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Archives: March 18, 2012

RUIN - animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe

Personhood bill...F*&K YOU, rePUKES!!

NO! The forced birthers haven't won.

I was watching tv this morning and they were talking about Osama Bin Laden's hatred for Obama.

(sigh) MFM’s life is “not fucked“.

"If folk really like you, they'll feed you," I say as a joke.

Toon-Try New "Due" Process!

Robert Parry: The ‘Surge’ Myth’s Deadly Result

Repubs brace for possible floor fight at convention...

What are you reading the week of March 18, 2012?

The continuing cuteness of the President and kids:

How much did Inhofe lie on Thursday's Rachel?

What did you have for dinner tonight? We had tacos. My dad loved them. My mom did too.

What I didn't say to a 20-something or younger today who said, "I'm old school... "

Catholic Chaplain Delivers Politically Charged Prayer In Kansas State House

Crazy things you parents used to do? My mom bought a wig one time. She wore it home from work. It

The Colorado House...

Iraq's Sadr movement frees former US soldier

Video - Flying over the earth at night - Spectacular

Silencing Occupy: Big protests are planned. So is suppression

"The Road We've Traveled" was simply excellent

Michelle Obama will be on Letterman Monday night

Artist Cee-Lo sings ‘F**K You’ uncensored at Obama fundraiser


Boston Teachers Mock Longer School Day With Stunt Plane

Survey Finds Teachers Don't Trust State Tests (And This is News?)

President Obama repeats call to end subsidies for Big Oil

Amendment to highway bill sideswipes Little Tobacco

This is going to make you cry -Shelagh was here — an ordinary, magical life

Tom Corbett makes Rachel Maddow - 2 minutes into the video

Air Canada flights cancelled as pilots call in sick

Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy

I Love Abortion: Implying Otherwise Accomplishes Nothing for Women's Rights

Mind Wandering Is Linked To Your Working Memory

TEA PARTY Leader Kidnaps and Rapes Woman.

Breaking: "First Degree Homicide Of The Unborn Child Bill" Passes CO House On Second Reading

Rowan Williams quits as Anglican leader, says successor needs a “rhino skin”

Today's Missouri R Caucuses Marred By Confusion And Contention. (Gee, there's a shock.)

The United States of Misogyny (an apropos combo image)

Effective World Government Will Be Needed to Stave Off Climate Catastrophe

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Ending Subsidies for Big Oil Companies

Racist Anti-Obama Bumper Sticker

How Western Buddhism Has Changed in 50 Years.

Voter Supression Laws (Photo ID)

Sunday Talk Shows

Facebook can be politically enlightening without intending to be

The lunacy of the Republicans' position on health care and women's rights illustrated

Government takes 92-year-old woman’s money after believing she died

Police called to Missouri caucus site.

Bales' money/marriage problems, criminal history

Corbett still moving forward to stop food stamps to households with more than $5,500 of assets

Governor Sam Brownback's facebook page is having technical difficulties

Woman used to sublimate their needs and work through religious institutions for what was

King Crimson. Oh, yes......

Can Santorum pull it out in Illinois?

One single person rec'd my one op three times. How does that happen?

next (and main) problem: photobucket

Even more photos from the Santa Barbara Orchid Exhibition

Jimmy Carter publishes study Bible, discusses faith-filled life

Things are getting out of hand in our country.

Is there more to the story than is being told?

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms at its Worst

Are there any PAC-10 teams in the Big Dance???

McNaughton's Forgotten Man and Mount Rushmore

tonight's musical find - Fleet Foxes

This is where the Tea Party has brought Colorado.

Fourteen reasons schools are troubled (and no, it’s not all about teachers)

Cuba: What really happened in the Holguín cathedral

Mitt Romney's St. Patrick's Day Gaffe A Real 'Boozy'

if anyone wishes to invite the angels over

Arizona Plans to Criminalize Passive Resistance

Today is not just about green beer

Atheist Calls for Destruction of Churches!

Mr. McConnell & Mr. Boehner Look To The Future

This is where the Tea Party has brought Colorado.

Please write this down somewhere. VP picks will be coming soon

Whistleblower: BP Oil Platform Off Louisiana Coast-UNSAFE-Faces 'Present and Imminent Danger'

More police violence at Zucotti Park.

Is "The Last of the Mohicans" Michael Mann's best

The Lie of Self Defense

Kentucky AND Louisville to the Sweet 16.

