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Archives: January 27, 2012

I don't often feel like slapping someones face.

Somali Pirate Gun Locker: An Oddball Assault Rifle, at Sea

Alain de Botton plans temples for atheists

Disease from human sewage is killing Caribbean corals

26 New Planets (Kepler)

Researcher: Students Who Host Parties Drink More

Crossing the "teas" in dressing Mrs. Callista Gingrich (Beeler Cartoon)

Joshua Garnett Commits To Stanford Over Michigan...

OK Lounge Chefs: How to reheat a steak?

Fuck me! LynneSin left a Rush CD in my car!!

Lawsuit to ban public-school fees clears key hurdle

BP must cover some Transocean liabilities for oil spill

I want a pair of Dress Pant Sweatpants!

Miller Requests DOJ Investigation into NLRB Member Hayes-Inspector General Uncovers Troubling Eviden

NBC/Wall Street Journal poll: Obama beats Romney by 6, Gingrich by 18 (!!!) nationally.

President Obama at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado - pics

Romney’s Tax Return Nightmare Worsens After Errors Found In Financial Disclosure Statements

Woman Claims Neighbor’s Energy Efficient Windows Are Melting Her Toyota Prius

The return of Ferris Bueller! (Super Bowl Commercial)

FakeRomney: "I have lived on Main Street." (See YouTube Link)

George Soros on Obama vs. Romney

Obama Created More Jobs In One Year Than Bush Created In Eight

I've just seen someone blocked from a thread create a new account and post in the same thread...

Today's nightmare-inducer: life-like Beavis and Butt-head sculptures

Simon really knows Cats!!!

FirstEnergy closing 6 coal-fired power plants, blame regulations

Excuse the shouting, but...

Chevron’s rig fire in Nigeria may last 30 days, radio says

Whispering Campaign

If these victims were armed, could they have been able to defend themselves?

Why the Clean Tech Boom Went Bust

Mass. AG Calls Proposed Homeowners Premium Hike ‘Illegally Excessive’ (7-10%)

all this time... i had Newt pegged as a Right wing Christian

Republicans May Impede Some Judges After Recess Appointments

Boys Attack Cyclist Who Fights Back, Kills 1

'Hire and fire' has destroyed Britain's jobs economy

Mike Reagan, Limbaugh Blast Romney for bashing Newt about Reagan.. LOL!!

Odd accounts and strange tales orbit around Shasta


Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck prove that Republicans CAN be 100% honest...when it suits their agenda.

What will ReTHUGS and their racist supporters do

Lingle Raises $1.8M, Sprints Past Hirono

Why is Newt still called Mr.Speaker?

***** Official GOP Debate thread - 8pm ET on CNN - live stream links below ***** #1

Gingrich is now Conductor of the Krazy Train

Romney filed false federal financial disclosure forms:

It's this big.

Half of Teen Moms Don’t Use Birth Control — Why That’s No Surprise

SF: New evidence submitted against Sheriff in domestic abuse case is VERY UGLY

Europe's three-dimensional crisis

Republicans fail to stop US debt ceiling increase

Bring on the clowns!!

John King Grills Jan Brewer Over Tense Obama Exchange: ‘Were You Trying To Create A Scene?’

Newt Gingrich Pointing At Things Condescendingly: a technical diagnosis

Is anyone watching the debate parody on Cenk? Weird

Alain de Botton's 'temples for atheists' have a foundational flaw

Is this, finally, the moment Obama gets tough with Wall Street?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 27 January 2012

Gingrich Asked About Marital Past, Role In Clinton Impeachment

Old mortgages rise from the dead, haunt homeowners

Ron Paul takes on Abraham Lincoln ...

Gingrich SuperPAC Hits Romney With New Ad: 'Blood Money'

Don't know about you, but I'm watching the GOP debate tonight.

How can I see the full site on a tablet?

How Slavery Led to Modern Capitalism

John Nichols coming up on Ed Shultz re the big Wisconsin story today

Drudge is now The Establishment.

note to CNN

CNN-I??? Really?

Romney vs. the rest of us

Audience already screaming loud noises.

That's one step for a small man, one giant leap for Lego-kind

let me try this again, during the National Anthem tonight before the debate Newtys hand was on his

‘I’m The Chairman!’

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Food Stamps

Is there a company making smart phones that does not abuse foreign workers?

Pentagon: Army, Marines to shrink as budget slows

Cowardly CNN beginning the debate with a question from the audience.

Looks like the audience in Jacksonville will be allowed to yell out. What group will be diminished

"The problem is not 11 million grandmothers."

NBC/WSJ poll: Gingrich leads Romney; Obama leads Romney and crushes Gingrich

(Sierra Club) Major Victory for Clean Air: First Energy to Retire Six Coal Plants

Detecting Detrimental Change in Coral Reefs (!)

So what do you think Adelson hoping for by purchasing Newtie

Marijuana Mouth Spray Sativex May Hit Shelves By 2013

I had a chocolate today. The tailor was offering them. Mine was filled with bourbon or something.

Newt is misreading Florida (a danger of an amateur candidacy)

DOH! Mittens caught in a fib.

Newton Leroy Gingrich is TOXIC

Today's Psycho Talk on Ed Schultz: Chris Christie of NJ thinks


Idaho House votes 54-16 to boot Occupy Boise

Blast From The Past: TV Nation - Newt & Mike Save America

Commentary in Nature: Can economy bear what oil prices have in store?

Just flipped on the debate - it sounds like a game show.

Companies that use Foxconn...

Let's just put these guys in a cage match and be done with it

Accused Pentagon Shooter Melaku Pleads Guilty

ohmigod...did I just hear Santorum surrender

Oklahoma senator concerned about dead babies in his Mountain Dew

Manning's Comments Irk Irsay...

Newty's getting his ass handed to him, the bully is getting bullied

What Jan Brewer really said to Obama...

Twitter can now censor tweets by country

This idiot Gingrich things he's running the debate.

