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The "British Invasion" Post a pic of British Invaders.

Wikileaks: Obama Administration kept close tabs on Occupy Wall Street protests.

Apple worth MORE than the GDP of Poland and Saudi Arabia.

What bothers me as that if America is a Free and Open Society...where we Protect Freedom of Speech..

As GOP race continues, voter confidence in Obama improves

Olympus E-PL1 on sale for $266.

Kodachrome medium format from the 40's

Kodachrome medium format from the 40's

It just gets juicier... Texas MD arrested for Medicare Fraud was a Tea Party Patriot!

Tonight on Countdown

Which of you idiots were in the focus group that earned Bristol Fucking Palin a reality show?

If you had killed me Catholic Church with my tubal pregnancy

HOUSE OF THE DAY: For $38 Million, Buy A Curvaceous Compound On The Palm Beach Oceanfront

A Brief Note to Republicans Regarding Last Night's Michigan Primary from The Rude Pundit

RIP Maurice Andre

Gay woman wants priest relieved of duties after communion

Obama Camp Hits Romney Over Support Of Blunt Amendment

Geithner, Top Congressional Tax Writers to Meet

I sat on my cat yesterday.

If you're blue and you don't know

Gay woman wants priest relieved of duties after communion

New MA poll: Brown leads Warren by 10; Obama leads Mittens by 18

Why is Mitt Romney pretending he won Michigan?!

Pssssssst -News Corp shareholders step up bid to oust James Murdoch

Can we baptize Davy Jones as a Beatle?

PHOTOS: Twin brothers from another mother?

Anthony Cody EDWEEK: Teachers Face...

I wonder. How much did this decision cost the tobacco companies? (mildly graphic image of dead man)

American connection to Pierre Poutine robocall scandal in Canada - Ottawa Citizen

Economic Shock Wave: 1 in 7 Americans Pursued by Debt Collectors

Obama the "Socialist" Saved Capitalism by Giving Welfare to Wall Street and Red States

I have a new theory that rivals the Caine-Hackman Theory

Despite Cantor’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy, More Than 10 GOP Congressmen Embroiled In Ethics Scandals

To those supporting Americans elect

The President's Corporate Tax Reform Framework a Promising Start but Falls Short on Raising Revenue

As soon as you finish putting my diaper on...

Mexican Polyglot Speaks 11 Languages

Mitt Romney Sucks

If you pay attention, sometimes a cat will slip up and blurt out the truth.

Good advice. Rarely heeded.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

IT weddings... as with almost everything else -- they're not like the rest of us.

MFM is a lover, not a fighter... and nuns just confuse the HELL outta his passions.

There aren't enough "o's" in "s-m-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-t-h" to describe how smooth MFM's ALWAYS been.

Live Funny or Die: Women's Health experts speak out.

Need Recommendations for TV Shows or Movies Please

'chapless apps' is a redundancy... all apps are chapless.

Keep an eye on Morgan Stanley.....

Do you think you can tell a person is a conservative just by looking at a picture?

Wonkette is hilarious as usual

Who needs a good chuckle?

Occupy Dayton Returns to Square to Protest ALEC

CAPTION the Santorum campaign moving into Ohio

Wanna File a Police Complaint (Arrested for Trying)

After Deliberating For THREE MINUTES, Florida Senate Panel Approves Anti-Sharia Bill

The 2012 convention process has been approved by the SDEC

NLRB issues fourth complaint against Connecticut nursing home chain

What weather events have you been in? I was in the great icestorm Ontario/Quebec in about 1998.

Changes to the elect Omaha Steve page

People for the Ethical Treatment of Anyone but Women

High octane fundraising events in the Big Apple (President Obama)

Still constantly fist bumping my cats head whenever she comes close. She's not a cuddler but

DU love for the best Republican friend a liberal Democrat could ever have: Rick Santorum

Rep. Steve King Suggests States Have A Right To Ban Contraception

So proud of fellow DUer Omaha Steve for stepping up to the plate, and running for office!

A little Love music :)

Watching all these singing contests, I'm noticing that everybody is being compared to Adele.

who really interprets Maine law?

xkcd Toon: Late Night PBS

Where's WALL-E?

Chief U.S. District Judge sends racially charged email about president

Chinese Villages Use Giant Balloons to Steal Natural Gas

Algorithm that led to Google's success funded by PUBLIC sector National Science Foundation grant.

Gun Culture?? Many here do not realize Guns are a Hobby and a Tool and a Collectors item.

Police Ordered to Barricade Part of Capitol so Corbett Doesn't Have to See Disabled Protesters

Flying robots performing the James Bond Theme

"That's A Value"

Neanderthals were sailing the Mediterranean 100,000 years ago

Anyone seen "J. Edgar" starring Leonardo Dicaprio? Is it good?

This giant fossil flea once feasted on dinosaurs

Survivor tonight, leap day, 2-29-12

The "rarest insect in the world" also happens to be freaking enormous

Ever had a dream you thought was reality? I once had a dream that I ran into my cousin and she told

The weirdest, saddest, most WTF own goal I've ever seen

The Master Butchers Singing Club-Chapter 2-SPOILERS

If you could go back and give some famous person 30 - 40 more years of life who would it be? I would

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Lump Day?

Gutless: Lawmakers say Ohio shooting won't change nation's gun rights

I read a lot. And what I hate most is when a writer throws in a little incest or sexual abuse in a

Ten things you don’t know about the Milky Way Galaxy

Why? I don't know.

James O'Keefe Sues Current Media, Keith Olbermann and David Shuster for Defamation

Sebelius: 'Dangerous' Blunt Amendment Rolls Back Decades Of Progress In Women's Health

(CA) GOP Senate leader proposes funding fix: School-bus advertising

US Postal Service "Executives" make more money in salary than the Secretary of Defense...

Study: Kids get more added sugar from foods than drinks

Scott Walker Imports Voter Suppression Thugs in Wisconsin Recall

A bright spot in Oklahoma: Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre, of Tulsa, protests anti-abortion bill w/F-word!

Republican Wisconsin Senator Wants Bill Equating Single Parenthood With Child Abuse

Latest monkey death casts spotlight on controversial research

Verisign seizes .com domain registered via foreign Registrar on behalf of US Authorities.

Only 1 Elected Official Has Refused to Try to Help Over 2000 Laid-Off Refinery Workers - Guess Who?

