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Archives: January 30, 2012

Andre the dog is recovering

Jewish outcry on SBS series

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 30 January 2012

I really don't believe for a minute we are a center-right country. We are a center-left country -

I-75 pileup kills at least 10 people (not sure if this has been posted or not)

Rural communities have strongest reliance on disability benefits

Would the week be better if we skip Tuesday afternoon? No.

Uh-oh. RimJob has penned an "Open letter to Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and all conservatives!"

To the Tucson AZ Loungers ( and anyone else that knows), what is the best way to travel in the city?

I was working,and missed this- "Herman Cain backs Gingrich for president "

At age 9, Marcus watched his uncle shoot his dad. His Mom went to prison a few weeks later.

Just left Mass with a smile.


Santorum again called Global Warming a Hoax, but it is almost Feb and Kansas has been really warm

@OccupyOslo: "Concern about the human rights situation in USA"

Absolutely stunned. A good friend with an advanced degree in physics just posted this on his FB:

Colorado car collector buys JFK's hearse for $176K

You think MFM was a bad pilot? Look at his engineering.

I just got this e-mail from a friend, is it true?

Thanks D.U. for Free Speech on Occupy!

Washington Post publishes opinion piece "Angry about inequality? Don’t blame the rich."

Your moment of Zen: Dogs barking the Darth Vader theme

Is HAARP making the skies snore above Malaysia?

Too Close to Home, Nuclear Power and the Threat to Drinking Water

Did Germany sow the seeds of the eurozone debt crisis?

for anyone curious. my jury has dropped to 85%. the last week

Kenneth Clarke to ban criminals from claiming injuries fund

Sarkozy announces French financial transaction tax

You Are Not Alone

Enduring myths about rape victims lead to acquittals, says chief prosecutor

Signs of a new reformation.

Bacteria colors your poop to diagnose what ails you

Does anyone have a good recipe sub for 7 Seas Creamy Italian dressing?

Bluesbassman - this reminded me of you

Please DU this poll (Wisconsin mining bill)

Intrade Update PBO 9/24 71; 9/25 73; 9/26 75; 9/27 77; 9/28 78

Pentagon Seeks Mightier Bomb vs. Iran

Russian singer who bears an UNCANNY resemblance to a 2012 GOP hopeful croons "Let It Be."

The Occupy Movement needs to take a lesson from the Anti-Prop-8 Protests.

... zzz ...

How many people here have actually heard of Saul Alinsky before Newt started talking about him?

With Focus on Income Inequality, Albany Bill Will Seek $8.50 Minimum Wage

ASIAN MUSIC THREAD II (the other was getting to be too much for my computer)

Indiana GOP withdraws welfare drug testing bill because legislators would be tested too!

Florida highway pileup kills at least 10 people

Hyper-kinetic space weaponry?

The Report That Will Blow Up The Eurozone + Chart of the Day: The Baltic Dry Index Plummets

Norquist: Republicans Will Impeach Obama If He Doesn’t Extend Bush Tax Cuts

I am SO tired...


"Fundies Say The Darnedest Things" update

I suppose this is inevitable when you let the baby play with cats

Do you feel your life has a meaning or purpose? If so, what is it?

Apple boycott brews over worker abuses

SHE Is ObamaCare

Hostess (Twinkies) Wants Judge To Slash Union Obligations (Teamsters)

Union membership grew nationally in 2011

Latest guilty pleasure-

Garbage truck drivers in Fort Mill vote to unionize

So does anybody wanna talk about sporting guns here...

Dallas/Spurs have a great game going on

Obama Vow to Get Tough on Unfair Trade Called ‘Long Overdue’


Did Nature Made Turn a Eurasian Pharmacist European With Computers?

Egyptian Military Seeks Advice on Ceding Power Early

McCain: ‘Stop the debates'

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition Jan 27-29

RNC Chair Rinse Peenus Says President Obama Is Our Own Captain Schettino

willie nelson and friends are releasing a "occupy wall street album" this spring

WOW-Buried at the "ass end" of the article: Independents Siding BIG TIME With Obama In FLORIDA!!!

Jack Webb

Hollywood actors' guilds move closer to merger

Third (and final??) SOP for comment

dKos: Bureau of Indian Affairs to Investigate Possible Treaty Violations in Mining Bill

The last group. Three images

waukesha`s free republic JeanS explains the recall process

Democrats prime recruits to try to take back the House

Mortgage Settlement and New Investigation

the year of the dragon

Video: The GOP's Racial Politics

Paul Ryan defends ‘the morality of the free enterprise system’

Why Rick Santorum should never, ever be allowed to become President: Reason #1,000,006

The Man Behind Gingrich's Money

Jake Tapper Calls Out RNC Chairman For Comparing Obama To Italian Cruise Ship Captain

Do (my) dogs understand "bye-bye/ NO MORE" as a communication?!1

Romney has candid moment with Iowa radio talking head

Anthem For OWS

Newt and Moon Colonies: Wouldn't a Colony on Mars make a heck a lot more sense?

gingrich-wants-panel-to-look-at-in-vitro-clinics (AP/

Name Calling OK

Eli Manning is so ugly....

