

Blood Pressure Question

Forever 21 Hates Women's Kneecaps

The Romney DefeCrate Will Let Your Dog Ride in Comfort on the Car Roof

Santorum Endorses Obama

Please, just let us grieve...

Romney made the Etch a Sketch cool again I want the Marathon Candy Bar to come back


Toons: Mitt's Teleprompters, We Have A Nightmare, Things You Could Change and More. - 3/22/12

Thousands gather, but Sybrina Fulton is still without her son.

"6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying"

The fall and fall of Queensland Labor

Catholic church abuse: at least one youth castrated for 'homosexuality'

how about a check in?

Hello, any South Africans here?

Former FBI Agent Michael Tabman on the shooting of Trayvon Martin

Context is everything

Hailstone in Kaneohe was state record

What does Zimmerman really say? Audio excerpt

U.S. Relaxes Limits on Use of Data in Terror Analysis

AMR Seeks to Reject Union Contracts in Bankruptcy Court

Santorum: Might As Well Have Obama Over Romney

Buddhist View on Death and Rebirth

More proof that Steve Jobs was a racist

In an hour, I can go to bed...

Trayvon - America Holds It's Breath

90 meetings in 90 days?

Warren Opponent Drops Out of Senate Race

Food as a Commodity

Women's Gang Sign:

i always imagine the Gun Nut types to be like Zimmerman , losers, cowards etc

Robert Reich, The Nation: 'Big Government' Isn't the Problem, Big Money Is

It's a Hard Life (photo)

The 12 Talking Points Republicans Are Using To Guarantee President Obama's Re-election

Warren tells gay newspaper that Obama should ‘evolve’ and support gay marriage

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, March 22)

Health Insurance question...

Decorah Eagle Pip Watch

Left out

I gotta go to bed earlier........

Parents: The difference between Trayvon's and mine.

Jurors weigh starkly different stories in John Goodman’s trial

First Fig!

Nome aurora

Delete - dupe

Young Democrats High School Leadership Congerence

Hannity On Trayvon Martin Killing: ‘Is It Possible That It Was Just A Horrible Accident?’

This election will be defined by Romney's flip-flops...

Countdown w/KO: Jonathan Turley explains the danger of Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law

On the Media and Violence: Afghanistan, Toulouse, and the United States

Perception of the military must change

seven more post to hit 800. I'm going now.

Kleck actually making some sense on lenient gun laws

How many people have died in Japan from that Nuc fall out.

Number of "stand your ground" cases rises as legislators rethink law

Brazil Arrests 2 Men for Plotting Massacre

Brazil Arrests 2 Men for Plotting Massacre

Toon: Whats Black and White and Red All Over

Occupy Wall Street empowering seniors (My apologies to Seniors in advance)

For a smile: Doggies and Kittehs together

Girl Depends On Goldendoodle For Oxygen

Sri Lanka press slams 'neo-imperial' war crime vote

Hi. I'm trying to understand what is permitted in this group.

Chicago Orders Over 8,500 New Face Shields For NATO Summit

Rival marches in Ecuador over Amazon mining plans

"Why are you following me?"

Obama's Keystone XL announcement under attack from both sides

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 23 -- The Essentials: Apartment Life

I have to admit Shepard Smith of Fox News gave a touching and very emotional account yesterday about

911 call: "Why would this man just shoot him?"

Three-way World Bank race seen as deadline looms

Documents show NYPD infiltrated liberal groups

England Tsunami Risk Swells Costs at EDF After 40% Slump: Energy

Documents show NYPD infiltrated liberal groups

Free Ride! Meet the Companies That Don't Even Pretend to Pay Taxes

Glenn Greenwald: Will America Do Anything to Preserve Its Empire?

Senate passes weakened version of STOCK Act

Germany set to ban extreme right party

For long-unemployed, hiring bias rears its head

Mumford & Sons - Roll Away Your Stone

Army: PTSD treatable; some diagnosed return to war

BofA to offer rentals as foreclosure alternative

GOP Operates Like A Gang

Mitty has delusions of grandeur: Tells DeMint and others he is running to save Amerika

Why we have to protest.

The USA Titanic

Govt to keep info on Americans with no terror ties

Oops, I just rec'd my own post. I thought this was impossible ...

You want Zimmerman arrested just because he chased down and killed an unarmed black kid....

