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Archives: January 24, 2012

Protests Intensify As Mortgage Settlement Nears

A Question as we move deeper into the 21st Century....

Catholic Leaders Challenge Gingrich and Santorum on Divisive Rhetoric Around Race and Poverty

Dear Jiffy Lube...

Is meth rampant where you live?

Today the weather was good, so I grabbed my camera

Posting this because I want to gaze upon it in my spare time

Use of iodinated contrast media in imaging procedures appears to affect thyroid function

Tax Lawyers Question Gingrich's 2010 Return (says avoided medicare tax)

Huge Solar Eruption Sparks Strongest Radiation Storm in 7 Years (UPDATE)

Appeals court: Gay marriage case must return to district court

is the debate on TV tonight?

World's busiest metro/subway systems

AP Source: Las Vegas Casino Mogul’s Wife Gives $5 Million To Super PAC Backing Gingrich

Man arrested for wearing Occupy Jacket- free speech doesn't exist anymore

Indiana Senate approves 'right to work,' some Republicans vote no

It just hit me - Gingrich is George Corley Wallace

Thank you jury system!

I have a computer problem that has me vexed

Patterns of antibiotic-resistant bacteria seen in Galápagos reptiles

***** GOP Debate: January 23rd - 9pm ET on NBC - Live Steam links below *****

Is math rampant where you live?

Watch how Santorum defends the president when a supporter calls Obama an "avowed Muslim"

Let's Revive Bill Clinton to Battle Gingrich

Is there any way to challgenge the AT&T "because we can" charges.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The slaughter of the Democratic Campaign Mgr's cat is nothing less than domestic terrorism.

Citizens United has put campaigns into scorched-earth, mutual assured destruction

How long until the first spontaneous Ku Klux Klan meeting breaks out at the GOP debate tonight?

3rd Congressional District has a Democratic contender

How do you think Brian Williams will do on tonight's debate?

I think we need to see Newt's long form birth certificate.

Heads Up. Alan Grayson will be on Rachel's show tonight.

Movers and Shakers in the Progressive World

Tucson students step up their protests of ethnic studies elimination

Profile in Cowardice: Santorum fails to correct lady who calls Obama a Muslim

What is Bad About Obama

The Levellers, "One Way"

If Obama lets the Banks "Off the Hook" I think his re-election is a "Non-Starter"

Making my own suet

PM, settlers reach compromise on Migron

New York Times Tells Us Only Chinese Near Slave Labor Could Handle Steve Jobs’ Demands

Giffords finishes 'Congress on Your Corner' event before resigning (event during which she was shot)

British police reveal close rapport with phone-hacking tabloid

Republican Information Minister (R.I.M.) "Baghdad Bob" Boehner: Repubs will hold House next decade

Rand Paul stopped by TSA after body scan anomaly

Evangelical dilemma in South Carolina: Serial adulterer or a Mormon? They went with the adulterer

Rick Santorum To John King On Birthers: ‘I Don’t Feel An Obligation’ To Refute Them

I hate to go negative, but Open Office sucks for about 90% of what I want to use it for

Moonshiners, anyone else watch this show?

Does anyone here know the process to become legal in CO?

Barney Frank is on Ed Shultz devouring Newt

The Inquisition: A Model For Modern Interrogators

Go Newt! Go Go Go!!

Has anyone seen "Too Big to Fail"?

Campus Cops Brutalize Peaceful Students Protesting Tuition Hikes at UC Riverside

Rough Diamond - 4 eps - UK - David Jason (a Touch of Frost)

Someone tell a joke or start a story..

Supreme Court rules: Warrant needed for GPS tracking

Well...This is a Start:

Do doctors belong to the 1%?

A Reverse Income Tax: A Bold Replacement for Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps, and others

If I were MSNBC's Matthews . . . . .

I have the perfect name for an alternative news network--

Ezra Klein: Were the president’s advisers pushing him to do more or less?

Georgia judge orders Obama to appear in court on a birther suit.

Tweety just said something brilliant on Hairball: Newt's european lifestyle

Could infidelity in the general population give

Republican Debate Recap, Newt Gingrich Wins, On To Florida - Musical Parody

Howard Zinn: "Do you get the feeling sometime that you're living in an occupied country?"

Chris Matthews on the Ed Show just predicted another debate loss for Mittens.

TYT: Abortion Doctor Assassination List, & Super Bowl Ad? (Operation Rescue)

Vote third party and

I always wondered what would happen if Freepers ever turned on Ann Coulter. Now I know

I'm on the West Coast, how can I watch tonight's debate?

My cat is afraid of cans of pop being opened, bananas being peeled, dogs and vacuum

Dear Mittens and Newtie:

Oh, SNAP...

What time does the debate on NBC start tonight? Thanks.

Who was the *real* Food Stamp President, Newt?

How Gates $$$ Poisons *Everything*.

If Newt is the Puke candidate this will be the nastiest election of my lifetime

Gabby's Last Act (duw)

Official lulz thread of the 1/23 Pug debate.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Peirs Morgan interview with Mrs Biden on NOW

"You can call me partisan, if you want."

What time and channel

USC Stix Nix to GPS Trix

Pro SOPA/PIPA Astroturf Group Creative America Restocks,Hires Former Democratic DHS/ICE Spokesperson

Free Trade

Complications of Hacking the Planet

WHAT... The West Coast Doesnt Watch The Debate LIVE???

If Americans are paying attention Newt and the other ReTHUG scumbag Willard

MLB announces Spring Training workout dates

this is shallow but.... newton's voice

Why the 2010 Tax Statement? What about the last 12 years? Romney?

ISU meteorologist; climate change small factor in weather

Study confirms groundbreaking advance in stem cells

Mitt must come up w/a $20,000,000 deal for Newtie tonite, and then he'll go away ;)

‘Investigate MPAA for bribery’ petition nears 25,000 signature benchmark

Psychopaths like to soften up their pawns & patsies to break down barriers & change their thinking.

Marc J . Leder: A Romney backer and poster boy for vulture capitalism

Confirmed: Romney is a stupid, rich mother fucker.

Let's have a OMG smilies thread for our reaction to what they are doing on the Debate.

BREAKING: The Outcome Of The Internet's Blackout Against SOPA/PIPA

Newty is just a name dropper

Newt just said...

