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Archives: March 17, 2012

Goldman Person Leaked Apple, Intel Secrets: Lawyer

Obama introduced New Guidelines on contraception in Atlanta - Ed Shultz

Does anybody have the jury results for this one?

What is your favourite kind of tree? I like maples. We used to have tons of them on our property

My cat was asleep on top of me when I woke up. She's never done that before.

Rather than a "sex strike" protesting these anti-women laws........

None better, IMO, than Liam Clancy singing the most beautiful Irish song ever.

Petition concerning AARP back-room meetings on Social Securities future.

What does the US have in common with Iran, Somalia, Naurau, Palau, Sudan and Tonga?

Anybody here ever served 4 combat tours? I guess I was lucky.

Murdoch did meet Thatcher before Times takeover, memo reveals

The bin Laden plot to kill President Obama

*POTUS speaking live in Atlanta, Ed Show now.

Shocking Sandra Fluke connections - All from simply dating a guy!

DOJ Wants American Contractor's Torture Suit Against Rumsfeld Dismissed

What To Look For In NASCAR This Year...

GOP is avoiding the Walker problem. They are telling us upfront, they will destory pubic education,

Where Are the Lima Beans?

Westboro Releases 'You Might Be a Slut' Ad for Limbaugh's Show

120 degrees of flexion

I thought this was funny satire from the Onion...

Chomsky Interview on Occupy and other questions


The lesson from Wisconsin is to stand up to bullies

Netanyahu's Real Goal is Not Bombing Iran; It's Defeating Obama

I'm really going to be ticked off if Duke loses!

FIRST TIME, seeing ad for Bartlett on TV!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fridaze + a new Kitty gif

My solution to the Keystone Pipeline

Whooee! Rachel is on female fueled fire tonight!!

"Occupy Delaware" Disrupts Sherrif's Sale On (JP Morgan Chase) Jamie Dimon's Birthday!

Watching Rachel Maddow right now and I've got one thing to say...

Senator’s sudden resignation breaks Wisconsin GOP’s majority

If Republicans are telling women they "can close their eyes"....

Two officials face discipline in war dead controversy

My bracket sucks...

A smile to take you into the weekend. From President Obama.

If I had a nickel......


Friday Talking Points (202) -- Seamus, That's The Dog, Was Outside

My brother in law got a girl pregnant who was barely legal, then after they broke up

St. Stanislaus Kosta Church wins circuit court decision

TWO #15s beat #2s on the same day????

Senator Barbara Mikulski makes history while centering Senate women


Senator Barbara Mikulski makes history while centering Senate women

Butch Otter - Chief Vaginal Officer...

deleted did not see this story posted - but have since found one.

Haw, Haw,Haw.........double Haw

Romney says he "built a windshield" for Seamus.

Democratic Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall Attack Obama Administration's Use of Patriot Act

I get it now

Anecdotal observation:

Karl Rove advises the Obama Campaign to spend less money,

Monkey Business: "It is only fair that Rick Santorum's scientific views be given their due"

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange to Run for Australian Senate

Flynt to Santorum: Butt Out

The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking - Roger Waters -

Air Force to further discipline former supervisors in Dover mortuary controversy

Silence of the Lambs in on the Wmovie channel.

UN-backed Congolese army drive could displace 100,000 people, analysts warn


White House: Colleges must cover birth control for students

Finally, a jobs bill in the Tennesssee House!

The 'best' ever Romney/Seamus quote:

Thank You

Bad Moon Rising

The latest Official RNC Delegate Count

Proud Mary

TRAYVON MARTIN 911 MURDER TAPE 17 YEAR OLD screams for his life as nut kills him

Me and Bobby McGee

Average cost of an ultrasound

90 degrees forecast high for Columbus, Georgia Sunday.

House Of The Rising Sun

Colombian ex-soldiers jailed in murder cover-up .

