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Archives: January 4, 2012

Pat Robertson: God Told Me Who The Next President Will Be

You shouldn't be seeing this...

Today's "Santorum" headlines

Teamster Pipeline Construction Workers Launch Strike

Sen. Sherrod Brown calls for end to free pass for banks that abandon foreclosed homes

Where do I get emotions????...

Hey, you asshole RepubliCONs who supported Citizens United: DEAL WITH IT!!!

ATTN: Juror #6

Shocking New York mosque arson attack caught on camera

Fellow Republican Governor Deems Scott Walker and John Kasich Failures

AP tests freedom of information laws worldwide

How To See Tonight’s Meteor Shower

Mosque Firebombing Suspect in Custody

Candidate Obama 2008 Iowa Caucus Victory Speech Promises Kept

Dash cam video appears to show officer planting evidence

Need HELP - got a BUG. (FIXED - Thanks)

Iowa: The Meaningless Sideshow Begins - Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

Taliban leaders held at Guantánamo Bay to be released in peace talks deal

Chargers decide to stick with Turner, GM Smith in 2012

Bill Kristol is offended that Obama will address supporters at Iowa's Democratic caucus (VIDEO)

Conflict at the heart of Scientology is exposed in bitter email outburst

Scotch and Soda

macro guessing game

Cat survives 2 euthanasia attempts at Utah shelter

Woman Says Cop Had a Lot of Nerve

I'm really disconcerted, if that's the word, with the infusion of religion in our national politics.

Strange tweet from Olbermann

Huntsman says Romney would be a Bankster enabler if elected

Univ. of Houston's Keenum has finished his college career after 6 years

First broker failure of the year: due to fraud?

1959 Dinah Shore Show opening. Amazing collection of performers.

C-Span is doing a Live Broadcast from a Caucus site in Urbandale...

Michelle Bachmann just said "The pilgrims came here to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ......"

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick says States Should Have Power To Ban Birth Control, Sodomy

Bachmann's mom looked freaked out.

Navy: Carrier cost overruns may hit $1.1 billion,may put the company's $579.2 million profit at risk

I joined the tea party in 2009, I'm not a republican

Howard Dean says Rickey Santorum will win. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Why is the MSNBC zipper saying "Poll Closings"?

We watched "The Help" on DVD last night. Regrettably....

I was just on a drunk puppy. Now what?

Santorum’s Racist Welfare Rant: ‘I Don’t Want To Make Black People’s Lives Better’ w/Taxpayer Money

So, let's say your state has $11,000,000 and nothing to spend it on . . . . . . .

I'm still here.

California high-speed rail funding could be in jeopardy

Cake - The Distance

oops the Urbandale GOP Caucus can't find someone...

Maddow: Entrance polling says Paul, Romney, and Santorum are likely to win

Pass the Large Grain of Salt

MSNBC - Top tier is Romney, Paul and Santorum

Entrance Poll from CNN shows top three

Americans Elect is NOT a political party. They are a CORPORATION

"The new DU..."

Anyone know when Obama speaks? The news is

Lucky to Be a Leftover

No access to Current - can anyone who has it tell me who

Was Gingrich's "Romney is a liar" bit a suicide mission against Romney?

I love that Rick Perry is not in the mix.

Dreaming about Dragons

How nice...the Treynor, IA Caucus (C-SPAN 2) is PRAYING...

how many days, weeks, hours, can the pundits expound upon these GOP

All the Way from Memphis

Are there enough drool buckets in Iowa tonight?

The Moonlite BunnyRanch Endorses Ron Paul For President

The trickle down theory..

Obama live webcast at Iowa Dem caucuses

Pulaski WI Marching Band 'Sticking to the Union' in Rose Bowl Parade

Breaking! Results pouring in from Iowa

Iowa caucuses 2008: Promises kept

Obama Signs the NDAA, World Does Not End (Yet) by Scott Horton

A photo from the Democratic Caucus in Urbandale, Iowa...

NBC News: Results "To Close To Call"

Ohio quakes could incite fracking policy shift

RNC co-chair "fires up" caucus by conveniently forgetting 8 years of Bush-Cheney

ATTN: Juror #5

Pipeline Inspector-Turned Whistleblower Calls Keystone XL a Potential “Disaster”

Current Iowa Caucus Results: Paul, Perry and Romney

ATTN: Juror #4

Repubs are just SO excited

Riffing off their Church location, the Urbandale Caucus is about to "pass the plate"...

Obama To Iowa Dems: 'Because Of You' Iraq War Ended, Health Care Law Passed'

If you haven't read the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Teacher Says He Was Fired for Writing a Book

The New Year Edition of This Week's Adventures In Law Enforcement

Is my coworker full of nonsense?

What Job Growth Looks Like

Stomach turning homophobic post allowed to stand in GD.

If surpluses cause as many problems as debts, maybe we need to tax creditors

According to your opinion, should all jurors be known, or should they remain anonymous?

CNN playing anti-LEGAL immigrant ads from white supremicist.

The Iowa caucus are an irrelevancy wrapped in insignificance surrounded by vast inconsequence.

The rug has been on the floor about 24 hours

Talib Kweli "Distractions" (Another OWS-themed video)

The Process - Kryon Channelling Dec. 4, 2011

2 Iowa Caucus Results case anyone wants them.

Aw, poor Newty...doesn't like his strategies he touted used against him.

CNN Enterance Poll Claims: Paul 24%, Romney 23% Santorum in third place.

Judge upholds 'Stand your ground' defense in teen's bus stop stabbing death

Climate change – our real bequest to future generations

Genius Cops Caught Apparently Planting Evidence By Own Dash Camera

Fox News has just projected that GOP candidate Michele Bachmann will come in last in Iowa.

Bank of America severing some small-business credit lines

Sources say Gregoire will publicly support gay marriage (Washington State)

Iowa repubican stalwarts cannot select the Kook Of Their Dreams. "Too Close To Call"

Murder most foul on Queen Elizabeth’s estate

Hmm, the Treynor GOP Caucus has gotten the ONLY BLACK GUY IN THE ROOM to help with the vote tally.

Bibi and Barack

Crazy Lace Agate Pendant on Etsy

With 6% in...Santorum 25%, Paul 24%, Romney 23%

Looks like Santorum is coming up from behind!

WOW - Iowans Collected More Federal Benefits Than They Paid In Federal Taxes

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new kitty gif

***** Official Iowa Results Blog = The Clown Show Continues *****

Bye Bye Michele

Caucus News: Paul Attracting Iowa Independents and Democrats

Super-rich Israelis no longer ashamed to flaunt their wealth

Even if Mitt Romney wins, he's still in trouble and here's why:

15% reported: 24% / 24% / 24%...

The fact that Evangelicals are now considered a voting block scares me a bit.

Library computers can block porn—but Wicca? ACLU says no

So far, Mittens is performing BELOW his 2008 result....

UN: Hundreds could be dead in S Sudan unrest

If Ron Paul wins the Democratic Caucus...

Caucus Interruptus! Ed Rollins, Bachmann's Former Campaign Manager, Tells Her To Quit! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Republicans Aren't Assholes

Amazing...Fox News has screwed up again!

Morocco king keeps checks on new Islamist govt

Mountain Dew 'would have dissolved a mouse' (This is why I don't drink softdrinks!)

Is your all-you-can-eat shrimp killing the mangroves?

December 2011 NSSF-Adjusted NICS Background Checks Up 24.5 Percent

Did Bachman really think she had a chance as a woman? Her base still thinks women should obey

Cat survives gas chamber twice

On Iowa caucus night, Newt Gingrich is photographed drinking...

