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Archives: January 18, 2012

Kia Motors introduces two electric vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show.

What magazines are worth subscribing to?

BS juror explanation. If I were an admin, I think I might ban them for it.

Relative of cruise ship passenger 'survived Titanic'

Some may have noticed that ProSense and I don't always see eye to eye, but...

British Airways has a sense of humor

Speakething with 'publicans

U.K. scientists find 'lost' Darwin fossils

Maclean's magazine cover?

Tigers Victor Martinez likely out for season

Article about another reluctant traveler

Elizabeth Warren: Our money bomb is gaining strength

anyone here use SPUFI?

U.S. gun industry appeals new rifle reporting rules

Thanks for Registering KamaAina, please read the following carefully

This probably gives Grover Norquist a hard-on.

Mitt Romney a hunter?

Do you support Federalism or do you think a more Unitary system would be better?

Debate in 100 Seconds: And the Crowd Goes Wild

Romney just lost the general election

DU should go dark tomorrow in solidarity.

Just a financial note on 'Newt's Revenge' on Romney.

Coast Guard to Italian captain: Go back aboard!

SF: Reports emerge of more domestic violence involving sheriff.

Santorum fights back against critics with barbs

GOP Senator: We Need ‘Child Labor’ To Fight Obesity Epidemic

Please, Please, Please, Pretty Please fix the bug that stops us from leaving comments in jury votes.

I Must Say...

An Update on Lil’ Drac!

Livestream of Occupy March, now at White House.

NZ farmers urge Olympic shearing

What are we gonna post on DU tomorrow

What's with Olbermann, redux

Photo of the Day: The Mitt Romney Enthusiasm Gap

Foreign tourists killed in Ethiopia

Thom Hartmann: Why the "Employee Rights Act" is really wrong

I'm about to ask a weird question: Can canned tuna be frozen?

Peru Vice President Resigns in Corruption Probe

High School Girl Threatened With Violence By Christian Classmates After Suing School To Remove...

Mitt the "Jobs Killer"... Fox News is distancing itself from Romney

Gov. Jerry Brown to call for less state testing in schools

US mainstream media: Beating war drums?

New Mexico governor tries to end licenses for undocumented

OK the Romney % of Income Tax Paid in 2011 POOL Is On .....

Shoot.....Maim.....Kill !!!! ......... Neocon war addict John Bolton needs his war fix.

Knut's little brother - pic

So. Rs holy grail of eliminating capital gains taxes should get ole Willard down to zero taxes,

Thom Hartmann: Is Mitt Romney a serial killer?

EU Starts Hungary Legal Action

U.S., allies say North Korea welcome to resume nuclear talks

New GOP candidate for U.S. Senate claims birth defects are God's punishment for women

Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo

Clinton says Yemen leader has reneged on promises

Vote here...

Serious question for DUers - re that cruise ship disaster

Another teenager kills himself. Wonderful.

Do you answer the call when the incoming number is blocked or "private"?

Clinton takes democratic push to unlikely corner of West Africa

Journalist Chris Hedges Sues Obama Admin over Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Approved in NDAA

Just noticed ARCHIVE links have been added to the front page of DU3

Is Republicanism (representative democracy) a failure?

Storm on Lake Erie!!!

Nouriel Roubini: The Straits of America

Oh Paula about a side of "hypocrisy" with that pound of butter and bacon?

I apologize for asking here

Supreme Court refuses to block suit against SF cops

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Maru gif

The Walter Shapiro book

want to make a bit o' money?

Req Recipe: Potato Casserole with Rosemary

Excuse my ignorance. What is wrong with SOPA?

So, is the Inaugural Ball to be held at Goldman Sachs' executive dining room?

When all is said and done... who ARE we really?

The old adage about "Never go to sleep with an argument unresolved" is so true...

The ex-Ms MFM was upfront and insistent about their "sex life" -- night after night after night.

How many people live in Wisconson? If 900,000 signed the petition what percentage of

A plague on the crusty botch of nature that invented Algebra!

Wouldn't It Be Cool If Feingold Runs For Gov. To Replace Scott Walker?....

Holder said the Justice Department was committed to enforcing the Voting Rights Act

Charlottesville, Va., City Council Passes Resolution Opposing War on Iran

Announcement: Raw Story to go dark on January 18

The two monks who recently beat me out for a job just came and asked me for help.

