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Archives: March 2, 2012

Breitbart in LA Bar last night..

OMFG. Somebody clean me up!

Maybe if Breitbart had better medical care, like single payer, he'd still be alive....

When is Rush Limpballs going to put his sex videos on tape, since we are paying for his

How to dI get rid of this error message?

CNN in Tehran -- "rare access" --

‘Illegal To Be Gay’ In Mississippi, Police Shut Down An LGBT March

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 2 March 2012

Boehner Vows to Continue Contraception Fight

Rush Limpballs is nearly sixty and has been married four times and has yet to sire any children.

Michigan GOP changes delegate award after vote

What would you do first? I have my new(old) leather chair ready to put to use.

Why was Breitbart "walking" in the middle of the night?

Bertha Lewis (Acorn): "He excoriated an organization that did a lot of good, and with a laugh"

"It's better that they DO Starve to Death when they are children."

Majority Of Israelis Oppose Iran Strike, Poll Finds

Texas "gunboats" to patrol Rio Grande border with Mexico

Never mind. Figured it out.

Nancy Grace re: Breitbart

DU 3 seems to be running real clunky all day today

Teen Exorcism Squad: Three Girls Claim Ability To Cast Out Demons

Texas "gunboats" to patrol Rio Grande border with Mexico

Bomb squad for suspicious package at LIMBAUGH's home/ estate/ compound/ mansion

Every Single Republic Initiative In Congress Pushes Xianity Down Our Throats

I love it when they double down on the stupid

Who drops dead at 43 years of age?

I'll get a lot of streaming and DVD viewing in between now and March 19

Be careful when you fight monsters, lest you become one yourself....

Michigan GOP changes rules, gives Romney extra delegate

"The Money Masters" - is there anyone who's debunked this pile of shit?

So Breitbart is dead? Good, fuck him, I hope it was painful.

Michael Steele just called Chris Matthews "nubile". I'm so tired of people

If the Mormons rebaptised John Calvin, would his body still be raptured?

I have a question about access to healthcare for the uninsured

Willard Romney...

Rush Limbaugh, Have You No Shame, No Sense of Decency?

I posted this in the meta forum but it was locked.

Yes. We. Are. Better. Than. That.

Happy St. David's Day to fellow Welsh DUers

Is there a compiled list of Limbaugh sponsors? I feel the need to cut back on some purchases.

Ed Shultz looks great tonight

First excerpt of 'Drift' by Rachel Maddow released...

Five Senators who should be taken to task for supporting the Blunt Amendment

Mike Malloy - Open Letter To Christians

Device Sent To Rush Limbaugh 'A Business Opportunity'

For the *life* of me, I can't understand why *DEMOCRATS* are ok with this.

Some think Kali is cruel for naming her dog "Dumbass". Then they meet him.

The only regret Kali has about her dog Dumbass' name is that she didn't give it to her son.

Oh, yeah... she wants his wiener! YEAH, BABY!!!

I support Chellie Pingee for US Senate from Maine.

The most adorable buttscoot EVER:

Li'l MiddleFingerMom was simultaneously adorable and EVIL!!!

MFM was arrested once for breastfeeding a baby at Olive Garden.

Stratfor “Source” James Casey Leaves FBI

Tweety is so full of shit: "Both parties to blame for lack of moderates!"

Cult Divided On Whether To Let Women Become Telepathic-Vision Clerics

The Myth Of NRA Dominance Parts III & IV: Two Elections the NRA Lost and the Declining Role of Guns

In regards to the Blunt Amendment, I think the pukes just need to smoke a big fat blunt.

Make no mistake. Rush's fake Hoax "package" is to distract from how outrageous he was and he knows

Heads up; Sandra Fluke on Ed tonight (in this hour)

Question about this Sheriff Arpaio 'investigation'...

Obama on Gas Prices and Oil Subsidies (DU needs to mediablast this now)

I'm back, well have been for a week now.

Will the Republican War on Women backfire?

The 40 Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers - Forbes magazine

Experts: Translated Toyota Memo Shows Electronic Acceleration Concern

I just received the email on a quote from Warren Buffet....

So, will Mitt Romney convert Breitbart to Mormon now?

Yes, the bomb squad has been at rush's house. Link to local tv below

Tim's Tent

Unbelievably the Republicans point man in their contraception battle is David Vitter

Tikki Marie (the doggie) has crossed the Rainbow Bridge...

Freeper: Was Breitbart killed by poisoned drink in bar, or KGB-style umbrella injecting in the calf?

Al Franken Flags Torture Program Architect at NDAA Hearing

Sadly, talking out of your ass gives you an edge in debate.

Steinbrenner plans to lower Yankees payroll

We must forgive Mr. Limbaugh.

Low Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Cause Memory Problems

It's funny how when we lost Whitney, a person who contributed so much to society through

I know what killed Andrew Breitbart...

Today I put my money where my mouth is. Will you do it too?

Gingrich blames teachers for same sex marriage

Was the Terror necessary to defend the French Revolution?

PPP: Obama doing well in Wisconsin and beyond

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Schadenfreude & a new Kitty gif

Obama speaking live on the Ed Show

Jennifer Granholm just pointed out that Bain Capital owns Clear Channel...

Mitt Rmoney said he supports this. This is the man who is likely to be running for president.

Suspicious package at Rush's home was an electronic plaque

AT&T hastening demise of unlimited data plans

Do they really think a 61-yr-old man calling a young woman a "slut" will win in November?

A Parent Says: Enough of the Blame Game With Teachers

Seasonings and vegetables for venison stew?

Happiness Makes Your Brain Work Better

Behind the times. It what ways are you behind the times? I just had 'shake and bake' for dinner

Borowitz: "The most effective form of contraception would be online sex videos of Rush Limbaugh."

Water is wet....

Are We Being Creative Yet?

Georgetown Student Fluke Responds To Limbaugh: This Language Is "Used To Silence Women"

Mike Michaud won’t run for Senate

The Chinese Communist Party's Capitalist Elite

YES! This Is A Question For The GLBTQI Community....

