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Moses invests. Tebow genuflects. Jesus SAVES!!!

"...Not by a long shot. “Every person in here knows personal pain,” Gingrich said.

Chamber of Commerce Sends Internal Email Reassessing SOPA, Protect IP

Newt just said, on CNN, people like him because they want a 'forcefull' leader. That's it. He is

What will the losers go back to? Santorum had a job before this?

Just a VERY nice Obama moment:

Clear and present danger

Source: Dolphins to hire Joe Philbin

I need to escape. Need video recs.

LAUSD Students Roundly Reject Healthier School Lunch Menu

Interview: Deputy Chairman of the Elections Committee Speaks about Libyan Electoral Law and the Crit

Here's my crappy photo of Gotdon Ramsay!

Toon: Jesus "watching" Tebow...

How Harper seized control of pipeline and health-care debates

Obsession with safety is ruining our playgrounds

A story about Home Improvements..#11

Here's my crappy photo of Getdown Ramses!

Just looking for input.

Sheldon Adelson and Newt Gingrich: One gained clout from friendship, the other funding

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory

Cat walked on the keyboard again

Johnny Depp as Barnabus Collins...

PHOTOS: First pics of Johnny Depp as "Barnabas Collins" in Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" remake

I've been noticing many people have one person ignoring them

Canadian Tory MP to his South Asian constituents: Do you speak 'Indian'?

Tonight on Countdown

Who is this Daniel Craig-knockoff dullard replacing Cenk on Current tonight?

Atlanta Jewish Times publisher suggests ‘hit' on Obama, apologizes

Labor jumps into GOP primary fray

Solar surge hurts coal, deepens Merkel's puzzle (Germany)

John Oliver - The Daily Show -" who on his best day, places in a Dwight Schrute lookalike contest"

Can one do a member search like in DU2? n/t

VIDEO: Plan Nine From Outer Space (the WHOLE movie)!

Canadian Conservative Shul Hosts Gay Wedding

Profit from China’s renewed solar appetite (will eat our lunch)

Canadian Conservative Shul Hosts Gay Wedding

New York State Expands Solar Incentives

The 30,000-lb Massive Ordnance Penetrator Bomb Works So Well It Earned A Rare Honor

Megadeth bassist studying for Lutheran ordination at Concordia

High chair saves the life of a dog

Bird flu scientists suspend work amid epidemic fears

Song/singer that makes your knees weak hearing the song.

Ann Romney: I Asked Mitt If He Could 'Save America' And He Said 'Yes'

I can forgive Gingrich's indiscretion

BTW, Chuckie Todd didn't much like the President's performance at the Apollo...

The whole MSNBC evening lineup will be reporting the SC results @ 6 pm tomorrow night.

What speakers do you suggest?

Capitol Report: Unions busy behind the scenes vetting candidates to take on Walker

Catholic leaders call on Newt and Santorum to cool their rhetoric...

Barack Obama's Greatest Hits

Alain de Botton: a life in writing

The Al Green Surge...

Lawmakers Want Vermont To Create State Bank

LOL!!! Keith just pointed out that Virginia's evangelical primary voters

Please help caption the Mittbot 3000.

What's your Unitarian Jihad name?

A politician's personal relationship with his/her spouse does matter!!

what has obama done that make

GOP attack ads do Obama’s Job for him, says legendary ad man and devout Republican

Friday Talking Points (194) -- Out Of Touch

Neil Cavuto Gives John King A Strong Pat On The Back For ‘Open Marriage’ Question - video

Dear Newt: You're screwed now. You should have just cheated on your wife with your mistress....

N.J. police installing red spotlights to remotely shine on those believed about to commit crime

I got my letter in the telegraph

X-tal performs Census at House Party in San Francisco before their ten year reunion... great song.

In Solar Cells, Tweaking the Tiniest of Parts Yields Big Jump in Efficiency

Windows Media Player problem. Help needed.

Op-ed: Women Today, Gays Tomorrow?

DC-Area Homes of the 2012 Repub. Presidential Candidates

Does John Boehner now believe that government creates jobs?

Why Obama's 'Targeted Killing' is Worse than Bush's Torture

Mayors Commit to Bring Marriage Equality to Cities

For the religious right, faith without works

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

Thank you Rachel

Spying mystery deepens with lack of information (Canada/NATO)

I'd love to see a "Preview" option on DU Mail messages

I was told my wires aren't "grounded". What does that mean?