Behind Blue Eyes

The Case for Crazy: What the GOP Would Learn by Picking Rick Santorum

Bill Maher looks pretty crappy tonight


Regarding the new 'VIEW ALL' link: it is screwing things up

White Rabbit

So My Girlfriend Asked Me Tonight to Make a Posting

Opponents flooding marriage survey

All Along The Watchtower

Hahahaha - too bad it's not really funny....



Staying alive

Toons: Afghanistan Cave Writings, Goldman Sachs Muppets, Dark Threatening Cloud and More. - 3/16/12

Pierre Poutine robocalls misdirected over 5000 people in Guelph according to ctv news.

Ricky caught Sunbathing in Puerto Rico

The Republican 4G Network


Too Funny... University of Michigan's last two games of the year...

The most shocking thing I learned on Bill Maher's show tonight...

Taxpayers Coalition Denies Knowledge Of Robocall Threat To Councillor Matlow

Countdown w/Keith Olbermann: Lewis Black Rips Rush Limbaugh And The Republican War On Women

Al Qaeda To Osama Bin Laden: Fox News 'Lacks Objectivity'

Temperature check: How's this climate change thing working out for you?

Oh my

The Five Weirdest Stories Of 2012 All Happened Today

El Salvador to give pensions to ex-rebel fighters

Cannot post links to facebook because:

Guns of the Walking Dead.

Bill Maher Tears Into KONY 2012: Raising Awareness Is ‘The Beginning Of Solving A Problem ...

Obama in Chicago knocks GOP rivals: No Abe Lincolns among them

Alexandra Pelosi Debuts New Video, Bill Maher Says It May ‘Make Liberals Go Insane’

If the GOP gets its way...

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz: It Gets Better

Walker delusional about job creation

Pulp many times can I watch this movie???

Some would say: Omaha Steve is #1 at the Cave

DUzy Awards for March 16th, 2012

Manfred Mann - On The Run


Raid on dockers’ union offices in Costa Rica

Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus

Help! I cant get my pc to shut down. Operating in a windows 7 environment.


Robo-calls warrant ‘huge investigation,’ former Harper aide says

How the freak does a cat get on top of the roof of a porch of a abandon home? The cat I took in

I just watched this again and I'd like to share an observation

How 'bout dem Bulls

Skydiver Felix Baumgartner on track for super jump (BBC)

The GOP Never Backs Down

Microsoft new ad for IE9

H_A's Righteous Rants: Contraception...

state by state speak your mind jersey

state by state about new jersey

state by state about new hampshire

BBC Panorama 2012 Homs Journey into Hell

At least ONE conservative was willing to say 'Limbaugh was wrong' about Fluke...

PETA, Calf-Roping, and the Olympics. Mitt is weak as water.

Poll: What is your browser of choice right now?

Pacifica Hires Notorious Union-Busters Jackson Lewis

Einstein Proved Right in Retest of Neutrinos’ Speed

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Accused of Ethics Violations (Prosser)

Justice Department Investigation Is Sought in Florida Teenager’s Shooting Death

Can somebody please tell me how the Texas sonogram law passed constitutional muster?

Once Upon a Time in 1628

Untouchable Pensions May Be Tested in California

Isn't there a Afghan criminal justice system that should get a first crack at soldier Robert Bales?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Accused of Ethics Violations (Prosser)

Possible Glitch with Alerting

Robert Fisk: Madness is not the reason for this massacre

What the is wrong with the Cave of late?

What the Bible Says Depends on Where You're From

Leaked Syrian emails - fallout.

Site selling racist Obama stickers shut down

Do you ever feel "in the closet" about your atheism/agnostic views?

Voter ID debates on Thom Hartmann and PBS NewsHour

Canadians' duty to remember Shafia girls, PM says

Colorado SOS Finding More Ways to Disenfranchise

Who is the worst Secretary of Obama's cabinet?


Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Google!

Pink Slime-- here's who has it and who doesn't...

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, March 16)

The arguement that Rick Perry and other Republicans make

McCaskill Trails All 4 Potential Rivals in Rasmussen Poll

I have an honest question for advocates of a full-blown Socialist system of government in the US...

