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Archives: January 26, 2012

(NEW) NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama Benefits From Growing Economic Optimism

Gingrich promises the moon colonies at the space coast - they just make this stuff up

Florida Mom Confronts Santorum Over Gay Son's Rights

Hayashi Introduces Bill For LGBT License Plate

Some really good questions here

Without Occupy Wall Street, you would have seen the exact same State of the Union speech.

Presenting: The Connecticut Confederate Klan(R/Tea Party)!

Soros: euro crisis might wreck EU

Nissan announces $2 billion investment for new, third plant in Mexico

Romney’s Cayman Islands holdings complicate tax return debate

EXCLUSIVE: Romney Profited From Mortgage Lenders Foreclosing On Thousands Of Floridians

Gingrich advocated the death penalty for possession of 2 oz of pot

Help....everything is messed up. Nothing seems to be moving on DU....

Well it seems like Obama is getting screwed on polling for his SOTU speech

Obama urges taxing the rich, reining in Wall Street

Has H2O Man posted a full recap

Davos 2012: Soul searching at the World Economic Forum

U.S. retirees busted at border with undeclared arsenal

The corporations like to make money off their customers in more ways these days.

Egypt protests

Welcome to Arizona, Mr. President.

Jan Brewer, Obama Face Off Over Book, Immigration Issues

Obama in Arizona: Tells Arizona Governor Brewer Her Book Inaccurately Describes Previous Meeting

Bid to stop doctor gagging orders

Mitt & Newt Challenge Each Other to personally "Get Castro."

I just bought a book about Conn Smyth the Canadain Hockey bigwig. It is about

John Kerry Group is 2nd most active on DU behind ... The President

Castro Calls Republican Primary Idiotic

another, in-your-face---my way---or the highway republican

Elizabeth Warren: I think I love her! Last night's TDS...she has fire in her belly!

(Oh jeez) Mitt: "I’m worth "between 150 and 200 some-odd million"

G-tails missing

Interesting Venn diagram

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama benefits from growing economic optimism

Watchdog requests documents from Gingrich ethics probe

Wanna see something funny and sad at the same time? Come inside.

Santorum: Rape Babies are Gifts from God

Martin Bashir Tears Into Republican Joe Walsh For Owing Back Child Support

Refereeing the Republican Response

A spectre is haunting Tuscon

Indianapolis Colts name Chuck Pagano head coach

I thought that name looked familiar ...

Paul Mason: 'These revolts have ended the period of capitalist realism' - video gets better: JPMorgan Sued by John Hancock Over Mortgage Securities

Arizona Governer Waives her Finger in the president's face

Republicans vow to protect high school dropouts from Barack Obama.

Did I just see that crazy woman Brewer sticking her finger in Obama's face?

Santorum: If life hands you lemons (you get raped), make lemonade (but no abortions for you)

WTF is the deal with Olbermann?????

Dark Shadows, The Movie

I just LOVE Big Ed

NMA (Taiwan) Animation: Ginrich Upsets Romney in SC

Dave Grohl's thoughts on File Sharing

Do you think Nancy Pelosi is referring to this?

Websites where usage of all CAPS in Book Titles is permitted

Romney: "I Want to Help the 99 Percent"

Got my first settlement check today!

uh oh

Remember Freelancer?

Who is liking the feisty side of Obama?

Military coup reported in Papua New Guinea

House Report on Gingrich's Ethics Investigation

Mormon Church's Baptism Of Dead Jews Could Raise Concerns For Florida Voters.

Gingrich vows to establish permanent base on moon by 2020, says little about paying for it

What does your pet do that is uncharacteristic for the species/breed? My Twilight

Facebook users have lower self-esteem!

"no explanation given"

Former OCC Student Released in Syria


The rest of the story?

I just had to excuse myself from jury duty. Here's why:

Caption this welcome wagon

Mayor Dumbass

Obama would beat Gingrich in Texas, lose to other GOP contenders

Now the wing nuts are going after Buffetts Secretary saying she makes 200,000 to 500,000

There is NO "forced" Union membership.

Republicans constantly put down the business-worthiness of the country and their states.


(NLRB) Acting General Counsel issues second social media report

Gun crosshairs found on Missouri senators' doors

(Canada) Defence agreements signed with U.S.

What just happened with Jan Brewer and the President?

Nikki Haley, another garden variety a**hole Republican governor

(UK) Welfare bill defeated in Lords

Should NGOs take the corporate bait?

Gallup: More Americans Uninsured in 2011

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 26 -- TCM Spotlight -- Jack Cardiff

What are your thoughts about grave-dancing?

President Obama in Arizona on January 25th - pics

Newt can not make any answer without some kind of snide remark or bringing up the past

Holy Shite Murdoch the corrupt tweeted today that Romney's taxes may

Radical cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed threatens Syria with a wave of suicide bombs

dear repukes, a couple of helpful hints

Schools to serve more-nutritious meals under new guidelines

A Scott Walker supporter just visited us and made a powerful statement against teachers

President Obama in Iowa on January 25th - pics

Ohio man pleads not guilty in Craigslist job ad killings

High school Young Democrats of America conference call 1/26

Alberta bison roam a new home in Montana

We need a troll forum............

John Tyler and some amazing Math.

Obama upbeat after Somalia raid, rising poll ratings and glow of State of the Union address

Occupy Oakland says it will seize vacant building

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Fidel Castro Calls Republican Race 'Competition Of Idiocy And Ignorance'

Cloud streets and vortices off the Aleutian Islands

Turn on Rachel right fugging now -super analysis of the SOU and the

After Occupy Journalist Arrests, US Plummets in Global Press Freedom Rankings

My post about CAPS

Obama said in the SOTUS-

Detroit Metro Times: How to gently debate pot with your bigmouth brother-in-law

Pagan Suffering and the Problem of Evil

Wild bison could once again roam in Banff

In President Obama's Face On The Arizona Tarmac

is Obama really Jeuss

Canada imports oil while battling over pipeline exports

Obama Returns to Familiar Theme in Case for 2nd Term

"Swiss Mitt"? David Axelrod is not a Nice Man.

