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I'm dodging mosquitoes right now...

CNN Exit Polling For AL and MS (Polls now closed)

Breaking News On Keith Olbermann "Romney said: Planned Parenthood We are going to get rid of that

If you could ask John Boehner any question(s) what would they be? Reason

anyone in Boston? A family member there is reporting toxic smoke downtown, power out

What is happening in the religious world?

“National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2012” introduced in U.S. Senate by Democrats

Bernanke’s Zero Interest Rate Policy Turns Out To Have a Big Hidden Cost To U.S. Savers

The Official Spoiler Etiquette of TV

Grovelbot is screwing with my miiiiindddd!

Baylor Announces Lead Gift For New On-Campus Stadium

Scientists Cure Cancer, But No One Takes Notice

How 'bout some GOP primary night tweets of note?

Exit Poll...

I'm hoping someone can help me with my confusing inability to see pictures or videos posted on DU.

Lest we forget....

Pretty interesting glitch here:

Wasteland 2 - Kickstarter begins

A lot of decorating tips seem to be housework disasters -

My elderly brother (81) got the anti shingles vaccine a month ago....

Is this real? If it is, these guys are beyond stupid.

Julianne Moore’s Sarah Palin Portrayal In “Game Change” -

OMG...the Republican ballots in Alabama are being handled by PRISONERS!

Chicken jerky for dogs.. BAD.

How is the circular firing squad going? MS, AL, HI

Sarah Palin is batshit crazy - she wants to debate the President

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Cheesy

Are there no laws governing satellite companies?

Rick Santorum: ‘The dangers of carbon dioxide? Tell that to a plant’ (Funniest story ever)

Woman arrested for beating boyfriend with jar of jellyfish

Lake Democratic Party head removes Obama flag veterans termed 'desecration'

Analysis: Options for military intervention in Syria

While the men play, First Ladies take care of Olympic business

IAEA : Older nuclear plants pose safety challenge

Republican Primary Vote by County

Matt Flynn to Negotiate with Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns

Anyone ever managed to teach a old dog (border collie mix) how not to bark? This dog was not

PPP: Obama's numbers in PA highest since he was elected, Obama 49 Romney 42.

Pundits: We're not worthy. We don't understand cultural conservatism.

Coming up on FOX NEWS...

Starting to get some solid numbers: Mississippi @ 14%; Santorum leading

Better Living Through Permaculture -- Podcast 001 -- Leading into Permaculture

Know what I would like to see to make the GOP's head explode tonight????

When I respond to a thread the title bar will only let me type 3/4 of the way in. Then it will stop.

Goldman Sachs, rotten to the core

Looking at Gallup's daily GOP tracker, it looks like we'll see another front-runner change

Rachel said exit polls in both Mississippi and Alabama show 80% and 74% of voters

We can breathe easy for a few months...

Weird things are happening. How do I reset my DU password?

Mississippi @ 44%: Santorum 33%, Gingrich 31%, Romney 31%, Paul 5%

What is the best outcome for Obama today

Teacher Morale Lowest in 20 Years

Lexington Cemetery. The Weeping Cherry trees are blooming.

License plate factory at SCI-Fayette,

Dear women of America:

Santorum is surging in the south

Teacher Morale Lowest in 20 Years

"I hear in lieu of a speech tonight the Paul campaign..."

I found Meryl Streep's moving tribute to Hillary at the Women's World Summit here:

"If there's nothing to celebrate, you leave it for your staff to clean up"

Pundits bashing Santorum now that he leads in MS and AL.

Mississippi @68%: Santorum 33%, Gingrich 31%, Romney 30%, Paul 4%

I just don't see the Republican nominee beating Obama...

Alabama @24%: Santorum 35%, Gingrich 30%, Romney 28%, Paul 5%

Spring is here! Spring is here!

MSNBC calls Alabama for Santorum

Clegg's grip on the LibDem leadership: how secure is it?

Santorum takes Alabama per NBC

Willard, Ricky, Newtered...It really is ok to flip-flop on every issue.

SANTORUM wins Alabama

Is the Romney, "the frontrunner" about to suffer two 3rd place losses?

About Romney, seen on Facebook: "I'm so going to rally those I know to not vote for him"

Verizon and AT&T Accused of Being Threats to Democracy

Oh how sweet it is. The clown car keeps rolling along.

Officer tackles Ohio woman for not coming to a complete stop

What's next in the attack of women

My browser is very, very wide all of a sudden. Everything is strung out. How do I get it back to

CNN's Ballot-Cam-A-Palooza: Convicts in Alabama helping the GOP with the primary election

About Locking Threads for being in the wrong Forum

Mississippi @79%: Santorum 33%, Gingrich 32%, Romney 30%, Paul 4%

The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Pseudepigraphously

Hollis town elections: dems did good.

Anyone else tired of watching the Pubes destroy each other while no closer to having a front runner?

Ex-president political party registered in Honduras, will compete in next election

Just How Sly is Mitt Romney?