Come on

UN Secretary-General reacts to Tibetan hunger strikers in New York

I wonder if the Kony 2012 filmmaker was unknowingly drugged.

Eritrea: Ethiopia attacked us over border dispute

Red Cross says Mali fighting displaced need aid fast

Newt- 'I still have a shot' March Madness

Lebanon Druze head throws lot in with Syria rebels

What food product do you miss most that you used to buy in another town/region?


This smells like the start of corruption: New Florida state secretary takes over at critical time R

President Barack Obama to visit Oklahoma next week

2008 Presidential Campaign Flashback - The Ashley Todd Mugging Hoax (Backwards B-Girl)

Texas sues over feds’ cutoff of women’s health funds in Planned Parenthood dispute

Zowie -the new iPad

Julian Assange eyeing Senate: Wikileaks tweet

OECD outlook: We're fucked.

Sex assault suspect a tea party leader

Olbermann: Lewis Black Rips into Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney

CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher

Analysis - Eyeing Iran, Israel focuses on the day after

IMF warns Palestinians may face cuts without more aid

Israel policy of detaining kids questioned

Reports: Two blasts hit Syria's capital city

BookTv panel discussion on "Game Change"

How the Fundamentalist Mind Compels Conservative Christians to Force Their Beliefs on You

Éirinn go brách

DOJ Appeals Ruling In Torture Suit Against Rumsfeld

Sarah Palin versus Julianne Moore

EU parliament recognises same sex families

Gaddafi spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi held in Mauritania

No way no how anyone with a TBI diagnosis should be sent into a combat situation

Greece recovers 1bn of the 8bn euros of lost tax

Robert Shrum: Mitt Romney has the GOP strapped to the roof of his car

Ed Miliband's Westminster office at centre of police break-in investigation

Reality-check ... is this really what Arianna imagined would happen to HuffingtonPost?

Rachel Maddow from last night - send this to everyone you know

Are You Familiar With In-Q-Tel?

Climate 'tech fixes' urged for Arctic methane

Rev Al does parody of Paul Ryan's new ad. Hilarious.

Statewide hydrofracking activists met in Rochester, N.Y. yesterday...

Weekly Address: Ending Subsidies for Big Oil Companies

Eyesight 'clue' to mental decline

Poor literacy 'increases early death risk for elderly'

"A Glimpse of What Destiny Looks Like"

Nazi camp guard Demjanjuk dies

Utah governor vetoes bill curbing sex education in public schools

The Irish Rovers, "The Unicorn".

Licence to Kill: When governments choose to assassinate

Must see TV -"The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network Into a Propaganda Machine" -Brock

Here's the whole week of "Doonesbury"

happy st patrick's day

Healing Ozone Layer Lowers UV Exposure, Report Finds

Air Force to further discipline former supervisors in Dover mortuary controversy

Hubby said something last night that is worth discussing

Utah Governor VETOES bill to curb sex education in schools.

I thought the United States pacified the Marjah Province a few years ago

Mitt Romney's Many Homes Bounced Him Off Veep Short List In 2008

Israel takes Iran nuclear concern to partner China

Joseph Stiglitz on the continuing shambles of the US labour market

Israel takes Iran nuclear concern to partner China

I've become a one issue voter this year

Assange Plans Bid for Australian Senate

Is an alternative possible?

Toon- I miss my old GYN

Toon- Visiting Abe

Roger Scruton and the kindly atheists

Tea Party favorite rallies Terry (R-NE US Congress) crowd

Amish Bridle at Buggy Rules

Why doesn't the person who sent the alert get the jury results?

Paul Simon brings Graceland back to London, 25 years after apartheid boycott row

Is there one host forum, or one for each group?

Governor Andrew Cuomo has screwed New York

Obama campaign fears uphill climb raising superpac money

Illinois students grill Rick Santorum after teacher interrupts stump speech

Thoughts from Adam Smith

How to Save China’s Capital?

Go Ahead...Have At It...

