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Archives: January 2, 2012

6-22 attempts-- 60 passing yards---2.7 yard passing average--16 rushing yards--1 fumble lost--I int-

Ron Paul: Civil Rights Act of 1964 'Destroyed' Privacy

I didn't know Animal Planet aired Comedy shows.

Dems prepare response in Iowa

David Gregory Defends President Obama Against Rick Santorum’s Accusation Of Appeasement - video

Will the Supreme Court Render the Fair Sentencing Act Less Fair?

whoa,huge flock of blackbird deaths AGAIN on New Years? !!!

New Year's collection

Parental Control

Ralph Nader Hearts Ron Paul, Hails Potential Left-Libertarian Alliance

6 of 22 for 60 yards and 1 int. Welcome to the playoffs Tim. LOL!

MiddleFingerMom took quite a while thinking about his resolutions -- and just decided on them today.

Watch 60 minutes for undiluted Cantor BS, lies and

Romney blasts Santorum in swing through Iowa

Uh Oh. >>>

question for teachers about bill of rights

Siri Tells 12-Year-Old Boy To Shut The Fuck Up!

Vets: On FLOTUS and SLOTUS, "Best - Ever"

An Old Guy Working out in the Gym...#11

Windows 2012

Healthcare tip: If you cannot afford to see a doctor

ACLU warns St. Joe, MO schools about religious speakers

Keeping a roof over my head- made possible by DUers like you

MiddleFingerMom's #1 New Year's resolution? (And I KNOW you'll be happy to hear this!!!)

Really great Beef Stew base recipe...and a little weird.

It seems that Jesus likes Kyle Orton more than Tim Tebow.

Turkey PM urges Palestinian reconciliation in meeting with Hamas leader

The Shift Network -- ??

Rick Santorum Loves Republican Romney and the Tea Party Mayor Who Cried "Queers"

Religious hardliners fight back

MiddleFingerMom's 2012 New Year's Psychic Prediction:

Texas Redistricting Round Up

HUMPY NEW YEAR!!! May your New Year be MUCH happier than hers... and at least TWICE as happy as his!

California continues to make huge cuts in welfare programs

Change in Texas' Medicaid policy may affect some patients' co-pays

Newt complains: He's been "Romney-boated".

Saving Amazonia: Winning the war on deforestation (BBC)

Granted they're both dim bulbs,

Nasa's gravity twins now circling Moon (BBC)

a guy was planning to murder jews and blacks but got arrested

Irony alert

Glenn Greenwald Unethically Taped Witnesses While Working for Matt Hale, White Supremacist.

Project Bubbles: A laundry service for the homeless loses its home

WI: (Iron) Mine Plan Prompts Backlash

Where Were the Wall Street 'Perp Walks' in 2011? - Danny Schechter, Al Jazeera

Please tell me when we get the 'bookmark' feature. I'm lost without it.

Believe it or not, I look at 2011 as an EXCELLENT year for me!!!

College Conservative

First civil union takes place in Delaware (And I have a family connection)

It says everything you need to know about the GOP

Occupy DC's LIVE talk radio show! (8:00 PM Central Time)

Does anyone have a link to all the crazy stuff Ron Paul believes in. It was posted on the du this

my prediction:

Fish with an appetite for Testicles

Plain Talk: In 2012, let’s return to Wisconsin values and decency

About alerting on sexism and misogyny:

How Iowa Became a Stronghold of the Religious Right

critically wounded by celebratory gunfire

6,820 results in .16 seconds.

My two day out Iowa GOP caucus prediction is (see below). What is your take?

Feature request: Could we maybe have separate alert categories for CS and TOS alerts?

Jib Jab: 2011, Buh-Bye!

If the partner of a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, are they technically drinking for three?

Where did you go to college?

