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Some headline writer needs to watch the National Geographic Channel......

Jut in case there was any doubt..

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Attack Woman In Israeli Town

Gawker: Your Guide to Mitt Romney’s Obscene Tax Situation

I don't want to brag but look who just sent me an email

Gay groups angry Kansas anti-sodomy law remains on books

Poll Finds Voters Wary of Congressional GOP

Perfect VP candidate for Newt would be Cong. Joe Walsh.

FWIW, The SOTU will be a positive thing for the LGBT community

Roe v. Wade 39th Anniversary

George Soros on the Coming U.S. Class War

Political strategies forming over N.C. gay marriage amendment

Mittens just really, really does not get it......

Parents of 2 slain Ark. boys angered by Oscar nod for film about the murders, West Memphis 3

(Story update) Okla. hospital must return $500K to Garth Brooks

Armed man arrested near ex-Pres. Bush's home says he was 'contacted spiritually' to deliver package

Do the Romneys actually clip coupons?

Iraq Hits Out At Turkey As Ties Worsen

IMF's Lagarde: Greece's Default Not An Option

Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher: God made him sheriff to fight tyranny as an utimate enforcer

Child Health Plus (BCBS) no longer covering Ritalin.

The Day In 100 Seconds: Taxing Times

So which President will we see tonight?

Mayor Bloomberg Blasts Use Of Anti-Islam Movie During NYPD Training

Newt confuses 7-11 and 9/11

please tell me when the sotu is on..

How An Embargo Of Iranian Oil Could Affect Markets

Another Industry Talking Point Laid To Rest?

FReepers finally weigh in on the murdered cat. It's not pretty.

I'm just askin', how did it possibly happen that Mittens released his tax info on Obama's SOTU day?

Senate: Fact Sheet Responding to Republican “No Budget” Claims

Go ahead admit it you can't take your eyes off of repulsive Newt Gingrich

Student disciplined for unauthorized potty break

Sanctions dodge: India to pay gold for Iran oil, China may follow

Drone pilot finds “river of blood” outside Dallas meatpacking plant (w/pic)

Romney's "not in the 1%, he's in the .006%"

Julian Assange announces own talk show

FACTS: The State Of The Union (Since 2011 SOTU, 1.9 million private sector jobs created)

Large, beautiful dog sitting in back of truck, cold, pouring down rain.

Dog skull found in Siberia is 33,000 years old - and hints that man's best friend didn't come from o

John Fugelsang on TYT: "The SOTU will be a lot like Vietnam; a lot of Republicans won't show up."

Yes, ladies and gents, that 35% corporate tax comes out of your money as well.

Romney has a 15% tax rate on 1/4 billion, is pissing & moaning about "ever-expanding entitlements"

Mitt: 'Banks are people'. 'They feel the same things you do'.

So..which Republicans had better things to do tonight than to attend the SOTU?

BWAHAHAHA..Tweety just referred to Mittens and Newt as "dueling banjos."....n/t

Jon Hamm, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jon Cryer, Ian McKellan

Seismographs Going Crazy!

I honestly do hope WE DO NOT see Repugs Show disrepect for the President by shouting out things

Vote in DFA Grassroots All-stars poll now going on

I'm thinking the Republicans are going to act like a bunch of assholes tonight.

Cartoon - MSM and Govt. Pushing Internet Control.

Keith Olbermann is doing 3 hours tonight

Dear Mr. President, Go big or go home.

Japan logs first trade deficit since 1980

Cloudy? Too Far South? How to See the Aurora No Matter Where you Live

Carter Center Urges Israel to Release Palestinian Legislators

Europe has been building an Obama-style safety net for citizens called "The New Deal".

8 Years on Mars: Downloadable Rover Poster

(Conor Bright Eyes) Oberst: Don't block anti-bias law

My 87 year old mom is back in the hospital

Colombia neo-paramilitary groups 'have protection of the state': Think tank

Tonight's SOTU - is it possible President Obama is going to go after capital gains?

Remember that whistleblower banker exposing names of Swiss bank acct holders?

I am Alive (PC,PS3,X360)

SOTU speeches have made big news, been yawners, laced with lies. What do you think tonight's will be

The Middle Class: The Engine of Economic Growth - 16 reforms to grow the Middle Class

Where is the Republican debate tonight?

Watt steam engine do you use?

Tonight I believe....

Keith just announced POTUS will announce

Why Carried Interest Should Not Be Taxed at Capital Gains Rates - US News

"I killed Osama bin Laden, bitches. Obama out." From The Rude Pundit

Are there any phones made in the US?

Is there a moral law?

I'm going to take a swig of diet coke every time Obama says something we have already discussed on

Treasonous Bastard Tim Thomas Sucking Big Time Tonight...

Pop Quiz (no Googling allowed)

*** Biggest Political News of the Day ***

Flat heads

Newt's Crowd In Sarasota Chants "Kenya, Kenya"

Gay AF colonel invited to Obama address tonight

Column: In which I praise Mitt (but explain why I won’t vote for him)

SOPA? BAD, but the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement's been quietly ratified & is a bigger threat

WSJ: Megaupload's Dotcom Denied Bail

Lincecum, S.F. Giants agree to two years

OMG that Blue Dress that Michelle Obama has on!!!

Why is the Corporate Media billing the SOTU as a "political campaign speech"?

Omigod, the sunset tonight!

Colombia neo-paramilitary groups 'have protection of the state': Think tank


We got the country we deserve.

I sampled the greatest treat at work today: Chinese candied watermelon.

Romney has a Swiss Bank account--you pay Them to hold your millions

Imagine how low Romney's taxes COULD be if we'd just let kids go hungry for a change!

I have to say,

Name the event which has been most damaging to the US since 2000

What's up with all the Paula Deen haters? I've never watched her for more than...

A hard fighting miracle

A baby orangutan named Changi - pics

As predicted in December a 'Draft Daniels Campaign' has begun. (updated 25/1)

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Gabby Giffords looks great

What gorgeous smart women the Democrats have. Gabby Giffords, then Michelle Obama, Hillary

Steve King tweet from SOTU

Romney Sidesteps Tough Immigration Talk in Florida

Rasmussen and Gallup national; Gingrich 35/31 Romney 28/27

What if Iran is Telling the Truth?

Poll shows strong support for Jerry Brown's tax plan

Court prosecutor sides with Garzón in Franco-inquiry trial

Kucinich: Corporations can legally buy elections -He said this on the floor today.

Question: Was Romney taxed twice on his income as wingers claim?

Full Text: State of the Union

Grovelbot has lost a friend

Tom Toles - Nice (out of) work if you can get it.

Some said let the auto industry die

U.S. Air Force terminating Northrop unmanned plane

Conservatives Are Now Changing Their Tax Story Because Of Romney

What happened to John Kerry?

