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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Goes To Newt's Election Party (Updated 2x)

Monsanto's website is down. A friend on FB says it's Anonymous, but not sure how she knows.

Occupy: Guerrilla Drive-In at the US Chamber of Commerce DC

Newt Wins!!!!

Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina primary

Transfer pricing is one of the most important issues in international tax

Rachel: NBC calling SC for Newt.

MSNBC: Flaming corrupt adulterous douchebag wins SC GOP primary

Pic thread - Old West Artists. Here's Bronc to Breakfast; Charles M Russell 1912

The real winner in SC is Obama

Prediction: Bill Clinton will now be a HUGE Obama fan.

OK so can we see Edwards win SC in 2024?

Holy crap! 48% of SC voters thought Newt can beat Obama

President Obama receives news of the GOP South Carolina results

Patti Smith @ MLK Vigil

Wah...this group is making me so sad and hungry

I'll give Mitt 2 weeks to dropout

Just a few days ago the pundits/ GOP big wigs were saying it was wrapped up for Mittens

Bacon Banana Cookies

Guess this finally puts this "party of family values" bullshit to rest once and for all.

When you are an old man...

As far as I can discern, Newt Gingrich does only ONE thing well:

how do the networks project a winner before a single vote is counted?

Gingrich forced to move victory party...

President Obama watching coverage of SC Republican primary

Saturday Keiser report

It will so much fun watching the RWs

Mitt did not do well enough in moderate precincts.

Santorum is now running in the rear. He should drop out.


Rachel just brought up the sweetest point of the night. Nikki Haley lost big time.

10 Recs and 97 replies

I though after the 2000 election they did away with EXIT polling

Preliminary SC Exit Poll results : Newt 39%, Mitt 29%, Santorum 17%, Paul 14%

Mitt Romney wins the 1% (updated)

David Gregory just saying the race may be about Romney's wealth. Doesn't he get it??

Citizens United: How Did it Happen? (VIDEO)

Rachel claims breaking news of a "set up"... long before the Koch boys sit Mitt down for "the talk?"

Nikki Haley is said to have called Mark Sanford and asked him for outdoor tips

Got one - you shouldn't be seeing this message

Did SC Democrats rush out and vote for Newt today?

I'm proud that our president is a good family man who is loyal to his wife

Hooray for Newt!!!

Toon- Potential SOPA-PIPA revisions

32% Newt vs.40% Romney are they sure Newt won tonight?

***** LIVE BLOG South Carolina Clown Car Primary Results *****

So if Food Stamps are a corrupting factor in the Black Community as Newt thinks...

If Newt wins the nom, you know the SNL sketch that will follow...

Hemorrhoids: Has anyone had surgery for this?

now this is what I call a palomino!

Wouldn't be funny if the Exit polls are wrong and Romney beats Gingrich

U.S. won't cut carrier fleet to fix budget, Panetta says

The Purity Bear Will Cockblock You Until You’re Married

OH NO! Republicans, PLEASE don't nominate Newt Gingrich!

Pic Of The Moment: Third Time's The Charm For Newt Gingrich

An adulterer, a quitter, and all around evil person...

Exports of LNG May Raise U.S. Prices as Much as 54%, Agency Says

Yeah, but more importantly....

OH GOD!!! another damn debate

Watching MSNBC. What's with Matthews' head? Yellow paint?

Romney I'm Ho Ome...

DAMN Al Sharpton is on his A GAME tonight on the panel

Its hilarious. They really fucking HATE Romney.

Underrated artist/band

Dear god, who among us can take another day of Ron Paul?

On a serious note, it has to be REALLY hard to get up there, when you expected to win . . . . .

Repug primary schedule:

Nate Silver: Georgetown County Shows Trouble for Romney

They're turning on Mitt

This dope Romney thinks he's running against Obama

What am I watching? Is Romney conceding? Seems like a victory speech. Thanks. nt

"Obama got Osama"

Gingrich has a big mouth when surrounded by his own kind

Romney going on about Free Enterprise makes me want to puke

So this speech tonight that Romney is giving is really good...

This really says a lot about the republican mind

"Free Market Success" --

7 o'clock and they called it??

Romney is trashing Gingrich during his South Carolina concession speech.

Who's the worst driver in your family?

OK people. What's the big deal with the word "militant"?

Does Mitt actually not understand what crony capitalism means????

Tweety may have just redeemed himself!

Scott Brown: What About All The Rich Schoolteachers?


A lying cheating bloviating pathetic excuse of a "man" thinks he will win?

Saturday Night TOON Roundup- Newt and Mitt

DCCC chairman expects three Wis. challengers to be among top pick-up opportunities

Saturday Night TOON Roundup- SOPA and the rest

PSA: Aurora Borealis tonight

So, apparently the Republicans can't have a candidate "who's never run a business or a State..."

Ron Paul FAIL: Last place with just 13% of the vote!

Ron Paul is a fucking loon

TPM: Bad Sign for Mitt. Lost all income levels except those making over $200,000.