Alabama @54%: Santorum 35%, Gingrich 30%, Romney 28%, Paul 5%

So, it's a Double Santorum with a side of Newt, with Mittens on the rocks?!?!

'Whitey' Bulger may have written his memoirs

Did Rmoney's SPAC hold back on negative ads against Santorum and Newt?

CEDAW--convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women

Romney fights hard and manages two third place finishes way ahead of Ron Paul

Wth is he talking about?

What does a U.S. President have to do with how Americans worship God?

Peyton Manning has Broncos among top two choices on list

Rmoney to CNN (just hours ago): "Santorum at 'desperate end' of campaign"

GOP Lawmakers Move To Block Program That Helps Small Businesses Boost U.S. Exports

Dem Hdqt at Hawkins, MI calls MS for Santorum

Romney gets third place in both Mississippi and Alabama

MSNBC calls Mississippi for Santorum

We are slow....slow.....slow tonight! and continues to be slow as molasses (if it works at all)

Afghanistan Massacre and the Lessons Unlearned from MyLai

Surprising Alligator tears at FR over Santorum wins

Santorum wins both Alabama and Mississippi - Matt Drudge Fail

Santorum going to PUERTO RICO tonight!

Santorum wins Mississippi and Alabama primaries

Borowitz: "Newt + Microphone = We're gonna be here for awhile #GOPPrimary"

James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change

Listening to the GOP candidates, are they making up some outrage at the price of gas?

Up next IL (Romney up only up 4 points) then Missouri and Lousiana, not good for Romney

Is DU running slow tonight?

I give Santorum credit

CEDAW--convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women

I'm pretty sure the world is about to end . . . . .

What are you reading next? I am just about to start "The Story of England" by Michael Wood.

(Xpost from V&M) TED - James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change

In Memory Of Michael Hossack - October 17, 1946 – March 12, 2012. "Evil Woman" - The Doobie Brothers

Gaza’s blood traders fighting Assad’s battle?

Had a Babylon 5 related dream last night

Is Santorum better off with Gingrich in the race?

Unlikely Animal Pair: Aging Gorilla, Bunny Are New Pals

Read this, thought I'd share.

Chuck Todd --

We got Bin Ladin, isn't it time to come home?

Nuclear Risk and Fear, from Hiroshima to Fukushima

Amnesty: Syrian Detainees Face Widespread Torture

Santorum: Voters demand 'one-on-one' with Romney

Most recent Hawaii Poll has Romney in second place, Santorum in 7th

Listening to Paul Ryan's cavalier attitude about a family trip made me think about how both he and

What states has Romney won that he could win in November?

Donald Trumps' sons are jackasses too. (warning: graphic hunting images)

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Loses Alabama, Mississippi

Santorum just held his daughter responsible for his showing in Hawaii.

24 billion barrells of oil in North Dakota?

Another day, another Poll. No Dip. 50% approve Obama. (Reuters/Ipsos)

Will Newt drop out soon?

santorum in sign language

Here we go - we knew this would be an inevitable idea....

Jon Stewart Tells Fox News To ‘Shut The F*ck Up’ About Bill Maher’s Offensive Rants

Study: Young Voters Who Saw Tina Fey's Impersonation Less Likely to Approve of Sarah Palin

for those who have hbo on demand--"gloria: in her own words"


Well that makes sense (pic)

Chucky tweet:"don't know how Romney gets the nomination and we don't know how he's denied it"

for those of you now tired of "game change" on hbo--two documentaries worth watching.

Toons: Our Worst Enemy, Hope and Pray, The Proverbial Other Shoe and More. - 3/13/2012

Anyone else see Campion's film, "Bright Star"

Annual report on the death penalty in Iran 2011

Bad news in Alabama, Roy Moore is in your Supreme Court again!

Anyone ever watch the TV show Chopped? I have and from the episodes I've seen 7 times out

In the name of equality, should women have to register for the draft like men do?

Has DU2 ended?

So Mitt, How Did That 'Cheezy Grits' Strategy Work For Ya?

The great DU debate, in a nutshell

Odd question about Mitt getting beat in Dixie

My mother passed way a half hour ago............

Paraguayan senator uses ‘Gone With the Wind’ mansion replica as re-election headquarters

POLL: If the election were held today, who would win - honestly? Romney v. Obama

Romney: "We're going to win tomorrow"

This WILL be used to kill and cause permanent damage to people. Often. Mark my words.

Fresno 3/17: St. Patrick’s Day Concert ¡Que Vivan Los San Patrcios!

So, what's next for Gingrich? A premature VP announcement by Santorum?

Uribe govt wanted to 'take down' Supreme Court: AUC leader .

Uribe govt wanted to 'take down' Supreme Court: AUC leader .

Sam Harris on mediation, contemplation, and human happiness.

The significance of Newt staying in

Impunity remains high for crimes against Colombian unionists .

On racism and feeling in a bit of funk

Rush Limbaugh Advertisers Death Spiral

Astronauts' eyeballs deformed by long missions in space, study finds Flattening at the back of their

Poor FOX: They can't Handle the Fact that the Wingnutty Circular Firing Squad will Continue

Happy Pi Day Y'all

So does she have a good point OR is she just being Greedy?