Occupy DC protesters mull how to deal with overnight camping ban

I read a Playboy interview with Saul Alinsky around 1971 or 72.

Occupy DC: NPS To "Enforce" post-MLK NO-CAMPING Law post-Issa hearing, NOON MON! Witnesses needed!

Report on Canyon Arts Festival, Gold Canyon, AZ

What do you think about e readers for someone over 80 and not able to learn much

In defense of Occupy Oakland...

All the way to the convention

Better Living Through Permaculture: Coppicing and Pollarding

new meme compares government and household budgets as "simple English" explanation

Better Living Through Permaculture: Coppicing and Pollarding

U.S. Drones Patrolling Its Skies Provoke Outrage in Iraq

DOJ Filing and Settlement talks

Ok, maybe I am late to the party but I just discovered

President Obama and family walk to the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC - pics

What can you say about those that support Obama...

The original "Bungee Jumper" 1896:

Li'l bluesbassman and Li'l guitar man actually formed a band together long ago.

Pacalo was an EXTREMELY shy exhibitionist who only ever flashed her MeeMaw.

If Kali's horse throws a shoe, its foot gets sore.If Kali gets sore at her horse,she throws all four

Does anyone here know about the "Alinsky Method"?

MiddleFingerMom was NEVER so gullible as when he was shitfaced and gullible.

"Still Life with MFM as a Before-and-After-Party Animal as Portrayed by a Cock"

BOG pics

With Focus on Income Inequality, Albany Bill Will Seek $8.50 Minimum Wage

The Religious New Normal in America Will Not Be Religious!

Did anyone else receive this email: James O'Keefe operatives commit fraud in New Hampshire last Tues

Did I hit the jackpot, or what?

Anatomy of an alert

La Mesa man at center of First Amendment firestorm

One too many RW hate emails today. Here was my response:

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 31st: 2011 Governors Award Winners

Sometimes, I just feel pitty not being able to convey this joy to my anglophone friends...

Sarah Palin Urges Newt Vote in Florida, Says Gingrich Will 'Clobber' Obama

Thom Hartmann: Brunch with Bernie - January 27, 2012

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 1st: 31 Days of Oscar: Pennsylvania

New Insider Advantage and PPP polls show Romney's lead in Florida shrinking

Wealth can be a political burden

Rethugs hate old people

Ah The Old Dun Cow!

Who has the world's best no sugar (relatively) low carb hot chocolate ice cream toppping recipe?

Public Or Private: Keeping Google From Being 'Evil'

the state by state speak your mind about...alabama

The problem with the Republican Party is not Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney

Royal Bank Of Scotland boss bows to pressure and gives up £1m bonus

Tonight's Solidarity Marches for OWS

Guess who was sure Global Warming was real.....

A Florida Bush Stays Silent, and to Many, That Says a Lot.

What's in a name?

President Obama (and Sandra Day O'Connor & Jeb Bush) cracks jokes at elite Alfalfa Club dinner

"There are some of you in this room, I would venture to guess, who have ripped apart families."


The most practical response to Citizens United: Abolish Campaign Finance Laws

Occupy DC -- Police tase innocent protester

question for muslim duers

Under Pressure from Feds, Mendocino County eliminates pot-growing permits

anyone seen rubber?

Red to Blue 2012 (DCCC)

I think I saw one of these guys yesterday

could i ask for some input please

Matt Taibbi ponders whether Obama’s embrace of populist rhetoric is already impacting Wall Street

WWE Royal Rumble (Spoilers)

Oki! Where the HELL is SWAMPRAT?

Is this satire? I can't really tell one way or the other.

Dole Was Right...

Alabama thread is up in GD

Senator Obama on November 29, 2007 talking about taxation and the wealth gap - and the "99%"

Oakland, Occupy take stock of the damage

The income gap in this country is going to continue to rise unless we tax all income...

Sweet Dreams DU!

Family convicted in Canada 'honor murders'

Non-science beliefs blind more states

Super PACs target congressional races

The great northern migration -- of U.S. cattle

Teachers /Parents/ Citizens: Link to online petition re. replacing Arne Duncan.

Charles Pierce (Esquire): "The Republican party, root and branch, is now completely barking mad."

My story, an introduction message

In our supposed democracy, guns continue to rule

Cuba to Never Give Up One-Party System - Raul Castro

The disconnect is staggering...."Gingrich labels Romney 'Wall Street Elite' before FL vote."

Newt calls out Goldman Sachs, says Glass-Steagall is back on the table.

Green Energy Pioneer Barry Ellsworth Announces Nevada US Senate Run Against

The fight for Cuban-Americans is on in Florida

Gingrich to Mitt: Do "You think you can lie your way to the presidency?"