American convicted in cross-border scam

Operation Bark Check

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, March 17, St. Patrick's Day)

Is rug now blocked from this group?

Robert Fisk: Afghanistan: Madness is not the reason for this massacre

Power and Control

OWS NY - Apparently, the cops just beat up a woman in handcuffs, busted ribs, all caught on video

Missouri caucuses marked by contention, with no clear victor yet

At the close of St Patricks Day I wish to say.. One Ireland!!!

Truthout: Court Rejects Voter Suppression Efforts

The secrets of Saif Gaddafi’s jail: chef, satellite TV and a basketball court

Jury result message glitch?

Greg Palast tweet: His photographer, ZD Roberts, beaten by NY police while yelling that he's press

Study blames obesity epidemic on rising CO2 levels

Well, I saw rug's tombstone in Tombstne. Should he be pinned to the top of the group?

There was a leader of a country who bent over backwards for the social and religious conservatives

Catholic Sharia Law?

hannity is the RADICAL that he is ALWAYS trying to pin on Obama. I wish some1 would ask him about

Growing pains of Eagle Ford experienced by South Texas counties

Anyone else checked out ?

Something major is wrong, isn't it?

some of this is me for sure, LOL

Russia Today ixnayed by youtube

TIME Magazine Does It Again: Different covers for the US as opposed to other countries

Enough is enough!

Woman (in cuffs?) tackled and beaten by NYPD at OWS NY.

Op-Ed: Ravi Verdict Won’t End LGBT Abuse on Campuses

Healthcare resources being wasted on pre-abortion ultrasounds could be better spent....

New Executive Order Seizes Control over Civilian Activities

Rush Limbaugh’s conspiracy theory

That Wishful Thinking About Tax Rates

'US, Israel agree Iran abandoned nuclear bomb'

A couple of questions for those who know constitutional law, RE: These invasive anti-female laws

James Connolly-sung by Patrick Galvin(the writer of the song)

Traffic Backup, Beach Access Closed, Police say There's No More Room

welcome back goclark, good to see you around these parts.

So I'm walking around the flea market with a magnet, looking for cookware..

Canto Libre-Victor Jara(for Zuccotti Park and the return of Occupy worldwide)

Thread to offer your good wishes to those who've retaken Zuccotti park tonight

Abbott seeking higher office?

'US, Israel agree Iran abandoned nuclear bomb'

Labour pledge "job guarantees for under-25's"

Obama’s evolution: Behind the failed ‘grand bargain’ on the debt

Records show the Bales' (Afghan massacre suspect) own two properties, both of which are underwater..

Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI) reaches one million members

Cartoonist Glenn McCoy... calls himself "a conservative cartoonist"

Video from security cameras shows what happens when a tornado hits a school:

Rush Limbaugh on 4th Marriage (or is it Divorce) Mocks Divorced Lesbians

North Sentinel Island

Brazil bars Chevron execs from leaving over spill

It's pretty clear that none of the GOP candidates can take on the bigots...

Cuba offers paid time off for workers to see pope

Cuba offers paid time off for workers to see pope

Problem. Links not working correctly.

we were born before the wind.

Did you any of you go see Bill Maher in Huntsville last night?

Pink Slime, yuck.....

Oh--we'll only go after Medicare for those under 55. We'll leave current recipients strictly alone!

New B-52 Low Flyby of Aircraft Carrier (very low-Good Lawd!)

Well, Pat Buchanan has a funeral to attend:

Paul made an absolutely DEE-LISH dinner last night!

Birtherism, Racism, Anti-Muslimism- in other words, unvarnished ugly hate

Life Before Text app (great idea for one time fee of $3.98)

Teen's death raises painful, pressing questions

"Probably Gay - The Homophobia Song" (LOL)

There should be Congressional hearings on talk radio

The dangers of being on DU too long ...

We're all Muppets to Mitt Romney: Is that going to be [his] solution to everything:hose us down?

Has anyone reviewed Executive Order From March 16?

'He's a normal guy,' says neighbour of US sniper accused of Afghan killings

GOP Meme Translator:

Can you tell me the way to Corolla Laguna?

The Kennedy assassination: Did Castro know in advance?

NAACP: N.J. Gov. Christie wants to steal Supreme Court to undo decades of progress on fair housing

[View All] is back? No! Please, no!