So where does the count by count of states stand for the Republican Candidates? HOW the Freak

Mississippi lawmakers approve abortion restrictions

Doctors: Manuela Noriega Has Benign Brain Tumor

Doctors: Manuela Noriega Has Benign Brain Tumor

Planned Parenthood Rally draws supporters and detractors

The size of the oil supply depends on the price (and visa-versa)

Watch a Live Feed of Tonight’s Northern Lights

New York State Set to Add All Convict DNA to Its Database

Documentary on gay bar incident to premier Thursday in Fort Worth

Anyone seeing any numbers coming out of Hawaii yet? n/t

Dueling Banjos like you have not heard.....or seen..

I see Drudge has no exit polling out on Hawaii.

LIVE BLOG — Hawaii Republican Caucuses 2012

Rmoney: "Planned Parenthood. We're gonna get rid of that" (video)

Despite losses, Gingrich vows to stay in the race

Occupy DC protests H.R. 347

Romney Wins in American Samoa

Romney Wins in American Samoa

For those who were not able to see "Game Change", here are my thoughts about the movie.

DC Cherry Blossoms

Judge Orders Righthaven to Forfeit ‘All’ Copyrights

Army delays confidential alcohol counseling program

2:08 a.m. EST and this site is dragging slow

TEPCO may resort to dumping low—-level radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean

MSI Nationwide Handgun Permit Issuance Map

From George Takei's totally awesome FaceBook page

Canadian women sue U.S. border agents for strip searches

Sarah Palin and the meaning of debates:

So Newt gets to choose who the nominee is.

Found another Jewel -Hugo Award Winning Book - audiodramatized free

Best Venus-Jupiter conjunction in years

Rmoney takes early lead in Hawaii's GOP presidential caucus

Earth will be virtually helium-free by the end of the 21st century.

Brooklyn hunts for spirit of 1776 soldiers

SLOWPOKE- Buck Hunter the ultimate GOP Presidential Candidate.

Artifacts Show Sophistication of Ancient Nomads

As you see it...Of the remaining non-Romney 'Pug candidates...

22 Reasons You Might be Mitt Romney

Romney wins Hawaii GOP presidential caucuses

You Do know Palin will be invited to speak at the GOP convention?

Belgium coach crash in Switzerland tunnel kills 28

Can't read whole long articles? OSX will summarize articles

a little right -humor!

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Results of Republican Primaries in Alabama, MS

Slowpoke Toon- Let Them Eat Pink Slime

Toon- The Southern Pander-Man

Yes. Now.

CNN Breaking. 6.8 Mag Earthquake off Honshu, Japan

Analysis: Romney losses show disgruntled GOP base

Iran parliament questions President Ahmadinejad

Clown Car On the Right by Eli's Femur Bone

Bear Grylls sacked by Discovery Channel

Saved By a Pit Bull Superhero

Starling Flocks Behave Like Flying Magnets

Rep. Peter King ‘Manhunters’ Video Sparks U.S. Marshals Probe

A New Species in New York Was Croaking in Plain Sight

Dying Rutherford man throws a party to say goodbye

Morning Joe is better without Joe.

Good morning!

Mitt Romney and the Dog Food Problem

Romney Would End Planned Parenthood

Who ordered the Ribeye?

Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs

Gettysburg store pulls bobblehead dolls of President Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth

Springsteen with a little reminder of what America is to many of us?

What if democracy is just an illusion?

Would you want Calipari coaching your school or kid?

What if democracy is just an illusion?

The Revenge War On Viagra

Yesterday, the AFL-CIO General Board voted unanimously to endorse President Obama for re-election

With all this anti-abortion anti-woman stuff going on....

*HEADLINES* get your Santorum headlines here!!!

Holy Shit! Roy Moore?

Gov. Rick Snyder's Detroit plan puts board in charge

Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs (Greg Smith)

Hilltoppers Crush Kentucky 107-83

Santorum has large lead in Pennsylvania, poll shows

What Congressman Kucinich whispered to the president

Another hard fart battle: Santorum all over RMoney in the South.

Rising Sea Levels Seen as Threat to Coastal U.S.

Harold Camping Says May 21 Rapture Prediction Was 'Incorrect And Sinful'

ICC finds Congolese warlord guilty in its first verdict

Roy Moore wins AL Chief Justice repug nomination.

Afghan official: Video shows soldier surrendering

Why We Have to Go Back to a 40-Hour Work Week to Keep Our Sanity

Collapse of the shiny pretty things, By Mark Morford

NH House to vote today on repeal (Marriage equality)

Goldman Sachs exec: "...environment at firm is 'toxic'"

2 Syrian dissidents quit opposition council

Darrin Williams overcomes barriers of race and place

Four large US banks fail stress tests

"To Each Their Own": Does it give bigots a pass?

Morning ya'll. Willard Romney serving cheesie grits to Frothy this morning.