Get that remote - Grayson is on Rachel n/t

Does US Senate Commit Treason with NDAA Bill? By Jeanine Molloff

Livestock industry wins Supreme Court appeal

Patrick McElligott Feature (H2O Man's Hunger Strike: Day 8)

Custer conspiracy theories!

Thanks to Newt and Mitt... I totally get it

Arkansas Democrat's cat killed, painted with "liberal"

Reagan’s Hand in Guatemala’s Genocide

Still 'radical'? Rich U.S. groups also gave to Ottawa (opposing Keystone)

Misunderestimating the BP Oil Spill


Romney: "I'm proud of the fact that I pay a lot of taxes."

Brian Williams just entered the GOP contest

If cats could vote, what party would they be?

Mitt Romney's Bain Capital 'earned' $342 million by bankrupting a company and firing 850 Floridians

OMG the arrogance displayed on this stage tonight makes me sad for this country

Doesn't it seem that Williard has landed several body blows on Newton?

The Nation: Obama Is on the Brink of a Settlement With the Big Banks—and Progressives Are Furious

Ok so color me confused


Europe Weighs Tough Law on Online Privacy

God Damnit Rachael!

Is that Loeb & Leopold behind Brian Williams?

Newt is a name dropper first, an arrogant finger pointer second and then a Vicitim third

Debate comic relief

Is it so hard for Newt to Respect President Obama?

Attacking the commander in chief in a time of war when we have troops in the field

Private equity profits called into question

Ad: (Bob) Kerrey an 'East Coast liberal'

Britain presses Jordan over Abu Qatada after deportation attempt blocked

Duck Chris Hedges!

Phil Ochs documentary about to start on PBS

Obama Is on the Brink of a Mortgage Settlement With the Big Banks—and Progressives Are Furious

***** GOP Debate: January 23rd - 9pm ET on NBC - Live Steam links below ***** PART TWO

Top Ten Embarrassments in Romney's taxes

Hearing on pipeline's (Keystone XL) future

Fred Thompson Endorses Newt Gingrich

Look at this! I think that Obama has something to worry about!

Newt's shiny thick hairpiece is ridiculous

100% chance we go to war with Iran if Republicans get the Presidency.

Well done Barrack old chap! Well Done!

Anonymous Fights Back! Anonyupload is a go!

Corbett too Busy to Arrest Sandusky years earlier -he was using grand jury to unmask Twitter critic

Hunger and cold drive Manitowoc Crane workers to support anti-union contract

Is it bigoted like racism and homophobia to criticize obesity?

Stop Coast Guard Union Busting

Now that Obama's dabbled with "Let's Stay Together," I want to hear Sabbath's "Snowblind" next.

NYT to Barney Frank: "You’ve long argued for the decriminalization of marijuana. Do you smoke weed?"

"By beating them!" Of COURSE, the answer was SO SIMPLE and right under our noses ALL ALONG! USA!

Rachel Maddow tweets: Can't NASA just have the astronauts #selfdeport to Mars?

Obama Is on the Brink of a Mortgage Settlement With the Big Banks—and Progressives Are Furious

S.F. trial into notorious triple-killing begins


Jury Collusion!!1!11!

Speak for yourself, Mitt. I am not raising MY son to further conservatism.

Don't. Eff. With. The. Cats.

Brian Williams is a complete and absolute bust as a moderator

Ex-U.S. spy chief: may take crisis for new cyber law

Why does Newt always talk about beating Obama in the debates?

Has Fred thompson been on a diet or is he sick?

Is myth rampant where you live? nt

Fred Thompson?

Gingrich lands Fred Thompson endorsement

Mobile view--is this right?

"Speaker Gringrich" was instrumental in the economic decline of this country

Any ideas on who will replace Lynne Woolsey?

Caption Newt

Is Murth rampant where you live? n/t

Fresno County workers strike and Rush Limbaugh attacks.

When the President delivers his SOTU speech tomorrow evening, hopefully the doubters,

Caption Romney and Santorum

Piracy pays - Megaupload chief took in 42 million last year

Ewwww. The "political flirtation" and "mating game" between Gingrich and Paul.

The check is in the mail?

Intergalactic Chess? How Obama has forced the Repubs to the wacky right...

The next GOP Debate Reality Show will be Thursday - January 26, 2012 - 8pm ET on CNN

Live post-debate coverage will continue on MSNBC at 11 PM ET

Romney invested in Fannie and freddie Mac (AJC)

Chris Matthews needs a nap

Group protests Belmont's hiring of ex-attorney general Alberto Gonzales

Mr Sulu The Wise...

Wanna see Newtie's Agreement with Freddie Mac? (For wonks only)

striking 4100 Fresno Co workers can use some love

Pic Of The Moment: Tampa Bored

Rothlesberger keeping Tebow out of the Pro-Bowl (for now)

Judge says Obama must appear in ‘birther’ suit

Ed: "Romney invented a new term tonight: Self Deportation"

U.N. rights chief: U.S. must close Guantanamo

Initiative seeks to boost San Jose minimum wage to $10

Newt really is in love with himself...

TPM: Newt Camp Sends Blank E-Mail: 'Mitt Romney's Top Conservative Achievements'

Newt was very Presidential tonight. Mittens came off as a frat boy turned used car salesman.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Katharine Hayhoe and the Denialist Intimidation Campaign

Mitt Romey: "Could no speak English well"

Romney's Speaking Style, he comes off as Unstable

OMG !!! Check out the FAKE front page of the Washington Post on the link below

Anyone here read any John Norman ?

Finally...something to replace 6 Feet Under and Sopranos...Boardwalk Empire! *****!

Bonus Pics Of The Moment (Debate Edition)

There is very little substance in the republican debates

Greatest song ever: "We will sta-a-a-a-a-nd with Gov-er-nor Wal-ker!

Lead balloon: If you are not watching Stewart/Colbert I'm sorry. that is all /nt

The Republican Spiritual Crisis

Jon Stewart Flips Out At Gingrich’s Nerve In Attacking John King (video)

To understand why the establishment fears Occupy, read the Powell Memorandum

Kucinich Announces ‘Game Changing’ Constitutional Amendment to Publicly Finance Federal Elections

PA House Bill 1077

Santorum's Silence Is Complicity

Diagnosis on the Lamictal ADR rash...

