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Archives: March 21, 2012

Where are the all the mainstream religious leaders ?

Happy Birthday, Mr. Rogers

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)

Anecdote About Voting

Electric propulsion could launch new commercial trend

More Than 2,200 Record High Temps Set In Continental US March 1-20, 2012 - Winner, SD 94F 3/19/12

CNN Illinois Exit Polls

I'm being asked at Drinking Liberally Philly what time results are coming tonight.

E.B. White on the free press:

Bachmann: I will back whoever is nominee

The Big Fracking Bubble: The Scam Behind the Gas Boom

Age of Ignorance

A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds

Builder who helped air 'Swift Boat' ads gives $3 million to pro-Romney super PAC

'Dude, Where's My Spaceship?' Ashton Kutcher is 500th customer of Virgin Galactic

Marc Veasey gets Texas AFL-CIO endorsment

Miami Dolphins fans demonstrate at team headquarters

Docs should claim moral exemptions from performing unecessary ultrasounds.

Record low turnout for presidential primary in Chicago

NHL: Staged fights are a sorry spectacle

Firm at centre of robo-call storm unmasks mystery employee

Zimmerman case going to a grand jury.......

Payday lenders scrutinized for funneling cash to super PACs

Do NOT be misled by the fact this this is Spring now...

USA Today: Ballots too big in at least 25 Illinois counties

The High Numbers (The Who) live in 1964

Illinois primary results

well now here is the "no-s***" story of the day

Kelda Helen Royce: Running for Congress and Proudly Progressive.

Romney Romps in

Capriles on supposed assassination plot: I don't know if it is a warning or a threat

CNN Projects Romney wins Ill

CNN Projects Romney wins Ill

Nasa science chief 'fighting' for planetary research (BBC) {despite Obama budget cuts}

CNN projects Romney wins Illinois.

I'm an old-fashioned American

serious question about trayvon, zimmerman and stand your ground

Why does Ed say the "dog story" is entertaining and doesn't matter?

First High-Resolution Images of the Wreck of the Titanic

Breaking on Ed Shultz from Michigan

Judge puts Flint mayor, council back in charge

President Obama hosts a St. Patrick's Day Reception at the White House for Prime Minister Kenny-pics

Swiftboat financier gives $3 Million to Romney SuperPAC

John Lennon Marries Yoko on this date

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Springtime For Romney & a new kitty gif

Would somebody Please tell Mother Nature

2 year old dancing the jive (adorable!)

GACK! The Gyno Exam...!

So Mitt wins Illinois. We are all Seamus now.

Sanford, FL PD - Trayvon Martins Killer's Protector

Robert Bales Allegedly Defrauded an Elderly Couple out of $1.2 million

Exxon Valdez is sold for scrap

Mauritania agrees to extradite Senussi: Libya vice PM

Anyone else horrified at the subject matter of the Hunger Games? I saw a movie preview last

I can't think of anything I LIKE better...

And guess who else might be opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline?

needed eyeglasses that cost next to nothing, found this

Just found out my friend LOVES to watch the Lawrence Welk reruns on PBS

U.N. asked to investigate solitary confinement as torture

IL vote shows a HUGE divide between rural and suburban counties.

Mrs. Romney claims that women are loving it when Romney talks about the deficit. LOL!

Trayvon Martin Shooting: Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho Says

Ryan Budget Pads Big Oil’s Pockets While Americans Pay At The Pump

Willard stop fugging lying

Trayvon Martin 911 Call - Did George Zimmerman Say 'F*ng Coons'?

New meme: Mitt using the term "Economic Freedom". Is this a subtle admission that the base wants

Romney is speaking. How many lies can one man tell in one speech?

President Obama jabs 'birthers' with Irish certificate

The ability of GOP pols to gather all white audiences for speeches will never cease to amaze me

Idaho Lawmaker Suggest woman don't know the difference between NORMAL married sex and RAPE

Duckworth leads 8th Congressional District Democratic primary

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. out to early lead against Halvorson

Texas Democratic State Sen. Wendy Davis’ Fort Worth Office Firebombed

Former Democratic Rep. Bill Foster leading in comeback attempt

North Shore congressional primary tight

Holy Crap....The Newter is running FOURTH?

‘Three Amigos’ Eager for More War

France Bans Genetically Modified Corn

Summary of Democratic Congressional Primaries in Illinois

OMG...The River...

Toon- Ryan Plan

I happen to be watching the first episode of Mad Men and guess what scene is just speaking volumes

John Elway gives me the creeps.

Consider this: Was Zimmerman just applying the Bush Doctrine at the local level?

Santorum just made a reference comparing himself to God by saying

Frothy: And those people (miners and millworkers) fought for the same things that the people .....

Ann Coulter Defends Robert De Niro's First Lady Joke


The terrffying 2am call that Romney dreads

Rick Santorum to visit Dallas with hat in hand

Florida 'Stand Your Ground' law could complicate Trayvon Martin teen shooting case

Texas state senator's office firebombed

TYT: TYT Mocks God, Going To Hell - Randall Terry

Florida official says he can's suspend concealed carry permit of Trayvon Martin's shooter

Tent fire at OccupyRochester the result of arson

I just watched the greatest movie (only on Netflix instant watch for 2 more days)

Chase Bank Occupiers: Not Guilty. “A Huge Victory”

Mitt Romney, I Rebuke Thee

Trayvon Martin and the fatal history of American racism

MY that stings...My son at OWS Saturday...