CNN: Jeb Bush To Endorse Mitt Romney (updated)

Carville to GOP: You have a disaster on your hands

Newts on 42% Romney 26% (444 of 2,136 Precincts Reporting)

Aurora Borealis tonight...

Why does Ron Paul remind me of "My Favorite Martian"

Blacks Face Bias in Bankruptcy, Study Suggests

Justice Scalia On Unlimited Political Ads: Turn Off The TV

Ron Paul will not SHUT UP!!!

Ronnie One Note is giving his concession/stump speech.

Remorseful man admits causing Reno fire

So in reality Willard has only won in New Hampshire

Nevada Democratic caucuses draw 12,000 for Obama

Barf Alert - Rediscover God w/ GOP Web Event

MSNBC's SC Primary on air talent sends "thanks you" note to Ron Paul

Girls Leadership Institute

You know why I want Newt to win the nomination?

Obama to Draw an Economic Line in State of the Union

I can't tell if that's a Santorum speech crowd

Full Candidate list results @ 42% reported

Scalia: Don’t like super-PAC ads? Turn off the TV.

Santorum's speech worse than Paul's speech...

The tweets are brutal (updated)

I just checked. It still hasn't changed

Does Corp tax code send U.S. jobs offshore?

The Faux moralist and sanctimonious blow hard, Rick Santorum up now.

Anyone besides me not give a shit about the SC primary?

Irony is not lost on the repuke candidates!

Delegate allocation for South Carolina...

Santorum has an ARMY of kids

Okay. Now it all makes sense to me--Ruh roh Ron Paul

Oh please shut the fuck up, Santorum. South Carolina...

(conservative) Marine Le Pen and France's Front National sense their time has come

Newt winning tonight is great. But Romney will easily win the nomination.

China, South Korea Comment on U.S. Anti-Dumping Probes

Take at look at the Statewide map...

TN: Invasion suspect, homeowner identified

Democracy for America Kicks Off Its Biggest Cycle Ever

My response to some OWS Paulbots on Facebook

Gee, apparently Sarah is unhappy with the SuperPAC ads...

HEY! Anyone just see the woman/women being shoved out of the Santorum receiving line?

Baby flamingo - pics

Assholes are paying $10,000+ to go on trophy hunts for giraffes (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

The moderator who asked Gingrich about "food stamp president" secured the nomination for Gingrich

Herman Cain beats rick Perry.....damn you Colbert!!!

Concerns over body image outrank school and stress for girls in Australia

what in the FLAMING HELL?

Newt Gingrich expects to raise $10 million in the next ten days coming out of the SC race...

Why can't we combine threads in LBN like we used to?

Can somebody dictate your ownership in their Will/ Testament?

The tweets are brutal - part two (updated)

Memo to the Republican Establishment: You Have a Disaster on Your Hands!

The rest of the Replican nominating schedule

*Jeb NOT endorsing mittens,

Given the obvious delight most of us are taking in the Salamander's victory,

"Gingrich surges in S.C". - CNN live feed

HAHA Memo to Republican Establishment from James Carville. AWESOME read GOP DISASTER

Who Should I Vote for in the Republican Primary?

Report: Japan kept secret about scary nuclear scenario

FL: 82-year-old Daytona Beach homeowner kills masked man trying to break in

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: [Rationale] Of Romney Campaign 'Cratering'

Why has the debate over primary states died out??

Newt is leading in delegates

Incredibly Gingrich's 41% in SC was bigger than Romney's 39% in NH

for a "winner" he looks tired and testy

We can't help how we look. We CAN help how we dress, how we present ourselves.

Final totals show 23 arrested in Occupy protest

Louisiana Water-thrush

Perry rental home costs state $750.000

I need HELP! crosspost from the environment/energy group

How Newt Gingrich Saved the Military Industrial Complex

Stung by Defeat-Romney Considers Adultery-Huddles with Advisors About Possible Affair

Max Keiser: Economic Terrorist Attack on Greece Pt. 1 (of 2)

Max Keiser: Economic Terrorist Attack on Greece Pt. 2 (of 2)

Ouch! Tweet from David Axelrod to the New York Times...

Gingrich 42%, Romney 27% - My prediction at 3:38 PM today!

A sign of Gingrich's new confidence:

Norway debates immigration in wake of Breivik killings. "Right-wing politicians are trying to reopen

"Religious bigots" -- and the audience cheers. These are the people who the exit polls indicated


Willard is going to take off the gloves in Florida debate on Monday

No American President should ever bow to a Saudi King

Newt's problem is......

If somebody would have told me I'd be rooting for Newt Gingrich to win an election

Gingrich just said that he was going into all of the ethnic neighborhoods

Watching Gingrich on Current, KO covering SC. Gingrich is still talking

How did Colbert (Herman Cain) do?

GOP: The White Southern Party

Did you hear it? Newty is gonna pick Ricky Perry for veep

Message to Newt:

Newt, you are gonna get such an ass whoopin'

I've never seen such a divisive, bombastic, jingoistic primary speech in my life.