Guthrie Govan on a fretless guitar. Incredible!

AFL-CIO Tweet seen during gop Tampa Debate..

A Gingrich nomination would give Obama a golden opportunity...but will he take it?

(MD Governor) O'Malley introduces same-sex marriage bill

Am I the only one who thinks this is sexy?

Can Rick Santorum Win the GOP Nomination?

Toons: Wingnut Mammoth Newt, Cave Man Santorum, The Romney Dog and More. - 1/23/12

Jon Stewart Flips Out At Gingrich’s Nerve In Attacking John King’s ‘Open Marriage’ Question - video

H20 was in Albany today...

Debate Crowd Laughs At Romney’s Self-Deportation

"I call that influence peddling."

I think it's safe to say that Citizens United is destroying the GOP.

Mitt Romney releases tax returns: Candidate earned $21.7M in 2010 and $20.9M in 2011

Romney's tax rate was 13.9%

Tavis tonight: Etta James sings "At Last" from 2007

The coming year for broadcasting - Media ownership

I"m Applying To The Sports Authority In The Morning...

Romney Cracks On the Late Ted Kennedy

It looks like the GOP nominee will be Newt the Snarkapotamus

Spouting Off

Romney's "Self-deportation" plan is not new. Bush tried it in 2008 and it failed miserably

"Derp" - the envelope please...

What spelling/grammar errors really irritate you?

Colombian army general banned from service for 'false positive'

Neo-paramilitary groups extend influence along Venezuelan border

Neo-paramilitary groups extend influence along Venezuelan border

2010: Romney closed Swiss bank account b/c adviser decided it could become politically embarrassing

Newt Lies about Israel Military Exercise in Debates tonight.

Employee shot and killed in W. Kensington store

They can throw 'class warfare' and 'envy' in our faces when we complain

Want a more progressive president? Then get a more progressive Congress.

We took over Nevada Group...

*SMH* This is so unnecessary...

Supreme Court says no to California's prohibition to the slaughter of non-ambulatory pigs,

Adrian Moore, PhD - Is Florida secretly privatizing prisons?

had to call the police to take my husband to the hospital yesterday

Sumatran elephants could be extinct in 30 years

PPP: Newt up by 5 in Florida

A List Of Conservative Contributions To Society

So who do you think won the debate tonight

Well, in all fairness, 13.9% IS "around 15%." Romney/Christie 2012! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich Wish Fidel Castro To Hell

......Mysterious 'Winged' Structure from Ancient Rome Discovered

Mitt's family self-deportated to Mexico - he knows it works!

Ann D & Mitt Romney Charitable Foundation II-tax filings (Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, etc)

Racism links to Aussie car flags

Archives are down?

Newt and Romney "gong at it" could cause Santorum to surge! Things could get sticky between them!

..Haiti's 'Baby Doc' admonished for leaving capital

Edwin Hubble and the 100 inch Hooker

Why didn't I get a notification when I became a host of this forum?

JFK library to release last of his secret tapes (45 hours of privately recorded meetings/etc)

US defends Jay Leno Golden Temple jibe (India claims anti-Sikh bigotry)

Ret. Judge James P. Gray (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)

Slate's horse race


Romney finally finds his claws but Gingrich survives

FACT CHECK: Gingrich flubs history in GOP debate

Make all the jury decisions automatically posted into its own forum?

President Obama's State of the Union Address - Tuesday, January 24 - 9pm ET

Chris Wallace's idiotic question & John Boehner's stupid answer regarding President Obama & The SOTU

Supreme Court Overturns 'Right v. Wrong'

After 40 Years, Research into Psychadelic Drugs Revives

The audience was told before the debate that cheering wildly and booing

Does anyone know where I can download Mitt Romney's tax return?

Self-immolation as protect tactic rises in Tibet, Middle East

Does anyone else notice how censored it seems to have become..

Democrat Campaign Manager's Cat Murdered 'Liberal' written on dead cat

Ira Israel: What Is Yoga?

Hinckley hearing focuses on whether he has interest in books on assassination

Folks.. we're DOWN TO THE FINAL FOUR CONTESTANTS. Can you taste the Excrement?... Er, Excitement?

Exclusive: New U.S. Commando Team Operating Near Iran

Dim Sum Surprise: Why the Hong Kong Model Won't Save Tibet

Dim Sum Surprise: Why the Hong Kong Model Won't Save Tibet

Tom Flanagan to run Wildrose campaign in Alberta election

Big Solar storm headed toward Earth- will hit Tuesday

German anti-Semitism 'deep-rooted' in society

Why the DC Impact system Bloomberg wants NYC schools to emulate caused me to leave teaching

Archaeology: Greece, the 10 most important discoveries of 2011

1876: The Year When Things Went from Bad to Worse for Indians and Blacks

Okay Historians, Summarize Newt Gingrich in Four Words

The Onion: Critics Slam Obama For "Just Standing There" During Photo Op

It's coming!

Rising wealth of Asians straining world fish stock

German anti-Semitism 'deep-rooted' in society

Hundreds of ex-rebels lay down weapons in India

Palin Complains Romney Not "Reaching Out" Enough to Tea Party

Shouldn't we be celebrating Newt doing well

Ice in a crater on Mars.. Picture

China says overseas Tibet 'forces' distort truth

So Kathleen Sebelius says they are collecting the information on insurance cos for the 80/20

If the debates looked like this, I might be tempted to watch all 900 of them

Greece names and prosecutes celebrity tax evaders

JFK library to release last of his secret tapes

2nd Greatest Song Ever: The King of Bain

For good measure...

The Judge in Georgia has NOT ordered President Obama to appear in court

UK raises concerns over Israel's treatment of Palestinian children

Officials: Car Bombs Kill 14 Across Baghdad

'Peak timber' concerns in tropics

Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins MVP Goalie, Snubs President Obama

Storage sites unnerved by Megaupload action

The Speaker, The Senator, The Congressman and the Governor.

Romney Tax Returns Show $45 Million Income

Imam reflects American Islam

UK's first course in women, Islam and the media launched

As Egypt's new parliament convenes, eyes on ultraconservative salafis

Memo: Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns Release Raises More Questions than it Answers (DNC)

Isn't it fun watching ReTHUGS says things about one another

congressional primary

Robeson's shining example lights up US Embassy

Anti-democratic actions by the US Supreme Court

NHS shake-up: Pressure building after critical report

In case you missed Jon Stewart last night

Romney will release his tax 'return' at 7:30am ET

The self-defeating "liberal media" seem like a right-wing conspiracy

Barney Frank: 'I didn't Think I Have Lived a Good Enough Life To See Gingrich Become Nominee!'

