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Replay of AIS Track of Costa Concordia - the night of the accident

Conservative blogs take on Newsweek cover

The Beshara School

Comic Todd Glass Comes Out as Gay

OMG, my TV just said we can become AFLAC agents!

I'm back. had pneumoia and was recovering at my mothers.

President Obama, Michelle Obama mark King’s birthday with appearance at service center

Shocking: Income Inequity Since 1970, In Graph Form

Before Karen Met Rick

Over 100,000 marched in San Antonio honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

marriage, intersecting interests, and the woman perspective


Govt to bring out upgraded low-cost tablet Aakash-II in April

Do we have souls?

Fanning the Walker 1,000,000 signature rumor Chicago blogger "from a source in position to know"

Crew of sinking ship recalls last moments

SC rally marks MLK day with voting rights message

Renewable energy investments worldwide set record high in 2011

Will high oil prices could squelch the recovery?

Spain's Basques enter unfamiliar territory of peacetime politics (CS Monitor)

Feuding? Posturing? The GOP presidential candidates are just doing what male primates do.

Gilani's fate hangs in balance as Supreme Court issues contempt notice (Pakistan prime minister)

Revealed: Europe's plan to penalise Canada's tar sands goes Dutch

Kid Has the Best Answers as to Why Martin Luther King was so Important

BlackRock’s Mytrah Says Able to Produce Wind Power Cheap as Coal (in India)

Suzlon to develop 3,000 MW windfarm in Andhra Pradesh (India)

Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't just believe in the dignity of labor. He believed in fighting for it.

Health care in this country is a FREAKIN joke.

Wind Power Wafts Into Louisiana, Bringing Jobs And Energy

Occupy the Capital... January 17th

I just wanted to leave a forwarding address so-to-speak.

German funds plan $2 billion Oman solar project (400 MW)

Things That Are Less Steep Than Rick Perry's Drop In The Polls:

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 17 January 2012

So who is going to run against Walker?

Republicans decide the BEST way to honor Dr. King's legacy is to have a pissing contest on Fox News

The United States dispatches 15,000 troops to Kuwait

Seattle drivers in two inches of snow (video)

Gov. Corbett (idiot) fires conservation official!

Goodbye, John Huntsman. Anyone remember what Rove said in 2008 about Obama?

Reform Adds More Twists to a Convoluted Derivatives World

Mitt Is Number One

When it comes to SOPA, Chris Coons is NOT our friend:

A Twitter War Between Axelrod and Fehrnstrom

Mitt spends MLK Day campaigning with a bigot

Has anyone ever had to activate their insurance card?

Dubai Reveals 1,000 MW Solar Park Project

Question about Lenscrafters

Brendan Brazier

This is facinating ...

Mom is taking her dog in to be put down.

Great site for no meat athletes

Group asks Supreme Court to throw out health care law -- because Obama may not be president

Liberia's Johnson-Sirleaf sworn in

Any DUers watching Ed right now?

In less than 29 hours, the English Wikipedia Will Be Blacked Out Globally...

Two of my favorite pictures for today... okay- three!

extremist, racist RP supporter bashes Obama & Dr. Martin Luther King, but praise Ahmadinejad

Car bombs kill at least 11 people in Iraq in latest string of attacks since US withdrawal

Before Karen Met Rick (GOP contender’s hard-core pro-life wife once dated an abortion provider.)

Man vs. Machine, a Jobless Recovery

Mogollon rim, October 2010

Pakistan high court launches contempt case against prime minister

Day In 100 Seconds: Moderates, Mitt and MLK

Cat and mouse

Law and Order 24/7, Except at Tax Time

Egypt’s military ruler in high-profile Libya visit

Pat Robertson says God wants a mattress sale

Discord Among Conservatives as Romney Picks Up Steam

NC could see heated presidential race

Egypt's next parliament to be led by Islamist

What channel is covering the latest clown show?

This thread was hidden by a jury decision.

Thank you, Thank you...for Pic of the Moment. Especially on days like today.

Der Spiegel: Why ECB's Tricks Won't Solve the Crisis

Seven advantages the Obama team has over GOP rivals

I think at this time we need

Florida lt. gov. compares governor Scott to MLK

U.S. gun industry appeals new rifle reporting rules

Variability of North Atlantic heat transport observed from instrument data (Gulf Stream)

Why I hate the rich...

Obama, Occupy marchers mark Martin Luther King holiday

just got my first season of Boardwalk Empire anyone else watch?

xlnt tweet from Rep. Keith Ellison

Methane exceeds nitrous oxide in rivers' contribution to warming

The masses are too uneducated and too likely to fall under the influence of demigods!!!

Howard Zinn on Civil Disobedience

Dr. King's address to Riverside Baptist Church...On WAR...One Year before he was Killed!


Saudi Arabia doubts Iran oil blockade claim

TPM Livewire: Report Santorum May Have Won Iowa

Presidential candidate has relatives south of the border

Virginia State Rep (R) - Children with disabilities are Gods punishment for women who have aborted

Record Arctic ozone depletion (in the winter of 2010-2011) could occur again

Say something in Pig Latin.