Help wanted in stopping mass shooting of barred owls

RED STATE cashes in its chips...

Rush Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke, Woman Denied Right To Speak At Contraception Hearing, A 'Slut'

Women of Color Seen As Always Sexually Available

Bobby Jindal? Seriously?

Jeanne Shaheen is tearing ReTHUGS a new one on

Why do Democrats have to be "President of the United States" but Republicans don't have to be?...

Juror #1 voted to LEAVE IT ALONE (spam), here's why...

Riddle me this, Batman...

Good Cartoon

Map: Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks

What is the most decadent thing you have ever done. I once flew from Ottawa to Nova Scotia for a

STOCK Act limps toward passage

my husband is in the hospital with a brain tumor.

Jon Stewart: JFK and Rick Santorum.

What song makes you cry? I listen to Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" and it bring me

"We need to nationalize the energy industry to conserve and restructure our resources"

Get a load of this RW asshole: "There should be humiliation and pain in government assistance."

Fuck you Harper's Bazaar and Hearst. You should be ashamed!

John Ensign the Vet

President Obama: Koran Apology 'Calmed Things Down'

Romney bought guns since he last ran for president

Orrin Hatch: Obama Has Traded In The Hardhat For “A Hipster Fedora And A Double Skim Latte”

For your consideration: a nationwide women's action: "Not Tonight, Dear."

"Unfounded", "Smear", "Unfounded" "Unfounded" "Smear campaign. Words the conservatives

The True Story of Pascale Mauclair (a teacher)

Santorum says get rid of books

A woman's place is in the house... (pic)

Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 1 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Hawaii

Israeli officials: Starve Iranians to stop nukes

Anyone here Play Wizard 101 (online game)?

There seems to be a heightened amount of earthquake activity around Japan.

Boy it's been a minute since I posted anything at DU

Azerbaijan rejects Iranian protests over arms buy from Israel

Rush Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke, Woman Denied Right To Speak At Contraception Hearing, A 'Slut'

Go To Hell Barack: Yup, they really said it...or wrote it...

William Hamilton, 87, an ‘atheistic Christian’ in ‘Death of God’ movement

Latest Conspiracy Theory: Muslims Altering US Dollars to Read 'In Allah We Trust'

‘60 Minutes’ on Dungeons and Dragons from 1985

Romney's ULTIMATE Flip-Flop: 'I Was DUI on IUD'

If you could go back and give any person 30 - 40 more years of life who would it be?

Senator Bob Graham at Politics and Prose March 12

Two Calif. congressional candidates leave GOP

Extinct camel fossils unearthed in Panama

Laugh of the day... THIS is the NEW #1 response on Google for "Santorum"

Know your BFEE: WikiLeaks Stratfor Dump Exposes Continued Secret Government Warmongering

They should be arrested

How about a DU Candidates Group?

Senator Bob Graham at Politics and Prose

Senator Bob Graham at Politics and Prose

Catholicism, Contraception and Secular Morality at Notre Dame by Sean Faircloth

Pentagon rushes to learn number of 9/11 remains sent to landfill

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 2 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Space

Emergency ban extended on chemicals used in drugs that mimic pot

What little indulgence do you stop and buy if you happen upon them? I buy cheap rings. The cheaper

Calling All Occupiers! Calling All Occupiers!

Does this violate the first amendment?

Help! When I type the url of my website into IE I get redirected to some weird site or a warning re.

What historical event have you witnessed live? My dad and I went to parliament hill

Wisconsin S.B. 507 proposes single parenting as child abuse

What are you watching right now?

Who else just heard Bob Kerrey sing on "The Last Word?"

"And it's good bye to OKU!"

Activists shows sniper attacks on the street of Baba Sbaa - Funny take, if it was not so tragic

*On Lawrence show, LO + Craig Crawford: 'He TIED!'

A Real Cure for "Obamacare": Medicare for All

Seen on FB (and of COURSE I snagged it)

Son might be going into combined class next year.

Any ideas here?

Wanna see something really scary?

Judge throws out medical pot suit against the feds

Genetically Altered Bird Flu Virus Not as Dangerous as Believed, Its Maker Asserts

Chief U.S. District Judge sends racially charged email about president

Romney wins Wyoming caucuses, CNN projects

So, Romney Visited A Glass Factory Today in Ohio

After Many Tough Choices, the Choice to Quit (NY Times on Sen. Snowe)

Sheriff Joe "Look at Me" Arapaio to hold a birther press conference tomorrow

Three reasons why religious right groups are bigoted - a visual exercise

Why the Republican field was so weak

Over the Edge - LA Guns (with a cool surfing video to boot)

Neil Patrick Harris just outed Letterman tonite.

Toon: Witches incorporate uteruses!

women's herstory month 2012 theme--women's education-women's empowerment

women's herstory month 2012 theme--women's education-women's empowerment

(UK) Prison governor locks out probation staff in G4S joint bid to privatise jails

Sisterspace 35th Anniversary Details Announced (Maryland this year)

Bush nominated federal judge sent joke email implying Obama's mother had sex with dog

Conservative Media Promote Bogus Chart On National Debt

women's herstory month 2012 honorees in education

Apparently riding a dog like it is a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment.

A.L.E.C. bill Private school choice options is debated in MN House of Rep.

Romney and Santorum almost split Wyoming delegates 50/50

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 1 March 2012

Jon Stewart: 'The Long, Winding, Bumpy-Ass Road to the White House'

FBI seizes records of Rep. Fattah’s son

Feminist trans advocates should support Bradley Manning...

Why would anyone want to cut funding for the National Weather Service??

Wisconsin Republican Senator Proposes Bill That Labels Single-Parenthood As Child Abuse

Don't think that Romney is not a threat to Obama in the fall. Romney may be one of those

Toons: Romney Defeats Romney, Leap Year, Ship of Dolts and More. - 2/29/12

take action on campus for women's herstory month

take action on campus for women's herstory month

The Ultimate Republican Nomination Information Chart

Democrats Favored to Pick Up Snowe Seat

If you are ready to fight foreclosure or for Modification

President Obama speaks at the United Auto Workers Annual Conference (Full Speech 25:46 minutes)

women's herstory month quiz

I Want To Know What It's Like

(Michigan) Emergency manager opponents submit signatures in effort to overturn law

President Offers Theme of Nation Seeing a Comeback

Militarism Through a Feminist Lens

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday March 1st

The Blunt Amendment vote - Are Democrats making this a 60 vote threshold?