"It's not right when another country lets our music, movies and software be pirated."

Cat thread in honor of cat murdered by sociopathic teabaggers this week.

In Obama’s State of the Union, Troublesome Passages for Progressives

Mark O'Connor - - - - > Will The Circle Be Unbroken {fiddle}

EXCLUSIVE: Bain Capital to Acquire Restore Our Future

Real Dayton, Real Talk: Four Ohioans Talk Politics of the Day

Dad of American rescued tells CBS News:"It sounds corny but I really am proud to be an American"

unreal blog story about border patrol propaganda in south texas....

I have felt, since the early 1990s, the principal reason we have so much overt, visceral . . . . .

No more.

Saudi warns of Mideast nuclear race

Fox's South Carolina 900 "Dead Voters" Story Collapses

J.C. Penney gets rid of hundreds of sales

Broadcast Media Help Whitewash Romney's Olympics Record Lobbying For Taxpayer Money

7 reasons voters are souring on Mitt Romney

OK Ladies and Gentlemen for those of you who missed this opportunity (and it is free)

High school Young Democrats of America conference call 1/26

When Romney applied to be McCain’s running mate, he gave him 23 years of tax returns

Update: Copy of statement and letter re Georgia election ballot challenge filed against Pres Obama

Hey! this is a REALLY important problem:

more wildlife

Anyone watch Touch?

Have you ever wondered what alcatraz means?

How is Chick Deney's health?

SEIU striker confronts neo-con Fresno Co Board of Supervisor Phil Larson.. the lying liar

So what is the story with DU2? Is it still up and running? How do I get to it if it is.

Moral Failure: Ron Paul Supporters Give Racism a Pass

In this progressive Dem's view, Obama and his speech fail to deliver ...

I just deleted Google from my bookmark bar.

What does Mitt Romney think about what the Mormon Church did to the LGBT community?

Hey Jan! I've got a finger for you!

Chris Matthews fawns over Mitch Daniels???!

School Choice or Just Another Koch Bros Scam?

president tylers (born in 1790) grandsons are still alive

O'Donnell showing CBS poll showing that 90%

No Capitalist Left Behind: NCLB’s 4 Biggest Winners

Ex-Beverly Hills Superintendent Convicted

What's here?

Open office, NeoOffice, Libre, or Microsoft orfice sweet?

Management at Chicago apartment building tells residents to turn on ovens for heat

Digital music startup backed by Murdoch's News Corp has filed for bankruptcy

M14% Romney

Now they are placing Crosshair stickers on Dem doors in the CAPITOL of Missouri

Labor board chief to press for new union rules (easier for unions to establish and win)

Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad (NYT)

Obama to Panetta: 'Good job' on rescue. (VIDEO)

U.S. Drops To Number 47 In Freedom of the Press international ranking!

Romney, Gingrich trade attacks on immigration

What We Give Up for Health Care

There was a time when my sunflower photos were the bomb.

NYT: Apple's iPad and the Human Costs for Workers in China

'Cloaking' a 3-D object from all angles demonstrated (BBC)

If you don't list your gender in your profile, do you mind if I call you "it" when using a pronoun?

Iran won't build nuclear weapon in 2012, says draft Isis report

Mark "Smoking Guy" Block: Herman Cain Campaign Probe Of Allegations I Broke The Law Will Wrap Soon

Thousands march in Poland over Acta internet treaty (BBC) {similar to SOPA}

How Israel’s Tent Cities Influenced Occupy Wall Street

What happens if a PA school district can't meet its payroll ?

Romney tax returns highlight tax code's breaks for rich

Herman Cain Delivers Teabagger Response to the State of the Union. CAIN!

What to you like/dislike being called by local salespeople or waiters? I was called sweetie by

America's suburbs: Key to the 2012 election (BBC)

Occupy The Courts - A Conversation with Lawrence Lessig and Chris Hedges

Hey Woohoo Skinner! The new DU stopped the double post bug!

GOP senator grilled Obama nominee in 2010 about tax havens

Latino immigrant exodus hurts South Carolina economy (BBC)

So, you post a reply to some thread, and misspell some crap

FYI future jurors: Christwire is a satire site.

Indiana House Passes a Bill on Union Fees

Hundreds protest Wis. State of the State speech ..At least five protesters interrupted the governor

Marco Rubio Backlash Prompts Newt Gingrich Campaign to Pull Spanish-Language Ad Calling Mitt Romney

Ubuntu swaps application menus for HUD control system (BBC)

'Starbursts' and black holes lead to biggest galaxies (BBC)

After yesterday's "soul food" debacle, I got take-out dinner tonight at a client's restaurant

Lyme disease risk from dogs 'higher than thought' (BBC)

Two Sacramento supervisor candidates run on 'pro-Occupy' platforms

I'm blown away by the lengths the repubs are going to in their attempt to discredit Newt.

Pink elephant is caught on camera (BBC)

Freeper "LibertyRocks" calls President Obama a "scumbag" for walking away from Jan Brewer

You ALWAYS hear it.

Jan Brewer was just doing what she had to do

Racial Profiling is an Injustice Against Us All

Why didn't Obama tell Americans the US has the second LOWEST corporate taxes in the developed world?

GOP presidential visions diverge on Univision

Freepers just CAN'T give Obama any credit...

A little bit of complaining about a Jury Decision

TYT: GOP pushes ineffective, revenue damaging cuts to IRS, even as tax code gets more complicated

A conceptual perspective on belief

Jon Stewart Reviews The State Of The Union: ‘You Opened With I Killed Bin Laden?!’

My cats don't always see things the way I do.

OMG! Alaska Airlines discontinues controversial prayer cards!

What's for Dinner? ~ Thursday January 26th!

Amerigo Vespucci didn't show much artistic promise when he started.

Gingrich smile

Newt the poot thinks Espanol with a tilde over the n is a ghetto language.

We really dodged a bullet with Brady II (pun intended)

Friendly or not, the return of the Superclásico was welcome!