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. (while refusing to honor Walker)

Saints fan shoots two 49ers fans after loss

CNN Poll: Obama tied with Romney & Paul in November showdowns

Eugene Robinson: Reexamining the myth of no-fault capitalism

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Please accept my apology. I meant no offense.

A Letter From God

Newt tweaks Mitt for losing to McCain

Explosions damage Italy tax agency: Naples police

Rising carbon dioxide confuses brain signaling in fish

San Francisco airport sign mocks Saints, quotes Jay-Z

"You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Political narratives have been forced on people. OWS gets people to follow their own reality: the

Insurance payouts point to climate change

Put up a frowny face if you don't have a job and want one.

3000 lbs of petitions

Evidence for interbreeding with Neanderthals, only Africans pure

Staples? Our big city just got rid of both of them

Anyone watching Alcatraz?

Despite criticism and the recession, high-speed rail moves the UK

"intellectually, The Republican idea deserves the tolerance and respect one gives to the dead,"

Climate adaptation difficult for Europe’s birds

Judge reflects on Wounded Knee (37 years latter)

To my Packer Fan Friends... my deepest sympathy ...

Video clip of Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes

they are getting mighty testy tonight aren't they ...hehe -- DCCC sets up a petition telling Romney to release his tax returns

HOW the Freak is Tebow in the NFL

Former Colombian vice-minister gets 10 years for embezzling agricultural grants

A lady came over today to tell me my house was on fire.

Europe Bailout Fund Loses Top Rating at S&P

Climate change skepticism seeps into science classrooms

Middle class is moving forward, not backward (An Education Connect-the-Dots Opportunity)

Family Guy FANS What is your favorite family guy episode?

New Orleans: in Infrared

Santorum is doing very well. (debate)

This jackass from Virginia makes me sad to live in this beautiful state.

"Romney now deflecting job LOSSES by saying he'd left Bain by then..."

Male teenager expelled for wearing women's clothing to school

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know- Can humans alter probability through thought alone?

more new orleans in IR

Wow! Did anyone else see this story on Big Ed's show?

David Corn on SC debate: Listening to this crowd, all I can say is, Please, go ahead and secede.

Jerk who said Children with Disabilities are punishment for women who aborted running for US Senate

Judge calls for Uribe's brother and cousin to be investigated

i just turned on the umpteenth debate and they are nothing but a bunch of lying assholes

OK, it told me to do it.

99 weeks is an associates degree...

Lost in Translation :)

Spectrum of theistic probability


Um, what's wrong with GD lately?

Judge calls for Uribe's brother and cousin to be investigated

Ron Paul on MLK

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. in Wisconsin MUST SEE VIDEO

Campaigns embracing 'Occupy' themes

Just watched Harlan County USA...

The abortion war comes to Market Street

Crowd boos at mention of Mexico (GOP debate)

Is it just me that thinks it mind boggling that some people on the Italian cruise

Rachel Maddow interviewing the chairman of the Lunch Pail Republicans.

And they're off: GOP debate lunacy (updated)

GOP pic

Get ready to refute this ridiculous story

If you doubt there's a difference between the parties, look at the *supporters.*

Applegrove's Dog.

Your dog has an adorable pussy.

Maps produced under new redistricting standards leave Democrats divided, GOP nervous

MiddleFingerMom identifies with Popeye.

"The Battle of the Bigotries": Anti-Mormon Fundies Just Wanna Get Rid of the Black Guy

Brian Jones was born today

Canada’s Liberal Party backs legalization of marijuana

More people have been put on food stamps by Obama than any President in history

Should guns be banned in hospitals?

Mexico Getting Booed At South Carolina GOP Debate?

Keep baby's sex secret to prevent gender-based abortions, doc says

who are these idiots in the audience?

just curious...who alerts the most?

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

At least 20 dolphins found dead in Cape Cod area

Lawrence O'Donnell jumps the shark? He is comparing Huntsman coming out supporting

Web Gang Operating in the Open

I need help, re: guns and gun control.

Ron Paul wants to build more bases in the U.S.

GOP maps strategy in wake of payroll tax debacle

Discord in G.O.P. as Conservatives Air Differences

School bus rides may get longer for some students (in CA)

Argentina says Monsanto contractor abuses workers

Argentina says Monsanto contractor abuses workers

i'm toast

Rick Perry: Turkey May Be Run By Terrorists

The Double Slit Experiment and the Observer Effect

Chevron Blames Victims of Its Deliberate Contamination of Ecuadorian Rainforest

Remember 'Not true' from Alito? Who was right about what was going to happen?

Chevron Blames Victims of Its Deliberate Contamination of Ecuadorian Rainforest

Is there a way to find journals here? And a way to find members? nm

Ask a conservative who they are going to vote for

is privatizing racist?

"The foreign policy article Mitt Romney doesn't want you to read."

Something is definitely wrong when

Popular Conservative Blog Slams President Obama’s ‘Liverish Lips’ On Newsweek Cover

Daughter of Cuban President Expects Communist Party to Accept LGBT Rights

Cancer Vaccine for 90 Percent of Cancers Potentially Developed

Andrew Sullivan = Brilliant

US urges South Korea to cut Iranian oil imports

List of sites going dark on Wed. in protest of SOPA/PIPA (Wiki, Paypal et. al.)