I woke up today with the Irish blues

Brazil to charge Chevron executives over fresh oil leak

The Walking Dead 2.13 - Besides the Dying Fire (season finale - SPOILERS)

Gay Nebraska fan calls anti-gay football coach ‘religious bully’

'Progress of P.O.C. and the LGBT community couldn’t have happened without Bayard Rustin's activism'

In depth Phil Inquirer article on PA's largest charter school (and Corbett's largest contributor)

Blast rocks Syrian city as opposition plans Sunday rallies

Missouri National Guard sergeant tied to Nazism is fired

Swiss edge closer to gay adoption

UK says Iran blocking website in censorship battle

Iranian banks cut off from SWIFT system (uh-oh)

25 year-old Occupy Activist moves into 18% lead in Illinois 10th District U.S. House primary

Two Years On, Agricultural Markets Still Unbalanced and Unfair, Farmers Say

Shut Down Monsanto

Wilkinsburg man detained, accused of promoting anti-American violence. (Not Charged)

Oil boom fears flow in pristine Irish Hills (Michigan)

"Job Creators" is just new code for "trickle down" economics

Last chance to save the NHS: sign this Avaaz petition

Chimp police break up fights: Swiss study

Are these the final results of the Missouri Republican Caucus from yesterday?

What does this say about Romney's personality????

Cinderfellas: The Long-Lost Fairy Tales

The Trayton Martin shooter had a concealed weapons permit

You blame Obama?

As state attorney general, Corbett prosecuted ZERO cases of voter fraud

1-ton WWII-era bomb discovered near Marseille port

"A Caustic Brew"

An Impossible Standard: When NPR Covers Its Sponsors

Raging Granny VRB

American's for Life, A Christian anti-contraception org. had a youtube ad before this song.

Tony Auth- Soldier, you're good to go!

"SINGLE PAYER" - The simplest solution!

We've gotten lots of robo calls in the last 2 days

They just took down my Bellevue Ward I campaign tent!!!

Michigan gun rights fanatic denigrates recent high school gun massacre

john mcinsane wants a 'commitment to win' in afghanistan

Discussions about Trolls and How to Get Rid of Them...

So the NYT wonders why all these years later, no one has stepped up to fill Gloria Steinhem's shoes

ANALYSIS: When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1,452% Raise (on Average)

Foreclosure Whistleblower Wins $18 Million in Bank Accord

Got a weird robo-poll yesterday. It started out political with all

Lloyd to Patriots, Manningham to Niners.

The WI rightwing is trying to intimdate me by using Recall information on my blog Alien Relay 2.0

Retirement Insecurity: A Problem that Needs a Solution (so here’s one!)

Tar sands....needs no words.

Quantum Biology and the Puzzle of Coherence

I almost feel sorry for the poor elephant....

Sunday mouthpieces all say too many tours in war zone is bad, but none admit we need a draft.

Afghan Atrocity: Can Stress and Head Trauma Cause a Soldier to ‘Snap’?

NYT Editorial: The Banks Win, Again

Nine years after we were lied into war with Iraq, those who objected deserve some praise

Exposed Myself on Paddy Day

IF the oil that would flow through the Keystone pipeline is for US consumption...

the boss

Excellent superpac video reminds me of 70s cop movies like Shaft

Are We Ready to Kiss Our Big Dams Goodbye?

Dirt Road To Psychedelia (Some people claimed mal site)

The cartoon seen around the world.

Where pimps peddle their goods. (In classified ads)

WTF?!? For Keystone Pipeline-"Killing Wolves Is "Regrettable" BUT "an accepted scientific approach"

Sarah Palin's foolishness ruined US politics

Iran, Israel and the nuclear diversion

Romney, Inc.: Here Comes the I.P.O.

All the way to Tampa; Santorum and Gingrich hate Romney 'to the core'.

Ahh, it is the Rumsfeld Proof: the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence

If we can locate Joseph Kony with a drone should we hit him in the head with a Sidewinder missile?

President Obama signs executive order allowing control over all US resources

why are we paying such HIGH gas prices, you ask?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday March 18th

Lying about Obama's Budget

This is a hoot: the movie Game Change in less than a minute

Viewing a member's posts?

After Backing Anti-Birth Control Blunt Amendment-McCain Now Says GOP Needs To ‘Get Off’ War On Women

Pastor fires on toy guns in Easter baskets.

Hey Santorum - STFU!

Friday it was too hot to take the dogs to town in the truck and leave them in a store parking lot

Could we possibly have the option of seeing the whole thread after posting a reply?