Obama to lay out proposals - "a fair shake for all" - address economy in State of the Union

Three new co-hosts!

Gingrich's plan for America: Anger and indignation. Big Ed and Barney Frank dissect an amphibian.

Wendell Potter on the Sarah Burke death

Paula Deen Shocked By Lack Of Public Support Following Diabetes Announcement + 20 Bacon Recipes

From underground lair to chat show: Julian Assange

JFK library to release last of his secret tapes

TARP pay czar pressured on executive pay: report

Right on, Ron Paul

Mitt Romney will be on the front row at the State of the Union address.

Opinions, please. Who ordered the muting of the Republican debate audience?

WaPo POLL: Public sours on Romney in January - Among indies, unfaves up 17 pts., faves down 18 pts.

Inside Job

Ruling could force Americans to decrypt laptops

Ecuador: Lesbian Activist Appointed to Presidential Cabinet

Has anyone read anything by Peter Kingsley?

TSA Scanners create false positives? Sen. Rand Paul: My encounter with the TSA

Great example of the Tebow PR machine

Walsh: Mitt pounces, Newt pouts: Two rich guys squabble

Narcissistic men have higher levels of stress hormone

Baraa Melhem, Palestinian Woman locked in Bathroom for 10 Years by Father

Andrew Sullivan is Right: Obama Has Governed as a Conservative

Gulf Arabs quit Syria monitoring mission

Judge orders woman to give up password to hard drive

"Dollars for Doctors"

Online Lottery Could Be Coming To A State Near You

Obama's Favorite Wall Streeters

Sir Richard Branson urges change to drugs law - UK

CBC: Man set on fire in alleged racial attack

Bain, hoping to improve image, plans to change corporate name to Nemesis

Neo-Nazi Who Advocated Border Landmines Launches Run For Sheriff in Arizona

Romney, hoping to improve image, decides to run under his clown name Latter-Davy Gravy

Amnesty: Cuba releases 3 prisoners of conscience

Amnesty: Cuba releases 3 prisoners of conscience

John Kerry broke his nose playing hockey

Tiger Woods: Middle East appearance influenced by fee

NATO relying on smugglers along Pakistan's border, Pakistan official say

Turning the dishonesty to 11

A fair shake for all, I like that Mr President.

Good Morning, DU:

Salon: How conservatives lie about government

Opinions on this post/jury decision - LGBT related

Testimony to begin in trial of financier Stanford

Paul Begala: The Strangely Silent Jan. 23 Debate in Tampa

US Supreme Court dismisses Venezuela's appeal in Bandagro case

Paul B. Farrell: Big Oil’s civilization-ending pollution push

A former student of my SO tried to recruit him in persuading American businesses to close here

OK, so there's a graph being posted all over FB entitled, "Who Increased the Debt"

Guardian UK: Newt Gingrich's historical inconsistency on Freddie Mac

Is Mitt forfeiting Florida

I'm really, really, really sick of the taste of Robitussin!

VICTORY FOR H2O MAN - Mission accomplished, hunger strike at an end

Florida debate highlights GOP fears

How to Picture a Black Hole

I'm sick, diseased, plague-ridden and fairly loathesome -- ask me anything.

Neo-Nazi Who Advocated Border Landmines Launches Run For Sheriff in Arizona

Raj Patel: We need a conversation about poverty and why food stamp use is so high.

The Way Things Are

Bristol scientists produce world’s first magnetic soap (yeah OK, they’ve put iron in it)

Romney Paid 13.9% ("Romney advisers stressed that the holdings in the Caymans")

Frank Sinatra & Count Basie - I Won't Dance (Reprise 1962)

Anonymous to launch file sharing service

Climatic warming-induced change in timings of 24 seasonal divisions in China since 1960

“Miracle tree” substance produces clean drinking water inexpensively and sustainably

In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims

Sarah Palin: Chris Christie has his 'Panties in a Wad' for Gingrich Diss

Kill Michael Jackson get 4 years; download Michael Jackson get 5 years in prison

Emily gets her gun...........

Political Push Moves a Deal on Mortgages Inches Closer

Check in if you, or someone you know, pays a higher tax rate than Mitt Romney.

ForeclosureGate penalties LESS then 1/5 of Wall St Bank Executive Pay

Urban Farming Essentials: Authors of a New, Definitive Guide Tell All

Former President Of ORU Richard Roberts Arrested For DUI, Speeding

Europe's Conservatives Fail to Criticize Hungary

13.9%. Speaking as a regular guy, I paid probably twice that.

Solar Flare is the word of the day. Modify any thread to include "Solar Flare"

Former ORU president Richard Roberts arrested on DUI complaint

Editor suggest Mossad consider option to kill Obama

Year of the Dragon roars into Asia

What the battle over Romney’s wealth is really about, in one poll finding

Researchers' Refinement Increases Solar Concentrator Efficiency

The fastest jury decission in history!

Gun laws must be driven by common sense

Robert Reich: A Globalizing Private Sector, A Government Overwhelmed by Corporate Money

Mitt Romney is a FREELOADER plain and simple!! He doesn't even pay 15%!!!

Walker raises millions to fight recall effort

Is it possible Newt Gingrich will be the challenger to Obama?

Finnish presidential poll heads to runoff

Occupy Post Offices

TN gun laws, or lack thereof, under attack

US went from being the world's largest international creditor to the largest debtor nation

"I’m not sure the Obama campaign could have scripted this more perfectly"

$60k a day!!!!!?

mothers of daughters....

todays trades

Yup, he's tone deaf: "Romney Camp Offers $1.6M 'Reward' For Missing Newt Docs"

Republican Debate Moderator NOT Scolded, Gingrich and Romney Dance

Political prediction

NYPD Offering $200 for Guns in Buyback Program

Oscar Nominations

Hey Mitt, Start paying your fair share.

Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Wake Tech in Raleigh, main campus is on lock down.

Michael "Dull-Witted Anus" Grimm (R-NY): "..."Equity" see, that word scares me..."