It's like the greatest hits of the lunatic asshole right wing.

Out of the mouths of little children

If you watched Newton's speech, you saw a vitruoso perfomance . . . . .


Dutch courage: Teen sailor breaks Jessica Watson's solo record

Banning Books in Tucson

MissRepresentation Song

It's time for.....

The tweets are brutal - Newt is an asshole edition

I saw that thing you're not supposed to see

Well Lookie Here: In Spite Of SC Win, America HATES Newt

4% of South Carolina votes for Newt!

Today I attended the wedding of a person to a corporation

State of the Union Address by President Obama,

Stung by Defeat-Romney Considers Adultery-Huddles with Advisors About Possible Affair

Our Occupy Movie Night

Obama at 54.2% on Intrade. Up 1.5% today.

Come on 49ers!!

Mittens, Clueless 1 Percenter

Very Funny: Fox News "There is nothing to see here in SC"

VIDEO: As he preaches "strong family values" in S.C., Santorum is Glitter-Bombed by gay activist

Sunday Talk Shows

Retired Beefeater 'ejected from pub for speaking German'

'C-onservatives U-nite M-oneybomb ... Really, Santorum? LOL'

Newt's new slogan: He wants to "Unleash" America...

Newton will be the nominee, and he will pick Rep. Allen West as his VP

Is Newt going to pull a John Galt and bash people, making the base love him that way?

Romney in S.C.: Attacking my success is like attacking every person who dreams of a better future

UCLA's plan to sell Japanese garden draws criticism

Men and eating disorders

Please help me out DUers

‘Occupy London’ protesters take over new building

Dog Chapman Involved In Hawaii Kai Boating Crash

Jeb Bush says he'll stay neutral, calls on Romney to release tax returns

BREAKING! Gingrich announces that "No Makeup Snooki" will be his VP pick if he wins nomination

John Fugelsang: Remember when "Pro-America" wasn't code for "closeted racists unite?"

Tibet to build 251 bilingual kindergartens in 2012

The hypocrisy, it burns....

What are you reading the week of January 22, 2012?

Has racism and other bigotries finally fractured the Republican party?

So the repukes had 3 years to find a candidate to beat Obama...

If I, as a gay man who pretty much loathes the Mormon church, can see this is bigotry

ABC Analysis: Bain Attacks Helped Gingrich Get Lower Income Voters

Harry Reid says SOPA/PIPA shelved for now, but not totally DOA yet

I think the result in South Carolina shows that Mitt Romney would underperform in the south

I replaced the headlight assemblies on my 2001 Focus today.

Magician Daniels saws off fingers

Bastard Out of Carolina

ABC interview with Newts Ex Biggest LOSER

When was the last time three candidates won the first three primaries?

Bernie Sanders Takes Down Every Single GOP Presidential Candidate

Abramoff thinks that Newt Gingrich is corrupt but do the voters???

This is insane. According to gallop tracking poll Obama is only ahead 2pts against either romney or

The perils of 2012 by Joseph Stiglitz

Paterno Has Not Passed Away

Andrew Sullivan: "I cannot see Romney winning this at this point....."

The Northwest's snow and ice storm left us without power for 2 days.

How One Former Vegan Learned To Embrace Butchering

Xbox LIVE Rewards: 20 Microsoft Points

Sacramento City Animal Shelter pleads for help-“Name Your Price” adoption special

Josh Marshall, TPM: The GOP establishment won’t let Newt get the nomination.

Romney Loses Iowa, S. Carolina, But Claims Surprising 'Win'


Texas would be on the table if Newt was the nominee

Notorious GOP hatchet man warns Romney to back off Newt.

Lets take a look at the calendar together

Flaming-horned bull fatally gores man in Spain

Jonathan Alter: Five myths about Barack Obama

Man held for allegedly shooting at undercover cop

On the Edge with Max Keiser [OTE141] Gonzalo Lira

Gingrich 42%, Romney 27%: My prediction at 1:38 PM Eastern

Newt's current wife is a robot! I have no proof but have seen many robots in....

The media is ignoring the Real reason Gingrich won S.C.

Great Asimov quote . . .

Tejon Ranch to suspend hunting as mountain lion killings probed

So Romney got support from the 1%. His wealth alinated others in SC. How much of this is OWS too?

Gingrich, the multi-millionaire, says primary win a blow to elites

Mitt will win in FL, but will it be his "firewall"?

Gingrich did well among Women Voters, and Married People

Liberals for Newt Gingrich

What is your favorite Bible/religous text quote?

Fresh Doubts About Republican Contest

South Carolina Primaries - Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Countdown

Today has been one of those days...

NAT'L ORGANIZATION FOR MARRIAGE --- Congratulates Newt Gingrich on South Carolina Win

Pres. Obama reacts to tonight's SC results...

Newt Gingrich isn’t going to be the GOP nominee. ---JOSH MARSHALL

warning: graphic content

Tonight, millions of Republicans are happy, while millions more are sweating bullets!!!