'Woodstock For Atheists': A Moment For Nonbelievers

Report from Former U.S. Marine Hints at Whereabouts of Long-Lost Peking Man Fossils

ALEC Has Pushed The NRA's "Stand Your Ground" Law Across The Nation

PPP: Santorum up big in Louisiana

Was Pervis ever nervous?

Wrestling with the Church As an African-American Transgender Woman

In Small Groups and Small Towns, Opposition to Citizens United Spreads

More Shocking than Trayvon Martin's Death? Moments Before Dante Price's Shooting; Interview w/Mother

IAEA chief 'falling into the Cheney trap' - very important

For Trayvon Martin: Bob Dylan - The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll

Coulter: Maybe Time to 'Go After the Obama Children'

SEC Rejects ExxonMobil's Attempt to Block Nondiscrimination Proposal

Very Sad Time For The Country

Looking at quantum gravity in a mirror

U.S. Inches Toward Goal of Energy Independence

Interesting story: Student President Loses Title After Gay-Inclusive Prom Pitch

Early nutrition modulates the risk of obesity: LMU Medical Center to lead international study

it's not just Trayvon. Here's another murder victim with no justice

Stand Your Ground laws have Nothing to do with 2nd Amendment rights.

Outrageous Lies Monsanto and Friends Are Trying to Pass off to Kids as Science

Tick season already! Suggestions for tick protection?

T-Mobile cutting a net 1,900 call-center jobs

Wall Street’s Killer Day on Capitol Hill

BofA to offer rentals as foreclosure alternative

49ers sign Josh Johnson to 2 year deal...

Thousand-year wait for Titan's methane rain (BBC)

Santorum: Obama better than ‘Etch A Sketch’ Romney

Europe's ATV space freighter launches (BBC)

Are Straight People Born That Way?

Pat Robertson thinks a Peyton Manning injury would be karma

China to end organ donations from executed prisoners

Anyone here going to the big atheist rally tomorrow

Anyone here going to the big atheist rally tomorrow

Damaging coup rumours ricochet across China (BBC)

Etch-A-Sketch moment could haunt Mitt Romney in the fall

Anti-abortion activist says he would defeat Obama in Kansas

Japan readies anti-missile defence for N Korea rocket (BBC)

Gangster Banks Keep Winning Public Business. Why?

How music prevents heart transplant rejection

Interactive job map

I don't care if it "kills" AM Radio

Oh, the joy of Spring...

If someone shoots innocent civilians in Afghanistan...

Doctors Pressure FDA for Nonprescription Birth Control Pills

Christie's ploy to pack the courts to overturn state's progressive agenda doomed his latest nominee

The Power of Recalls in Wisconsin

Florida man lives to tell of ‘shoot first’ horror (Reuters)

The Power of Recalls in Wisconsin

Fox's Geraldo Rivera says the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon's death as George Zimmerman

Red Wine, Tartaric Acid, and the Secret of Superconductivity

so a conservative blogger "resigns" over an offensive Obama cartoon ... RWers decry lefties'

Hateful email about Malia, Obamas. My reply.

Unemployment rate for Gulf War-era II veterans at 12.1% in 2011

Taking On Police Tactic (stop-and-frisk), Critics Hit Racial Divide

NYC Office Leases Lowest Since 2009 on Wall Street Cuts

How are you?

for you that scan the forums

S.F. apartment construction boom around the corner ... if you have $4,500/mo

FOIA Request Shows Feds Were Gathering Intel On Occupy Wall Street BEFORE The First Tent Went Up!

Santorum: We might as well have four more years of President Obama than ‘Etch a Sketch’ Mitt Romney

Keep Wall Street Occupied (Part 1)

Who to contact about my star membership expiring prematurely?

welfare reduction

Friday TOON Roundup 1-Stand Your Ground

Birthers want proof that Mitt Romney was born in America!

Friday TOON Roundup 2- GOP koolaid

Friday TOON Roundup 3- Mitt-a sketch

Romney not taking questions. Among other things this bothers me.

Friday TOON Roundup 4- Rush and the rest-

Zimmerman (and police) claim Trayvon attacked him

The vaccines that bring hope to the children of Africa

As Gas Prices Pinch, Support for Oil and Gas Production Grows

GOP candidates need "side effects warning labels" ... like dangerous drugs.

German Policy Could Make Solar in America "Wunderbar"

You Betcha & Also Too, Expect an Intense Vetting Process for Veep

GOP: Obama's Birth Certificate Created in Etch-A-Sketch.