Second Amendment fan says gun bills go too far

Esquire: Newt Gingrich: The Indispensable Republican

Efforts Underway to Try to Close the "Delaware Loophole" that costs PA millions in taxes

CAIN! Alleged sexual predator to offer TEABAGGER response to S.O.T.U. Here's a video preview. CAIN!

Gingrich's Death Penalty for Pot

Gun Control Advocates Say Lax Utah Permit Rules Lurk Within Senate Bill

Latest PPP poll: Gingrich 38%, Romney 33, Santorum 13, Paul 10

Foster Brooks as airline pilot with Dean Martin.

Sorting their meme . . .

OMG! An ESPN Columnist Gets it Right (About Asswipe Tim Thomas)

Does Newt's Open Marriage Mean Cain Can Re-enter The Race?

Facepalm: "It would be easier to go back for more stimulus..."

Top Hedge Fund Returning 45% Under Julian Robertson’s 36-Year-Old Disciple

Updated: Gov. Scott Walker 4 donations = 1 million dollars in one week. $500,000 from Bob Perry

WATCH LIVE: Panel discusses overturning Citizens United

Where is Arne Duncan? We haven't heard from him in awhile. I thougt for sure that he

So will the networks show two republican responses to the SOTU?

Why Fox Is Wrong About The 'Liberal' Media

EU watchdog warns on ratings competition plans

The Fiscally Reckless Mitch Daniels

Wisconsin: Five each 8 1/2 x 11 full-color cards came in the mail from the WI GOP = $50 to the Dems

Newt's new line of swimwear!

Think Occupy Wall Street Has Fizzled? Think Again...

Newt Gingrich to base Presidential platform on ‘sanctity of third marriage’

Math Formula May Explain Why Serial Killers Kil

beyond 'free' or 'fair' trade: mexican farmers go local

Bankster's Paradise

TPM: Warren Buffett's Secretary To Attend Obama's SOTU

Gingrich Says He Will Skip Debates if Audiences Can’t Participate

Egypt's ruler partially lifts emergency laws

O’Malley introduces new version of marriage bill {maryland}

SOPA and PIPA Fully Alive – And a New Bill Joins Them: (OPEN) H.R. 3782

49ers Kyle Williams receives death threats

The Washington-Wall Street Revolving Door Just Keeps Spinning Along, by Bill Moyers & M. Winship

Don't tell anyone...

Newt's call for Seven 3 hour debates with the President?

Doesn't This Answer Lose The Conservatives For Romney?

New WP-ABC poll shows Obama's favorable/unfavorable rating at 53/43 (Romney 31/49. Gingrich 29/51)

Drone Pilot Hobbyist Discovers River of Meat Blood in Texas

Oh for Flying Spaghetti Monster's sake! (Romney taxes reporting)

Social friction tied to inflammation—…may have biological effects

Natural-Gas Futures Extend Gains

Romney: "The unemployed don't get tickets to sit next to the First Lady." USA USA! USA! Err...WTF?

Willard is giving a "prebuttal" to the PRESIDENT'S SOTU speech right now.

DNC Fires Off 7-Point Attack On Romney’s Record

Next Housing Bailout:Banks Need to Offload Millions of Unwanted Homes. Guess Who's Going to Buy Them

QUELLE horreur!-WTF Is a "European Welfare State"?

Our Dangerous Devotion to Eyewitness Testimony

Are 2011 movies so bad that someone gets an Oscar nomination for shiting in a sink?


Corporate courts and nuclear hijinks in Vermont

Rasmussen, 1/24: Obama 46 / Romney 43. Obama 49 / Gingrich 40.

Petulant Plutocrat of the Week

Changes sadden Peyton Manning

Thanking my lucky stars!

Russia Says Syria’s Assad Hasn’t Responded to Peace Efforts

the Admins changed the group purpose to include family and friends

Someone making more money should never have a lower tax rate than someone making less.

Love him or hate him, you can't deny Barney Frank has style...

New Research: People - DON'T - Get More Conservative as They Get Older

China Returns Fire against US Wind and Solar Investigations

Rinse Peenus: "WOW! That's a pretty front-loaded question with a lot of DNC talking points in it."

romney will hike taxes on the rich, make taxes more progressive

Two Cuban women's players missing at tournament

KB Home Offering Solar as Standard Feature on New Florida Houses

Why the United States Will Never, Ever Build the iPhone

Charlotte City Council OKs expanding police power during DNC

TPM: Romney Camp Revelations Leave Key Tax Questions Unanswered

Colorado SOS - Finds SIX Cases of Voter Fraud

Weaker Sun Will Not Delay Global Warming

Women's groups condemn use of 'harmful' stereotypes in media

A 7 storey residential building collapses after getting shelled by the regime army.


Love the buttons - But where are the polls?

If you had Mitt type of money would you also be a self rightous, greedy, out of touch, egomaniac,

Wife of billionaire Sheldon Adelson gives $5m to pro-Gingrich 'super PAC'

Republican Candidates Select New Clown Cars!

The Rude Pundit - Newt Gingrich: It Depends on What the Meaning of "Lobbyist" Is

IMF cuts global growth outlook, cites euro fears

Whistleblower Says BP Fired Him for Refusing To Skew Cleanup Data

Romney's Swiss bank account: a "gift for the Democrats"

Sex Offender May Have a Case for Not Registering

5 Biggest Lies About the Right-Wing Corporate-Backed War on Our Schools

Sunday Night in NYC

Kids Count: Nearly half of Michigan students qualify for free or reduced-price lunches

Railroad Industry Claims Mandated Safety Technology is Too Expensive

Here's why advocating third party votes for president annoys me.

San Francisco Central Subway funds get a key OK

Tax Evaders Renounce U.S. Citizenship

I need a good hotwing recipe..

Hayward lied to Congress about spill, lawyers claim

MIRT, Hide Thread, Juries clarification. Please help

A simple yes or no will suffice, Mr. Gingrich ...

N.J. to Use Face-Recognition Technology, Scan License Photos for Fraud

Want a chuckle or a chill? Visit the Weird News Group.

In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims

Did Mitt avail himself of the amnesty program for not reporting Swiss bank accounts?