On the death of Andrew Breitbart

Ex-Attorneys General Back Siegelman (More Than 100 Sign Friend of Court Brief)

"Bomb" Sent To Rush Limbaugh Only A Business Opportunity

Close neighbors, Virginia and Maryland are

#BoycottRush tweets from MSNBC contributor Krystall Ball

Nation's Toughest Immigration Law Stays Put For Now

eHarmony on Twitter: Never paid for ads on Limbaugh show, looking into matter of "network buys"

Blunt Offers NEW Amendment Vote: Mandatory Coverage For Leeches

Awhile back a friend of mine spent some time with Andrew Breitbart.

I just had a glitch re: jury service

Sandra Fluke Responds To Being Called ‘Slut,’ ‘Prostitute’ By Limbaugh

Eight more Righthaven lawsuits dismissed

God Did Not Write or Inspire the Bible

2012 tornado disaster relief: how you can help

Calls mount to stop resort near thriving Mexican reef


NM court denies request for stay in emissions case

Dear Dumbass Sheriff Arpaio - have you dealt with the more than 400 cases of Domestic Violence ....

Wow... a whole lot of dancing shoes got dusted off today, huh?

What excuse do these 76 universities have for endorsing Limbaugh?

Meet Mitt Romney's 2008 Arizona campaign co-chair: Sheriff Orly 'Joe' Arpaio-Taitz

We all owe a hearty thank you to Celebration - she said YES

Andrew Breitbart interesting (in-law) genealogy

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Praises Mitt Romney

Olympia Snowe: Why I’m leaving the Senate

Georgetown Student Sandra Fluke Responds To Limbaugh's Comments - video

Toons: Strapped His Dogma, No Snowe, This is Creepy and More. - 3/1/2012

Tenn. Principal Quits After Telling Gay Students They're Hell-Bound

(UK) Laws to ban wild animals being used for circus performances

Bid to end death penalty headed to the ballot (California)

Granola Bars

Teenager Is Charged In Killing of 3 At a School

Dem. PA. Senator Responds to Corbett's Budgetlaplooza tour of corporations

Ex-DuPont Employee Admits to Selling Trade Secrets to Chinese Firm

Here's what drives me insane about the juries.

Any rosarians here?

Talking points: What to tell people who say "Obamacare forces us to buy health insurance"

I'd boycott Rush Limbaugh's sponsors but...

I won't speak ill of the dead

Joey Scab on Lawrence O'Donnell=priceless! Rethugs suck, period. Even his

We seem to have a new batch of trolls

Thousands of Nurses, Activists to March in Chicago on May 18th To Greet G-8 Summit of World Leaders

They just can't stand progress.

Breitbart / Limbaugh.. My question is who FUNDS this drug-addled Nazi trash?

Here's what's being posted about Sandra Fluke on right-wing sites tonight. When is enough enough?

President Obama said the U.S. troops are in Afghanistan to disrupt, dismantle ultimately defeat

The GOP Eases Up on Prisons

Mitt Romney: "I'll get us that oil from Canada we deserve!"

The Rude Pundit discusses a recent death in America...

Jimi Hendrix as an opening act for the Monkees.

Breitbart was NOT simply we disagreed with on politics

GOP Translator

Brown steps up efforts to squelch competing tax hike proposals

Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill

More complaints of fraudulent election calls from Conservatives, this time in British Columbia

Mouth the words "elephant shoes" with the exaggeration on the enunciation but no sound.

Albert Einstein, always interesting.....

Thickest parts of Arctic ice cap melting faster: NASA (with pics)

Rep. Speier calls for boycott of Limbaugh sponsors

Dog registered to vote linked to Heather Wilson's Senate campaign

Planned Parenthood Selling Sex Drugs To Our Children?

Under lockdown: Life inside dissident Tibetan town

KeyAndPeele - Obama's Meeting with the GOP

Where is Zogby?

Un oeuf is not enough: France suffers major egg shortage

Cleveland's Grady Sizemore can't catch a break -- 6th operation in 4 years

Video: Journalist escapes from Syria

Democrats squawk over $690 million bridge

China News March 01, 2012

Couple charged after hundreds of snakes, lizards and rodents found in home

Catholic diocese sorry after punishing girl for speaking native languange

When Davy Jones stopped by my local bar

So gasbag limpballs wants to practice his gross voyerism on all women that have birth control

Reviewing All 20 Republican Debates

Afghan Women Speak Out Against Protests Over U.S. Quran Burning

Press Release from the Free Syrian Army

Stratfor Email: "I'm in favor of using whatever trumped up charge is available to get Assange"

CBC: Election call tapes being reviewed by Conservatives

Chicago School Board: Fire Them All & Let God Sort It Out Later

Navy pilot who shot down US plane in friendly fire incident in 1987 made Admiral....

Best Songs w/Trombone?

Juan Cole: Dear MSM: Andrew Breitbart was not a Blogger

Election call tapes being reviewed by Conservatives

Yep, the best way to get back at Breitbart

Vice President Biden takes harsher tone in China comments

Teachers: the New Satanic Serial Child Molesters?

Did ya'll know that there is actually a website called GOP Clown Show dot com - LOL

Only Slavery Can Save a School When Funding Dries Up?

Fox Guarding Hen House: Rhee Buddies Up to Duncan During Investigation of DC Cheating Scandal

You know these republicians have got to stop "Showing" how Voter Fraud is committed

Maybe Fred Phelps can eulogize Brietbart at the service...

Our President is talking; kicking ass and taking names!

My only regret about Breitbart's demise

What is going on here? So a politician on the Conservative side

Jon Stewart: Regarding the Blunt amendment, and introducing the “Founding Fathers Theater.”

Hey what become of that "Bomb Scare" at Limbaugh's house? I mean it was breaking news now

New word!

Teh Gay...

Got a jury summons today, any ideas on how to get out of it?

Newsletter to Montana legislators calls for homeland for white race

Repug caucus on Tuesday

Appeals court: Calif. dispensaries can't be banned, but must grow pot on site

Spring comes to Lexington

What are some good ideas for positive ways to use Flashmobs this year coming into elections?