Where are the vids of Obama and Brewer?

I remember when a Democratic president committed us to go to the moon

I want to know from people who are dealing with or have dealt with cancer, have you have your "skin"

Romney "self-deports" Newt to the Moon.

I could use some suggestions about focusing....and good energy.

Davos: Capitalism must 'reform or die'

Wisconsin's Walker touts job creation as hecklers mar speech

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation aims to cut health-care costs

Fox Anchor Greg Kelly (And Son of NYC Police Commissioner) Accused Of Rape

How Right-Wing Libertarians, John Birchers and Conspiracy Freaks Are Trying to Hijack OWS

ACS - Hope Lodge for help with lodging during treatment ...

What would have happened if a Governor from "the Democrat party" wagged a finger in BUSH's face?

Cynthia Nixon says she's gay by 'choice.' Is it really a choice?

This is what 'pwned' looks like...

Old Zen saying: "if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him".

Gingrich ad calls Romney 'anti immigrant'

This idea that investing with after tax money somehow absolves people from ever paying taxes on the

This idea that investing with after tax money somehow absolves people from ever paying taxes on the

Whatever happened to radio broadcasting in the public interest?

I think this thread in GD needs more LGBTIQ love re: Cynthia Nixon

A unique Maya discovery at Chaa Creek

Long-term transportation funding likely to be delayed

Gingrich talks to Univision's Jorge Ramos (in English)

Prosecution argues Hinckley has a pattern of deception, should not get more freedom

Newt Gingrich Admits He Was Wrong To Tell John King He Offered Witnesses To ABC News

Syrian regime 'importing snipers' for protests

Do you support continued space exploration?

Class Warfare

Uruguay approves $513,000 settlement for disappearance, illegal adoption during dictatorship

So I have had my new teeth for a month

I finally made the top spot!

Can OWS apply pressure to Congress

Rights groups hail Ecuador's crackdown on lesbian 'torture clinics'

Immigration authorities released man who went on to kill 3 in North Miami

Rights groups hail Ecuador's crackdown on lesbian 'torture clinics'

Bread question.....

Space is at best uninspiring and at worst useless.

Quick glance at Mitt Romney's return...

Freeper in fb fight with a liberal: "I need quick facts to back up my hatred of Obama."

Toons: Navy Seals, Party of the Poor, Cheerleaders and More. - 1/25/12

A Great Bit Of History Trivia For You All (France/Military)

Support Wayne Powell (D) against Cantor

Chile drops 47 places in press freedom ranking to number 80

Chile drops 47 places in press freedom ranking to number 80

Protesters mob PM

Newt compares himself to: JFK, Wright Brothers and Lincoln.

Randi Rhodes: Republican Talking Point 01-25-12

Rick Santorum has a potential health problem

Think Progress: Romney claims his actual tax rate is “closer to 45 or 50 percent.”

LAT: Sterilized by North Carolina, she felt raped once more

Dormouse snoring (cute)

University Lectures on Marxism by a Marxist free

Senior Advisor tells Mitt to Drop Dead.

Obama and Gov. Brewer were NOT "talking over each other."

By Axing Public Parks, Politicos Are Stealing the People's Property

Buddhism's Sacred Places: Photos By Kenro Izu

Lobsang Sangay Discusses Self-Immolation Of Tibetan Buddhist Monks

6 Myths Everyone Believes about Space (Thanks to Movies)

Dutch Humor TV... The president says go up.... go down.

Amnesty Interational: China Must Avoid Excessive Force in Response to Tibetan Protests

Drillers get lift from Obama's talk

Have you ever just wished a thread would die?

Shoichi Yokoi, the Japanese soldier who held out in Guam

U.S. Holocaust Museum refutes FDR supporters' defense of failure to bomb Auschwitz

Thanks to photoshop, I can takes good pictures too...

U.S. Holocaust Museum refutes FDR supporters' defense of failure to bomb Auschwitz

Welsh were not only victims of empire but also exploiters, claims historian Huw Bowen

Former President John Tyler’s (1790-1862) grandchildren still alive

OK.... When are we gonna get 'Post a Poll' back?

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard rescued by riot police

Dem says Keystone ‘a matter of life and death’ for Koch brothers

1997 Newt reprimanded by congress, fined $300,000. 1998 he stepped down. 2012 he leads in FL.

Japan's Tepco set for $13 billion bailout: sources

Switzerland's 'Dementiaville' designed to mirror the past

The first senior politician to Formally Recognize OWS - is Mitt Romney.

Can't entertain anymore criticism of Wasserman-Shultz

The Year 2012 is the Year of Reason, Logic, and, Sanity. This is the Year where TRUTH TRUMPS FANTASY

"I'll bet a million dollars against any member of the Forbes 400

I want to create a thread that no one responds to

"wisconsin senator ellis calls school a sewer-exclusive video"

Obama's 'Corporate Education Reform': Leaving Teachers, Schools, & Students Behind (but $250,000!)

The local paper finally published my letter (written a almost a month ago).

Alabama DUers - there's a tornado watch

A reason for the decision? Buffett’s Burlington Northern Among Pipeline Winners

EU and Arab countries put forward new UN resolution on Syria

I've got a fifty cent bet here that CNN caves in to the demands of Newt

Howie Dean is tearing Joe Scum a new one on education/teachers' unions

The Bill Press Show on now (opening audio)

Jan Brewer's Arizona:Arizona Candidate Challenged Over English Skills

Newt and the Moon Base (cartoon)

Brewer is already spinning the encounter on the tarmac saying she felt threatened

Rachel destroys PolitiFact

Libya: Detainees tortured and denied medical care

Libya: Detainees tortured and denied medical care.

Democratic Leadership's Agenda Mirrors President's - Republican Leadership At Odds With Their Base

What is losing a shoe compared to losing an entire continent?

Rich are an unreliable source of tax money

Jury inconsistency allowing "bitch" to stand

Ok, what happened between Brewer (R-Nuts) and Obama?