Mitt's Worldview

JP Morgan Attempts to Intimidate Whistleblowers Testifying Against Bear Mortgage Traders

How do you give a star to someone other than yourself?

Can you spot the human?

Is Bin Laden Dead?

Santorum, Optimistic, Plans Effort Nationwide

Who Would You Rather Watch Obama Debate?

If being for a secular America, like the founders intended is being a "Anti-Religion Bigot"...

Newt's Special Anniversary Special

Newt Gingrich's three marriages mean he might make a strong president -- really

Maine Governor Resorts To Extortion To Throw People Off Of Medicaid.

GOP primary turnout is 98% white (in a state where 28% of registered voters are black)

The GOP has to pull Gingrich off the ticket, what will they use as a tweeser and match?

So I let my cat in the yard for a few and she hunts lizards...I saw something...

Newt Gingrich Targets ‘Elite Media’ (Again) In SC Victory Speech

Newt's victory speech

Have FAUX and MSNBC have spun up this Gingrich Surge in an attempt to drag this out?

Fans of '74's "California Jam" - Check this out...

For those who ever wondered what is the meaning of the word, 'gingrich'

please...stop calling it "health care reform" it was never that

Unruly NFC Championship fans face ouster from game


I have to admit that I just found out there was a juror blacklist

What's ridiculous...

Unusual music web site...mashups.

How can anyone just not be in awe of this?

Moscow officials reject protest march plan

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Results of South Carolina GOP Primary

Lamictal report- thanks for warning me about the rash.

Happy 39th Anniversary, Roe v. Wade

My interest in history is the mundane detail of everyday life

in re: southern cooking

The next GOP debate will be Monday, January 23rd - 9pm ET on NBC

Am I the only one who is SICK AND TIRED of the "debates" between 4 mysognistic, racist, self-

i just was ordered to come here by a thing i was not supposed to see

The USA has now stooped to a position lower than the former USSR

Ron Paul standing in front of a gigantic Confederate flag

Ron Paul standing in front of a gigantic Confederate flag

The 1970's...

Anyone remember the movie It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World?

Rick Santorum Launches CUM

Gingrich should be happy tonight -- he wanted a three-way. nt

Newt kept his acceptance speech simple -- "Third time's the charm!"

If the primaries don't produce a clear winner, Gingrich will be favored --

Shakespeare's death mask on display for the first time in macabre exhibition of medical artefacts


Ancient Popcorn Found—Made 2,000 Years Earlier Than Thought in Peru

How would you have reacted if any Republican ran promising to do the following?

Voltaire English letters discovered by Oxford academic

Criminogenic Environments, Bubbles and Financial Crises (Prosecute the Bankers)

Hitler's 'Wolf Lair' hidden deep in Polish forest to be turned into major tourist attraction

Hitler's 'Wolf Lair' hidden deep in Polish forest to be turned into major tourist attraction

66 Years After He Saved a Navy Ship, Another Battle Is Won

Texas crews excavate bones of purported ex-slaves

Cooking Up Change: How Food Helped Fuel The Civil Rights Movement

Derpy Hooves

Asia loses its taste for shark fin

Beijing releases pollution data; US figures higher

This is like a John Carpenter flick but its real. Church of Death

Outdoor Life

Libyans lob grenades, storm NTC office in uprising cradle

Tweak the alert system.

Guatemala ex-dictator must appear in genocide case

Officials: US drone strike killed Somali insurgent

Syria, Displaced Zabadani and Madaya residents ,following Assad’s continued bombing.

In Syrian City, a Calm That Few Expect to Last

The 2012 DEMOCRATIC presidential primaries/caucuses

Artist looks back on a year of drawing The Los Angeles Times

Shaken AL observers escape an Assad attack &seek refuge in a person's house

Truncated Early Voting Will Give Newt the Edge in Florida

If corporations are people,

PSU editor quits after erroneous Paterno report

How about a viewing option that allows you to...

Fukushima silence

Britain challenges power of human rights court

Former economic hitman, John Perkins on Citizen Radio.

Human Rights Watch urges the West to back peaceful protests and end the ‘Arab exception’

Syria - Victory is from Allah only, not Obama, not Erdogan, not the Arab League

I think its sad most folks don't have the long view to realize the GOOD FORTUNE of a Gingrich nom.

Now it is the GOP grassroots base vs. the GOP establishment. OH HOW SWEET IT IS!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Keeper of Treats Edition

Can someone here give me a straight answer about death jokes?

Nikki Haley Fails To Deliver Home County For Mitt Romney

That Scott Walker 600 Job headline? Cost WIS 4 million+! --- With risk to taxpayers on aircraft deal

Documentary examines how toxic water at the nation’s largest Marine base damaged lives

What do you call that feeling when you sleep a really long time?

Florida State ends #4 Duke's 45 game home winning streak

Nearly 200,000 votes already cast in Florida GOP primary. -- advantage Romney

Chefs, Butlers, Marble Baths: Hospitals Vie for the Affluent

Chefs, Butlers, Marble Baths: Hospitals Vie for the Affluent

Up with Chris Hayes should be fun this morning

State (WIS) to return $11 million federal grant in dispute over health care law

Eagle highway observed in Warren

Salon: Four Ways to Go for Republicans after S.C.