Eric Cantor looks really pissed.

Eric Cantor

*****SOTU OFFICIAL THREAD***** -- Thread 2

Help write the republican response to the SOTU

The Republicans are sitting on their ass while Obama

I'm @ Drinking Liberally in Philly... ...and the 20 of us all agree...

This poll in the Orlando Sentinel needs some DU lovin'

Did you see Boner of Orange look around before he gave a weak polite clap?

I'm Hearing Real Actions By The President On Jobs.....

Witstream is tweeting the SOTU

Obama cranks up populist pitch (The Hill)

Natural gas price rebounds from 10-year low

You can see the look on Boner's face...

Psychiatrist testifies on Hinckley's personality disorders

Obama loves fracking?? WTF? it's poisoning our water. we need protection from this. seriously wtf!

Citigroup sued for fraud over $1 billion of CDOs

Time to do Nation Building at home!

Unions split on Obama rejection of Keystone pipeline

is it just me or does Boner look more orange than usual?

Why does Geithner look constipated....

10 more minutes...

that joke was terrible :(

Obama: "I've approved fewer regulations than my REPUBLICAN predecessor did in first 3 years"



Did I just hear booing when Cordray got mentioned?

Obama gives in to Big-Agra. Allows them to poison the earth with milk.

K&R if you love offshore drilling and oil and gas drilling on public lands!

I'm flipping back and forth from MSNBC to CSPAN and on MSMBC I thought I saw

You know why Cantor looks like he ate a turd?

Standing with Wisconsin

Why won't he go after the banksters!!???!?

Eric Cantor looks really po'd

c'mon, c'mon. burn Mitt Romney and his 15% tax rate.


Texas Cancels Its Drone Program For Maintenance Issues

I'm very concerned about Obama's desire not to regulate so much.

Want to do something about the murdered cat? File an FCC complaint.

*****SOTU OFFICIAL THREAD***** -- Thread 3

Call it class warfare all you like

I disagree with Obama on taxes

Google news pairings for your reading pleasure.

President Obama mentions paying fair share of taxes and Boner's clappin' hands are paralyzed

Lawsuit Seeks Records From Toyota Investigation

US, UK and Germany: End settlement construction

Facebook on the fritz for anyone else?

The Republicans look like they've been force-fed a bag of lemons.

Jury sides with Muslim guard in harassment case

I'm bothered by President Obama's choice of words: 'shale-gas extraction'

"Send me a bill that bans insider trading from Congress"

Dems fear union cash drain in Wisconsin

Ruh Roh!

I am so glad that the President shot down the "envy" meme!


Time to invade Iran.

bug: jury duty lost the attached comment.


Now remember how bad it was when the chimp was in office?

Pine Warbler (and a titmouse with a prize)

Mel Gibson's face looks like it was sculpted by a sculptor who got a C- in sculpting class

Gawd I am enjoying the hell out of this!

Great ending.

Message from the President

President Obama's State of the Union address was like hitting three grand slam homers in one game

constitution does not require a rebuttal. why do repubs get one? hmmm nt

Now just think of Newt & Mitt & those bumbling muttering knuckleheads.

Jury decision notification not working (bug?)

OK is Ickyleaker giving the pukes' rebuttal?

Grade the speech. I'd give it an A+

I was just reminded to now turn my television OFF!

You all know me as a critic of this president. About that speech he just gave . . . .

Making us proud to be Americans again

A great speech, that left the Republicans crying like spoiled two year olds at bedtime.

unofficial I ain't watching the clown car follow up and talking head idiocy thread

Netanyahu: World must stop Iran from conducting second holocaust

So what is the MSM saying about the SOTU


Herman Cain to give teabagger response

The environmental portion of the State of the Union speech


STFU Mitch

Remember . . . Mitch Daniels is the favorite of a lot of repubicans for the shot at POTUS . . . .

Mitch Daniels just said that the state of the union is "grave."

NJ Senate Leaders Challenge Christie on Marriage Referendum

"Nearly half of all persons under 30 did not go to work today"

I heard a different speech than many here.

I'm glad Daniels in not running for POTUS.

Roseanne Coming Back to Primetime

A County of haves and soon to haves?

Freeper "Las Vegas Ron" on the SOTU: "I’d rather go out in the fromt yard and step in a..."

The speech STARTED with two big lies

Obama: Millionaires should pay at least 30 percent in taxes

If the GOP wasn't crazy, they would nominate Mitch Daniels...

For all you Physics majors...and others who love a challenge..

Does "republican politician" mean being mind-bendingly dull? Or, perhaps, malodorously offensive?

Trumka: Obama Showed He Hears People Not Heard by 1%


Did I just hear Mitch Daniels refer to "his (Obama's) DemocratIC Senate allies?"

Mitch Daniels sounds like Eeyore...

Martin Bashir gets in Joe(I owe child support)Walsh ass over his child support issue

david brooks on Daniels - "I'm crying on the inside that he is not running"

Chris matthews is a jerk

Remember all that stuff that you DIDN'T like from the President tonight?

"That was the best response I've heard to a State of the Union address! Quite impressive!"

The Evolution of Multicellular Life | Science News

Sen. Bernie Sanders Statement on State of the Union

how did Obama's plan re: bankers jibe with the agreement about to be signed?

Interesting polls from ABC/Yahoo on the State of the Union...

Cantor Sour Face

So Herman Cain is going to put on a minstrel show for the GOP

2nd round of chemo today

So was Daniels "Jindal-esque", "Ryan-esque", "Bachmann-esque" - or it's own creature?

DO. NOT. Pee in my Wheaties tonight.

Can someone find the post of LOLcats plotting revenge

Is Obama not the best looking President we've had in decades?

I have a good story

It may just be me but it sounded like there was a little slap to Reagan in the Republican response.

Just heard a small piece of the Republican rebuttle... GAWD they sound like spoil cry babies.

So the GOP gets two rebuttals tonight?

The media pundits

I saw a bit of Daniels on Keith's show. I heard, "Blah blah blah light bulbs blah blah blah."

Romney was double-taxed

Can we make proper spelling, grammar, and word use part of the Community Standards?

Brian Williams is HAMMERING Romney on his taxes.

Obama just bought most of the stuff on my shopping list

Can I ask a question?

It never hurts for the President to continue to mention income inequality

Airline passengers gain new rights today

Please grade Pres. Obama's SOTU Speech

I tried to cheer up GD tonight...

Seeing Obama tonight made me proud to call myself a Democrat

MSNBC's Matthews is a clueless dumbfuck about the insider trading

Brian Beutler, TPM: State Of The Union: Obama’s Point-By-Point Romney Refutation

Get the Black guy to deliver the gop response

That 'milk' line was real cute. Now, a few facts...