Geraldo Rivera: Hoodie ‘allowed’ Zimmerman to kill Martin

Opponents Of Florida’s 2005 ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Predicted ‘Racially Motivated Killings’

BUtton to trash threads...

Somalia pirates: EU approves attacks on land bases

Funny Friday...

Batcrap Fundie Watch: Pat Robertson puts a hex on Peyton Manning for Broncos' treatment of Tebow

India swine flu outbreak kills 12

Someone video recorded Romney ripping into his advisers

INFOGRAPHIC: The Affordable Care Act Turns Two

Judge: FDA must act to cut antibiotics from animal feed

Jevons Paradox: The Debate That Just Won't Die

President Obama’s Groundbreaking Choice for World Bank President

Credit bureaus upsell ID theft victims, FTC report says


Tennessee bill protects teachers who challenge evolution and climate change

TENNESSEE: Senate Passes Bill Allowing The Teaching Of Creationism

Where should I post following 5 stories?

He sues school & student bully — 8 yrs. later!

Stand Your Ground-Against-The Stand Your Grounders Law(Bors)

Higher birthweight 'linked to grandmother gene'

Another demonstration for Trayvon

Denver woman brags about faking mental disorder to avoid jury duty on radio show, gets arrested

Zimmerman is a frustrated Mall Cop personality, I think.

Adieu, Hezbollah

Drug test for unemployed advances in Arizona House

Courtroom drama shows witnesses lied: Hearing seeks justice for Tejpal Singh

U.S. Relaxes Limits on Use of Data in Terror Analysis

Dartmouth President Is Obama’s Pick for World Bank

Medieval warming WAS global – new science contradicts IPCC


Landmark case: Nigerian villagers sue Shell over oil spills

No charges filed against homeowner accused of shooting Bo Morrison

Entrepreneurs cannot flourish in the US until we have single payer/universal healthcare

BP given consent for deep-water well North Uist west of Shetland

Obama: 'If I Had A Son, He Would Look Like Trayvon' (updated)

Why Gun Control advocates will end up with egg on their face once again...

Afghanistan and the Roman Empire

Special Report - Intel shows Iran nuclear threat not imminent

The GOP Translator

Afghan Taliban - no faith in trial of U.S. massacre suspect

Obama: "If I Had A Son, He Would Look Like Trayvon"

EXPOSED: The Billionaire Koch Brothers Who Are Buying American Democracy

Happy National Puppy Day Everyone!

The Insanity Of U.S. Military Spending In One Chart

Bragg liquid aminos...low sodium alternative!

How The Affordable Care Act Makes A Huge Difference For Kids

Dennis Kucinich offers no support for Marcy Kaptur after primary defeat

So if They're Saying that Trayvon Martin Hit His Killer in the Face, are there any PICTURES of

Obama urges serious investigation of FL teen killing ("if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon")

A Simple Fact About The Trayvon Martin Murder That Must Be Shared

When you alert, should you have an option IT'S_COMPLICATED to give each juror more than 30 minutes?

Special Report: Intel shows Iran nuclear threat not imminent

Wall Street Journal tries to erase Karl Rove's bin Laden lie

International students struggle for U.S. employment

Warren backs gay marriage plank for Democratic platform

A talk moms must have, about race

Should a young woman who is under 18 and pregnant be legally able to marry without parental consent?

How does one include an image in their signature line?

Official GOP Primary Ballot

DU Album of the Day: Jimmy Buffett "Songs You Know by Heart"

Karmic Justice for Pat Roberston (from DUer, trumad)...

State Rep. Payton withdraws

Pitting minorities against one another: Zimmerman is half-Peruvian & speaks Spanish

Rail company proposes $1 billion Orlando-to-Miami train

Charter Schools Are Not the Silver Bullet

CS Monitor: "Obama fast-tracks part of Keystone XL pipeline"

Exposed: The Corporations Behind The Law That May Let Trayvon Martin’s Killer Go Free

13 reasons to vote Republican

Any antique car fans here? Got something for you.

White Supremacist Runs for Sheriff, Vows Not to Discriminate

Geraldo Rivera: Hoodie To Blame For Trayvon Martin’s Death (VIDEO)

Apparently a bill is no good if it doesn't benefit YOU!

Wall Street con trick

RT:Mystery of lost Fukushima radiation emails ‘a major cover-up’

Obama nominates a Korean-born academic to lead the World Bank

Report of the independent international commission of inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic

Facebook speaks out against employers asking for passwords

"Save Our History" thoughts from this morning on the History Channel ...