The Zimmerman/Martin Case & Sundown Towns

My son is half Arabic - is someone gonna kill him, too?

My cardinal is training me.

"Eye-Popping" Record Temperatures Soar: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like In The United States

Sometimes I just get lost in thought.

After watching BBC's 'Being Human', I can never go back to 'True Blood'


WooHoo! Corned Beef in the Pressure Cooker...

San Francisco District Attorney Gascón: Medical Pot Sales Are Illegal

If Zimmerman were dead, would Trayvon be walking free right now?

John Elway gives me the cramps.

very busy progressive Wed 3/21 in Fresno

Florida's Make My Day law -- one of you guys explain why we SHOULDN'T think it sucks that Schneider won?

Favorite vampire? Gotta admit, I'm a old school kind of guy. Haven't really liked one since

Who else doesn't get some of these reality shows?

Santorum's Full Speech After Illinois Primary Loss: 15 minutes of your life you cannot get back

RMoney is really channelling Grifterella with talk about Pres. Obama's "otherness", isn't he?

4/12 Fresno: Targeting Iran: Sanctions and War, panel discussion including Ray McGovern ret CIA

One day after enrollment freeze, Cal State trustees OK pay hikes for 2 presidents

Cities of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe demand power provider exit nuclear

He Was Only 17...

My favorite scene from Bambi

U.S. Big Business Pushing Nuclear Power

Global solar PV market up 40% in 2011 (US in fourth place, after Germany, Italy, and China)

MAN-ON-HORSE! Santorum wants you to "saddle up, like Reagan did in the cowboy movies"

The Pope installs a new archbishop in the US's oldest archdiocese . . . and guess what . . . . ?

Obama to fast track southern portion of Keystone XL Pipeline

3/24 1pm Downtown Mpls, People's Plaza. Women's Rights Rally

Nice rims!

Deaths nearly triple since "Stand Your Ground" law introduced in Florida

A comparison...

Google This... *pic*

Audio interface?

Helping SPED Students by Increasing Their Class Sizes?

Illiterate Braggart to Take Over 15 Detroit Public Schools

Pacifica Hires Union-Busting Law Firm

If headlines were accurate: "RIGHT WING EXTREMIST murders unarmed teenager in cold blood"

Israelis Grow Confident Strike on Iran’s Nukes Can Work

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 22 -- What's On Tonight -- Later Rosalind Russell

President is Wanted for Treason

Anyone know where I can buy one of these?

Iraq war vet Tammy Duckworth wins Democratic primary, challenging teabagger Joe "Deadbeat Dad" Walsh

I don't blame Noot for staying

U.S. lacks "proof" on Afghan shooting: suspect's lawyer

Romney To Women Voters: ‘Vote For The Other Guy’ If You Want Greater Access To Birth Control

Toons: Saving Privatizing Ryan, A Third Opinion, Arm Wrestling in Russia and More. - 3/20/12

How about some Political News Satire?

Howdy Texas group

Why are not those that alert a post and those that are on a jury identified by name?

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 23 -- What's On Tonight -- The Brontë Sisters

just as a matter of curiousity, what justification are companies and the govt using to demand

Breast cancer toll among black women fed in part by fear, silence

Last sunset of it's kind till 2016

Phil Lesh and Friends at Terrapin Crossroads - LIVE webcast • 2nd set(?) starting soon 9:00 pm PT

I have no doubt that Zimmerman will be arrested

A must read, "Diseases That Plague Photographers"

quotes of the day

today in women's herstory

Obama Piles Up More Cash Than GOP Field

American Politics is Broken

Seniors Be Wary - Romney Econ Adviser Deport Seniors

Kinzinger Defeats Manzullo in Illinois's 16th Congressional District Primary

a biography of the day--Jaune Quick-To-See Smith

After the election

US joins search for Amelia Earhart remains

Man Throws Fire Bomb at Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis’ Office in Texas

I think I got ripped off...again. Inverter and Dell Inspiron 1520

biography of the day--Ana Menéndez

New poll: Warren up 46-41 over Brown

I LOVE this! For all catlovers!

Santorum: Mixed Blessing

Is the Sanford PD just incompetent, guilty of obstruction of justice, or accessories to murder?

I want to know what became of the changes we waited for love to bring.

I guess PBS has become part of "The Conspiracy."

Please sign the petition to investigate St Pat's police riot at OWS NYC

Colombian ex-intel official wanted for killing human rights defender

Colombian ex-intel official wanted for killing human rights defender

LIVE: Minnesota legislators debating Voter ID amendment

U.S. exempts Japan, ten European nations from Iran sanctions

Shameless! (spoilers?)

Rupert is going to get raked over the coals...

Two French police officers hurt during raid linked to school killings

Rick Santorum is a prick.

FCC decision strikes critical blow to right-wing radio dominance

Dier Press Network (DPN), Syria’s first citizen-journalist media company

Time To Break Up The MSM

Supreme Court says states can’t be sued for violating sick-leave law

I prefer to be uncompromising than spineless...

Conservative legal group urges ‘disciplinary action’ against 29 Wisconsin judges

Syrian Regime Resembles Mafia Cartel

Will these graphic Anti-smoking commercials with the throat holes make an impact?

Mitt has a new speech writer: "The Genius of America is Freedom".

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, March 20)

Guatemala soldiers jailed 7,710 years for massacre

Russia: We believe the Syrian leadership reacted wrongly to first appearance of peaceful protests.

