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Theocracy Here Now - NC GOP: Public Hanging For Abortionists

Breaking on CNN (TV) -- "Tension at Occupy Oaklend Protest. Going on since 1:00 PST. Don Lemon

I nailed it! Found a GREAT vegan pumpkin pancake recipe....see below

A new blog post from the Edge of the Village

Cat vs. Alligator

Willard Mitt Romney vs Newton Leroy Gingrich. Be careful what you wish for.

Oldie, but goodie: People

Thousands Line Downtown Streets To Welcome Home Iraq War Veterans

Seattle DUers: Does the "big ass tow truck" reporter still have a job?

What a cool video!

"My Cat From Hell"

Obama tries new themes in swing states

erectile dysfunction commercials

The DU3 bookmark feature no longer works for me

Would you spend $10 to buy the ear of a 19th century impressionist?

Kansas Gov. Brownback’s dinners may have violated open meetings act, press organization says

Romney and Gingrich Hook Up With the Crazy

Electoral Vote Prediction

CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau): campaign against predators who prey on mil. personnel.

Yes I am watching Lawerence Welk on PBS and yes I LIKE IT!

A picture of contrasts.

Americans banned from leaving Egypt engage in activities previously performed by the CIA

Snip Snip Snip

Activists Crack China’s Wall of Denial About Air Pollution...

And now, another gem of conservative wisdom from e-mail forwards

Pakistan goes to war with India.. We have troops in Afghanistan... what is our response?

Washington To Extend $3.8B In Loan Guarantees To Israel

New Yorker Cartoon: When I Grow Up...

With friends like Facebook…

Cal Thomas ... January 1992 ... on rumors of infidelity

North Carolina: Report Delivered on Eugenics (forced sterilization) Program...

In Nieves world, free only applies to him

"Further proof: that All the racism is on the left"

A legal nuclear bomb dropped on Walker today

How many milliliters in a cup?

This is what a freeper is like right before their family has them committed for a time.

Rural Missouri road to be closed, meth-making blamed

Health warning over hip implants

Mixed Reviews of Obama Plan to Keep Down College Costs

What Jan Brewer Really Said To The President

Toon: Newt Gingrich's Science Fiction!

One of the iconic movies of the early 60's is on TCM....

Mixed bikini curling - its a Canadian thing

Red State Update Endorses Newt Gingrich?

Geez these pugs are volatile!

Sewing Machine advice wanted

Best Political Cartoon I've seen in a long time. Go GM!

Newt Gingrich: 'I will go all the way to the convention'

A chart

Just Don’t Call Her Che

Help me translate Palin's angry-muffin verbiage

Many relying less on police, more on personal protection from concealed weapons

Oakland police, Occupy protesters clash - scores arrested

Eat your heart out, Legolas

Washington was worth $525 million in 2010 dollars yet had to borrow money to get to his inauguration

Daniels Used State Dollars To Lobby For Keystone XL Pipeline!

Negotiators for Greece investors announce tentative deal

Gingrich urges students to get part-time jobs — apparently unlike himself

Power Turned Off in Park After Dog Electrocuted

Ritalin Gone Wrong

Democratic Underground Date

The NEWT Bad Lip Reading video... the BEST one they in the series!

Broken Promises from Past State of Union Addresses

Topless protesters detained at Davos forum

Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich for president at event in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Your beautiful eyes

Would the nation be better off if the south would go away?

Beautiful time lapse

Mexico swine flu outbreak kills 29, infects nearly 1,500

Quisling Quan and her pig thugs are kettling Occupy Oakland protesters again.

The amount of money that any single billionaire gives to any politician is directly proportional...

Conservatives: If We Lose, We'll Impeach Obama

what happened to the old gods, the ones that no one believes in anymore?

Santorum cancels morning events to be with child

ALEC Behind Push to Require Climate Denial Instruction in Schools

Private insurance

Obama Campaign Refunding Money Donated by Federal Lobbyists

PPP, 1/28 -- Romney 40%, Gingrich 32%, Santorum 15%, Paul 9% -- with complete poll data

Cain endorses Gingrich

GOP advantage on health care complicates if Mitt Romney is Republican nominee

Non sexist/racist/homophobic insult suggestions for DUers.