A good man died this week & he chose love, not hate.

Anyone else addicted to their i pad?

What is all this talk about War with Iran?

Is Miley Cyrus an Atheist?

"Andrew Breitbart: Remembering a traitor who used lies and trickery to deceive his fellow Americans"

Why the MSM LOVES a political dogfight: Michigan primary brought $7.6M in TV ads to state

For the Nader Haters: a question. If you blame Gore's alleged 500 vote loss in 2000 on Nader

Modern Myths that Destroy Humanity

IMO, the GOP is doing market research to find the lowest female break point

So Breitbart dies, and we're supposed to make nice and forget how evil he was?

women's herstory month biography--artemisia

today's quote

April 19: Mitch Daniels in Champaign, Illinois. Protest!!!

today in women's herstory

Breitbart Friend Reveals To Hannity: Obama Harvard Tapes Will Be Out ‘In A Week Or Two’

Good riddance, Olympia Snowe.

One of the best shortest posts of the day regarding Breitbart

Local paper coverage of the Ward I (Omaha Steve) election

Hi Everyone!

Mike Malloy is back on 92.1 the Mic tonight

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, March 1)

ALERT: Major Tornado Outbreak Expected Tomorrow From MS to OH

The Myths That Are Killing Us

Herman Cain Super PAC Releases Its First Bizarre Ad

Pennsylvania: Ultrasound Bill Is Shelved

A Big Day’s Coming ( Mitt Romney and Social Security)

Mad men returns March 25th.......say what??!!

Poll Finds Divisions Over Requiring Coverage (of birth control)

Mining Bill

Girls are not peripheral: Time to kill the ‘Smurfette principle’

Once he gets the nomination, Mitt Romney will do the usual kiss-ass visit to Limbaugh's show

RIP Andrew Breitbart

Republican Senate Candidate and 5yr old son interviewed on Neil Cavuto (Creepy)

Republican dysfunction Exhibit A: Highways

(Shimon) Peres Says U.S. Must Put All Iran Options on Table

Iran holds parliamentary elections

Obama and the Koran: Was it wrong to say sorry?

Path to 270: Obama's standing in every swing state (March edition)

Late 60s, early 70s: Davy Jones, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy

Andrew B. and sympathy

Leave it to a sista to show them how it's done

Obama gets heckled on Iran at NYC fundraiser

Irish President Michael Higgins Eviscerates American RW talk show host Michael Graham.(WooHoo!)

Chargers G Dielman retires due to concussion

We can’t do that. We’d have to lock up the sheep.

The Last Word: Surprising encounters with Andrew Breitbart (MSNBC video)

Late middle-aged male experts agree: They know everything

Serious Question for Australians Only

Well Sheriff Joe has released the results of his bomb shell investigation

I'm bummed and feeling more than a little silly

Support in Alabama House for tax increase proposal wilts under lobbying effort

China's top Tibet official orders tighter control of Internet

This just in: President Obama will be re-elected president in 2012.

UK "bad bank" repays 2.1 billion sterling to taxpayer

EU summit: All but two leaders sign fiscal treaty

Oil price falls back from 43-month high

03/01/12: Quote of the Day - "What if There Were 83 Women Senators? " - Bernie Sanders

A pretty cool timelapse thing of the new Cotter Dam during the recent deluge...

Iran parliamentary elections seen as contest of hard-liners

For those who want sympathy for Andrew Breitbart, recall what he said after Teddy Kennedy's death...

unbelieveable, leadership? what leadership?

For those wanting to run government like a business

Commit to caucusing

U.S. Must Maintain Military Might, Secretary Says

President Obama Rallies His Supporters/CampaignDonors - video

Limbaugh's little bomb threat a publicity stunt?

Sleep Train Mattress (via twitter) is pulling their ads off of Limbaugh's show...

Texas to celebrate 176th birthday

American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity Seeks New President > washington, DC craigslist > jobs

The War on Words: Moving the Goalposts AGAIN

Smugglers fire at Border Patrol agents

Texas grid operator expects summer electricity pinch

Tell Steny Hoyer: Don't sell out Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Gallego urges Rodriguez to stay out of Democratic primary


Four Fiscal Phonies | Krugman - NYT

Toon: The Star

So David Cameron who slaughtered all those folks in Libya is issuing a warning to

Toles Toon: Ultrasound

With Breitbart Gone, What Becomes of His Empire?

Boycott Rush-Sponsor List

Toon- Advice for Romney

Bill Clinton's Private Equity Career Short-Lived

Spanish-designed TB vaccine to start trials backed by Gates Foundation

What kind of meat is this?

A memo for November. Buckeye trees are not the right height.

Texas Farmer Takes On TransCanada

D.C. archdiocese: Denying Communion to lesbian at funeral was against ‘policy’

I tried to use the word "squee" in a game of words with friends...

HA! One sponsor down for Rush

California poses rail risk for China

Troy mayor recall effort goes on

Non Sequitur **so** nails it!. . . . (again)

Florida mulls outlawing Shariah, other foreign law

PMO Scientist Pest Control

So I went to a Prayer and Praise breakfast a few days ago

America the Possible: A Manifesto, Part I

Eugene Robinson: The Danger of Mitt Being Mitt

In 2002 - Romney bragged about Washington connections and sought federal funds

Shrinking Community Grants Put Cities In A Crunch

Britain warns of 'a day of reckoning' for Syrian regime amid reports of executions

Breaking -Kentucky and Tennessee DUers -watch out for a major tornado outbreak this afternoon in

Why the GOP Won’t Win the Senate

Oil Advances Above $110 on Report of Saudi Pipeline Explosion

Credit unions hit a record number of members

Fidelity Says Money Fund Reform Will 'Destroy' Industry

5 Coal-Fired Power Plants Closing

Bank of America reportedly considering new checking fees

TPM: Arpaio May Use Taxpayer Funds To Further Investigate Obama Birth Certificate

Funny Friday...