Two women talking about the movie "War Horse", were saying it was a Civil War movie!

So Mitt gives $$ to his church, who gives it to his lobbyists, which uses it to rig tax code. Huh?

Mitt Romney Starts Daily Three Hour A.M. Show on MSNBC Promoting His Candidacy.

NBC poll: Obama benefits from economic optimism

Marietta College Hosting Series on Natural Gas and Fracking Starting Thurs. Jan. 26

Just saw a pro Romney TV ad in Michigan

Wisconsin: Big Ed dismantles Walker's State of the State address, w/Lena Taylor

Keith Ellison (D-Minn) on the SOTU (Ed Schultz Show)

Caption... McCain's endorsement of Romney photo

US Rep. Brad Miller won't seek another term in Congress

Say what?

Study: Multitasking hinders youth social skills

‘Stop-Newt’ Republicans Confront Base Unwilling to Take Orders

3 dead, 19 missing in Rio building collapse

Egypt bans travel on members of U.S.-funded groups

Today's college freshmen hitting books harder, study says

Mitch Daniels: Bombast From the Past

Stupida Ad Infinitum

Numerous bids are in for sale of Dodgers

Investigation of mortgage fraud


Steve Benen heads to MSNBC and Rachel!

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (01/26/2012)

So, Newt wants to build a moon colony, and would consider Palin for a cabinet position.

Have not seen this link posted yet - Liz Warren interview with John Stewart

Wisconsin: Peter Barca responds to Walker's State of the State address

Mitt's Office .. from MoveON.. staring Justin Long

DeLay Slams Gingrich

OutServe to host military partner summit in D.C.

Paul Ryan's Photo Op goes wrong when teacher refuses award from "lackey for the One Percent"

Growth and jobs effects of the Buffet Rule: Was Newt right?

Mixed reaction to Obama’s SOTU address

Wisconsin: New web ad: The state of the State under Scott Walker

Republican bullies: Prone to overtalking and threatening the opposition

Jimmy Webb's Wichita Lineman

Wisconsin: League of Conservation Voters runs anti-mining bill ad

Oh, Snap!!

Syrian troops storm Damascus suburb

Toon: We need to put it to a vote!

Pa. high court throws out assembly redistricting

Toles Toon- Where to now?

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran is ready for new nuclear talks with the West

Dems Introduce Latino Voters To The ‘Two Faces’ Of Romney

A visual of the Republican roadmap to the future...

Raw Video: Tense Exchange Between Obama, Brewer

The Navy's new autonomous armed robot-yikes

Hey, at least Newt wants us to do something with space.

The one upside to Newt or Mitt as the nominee...

‘Cash mob’ helps family-owned hardware store

Apple Driving Workers to Threaten Mass Suicide? The Pathologies of the Modern Corporation

2 more Ex-Walker aides about to be charged in John Doe investigation

‘Ireland’s SOPA’ To Pass Without Parliamentary Vote

Romney no longer leads Obama in Florida, according to new Quinnipiac poll

Obama Ballot Challenge in Atlanta GA Live Stream

Illinois State Police data show increase in gun licenses from 1.3M in 2010 to 1.4M in 2011

Now that Rick Perry is home drought stricken Texas is crying and throwing tantrums

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue won’t seek second term, sources say

FBI plans social network map alert mash-up application

Why Evangelicals Don't Care When Rich White Conservatives Defile Marriage

Rick Santorum: Left uses college for "indoctrination"

Florida primary pits tea party vs. cocktail party

Jobless Claims in U.S. Increase 21,000

"A competition of idiocy and ignorance" - Fidel Castro returns some "love" to the Candidates

Gingrichonomics, Added Up, Equals Nothing but Dysfunction: View

Bush still working on Mars mission quietly in his spare time

Real-Life DinoCrocs Crushed the Competition

Davos 2012: Who's afraid of China?

Romney Tax Break Rejected as Welfare for Rich in Investor Poll

Defense Health Coordinating Authority Needed for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Act

Univisión’s Jorge Ramos To Gingrich: How Did Your Affair Differ From Clinton’s?

Mitt Romney Takes Slumlord Money While Newt Gingrinch Is Propped Up By Casino Under Federal Probe

Mormon Church's Prior Baptism Of Dead Jews Could Raise Concerns For Florida Voters

The 10 Most Racist Moments of the GOP Primary (So Far)

Jan Brewer - Lying comes naturally..Arizona Governor Caught in a Lie

different perspective. du2 vs du3. sexism and other 'isms.

Who Newt would appoint to the new cabinet post of Secretary of Outer Space Activities

Welfare Official with warped views of women is STILL working, plus other cronies

Iran Set to Turn Off Oil Supply to Europe

Davos Man Is Trembling in His Armani Boots

Signing a recall form is a social function,

How Slavery Led to Modern Capitalism: Echoes

My feeling is that Jan Brewer is angling to be VP with either Mitt or Newt

*Gets out her hammer and pounds the sign into the ground* MORE DU RULES - Please Read!!!

Dear Massachusetts Pretty please Elect Warren to the Senate

So, bearing false witness is against the 10 commandments, and Newt Gingrich has been

Lockheed F-35 Said to Be Cut by 13 Planes in Pentagon’s Budget

Dutch Zoo Fits Elephant With Contact Lens

The GOP Brotherhood of Egypt:: Egypt's Islamists are actually led by free-market businessmen

Monster Worldwide cautious on 2012; to cut jobs

Looking for Wheezy....if you're here at new DU....

People from Right-To-Work (for less) States: What's it like?

New drone has no pilot anywhere, so who's accountable?

TOM THE DANCING BUG:Featuring Hollingsworth Hound, Who Must Decide Where to Send His Money

Who yelled "NOOO!" when Obama denounced Congressional insider trading?