Q & A: Jimmy Carter on his Faith-Filled Presidency

OMG - Perry said he would use Predator Drones to stop illegal immigration across the border.

Ginrich just stated the republican policy on education, essentially to get rid of it. He said

Toons: The Mittle Class, Remembering MLK Jr., We're #196, and More. 1/16/2012

And ducks for the town to see and hear. nt

New Colbert Super PAC ad encourages South Carolina to vote for Herman Cain

Their Feet Were Praying: Remembering the inspiration Heschel and King drew from each other.

My 1000th post!

The House of Romney

TYT: How Fox News would have covered MLK

Newt Gingrich And Juan Williams Rumble Over Proposed ‘Child Janitors’ Claim

Gingrich "Obama Food stamp President" brings crowd to feet.

Thyroid meds...

MLK Parade Bursting With Civil Unity Messages

Is there a separate decorating group

Wild houses couldn't drag me away

Questions for the Admin team, and some opinions.....

What Republicans say on stage, and what they do in real life.

Facebook and Google failure to win over India court sets the stage for a trial

US reluctant to share defense tech: minister (of Turkey)

Libya instructors master new teaching methods

Man is recovering after getting lab grown organ implanted to replace cancerous trachea

Front-runner Romney fends off SC debate attacks

How do I tell me my vegan girlfriend that I have stopped eating meat...?

Juan Williams booed at Fox News debate for challenging Newt Gingrich on minorities, the poor

At debate, Romney hedges on whether he would release tax returns

Pic Of The Moment: Route 501 Closed After Vegetable Truck Loses Load

Keystone Pipeline Hearing Tomorrow (1-17-2012)

Not Abel - New Colbert Superpac Ad Released Tonight

What physical injuries are you prone to and why? I used to play basketball in highschool. I didn't

"Mitt Romney always looks like a meerkat who's been shooting spoons of speed non-stop for 10 years."

Koch Bros' Americans For Prosperity has started running anti-Solyndra ads in SE MI

Heads up: Michael Moore, Suze Orman, Cornell West, more w/Tavis tonight

What does one do when one's German Shepherd wants to be a Shih-Tzu in one's lap?

Mitt Romney's problem in a nutshell...

British Tory MPs go to war over gay marriage

Concerns about Romney's faith quieter but not gone

South Carolina Republican debate: Winners and losers

Honest Appalachia: New whistleblower website aims to promote corporate and government accountability

Alabama governor's education plan draws controversy

Oh Fuckit. I'm unstable.

How old were you when you were first diagnosed?

Rick Santorum confronts Arlen’s specter

Rick Perry Faces Backlash Over Daniel Pearl Comment

Straight out of Indiana, Lunchpail Republicans

Project to pour water into Oregon volcano to make power

Convert to "religion of peace" (and probable white supremacist) charged with terror plot

I don't watch debates, and I don't watch political speeches. Saturday radio addresses? Fish On!!!!

Newt finally admits that the child-janitors are intended to break the unions.

TYT: Will Canada Legalize Marijuana?

If there are 100 jury decisions a day...

James Moore: Mr. Mittbot, You and Me

Demonstration at Snyder's home? WDIV reported they'd never get within a half-mile

Tebow fucking SUCKED Saturday...

Why Gay Parents May Be the Best Parents

Michelle got Yoko Ono-ified by Barack’s aides

Paul Begala: Huntsman Wins South Carolina Debate by Dropping Out (audience was "craaaazy")

Leon Panetta "showed his disdain for America" by...

Remarks by the President at a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Service Event

Ambiguously provocative OP

Rick Perry secretly wishes those soldiers were pissing on him.

Live-Blogging The Fox SC Debate - Andrew Sullivan

Poll: Disapproval of Congress hits new high

UK scientists find 'lost' Darwin fossils

Former Gov. Hulett C. Smith dies

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Republican Presidential Debate in South Carolina

I think a 'cancel: excuse me from this jury (with explanation)' option would be useful

Whats the best restaurant in your neck of the woods?

US Israeli War-games Canceled

Does it seem a little slow lately?

Proposed Indian Nuclear Power Plant in Zone Subject to Earthquakes

Living on Social Security & Medicare: The Reality

Honestly, have we lost the country? Are we no longer free

Osage School District in School on MLK Holiday

I can't un-clench my jaw.

Patriots, 49ers favored Sunday; Patriots in Super Bowl

The Gay Rights Movement

Spanish judge who took on Pinochet goes on trial

Next Repub Debate is Thursday, in Charleston. Charleston is my hometown.

Hitler Finds Out About Prank Call to Governor Walker

Corbett suggests possible takeover of Chester Upland School District

Jan. 17, 1893 | Hawaiian Monarchy Overthrown by America-Backed Businessmen

AP: Document backs claims KGB stopped Wallenberg probe

AP: Document backs claims KGB stopped Wallenberg probe

A very hypothetical question for frequent posters in the LGBT forum

Is the definition of Asian used here

Gilad Atzmon, vile anti-Semite, makes new Friends

Sponsor Of Bill To Drug Test Welfare Recipients Busted For DUI

Greeks strike against austerity as EU, IMF visit

I have reached my breaking point and would like to post this: FU Newt Gingrich and the audience that

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip.