Firewall Fail: As Super Tuesday Nears, No End in Sight to GOP Primary Fight

Teabaggers whine about IRS not giving them tax exempt status they don't deserve

Effects of Climate Change...

Obama to Iran and Israel: 'As President of the United States, I Don't Bluff'

Let's bug the Maryland legislature into passing its universal health care bill

Texas Preparing Its Own Riverine Navy

Very Basic question about getting an email "subscribe" button for Wordpress

Monthly Unemployment Report from BLS

Hey Rickey!! Throw up at this!! I just weep.

Guilty! The 'despicable' Bad Samaritans who stole from Malaysian student with broken jaw during Lond

Conservative friend on Facebook says fuck you to Limbaugh...

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Squaw Valley CA - 8-25-91

Silicon Valley companies grapple with rising costs in China

Iran, Electric Cars and Our Stuck Narrative

Red Cross convoy arrives in Homs bringing Baba Amr aid

Dems demand that GOP condemn Limbaugh

Pakistan will proceed on pipeline to Iran, minister says

Many aspects of what happened on 9/11 have NOTHING to do with speculation.

Forbes: Andrew Breitbart Dead: Who Will Slither Forward On His Sleazy Path?

Remember Billy Mays?

Wildlife official says he ate cougar that he shot

$8.3 B: A Big Price Tag For a DOE Dice Roll

Ever heard of the group Love Spirals Downwards?

Oxygen envelops Saturn's icy moon

Petrol price hits record high

This is what it takes.

A Green Empire

Quiz Show (Bible Contradictions)

demand that the GOP condemn Limbaugh? might as well shout at the clouds.

Are India nuclear power plants safe: 3 deaths at Kalpakkam raises doubts

Golden anniversary of Chamberlain's 100-point game

'Twisted' waves could boost capacity of wi-fi and TV

AT&T hastening demise of unlimited data plans


I appreciate the angst that DU goes through when a scumbag like Breitbart dies.

A federal judge and a sheriff are openly racist, yet still hold office

A Sad Legacy for Breitbart

Oklahoma Senator Pickets Personhood Bill With Hilarious, Obscene Sign (protect your children ROFL)

Obama on Iran: 'I don't bluff'

About that "Cold Case Posse" that "investigated" the president's birth certificate...

Police forces equipped with facial recognition devices cause privacy outrage

Bye Bye American Pie: The Challenge of the Productivity Revolution (Robert Reich)

Drumbeat: March 2, 2012

Drumbeat: March 2, 2012

International Women's Day Global Women's Strike - Milwaukee

Peak oil notes - March 1

When Sen. Blunt had a wife AND a lobbyist mistress, what birth control were they using

This guy has it all figured out. I read it in a reader's forum.

Peak oil notes - March 1

Has a journalist cornered Rmoney and asked about Rush's 'slut' comment?

TGIF - - Dog & Kitty cuteness overload!

Ken Mehlman: ‘I Am Sorry’ For Helping Bush Exploit Anti-Gay Sentiment, ‘I Wish I Had Spoken Out’

Sizing Up Health Impacts a Year After Fukushima

File under Roller Coasters you may not want to ride.

"This Country's Going to War"- Duck Soup sequence

Reduce dependence on foreign oil and move America toward clean, sustainable energy, and create jobs.

How Does One Flummox The United States Air Force?

I don't keep slaves - BUT - I do threaten them & make them live in the closet

Keystone Pipeline Brings Pain at Pump, Few Jobs: Jonathan Alter

Americans Elect is a joke

Caress me down!

Magnificent pro choice argument

Santorum leads Romney in latest Ohio poll

FLASHBACK: GOP Accused Media Of Sexism Against Conservative Women, Demanded Apologies

Tornado Threat Looms Large in Storm-Rattled Midwest and South (Active Warnings!)

My wife has a dry wit.

Mansion servant enslaved by uber-rich New York family for nearly six years

Happy Birthday Theodor Geisel

Mike Luckovich - "Let Them Eat Cake"

Ken Mehlman: ‘I Am Sorry’ For Helping Bush Exploit Anti-Gay Sentiment, ‘I Wish I Had Spoken Out’

Über-Douche "Kristinn" pens a moving tribute to "Andrew Breitbart, One of the Original FReepers."

Obama to Iran and Israel: 'As President of the United States, I Don't Bluff'

On American ‘Exceptionalism’

If you've ever read Stephen R. Donaldson

Santorum Knocks Gov't Role For Schools, Took "Tens of Thousands" of Tax Dollars For His Kids

Dean Baker: The payroll tax law's best measure

Fake guns a real problem in city

Boston, MA: Protest Chris Christie’s Veto of Marriage Equality– Mon. March 5/5:30 PM @Copley Square

What's for Dinner ~ Friday March 2nd

Protest Chris Christie’s Veto of Marriage Equality – Monday March 5/5:30 PM @ Copley Square

I just wrote both of my senators and my congressman...

Local Fox affiliate bitching about President Obama saying he was way ahead of Linsanity ....

I'd Call This Peak Wingnut, but I Bet We'll Top It Eventually

Rolling thunder in the distance

Six Truths in Life

Rush Limbaugh Advertiser Sleep Train Pulls Commercials In Wake Of Sandra Fluke 'Slut' Firestorm


The Universal Attractor: a concept of god that emerges from Chaos Theory

Revolving Door: Former Members of the 111th Congress mostly become lobbyists and influence peddlers

The 1966 Decree

The Rude Pundit: The Most Bizarrely Offensive Shit Rush Limbaugh Said About Sandra Fluke:

Bid to end death penalty headed to CA ballot

The Rude Pundit: The Most Bizarrely Offensive Shit Rush Limbaugh Said About Sandra Fluke

Great comeback from guy who drank with Breitbart hours before he died

Romney is a dream candidate for Obama.

Austerity, American Style

K&R if you like Obama!

If Israeli voters get their way, no attack on Iran without US help

Economy gets more good news

"Cat farts" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "cat farts".