15 Biggest Box Office Flops of 2011: THR Year In Review

Conservative republicans not too excited about Ron Paul

Person of interest in Mt. Rainier killing is suspect in Skyway shooting

Hypocrisy and duplicity are here to be seen

Worker Laid Off Under Bain Capital: Romney ‘Didn’t Care About The Workers,’ Put ‘Profit

Glen Greenwald, Matt Tiabbi, Ralph Nader

Democrats Descend on Iowa to Hit Romney

President Obama and the First Family visit an exhibit about his mother's work in Indonesia - pics



All those elected officials you dislike? They are reflective of the people who voted for them

I've decided to become a baco-vegetarian

Failure To Prosecute Banking THIEVES Legitimizes The Revolutionary Worldview

11 Terrifying Reasons to Close the Gun Show Loophole

My Friend Is Terminally Ill and needs to place Bubble & Squeaks.

Danziger is always pertinent and amazing at the same time-

Syria - Sunday 01/01/2012 - Google map of protests with video links

Inside Syria - Is the Arab League mission doomed to fail? - 25 min video discussion

9/11 Debunked: "Molten Metal" Explained

Confident Romney draws contrast with surging Santorum

Check in in you don't expect anything to be better in 2012

My Friend Is Terminally Ill and needs to place Bubble & Squeaks.

DU's own Ozzymandius's blog, w today's Top SEC Settlements of 2011

99-year-old divorces wife after he discovered 1940s affair

Ohio official admits possible link between fracking and earthquakes; bans disposal injection

D-day full day CBS radio broadcast

Ron Paul Compares Social Security & Medicare To Slavery

Yep, I'm the asshole.

Any other fans of Brussels sprouts, here?

Omigod, can it be true? CaliforniaPeggy is PUI?

What are your reading tonight Lounge? I'm reading "Dewey's Nine Lives" the legacy of the

PPP New Iowa Poll: Paul 20, Romney 19, Santorum 18, Gingrich 14, Perry 10, Bachmann 8, Huntsman 4

Anyone ever heard of buying a carton of eggs that was filled with double yolked eggs? My cousin said

The swiftboat like smear machine against Glenn Greenwald goes into high gear. Who's next?

The Autobiography of George Engel

Ron Paul and his investigations into 9/11

Good thing about the Santorum Surge

My Friend in NY Is Terminally Ill and needs to place Bubble & Squeaks.

I don't think many progressives will vote for Ron Paul

Montana governor builds surplus with ranch mentality

I guess that if the O.J. jury could render a final decision, so can our DU juries


Breaking News: M7 hits Japan and water leakage at reactor 4

I dont want to take America all the way back to the days of our Founding Fathers.

Cowboys lose division and playoffs

Dear Raiders, please go ahead and move to L.A.

Glenn Greenwald Jokes about President Obama Raping a Nun

A Great Reading for the Season by John Henry Faulk

"We can Pickle that!" What is the oddest thing you've pickled?

Glenn Greenwald praises Obama's pick of Sotomayor

Whitney Tilson Thinks He's In The Army

Congrats, Giants!


What are the chances of getting a Forum specifically for Glenn Greenwald?

OU vs Iowa 2011 Skycam Falls on field during game

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Feeling Confident As Caucuses Near

Hey, Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird documentary

I think Magic Hat is quickly becoming my favorite brewery.

Algebra to the rescue!

Hard to see how Santorum loses Iowa right now

Winners and losers #10

American Paradox: 18.5 Million Vacant Homes and 3.5 Million Homeless :-(

PoliSci 308.04 To Tell A Story for the Glory Takes Talent and Wisdom.... The Baggers in Iowa lacks

Why is Glen Greenwald's name popping up all over the board tonight?

Is it just me

Republicans are Assholes, Aren't they?

GOP Halftime Show

Amnesty International: Obama gives Al Qaeda a propaganda victory. Protest set for January 11, 2012.


Can't post image to sigline

It really is no surprise

(Ohio) State links northeast Ohio quakes to injection wells: Kasich orders work temporarily stopped

Bigotry against minority groups at DU3...

Duckmaster Edward Pembroke and The Peabody Ducks...

flashback 1989 y'all

Mexico gang seen ramping up meth in Guatemala

Ed Jenkins Dead: Former Congressman Dies At 78

flashback 2006 y'all

Seth Macfarlane Religion Related Animation Collection

Iowa Glitter Bomber to Surging Santorum: "Stop the hate! Taste the rainbow!"

With elected officials like Nader, Cornel West, Cenk and Greenwald, what hope is there?