Are DU3 journals "themeable" like the ones on DU2 were?

No write-in in South Carolina? Then vote for Stephen..., I mean, Herman Cain

Costa Concordia: are women still prioritised over men in evacuation procedures?

Difference between Mittens and Clark Griswold

No write-in in South Carolina? Then vote for Stephen..., I mean, Herman Cain

The US Government could strip citizenship from Americans under Enemy Expatriation Act

Election & campaign finance reform: an idea

Rumble young man, rumble.

I'm waiting for a White House response to 'Turkey should be thrown out of NATO'

Paul Debate Flushes Out Gender-Baiting Right Wing Opportunists Masquerading as Progressives

What's for Dinner? ~ Tuesday January 17th!

New Tool Reveals Country's Most Polluted Places: How Close Do You Live?

Technological Progress for Dummies

Greenspan's Laissez Fairy Tale: How Flawed Economic Theories Fail to Account for Financial Fraudster

Alcatraz - what say you?

China growth hits 2-year low, policy easing seen ahead

UN chief urges end to Israeli occupation

US wants effective Alzheimer's treatment by 2025

U.S. online piracy bill headed for major makeover

Rick Perry Says Turkey Should Be Expelled from NATO, Calls Leaders 'Islamic Terrorists'

Iran will give U.S. model of downed stealth drone, report says

Leveson Inquiry: Ian Hislop says new press laws not needed

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum split the fearful faction

American Some websites are going black on January 18 to save the internet

SB teams will be blue state, NFLPA and LunchPailR's blast right to work laws in Indiana - Rachel

Racist Ron has been flying first class on YOUR dollar

Exposing the lie. Claims that Chris Hedges was a promoter of the Iraq War

Salvos apologise to Muslim group over snub

Fuel begins flowing into ice-bound Nome, Alaska

The closer Romney gets to the nomination, the more it looks the right-wing will bolt

Why Gay Parents May Be the Best Parents

Thoughts on Perry's Daniel Pearl Comment.

French judge seeks access to Guantanamo over torture claims

Picture the person(s) you love most in the world.

Way to go Badgers! Picture

South Jersey woman says daughter was denied transplant because of mental disability

LOL - 'King of Bain' © 2012 Jupiter Records.

California lawmakers try another 'single-payer' health care bill

Slow Poke- Romney 'this guy is getting a free ride'

Anybody in Austin not busy at noon Wed. 18th

todays trades: premarket edition

The Republicans' Dark Money-Moving Machine

Robert Reich: Free Enterprise on Trial (the system is "rigged in favor of those at the top")

King of Bain. The Song.

No, SOPA Is Not Dead Yet

Austerity ’Wrong’ Way to Fight EU Crisis: Stiglitz

Managing Up

‘National Parks’ in East Jerusalem: New tool in occupation toolkit

Defense begins its case in Mubarak trial

$422,320 for a College Degree? With Tuition Skyrocketing, It is Time to Rethink Higher Education

It is time to NATIONALIZE the schools!

Fact check: Distortions in GOP debate

Canadian housing bubble

Canadian housing bubble

UN Security Council to Examine Russian Proposal on Syria

Special sauce, lettuce, cheese.....hold the rodent, please.

U.S. Government Arranged Most Loans for Clean Energy in 2011

"I stood with Abraham" .....

Afghanistan 'will take 30 years to develop into proper democratic state'

88,000 children cut from Pa. medical assistance in last 6 months - war on the poor continues

The most glaring lie of the night

DU2 had a permanent post of useful sites

My coon kitty, Henry, seeing himself in the mirror for the first time...

Jim Hightower: US Ranks 27th in Social Justice

Stop killing your people, UN chief tells Assad


European Court Overrules Britain on Terror Detainee

(Cleric) Abu Qatada wins Jordan deportation appeal

NYT: Newt Gingrich and the Art of Racial Politics

Manufacturing in NY Region Expands Faster

Peak oil review - January 16

Gas prices may get close to $5 in some spots

Military Could Produce 7 GW of Solar, Study Finds

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama!

Gas prices may get close to $5 in some spots

Nouriel Roubini: The Straits of America

Peak oil review - January 16

MEMC Unit to Develop $4.6 Billion of Solar Plants in Japan (1000 MW)

Newt Gingrich and the Art of Racial Politics

Casino Owner’s Gingrich Gift Shreds Court’s Logic: Noah Feldman

Five (more) bodies found in cruise wreck

New analysis shows solar PV is competitive in the Middle East

University debate coach: Hard to tell difference lately between debates & Jerry Springer show

Since August, 88,000 Pennsylvania children have lost Medicaid benefits

Growing Doubts in Europe On Future of Carbon Storage

Glenn KKK Reynolds is a RACIST

GOP debate audience BOOS Romney’s Mexican heritage

UFO's -- everyone discusses WHERE they might come from. How come no one discusses WHEN ???