San Francisco Mayor says he'll suspend Mirkarimi as Sheriff

wingnut CAVERS have put up a false web site for Omaha Steve

Here's some good news."Youth Turned Off by Religion and Politics, Turn Away From Church!"

When a problem comes along, You Must Whip It

Guatemala soldiers jailed 7,710 years for massacre

There should be something like a "college bowl" competition for candidates

NEW Video: Jimmy Fallon’s Tebowie Croons Peyton Manning-Inspired ‘Ziggy Stardust’ Remake

"Proportional" Primaries

Idaho Senator Chuck Winder: Asshole of the Quarter

Occupy Oakland protesters face hate-crime trial

As Justice Department investigates shooting of Florida teen, doubts arise about federal charges

U.S. Exempts Japan and 10 Other Countries From Sanctions Over Iran Oil

Physician Speaks out About Forced T.V.U.S. and Civil Disobedience

Eisenhower family on memorial: Go back to the drawing board

Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers make a new deal

"A government that tells you how to live..."

No Duty To Retreat Is Older Than Some Believe

Deaf man signs 'I'm proud of you to Obama.' (See what President Obama then did.)

Winnebago County ballot problems

Which ones, Rick?

Great War on Women protest sign: (HA!)

All politicians should follow this rule about speeches:

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday March 21st

Did I hear a BBC newsreader call Santorum a 'socialist conservative'?

A First! Neutrino Message Sent Through Ground

OMG! Man Successfully Flies With Custom-Built Bird Wings

Funny Pictures Mocking the GOP Candidates

Wait! What?! Zimmerman kept the gun after shooting Trayvon.

French Police Raid Toulouse House for Terror Shooting Suspect (Suspect Dead in Gunfight at Hour 32.)


Controversial Painter Depicts Obama With Burning Constitution

Anybody catch the cheesy "No on 5" ads (Anchorage municipal election)?

It Gets Better - Catholic Priest

It Gets Better - Catholic Priest

Harry Reid to force vote on insider trading bill

I'm not able to be a "political Junkie" anymore right now

The Republican's war on women is, I believe its an opening salvo in a war against sexuality...

I don't buy the argument that "Zimerman can't be racist because he is latino" and this is why:

Bomb explodes near Indonesia's Paris embassy -Indonesian minister

Irrational fear of large dogs.

Boy, 10, rushes into burning house to save little sister

Non Sequitur nails it again

Toulouse, Twitter, and the Media Incitement Factor

I know it's not news, but Freeperville is a racist sewer filled with racist turds

Calling all kinkster hippie sluts, By Mark Morford

Rec. to thank Hugh Atkin for his Real Mitt Romney video.

Judith Tebbutt: UK hostage kidnapped in Kenya freed

Fox News Readers Set New High Water Mark For Racism

What happens when there's no separation between church and state

Conservative Bullying Has Made America Into a Broken, Dysfunctional Family:

Everybody Wants To Throw Granny Off A Cliff

Progress in the ‘World’s Greatest Deliberative Body’?

If it's true, and George Zimmerman has moved out of that gated community...

Jimmy Fallon singing about the Broncos & Tebow last night

Deaf Student 'Speechless' After President Obama Responds To Him In Sign Language

The unacceptable excuse from the Sanford Police Department:Chief Bill Lee answers questions about in

U.S. to impose tariffs on solar panels from China (LA Times)

3 cops hurt in shootout with under-siege suspect in Jewish school slayings

this nerdy guy on Morning Joe was killing Joe in a debate about Ryan's plan

125k sign petition started by marine who wants to be best man at his brother’s wedding

Netherlands: Catholic Church ‘castrated boys as gay cures and punishments’

MIT camera can take pictures around a corner

Muslim Council of Britain: Marriage equality for gays ‘unnecessary and unhelpful’

Anyone else notice a marked decline in Viagra / Cialis / Levitra commercials lately?

New iPad hits 116 degrees - mind your scrotum, chaps

for those of you who have comcast

Damage to world's oceans could hit $2 trillion a year, experts say

San Francisco mayor suspends embattled sheriff (Reuters)

Did no one think this bus ad through? (Picture. Must be seen to be believed.)

Grandfather Gets Arrested for Holding Burglar at Gunpoint While Waiting for Police to Arrive

Morning Joe really tearing those Florida cops a new one over Trayvon

NanceGreggs: FYI: GOP

Bernanke warns of possible European 'contagion'

Senate drops tougher D.C. insider trading bill

Obama raising $1bil was all BS, right?


House Budget Proposal Threatens Programs for Hungry and Poor People

JPMorgan Employees Join Goldman Sachs Among Top Obama Donors

Inside Story Americas - Controversy bubbles in Brazil's oil sector

The Voter ID laws: How this battle can turn around

NRA statement on Florida shooting.

After Six Months, A Look At What Occupy Wall Street Has Accomplished

"The school curriculum could and should ask students to reflect on the contradiction of starvation

this is a need to read

Women Pay $1 Billion More Than Men For Health Insurance Annually

Excellent! At least one 1st CD candidate is on to the fact that abolishing Medicare is an issue!

With all the talk

Graph of the Day: President Obama, Fiscal Conservative?

National Lawyers Guild Fights for the Right to Occupy

Drug War's dangerous side effects

Dedicated to Trayvon Martin, his family, and all who have suffered...

