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Archives: March 10, 2012

Weekend Economists Ask: Is Ignorance Strength? March 9-11, 2012

Why claims of conscience matter

8 Animal Misconceptions Rundown

Review of Olive Garden becomes Internet sensation

New Matthew message for March 2012

It's Dawkins and Krauss again!

New Santorum theme song (not kidding)

Coke reveals its secret: It may need to carry a cancer warning

so can we now all call him GRIT ROMNEY?

The banks breaking up is hard to do

Anybody else suffer through the incompetence that is Qwest/CenturyLink?

Kaptur Defeats Kucinich 94% to 4% on 100% Unverifiable E-Vote Systems in Toledo, OH?

Gaza militants fire rockets at Israeli south; casualties, damage reported

Wives find spouse in common on Facebook

Dunkerton high school assembly stirs protest

Tempeh recipe, anyone?

Manifesto for Psychopaths

Obama getting ready to speak in Houston, Texas...

The Solar Storm, at Mercury (large pic)

The Elephant in the Womb

Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

Salt-free lemon pepper seasoning?

Ohio To Retest Teachers for Low Student Performance

VAM, Blam, Thank You Ma’am

worker's comp can't get health care at non-urgent/non-ER in NC?

Hey, artsy, craftsy people... Why the heck is this place not more famous?

Moody's Considers Greece To Have Defaulted After Debt Exchange

I'm trying to get Ashley to let me put the leash and harness on him...

Ex-Tory riding execs question Fantino's election finances

President Obama live on Ed Shultz speaking from Houston now n/t

Scott Walker Sets Up Legal Defense Fund

*PrezO just said 'Y'all,' in Houston!

Rush Limbaugh Trashes Michael J Fox

Serious question - did the Obama Administration tell Scumbaugh

Fuct Snooze "Anchor" Megyn Kelly: Sandra Fluke 'Would Have Us Believe She Is A Victim' (VIDEO)

Romney is a Fucking POSER! (should be "poseur"...sorry, I'm a product of public school)

The Conundrum: David Owen Explains How Good Intentions Hurt the Environment

Paws prints on furniture---what can help?

Friday Talking Points (201) -- "Hands Off My Uterus!"

Defend Rush Limbaugh (link)

Sometimes this old earth smacks you upside the head.

End of the week LOL's (March 9th) - pics

Republicans are not impressed with the new Jobs numbers, say more needs to be done!!!


Unexplained 'Phoenix Lights' explosion caught live on news broadcast.

On The Road - Official Trailer 2012

How much time do I have before my laptop blows up?

Virginia’s Ultrasound Bill Violates Medical Association’s Guidelines

The gorilla and the rabbit: a tale of friendship at the Erie Zoo - story w/pic

Gloria Allred seeks Rush Limbaugh prosecution

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fridaze

SP complains that "Game Change" is historical fiction

Limbaugh will stay on the air as long as the Joint Chiefs find him useful for troop morale...

Can anyone explain how Christian Bale did NOT recieve an Oscar nomination for Empire of the Sun?

The Earth may change orbit! A live repubican will be on the Maddow show.

James Cameron close to diving to deepest ocean (BBC)

go Baylor..Beat Kansas

The Best Street Art Of 2011

Pic Of The Moment: Later That Day...

Rachel Maddow - she is amazing. Every nite.

Petition to pull Limbaugh off AFN gathers steam

The New Israeli Bunker Buster

The Race-Baiting Continues- But fortunately, it doesn't seem to be working.

Richard Heinberg - Living at the End of Growth

MD, NY, and PA DUers

All drugs have two names

Looking for Dual Monitor Wallpaper

A Susquehanna River Basin Commission Meeting on 3/15

Portland man indicted for sending threatening letters to Congress, officials

Greetings from PA.

Amy Goodman: Big Nuclear's cozy relationship with the Obama administration

U.S. defends treated meat dubbed "pink slime" in school meals

Greetings from PA

Indiana passes statewide smoking ban, exempts bars

Dreams mean anything? I dreamt 2 of my previous/deceased dogs

Who is on Real Time tonight?

Floating Offshore Wind Farm Planned For Fukushima

my husband came home from the hospital today.

Inquiring minds want to know if Earth has the same amount of H2O it had

Robo calls are driving me mad!!!!! Help!!!!

The war against women is never over...

Charts: February Jobs Report - Bikini Graph

Papers move, scrap 'Doonesbury' abortion law strip

Online hard rock?