Pic Of The Moment: The State Of The Union Is Badass

One thing mentioned in the speech that will **never** happen . . . .

How Obama knows he won

Why I didn't listen...

State of the Union isn’t the hottest topic on Main Street Sarasota

What you should be thinking

SOTU Speech - Congress admits they're criminals ?

3 A.M. Tahrir Square, Cairo Egypt

State Bill Outlaws Use Of Fetuses In Food Industry

Repost because it was in the wrong forum: The GOP meme of the day is that Democrats are trying

President Obama Didn't Just Challenge Congress, He Threatened Them

President Obama Greets Gabrielle Giffords At 2012 State Of The Union

My Favorite State of the Union Pic

("There is something I know.") Pelosi On A Gingrich Presidency: "That Will Never Happen"

Watching Elizabeth Warren on The Daily Show - she is not doing well

{Fossilized remains of} Oldest dinosaur nest site found (BBC)

Sarah Ferguson, Chester-Uplands School District teacher on right now on Shultz on MSNBC

Flashback: Nixon paid almost no taxes

Obama's State Of The Union Wishlist

Consumer manufacturing overseas is depressing

Newt's Response to Obama’s SOTU: Tax Breaks for Spilled MILFS

The Democrats Facebook Page

So who's willing to tell President Obama "I got your back!"?

Ultimate Dog Tease

The more things change. . .

Obama’s State of the Union speech: Confrontation wrapped in Kumbaya

SOTU 2012 word cloud

US marine spared jail over deaths of unarmed Iraqis

Kucinich: Corporations can legally buy elections

Get your State of the Union word cloud right here!

Eric Cantor: possibly the creepiest fucker to ever inhabit Congress

Hmm. That dude seriously kicked wump in his address.

...but Mitt told Brian Williams that he actually paid 40%!

Judge tightens rules on Oakland police oversight

Ain't ya PROUD to be a Hoosier?

Romney's undesirable numbers, for peole white people making less than $50,000, have gone

Great idea for Mitt to release his tax returns today. True stroke of genius.

Vote for DFA Grassroots All-Stars

James Farentino Dead; Actor Dies Of Heart Failure At 73

Fundraising question?

Testimony against creation science bill

Clashes spread in Tibetan region in China

Obama put the Republicans in a box.

why did Cantor walk in with President

What part of yourself are you going to work on reclaiming in this new year? I going to try

Pain Capital: Jon Stewart Destroys Mitt Romney Over His Tax Returns - video

The Rise and Fall of Arlene Ackerman

A Drink and a Song to say goodnight to the Lounge with!

"When Mitt was in Florida, he was 200 miles from his money"

Cuba Rebuts International Criticism Over Prisoner's Death

Occupation of ITOCHU in SF in Support of Longview ILWU

took my husband for an intake meeting at the county mh office today

Longview ILWU Has Tentative Settlement With EGT Terminal

Report: Univ. of Wisconsin athletic official resigned over allegation of unwanted sexual contact

Football is for Democrats, baseball is for Republicans?

Cantor - real life version of LOTR's Wormtongue?

Caption this Romney Photo

DU these polls! (please)

Obama: No options off table on Iran nuclear program

SOTU: Schneiderman will co-chair mortgage probe (updated)

Watching Charlie Rose - debate wrap - Mark Halperin is quite the sad character....

Mediaite: Pain Capital: Jon Stewart Destroys Mitt Romney Over His Tax Returns (VIDEO)

Obama: ‘I Intend To Fight Obstruction With Action’ (SOTU Full Text & Full Video)

Herman Cain Blasts Obama In Tea Party SOTU Response, Praises Colbert - video

Woman mistakes boyfriend for burglar, kills him

I wonder if Newt and Mitt,deep down, realize they will never be elected...n/t

In State Of The Union, Obama Calls For Minimum 30 Percent Tax On Millionaires

Kerry Statement on State of the Union Address

The most ironic comment of the night goes to Rick Santorum...

QUESTION: What mental condition is it when a person OBVIOUSLY screws something up and doesnt see it?

Need a bit of help from religious folks here.

Good Obama moment: Abandons the myth that pre-2008 bankster crime can't be prosecuted!

I'd like to see the remaining GOP presidential contenders compete in a wet T-shirt contest next.

At this very moment, righties are crafting their spin against the President.

Capitalism Seen in Crisis by Investors Citing Wide Inequalities

I had lunch in a soul food restaurant today that was completely lacking in soul, and the food sucked

Quiet Revolutionary Wants Technology to Transform Libya

Township Cinderellas

Romney needs to release more years of returns (Swiss bank tax evasion)

Gingrich may boycott future debates if he's not allowed to get the clap from the audience

From the "Where Are They Now?" file...

Poll: How many republican members of your family say they are voting for President Obama in 2012?

Would Bain Capial buy a company with one year's tax return and an estimate?

American hostage in Somalia rescued by US Navy SEALs in overnight raid

Photo Barack Obama standing at the door of the House Chamber waiting to be introduced

More Prisoners than Stalin's Gulags- America's Slave Labor Prison system

Why Armchair Revolutionaries (and Conservatives) Hate Tibet

"Religious right hatemonger(s) (will) quote this woman every time they want to deny civil rights"

Toons: Annual Ritual, Year of the Dragon, Self-Deportation and More. - 1/24/12

Seven Things You Won’t Hear About Mitt Romney’s Economic Record in His Speech Today

Focus group suggests State of the Union speech was well-received

2012 State Of The Union Highlights

Thank you Occupy!

Romney: Obama swiped my ideas for State of the Union

The 'schoolboys' have no real authority

Transcript of the GOP response to President Obama's State of the Union remarks

a biggest surprised poll from

Jury sides with Muslim guard in harassment case

"It’s time to apply the same rules from top to bottom: No bailouts, no handouts, and no copouts."

Merle Haggard back in hospital for more treatment

Some thoughts on foreign graduate student citizenship

Change Happened

Elizabeth Warren: The People's Pledge

BREAKING: Wall Street investigation launched

Iraqi town says justice failed victims of US raid

Very Cool, Online CSS3 Button Maker Tool

Web Nerd Alert: Very Cool, Online CSS3 Button Maker Tool

Women journalists terrorized, peasant spokesman gunned down in Aguán

Women journalists terrorized, peasant spokesman gunned down in Aguán

right-wing catholic leader and Ron Paul supporter: "You're first a Catholic, and an American second"

Wife of alleged CIA leaker resigns from agency

Democrats Flee an Indiana Vote on Union Bill

David Cameron calls for reform of European court of human rights

Should juries factor TOS violations?

Listening To The After SOTU Speech Analysis On Both MSNBC & CNN.....