Kermit and Miss Piggy attack Fox News at UK conference.

Sunday Night Poll: First hint that Newt's Tea Party diplomacy may be biting (Insider Advantage)

Comparing Income, Corporate, Capital Gains Tax Rates: 1916-2011

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez warns banks of nationalisation

He said, he said

BradBlog's Excellent Article on the 2012 election.

Research progress toward patient-centered guidelines for use in dealing with health care insurance.

Toxic birdseed from your friends at Scotts Miracle Grow

Today is my birthday and while it's important, it's doubly important because I went into

Detergent (VG Cats)

Video: Bill Moyers talks with former Citigroup CEO John Reed & former Senator Byron Dorgan

China boosts police presence in restless Xinjiang

Japan's population to shrink two thirds by 2110

Voyage to heart of Islam opens at British Museum

Arson may have led to deadly Fla. car crashes

According to Denmark Newt is a lobbyist which he has denied constantly

Last year I was watching the Chile mine rescue.

Pic: Protest in Poland's parliament against ACTA

Emerge Wisconsin aims to elect Democratic women

Nat'l Park Service buckles to Darrell Issa, tases occupy protester

UN panel aims for 'a future worth choosing'

Tea Party Group Wants To 'Soften' Slavery In Textbooks

Tea Party Group Wants To 'Soften' Slavery In Textbooks

So Occupy New York marched last night in solidarity

Freddie Mac Betting Against Struggling Homeowners

Argentina To Try Those From Ex Military Dictatorship Next Month

Argentina To Try Those From Ex Military Dictatorship Next Month


I'll be voting for President Barack Obama

Politico: "Gingrich appears deadly serious about a long, bloody march all the way to Tampa "

Iran Offers to Extend U.N. Nuclear Inspection

The President said he’d fight for middle-class people like me, and he kept his promise

'PA incitement is confidence destroying measure'

Gingrich and Romney Want to Say Adios to Bilingual Ballots

peter tatchell foundation {uk}

U.S. Senate will vote on insider trading

Workers Uniting protests at the killing of Colombian trade unionists

Who in God’s Name Is Mitt Romney? (NYTimes)

Pro Bowl or Curling?

Not A Good Sign – WE Must Apply More Pressure!

Program helping reduce numbers of homeless Oklahoma veterans

Ohio Legislators Weigh In On Future Of Fracking

Ohio Legislators Weigh In On Future Of Fracking

Fear-Resistance: How Worried Should We Be about "Totally Drug-Resistant" Tuberculosis?

WTF: Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) makes 10 Mill a year?

Does this remind you of anyone?

North America Losing Its Oil Edge

Santorum to speak Monday in St Charles

“Basically, we pull over black people”

Lace Stitch Markers

The Austerians Attack!

Chris Hedges: Corporations Have No Use for Borders

The US prison population today - from World Clock -2,362,740.816

The Truth About the Conservative Mind: Why Reactionaries from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin

GOOOOoooooo Nnnneeeewwwttttt !!!

7 Signs the Corporatocracy is Losing its Legitimacy--and 7 Tools to Help Shut it Down

The ‘Buffett Rule’ in History’s Grand Sweep

Video of Kerry paying tribute to Mayor White

Game of Thrones: Season 2, first full trailer up

Sirota: Overconsumption won’t save America

Chris Hedges: Corporations Have No Use for Borders

Desmond Tutu: It's time for a revolution led by women

Assad troops fight back against Syria rebels

New Study: Climate Change Threatens World's Wheat Crop

Obamas Sunday Stroll to the Corcoran

Do we have any style anymore?

Tensions mount with arrest of Occupy D.C. protester and approach of deadline

Kentucky town goes bird-crap crazy


PLEASE READ NEW DU RULES - in case of fire in DU Lounge:

Arizona Judge Orders City Council Candidate off Ballot for not Speaking English Well Enough

Freddie Mac Betting Against Struggling Homeowners

OK 'fess up (Part 2) - Have the GOP primaries exceeded your expectations?

Political Wire: Paul Begala: The Real Winner of the GOP Primaries

NYT: A Florida Bush Stays Silent, and to Many, That Says a Lot

A new type of upholstery for our chair....

Kip's new toy - outdoors window birdfeeder....

Japan population to shrink by one-third by 2060 (BBC)

Federal student loan rate set to double

Buyers reject Chevrolet Volt's cost, Nissan Leaf's looks

Dallas ISD to close 11 schools, layoff 177, extend teacher hours .

8 industries China leads where the US used to

Gingrich after Florida loss..

Toon: Another View of The Brewer finger pointing incident

Genome Cure for Ill Twins Paves Breakthrough to Doctor’s Office

Monday's Newt TOON roundup

Can we Occupy the 'middle ground'?

Climate Alert

Jive Talkin

I love Mitt.

U.N. to consider call for Assad to step down

This is the Real War we are fighting and we are losing

Kip's reaction when watching the Repub debates....