Areva launches solar energy storage (hydrogen fuel cell) platform in Corsica

Muhammad Ali turns 70 today, but please say it isn't so

China set to launch first caps on CO2 emissions

Dan Rather: Republicans turning against Citizens United ruling

Mike Martz to retire

Man charged with bilking $1.2 million out of seniors says they didn't need it anyway

Koch-backed group makes Solyndra ad buy

ET Solar Supplies 1.5MW Solar Modules to a Grid-Parity Project in the Netherlands

Joan Walsh: Juan Williams stands in for Obama at Fox debate

So, Newt's going to teach 'poor people' how to get a job?

I am trying to decide between a Kindle and a Nook.

Chris Hedges: Ralph Nader Is Tired of Running for President

Pentagon still can't define 'energy security,' much less achieve it

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- More republican primary action!

Company says new (solar) product could achieve grid parity with coal

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Warming

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- MLK, Money and The news

Vt. wind project is first for Forest Service

Clean the Lounge. NOW!

Robert Parry, Truthout: Turning America into Pottersville (must read - analyzes Cheney's family)

Electricity Declines 50% in U.S. as Shale Brings Natural Gas Glut: Energy

The Republican primary in one graph

Kurt Vonnegut saw this coming in 1965:

Petition Congress: Protect the Internet for Innovators!

Can We Save the Whales by Putting a Price on Them?

Happy Birthday Betty White!

Happy Birthday Betty White!

TDPS Going Viral: Bryan Fischer Asked "Why Are You Obsessed with Gay Male Sex?"

Happy Birthday Betty White!


Good Heavens! Oldest-Known Astrologer's Board Discovered

There is No Atheist Community, No Atheist Movement

Why hasn't Barack Obama closed the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay?

Ain't that America? "A black journalist booed by a white audience in a deep South state on MLK Day"

Occupy Congress: Could it be politics as unusual?

Santorum Staffer Says Women Shouldn’t Be President Because It’s Against God’s Will

25 years ago today Ronald Reagan signed a secret order permitting the covert sale of arms to Iran.

Poll: The single most vile group in the USA (no, it's neither the KKK nor Westboro Baptist)

Romney campaign plays "We Are The Champions" at Florence SC rally where he draws small, sleepy crowd

Great political cartoon from the Tulsa World newspaper

The megamart assigns MFM the job of putting on the stickers

Eugene Robinson - Reexamining the myth of no-fault capitalism

Obama to again accept nomination in football stadium

Karen Santorum: "It is very sad what gay activists have done. They vilify him, and it is so wrong."

John Nichols: The recall is the greatest popular democracy movement in Wisconsin history Read more:

With all this Fracking going on - Why no LNG Cars

So, now that winter has retreated again.

‘Occupy Congress’ protest planned as lawmakers return

-38C this morning.

LEAKED MEMO: Wall Street Lobbyist's Secret Plan To Squash The 99% Movement

PHOTO: As an infant, MiddleFingerMom's rapidly developing vocabulary stunned his family

Danny Evins, Founder of Cracker Barrel Restaurants and Homophobe, has Died

So he kind of sort of maybe might release his tax returns ... if Republicans nominate him first.

PHOTO: One of the CORNERSTONES of a healthy relationship is finding fun, shared activities.

PHOTO: Oh, GOD, this is just so WRONG.

What is with all of the blonde women married to Repukes??

New Batch Of Ron Paul Newsletters Out

Michelle Obama's Birthday today!!!Sign card.

did you know that the Dem convention will start on Labor Day, Sept 3?

I knew it, Paula DEEN using her Dx of Type II diabetes as a new cash path

'Occupy Congress' to Converge on Capitol Hill

no hero here

Did Gingrich accidentally have a good idea?

Just saw a suicidal idiot on Mopac

Sometimes the juries get it 100% right.

South Carolina’s School of Conservatism

Affordable housing for seniors.

Sometimes the jury gets it 100% wrong.

Iran's Nuclear Scientists are not being Assassinated. They are Being Murdered

Krugman: We Still Need To See Those Returns

The Question: is African football progressing?

H2 Logic provides hydrogen refueling inside the Arctic Circle

Gaddafi supporters 'tortured in prison'

Mapping My Genome, Peeking Into a Scary Future

President Obama Asks to See Betty White's Long Form Birth Certificate - No really, he did.

US Chamber of Commerce Jobs Plan Rehashes Old, Debunked Talking Points

Mending Fences - reference link from DU2

What did that guy in the audience yell while Prick Erry was defending the corpse pissers?

Poll Finds Americans Would Be Open To Third Type Of Screwdriver Head

What's it Like to be Asexual?

Amplats to test fuel-cell powered mine loco March/April

Dachshund Winterfest

When New Obama Chief of Staff Was NYU Exec, School Ceased Recognizing Union

sidewalks belong to everyone, lampposts do not

sidewalks belong to everyone, lampposts do not

Thom Hartmann: Time to bring the Robin Hood Tax to America

The Next Inquisition: Surprise, Fear and Fanaticism in Tucson's Ethnic Studies War

The world's biggest collection of digital art goes on line Thursday. And it's Latinamerican.

Wikipedia black out coming for 24 hours

Does tax code send U.S. jobs offshore?