March 21: A Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin – Union Square, NYC @ 6pm

An audio diagnostic, Zimmerman saying, "fucking coons"

Toon - Realms of Fantasy

toon- car carrier

National Day of Action on Syringe Exchange - March 21st

Firemen dressed in drag battle burning car

Just picked up a new full-size Jericho 941 (AKA Baby Desert Eagle)

Economists offer more pessimistic view on manufacturing in upcoming report

Osama Bin A-Rod still can't win

Worth Mentioning Again - Romney Econ Advisor - Deport Seniors

9-Year-Old Called for Jury Duty for Second Time

Got my new laptop setup the way I want it.

The NYPD Tapes Confirmed

St. Petersburg marijuana grow house charges dropped; others may follow

Teen Arrested for DUI Manslaughter Wants to Do Community Service (at music festival)

'France Is United in Mourning' After Toulouse

Inequality Undermines Democracy

Occupy Miami's Señor Paz Talks About "Peace City," His Overtown Building Turned Protest Camp

Eva Longoria says Romney on wrong side of every issue

Toon- The Ryan Plan

Peak water - here's a thought-provoking illustration...

Jeez, RNC PR BS is full of shit

And I thought they wanted less government...

NYT: The Careless House Budget

Charley Rose of CBS this morning

How much water is on Earth? (xpost from GD)

Lockheed F-35 Overruns Top $1 Billion (for 63 aircraft) Government Auditor Finds

FYI: At least one jury thinks election season has started, so to speak.

Corbett to Permanently End All Funding for Local Parks, Open Space, Trails, Farmland Pres

New Hampshire considers repealing gay marriage law

Seeing Equinoxes and Solstices from Space

Police cover-up? Two versions of the shooter's call to the police in the Trayvon Martin killing?


Top Palestinians: Two-state solution endangered

Poll: 52 percent of Virginia voters against forced ultrasound law

Top Romney Adviser Says Romney Can Change His Positions After The Primaries: ‘Like An Etch A Sketch'


New NYPD Recruitment Ad

Just a thought about the Illinois primary returns

Another Clusterfuck in Afghanistan

Former President Jimmy Carter: yes to marriage equality; First Lady Michelle Obama inches toward it

Federal budget may rile environmentalists

Op-Ed: Santorum Is Bad for LGBT Adults, Worse for LGBT Youth

Poster: A Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin

Strong Evidence and Strong Convictions

So how long before Roger Ailes' sphincter... errrr I mean Fox "News" starts defending this Zimmerman

Restore integrity of U.S. visa system in order to give graduates more jobs

Noam Chomsky on "Political Parties" in the United States

Top Romney Adviser Says Romney Can Change His Positions After The Primaries...(updated)

Fox News Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case Criticized

New Booms Heard In Clintonville Overnight

What does he mean?

The Nonprofit 1 Percent Even the do-gooders can seem blind to their own excess

Foxconn is world's 10th biggest employer: 1.2 MILLION on payroll

Charles Franklin at Marquette Law School making a living doing Republican polls...

Latest Fox - Latino poll is in ho-lee-shit territory for Republicans, Obama beating Romney 70-14!

Andrew Cuomo Cheerleader Fred Dicker Draws Ire Of Albany Occupiers (Again)

Best T-shirt ever.

Utah governor signs law mandating 72-hour wait for abortion

DU Album of the Day: Supertramp - "Breakfast in America"

"Mitt Romney appears to have found himself without an argument"

Throwing Money at the Pentagon: A Lesson in Republican Math

TDPS: Rick Santorum & Dennis Terry...Remember Jeremiah Wright?

Question regarding Trayvon Martin's "disappearance."

Unstoppable legacy of the 'war on terror'

Things I've Learned from Republicans During Primary Season


The People's Legislature (re: Repub corruption esp in WI)

Really? They're getting upset because DeNiro made a joke about 'White First Lady'

SlowPoke: Comic strip controversy

Local Raleigh area DUer meet up tomorrow PM,Thursday, March 29, 7:00 PM, TraLi pub Brier Creek

Gated Community is the new Suburban White Flight....Zimmerman will be defended - vigorously

Hippocrates’s 3-Cent Aspirin a Day May Keep Cancer at Bay

N.H. Lawmakers to Vote on Marriage Equality Repeal

the right's continuous incitement to violence against President Obama

The Most Riveting Message About The War On Women In Under 3 Minutes

No One HERE Will Be Surprised - Study: LOW-EFFORT THOUGHT - promotes political conservatism"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Ben Franklin Explain Your Right To Photograph The Police

Holding a gun makes you think others are too, new research shows

Sale Of BET To White Supremacist Group Results In No Changes To Programming

Bold Progressives! stand with them

The Truth About "Voting Republican"

Nine Stereotypes That We ALL Need To Get Over

Please don't indoctrinate me with religion...

One Video That Will Make You Stop Wishing The World Would Change

Rep. Terri Proud R-Tucson e-mail: Make Women-‘Watch An Abortion Being Performed’ Prior To Having It'

Jeb Bush Endorses Mitt Romney

I'm done with Yahoo News.

Israel hearts Iran, Online campaign challenges tensions between the two countries.

Notice to all Triangle NC area DUers - meet up next week - link below

Illinois town asks people to quit with the tornado donations

Mists of Pandaria™ Beta Opt-in and FAQ

"He wants to improve the moral fiber of the poor. "

Swing States Poll: Obama Over Romney By Four

Wingnut Richard Miniter has another "hit" book on this Democratic President (others on t'other one)

Drumbeat: March 21, 2012

Drumbeat: March 21, 2012

A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds

Jebby's "endorsement" is NOT a "benediction," it's a FUCK YOU to those who want him to be the savior

Naked Man Arrested In Iowa City, Says He Was Forced To Handle A Nuclear Bomb

William Kristol, "We are so screwed".