What's the weirdest thing you've seen in your boss's office?

Drug lords targeted by Fast and Furious were FBI informants

Do you believe in climate change?

Zimmerman's 47-page 911 Call History is at Mother Jones..

BTK in Kansas was a fanatical 911 type. As "compliance officer" he harrassed many

Remember when Senator Kyle made the statement on the floor of the Senate that 95%

Haley Pollster: SC Governor Unlikely To Win Reelection

Roche to offer discounted cancer drugs in India

You’d like to kill somebody and you’d prefer to do it legally. No problem — move to Florida.

My pet Mitt

Mr. Wu is painting the town red in New Orleans these days.(afternoon laugh)

Geraldo Rivera Blames Hoodies for Trayvon Martin's Death

Biden on the campaign trail, warning that Republicans will end Medicare.


Under new Obama rules, gov't is now allowed to store info on Americans who DON'T have terror ties

Germany Unprepared for Major Nuclear Disaster

Marco Rubio Stands His Ground for Deadly 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

Pew Poll: America says "no" to Republican candidates.

TYT: 5 Worst Things About The GOP Budget Plan

After the Arab Spring: Emerging power structures 'will be worse' : Review of John Bradley's New Book

Women on Afghan peace council say they are sidelined

Caroline Kennedy Packs the House in Tamarac for “Women for Obama” Event

Two works removed from Art Dubai fair

34 Memes from The Walking Dead, Season 2

Something I haven't heard during the Trayvon Martin coverage ...

SIGH. Having an argument with an Ayn Rand fanatic on another BB.

one walking gun want laws armed like crime

Study to Test New Tinnitus 'Treatment'

Beer and Bling in Iron Age Europe

Have any of the Republican candidates made a statement about Trayvon's killing?

Undocumented youth activists found 'not guilty' on all charges!

The Finger of Fate Upon You

Harvard Law Grad....President of The United States...I am Trayvon Martin...

Even Mars has cloudy days

Ireland: 50% of electricity supplied by wind power, at times

Thom Hartmann: Why do 5 banks hold 52% of all banking assets?

Heads up to Karen Finney fans...she's sitting in for Martin Bashir again today, MSNBC, 3 PM

Behold, the first-ever geologic map of volcanic moon Io

Pic Of The Moment: Santorum: Take Obama Over Romney

Santorum at a gun range giving a speech and commenting on Trayvon?

An Open Letter to the Citizens Against Citizens United


U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-moon: The Time Has Come For LGBT People

Tension With Iran Adding $20-30 To Oil Prices: Obama

FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! Who's into rage comics?

PEOPLE are NUTS. Some woman told Santorum to "pretend it's Obama" When frothy was target shooting

NYPD Spied on Liberal Groups

Robert Fisk Makes Things Up

Old Havana: A Cuban and an American explore a city - video

Alaska Rep. Dick (R-Duh!): Women Should Have To Get Permission From Men To Get An Abortion

Tim Tebow Absolutely Horrified After First Phone Conversation With Rex Ryan

Peak oil notes - March 22

Drumbeat: March 23, 2012

Drumbeat: March 23, 2012

Peak oil notes - March 22

The NRA/ALEC gun lobby agenda

Person calls to Santorum "Pretend its Obama" while Frothy target shoots

Pat Robertson: Peyton Manning deserves injury because of Tebow snub.

Shout from crowd as Santorum fires at shooting range in Monroe, LA: "PRETEND IT'S OBAMA"

Florida East Coast Industries plans Miami-Orlando passenger service by 2014

My reactions to the midnight viewing of the Hunger Games. ( Spoilers at the very end)

Robot jellyfish: U.S. Navy-backed researchers developing Robojelly

Now the Sun and Uranus start

Batshit Bachmann $1M in debt

All about bikes - March 23

Employers at risk of lawsuits by getting access to candidate's Facebook

Gasoline: It Certainly is NOT about Supply & Demand

This Guy looks suspicious walking around our neighborhood

The shadow bailout: How big banks bilk US towns and taxpayers

'Bird Man’ video-maker admits to hoax

If you were going down this river in a rubber raft...would you get closer to the crocodile

Federal judge rules for LePage in lawsuit over mural removal

Scientists doubt fix to wetlands damaged by oil sands

Here's the "poll" from pro-discrimination group Voteformarriage dot com

The latest language alert thread is (unintentionally?) hillarious

Flanders: Jeffrey Sachs’ Grab for the World Bank

Cartoon of Yesterday....