Believing the Impossible and Conspiracy Theories

Pathetic: Debate in one word.

***** Official GOP Debate thread - 8pm ET on CNN - live stream links below ***** #2

Like Fracking? You'll Love 'Super Fracking'

Obama's "Socialist" Ideas Aren't So Different From the GOP's [Fiore Cartoon]

Chan dazzles for fifth Canadian crown

How sea water could corrode nuclear fuel

President Obama honors fallen astronauts of Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia

Newtron thinks we are in a space race with China

Did You Know Your Genitalia Determines Your Sexual Orientation?

Walker cancels todays events due to 'weather'???

Repuke Debate Watching Thread ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Rachel is on the moon!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

President Obama honors fallen astronauts of Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia

Interesting question

Gas hydrate pingoes: Deep seafloor evidence of focused fluid flow on continental margins

Puppy ate a whole tube

Newt is an idiot, but what annoys me more is how he's managing to destroy the Space Program

fundamental freedom ricky? How about a WOMAN's fundamental freedom

A random logical fallacy example

Rachel drinking Tang®

Romney's smirk is back.

Battery maker Ener1, a DOE grant recipient, goes bankrupt

Pet Fish Anyone...Joke #19

"That is such a total and complete crock of steaming lumpen horseshit!"

Ah, the lovely Kelly family of New York

Pet Fish Anyone...Joke #12 you like pets??

Brewer releases letter given to Obama

Limpopo: Falling through the cracks

"Why would your wife be the best First Lady?"

isn't mitt and co against the dream act?

Mitt just made the case for health care mandates.

What's going on with Olbermann?

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 27 -- What's On Tonight: Directed by James Whale

Guardian UK: How US private insurance healthcare is failing

Newt: Callista is not necessarily better.

Santorum should be a baptist preacher

iTunes question.

Palm smack to the forehead moment....finally figured out that Mittens reminds me of

Shit Republicans Say About Black People

WOW! "Reagan's son"...HATED by Nancy like an incurable STD...campaigning for NEWT! USA! USA! USA!

SC Homeowner fights back, shoots burglar


why on earth is Marco Rubio so popular in Fl?

A little good news from outside our Border...

Mitt Romney Offers Three Distortions About His Taxes All Rolled Up Into One Big Lie

Debate touches on the question of Puerto Rican statehood

Newt is utterly full of shit.

Newt standing up for the right of religious freedom which is apparently under attack

Would Santorum be more popular running as "none of the above" than running as himself?

MiddleFingerMom has ALWAYS been a procrastinator, but he has strategies to help with that.

Feeling crowded?

Kali has ALSO been quite the online procrastinator, but her future looks bright indeed!!!

EEEEWWW!!! Dogbreath-Dogbreath-Dogbreath-Dogbreath-Dogbreath-Dogbreath-Dogbreath-Dogbreath!!!!!

Hollywood censors made Frank Capra change the reason for George Bailey's hearing loss...

Tiny Li'l MiddleFingerMom was convinced at a very early age that life was just too fuckin' cruel!!!

Newt's ego is so big.... (add your own jokes here).

TYT: SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, & H.R. 1981 Vs Internet Freedom

no he led with I GOT BIN LADEN

US sued over Navy sonar tests in whale waters

So now that we all hado suffe through that bullshit fest

Rachel just ripped Politifact again...

Silly question: Did you look at the garb of the audience as they gave that standing ovation?

Romney Explains Profiting Off Florida Foreclosures: They Were ‘In A Blind Trust, Managed By

Romney is the aggressor in final Florida debate

I love it when there is a sparkle in your navel.

DNA reveals that Native Americans came from Central Russia!

what exactly is the deal with Saul Alinskey

GOP debate: Best tweet goes to Albert Brooks

Newtie and Mitt both said they favor Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in cabinet position.

Better Living Through Permaculture: Building a Permaculture Society, Part One

Dialect ("accent") of the night?!1 The choir singing Star-Spangled Banner or Ricky on immigration?

More pandering, pandering, pandering (R debate)

Walker aide singing like a canary in John Doe

Better Living Through Permaculture: Building a Permaculture Society, Part One

At GOP debate, Romney deletes '94 Senate run from political bio

GOP mayor contradicts Jan Brewers story

Mitt rails against "European-style" governance, but...

WHA? Freakreptilians turn on Billo and Faux?!?!

Hawaii Teachers Reject Race To The Top

Texas Lottery on a lucky streak

In depth of GOP debate, headline is about AZ Brewer pointing at Obama

Romney is like a cockroach - he just out-survives everyone else

wanted to make sure everyone knows i love and appreciate the hell out of you

Jeb Bush Has Doubts Romney Or Gingrich Can Win A Majority Of Hispanic Voters

I went to my algebra class tonight.

GOP Frontrunner

What do people with no talent do at variety shows?

Juror #6, if you vote to leave it, MIRT won't see it.

Latest Poll Predicts Shocker in Florida's GOP Primary

The silent guest at the State of the Union

Catholic priest wins ‘gay panic defence’ fight

It just requires too much advanced investment planning when the GOP decides to blame

Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst Fights Efforts to Stop Omaha Anti-Bias Law

Caption Romney and Paul

Gingrich: "No Government regs on MILF's; tax incentives for blow job creators" (satire)

I had a really bad Crohn's flare up and was unexpectedly off work for 3 days hope my classroom isn't

Transgender Pakistanis Celebrate Newfound Voting Rights

Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba

Elizabeth Warren on The Last Word now

Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba

Toons: Attack Ads, Classy Warfare, A Slippery Slope, and More. - 1/26/12

Line from the Smothers Brothers...

Seven things you can't say at a Republican presidential debate (If you're a candidate)...

A friend of my godson just died in a car accident. He was 24.