Mark Ruffalo Falls For Matt Bomer in "The Normal Heart"

Chemo drug drives growth of some tumors

Another Rescue

It’s Time to Get Rick Santorum a Uterus of His Very Own

IMF: Global economy 'in danger zone' over euro crisis

You Can’t Make This Up: Rick Santorum Launches C.U.M.

We no longer have enough income to care for our sick cat...

NYC officials dodge blame for ‘SHCOOL X-NG’ sign in front of Manhattan high school

Amazon may become greenhouse gas emitter—Rain forest could go from sink to source

Lopez bows out of Venezuela presidential race

POES auroral activity site

A sign of the times? *graphic content*

Robert Reich: A Globalizing Private Sector, A Government Overwhelmed by Corporate Money

FBI arrests 4 Conn. officers in town where investigation found pattern of anti-Hispanic bias

The Eagle Nebula as never seen before


Plans for Sellafield plutonium reactor rejected

Google Image result on search term MIRT (here are 4 of the results)

“The Best Food Stamp President…” Gingrich Plays the Race Card, as Press Cheers “Debating Skills”

Deep impact: The toll your protein takes on the Earth

Hamas Chief Due In Jordan 12 Years After Expulsion

DC v Heller

Treasury OK'd big bailed out firm CEO pay/bonuses - they had to power not to

What Happened at the Sandy Creek Power Plant? (Effect to Texas Electrical Grid)

Antinuclear Activists Asked to Remove Tents

A little rhyme for our time

Eurozone crisis live: Greek creditors defiant after EU ministers reject deal

Newt's first wife was his high school geometry teacher

Diebold accidently leaks 2012 election results

Exporter Japan eyes first trade deficit in 3 decades

Boxwood blight invades North America

Jobless Rates Decrease in 37 U.S. States

Westminster introduces 6 new breeds to competition

Italy extends rating agencies probe to Fitch

Oh, good. DU likes unions again. Let's talk about solidarity.

Soil’s Hidden Secrets—Shocking discoveries from the underground may shake up climate science

Christie: he will get taxpayer money even 'if I have to pry it out of their (Dems) cold, dead hands'

India To Pay For Iranian Oil With Gold To Avoid U.S. Sanctions


Arrogance at its finest:

Romney Conference Call: Why Did Romney's Trustee Close The Swiss Bank Account?

Ron Paul Supporter Likes The Way Paul Tells It Like It Has No Chance Of Being

Newt's winning the GOP nomination will be Barney Franks retirement gift Thank you tea party Fox news

What the battle over Romney’s wealth is really about, in one poll finding

U.S. Assumes Chairmanship of G8 Related Nonproliferation Groups

Obama Birther Case In Georgia Unlikely To Bring The President, Despite Judge's Order

U.S. Passport Card Online Application Now Available

Newt demands that debate audiences should be allowed to be raucous

U.S. Landmine Policy

Showtime at the Gates of Hell: The Republican Inferno

This Is Why Dental Insurance Should Be Abolished....

Dentist accused of paper clip use in root canals

Gallup, 1/24: Gingrich 31%, Romney 27% (national poll)

DU Album of the Day: "Rickie Lee Jones" Rickie Lee Jones

Saw a bumper sticker that said "Refudiate Socialism"

TYT: Atheist Student Gets Death Threats Over Prayer Banner

Romney paid an effective tax rate of 13.9% yet taxes are too high..

How conservatives lie about government

Non-protester arrested at Supreme Court for wearing an "Occupy" jacket.

Newt Gingrich and the Politics of Resentment

Justice Democrats Still Holding Out on Foreclosure Fraud Settlement.

Op-ed: Sleeping, Praying, and Walking Across America for Equality

ALABAMA Appelate Court Deals Death Blow to Thousands of Foreclosures

Death of an Ordinary Housecat

Behind The Scenes: Writing the 2012 State of the Union Address

GOP Job Creation $10 An Hour

Ed Shultz: Some Washington Democrats are getting weak kneed about the money spent in Wisconson

Transport Workers Union to picket 'job cremator' Romney

Mitt appears to have paid far LESS in taxes in 2009.


Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: The White House-Wall Street Revolving Door Just Keeps Spinning Along

Have you shopped the Obama store yet? There are lots of cool things.

Anybody know WHERE we can find the numbers of jobs Romney "created" and the

Is "redistribution" the real issue?

Money talks, democracy walks...

Conservatives Republicans "demand" That References To Slavery Be Removed From History Textbooks

For the record, this is Derp in its distilled essence.

Callista Gingrich on Open Marriage...

Star Goalie Snubs White House - Boston Player Refuses To Attend Ceremony

Fortune: Romney's blind trust 'ruse': Why Mitt Romney can see through his blind trusts.

Job bias claims at record level, as religion and national-origin complaints increase

The GOP should feel right at home during their convention in Tampa

Doggy Duo Lauded As House Fire Heroes

Gingrich says NBC should have allowed clapping: ‘Media doesn’t control free speech’

Why a Gingrich nomination scares me.

CNN Corporate Drone Says Tonight May Very Well Be President's Last SOTU Speech

Question on Obama's religion puts Santorum in awkward spot

SB 4 - Human trafficking

BREAKING: Arab League officials: Nabil El-Araby offers ElBaradei to head a mediation mission to Syri

Self delete.

Von Daniken? Really??

Abortion safer than giving birth, study says

I believe Governor Christie just showed his hand.

If Romney Is Only Paying 14% on His Million Dollar Income, Don't Blame Social Sec. and Medicare...

Texas Sues USA Over Photo ID Voting Law

Gathering of Eagles: Extremists Look to Montana

Most Americans agree with "Buffett rule" concept, poll shows

Robo calls are coming in fast and furious down here in Florida. I am a registred IND

Scary Plane Landings: Video Of Dusseldorf Airport Landings

Out of State efforts on Gay Marriage legislation

Magic mushrooms may help treat depression

"Women's groups condemn use of 'harmful' stereotypes in media"

Military rescues turtle tots, help them head out to sea

CNN Will Allow Applause At Jacksonville Debate; No 'Shouting Or Booing'

progressive radio back in columbus is back

Reported Crimes And Misdeeds by Concealed Weapons License And Permit-Holders

When Willard Romney spoke about his returns last night this is what I heard him saying:

Anybody done their taxes yet??

A Plea for Rationality and Sanity...