Expose of "Parent Revolution" charter law connection to right wing think tanks

Idaho spud truck rolls on side, mashing potatoes

Help out my friends- vote for their hip-hop group!

Sarkozy accuses Syrian regime of 'massacres'

Iowans Collected More Federal Benefits Than They Paid In Federal Taxes

Police: Convict prefers jail to monks

Now 21% in...Santorum 23 / Romney 23 / Paul 23

Stephen Hawking: driven by a cosmic force of will

The U.S. government is currently detaining hundreds of people indefinitely without charge or trial.

Dreaming of Falling stars...(literally)..

I was directed Here because I have a message I shouldn't ,

Iowa is officially a Republican 3-way -- King, John, CNN

Crap. I didn't think I cared but now I want "Man on Dog" Ricky to win Iowa so bad I can taste it.

Mitt Romney is on top in the Iowa three way.

J.C. Watt disses the Republicans on affirmative action.

OMG - A Sickfuck Republic Douchebag is about to win the GOP Iowa Caucus!!!111

Ralph Nader: "Why aren't the Democrats landsliding today's Republicans?"

I find it ironic that both parties are the opposite of what they were in 1860.

Sources say (Washington Gov.) Gregoire will publicly support gay marriage

Elvis Found Alive movie is anti-Obama propaganda

LOL, so now that mittens may not "win", both CNN and Fox are going, eh, Iowa is not important at all

Toons: Mullahs, Clowns, Trolls, and More. - 1/3/11

Many "independents" actually Republicans? 23% of caucus-goers are independents, per CNN

'Being Gay Is a Gift from God': The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Authorities find dozens of dead, sick cats during raid at Texas City animal shelter

One Toke Over The Line - Lawrence Welk

Pool On Prez's Caucus Conference

i'm still blocked from posting in the announcements forum

I'm going to say something nice about Michael Steele.

Turnout "on par" with 2008.

Woman Lives in a Shipping Container

Track: Iowa Caucus Returns

Santorum is now on top of three way

Georgia Survey Finds Farmers Are Having Hard Time Replacing Migrant Workers

I can't wait for Ron Paul to get the GOP nomination

Toon: GOP Prayer Circle

600-Pound Butter Cow Sculpture Wins Iowa Caucus

Sarah Palin trenting on twitter because of her hair do tonite

The "Santorum is..." Thread

Show of hands: Who thought it would be Ricky Smegma? Really. Who called this?

I got up from my wheelchair this morning and walked

Palin: "I personally can't see how (Bachmann staying in race is) gonna do a whole lot of good"

It's a little weird that the entire western side of Iowa hasn't reported

Predict who will drop out...

As I listen more to the CONdidates,

Why would Current TV decide to exclude KO from tonight's coverage? What is this all about?

If Rick Santorum can get I promise right here that I will

practicing pictures

This is going to drive the paranoid Paul supporters over the edge

Romney running behind 2008 in his counties.

Corporate culture questions

Santorum is the stealth candidate for the GOP establishment

So this thing gets decided by

"Fiscal conservatism" is bullshit

I give my cat everything. And what does she do tonight? She snubs the piece of bacon I put on the

A very improbable word pairing: "Bachmann" and "intellect"

Darcy Richardson didn't do well against Obama in the Iowa Caucus

Fox News Projects Newt Gingrich Will Come In 4th Place In Iowa

I kind of like listening to Republican Steve Schmidt

Be Careful What You Tweet

CAPTION: A hug from Rick Santorum!

59% now in...Santorum 24%, Romney 24%, Paul 22%

HI Volcano Natl. Park?

Kali ALREADY knows what she wants for next Christmas.

graywarrior freed the duck, but she's still intent on keeping the goose down. FREE THE GOOSE!!!

Cats may SEEM to care, but take it from me... they're all about the self-interest.

It takes EXCEPTIONAL talent to make it in the NBA.

Relax, dude! Zombies could starve to death if they have to rely on YOU for nutrition.

Iowa finish could knock Perry out of SC debate

"It's a good night for Santorum" - Republiclown Strategist just now on MSNBC

New Year's Eve is coming back to MiddleFingerMom in little bits and pieces. None of it is pretty.

Butterball turkey plant raided on animal cruelty concerns

Ed Reformers Want More Studying, Like Koreans, Who Want Less Studying, Like Americans

santorum will be this years huckabee

Rick Santorum ahead of Mitt. But it is close. According to CNN. Thirteen votes separate them. 88% of

A frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex has won Iowa

88% - Santorum 25%, Romney 25%, Paul 21% -- Santorum by 45 votes...

I've begun the first of the gift sessions I have scheduled for January & February

Can Mittens pull this thing out? Only 45 votes separate him and Santorum.

*** BREAKING NEWS *** Kardashian Wins Iowa Republican Caucus, UrbScotty News Projects ***

Quadrantid Meteor Shower - Live Stream!

The 2012 GOP presidential ticket:

Media AWOL in exposing Iraq War’s years of ineptitude

BP Accidentally Includes Anti-BP Protesters in Latest Ad! Feel-good spot goes awry

Anyone have a link to the DEMOCRATIC caucus results/numbers?

Gingrich super PAC to attack Romney -- "We're going to define Mitt Romney"

"Romney Comes Up From Behind Santorum And Pulls It Out In The End" - What a headline !

It's a 2-man race between Man-on-dog Santorum and Dog-on-man Romney!

A suggestion to improve the Trash Thread feature

Tonight, the real story is that the repubican party is picking the guy who will lose badly to Obama

Ron Paul about to speak. MSNBC. (nt)

Journalist and Author Tom Friedman to Give 2012 Shilling Lecture (in Georgetown)

Today's Santorum family photo

Anyone see this Iowa ad? IOWA NICE

New information comes to light about the failed nuclear recyling program in Japan.

My god. Ron Paul is rambling like a religious fanatic.

Occupy Wall Street's Livestream Operators Arrested

Man oh Man oh Man do I want Santorum to win.

I am currently in th Ron Paul headquarters in Austin

Can someone please explain the finer points of counting in the Iowa primary?

I'm going to call it for Santorum.

Um, isn't this a major no-no?

Can someone explain to me where the heck Perry is getting all this money from

My cousin lives near C.R. Iowa~belongs to a very conservative Baptist Church. Sunday the message

A Republican Primary forum would be nice.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 5 -- TCM Spotlight -- Jack Cardiff

OMG...the word is WASHINGTON...not

C'mon, Sick Rick!

Appeals court in Ecuador upholds $18 billion decision against Chevron

Google Fined in France for Autocomplete Harm

What is Meta-Discussion?

Appeals court in Ecuador upholds $18 billion decision against Chevron

Make your own Oreos

What a roller coast ride this has been ...

I want my mods back! The more I participate in juries

New Year's Eve

Judge deals blow to advocates for old, disabled

ALERT - Bachmann about to speak...

Gingrich will be the spoiler and do the Democrats' dirty work!

Occupy Santa Rosa joins forces with immigration activists

Santorum increases his lead over Mittens to 129 with 93% in. I think he wins it. Bwahahahaha...

Overtures to Egypt’s Islamists Reverse Longtime U.S. Policy

The consensus of the punditry...

PublicPolicyPolling did an amazing job here

Newt has his switchblade out.

96% in...Santorum up by 54 votes

Iowa aside, Gingrich is very, very dangerous for the country.

A Flow Chart for Choosing Your Religion

American Latino Heritage Fund Aims to Tell History of U.S. Latinos

So...what do you think Tim Pawlenty is thinking today...

Let's remember how Undemocratic a caucus is.