California Assembly panel approves resolution condemning Citizens United ruling

Bird like mechanically assisted flight....

Halp!1 My yellow high-lighting html thing has stopped working!1

America's Uninsured Belt

Lauren Zuniga: To the Oklahoma Lawmakers: a Poem

Thomas Roberts, MSNBC: Jebby is the "cherry on top" of the Romney "sundae."

anybody else watching the decorah eagles this morning?

Boston Red Sox great Mel Parnell dies at 89

Trayvon Martin and the Yoshihiro Hattori case (1992)

Our Polling in IL-10

The Ryan Plan, In One Sentence

Banks of Marble

Apparently, first amendment rights can be terminated

Oh, please.

Unveiling Canada's Role in Chile’s Environmental and Political Conflicts

US top court backs landowners in EPA clean water case

Oh, my God. MSNBC just played a 911 Call from a witness to the Trayvon shooting

WHEN KEEFS ATTACK! Watch what happens when a fan rushes the stage during "Satisfaction."

Other Than Hearing That Zimmerman Is Claiming Self Defense Has He Made Any Statement As To What.....

Standing Up for Peace

Breaking: I have been married 20 years today! **********

90 Degrees in Winter: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like

Welcome TO Sanford, Florida

Rangers-Devils brawl a hit with players and NHL

China orders lawyers to pledge allegiance to Communist Party

"BREAKING: Jeb Bush endorses the Etch-A-Sketch"

Trayvon Martin Rally to be Held

Quick Read. Chart of the Day: Fox News and Trayvon Martin (MoJo)

Shopping ...?

McConnell approval SINKS in VA.

Seeking company, finding community (CS Monitor)

DHS Turns Over Occupy Wall Street Documents to Truthout

State Department Condemns Nobel Prize Winner’s Anti-Gay Remarks

Malia Obama safe after Mexico quake.

Suspected murderer of French Jewish school children cornered, and you'll NEVER guess his name

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush Endorses Romney

Confronting The VP May Be Impolite. Is It A Crime?

Poll shows Virginia voters opposed to ultrasound bill

Tunisian protesters reject calls for Islamic state

CONFESS!!! What was your most embarassing musical purchase

ALEC Has Pushed The NRA's "Stand Your Ground" Law Across The Nation

Catholic priest from Kalispell parish accused of possessing child porn

Facilitating Internet Freedom in Iran

Good news for the rich: New GOP budget vs. Jesus of Nazareth

Santorum King of Morons... SURRENDER MONKEY UPDATE: "If Romney is the Nominee, Obama will win in a landslide"

White people you will never look suspicious. MUST read inspired by Mr. Martin!

Generic Drugs Proving Resistant to Damage Suits

TYT: Fox News Fact Check Fail on Obama Muslim BS

Sheboygan Lutheran Students vs Union Protesters at Rotunda

Insects and evolution: some basic questions.

Mitt Romney's Mormon Secrets (article)

When 911 calls reported a murder, was SPD's 1st priority to have a Narc to check VICTIM for drugs?

Sanford FL. has some recent racist baggage that needs to be considered in this case.

Posting this here, just because:

5 Reasons Tim Tebow Is the NFL's Justin Bieber

Jim Hightower: Banker Hubris Knows No Bounds

The Republican 4G network

Lewis Black: 'Rush Limbaugh Wakes Up And It's Always 1959'

Black Sabbath on Biography last night.

I used to get lost in the shuffle, now, I shuffle around with the lost.....

5 Words And Phrases Democrats Should Never Say Again

Could this be explanation for our country's huge deficit?

MIT scientists have built a camera that can peer around corners

If you live in a gated apartment complex, do you live in a "gated community"?

Who sells meat with pink slime and who doesn't? Here’s the list

Does DU Have a Filmmakers Community?

Japanese author sees parallels between preWWII indoctrination and nuclear power plant promotion

Nokia files patent for vibrating tattoo

'Pad 3 ‘Heatgate’ drama is completely overblown'

Jeb Bush lost 'any hope that we’ll have anyone better,' endorses Mitt Romney

What Wendy Kopp Got Wrong With Teach For America

Mike Thompson toon and rant on the oil speculators

Newt in "Countdown to Looking Glass"

A Florida Law Gets Scrutiny After a Teenager’s Killing

Sam Seder: Obama Continues Disastrous Bush-Era Foreign Policies

U.S. Army Trains for Combat with Solar Power

10 Crucial Tips

Soldiers Get Solar Training Before Heading To War

Is President Obama planning those big 100,000 person rallies this year???

When is a pit bull not a pit bull?

Saints Coach Sean Payton Suspended for a Year

Tim Tebow Traded to the NY Jets

The tribal wisdom.....

Santorum on Etch -A-Mitt, Sketch-A-Mitt, ...

Frothy and Sheriff Joe....Birther buddies?

For Warhammer 40,000 Fans

Big Love meets Big Brother

Fiscal conservatives seek more state budget cuts

Speak the truth.

Would you/do you work for free?

Hoodie March in NYC

How do I see how many posts somebody has?

Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Tom the Dancing Bug: The Outer Reaches of Plot twists....