Romney caught lying on video about getting tax dollars from the federal government.

test patterns {teacher testing & education}

Dead Can Dance - The Host Of Seraphim

Cross-post from GD

Supreme Court denies Cuccinelli's bid for UVa records

Just like the old Soviet Union, the Republican Party is rotting from within and will collapse...

TOON: Non Sequitur

Self insured organizations and contraception coverage

The Myth of Militant Atheism

Wow that kid in Hugo looks very much like Elijah Wood when he was a kid.

The Coming Economic Growth Collapse

Massachusetts polling?

Severe Storm Risk Map (1pm) Good Lawd!

Tiny Baby Sloth gets the Onesie Treatment

This Modern World: A New Culture-War Controversy Explodes!

Danziger on Rush

So, little andy breitbart is dead.

I wonder how Rush will react today?

Let me be Crystal Clear: I REJOICE in Andrew Breitbart's Death

RW meta-Talking Point: Those Who Pay Get to Control (Limbaugh, et al) is a Framing Trap

Scott Walker puts Republican Donors to Wisconsin Judicial Commission

Apparent tornado touches down near Huntsville, Alabama, officials say

Viganella – The Italian Village that Built Its Own Sun

(UK) Local opposition to onshore windfarms has tripled, poll shows

Hillbrow: Between Heaven and Hell

WOW! The geese are headed north, big time!

What DC Debbie said:

Tape surfaces of Mitt Romney bragging about D.C. connections, ability to 'get money' from Washington

John Boehner: Rush Limbaugh 'slut' remark 'inappropriate'

Grandparents For Marriage Equality

Pic Of The Moment: Parliamentary Elections In Iran

Chinese Hachiko Waits Outside for His Master from 9 to 5

George Will: Take Congress, not White House

Seven Obama Co-Chairs Support Adding Marriage Equality To Democratic Platform

Olbermann: Did Limbaugh just call his own mother a prostitute?

Obama Health-Care Hikes Hit Military, Spare Unions; Vets Vow to Fight ....True?

Washington Congressman Norm Dicks not running for re-election

Toon: a good reason not to withhold contraception coverage....

Toon: Chumps at the Pump

Report: Bloom Energy to fuel Apple’s iCloud cell farm

“If a woman then wants birth control, go work somewhere else.”

When Repubs say, "...this is not about birth control"

Gay Marriage Supporters Ask Judge to End Prop. 8

One Billion Rising: V-Day, Dance Against Women’s Violence

Did the Conservative Supreme Court Dash Romney's White House Hopes?

Best songs with TUBA...

Boehner calls Limbaugh remarks 'inappropriate'

Haywood principal resigns after anti-gay remarks

Mass Effect's Gay Debate Shows Gamers Have Growing Up to Do

Amy Goodman: Stratfor, WikiLeaks and the Obama administration's war against truth

Rachel says Ann Coulter is a former girlfriend?

Gasoline prices rise for 24th day

Man Denied Liver Transplant for Using Prescribed Marijuana: “Probably Too Late for Me”

TYT: Shocking Stratfor/Wikileaks Update - Where Is The Intelligence Going?

Tenn. Principal Quits After Telling Gay Students They're Hell-Bound

Return of Rock Lobster - The Story of Aaron Fricke

Man in Rutgers video stream says he noticed webcam

Logging and Shooting Hoot Owls Planned

US Military-turned-contractor: "the vast majority of us are straight up sociopaths"

The abuse of political power is as dangerous as nuclear power itself

Bill collector tells woman her X cannot come back from Afghanistan until her student loan is current

Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say

Man Drinks Gas, Smokes, Dies

Rush Limbaugh is reading this

Putin Says He Might Run for President Again in 2018

If you want to sign a petition to the GOP about Rush...

So, Republicans Would Be Okay with a Muslim Employer Using Sharia Law in the Workplace

Patients Aware Campaign Dispels Myths on Medicare and the ACA

Where the Jobs Are, the Training May Not Be

Pentagon commander says US special forces in India

The Racists Think I’m One Of Them

Red Crescent blocked from Homs district

GOP Wants Two Wild Card Spots Added to Presidential Election

Furious retailer pulls adverts from Rush Limbaugh's show (Sleep Train)

Advertiser quits Limbaugh

Reconciliation in Libya? Libya tribe offers olive branch to Misrata

I don't think WE THE PEOPLE should broadcast Rush Limbaugh on Armed Forces Radio

Sabbath Day Tourney Moved for Jewish Players

Matt Taibbi’s Wikipedia Defaced After Writing He “Couldn’t Be Happier” Breitbart Died

Judge Tosses Cuccinelli's Global Warming Suit

Great article on direct democracy, town meetings

Looks like Yahoo dropped their comments feature again.

biography of the day--margaret abraham

Car salesmen: Still sexist, still stupid

Whole lotta cash for scholarships

biography for 2 march--jill abramson

So a man caught with a bagful of illegal Viagara coming home from a sex tour in the Caribbean.....

Racist Email Judge Apologizes To Obama

today in women's herstory

Sleep Train Mattress pulling ads with Rush Limbaugh!

A Warning on the Accuracy of Primary Polls

quote of the day

Is Sheriff Joe abusing his public powers?

IJV Canada endorses the Global March to Jerusalem

Ken Mehlman "apologizes" for anti-gay 2004 campaign.

Hot French Footballers Kiss During Game

a biography of the day--sophonisba breckenridge

Chad Griffin named to head Human Rights Campaign

WATCH: Religious Grandparents For Same Sex Marriage

WATCH: Religious Grandparents For Same Sex Marriage

Pelosi rips Limbaugh over `slut’ comment, calls on House GOP to repudiate it

The 'Year of the Republican Woman' is long over.

Why This Atheist Still Needs His Former Pastor

RIP Edna Chadwell: She was a hard-nosed lady. She didn’t put up with no monkey business

Well hey. Hell crops up one more time

EU leaders sign new fiscal treaty

Where the Jobs Are, the Training May Not Be.

I’ll have 3+ days in Chicago. What should I do / see?