Shower Tile Cleaner?

Manfred Mann - Fox on the run

Martin Bashir Exposes The Great Republican Hoax

Would You Open War Crimes Trials for OUR Soldiers?

Want a job as a robo-signer? Wells is hiring:

More proof the rethug voters in Florida are CLUELESS!!!

Need a job? Wells Fargo is advertising for Robo-signers!

What question would you hurl at Mitt Romney?

Honestly we should be outrage at how far this country has sunk when a FREAKIN LOBBYIST has

My hips and back are just beginning to hurt. That is strange. What are your best tips for

What are some of the dumbest political bumper stickers you've seen recently?

Another endorsement for Mittens..John Voight?

Why are we so sure Mitt is more moderate than Newt?

LA Woman Doors LP being Re-Released

Not a Peep About the President's Praise for War

Best Movie endings. (This thread may contain spoilers)

Never before seen behind the scene footage of how the State of the Union is written.

alaska lows tonight -50 to -65F: winter is here, just bottled up in the far north. Hope it doesnt

So... what DOES Nancy know? Anyone know?

Palin compares the Romney campaign to Stalin, Alinsky.

What's the best car/vehicle on the market today, dollar to value?

Bwa-hah! My local news reader teased "BIG endorsement for Newt"!1 Guess who it was

Allen West tells President to "get the hell out of America"

The Lesson of Bani Walid

Local TV news: "An Occupy demonstration turns violent when police fire tear gas into the crowd"

Feds Take Action Against LGBT Housing Discrimination

Freddie Mac hired Gingrich as it reshaped strategy

The state of crime in my once quiet community

DevonThink vs. Evernote vs. Yojimbo, etc.

Endorsement: a good thing, or a curse?

mission espada,san antonio

The Point (Occupy w/ Russell Simmons, Citizens United & Prison Sentence for Possible HIV Infections)

Ran up to Paris Ky today. Took pictures

Occupy DC Protesters Demonstrate Outside VIP Dinner

Ex-Congressman Retreats on Energy Project

CARB mandates and New Year's resolutions: made to be broken

Gingirch rappin Cash Money

Right-Wing Religious Leader Claims Clinton Is To Blame For Oral Sex Related Cancers

What comes to mind when...


Former Taliban Officials Say U.S. Talks Started

Pennsylvania House Unanimously Violates First Amendment Of Constitution


Rasmussen: 55% Say Wealthy Americans Should Pay at Least 30% In Income Taxes

Just heard some rethug dingbat say she supports Gingrich because of his morals

Officer shot, killed by fellow police in Calif.

i liked this...

Sunday Talk Shows

So in the event the President doesn't get the renomination,

Maher: ‘Who the f–k is Saul Alinsky?’

Wanna be startin somethin

Hansen: "We are headed toward...the near-certain destruction of modern civilization as we know it."

Where is our President on intervening in the FUBAR situation in Oakland?

FOX's Wallace: GOP Debates "All Stupid" People Only Watching "Because They Hope To See A Crash"

Occupied: Japanese Nuclear Foes Defy Order to Remove Tents

Keiser Report: State Of The Banana Republic (E242)

I would like to give a shout out (belated) to the Mark Chapman Band

On the Edge with Max Keiser - Economic collapse in the Western nations with Dr Michael Hudson

Anyone ever been to New Delhi, India?

Right now Oakland PD set to gas and arrest Occupy Oakland

What is music?

Police staging Orwellian theater in Oakland. Live stream ...

Anybody been to Tucson AZ?

FR desperation: DAILY/HOURLY Prayers for Newt Gingrich and Our Survival As A Free People

Allen West To Liberals: Get the Hell Out Of The U.S.

Catholic Bishops denounce President Obama...