‘Very Thin Film’ of Slick Reported from Stricken Cruise Ship

Cornell University Study- Keystone Pipeline will cost jobs

Obama to use state of the union address to divide America, claims Romney

Squirrels in my attic

Wouldn't it be nice for one of the major parties to nominate someone who wasn't a multimillionaire

On day of Mitt Romney's tax release, poll finds widespread support for raising taxes on the 1%

Elephant Herd Mourns Loss of Calf ***Warning--Sad Picture***

i would like to clarify something

Where the hell is everybody today?

Suit claims J.C. Penney directors defrauded company w/$30.7 Mil comp package to CEO

Alert Problem

I just made a pita with yogurt cucumber dip and smeared a half and avocado on it...

U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Joint Operational Environment Briefing- here are 2 slides:

A thread in which I defend President Obama, the man

Who will be watching the SOTU? Who will not?

WOW! Eric Cantor wants to hear "BOLD ideas" tonight. Like the Bush trickle-down have-mores tax cuts?

How many jobs did Romney create in 2010?

Zambia dissolves board of Libya-owned Zamtel

Washington Wizards fire coach Flip Saunders

2012: Average Joe calls TurboTax. How can I get 15%?

To the five of you that added me to your ignore list, I just want to say,,...oh,...wait,.....

solar leasing biz model

Self-deportation vs. voluntary departure - Maybe this is what Mittens was referring to?

Can I unsubscribe from seeing status updates from a Facebook friend?

New Romney poster

"No Kisses for Hershey."

What will they yell out at the SOTU tonight?

Guest List for the First Lady’s Box

Father identifies son on viral beating video, notifies police

Connecticut Police Officers Accused of Mistreating Latinos

The Gingrich in You emerges as influential advocate on issues from bullying to bank fees

The number of viewers to the SOTU tonight will be very telling. I don't know how many

France troops to stay in Afghanistan - Alain Juppe

The base is revolting! (pic)

just because I'm curious...

Sen. Paul on TSA detention: 'Have the terrorists won?'

What's for Dinner? ~ Tuesday January 24th!

N.H. Bill Would Allow Discrimination Against Gay Couples

NJ Gov Says He'd Veto Gay Marriage Bill

Death Valley students face loss of lifeline

He was most often associated with a 1953 Fender Telecaster, serial number 2324, nicknamed "Nancy."

'Don't Be Evil' tool alters new Google search results

How about "Steak and Blowjob Day" as...

Obama's, Gingrich's, and Romney's Tax Returns side by side

UFC Bans Gun, Hunting Sponsors

I.M.F. Reduces Estimates for Global Growth.

Same-sex couple tries to overturn state ban (by unmarried couples) on adoption

My wife gets excited if she's picked for a pat down by the TSA.

Abramoff, Scanlon have repaid El Paso's Tiguas $200,000

Joe Walsh on MSNBC says he's for a 0 percent Capital Gains tax

It is DISGUSTING that the rich get to hide $ in the Caymans while saying the poor don't pay enough

Love love love Martin Bashir!

Gallup: Gingrich leads Romney in national poll

(Updated) Reid: Attaching Keystone oil pipeline provision to payroll tax cut bill not reasonable

Users fight over Brazos River water rights

Oil for gold: Iran to dodge sanctions


Homelessness on the Rise for Female Veterans, African-Americans Hit Hardest

Annie Leibovitz Opens New Art Show at Smithsonian.


Op-ed: An Open Letter to Mitch Mayne on Living Openly (a very good read)

I bought my first seed packets of 2012 today at lunch.

Steve Jobs' widow to join Michelle Obama at State of the Union address

Superficial I know, but still.....

Papantonio: The New Right Wing Confederacy

Our First Lady....

The number of people ignoring me has dropped by three.

Our rising debt levels are becoming unsustainable – soon we may be talking about wealth confiscation

Newt's daughter violated child labor laws with janitor job

Anyone notice these signs at BP gas stations?

Really Good Article in Smithsonian Magazine About Church/State Separation and Its Origins

After Jury duty

Glitch when posting a response

Guernsey County (Cambridge) Earthquake?

tempur pedic - opinions from people who own one, please!

House Bill Would Artificially Inflate Cost of Federal Credit Programs

Barney Frank's Badass Answer TO NYT Re: His Views On Marijuana

Walker brings in big money, likely to have 'overwhelming financial advantage'

Partisan opposition to Libertarianism

Wake up call.

A song for QueerArt. The images are rather violent so viewer beware.

To the asshole who corrected me on the use of pronouns

Pretty cool viewing option for the SOTU

Dylan Ratigan is weak

Prince Fielder agrees to sign with Detroit Tigers

Allen Stanford can't recall -ANYTHING!

0-6 knockout.

Nice day to sit outside and take a few bird-on-the-feeder pics...

boo hoo BOA investment bankers get a 25% CUT ..

People who are funny when they don't mean to be...

I say NO audiences at Presidential debates.

Our local minister of a predominantly LGBT church responds to the new 1st Baptist Church minister

So I got the job

Medicare Savings Program

Vote for Alan – Here's How

Obama’s prime-time chance to honor Giffords

First time these two have curled up together....

A question to the DU community regarding the use of all caps.

Texas A&M moves forward with Big 12 exit plan

True story about multiple choice Rorschach tests.

Romney's Layabout America

There's still time to prepare for the : "2012 State of the Union Drinking Game"

Another medical industry scam exposed.

Why do we even call these things DEBATES? They are nothing more than Dog and Pony shows

The Good Boss Thread

Kentucky Cuts Education; Preserves Tax Breaks For Creationist Theme Park

Consumer group tentatively supports $25-billion mortgage deal

Public sours on Romney in January (ABC)

O.K. Loungers! Caption this pic!

Reminder: Newt's biggest (and worst) contribution to modern politics:

Megaupload Targeted Because of Change to A Legit Business That Would Disrupt Music Industry.

What about an Occupy Wall Street protester joining the First Lady at the SOTU address tonight?

Is Oral Sex to Blame for the Surge in Cancer of the Mouth and Throat?

Galloway and Big Mac: Do the Cowboys even matter anymore?

The pre-existing conditions that remain in healthcare

This is great!

Mitt Romney Discloses Contributions to Antigay Groups

Taxes.... The whole tax code as it presents itself now is nothing more than

Gay Man Seeks Hudson Valley House Seat

Walk the Earth, like Caine in Kung Fu

Does Ignoring a poster truncate sub threads?