Delete everything now!!1 "Get out of US if you don't agree with me" pastor tries to erase his words

Bill O'Reilly is promoting a video of Obama throwing an old lady over a cliff

BIG Earthquake dream last night - Bay Area

Mitt Romney's Etch-A-Sketch Strategy

Tebow traded to Jets

Brooks quizzed over MOD payments

Remember that recent song for Santorum done by those Stepford ladies?

It's not the Paul Ryan budget. It's the Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand budget

"Stay inside your car if you are in an accident in Florida"

Why Energy Journalism Is So Bad

Thom Hartmann: Only Big Government can Save the American Dream

The Jet Clown Car is now full.

Sugar seeks sweet revenge against competition from corn

Executive Order - National Defense Resources Preparedness - 16 March 2012

Author of "stand your ground" law: George Zimmerman should probably be arrested for killing Trayvon

I'm hungry, what's on the menu of the Lounge Cafe today?

Hunger Games: Major Spoiler Alert!

Condi Rice: Support for Romney, if he's the nominee, could take the form of a mushroom cloud of LOVE

Kindasleazy Rice blabbering on MSNBC to Andrea Mitchell.

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Romney Debates Romney

Is a Calorie a Calorie?

Fury in Israel at Remark Linking Gaza to Toulouse

Humpday Hatemail!

NFL hammers Saints for bounties

Gay marriage is not a 'human right': European ruling torpedoes Coalition stance

Arizona Republican(woman)Thinks Women Should Be Forced to Watch an Abortion Before Getting One

Armstrong Grove

Troll insinuates all Muslims are hateful murderers; jury says it's okay for DU.

Jets acquire Tim Tebow

The Orioles signed a two time all-star pitcher who won 22 games in a season!

Thom Hartmann: The Banksters got Bailed out - now it's time for Students!

OFFICIAL - Somewhere Over the Rainbow 2011 - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole

Jackson aims to lead religious delegation to Syria

This is the 911 tape of Trayvon Martin

CBPP statement on the Paul Ryan Budget

Breaking News! Congressional approval rises 20%!

They drug tested Trayvon, but not Zimmerman

UN Security Council backs Syria peace plan

can I ask a favor from somebody with a photobucket account and some extra time on your hands?

Agent: Ronny Turiaf picks Heat

Sean Payton suspended, Saints fined for bounty program

The "shuttle effect" in San Francisco

This sign needs to be posted at the intersection of GD and the Lounge

Remarkable Russian Petroglyphs.

Homeless Man Arrested In Firebombing Of Texas Democrat’s Office

Teacher who read from Ender’s Game won’t face criminal charges

The key phrase in the Zimmerman 911 tape (not the racial slur)

Trayvon Martin: civil rights leaders call for Florida police chief to resign

Nice marriage proposal video.

Supreme Court allows Idaho couple to challege EPA on wetlands ruling


I finally heard Rmoney's comments reg. the President's "lack of knowledge about the economy".

Glenn Beck Website Blames Trayvon Martin for His Own Killing

Could "stand your ground" laws be

Progressive group starts training pro-abortion rights religious leaders

I bet many of you were not aware of MFM, Ohiosmith and HopeHoops former modeling career.....

Is it possible to OP/Thread-Hijack without being disruptive?

Thom Hartmann: National Paranoia Killed Trayvon Martin

Rod Blagojevich dyed his hair? I'll never be able to trust a politician again:o)

The Common Sense Catholics

Justice means everybody but me...

Omar Sharif Jr: I’m gay and Jewish

GOP isn't the Gay Old Party anymore its now the....

If George Zimmerman had been beaten and bloodied, as per initial police reports...

Gays for...


Report: Shaka Smart rejects Illinois

"This is the right-to-commit-murder law."

Obama's Executive Order: A preparation for war with Iran?

'UN now a war-making organization'

I am starting to think that Zimmerman is an informant.

TYT: Biden On Obama's Osama Bin Laden Plan

NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake Prevails in Unprecedented Obama Admin Crackdown

President Obama’s Creepy Executive Order: "Putting the economy on a permanent war footing"

Protection detail over-kill in Vegas

Voting Republican: 2012

35 Organizations Jointly Call on Legislature to Properly Fund Public Education in Pa.

USA's new massive, tax-payer sucking, terrorism industrial complex feeding spy complex. MUST READ

Latest tea party conspiracy theory: Agenda 21

What if Trayvon Martin had been Lloyd Blankfein or Jamie Dimon or some other Wall St. sociopath?

Caleb Hanie interviewed by Broncos

DU becomes part of the so-called birther conspiracy at World Nut Daily...

This story had been posted bad...deleted story...

Who is George Zimmerman? More information emerges about the shooter of Trayvon Martin

Mitt Romney: Some Things You Can't Shake Off (DNC video)

The murder of Stephen Lawrence and institutional racism...

Is 'Hunger Games' A Cautionary Tale For The 99%?

Who is crime-watch volunteer George Zimmerman?

Darwin 2012 (GOP edition)

Republican Menu

DELUSIONAL FANATICS is becoming more and more the apt descrptions of the GOPer Party

Is there a bug with the "edit history"...

I'm Suspicious.

Magic Sketch-A-Mitt Screen..

BREAKING! Mitt Romney's Etch-A-Sketch FOUND!