ABBA to release never-heard-before song for first time in almost two decades

BREAKING One hundred Brooklyn community members and Occupiers peacefully disrupt foreclosure auction

WaPo article from last September about the man who has become Romney's debate coach

Billboard: Obama Bumps Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' Sales by 490%

The GOP Complains That Obama Has Succeeded Despite Their Obstruction

What I would like explained to me

What do my fellow skeptics think about this one...

President Obama arrives in Romulus, Michigan on a rainy and foggy night - pics

Wil Wheaton on The Young Turks.

Ex-US diplomat testifies in Argentine baby thefts

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Gets Aggressive At Final Florida Debate

Ex-US diplomat testifies in Argentine baby thefts

Nancy Pelosi interview is on "The Ed Show."

DUers, please pay attention!

Wisconsin Assembly- Republicans go berserk

Who is Sheldon Adelson? What has Newt promised him??

Romney's 'blind trust' invested $1 million in son's company.

5.5 to 8.5 lbs in 10 days. No wonder puppies sleep so much.

Jon Stewart Skewers Gingrich’s Moon Base: He Wants To Leave The Earth ‘For A Younger Planet’

Why is Southern History so Romanticized?

So Nutcase Brewer says she felt "threatened" by President Obama yesterday?

How Standardized Tests Teach Valuable Life Skills

Why is DU2 still open again?

Romney: I've Never Voted For A Dem When There Was GOPer On The Ballot

The full SOTU is now up, watch here or download.

Keiser Report: Dangerous Species of Bankers (E240)

In Honduras, a Mess Made in the U.S.

Jury Duty on here. I notice that some DUers are not

Problems Inherent To Women

In Honduras, a Mess Made in the U.S.

ABC News Exclusive: Obama Interview Looks Forward to Election Issues

U.N. Arab-European draft resolution on Syria to stress need to solve crisis peacefully

The Guardian, mouthpiece for copyright cartel, doesn’t mention massive anti-ACTA protests in Poland

Statement by the Press Secretary on Legislation to Ban Insider Trading by Members of Congress

UPDATE from Congressman Grayson! Alan Grayson Endorses Dennis Kucinich

Bill Maher to Anderson Cooper: ENOUGH with all these debates

Keiser Report: Kill Hollywood! (E241)

The Moderators had a big advantage over jurors.

Notes From Underground by Bittman

Newt Gingrich prepared to bomb Cuba-Fidel responds to "greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance"

Will you guys please sign this?

Any Croogo developers here?

Democrat Cory Mason Asks the WI GOP "Are you for real?"

The Republicans need a rerebranding

Supporting the likes of Foxconn isn't your inescapable fate

I'm Voting FOR Obama But Also Voting Against...

I'm listening to "At the mountains of madness" story done in 1930's radio style, ask me anything

GOP Lawmaker: Virtually impossible to get AIDS through heterosexual sex

Calling ALL Monty Python Fan! BIG NEWS Members uniting for new movie

Canadian Quarter Celebrates Gay Marriage

2012 State Of The Union Address: Enhanced Version

WATCH THIS! Wisconsin Students Interpret Lady Gaga's Hair For The It Gets Better Project

What is the most Creative fight scene you ever seen

Howard Dean, Joe Scarborough trade fire on air

DFA: Fracking is Whack - Join Us in New York.

IF SOPA and PIPA passed...DU would have to get rid of the Video Forum and probably the Lounge

What's for Dinner? ~ Friday January 27th!

U.S. 68 Kentucky Lake bridge collapses after hit by NASA boat

Has anyone heard from housewolf?

Mr. Smiley doesn't follow politics -His take on debate

Prime Minister Harper unveils grand plan to reshape Canada

Newt Wants To Leave The Earth For A Younger Planet (Stewart)

Ya know those Jesus toasters? How 'bout a Scott Walker toaster?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 28 -- The Essentials: Post Mortem Movies

NYT - Shot up image of President draws Secret Service Inquiry

Jessica Ahlquist Featured in the New York Times

How Pimps Use the Web to Sell Girls

The issue: Buying back state Capitol buildings - Brewer

A bit of beautiful singing and Harry Anderson performing The Old Shell Game

TCM Schedule for Sunday, January 29 -- WHAT'S ON TONIGHT: JACK WEBB

The Nation: A Spoonful of Sugar - On the Affordable Care Act

A case of mass hysteria in New York

Bipartisanship at the Minnesota Legislature lasted about an hour Tuesday.

Fact Check: Thursday (Jan 26) Florida Debate

Last Night's GOP Debate Was Like Bad 1950's-Style Science-Fiction

Andrea Mitchell Decries 'Anti-Castro Vitriol' of the GOP 'Pander Bears' in FL

Climate Science Legal Defense Fund

U.N. Security Council to hold closed talks on Syria situation

"The Rain Follows The Forest" - Hawaii Watershed

Deconstructing a Demagogue

Toon: Keystone XL Pipeline

AFTER President Obama's second term, I'd like to see the next Democratic president appoint ...

Diane Sawyer to Pres. O: Nine months until election day. Are you gonna win? Obama: Yes!

Judge refuses to lift Mirkarimi stay-away order

NASA animates 131 years of global warming

A Traveling Wilburys Cover

Their Denial and Our Silence Mock International Holocaust Memorial Day

Obama College Aid Proposal Puts a Focus on Affordability

83-Year-Old Activist Priest Held in Solitary Confinement in Federal Prison

Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt faces genocide trial

Gingrich’s Anti-Semitic Dog Whistle: Saul Alinsky

Turkey to become first Muslim nation to show Holocaust film

Europe gears up to honor International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Man directs pit bull to attack girlfriend in fight, police say

What X-Files episode should I watch next?

Judge puts the brakes on bus company

Holocaust Memorial Day: 'Kindertransport saved my life'

Cocaine seized at UN in New York

Which version of "Moby Dick"?