Romney's Ultimate Southern Pratfall, In Sayin' Y'all'


Vintage Ads On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Unique problem

Monsanto's Roundup Ravaging Butterfly Populations, Study Shows

quote of the day

Senate Gridlock Explained in One Chart

today in women's herstory

Does MSNBC provide a public service by running all prisons, all the time

a biography of the day--isabella beecher hooker

biography of the day--julia de burgos

Shaky Banks Still Haunt the Bailout

Aide Answered Giffords’s Call to Run for Seat.

Mass dolphin rescue video stuns

I dug up a post of mine from December, replied but it doesn't show in the Lounge

Killing the Buddha: Sam Harris.

God, I miss the DU poll feature. Or is it here and I didn't notice?

Ok... time for a dumb question.

Ohio stiffens regulations after concluding that fracking caused earthquakes

A&Aers: We're still looking for another host, if anyone is interested

Redskins make a terrible deal for the #2 draft pick.

White House names Todd Park as U.S. chief technology officer

Anyone post to #p2 Twitter hashtag?

The DUzy Awards for March 9th, 2012

Hooray! Results from my PCA 3 test! No prostate biopsy for me!

Oh fer fuck sakes, lighten the fuck up! It's Friday night and is time for an

I saw a big billboard in albuquerque

A cool channel you should check out

RackNine says they have IP address of Pierre Poutine. Looking into whose account

Check out Blue In Ak photos of the northern lights from last night (X-post from GD)

What is your favourite pasta? I like fettucini in an alfredo sauce with proscuto and

Flo of Mel's Diner tells Mittens, "Kiss my grits!"

What was your favourite Saturday afternoon tv show as a kid. We loved all star wrestling

Lee Camp on God in the Presidential Election

Can Colombia’s Santos Solve the Cuba Conundrum?

OK, let the speculation begin.


Lead Plaintiff Against Affordable Care Act Files For Bankruptcy Because Of Medical Debt

Heads up: Lilly Ledbetter is Tavis Smiley's only guest tonight

US senator says naval blockade of Iran should be considered

IF you could only suggest one movie for someone to watch what would be the movie?

Can everyone just take a step back and not be an iDouche.

Gay Husker fan writes to Osborne (how does NU recruit gay blue chippers now?)

Cincinnati should be a topic, or seems like a big topic

Stenberg: Bruning can't be trusted to defend gun rights (2 R's fight for R Senate nomination in NE)

Does anyone know if there is

Key And Peele - Obama's Meeting with the GOP

So, this was International Cats Sit on Your Head Week

Don't get HBO. I so want to see Game Change

Warning to Obama: The Jewish Community will remember in November

AP Enterprise: Nuke evacuation fatal for old, sick

PPP: Dramatic new Maine #s from PPP Obama up 23 points; Obama 58- Romney 35

Obama: 'America is coming back'

Live Action Trailer for Rurouni Kenshin

Toons: Kony Responds, Newtonian Physics, That Kind of War and More. - 3/9/12

Alexandra Pelosi Interviewing Voters in MS on Bill Maher

A moon shot

Rush Limbaugh Scandal Proves Contagious for Talk Radio Advertisers

Ron Paul seeks breakthrough in Kansas caucuses

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, March 9)

Bill Maher final New Rule of the night: Parochial Fool

Are you kidding me?!

I am not seeing any posts on here about President Obama and what he

Obama's poor finish in Tuesday primary creates delegate quandary for Oklahoma Democratic Party

Sarah Palin: Obama Want's Return To Slavery

Tornado Hits Lanikai, Enchanted Lake Subdivision

Bill Maher Defends Limbaugh’s Free Speech Rights, Responds To ‘False Equivalency’ From Right

Hold Limbaugh accountable and make him the example

If I hear another Wing-nut narrow-minded mouth-breather say "I want MY America Back!" I think

Ohio: Gas-drilling injection well led to quakes

Here are the pics you've been waiting for

Found this on Facebook and had to share

Immigration. Have you guys seen this facebook post?

Neil deGrasse Tyson on The Space Show (March 6th, 2012)

Going to NYC next month for 5 days. Need some suggestions.