So Was The Term "Prebuttal" Coined Specifically For This SOTU Address?.......

And I didn't even know Vladimir Putin was a Republican!

11 additional CIA OIG reports on torture and abuse from ACLU FOIA.

SEAL Team rescues American and Danish hostage in Somalia Tuesday night

Is the report about joint military-LAPD exercises in downtown LA true?

Anyone else notice how frail Justice Ginsbourgh looked at the SOTU?

Romney Collects More In Donations From The Five Biggest Banks Than All Other Candidates Combined

2012 State of the Union & GOP Rebuttal world clouds: (side-by-side)

"And We Know How To Fix It".........

Martin Bashir's Interview With Scoundrel & 'Dead-Beat Dad' Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL)

Trumka: Obama Showed He Hears People Not Heard by 1%

Romney: Obama swiped my ideas for State of the Union

"You Can’t Make This Up: Rick Santorum Launches C.U.M."

What Romney's Tax Returns Say About Him

The Lost in Space robot (well, his voice, anyway) is dead.

Interview w/Terrell Owens: "Love Me, Hate Me, Just Don't Ignore Me"

This is a problem that a one-time windfall profits tax will solve...

Concordia's invisible US owner branded 'a disgrace

Do you want to learn how to Boogie?

AP IMPACT: Delhi ignores own quake peril warnings

Romney required a name change: from LBO to "Private (Non-)Equity" firm (audio)

Robert Fisk: We've been here before – and it suits Israel that we never forget 'Nuclear Iran'

Happy Anniversary Egyptians

How many times did you weep at the SOTU address?

Mitt Romney’s State of the Union Challenge on the Mortgage Crisis

European-style welfare states are lovely!

Sea Shepherd Chases the Japanese Whalers into Yesterday

Obama began speech asking the nation to imagine

Navy SEALs Free American and Danish Hostages Held in Somalia

Newt releases last 10 years of his Valentine’s Day cards sent to Callista.

White House Petiton to End Support for ACTA

No, the Fed Does NOT ‘Print Money’: Just Explain It By Aaron Task

Sources: Raiders to hire Dennis Allen

Costa Captain claims island 'flyby' was ordered

Yucky chocolates. What is the point?

Job bias claims at record level

Support for Amnesty International. . (pretty cool)

Recap of STOU -- Bill Press -- Homerun! (AUDIO)

Is it possible to be a good Democrat while also owning any type of cell phone or computer?

NJ gov Chris Christie says he'd veto gay marriage bill

Gingrinch: flawed past makes him "more normal" than those "seeming perfect".

Obama Choice To Lead New Mortgage Abuse Unit Fought Admin. Over Proposed Settlement Deal With Banks

Paula Deen ate my teenage daughter By Mark Morford

Lawmakers politely take beating during Obama's combative address

Aww. I think Eric just needs a hug.

President Obama Embraced a Miracle Last Night

Buffett aide had time in spotlight (guest of first lady Michelle Obama and had a box seat)

Activists: Syrian troops shell central city

Newt Gingrich may find he’s unable to debate his way to the Oval Office

"In fact, if anything, the tax system is unfairly balanced against me."

Unions to run ads after Gov. Daniels’s State of the Union response

Mosquita y Mari’s Path to Sundance

Message to Pirates: Go easy on the qat.

IF, the republican pull a candidate switch and go with Jeb - here is a bumper sticker idea

Morning Joe

Kornacki via Salon: Obama’s 99 percent speech

Julian Assange: The Rolling Stone Interview

Frying Food ‘Doesn't Increase Heart Disease Risks' Claims Study

Rich Lowry's "Gun Controller" Straw Man

Beutler via TPM: Three Key Questions Raised By Romney’s Tax Revelations

Ron Paul campaign website advertises Protocols of Elders of Zion

Romney's offshore accounts explode the "job creator" myth

ABC and the CW order 'Beauty and the Beast' pilots

'If you’re a business that wants to outsource jobs, you shouldn’t get a tax deduction for doing it.'

Gun target stickers found at Mo. Capitol offices

One Hungry Little Mouse!

John Lott Uses Distorted Anecdotes To Push For "Dangerous" Gun Laws

Russia to keep blocking UN sanctions on Syria

Man's best friend for 30,000 years: Canine skulls discovered in two separate digs reveals historic r

Sam Stein: Obama to Announce Mortgage Crisis Unit Chaired By New York Attorney General Schneiderman

Who Says American Manufacturing is Dead? Behold, Your #1 Growth Industry!

Commandeer in Chief!

How Gingrich Feeds the Fears of White Conservatives -- and Why That May Win Him the GOP Nomination

The President did not say the Iraq war made the world safer

AT&T's now using foreign support

The president talked a lot last night about gas

Will the Young Rise Up and Fight Their Indentured Servitude to the Student Loan Industry?

"We will always be a nation of 'haves' and 'soon to haves'." Mitch Daniels' incoherent response.

Patients May Die When Doctors Moonlight as Big Pharma's "Key Opinion Leaders"

The line that ensures Mitch Daniels will never be President:

President Obama - President Bartlett and President Palmer rolled into one...

As Romney Releases Tax Returns, Former Senate Investigator: We've Got To Tax Corporations

U.S. CO2 Emissions to Stay Below 2005 Levels as Coal Use Shrinks

Martin Bashir of MSNBC vs Joe Walsh (R Ill) Bashir Hits It Out Of The Ballpark

So would this be considered Brain washing? NYPD played Anti-Muslim movie on loop to Cobra unit.

U.S. Navy SEALs Rescue Pirates Hostages

Jim Hightower: By Axing Public Parks, Politicos Are Stealing the People's Property

Euro zone must act before IMF gets new funds - Cameron

On Infrastructure, Hopes for Progress This Year Look Glum

On Infrastructure, Hopes for Progress This Year Look Glum

January 25th: One Year Since the Occupation of Tahrir Square Began

The Anti-Lady Laws of 2012

Need Help on Taxing the Rich Question

Breach of new EU online data rules to carry high fines

"A New Sustainable City Rises In Bangladesh"

Another Florida poll its tight

Toon- "Oh, eventually I'll get around to telling my Superior..."

Dana Point homeowner fatally shoots burglar in house

On the Fast Track......World's Busiest rapid transit (rail) systems

"Jack Lew – said by those who know to be a skilled and principled public servant – ran hedge funds"

America Has Become the World's Arms Dealer -- But at What Cost to Ourselves and the World?

They come to get her weapons cache...not her cats.

The mega-rich and elites are gathering in Davos

So what was going on yesterday?

Santorum Tells A Mother Her Gay Son Is Engaging In Unhealthy Activity That Govt Should Not ‘Promote’

Obama Supports Fracking to Create 600,000 Jobs, Vows Safe Drilling for Gas

'We’ve subsidized oil companies for a century. That’s long enough.'