German Wolves Prefer Wildlife to Livestock

U.S. Public Transportation Sees Second Highest Annual Ridership Since 1957

Orrin Hatch: My Last Campaign

Michal Hudson interview : Geithner Turfed Out by EU Bankers

Lewis-McChord lt. colonel charged with hiring hitman to kill wife, boss

U.S. Public Transportation Sees Second Highest Annual Ridership Since 1957

Goodbye-ways: The downfall of urban freeways

It's pi day, pi day, gotta get down on pi day!

Abortion, sex education bills passed (WI)

x-post from LBN- Abortion, sex education bills passed (WI)

need to undo ctrl +

Mississippi House approves stiffer abortion clinic rules

Citizens vs. Citizens United

Labor strikes back?: Trying an end-run on emergency managers and right-to-work laws

Facebook is censoring links to liberal stories.

Goldman Sachs director quits 'morally bankrupt' Wall Street bank

'Inevitability' gets deep fried in Alabama, Mississippi

House of Commons to hold abortion-related debate in April

Fatal shooting of Florida teen turned over to state attorney

Toon: The Republican Straw Man Festival

US Army Drops Rush, but Not DOD

“They were exactly as I had hoped”

what the hell did grits do wrong?

"The Military Industrial Complex Has Got Us By The Throat!" Jack Cafferty

Snowboarding opossum Ratatouille takes to the slopes – video

Sarbanes Facebook townhall about campaign finance Wed. March 14 at 8:00pm

The Morning Plum: Romney continues hugging extremism

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Way past time to get out

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Beating the war drums, and the rest


When ludicrous wealth meets tacky and clueless, hilarity ensues.

The Obama Poster Project

"And the Outrageous Thing is...."

New Word: Simplism

Romney wins Hawaii 45-25 over Ricky

Job Done

ANALYSIS: When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1,452% Raise (on Average)

They say "Game Change" is classified as a drama/historical film, I think it should be classified as

Majority Thinks Rush Limbaugh Should Be Fired For Sandra Fluke Comments: Poll

Voters prefer candidates with a deeper voice, says study

Thanks to nice women at my Y, I did not pass out this morning

@SandraFluke catching up to Rush Limbaugh on Twitter

What Is Plan B in Afghanistan?

Strong earthquake hits Japan

A warning shot to the floor.

So they're planning a system of toll plazas on our nation's highways.

Gun friendly fashion for women : packing pretty.

Iron Workers Formally Endorses Barack Obama For President

Trade deal eases EU-US beef war over hormones

Who Would God Vote For? (How the radical right used left wing tactics to transform politics)

77% Reject Republican Arguments On Birth Control

David Wade answers to the charge that Romney is the same as Kerry

A handy tool for people who care about getting shit right.

Powerful Alabama Congressman Bachus survives tough primary

Fukushima kara tsutaetai-- Kodomotachi no tame ni (For the Children)

Guy Who Rented All 94 Rooms of Aspen Hotel for Party Scores Awesome New Goldman Job Read more: http

If you only listen to crazy people...

Is Sheldon Adelson paying for Newt's campaign his way to help Mitt win the nomination?

Floods spurred by rising seas threaten 5 million

The Failure of Gradualism in Afghanistan

The OccupyUSA Blog for Wednesday (March 14), With Frequent Updates

Bruce Springsteen Interviewed by Jon Stewart in RS: 'What Happened To That Social Contract?'

Sauce for the Goose (Limbaugh toon)

Part 1: Our Hall of Fame

Robert Earl Keen says it all for me!

Question about bookmarks

The GOP "southern problem"

California bill would ban violent fans from games

Bloomberg Poll: Majority of voters (56 percent of women / 49 percent of men) want Limbaugh fired

"GOP War On Women"

LOL, if you google gingrich now ( ) is top hit

Happy Pi Day/Einstein's Birthday!

Psychologists Paid by Guantanamo's Masters Will Never Dismantle Their House of Torture

Cherry Trees in Washington fall for climate change hoax

GOP introduces bill to inject politicians into uteruses

Rush Limbaugh Marriage on the Rocks?

Reports: Video shows US soldier wearing shawl, surrendering after Afghanistan massacre

Logic, Sampletank, and/or GarageBand for Ipad?

College students to get shafted again this summer

Two interesting comments to Doonesbury cartoons

So I guess Pennsylvania is next with the forced rape on women.....

5 states drowning in underwater mortgages

Salon: "The moment Mitt’s dreaded" (will anti-Romney conservatives rally around Santorum?)

Workplace not psychologically safe, 27% of workers say

Where is MFM? Unexcused absence is unacceptable, and will be punished.

Wyoming Tribe Gets Rare Permit to Kill Bald Eagles

Marines asked to disarm before Panetta speech

How does the GOP turnout yesterday compare to 2008?


NY AG Eric Schneiderman settles with banks for $25 million. Million, not billion.

quotes of the day

Secret Armies: An Exclusive Look At 10 Secret U.S. Forces

Does this include Azerbaijan ?

Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues American Evangelist

Rush Limbaugh is Bad for Business

Florida teen dies of head trauma in custody after arrest for small amount of pot

Six Strange Things Worth Money Online

NASA launches five-rocket mission the night of March 15

Axelrod Comments On Romney's Big Night

GOP Pronouncements Get More crazy Every Day.

Obama 46.5, Willard 42.9

A Nation With Too Many Tax Breaks

James Stewart survives torture in LA County jail - hypothermia, food deprivation, raw human sewage

Hey Mittens... I will be your coach on the South....

Great Dane Slide

Lakoff: The GOP Presidential Campaign Is About Guaranteeing a Radical Conservative Future for US

today in women's herstory

Bloomberg just reported that if the election were held today it would be a toss up. After

Irony Overload: Is the US is about to be Neocolonialised by China?

Gettysburg store pulls bobblehead dolls of President Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth

In case you thought Limbaugh was toning it down...

Time Magazine: Rush Limbaugh, Louis CK, and the Somebody-Else-Did-Something-Bad-Once-Too Argument

Afghan Massacre: After Losing Homes in NATO Attacks, Victims Moved Near U.S. Base Hoping for Safety

TYT: Trayvon Martin Shooter Still Not Arrested

(Boston) MBTA: Both service cuts, fare hikes will be needed to close budget gap

Pew: Obama Up Twelve On Romney Nationally

Day 3, waiting for jury duty.

Why I am leaving the Empire, by Darth Vader

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron in the heartland

Majority Of Americans: "FIRE RUSH LIMBAUGH" (Bloomberg)

Recall votes set for May 8 and June 5

I just got back from back from Petsmart, bought my dog the "Chuckit" and have one question.

Robert Reich: Difference Between Private and Public Morality

GOP Boldness

The Washington Post's Bad Math Tarnishes Innovative Light Bulb

Texas School Sports League Asks Muslim School If It Wants To ‘Eliminate The Infidels,

'Red Deer Cave people' may be new species of human

Bucks trade Andrew Bogut(&Stephen Jackson to Golden State for Monta Ellis)

Video Of Rep. Peter King Participating In Arrest Prompts Investigation

Is Santorum doing what Howard Dean couldn't do?

This makes me so proud

Biden: Failure of OBL Raid Would’ve Made Obama ‘One-Term President’

Mitt Romney Remains Quiet On Adviser Kris Kobach's Tough Immigration Law In Alabama

Netflix took away the comment section on my account - how about you?

President Obama picks Tar Heels

Former Iran Captive Denounces Prison Cruelty—in America

IEA Predicts Bumpy Ride for Oil Amid Non-OPEC Supply Cuts

Freeper calls Limbaugh critics FOOLS..."From the beginning they thought he was a looser..."

"Why I Am Leaving the Empire," by Darth Vader

Interacting with a Woman Can Leave Men "Cognitively Impaired"

Prime Minister Cameron is not meeting with any Republican Leaders.

Here's a GD Thread I Think Shouldn't Have Been Locked

Mitt Romney's Threat To 'Get Rid Of' Planned Parenthood Attacked In DNC Ad

The price of a life? In Afghanistan, it's as little as $210

What does a solar storm sound like?

Tom Toles on Republicans, teleprompters and the 1%

In Afghanistan, Panetta Says Mission Continues

Any tax help available here? nm

a biography of the day--agnes nestor

I watched a documentary about Pink Floyd last night...

UPDATE: GOP Defends Bill Declaring Women's 'No' Votes Really Mean 'Yes'

Guess What Our Government Is Doing With 600 Billion Dollars

biography of the day--helen hunt jackson

Ricky Man-on-Dog DEPLORES Dog-on-Roof, too: Santorum Campaign Plays The Seamus Card

Russia: We're Happy To Sell Arms To Assad

In Photos: Germaine Greer glitter-bombed for trans comments

Vermont officials call for criminal inquiry voter fraud video (O'Keefe/Breibart)

State judicial commission shuts door on sunset review

Good Bumpersticker?

63 year old newspaper editor dies after 'sex act' with 23 year old

Interesting graph re: GOP delegates won

Report: Five people shot at Jefferson County Courthouse (On edit: Two fatalities)

Great interview with Obama and PM Cameron at the March Madness Basketball game.

Governor Gashole scheduled to speak at Pitt Friday morning.

Romney Flips Off the South As Santorum Wins Alabama and Mississippi

Rare Bunny With No Ears Killed by Cameraman

Chaplain Demands Atheist Festival Be Canceled At Fort Bragg

Santorum: 'NOT Going to listen to value judgment of a guy who strapped his own dog on top of a car'

Scariest Rick Santorum Photo I have Seen

Denmark is Ready to Legalize Gay Marriage

Scant US Public Support for Israeli Strike on Iran

Region and age show divides over attitudes on nuclear power

Palestinian activists disavow former Israeli Jew for anti-Semitism (Gilad Atzmon)

So I stopped at Target this morning...