New Federal Lawsuit Provides U.S. DoJ Golden Opportunity to Challenge Polling Place Photo ID

Report: Tibetan dies while bombing building in western China

Rush: Female Law Students are 'sluts' for wanting contraception...This is a vile human

DEA chief: Pot is dangerous because it causes mold&water damage

Tibetan hunger strikers' health deteriorate, remain committed to carry-on fast

Jon Stewart & TDS: on the long & the short of things.

Chellie Pingree (D-ME): 'I'm Not Likely To Say No' To Senate Bid

Death toll in clash in China's far west at 20

When Obama And The Dems Were Pushing For The Affordable Care Act The Repugs......

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, February 29)

Feature request: Ability to delete multiple PM's at once.

Blunt bill 'chipping away at the rights of women' - video

Republican Congressional Candidate Says 'Holocaust “It’s the blackest lie in history.

Saudi Arabia May Be Tied to 9/11, 2 Ex-Senators Say

Fmr Sen Bob Kerrey (D-NE) singing a song of valor (No More Waltzing Matilda for Me)

Rightwing nut group American Family Association targets Archie Comics

Windows 8 Consumer Preview released (the beta)

TIME: Visual History of the Gay Rights Movement

Posthumous baptisms. Why they're offensive...

A little computer help...

So I'm trying to sleep and I can't. I hear this like Jet engine flying like a high hum. It's not

Who else received the friendly Anthem Blue Cross rate increase letter today?

Austerity for the 1%

Should Mass Dems vote for Santorum in Primary?

Irish Central: "Why Rick Santorum Lost the Catholic Vote"

Republicans' hopes for recapturing control of Senate dim

Thatcher was Supicious of Polish Solidarity Movement

As a Public Service to Republican Women across the country. . . .

Caption this Campaign Rally Photo

Daydream Believer

Bangkok's 'Hitler chic' trend riles tourists, Israeli envoy

Just spent a couple of hours reading about Professor Bott. Very hopeful.

Stephen King's new Book cover is frightening.

Ancient cave speaks of Hades myth


Feds arrest 45 illegal immigrants in Connecticut, Massachusetts

The Context Behind Hitler's WWI Lovechild

Hosting slots are turning over...(edit: it has begun)

Howard Dean endorses Milad Pooran in Maryland 6th District

Super-sized fleas feed off dinosaurs

Kerrey's (D-Ne) entry raises stakes

School shooting victim never got first paycheck -- now it'll be buried with him

Protest Spike TV new show 'American Digger'

Don't get it twisted

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? – The Guardian ‘Open Journalism’ and Social Media

Denis Leary - Cigarette Warnings

German federation condemns anti-Semitic incident

Whatever happened to........................

U.S. announces diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea

On Republican Flag Waving, Ignorance of our Nation's History, and the Snobbery of Education

Sheriff Joe is "birthing"...!

Arctic Ocean drilling: Shell launches preemptive legal strike

interpretation of the law=who's running the store

Interpretation of the law in Maine=depends on who you are!

Politico: The Jeb Bush murmurs persist

Russian authorities probe fake vote-rigging videos

Israel unveils sophisticated shelters in Tel Aviv

Toon: Santorium and Romney .. 'Witch'

President Bush apologizes for troops desecrating Koran

'The blackest lie in history': Republican congressional candidate says the Holocaust never happened

Who would be the strongest Dem Senate candidate?

Can an employee be disciplined for refusing to work during the NCAA Tourney? SuperPAC claim - Obama White House ‘Full of Wall Street Executives’?

Wife Says Christy Mihos Is Addicted To Prostitutes, Porn Stars

A country run by corporations and churches is not a country of the people,

Why Nations Start Dumb Wars: Is Israel Setting the Stage for Tragedy?

The Bill Press Show with wiseman Eric Burns

Man accused in student’s death committed to hospital-60 years of care ordered after trial in 2009

Oligarchy in the U.S.A.

Outrage could hike reward in dog slays

Amy Goodman: Wikileaks vs. Stratfor: Pursue The Truth, Not Its Messenger

New Studies Show College Placement Tests are Ineffective

Missing Boston College student’s home is searched for clues; Bruce Springsteen tweets, asking people

Amid rising gas prices, Obama to call for vote on killing oil tax breaks

Israeli Public Less Hawkish on Iran

did you know there is an openly gay gop presidential candidate?

Police: Airport Workers Raid Luggage, Steal Valuables

The ‘Winners’ Take Everything

Phil Rockstroh: Regaining a Spirit of Defiance

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Mitt Romney: An Extremist for the Privileged

What should I know about Google's new privacy policy?

Naomi Klein: Throw Out the Free Market Playbook

Northeastern students’ protest blocks Chick-fil-A

Some new and more encouraging polls: Governor and US Senate

This is a fish:

Gov. O'Malley: At 5pm we'll sign the marriage equality bill into law

Quran Burning Came as a Gift from Heaven for the US

Bill Would Eliminate Need For HIV Test Consent

Judge Richard Cebull admits to anti-Obama email (nasty racist 'joke' from a federal judge)

All-India strike hits banking, transport services

Bariatric surgery

Iran, Syria, Who’s Next?

Remembering Anne Frank 'I Knew Nothing about the Profundity of Her Thoughts'

MILLER: Victory for gun rights in D.C

OK Senator Pickets Personhood Bill With Hilarious, Obscene Sign (LOLOLOLOL)

Executive Director Position Open

Bob Kerrey

My wife doesn't like The Walking Dead but she's lucky I watch it...

Twilight of the Voting Rights Act

For Some (on the left and on the right) In France, The US Is The World's Biggest Problem

More budget cuts could force closure of satellite and branch campuses

Robocall scandal - petition and video

RoJo Spanked By Panetta for Saying Obama 'Choosing Soc. Security over National Security'

Favorite Monkees Songs

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (03/01/2012)

Just when you thought things hadn't gotten stupid enough...

Court approves warrantless searches of cell phones

The New Poems of Sarah Palin

DU Album of the Day: The Monkees - Greatest Hits

Federal Judge who sent racist joke about Obama: “not intended by me in any way to become public.”