Gingrich pines for a more racist America

Feb 15 marks the 2 year anniversary of the book/call to action for the 99% movement,here it is again

Pro-Palestinian hackers bring down Haaretz Hebrew website

Every lamp post and telephone pole in an OWS city should be adorned with this...

Police Departments of America

The Truth About Newt...

This afternoon, I walked into a liquor store to buy some Wild Turkey and TOTALLY put the Hispanic

What do you think it would take for Santorum to withdraw and endorse The Newter?

Is it possible to cancel out of jury service by stating a reason?

Region Bashing is Rude, Insensitive, and Inappropriate, and Should Not be Acceptable on DU

RimJob is now accepting the reality of Rmoney!

'Half of Damascus falls to rebels' as breakaway army slowly seize control of capital from Assad

NYT: Chinese Crackdown Seals Off Tibetan Unrest

Tibet Violence: Despair, Crackdowns Breed More Killings

Virtues of an american president.

Did Romney know whether his donations to the LDS would fund the Prop 8 campaign?

UN nuclear inspectors arrive in Iran

All of 6th street + in downtown Austin blacked out

Obama struggles with San Gabriel Valley grass roots

Robert Hegyes Obituary

A People's History of Howard Zinn

Is Sarkozy about to throw in the towel ?

Israel Police cancel school tour of Hebron with Breaking the Silence

MPs Warn Of Political Funding 'Scandal'

Aussie Open men's final

Union members, Occupiers protest in Super Bowl Village

80 Wis. soldiers still wait for service benefits

The NFL vs Sudanese refugees in Israel

Do you need to be sexually attracted to friends?

Vive le Newt!

You know what might have been a great gesture on the part of the NFL Players Association

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Hamster Pong Edition

Femen topless protest video: 'Gangsta party in Davos'

Cain -"I hereby officially and enthusiastically endorse Gingrich for president of the United States"

LOL At The Republican Establishment Putting The Tea Baggers In Their Place

Invalid Group Election?

So a few baptists came to the door today . . .

Slowly dying of her McAddiction

Rubio appears to be gearing up to be Romney's VP

Syria army moves to wrest Damascus suburbs from rebels

Dog-Whistling Republicans' Racist Legacy

Senator "Sunspot" Johnson (T-Wi) demands a budget or he'll stop government

Huge Protest in Pakistan Against US Drone Attacks

Seeds For Young Farmers

Brother Can You Spare A Billion?

Christina Aguilera - At Last [Etta James Funeral]

Will the US Back Real Democracy in Egypt?

Russia rebukes Arab League over Syria (calls observer mission a 'useful instrument')

The 1% have come to claim total victory.

President Obama cracks jokes at elite Alfalfa Club dinner

African Union holds summit in new headquarters in Addis Ababa

Toon: Guess Who Wins

Tony Auth- The Republican Establishment

Sunday's Doonesbury - "What would Newt Do?"

Non Sequitur Toon- Same New Year's Resolution

Latest poll from PPP: Romney 40% Gingrich 32%

Cars with white ribbons, balloons circle Moscow in protest at Putin regime

Sundering the Social Contract

Nebraska Governor proposes making his State's regressive tax code even worse for the poor

Russian Liberals Growing Uneasy With Alliances with Nationalists

Chris Hayes about to address Apple Computer

Oh, that Mittens — he sure can be a zany guy (Dowd column on Mitt the childish prankster)

Vandana Shiva: Teachers for a Living World

Did Obama win FL in general election in 2008? nt

What Debt Did for Romney

I'm glad this is being brought up as a problem instead of being covered up.

Roots of the Local Food Movement

Donovan: HUD to make final LGBT housing rule ‘next week’

LOL - Rick Moranis: Another trip to the GOP's all-you-can-eat buffet

Him: It's the poor who benefit from government. Me: Bullshit.

President Obama's education "reform" initiatives are simplistic.....

Obama: Build America to last

Rick Santorum Daughter Hospitalized: GOP Candidate Cancels Events In Florida

This problem is not in the streets.