Must-read book of 2012: Public hospital’s sad tale

Barbara Lee: Co-sponsor of the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011

When employers extend a deadline

How many times can a jury be called?

And Ice cream castles in the air...

Thank goodness this group is here.

Rick Santorum Says Barack Obama Should be Pro-Life Because He is Black

I'm confused.

Sometimes it takes us years before we realize how wrong our halloween costumes were.

Instant cancellation of all personal attacks (You Could Be Next Part 7)

Republican praise and support for Obama's continuation of Patriot Act, Gitmo, NDAA

High-deductible health plans on the rise

Iraq celebrates US troop withdrawal

APOCALYPSE 2012! MSM Continues To Push FEAR From Every Angle

If you were a taxonomist, you would have to classify Dems and Repubs as different species

If this is who I'm spending eternity with....(check it if you need a laugh or an "OH YEAH!")

I can get ready to format a drive in about ten seconds in Windows, even faster than that in DOS..

This is setting up for another MASSIVE FAILURE for Romney ...

Dear lurking freepers et al-

The Love Song of J. Random Hacker

GOP plans to throw ‘the book’ at Obama 2012: President’s own words will be used against him in elect

This forum takes me back to my childhood


Shot just misses baby's crib in Creve Coeur

Unaccountable Killing Machines: The True Cost of U.S. Drones

Back on? Arnold Schwarzenegger spotted wearing wedding ring as Maria Shriver 'reconsiders divorce'

Steve Kangas: Liberal FAQ (and Libertarianism Fallicies FAQs)

How dare Glen Greenwald have a contrary opinion about Obama's policies! Off with his head!

LAT: Photos show 'person of interest' in Los Angeles fires (BUSTED)

The times have changed.

Passers-By Rescue Children After Icy River Crash

Is DU often down for short periods of time late at night?

Hit French movie 'Intouchables' has some crying 'racism'

There are good people out there.

2012 Awakening - Let the Great Revolution Begin

Obamas and friends dine in Waikiki on eve of departure

Occupying the Rose Parade

Euro could become world's leading currency: Noyer

am I the only one who is getting tired of hearing about surging Santorum?

Time: Why the Libyans Have Fallen Out of Love with Qatar

Hawaii Celebrates First Civil Unions

Palestinians and Israelis Will Talk This Week

The 25 Cutest Pictures Of Newt Gingrich With....

After Three Decades, Tax Credit for Ethanol Expires

The Insurance Gecko

In China, the Grievances Keep Coming

Deck us all with Boston Charlie

The Obama Campaign Is Not Kidding Around

I think most agree with this e card

WND Not Interested In Truth About Another Self-Proclaimed Ex-Terrorist

Navy Sailors Bonded with 3 Stowaway Kittens

I've not been around lately

it is certainly remarkable how signifigant world events subside

"Santorum is peaking in Iowa"

Flip-flopney compares Obama promises to Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage

Santorum savors boost from poll, promises to compete everywhere

Why do you think this man was trying to board a plane in Texas with explosives?

WOW- Occupy Wall Street moved to Times Square (appear to have gone commercial)

What will change if Republicans win?

Germans remember 20 years' access to Stasi archives

Iceland's large Katla volcano threatens eruption

Iran 'produces' first nuclear fuel rod

Gordon Brown's Downing Street emails 'hacked'

"'See you in the Super Bowl"

Vampire Squid Watch: 4 Scary Economic Trends for 2012

Is Obama doomed in 2012? (BBC)

Abortion a bigger problem than joblessness, says Catholic Church {spain}

That Sherlock Season 2 opener was ridiculously awesome.

Murder is Somehow Less Hard to Bear than the Humane Termination of an Injured Animal

Policies and positions republican candidates must support to appeal to their base of voters

Free-Falling in Milwaukee: A Close-Up on One City's Middle-Class Decline

A New Rule ..on reporting the news... Rule Number One

Mitt Romney: Obama Campaign Promises As Good As Kardashian Wedding Vows

Thread to motivate mdmc to clean up his flat

Georgia State Holidays include Confederate Day and Robert E. Lee's Birthday

Der Spiegel: Germany and Europe Expect a Tough 2012

The overhyped, unrepresentative Iowa caucuses

Seriously why should I pay any attention to this rubbish in Iowa?