Pink slips for Congress Good, Funny video from #J17

These Guests will get us back in the Bill Maher habit / the Season is back on...

PInk slips delivered to the House on #J17

Why the GOP Primary is Giving the Party Ulcers

Couple Finally Reveals Child's Gender, Five Years After Birth

kinda keeping with the song theme that Justice Wanted started... what group, band or individual

I Baffled The Cashier at Safeway This Morning

I think there is a lot more screwing around in Washington than people think

Why did I have to just re-upload my custom avatar?

I love Bill Moyers.

Not good: Carbon Dioxide Is 'Driving Fish Crazy'

Now that we have the bookmark feature...I'd really like to see the Search!

How many Republicans would vote for Obama if Newt Ginrich got the nomination?

SCOTUS Orders Texas to Replace Minority-Representative Electoral Maps with Ones That Favor Repugs

Aren't we are worried about a Gingrich nomination

North Korean Ambassador Caught and Released

I got romney'd today.

Ok, sorry don't know what ..."Trash a Thread" means or is for..

I got romney'ed today. So I may be spending a bit more time around here!!

Do cats who "get lost" (leave) come back?

Should the Swastika Be Banned?

Jewish Newspaper Publisher Calls For Hit On Obama, Apologizes

Joe Biden stuns Pasadena neighborhood with unannounced visit

David Plouffe on the State of the Union: The White House Wants to Hear From You


Looking for stories of mortgage fraud in WA State

White House - West Wing Week: 1/20/12 or "The Time is Always Right to do What is Right"

How many people here are into H&M?

New endorsement for Romney...... RICH KIDS!

SF: Court documents imply Sheriff used food to control, punish family.

I found out how to see the best posts on DU

Republican party appears to officially back one-state solution

Too much damn paper coming home from school!!

Body of Iraq kidnap victim Alan McMenemy handed over

Joe Biden stuns Pasadena neighborhood with unannounced visit

Rachel may have just broken the law on the air

Official plans to invoke Fifth Amendment privilege in response to Fast and Furious subpoena


You know your kindergarten teacher is overworked when.....

Romney: "Of course the economy is getting better!"

Moral question from Jurassic Park: Wipe out all the dinosaurs or wipe out the rest of your security?

New Definition of Autism Will Exclude Many, Study Suggests

*Need to Know, PBS, from S. Carolina

As of the recent SOPA episode, I am no longer a Democrat.

Results of South Carolina

TPM: Holy Crap. If you want to know why the GOP establishment is freaking out, check out this chart.

Andrew Adler, 'Atlanta Jewish Times' Publisher, Apologizes For Obama Assassination Comments

New Jersey expands gun control laws.

The world war on democracy

Georgia Judge Orders President to Appear at Hearing.

I would expect Romney's "I pay a 15% tax rate on my millions" and "I won't release my tax returns"

Western PA snowstorm check in

A newspaper site I was reading just had a light blue banner ad at the top

ABC's The Note: It’s On! Newt, Mitt to Hold Dueling Ham House Events

anybody watching "moyers and company" on pbs?

I keep hearing that Jeb Bush is the great republican hope.

Clashes between Malian army, Tuareg rebels leave scores dead

Jindal’s Louisiana Privatization Orgy

Is U.S. Planning Military Force to Suppress Unions and OWS?

Music videos that stick in your mind.

Oh shit!! maidinmaryland got Romney'ed. He's going to have a lot of free time...

Is U.S. Planning Military Force to Suppress Unions and OWS?

Congress may be able to override President Obama on Keystone XL Pipeline

How to spot a time traveler

The DUzy Awards for the week of January 20, 2012

Professor Gingrich Provides Alibi to Marianne’s Charges

What Mitt Romney’s father could teach him about economic fairness. Wash Post

After the Arab Spring: creating economic commons

Photos from Anchorage's Citizens United protest

Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain and James Taylor

Conservatism: "the felt experience of having power, seeing it threatened, and trying to win it back"

In Darwin's shadow, a socialist pioneer of evolution

Toons: A Three-Way, It's Not Envy, Re-Brand Myself and More. - 1/20/12

What's the funniest thing you've seen a wild animal do?

Reaganomics guru Laffer praises Kansas Gov. Brownback's tax plan

Has anyone ever had a worse week than Mitt Romney has had this week??

Bill Maher: People Don’t Like Mitt Romney “Not Because He’s Rich, It’s How He Got Rich’

Springsteen - We Take Care Of Our Own

Fuck professional football!