Caption this

Ex-cop pleads guilty in Contra Costa scandal (cops dealing drugs and stealing evidence)

Number of Older Inmates Grows, Stressing Prisons

Shot-Up Image of President Draws a Secret Service Inquiry

HEY!!! Newt you should have listened to Joe Madison about the crowds in the debates

"The Grand" - UK series - 18 eps.

NC gov's re-election decision could benefit Obama

Extremely sick thought for this evening...

Al Sharpton takes FAT ASS!!! Crist Christy to task on his comment about Civil Rights on the ballot

Special Forces soldier 'used an electric dog collar on two young girls

There must be easier ways to commit suicide - one more Darwin awardee

LAT: Huntington acquires trove of Lincoln, Civil War telegrams, codes

Newt Gingrich’s ‘elite’ PhD topic

Twitter to selectively 'censor' tweets by country

Cameron unworried by Britain's Europe isolation

Event Horizon

Rachel won't let it go. PolitiFact wrong again.

A Word of Advice to Tea Partied Arizona Governor Jan Brewer…

Revealed: govt to restrict abortion counselling despite Nadine Dorries vote

Va lawmaker urges study on revenue impact of legal mj

Indiana (R) government issues threats to children

Sex, Beer & Politics: Riddles from the ancient Mesopotamians.

A Tribute to Hillary Clinton's years of service

Another bad night

Agnes Zawadzki dominant in short program

Joe Madison: Jan Brewer needs to take that finger and stick it up where the sun doesn't shine

Romney: Palestinians don't want two-state solution, they want to eliminate Israel

Miracle material graphene can distil booze, says study

In characterizing Rand Paul as "irate", the TSA continues the pattern

La-dee-da! It's 4 in the morning in California and C-span is covering the clown car from last night!

They're getting braver...

Do Harsh Pot Laws Create a Dangerous Drinking Culture? 5 Reasons to Get Stoned Instead of Drunk 2012 Top 100 prospects

'Mad Cow' and Other Prion Diseases Hide Out in Spleen

David Sirota: The Economic Normalcy Bias

Okay, so now I'm dreaming about Obama..

MoJoe driving me crazy this am

Domestic violence made easier by NH GOP--Two Bills that must be stopped.

Ron Paul "I think maybe we should send some politicians up there sometimes(Moon)"

Romney charity money went to ‘pray away the gay’ group

ACLU & Elon James White: Just Say NO to the War On Drugs

Ohio's Sec of State (R) calling for repeal of Gov (R) Law past eariler. (Ah, but there is a Catch)

~*~New York State Senate 39th District~*~

Newt = Peter Griffin of 'Family Guy' and other thoughts...

Robert Greenwald and Reporter Michael Hastings Take on the Wild and Terrifying

Race to the Future

America's dead zones {economy}

Race to the Future

Buffett: Criticism is 'ridiculous'

D.C. to Make Medical Marijuana Available in Spring 2012

North Korean government labels cell phone users as war criminals

Why did Mitt have his fortune in a "blind trust"??

Hi everyone in this group. Question:

U.S. issues new guidance for LGBT asylum claims

How Slavery Led to Modern Capitalism

Plan to drop inheritance tax ripped (Ne Gov. gift to the rich)

Asteroid to make near-miss fly-by (BBC) {60,000 km}

Fun with Republican's photodump

Life's a piece of shit....

How to Reverse the Corporate Coup d'Etat

Contrasting Arizona: Gabby & Brewer

Wisconsin: Canaries singing, "secret email" system set up "25 feet away from Scott Walker's office"

35.5lb Cocaine seized at UN headquarters in New York

Good way to make color coded map graphics?

Suriname team find 46 new species in tropical forests (BBC)

Quiz..... Who is the real Job Creator...... Toon

Mayor Booker Responds to Question about NJ Marriage Equality Referendum


Hundreds of guns stolen

Seven words you can't say on DU.

Hi, I'm a Tea-Partier

3-D Microscopy Casts Blood Vessel's Structure in New Light

Texas April Primary Date in Doubt

Financial Services Bill to be unveiled by Osborne

Scott Walker needs to fire Brett Davis and Cullen Werwie -- now

Ted Rall toon on Joe Paterno

U.S. growing at 2-3 percent rate: Geithner

NYT: Jacksonville Debate Fact Check ('Fannie, Freddie Created Housing Bubble' lie)

Gay Tunisians speak out

Fly Me To The Moon.

Afghan schoolgirl Roya faced down police in Kandahar airport

Legislative redistricting plans released

Bill Nelson (D) Leads All Challengers in Florida

Rose Ann DeMoro: How US private insurance healthcare is failing

What's Good For General Motors Is Awful for Rush Limbaugh

INDIANA: Creationism Bill Advances

GET MONEY, TURN GAY - Songify The News

History: The first Jewish bullfighter in the world was also gay

Once again time for new DU Rules - this time for the new Lounge Swimming Pool

Friday TOON Roundup 1- GOP clowns

Newt Loses It

Friday TOON Roundup 2- More Newt and Mitt

Friday TOON Roundup 3- Finger

Friday TOON Roundup 4- Seals and the rest

Funny Friday...

What did you see in Auschwitz?

Minnesota Voters: We Can't Afford Another Two Years of Bachmann


Ingo Schulze – 10 theses about the crisis {europe - very good read}

a plea to jurors on alerts from the Guns forum

DU Artist of the Day - Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings

U.S. growth quickens in Q4, but speed-bumps ahead

Your interview with the President

An orangutan and some pelicans

Europe Developing Asteroid Shield

Democrats have this in the bag

Slow Response Times - questions

Good Column on the "Santimonious Hypocrites" in the Sandusky Case

Oklahoma GOP lawmaker believes food contains human fetuses

Growing elite opposition to strike on Iran

National Memo: Campaigning Mitt Romney seldom notes Mexican Roots

Atheist Organization Places Billboards in Twin Cities

To forgive is divine; To delay a flight is feline......

First Lady Michelle Obama was a hit last evening in Palm Beach

Dozens dead in Baghdad blast

Robinson: Greed is good? The GOP seems to be okay with that.