Afghans fatally shoot 2 US troops at joint base

Plans for Mashpee Wampanoag casino in Taunton unveiled

Nick Anderson Romney toon - "I am the 1%"

Frank Zappa - my hero - talks about American Democracy circa 1990 or so

Obama is on the Bill Simmons podcast

Survivor One World - Episode Three Discussion thread

Rick Santorum: Obamacare Poster Boy

Poll: Democrats Hold Edge on Contraception Debate, Medicare

Bill Clinton tells Americans to ‘embrace’ Keystone pipeline

Isn't it strange that Microsoft blocks its own mail?

Jobless claims remain at four-year low

"Margaret Thatcher would be tarred today as a "big government liberal" and a "European socialist" by

Wha chu smoking, dude?

Matt Taibbi Joins Occupy Wall Street for Anti-Corporate Protest

Off switch hit for 8 high pollution emitting power plants (5 in PA)

Morning Joe - Religion Poll

Venezuela's Chavez: I'm recovering like a condor

Currently trapped in Massachusetts due to storm.

Occu-Spy, with Matt Taibbi - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Someone wasn't thinking about the children...

Anybody else having volume issues on espn2?

"At Last Our Right Wing Friends Have Found the Issue That Will Sweep Them Into Power!"

... Why is Ron Paul’s Superpac Headquartered in Mitt Romney’s Backyard?

Andrew Breitbart reportedly dies

Andrew Brietbart is dead?

Gimme some truth about Texas history.....

Let's Drink to the Hard-Trading People

Anyone else notice Bloomberg suckass Dylan Ratigan has been promoting a third party run for weeks?

Reports: Andrew Breitbart Dead, Age 43

Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

Greek CDS insurance payments not triggered - ISDA

Another Loan Guarantee Recipient Lays Off Workers

So, is O'keefe gonna draw unemployment?

Obama's True Brilliance Was Shown BEFORE the Rescue of the Domestic Auto Industry


Two words for DU in light of Breitbart's death

Thursday TOON Roundup 1- Mittens survives another round

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- The also-rans

The air is cleaner and the world is less polluted.

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- 2012 election

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

Phil Rockstroh: Regaining a Spirit of Defiance

Question for DUers - how do they know Brietbart died of natural causes?

"We need to elect progressive Democrats in Red States."

Defense Department Wants More Control over the Internet

For those who post only in the lounge, not sure if you heard about Andrew Breitbart...

GOP Struggles To Contain Birth Control Fallout

9 Unforgettable Moments in Political Mudslinging

The divide between occupier and occupied (Afghanistan)

Remember when a chaplin and other people came to your house to tell you your husband was killed

Bag Garden Fundraiser -- Easter and Mother's Day are just around the corner!

B.S. Report: Barack Obama

Just heard that Andrew Breitbart passed away

From The Rude Pundit on brietbart.

Brazil Takes the Lead In Trying to Prevent Another Senseless War

insideout {link to LGBTIQ NC youth zine}

I remember what Breitbart said about Ted Kennedy after he died...

Anyone watch Lawrence O'Donnell and the story of the Catholic priest denying communion....

So what happens to Shirley Sherrod's case now that Breitbart off'ed himself, er, died of natural

ABC News: "Big Government broke the ACORN child sex trafficking scandal"

Syrian Rebels Suffer Crippling Defeat as Assad Forces Take Homs

Andrew Breitbart Memorium

On brietbarts death...

Can the U.S. Jump Back into the Solar Race?

Female Bonobos Brag During Social-Climbing Sex

Bob Kerrey: Reid Made Promises

Kaiser poll: Obama trusted more on future of ACA, Medicare; 54 percent expand/keep ACA

Bank of America considers checking account fee revamp

Cristiano Ronaldo Amazing BackHeel goal!

GRAPH: Republicans Responsible For Hyper-Polarization Of Congress

some good news- fisk and crawford coal plants to close

Ship's anchor cuts Internet access to six East African countries

An article about why men don't open up (written by a man), critiqued by another man

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Fredy Montero

f*ck manners. I am going to celebrate the passing of an evil man.

Olympia Snowe and Misdiagnosing Gridlock

Bank Of America: Pay Up or Go Home

"Social-climbing sex" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include

Cross post from sports: B.S. Report: Barack Obama

In light of Breitbart's death, so we think we'll hear from Weiner?

Judge Cebull, 316 N. 26th St., Rm 5405, Billings MT 59101

Ex-Massey mine security chief sentenced to prison

CONFESS!!!! Who was your crush when you were 6 years old?

See why our unions had to be weakened or destroyed before "austerity measures", could be imposed

Santorum: "He was just out there, drivin' and pushin'..." (Breitbart)

Breitbart. To quote Pat Buchanan...

The "Intellectual" Gurus of the Extreme Santorum/Romney Religious Right That the Media Has (mostly)

Nothing sexy about it...

Dogma Overturned: Women Can Produce New Eggs

Holy FUCK. There are 433 replies in the RimJobCentral tinfoil hat memorial thread for Breitbart.

For those of us who observe fr as a hobby, like ornithology, today is a jackpot.

Official "Gravedancing is wrong" vs. "No it's not" thread

I heard a rumor that the Zombie Breitbart was seen down at Occupy

When Did the U.S. Last Kill an al Qaeda Fighter in Afghanistan?

Frightening photo of potential US president

Look how the MURDOCH NY Post "reports" the BREITBART savaging of Shirley SHERROD

I had a premonition Breitbart would die

"Why is the West so intent on repeating its military disasters...."

Audi working on wireless charging for all its plug-in vehicles

Syrian army invades Baba Amr, 17 civilians beheaded by security forces

I got my first endorsment Bob Kerry will get one too!!!!

We are all deluded. We all die. So it goes. Andrew Breitbart,

Sam Seder: The Deception of the Super Rich

Texas teabagger doctor defrauds government out of $375 million

Momentum {NC ammendment 1}

Is "too much cocaine and speed" a "natural cause" of death these days?

Idea for a new party

Just sunk in that it's the Blunt RUBIO amendment

Breitbart "eulogizes" Ted Kennedy: "This duplicitous bastard...Even til the end, he was a prick."

Memories of Andrew Breitbart 2009: what he tweeted upon hearing Ted Kennedy had passed away

Thinking about a DSLR.