Rage against the Machine - 2000 Democratic Convention - Battle of Los Angeles (full show)

Gas drilling industry paying Penn State to train those who regulate the gas drilling industry

The Firesign Theater Thread

Rush drags right-wing radio over the cliff in massive sponsor exodus (updated)

Projection mapping.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Testifies Before Senate Science

Illinois Dem race a battle for party's future (10th District)

President Obama to Announce New Efforts to Support Manufacturing Innovation, Encourage Insourcing

The stage is the show.

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad firmly in control, U.S. intelligence officials say

Self-immolations in Tibet show no sign of slowing

2012 Democratic primaries/caucuses: Schedule and Results

California Court of Appeal Issues Mixed Ruling on Medical Marijuana March 7th, 2012

Pamela Geller: Obama’s Gay Transgender Prostitute Nanny Led to Sandra Fluke’s Rampant Promiscuity

Occupy Wall Street In NYC On Pace To Run Out Of Money By End Of Month

Why has no one called out Rachel Maddow for her misandry?

Sandra Fluke should not sue Rush now.

India Eyes Muslims Left Behind by Quota System

Libertarian Freedom- Toon

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 10, 2012 -- Clifton Webb

Bill Maher went to Mississippi...

TCM Schedule for Sunday, March 11, 2012 -- Ann Sheridan

Who had the worst week in Washington? Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio)

Strauss-Kahn bundled away from UK speech protests

Woohoo! I don't have to edit out the +'s from links anymore!

Afghan officials visit Guantanamo in U.S. peace bid

Alerting privleges SUSPENDED!

What's the oddest typo you've ever seen published ?

So which Gooper is going to win here?

How do you respond to that?

Adam Curtis: Who Would God Vote For?

$200 Oil and the Moscow-Beijing Alliance {bremmer & roubini}

Activists seek to curtail restraining students

Fresh Russia protests under way against Putin victory

This Week in Poverty: Welfare Reform—From Bad to Worse

Breakthrough could lead to cure for chronic liver disease

Has Judge Alito ever publicly admitted he was wrong?

Weekly Address: Investing in a Clean Energy Future

President Obama Strikes Back at GOP Critics on Gas Prices

10 Myths about Iran Driving the Insane Push for War -- And Why They're Dead Wrong

NYS 100th Assembly Race

The Austerity Class is Wrong: Budget Cuts Hurt Our Economy

Do you remember when President Obama visited Fort Bragg?

There Will Be Paranoia As long as there are dispossessed white people, there will be conspiracies.

The Rolling Stones, Brussels Affair (Live 1973), entire album is 25 cents

Wild finish to filings at Montgomery County Republican Party headquarters

Prof. Bell's widow: "Pathetic and desperate that they would think this (video) was such a bombshell

Drumbeat: March 9, 2012

Peak oil review MArch 8

I'll be seeing Fire Walk With Me on Sunday

How much would Keystone pipeline help US consumers?

Why do so many cling to the idea of american exceptionalism?

Up with Chris Hayes begins with

Lawsuit: Workers looked for nude pics

What We're About

NH House Passes Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Bruce Springsteen Rocks the Apollo Theater - "We Take Care of Our Own"

Day light saving time for Rush Fans

I get the iPad3 craze

Looking for non-ethanol gas?


Rush Limbaugh Scandal Proves Contagious for Talk-Radio Advertisers (Update:98 major sponsors banning

So, Democrats 'trapped' republicans into revealing their inner bigotry

So What Do You Call This Woman?

China reports rare trade deficit as imports jump

Attorney for a Walker aide says the new Walker Defense Fund suggests Walker -is- under investigation

How much would the keystone pipeline help US consumers?

NYT: A Breach of Trust

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to skip two debt payments

taco bell explosive blowout

Genwal agrees to plea deal in 2007 mine collapse

As Stars Rally for Candidate (Elizabeth Warren), Rival (hypocrite) Objects

So, If Your Daughter Uses Birth Control...

ABC's Jake Tapper falls for RW race-baiting

Berkeley police chief sends sergeant to reporter's home to request story changes

cute Horsey!

Who Controlled Congress back in March 2006 when the Patriot Act was extended?

Video: Proud Mary spoof aims to set Margaret Court straight

The Child Catchers

Six reasons Keystone XL was a bad deal all along

Georgia lawmaker compares women to cows and pigs

This is one of the best description of banking crisis. The banks were selling oregano as weed

First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks at the International Women of Courage Awards

Crisco Christie: "I'm Governor You Know!"

Let's say I'm a Dittohead...