Chevron, Transocean charged over Brazil oil spill

Romney backs Ryan plan, to Dems' delight

What Romney's Dog Says About Romney

Rare mosquito found at Honolulu airport prompts 'call to action'

Alaska Lawmaker: Women Should Obtain Permission From Men Before Undergoing An Abortion

Other tidbits from the past of squeaky-clean George Zimmerman

Poll: Obama clobbering Romney in MA

Elizabeth Warren leads Scott Brown in new poll

Arizona Is The Meanest State

DNC Puts Out Etch-A-Sketch Video: Mitt Romney: Some Things You Can't Shake Off

Safeway to Stop Selling ‘Pink Slime’ Textured Beef

A Look Back at the Corbett Administration 2015 - A Satirical Retrospective

What Romney's Dog Says About Romney

Imagine if Trayvon Martin killed Zimmerman in the supposed fight, and then claimed self defense.

Call for independent prosecutor in teen's shooting

Seth Rogen's Movie "Observe and Report" Will Give You Insight into Zimmerman

Trayvon Martin’s shooter (George Zimmerman) had a domestic violence altercation in 2005

'Dear Doctor Governor … ‘: Women Protest On GOP Govs’ Facebook Walls

Want to get rid of directv and go Apple tv, but

Newt Gingrich just walked to the podium with an Etch-a-Sketch in his hand.

Very Sweet: Obama wows deaf community by speaking sign language

"Throbbing" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "throbbing".

The Republican 4G Network

Israel 'turning blind eye' to West Bank settlers' attacks on Palestinians

Mercury has been 'dynamic world' (BBC)

I'm winning my company NCAA basketball bracket thing and I feel bad....

Thom Hartmann: Germany to Make History With Alternative Energy

If Zimmerman had "stood his ground"

Study Looks at How Chronic Stress Impairs Memory



Early in his career, Amerigo Vespucci didn't have the masterful touch with food pics he does now.

Our LAST president was such a DOOFUS. Today - brilliant, insightful and logical, Highly logical.

Once more with feeling... MiddleFingerMom does NOT do mornings well!!!

MiddleFingerMom is STILL not sure... about the red hair.

FreedomWorks Drops Opposition To Mitt Romney...

Rush Limbaugh Bust Protest: Women's Group Sends Toilet Paper To GOP House Speaker

Monarch Butterfly Numbers Continue To Drop

With all our technology

Someone call the dog-tor: Ralf the giant Schnauzer something of a miracle worker

Breibart Reporter Ambushes Bono Impersonator by Mistake

Etch-A-Sketch Sales

The Gay, Jewish, Pro-Pot Republican Candidate Has Something to Say

What Are You Trying To Say?

UF researchers look for ways to make an emerging technology (carbon nanotubes) safe for environment

Florida Atlantic University student caught on camera attacking staff, students

Jason Mraz Won't Give Up Until There's Equality For All

Best cartoons about Republican war on women

"TV's Frank" Conniff: "Romney has ordered Bain Capital to buy the Etch-A-Sketch company...

LOL:DC’s “bad boy reporter” just filed a pretty bad piece of journalism.

Washington pressures Spain's Telefónica over Cuban affiliates

so George Zimmerman had a history of bullying people....

Legalizing Marijuana Could Generate Over Half a Billion in Taxes for Washington State

Starbucks CEO Smacks Down NOM!!!

Top 20 Life-Stressors That Can Trigger Anxiety And Sadness

Electricity from trees

Okay, this scenario: Let's say two people, both the same race, age, height/weight, gender

WH slams House Republicans (re: Ryan Budget redux)

Antarctic Seal Pups Face Climate Change Woes

Former speaker(R)of the Pa. House sentenced in corruption case!

Spread the love!

Justices’ Ruling Expands Rights of Accused in Plea Bargains

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Springsteen Captures The State Of America

So, my first day as a daycare volunteer was my last day.

US scientist gets 13 years on spy-for-Israel charges


Joe Conason: Paul Ryan's Plan For American Decline

You Don’t Need a Clock to Know What Time It Is

Romey is a bit sketchy

Game Time: Which one doesn't belong? CAUTION! Not for those easily offended.

Govt agency orders arrest of ex-governor accused of murder

Freepers are going off about Obama wanting to take everyone's retirement

George Zimmerman, the Murder of Trayvon Martin, and the Twenty-First Century Slave Patrol

Scientists use rare mineral to correlate past climate events in Europe, Antarctica

Santorum: Raped women should accept unborn as a gift from God

What stupid drama did I miss while I was working?

The free NEW book, by Chris Hedges (as been claimed)

Etch A Sketch Responds To Romney: We’re ‘SHAKING Up The National Debate’

Faux news

Ala. House votes to make looting a felony crime

I believe I can fly


Cathy McMossis Rogers ReTHUG spinner is on TV

Good day, bad day: March 21, 2012

Colombian military wants to build 'universal soldier'

Absurd iPhone Accessories on Thingiverse

An Answered Prayer - a little Tebow humor

Etch-A-Sketch Politics Goes Back To Poppy Bush

Question for DU weather experts

4 students mutilated in Colombian university riots

4 students mutilated in Colombian university riots

A question about Zimmerman and his family: Who are his parents? Are they pulling any strings?

How the 1 percent live - #1: Bankers Struggle at Washing Dishes

Bus driver jailed for attack on cyclist - video

Marriage SURVIVES In New Hampshire! Two HUGE defeats for NOM on the same day!

DOMINICA: Gay Cruise Ship Passengers Charged With Public Buggery

Trayvon Martin: New details in George Zimmerman domestic violence petitions

Jeb's underwhelming praise

Legal experts please: Will the Zimmerman trial be hard to win for the prosecutors?