What Governors And Congress Should Be Focused On Rather Than Contraception

DU Album of the Day: "Dire Straits" Dire Straits

Video : In ’02 Romney Touted D.C. Connections, Federal Funds

Oil sand crude.

Obama's 'Taxicab Bump'

MFM Gets Gas, Folks Dies (now with pic)

Xinhua - Two-Thirds Of Chinese Cities Cannot Meet New Air Quality Standards

Sandra Fluke, Limbaugh victim, on MSNBC RIGHT NOW

Banks' fees pay off — for credit unions

Romney Reopens Whatever-It-Takes Playbook

Sandra Fluke Receives Call From Obama After Rush Limbaugh 'Slut' Comments

Half Of New South Wales Flooded Or Threatened By Flooding; Rains Head For Victoria

BBC - Drought Conditions, Already Severe "Set To Widen" In UK

The Contraception Fight May Cost The GOP The White House and The Senate

Waikiki Sand Project Hits A Snag

Kiribati Leaders Confirm Potential Land Purchase In Fiji

The diary of Anne Frank: Mormon heaven

Goddammit my Senator, Maria Cantwell pisses me off

TX State Climatologist Rises From Obscurity To Become One Of State's Best-Known Experts

Rush and Santorum = Madonna/Whore Syndrome

Judge rules (Illinois) eavesdropping law unconstitutional

I would like to know what Rush's wife thinks

Virginia Supreme Court Rejects Subpoenas of Climate Scientists’ Emails

Freepers tantrumming b/c Boehner called Rushbo's rant against Sandra Fluke "inappropriate"

Thom Hartmann: North Korea - Food for nukes

Thom Hartmann: The Jeb Scenario...

How to Find the Perfect Linux Distribution for You

A question about Limbaugh for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

What War on Religion?

Help. Picture of a man holding a HUGE dog that

Judge rules (Illinois) eavesdropping law unconstitutional

Next up on the RW agenda: Reinstitution of slavery in the USA...

Drummer Boy of the Day

What a strange day it's been at work today and it's not over yet.

Oklahoma state senator’s sign: ‘If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d f*ck a senator’

President Obama Calls Woman Who Testified At Contraception Hearing

New juicer in the house!

I do like the change in the RH LBN column on the Latest Threads page

I guess the lesson here is--- don't be a good Samaritan.

When if ever does abortion make you uncomfortable/uneasy?

Fiorina: Rush Limbaugh's comments about student "insulting," "incendiary"

HR 535 – Year of the Bible Resolution (billboard)

Syria: New Satellite Images Show Homs Shelling

Sandra Fluke: President Obama "said to tell my parents that they should be proud."

Mitch Daniels’s unfounded claim: President Obama wanted higher gas prices

Look, I Take Boner At His Word That He Thinks Limpballs Was Inappropriate

Occupy: This is good, big stuff!

Iceland considers switching to the Canadian dollar

Inside Out update: big stuff this week

is andrew breitbart still dead?

Question for math geeks

Arizona Republican kills bill requiring $2,000 minimum college tuition payment

Help take Limpballs down!

Cats can drive ya nuts.

Hitting Limbaugh where it hurts

Leaps of Faith

Apple employees may already be using iPad 3s running iOS 6 to surf the web internally


Alan Grayson Wins DFA Grassroots All-Star Endorsement

5 Religious Concepts That Atheists Can Use

Did anyone see the pathetic tribute to Breitbart on the house floor by TX Rep Louie Gohmert?

David Rathband death

It's getting better quickly - Sleep Number beds just dropped their sponsorship of Limpballs!

Meh. Romney.

Sandra Fluke needs to sue LardAss for every penny he has...

French Left's 'Supertax' Gets Broad Backing-Poll.

Large defection in Homs district Bayada

I am a slut, Rush

Occupy Boston-Twitter gives Boston police, prosecutors data from one subscriber in criminal inquiry

"The Catholic Bishops are at it again!"

Violation of Scripture

Chipping Away At The First Amendment: New 'Trespassing' Bill Could Be Used To Criminalize Legitimate

AMC accidently post major plot spoiler on Walking Dead website

I could really use some help here.

Let's list the nasty things ReTHUGS said about or to President Obama

Ex-Mass. student sues college over roommate's sex

California state bonds sell briskly (LA Times)

Listen folks these Tornadoes are serious

I just called my Washington State Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell regarding Limbaugh.

"...the Republican Party is populated by absolute whackos and nuts."

Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme

Job creators’ in Spain offer land to cannabis growers

Guess what Rush?? I have sex and I LIKE it. Unlike you, I don't have to PAY for it

Dave Ross: Arpaio "Stepped in It" (re: Birther "Cold Case Posse")

Can we FINALLY petition to have Limbags REMOVED from Armed Forces Radio??

NY Hospitals Saddle Uninsured Patients with Massive Debt Despite $100s of Millions in Gov’t Aid

Before you buy a genealogy book, check here

Springville homeowner shoots, kills intruder

Anchorage Fur Rendezvous winter festival

Power Tends to Corrupt Decision-Making

Fundies Say The Darndest Things

How the story of the "Three Little Pigs" would be covered in the media today.

Best wishes to all in tornado-land.

"Obama Telephones Woman Maligned By Rush Limbaugh"

Awesome juxtaposition re Santorum, faith, and college

Five new 'Super Tuesday' polls--Santorum leads in 3 of them

Lawmakers debate civil liabilities of home invasions (self-defense)

Twitter Outs Occupy User After Judges Demand

Limbaugh today makes even MORE incendiary comments about Fluke

Nothing to do with LGBT : about bullying...

Indiana House Approves Bill That Allows Homeowners To Kill Police Officers

Thom Hartmann: Fukushima - Did we almost lose Tokyo?

Senator Franken: Privacy and Civil Liberties in the Digital Age

"If I wanted the government in my womb, I'd f__k a senator!"

"Sleep Number" (twitter) says it pulled it adverts from Limbaugh

I got a response from AFN

Ex-cons, homeless vets aim at enlightenment through Buddhist art in St. Louis

Rush Limbaugh says Fluke's birth control cost $3000 a year. Is that true?