Croatians vote in referendum on EU membership

Human Rights Watch: Iraq getting worse

Government by Gobbledygook

The Rise Of Newt Gingrich Proves Reprobate Republicans Don't Give A Rat's Ass About Family Values

While everyone here was fretting about Newt, I was at a party show.

Lawyer: Mubarak is still Egypt's president

Delivery driver lauded for shooting would be assailant

'I never panicked' - Jamaican chef survives shipwreck

200 Gather at Joe Paterno Statue

Death: the first African American punk band

In the panhandle of Florida, Newt's message will resonate, but in the heavily hispanic

Tax Havens: How Globalization Really Works

I Don't Think Newt Gingrich's Open Marriage Will Garner The Swing Vote

For those scoring at home, the delegate count is Newt-23, Mitt-19

The Years of Stagnation and the Poodles of Power

The Age of the Super PAC

[Florida International University] Police Arrest Occupy Activists For Attempting Concert

The Swinger Is On Meet The Press

Toon....'How would liked this wrapped"

Foreign Policy: Obama administration secretly preparing options for aiding the Syrian opposition

Ehhhrrr. Hmmmm.... Uhhh. OK. I *think* I'm in the right place.

Electric Cars No More Prone to Fires Than Gas-Powered Vehicles, U.S. Says

up with chris hayes/in general

up with chris hayes /go to other thread

China No Match for Dutch Plants as Philips Shavers Come Home

Wall Streeters Mock Occupy and Poor People at Fancy Frat Party

Mitt will release his 2010 tax return and an estimate for 2011 on Tuesday

MAYHEM AHEAD: Ex-GOP Chair Says Chances Of Open Convention '50-50'

The Spitzer Valentine's Day Massacre - down memory lane on the downfall of Eliot

Two Democrats join campaign to challenge Snowe (This makes 4)

Flashback: Richard Kirsch on the passage of health care reform

Syria unrest: Arab League 'extends mission by a month'

What's for Dinner? ~ Sunday January 22nd!

Greek debt swap negotiators depart Athens without deal

Just Short of Treason in Georgia and Kansas


Iowa caucuses: loser is....Iowa

PSU editor quits after erroneous Paterno report

Romney to release his tax returns on Tuesday

Corzine Sued for RICO Violation by MF Global Customers

Rasmussen shows Obama leading Gingrich by 7 points

Bill would let schools opt out of lunch aid

Libya’s leader suspends members of transitional government after protests

If you are tempted to answer the violence of the state with violence,

Commentary: Getting 'those people' to straighten up and fly right

newt gingrich, chris christie, joe scarborough

Andrew Romano: Obama Gets Lucky in South Carolina Primary Results

Man dies of bird flu in southwest China: Xinhua

Mustachioed douche-and-a-half John Stossel wants "ignorant" people to "stay home on Election Day"

RCP Video: George Will: Mitt Romney's Problem Is His "Romneyness"

Washington Lawmakers to Consider Marriage Bills Monday

Romney to release tax return Tuesday

What happened with FOX news last night?

RIP, Joe Pa

Breaking Joe Paterno has died...

PHOTO: It's another EXCITING episode of "Newt's Osama Finger Makes Creepy Shadow On Callista's Chin"

The Great Recession in Black Wealth

Payday lenders can expect regulation soon

Joe Paterno, 85, dies in State College

5 Questions about the Keystone Pipeline

Breaking news: MSNBC Joe Paterno dies

M1 Carbine Imports Banned

Raj Patel: The Value of Nothing-an Overview

Spectacled bear cub - pics

Joe Paterno has passed away. My condolences to his family.

So if corporations are people, and they present super PAC ads that are false, can they be sued for

The Commons

Sacarborough on MtP: "There's no doubt about it: the (GOP) party base is revolting."


Black leaders to SC gov: You're a minority, too

High School Student Invents Possible Cancer Cure

A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD--Part I discussion (BEWARE--Here be spoilers)

ROBME's Father's story should be used against him

First World problems

Obama's State of the Union Address to Focus on Economic Fair Play

Like Dracula, the "miracle laptops" keep climbing out of the grave...

It's Sam Cooke's birthday

SC: Romney got crushed by Gingrich, whose favorability rating is lower than Cheney's

Supreme Court Likes Citizens United Less When They're Actual Citizens

So, Joe Paterno

Boehner Threatens To Hold Payroll Tax Holiday Hostage To Approval Of Keystone XL

Kansas slashes food aid for children of illegal immigrants

James Clyburn: Newt Gingrich Won With ‘Familiar’ Rhetoric

Somebody tell Newtie that JP Morgan Chase is the food stamp king, not the President.

Alan Grayson for Blue America on the Anniversary of Citizens United

Michael "Potato Salad" Steele: 50-50 chance of open GOP Convention, just like Newt's marriage

roe v wade turns 39 today--will it see 40?