New Year's Eve - Bad for Birds

I want to apologize for my stupid comments in the Glen Greenwald threads.

Are radio stations replaying the 12/29 Democracy Now?

Two Toons on Ron Paul

Danziger toon- Mitt Consults Scripture

In speech before the rich & powerful, Corbett dreams of returning PA. to the 1899 robber baron age

More overrated coach: Rex Ryan or Rob Ryan?

"Ahhh.... MEN." (Bette Davis, All About Eve) And BOYS.

Corbett Sues to Stop PA.'s Online health insurance comparison and information website

Newt on climate change/pandemics: I'm an amateur paleontologist ... therefor no climate change

A good summary of the first year of PA.'s completely-under-Republican-control government

2012 Forecast: Bang and Whimper-A Kunstler Happy New Year

"Medicare as we have known it is not part of our future."

With enemies like these, does the President need friends?

New China food safety scandal widens to oil, peanuts

How about a C-SPAN Viewers group?

If Modern Humans Are So Smart, Why Are Our Brains Shrinking?

2011: the year of resistance to conservatisms war on words

E.J. Dionne - Obama's best bet: Fear, not Hope

I can see a post by someone I have on full ignore.

Happy New Year All!

2nd day at home

Break Up Bank of America Before it Breaks Us

Same-sex couples can lose up to $6,000 a year in tax benefits

The world doesn't understand my tortured genius

TPM2012: What They’re Scared Of: Mitt’s Existential Rhetoric Resonates With Iowans

Same-sex couples can lose up to $6,000 a year in tax benefits {x-post}

Iran test-fires missiles in Gulf exercise {long range this time}

What is your favorite movie decade?

"Religious beliefs battle hypertension" study

AMC's Breaking Bad: The Upcoming Final Season – 5 Plot Lines to Consider

Triangulations of Christopher Hitchens

Vikings - Whatever...

How much longer can the 80% hang in there with only 7% of the money?

Obama's clever scheme: U.S. fighter sales soar in time for campaign

Palestinians plan diplomatic steps to put Israel under 'international siege'

Culture of corruption

Gingrich: 'I feel Romney-boated'

Exclusive: Gordon Brown's Downing Street emails 'hacked'

Left rages as Sarkozy finds best friend in crisis {fear, what's french for BOO?!?}

Sensible thinkers - by Tom Tomorrow

Cliff Schechter, AJE: The Real Housewives of Iowa

Woody's New Year: Change Socks, Dream Good, Wake Up and Fight

Ape cooks with fire

Saying Goodbye to Tuffy Today

Why are they arresting so many Occupy folks while the corporate thieves are

Spain's first gay retirement home passes its first hurdle

Blanchard woman shoots and kills intruder

Authorities hunt gunman suspected of killing Mount Rainier ranger Margaret Anderson

Indian court orders Facebook and Google to remove 'anti-religious' content

Seven-year-old sacrificed to the gods for good harvest in India

Wikileaks: Fanjuls among 'sugar barons' who 'muscled' lawmakers to kill free trade deal

shoveling america's wealth to the top

When the Egyptian revolution came, we stayed home.

2012: The Year Of The Dragon

Cantor can’t handle the truth about Reagan

Kim Jong-un is the missing candidate in the Republican lineup says Andy Borowitz / must read :)

DNC Top 5 Mitt Fits of 2011.

tax gift to the rich

Mitt Romney - Outsourcer in Chief -- FB photo

So, Newt Gingrich knows the T-Rex was not a scavenger because

Physicist creates scale model of Large Hadron Collider's particle detector - out of 9,500 Lego

Glenn Greenwald - Progressive or Liberaltarian?

"Obama is the best president of my lifetime."

Election Day Registration, No Photo ID Requirement Will Help Boost Turnout In Tomorrow’s

Caterpillar Locks Out Canadian Union Workers, Aims to Cut Wages In Half

I'm rooting for the Broncos against the Steelers!

Need Help re: picture viewing while web browsing (works in IE and Chrome but not Firefox)

Toon: The Sky Was The Limit

"A midget mud-wrestling match!" LOL!