Antonia's Line. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time!

Rachel Got Her Mojo Back

GOP responds to Jerry Brown's State of the State address before it's given

"Ten inch Gun in Rectum" is the phrase of the day. Modify any thread title to include this phrase.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 19 -- TCM Spotlight -- Jack Cardiff

Indonesia tries to deter train ’surfers’ — again

Get out your fainting couch, The Rude Pundit reviews the South Carolina Debate

Army, rebels agree ceasefire in Syria town

Syria ready to let monitors stay; Obama ups pressure

superbowl is gonna suck this year

Apparent Smoke Bomb Tossed Over White House Fence

Aye-aye lemur 'heats up' its special foraging finger

My email to my Congressperson against SOPA

Romney describes himself as a "business legend".

MPAA calls blackout protest a ‘dangerous gimmick’

White-nose syndrome ravages North America bat numbers

Bain did business with the National Iranian Oil Company.

NPR: Writing About The Midwestern Muslim Experience

NJ Senate Judiciary committee will debate marriage equality bill next Tuesday.

A recent sunset

NJ Senate Judiciary committee will debate marriage equality bill next Tuesday.

LePage, legislators sign ‘Call to Prayer for Maine’ - Bonus - poll question at link

Monk's cancer hastens efforts to rebuild Colorado Buddhist temple razed in December fire

Lets not forget what Betty White said 3 years ago about President Obama.

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 20 -- What's On Tonight: Martin Balsam

I am now part of a Super Pac!

Anybody watching Frontline on PBS?

Should people who have committed violent crimes be able to vote upon coming out of office?

Chris Hedges' Columns Why I’m Suing Barack Obama

STOP SOPA: Why Will Be Blacked Out Wednesday, January 18th ...says Michael Moore

StumbleUpon: Why We’re Against SOPA and PIPA

ATTN: Juror #5 (new one this time)

You shouldn't be seeing this. Report to Help & Meta-discussion.

Black Collar Crime roundup, 2011

Court Upholds Challenges to Missouri Redistricting Maps

Missouri Lawmakers Consider Calls for I-70 Tolls

tonight's Occupy Congress

In order to support opposition to Sopa and IP Protect act


How bad of a child am I?

Tell us about a job you would like to have. I was on Margarita Island in venezuela with

Super Pac Man.

Have you ever gotten jury duty while checking DU in the middle of the night?

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Fear Factory

What is your favourite tv show right now. I like Jon Stewart and Real Time but have to go

"Whenever I do something to annoy my big boy, this is what I do.

Anybody been to Italy?