Sen. Kerry draws crowd to Fall River Chamber of Commerce event

County sells hospital to help pay foolish stadium debt

Where the Wild Things Are (as read by Christopher Walken)

Atheism is a religion?

the American Spring: a time for Occupy to Blossom

Lewis Black rips into Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney

Happy St. Patrick's Day DUer's.

"There’s nothing like losing 40 states to refocus the mind."

if you took the greed out of wall st. all you'd have left is pavement

The Republican Party Has Become The Party Of Paranoia…(The POP)

Where Are the Human Beans?

There needs to be a VAGINA amendment to the Constitution

Mysterious object seen refuelling from Sun

RE: The make a point proposed men's health restriction laws OS X won't turn on by just tapping the mouse anymore....

Wizard petitions to save city icon

Safety worries shut down San Onofre nuclear plant

Photos from the Santa Barbara International Orchid Exhibition

Sen. Sherrod Brown denounces ‘niggardly’ colleagues

Veteran U.S. political commentator: I would be shocked if Israel were to attack Iran

NOW FIVE!!! Olde Towne merchants have my flyers next to their cash registers this morning!!!

Kybele Cult for The Lounge

Atheists plan to spiff up CR98 Saturday of anointing oil left by Christians a year ago

Christians Bilking Christians

Tom Morello's Occupy SXSW Shut Down by Cops

TX Sen Candidate Ted Cruz Spouts Paranoid Fantasy About UN/George Soros Conspiracy To Eliminate Golf

Pope Benedict Will Encounter Diverse Religious Landscape in Mexico and Cuba

Anyone been to Ireland? Need advice.

The power and the inglory

Happy and Lucky Children in Arenal Costa Rica - A Yoga lesson in a one room school

70 Degree days all week here on West Slope

Cuomo's 2016 Path to the White House: Kill The Middle Class

Government oops: Local woman not dead, wants $ back

So Republicans love mandated health care after all....

For the first time Lawrence O'Donnell beats Fox's Greta in money ratings demo 25s-54s

Ohio County Stadium Debts Force Government To Sell Hospital, Raid Savings

Adam Smith’s Psychology

Supersonic silent biplane COMING SOON ...ish

GOP Primary Bracketology

‘The Fair Society’ — Author Calls for More Equality

Transvaginal sonigram is "Rape with a foreign object" if unnecessary & unwanted.

AFSCME Endorses 'Parks and Recreation' Leslie Knope For Pawnee City Council

New Hampshire House Passes A Bill That Falsely Claims Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Breaking: "First Degree Homicide Of The Unborn Child Bill" Passes CO House On Second Reading

George Carlin - PTSD Euphemisms

I've been admitted to Indiana University East

"Pimps, Lies, and Videotapes"

Here's what you'll get with Romney

Toles Toon: Cute Muppet

Where are all the Apple haters now??? Mike Daisey admits to being in theater not journalism. He took

Goldman Sachs’s long history of duping its clients

It's getting ugly in the Hawaii Senate Democratic Primary...

Australian Grand Prix, 18-3-12

Robert Shrum: GOP Strapped to the Roof of Romney's Car

If Trayvon would have been the triggerman,no way could he have talked his way out of arrest.

Vintage Hollywood Squares

I wonder....

"I'll be damned, here comes your ghost again..."

A Long List of Republicans Who Have Yet to Endorse Mitt Romney

"Microsoft seeks patent on monetizing buttons of TV remote"

CBS secretly films GOP fundraiser - GOP freshmen, big-bucks donors hobnob at resort

Teacher Saves Lady's Life With CPR, Gets The Bird In Return

Meet the Cynical Western Companies Helping the Syrian Regime

I do not own a dog...


Abu Mansur Al Amriki, U.S. Jihadi In Somalia, Reportedly Claims Comrades Want To Kill Him

What happens if you have employer-insured contraception but the company is sold?

I'd like to see this thread pinned in the Lounge -

Four Views of Blanche Bruce, the Slave Who Became a U.S. Senator

ROMNEY already promising to ignore constitution!