EXCLUSIVE: Veterans Call On West Point To Cancel Planned Speech By Islamophobic General

Israel gives Intel ultimatum on fab grant

Iowa's Secretary of State to Unveil Voter ID Bill

Black Student choked with noose by 3 white students for dating a white girl WTF!!!! is going on

Imagine the (allegedly) "liberally-biased media" firestorm which would entail

ExxonMobil aiming to capture growth in US electricity market

This Party Took a Turn for the Douche (Official Video) by Garfunkel and Oates

The right drops a bomb on Newt

Saudi Arabia pivots toward Asia By Peter Lee for Asia Times

Symantec advises disabling pcAnywhere software

War This Year With Iran?

Thousands of NATO trucks in Pakistan backlog

Only in America...

Warren Ballentine: The Governor is LUCKY Michell Obama wasn't there it would have been ugly

Well, if disgruntled Republicans want a third party alternative,

Poll: Obama's Approval Higher Than Perry's In Texas

Question: Iran, Israel, the US and War

The human rights “success” in Libya

Newt and the Magic Moonbase

We're Having The Wrong Conversation About Abortion


Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off now.

newtie noos

"Pushing President Obama from the Left...

NSF: U.S. losing ground as more R&D jobs head overseas

"trickle down"

Jay Bookman is in the courtroom awaiting arguments to remove Obama from 2012 GA ballot

Real story about nuclear plant liability insurance

You seeing all this shit that's swirling around Newton Leroy Gingrich . . . . . ?

Gas prices are all over the lot here. How about in your area?

The Tyrant Lands in Arizona

An Open Letter to My Surly Republican Friends

Irony, thy name is Pizza Douche - "Cain to Obama: Stop the Racial Innuendos"...CAIN!

Having a bad day? You won't anymore after seeing this:

Just because you can't see it

Good dog. Oily Taint has said the Obama real last name is Soetero

"Scott Walker is like a rape victim"- Green Bay radio host talking with Jeff Fitzgerald

LOL rats

Apple Threats: “Work hard on the job today or work hard to find a job tomorrow.”

More optimism on the economy boosts Obama approval rating in NBC News Poll

OK, let's do this: Super Bowl predictions here.

Love it!

Media Matters analysis: News coverage of the Keystone XL pipeline favored pipeline proponents

Add to this: The Newton Leroy Gingrich Fan Club Members List

Tables are turning on Greek debt deal

Ray Kelly, Spokesman Browne On Hot Seat In Anti-Islam Movie Fallout

Google’s Broken Promise: The End of "Don’t Be Evil"

Penguin defecates on Kentucky Senate floor

Please join me in a silent thread about real class

USA Sees Problems in Million Women Money

I'm amazed she has lived this long

Praying Mantis Babies (should this be in religion?)

Steve Rattner's Chart: 'Comparison of Obama, Romney, Gingrich tax plans'

L.A. District Attorney Has Grudge Against Union, Prosecutor Says

Cops Still Face Claims of Beating Kids at Parade

Doctor Says Hospital Beat & Ruined Him

Newt's Last Act As Speaker --- "He never really caught major air."

Well folks...I finally joined the MMORPG Universe today....

Five Things to Watch at the US Figure Skating Championships

Tony Auth nails Chris Christie on gay marriage

todays trade


US Navy preps massive solar project

U.S. Press Freedom the Same as Romania's?

Ochocinco Concerned About Condition of Glum Speaker - Tweets To Boehner During SOTU: Are You OK?

Hey friends, need a little quick help with some fact links about the 1% screwing the 99%

Two party system - Pat Bagley, Cagle Cartoons, Salt Lake Tribune

Dumping Solar: The Case for CASE, Solar Growth and China’s Subsidies

more fun with the "birther suit"

State of the Union reminds GOP about the real Barack Obama

What to keep and what to toss?

Two more ex-Walker aides charged in John Doe: (Updated with steak tartare from John Nichols)

Solar Cheaper Than Diesel Making India’s Mittal Believer

World's giant trees are dying off rapidly, studies show

Terror Plotter Can't Fight 'Enemy Combatant' Status

The Rude Pundit - Your State Sucks: Arizona Is Filthy with Assholes

Magic mushrooms in the neuropsychoanalytical framework

Solar windows, shingles get their moment in the sun

Gov. Jan Brewer(AZ) Interviews For Role Of Vice Presidential Running Mate

Google Gingrich Bribery Scandal


Canadian Rockies

Give away of the day today has: ZenWriter 1.34

Reflections of Fidel - The fruit which did not fall

Political Insider Brian Kemp to Barack Obama’s attorney: Skip ballot hearing ‘at your own peril’

AT&T Q4 2011: Massive $6.68 Billion Loss On T-Mobile Deal Collapse, iPhone Subsidies, Pension Adjust

Alcatraz Island

Reuters: Florida's Rubio a star, but an unlikely VP pick

Gingrich: Secular 'Elite' Promoting 'Radical Islam'

Daily Caller Now Publishing Anti-Islam Writer Who Pushed Obama-Is-Muslim Conspiracy

Why does Gingrich sound like he's on a war footing

Katy Perry is asking for cover versions of her new song

Radical Revolution USA

OSHA Issues Second-Ever Safety Violation Complaint for Entire Store Chain

ok, dumb question.. whatis "BOG" ??

What difference a few miles make.

3,000 Cuban benefit from regenerative [stem cell] therapy

Gingrich "A family values crusader at the time of the Republicans' Clinton penis scavenger hunt"

why is twitter setting cookies even tho I have the icon turned off?

I knew that Jan Brewer was a B***H,

The One Man In America You Probably Don't Want To Work For

Toronto: Council’s surprise budget rebellion reins in the mayor’s war against labour

Why Do Americans Pay So Much For Our Prescriptions (And Canadians Don't?)

i choose to fight

Landlord: No heat? Use your ovens!!


No ruling in ‘birther' challenge

Pandas! - pics

Dick Tufeld, voice of 'Lost in Space" robot, dies

Applied Neuroscience, the Six-String Method

WP: President Obama and Jan Brewer: The caption contest

SOA soundtrack, two songs(covers) that speak to me....

What is it with repuke govs and acting out at airports while meeting POTUS?

Chris Christie On Civil Rights: People should be happy to have a referendum on civil rights!