Hate groups make fools out of themselves at press conference

Commentary: Newt Gingrich and the politics of racial resentment

Don’t fall for (conservative) smears against the Girl Scouts

International media complicit in legitimization of Israeli settlements

Anyone know about this? Enviro group complaint to SEC over Keystone XL / Boehner

The Corporate State Will Be Broken

Africa leaders must respect gay rights: UN's Ban

300 arrested in Occupy Oakland protests

Salon: Mitt and the White Horse Prophecy (MUST READ - parallels to Dominionism)

Success! I discovered a really healthy pumpkin pancake recipe - easy and great!

IEEE--Wind, Water, and Solar Power for the World

IAEA team in Iran for nuclear talks

Scientists Beg Obama To Slow Arctic Drilling Rush

The Anti-Romney Medicare fraud ad is why I love the Citizens United decision, other than it was

Is a monarchy good for democracy?

2,000 tacos delivered to 'I might have tacos' mayor

Watched 3 livestreams from Oakland last night. All said the same, heard no order to disperse before

Paterno's death complicates legal case

Oakland Live stream on Ustream

The 2012 Republican Debate Audiences: A Tribute

NYT: Mitt and Newt Hate Fannie and Freddie

Egypt says it has ended US lobbyists' contract

Newt's billionaire backer being investigated for alleged ties to Chinese mafia

“My Uncle Teddy”

Musings on rudeness and violent/sexist/homophobic language

How rich is Buffett's Secretary?

Hawk in the woods - some lucky shots!

Girl, 4, saved from life-threatening nosebleed after doctor puts salted pork up her nostrils

WHEN will Obama disclose what he learned about Jan Brewer?

Phrase: Comes back to bite you on the ass. Example:

Don't say where it is when you find it PT 3

AIN'T THAT AMERICA, FOR YOU AND ME? "Alleged" Sexual Predator Endorses Serial Adulterer. USA! CAIN!

more from the san antonio missions

So anything OWS does is right and everything police do is wrong

Tourism falls off at Texas parks hit hard by drought, wildfires, funding woes

A Fine Day to Discuss the Value of the ACA

Hightower: By axing parks, politicians are stealing the people's property

Rural communitives have strongest reliance on disability benefits

Nothing like a Sunday with Sun streaming in.....

ACLU's Miami Herald ad, challenging Mitt and Newt to come to its annual staff convention in Orlando

I wonder if I ended every customer interaction with "Have a Rational Day", How long I would....

angry attack muffin

NBC/Marist poll: Romney up 15 over Gingrich in Florida

Is The Donald running?

Freeper thread: Warren Buffett's Secretary Likely Makes Between $200,000 And $500,000/Year

Brown ordered firing of regulator who took hard line on oil firms

Longest Losing Streak in Division 1 Basketball History Ends.

Pennsylvania House passes resolution praising the bible.

Mittt's road trip with his dog

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Archbishop of York compares David Cameron to a dictator over his support of gay marriage

Wagner Wins US Title as Others Falter

There Is HOPE!

Mary Tyler Moore to get SAG Lifetime Achievement Award

Tennessee (GOP State Senator) Bigot: AIDS Caused By One Monkey-Loving Airline Pilot

Have you seen this Romney ad atacking Newt?

New reactors on verge of final OK

The SOTU show has grown tired

Solidarity Sunday – Wear Black Fight Back

1/29: Reoccupying the plaza. LIVESTREAM w Freedom again. nt

WOW! Coming up on MSNBC, Harold Ford's going to discuss what impresses him most about MITT ROMNEY!

Frank Bruni's excellent response to the Cynthia Nixon fume

Gingrich to white trash voters "Don't pay attention to anything else, all you need to know is

Tax relief on mortgage debt forgiveness ends in 2013


Elizabeth Drew: Can We Have a Democratic Election?

How Big Banks are Rewriting the Rules of our Economy

Public Works

Why the Republican race could be irrelevant

Axelrod: The Question Is Not Whether Romney Played By The Rules

Find your Precinct Caucus - Caucus Date 2/7/12

When it comes to a happy WOW - this is heart stopping and heart warming. Gorillas. Don't miss it.