Nancy Pelosi Steps Up: Romney's 'Not Going to be President'

"It's consistent on how everything has been handled" a soapbox moment on the Wisconsin Recall effort

Page view after jury service.

Shuffling feet: a black man's view on Schroedinger's (sic) Rapist

Why it's a bad idea to bring a knife to a gunfight

analysts: U.S. & Pakistan collaborating again on drone strikes

Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali!

Post a first name that is also a verb.

Canada: Fish Eaters Threatened by Fukushima Radiation

Here is a better way to counter Ron Paul than what is currently being done by BOTH Dems and Repubs

Sounds of the sea: Listening online to the ocean floor

Transformative Battery Technology at the National Labs

Did Romney and Santorum Profit From Medicare and Medicaid Fraud? (sure looks like it)

Where the Buck Stops By Mike Luckovich

Things I learned this past week about writing.

The amazing public turnaround of Bernice King on LGBT rights

Mitt Romney says $362,000 is 'not very much' money---Admits To Paying JUST 15% Tax Rate

Anyone here have a vitamin D deficiency?

How the dinosaurs died...

President Obama and the forgotten urban agenda

Tin Tin won the Golden Globe

Ahoy, landlubbers. Shiver me timbers, it's Captain Jack Failrow.

Wisconsin Dems. predict they will 'hit or exceed' 720k recall signatures.

Reviving from the old DU: What's the latest bird you added to your life list?

Great Walker recall news

Campaign to recall (WIS) Speaker Fitzgerald announces delivery of 123 percent of needed signatures

Israel Raises Alarm Over Sinai-Gaza Cooperation

Tornadoes in winter

Thom Hartmann: Why a waiter refused my tip in Iceland

When Breakthroughs Begin at Home

Free legal advice, and worth every penny

You know where else Ron Paul is really popular?

I'm listening to Rush (so you don't have to) and it truly is a Newt

Seriously, is it hi•RO•shi•ma or HEE•ro•SHEE•ma?

First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrates Maya Angelou at BET Honors

German Soccer Chief calls for Gays to come Out

Mitt says he pays close to 15 percent rate

Mitt Says He Pays 15% Tax Rate (TPM)

Rick Perry: Turkey Run By Islamic Terrorists, Should Be Kicked Out Of NATO

Obama Says So Long SOPA, Killing Controversial Internet Piracy Legislation

Occupy Congress National GA!

Santorum criticizes Romney for undermining voting rights

This is either a horrible photoshop or a gruesome sports injury

U.S. online piracy bill headed for major makeover

SOPA and the Green Bay Packers

Andrew Jackson

Nancy Pelosi: GOP knows Mitt Romney can’t win

Reformers Call for Pa Supreme Court Justice Melvin to Step Aside during criminal investigation

Benjamin Franklin's Drinkers Dictionary

Santorum Staffer Says Women Shouldn’t Be President Because It’s Against God’s Will

Stephen Colbert Super PAC Runs Pro-Herman Cain Ad (VIDEO)

Coastguard raged at liner captain, tape shows

Academic publishers have become the enemies of science

Scott Walkers Brown bag dinner today in New York only $2500 a plate get dessert!

Social Security Raises wiped out by Medical Co Pays

When People Ask Why I Have a Problem with Religion... (dial-up warning)

Do not open if you are offended by graphic images.

Romney Pegs His Tax Rate at 15% (ONLY 15%)!!!

US: Visit By Top Iranian To Syria Is Strongest Sign Yet That Tehran Is Aiding In Crackdown

Know any good websites that explains faery mythology?

To buy a laptop or buy a tablet; that is the question.

Operation: Endgame

Papantonio: How Republicans Packed Our Courts

Every day I marvel at how poor and middle class Republicans vote against their self-interests

The Myth of “Isolated” Iran: Following the Money in the Iran Crisis

Republican voter enthusiasm down 10 points, Democratic up 6 points

High school basketball players brutally beaten for Tebowing

Obama Will Accept Nomination at Bank of America Stadium

I am very excited about the Colbert (aka Cain) Candidacy

Found--The secret test used to identify potential Republican candidates for office:

Iran 'frightens me,' Canadian PM Harper says

US: Strong signs Iran is giving Syria weapons

Man hides 10'' gun in rectum.

TYT: Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) On Hold In The House

EPA Sees Risks to Water, Workers In New York Fracking Rules

A Progressive Victory on Israel, as Hardliners Fail to Mount Campaign Against Donna Edwards

Livestream of Wisconsin Activists delivering Recall Petitions...

Ron Paul supports the death penalty for drug offenses.........

Russia Reaffirms Opposition To Embargo On Iranian Oil Export

Wisconsin: Signatures go in today, so it's time to start REGISTERING VOTERS. Here's how.

Shit New Age Guys Say

Hamas leaders evacuating families from Syria

paceker, badgers, brewers--Hell of a year for wisconsin sports

"Dirty Politics...I expect that from Barack Obama. I don’t ever expect it from a Republican.”

New York Manufacturing Index Jumps To Nine-Month High

Exporting natural gas could boost jobs, profits — and your bills

Posted a thread in the Politics 2012 forum about Ron Paul.........