A Savage Beast

Not so late breaking news: Little Rock airport renamed for Bill and Hillary

Mary had a little lamb........

20 tons of butter saved after tractor-trailer crash; driver uninjured during first day on job

X-Rated campaign bus: (LOL-**snort**)

Official: No sign French suspect had al-Qaida ties

Romney and Santorum comment on Trayvon Martin case

Thom Hartmann: Paul Ryan's Budget-most extreme corporate welfare

Please support Starbucks' support of marriage equality

How GOP got Catholicized

Advice for indoor plants?

Government Security Gurus: All Ur Network Are Belong to Them

Warming-Fueled Texas Drought Cost Farmers $7.6 Billion...

FFRF airing Church/State separation ad on CBS this weekend

Somalia pirates: EU approves attacks on land bases (BBC)

Wall Street con trick

What was lacking in the

THIS is what Friday afternoon feels like

World's largest Christian TV channel, the California-based Trinity, embroiled in a multimillion $$$

In rare showing of bipartisan support, GOP joins call for inquiry in Martin case

So the Police Chief gets a vacation with pay when his direct reports do not arrest a killer.

What's up with Jackass Limbaugh this week?

The Quiet Revolution in America’s Statehouses

Here is what I think goes on in the conservative mind

At Gun Range, Santorum Aims At Target And Is Urged To "Pretend It's Obama"

Lewis Black hosts BBC radio pilot: 'News Quiz USA' with Andy Borowitz

Iran and the Republican hawks (cartoon)

MSNBC: Santorum tries to erase Romney Etch A Sketch comment

Ban school drug testing

Religious conservatives to protest federal health care law

'Fast and Furious' probe: Chief suspect released more than once

New laws are leading to surge in gun sales

Kuwait Played Borat’s Hilariously Obscene Fake Anthem as the Real Kazakhstan National Anthem

Ever wonder how many religious leaders are really atheists?

There needs to be another "exception"

Zakaria: Incarceration Nation. (the shame.....)

One Graphic That Will Terrify The Republican Party

On the campaign front, are we looking at losing the Senate?

Hilarious Amazon Review of Wing-nut Jason Mattera's New Book

Can the American gun-rights movement ever go too far, politically?

Sometimes I thought I had it all figured out

Geraldo: My Own Son Is 'Ashamed' Of My Hoodie Quote

High school students walk out in protest of Trayvon Martin shooting

What's for Dinner ~ Friday March 23rd

"SICK OF IT" Trayvon Martin and the End of Excuses-By Charles P. Pierce

Miami Heat Poses In Hoodies To Support Trayvon Martin

Walking While Black

Geraldo Rivera Asking For It...

George Zimmerman's father: My son is not racist, did not confront Trayvon Martin

Seeing Is Unbelieving

O shit O shit O shit O shit mmpthphmpth!!!!

10 plagues Pat Robertson believes will befall the Broncos because they traded Tebow:

Romney / DeMint 2012? Jimmy is "excited" at the prospect of Mitt as the "eventual nominee."

Post of picture of your latest firearm purchase, along with a blurb of which localities (if any)

I was talking to a guy in Utah regarding shipping some merchandise.

How can I defend myself if….

Study de les jour: 1 in 4 Adults With HIV Were Sexually Abused as Kids

Religious Awakening in Mexico and the Pope’s Visit

WI Rasmuffin poll: Romney 46 Santorum 33 Paul 8 Gingrich 7

Update Jurisdiction has been transferred to 4th Circuit's special prosecutor re:Trayvon Martin

California adds 4,000 jobs in February (LA Times)

Russia issues new warnings over US missile defense

Hillary Clinton to announce continued U.S. aid to Egypt

Thom Hartmann: Why is TN teaching creationism?

This Bank Of American Mortgage/Lease Program - What Am I Missing?.......

'Bird Man’ video-maker admits to hoax

Photo: Miami Heat pays respect to Trayvon Martin

Trinity Broadcasting Network ‘Funds Owners’ Exorbitant Lifestyle’

America's health care reform through history

PHOTO: Superman can STILL leap tall buildings, but these days, it takes SEVERAL bounds.

Linda Coleman speaks out against Amendment One

Metro's new Expo Line to open first phase to public April 28 (LA Times)

NC Rep. Bill Faison speaks out against Amendment One

Why can't jury duty pay a living wage?

"They" are taking something from you and giving it to "somebody else"

You just haven't earned it yet, baby.