National Memo: Strong dollar advocates make weak case

Heads up! President Obama about to speak in Michigan (MSNBC) - ON NOW

ROMNEY: 'I've not been in charge ... I had no idea.'

Report: Taxpayers still owed $133B from bailout

If you don't like Mitt Romney's principles.....

The High Cost of Allowing Health Insurers To Continue Keeping Us In The Dark

How to find out who Google thinks you are from your web history.

Obama: We can manage tensions with Venezuela

Air display

Vote: What's your view on school prayer in Rhode Island school? (Jessica Ahlquist)

Atheist teen kicks some ass in the name of the separation of church and state

Apple Won’t Turn ‘Blind Eye’ to Supply-Chain Problems, Cook Says

Romney Approves Ads Without Watching or Hearing Them

todays trade

David Sirota: The Economic Normalcy Bias

Obama contrasts 'Canadian Resources Shipped Around the World' vs. 'American Oil and Gas; US Energy '

In what other profession... "don’t give a porcupine’s posterior about kids"

I would like to know how that woman (at debate) who lost her job & has no insurance feels that

What did you do in the last three years at your job?

Detecting hydrate and fluid flow from bottom simulating reflector depth anomalies

I watched the new episode of Spartacus online yesterday...spoilers...

Are subatomic particles jealous?

FACT CHECK: Some Romney Housing Investments Were Not in Blind Trust

Gingrich took a dive last night didn't he?

Juan Cole: Egyptian Crowds in Tahrir Insist the Revolution will Continue

Rick Steves- Iran.... 2011 travels in Iran

Happy Birthday, Keith!

Movie quote game. Name the movie, actor, or character the quote is from. Then post a movie quote for

“Lessons Learned the Hard Way.”

Drumbeat: January 27, 2012

Peak oil notes - January 26

Peak oil notes - January 26

Krugman: Jobs, Jobs and Cars

Brewer Admits 'Pull My Finger Joke Was Ill-Timed'

Drumbeat: January 27, 2012

Early Walker endorsement irks some Realtors

We've hit "peak oil"; now comes permanent price volatility

Very interesting--Google discloses which sites they blocked in which countries.

HPV study finds 7% of U.S. teens, adults carry virus in mouths.. (HPV linked to oral cancer)

For everyone who has lost a pet

Would a national language be unifying / disunifying?

Has Petroleum Production Peaked, Ending the Era of Easy Oil?

Just watched President Obama. If he debates Gingrich he will plow his north fucking FORTY.

Here's Who Paid Mitt Romney "Not Very Much" to Speak

Der Spiegel: 'There Is No European Emergency Plan'

Now thats what I'm talking about!

The Real Economy For the 75%

Regaining Common Sense (The Occupied Wall Street Journal)

NBC/WSJ poll: Gingrich leads Romney; Obama leads Romney and crushes Gingrich

MMFA: Broadcast Media Help Whitewash Romney's Olympics Record Lobbying For Taxpayer Money

WaPo: Ron Paul Signed Off On Racist Newsletters

Tom Toles: Official Start Campaign 2012

The one "person" you should follow on twitter: @UndeadPaterno

Maine Gay Rights Supporters Launch New Referendum Campaign

First it was the Ferrari powered motorcycle, then it was the V12 CBX..

As long as Oakland police trample on people's rights, the NLG will continue to hold them accountable

Conservative plan: Romney in '12, then "true Christian" in 2016

Spins on the President’s State of the Union Address

Sec. of Ag. Attacks PA. Plan to Cut Off Food Stamps to Households With $2K of Assets

Romney Campaign Hurting Vulture Capitalists: “Private equity is more lucrative when it’s kept quiet"

I'm running for Wisconsin State Assembly

Today in science history calender

Passamaquoddy Tribe plans $120M wind farm in Washington County (Maine)

Romney Seen Costing Private Equity Fundraising

Calif. bill would cap utility CEOs' salary at 2x governor's

Jeremy Abbott comfortable with being favorite at U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Freedom of press hurt by nuclear crisis: group {japan}

Does anyone know if it is better to do my own taxes or to let my BF claim me?

He Knew All About Those Newsletters: "he always got to see the final product.....He would proof it"

Before and After of WI Iron Ore Mine

Man Forced to Dismantle "Star Trek" Living Room

Duke Tells Newt He'd Have The Felon Vote Locked Down

Solar Subsidy Sinkhole: Re-Evaluating Germany's Blind Faith in the Sun

Bizarre Bit of Americana Gets Newsletter Contributor Fired

Gingrich under fire from conservative media

Woman Claims Bank Worker Enslaved Her

Mother Warned School Before Shooting

HBS survey on U.S. Competitiveness

2nd Circuit Slams Chevron Order as 'Radical'

Green? Check. Made in USA? Check. Good stuff? Check.

No Need to Panic About Global Warming

Pizza or CHipotle for lunch?

Many of Largest U.S. Corporations Paid More for Lobbying than for Federal Income Taxes

Florida Senate Committee Approves Bill to Forbid College Professors from Serving in Legislature

An Iraq Vet's Journey From Wall Street to OWS

"housing... is the principal channel for monetary policy"

83-Year-Old Activist Priest Held in Solitary Confinement in Federal Prison

Why Is The Main Stream Media Rehabilitating Mitt Romney?

U.S. Pig Farmers Use Drug Banned in China as Unsafe

too bad Gingrich last two debates were lackluster...

Canadian Teachers Criticized for Queer Ally Cards

Installing Mitt : The Republican Party is scoring an own goal.

Joy Behar is interviewing Gloria Steinem now on The View.