Frack, Baby, Frack !!!

Even without Hormuz blockade, Iran has options

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-SOTU and the GOP

Runaway Salmon Stir Conservation Worries

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Newt the super PAC-man

EXCLUSIVE: Romney Profited From Mortgage Lenders Foreclosing On Thousands Of Floridians

In Mackerel's Plunder, Hints of Epic Fish Collapse

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-Tough to be a multi-millionaire

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Rand, SOPA and the rest

Syrian foreign minister says that “half the universe” was conspiring against his country...


Just watched the State of the Union speech;

O’Malley says marriage bill brings dignity, religious freedom

UK economic slump now worse than the 1930s

North Carolina anti-marriage equality group has already begun lying

Cuban calls NBA players in Olympics “epitome of stupidity”

2nd contract with Freddie Mac shows Gingrich firm earned $25,000 a month to work with lobbyist

"Where have you been these last three years, Mr. President? Welcome back"

"Activists applaud announcement of new investigation unit"


Two weeks ago I picked Alabama Shakes as the Album of the Day. Guess What...

No network was interested in airing Herman Cain's 7-minute teabagger response last night

Newt to Pelosi - 'Put up or shut up...bring it on'

Romney talks housing, ends up defending banks

Two Sides of the DREAM

Great! The ACTA Propaganda train is coming! Good thing we're not fooled by it!

Same speech, different year

You Deserve What You Vote For

Angela Merkel casts doubt on saving Greece from financial meltdown

NASA Debunks Life on Venus Claim

Opportunity's Eighth Anniversary View From 'Greeley Haven'

DU Album of the Day: The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

Romney Wants to Know Pelosi's Secret

Newt slams Romney's 'world of Swiss bank accounts'

Joyce Foundation grants regarding gun control

How do we go about rating teachers and schools? -

massive Syrian flag in Tahrir

Focus group: President Obama Scores With Middle Class Message

Drumbeat: January 25, 2012

Drumbeat: January 25, 2012

State of the Union Thoughts in Almost Zero Words

Closest Dione Flyby

Huge assault overnight in Syrian city

This is shallow but: how stunning did Michelle Obama look last night?

Hey, jobs are fungible

Obama Risks Alienating Republicans By Using Facts

Can someone please refer me to a video that has a Republican storming off camera

Wildlife of the Thames estuary thrives - thanks to European protectors

If capital gains are double taxation as conservatives assert

Some perspective on the state of the union. From the Treasury Department.

Luckovich nails Mitt on his 13.9% effective tax rate

WV mail=PonyExpress

Feds Describe Heartless 'Return a Pet' Scam

Please DU this AZ Poll

New Astros owner mulls name change

Asset Recovery Service Claims Insurers Owe State $524 Million (Met Life/Prudential)

Gabby Gifford resigning now..Pelosi paying tribute

It's outrageous: "Obama Risks Alienating Republicans By Using Facts" Andy Borowitz' opionion

New Poll: Obama Still Running Strong Among Latino Voters

New York Times Editiorial: A Wisconsin Judge's Refusal to Recuse

Transcript, Republican Response

Gabrielle Giffords

Class Claims EBay Ad Program Flopped

Anyone been to Smoky Mtn National Park?

Obama Should NOT Use Social Security & Medicare as Bargaining Chips

UAE to clear $545 million debt of thousands of citizens

The 1% con game in Mitch Daniels' speech

Here's how the rich REALLY create jobs. Romney pays $20K to his 4 maids - combined

Cuba condemns U.S. radioelectronic aggression

Could Mitt Romney get any more unlucky?

Police drag Occupy activists from Santorum event

I guess Lamar Smith's neighbors are even against SOPA

Americans Certify Second Amendment, Divided Over Gun Laws

Obama: "Good job tonight. Good job tonight."

Colbert: ‘Gingrich would totally win a wet t-shirt contest’

EXCLUSIVE: Romney Profited From Mortgage Lenders Foreclosing On Thousands Of Floridians

Marine Convicted In Haditha Massacre Gets No Jail Time

Some Socialist marxist jokes

New Gingrich Is a Master Magician of the Dark Arts: His Blathering Can Explode a Sane Person's Brain

**Gets out her Staple Gun and Posts a sign on the Wall** NEW DU RULES......

CNN Now...Gabby Giffords resignation

Occupy Davos: Attendees Confront a New Wave of Anger

Well, he can take Some Tacos And Shove Them Up His Stinking Ass!!!!!

Mitt Romney Income Generator: How long would it take Mittens to earn what you make in a year?

Nine year old boy honored for saving younger brother, age 2, with Heimlich maneuver

Fortune teller accused of fraud

Rommneys 13.9% Tax rate thing is HITTING HOME! I pray the DNC will do SOMETHNG with it

Michele Bachmann says to seek 4th term in Congress after failed presidential bid

John Boehner looks like he is ready to cry at the emotional departure of Giffords.

Has your home lost value? Do you think that banks are "just as scared as you?"

'What the Heck Was That All About?'

malawi president: women should be free to wear what they want

malawi president: women should be free to wear what they want

Energy Efficient Windows Destroying Property

"I was a little surprised that the Speaker didn't use the opportunity to say a few words..."

Delusional Romney calls Obama "detached From reality"

President Obama To Expand Investigations Into the Abusive Lending and Packaging of Risky Mortgages

Ind. Dems ponder return in right-to-work battle

Apple tops Exxon as most valuable U.S. company (and in the world)

Gabby Giffords and an Ominous Development in Missouri

Here is what really bothers me about Romney.

Why Natural Gas is a Bridge to Nowhere

... And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?

Obama's State of the Union Plays to His Base -- But Not Everything Was Worth Cheering

A few pics for the pets

Maurice Sendak interviewed by Colbert

Marco Rubio's aide resigns, accused of rolling wife up in rug and beating her

American Hostage Rescued in Overnight Somalia Raid

Imprisoned Megaupload founder loses ‘Call of Duty’ crown

Obama's 'bad milk' joke

angelina jolie makes a movie about war and rape

angelina jolie makes a movie about war and rape

Pelosi is playing Mittens and Gingrich like a drum

Pork, the surprise remedy for a nosebleed

If we had rescued two US hostages during a Bush SOTU...

How The 2012 Conventions Will Leave A Permanent Surveillance And Security Footprint In Host Cities

MAKE NO MISTAKE-Without OWS-We Would've Heard A VERY Different State Of The Union Speech Last Night!