Podcast interview: The Fox Effect. Highly recommended

wow. How'd I sleep through Norah

Judge refuses to dismiss homeless veterans suit

Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Sound Of Sunshine

Obama Admin...... The San Diego Cross Stays

Evidence of Global Economic Recovery

Dick Vitale’s TV interview goes haywire (video)

Axe on Mitt: “If he thinks he’s an economic heavyweight - he must be looking at a funhouse mirror”

New Criterion "Anatomy Of A Murder".

Contrary to Previous Reports, the President has no opinion on NC Marriage Amendment

GOP Deflects. Claims President Obama has "War on Women."

Latest Wars More Costly Than Vietnam In Human Terms

Why is the Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate Viral on FB and Free Republic?

Florida workers fired for wearing - ORANGE.

Hey, an Indiana middle school teacher is gearing to run against Tony Bennett.

Is there a way to access the non-mobile version

I didn't appreciate how FREE we are in this country

QB Alex Smith visiting Dolphins

Chile, Argentina to deepen integration

Venezuela sends 15,000 troops to borders

Republican Catholics cool so far to Rick Santorum

REO Speedwagon- Ridin' the Storm Out

McLaren's Jenson Button wins Formula One Australian Grand Prix

Looking for a well-regulated militia

I-pad humor. Are the apps serving you well?

My Saint Charles County GOP Caucus Report 3/17/2012

Well, all just need to remember, political prison..........

Why American Atheists is advertising to Jews and Muslims

Ayatollah Santorum: Obama Admin ‘Putting Children At Risk’ By Not Prosecuting Pornographers

It is impossible to drill our way to $2.50 gas

Obama to Boehner on Title X cuts: 'Nope. Zero'

The Pagan/Atheist Alliance

Education by the Numbers

Battling for a piece of Assad: Emails leaked

Brady Quinn signs with KC to replace Kyle Orton on the bench.

Profiting from Punishment: The Dangers of Privatizing Imprisonment

BUSH Speechwriter: "Bush loyalists "all want to be back in power again, and Romney's the best bet."

Gaddafi aide's arrest could shed light on Libyan secrets

Possible bug with viewing the edit history on OPs

Jimmy Carter publishes study Bible, discusses faith-filled life

The Banks Win, Again

"I saved General Motors and killed OBL. Now shut the fuck up!"

German Jews Slam ‘Israel Apartheid’ Comment

Photoshop experiment

After Backing Anti-Birth Control Blunt Amendment, McCain Now Says GOP Needs To ‘Get Off’ War On Wome

Sgt. Robert Bales, suspect in Afghanistan massacre, likely to be charged soon: expert

Scotts Miracle-Gro pleads guilty to selling poisoned bird seed

Times In-Depth: Erie veterans struggle with the wounds of war

Suspect’s Deployments Put Focus on War Strains

Death To All tour

Santorum renews promise to root out obscene pornography

Obama Executive Order would seize US infrastructure, citizens for nat'l defense

NSA whistle-blower: Obama “worse than Bush”

It is 78 degrees F in Maine right now - and it's still astronomical winter.

Thank you DUer Kadie for posting the Obama Pictures! President Obama is not a Muslim.

I picked the wrong bar

Stoned driving epidemic puts wrinkle in pot debate

Video of Corbett's speech and question & answer session at Univ of Pittsburgh least he is staying consistantly idiotic. In the late 90's he was advocating child labor

The “explain DU3" experiment failed. Rebooting it...

The Stephanie Miller's Radio show starts March 26 on Current TV

The Mexican Election and the Split on the Left

Rick Santorum's war on porn would resemble Prohibition

Texas Farmers Battle Ogallala Pumping Limits

2012 GOP race is 'nastiest' campaign yet, McCain says

An open letter to PA. College Students from a fellow student - "Don't wait or it will be too late"

Recalling a Young American’s Sacrifice

Need advice on catastrophic health ins for a family.

New Toxic Sludge PR and Lobbying Effort Gets Underway

Kickass Kid of the Day

Colores - Flores - Orquideas - a Critter and Lunch

Ohio County Stadium Debts Force Government To Sell Hospital, Raid Savings

Slavery's last stronghold

Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness

as seen (so to speak) on C&L, The Professional Left Podcast with Driftglass and Blue Gal

The Right Not to Know (Read this. And then read it again the day before the election. Please.)

Is it just me...

About the *GOP War on Women* - it's wrong.

Me thinks all the stuff MITT has been saying about his qualifications and record is a bit over blown

My Mom made some banana bread...

Religion caused this.