The real reason no one impersonates dead voters: High risk, little benefit

Official: American arrested in Syria

"Occupy" targets banks, corporate campaign spending

Black Box Voting, re: S. Carolina

Alberta tar sands already account for more carbon emissions than 145 entire nations

Just did the Netflix thing

Alright, Metaheads, go give the DUzy Awards thread some love.

Pepper-sprayed UC Davis activists won't be charged

Colbert was BRILLIANT! Along with Herman Cain who was, frankly, inspiring.

LA's Unlicensed Driver Policy Debate Heats Up

If Gingrich wins in November, would the Inauguration be a giant swinger party?

UCLA Astronomer Honored for Black Hole Breakthrough

Government takedown of Megaupload leads to new fears

Critics of Seattle in snow: Shut the hell up

Obama rules against religious nonprofits on birth control.

President Black Bush

Dan Rather Reports: Finnish (schools) First - Sat. 1/21 @ noon ET - HDNet

Arizona GOP lawmakers vote to shush 'disruptive' protesters at Capitol

Lessons from Medicare's Demonstration Projects on Disease Management, Care Coordination, --

Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice (Infographic)

Dan Rather Reports: Finnish (schools) First - Sat. 1/21 @ noon ET - HDNet - previews

Ok, forget pet stores, WTF is with people bringing their goddamn dog to the mall?

Occupy Supreme Court - Guerilla Drive-In Theater at Night on Side of Supreme Court Building

Country music fan upset with Brad Paisley.

So I thought admins didn't delete posts

Library Volunteers are scabs and who will bury the Dead? .. Fresno Co workers strike on Monday 1/23

Still time to costume up for the Edwardian Ball for Bay Area locals.. fun night, relic exp.

Occupy Supreme Court - "US Supreme Koch" Banner on Steps - Full Length Version

Kudos to Better Believe It for an important post, and also to Sabrina

SOPA sponser comes up with new bill even more insane than SOPA

My wife said I could have an open marriage...

The roots of Bain Capital in El Salvador's Civil War

We knocked out the Republican Party.

Something really cool happened today in front of the Federal Building. Young people were protesting

Unbelievable Osaka Train Station Clock. This is water. Only water.

i'm seeing it again and reporting it as asked. nt

Report says China maintaining 'world’s most sophisticated system of authoritarian political control'

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 21 --- THE ESSENTIALS: NEITHER SNOW, NOR RAIN, NOR HEAT...

Small town, red state Amelia Island Florida resident, rebels against rethuglicans

Dodgers' debt is $573 million, according to court filing

First Skyrim mod I've seen...

Call for Costa Concordia to be chained down

War and Being and Nothingness

TCM Schedule for Sunday, January 22 --- BELA LUGOSI

Is it possible the GOP may just throw up its hands and go with Ron Paul?

Wanna post the TCM Schedule?

This is both creative and disturbing.....

Parents Outraged Over School Book's Graphic Sexual Content

The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor

Obama Vow on Exports Is on Track, With Help

I live in a "mountain resort" and today I saw something that really bugged me...

Iowa GOP declares Rick Santorum winner of the Iowa caucuses

Agent to the Stars. How to give a book away free and make money from it

Herman Cain could play the role of spoiler in South Carolina's primary.

This video NEEDS to be sent to Stewart/Colbert...

Call To Action: S.2003 - Due Process Guarantee Act of 2011 RE: NDAA

Action! Chuck Norris endorses Newt Gingrich

The Only Culprit in Rick Perry's Collapse Is Rick Perry

Kansas Law on Sodomy Stays on Books Despite a Cull

HEY PRESIDENT OBAMA...... The song: 'Hey, Soul Sister' by Train

The Day In 100 Seconds: Sing When You're Winning

the Jury did not fail

Megaupload founder held in N. Zealand, home raided

Hawaiii teachers explain their vote, worry about grant money

This is the crap that is as far As MSN will go

Rescued La. black bear shot to death after release

'Cougar' as a school mascot? Uh, no, says Utah school district

Doodling in Math Class: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant [3 of 3]

MASSACRE in Freeperland!

Rich Kids for Romney

What Would You Do? (the anti-semitism version)

Did anyone watch "What Would You Do?" tonight?

PPP: Newt leads final night of polling by a 40-26 margin

Fracking Would Emit Large Quantities of Greenhouse Gases

Fracking Market to Grow 19% to $37 Billion Worldwide in 2012

Why Fracking and Other Disasters Are So Hard to Stop

Every Time You Have Sex Before Marriage A Teddy Bear Cries

Facebook post: Surprise! X-ray found a nail in my brain, I'm in the ambulance now ...