Just a reminder: before George Zimmerman, there was Mr. Joe Horn of Texas

powerful picture

Finally, someone found the first practical use for SOPA/PIPA!

Jungleland The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans Gives New Meaning to “Urban Growth”

You be the judge. Here is some of the Florida law that applies to the use of self-defense.

In most of the threads about Zimmerman/Martin, very very few have posed the point that

Obama Meets Hawaiian Woman, Asks to See Her Birth Certificate

Geraldo Rivera whining about his son on Twitter, DELETING responses....

No Hedging: Who will be the Republican Nominee?

Crazy Stuff the GOP Says

School mourns loss of therapy dog

and then, there is - That time Geraldo and Bill O'Reilly hung out in their hoodies

Hoods & Hoodies

Illinois Eavesdropping Amendment Bill Killed In Illinois House

AMBER ALERT if you live near San Jacinto, CA (Riverside County)

So what is Geraldo really saying when he says

Let me get this straight--Police can't arrest Zimmerman now becuz

A (I think) Reasonable Suggestion.

Arlen Specter describes meeting Palin for first time--sounds like he was turned on

Another one bites the dust..

Ideal Distribution of Wealth

President Obama Meets Hawaiian Woman, Asks Her If She Has Her Birth Certificate

Why no love for Politics 2012?

Damn you Denver Broncos! >>

oh, ick

New wind power guidelines are for the birds

Why don't employers just break into your home and search your personal belongings?

Soliciting suggestions here.

US rebuffs call to wrap up its drone war

Thawing of the Arctic opening Northwest and Northeast passages

2 Gay men arrested for having sex on a gay cruise when the ship was docked in Domenica.

FOX News Irresponsibly Selling Dangerous Hoodies

Think Progress: The Affordable Care Act Turns Two

Belvedere Vodka Unveils Horrific Ad Acting Out Rape Scene

Is anybody else as worried about fracking as I am?

Did Zimmerman take the heat off Limbaugh? It looks that way to me.

I have lost faith with ANY Christian Church

Papantonio: Did Police Blow Chance of Conviction With Zimmerman? - Bad Forensics

House Panel Extends Ethics Reviews of 2 House Members

Dear Geraldo Rivera...

In need of prayers, vibes, - anything you can offer.

Personally, I agree about the hoodies.

Newt: Why does Obama 'behave the way that people would think' he's Muslim?

Report: Hunger Games Studio Goes After Anti-Hunger Organization

Bad day.

Give us your completely bogus definition of "Punaises!"

Slogans for Santorum...

Charles Pierce burns the repigs to the ground

Dear parents of Trayvon Martin...

Why won't you dance with me?!

A Glimpse of Racism in America: The Sidewalks Of Clarksville, Texas

C.N.N. Distorts Facts on Zimmerman

"Train in Vain" skips, but "Lover's Rock" plays just fine.

Two years under Obamacare. What has changed and what Republicans want to repeal

Should a Down Syndrome athlete be able to play high school sports after age 18?

Mitt Romney to women: You're on your own

The Hunger Games and college admissions:

Giant asteroid Vesta 'resembles planet' (BBC)

Romney's new health care adviser once attacked 'Romneycare'

Banking services withdrawn: Madrid escorts declare sex war

No, Mayor. I don't think of my own son when I hear about Trayvon Martin.

The chia craze (BBC)

NYPD Infiltrated and Spied on Liberal Groups

As Occupy Arrestees Arraigned, Iris Scans Affect Bail

Glitches Mar BATS Debut

Some reminders for spring driving and riding.

Gay Mormon Man’s Suicide Points Up Tensions

Very cool: Dwyane Wade, Heat players offer 'hoodie' support in Trayvon Martin case

U.S. Sergeant Charged with 17 Counts of Murder in Afghan Killings

Holy crap ... it's hard to believe this really happened ...

Son's Suicide Attempt Has Mother Calling on School to Do More

Dolphins in Barataria Bay are severely ill, NOAA says

Mozart piano composition uncovered in Austria (BBC)

ALEC, NRA Pushed ‘Stand Your Ground’ Legislation At Center Of Trayvon Martin Killing

looks like Nikki is in dredged water

The very last thing that Trayvon did before he was killed was cry and plead for his own life

People Rally to Starbucks' Defense After NOM Boycott

Starbucks Shareholders Ask CEO Schultz About Controversial Gay Marriage Stance

Krugman: I Was Wrong About Paul Ryan (No, I haven't lost my mind.)