Al Franken on Marriage Equality

Orange County School program serves as model for autistic education


Wisconsin Students Interpret Lady Gaga's Hair For The It Gets Better Project (Amazingly good)

Douglas Spain Becomes the Change He Wants To See

My grandmother who is 84 years old, upon being told that i am marrying Lisa

Mitt vs. Mitt: He sure has changed his tune on 'blind trusts' since 1994

Elephant sashimi': Thai national symbol now poached for meat


‘Get a Job’? Not So Easy for Teens, as Adults Snap Up Openings

Montana's Stillwater mine hit with 27 citations

The top 10 H-1B visa users in the U.S.

Mitch Daniels hands the president a win

Reuters Magazine: The one percent war

Do You Cheat at Solitaire?? I guess I is an example. What does the jury say?

Newt Gingrich Said We Should Colonize The Moon

NC killer's letter calls death row 'overwhelming' (the "Kill me if you can, suckers." guy)

Pentagon budget set to shrink next year

I wanted us to run against Newt

Mitt Romney Approves Campaign Ad Without Knowing What It Says (Supposedly)

Had to flee or 'I might be dead,' victim says of racial attack

Snow On The Windshield: Major Solar Particle Storm Smacks Earth [hd video]

HBO documentary on puppy mills in Amish country of Pennsylvania...

Body Ecology Diet, and change your health?

The end of "Family Values"

God is eating dinner alone.

Parole agents rush to keep track of sex offenders after campsite eviction

Twitter to censor tweets in individual countries

at the zoo

Etheridge Eyeing Return to N.C. Politics

Ranger Up Presents: How to Get a Job Part 1, The Approach

Corruption scandal shakes Vatican as internal letters leaked

People Lie More When Texting

FBI to assist in murder investigation of good Samaritan shot during Algiers carjacking

Kentucky Bill Would Allow Safety Tape for Amish Buggies

Homeland Security Wants to Spy on 4 Square Miles at Once

What Support for President Obama in Michigan Looks Like

Santorum: Obama wants Americans to go to college to become indoctrinated

President Obama in Ann Arbor, Michigan: "Putting Colleges on Notice"


Picture of Snoozing Sub Gets Student Suspended

2010, 2011 Medical Records Reveal Mitt Romney's Body Only 14% Water.

Utah girl credited with alerting officials over alleged school bombing plot

Massive Pay Packages for Execs Who Got Taxpayer Bailout Money

All Conservatism all the time (i.e. getting only one side of the story)

Running Mate - By Mike Luckovich

Yes, Newt did call Spanish the language of the ghetto

Uribe sends lawyers to Panama defend ex-spy chief .

The square root of two (numberphile video)

Just a thank you, Admins.

UN condemns Colombia's displacement 'impunity'

UN condemns Colombia's displacement 'impunity'

TAIBBI: "The administration is clearly listening to the Occupy movement."

The many faces of Newt

Rare minerals dearth threatens global renewables industry

Thom Hartmann: Reagan is not God!

Experts cast doubt on Japan nuclear plant tests

Homes raided, a dozen arrested after pot bust

Nominate replacement Wilburys

I want to post a pic right now and can't...please help!

Mitt Romney's Whack a Pol Primary - Cartoon

Why Elizabeth Warren Is Our #1 Choice For Anything She Decides To Run For

What will the Repubes do if they literally can't find a viable candidate??

TYT: Tax The Rich! Bill Gates, Warren Buffett Agree

Wisconsin GOP Votes To Break Native American Treaties

Why are people friendly?

Think Progress: VIDEO: The GOP’s Racial Politics

Thom Hartmann: A legal nuclear bomb dropped on Walker today

Since everyone else is scared to, it's up to me - Dempsey V. Donovan

Active duty cop: ‘The war on drugs is a war on people’

FBI seeking social media monitoring tool

How To Explain Taxes And The Budget To Non-Economists

TDPS: Should Politicians Be Held Legally Accountable for Campaign Promises?

This is one of those cases that I believe in the death penality

African growth does little to cure inequality

Ya wanna know why Phil Knight fluffed Joe Paterno?

Tim Cook responds to claims of factory worker mistreatment:

Did anyone else miss this? GOP really quiet about RAISING Debt Ceiling, Part II

Question on Terms of Service:

homophobic, though she is gay. 113 post TROLL, though she is an old time duer. who remembers

'Austerity Disease' Continues to Infect Europe, Fuel Popular Protest

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows (damn near all wall-to-wall pubbies, again)

Antibiotics Prove Powerless as Super-Germs Spread

Anybody can be cool...

Undocumented Students Confront Rubio At Hispanic Conference (sign - “Rubio: Latino Or Tea-Partino?")

CNN: How will babies named Jesus (pronounced hey-seus) save the economy?

Jon Stewart: Newt Wants To Divorce Earth For Younger, Healthier Moon

Not so Modern Family: Top sitcoms make for sexist, inaccurate television

Pakistan heart drugs: Lahore death toll reaches 100

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

They’ve Done It Again: An Albatross Chick

(ABC) Bribes, Chinese Mob Ties Alleged at Casino of Gingrich Money Man (Sheldon Adelson)

Pregnant orang-utan protectively hugs her daughter as ruthless Borneo bounty hunters move in for the

Astroturf works in the service of Wall Street

Journalists under Constant Threat in Honduras

Inviting All Poets: The Kaiser Health News Health Policy Haiku

I hate it when someone posts a video and no back story text, so

Yes another thread about Matt Bomer :)

Suppose JFK had said we'll find a cure cancer by the end of the decade instead of going to the moon

Grape seed extract kills head and neck cancer cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed

I Forgot to Mention the Hit Man

President Obama gives a shout out to Denard Robinson

Vienna police brace for far-right ball, protests

Grayson's racist opponent releases incredible ad

The Ego has landed

Grayson's opponent releases SICK Ad --- Slave ship? Really??

A democratic election?

a young veteran and his dog

Obama leads Romney in Michigan

Panel makes final its recommendation to give $50,000 to each victim of N.C. sterilization program

Yes, the Romneys Converted Mitt’s Dead Atheist Father-in-Law to Mormonism

At first I thought I'd slept through the rapture, When...