Paul Krugman: Four Fiscal Phonies

NYC hospital admits to fraudulent Medicare fees

ACLU Adds to Charges in Suit Challenging Wisconsin Voter ID Law Amended Complaint Asserts Law

Chardon supporters to create human barricade against Westboro funeral protesters

Obama calls Sandra Fluke, Georgetown law student assailed by Rush Limbaugh

This Week in Poverty: Hunger—Where We Are, Where We Need to Be

Since Rush is spreading lies about Sandra Fluke, I just wanted to post her actual statement...

Limbaugh should keep it up...

910 AM San Francisco airs Limbaugh. Let's kick him off the air.

5 U.S. Service Members Found Responsible for Koran Burnings

Sandra Fluke's actual testimony

World's worst tourists? Americans say ... Americans

Old joke about a hated man who finally dies...

DU: a guide for the perplexed

How anti-Obama will the tea partiers in KY and IN be tomorrow....

Hackers had 'full functional control' of Nasa computers (BBC)

Strange Posts from Adam Schefter today regarding the Saints

The Nation: Georgetown University releases statement of support

Unabashedly Pro-Woman Thread, Because...Damn.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Senate Vote on Blunt Amendment Today

Flashback: Rush Limbaugh got his ass handed to him by a 15-year-old little girl

So then, your Jehovah Witness boss can tell them no adding blood?

DNC statements in honor of Women’s History Month

Discovering seal sounds in Antartica...

There but for the grace of Russ go us...and an open letter from Ryan Wherley

Crude Eases After Blast Denied

Socialist Worker online - Syria's uprising strenghtens anti-imperialism (ironic)

Papantonio: Limbaugh’s Lack of Virility Behind His Hostility Towards Women

Teen stripped of license forever after crash.

DU this poll, please: "Should Michigan become a 'right-to-work' state?"

Where are the instructions for posting a video clip and such?

UN Commission concludes NATO did not target civilians in Libya


A good resource for debunking birthers

Anyone check Intrade lately, re: Obama?

Rush Limbaugh Sings "I'm a Nazi!"

Syria: New Satellite Images Show Homs Shelling

Good update on how various Limbaugh sponsors are dealing with the social media firestorm

What Would President Mitt Romney's Drug Policy Look Like?

How to hurt Rush, perspective from a radio insider.

K&R if you think that Rush Limbaugh is a POS*

Debunking the Birthers and the Obama Eligibility Movement

OMFG! The temperature in Nashville is going to drop 30-40 degrees.

Barclays Debunks The Greatest 'Urban Legend' Of The Labor Market

Lamar Odom -- DROPPED from the Dallas Mavericks

Do you need special training to write an Employment Posting?

Get Out The Vote, 2012

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 3, 2012 -- The Essentials: Bands on the Run (or TCM goes to 11)

So Rush likes Pornography

Here's the good news:

Buddy Roemer on Ratigan pushing for his candidacy

Revealed: government plans for police privatisation

Authorities: 'Extreme' tornado damage in Indiana

"A Bully Gets Bullied"

Krystal Ball follows DU3

'Downton Abbey' Creator Julian Fellowes Brings The Titanic To Life In New ABC Special

Anyone else's cursor disappearing occasionally?

I did it!!!! Singlehandedly...

How Many Jobs Are In My Vagina?

The Republican war on women is not about contraception

A sadly ill-timed book release

Tornado sirens sound in downtown Louisville

So how long before one 'regains' their virginity?

QuickenLoans drops Rush adverts

Wareham police seize firearms, including two assault rifles

Best Songs with Bassoon....

Quicken Loans drops Rush

Why aren't those arguing against contraception as part of the health insurnace

Could This Radical College Change the World Economy?

Limbaugh blames Dems for making birth-control issue political

Colombia is unsafe under current government: Uribe .

Judge Who Sent Racist E-mail - Will Get New Office - Obama Stimulus

So I sent a man to jail last night.

3 advertisers pulled

Rush Limbaugh: Not the Only One with First Amendment Rights

Rush Limbaugh Unites All Decent People

I believe this is the spearhead of an attack on all healthcare specific to women.

Select Comfort reported to drop Limbaugh show

Judge orders release of recently convicted 'parapolitians' .

NASA says it was hacked 13 times last year

High risk of a major tornado outbreak today

Rush Limbaugh's Sandra Fluke comments "absurd," says Rick Santorum

Romney busted bragging about all the money he got from "the federal government."

Indiana Tornado update: Henryville Indiana leveled.

Suehs (HHS Commissioner) responds angrily to Planned Parenthood activists

Santorum calls Limbaugh ‘absurd’

Happy Friday Afternoon Challenge, DUers! Today: Castles and their “Stories”!

Clint Dempsey Scores for USA vs. Italy

Any idea who the woman on Hannity's radio show was? The sane one, I mean.

How to Watch the Mars Close-Up This Weekend

Suehs (Texas HHS Commissioner) responds angrily to Planned Parenthood activists

Mudding the waters to clear things up. Records retention.

Will this event the "slut" comment and posting sex videos be Limbaugh's down fall or will he manage

Sandra Fluke is on Tweety

How to Make Potato Chips in the Microwave

Romney Campaign Pivots to 'National Home State' Strategy

So . . . . this shitstorm around Viagra Boy and The Boner . . . . good, bad, indifferent?

Kerry: I'm nothing like Romney

Heads up!!! Tornado watch till late tonight, mostly in No. Ala.

Sleep Number: "Comments Made by Limbaugh Do Not Align With Our Values"

Miami Valedictorian Could Be Deported

The price spread between Brent and WTI is widening

The Hunger Games

Didn't Ed Schultz Get A Suspension For Calling Someone A Slut?......

Olbermann: A Reminder... Rush In Essence Called ALL

Who all advertises on the Limpballs show? That's what I wanna know.

One Radio Station at a time. The secretary is very nice. Call now!!!