The rise of the overclass

Brunch with Bernie [Sanders] - January 20, 2012

The Littlest Lama? Boy believed to be Buddhist guru reincarnate

Hark! Did you notice anything?

Oil rig arrives in Cuba to begin deep water exploration (BBC) {near Florida Keys}

Afghan Taliban say recruited soldier who killed French troops

The disruptive future of {3D} printing (BBC)

Greece debt swap talks drag into weekend

UK - Television WILL screen pro-abortion adverts amid storm of controversy

A personal non-scientific analysis: Eyeballing the ages of the GOP presidential candidates

The West Memphis Three

NEOShield to assess Earth defence (BBC)

happy birthday to Wolfman Jack: a true American patriot

Fears of mutant virus escape halt bird flu study

Cowardice at sea is no crime -- at least in the U.S.

Should I say it??? Should I admit it??

What is LBN ?

Jack Lew and the Power of Shabbat

Cross post:happy birthday to Wolfman Jack:a true American patriot

Jobless 'pay higher car premiums'

I found this and thought it is hilarious because it's not as crazy as Cain REALLY is

Hmmm... did anyone watch the Piers Morgan interview with Rick Santorum on CNN Friday night?

I love this place, DU, n/t

Is online piracy a really serious problem? My opinion: nope.

President Obama's Weekly Address: America is Open for Business


Croatians vote Sunday on joining the European Union

The Left Coast Sports Babe tells Romney how to ditch Gingrich

PPP: Newt EXPANDS his lead in SC

AP: In SC, Romney says he'll win some, lose some

Pro-euro presidential candidates lead in polling ahead of Finland's election today

Female Ark. prison guard killed checking on inmate

German foreign minister refutes US Republicans' attacks on Europe

Report: US Soldiers Bringing Their Violence Home from Overseas

Bookmark This: Newt Gingrich will never be President of the United States.

GOP Spanish Language Ads in Florida: Romney Avoids Discussion of Immigration, Gingrich Leans In

While R Candidates speak to empty chairs, Colbert draws huge crowd. Rachel reports on SC.

Whatever happened to Mary-Chapin Carpenter?

la puke wants to be king(he's not angus) but found he's the court jester

they are not above the law

Have AIPAC and other Jewish Organizations condemned the Atlanta

VA releases personal information of 2,200 vets

Couple Finally Reveals Child's Gender

Gingrich Says ‘Work’ Is A ‘Strange, Distant Concept’ To Juan Williams

Bigfoot caught on tape

Anyone want to be my co-host?

Wisconsin: Gableman won't recuse himself from high profile disputed cases

Why did Colbert rally at a place that employs Bobby Cremins?

Final results confirm Islamists top Egypt vote

Republicans Are Afraid Of MSNBC

Found an interesting "loners" test..2 questions only.

Tucson children actually sentenced to janitorial duty

What's for Dinner? ~ Saturday January 21st!

Editorial: Campaign racial codes like dog whistle for bigots

#5 Missouri (17-1) @ #3 Baylor (17-1) 2:05pm ET ESPN

The Committee to Re-Elect the President 2012

Who is Taft_Bathtub and why is he/she processing my payments?

Pan-African and Jamaican statesman Dudley Thompson has died. He was 95.

Barack Obama is a courageous President of the United States

Sugar High: The Dark History and Nasty Methods Used to Feed Our Sweet Tooth

The Uphill Battle Against Citizens United: Tricky Legal Terrain and No Easy Fixes

Stephen Colbert's speech at College of Charleston

Foreclosing a Real ‘House of Lies’

Catholic Leaders To Gingrich And Santorum: Stop Perpetuating Ugly Racial Stereotypes About Poverty

How Not to Celebrate Liberty

Let's Stay Together - singing surge in support for President Obama !

Nigeria violence: Scores dead after Kano blasts

For all of you sad about Rick Perry's departure, don't worry. He has a new job.

Tuesday, January 24th, the President will give his State of the Union speech.

Yemen grants Saleh immunity in attempt to end crisis

Just Label It: We Have a Right to Know

Ran across this at FB - excuse the post if you've seen this (cat pic)

What would happen if each person bought just $5 more per week of food directly from a local farmer?

I just don't see independent voters going for Newtie.

Self-Immolation Is on the Rise in the Arab World

Saw the movie Haywire yesterday.