Moving to Portland

House Judiciary Committee Tackles Eminent Domain

Krugman: When Facts Aren’t Facts (Politifact is at it again - updated)

GOP policies Prohibit Job Growth for Political Gain in 2012 Elections

TPM: Polls show independent voters rejecting Romney

London 2012: Tents banned from Games venues

Kerry's comments on the SOTU

Open this to see a picture of an increasingly desperate candidate who is losing control

Please vote on this State of the Union Poll.

Lawsuit Claims Former BP Employee Was Fired For Refusing To Skew Clean-Up Data

NH bill would allow discrimination based on .. you guessed it.

Newt slams Romney for living "in a world of Swiss bank accounts...making $20 million for no work."

Exclusive: Senate investigating HSBC for money laundering

Excalibur star Nicol Williamson dies in penury

I am fine with eliminating double-taxation of dividends

PSL: World Bank orders Venezuela to pay ExxonMobil $907 million

Republicans have said this country works best when government gets out of the way ...

Robert Reich: Who is Sheldon Adelson and What Has Newt Promised Him?

If Newt wins Florida Romney will go into panic mode!`

IMF: halt in Iran oil could push crude up 30 percent

What Kind of Christianity Is This?

Apple, MS, Nike founded when top tax rate more than twice as high as now. And by the 99%.

Judges Weigh HIV-Infected Man's Fight To Get Job

Davos 2012 LIVE 183 watchers

Gabrielle Giffords Resignation: Congresswoman Officially Leaves House Of Representatives

Hedge fund vultures circling Greece

Zero % tax rate on capital gains will create middle class jobs.....

Another talk-radio talking point demolished -- Akerson: GM not told by U.S. to develop Volt

Mr. Alan Grayson.

I'm waiting for Lukovich or another

Tiny Rant.

Most Amazing Highest Resolution Image of Earth Ever

After OWS, U.S. Drops in Press Freedom Rankings

TYT: Santorum on Opposing Abortion After Rape - 'Make The Best Of It'

Amsterdam elephant gets contact lens - w/pic

Evaluating the existing firearm ordinance in Oak Park

Elizabeth Warren Films 'It Gets Better' Video

Most Amazing High Definition Image of Earth - Blue Marble 2012

The crash and burn of drone warfare

The cool thing about jury duty.

My boss "watched a few minutes" of the SOTU

The truth about French school lunches

"Diminished Capacity" Cute little indie film

Mayor (R) says he might go home and eat tacos in response to civil rights violations

Screen Shot: A Fox News "fact check" that NEVER happened during 8 years of Bush-Cheney

Do people even pay attention to 'No Solicitation' signs anymore?

So ... according to the tax records ... Mitt gave 3 million dollars to charity ...

Has anyone been a member of

The World’s First Carphone

'Heard a blabber say that the miniumum wage in U.S. was created by racists to

First convictions from Fast and Furious gun probe

Old beer unearths royal failure

WI Poll: Walker leads 6-10 points in recall election; Obama leads by 8 over Romney

Pak-US ties on fresh terms

I don't care what you say - I loved "Seinfeld" What's your favorite episodes

Kitty needs a caption - pics

Rasmussen: National Poll: Gingrich 35%, Romney 28%, Santorum 16%, Paul 10%:

How To: Escape Google, Once and For All

Gallup: another day of collapse for Romney now Gingrich 31 (+3) Romney 27 (-2)

Ben Jealous (NAACP) wants your stories on how the economic crisis has affected you/loved ones

Canadian resident sentenced to death for writing a computer program

Early this morning I heard on the radio that Branstad was going to Cedar Rapids to be present

Corbett projected that state revenues would come in faster, so he could then say they are slow

Informal poll: Do you still listen to vinyl records?

OMG I found a new Romney Organization

Anyone know what Alan Alda's like in real life?

UM Romney...President Obama can't make legislation

Barack Obama hits out at outsourcing with a call to bring jobs back home

Eric Abidal gave his Rolex to a kid with cancer

Infosys (Indian IT Co) says US investigating B1 visa sponsorships

Mitch McConnell always looks he's just seen his parents doing the nasty.

Carli Lloyd got her hat-trick on for the USWNT v. MEX - Friday is the big day

are eggs ok for dogs?

A toon seen on Facebook...

Happy Robbie Burns day!

Newt Gingrich ~~ 2012 GOP Repuke POTUS Nominee

The Pathology of Inequality

Let's Be Clear, Ron Paul F'ing Sucks. Here Are 20 Reasons Why

Historian or Lobbyist?

Forced Sterilization for Transgender People in Sweden

Happy St. Dwynwen's Day! (Welsh Valentine's Day)

More Criticism for Mitch Daniels

Forced Sterilization for Transgender People in Sweden

Mayor answers how he'll help latinos, "I might have tacos when I go home"

LGBTQ organization protests bowl game

Starbucks supports gay marriage legislation

Caption this Romney "shoe shine/private screening" pic

My cynicism has been confirmed.

Presidential Priority

TYT: CIA Agent Charged With Espionage Act by Justice Department

EXCLUSIVE: Romney Profited From Mortgage Lenders Foreclosing On Thousands Of Floridians

Town mayor on what he's doing for doing for Latinos: 'I Might Have Tacos' For Dinner

Fed says no rate hikes until at least late 2014

Why I changed my home page TODAY from to :

High School Paper's Next Lesson in Court

The Rude Pundit: The State of the Union Is "Can We Just Start the Campaign Already?" ...

The SOTU: did I hear dead silence when Obama called for a bill


Serious Pimp Accuses 'Jersey Shore' Star of Walking With $25,000

Mayor Blasted for 'Taco' Quip about Latinos

The 2013 SOTU speech, if given by one of the rethug candidates

Elizabeth Warren

More unbelievable non FOX coverage "Nothing to see here" part duex

Banks are friends. They feel your pain.


Israel-Palestinian exploratory talks 'over'

Mitch Daniels' SOTU Response: Give Me Another Chance to Wreck the Budget

Thom Hartmann: The Real State of the Union

After scolding by Rubio, Newt pulls immigrant ad

Eric Schneiderman promises aggressive financial fraud probe

Three charged in poaching of rare Venus flytrap plants

"Newt Gingrich is not part of the right wing lunatic fringe" (an actual quote)

Fed says no rate hikes until at least late 2014

Better Living Through Permaculture -- New Year 2012 Front Yard Swale Project

Obama LIVE in Iowa on right now (and has been for about 10 min but I didn't see any posts)

Better Living Through Permaculture -- New Year 2012 Front Yard Swale Project

Thom Hartmann opined that maybe if Eliot Spitzer had been allowed to continue his

What the Adelsons will want for their money

Nancy Pelosi may destroy the entire GOP with a single wave of her wand

Pakistan Leader Softens Criticism of Army and Spy Agency

Border Patrol says illegal crossers boarded plane

Meatloaf experiment

President to Offer Way for Easing Home Debt

Scott Walker LEADS all democrats who are thinking of running against him

Hunger Is a ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’

Govs of 12 states have signed proclamations recognizing Jan 22-28 as Natl School choice week

Soros: Austerity fomenting Europe tensions

Aborted human fetuses in food??