Israeli embassy car blast case: Iranian spies did it, says Delhi Police

Heritage Foundation Touts Nukes as Vital to American Way of Life

HA!HA!HA!HA! LOVE these numbers!!!!

Omaha City Council rejects Ron Brown’s bigotry, protects gays from discrimination

McConnell: I’m Filibustering Seventeen Judges Because Reid Made Republicans ‘Look Bad’

something he ate?

Human fossils hint at new species

The systemic atrocity of Afghanistan's occupation

Azerbaijan arrests 22 over terror plot

Newt Chavez

Solar panel made with ion cannon is cheap enough to challenge fossil fuels

Should a national ID, similar to Finland. be issued?

Another terrorist group wants Ron Paul as our president

Profile issue?

Reuters/Ipsos poll 70% of Republican support Iran attack

Senate Passes Two-Year Highway Bill 74-22 (updated)

Leon Panetta In Afghanistan: Vehicle Explodes In Flames On Runway

UT-Dallas to build $85 million science building

March is HIV/AIDS Awareness Month: Be Aware

Three of Four American Oppose Israeli Strike on Iran

My new favorite Diet Food- Miracle Noodles!

Les chats ninjas

I can't believe I have to say this: highway tolls are not a conspiracy to destroy freedom.

Judge deals death blow to copyright troll Righthaven

Panetta Is Safe After Car Ignites Near His Plane at Afghan Base

Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues American Evangelist

What Has Occupy Been Up To? 6 Great Actions You Can't Miss This Spring

Digby: Progressive Candidates Storming the DC "Village" Barricades, Causing Fainting?

Some NFL Notes from Adam Schefter

Thom Hartmann: Republican at the polls are not voting for candidates

Tina Fey on Conservative Women (Photo)

Papantonio: John Nichols on Wisconsin’s “Uprising”

NH Republican House Speaker wants to disenfranchise young voters who "vote as a liberal"

Thom Hartmann: The Plot to turn your Kids into Religious Warriors

Occupy with makeup and thwart facial recognition software.

Arien L'Italien Escapes Maine Jail Cell To Have Sex With Women's Block Inmate

Moroccan girl commits suicide after being forced to marry her rapist

Mitt Romney: Planned Parenthood, we're going to get rid of that

Satellite Image of Building Which Contains a High Explosive Test Chamber at the Parchin Site in Iran

9 shot in Chicago in less than 8 hours

JPMorgan Settles Charges of Defrauding Veterans

Romney Leads GOP Contest, Trails in Matchup with Obama

POLL: 2 Of 3 Americans Blame Gas Price Hikes On Big Oil ‘Taking Advantage

BioShock Infinite Handyman Featurette

Chinese Car Plant Opened in Bulgaria

I had another (30th?) email read on TV by Jack Cafferty yesterday

Thom Hartmann: How the Student Loan Bubble will Affect our Nation

gender roles, stereotypes, postcards, and leap year

Jon Stewart: "Fox, shut the fuck up about how victimized you and you alone are. Nobody cares."

Tangerine Dream

Rep. Alan West on the radio ---- WCCO

Portland OR Company wins Chicago's first large-scale bicycle-sharing rental program-

3/14 1:59

Keith Ellison: One vote denied is one too many

Transportation bill amendment would "make it much more difficult to privatize existing highways"

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday March 14th

Man-on-dog attacks Romney for Dog-on-car (Frothy plays the Seamus card)

Former NotW chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck arrested on suspicion of intimidating a witness

A real life March Madness Bracket:

If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with.

Will someone please post Pancake Bunny and some LOL cats? I need a cheer-up.

Human rights abuses spark demands to boycott Eurovision in Azerbaijan

Iran’s parliament turns against Ahmadinejad

If gas prices are such an albatross around the neck of the Prez...

I Don’t Want To See Their Faces; I Don’t Want To Hear Them Scream

Taking polls with a grain of salt

Bill Maher Tweet Proclaims The Alabama/Mississippi Elections ‘Toothless Tuesday’

Be responsible my friends...another child shooting.

Let's face it. Repubs REALLY want to nominate a batshit crazy, unelectable lunatic.

Kidnap survivor Jaycee Dugard says she will remain in hiding until her kids are old enough to unders

Idaho Senate panel OKs abortion ultrasound mandate

Deal struck on judges

F1 2012 team-by-team guide

Why this year's Bahrain Grand Prix should not be taking place

Red cell count low. Started Procrit today.

May primary and June election for Recalled Governor Scott Walker

Exclusive: secret Assad emails lift lid on life of leader's inner circle

If you wonder why women have problems parking here's why!!!

McConnell: Marijuana use causes death

Mitt's Hangover

HBO suspends filming of horses after third death on set of 'Luck'

US e-voting system cracked in less than 48 hours

I think the Dutch have the world's best TV commercials

Thoughts on Gingrich Staying In the Race...

U.S. Army Pulls Ads From Limbaugh

What?!? D'Antoni resigns

Window Film: An Energy Savings Superhero?