Conservative Christian parents fight for right to discriminate against LGBT students

Turns out, the banks only SAID your mortgage was paid off.

Mittens: I’ve performed ‘posthumous Mormon baptisms’…but not recently

Question: I almost posted something in LBN from the Washinton Post

Show your manners to serving staff.

Obama doesn’t back down on clean energy

CNN: Panetta to announce $500 billion in defense cuts later today

I'm sorry I just can't get into Jeff Santos (Big Ed's) substitute

But it's not a depression (Installment #1384)

Drug Shortages In Hospital Pharmacies Tied To Group Purchasing Organizations......

keep it wild...

Mitch Daniels, deficit peacock (peddling "supply-side snake oil")

I see there are some idiotic Latino's in Florida voting RETHUG MY GOD!

does god care about climate change?

Learn from Romney's Mistake: Car Safety Tips for Dogs

"Right-To-Work (for less)" legislation is pure ... SOCIALISM!

Reminds me of her when I was her age (if I'd been a badass)

French Scientists: Childhood Leukemia Spikes Near Nuclear Reactors

Barney Frank Marriage: Retiring Congressman Intends To Marry Longtime Partner Jim Ready

Apple gets tax incentives in Brazil to begin iPad production

Where I come from you don't point your finger at someone...

How Swedes and Norwegians Broke the Power of the ‘1 Percent’

So ... remember the firestorm that erupted when a reporter said to 43 "Mr. Bush, ..."?

Chad Ochocinco (Pats wide receiver), & House Speaker John Boehner exchange Tweets

For Sale: Chrysler 300C - Price: $1 Million

First you start with a lie...

I really tired of this idea that right and left are equally bad

And now..zombie Mortgages! (Turns out, the banks only SAID your mortgage was paid off.)

Why no bank investigations? : Top DOJ officials connected to mortgage banks.

How many angels can dance of the head of a pin? Discuss

Do you follow MLS?

Jamie Oliver sucessfully forces McDonalds to stop using ammonium hydroxide in burgers/

Newt’s & the neo-Confederate wing of the GOP's no-win political appeal

Thom Hartmann: How to get a Republican to sit on his hands

Scientific American notices Peak Oil

Could a smile possibly look any more fake than this?


Iran Set to Turn Off Oil Supply to Europe

Thom Hartmann: #OWS Arrests Cost US Dearly in Press Freedom - #47

Libya facing challenging transition, but authorities striving to succeed

Not-So-Sweet Seventeen

ANTI-ACTA - What can you do?

Your vocabulary word for today: re-shoring

Behold: Jan Brewer

What Are the Chances of a Republican White Knight? by Stuart Rothenberg

Breathless prediction goes poof. * edited *

what do these 2 headlines tell you? 1.Obama says will establish unit to fight large-scale fraud

Gingrich, Offstage by Adam Clymer

Well, will CNN allow audience participation?

awesome AFSCME ad against Romney running in Florida

Sen. Reid Set To Bring Insider Trading Bill President Wants To Floor As Early As Next Week

Old Mortgages Rise From the Dead, Haunt Homeowners

Nintendo sees first annual loss, cuts 3DS forecast

This is one smart kid!

Lizard Lick Towing

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome may be linked to Vitamin D deficiency. Also deaths purported

Second Chances by Greenhouse

There are a great many reasons to dislike Romney but the fact he's never served in the military

Has anyone tried the Caption Call phone?

Romney Paid Less in Taxes Than I Tip My Waiters!

N.C. death row inmate taunts, 'Kill me if you can, suckers'

Atheist Temple: Nonbelievers To Get Place Of 'Worship' In UK

Gingrich: Luddite 'Elites' Promoting Attacks by Killer Robots

Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

Barney Frank to wed long-time partner

“Does it Matter if Newt Gingrich is Bipolar?”

Raw Story- Security video shows police lied about Rand Paul’s behavior

Mitt The Stripper: Romney is running an 'Emperors New Clothes' campaign.

Gov. Deval Patrick on Bruins goalie Tim Thomas: It seems like we’re losing ‘basic courtesy and grace

On the B-word question, here's an interesting

New Mexico House panel to hold hearing on proposal to end driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

More subpoenas could come in the Fast and Furious case

Bank of America: We’ll Modify Loans If You’ll Erase All The Mean Things Said About Us On Twitter

Toon: What Obama And Brewer really talked about....

Panetta announces plan for defense cuts that would shrink ground forces, retire some planes

I dunno

Tell Congressional Conference Committee: Fully Renew Unemployment Insurance for 2012!

Apple makes me puke. Workers making ipads forced to work 24 HOUR shifts STANDING, endure toxic

Question about alerted posts.

Finally closed my last acct with Chase

Michele Bachmann And Rick Perry Have Almost No Hope Of Getting Re-Elected

The U.S. wind energy installed just over 6,810 megawatts in 2011

Iran: The Road to War?

Wisconsin Republicans to turn North Woods into Giant Tailing Pile

Wind firm says Vt. project exceeding expectations

Bucs have hired Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano

The pointing finger - I never thought much about it when I

How's yer bumper?

Youth sex offenders must report for 25 years

South Texas District Suspends Sports to Keep Afloat

Alaska Airlines to stop handing out prayer cards to passengers

Indiana Senate leader says right-to-work could make it to governor's desk before Super Bowl

Apple accused of ignoring labor abuses that can kill

Chevron loses injunction in $18 billion Ecuador case

CPUC president appoints self in San Bruno probe

Is Herman Cain kicking himself right now for dropping out

Son of NYPD Commissioner and FOX host under investigation for rape...

Vermont legislature considers becoming the first state to ban hydrofracking

Jury invitations

French Police Detain Founder of Breast Implant Maker

Kroenke's Bid For Dodgers Implies Rams Are Headed To L.A.

Toon: What the "Shining City on the Hill" has become...

Intelligent Design {the new yorker -}

WisPolitics: (more) Former Walker aides charged in John Doe investigation

Satellite Sees "Giant White Spike" of Clouds Bringing U.S. Severe Weather

Please contact Jan Brewer and tell her office what you think of her (tollfree# included)

Alerters, what is it you alert most about?