Campaign 2012 Has Begun!

Thom Hartmann: Mitt's tax can run, but you can't hide

Mitt Romney wants you to know that banks are 'feeling the same thing that you're feeling'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's TV show to be aired on Russian channel (RT)

Injecting sulfate particles into stratosphere won’t fully offset climate change

A philosopher's question: What is Europe?

First it was the Snow Plow, then the Video Camera---Now---the scoreboard.

Jon Stewart Destroys Mitt Romney Over His Tax Returns

Destitution ... it's not just for the poor anymore.

Romney tells worried voters they are going to lose their houses (Not joking)

Elizabeth Warren & Jon Stewart full interview 1/24/2012

Guy Catches Boy That Falls 15 Feet Off An Escalator

If superpacs dont coordinate with candidates then why this?

poll asking if the Pres's proposals would help the middle class

Geez, I thought I went a long time without sex. This makes me feel normal....

School Food from a food school

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll (national): Gingrich 31, Romney 28

Elizabeth Warren

Grafted watermelon plants take in more pesticides

Newsnight on 'responsible capitalism', Prof Eric Hobsbawm {must see}

Thom Hartmann predicts that Romney's 2009 tax return might very well show ZERO taxes paid.

I just finished reading "North River" by Pete Hamill.

Christian WHAT??!!??

Demand That John Boehner Be Expelled Or Resign For Keystone XL Scandal

Proposed bill would allow same-sex, live-in couples to adopt in Utah

McCain Decries Citizens United And Adelson Campaign Donations

No Arab Spring without women

OK, I really want to know what's behind this door.......

Man spends 2 years in solitary after DWI arrest

State of the Union gets high marks from Ohio voters, says poll

Some thoughts on appropriate liberal attitudes to Obama

"East Haven Mayor: 'I Might Have Tacos' For Dinner"

Check out this YouTUbe of Obama hugging GG. Let the ad play. LOL!!

"I will recover and will return" --- Gabrielle Giffords resigns from Congress

Seamus! A voters best friend.

Sniper kitty has grown up and has a new toy!

When does "election season" start? It is time to stop the very ANTI-Obama crap

Vote Vets Org has a petition to demand Romney release ALL his returns --


Am I a telephone luddite?

The Speech has reached the American People!! CBS Poll about the speech

Dystopia: Corporate Rule Breeding 'Global Class War'

I have a theory about a republican evolution of thought regarding a possible newtie nomination.

Mitt Romney's Maids' Salary Raises Questions

Curious about this alert on my post...

Parklawn Elementary School students have lunch with First Lady Michelle Obama - pics

OMG OMG i was on a jury

How long would it take Mitt Romney to earn what you make in a year?

State of Our Food and Water: President Obama’s Energy Plan Trades Water for Energy

Dang, Yahoo is still down.

Politicians side with gas companies, ignore science on shale gas drilling. Drinking water threatened

WSJ: "The GOP Deserves to Lose-That's what happens when you run with losers."

Trying to get rid of an old TV set

We are going to "buy" America back!!

For old times sake. Oh Mittens what a doofus.

Former White House candidate Bachmann to seek Congress

How the Rich Subverted the Legal System and Occupy Wall Street Swept the Land

Barack Obama and Steve Jobs argued over outsourcing

I love Barney.

Important Announcement by Pinal County Dems re Candidate for Sheriff

Obama's energy love fest

NEWT's 1993 "Edited Remarks": Black's/Latino's Aren't as Smart As Asians

‘I’m The Chairman!’ Congressmen Brawl Over Subpoenaing Koch Brothers To Testify On Keystone Pipeline

Thom Hartmann: Indiana...The ''Right to Work for Less'' State

Still waiting on tort reform savings

"An America Built To Last"

Bill Gates (Joins Buffet): I don't pay enough tax

Mayor of East Haven, CT responds to how to help race problems in town with "I might have tacos"

Billionaire Bill Gates-Joins Buffet - Calls For Increasing Taxes On The Rich: ‘That’s Just Justice’

Detroit Metro Times: How to gently debate pot with your bigmouth brother-in-law

Fidel Castro: GOP race "the greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever been”

Pres Obama "Transformed" my Frothing at the Mouth Tea Party friend

Summer Stock Gene Kelly

Cool Tool: "Mitt’s Income vs. Your Income" Calculator

"Without sex" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "without sex".

I don't think SC is as excited about Newt as his primary win might indicate.

Absolutely Horrifying: Conan O’Brien And Andy Richter Dress Up As Newt And Calista Gingrich

Flashback: The Iraq war is over.

Automated first results for typing each letter of alphabet, singly, into google.

love me some puppets...

What strange weather today

Non-EU Norway 'almost as integrated in union as UK'

There's very good odds that Newt Gingrich will be the Republican nominee.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Reads Gabrielle Giffords’ Resignation Letter

Political Indecision And Fuel Shortage in Afghanistan

2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

xlnt screen grab!!!

CSU trustees cap new presidents' salaries at $325K

Iranian lawmakers to take up bill banning oil sales to Europe in retaliation for embargo

9 Things The Rich Don't Want You To Know About Taxes

What Would You Like To Ask President Obama?

NASA's 'Most Amazing' High Def Image Of Earth So Far

In Shift, Police Say Leader Helped With Anti-Islam Film and Now Regrets It

Santorum on Abstinence

Latest trailer for Iron Sky

President Obama in Iowa: “We’ve Come Too Far To Turn Back Now”

Bachmann is Back

Tax Lawyer: Romney paid no capital gains tax in 2009.

NH Republicans Seek Passage Of Bill Allowing Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples

BoBo's tears

"Doing the nasty" is the bonus phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "doing the nasty".

TV Ad Says Gingrich Exaggerates His Ties to Reagan(Clown Car Infighting)

Thom Hartmann says Obama's Military Green Energy strategy brilliant

NASA Releases Amazing High Def Picture Of Earth

Hey everyone

Waxman: “Are you calling the Koch brothers during the recess?”

3 years after US accident, boat washes up in Spain

Santorum may stop campaigning for Florida.

NPR and Romney's tax rate

Anti-human trafficking bill in Indiana could use some support.

So, this youtube video of all the military videos on the train, down near Santa Cruz...

This is tough to watch - Family mourns teen killed in tornado

New Israeli search method at West Bank checkpoint worries Palestinians

Could Creationism Help Bring an End to Global Warming?