When did Romney get rich?

Live: (as of right now) Hearing for Foreclosure Moratorum bill in MN

OK, I am guilty of taunting the weather gods - but

Venezuela: the case of PDVAL (122,000 tons of rotten food bought with public money)

Limbaugh: "How can I be anti-woman? I even judged the Miss America pageant."

Medicare, the Affordable Care Act and Policy Proposals Affecting Seniors' Health

Game On! Recall Dates Set in Wisconsin

Doonesbury rape series in color and hd

Baldacci decides against U.S. Senate run

Fuck You Greg

The war on teachers: Why the public is watching (and not stopping) it happen

Breaking on CNN: 1 killed in Texas courthouse shooting & 4 people

Olympian becomes weather officer during World War II

Santorum's edge in Ala came from religious voters

Police: 4 stabbed at Ohio downtown office building


Former Vice President Joins Fight Against Marriage Ban

How soon we forget...

Just throwing out there: Something about sexism occurred to me yesterday.

March 14--Karl Marx Memorial Day

Talk about smart product placement at the store......

Congress considering measures to expand access to shooting ranges

DU Album of the Day: "Papas and Mamas" The Mamas and the Papas

Most Voters Think Obama Will Win

Email I Wrote to my Senators when I was 6 Mos Pregnant and Pissed off (March 2003)

Senate sends gay marriage question to Maine voters

Senate Passes Transportation Bill, Putting Pressure on House (GOP)

I just got ban from posting comments on Fox website! YAY!

Rachel Maddow: Social Security is not a Ponzi Scheme, it is NOT bankrupting us

Walker says unions trying to sabotage government reforms

The Leatherstocking Tales - as a resident of Central New York,


Are You Going to Believe Your Masters or Your Lying Eyes?

House Republican leaders set to break US budget deal

Calling another DUer a freeper for expressing an opinion you dislike: Now OK on DU!

Blind Brackets

Australia passes controversial nuclear waste bill

Jury: Virginia Tech negligent in 2007 shootings ($4m per family)

Want to have some political fun on Saturday between 2-5 pm EST

An appeal for jury decisions.

Was our interview with LulzSec hacker an FBI set-up?

Probably Gay, the Homophobia Song - Katie Goodman's Broad Comedy

Derrick Rose fined $25K for ref rant

Probably Gay, the Homophobia Song - Katie Goodman's Broad Comedy

They blinked! Reid's hardball pays off on judicial nominees

A Response from Goldman Sachs

A struggle for education justice in Chicago

Death sucks.

The Daleks have finally met a force they cannot match.

Was missing soldier killed because he did not believe in god?

Why the highway bill matters

Matt Taibbi on his new piece on BoA ("Too Crooked To Fail") - next up on Ratigan

Record La Nina linked to climate change

Arizona bill to establish armed, state militia moves to full House

Marijuana Billboards Go Up In Florida

Woo-hoo "Weeds" premiere date set...

Taibbi on the Goldman Sachs Op-Ed piece.

PHOTO: YES, I agree. Every time it snows, it pays to be prepared.

Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline More Of An Economic Liability Than Benefit

Lounge Hosts:


Santorum to Puerto Rico: Speak English if you want statehood

The Republican War on Women (Photo)

Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail - Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

KC daytime curfew on hold for now

Meet Us On the Street-Anti Street Harassment Week March 18-24

Federal Court Sets Hearing in Medical Marijuana Voting Rights Case

cuteness alert!

Money from Nothing: A Primer on Fake Wealth Creation and its Implications (Part 2)

Medical Marijuana Gains Steam in New Hampshire

Government is after your tweets

US Gov't infiltrating social media?

President Obama has already signed a law raising taxes on top earners by $210 billion.

Senator Sanders: A Road to Jobs

Suit accuses FL of trapping sick, disabled kids in nursing homes

Meanwhile, in Kentucky...

When will George Clooney run for Congress?

Obama Administration Program that Assassinates U.S. Citizens Challenged in FOIA Lawsuit

The One Question that will stump ALL your Republican friends...

Drone attacks must stop: Sherry

Drone strikes: Obama is acting like Bush, with Eric Holder as his Dick Cheney

White House: We Reserve The Right to Kill You.

Ann Coulter: GOP has a ‘problem with charlatans’ like Sarah Palin

Jerry Brown joins millionaires tax supporters

My daughter started her new medication today

Why is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

Christine Pelosi on Romney’s Planned Parenthood attack: ‘If you don’t respect us, don’t expect us’

Frivolous use of alerts

Dunkerton principal (Junkyard Prophets) to announce resignation Monday

I Didn't Tell Facebook I'm Engaged, So Why Is It Asking About My Fiancé?

"The Last Time the Republicans Cared About You, You Were a Fetus"

Women in AZ: Be prepared to hand over information about your reproductive health to your bosses...


Addressing a couple salient replies to my 'GAO Audit of the Fed' Thread

Liberty what Liberty

Pa. lawmakers pass voter ID bill

Goldman Sachs Chairman Honors Smith, Introduces New Investment Vehicle

Calling All Voters! Act Now to Retain your Right to Vote!