I think we all know what his epitaph will be:

There are 2003 comments pending at HuffPo re Britebart's death. The only

County cuts back road improvements for billionaire (Bill Koch)

Susan Collins To Vote For Blunt Amendment

Gay online encyclopaedia debuts

Susan Collins voting for Blunt Amendment

Thom Hartmann: Occupy...the rise of the ''99% Spring''

Ok, I'm having difficulty playing Skyrim.

Thom Hartmann: Who are the Sovereign Citizens?

"Because we're better than that." Please. The death of Brietbart is similar to the removal of . . .

Lady Gaga launches Born This Way Foundation at Harvard University to help youth ‘challenge meanness

Oh, good grief, Maria SHRIVER might re-inflict Ahhnuld on us again, marriage counseling

Palin: Breitbart 'Defended The Defenseless'

Did the ObamaCare Death Panel Exterminate Breitbart?

Chick-fil-A Tries To Mask Anti-Gay Record As Northeastern University Rejects Contract

New Jersey Voters’ Gay-Marriage Support Reaches High After Christie Veto

Pakistan vows to complete pipeline project with Iran

Aids Treatment? Circumcision? Moral Objections?

French car sales dive as Peugeot-GM tie-up disappoints

eyes of march -- Dog Bless You {guide dogs -- an easy good deed}

His last tweet:

Automakers Report Sales Gains, Despite Rising Gas Prices

things are tough all over

Occupy Our Homes Calls for National Week of Bank Protest Actions

"famous" O'KEEFE, stooge of BREITBART, sues "excitable" Keith & Current (NY Post's adjectives)

Charles Pierce: Super-PAC Tuesday and the American Bribery Trap

It's official - Justin Bieber is today an adult

...Props to Sen. Frank Lautenberg for this in his floor statement. (on Blunt amendment)

Article: Arctic's Old Ice Vanishing Rapidly, NASA Study Finds

Senator Gillibrand: Standing Strong Against The Extreme Blunt Amendment

Authors Tackle AIDS: Gregory G. Allen and Kergan Edwards-Stout

Congressman Who Blasted “Corporate Control Of Our Democracy” Attends Fundraiser Hosted By AT&T Lobby

GOP Struggles To Contain Birth Control Fallout

Wareham, Mass. High School uses Slater Mills as a powerful teaching tool

Robbed by blowtorch, Pontiac clerk gets cash back with a bat

Welcome to Moe's

Wareham Selectmen host sewer tie-in primer

The number of poor people in developing countries dropped to record low levels between 2005 and 2008

Gay-Marriage Support in New Jersey Reaches High After Christie’s Bill Veto

wow--what a way to start my morning. I must admit, when I saw the clips of him screeching

On Twitter, Rick Perry mourns passing of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart

BREAKING: Senate rejects Blunt bill

Another sad story: "Some Wall Streeters facing tough times on just $350,000 a year"

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus - Happy St. David's Day.

Who are the Democrats who voted for the Blunt amendment?

Senate Votes 51-48 To Kill Blunt Amendment (updated 2x)

For all you inconsiderate bastards dancing on Andrew Breitbart's grave

I don't give a flying f**k about Breitbart.

Police brass to be indicted over alleged mishandling of LI High School burglary

I think the Bee Gees wrote Andrew Breitbart's obit a long time ago...

As a troll*, let me give my perspective on another troll.

Blunt Bill defeated in Senate.

Was he ever really alive?

Andrew Breitbart Interview With Cenk Uygur On Current TV (Feb. 2012)

CONFESS!!! Who's your current crush?

A Civil Right to Unionize

Occupy Vigilantes Write New Volcker Rule Script: Susan Antilla

Iran Nuke Plans Provoke Heightened U.S. Warnings

Would you believe another opportunity

Thom Hartmann: Are we about to execute another innocent man?

After their big FAIL with boycotting JCPenney's, Million Moms now boycotting Toys R Us.....

Lehman Brothers examiner says it could happen again

Wisconsin: Scott Fitzgerald has lost his way. Fortunately we have Compas

They say you should only say good things of the dead.

Japanese Giant Builds Computer Memory With Light

Every once in a while, The Universe makes a course correction

Heartbroken Santorum Condemns Gay Marriage For Two-Timing Jerks Like Nick

Adbusters calls for a "spiritual insurrection" starting May 1

Most Senators Leaving Since 1996 May Mean More Polarized Chamber

Thx to twitter and FB, our final thoughts will be memorialized

Housing needs for workers fills first day discussion of Eagle Ford Shale conference in San Antonio

How did a jury have a 5-0 vote when there are supposed to be 6 jurors?

Leveson inquiry preparing to call Rupert Murdoch

What BREITBART tweeted upon hearing Ted Kennedy had passed away

Israel deepens hold in West Bank heartland, quietly legalizes unsanctioned settler enclave

Anti-Obama ad: 'Go to hell Barack'

U.S. Exporters Sell 120,000 Tons of Wheat to Iran, Most Since August 2008

question of the day: will the mormons posthumously baptize Brietbart?

Breitbart lost a Motion to Dismiss in the Sherrod case on Feb. 15, 2012

BRAVO Shirley Sherrod

TED Talk—Paul Gilding: The Earth is full

Ever notice that the freepies sit around waiting for videotapes that don't exist? First there was

"the dingo ate my baby..."

IT jobs on the rise -- both offshore and in U.S.

I am going to retire a little early as a Lounge host.


Matt Drudge: He and Breitbart used to "flash each other".

CROSS-POSTED TO LBN: "Snooki - Why I Lied About My Pregnancy"

texted from NARAL:

the best thing i've read about Breitbart today

Respect for Breitbart ....

Santorum to Obama: Not All Tots Want to Go to Kindergarten.

Visual Studio 11's UI is sharper than you think

Kerry Floor Statement on Blunt Amendment Kerry Floor Statement on Blunt Amendment

Stay classy, San Diego: Anchor drops a B-bomb on Danica Patrick

Brazil Takes the Lead In Trying to Prevent Another Senseless War

Who Should Decide Your Health Care Choices, You or Your Boss?