Senate Democrats Plan To Put Republicans On The Wrong Side Of The Middle Class

CNN Poll: Romney 36% Gingrich 34% (but Grinch voters more committed to him than Romney's)

Fred Thompson endorsed Gingrich for wifeswapping skills

Speculation about Romney's tax returns...

Beau Biden: The biggest banks don't believe we have the guts to pursue these fraud allegations.

"Some rich assholes need to go to jail."

Looking ahead to MN GOP (2/7) caucus--Newt holds a 2-1 lead over Mittens

I sure love being able to post videos here!

Greenwald: Western justice and transparency

DNC Video: "An Ordinary Swiss Account"

State of the Union gets high marks from Ohio voters, says poll

Giffords Ends Congressional Career With Unanimous Vote to Pass Border Bill (408-0)

Reporters Without Borders: U.S. 47th in world press freedom index. Fell 27 pts.

Deciding Where to Send His Money on Vacation?

How government deficits favor the wealthy.

Who likes tacos?

Senate Democrats Plan To Put Republicans On The Wrong Side Of The Middle Class

Who likes wacos?

Romney Income Calculator: Mitt’s Income vs. Your Income

Sorry, Rep Whitfield….but you are a liar.

Ann Romney taxes

Indiana Democratic leader prepped for right-to-work vote

Five Facts And One Big Lie: A Closer Look At The Oil Lobby's Keystone XL Jobs Claims

ACLU: Google's New Privacy Policy

UPDATE: Indiana House passes right to work bill

Red Crescent official shot dead in Syria

BREAKING - Tim Geithner Won't Stay On If Obama Wins Second Term: Report

Fox News Humiliates Itself With False Zombie Voter Claims

How Do You Want It Ft Christina Aguilera

Who likes bacos

Paul Krugman: the stages of inequality rationalization (and their demolition)

Didja ever notice in movies:

Andrew Sullivan changes his mind about the State of the Union

Weird warning - get rid of line 396!

Report: Geithner won't stay on if Obama is reelected.

Red Lights Newest 'Precrime' Technique

Who likes deco?

delete, dupe

What the hell is this?

something is wrong on DU

What just happened?

Geithner: Unlikely to be asked to stay if Obama wins

Statement by President Obama on Successful Hostage Rescue

Senator Reid Responds to State of the Union Address

Former President of Congress accepted AUC money: Ex-paramilitary (Colombian death squad)

Got some flaxseed today - does this really keep dogs from shedding?

Former President of Congress accepted AUC money: Ex-paramilitary (Colombian death squad)

Ya' lazy bastids! Mitt has aready made @ $37,000 today

Q. Who would Ron Paul and his supporters be the most likely to throw their support behind?

U.N. moves offices back to Somalia

Philippines may allow greater U.S. presence in latest reaction to China’s rise

Billionaire Bill Gates Calls For Increasing Taxes On The Rich: ‘That’s Just Justice’

Hello Debunkers!


Congressman Braley (D-IA) Sponsors Student Loan Bill

Now Mitt Romney claims he actually pays a 50% tax rate

Post WW2 photos. From the Atlantic Magazine

Despite conservative image, Israel becomes one of world’s top destinations for gay tourists

Who likes baños?

Senate Democrats Plan To Put Republicans On The Wrong Side Of The Middle Class

What Have We Learned in the Past 13 Years?

Angela Merkel casts doubt on saving Greece from financial meltdown

What's the DU consensus on being absolutely silent while a baby sleeps during the day?

Independent Scottish parliament by May 2016 targeted by Alex Salmond

At last, a solution to the Marlins' chronic attendance woes

Who likes Bana?

Is the belief that Texas is warmer than Alaska innate or a product of social conditioning?

The Alarming Outlook for Urban Water Scarcity

Very High Marks for Obama's Speech

With reelection prospects dimming, Sarkozy warns his career is 'at the end'

Newt's Revenge!

President Obama in Detroit Tomorrow?

Aurora Borealis Time Lapse

Jon Stewart To Romney: How Do You Justify Making $57,000 A Day?

Newt Pledges Moon Base

Ex-Green Beret from NC dies in Mexico; ran private Afghan jail, tortured terror suspects

If you could pick the next Supreme Court nominee, who would it be?

There's already a financial fraud task force

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 26 January 2012

Australian politician steals speech from "The American President"

What the fuck has Obama done so far?

Flick fighters. Post a pic of a fighter in a flick.

Wisconsin: Judge grants GAB request for longer recall verification period

Gabby's courage, strength, and optimism

Disclose Act: Super PAC Transparency Legislation To Be Introduced By House Democrats

How many juries have you served on?

DUers in Texas/ Louisiana affected by the storms, flashflooding & Tornado warnings/watch - You OK?

I am watching Cowboys and Aliens-ask me anything.

Ralph Shortey, Oklahoma State Senator, Introduces Bill Banning Aborted Fetuses In Food

Obama created more jobs than Steve Jobs' Apple

The CBS poll everyone (not just here) is posting with 91% SOTU approval is from last year.

solving the greek financial crisis

Gingrich Campaign Admits Gingrich Wrong on Debate Claim.

One Thing about this coming election I will do

Site change request - remember last page after login

So... It looks like Indiana is the next "Right to work" State

Ann Romney has MS.

Desperate Housewives

Pedal to the metal is the new normal

Turn on Sharpton right fugging now

North Carolina Death Row Inmate Writes Letter About Life of 'Leisure'

never mind, I'm not sure about this

How To Diffuse The "Class Warfare" Talking Point With Your Repug Friends......

Charlie Rose's coverage of the SOTUS begins with Mitch Daniels' obscene act

Huelskamp is a scumbag. Get him Rev. Al

Unable to add comments during jury duty.

President Obama makes a phone call immediately following his State of the Union Address - pic

Americans protest fracking as Obama cheers for it

I agreed to serve on a jury, but then the page disappeared on me. Meaning??

Where are you Lucinda?

Charlie Rose's coverage of the SOTUS begins with Mitch Daniels' obscene act

it rained today. hard

CDC Sheds Light on the Cause of the Epidemic Illness in the Bay Area—Glenn Beck

House Democrats Seek To Subpoena Koch Industries Over Keystone XL

What's for dinner? Wednesday, January 25 2012

We started the Engine 2 28 day vegan challenge yesterday....

Obama? Romney? Is there REALLY any difference?

Google is blocking

Buffett does not blame Romney for his low tax rate - he blames Congress

The LDS didn't accept black men into the priesthood (which all male Mormons aspire to) until Romney

California calls $25-billion mortgage settlement 'inadequate'

State of Illinois suing Standard and Poor's for fraudulent ratings.

Hi. I'm Fred Thompson, Mr.Law & Order,

Davos: a sanatorium for those in denial of capitalism's ills

A 375-Year-Old French Bank Forgives Debts of Paris' Poorest