Newt who? - pic

Molly Ivins May 4, 1997: "We didn't realize we were giving them power over us"

The best "laid" plans - A Judge's dilemma

How Is President Obama Doing On Job Creation?

Reince Priebus compares Pres. Obama to Franceso Schettino


The Man Behind Gingrich’s Money

Is it safe to say...

I seem to be missing something in this "Soap actor euthanizes pet then commits suicide" story.

Hey , Lurking Freepers, Willard Romney Is Beating Your Boy, Newt Gingrich, Like A Bad Habit

New Yorker Super Bowl Cover: Obama Delights In Watching Romney, Gingrich Fight

I just don't like controversy...

Santorum needs to win Michigan! (open primary)

Infamous Speed Trap Town Eliminates Entire Police Department

Brazilian Mining Company Edges Japan’s Tepco in Vote for World’s Worst Corporation

Underage Beach Sex Case Heads to State Court

Good news from Florida


Making Memories Last: Prion-Like Protein Plays Key Role in Storing Long-Term Memories

What is Google's agreement with DU?

RE: Occupying abandoned "private" property..........

Should the world really be run by men who never finished emotional high school?

Judges in Kansas contributed to anti-abortion political action committee

Owner speaking out after his boat appears in Spain

Where is Obama as police brutalize citizens?

Norquist: Republicans Will Impeach Obama If He Doesn’t Extend Bush Tax Cuts

Will Rim Rob Will Allow Willard Supporters On His Site After Willard Becomes The Republican Nominee?

When the Word is Given

How (not) to defend entrenched inequality

5 "people" arrested in home invasion, murder

Wisconsin: Walker had to know about the secret email system. Otherwise....

Cops kill cop in California

Astronomers are hoping to photograph a black hole for the first time

The President at the Alfalfa Club...


‘How do atheists find meaning in life?’

Syria troops battle to retake Damascus suburbs, 19 die (Reuters)

Marcellus gas estimates continue to fall

"MoonGate": Lunar Landings and Lies - Republican Debate Veers Toward the Absurd

Housing Department Introduces Sweeping LGBT Protections

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Glitzy new AU headquarters a symbol of China-Africa ties


I remind myself, everyday - "It's all made up"

Occupy Wall Street -- David Rovics

The beat goes on. Homophobia allowed to flourish on DU.

Mitt Romney Teabags the Tea Baggers (AGAIN!)

Tiger Woods ties for third at Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship

sort of a lounge meta thread re: medical advice

Occupy Oakland PRESS RELEASE: Oakland Police Violate their Own Policies

Teacher: I won’t ‘teach and shut up’

Steve Jobs colluded with other tech co's to keep US employee compensation low

Biggest lie about Gingrich now being spread.

FANTASTIC!!! New Yorker cover

Not concerned about budget cuts to public education? Then you are NOT paying attention

The Muppets vs Fox news


An alert from which I discover I am more conservative than some.

Being a Health ‘Expert’ is a Health Hazard

Liquid Gold is Wood's miracle

Saw this on Facebook this morning...

Here is the Republican Playbook

If you want to read Pelosi’s “secret” treasure-trove of damning info, it’s available online

Anyone else notice their comments provided as jurist being truncated?

American Workers Make Too Much Money

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to make soup I go.

Key to the Super Bowl matchup:

Whatever happened to the old "Locking: Flamefest.

Future of US manufacturing begins with education

RNC Chair Compares Obama To Italian Cruise Ship Captain

Outrage over corporate behavior is misplaced

I need some clarification please.

Where's the State Forums?


Robert Gibbs back on Obama payroll

Marine shot while walking with his girlfriend

Tobin S., I know that feel

What can you tell me about Richmond?

Seriously, what constitutes the "Deep South"?

Orly Taitz: Found this about her from a poster on Huff Po

A vote comprised of LGBT Group Members only, regarding 2 posts in GD:

CNN: Fukushima's animals abandoned and left to die

Interest rates for most Federal college loans to double, unless Congress acts by June

Afghan President Hamid Karzai 'plans talks with Taliban

LGBT Group: Statement Of Purpose:

Four Sun journalists arrested in investigation into police bribery

How Likely is a War with Iran if President Obama is Re-elected?