Santorum, Under Romney's Skin

Federal Task force on Mortgage Fraud issues 11 subpoenas..

The Yale Quarterback/ Rhodes Scholar candidate may not have been as noble as we thought

In South Carolina: the ascendency of Tea Party nativism

California Supreme Court denies challenge of Senate maps

Thom Hartmann: Occupy G8/NATO Summit collides wAdbusters

The plane truth: Scientist reveals how wings really work

In an 'Age of Austerity,' How Scarce Resources Could Shape U.S. Politics {polarization}

"Most of us knew in advance that Obama would favor the Muslim world over America. "

With Party in disarray, Bush sends message to Base

Smart Girls at the Party

Seeking brutal honesty from anyone that doesn't know me personally

Mitt Romney's Mormon Problem Explained (VIDEO)

The Politics of Internet Censorship: A Technological Critique

Israeli officials think Iran retaliation threat is a bluff, NYT reports

Second Conn. home invasion killer is sentenced to death

Senate Dems should force GOP to hold vote on Buffett Rule

New NBC/WSJ poll: Voters want a Democratic Congress over a Republican one, 47%-41%

Just heard on Eds show that Scott Walker might be headed for obstruction of justice

Newt's Moon Casino

Obama To House Dems: Don't Be Afraid To 'Call Out' GOP

I'm the POTUS, ask me anything

how long will bacon grease keep in the refrigerator?

Poor Dick Santorum - Broke and Tired.......

President Obama speaks at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on January 27 - pics

"I do have a very clear memory of the day when I first learned I was black."

Santorum accuses Newt and Mitt of "buying into the global warming hoax"

Ron Paul signed off on racist newsletters in the 1990s, associates say

Are liberal expectations out of sync with reality?

Here's the bogus Forbes article that's lighting up the right-wing blogosphere

Don't think for a second the evangelical right wing won't vote for Romney because he is Mormon.

This is what war does to mankind

My response to "rape is a gift" Rick Santorum

Since Obama sang one line from Al Green's Let's Stay Together

Three-legged rescue dog learns to surf.

Atheist gamers...

Wisconsin: Governor Says His Office Cooperating In Aides Investigation

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse set to introduce 'Buffett Rule' tax bill

Rick Santorum is Right!!!

Oscar Roundtable Discussion re: the politics of Hollywood casting

'The Young Turks' 1st annual 'Yet Another Debate, Debate'

Just seen on Facebook...

House Liberals To Obama: Double Your Defense Cuts

Eugene Robinson is hosting Bashir's program today

Palm oil firms said to be offering $130 for each orangutan killed in Borneo.Mom & daughter orangutan

Question: With all of the baggage George W. Bush has, do you think the GOP will want him at the

Gallery of Calvin & Hobbes snowmen

(Colton Harris-Moore) 'Barefoot Bandit' to be sentenced

Gingrich backer: Medicare fraud questions 'fair game' for Romney

Alan Grayson describes mob hit aimed at Dennis Kucinich

Selling the ‘Supply-Side’ Myth

Thom Hartmann's Chicago hour is back

OK, So Here Is A Couple Videos.... You Already Know There Is A Warning, Right?

Santorum goes home.

Taking Back Globalization

Thom Hartmann: What effect do SuperPacs have on TV Broadcasters?

Observation: Since Romney is now employing Michelle Bachmann's old debate coach....

Rockets Fired on Pakistan Military Academy Near Bin Laden Hide-Out

(Quinnipiac) Poll: Romney widens lead over Gingrich in Florida

It just occurred to me: Cindy Sheehan was the first #Occupier.

Romney Uses Obama’s Words To Defend Health Care Reform (video)

Coach honed debating skills of young Newt Gingrich

Yes.... I Am Going To Add Yet Another Music Video.....

Twitter announces it will begin blocking messages opposed by governments! Boycott of Twitter planned

Thou shalt not criticize Gingrich on Free Republic

Wis: New charges in John Doe investigation allege pattern of illegal fundraising among Walker aides

Sources: No rescue planned for American kidnapped in Somalia

Video: Lights Over Lapland (Aurora)

Fun with Numbers (collegiate atheism)

Well if corporations are people you can marry a building

If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work...

5 Reasons to Get Stoned Instead of Drunk: Do Harsh Pot Laws Create a Dangerous Drinking Culture?

Texans could be waking up

Said on the TeeVee

Norway apologises for deporting Jews during Holocaust

Callista Gingrich and Limecat

This PAC called Raising Red put an ad on their Facebook wall comparing Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter

Pakistan PM Gilani 'wants BBC World News back on air'

Spain unemployment tops 5.3m and set to get worse

Wisconsin: Preble staff, students denounce Senator's comments

What bigotry & stupidity looks like when morphed together.

Freeperville is in full on MELTDOWN....all Newt doubters must get zotted!

CA vehicle emissions rules would sharply cut smog

Ron Paul signed off on racist newsletters in the 1990s, associates say

Parole-revoking rules toughened by Prop. 9 tossed

"... It creates a climate in which there is widespread violence against women."

New Study Documents Cumulative Impact of Mountaintop Mining

Justice Dept. takes on itself in probe of 2001 anthrax attacks

Campaign for NJ gay marriage vote could be costly

Remembering Howard Zinn

Researchers find unprecedented, man-made trends in oceans acidity

You Can’t Protest at the Supreme Court

Prospects brighten for settlement that could save April election

Private Sector Unions Saw Growth In 2011

Romney’s negative ratings soaring among independents

First lady Katie O’Malley says she regrets saying gay marriage bill failed due to ‘cowards’

Obama depicted as head of Slave Ship in controversial GOP ad..

How the Daily Mail stormed the US

Oops: State of Texas' Expert Says State's Senate Map Hurts Minorities

Gallup, 1/27: Gingrich Maintaining Grip on New (National) Lead (32%, to 24% for Romney)

Yes, I alert on spam trolls.