Tea Party Movement Takes the Long View

Rush's Dominican Sex Vacation Viagra? Purchased with HEALTH INSURANCE. Where are his online VIDEOS?

Limbaugh, Fluke and the GOP’s 'war on women’ - Sally Quinn

Chicago Billionaire Ken Griffin: Rich don't have enough influence

Wisconsin: Yikes! There's a homunculus in the Capitol!!

The NEW Daylight Savings Time settings

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday March 10th


Loretta Lynntakes me back to my youth - for some it will be new - for all it is very topical. Sadly.

Mornin' Ya'll and Cheesy Grits my Ass!

"Sometimes I wonder what magazines and journals climate change deniers subscribe to"

The Sandwich Generation Blues

Game Change. Will Willard Romney have to pick a woman for his VP? nt

Income Inequality Is Real, It's Global, and It's Worst in the U.S.

All you advertisers who are leaving Limbaugh, Fox News spews hate as well.

Miley Cyrus angers Christians for embracing science

Right wing activist, Cliff Kincaid, tells Rush: You should go

Conservatives Deeply Outraged by Science Fiction Story From 1992

Toon: Mittens tries to be a Southerner

Romney claims victory in caucuses in Guam

Women's Issues - A gender and class approach

Cdn skier Nick Zoricic dies after skicross crash in Switzerland

Is the HBO film "Game Change" entirely about McCain and Palin? Because the book sure wasn't.

Our governmental leaders would rather...

"Take This Hammer" - short film w/ James Baldwin in SF in 1963

Baby Boomers likely to have Hepatitis C

The greatest threat to the GOP (Grey Old People) is the Obituaries

PPP: Dramatic new Maine #s from PPP Obama up 23 points; Obama 58- Romney 35

The USA is like a NASCAR track. Keep turning left and you will be fine.

Found this in another thread and wanted to share.

Marine's battle to save dog she served with in Iraq - army wants to put Rex down

TEDxPhoenix - Kelli Anderson - Disruptive Wonder for a Change

Jack Rose has a sore lip.

SPECIAL REPORT-Goldman's promised land: Salt Lake City

Right To Bear Arms week observed in Montana

Stop saying Republicans are acting against their own interests.

I finally get to see a surgeon

Another wrong spell sign...(Romney Supporter)

In bizarre twist, some WI Catholic dioceses may soon have to pay for contraception

Ohio: Fracking set off a dozen earthquakes

Click here, if you think Rush has crushed and snorted too much Viagra.

MN Dems voter ID alternative gaining attention

2 hurt as attendant disrupts American Airlines flight at DFW

Andrew Breitbart: Big Deal, Big Coronary, Big Corpse

Gay, married immigrant spared from deportation

More Texas doctors opting out of Medicare

China rockets forward in race to moon

need more sign petition against Rush

Multinational corporation admits: It's not about the safety, it's about spying on workers.

Prosecutors seek trial for Bishop Finn and diocese

SNL cuts "JFK & Marilyn cause Santorum to vomit uncontrollably" sketch due to "time constraints"

Grassroots legal question - can you help me?

FBI Director: I Have to Check to See If Obama Has the Right to Assassinate Americans On U.S. Soil

Apple plans 3,600 new jobs for Austin

right wingers attack innovative $50 light bulb because they can't do math

Are you watching MHP? Did you see that white, Republican legislator

New study links low I.Q. with racism and conservatism

Ex-Army nurse, Tyler Democrat challenges Gohmert

Coal producing N.Dakota trying to block Minnesota's move to renewables

quote of the day

News from Neo-Con Land!

Nomination papers signature collection legal question

what a quote

Comic book artist Moebius dies

White House comes to S.A.

today in women's herstory

Rush Limbaugh Scandal Proves Contagious for Talk-Radio Advertisers...up to 98

biography of the day--harriet tubman

rush will go on

biography of the day--Marquita Pool Eckert

R-money, is this for real?

Cables: Chávez betrayed the FARC to appease generals

Millions of dollars needed for new water intake line

Does Anyone Here Work From Home?

WikiLeaks report cites corruption in Venezuela production

Greenwald: The Authoritarian Mind

The SC Lt. Governor who just resigned was having an affair..

A Plan UK billboard in London that knows your gender and age — creepy or cool?

TxDOT maps use for $2 billion

Our anti-Rush protest yesterday...

Texas delivers victory for property rights in Keystone pipeline fight

Rush is dependent on government sponsored, taxpayer funded Ad Council spots.