Things I Thought I’d Never Live to See

CBS' Schieffer Drops Trump's Birtherism Down The Memory Hole

So...the depression seems to be getting worse,not better.

Occupy the Hollers

s Modern Finance Ruining Modern Art? (Part 1): Mark C. Taylor

What Rubio doesn't understand about the economy

VP Talk

Did behavioral psych founder (Watson) commit fraud in Little Albert study?

Black pastors, marriage equality, and NOM’s money

Food stamp bills seek to restrict junk food

Scary& ridiculous.2 Brit tourists tweeting slang & quoting Family Guy arrested by Homeland Security.

Highly recommend Moneyball

Kerrey Buys Home in Nebraska

Russia: Aeroflot forces a gay flight attendant to marry a woman

Warner Bros. now adding restrictions to your Netflix DVD queue

The Oildrum from this weekend and from today...

Thinking of a new laptop

Peak oil review - January 30

Some 200 laid off at North Las Vegas Amonix solar plant

The Oildrum from this weekend and today...

Belgium Hit by General Strike Over Austerity Measures

Bob Dole in 1996 to Newt people don't like you, "Because it saves time."

Peak oil review - January 30

Commentary: Peak Oil: Yes, still a serious issue

"Why I Secretly Root for Newt"

NBC/Marist poll, Florida: Romney, GOP struggle against Obama

Unsold goods weigh on future economic growth

Canada rethinks strip malls

Reagan to Clinton... Clinton to Obama

Selig may force Cubs to give up 'significant' compensation for Theo

Kansas agriculture secretary seeks federal waiver for illegal immigrants

Planet Aurora Borealis

FDA staffers sue agency over surveillance of personal e-mail

Genius, Perhaps, but Illegal, SEC Says

Does anyone know what happened to ?

Krugman: The Austerity Debacle

We Know Just How You Feel Baby

Occupy Oakland: 400 arrested after violent protest

Xbox 720 Rumors - Six Times as Powerful, "Will Restrict Play of Used Games"

Really? Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D

The song you all know, And have never seen.

Religious Memorial Bills Join Long Line of “Christian Nation” Tactics

Fear factor: The science behind America's red/blue divide (BBC)

Legislation would restrict picketing at funerals

PHOTO: I'll have a pizza, please...and hold the baby.

Gingrich Wants Kids To Work As Janitors, But Refused To Work Himself

I think there's a better place for Bob Schieffer...

Iraq bloc to end parliament boycott

PHOTO: This past Christmas, MiddleFingerMom did all of his last minute shopping HERE...

Palast newsletter: The Pig in the XL Pipeline

Tough weekend in Chicago

Aaron Rodgers: Flynn, Miami 'makes sense'

Why can't I see my own recommendations?

Illinois Tells Standard & Poor's to Pay the Piper (defrauded investors)

Police: Mexico's ambassador to Venezuela kidnapped, freed

These silly occupy protestors, they almost think they have the right to peacefully protest.

Class Claims AIG Took It for $5 Billion (stock manipulation)

Taylor, family, friends connect with space station commander

Kermit the Frog and Miss Pigg Fire Back at Fox News

Megaupload users face data deletion US prosecutors warn

Rasmussen, 1/30, showing President Obama's biggest leads over Mitt and Newt since last fall

EU summit on debt crisis faces Brussels disruption as unions strike

Feds Must Show Impact of Horses in Sierra Nevada

Fuck Mitt Romney

Sinn Fein wants referendum on united Ireland

Student Says Cops Were Out of Line (dragged her, told her "I'm the goddamn police.")

Rising Brazil tackles immigration question

Toronto Star: Atheists should make more noise

Quote, unquote.

Palin tells Florida voters to "rage against the machine"

Time - Are Companies More Powerful Than Countries?

How does Google's new privacy policy compare?

European Politicians in Denial as Greece Unravels

Our Live From The Bedroom cover of (The Bee Gees) To Love Somebody

House GOP oil puppets will attempt to ram Keystone through by attaching it to jobs bill

Wisconsin: Promised mine "job creator" slashes pay by half, locks out workers

Bringing Back the Shithammer

Mitt Romney Incapable of Correctly Reciting Famous Political Aphorism

Study paints picture of aging, homeless veterans

Wisconsin: Walkergate updates thanks to BlueCheddar

Paul Ryan receives birthday cake from Fox News = campaign ad for D-Rob Zerban

Quebec Accused of 'Absurd' Terror Arrest (Pep talk about blowing away the competition)

Hostess Blames Unions for Its Bankruptcy

Hello from...Iowa?

Is Capitalism on Trial?

Newt's New-Age Love Gurus {the tofflers}

To define a parasite!

Tennessee Senator Thrown Out of Restaurant for Antigay Stance

Is Romney actually a robot? Or 2 robots? Is the Gingrich really a brain-eating reptile? Answers Here

Frank Rich: "In Romneyland, Mormonism is the religion that dare not speak its name."