Study: Yellowstone Wolves Help Trees Rebound.

Pub goes kosher in bid to attract Jewish community

Austerity Reigns Over Euro Zone as Crisis Deepens

I want to create a thread that never DRIES

TYT: Our job is to challenge both sides

For Some Tribes, New Year's Foods Provide A Sacred Link To The Past

The first new sub-species of man for 2012....

Dan Savage Recoils at Notion of Surging Santorum as 'Flavor of the Month'

REPORT: The Republican Candidates’ Economic Agenda For The 1 Percent

Reminder- Rose Parade with 70-foot Occupy octupus float coming up today.

State's decision to halt health exchanges worries insurers

The path to re election is very simple and coming to shape

Google has some new and cool election pages

Thousands affected after Anonymous hacks police union website

So is a Ron Paul win in Iowa good for President Obama or more dangerous than the other cons?

Northeast Ohio rocked by 11th earthquake linked to Youngstown injection

State's decision to halt health exchanges worries insurers

Exxon Mobil awarded $908 million in Venezuela dispute

Rams (2-14) fire Steve Spagnuolo, GM

China: Muslims clash with Chinese Police at Mosque demolition

Biden Gets China.

To Protect North Carolina’s Children, Vote Against The Marriage Amendment {x-post w/ additional info

I find it very fustarting to not be able to leave a comment with a jury vote

Wake Up, Farmers! A website to track scabs at Crystal Sugar

Way to go Obama Family ..... they helped to release some Green Sea Turtles

Record surge in CO2 credits may hamper rebound

Cross-state pollution rule put on hold,electric power producers seeking to defeat new regulations

I have a website that is going to be up for grabs in April 2012. :-(

When selling high dollar items

"Liberation Square" comes out tomorrow (about Tahrir)

If republicans had run someone better, more reasonable . . .

I say make Ron Paul a frontrunner. Lets disect his rhetoric.

Wake Up, Farmers! A website to track scabs at Crystal Sugar

Help! my Inbox is broken....

What's for dinner? ~ Monday Jan 2nd

2011 Oakland Raiders set NFL record for most penalties

Just when you thought it was safe . . . he"s baaaack! - LOL!

Occupy Los Angeles- livestream from the Rose Parade

Syria frees about 3,500 prisoners, pulls tanks from cities

Looks like MSNBC is gonna be "The 24 Hour Rick Santorum Channel" today.

Does anybody have the link for the DU4 Beta?

What? No Cowboy posts from their biggest fan, Douche In Maryland ??

How We Got Here With the Economy and How to Get Out

Norman Finkelstein: There was NO WAR in GAZA, it was a MASSACRE (video)

David Swanson: Obama Crowned Himself King on New Year’s Eve

Stop ignoring the facts about Cast Lead

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fire coach Raheem Morris

After Three Decades, Tax Credit for Ethanol Expires

I want to create a thread that never PIES

21-day Vegan Kickstart

Ousted Egyptian leader stretchered into court

Gay Men Being Trafficked in Kenya

Christians given three days to flee Nigeria's north

Glenn Greenwald: The Real Reason the GOP Primary Is a Pathetic, Incompetent Clown Show

Social media in the 16th Century: How Luther Went Viral

Jerry Jones among sports figures making political donations (to Republicans)

2005: "there is little reason to fear a catastrophic collapse in home prices"

It's Official: Gov Stats Shows the Middle Class is Dead

Romney is the one percent

Drumbeat from the weekend and today...

Drumbeat from the weekend and today...

Peak oil review - Jan 2

Peak oil review - Jan 2

2012 predictions: the more things change...

Commentary: 2012 Predictions (yes another one)

Bwaaahaaaa per msnbc "is the Iowa caucus muddling the GOP message?" LOL...what took them so long?

Turnips: Versatile and Nutritious in Any Season

Baby rapist is illegal immigrant, already deported once.

Oil rigs may provide bird buffet for sharks

Vote: Who's most to blame for Cowboys' collapse?

Re-Made in America: Remembering the New Atheism (2006-2011)

“In the United States I have always believed that there was a big difference

Obama could lose....