I miss kudzu.

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge: Stirrings of Spring

Something to think about the next time you want to call an atheist "militant".

Another weasel turns republican

The Help

Ecuador indigenous protesters march against mining

Weekend GOP race TOON roundup

Everything You Know is Wrong.

Rush Limbaugh Calls Sandra Fluke a Slut - Reformed Whores' Response Video

Gaza Death Toll Hits 15 in Worst Israel, Palestinian Clashes Since October

Foreign Policy: Japan's Nuclear Cabal

Arab League Condemns Gaza 'Massacre'; EU Concerned About Latest Gaza Violence

Minn. Antigay Group Under Investigation

Help freep a poll regarding NC Amendment One

CAT PIC! Find your sunbeam. Make it your that B word you shouldn't say on DU

Pitt and yours truly are meeting up in Bean town today

British accents and vice versa

Murder is Legal, According to Eric Holder by David Swanson

Under siege

Machinists Union Wins Election for 17,000 at United Airlines

Our Lady of Peace ordered to rehire union supporter

Savoy Brown and me

Clean-up on aisle 4

Does anyone know if DU is going to have a spell check??? thank you


TYT: Obama Documentary 'The Road We've Traveled' Trailer

Alexander Wang sued for $50M over 'sweatshop'

Wow. Up to 98. Limbaugh's Advertiser Exodus Expands Exponentially

GOP won't like this graph

Gay teacher fired (in St. Louis) weds in New York City Rmoney shirt debunked, but does not credit EarlG of DU for the original photoshop.

Iraqi teens stoned to death for wearing 'emo' clothes ...

I'm not a violent person...

HELP! Can't get rid of old facebook pages--facebook not helping me

Desperate help needed! Can't get rid of old Facebook accounts (not as simple as you think)

In which I eat crow, and thank President Obama for the ACA

Pet Therapy: How Animals And Humans Heal Each Other

In Canada, cod remain scarce despite ban

RMoney's Economic Plan

Who Will Save Us Now - Straylight Run (great song + lyrics)

Paul Rosenberg, Al Jazeera - "Rush Limbaugh: Pill-popping sex tourists shouldn't throw stones"

A little background on Amendment One in NC

Fukushima demo at Hinkley Point nuclear power station

"The Space Traders," based on a short story by Derrick Bell.

Mass. nuclear plant activists plan weekend march

Why Women Must Take A Stand At the Polls In November

A good, godless life

Ga state Senate trying to outlaw abortion

Ancient mosque caught in Egypt's political, religious crosscurrents

Did pretty well for myself this weekend

New Avatar seasons! The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra

Silence the EV critics with the 2.5 kW solar pledge

New Avatar seasons! The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra

What the "dark side of the force" really means

10 Myths about Iran Driving the Insane Push for War -- And Why They're Dead Wrong

'Emo' Kids In Baghdad Are Being Targeted And Killed By The Dozen

mdmc's shoe leather will be in the NYS Assembly District 100 and NYS Senate District 39

A love letter to Kirk Cameron 26 years later

Maybe this has been asked before but if birth control is so evil,

Carbon Blood Money in Honduras

Carbon Blood Money in Honduras

paging admins - are you guys happy with DU3? Tries to Tie Prof. Derrick Bell to Farrakhan

Christie Lashes Out At Former Navy Seal, Calls Him An ‘Idiot’ (VIDEO)

Asking for your thoughts for a very special friend. (UPDATED)

Koch nephew Scott Walker on MSNBC's Morning Joe

I am removing the content of this post and apologizing for posting it.

Paging Admins - are you guys Happy with DU3?

moldy wooden matches??

Super telescope 'favours South Africa over Australia' (BBC)

Santorum to Newsmax: I'd Consider Gingrich for VP

A neo-Nazi, outspoken anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, wants to be a GOP Congressman from Illinois

Ranting about believers

Jay Inslee, Washington Congressman, Resigning To Focus On Gubernatorial Campaign

Are we equal? Britain's Women (with Daniel Craig)

Glenn Greenwald: Dennis Kucinich and "Wackiness"

SeekingArrangement.Com to Support "Sugar Daddy," Rush Limbaugh, During Crisis

Bletchley Park tweet saves Alan Turing computing papers (BBC)

TCM Schedule for Monday March 12 - TCM Spotlight: British New Wave

Facebook reveals Bigamy

I just got called on a Gallup poll about the Canada/Us pipeline.