It must be spring; or an election year…

Drumbeat: March 17, 2012

Three Obamas Walk to Church on Sunday

A Government Of All the Tossers: Richard Land's advice to Romney

What's on your stereo/mp3 player/radio/TV/whatever?

Thank you for your kindness and an update.

When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1,452% Raise

2012 NCAA Hockey Tournament

Which is worse, the republican candidates trying to create false rage at birth control or gas prices

First Bill Obama Signed; Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

Barbour: 'The Economy Is Not Great Out In America'

Conservatives: Are they nuttier than ever? or just more powerful?

More than 20,000 California teachers pink-slipped

Death of consul's daughter spurs Venezuela outcry

Can proselytizing be considered harassment or hate speech?

French election: tens of thousands march in Paris for leftist candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon

This week I received in the mail (in a legal matter that's not relevant to this post)

CARO's Vol.4 of his LBJ bio is due 05/2012: an inelegant, diary/e-mail review of Vols 1-3

What could Romney do to ameliorate the "Seamus" issue?

Everytime great changes have occurred in societies some groups are dragged kicking and screaming

TYT: Santorum Big Drinker At Penn State, Liked To Party

The barn is full of WALKERS !!!

All Odds Aside, GOP Girding for A Floor Fight..NYTimes

Born That Way, With HIV

How long until the toxicology tests are done?

What if they gave a repuke primary and nobody came? It could happen in New Haven!!

Krugman: The Power of Plutocratic Pettiness

Another fine mess! MO caucuses again show off Republican incompetence...

Why does it seem as if YouTube is infested with people who like Ron Paul?

Kidnappers gave Hultz about $1,000, his personal belongings and a Quran before releasing him

Something in the Water in the 6th CD

How TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill scammed Tennessee taxpayers out of $18,000 TNECD grant money

OMG!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

Scott Brown Cracks Joke About Rick Santorum And Condoms

Even Haley Barbour couldn't vote for Romney

Why aren't the Anti's as mad at cops who shoot unarmed people as they are at zimmerman??

The Killing Of Trayvon Martin Is Not A ‘Black Problem’

German company's ad campaign results in bomb scare chaos

The simplest solution...

Right Wing Blogger Calls for Police to Gun Down Occupy Protesters

This is my 65,000th post!

Single Women Are Quickly Becoming the ‘Evangelicals’ of the Democratic Party

This Week in Civil Liberties (3/16/2012)

Yes, Gay Marriage Is a Civil Rights Issue

'Mushing Mortician' Breathes Life Into Fallen Iditarod Sled Dog

NYC graffiti at it's finest. (Probably NSFW)

FBI poised to step up investigation into News Corp

Does anyone know if there's somewhere to get Anti-Prop 1 yard signs?

Shuster: ‘The Republican Party works for Fox News’ (NOT The Other Way Around)

"I am Seamus!1" "I am Seamus!1" "I am Seamus!1" "I am Seamus!1" "I am Seamus!1"

The six stages of being a Death Metal fan...

What in the world would make you want to cut off an elephants tail ???

Evacuate Tokyo and All US Forces From Japan

Census documenting Great Depression to be released

Does anyone have a recommendation for a light box?

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh’s Radical Roots

Rick Santorum calls Puerto Rico ‘a Spanish-speaking country

Dump DeMarco, recess appoint a new federal Housing Finance Agency head - petition.

Republican Catholics cool so far to Rick Santorum


Quitting smoking again for the first time....

Rational argument is not immune to religious manipulation

The Religious Language In U.S. Foreign Policy

CHART: How The 1934 Recovery Benefited The 99 Percent, While 2010's Benefited The Rich

Grothman doubles down...

Some of UC pepper spraying report can be made public, judge rules

27 Republican Bills that aren't about Jobs (even though that's how they describe them)

Sanford Police Chief says he's sure Trayvon would do things differently if he could relive Feb. 26

Defining Personhood 101

In the 1930s American Nazis built a huge bunker for Hitler in Los Angeles. Am I the only one

3rd installment in the weiner dog series

Some of UC Davis pepper spraying report can be made public, judge rules

The Zombie Lie That Won’t Die: Gas Prices Edition

The Church is Losing Members. Read On to Find Out Why.

The Church is Losing Members. Read On to Find Out Why.

The Tremeloes - Silence is Golden

From St Pat's day, Lexington, Ky

Delaware women in NCAA;

Your best new argument against tar-sands mining: George W. Bush supports it

Matt Flynn agrees with Seahawks


Former Santorum flunkie, Matt Shaner, fires entire arena football team during dinner

Suggested Arizona Ad Blitz: "Arizona! If you ain't white, you ain't right...leave!"