Spinning Business as Usual - What, me lie? (Article on military conditioning)

Rush Limbaugh's morning zoo Epic Fail (1971)


Former brothel owner makes Olympic team

Thom Hartmann: Palin - Dog-Whistle Politics?

Drummond paid to kill unionists: Ex-paramilitary (Drummond, an Alabama-based Colombian coal company)

Maybe we need to start ID drives similar to voter registration drives.

Thom Hartmann: Why Republicans should start acting like Reagan

Drummond paid to kill unionists: Ex-paramilitary

Study: Israeli 'state land' illegally taken from West Bank

Fred Clark: Reproductive healthcare in the gospels

First english female arial traveler - 35 miles into the atmosphere - ca. 1785

No, no, no this will not do. I live in Canada and we had rain today - in mid March. We

Anyone browse DU Mobile on Firefox for Android?

John Nichols: Gritty Defeats Highlight Romney's Authenticity Deficit

Who has the jury on this one?

Has anyone ever experienced favoritism in the workplace?

Romney: Get Rid of Planned Parenthood

Hollywood -- bad for horses

Some of us are not meant to have tidy homes.

Here is a link to the latest on the hunt for Pierre Poutine from the Globe & Mail:

Death Penalty article in the Ottawa Sun this week. Makes me think the Conservatives

Rick Santorum Tells Puerto Ricans To Speak English If They Want Statehood

The GOP nightmare scenario

The current lounge is pretty clanish. McReilly?!

I had to cut the grass today...

Just there a way to have a march on Washington for women and men who supoort them

What's for dinner tonight? I'm having a donair (Gyro).

Arizona Senate Committee Endorses ‘Tell Your Boss Why You’re On The Pill’ Bill

Principal of Iowa school where Christian band spread anti-gay, anti-abortion message resigns

Rush Limbaugh's woes not ending any time soon

Female comic on Stewart

Colombia orders arrest of its Peruvian ambassador

Imma boop your head!

Gay Olympics May Come To Orlando

Susan G. Komen for the Cure cancels Annual Awards Gala

Jury finds Va. Tech negligent in '07 shootings

My friend posted a link to sign the Support The Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012

Is the Teaching Profession Dead?

CBO lowers "Obamacare" costs - Right wing media says it DOUBLED

To Mitt Romney: I'm all for drug testing welfare recipients to make sure they aren't using the

Lizzie Borden Murder Case Gets New Look With Discovery of Her Lawyer's Journals

Colombia pressures Interpol to help hunt fugitive Uribe associate

How can I get windows to quit saving everything to My Documents folder?

Natural Gas a Weak Weapon Against Climate Change, New Study Asserts

I had to cut the cheese today...

"Right now the Tea Party tail is wagging the Republican Dog,

The current Website, DB, & Software Developers Group is pretty geekish.

'I'm not fighting Uribe, he's fighting me': Santos

Bidding farewell, Blagojevich says he was 'on the right side of the law'

Why Republican Women Vote for Santorum

BBC: Was the "buying time" approach a "roaring success" in Greece?

Now that the field is set at 4 candidates, the endorsements start coming in for Omaha Steve

Homophobic rant at Iowa high school assembly

Gingrinch is staying in the race, his spokesman says Gingrinch doesn't see a reformer

3 In 10 Republicans Want Limbaugh Fired

The current lounge is pretty licorice. Oh really?!


Let's say the Republicans take the house, senate and White House...

US company fined for paying bribes in Mexico, Panama

Twilight is the softest of cats but boy does she shed hair. I just vacuumed a few

Awkward for Everyone: Pat Robertson Says Oral Sex Is Fine


If you were a helicopter pilot would you

AndyB:To mark National Condom Day, I propose encasing Rick Santorum in rubber, for our protection.

10 Companies that pay little to No Tax....

I get so tired of people gritching that "teachers get all summer off" We get paid for 186 days

OK was this an assassination attempt on Panetta?

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is now on Nextflix streaming

Raise Your Hand

New frog species found hiding in NYC (BBC)

Israel Accuses Iran of Fueling Terrorism in Gaza


U.S. deports Iranian arms broker arrested in 2007 sting

Peyton goes to Chiefs!

Bamboo, a solution to many problems in Africa.

Marijuana dispensary in Upland raided by DEA

So how much will this voter ID billl cost us?

Russia may give NATO a base for Afghan supply runs

Germaine Greer glitter-bombed for trans comments

Tonight on Countdown

State of Texas seeks to Challenge Constitutionality of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act

Why is it so hard to do religion in prime time?

"Obama's package" is this evening's phrase. Modify a thread title to include "Obama's package"

Police seeking suspects in anti-gay beating of two men in far northeast Dallas

The Fight Over Voter ID Laws Goes To The United Nations

President Obama invites Apple design chief Jonathan Ive to state dinner

HBO to suspend filming with horses on racing drama ‘Luck’ after 3rd horse fatality