Where the heck is Zach de la Rocha?

Judge Certifies Class Against Sallie Mae

Advocates Raise $1.2M to Fight Minn. Antigay Amendment

Do Romney's 2010 tax returns reveal voter fraud?

So why have the Dems had trouble in a "center-left" country?

President Obama Taps Soundgarden's Chris Cornell for Fundraiser

Homeowner Shoots Prowler With Rubber Bullets

Three incidents of violent intimadation of Dems by Repuke extremists in just one week

Wisconsin: One million recall signatures vs. the partisan judge

Lying With Charts, Global Warming Edition

??Vote for Newt. Annoy a liberal," - Sarah Palin.


BREAKING (Cross-posted to LBN): Candice Swanepoel has not yet endorsed a 2012 Presidential candidate

Greek shoppers look but don't buy as economic crisis bites

The Austerity Debacle - By PAUL KRUGMAN

BREAKING (Cross-posted to LBN): Candice Swanepoel on Keystone Pipeline: "NO COMMENT"

The Titanic Syndrome: Climate change will never get that bad because, well, it just couldn't.

NASA: 130 years of global warming in 30 seconds

Teaparty: Lack Of Clout-Evident For Everyone To See

Deported for a fucking Twitter joke?

That Uncertainty Word—I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means

Why Rubio probably won't be VP choice

Photo: "Show me where the bullies are."

Advocates in Asheville mobilize to battle same-sex marriage ban

Ha! Florida race tightening

Romney & his pac have spent over $15 million in Florida vs. Gingrich 3.4 million

New Twitter censorship function prompts concern in anti-gay states

Patronage: NJ Gov. Chris Christie Referred 50 Loyalists for High-Paying Port Authority Jobs

Schneiderman: Task Force Will Go After 'Stuff That Blew Up the Economy'

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield sends Davey "Diaper Boy" Vitter into a TIZZY.

NBC, Brokaw denounce Romney ad

TYT: Colleges Kill Religion, Push Liberal Agenda - Santorum

Richard Kirsch: How Many Lives Does the Health Care Reform Cat Have Left?

I am requesting The Administrators take a long hard look at Twitter.

Chinese As A Second Language In USA

Electronic Tissue Monitors Brain, Heart and Muscles {w/ video at link}

Willie Nelson campaigns for Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich

Army Must Reject Anti-Islam Hate Speaker

Cloning scientists create human brain cells

Fukushima No. 1 pipes freeze, leak

Not That Kind of Occupation - By Mike Luckovich

How about some more comedy?

Aggression born of American 'exceptionalism'

picking on our bones

Polls show Romney surging ahead of Gingrich in Florida

As long as Oakland police trample on people's rights, the NLG will continue to hold them accountable

This is a republican poll but look how close they have FL. compared to other polls

Pic Of The Moment: Artificial Cheese Selling Well In Florida

Leon Panetta’s explicitly authoritarian decree

Federal Sharpshooters to Start Aerial Wolf Killing in Idaho

State Dept: Americans Take Refuge At Cairo Embassy

New CU-led study may answer long-standing questions about enigmatic Little Ice Age

NH Republican Mayor: 'Arrest and Prosecute' O'Keefe and Fellow 'Voter Fraud' Conspirators!

Indiana right-to-work law advances toward approval

Is there a way to get to a current list of members / links to profiles?

New Gallup poll: Obama and Romney tied; Obama leads Gingrich by large margin

Long time DUers we seem to have lost in the "move" to DU3:

Are there some classic movies that could benefit from a re-make?

Left alone with Henri Le Sidaner

Leon Panetta’s explicitly authoritarian decree

2012 Puppy bowl is this Sunday!!!!! They are going to have Pigs this year!!!!

NEW Chakra Balance and EFT Boost slideshows

Iran well prepared for the worst

Mitch Daniels Joins John Boehner’s Web Of Keystone XL Corruption

Strange Red Galaxy --Harbors a Monster Black Hole 100 Million Times Mass of Sun

Veganism is a "crazy new diet" as per Food & Wine

Jonathan Idema, Con Man and Afghan Bounty Hunter, Dies at 55

Brownback has lower approval rating than Obama (in Kansas in highly pubbie poll)

Is anyone else noticing that about 1/2 of local Boston TV news is..

A Social Justice Quiz

On Citizens United Anniversary, Supreme Court Lit with Giant Dollar Signs

Simply put...and on point. I agree...

Sani Abacha aide to hang for Nigeria killing

Awesome! Rasmussen Poll Has President Obama's approval rating at over 50%

Thom Hartmann: Banksters demand, ''No Free Speech for mortgage!''

I found this useful site during a google search.

Occupy Wall Street Journalist Tim Pool Hit By Masked Man Last Night

Occupy DC -- Police tase innocent protester

Accumulating 'microplastic' threat to shores

Why I chose the Gun.