NJ's Hispanic Chamber looks for chief

Hmm, think Michele and Marcus will have some therapeutic sex tonight?

I made the mistake of listening to Michelle Bachmann's speech

NYPD Arrests Operators Of Occupy Wall Street Livestream

When the fight for first place is between a...

Okay, who's ready to chip in to keep the Santorum campaign running?

To Clarify: Is It True That John Lennon Never Changed A Lyric In Any Song He Ever Covered?

Here is pic of my nephew and grandnephew.

Bye bye Bachamann, bachmann good bye

Chuck Todd is really in his element tonight

Another trip-up for Mittens...

ALERT - Rick Perry coming up...

Rick Perry is going to try to speak. MSNBC

Report: (Avigdor) Lieberman to face indictment in January

Update regarding the Iowa DEMOCRATIC caucus

"I think a wounded Newt Gingrich

Anti Nuclear Town Councilor Died In Undetermined Manner

If Santorum does win

It's great - Obama wins caucuses he doesn't enter...same as debates!

If you're not watching #tweetthepress, you're missing out on some great comedy

Perry is apparently cashing in his chips...

Would someone please tell me....

Perry dropping out.

12 Must-see meteorological images from 2011 from

"The debts will not be paid"

Romney is a loser tonight even if he wins.

I love watching the republicans lose

For those interested in Dem caucus results

Hail to the Victors, Baby!

Big Story - 4 years ago, 120K Repubs voted in the IA Caucus. This year they are pissed off,

A bozo who isn't running is beating a former governor 2:1

Obama the big winner tonight!!!!

I thought the GOP was supposed to be enthusiastic.

Letterman and Shaffer are so stupid.

I got a summons for Jury Service...

Romney is going to wind up with about the same total vote and percentage as in 2008

Palin Says She's Not Surprised At Santorum's Success Tonight

Iowans extremely excited about getting Obama re-elected.

Virginia’s North Anna Nuclear Plant Reports Leak In Steam Line

CNN.COM: Romney ahead now...

God gave us rights?

What's the photo on Santorum's family's shirts?

With 98% counted, Romney takes slim lead of 31 votes over Santorum

Carville on Romney: Like trying to give your dog a pill

Looks like Romney is buying his last few votes.

Iowa is covered in Santorum tonight.

Santorum just introduced himself to America

Know your enemy: Santorum gives a pretty good stump speech...

CNN: 99%, Santorum up by 5 now!


Self delete.

What is it about Ron Paul that turns the entire repub establishment against him?

He needs to STFU already!!

The Streets of 2012 - Naomi Wolf, Al Jazeera


Dirty Loops Cover Justin Bieber

Wolf Blitzer - "Romney is doing amazingly well"

Get Ready

Santorum wants the US to be like Canada and China?

Why do all the Republicans voices...

Somebody should remind Romney of an Obama promise that was kept.

This is very close, but...

Romney's claiming he created jobs in the private sector

Romney spends four years running in place in Iowa

Caption it

Romney talking about all the people that "came to America" and made this place great

Breaking: Final result gives Mitt Romney an 8-vote win in Iowa caucuses

Man, does Romney appear wired on something

Gawd...he's boring...

McCain to endorse Romney Tomorrow

Who believes that the supporters of Perry & Bachmann will go for--Mittens?

four years ago

As much as I like him, Jon Stewart was just lazy tonight.

Santorum now up by 4 votes (on TPM)

66 (Revised Landslide addition)

America's sweat shops are just air conditioned and nicer

If you liked the inconclusive, muddled results in Iowa tonight you're going to love this

All this fuss was about 60,000 votes cast in the state of Iowa?

Michigan won't challenge new rule: Insurers must spend 80% of premiums on health care

Remember when Rick Santorum claimed we found the WMDs in Iraq in 2006?

Josh Marshall: A Few Takeaways From Tonight’s Result

Santorum 29,944; Romney 29,926: Just Two Precincts Left, Ladies And Gentlemen

How did these men get this far?>

Cutest kitty yet!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz statement on Iowa Caucus

Iowa caucus results: Angry Newt Gingrich bolts after bad finish

A great unknown song- "From Stanton Station" by Looking Glass

I don't think they make enough movies with monkeys & orangutans

Rick Perry returning home to consider ending his run for White House

Santorumentum??? Gamblers not enthused...

"Bachmann campaign manager says she may drop out" - SFGate

In the field of broken dreams, the remains of a dream some would call "too big to dare" to dream.

The link to Josh Marshall: A Few Takeaways From Tonight's Result

WARNING: Don't misunderestimate him: Santorum may actually be electable.

Mr Moondog

There is only one reason Santorum is doing well tonight.

Return of "Post a Poll" feature?

We will hear no more of Ron Paul

I'm hoping this requires a recount of the vote ...

GOP turnout BELOW 2008.

I really think we should discontinue using "GOP."

President Obama has at least 86% support among Iowa Democrats

Homophobic enablers..

Rove on Fox News: A mistake may have undercounted Romney votes

I would like to apologize to this forum.

Romney would personally have paid $1,000,000 each in Bain Capital blood money...

Will Rick Perry ever remember he ran for President?

A clean sweep for Obama in Iowa - 54 pledged delegates!

CNN just had some drama about a missing precinct, seems Romney will win. 8 vote win.

TYT: NDAA & Obama: Defenders Are Wrong - Here's Why

8 votes

Romney by 8 votes

So, Romney wins by a squeaker

The REAL Winner of Iowa Caucuses? Barack Obama!>

"Pic of the day" got the win, place and show for the over under

Three Swiss bankers indicted in New York for having helped American depositors to

Police dash cam video shows officer planting evidence

Romney pulls it out. Santorum isn't able to squeeze through. Perry goes down.

Terrell Suggs goes out of his way to bash Tim Tebow

Do you miss the monthly DU Photography Contest?

Iowa ended-up being completely meaningless in the big picture: Exactly as it should be

Libya plans vote on assembly to draft constitution

Did you know there are 44 OTHER Democratic Candidates

Fuck this. I made a Santorum joke on Facebook and one of my Paulbot friends went into freakout mode.

Libya names head of armed forces as militias clash

Advocates look to line up Latino voters in new 15th District

Are clear ToS Violations Making it through the jury system?

Anti-whalers find Japanese harpoon ship

Does anyone get this pun?

Rick Santorum Voted Most Corrupt Politican In 2006 - I so wanted him to surge pass Romney

racist undertone to many of the Republican attacks leveled against President Obama

Official: Jamaica's opposition easily wins vote

The future of petting you cat

Willard Mitt Romney, a 1% Mormon, child of wealth and privelege. Net worth: $250 million

Miku Hatsune gets... deadly

McCain to Endorse Romney in New Hampshire

Chicago changing rules and fine schedules ahead of G8/NATO summits

How close does Santorum have to come in New Hampshire to call it a "win"? nt

Colorado: San Luis Valley sites get national recognition

PSA: Quandrantids meteor shower tonight

Is Love Really All You Need?

I like Ron Paul

Iowa Republican Result Muddled as Fractured Party Fails to Unite

2012 Campaign Music?

Candidates Show Fondness for World War II References

Expect Scarborough to tout "Mitt's Great Victory">

Bring Back Boring Banks

Mysterious Mass Sacrifice Found Near Ancient Peru Pyramid

Keiser Report: From Russian Oil with Love (E231)

As Israelis and Palestinians Talk, the Rise of a Political Islam Alters the Equation

BP fund halts payments to spill victims pending clarification

Man arrested on hate crime charge in firebomb attack at NYC Islamic cultural center

Romney Squeezes Out Santorum

New Radicals: You Only Get What You Give

Romney comes out first on the GOP playground- picture

WSJ - Former Federal Reserve Vice President: Bernanke Is Secretly Bailing Out Europe + CNBC Video

I dodged a bullet.