So couple of us (10 or more) wanted to start a self-created subforum/group. Guidance on rules?

Electoral College Prediction for as of January, 2012.

New garden map shows a milder Minnesota

Ever wonder why the mega-rich have money to spend on media & politicians but not TAXES?

John McCain solves the Republican image problem

Teacher: I won’t ‘teach and shut up’

PPP FL poll suggests more of Santorums votes would go to Romney than to Gingrich if he dropped out.

What Actions Can a President Take in a State

What really happened at Occupy Oakland on Saturday January 28

Shafia trial jurors find family guilty of 1st-degree murder

Krugman: Destructive Austerity, USA

Trisomy 18 and Mr. Santorum.

China cadmium spill threatens drinking water for millions {guardian link added}

Papantonio: Newt's Money Dries Up In Florida

Three recent examples of why we carry in restaurants.

Romney doesn't add up: 2 + 2 equals 3 or 5 or whatever.

Relatively free daycare.

If you want to debate on abortion vs. adoption...

Forget about Gingrich and Romney, it is all about SANTORUM.

(FL) Bake sale held to save school

Mr. President Please Come See the Real Florida When You Get Back

Democrats spend big in Ore. special election

62 Martyrs 29-1-2012

Does the GOP really want an end to human decency in America?

Shout out to New Hamphsire: I'm in a Granite State of Mind

MORE police = FEWER in prison

…And Christie was the guy they wanted to run? The guy's a freaking coward.

Do Walmart cashiers normally wear rubber gloves?

Vaccination program credited in fight against whooping cough

Web site for orbiting objects?

Will Allen West Be Re-elected?

Teachers Demand Arne Duncan’s Removal

The electric car was invented in 1932

Leaked data: Palm biodiesel as dirty as fuel from tar sands

Not a good year for the Red States.

John Boehner Admits That Keystone XL Won’t Create 100,000 Jobs

Caffeine may alter women's estrogen levels, study says

"We’re at the horrid stage with Newt Gingrich."

Before urging Pres. Obama to hop on Air Force One, fly to Oakland, and kick the ass of every cop ...

Do Walmart cashiers normally wear rubber gloves?

Keystone to be linked to U.S. highway bill: Boehner

What does 1 PB & J sandwich look like?

Colunnist: If PA. is so broke, why does it have $100 million to buy an office building?

Arizona Gov. Brewer 'Doctors' Tarmac Pic to Further Drive Amazon Sales

mortality rate questions

Power to strike approved at Fairfax as part of bargaining

School bans fuzzy boots used to hide cell phones

If your relationship with jesus is personal...

Lilly Ledbetter

Awesome website - art and photography and design

Corbett's Endorsements of Candidates Causing Splits in the PA. Republican Party

Louisiana Official Moves to Ban Wearing Pajamas in Public

Christian Group Shows Up To Chicago Gay Pride Holding Apologetic Signs

Patrick Swayze fans: "Crazy About Swayze" on AMC tonight

(Boston) The MBTA Bans Alcohol Ads & Loses $1.5M in Revenue

The Doomed War On Drugs, part two

The Doomed War On Drugs, part two

Hilarious and ruthless video attacking Newt

The 9-9-Swine endorses adulterer who broke up with his wife in the Cancer Ward. USA! USA! USA! CAIN!

As Florida primary fight turns personal, Republican insiders fear for party unity

I Had Never Heard of Saul Alinsky Before Newt Gingrich

Bella Santorum Hospitalized Because of Pneumonia

An AP photographer named Beck Diefenbach has probably just ended the Occupy movement.

Arrests in Oakland protests rise to more than 400 (w/vid)

What's for Dinner? ~ Sunday January 29th!