It costs ten bucks to watch MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech. Ouch.

Best of street art 2011

Ron Paul supports the death penalty for drug offenses.........

Sh*t Everybody Says to Rape Victims

"Romney & Mormons are No More a Christian Than a Muslim is"

AM 950 Radio web site going to seed?

Does mainstream media inform us? Or dumb us down?

NYT columnist: Bibi, don't attack Iran

Wikipedia Sopa protest

"In Search of Beethoven" and ClassicalTV

Costa Concordia coast guard tape: Get back on board Captain Schettino!

Please join me in a small experiment of opinion

NYTimes: Confusion and Then Anger Heard in Audio Recordings of Calls to Cruise Ship Captain

I'm just glad Jon Huntsman is out of the NFL playoffs.

What do you think of the notion of "women and children first" during a disaster?

My Netflix queue says that "Miss Representation" will be released Feb 2012.

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

Grassroots Strategy Is Key to Winning Keystone XL Fight

New Zealand Farmers push to have competitive sheep shearing as an olympic sport

Are polls overstating Romney's support in SC?

Electricity is a mystery!

Fort Worth seeks residents' input on saltwater disposal wells

The GOP Voter Fraud Fraud

How to isolate Ron Paul as a racist kook

Obama askes Betty White to release her birth certificate

Romney Downplays His $374,000 In Speaking Fees: 'Not Very Much'

Why do people get tattoos? Is it just because it's the vogue?

White House: "Crazy" Newt

OWS -Captain Ray Lewis is now being arrested...Occupy Heads To Washington On Four-Month Anniversary

Tuareg rebels attack towns in north Mali

Recovery at risk as Americans raid savings

UF researchers discover ‘green’ pesticide (methionine) effective against citrus pests

First PPP 2012 Poll - Obama +5 on Romney

walker recall signatures....1,000,000

Pinkberry co-founder arrested for "beating down" homeless man with a tire iron

"Romney Under Pressure to Prove He Was Manufactured in US" as reported by Andy Borowitz

Announcement: Raw Story to go dark on January 18 to protest SOPA/PIPA

'Meating' a solution: Research finds that LED lights extend meat shelf life, save retailers money

Wisconsin Governor’s Opponents Have 1 Million Names for Recall

SOPA vs. Wikipedia & Internet: As with gun-controllers, holding

Caption this Romney/Newt pic

Indictment for Man Accused in White House Shooting

Understanding the concept of "carried interest," or how to make a ton of money

In My Home, In the Kitchen, With a Steak Knife

Colts fire coach Jim Caldwell

OWS January17th, Washington LIVE STREAM by Timcast...

(CA) Affirmative action suit gets Brown's support

What I do NOT want to hear if the Walker recall fails

Does anyone know how to access the old Group Threads ?

How long before "President" Romney asks taxpayers to buy him a $100m yacht?

"Sweet breasted stewardesses" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include

(Bin Laden associate) Abu Qatada deportation blocked in human rights court

Kill Terrorists -- Not Jobs

Through the looking glass

Paula Deen said that her cooking show is 'for entertainment.'

Baby Linx

Nice manufactured issue some are making about the name of the stadium

Over a million signatures filed to force recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Understanding the concept of "carried interest," or how to make a ton of money

(UK) Convicted murderers lose appeal against whole-life tariffs

Spots before Eyes

Gingrich is physically & temperamentally unable to complete one full 8 hr day as a school janitor

once in a while people get my name slightly wrong

Mitt's Tricky Tax Treatment

Faster than a speeding bullet

Millionaires Back Buffett Tax If They’re Exempt

One of these bricks is not like the others

David Corn: "The Obama campaign is going to end up running against the man from Monopoly... He's

Warning: this is extremely wooly

Going against the wind—Mehoopany Wind Farm

CNN Quick Vote: Rate Obama's Job Performance

1,000,000 signatures to recall Walker.

White House: Romney’s Father Established Tradition of Tax Disclosure

How to know when your dog has done something really, really bad

Beautiful sunset

Who else here was a Walker/Kleefisch recall circulator? I was a volunteer-we are making history!

Hidden pool where fairies dwell

Sounds of the sea: Listening online to the ocean floor (BBC)

Safe is wherever momma is

Reverse Mortgages

These two were spotted recently

that damned liberal hollywood....

Authorities: Body spent five days in theater restroom

Obama holds 5 point national lead over Romney (PPP)

New Symphony of Science video release

Arizona School District Wipes Latino American History Off the Map

Why do the Republicans nominate blue bloods? (Jacksonian populism and old money oligarchy)

In 2010 Scott Walker received 1.1 million votes--over 1 million signed recall petition

Trust Women movie

United Wisconsin: Over 1,000,000 Signatures to RECALL Walker!

Google Will Change Its Home Page Tomorrow To Protest SOPA

Mexico food aid sent to crisis-hit Tarahumara Indians

Romney: Gosh, people get up early? And work? On TUESDAY?

JPM Chase Quietly Halts Suits Over Consumer Debts

Who watched icarly with Michelle Obama in it

Somalia oil exploration: Drilling begins in Puntland

"Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Socialist Worker Online - An uncertain future for Syria's revolution

A New Batch of Ron Paul Newsletters for Your Reading Horror

Clear Channel shock jocks blame gays for scrawny models...