Romney Leads GOP Contest, Trails in Matchup with Obama 54% to 42% - PEW Research

What if education now available to only the 1% were available to all?

Clumsy cameraman kills mutant bunny

Shooter of Trayvon Martin a habitual caller to cops

C-SPAN's Brian Lamb is Stepping Aside

Question about Plants vs. Zombies game

NYT: All Odds Aside, G.O.P. Girding for Floor Fight

Leftover corned beef?

Contest: How many drops in a 2 oz. Bottle of Tabasco?

Truth Team Tipsheet #2

Does anyone here have a mesh network in their community?

The Power of Plutocratic Pettiness

Dave Silverman on CNN

Jonathan Capehart: Under ‘suspicion’: the killing of Trayvon Martin

Fox News Attacks Food Stamps: Food Benefits For The Poor Are “Inherently The Problem”

Death-benefits broker paying dividends in spite of lawsuits

Little Village - She Runs Hot (Live)

Seven Bar Jokes Involving Grammar and Punctuation.

I watched Black Dynamite, has anyone else seen it ?

Sen Scott Brown Zings Santorum: Getting Secret Service Was ‘First Time He’s Actually Used Protection

Former Governor George Pataki gets grilled by hydrofracking activists

Best places to be a woman!

Ron Paul Supporter Arrested at Caucus in MO

Senator Inhofe Lied To Rachel Maddow About His Knowledge Of Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill Says Author

That fucking tears it. Veterans please respond to my proposal with a thumbs up or down.

John Oliver's UNESCO expose - hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

Santorum believes he "was called to run to save America against the scourge of

Off topic, hosts please let this thread fall on it's own: Veterans Please head over to our group

Is Darts a sport ? "Bellies and Bullseyes: The Outrageous True Story of Darts"

Off topic, hosts please let this thread fall on it's own: Veterans Please head over to our group

Off topic, hosts please let this thread fall on it's own: Veterans Please head over to our group

Off topic, hosts please let this thread fall on it's own: Veterans Please head over to our group

Off topic, hosts please let this thread fall on it's own: Veterans Please head over to our group

Off topic, hosts please let this thread fall on it's own: Veterans Please head over to our group

How to Make the World a Better Place

Here is the NRA list of speakers for the nutty NRA meeting next month in St Louis.....

Did someone say its a Spending Problem.....?

Where's the thread on Ayla Reynolds?

LEAKED PHOTO from 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar, in anticipation of President Santorum

My friend Mikel Wisser(D) is running for Congress in Kingman AZ...

AG Holder - Racist gun control agenda?

OMFG - look at ganja on NBC Dateline

In a Power Grab, the Kochs' Struggles Are Revealed

I won't be attending the elections this year...

China's revenge!


Has Anyone Noticed this 'Vocal Fry' Syndrome Going On

Struggling Clear Channel And Rush Limbaugh's $400 Million Payday

Anti-Communist pastor Gauck elected German president

Sarah Palin on Breitbart: "We didn’t just lose a General–we lost an entire Special Forces Division"

Venezuelans threaten mass lawsuits for faulty breast implants

One of the great problems in the Republican party is that we don't encourage you to be nasty

Siri: I Couldn’t Find Any Suicide Prevention Centers

Game of Thrones fans

Romney wins Puerto Rico, GOP campaign continues

Of Time,and Gully Foyle by Neil Gaiman

oh no...Santiorium going after Porn could be a problem for Newt...writer of soft porn books

Royal Mail pension fund transfer due next month

The Vortex. Incredible RW Catholic Organization supports Santorum

Romney wins Puerto Rico primary

It would be a smart move if other countries started refining gas for export to the U.S..

Heads up for Frozen Planet at 8.00pm DST

Ultra alpha male uber-masculine men annoy the hell out of me

MiddleFingerMom is going to try posting his groups again (his so-called "spam").

Brown: Secret Service For Santorum The First Time He’s “Used Protection”

TX Sen Candidate Ted Cruz Spouts Paranoid Fantasy About UN/George Soros Conspiracy To Eliminate Golf

Best basketball heckle ever.

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

George Zimmerman wasn't tested for drugs or alcohol.

I just had a miscarriage

Video: Bodies of massacred revolutionaries thrown off top of buildings by Assad security forces

'Vick Romney' - Keep Seamus' memory alive.

Census documenting Great Depression to be released