Petition to NH Legislators

Obama selling cup with his birth certificate on it,

Breitbart on Real Time: "There was no greater defender of Clarence Thomas than Rush Limbaugh"

Sheriff Joe's rancid brain continues its rot

Good ridence hope he's in HELL

De mortuis nil nisi bonum

Court approves warrantless searches of cell phones

New speech-jamming gun hints at dystopian Big Brother future

What If This Was Something You Had To Get Permission From Your Boss For?

I'm surprised to see so few posts from expats

FBI anti-terrorism expert: TSA is useless

Massey Energy Official Gets 3 Years For Obstruction, Lying To Investigators In Big Branch Blast

Already 3,590,000 google results for "andrew brietbart murdered"

Mitt vs Mitt (Digby)

The Catholic Church is in a POWER struggle

Warp Drives May Come With a Killer Downside

NASA/Goddard - Loss Of Multi-Year Arctic Sea Ice Running About 15%/Decade

Judges: Immigrants can be cut off from food stamps

Why doesn't President Obama declare our water pipes (the ones underground), Roadways and bridges

The Big Fracking Bubble: The Scam Behind the Gas Boom

Limbaugh attempts to walk-back "she's a slut and prostitute" comment...instead digs deeper ditch

Student dies after stabbing incident at Chicago public school

Men Who Cheat On Their Wives Are More Likely To Die Of Cardiac Arrest During Sex

Accused Americans Leave Egypt, Officials Say

SFO-bound plane delayed by Denver bomb threat

Koch Brothers Suing CATO Institute

Freeper: Breitbart death is part of the socialist takeover of the country

I hear Breitbart's syphilis finally did him in!

Already 2,620,000 Google results for "andrew breitbart overdose"

Say anything

The rumors are rampant on the freeper site regarding a so-called bombshell Breitbart was holding.

What it feels like to be surrounded by 2000 leaping dolphins

Andrew Breitbart in Hell: A Fantasia: (The Rude Pundit)

How to shut down Freakerville with one post

Really? (From an article on Breitbart's death).

"You have no Blacks on staff at the Republican National Committee – or any of its other committees"

Taking bets here - how long until the Dems are blamed for Breitbart's death?

Nasa creates incredible video 'fly-through' of 18-mile crack in Pine Island glacier from 3D laser sc

Don't let conservative Democrats slash Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid!

Bank of America will start charging checking fees.

Bankster of America mulls another shakedown attempt

California Teen Leaves School, Moves in With Former Teacher

Bob Casey of Pennsylvania is an ass who believes "HIS" religious views should control women's birth

Judge blocks Arizona immigration law's day labor rules (Reuters)

ROMNEY: AndrewBreitbart: "brilliant entrepreneur" (WTF Mitt?)

Obama in NH talking about energy costs and jobs.

Middle school girls hoops player benched for a game for saying “I love you” in native language

I'm watching the President's NH speech, and I am seeing a reliance on FACTS versus RHETORIC...

Mitt Romney defends making fun of poncho-wearing NASCAR fans, says he wanted 'a garbage bag' too

Through Rain, Sleet . . ., and Snow

Before Voting You Must See HIS SonoGram!

Lady Gaga, bane of conservative parents everywhere

I am not here to dance on Breitbart's grave.

Car plows through Occupy demonstrators at UC Santa Cruz campus

If you were advising Shirley Sherrod and former Acorn People...what would you tell them now?

HUD accuses Bank of America of discrimination

Carolyn Maloney: Rush Limbaugh 'Slut' Comment Is Attempt To Silence Women

CIA secret weapon of assassination Heart Attack Gun, Declassified 1975 New World Order Report

Here is how thousands of people will remember Breitbart

Montana judge apologizes for sending racist joke about Obama and his mother

TED Talk—Garth Lenz: The true cost of oil (Canadian Tar Sands)

More female bashing. Limbaugh continues to hate on women

Iran's nuclear weapons facility is apparently called "Frodo". Watch out for Gollum! My precious...

Burn the Koran? Then burn the BIBLE!

I can't say that I knew Andrew Breitbart personally...

Yesterday was my last day at the job I have held for almost 15 years.

“See you later, alligator.” “After while, crocodile.”

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Such a Kill Joy!

Breitbart Killed To Minimize damage from Ms. Sherrod's Suit, Ladies and Gentlemen....

Andrew Brietbart was pronounced dead at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: The Risk of Contagion Nation

Minor upgrade -- sources added to Latest Breaking News column on Latest page

Why did the Dems in the IA legislature go to an undisclosed location?

Rumor has it that Breitbart and O'Keefe were about to be hit with a bombshell themselves.

Bernie Sanders On The Senate Floor Today: "What If There Were 83 Women Senators?"

Wikipedia on Brietbart:

BREAKING: Employers Don't Get To Decide What Types Of Services Women Can Use Insurance For!

Naomi Wolf: "U.S. is sleepwalking into becoming a police state ... the president can lock up anyone"

Breaking: Breitbart/Davy Jones shocking suicide pact revealed!

Daleks! They're everywhere! (pic)

Mining legislation appears all but dead

Scientists create ‘gun’ that disrupts speech

Per Think Progress Senate kills

Does anyone else find it Ironic? Two Deaths two different reaction.

I just deleted 26 separate Breitbart threads from my GD view.

"I'm so mad at the press that I could JUST STRANGLE THEM!"

Mitt, if the Generals asked you

100,000,000 workers grind India to a halt in one of world's biggest strikes ever

Bullies can't faze Ben Cayetano

OK ye Bastid's, confess, which one of you killed Buttbreath!!!

Patricia Heaton, useless piece of pus

So when/why did it become necessary to defend the Bill of Rights on (Deleted) ....

Bullies can't faze Ben Cayetano

Hundreds of students march back to Ohio school

I was just wondering

Michigan GOP votes to change rule to award more delegates to Mittens

AT&T Caps Unlimited Data Plans

I now live in the 1st Congressional District in Ohio...

A reminder: The new Google TOC went into effect today.

Wisconsin Republican Senator Proposes Bill That Labels Single-Parenthood As Child Abuse

Sensitive passwords and multiple account info was sent by email unencrypted.

Sheriff Arpaio on live now, link:

House Democrats’ gun-bill protest was ‘worth it,’ (Iowa)

“Republicans being against sex is not good” - GOP Strategist.

‘Pro-Life’ Governor Determined To End Abortion Enables Gun-Running Killers

Nothing about the way the GOP handles their internal elections...