Thom Hartmann: We don't need no stinkin' Capitalist gains tax!

i'm such a n00b, but i started some herbs in jiffy plugs today

Gas Company Cites Obama Speech to Fault EPA’s Dimock Fracking Probe

Thomas Friedman, shill for the 1% and Corporate America: Average is Over.

Victoria Jackson: Tea Party Princess

What's Your Blues Name?

Are Republican primary debates made for TV?...

The Fed's Doom and Gloom Predictions for Our Economy in 5 Graphs

Dalglish for the win!

Detroit Free Press: Thousands wait in Ann Arbor for Obama tickets

Environmental Group Critical of President Obama’s Natural Gas Push

POTUS Comments on GOP's Class Warfare Claims in Las Vegas, NV

Ad seeking 2.5 million petition signers to demand repeal of "Obamacare" before it gets to SCOTUS for

Alarming Claim Against Methodist Hospital

40 degees in Minneapolis. How's the winter treating the rest of the country?

I'm bored...

Media Matters Analysis Shows Keystone XL Proponents Dominated Media

Confessions of a binge drinker

Congrats are in order: Barney Frank to marry long time partner

Hillary stepping down from State.

Mike Malloy's wife, Kathy, pointed out something about Gingrich...

Reuters Magazine: The drone wars

CARE DELAYED, CARE DENIED (National Union of Healthcare Workers)

Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

your favorite crazy movie theory

The bank settlement negotiations and deal are not figments of progressives' imaginations.

Thom Hartmann: World Economy on the Brink of Disaster?

Hillary Clinton Says She’s Ready to Step Off ‘the High Wire of American Politics’

WOW! Stunning high res photo of Planet Earth

I am angry and appalled that DUers are advocating for a Republican to be elected governor of NC.

USDA/FSIS Standards for Beef: A Sampling of the Array of "Meat Products" Available in the USA....

gingrich ads in florida are all about him creating jobs and success in the 90's - wasn't that the

Harper government plays down oil sands document (Canada)

2012 is either going to be a very good year for our community or

"Is Sacramento’s Schubert Flint Public Affairs the ‘same-sex marriage’ firm?"

DU Album of the Day: "Humans" Bruce Cockburn

Scientist: Temperate Freshwater Wetlands are ‘Forgotten’ Carbon Sinks

Symantec alert: Disable PcAnywhere until they issue patches

Merkel Refuses Role of Rescuer in Euro Crisis

Polish Politicians Protest ACTA

Two of John Tyler's grandchildren still alive (Tyler born in 1790)

Comparing mortality rates of infantry soldiers to mothers and some personal musings.....

In rare court appearance, Marwan Barghouti calls for a peace deal based on 1967 lines

Indiana creationist bill passes committee

Anti-gay bill and Rep. Richard Floyd's remarks draw fire in Nashville

New Study ("no gentle way to put it"): Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

What is it?

Thursday Smack-O-Rama! Who would like to slap the shit out of today?

Texas College Rule Reminds Undocumented Students to Seek Status

Jury voted 6-0 to leave alone, but poster was banned

Newt: Romney has surrounded himself with Fannie/Freddie lobbyists

Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

Example of jury censoring for opinion, not rules violation.

Candidates and Religion: Voters Want Policy Plans, Not a Profession of Faith

Penguin literally takes a crap on Kentucky Senate

USDA has issued a revised hardiness zone map:

Mainers would win with renewable standard

USDA has issued a new zone hardiness map:

Fox Guest Claims Healthier School Lunches Are "Another Example Of [A] Federal Power Grab"

You won't believe this new scam I just found in my inbox

Banks square in mortgage fraud crosshairs again

iPad manufacturing in Brazil? Foxconn gets tax breaks

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt - Recognizing FUD Online

Newt Tweets: For Paychecks, With Us. For Food Stamps, With Obama.

Father of black teen ‘horrified’ by attack; three white teens charged with hate crime

What's the difference between the Terms of Service and the Real Rules of the board?

Davos – an exercise in denial not solutions

Pic Of The Moment: New Scientific Study: Conservatives Are Dumb

Would we need to carry birth certificates to use a public restroom if Richard Floyd has his way?

I'm Fired Up -- He's Ready To Go!

How Pimps Use the Web to Sell Girls

Mitt is Rich, and He Pays < 15% on his Wealth. So, How Many Jobs Did He Create Last Year?

Hundreds of tacos sent to Connecticut mayor

I want to ungoogle myself online

Newt to Bob Dole "Why do people take such an instant dislike to me?"

WI John Doe Probe: What did Walker Know? When Did He Know It? - The Nation -- John Nichols

Who Writes the Watchmen?

The State of the 99 Percent

Cory Booker ...To Christie: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am’ If Civil Rights Were Put To A Popular Vote

President Obama with 5-year-old Madison - pics

How conservatives lie about government

President Obama in Las Vegas, NV - pics

Star-Ledger: On gay marriage in N.J., Gov. Chris Christie tries a political dodge

Out Airman Will help Raise Funds for HIV

Out Airman Will Raise Funds for HIV

I hate it when they overcook the human.

Whitewashing History in Arizona

Fired BP worker files whistleblower suit...

Israel presents the Palestinians with its stance on borders

Brewer claims Obama was the aggressor, felt "threatened" by him.

Ron Christy has all the charm and charisma of a dead trout

If you own cats this is so true about them......

OR-01: Ballot returns point toward likely victory for the Democrat.

Walker lead in Marquette poll not what it seems!

Author of book about avoiding taxes gets 5 years in prison!

Paul Rosenberg: Enshrining the Lies of the US' 1%

Rats! My best friend is having lunch with Stan Lee next week, and I can't make it.

I'm not sure I like Obama's call to "encourage" states to ban high school drop outs

Interrogating the NY Times' Anthony Shadid

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick Trashes Public Colleges, Then Stumps at One

Breaking: NBC's Michael Isikoff: Romney revising disclosure for overseas accounts

Niners shocker: Kyle Williams is Roger Craig's love child!!