People Say They’re Good if They Think God is Watching

roe v wade turns 39 today--will it see 40?

Simple and fair tax reform

The four morons of the Republican apocalypse

best way to clean enameled gas stove grates?

Don't trust the Republicans! They're lulling us into a false sense of security!

James Clyburn On Racially Coded Language

James Clyburn: Newt Gingrich Won With 'Familiar' Rhetoric

Wolf Blitzer Calls Out Piers Morgan For Saying John King ‘Attacked’ Gingrich

abortion would be unavailable in 5 states if this group is successful

Seventeen Minutes of Misdirection and Horseshit

abortion would be unavailable in 5 states if this group is successful

Should the USA become more of a Foxconn nation?

Remember Larry Klayman?

Frankenstein's Monster is loose, and it ate Mitt Romney in SC.

Floating around facebook

Reality slap & Family values...

Gingrich collects over $100,000 annually for his pension-that's A LOT of food stamps

International Plan to Protect Earth from Comets and Asteroids Could Mean Billions for Contractors

Santorum Glitter-Bombed in South Carolina

Irish journalist humiliates EuroBank technocrat who won't stop ducking hard questions

Court Approves Washington State System of Limiting November Ballot Access to Two Candidates

How We Can Take Advantage of The GOP's Dilemma.

(Kansas) Legislative tax committee members may have conflicts of interest on tax plan

Over-Policed Suburb to Shut Down Police Department to Save Money


American Voters: Still Up for Grabs

best way to clean enameled gas stove grates?

Newt 2012 sticker: "America is my wife now"

What's your layman's diagnosis of Newt?

Dont forget your local food banks now that the holidays are behind us.

Self-righteousness is UGLY.

Gop lies - why do people believe and vote for scoundrels - newt NOT equal to family values - RANT

UN and US being drawn into decades-old Saudi-Iran religious struggle for control of Syria

Romney says he can only release two years of tax returns because of "the internet"

Krugman - It's Hard to Justify Low Tax Rates on the Rich.

Volkswagen uses Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold", to endorse their cars

Gingrich and Romney need to release tax returns from previous years, not just 2010

What book belongs on the Master Deflector's book shelf?

Santorum unleashes CUM. No, seriously.

Mayor Of London Warns George Bush He Might Face Arrest As A War Criminal

I can be happy with any one of the four remaining GOPers getting the nomination

Mideast youths to hold Facebook peace conference

A Brokered Convention = A Broken Convention.

“If it’s the pinnacle of capitalism, we should be worried.”

Shit Scientists Say

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh Gives Farewell Speech, Apologizes

Got some advice if anyone has a cold and/or a runny nose or sinus congestion

Anyone count the number of times Newt said 'Reagan' during the CNN interview

Delegate and popular vote count so far

The Truth Doesn't Matter to Willard Romney Anymore

Human trafficking is growing almost as fast as drug trade, officials say

Apple comes out and says it

Dumb Letters to the Plain Dealer, Volume II: "How can I be of service, Boss?"

What America Can Learn From Hungary's Backsliding Democracy

Any updates on the Jeb Bush Endorsement (or non-endorsement)?

It's New Year's Day on the lunar calendar. Year of the Dragon.

What a lousy week for fans of Blues music and all music

12 Funny Tweets About Newt Gingrich’s Wild Win in South Carolina Primary


Mitt's "SCRUBBING"-“Releasing 2010 returns is just blood in the water-What about previous 20 years?”

Why, are unemployment benefits taxed at 30% (+/-) and captial gains taxed at 15%?

Oldie but Goodie: Chuckie Cheese OWNED by Jeremy Scahill

Tavis Smiley Hosts Symposium on Poverty in America

Stephen Colbert shows Republicans how to draw a crowd

Cold weather Duers, what do you set your thermostat at during the day and at night?

Food Stamps (SNAP) ...just the facts

Newt won because...


Gingrich: He(Romney) erased all the computer records on how he formed Romney Care


A joke

I Have Proof Newt Was NOT Created At A Pillsbury Factory In Juarez, Mexico!

S.C. votes without new voter ID law

Strategery and the tax return release

Some on cruise ship may be unregistered

I hope Joe Paterno apologized for his role in the coverup before he died

Robber killed in Waffle House shooting

You guys thought Lee Mercer was crazy? Check this Michigan guy out...

The Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have done to you"

"Come in here and give it a whiz"

Santorum's Florida campaign chair thinks that God blows chunks at gays

Only 15% of jobs in Florida require a college degree. Now if the FL Dem Party would pay attention,

if there was ever any doubt that religious belief is a form of mental illness...

Carville: "There is one screaming, huge story here tonight...

Chris Christie: ‘Newt Gingrich has embarrassed the party’

When did Social Security Benefits become taxable under the IRS Income Tax Code?

Why do we have to "Work so Hard" to make a living?

House Republicans try to cheer each other up at retreat

Oscar subjectivity/ injustice: K. HEPBURN, Peter O'TOOLE, STREISAND

Mitt should just take up Warren Buffett's challenge

anybody grow mushrooms?