Bankers ready to sue if bonuses too small

Oh GAG! Who's the moran blonde lady on the overnight CNN coverage?

So when do the teabaggers start complaining about stolen elections...

Must recommend Trudell. Streaming available.

ASN: Aviation safety improves in 2011

Wisconsin: Judges again rule for Democratic group in redistricting case

Wisconsin: Hypocrisy reigns as Walker stops work on health insurance exchanges

Analysis: Obama among the winners in Iowa

Newt - I do reserve the right to tell the truth

Mass. pension fund divests of companies with Iran ties

MF Global Sold Assets to Goldman Before Collapse

Obamacare is winning the fight on fraud and abuse

What are some systems we live with today that were designed for a world of the past?

Island Trails' 2011 Video Summary

Debacle!: How Two Wars in the Greater Middle East Revealed the Weakness of the Global Superpower

The Last War Crime.. Closing argument.. Part of a full movie....

5 Amazing and Wonderful Cat Rescues in 2011

Fox & McAfee team up to blame Occupy movement for mobile device viruses

Another gem from Charles Pierce

I would like to be the first to say - - Adios Mofo!!!!11

Filkin report: Police 'warned over press links'

Newt got his ashes raked over and hauled to the dump by The RomnRoid Surrogate Attack Team

Does anyone want to host this group?

Since when is Iowa considered a "Primary"?

Ever hear of El Monte, CA? Frisco, TX? Thornton, CO? Olathe, KS? Warren, MI?

British Heart Foundation ad: Make CPR 'hard and fast'

Robert L. Carter, an Architect of School Desegregation, Dies at 94

The real Iowa numbers. Evangelical and just plain crazy beat 'moderate' 74% to 26%.

Voting for Republicans is like chopping your own head off with a sledgehammer...

The TEA BAGGERS are now a KISS OF DEFEAT,,,they have become unwanted and rejected

Ron Paul 1993 appeal letter warns of ‘race war,’ assails ‘Israeli lobby’

What Would A GOP Caucus Be Without Missing Votes Giving The Win To Romney?

It's an Alternative Universe. The GOP is pro LGBTQ equality.

The knives are out...

For Republicans, it's "Anybody" vs Obama...

Stephen Colbert has a guest editorial on Senator Sanders offical Website

today is Jan 4

San Jose mayor urges compromise on pot-club law

New Rule: Doctor Paul shall from this day forward be called Doctor Monkey Pancakes!

There are 47 million Catholic voters

what sucks

Does MIR get Uniforms and a neuralyzer?

So Mittens didn't break 25%- AGAIN!

President Obama Addresses Iowa Democrats

Truthdigger of the Week: Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Question - what is the voting demographic for the South Carolina GOP primary?

Obama Campaign Calls Iowa Caucus Victory For ‘The Extremist Tea Party Agenda’

'Citizens United' Unleashed a Monster: Why the Real Winner In the Iowa Caucuses Is the Big-Money

Sudden reunification could be trouble for Seoul

Met police warned over drinking with journalists

12 stupidly easy resolutions for 2012, By Mark Morford

Total number of votes among Iowa republicans only half the number who turned out for Dems in '08

After 40-Year Battle, Train May Roll for Oahu

Screwing Over Urban America: Why the GOP's Top Contenders Hate Cities

Leaked: US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO Crops:

TSA Spreads to Trains, Subways, Bus Terminals and Ferries

Herman Cain received more votes than Buddy Roemer in Iowa

Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here

$20 Billion Later, Ethanol Tax Credits Finally Expire

New Pro-Worker Laws Will Put California on Path to Stronger Economy

What Happened to Republican Enthusiasm?

Grieving Parents Blast Johnson & Johnson for 'Stealth Recall' of Tainted Drugs

Meet Indigo Child Akiane Kramarik

On MSNBC.....did anyone notice that Rachel WAS the moderator???

Exposing Paycheck Deception {evil california initiative}

Report: Bachmann Cancels South Carolina Trip, Will Speak At 10am CT

Happy Birthday, J.R.R. Tolkien!

Gay Iowa caucus goers: economy first, LGBT rights on back burner, and DADT repeal was a ‘gimme’

Shooting sports growing at colleges nationwide

Residents enraged by halfway house in neighborhood

Well it looks as if I'm the Host of the Peak Oil Group.

The leftist party just won a big victory in Jamaica...

Romney Wins Iowa Caucus by 8 Votes....bwahahahahaaa

Georgia judge allows thousands of parents to join child support legal challenge

Iowa fun facts

Teachers Resist High-Tech Push in Idaho Schools

Twelve California Companies Seize the Moment to Become Benefit Corporations

does anyone know who Rep. Steve King of Iowa ended up voting for?

Saliva testing?

Luntz: "Republicans are not gonna like what's about to happen. ... a war is about to break out..."

The Freepers are in full meltdown.

EDF Reactor Extensions May Cost $65 Billion on Safety Review

"Romney Squeezes out Santorum"

Joan Walsh: Rick Santorum, working class hero or free market fanatic?

Should meth be legal?

For yet another Iowa opinion, here's my 2 cents...

Disgraced journalist Stephen Glass makes his case (for law license)

Here's a thought: If you editorialize your jury opinion, then you have to put your name to it.

BP’s spill fund freezes payouts, asks for clarification

Romney is the "Four F" candidate:

Victory! Congress Allows Ethanol Subsidy To Expire

i'm probably the only Queen on here who cares about this stuff...

Bachmann cancels South Carolina trip - Called press conference for 10 a.m. central time

Pennsylvania's income running behind- More draconian budget cuts ahead!

Rand Paul's face last night...

setting moon, Yosemite

Breaking news! It's all over for Obama! No way can he win now!

OH NOOOO. Bachman sounds like she's quitting

Father and son

EVs Unplugged? Is the battery car a failure – or will the real test come in 2012?

Ralph Nader's worst nightmare?

Civil Disturbance and Criminal Tactics of Protest Extremists


'Barack Obama is devastatingly destructive for this country, in values and approaches'

Video Allegedly Shows Cop Planting Evidence In Couple’s Car

Taking it in stride

Paul Begala tweets: In '08 Romney got 30,021 votes. Last night he got 30,015.

Stone sheep

Romney Is Richest Candidate in a Decade

Occupy Wall Street's Livestream Operators Arrested

Top 10 Racist Ron Paul Friends, Supporters

'This particular approach (Romney's negative ads) has nothing to do with Citizens United...." Newt

Bwahahaha...the American Purist Party


2011: A year of fighting back

How is the media interpeting Romney's 8-vote 'victory'?

'Lost world' discovered around Antarctic vents

The Lost City of Cahokia stretching 13km.......... East St. Louis

The IRS-Swiss Banker Arrests Everyone's Been Waiting For

Man with explosives in airport had prior incident of attempting to bring contraband on an airplane

Health Care CEO's Lavish Pay Package Shows How the 1% Get Paid

Column: Drug testing welfare recipients would ‘solve’ a nonexistent problem

Pretty funny "Cartoon-of-the-Day"

To Do List 1-4-2012: Mitt Romney Edition

Arrests Reported at Occupy Wall Street's Grand Central Gathering

Google wants my mobile number for "security purposes." Yeah, right.

So much for Reagan's "11th Commandment".

Petition to add a "Political Cartoons" subtopic category to the Offbeat Topic

Did anybody catch when Anderson Cooper said that Jon Stewart will mock Wolf Blitzer?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Bye Bye Iowa

Say I drill a hole through the center of the earth....