Republican Necrophilia

UK 'subsidising nuclear power unlawfully'

Salon: How Bradley Manning’s fate will be decided

Two lessons from the Megaupload seizure

Is the power on yet in Issaquah?

Think Progress: How the Republicans on the FEC Are Making Citizens United Even Worse

New Anti-Gay Presbyterian Denomination: Cowardly Lions

After taking a hard look at the competition, do we really "need" an election ?

Who’s a Religious “Minority” in the United States?

The Republicans' Dark-Money-Moving Machine

Keep Religion Out of Public Schools

Reddit Co-Founder: SOPA Blackout 'Resounding Success'

Greece's creditors leave Athens, talks to continue

Military Indistrial Complex Government Staff

49ers' Jim Harbaugh raises bar for rookie coaches

Obama to Grant Banks Robosigning Immunity

I may be flamed here but I don't think SOuthern cooking is so much unhealthy but it is the

have you seen this photo on ebay, making the rounds in facebook?

Just saw my first SOPA/PIPA ad...

Do You Need to be a Good Christian to be a Good President? Top 10 championship games

Corporate Rule Is Not Inevitable

Reuters: In Bain deals, Mitt Romney made large stock donations to Mormon church

URBAN PIONQUEER A 20 something, gay, Aboriginal, cyclist. Expect great things…or at least things

CNN on the ground in SC: Women are voting for Newt

A Tribe Called Queer

How does the SCOTUS decision effect the additional filing dates?

Your Mission, Fox News: A Column Saying Newt's Three Marriages Will Make Him A Better President

Special Forces Get Social in New Psychological Operation Plan

U.S. women crush D.R. 14-0 in Olympic qualifier

It's not just about collective bargaining

Reports: Colts interview Jim Tressel

kenton sorenson --- made in the U.S.A. -- cool leather goods

Wouldn't it be funny if Romney loses to a polygamist?

Romney says he'll attend Monday debate in Florida

Voting... on a Saturday? what a novel idea

Arab League Should Make Syria Report Public, HRW Says

Unexpected Encounter

Baron Newton Von Gingrich, Master of Sociopaths, Head of House Harkonnen

Virgins Love Mitt Romney And Other Highlights From Bill Maher’s GOP Voter PPP Poll

'Adios, Mofo' - Willie Geist's hilarious send off of (p)Rick Perry

Greece's creditors leave Athens

List of U.S. cities with high transit ridership

Up with Chris Hayes is fabulous! What a show today!

Frank Luntz-Is That Me Or Is There A Dead Raccoon On Your Head?

Did anyone watch the 20/20 cruise ship special last night?

Bain Capital is Wall Street

Why Iowa matters

To Ip web track, or not.

Is there a way to make [i]this[/i] work? N.T.

Democrats can vote in today's GOP primary. There is no party registration in South Carolina.

Michio Kaku asks "Will Mankind Destroy Itself?"

How many people here are into S&M?

Why the DC Impact system Bloomberg wants NYC schools to emulate caused me to leave teaching

Good Science Always Has Political Ramifications (Scientific American)


per m$nbc...voter turnout 'remarkably low' in S.C.

I wonder if Newt cried when he was told that he has to go racial and crazy to win in SC

Not just for dogs anymore

I just listened to Mittens on MSNBC and he reminds me of...

Given an inch, they will bring institutional feticide.

Why do atheists even bother getting up in the morning?

The Wartburg Watch Dissecting Christian trends. Posting Monday,Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Catholic Leaders Challenge Gingrich and Santorum on Divisive Rhetoric Around Race and Poverty

Gay Marriage Gaining Momentum in WA Legislature

Springer Takes On Fox News, Says Network ‘Bashes Obama Every Single Day’

The only thing worse than Gingrich is those who vote for him

So long to the party of family values

Anyone see something missing from this SI photo (p.59 of the last issue)?

Death threat directed at Weaverville woman who contested school Bible giveaway

CNN email I just received showing new poll results of Gingrich 40%, Romney 26%. Here's the text:

Funny Friday (a little late)...

I Hear We're Getting Trader Joe's Food/Drink Stores In The Denver Area.

Income Inequality, the 99% versus the 1%, cache of graphs and stats

(FOX) Newt Gingrich's three marriages mean he might make a strong president -- really

Mittens On The Economy: "Well, of course it’s getting better,” said Romney.