And now... Music.

Current TV’s new morning news block starts March 26

The Spanish link in cracking the Enigma code (BBC)

It maddens me that an unarmed kid got shot and the MSM is going on about "hoodies"

Romney Celebrates Health Care Reform Anniversary By Lying About It

DOJ Claims ATandT Let Crooks Abuse Program for the Deaf

Bob Barker funds $880,000 elephant flight to CA

George Zimmerman's father is a retired Judge

Taylor Wilson: Yup, I built a fusion reactor

What do you do for breakfast?

Weed workers join labor union as Los Angeles weighs pot shop ban

No Apologies: On The Killing Of Trayvon Martin And Being "Good"

Look at these two punks wearing hoodies:

What's your favorite snow shovel brand?

Meet the Obama Official Investigating the Trayvon Martin Shooting

MF Global’s Corzine Ordered Funds Moved to JPMorgan, Memo Says

LeBron James and the Miami Heat tweet photo in support of Trayvon Martin - pic

Zimmerman could off himself... and he could take others with him

National Puppy Day!

Not exactly a computer question, but it does involve electronics......

The Kinks - Tired of Waiting

Geraldo in a Hoodie

No Apologies: On The Killing Of Trayvon Martin And Being "Good"

All this talk of lobsters, then this happens...

Congressional staff members & others join in "Hoodies on the Hill" to remember Trayvon Martin -pics

Parents awarded $2.9M in ‘wrongful birth’ lawsuit over daughter born with Down syndrome

"Which Side Are You On?"

Peace Love and Pretzels

Michelle Bernard was all fired up on Tweety

Here's a fun new group. Two Door Cinema Club

Republicans Pass Blame For Their Own Deficit Failures On To The Poor

Rick Santorum is a despicable piece of shit morphs Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into Obama

Bluebonnet season

"Inappropriate link AND content?" THERE'S NO LINK.

As a believer I am deeply offended

Lounge vibes, please, for Patrick the Screwy Orange Cat.

Patty Murray Releases Video Urging John Boehner To Drop Birth Control Fight

There was a large black man at my front door

Is Monogamy Natural? Sex Addiction? Sex Strike? (The Point w/ An All Female Panel)

OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD--you HAVE to watch "Obamaville."

Organic Benefits...

LA marijuana dispensary workers join labor union

"Obamaville," a study in conservative paranoia by Rick Santorum. blogger calls Trayvon Martin shooting 'proof of the failure of diversity'

The media has decided the contest is over because it is no longer lucrative.

Stoops: Coaching at Arizona was like 'fighting with a toothpick'

For Amerigo Vespucci: Freepers have mass shit fit over Trayvon Gate...

This Tebow to NYC thing is GOP driven !

The jury has to be kidding

Hundreds of Beitar Jerusalem fans beat up Arab workers in mall; no arrests

Global warming, God, and Jim Inhofe

One for the ladies of our Group.

on Silencing Republicans...

Dark Matter.. Dark energy .. the more I find out about it

"the right to remain silent"

House Republicans Accidentally Accept The Constitutionality Of The Affordable

Flip Flopper

Not so fast: Jets' Tebow deal delayed until Saturday

Geraldo Rivera: Hoodie To Blame For Trayvon Martin’s Death

"He Looks Suspicious"

If anyone tries to tell you that the NRA is Bi-Partisan.......

The “Word War” and the excessive alerts are manufactured controversies.

I'm a white father who also fears for his sons in light of the Trayvon Martin killing.

EXCLUSIVE: Sanford City Commissioner Concerned George Zimmerman Will Flee Country

What's the weirdest thing you've seen in your boss's orifice?

Samuel L Jackson - Blame

Warm weather cuts short US maple sugaring season

I am so F'ing tired of shit like this !!!

Fox News Commenters Spew Another Deluge of Racist Hatred at Trayvon Martin and President Obama

Which kind of legal systems makes a man go to jail for killing dogs

Economic Recovery For Whom? The 1934 Versus The 2010 Recovery

The value of black male life in America.

Newt: You Don’t Have to Be ‘Stupid’ to Think Obama’s Muslim, Just Uninformed

ACLU Statement on Extension of Time U.S. Can Retain Info on Innocent Americans in Counterterror Data

"I just tell the truth about them and they think it's Hell." -Harry S. Truman

Weekend Economists "To Insure Domestic Tranquility" March 23, 2012

Whos on Maher's show tonight

He's getting ready for 2016."In Arlington, Jeb Bush says ‘stand your ground’ law invalid "

Dog Welcomes Home Soldier

Fox News pulls hoodie from its on-line store?