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Republican Losers

Only In America

Latinos, national parks and President Obama’s reelection

LynneSin's prediction for the GOP primary winner - it'll be Ron Paul

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- 2012

So if Ron Paul had been on the Titanic …

Lesson Three: Republicans aren’t so excited about 2012…

Air Safety on the Cheap

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Couple of Toons on Congress

$$$ for Votes

Steve King (R-IA) tells Chuck Todd that Romney needs to "pound that hole"

Wiring Sexual Tastes to Hairless Genitals...Oops!

New Hungarian Constitution Revokes Nation's Recognition of Islam & Other Religions

now the media will turn all scrutiny on rick santorum

Wis Gov. Scott Walker to give speech at American Enterprise Institute.

FWIW: McCain will endorse Romney tomorrow - supposedly

Militias could drag Libya into civil war - NTC chief

And yet it's still safer than driving.

Anybody know when the next GOP debate is?

wooHOO my Signature Line has returned to TX to assess the best way forward!1 n/t

9 Worst Recession Ghost Towns in America

Some shots from the Scott County, Iowa Democratic caucus last nite

Alabama Crimson Tide Fans Celebrate Gay Bashing in T-Shirt Planned for National Championship Win

Breaking News Obama Making Consumer Watchdog Recess Appointment

TDPS: Conservatives want smaller government, propose "anthem singing" law with contracts & fines

Most Members of Congress in the top 10% (showing each member's net worth)

AP sources: Obama bucks GOP, OKs consumer watchdog

Is it just me or are others seeing "downer" threads

The Lost City of Cahokia stretching 13km.......... East St. Louis

Doesn't Bachmann have to launch an ironic website before dropping out?

Freeper "sillipuddi" writes "Ki$$ My @$$ FOX NEWS!!" in wake of Romney's caucus win

A Parallel Quagmire: The Trans-Afghanistan Gas Pipeline

Drumbeat: January 4, 2012

Bachmann Sets Press Conference for 10 a.m. Wednesday

Drumbeat: January 4, 2012

CNN loses feed of Soldier arguing for non intervention

Dieting, Sex, Jesus: The Body as Moral Battleground

If you won the Mega Millions jackpot, what is one hugely extravagant gift you would get yourself?

Question...Who do you want to win and why?

Iowa and After: Where the Almost-Too-Close-to-Call Caucus Leaves the GOP-Nomination Fight

Any recommendations for a new computer?

If anyone out there believes Sinead O'Connor isn't clinically fucking insane, read these tweets.

Apologies can be posted here for those who badmouthed Obama on the recess appt.

Newt Gingrich's Iowa Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody Parody)

An email I rec'd from Scott Brown via

Toon: What Larry 'wide stance' Craig is up to these days

How Andy Borowitz muses about Iowas results / Mitt: The Eight People Have Spoken

Republics really confuse me.

Why Obama’s Defying The GOP And Appointing Top Consumer Watchdog

Marcus Bachmann’s Reaction Shot

Deadly parasite turns Bay Area honeybees into zombie slaves

In Iowa, Hispanics ‘Used Like a Punching Bag’

Your Wednesday MALE cheerleader!

The "uncommitted delegates" strategy in Iowa failed to produce any uncommitted delegates.

Santorum singles out Blacks for entitlement reform

Stephanie Condon, CBS, calls Romney "president" already

The modern Republican Party is further RW than the KKK Knights Party (NOT KIDDING)

Donna Brazile: 'Happy as a fly in buttermilk' about Iowa results

"A defiant abuse of executive power"...Politico has s**t fit over today's Obama recess appointment

Report: Bachmann Sees No Way Forward

Kindly and non-condescending, non-backhanded compliments and thank yous to Obama for the recess appt

people need to stop whining about others whining.

Do any of the IT people here have experience with SherWeb Hosted Exchange?

Defying Republicans, Obama to Name Cordray as Consumer Agency Chief

Progressive Group Names 2011 Pa. Legislative Heroes

Ron Paul and other right-wingers are manipulating ignorant voters in essentially the same way.

New Paper Covers Revival of German Jewish Life

Obama defies Republican obstruction-Uses Recess Appointment To Name Cordray-Head Of Consumer Bureau

Why Obama & Co. liked what they saw in Iowa

Florida bullies take notice

Did God punk Michele Bachmann???

The MIC 92.1 airs Herr Walker Commerical

Do you guys realize that Mittens paid $10 million for 8 votes?!?!

Mitt Romney's Luck Has Limits

Court file: Rock music led suspect to burn dad's house

Dallas teen missing since 2010 was mistakenly deported

Tax question.

School Defends “Occupy” Song For 8-year-olds

OK Mittens beat my man Ricky by 8 votes. I think this is a good result - hear me out.

It's all about delegates: Mittens, Santorum & Paul each received 7 delegates

Romney Landslide by Jeff Danziger

Explanations can be posted here by those who said Obama shouldnt make a recess appt.

"You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Panetta to Offer Strategy for Cutting Military Budget

Why Obama & Co. liked what they saw in Iowa

Dan Lungren: Tear down Hetch Hetchy dam

Santorum’s below-the-belt shot at black people

Mercedes E Superlight Gearing Up For 2015 Release: Report

Anybody know what's going on with the NLRB?

Bachmann out

fill in the blanks___________________

Was the Iowa caucus as important as the amount of coverage it was given?

2011: The Year I Learned to Hate College Football

Obama foot holders "check in thread".

New Van Halen single, "Tattoo," coming January 10th

911 tells young mother, "do what you have to do to protect your baby"

A question on Wisconsin Politics

Official Bachmann crash and burn thread!

God Tells Bachman that She Misunderstood

Landslide Willard

The American political system is profoundly deformed - by Charles P. Pierce

"Suspending" and "Re-Assessing" campaigns seem to be new preferred way

How mad is Newt and where will his anger be expressed?

A White People’s Party?

Fleetwood Mac - Songbird

Republicans disenfranchise themselves, all but two candidates sue.

China Buys More Rolls-Royces than the U.S.

Krugman: Beautifying America

At least we never have to hear "Perry has never lost an election" crap anymore....

Federal Judges SLAM Wisconsin Republican Legislators in Redistricting Case

The new look of NIMBYism

The GOP's Fear of the Rise of Ron Paul

DU Psychics.......

storms cause problems at UK nuke plant

Deep-Brain Stimulation Found to Fix Depression Long-Term

MCC of the Palm Beaches Launches HIV/AIDS Drop-In Center

Va. nuke plant has leak, 2nd shutdown since Aug. earthquake

Ron Paul calls Newt Gingrich a 'chickenhawk'

Obama to Appoint Cordray as Head of Consumer Bureau

Come on Michele you're late....don't you think people have better things to do

A Song for Michele

2 CA Dems To Introduce Resolution To Pass Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

PHOTO: Defiant anti-Santorum protesters express displeasure over his "caucus surge."

Tar Sands Crude Spills Into Denver's Water Supply

My New Year's resolution is to learn to eat with chopsticks.

***** BLOG = Michele Bachmann Press Conference = LIVE Stream ******

Post here and receive your song lyrics for the day!

New Microsoft Flight to be free - Plus Beta sign ups still open

The Onion: Obama Openly Asks Nation Why On Earth He Would Want To Serve For Another Term

$480: The Price Rick Perry Paid for Each Iowa Caucus Vote

Chief Justice Draws Guffaws With His Claim That Federal Courts Operate Honestly

Book Discussion Proposal: _a visit from the goon squad_

What's up with Michele Bachmann's obsession..