Cats Hanging Out with Eagles

49ers set NFL records...

If this group of GOP candidates were a baseball team,

Eric Cantor refuses to admit Reagan raised taxes

Is just because I am Partially deaf??? KTLA coverage of The Rose Paradw is unlisenable

So I woke up this morning (which is a good thing in itself), and this memory came FLOODING back...

Report: Trump supporters file paperwork to get on Texas ballot

Where's The Occupy Float At The Rose Parade?.....nt

Americans Elect - Wallstreet insiders would broker 2012 election

HIV Positive Criminals: Have Sex, Go to Jail

Question: re putting HDD from old laptop into new, identically configured laptop.

Do double-yolked eggs ever hatch?

Picture proving Auggie rigged the football contest.

Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham work on display at the East-West Center.

Bachmann would put US missiles on alert to warn Iran against developing nuclear weapons

Anybody want to contribute to a Knowledge of Socialism scale?

Ohio suspends well operations after series of small quakes

Announcing..National Science Fiction Day..January 2.. Isaac Asimov's Birthday

DemRapidResponse Presents: Top 5 Mitt Fits of 2011

Whining, corrupt, draft-dodging slob compares his "plight" to Swift Boating of John Kerry in 2004

I want to create a thread that never tries......

Of course Dennis Rodman is going to coach a topless women’s basketball team

Is there a way to Bookmark stuff?

Some protesters safe from Syrian snipers (video at link)

From the CIA World Factbook: Iran

L.A. arson probe: Person of interest had 'creepy' smile, witness says

Female sea lion helps clean her room - pics

Policy analysis via ad hominem attack is best left to the RW.

Stanford Online Learning for Computer Science Starts February 2012

Mount Rainier shooting Suspect in the slaying of Mt Rainier park ranger has been found dead, vi

BP Exit Solar Market as Industry Margins Evaporate

"If we can't talk to one another, we can't do anything else."

Gingrich: “I don’t think I’m going to win.”

Will Bloomberg kick him out of the club?

Four Attacks in Queens (NY) With Homemade Firebombs

Iran Opposes US Hegemony

Advocacy group says breast implants save the lives of transgender people

January 2, 1969: John and Yoko's "Two Virgins" seized by N.J. authorities over "pornographic" cover

An Old Guy Working out in the Gym...# 8

6 years of weekly candlelight vigils end - Candlelight Vigil No. 302

I have a short thing to say.

The World from Berlin 'Iran Is Playing with Fire'

Islam terror group tells Christians: Leave north Nigeria or be attacked

Gingrich: 'I don't think I'm going to win' in Iowa

Maybe Blind Allegiance In A Perfect Storm is Not The Best Position

Developed world failing on climate funds pledge, says Bangladeshi minister

The Danger of an Attack on Piracy Online - David Carr, NYT columnist

Here's a pic of the supposed gunman that killed a Park Ranger

WTF! - "Santorum Singles Out Black People As Dependent on Government"

Occupy Research

Coca-Cola accused of propping up notorious Swaziland dictator

Immunisation push propels India towards victory in war against polio

Death of blackbirds in Beebe, Ark this New Year's Eve was deliberate?

Rainier gunman's body might have been found

Flustered by reporter, Perry repeatedly demands source’s name

Does doom await in 2012?

Santorum Says He Prayed For Perry During Debate

Santorum tells Iowans: ‘I don’t want to make black people’s lives better’

My uber-Catholic freeper-type aunt

Meet the Other Navy Seals (and Dolphins)

Syrian man ‘assassinated’ in Germany… sparking fears Damascus is ‘hunting down its critics in Europe

Keystone Pipeline Engineer Voices Safety Concerns

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 3rd: Women of the West

Santorum tells Iowans: ‘I don’t want to make black people’s lives better’

As Big Bank Stocks Plunge, CEOs Continue To Reap Huge Salaries

I just got back from the Rose Parade

Anti-Gay Hate Group Chair Is Now Ron Paul's Iowa State Director

Health Insurance SUCKS

Obama's 'analytical' Israel policies

CNN just went to commercial playing My Angel is a Centerfold while showing hot pic of Brooke Baldwin

Oh, the Hilarity: Gingrich Now Says He's been 'Romney-boated' in Iowa

Chimpanzees consider their audience when communicating

Is it a freaking holiday today?