Orly Taitz Looks To Allen West For Help With Birther Crusade

Norway jails two for Danish newspaper terror plot (over Muhammad cartoons)

Hugo....wonderful movie..anyone else see it?

The 10 worst states for kids to grow up

Tea Party 10' Targeted In Multimillion Dollar Campaign By Liberal Super PAC

Mike Papantonio: These NO way Obama is going to be able to match the money in Florida

Requirements to occupy a strip mall in my area.

Source: Greek deal sees 70 pct loss for investors

A Headline that Made Me Throw up In My Mouth

What Newt, Mitt and Dumbya all have in common...

How Government Budget Cuts Significantly Reduced U.S. GDP Last Year

Proposed rule changes for assessing new transit projects

Comment period open for Proposed rule changes for assessing new transit projects

Greece Poverty in a time of economic diktat

President Obama Calls Out Mike Lee’s Scorched Earth Obstructionism

Requirements to occupy a strip club in my area.

Amid 'Turnaround Agenda,' Teachers, Communities Overshadowed by Corporate Reforms

I don't believe that voter suppression will get the attention it deserves until this happens:

Tennessee Restaurant Throws Out Anti-Gay Lawmaker

Carolina Panthers refine logo

Catholics hear anti-Obama letter in church

Mumia Abu-Jamal placed in general population

It's gag at a gnat swallow a camel time, for the old GOP nay-sayers...

Reform of Marijuana Laws Again Dominates President's Online Forum

Run rabbit, run rabbit run run run. Bunny is the farm's sheep dog. The video is priceless.

'Tea Party 10' Targeted In Multimillion Dollar Campaign By Liberal Super PAC

White House Expresses Concerns On Egypt Situation

Libya: Justice Ministry to Take Over Prisons

White House Criticizes Italian Captain Comparison

Weird---my ignore list went down one since last week.

L.A. MTA Signs Historic PLA, Will Offer 10% of Work Hours to the Homeless, Chronically Unemployed

1/26/2012 NBC/WSJ poll: Gingrich leads Romney, but badly trails Obama

Democratic Senators to Push ‘Buffett Rule’

Lip-Shaped Urinals in Stones Museum Called Sexist

In his imaginary role as 2012 GOP nominee, Gingrich REJECTS reporter-moderated Obama debates

German Satellite Almost Crashed into Beijing

Gov. Brown's plan on shelter law stirs backlash

Did Occupy Oakland Believe Their Move-In Day Would Succeed?

NEW invention for Coca Cola drinkers who find tipping the bottle into a glass too strenuous

Bulldog tries to sit in a box that's too small for him

Miss Piggy Delivers The Best Takedown Of Fox News We've Seen

The US government's capital punishment prerogative

Help Contacting Judi Lynn

Russia Says Syria Has Agreed to Talks

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: The Party People of Wall Street

Ex-UBS trader pleads not guilty to £1.5bn fraud

Latino Republican Congressman on MSNBC just now. 'It's impossible to get a job in this economy...

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Jeff Clements, Corporations are not People Part 1

Afghan couple killed three teenage daughters in honour killing

Julian Assange's extradition battle enters final round

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Jeff Clements, Corporations are not People Part 2

Jan Brewer's Raising Money Boasting About Disrespecting President

"Reporters listen to Arcade Fire; Romney listens to the Carpenters and Donny and Marie."

Carlos Boozer's son caught cheering for Heat

Does helping Palestinians beautify the occupation?

China unfairly limits export of raw materials, WTO says

Brazilian proposal to change "responsibility to protect" to " responsibility while protecting"

Introducing the `Pay A Fair Share Act’

for those who dig early jazz

Knoxville Bistro Owner Boots&Bans State Senator after AIDS Remarks(PIC)

Unions set to blast Dems for selling out on FAA reauthorization

Reason Apple left the US is they couldn't find 3,000 factory workers willing to live in dorms here

On being an object, and then not being an object

How do we keep candidates from lying over and over?

Warming in the Tasman Sea a global warming hot spot

Colorado Voices: Don't knock Paula Deen, y'all

CNN Poll: Will Dems Retake The House?

The Good News About Carbon Storage in Tropical Vegetation

Well here's a frightening new development on the employment front

Tim Wise hits it out of the park, once again

St. Thomas and the Sanctity of Mind

$44 Million, Not A Single Crime Soved, Cuomo Tells Legislature Scrap Bullet Tracking


Genetics study reveals how bacteria behind serious childhood diseases evolve to evade vaccines

WOOHOO!!! THIS IS HUGH!!!! IM SERIES!!! (New True Blood Spoiler - guess who is back!! Woohoo!)

Agent Provocateur

Indonesian atheist might embrace Islam after arrest, police say

African Union Opens New Headquarters Funded By China

China says to increase police in Xinjiang for stability

Can A Right Winger Vote For A Mormon And Not Go To Hell?