Sheriff Arpaio says Obama birth certificate is forged/Fraud (and selective service reg card):

Goats, sheep, cattle and snakes gather to remember one of their own, Andrew Breitbart.

A eulogy for Andrew Breitbart.

How did Breitabrt spend his last day?

My own moment in history....

Gun carriers want old polling places

Please add your photo blog, photo website or Facebook page, Flickr page, whatever HERE

Does Providing Contraception to Women = Hating Religion?

Lawmakers say Ohio shooting won't change nation's gun rights

Sheriff Arpaio: Obama birth certificate a ‘forgery’

"I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure." - Clarence Darrow

Arizona universities estimate costs of campus guns bill

GOP Murphy(PA) "You’re setting up a rule that not even Jesus and his apostles could adhere too"

Male-minded safety features put female drivers at risk

All the Breitbart threads are causing me anxiety...

Charges expected after 2nd-grade basketball game turns ugly

US Total War: 'Martial law at home, hawks over Iran'

Grandma returns from the dead, fixes lunch, scares family

New York State can't make this up

Arizona is challenging Florida for Krazy Kapital of the u.s.

TYT: NBC Execs Privately Briefed on War with Iran by General McCaffrey

Pic Of The Moment: Blunt Bill Shot Down In Senate

Brad Pitt Joins Cast of 8; Event to Be Live-Streamed

From April 6, 2007: "Hardball on Mitt Romney, Varmint Hunter"

I just saw someone who looked like James O'Keefe filling out a McDonald's job application....

"Sherriff Joe Arpaio learns that Optical Character Recognition software exists. News at 11."

Zed's dead, baby...Zed's dead UPDATE: "Breitbart Grades Obama and Santorum on Huckabee" (2/12/12)

Judge in 'Zombie Muhammad' case is relocated after threats, criticism of ruling

We need a Sherlock Holmes or Nero Wolf forum. Maybe Perry Mason too.

Unions to push to block 'right to work' in Michigan

Florida bill allowing religious 'inspirational messages' in public schools goes to governor

Look at the two kids who supporter GOP and Obama What different you see...

Iran: Lessons never learned

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Death

Red Light District: Beautiful photos of Parisian prostitutes (1950s-1960s)

Obama Issues New Guidelines for Indefinite Detention and Torture

Windows 8 Beta out now (aka Consumer Preview)

..Oceans' acidic shift may be fastest in 300 million years

Virginia Legislature Votes to Oppose Indefinite Detention of Americans without Trial

Oceans' acidic shift may be fastest in 300 million years

PHOTO: Get a JOB, you fukken HIPPIE. You hairy college SNOB.

Bank Of America Didn't Learn Its Lesson, Might Be Instituting Checking Fee

Andrew Breitbart Dies at 43

Koch Brothers Battle For Control Of Libertarian Think Tank Co-Founded 40yrs ago by Charles Koch

The Tedious U.S.-North Korean Nuclear Wrangle

Happy St. David's Day to all of you with Welsh ancestry!

US drones begin to kill in Philippines

Pakistan Majority Want US Out of the Region Says Blogger

Today's GOP: Bat-Shit Crazy!

Update and Tribute thread to a great American, Shirley Sherrod.

I just posted a review of a good movie I saw last night

Breitbart Dental Thread:

In the Bay Area, Transit Signs are Surprisingly Poor

Birth control exemption bill, the ‘Blunt amendment,’ killed in Senate

Santorum knocks Romney for flubbing answer about Blunt amendment

Ruthelle Frank, an 84-year-old resident of a small town in Wisconsin, is suing her home state...

Group demands DOJ memo authorizing drone strike against Anwar al-Awlaki

Kitchenaid 600 series stand mixer, $265 or $225 after the $40 rebate

BBC Breaking: Fr. Journalist Edith Bouvier out of Syria (NOT vouching for this)

Bill Moyers Essay: Are Immunization Exemptions Fair to All?

Activists question legality of US drone operations

Can we baptize LynneSin as a Lennon Sister?

Just heard on Martin Bashir

Speak Your Piece: Antitrust Law Perverted

The 'willy nilly' drone doctrine

Spam that almost survived a jury

David Cay Johnston calls Romney's tax plan "G. W. Bush's plan on steroids"

Tea Party and Mississippi FAIR back Alabama-style immigration legislation

I didn't have any bath type bar soap to use for my shower today

Israel unveils sophisticated shelters in Tel Aviv

crockpot liners. Does anybody use them?

Limbaugh Doubles Down On Sexist Attack Against Sandra Fluke, Demands She Post Sex Tapes Online

Thom Hartmann: Imagine life with no America!

CNN Radio News to end, "NBC News Radio" to debut

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone: "Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche"

March 3 NC-VA competition pool thread

Japan feared 'demonic chain reaction' at reactor, report says

In case you really want to know, tomorrow Morning Joe will be all about education...

Did You Know 100 Of These Were Shut Down Since 2010?

Outside of DU, I am not talking, texting, posting about Brietbart

UT afraid license plates honouring MLK may support abortion

Jessica Lange will return to American Horror story...

UT afraid license plate honouring MLK may support abortion

Apparently, Obama had Breitbart killed...

The jig is up. Obama outed by the cold case posse. Laughed so hard I thought I'de die.

Lost in Translation

Education is one of the only professions where the buck stops in the middle

Can Battery Storage And Solar Work Together? Arizona's Largest Utility To Find Out

I'll be disappointed and surprised if Obama gets less than 65% of the female vote

Bibi to demand that Obama commit to military action if Iran sanctions fail

Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche

Triceratops and Torosaurus dinosaurs 'two species, not one' (BBC)

the stars up above that play with laughing sams dice... jimi hendrix

Sandra Fluke Issues Statement On Limbaugh's Comments And Public Support

Mitt Romney gets Michigan's at-large delegates

Nebraska Legislature Considers Justifiable Homicide of Abortion Doctors

Feds Still on the Hook for Couple's Missing $200K

Wind power growth in Asia is part of the region’s future

Should President Obama ignore the idiot in Phoenix or respond ?