George Carlin - The Male Disease

Ballot initiative would ban corporate donations in D.C. political campaigns

Feeling good about the recall petitions? You should be worried instead.

~~~ Note: Democratic Underground will go dark at 3am ET January 18 to protest SOPA and PIPA ~~~

Apparent smoke bomb tossed at White House

House Bill 1006

My 'Going Dark' avatar.

AP/Yahoo: Sears shares jump on rumors

The RAPTURE is upon us!!!

DFW people... a question

Who's going to suffer withdrawl symptoms when DU goes dark?

Trotsky was right.

Archconservative Corbett Aide Resigns After Questions Raised About His Warped Writings About Women


New Book About GOP Race: ‘Primary Coloreds’

Vestas Lays off 10% of Workforce, Restructures Management

Jury in Arizona bomb case hears audio using slurs

Screw Threads!

PG&E admits it misclassified more gas pipelines

Well, this looks like as good a place as any for the upcoming 24 hours

Kraft Foods to axe 1,600 jobs

I'm hoping this forum will help...because I could really use some.

Kuwait to deport stateless protesters: report

Do you answer the front door when someone knocks on it or rings the bell?

SOPA markup hearing to resume in February

Okay, see if you can follow this logic (about a pending transgendered rights law)

GPS reveals that New Mexico is stretching

For Gingrich, an Endorsement of Sorts From Sarah Palin.

Very interesting article about the increasingly likely Price Miller race

"Our nation, and our world, is in crisis and our “elected” officials have failed us.

The Italian Tomato Garden

Lincecum asks for $21.5 million

Payton all but assures Brees' return to Saints

Gotta love it. No one can bring the crazy like a desprate Rick Perry!

LePage wants to cut wlefare rolls-

Wonderfully-Cool Engineering Site!

Obama: Syria violence unacceptable

So, what are YOU going to do tomorrow?

Dinner tonight!

serious crosspost for loungers that never go out

DNC lampoons Romney’s 24-hour flip flops

Parents say disabled NJ girl was denied transplant

Court won’t add Perry, Gingrich to Virginia ballot

BREAKING: Why Wikipedia Is Blacking Out At Midnight

On women & children being first in emergency situations

Do you really want to cut taxes? How about my tips?

Operation fast and furious was bad? There is another, operation White Gun.

No Lucinda for 18 hours?!?! Get whatever you need to get through this and hunker down!!

A GBCW post for my Lounge friends.

Since DU will be down for 18 hours starting at 3AM EST....

Why should Romney's investment income get taxed at a lower rate than most Americans'

A Salute to D.U. for Going Dark

DU lock in party! Who's gonna occupy the lock out with me?

Democratic Underground will go dark at 3am ET January 18 to protest SOPA and PIPA (repost -Skinner)

Dear Republican base: Have you no shame?

Hey does DU3 have a panic room for folks that didn't show up tonight? Is it the same?

Michigan Democrats Unveil Plan To Finance Free College Tuition By Eliminating Corporate Tax Credits

Romney sat on board of company that was fined $100 million for Medicare fraud.

Websites start going dark...

Februrary 21rst our drunken mayor faces Terry Van Akkeren, Sheboygan mayoral recall.

Jon Stewart Skewers The Candidates And The South Carolina GOP Debate Audience - video

Wikipedia's 'Go Dark' page.

Former Romney advisor admitted that he "faked it" on abortion in Massachusetts.

Petition for California legislature to pass the DISCLOSE Act

Was there ever a resolution in the case of Judge Prosser in Wisconsin's abuse of colleague?

Go to Google...

A visit from the NFIB today...

Hollywood's Anti-Piracy Campaign Runs Aground

You know, I don't usually talk about being violent and this is only an exercise in what may happen

TYT: Turkey Run By 'Islamic Terrorists' - Rick Perry at Fox News Debate

Romney in 2007: Catching Bin Laden not worth the cost.

Instead of going down completely, websites should re-direct to

January 17, 1893

Going Dark...

Bain-owned company was investigated for bribing Iranian officials.

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.

The Industrial Revolution

Governor Romney criticized for lax oversight of sex offenders.

Toons: Vulture Mitt, Pitcher Santorum, Fellow Republicans and More. 1/17/2012

Check in here if you haven't "seen this".

PHOTO: Santorum is McLovin

What if a frog had wings?

2012 G8 Meeting In Chicago In May......

video: *Countdown with Keith: Jonathan Turley explains how the National Defense Authorization Act...

Affirmative-Action Foe (Ward Connerly) Is Facing Allegations of Financial Misdeeds

Governor Romney defended State Medical Examiner under ethics investigation.

Governor Romney proposed cutting hiring preferences for veterans.

is this funny? 20th Century Fox Flute Edition

Natural gas prices crumble to near 10-year lows

The MPAA and RIAA can go fuck themselves

Romney on homeless vets: Maybe they should be taught how to milk cows.

Few Cities Have Regained Jobs They Lost, Report Finds

Two Officers Sentenced in Rikers Island Assault Case

Don't censor the web

Rick Perry will go Blank at 2am ET January 18 to Protest SOPA, PIPA

The Beauty of Asia (PHOTOGRAPHS)

Romney: “I’m wary of anyone who parlays background, money, and hair to political success.”

Guantanamo commander defends prison mail review

A Work-around for Wikipedia going dark

Scots help Cuba to make carbon

Time to consider mass mortgage refinancings

The Rapture is upon us! You don't want to miss the Rapture do you?

When both the left and the right are against it...

Convicted Cuban spy wants transfer to Florida prison

Parties Confident of Extending Payroll Tax Cut

Anyone have an atomic cuckoo clock?

10 more minutes of DU

Well, Kids - See y'all tomorrow night sometime.....

The Oatmeal is blacked out!

So I want to get the last post in, before DU goes dark...