Indiana Governor Daniels ready to sign right-to-work bill

i'm wondering if the universe is telling me to not go back on meds


Green Light to WW3? 'US needs human face for Iran invasion'

Doing the Job for Democrats

Obama/Biden 2012 the only choice for sane Americans

'Iran scientist murders expose CIA & Mossad paranoia'

Go on over to Mother Jones...

God hates figs.

Any WordPress aficionados who can help with some site basics and bells & whistles?

TYT: Cougar Mascot Rejected By School - Offensive To Women?

Bright Lights of Purity: Berkeley Lab Researchers Discover Why Pure Quantum Dots and Nanorods Shine…

Michelle Obama, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis propose more job protection for military caregivers

Sen. Whitehouse To Introduce ‘Buffett Rule’ Bill To Raise Taxes On Millionaires

Rinse Peenus: "It's terrible that people died, but to turn my analogy into something it isn't...

Happy Birthday Duran! (male orangutan turns 2) - pics

"He disappeared into delirium..."-Man held in solitary two years without trial (Yes, In The USA)

Finally getting back to normal weather here -

Web Dossier Bill Stalled in Hawaii Legislature (would require ISP to keep 2 yrs browsing history)

"The worldwide public realises there is something deeply wrong with today's world economic system"

Strip Club Cover Charge Is Legal

Southwest Loses $25 Million Tax Break

Salvation Army's red kettles hauled in record $147.6M

'Unusual event' declared at Illinois nuclear power plant, indicating potential degradation of safety

Shafia jury finds all guilty of 1st-degree murder

Jennifer Petkov to apologize to family of Kathleen Edward on 'Dr. Phil'

Who Do They Think We Are/?/ TEACHERS???

Once and for all. Here and now. Sunny side up, over easy, medium, or hard? The perfect fried egg?

ALEC's latest actions

"US elections: no matter who you vote for, money always wins"

Where in the hell is the album of the day?

A Quiet Triumph of Obama Care

If the Democrats want to help Newt Gingrich become the GOP nominee they should start talking about

Who's the guy on first base?

Quietly, U.S. Moves to Block Lawsuits by Military Families

Gingrich and Romney Want to Say Adios to Bilingual Ballots - Mother Jones

Do atheists need ‘a cathedral Of their own’?

DU Album of the Day: "Breakfast in America" Supertramp

HISTORIC REQUEST: 42 Members of WA legislature request cannabis rescheduling

UC Berkeley's letter regarding the mistreatment of student protesters by

The comparison of President Obama by the GOP with the cruise ship captain is ridiculous, but,

"Back button" isn't working.

Allen West: Obama, Reid & Pelosi should 'get the hell out of the USA'

New poll shows Fla. voters moving toward Romney

Has the First Amendment Become an Exercise in Futility?

democratic senator pushes buffet rule..

If a political commercial changes your mind about a canidate----well then you're an idiot!

Mitt’s Income vs. Your Income (Romney Income Calculator)

Silly but possibly illuminating thought experiment - atheist martyrs

Paula Deen's Sons Were Mad About Pharma Deal, Say Rumors

Sorry, Republicans: It’s too late for new presidential candidates

James O’Keefe Sues the New Jersey Star-Ledger for Defamation after New Hampshire Voter Fraud Exposé

Four-Week Vaccination Regimen Knocks Out Early Breast Cancer Tumors, Penn Researchers Report

Pew: Repubs not impress with their candidates; Americans see Obama as more understanding

Papantonio: Big Money Wins in Florida GOP Primary

Meet the Party of American Capitalism - Perrspectives Blog

Environmental team escorted from Le Roy HS Property

Gay teenager, who was bullied and kicked out of home, leaves note thanking Lady Gaga before he

Camilla Williams, 1st black singer to appear with major US opera company, dies at 92

Does Romney think he must be President to fulfill a religious destiny?

Demographics of a Late 1960s Anti-War Protest

Axelrod tweaks Romney over strapping dog to car roof

Fraud alert: James O'Keefe tried to obtain ballots with names of dead people, one's not quite dead

VIDEO: R.I.P. K9 Kora, Connecticut Police Dog

American Bus Association wants Priceline to pull ad

50% of Marylanders support marriage equality, but support varies...

Civil Beat Poll - Case, Hirono Neck-and-Neck for U.S. Senate Nomination

Oh my dog, the new Subaru ads are AWESOME!

What's for Dinner? ~ Monday January 30th!

Seniors Group to Rally Outside "Morning Joe" Taping in South Beach Florida

THRIVE is a documentary?

A view from Europe: Anti-European sentiment is on the rise among Republican presidential candidates

"Occupy Using Oakland for Playground"

Oakland Police face Federal Takeover.