Food for thought WRT Bachmann withdrawing

We need polls!

The Messenger

Police kill armed teen student at Texas school

Republican turnout embarrassingly low at Iowa Caucus...

"Ben Franklin is watching me and expecting me to repeal ObamaCare"

Gatewood Galbraith has died.

Something I found funny about the Iowa Caucus

Beyond Jokes and Pick-Up Lines: Sexism in Skepticism

Ron Paul: We're All Austrians?

I have been critical of Obamacare and I just want to apologize and say

Random thoughts on Iowa: Ron Paul, etc.

Huntsman: Romney Is An Agent Of The Big Banks

The major discussion on BBC and elsewhere - justice for Stephen Lawrence at last

Catholic bishop resigns, admits he has 2 kids

One last gift from batshit crazy Bachmann

Perry set to throw South Carolina to Romney.

The message from Iowa is clear - GOP voters hate Mittens!

$480: The Price Rick Perry Paid for Each Iowa Caucus Vote

No, Mitch. What's 'unprecedented' is Republicans' 'unprecedented' effort to block Obama's nominees

TPMLivewire: CNN confirms Rick Perry will Continue on to South Carolina

Catholic bishop resigns, admits he has 2 kids

McConnell Tries To Frame Recess Appointment As 'Arrogance' Against American People

Rutabegas? Rutabega!

Unemployment benefits change in Wisconsin: One-week waiting period

Argentina's Fernandez surgery successful

Argentina's Fernandez surgery successful

Need Good vibes!

Boy howdy. Bachmann really hates Romneycare!

Fox news continuing to call Iowa a tie?

Pigs..good enough for Sarah, good enough for Newt. Hell, yeah!

Public Pressure Re-Opens Indiana Statehouse Doors

Academic performance at school linked to exercise

Does the thought of millions of politcally unaware Fox-bots googling Santorum

DU3 is not Perfect, but it's Constantly Improving

Lockheed Martin goes to bat for oppressive regime

Orders to U.S. Factories Rise the Most in Four Months as Recovery Quickens

GM, Ford, Chrysler December U.S. Vehicle Sales Surpass Analysts’ Estimates

Think Progress: Obama Will Recess Appoint Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Head

The Republican Nominating process goes on but it's just going through the motions from hereon out

Perry says he will go to South Carolina

Did you see this movie about a killer tire?

Black church in South Carolina declared landlord of KKK gift shop

Really? They made another Human Centipede film

Romney Jubilant After Finishing in Dead Heat with Walking Joke in Sweater Vest

Bachmann was used by PUKE BOSSES

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday January 4th?

Coast Guard Alters Passenger Limits for Boats to Adjust for Fatter Americans

Here's a list of Democratic candidates for all Texas offices

Josh Marshall: The Republican Establishment Flexed Its Muscles Against Newt Gingrich

I have a basket of grape tomatoes...what would you do with them?

GM silk worms make Spider-Man web closer to reality

Rick Santorum’s Top 10 Most Outrageous Campaign Statements

Next time Bachmann runs for president she will...

The word of the day is "transparency." Replace any word in a thread title with "transparency." Viz.,

Beyond Elections: People Power

Just for entertainment value, am I the only one who misses Sarah Palin a little?

Every Liberal supports slashing Military Spending.

Caption this Willard Romney photo

Economic Conditions `Far Worse' in 2012, Says Jakobsen

Anyone here know if Santorum comes from money,

WVU vs. Clemson in Orange Bowl tonight at 8 PM!

The Hoff' crab is new ocean find

I was going to post a poll, but just realized I can't find that function on DU3

Caption this Rick Santorum photograph

Duplicate Posts

Angry Newt challenges Mitt Romney to a duel with pistol crossbows at 10 paces.

Apparently Santorum won Iowa after all

Bachmann to drop out of presidential race: 'No regrets’

The rug has been on his head about 24 years

TED Talk Justin Hall-Tipping: Freeing energy from the grid

China’s Dinosaur Folklore

The GOP race is now boiled down to one sentence:

Pepsi Says Mountain Dew Can Dissolve Mouse Carcasses

Finally. Hubby gets a real diagnosis.

Thank President Obama for his bold recess appointment (updated)

Part of me is glad Bachmann won't be near the white house, but I am sad.

Gingrich: Santorum and I will tear Romney apart

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Sends An Ominous Warning On The Economy

Embarrassment as New Year Honours recipients revealed to be Groupon customers

I live in a very red area of Illinois. Look at the online poll at this right wing newspaper

Bachmann: God Was Bribed to Jump Ship

UAW members join in couple's march against home foreclosure

Forget the 25% problem: Romney has a 14% problem

France nuclear industry told to boost safety

+++ NFL Picks / Wild Card Playoffs +++

Gatewood dead

How in the hell did Alex Wagner get her own show ?

The most important numbers out of Iowa

Exclusive - In major blow, EU agrees embargo on Iranian crude

WH: TODAY the President will appoint Richard Cordray to lead Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Farewell Poems for Michelle Bachmann

Seriously, MSNBC. What do we care what a millionaire heiress thinks about politics? nt

Is there something wrong with the search feature?

Twin births rising, especially for older women, CDC says

Boeing closing Wichita defense plant; moving work to Washington state

Police kill armed eighth-grader in Texas school

watch Richard Cordray on

Goldenballs dropped the baguette.

UK envoy slams, retracts criticism of Jerusalem building

The "republicans are gay" thing doesn't seem to be getting any better

Santorumentum 2012!

a couple duers i wanted to pm, but i didnt have a post of theirs ( edited: ANSWERED. )

On November 29th, the star Regulus moved from Leo into Virgo

Gingrich Floats Idea of Anti-Romney Alliance

House Republicans Increase the Pressure on Obama Over Tar Sands Pipeline Decision

I love this guy. Mike Holmes SOS Children's Village's Hati

Walker contributor quietly ended recall effort

911 Operators Say It's Okay to Shoot Intruder

Ind. House Dem leader hints at possible walkout

Vote 4 Energy.... er, Big Oil

Again, someone tries to check their firearm in NYC.

David Attenborough: Frozen Planet was not alarmist about climate change

Video: Cops Arrest Activist For Yelling About NDAA In Grand Central

Think Progress: President Obama Has Made Far Fewer Recess Appointments Than Any Recent President

Goddard Year In Review: Earth Science

I thought I'd heard every dumbass thing a football announcer could possibly say

Good People Of Minnesotas 6th Dist:: Are you People NOT ASHAMED of sending an AIRHEAD to Congress

Obama "above water" again in today's Gallup Tracking Poll:

I went to freerepublic

UK experts: Drug studies being suppressed by researchers, could hurt patients

Gatewood Gailbraith, Ky politician and Hemp advocate died last night

Swing Till You Puke—Inside a Nuclear Cooling Tower

DU3 Album of the Day:

Any connection between 2004 Cuyahoga Co. Election Fraud and Current Corruption charges???

Thanks to (whomever) for the website

Obama distances US from Iran attack

Indiana 'Right-To-Work' Proposal Leads Top House Democrat To Hint At Walkout

OSU-Gators and race

New Super Fun Pak Comix!

Twit joins Twitter

GALLUP: President Obama approval is at 47%, equalling best number since July.

Obama about to speak about the economy in OH. You can watch here:

After Iowa caucuses, conservative elites to huddle to stop Mitt Romney

After Iowa Caucuses, conservative elites to huddle to stop Mitt Romney

Belgian newspaper accused of deligitimizing Israel by not mentioning the country on Mideast map

Unemployment office lays off 72 employees

Nordic Whoring: US Workers Get Cheap

Does Limmud reflect a false picture of British Jewry?