TCM Schedule for Monday March 19 - TCM Spotlight: British New Wave

Miniature Chameleons Discovered—Fit on Match Tip

Transparency: Keeping our dumbitude on display

This is what I do when I only have one bullet left

Morocco protest against rape-marriage law

Rick Santorum Thinks Carbon Dioxide Isn't Harmful to Plants? Tell That to a Plant

Turn Around Is Fair Play ............... (fair warning:pic--slightly icky.)

Really?!1 Oh-*really*?!1 (SCALIA's vote on health care in play?!1) Meet ya ice skating in Hell.

Most Sexist Shampoo Commmercial Ever


George Zimmerman Neighbors Complained About Aggressive Tactics Before Trayvon Martin Killing


Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman Barker November 3, 1929-March 16, 2012

You Call It Easter, We Call It Ostara

Kansas to Pregnant Women - "A Little Lie from Your Doctor Won't Hurt You"

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday March 17th

Where's the Outrage?


Animal Nuz #88 (Concealed Vagina)

Two Men Thrown Out Of Santorum Rally After Kissing

Corbett Budget Permanently Diverts Funds for Environment, Parks, Trails, Farmland Preservation

Feds confirm robosigning at Bank of America, Wells Fargo and others

Today's Missouri caucuses are a total disaster.

Occupy, social justice groups blockade entrance to Monsanto

"guns don't kill people, sluts do"

An apology to fans of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Will the feds investigate customers who were robosigners?

The paper just shut down(read censored) the comment section regarding Trayvon

what's green and sits outside?

Nobody on Hannity Panel Can Explain The "Horror" Of Obama's Associations

"150 Occupy, social justice groups blockade entrance to Monsanto"-- March 16

Thai billionaire who created Red Bull dies at 89

San Diego Tea Party Leader arrested for kidnapping, rape

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

Link Between Religion and Politics is More Prevalent in GOP Primaries

I do not own a log

First Lady Asma Al-Assad indicates that the supporters of the regime have been using knives to kill

"Trans" vs "Intra"

Barely Literate? How Christian Fundamentalist Homeschooling Hurts Kids.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to Socialist Progressives.

Chilean consul's daughter shot dead (by police Spanish)

A Challenge to Make Science Crystal Clear (Alan Alda)

NPR Revisiting The Spark That Kindled The Syrian Uprising

Unusual German music video from 1971

Crowd at Santorum Rally Horrified when Two Dudes Kiss

Fox News: There Is Definitely A ‘War On Women Voters’

President Obama celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a pint of Guinness at the Dubliner Irish pub -pics

Utterly amazing Mike Daisey rollback about Apple on This American Life.

"Frozen Planet" on the Discovery Channel starts tomorrow:

15 Bible Texts Reveal Why “God’s Own Party” is at War with Women

I do not own a bog

Cat and Dolphins play together: crank up the awwww factor!

Duke lost. I expected to hear wailing...

"NY Catholic bishops lobby against abortion"

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood,


FEC: John Edwards campaign owes U.S. $2.1 million

Five of the ways Romney is campaigning against the American worker.

Is anyone's bracket still good? Even Obama's bracket is hosed

Toni Morrison on when she will know that America has made racial progress

Ethics violations filed against Prosser

Eleven former Qaddafi military officials have been released from Ain Zara prison

Largest MO Caucus Adjourns WITHOUT Conducting Business – No Delegates Selected

WOW! The Tentacular-Expansion Of THe Murdochtopus!

Give me a reasonable believer over an uncompromising atheist any day

Papantonio: The Truth About the Mortgage Fraud Settlement

Road to Ruin by Dick Cavett

Truth Team Tipsheet #1

Here's to my Irish ancestors...

U.S. Clarifies Policy on Birth Control for Religious Groups

Obama Campaign Resources

Bear bites Florida woman in rear end as she walks her dog

Bothering Romney over and over about Seamus is rather childish (snicker) . . .

Your Right To Know:Let The Shine In Week March 11-17, 2012

Aretha Franklin / Tony Bennett Duet

All Odds Aside, G.O.P. Girding for Floor Fight at Convention

Spring gardening.