Netanyahu poised to win Likud primaries despite far-right challenge

Rush Limbaugh rips Fla Leg, Will Weatherford over Allen West's redistricting problems

Pew Poll: GOP Voters Continue to Give Field Subpar Ratings

Bobcat’s Goldthwait’s God Bless America

Rape, homelessness, cholera hound Haiti 2 yrs after quake

BWAHAHAHA! Newt sued for using Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger" (from "Rocky III") at political events

Putting Romney's wealth in context

The phrase if the day is "Chuck Norris endorses" Modify any thread to include....

Jackie Evancho

February Starself Newsletter - Neptune Reenters Pisces

Corbett Delays Pennsylvania's Sales Tax on Internet Sales for 7 More Months, Costing PA $200 million

Dear Democrats: The Stimulus Worked, Start Acting Like It

They're having way too much fun...

Shirley MacLaine Joins Cast of Downton Abbey

'How much are the kids I never had worth?'

Shipwreck Hunters Find Second 'UFO' on Ocean Floor, Divers to Visit Soon

How loving owners transport their dogs

PPP: Good numbers for Obama in Ohio.

Just Don’t Call Her Che

Charlotte attack on Occupy under way.

Sarah Palin; "The fix is in for Mitt Romney"

How do you define a "Conservative"?

Cash transactions being outlawed/severely limited:

Why doesn't payroll tax apply to investment income?

Old Man/New Floridian Predicts Primary Results

Gov. Romney opposed kosher meals for poor Jewish nursing home residents

Contract Employment New Jobs In A GOP Economy

Snarf: An Ashley Madison poll asks women who they'd rather cheat with, Tom or Eli?

NEW Mike Tyson as Herman Cain clip...counting down the top 999 issues of the day!

State of the primary - byTom Tomorrow

Flying people in NYC?

MiddleFingerMom has heard people say that a big gun is compensation for a small winkie.

It's easy to see the Republicans for what they are.

Gingrich: I wouldn't accept debate versus Obama moderated by reporters

Global Competitiveness And Free Market Wage

in '03 someone uncovered my real name and posted it on DU. Now it Googles 3rd place.

American Exceptionalism

I am bullish on Urdu. It's going places.

You Signed a Petition, So We Know Where You Live!

I spread bullshit on kudzu. It's going places. n/t

Edit box difficulty in jury comment on phone.

I want a Bull Shih-tzu on Pu Pu

WTF is a "room spoon"?

Makes you wonder how much longer Juan Williams can stay at Fox.

Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial: Matthew Broderick Stars In Full-Length Spot For Honda

Brazil’s Plus-Size Bikini Enthusiasts Make Waves

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution - FB page - GRAPHIC WARNING

EU leaders agree rescue fund, 25 join fiscal pact

I cut my hair today

Does anyone have experience with FIV+ cats?

Snakes blamed for 'severe declines' in Florida wildlife

Are you watching the President on Youtube? Started at 4:30 CST

Charlie Crist is on Tweety right now

The lake

Two Jan 29 polls suggest Newt is closing in FL. PPP (Mitt +4) Insider Advantage (Mitt +5)

Toxic Annie gets censored for calling McCain a douchebag on live tv.....

Dozens of Tunisian tour agencies threatened: federation

Moon Over Miami

2 Georgia education voucher bills could be headed for floor votes

Kermit and Miss Piggy Strike back at Fox News...

LIVE: President Obama Answers Questions on You Tube

Among OECD countries U.S. has highest percentage of Low Wage Workers

BBC: The science behind America's red/blue divide

You wanna see dedication?'s this?

Change isn't coming without Occupy or something related.

This Is Dedicated To "That One Black Kid"

Another story from my depression adventure.

LOL! David Axelrod Drops the S-Bomb

How (and when) God arrived to bless America

Police officer shot while being arrested by fellow officer.

Campfield Compares Ouster from Bistro to "Segregation", calls Liberals "Closed-Minded People"

Rev. Al: "Reagan's "shining city on the hill" turned out to be a gated community for the 1%"

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 31 January 2012

More Republican Hypocritical Bullshit (no surprise)

Does Current TV have a live stream?

Unions set to blast Dems for selling out on FAA reauthorization

What if he loses?

'Ferris Bueller' Superbowl ad (long version)

More bad information about Gov. Wanker's performance as Milwaukee County Executive.

Do you think that it's possible for a machine to have evil intentions?

I Will Be Getting Your Info Off the Recall Petition (FB Walker fan please report)

White House said that the United States supports a political solution that stops violence in Syria.

I wanna Gronk!

Irked by abortion bill, Va. senator adds rectal exams for men

"Small winkie" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "small winkie".

A road runs through it:

Is Perry charging Texas' taxpayers for his presidential run's security detail?

How can you tell where is the top

Senate approves cloture on STOCK Act

BREAKING: West Point Announces That Islamophobic General Has Withdrawn From Prayer Breakfast

Medicaid cuts hitting hard

Wild, Wild West!

UPDATE: Watch Chris Christie Call Openly-Gay Lawmaker "Numbnuts" While Apologizing

Despite the momentum Newt cannot win Florida