California solar strikes gold in N.J.

Really? Melissa McCarthey for Best Supporting Actress

Anyone else watch "Moneyball". What a great movie

How Robots Find Humans

The Atlantic: JFK's Re-Election Advice for Obama from Beyond the Grave

Citibank offers air miles for banking, then tells customers they owe the IRS

TDPS: Forget about Newt's affairs, he'd give SARAH PALIN a MAJOR ROLE in his administration

Boo Hoo! England won't buy Queen new Yacht.

Why McDonald's In France Doesn't Feel Like Fast Food

Crankshaft Shop, circa 1957. {dial up warning}

What Boehner considers ‘almost un-American’

All-American Religion or Reason to Worry? (Mormon Church)

What search engine do you use?

The GOP Is Bound To A Bloated Budget

There is an important message to be learned from South Carolina.

The First Lady's Box at the 2012 State of the Union (& submit questions link)

Today, at least in the Middle Atlantic states, the average temperatures turned a corner . . . .

"If Gitmo is anyone’s legacy, it is the legacy of George W. Bush and of the US Senate"

Message replies from Jury Duty

Google announces privacy settings change across products; users can’t opt out

"Frontline" looks at meth abuse tonight on PBS...


Gun reformers press Obama for action


Is this what we have been waiting for? Could it be? Is he really running?

Judges accelerate Texas redistricting trial

MSNBC "You Don't Want To Put A Financial Burden On Your Children-But You Haven't paid child support

Caption this:

I'm going to start using the female as the default.

Feds: Triangle terrorist tried to have witnesses killed

White House link for enhanced viewing of SOTU speech, submit questions (54 K submitted already)

Why Cats Are Awesome

As Romney Releases Tax Returns, Fmr Senate Investigator Says: We’ve Got To Start Taxing Corporations

Now that we have had a night to digest the repuke debate:

What the GOP plan now that we are in economic recovery?

JFK White House Tapes: Kennedy was concerned for young voters and pegged the 1-percent.

The Main (But Not The Only) Reason To Vote Democratic; The Current GOP Sucks; Here’s Proof

Richard Branson: Light 'em if ya got 'em

What Happened To The News?.......

I just defended the republicans about last night's debate.

If you wondered how low the corporate-media would grovel before the financial-elitist

Apple's revenue surges, blows away targets

Jeb Bush / Chris Christie 2016.'s gonna be Jeb and SOMEONE. We all KNOW that.

wait till the right wingers figure out.. that willard is part of the illuminati

Oh no Space Hurricane

Guardian UK: Mitt Romney's tax returns refocus US on fairness

Ex-Giffords challenger to run for her seat

Andrea Mitchell: Romney Adviser Said Party Elites Will Find Alternative If Romney Can't Win Florida

Don't miss the Daily Show rerun tonight - 6 pm EST

Vote for Alan Grayson in the DFA Grassroots All Stars Poll! DU IT!

Bargains for the Brit TV fan

Inside the mind of a boxing judge with Chuck Giampa..

tomorrows trade,today

Apple Reports Best Quarter Ever

Got this today: Tomorrow is the first annual National GSA Day

Austin, TX homicide rate show guns -- CORRECTION -- knives as weapon-of-choice.

Rifle Crosshairs Stickers Placed On Democrats' Office Doors

So Apple is about to have 100 BILLION cash on hand.

If Romney beats Obama that would be the end of democracy and the rise of fascism

Occupy Davos: Attendees Confront a New Wave of Anger

The US-GCC fatal attraction

I would be just a tad bit more understanding of Romney's wealth if, and it's a huge if...

Good bye, Prince. Thank you for the memories.

A Story That Will Break Your Heart

Sen. Rand Paul: TSA Should Profile "Middle Eastern Students"

New York Times Tells Us Only Chinese Near Slave Labor Could Handle Steve Jobs’ Demands

Is it possible to be a good Democrat while also owning an iPhone?

Google it, Santorum! (PARODY)


Someone please tell me this is photoshopped.

"I intend to fight obstruction with action."

The facts that school reformers ignore By Valerie Strauss

Legal system is confused...

Iran NOT Building Nukes (!!)

Why Not Give Tax Credits For Actually Creating Jobs Rather Than Lowering Tax Rates Upfront?

Ray McGovern: US/Israel: Iran NOT Building Nukes

Mark My Bird: Describe birds for Cornell!

Study shows restored wetlands rarely equal condition of original wetlands

Transgender Inmate Can Sue for Hair Treatments (laser hair removal)

Queen's study finds religion helps us gain self-control

TIME asks (and asks) Newt about Seamus on top of the car; Finally he bites.

NYPD Training Included Viewing Of Anti-Muslim Movie 'The Third Jihad'

NYCLU Demands Information on NYPD (operation clean halls)

High fructose consumption by adolescents may put them at cardiovascular risk

Occupy Wall Street will give "State of the 99%" after the SOTU

US won't cut carrier fleet to fix budget deficit (we need these war machines frighten the Iranians)

A "member of the .006%"....

Is the President going to talk about NAFTA tonight?

surfer blood, swim

Delta Reroutes Flights As Solar Storm Hits Earth

GoDaddy Goes After Lucrative Idiot Demographic With New Naked Lady Ad

Chevron rig fire on 9th day off Nigeria’s coast (w/pic)

The OWs and the 99% have made Romney unelectable

Mitt’s Income vs. Your Income

What President Obama Will Say Tonight: Excerpts from President Obama's State of the Union Speech

Newt Gingrich: Spanish is Ghetto Language (Young Turks Video)

Willard's Dollar's

Boy With Down Syndrome Hits Modeling Big Time

One Year Later - 2011 State of the State Scorecard

Mitt and double taxation going around the winger webs

Mitt Romney making $21 Million/year IS the problem.

Senate: Fact Sheet Responding to Republican “No Budget” Claims

Report: New Autism Definition Could End ‘Epidemic’

US marine in Haditha case 'should serve no time'

I teach school for 40 grand a year before taxes.

Critics Question Obama Choice For Disability Committee

Romney already gaining back in recent poll.

EU Oil Embargo: Sanctions Benefit Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Small is beautiful for federal funds

WSJ Reporter Compares State Of The Union Seating To ‘Date Rape’