Everyone Has ADHD; Exercise Can Lead to Female Orgasms

Thank all of you for the great 60s appetizer ideas. Helped me create a swinging Mad Men party menu.

Anyone seen the new movie "Moby Dick"? Is it any good. Never even read the book.

Rush Limbaugh Show fires back at Media Matters and David Brock

John Kerry: We Need A Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights

Robert De Niro Apologizes for 'White First Lady' Joke.

This is a big deal and really good SCOTUS Criminal Justice Decision

What are you going to do come spring? I'm going to go for long walks to get my metabolism going. I

Here is the contact information for Sanford Chief Of Police Bill Lee.....

GOP Voting Measures Anger Women’s Groups

Another democrat SuperPac ready to spend 10 million for Obama

REPEAL REJECTED: New Hampshire Sticks With Marriage Equality

What is your favourite non domestic animal? I like frogs. They remind me of the joy of my childhood.

Minority-Oriented PAC Plus Coming to Texas?

Trayvon's Mom and Dad

How Republicans Want To Bring You the Law That Let Trayvon Martin’s Killer Walk Free

From today's Million Hoodie March

Plans to use health care reform as an excuse to eliminate Medicare entirely

Capital Account 03/20: Gerald Celente on Jihadi Bankers and the expulsion of...

I live in an ungated suburban complex of townhomes.

What was your favourite piece of art you own? I have a sketch of the farm my ancestor built

President Obama: 'We will not walk away' from clean-energy agenda

Should Sanford's "Police" Dept also be prosecuted for FRAUDULENT MISLABELING? (in addition to....

Rev. Al: 9-year-old Trayvon pulled Dad out of burning house, dialed 911

Arguing with a believer is like playing chess...

Planet Mercury Even Weirder Than We Thought

I got to jump out of a Blackhawk for the first time today! (PICS)

Corporations are not people, says Mountain View, Calif., city council

Oscar Grant's cousin sues Oakland for $10 million

Mr. Etch-A-Sketch: I am not an Etch-A-Sketch. I'm a conservative Republican. Now and forever.

The Master Butchers Singing Club-Chapter 13-SPOILERS

Barry Goldwater's Warning About Our Current Republican Party In One Graphic

Chevron accused of 'environmental crime' in Brazil

Illinois Congressional Districts Key To House Control, Democrats Say

Safeway to stop buying 'pink slime' beef filler

Did you see this scene in Sunday night's season finale of The Walking Dead?

Explosions heard outside Toulouse building where suspected gunman holed up

Mitt Romney: George W. Bush And Henry Paulson Saved Country From Depression

Right wing harassment uses the judicial system as a club

More See "Too Much" Religious Talk by Politicians

Having a hard time getting motivated...

Residents raise moral objections to proposed fertility clinic

New details about the Toulose shooter: says he was protesting France's ban on veils

Mr. Etch-A-Sketch credits Bush with saving economy, praises bank bailout

My metro Atlanta suburb is "Sanford Florida"

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up

Nissan to bring back Datsun car brand in selected markets

What was your family known for? We were lackadaisical kids who brought home atlases from school

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 22 March 2012

Repeal of Marriage Equality DEFEATED in NH

The State of Tennessee Needs to Know All About Your Abortion

"Reporting from Washington - Mitt Romney's victory lap day has been erased by an Etch-A-Sketch"

Chuckie Todd is trying sooooo hard on Tweety, to "explain" the etch-a-sketch gaffe and

What is up with all the etch-a-sketch references? Did I miss something?

Goldman loses bid to end lawsuit over risky CDO

Republican Logic...

Trayvon Martin case: Sanford commission votes 'no confidence' in police chief

US Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Trayvon Martin case: Sanford commission votes 'no confidence' in police chief

Romney (try not to laugh): Bush, Not Obama, Prevented A Great Depression

Styling Practices Can Lead to Serious Hair and Scalp Diseases for African Americans

7 percent say dog on car roof story makes them MORE likely to vote for mittens

U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers smiling constantly like a ninny on Hardball.

Is anyone interested in putting together the April Prayer and Healing thread?

Tebow prayer answered

DHS Turns Over Occupy Wall Street Documents to Truthout

LynneSin's disco date practices his moves.

That wound to the back of George Zimmerman's head is still bothering me...

quote of the day

Why did CNN quietly reinstate Roland Martin last week?

New Adventures In Republican Cluelessness

Toulouse terrorist refuses to come out. Police set off three explosions to pressure him to engage

Tonight on Countdown

today in women's herstory

radical redstockings

"Ali from Mali" original music

Seen on Facebook --- Voting Republican

redstockings manifesto

OK Mitt, in 2003, Etch-A-Sketch moved to China after 40 years in Bryan Ohio, USA.

When there are racists and bigots in your family...

Arpaio asks for Obama’s Selective Service card

Signs of Spring |'s Big Picture | #strange weather #pretty pictures

FORTY years ago today, ERA sent to states for ratification. we are STILL waiting

The Trayvon Martin tragedy is shining a national spotlight on "stand your ground" laws in at least 2

a history of the Equal Rights Amendment

The problem with the ‘‘portfolio approach’’ in American energy policy

Fault Lines - History of an occupation

If I were Timmy I'd refuse to go to the Jets.

caught in a bad romance (suffrage)

"prophylactic treatment was totally ineffective when delivered 2days after tick removal."

Swedish equality fades away as rich get richer

Producers, stars of 'All-American Muslim' happy with what show accomplished despite being canceled