I did not know this about Walter Reuther:

I'm getting ready for the angels' visit on the 19th

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood,

Judge applicant arrested as she files for 418th

"Holy S**t, What a Nightmare This Turned Into" - How Austerity Destroyed Our Small Towns

Maddow: Republicans don’t know what’s in their abortion bills

Today, EVERYONE is Irish

Foreclosure Whistleblower Wins $18 Million in Bank Accord

Alright, girls, that's enough

NH House Republicans Pass Bill Forcing Doctors To Tell Women That Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

I did not down a nog.

"He ordered a double patty melt, fries and a soda but didn’t finish the meal."

The First Asian Man: The Story Behind the Jeremy Lin Story

Why the hell aren't there any locked threads in this group?

The First Asian Man: The Story Behind the Jeremy Lin Story

I will not eat Green Eggs and Ham

I suspect that all of the over the top craziness from the right is with an

I did not drown a frog.

Lost in time.

10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts

Green water flows in the fountain on the South Lawn of the White House - pics

O'bama celebrates St. Pat's with a pint

What percentage of jurors actually read the alerter's comments?

Time for my HOUSE FIRE - Tune in Everybody

A Women's Voice (Barbara Boxer's PAC) Video

Warmest St. Patrick's Day in Chicago in 141 years.

Afghan photojournalist Farzana Wahidy - look at her photos (only 6)


Robo-signing in credit card debt, too!!!!

SC GOP legislators rip Gov. Haley's statewide tour on tax relief

NOT Cutter Charges in the North Tower

Will the real liberals please stand up?

Green: Death of the Forests

Honeybee die-offs linked to insecticide, study says

Barofsky: Don't Believe Hype About $25B Mortgage Settlement

What state does NOT have some weird anti-woman legislation being passed or proposed at this moment?

Audubon center logs another breakthrough in genetic engineering of endangered cats: meet Crystal

Why NSA's Total Information Awareness will go the way of the Manned Bomber and Space Plane Programs

Anyone from Occupy Iowa City on this board? I need some help next month

Foster "Aspirin Between Their Knees" Friess---$105,000 to Tom "Just Close Their Eyes" Corbett

The new GOP flag for The United States of Misogyny

Ding dong, the Republican Party is dead. Ding dong, the Republican Party is dead.

Loose-lipped iPhones top the list of smartphones exploited by hacker

Prized Recruit Happy Back Home in Delaware.

On the day I retire, this is the cake I'm going to bring to work

Could Back to the Future get any cooler? (Video)

Mitt's Model - Watch The Deficit Explode

Syria: A Defense of Nir Rosen

St. Patrick Driving The Snakes Out Of Ireland

Just saw the lovliest Mass on EWTN.

Argh! Why are My Pics coming Out So Blurry?

Despite Bold Talk on Syria, Turkey Sees Limits of Its Power

"You're Gonna Feel It:" U.S. Military Unveils New Crowd Control "Heat Ray" Weapon

How many actual Irish are there here?

Westboro church pastor's son to face off against dad's picketers at atheist rally

our nation’s government is so practiced in apologizing for carnage that its becoming a perfected art

Occupy Oakland protesters hit by car sue

Here is a list of George Zimmerman's (who killed the unarmed black teenager in FL) new neighbors..

Pic from OWS today. This is a cop???

As long as you don't become one of those atheists...

Mixed messages anyone?

E.coli warning issued for some ground beef products

(UK) Budget 2012: Nick Clegg faces Lib Dem fury over tax boost for rich

Peach-Faced Lovebirds in Phoenix

Nine years after we were lied into war with Iraq, those who objected deserve some praise

Mike Huckabee's handlers sniff blood in the water, offering their boy as a Limbaugh alternative

St. Patrick To Medusa: "Sorry"

Missouri caucuses marked by contention, with no clear victor yet

How Voter ID Laws Are Being Used to Disenfranchise Minorities and the Poor

The Affordable Care Act is doomed isn't it?