Papantonio: Is Limbaugh's Career Over?

REGION: Activists plan events near San Onofre nuclear plant to mark Fukushima anniversary

We're leaving for Nome in the morning,

Tebow does Montana

Oh God, Kansas goes for the Stupid. Santorum is what the repressed idiots in Kansas wants

Dolphin Rescue (video)

Santorum wins Kansas caucuses

Any suggestions on getting bass to bite early in the season?

So I'm sitting in Johnny Rockets and . . .

The Real Story of Kathrine Switzer's 1967 Boston Marathon-Life is For Participating

State committee votes to keep Maine GOP chairman Charlie Webster in place in wake of caucus mess

Anonymous hacker planned to publish details of women who had abortions

Federal inquiry into San Diego blackout last year

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum will win the Kansas caucuses, CNN projects.

Cambrian Coal Lawsuit: Kentucky Mining Company Settles Over Deadly 2010 Flood

examples of why people vote for santorum and his ilk: from Bill Maher last night

On 50-Year-Old Tape, Sounds of Mets’ Awkward First Steps.

gardening site

Proposed Nuclear Clock May Keep Time With the Universe

Rick Santorum's Praise Team: Thousands of YouTube Dislikes

This spasm of right wing activity, this over reaching at every step of the way....

"never another season of silence"

Fox attacks wages of working class maids

TYT: Black Teen Shot, Killed By Neighborhood Watch (No Arrest Made!)

"never another season of silence"

Missouri Militia says members are helpful citizens, not right-wing scum bags

Great interview with the Navy SEAL thrown out of the Christie town hall

Midwest militia group trained using explosives-FBI agent

Three Ways to Beat Corporate Giants

Looking for a new washer and dryer...any recommendations on what to buy or not to buy?

Will someone please explain the racism in these two scenarios to me?

Michael "Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs" Madsen Arrested for Child Cruelty

A wonderful site that shows repair parts for almost anything in almost every brand..

Found this among my FB travels--thought I'd share

Beware The 'Student Debt Bomb', says New Report

The Baby Boom Wasn’t That Big, WSJ (now *this* is how you fact check a story!)

The iPad Is Unbeatable - Why Apple’s tablet competitors don’t stand a chance—and maybe never will.

Remember that "Game on" song produced for Santorum by the Pod People children?

Former top drug prosecutor convicted of felony crack possession gets sentence delayed

First amateur video of Challenger shuttle explosion revealed

Radical Islamic Atheism: A New Threat on the Horizon?

I watched a movie about a killer tire. It was awesome.

Filmmaker's 3-year mission to document the historic raid in Fort Worth finally hits

CNN Presents US Army guinea pigs

Cabbage Flexes Its Muscles Three Ways.

Feeling racist? Blood pressure pill Propranolol may open hearts and minds

International Slutty Women's Day: A Story in GIFs

Future treatment for burns?

My right-wing FIL weighs in on Sandra Fluke

Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets!

God has answered our prayers!

John Courage joins race for Texas Senate

And Duke goes down!

School canceled in South as Gaza rocket attacks continue

A real who-dun-it?" -- Mitt or Monty

Dennis K, whereto now?

The Apple/PC/Open source wars crack me up

Reclaim Wisconsin! 62,000 strong rally at Capitol

Dennis Kucinich and “wackiness” By Glenn Greenwald

Obama campaign gets more Air Force aircraft

"The Grapes of Wrath" starting on TCM right now.

Senator Boxer's brilliant video in response to Limbaugh and Women's Health

You know how you're having a fabulous day and then...

Off Topic: Roll Call in AA Forum

There was an OP that just disappeared. I'm really curious as to what it said.

Misinformed Redneck (Republican) Voters Interviewed

RFK widow joins Fla. farmworkers on day 6 of fast

The birth control pill needs a name change

Left Front leader Sergei Udaltsov arrested in Moscow

Can you be a host of more than one forum at a time?

Less than 1% of the registered voters of Kansas voted today

Ther's dumb...and then there's this:

The Sandwich Generation Blues

Re: hannity carping on a Khaki-slacked, blue dress shirt, Obama at Harvard, John Stewart should

Alan Colmes radio show: Charles Ogletree Sets The Record Straight On Derrick Bell - video/audio

Hmm... Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Berger are working tonight. Where's Tweety, Rachel and Lawrence?