Siri: “I am not capable of love"

Gallup: Majority of Americans Want Government to Help Stop Foreclosures

The GOP debate in pictures, LOL!

Political Wire: Gawker: Romney Converted His Father-in-Law After He Died

Who grew our economy?

Are there any arrogant/obnoxious people that you admire?

How many Republicans would even vote for Dwight Eisenhower if he were running today?

Tonight on the Sundance channel, "Human Centipede 2!"

Libya undecided on future of African investments

George Carlin on Manly Men.

so who is Bush 41 supporting?

Why Gingrich would lose in a debate with Obama

Pervez Musharraf postpones Pakistan return, aide says

Brazil Juice Exporters Seek to Raise U.S. Fungicide Limit

Thom Hartmann: TSA, ''May I touch your junk please?''

If you wonder where those GOP statistics about religion

Private sector unions add members as jobs return

Apollo 1: The Fire That Shocked NASA

When America Is Sick, Canada Catches Cold; Attack Ads Spread North

With a presidential election in April, could France show Europe how to move left?

Fitch downgrades 5 eurozone nations

Stricken Cruise Ship’s Operator Offers Settlements to Passengers

My cat is coming home with no teeth this afternoon.

I just embarrassed myself. Ask me anything

DU, darlings! The Friday Afternoon Challenge is (literally) upon us: Look Up Again!

As Private Prisons Enrich Lawmakers, Florida Legislature Pushes Massive Prison Privatization Plan

People leaving voicemail recordings that say, "I'll get back to you at MY earliest CONVENIENCE"

Obama Blasts GOP Candidates on Booing of Gay Soldier at Debate

Newt complains that debate audience was stacked against him

Growth in the US economy quickens in fourth quarter (BBC)

Elizabeth Warren’s Amazing 30 Second Destruction Of Mitt Romney

Today I am so grateful for this group

Microbubbles provide new boost for biofuel production

Let's play 20 questions.

Hull House closes doors after more than 120 years. No bailout?

Good news about the Polling ability.

The State of the 99%

In the Developing World, Solar Is Cheaper than Fossil Fuels

Newt Gingrich's nomination as the GOP presidential candidate would lock in Obama victory

Moon Base Gingrich

Startup Makes Peel-Off Solar Cells

Paraguay President Fernando Lugo gets cancer all-clear

Paraguay President Fernando Lugo gets cancer all-clear

Natural Gas: The Next Presidential Transportation Fad

Randy 'Duke' Cunningham endorses Gingrich from prison

So... I got a call on a job I submitted a resume for today

About that voice, President Obama. I have an idea that I think every supporter would agree with.

Chrysler to add 1,600 workers at Illinois plant

2nd Mayor Says Obama ‘Wasn’t Tense At All’ During Brewer Encounter

I knitted you a sweater...

Tapping into Wave and Tidal Ocean Power: 15% Water Power by 2030

I'm really working hard to re-elect Michelle as our first lady!

At Davos, Debating Capitalism’s Future

Guatemala: Ex dictador to face genocide charges

Tel Aviv revelling in gay tourism boom

Guatemala: Ex dictador to face genocide charges

Help Choose America's Next Top Energy Innovator

Favorite random obscure quotes from movies and/or television?

Biden Reveals New Details on bin Laden Kill Operation

Did you know they introduced a drug testing bill in Iowa.

Bastrop, Texas pastor charged with animal cruelty over death of neighbor's cat

Veggies & Gays have something in common...

Grover Norquist hopes congress will impeach Obama...

OpenSecrets: Obama Campaign Refunding Donations By Federal Lobbyists

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly Urged to Resign After Police Conceal Role in Anti-Muslim Documentary

GOProud: Santorum Is Better Than Obama

Panel makes final its recommendation to give $50,000 to each victim of N.C. sterilization program

The OWS movement freed people from the fear and hatred the GOP had stirred up inside centrists.


Alabama's last known real daughter of the Confederacy buried in Cullman (

Is anyone in this forum watching the POG and POS?

Subpoenas Issued to Financial Firms in Expanded Probe

Do those color changing kitty litters work?

Bill would ban Missouri food stamp recipients, among others, from casinos

Alcohol+social media = ????

North Carolina GOP Lawmaker Calls For Bringing Back Public Hangings, Starting With Abortion Provider

End of the week LOL's (January 27th) - pics

Elizabeth Warren, OWS, Obama's Progressive economic attitude, the new Watchdog agency,

What's up with this: Russia gives WikiLeaks' Julian Assange a TV platform

Barred Spiral Galaxy Swirls in the Night Sky

wow, i had a personal goal of never having a post hidden by a jury

I'm in desperate need of a new resume...Where can I find some killer templates?

Maryland First Lady apologizes for calling anti gay marriage legislators "cowards."

Republican Jeff Flake running for US Senate in AZ...

Omaha Steve filed as a candidate today for Ward I

'Nonstick' pollutants may cut efficiency of vaccines in kids

chicago's sit down and shut up ordinance. or is it? ask joe moore

Freeperville is on defcon meltdown mode. THEY ARE THE RESISTANCE!1!!1 (to ROMNEY..)

State Takes Possession of BankEast (Tennessee)

Satellites detect abundance of fresh water in the Arctic

Weekend Economists Get a Little Drunk January 27-29, 2012

HA ha ! Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" is #234 in sales on

World's only iridescent mammal is a shiny accident

Like the Johnny Cash song -Santorum is "Busted".

Court says student’s faith may have led to expulsion

Facebook post on the Florida Atlantic University College Republicans page

10th U.S. President John Tyler’s grandson says Newt Gingrich is a 'jerk'

Welcome to the Science Group ! (Please read before posting)

I think I'm losing it. I'm singing nonsense songs. Aloud. Alone.

DNC Memo: Romney's Involvement in Damon Corporation's Medicare Fraud

Anyone know if it is a good deal to belong to National Home Gardening Club? They are offering me