Pa. district bans fur-lined boots over cellphones

NASA's new eyes

one difference between the GOP and Democrats

Breaking News: Aerial Wolf Killing To Begin In Idaho (To benefit hunters)

VIDEO: LeBron James JUMPS OVER player to dunk ball during today's Bulls/Heat game

Gingrich served with "cease and desist" letter from publishers of the song "How You Like Me Now?"

FAME - David Bowie's last concert, June 2004, aged 56.

Neil Young fans: THIRTY SEVEN MINUTE "Cortez The Killer" jam w/Crazy Horse posted on Neil's Website


Should Free Speech include Hate Speech?

Researchers find cancer in ancient Egyptian mummy

As GOP presidential contenders dogfight, how's Obama doing? (CS Monitor)

How Does This Clip About Gay Rights Make YOU Feel?

Rolling Stone - Newt and Callista's Affair 'Was Common Knowledge' on the Hill

Shark Tank - a guy wanted to start a biz using US labor, guess what the sharks said?

As UN nuclear inspectors arrive, Iran says 'questions will be answered' (CS Monitor)

Newt Unleashes a Barage of attacks on Romney

5 Beers No Man Should Drink After 25

The Gods Are Laughing at the SCOTUS

Palestinian President Abbas Says Israel Spoiled Latest Round Of Talks On Border, Security

Kansas agriculture secretary seeks waiver for illegal immigrants

Does Most Discussed Threads mean something different than the most discussed threads?

Israel is using Iran to sidestep Mideast peace talks

Psych Assoc.(Once Labeled Being Gay as a Disease) Says Your Sleep Apnea is All in Your Head

Critics Of Capitalism Call Global Protest In June

Large-scale snowy owl migration to lower 48 states

Caption this Romney pic

A new Monty Python movie?

Don't believe this bilge about evangelicals, Newt and the power of redemption.

Here's Gabby, riding in the Tucson Rodeo Parade, 2008

Labour MP partly blames anti-smacking law for UK riots

First Lady Katie O’Malley

U.S. Defense Department can't account for billions for Iraq, audit finds

Make a Hanging Herb Drying Rack

Obama administration using loophole to quietly sell arms package to Bahrain

RNC trash

Huge Israeli Heron TP Drone That Can Reach Iran Crashes During Routine Flight

How come the media hasn't said anything about our ad in Florida

Corn recipes

Russia Backing Of Syria’s Assad Seen As Way To Maintain Foothold In Arab World

Below Low By Joe Klein

Federal Sharpshooters to Start Aerial Wolf Killing in Idaho

Going to get a new monitor, need suggestions

Newt Gingrich refers to Mitt Romney as ‘some liberal from Massachusetts’

Whose up for a Moran burger?

Once again the media giving this dipshit attention

Well, part of being a good guest is knowing when you've worn out your welcome.

Republican family values: using the daughters from your first wife to convince everyone that your

I often put a portion or two in a small container. Sometimes I forget about one or more.

Swing States poll: Romney and Obama tied; Gingrich trails

Sorry, Bigots: You're Dumb

PETITION: New Hampshire widow on James O'Keefe stunt: 'Call the cops, call the police'

Rwanda journalists jailed for genocide denial launch supreme court appeal

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich trade barbs in Florida

Greek Coalition Partners to Back New Reforms

Sunnis End Boycott of the Iraqi Parliament, but a Political Crisis Remains

For G.O.P. Ads, ‘CSI’ but Not Letterman

Pro-government hactivists deface Al Jazeera coverage of Syrian violence

Ratings agencies quizzed over MF Global

Suit Would Curb Navy Sonar for Marine Life

US rethinks offshore tax evasion reporting rules

This is mine and Dave's 9th. Anniversary!

Also-ran Mlle. Batshit Crazy: Teabaggers have been "only a force for good," oh dontcha know.

FReepers down tonight. Must be all those tubes and wires.

PPP: Minnesota trending deep blue. Dems set to retake legislature.

Video: Syria apparently losing control of suburbs

I have a hard time with RW SF

Rocky meets metal

ABC: “just coincidence, really” that they are launching 2 shows based on the b-word

Obama reads Tantawi the Riot Act