Venezuela to pay Exxon Mobil only $255 million

Toon: Protecting Voting Whites

Poor little Iowa Republicans. It must be such a trial to decide which candidate to vote for.

"Abortion a bigger problem than joblessness", says Catholic Church

U.S. Auto Sales Seen Continuing To Rebound In 2012

can you download mp3's that are not from itunes onto an ipod

Mitt Romney WILL win Iowa! (A Message for the Tea Party)

Evidence Collected In Fire At Florida Abortion Clinic

The Occupus has landed.

Ron Paul and Glenn Greenwald love their mothers. We should end the practice.

A washed up B-Movie actor who was famous for a movie called Bedtime For Bonzo about a chimpanzee

Movie sword-fight master Bob Anderson dies at 89

NDAA debate thread.

Two men arrested, charged with LA area arson fires (via CNN televised report)

Occupy Rose Parade photos

Banks are double charging people on escrow fees and calling it a "MISTAKE" when they get caught

Company puts $13 million towards, I am not talking about teachers, pension for 1 person

Mt. Sakurajima sees record high 996 eruptions in 2011

The wombat’s cubic poop is one of nature’s weirdest superpowers

MMMMMMM..."Andouille Stuffed Pork Chops with Maple Bourbon Sauce"

Obama's curious friendship w/ UBS CEO Robert Wolf & the Permanent Government & the bankster bailout

Firefox 9.0.1 . stop BBC from feeding

Well, the tree is down, and the wreath is off the front door.

It occurred to me suddenly, perhaps we're all missing the point on alerts here.

Petro vows to raise taxes for the rich, ban arms

"I'm not doing this sh***!!!"

The Inhuman Microphone

Polians out - what about Peyton?

George W Bush rules from the shadows.

Is there anyone who cannot purchase a gun if they want one?

I can think of NO BETTER WAY to usher in the New Year than with "baby wolf squee." (VIDEO)

Congestive heart failure. Insurance got me over the hump and now lets me die slowly.

Seoul sees 'window of opportunity' with North Korea

Quadrantid meteor shower won't have to compete with moonlight

A B-Day party for MorningGlow!!! wheee!

Who Put the Benzadrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine?

Mick Jagger at 15 years old

Bringing Expired Debt Back to Life

*~* JANUARY 2012 *~* Visionary, Intuition & Dreaming Thread! *~*

Gallup: GOP 2012 Battle to Date Most Akin to Dems in 2003.

Offices up for election or re-election

Is anybody here descended from Scottish families who left Scotland because of

Astrologer Terminally Ill- Help in finding home for her two cats needed.

Jonathan Turley: The NDAA's Historic Assault on American Liberty

OMG...the stupidity!!!

Impossibly Small and Over-Hyped Circus In Town

Happy 100th birthday to our house

Goldman's Latest Boiler-Room Stock: America

Santorum Is "Very Liberal"

Authorities probe fire attacks on 4 NYC sites

The Handful of White People Who Choose Your Presidential Candidates

December NRA "Freedom" magazine proves the NRA is a right wing bunch of nuts

What to do when the science, skepticism and pseudoscience group decides to rewrite history?

FBI to expand definition of rape to include more crimes

And I thought he could walk on water....

Karl the Llama

Adam Smith deserves some good feedback for standing against indefinite detentions.

How Congress Has Signed Its Own Arrest Warrants in the NDAA Citizen Arrest Act By Naomi Wolf

Rajiv Sethi: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and the Iowa Caucus

Occupy The Rose Parade - pics

Chess (January): Happy New Year; Magnus Número Uno by a Mile

Eric Cantor on 60 Minutes: No Honest Answers

Jonathan Turley chimes in on Obama & the NDAA. Another Constitutional scholar is appalled.

how often do you find yourself wanting to ask a poster

What movies are you looking forward to in 2012?

What Vietnam Taught Us About Addiction (and change in general)

Scott Walker Tries to Take Credit for Removing Family Care Caps He Instituted & Was Forced to Remove

Two more Americans on way to Sainthood

Governor Cuomo Announces A New Education Committee

Is there any conspiracy theory post that can be called "nuts" without being locked?