Afghan leader welcomes Taliban office in Qatar

What's Happening in the Persian Gulf Explained

NY police raid OWS office, nab several

US factory activity grows

Questions For 2012

Bye-Bye, Boeing (Wichita, KS)

Robots show randomness in evolution of language

wooHOO my Signature Line has returned to TX to assess the best way forward!1 n/t

Who Is Rove's Chosen One For The Repug Nomination?......

Firefighters May Not Get to Fight Racism as Class

Why Do Humans Have Chins?

Keystone inspector alleges shoddy work on original pipeline

Has America's Stolen Election Process Finally Hit Prime Time?

President brings his new consumer protection watchdog on visit with William and Endia Eason in Ohio

West Palm Beach investigates noose photos

Space Station Crew Anticipating SpaceX Dragon’s Arrival

The Pentagon Sends US Troops to Israel. Iran is the Unspoken Target

Celebrity Apprentice

A refreshing video from a Youtube star about "It's not the End of the World"

Romney will choose a white male conservative southern governor as VP. Who will it be?

President Barack Obama's prepared remarks of speech announcing Cordray's recess appointment

I know this post may sadden many of you here in the lounge but I thought you should know...

Aboud on AL Observers

MSNBC only one showing Obama

Mosque Firebombing Suspect Wanted Revenge

Sarah will run

Muslim Brotherhood In The Lead As Egyptians Vote In Final Round Of Election

Love The Split Screen On MSNBC Obama/McCain

U.S. to monitor Cuban oil work

U.S. to monitor Cuban oil work

What can Newt possibly be thinking?

Leaping lizards! Jurassic Park got it right

...The Uranus-Pluto square represents breakthroughs in consciousness

Proposed county ban on feeding pigeons lauded, lamented

Romney supporter pledges support to the former governor. (VIDEO)

California ferret activists push to overturn ban on ownership

Walker was in my Daughter's school this morning! Grrr.

American Enterprise Institute: Safe House For Bush Alumni

Has Meghan McCain replaced that irritating, bespectacled Republican chick on

Obama-Clinton – 2012?

Governor Christine Gregoire announces bill to ensure marriage equality in Washington State

New council to link congregations

Lock up everyone.

There are no Shakespeares here.

18 Year-Old Widowed Mother of a 3 Month Old Shoots Burgler Who Charges at Her with a Knife!

Obama to GOP: Get the heck out of the way

Obama eats dirt in Hawaii

2008 Iowa Caucus Victory Speech: Promises Kept

MMP on Obama Pot Policy: "Worst president in history." Guns play role.

Kodak Preparing for Chapter 11 Filing

Now is not a time to try and pick our own people apart.

WA Gov. Gregoire to introduce legislation to legalize gay marriage. 'It's the right thing to do'

News flash: Fox is pushing an agenda

Hairy-chested crab named after David Hasselhoff

China Takes Aim at U.S. Naval Might

Police: Woman made up story about sex attack on bike path

How to make money blogging in Nigeria

Favorite instrumental album(s)?

Understand that "centrists" have made worse the conditions in

Conservatives to gather, look for ‘consensus’ (anyone but Romney)

#Occupy Went To A Foreclosure Sale And This Is What They Did

Why “Yes, But” Is the Wrong Response to Misogyny

10 Questions for Mitt Romney

The #1 Goal For This Year

GOP leadership 'outraged' by Obama's appointment of Richard Cordray

Catholic bishop resigns, admits he has 2 kids

The 2 Ways You Can Tell Monopoly Is Old

Police kill armed eighth-grader in Texas school

Axelrod taunts Romney's Iowa win: "Still the 25 percent man"

I am feeling GREAT! So,for some reason I have this song in my head and decided to share it with you!

'Citizens United' Backlash: Montana Supreme Court Upholds State's Corporate Campaign Spending Ban

Curiosity killed the billionaire? Deadly cat meat in China...

Thom Hartmann: Could the Iowa Caucas be a breeding ground for voter fraud??

My Political New Year's Resolution

Put to rest any doubts you might have about John McCain NOT being senile...

Pass the Large Grain of Salt (NYT) - found this in Cooking and Baking group -

Salon: Rick Santorum is Coming for Your Birth Control

CNN's Headline Story on is CNN

US Catholic bishop with secret family, Gabino Zavala, quits

Gov.Walker's "update" doesn't add up

Juan Cole: the 3 republican factions - wealthy 1%, religious absolutists, and libertarians.

Everything Old is New Again

Never out of power – new and unique portable fuel cell charger that runs on ordinary water (um …)

Why Obama Chose To Appoint Cordray The Hard Way

Egypt’s liberals and the elections

One of the best put downs ever in politics.

Breaking: Obama also set to make recess appointments to the NLRB

Will his New Sanctions on Iran Cost Obama the Presidency?

Three Republican Bears and none Just Right - Juan Cole

Food Fight! (Or Why Won't Obama Have to Go Negative Next Fall? A: Because the GOP Already Did It!)

"Rick Santorum's Top 10 Most Outrageous Campaign Statements"

Receiver says Righthaven ‘uncooperative’ in surrendering copyrights

Washington governor supports gay marriage law

When he was just a lil kid, many people underestimated Lil MFM's super powers!

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Calif.) tries to carry loaded handgun on airplane

Paul on Gingrich: "Chickened out... Chickenhawk."

Breaking: Obama also set to make recess appointments to the NLRB

May-be I missed the how to delete my posted answers.....

Divisions emerge between Islamists in Egypt

CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly tries to carry loaded handgun on airplane

Caption the Iowa caucuses

BofA- Typo involving 80 cents nearly cost man his home

"Because, very clearly, we are encompassed about with a great cloud of witnesses, who bear witness..

Odds to win the Super Bowl

....Santorum Surge Brings Ethics Questions

Its official. Ohio Earthquake caused by Fracking says professor of Seismology Geology and Tectonophy

Caroline Kennedy 'pressuring cousin Maria Shriver NOT to get back with Arnold Schwarzenegger'

Must see video of snow blowing at Mt Rainier this morning

Netanyahu’s Shadow War For The GOP Begins?

The Bizarre Sexism in BioWare's 'Star Wars: The Old Republic'

How is your response from the Pres? I wrote personally to the President a month ago about

Obama's War On Whistleblowers

Dedication of the Ice Church

Take a break from the moran olympics and enjoy some "culture" (dialup warning)

Ron Paul says he didn't send the tweet about Huntsman; which raises a question....

In cold light of dawn, publisher sees reality of homelessness

Is FDIC still paying off on "Loan Losses"

Fresno: Median home prices down 68%-75% in some areas

[Canadian Catholic] Bishop Lahey gets time served for child porn

DNC Head Wasserman-Shultz: Santorum's Plan To Undo Gay Marriage Is UnAmerican

The Coolest Rock Video Ever! Or perhaps, the coolest

Super Bowl ad time sells out

Oil Soars Close To 8-Month Highs On Iran Tensions

Papantonio: Romney’s Iowa Victory Won’t Save Doomed Campaign

On 10th anniversary, Cardinal O’Malley recaps church response to sex abuse scandal; critics are ...

Here's the 2010 Washington Post Op-ed by BUSH DOJ attorneys re: bogus pro-forma Senate sessions

I know this post may gladden many of you here in the lounge but I thought you should know...

Thom Hartmann: Supreme Court says NO! to Corporate Personhood in MT

Did Obama misinterpret his mandate?

Despatches from the Nutshell

New Paper Covers Revival of German Jewish Life

Jaczko's top aide resigns at NRC

Santorum nearly squeezes out come-from-behind Iowa caucus victory

(answered) When I "Trash" a thread, is it gone for good?