Should you smoke a spliff before you go to the Hunger Games?

I thank I'm going to buy a wear a hoodie FUCK Rivera

Shep Smith Forgets FOX Talking Points, Again

Willard Paints

What could be revealed in the courtroom that would make you change your mind about Zimmerman?

Why all the attention for Trayvon when this went virtually unnoticed except

New Look at an Old Memo Casts More Doubt on Rehnquist

Orders of the Day - Let's get this New Democratic Party (leadership) started!

Maybe the outrage following Trayvon's death will finally begin the discussion on

Was Madagascar Founded By Women?

So let me get this straight with "The Hunger Games"

Nearly 50 suspected illegal immigrants found in Houston home

Gallagher is retiring

Just got a robocall from the NRA. I think I've figured them out.

I'm gonna say it and I don't care what gun nuts think...

Just watched the movie "Melancholia". It was wonderful. The best movie I've seen in years.

Drummond funded AUC: Paramilitary commander (Drummond's home-based in Birmingham, Ala.)

Drummond funded AUC: Paramilitary commander (Drummond's home-based in Birmingham, Ala.)

Revealed: what children are being told about abortion (in UK schools)

Music for ohiosmith's Mad Men party:

Rev. Al is presenting some pretty damning evidence against Zimmerman.

Made Visible: Women, Children and Poverty

Reports send mixed message on veterans employment

ADMIT IT..YOU have Done one of these...

House Republicans Accidentally Accept The Constitutionality Of The Affordable Care Act

Southern Keystone XL Pipeline Goes Through Despite….No, Because Of President Obama

Having a "situation" with Scout...advice?

Shell Sued in U.K. Over ’Massive’ 2008 Nigerian Oil Spills

Here's what I don't get about the Treyvon Martin murder

A year in county jail after 4 decades on the run (for shooting police officers)

My Letter to the President on Trayvon Martin

Women As Party Favors And Eye Candy: The Latest Tech Marketing Meme

Did ya know? the NRA will assist/pay your legal defense if you are a member

What was your big movie crush as a teen?

(Mayor) Boris Johnson blames bad schools for London riots

I thought stalking was a crime.

Supposedly, Zimmerman has a broken nose

I just saw the show on NatGeo scroll by called How Big Can it Get?

State disability funds going broke, and going away

Media Matters Rush Limbaugh Radio Spot #1 and #2 - audio

I apologize to the DU Community for a remark

Here is the Fox approved method to stand your ground.

Counterstrike: Using The Free Market To Hold Men’s Sperm Accountable

MacKay, PMO deny government campaign to smear top soldier

Panera bakers vote for BCTGM union representation

New scorpion species discovered in Death Valley

Hutchison Urges Perry to Reconsider Health Program

Something is wrong with my TV

Insurance company calls ear infection for 18 month old a preexisting condition...

I'm a Neighborhood Watch 'Block Captain'.

Trayvon Martin: The Tip of the Iceberg

Notice the right wing/NRA meme, that there's no need to change "Stand Your Ground"

When he read this, MiddleFingerMom was breastfeeding himself at The Olive Garden.

Here's the reason CaliforniaPeggy is CONVINCED that no one can see all those typos she makes.

Former WI GOP Senator Randy Hopper found not guilty of DUI. His defense will make you rage....

applegrove's most treasured and valuable book in her collection:

Sun dogs:

Some say the marriage of MFM and the ex-MsMFM was doomed from the very start.

graywarrior invited MFM over to dress up for some cosplay. He doesn't want to (SOB!!!)...

OH SHIT!!!! anybody see the YOUNG TURKS with this Larry Pratt nut Cenk handed his ass

Hotel Housekeeper Says She Was Suspended After Activism [Updated]

Anyone else noticing how slow the internet is today?

There is REASONABLE doubt about Zimmerman's guilt....According to "Stand Your Ground"

Heads up!! Zimmerman's attorney will be on CNN @ 8 eastern

TCM Schedule for Sunday, March 25 -- Jules Dassin

Trayvon also made a 911 call? How come we are not hearing about it?

Oklahoma Christian Radio Station General Manager Calls Obama ‘Dumb Ni**er’

Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions

Destination Mankind (1972)

Tornadoes cause one death, damage in half dozen states

The Prosperity Gospel is in deep trouble