Calling out Ruby the Liberal and Tx4obama!

PHOTO: CAPTION Rick "Give black people a fish, they eat for a day" Santorum

Sheila Jackson Lee calls on Ron Paul to apologize or leave presidential race

Knesset approves controversial 'Grunis bill'

"Santorum Salad" added to restaurant menu. No, this is not a joke.

I hate it when they change childhood memories

If Obama loses

In West Bank, Israel's rule is that of the jungle

TPM: How Romney Turned His Rivals Against Each Other

Vancouver finds novel way to reduce HIV: free crack pipes

Is Santorum a Koch whore?

French breast implant firm used fuel additive

B1G getting its clocks cleaned today

Friend of mine got two calls from Republican candidates

I am so depressed. Georgia just got beat by 3 points in the Outhouse Bowl.

Ron Paul statements about Civil Rights Act should clear up something many DUers get wrong

Donald Trump begs Americans to beg him to run for president

Catholics offer new nationwide diocese to Anglicans

History of Pro-Life movement

I want to create a thread that never tye-dyes

Authorities probe fire attacks on 4 NYC sites.

What makes Barack Obama such a great President?

Wow, did you see the Obama supporters at Java Joe's in Des Moines?

Occupy the Rose Parade: 5,000 Protesters, Giant Octopus Fail to Make Live TV

Baird defends religious freedom office from critics

Obama has Nearly Quadrupled Renewable Energy on Public Lands

Obama has Nearly Quadrupled Renewable Energy on Public Lands

Obama has Nearly Quadrupled Renewable Energy on Public Lands

7 companies on the ropes in 2012

Join MN Protest of 10th Anniv. of US Torture Jan 9th 10:45am, MOnday 11am, and Jan 11th 7pm free

Obama now at 83% approval among liberal Democrats

Happy Caucus Eve!

When Upton Sinclair's '99 Percent' Movement Sparked the Birth of the Modern Election Campaign

New year brings new attacks on evolution in schools

Nominee, Best Attack Ad of the Primaries, 'Selling Access'. (Gingrich/Paul)

Reality TV's Duggars endorse Rick Santorum

HAHAHA!! Ron Paul calls Dick Santorum "Very Liberal" while Dick calls Fox News "Liberal"

Debt may be a long term problem, but it certainly isn't an emergency

Stopped by the OWS on Saturday

I guess Wisconsin companies have a long history of taking care of their employees.

Arlen Specter's stand-up comedy routine

I love Lodge cast iron!!!!

What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success

Park ranger shooting suspect was mentally unstable gun owner with a history of domestic violence.

Obama has Nearly Quadrupled Renewable Energy on Public Lands

While I don't always agree with John Mackey's politics, I like this Whole Foods I'm at (right now).

Reports: Afghan, Pakistani Militants Unite to Fight US-led Troops in Afghanistan

You think you know Iowa?

Shot. Dead.

Dejavu all over again.....

Unfortunately My work place show FAUX news so I spent the day making up names for candidates

Ian "Hello Scottie, this is David Koch" Murphy's LAST CHANCE TO SIGN / RECALL WALKER TOUR

The Occupus gets a mention on DC channel 7 local news

Rick Santorum Says He’s Not Interested In Helping African-Americans (VIDEO)

Hungarian democracy 'reformed'

Wisconsin swamped by concealed-carry applications

The Right Wing is always saying that America should be more conservative

Trump says he is ready for a run; Paul says he has "no plans" but doesn't say no...

Could we please have our buddy lists back?

Are there any coin collectors here?

Johm Lennon wrote 'no religion' in Imagine

Did Iran fire 3 long range missles or did FOX "NEWS" make it up?

Drilling The Big GOP Lie: The US Exports More Gasoline Than It Imports

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick says President Obama should be anti-abortion because he's black

Castle Doctrine means no charges

Need black eyed pea recipes - NOT hoppin' john!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 4th: Star of the Month: Angela Lansbury

I got a Keurig for Christmas...

Darker Nights as Some Cities Turn Off the Lights