Congressman Al Green Arrested yesterday and honored today

Would you vote for a left-winger who claimed the right wing is Satanic?

Every Afghan woman needs a Kalashnikov

TAPE 3: Full 911 Transcription of Trayvon shooting...

PTC: broadcast networks have 'legal obligation to avoid giving extreme offense to any group'


Update NEW PHOTOS!! from Rafael Zambrana about the dog he rescued.

There's not a dimes difference between the Parties.

Another reincarnation question.

Chris Town Mall retrospective

Magic is not a substitute for governing...

Things to do on St. Patrick’s Day: wear some green, drink some beer

Kissing Men Interrupt Santorum's Values Speech at Christian Liberty Academy After Mic Check

This American Life -- Has it "jumped the shark"?

Favorite place to Shop. For me It's Target.

Bragging UK update, Baseball, 20-0 start

I know why Republicans are doing what they are doing

"Supreme Court has ruled that the First Amendment permits the criminalization of pure speech

Chavez makes energetic homecoming after surgery

Greed Prevents Good

So, I spent several hours installing the latest IPad IOS.

Indian police make Iran link to New Delhi bomb and Bangkok explosions

TSA hassles for proles only

NHS pays £20,000 a week for a doctor

Anyone here read Michael Shermer's latest book The Believing Brain?

U.S. fighter in Somalia says threatened by fellow militants

lost flash player completely now ... edited to say this problem fixed

Happy 100th Birthday to Bayard Rustin, “Resister Extraordinaire”

Why I think Mitt Romney is running for President.

"Parking Wars": Funniest show ever!

Black Agenda Report: Eric Holder Tortures the Constitution

An AWESOME link with just about EVERYTHING under sun about Obama BEFORE he became president

Now is the time for us to figure out how to minimize the impact of citizens united on our 2016

Bill Maher Begins ‘Stupidest State Award’ Brackets, Descends Into Painful Self-Parody (updated)

US Supports Election Fraud in Congo

Belgian rightsholders group wants to charge libraries for READING BOOKS TO KIDS

O'Bama, Beer, and a Baby

Harrisburg, we have a problem...(here we go...)

Exposed to phthalates as fetuses, female mice have altered reproductive lives

I fixed up two chest of drawers.

Video: British Journalist Paul Conroy [injured in Baba Amr] speaks at a march for Syria in London

Quick question: A friend of mine lives in Halifax...

lol @ anarchists/blac block upset they are being monitored by law enforcement

Sometimes so-called "bashing" is well-deserved.

Kansas - Dust In The Wind

Jen and I visited the highest point in Indiana today

Schultz and Hartmann are cooperating on scheduling

CDP defends Mogoeng's values

9/11 hate crime victim's kin becomes U.S. citizens

Gabe Pressman, 88, still reporting on NBC.

TPM: President Obama drops in to The Dubliner pub in D.C. today to lift a pint of Guiness

Say hello to the newest addition to my sister's herd of beasties:

13.7 Billion Years of Cosmic History. *MUST SEE*

China has a shrinking labor force

Leslie Kean asks: "Is the the case UFO skeptics have been dreading?"

Time spent on POLICIES in ''The Road We've Traveled'' - CHART

The Republicans have made Roe v Wade moot. The forced birthers have won.

A friend sent me this & I thought it was really funny!

White House - West Wing Week: 3/16/12 or ''Leveling the Playing Field''

Pope Shenouda dies

Only four DU Star Members are ignoring me?!?

You can tell Monopoly is an old game...

A friend posted this on facebook.

Video: Santorum crowd boos two male hecklers as they kiss, start chanting "U-S-A!"

Microsoft update error 80070005

Pope of Egypt's Coptic Christian Church dies

Walking Dead Season 3 Facebook TEASER!

Well. I am now Technically Homeless (But I'm Lucky)

Sincerely Held Really Bad Ideas Are... Still Really Bad Ideas

Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan explains how ALEC is working to eliminate public education

Hey claim to be called by God to run? Have you not read Romans chapter 2?