Corporate Rule Is Not Inevitable

Candidate Panhandling His Way Toward Congress

"SOPA and the Film Industry"

The [in]compatibility of science and religion

VIDEO: KARAOKE ELVIS! It's the King's hit, "Kentucky Rain," and this guy hits SOME of the notes!

Bloomberg anti-gun mayor pleads guilty to carrying a concealed gun.

Equidable Economic Values help Everyone

‘He Who Should Not be Named’

why have the reporters that newt chastised remained mute on his attacks?

Cutest Kitteh EVER!!

Occupy the Courts: The U.S. Supreme Koch

Arizona Schools Ban Mex-Am Studies, Angry Kids Put On Janitorial Duty

definition of a chick magnet...

Does anyone watch the Amazing Athiest

Utah cops arrest "accused testicle puncher" Savannah "Bambam" Rios

China Leader Warns Iran Not to Make Nuclear Arms

US spying on Iran from the Moon?

TCM Schedule for Monday January 23 - TCM Spotlight: Max Ophuls in Hollywood

From front runner to also-ran, and now once again, the doughy little fuckwad ...

U.S. calls on Free Syrian Army not to give regime excuse for violence

I usually back Colbert 100%, but I'm not a fan of the 'A vote for Cain is a vote for me' thing.

Obama Releases Preview Of State Of The Union Address (VIDEO)

The Economic Benefits of Marriage Equality in Washington State


Buttermilk pancakes

Is 15 enough for a jury blacklist?

Its nice to see MSNBC slowly acknowledge that actually news occurs on weekends.

Corporate Tool Chuck Todd Goes After Stephen Colbert For Exposing Corporate Tool Electoral System

Romney didn’t flinch: “Do you have a better one, Laura?”

LabelGMOs - It's Our Right to Know (CA)

Stephen Colbert: Wisconsin wants you to primary Scott Walker

Sempra, BP pledge $1 billion to new gas- er, wind projects

Romney's lived on the "real streets" his California beach house, his New Hampshire mansion...

this TINY PEN IS ESpecially small...

Non-fiction Political Books (almost free!)

Lots of couples should have open marriages...

Non-fiction and political books (almost free!) X-post from DU Marketplace:

sig lines

Vancouver Sun op-ed: Canadians decide it's time to legalize marijuana

Shit you never hear unless you hang around MFM

Is attending class at a for-profit school ethical?

Grand Old Panderers

Would anyone like some books?

Fuckabee Wants To Know If Obama Got College Loans "As A Foreign Student"

The most disturbing thing I've seen on the web all day.

Can anyone tell me the back story as to why Bloomberg let the protesters back in zuccotti park?

Today is a test of TPTB

Washington Adventist denied same-sex visitation; hospital apologizes

Romney's Support Dropping Nationally, Too

Is it too early to kick around Superbowl snack ideas?

"MITT! MITT! MITT!"- Romney trucking Mormon youth into SC to drum up fake "momentum"


Kucinich Announces ‘Game Changing’ Constitutional Amendment to Publicly Finance Federal Elections

Rick Santorum Law License Suspended

Sometimes you just gotta say fuck the rules

SO...the asshole who tried to "pimp" the Occupy movement into a product line gets a taste of KARMA.

At what point in the campaign does the info that Newt is cheating on Callista come out?

My work hours were cut in half at the beginning of the year

After Threats, Iran Plays Down U.S. Naval Moves

I love dal

Race to save Ecuador's 'lungs of the world' park

Obama Administration: Religious Employers Must Pay for the Pill

Hollywood regroups after losing battle over anti-piracy bills

Russian FM Lavrov: Libya Scenario Will Not Be Repeated

Is Coriolanus Shakespeare’s Greatest Tragedy?

Derpy talked!

Quibble. Wince. Cringe.

Why Is Congress Redlining Our Schools?

I just want to know, which one is Moe?

Romney to Gingrich: Release Freddie Mac report

Couple outraged by police deer shooting

Bashar falls back on father’s brutal methods

Clever Conceptual Photo Manipulations That Tell a Story

Literary Lushes: Our 10 Favorite Book (and Play)-Writing Boozers

PHOTO: "A beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, would you...

GOP Threesome

Here we go again. Now it's supposedly about child pornography.

This is not me...I was never there and I would never send puppies to do my job

BREAKING - Rick Santorum says he won't quit after SC...

We must admit, this is the Syrian people's finest hour. It is not our finest hour. (haaretz)

Need some DU help debunking a Rethug e-mail

The challenges of Occupying South Carolina

Broke, sick and lonely, Allen Stanford heads to court

"Gingrich is a redeemed sinner. He has the perfect wife. He is what he says he is."