Empty Promises: Experts Say Keystone XL Won’t Do Anything For Gas Prices

I just received this email from Carbonite re their Limbaugh sponsorship

The phrase for today IS NOT "blow job" DO NOT modify a thread title to include "blow job".

another one down...

Some angry folks out there...

Lower Corporate Taxes Don't Create Jobs

The British photographer who was rescued from Syria gave his first interview to Sky News today.

Reporting Today On Companies Who STILL Advertise on the Rush Limbaugh Show (AutoZone Says Does Not)

Action for all NCers - contact WPTF - tell them Rush must go from our airwaves

"HE THANKED ME": President Obama calls Ms Fluke - Georgetown law student attacked by Rush Limbaugh

Why Is Talk Radio ALL Conservative? Show starts in 34 minutes . . .

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Why Birth Control Matters

"Tebow Bill" rejected by Va. Senate

Forget Rush's sponsors...

Do NOT Look

@%$#&@(%*#^@$! DLink wireless router. Just bought it and can't get it to work right.

Anybody know Limbaugh's local KOA sponsors?

Game Over, Mittens --- Tell Tape: "I am big believer in getting money’ from Washington"

How many women voters are there?

Pakistani Taliban targets rival Islamists in deadly blast

First snowfall in 4 months here in NH

MSNBC: "The town of Marysville Indiana has been WIPED OFF THE MAP with a population of 1900 people"

Scott Brown's comments on Rush's spew - just came across on Twitter - a few others as well

Glenn Greenwald tweet on Sandra Fluke

The division series will be 2-3 instead of 2-2-1 this year.

It's late Friday afternoon, during a blizzard, so Walker's henchman pick this time to announce...

States slash birth control subsidies as federal debate rages

The GOP have both A Waukesha judge and the GAB giving and asking for extra time?

How to spin shit.

Rick Santorum’s Ohio Delegate Problems Pile Up

Did you hear that single parenting is abuse now?

Rush Limbaugh Owes Democracy an Apology

Hungary’s Right-Wing Threat (dangerously close to the fascism Europe has been striving to bury)

Here come the megabuses (BBC)

The Giant 21st Century Asset Grab

Journalists and civil society activists caught up in new wave of threats

The Top Ten Weird and Bizarre Chinese Soft Drinks

New Jersey Same-Sex Marriage Support At New High, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

Wisconsin: Breaking-Video of Walker One Week Before Election Promising to Negotiate With Unions

Armed Forces Radio Network Audience Feedback Email Page

Labour minister and MI5 'briefed about phone hacking scandal' (under Blair)

Pic Of The Moment: Enormous Gasbag Crashes And Burns

Please come over and join my little rally for teh wimmenz in GD.

a few more tweets regarding reactions to Limbaugh's offense...

x-post from the TX forum: Suehs (HHS Commissioner) responds angrily to Planned Parenthood activists

The second one. A sad reminder of time passing.

US Air Force awards $9M contract for up to 18,000 iPads

Robert Glasper - Always Shine (Feat. Lupe Fiasco And Bilal) - David Letterman 2-29-12

Is RushLimbo getting himself ready to retire? I think so, getting himself pushed out

Quicken Loans pulls ads from Rush Limbaugh show

Canadians lead the world in internet use at 45 hours a month. They say it is the distance

Weekend Economists Clean Out Davy Jones' Locker, March 2-4, 2012

Terrible flooding here

Jon Huntsman Dropped From RNC Lavish Donor Gathering in Palm Beach

Melissa Harris-Perry is ripping Rush a new on on Reverend Al.

Librals unite!!!

Santorum: ‘People 20 years ago couldn’t conceive of a cell phone’

Carbonite replacements - Just let Dave Friend know! [ONLINE BACKUP COMPANY]

Excremence in Broadcasting

DNC Hits Mitt Romney For Earmark Hypocrisy

*BBC World News interview w Goldberg re: PrezO interview.

Alzheimer’s: What Is the Value of Knowing Early: A View Across Five Countries

Knoxville, TN DUers

Activists: ‘It’s illegal to be openly gay’ in Mississippi

Rasmussen tracking: Obama 48 Romney 42, Obama 46 Santorum 43

contact the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) here

Workers Promised Careers in Marcellus Shale Laid Off After One Month

Any paralegals here on DU?

U.N. chief speaks of "grisly reports" from Syria

News of the Times: Romney admits, "I AM a corporation"!

Maybe they wouldn't want to regulate my uterus so much if it paid taxes? n/t

What These Popular Republican Phrases Really Mean

Answer from AFN re: Limpballs

Engineers flowchart

Scarborough: "Santorum had a chance to take out the Death Star and he blew it."

I didn't know you could do *that* on a Gold Wing..

Has anyone done a juice fast?

Anyone know who will be on Real Time tonight?

To the men of D.U.

Obama tweaks NDAA

Who do you hope is the first female President? Since Hillary is not available I say Debbie Wasserman

Physicists Measure the Skin of a Nucleus

TYT: DHS Searching Facebook/Twitter For Marijuana, Other Keywords

As a woman, I need more information before I make important decisions

Challenge to Obama recess appointments denied

MAINE: Catholic Diocese Says It Won't Campaign Against Gay Marriage Bill

The Point (w/ Sexy Liberal John Fugelsang) 2 Party System, Electoral College & Why Vote On Tuesday?

Axelrod: Rush's 'Appalling Assault' Deserves 'Universal Condemnation'

I cannot understand why this hasn't been plastered all over DU yet

Did I hear about Acharya from you guys?

What are these mysterious black splotches on the surface of Mars?

Rush Limbaugh 'Slut' Comments Drive Georgetown To Defend Student Sandra Fluke

I had the pleasure of sharing dinner last night with some new friends and their 9 yo daughter

U.S. companies may experience “a hiring panic” in the next few months.

Here are some jokes about seniors I thought were really sweet:

Who's the lady in black with the blue jeans on CNN?

Unite against the War on Women 4/28/2012

If you're on Facebook & pissed off at the war on women, please consider joining these groups;

A Neo-Nazi in the GOP: Where's the Outrage From On High? (shocked)