For the record: George W Bush is the real "Food Stamp President"

To Admin: the yellow error alert needs some further guidance ( IMHO)

Boehner Threatens To Hold Payroll Tax Holiday Hostage To Approval Of Keystone XL

President Obama Reflects on Significance of Roe V. Wade Case

Five founders who were skeptical of organized Christianity and couldn't be elected today

The righteous indignation works for Newt.

Evicted Detroiter: '100 years old, and don't have a home'

Why Mittens creeps me out.

"hot manure" and composting paper

Timeline: From Brooklyn to LA: The Dodgers' Story

Right now there is no better political 'chat' show than Up /w Chris Hayes.

Dark Days

Yemeni president departs for Oman

Behold a pale horse ... Mitt's fatal flaw

Santorum "Glitter Bombed"

Death Threats (and a scholarship fund). Local pariah, national hero.

Okay. When I'm wrong, I'm REALLY wrong.

Giffords to step down from Congress

Gingrich Falsely Claims He Was Completely Exonerated In Ethics Investigtion

Check my logic. Ipso Facto

wrong forum

'Execution imminent' for Canadian tortured into 'confessing' he ran a pornography website in Iran

FYI: iCloud syncing is instant and perfect.

The best article I've seen about Joe Paterno's death

Roe v. Wade at 39: For NARAL, ‘a challenge and an opportunity’

Who else is looking forward to Melissa Harris-Perry's

Stamp prices go up to 45c; postal labor talks fail

Why does Newt think the "Saul Alinsky" attack on Obama will work?

Nebraskan demands more wind turbines.

Tom Toles Rant- Obama's State of The Union Address, as written by the GOP

Germany has the economic strengths America once boasted

Shades of an American Kristallnacht?

Rep Gabbie Giffords has just announced her resignation this week

West urged to accept rising Islamist political power in Arab world

Giffords stepping down from Congress

The base is revolting!

Gabby Giffords to resign

Scott Olsen: Casualty of the Occupation (Rolling Stone)

Say a solar flare knocks out all electricity...

A Message from Gabby

Chris Christie: Newt's an embarrassment to the party, but he can beat Obama, so what the fuck.

Heineken commercial song

About Brownback's tax "reform"

There is special place in hell reserved for the inventor of the customer satisfaction survey.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: What About Romney's Taxes Back At Bain Capital?

TYT: Abortion Rates Higher In 'Pro-Life' Countries (Ana & Cenk Discuss)

I knew it!! (sort of ) Colts have interviewed Tressel twice

What's the difference between a religious, a philosophical, and a spiritual thought?

WSJ: "Newt Gingrich, the Ché Guevara of the right"

Syria unrest: Saudis pull out of Arab League mission (BBC)

South Carolina’s Divisive Message

Subject "food stamps" - guess who is making big money on them (and outsourcing the call center)

Statement by the President on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Prime yourself: Gasoline above $4 a gallon this year!

A Message from Gabby

Since Romney forgot his flag lapel pin for the last debate

Religious conservatives find little to love in GOP race

Reid Mocks Newton: 'One of the Candidates Believes in Free Love'

Giffords to step down from Congress

There has to be a time when Mitt considers calling it quits and throws in the towel...not worth it..

Ohio legislation would allow state to devote more money to discounted farm loan program

Wow. Steven Tyler butchered the National Anthem

High Court sanctions looting: Israeli quarries in the West Bank

Civil Rights and The War On Drugs

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Paterno's Funeral ("Penn State rape rings in his ears in Hell")

An Open Letter to Newt Gingrich From the Pastors of Poor Children

Human Rights Watch reports 'serious violations' in Israel, Palestinian territories

Los Angeles Unified School District to eliminate ALL Adult Ed

Can you imagine the heads exploding, and the election odds changing, if Obama belted out God bless A

If I were Newt....

The Way It Was

Newt Family Values - Do as I say and not as I do, and do, and do...

Cool Chicks from History

Has anyone here tried soap nuts?

The one word that destroys Gingrich:

Motion induced blindness

Score another one for the Maniacal Right. Giffords to resign from Congress to continue healing

I most likely will not "alert" further on "Gungeon" smear...

Ron Paul’s “South Was Right” Civil War Speech With Confederate Flag

sexual exploitation of displaced women and girls in haiti

sexual exploitation of displaced women and girls in haiti

Funny, how when Republicans attack Democrats, they mostly

I wish women in the U.S. automatically kept their last names when they marry

(MA) Domestic violence bill ( establishing new employment rights for victims of domestic violence)

Dow up 60 percent since Obama took office

Picton Inquiry

An observation on Gingrich's win in SC.

I had my Sunday afternoon call with my parents

Idaho legislation would ban e-cigarette sales to minors

Girl Scout Troops Banned from Va. Church/NBC (Because of affiliation with Planned Parenthood)

Scott Brown: "Letting the Bush tax cuts expire would ...

Jerry Sandusky: ‘It’s a sad day!’