PolitiFact You are Fired!....Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Procrastination at Insanely Cute Levels

State Of The Union Address Highlights The Dirty Trick Of Hiding More Draconian IP Rules In 'Trade

Dow and Monsanto Team Up On the Mother of All Herbicide Marketing Plans

Perry's poll numbers slip in Texas after presidential bid

Much Much More on Corbett's 3 year delay in arresting Sandusky, when Corbett was AG

Ann Arbor, MI: Students, others line up for tickets to Obama's speech

Ann Arbor, MI: Students, others line up for tickets to Obama's speech

Tweety is covering the Brewer diss

Caption Romney

Saul Alinsky...

Every dollar Mitt hid in the Caymans is a dollar denied to our vaunted military!!!

Go for it teabaggers. A "food stamp president" comment is what folks call a tell.

Fox News’s Attack On Obama For Using Air Force One Crashes And Burns

Ex-Ohio St, NFL quarterback, facing 10 years in prison, requests drug abuse counseling

Republican Mayor Contradicts Gov. Brewer’s Story On Obama Run-In

A Reich Wing FB Friend has Challenged that seniors do not have to eat cat food...

Quote of the day

Why is investment income taxed less than wages?

Newt Gingrich is a Saul Alinsky Republican

Mars Retro (in Virgo) from Jan 23 - April 14

Obama Birther Courtroom Update - good for a chuckle

Exclusive: Chevron to face criminal charges over Brazil spill

Another 'Midsomer Murders' season added to streaming

Fuck my life.

BofA Will Work w/ Wronged Homeowners - If They Delete Stuff on Twitter, Then Shut Up Forever

When to Say No. Make That "Hell, No!"

Battery maker Ener1, a DOE loan recipient, goes bankrupt

Was jan Brewer drunk?

I hate dumbasses that don't properly capitalize fIREHOSE

BREAKING: TransCanada’s Dirty Keystone XL Jobs Claims Draw Complaint To SEC

In 1966 the University of Alabama football team was undefeated

This photo is in desperate need of a caption

Romney revising disclosures for overseas accounts

I always feel like, Google's watching me.......

LePage: Renewable energy initiative a 'job killer'

JPMorgan CEO says foreclosure deal threatened ( by Obama Task Force)

FBI joins manhunt for carjacker who fatally shot good Samaritan

Gay marriage going to statewide vote for 2nd time (Maine)

Ignoring Fishy Horseplay Is Sexual Harassment

BREAKING: TransCanada’s Dirty Keystone XL Jobs Claims Draw Complaint To SEC

Video Shows Exactly How Full of Shit Rand Paul Was About Being ‘Detained’

I remember Jan Brewer smiling when Gabby Giffords was shot.

Families of Drivers Killed in Iraq Can't Sue KBR

How Swedes and Norwegians Broke the Power of the ‘1 Percent’

Corruption scandal shakes Vatican as internal letters leaked

Officially, I now live in a bathrobe & PJ's 19 out of 24 hours per day

yeah, right

Robert Hegyes, Epstein of ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ Fame, Dead at 60

NASA Releases High Definition Image Of Earth (PHOTO)

Judge Orders Arizona Candidate Struck From Ballot (for lacking English proficiency)

An "OH SNAP" from good ol' Henry Rollins.

Norwegian Air Orders 222 Boeing, Airbus Jets to Squeeze SAS

Are there any companies that you would consider it unethical to work for?

Repairing drywall is a dirty, nasty, messy, shitty job that I hate more than rap music during a

A military programme too big to fail

Congressional comity

DU is running an anti-Reid, anti-obamacare ad???

George Soros predicts riots, police state and class war for America

New drone has no pilot anywhere, so who's accountable? (Skynet now a reality)

Life as we know it has officially ended. Paula Deen was caught eating a cheeseburger!!

Seen on FB now: "Warren Buffett owes 1 billion in back taxes."

OWS Has Won - 'There Won't Be Any More Excuses For Blue Doggy Dems To Run Away From These Issues'

Robert Reich nails it again: Don't wish for a Newt nomination.

Tonight's Debate - time and network/link?

"Cured salted pork crafted as a nasal tampon ..."

Remember Carl Paladino, anyone?

Citizens United: Two Years Later (Sheldon Whitehouse)

I miss my favorite group...

"Nasal tampon" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "nasal tampon".

Congressman Barney Frank endorses Dennis Kucinich

Mitt Romney vows to start having affairs

PHOTO: When shoppers ask Home Depot employees "Where is MiddleFingerMom," they say "Try Aisle 15"

privacy and the dear DU departed

The next GOP Debate Reality Show will be (tonight) Thursday - January 26, 2012 - 8pm ET on CNN

R.I.P. Robert "Epstein on Welcome Back, Kotter" Hegyes, dead at 60

Derrick Rose didn't like (Pacers) celebration "I'll never forget how they celebrated just from winni

this pic captures them perfectly, don't you think?

Why All the Robo-Signing? Shining a Light on the Shadow Banking System

"So Rand Paul was 'detained' by the TSA, eh?"

Ecuador to Crack Down on Clinics That 'Cure' Gays

Bill the Cat.

Really, Really, Really Inoffensive Atheist Billboards

Barack Obama T-Shirt (Apparently) Blasted by Arizona Kids, from Cop Facebook Page

GOP Decision 2012

Janis, Jimi and Jim

Washington Gay Marriage Bill Clears Senate Committee

Will Wolf Blitzer let the dogs bark for Newt?

Polls: Romney Regains Lead in Florida.

Joe Madison on with Al Sharpton just said...

Wisconsin: Walker aide Rindfleisch was no novice; knew the laws and ignored them

Radical Theory Explains the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life, Challenges Conventional Wisdom

Rev. Al: "THEY put the deck on the table. If you pull a card, you're playing the race card."

Judge: Ron Paul Can’t Force Twitter, YouTube To Identify ‘Impostors’