Rick Santorum vs Loretta Lynn

The Emergency Committee For Israel Calls On Jewish Foundations To Defund Media Matters, CAP

Virginia's forced, unnecessary ultrasound is going to McDonnell for signature

U.K. Could Save $5.6 Billion by Linking Offshore Wind Farms

'Meet the new boss': The rise of Colombia's labor co-ops

U.S. Congresswomen See Israel, Palestinians In The Eyes Of J Street

Two main columns on the Greatest page keep switching?

st_tree - A C++ template tree container class

My son made me proud IN A DREAM not long ago.

Dems appeal to Boehner: Rebuke Limbaugh over 'slut' comments

Andrew Breitbart memorialized on floor of Congress

Rep. Speier Calls for Boycott of Limbaugh Sponsors

Livestream - O'Malley about to sign Maryland marriage equality bill

Caption this (The Final GOP Debate)

Limbaugh Doubles Down On Sexist Attack Against Sandra Fluke, Demands She Post Sex Tapes Online

Colombian Political Prisoner Liliany Obando to Be Freed

George W. Bush: Once a serial killer...


Something we ALL need to realize.. Nothing is EVER "settled law".


TORONTO: Male Cop Sued For Trying To "Convert" Lesbian Subordinate

President Obama talks sports with Bill Simmons

Who will be the first Republican in Congress to call for hearings into Brietbart's death?

People’s Struggles in Latin America Extends to Natural Resources

People’s Struggles in Latin America Extends to Natural Resources

It's time to take OxyRush down....

There's a billboard around Milwaukee....

Middle school player benched for a game for saying ‘I love you’ in native language

Obama, Dems target oil-industry subsidies

Taxpayers Underpaid The IRS By $385 Billion In 2006, Agency Says

Tweety tore Rush Scumbaugh a new one today

AFL-CIO revamps website to feature workers more prominently

Harvard Magazine: "Al Franken: You Can Call Me Senator"

A new respect for movers.

Why gun owner in Ohio school shooting won't be held accountable

Nicaraguan to face US drug, terrorism charges involving Colombian paramilitary group

Obama team makes light of latest birth certificate claims

Coal Plant Closing Celebration

Gov. O'Malley Signs Marriage Equality Bill, Making Maryland Eighth State to Do So

Brietbart Comments Lead to Hat Trick on Conservative Web Site

Internet Explorer takes unexpected jump in market share

Ohio suspect TJ Lane faces juvenile murder charges

California Faculty Assn calls for a strike authorization vote....

Whoever is running this climate change hoax is doing an excellent job.

Koch Bros. suing Cato Institute

High School principal to gay students:"not on God's path."

Bill Clinton: Mitt Romneys father must be turning over in his grave over the Auto bailout

U.S. and Colombia's Every-Child-Left-Behind Policy Advancing

Wayback Machine, 2002: ABC: Erections Get Insurance; Why Not the Pill?

U.S. and Colombia's Every-Child-Left-Behind Policy Advancing

My star membership seems to have expired prematurely

Why hasn't james o'keefe been arrested yet? nt

Pic of the moment has Blunt saying

I despised Breitbart in life; but four kids, ages 12, 10, 6, and 4 are missing their Dad tonight.

Soon most with the surname of "Breitbart" will be spelling it "Breitbart(no relation)".

Rev. Marcel Guarnizo is a strange bird with some strange connections:

Koch brothers file Kansas lawsuit over think tank ownership

Obama VS. Romney tax plan in one chart.

Please sign this petition to our insane State House and Governor Gashole

Union Leader Blames BP for His Torture

I think women across America should buy billboards

Fan favorite Paul Qui of Uchiko wins 'Top Chef: Texas'

Union Leader Blames BP for His Torture

Maryland governor signs bill legalizing gay marriage

Grandmother to face capital murder charge in girl's running death

Undercover Grandma Catches Medicare Fraud on Tape

President Obama Adds Birth Certificate To His Facebook Timeline (Arpaio at it again)

One injured in shooting at Willcox High School (AZ), authorities confirm

The Secrets of the World-Record-Setting Paper Plane

Land Conflicts Threaten to Boil Over

Sandra Fluke to be in The Ed Show tonight

Breaking: Md Governor O'Malley signs Gay Marriage Bill into law (about 500 PM today)

Ninth Circuit Opens Misconduct Review On Judge Who Sent Racist, Anti-Obama Email

Wouldn't you like to have 300 armed good ole boys patrolling your state for "undesirables?"

Privatisation Derailed Argentina’s Rail System

What do you make of this?

Atheist group targets Muslims, Jews with ‘myth’ billboards in Arabic and Hebrew

TDPS: Great interview on being a professional political dirt digger

Romney pulling away nationally

Freepers take a much-needed break from mourning Breitbart to high-five Sheriff Joe's birther efforts

Politico Manufactures Attack On Steven Chu

John Bolton's Default Setting: When In Doubt, Bomb Iran

Religious beliefs force Houston school from state tournament

Food etiquette rules that might surprise you

(Virginia) Senate panel kills 'Tebow bill' - homeschoolers NOT allowed on public school sports teams

"He's just an entertainer...what's the big deal?"

McDonald's Patron Beat With Spatula Loses Suit

The Master Butchers Singing Club-Chapter 3-SPOILERS

Stores Confront Extreme Couponers’ Tactics With Policy Changes

'Breakfast with the devil' story (Va. legislature gun story) "no portion of the story is verifiable"

Soak in some rays....

I'm going to the Men's Group to complain about the Davy Jones threads.

Caller on Newt's "Conf. Call w/ Faith Leaders" - same sex marriage leads to people to marrying dogs

Jack Nicholson comments on Breitbart's death

LADIES: It's Open Season on White Elephants!

Growing Pains of a Male Feminist

PSA: Motion Induced Blindness. Why drivers hit bikers.

What religion SHOULD be about

Let’s Be Blunt….

Handicapped parking mirror tags. Read and heed.

What I regret most about Breitbart’s passing....

Report: Bomb Squad Responding To Rush Limbaugh's House

Breitbart achieved the conservative dream.

Why Democrats Have a Problem with Young Voters

Romney tells homeless to move in with their butlers

James Doohan (Mr.Scott from STAR TREK) Tells the Most Beautiful Story of a Suicidal Girl

AR-03 Dem Candidate Ken Aden Launches Run 2 End Hunger II

Wealthy would cash in under Romney tax plan

Judge requests misconduct review after racist email about Obama

Okay, NPR just repeated the fucking lie about ACORN (re: Breitbart)