The right-wingers have backed themselves into a political corner

Why one rich man shouldn’t own an international bridge

Molokai Harbor Security Zone Raises Ire

Corrupt John Boehner Invested In Oil Companies Then Pushed Keystone XL


"The Invention of the Heterosexual"

Gingrich Anoints Himself The Anti-Establishment Candidate

Giffords to step down from Congress

What happened when 3 PhDs decided to take a 3rd grade practice test

S.C. votes without new voter ID law

Danziger on Newt's Victory

Ron Paul Was Implicated In Failed White Supremacist Island Invasion

U.S. economy may never fully recover: Bank of Canada governor

Citizens of Chad finally get to cast their votes

Cruise ship captain testifies that the company ordered the the salute.

There may be another 'dog-whistle' in the "Saul Alinsky" profferring by Herr Gingrich:

Li'l Tiny Ptah saw absolutely no reason to wait until he was called a surly OLD curmudgeon.

LynneSin was weird about her pets from a very early age.

Gender-specific misconceptions about "breaking up".

My bighair farts in YOUR bighair's general direction.

MiddleFingerMom has had some... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... regrets.

MiddleFingerMom has always been known as "The Life of the Party". Always.

It's been so gloomy here (weatherwise), I

Autumnal, photo by Dare Turnsek

Rainbow Fox, photo by Roeselien Raimond

Company uses cellphone records to gauge credit risk

Police, Military - Was Your Oath Sincere?

So wife after wife after wife beat man on dog on roof. Who could have knowed?

I get better reception this way

Qatar: A tiny country asserts powerful influence

Fan made Star Wars: A New Hope by 15 second-ish clips (some nsfw)

What was boardmember Corbett's role in the phone call that told JoePa he was immediately fired

Governor will declare April special election for Giffords' seat

Ann Coulter throws a fit over Gingrich victory.

Filmmakers Capture ‘Human View’ Of Palestinian Village

DHS to Focus on Providing Intelligence to Local Govs, Private Sector to Counter Domestic Threats

Anonymous Hacks Public Intelligence in “Friendly Audit”, leave message:

Abortion rights infographic (good summary of recent developments)

Any scooter riders here?

Statement by the President on Resignation of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Arab League proposes unity government in Syria

Repub OK Legislator Introduces Legislation to Ban Food Made From Human Fetuses

Saw this on MSNBC this morning..

IDF arrests 3 PA policemen for throwing stones

It's hard for me to believe a white mother would have been arrested for this,

Pee is for Politician

Ali Abdullah Saleh's request to travel to the U.S. for medical treatment has been approved

Steven Tyler’s scarf better than ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ rendition

Shall the Fundamentalists Win?

United States and Russian Federation to Conduct Joint Inspection in Antarctica

U.S. envoy gives Taliban terms for peace talks

Meet the wives .... Beware!

Fewer teens desperate to start driving — is the Internet the reason why?

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The previous iteration of DU had a great 80's music video thread. Let's make one for DU3

New year firework frenzy to send Beijing pollution readings rocketing

Minn. child care providers file suit challenging compulsory unionization

Medical advice needed!! I'm not sure what the problem is, but my googling

Huge CEO Paydays Are Really For the Benefit of the Little People

Lobbyist Helps a Project He Financed in Congress (William Delahunt, D-Mass.)

Despite Newt's race-baiting and the offshoring of foodstamp distribution, Moodys sez they're a plus.

Jewish paper's column catches Secret Service eye

The Dawn of Recorded Sound in America

How the Deficit Got This Big (War & tax cuts-->that's all it's ever been about!)

Patriots headed for the Super Bowl!!

ugg Pats in

No good!

US not enforcing human rights conditions tied to aid to Colombia: HRW

Ever watch a movie that was so bad you couldn't finish it?

Guess who won't be kicking for the Ravens next year...

US not enforcing human rights conditions tied to aid to Colombia: HRW

Hey Pats fans....

Question about the 6 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions in HCR

Kansas slashes food aid for children of illegal immigrants (Children US Born)

Pic: I am a forever dog

An estimated 719 square miles of land in Iraq are reported to contain nearly 20 million landmines

Little progress in Cuba on human rights: HRW

Pro-euro candidate wins first round of Finnish vote

The Corporation: Boundary Issues (The Commons, The Public Good & the Enclosure movements)

Thousands of women could be at risk from 'silent Thalidomide'

What do you like/hate the most about this Universe?

Bernie Sanders: We must stop this corporate takeover of American democracy

Statement by President Obama on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

As Price of Oil Soars, Users Shiver and Cross Their Fingers

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Enters Gulf Without Incident

damn this puppy is getting big.

Confronting Iran in a Year of Elections

Statement by President Obama on Resignation of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Let's go 49ers!

Hysterical .... Scary .... Sad

Bill Moyers on Occupy Wall Street

Newt Gingrich is a HYPOCRITE

Noam Chomsky chooses Obama over GOPs as 2012 President

F-35C jet fighter unable to land on carriers