New Angry Birds character released

Just read this

Chevron is guilty

Boeing to close Wichita facility by end of 2013

Switzerland's central bank chief accused of insider trading (by Phillip Inman, 1-4-12 Guardian)

The college kids are home on break watching Netflix.

"Voices" told to "Cease and Desist"

Pepe Escobar: In 2012 US engages in new Cold War

State's rights?

McCain endorses Romney -pics

Projected Delegate allocation from the Iowa Caucus:

WH: President Obama Announces Recess Appointments to Key Administration Posts

Pass the Large Grain of Salt

Huntsman campaigns at Globe Manufacturing in NH - pics

NC Amendment One: The Musical!

How Lincoln’s Republicans became Franklin Roosevelt’s Democrats


Since 'Roberts money' in political campaigns has been deemed constitutional

Another teen suicide because of bullying...

Leahy's response to my email complaining about his support for PIPA (SOPA)

Now we know where Iran and North Korea got their Uranium Ore......

george w. bu$h* made 171 recess appointments, so whine all you want gopers

What complementary therapies help you?

Rick Santorum's opinion on the retirement age....

China opposes unilateral U.S. sanctions on Iran; Turkish FM to visit Tehran for nuke talks

Thom Hartmann: Surging Republican Santorum thinks condoms should be outlawed?

How about an alert chime if we are selected for a jury?

Santorum being vile about the NHS (comes with a health warning!)

Jon Huntsman re: John McCain endorsement of Mittens--'Nobody Cares'

A Tale of Two Mitts

Republican Rick Santorum: 'NHS devastated Britain'

More than 950 protesters invade Venezuelan prison

New Group Formed To Limit Political Money - United Republic

NASCAR news of the Day...

Need advice from the Lounge

President Obama visits with William and Endia Eason at their home in Cleveland, OH - pics

To those who said no good thing would come of marrying a conservative

I am outraged with DU3!

Any suggestions on how to use Twitter in political campaigns?

Wondering about Romney's feelings about Obama's moves on CFPB today?

We can still recommend already locked threads. Is that how it's supposed to work?

Fox News: Warmest December on record

The new Santorum Bumper Stickers are out... I mean, for sale.

nbc news/wsj poll

Okay, I'll be the first to mention the big "M" (Menopause)

Germany's Wind Power Revolution in the Doldrums

President Obama speaks about the economy at Shaker Heights High School in OH - pics

Finally a Rape Prevention Campaign Targeted Towards Men

There's something about Michele..... (as in Bachmann) (spelling fixed!)

Why Rick Perry decided to stay in the GOP race

A picture really is worth a thousand words

Iowa: 123,000 of 640,000 registered Republicans in the state turned out to vote

Caption this penguin picture.

Mitt put me to sleep last night

Just Like Tweety Talked Up The Other Repug Candidates When They Had Their 15 Minutes Heading Up....

Michael Gaetano (my favorite gay comedy writer) on Bachmann dropping out of race:

Latino Lawmakers Call On (Gov) Malloy To Ensure (Hartford CT) Police Follow Anti-Profiling Law

As US poverty hit it’s highest point in 50 years - Americans make up half of the world's richest 1%

Czech author Josef Skvorecky dies aged 87

The bogus case against the minimum wage hike

Three Kings Day to be observed (Mt Holly NJ)

How did Walmart grow when it was a small company?

National Geographic explains the biology of homosexuality

Interpret this cartoon

GOPer Frustration....."Hello, this is can I Help you?"....Iowa peeps reduced to press 7

I think, despite good intentions, DU has been diminished by killing off the editorial forum.

Republicans believe in recycling

WOW!!!!! If you ever get a chance to do a healing session with Banzai Bonnie......

Without Saying His Name The 2012 GOP Field Promises A Return To Bush

Oh My - Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Zavala resigns admitting that he has two teenage children

How does Israeli TV translate to U.S. audiences? Very well

Edith and Carolyn, the women who stole CNN's Iowa caucus show

none of the above

Paul Krugman: Romney on Jobs

St. Augustine Lawn Help

Can prostitutes help Ron Paul rise...

I propose a NEW drinking game triggered by Republicans saying "get the country back on track"

Oil industry(delivered a clear warning to Obama): 'Huge political consequences' if pipeline rejected

When Republicans say they want to "get the country back on track", what they REALLY mean is...

New Hampshire Lawmakers Call For Investigation Into Obama's Ballot Eligibility, Citizenship

Anonymous exposes German neo-Nazis

If humanity evolves to higher intelligence, then will police survive as a missing link?

will Oily Taint ever go away?

Is A Romney/Santorum Ticket Likely? Do You Think It Would Be Good Or Bad For Obama?

GOPer's statements re Obama's recess appointment: Mitt Romney (against); Senator Scott Brown (for)

NY City Council Passes Resolution Declaring that Corporations Are Not People

New study shows architecture, arts degrees yield highest unemployment

How Rick Santorum Is Making His “Google Problem” Worse

Italian rail company lambasted for 'racist' web commercial

Jon Huntsman will finish____In New Hampshire!!

Should Santorum compete in New Hamshire?

Woman sues Honda over hybrid claims

Which is the best pc tablet for the least price?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 5 January 2012

Typical media BS story, written by RALPH REED, about how evangelicals are not all alike.

A Bill of Rights for Occupied Communities

OMFG, Roberts Rules of Order just got invoked

A telling sign: Scott Brown comes out in support of Cordray recess appointment

FARC attacks towns,blocks highway in southwest Colombia

Turn on Sharpton right fugging now - the recess appointment

WOO HOO! Skeletons from 2006 come surging out of Rick "The Surge" Santorum's closet. CAIN!

Whats it mean when the leader of the congressional teabagger caucus can only get 5% of the vote?

After Iowa Caucuses, GOP elite seek "consensus" Candidate

So, Bachmann said that God told her to run for president. I guess A)He was just messing with her,or

Tucson Shooting: Couple who escaped the bullets can't escape the horrible memories of that day

Exclusive: Mitt Romney, Student Protester Of The WORST Kind

"President Obama urges voters to give him one reason—one goddamn reason—why he should run for POTUS"

Santorum is on John King being confronted by his Homsexual behavior comparison to . . .

Ron Paul has two problems: one is his, the other is ours.

Chevy Volt misses first-year sales target

Gingrich Lies About Dope-Growing Founding Fathers to New Hampshire Pothead

The more I read about Mittens the more...

Fear the Dolphins - Terror of the Seas, Terror of the World

Ex-gun show operator trains sights on 'loophole'

Walker to give state of the state speech on Jan. 25

TURN ON REV. AL RIGHT ****ING NOW! :-) Marcus & Michele dance away her candidacy.

I'm re-reading "The Pleidean Agenda" after 15 years...

Mr. Santorum, my Grandfather was a coal miner too

Dylan Ratigan Show: Giving American Democracy a 21st Century Update

Deputy who arrested arson suspect shuns limelight

Michele Bachman vs Julia Sugarbaker

todays trades and what to do when a trade goes against you

Feds propose allowing wind-farm developer to kill golden eagles

bald eagle nest

Rick Santorum is coming for your birth control

Romney Camp Admits That Its Bain Job Creation Number Is Bogus

Where can I find Democratic Underground 3.0 similies?

Scott Walker’s Other Big Problem

Do you know how our new tax structure, brought to us by Rick Snyder and

sports forum has their own set of rules? i would like clarity.

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Gov.Christine Gregoire, a Catholic, makes a strong call for gay marriage in WA State.

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