Mexican Murder Camps. How bad the illegal drug trade has become.

H.G. Wells

Inside story of the UK's secret mission to beat Gaddafi

Pushing nuclear exports after Fukushima

Newt's Staff "He's a sociopath, but he's our sociopath." (Esquire 2010 Interview)

My friends, what you are watching is the Decompensation of the Republican Party:

Bat infestation on a roof

5 Ways To Kick-Start Your Own Urban Vegetable Garden

ACLU Raises Concern About Petition Verification Process - (WI Walker recall)

Robin Hood Tax Gains Traction

Romney Spotlights Gingrich in Bid to Deflect Tax Attacks

The Point - Is Hollywood Liberal? Featuring Crispin Glover (AKA George McFly)

Ruling that faults FBI is upheld in Bulger case

Margaret Court: Legendary tennis champ, women's rights pioneer ..... and homophobe

Margaret Court: Legendary tennis champ, women's rights pioneer ..... and homophobe

Why 2012 Will Be a “Close” Election

Why 2012 Will Be a “Close” Election

Planned Parenthood: "Pres. Obama did the right thing by protecting #birthcontrol coverage…"

Stephen Colbert: Wisconsin wants you to primary Scott Walker

Why 2012 Will Be a “Close” Election

Squirrel extreme assault courses Proof that squirrels will do anything to steal your nuts!

Republicans' biggest change this election: How much they violate "Reagan's rule" about not

Caption Mitt

President Obama's State of the Union Preview

Chinese firm acquires two 10 MW US wind projects

Family Values!

College of Medicine is a lobby group promoting unproven treatments {UK}

Define piracy

Why 2012 Will Be a “Close” Election

MLK Nite @ Riverside Church

Romney Under Pressure: Not A Pretty Sight

A fight to keep a business in a small town

monday's debate moderator..brian williams of nbc nightly news.

Gingrich Appeals to "Adulterers and Other Humans" to Counter Romney's Mormon Bus-In.

Papantonio: Public Says Romney Only Cares for the Wealthy

Chuck Norris Endorses Newt Gingrich For President

Obama to Draw an Economic Line in State of Union (NY Times)

Does anyone know if one can capture video on iPad directly into Filemaker Go or Bento?

Romney To Send Cake To Gingrich HQ To Celebrate 15th Anniversary Of Ethics Scandal

The Public Option Did Not Die

Just venting about people who cannot understand the simplest, most obvious instructions!

Caption Newt

Wow I just saw an anti-Union episode of the Flintstones

NYT: How U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work

problems with writing text on my computer

What does Newt remind you of?

Item hunt: Any interest in pooling resources?

How Does Automated Message Vote on juries?

Nikki "Pulled a McCain"

I'm thinking Big Win tonight: Gingrich 42%, Romney 27%

Getting to the bottom of Gingrich’s ethics issues

Saw the first two Obama ads that I have seen ---on the Food Network today

{japan stole our winter!} La Nina blamed for cold, heavy snow

Gingrich on Romney leaving Tommy's Ham House early: "I think he had to go to debate coaching."

Image-of-the-Week: Weather Change

Lets come up with some slogans for Newter's campaign for Prez

McDonald's Twitter Campaign Backfires

The Way It Was {abortion, roe v wade, dismantling}

Romney at the Ham House: “My goodness gracious, wow”

what does newt have in common with south carolinians? do they all have tiffany accounts?

is romney getting newtered?

Re-write today's NY Times lead as a 'liberal media' hating republican

Mitten's son Tweets pic of him doing laundry on the day of the SC primary.

Scalia on unlimited political ads: Turn off the TV

Help with cooking red rice?

Arch Linux now has package signing

If feds can bust Megaupload, why bother with anti-piracy bills?

"I'm not religious, I'm spiritual"

Romney Urges Gingrich Disclosure on Freddie Mac

Obama to Draw an Economic Line in State of Union

Anyone want to take a stab at this?

What ever happened to Sarah Steiner?

WOW! Chuck Todd is lobbing softballs at RNC Chairman Rinse Peenus and thanking him for his insight!

Chuck Todd has become more unwatchable than usual. Just had that Rinse Penis

Website to guess your accent:

Mediaite: Caption Contest: Mitt Romney Does His Own Laundry Edition

Keiser Report: Sinking Ship In Credit Sea (E239)

Metalheads report

The perfect Saturday afternoon martini:

Robert Reich: Choice in SC: Eye of Newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog. Whatever

My Son And I Doing Our Version Of Tom Traubert's Blues

The anti-semitism smear against CAP (Glenn Greenwald)

Papantonio: What's Romney Hiding In His Tax Returns?

The hidden issue in South Carolina primary: labor union clout (CS Monitor)

Equipment question re: slides to digital

Oh dear gawd, I joined a gym.

KY Creationist Theme Park Gets Huge Tax Breaks in Budget Proposal

my mom is dying . . .

James Zogby, HuffPo: GOP Primary: A Fratricidal Embarrassment

Federal reports highlight untapped energy potential of Maine tides, waves (

I still think the 2000 South Carolina GOP primary was the nastiest in modern history

Is the union movement making a comeback?

12 years ago today, Zogby predicted a smashing McCain victory in SC.

Real Time with Bill Maher (1-20-12) - New Rules [Complete Version, 6:32]

I could sure use some help here

I think that "tiffany's" gingrich will quite possibly emerge as the republinominee for THIS reason!

John McCain gave the world Sarah Palin and John King has given the world Newt

Rich kids for Romney

Mexico earthquake in Chiapas shakes region

Romney aide: It's been a terrible week for Gingrich and a great week for us

Megabucks winner almost didn't claim his $14.3 million prize

In a Poorly Produced Smear Piece, Al Jazeera English Throws an Embarrassing Fit of Jealousy at RT

Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist

Mitt's probably pretty good at graph interpretation. Take a look at these intrade graphs Mitt.

South Carolina Progressives To Hold A Party Celebrating The Departure Of GOP Candidates

Newt's Late Night Campaign Commerical

Blue collar job discrimination. Is this common?

Federal judge denies inmate’s request to be flogged in public

Why has this huge gaffe not gotten more attention? Romney: corporations are people, my friend

Is there somewhere that lists directions "how to use this site" ? I can't delete my posts

Lining up to dive over a cliff

did you guys SEE this?

The US-Gulf Cooperation Council, the club of six wealthy Persian Gulf monarchies, fatal attraction

Bill Maher is the new Lars Ulrich! He "hearts" SOPA because "Religulous" was pirated.

On My Signal, Unleash Hell

First exit poll results from CBS News

OK 'fess up. Have the GOP primaries exceeded your expectations?

Lemme get this straight about Mitt Romney:

Which do you support: Child Pornography or Terrorism?

And the answer is: Dracula, Newt, and Callista.

The Austin Lounge Lizards recorded this 16 years ago.

Teen ends globe-circling voyage in St. Maarten

SOPA flaws in a nutshell

Should there be a ban on the sale of cigarettes in drug stores?

Been watching the MSNBC coverage all day. Don't you think

Factories rev up, but hiring doesn't

Who knew that AO sex ed

I think Ron Paul could beat Romney for 2nd place.

CBS News: South Carolina primary exit polls: 2/3 say debates mattered

Civil rights in Chile: Maid refuses to get on bus

NYPD "Working on Technology to Detect Concealed Guns"

Civil rights in Chile: Maid refuses to get on bus

An Internet Pirate On the Cybersea

Herman Cain to give Tea Party response to State of the Union Address

Crime booms as Central Americans fear police switched sides

Crime booms as Central Americans fear police switched sides

The price of a laptop battery varies dramatically.

Roger Simon retweets: Romney aides already tell Fox they've seen exit polls and expect 2nd place

Garrison Keillor: "The republicans claim they want everyone in this country to speak english,

Joe Paterno near death

On The Turning Away by Pink Floyd

Poll: 26% of Americans see Obama as a socialist, 22% as a liberal, 28% as a moderate

Recommend me some British comedies, new or old.

Early exit polls show that most important quality voters were looking for, who could beat

US Patriot Act verses the World's data causing world wide anxiety

Romey's wife attacks Gingrich in robo-calls.

Source: Paterno in grave condition

Nicotine Patches May Ease Mental Decline

Presidential Candidates explained through their D&D character sheets


Catholic Bishop: Children Want to Be Sexually Abused (2010)

Two CCW Holders Kill One Another

Dear Sea-Tasty Tuna:

Portabella Mushrooms - I don't like them,

CNN to call it for Newt at 7pm.

Anybody try Pardus Linux 2011?

Steve Schmidt hit the nail on the head.

I could look this up but who ran in 08 against Obama?