I can't wait to hear Rachels response on her show to this STUPID ASS!!!! GOP ad mocking her

The 1% have no idea of the nature of the Occupy movement.

Proposal for Occupiers

Perry can't even win with TX repukes

Red, eye

Robert Reich To Obama: 'You Wouldn't Let Someone Rob Your Home, Then Hand You $10 To Walk Away'

What to tell your conservative friends and relatives about Romney and Bain

Teacher doesn't like texting during lecture.

British scareways: 'Crash' warning played twice at 35,000ft

Tennessee high school principal apologizes for saying black students are 'less smart'

Russ Feingold: "Today’s filing shows the overwhelming momentum to unite Wisconsin..."

CNBC: Where Investor Money Is Going: 'Under the Mattress'

OR-01: NRCC Spending Money In Special Election

Fact Checking the Fox News-WSJ debate in South Carolina

Assad sends envoys abroad seeking deal with opposition figures: report Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Give me a clue about skim milk, soy, probiotics, etc., etc.

After watching last night's performance by the proud descendants of 1860's South Carolinians ...

Virginia lawmaker: Children with disabilities are God’s punishment to women who previously had abort

I wonder what the Log Cabin republicans are doing lately...with all the gay bashing from the right?

FDR American Badass!

Teen Killed Himself on New Year's Day

Americans United Hails Supreme Court Refusal To Intervene In North Carolina Prayer Case

Romney: Gosh, this is a work day, right?

Insight: Recovery at risk as Americans raid savings

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker begs New Yorkers to protect him from out-of-state forces

Hahha.... the crying from the right about the 1 million Walker signatures is hilarious!

A book that may be too scary to read:

In the 2012 Season, Peyton Manning Will Be Playing For.....

Another edition of what's in the Main Stream Media media that our readers aren't getting

DU Album of the Day: Led Zeppelin I

More than 1 million 9 hundred thousand RECALL WALKER signatures!

Bravo Wisconsinites

Funny Book Review of wing-nut Mark Levin’s Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America

U.S. Treasury dips into pension funds to avoid debt limit

The poorest counties in America

Tony Auth nails Mitt Romney on his 'quiet rooms' comment

Build Your Own Super Pac

I know why it's "women and children first". Not to be opened by the overly, even mildly, sensitive.

How 'Radiolab' Is Changing the Sound of the Radio

For all those that think women and children SHOULD NOT be first, should women and men have an equal

Wi also recalled 4 GOP state Senators--we need only to win1 to win chamber

Happy birthday, Michelle!

Is it me, or did the pt size just get a lot more reasonable?

The Case for Treating PTSD in Veterans With Medical Marijuana

High school basketball players brutally beaten for Tebowing

Pentagon to use US vets as guinea pigs?

SOPA and PIPA Far From Dead, Despite Concerns Of White House And Changes To Bills

Chris Hedges Sues Obama Admin Over Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Approved in NDAA

I'm pretty sure Romney is the candidate Obama would like to face, not Newt.

Their dream is for a world of nonviolence

Drug war insanity north of the border too

PA Chester Upland School District Deal in the Works to Keep the Schools Open

santorum's two faces on abortion

santorum's two faces on abortion

GOP Targets Rachel Maddow

Mitt Romney: Still Dodging

Please help demodonkey, a DUer in URGENT need.

Dejavu all over again.....Recovery Drags as Americans Dip Into Savings

Secrets of the 401(k) Millionaires

a woman can't be president, santorum aide says

Wikipedia To Protest SOPA With Site Shutdown

a woman can't be president, santorum aide says

Schneiderman To Romney: Let's See Your Taxes

"Scotty Boy"

Costa Concordia captain Schettino is a coward of a scumbag - check out this transcript

in TX, there is no greater emergency than mandatory ultrasounds

Turkey furious at Perry's terrorist accusation

Some GOP primary toons (dial-up warning)

in TX, there is no greater emergency than mandatory ultrasounds

House to take up SOPA debate again next month

I am jealous and envious of Mitt Romney

Americans Fed Up with Neocon Wars?

Multicellular Life Evolves in Laboratory

rachel beer told "women can't brew"

Father of Disabled Child: Everyday I have to argue about coverage (Phil. Inquirer article)

rachel beer told, "women can't brew"

Greece Nearing Deal With Private Creditors

Ending ethnic studies and banning books in Arizona

Carnival doing safety drills in Key West Harbor

The two mooks who recently beat me out for a job just came and asked me for help

The Mane 6 react to Obama's announcement on SOPA

NY AG Eric Schneiderman Dings Romney Over Speaker Fees

My Baltic amber wasp

US frets at Cuba oil exploration

Poll: Obama Leads Romney 62-29 in Miami Area

I thought the Tea Party was fizzling out

“Boiled Alive Cat” Prepared, Served In Chinese Restaurants

Chicago Police Say Fines For Protesters Won’t Increase During NATO, G-8 Summits

you shouldnt...yadda yadda...

Legal Scholar: Jim Crow Still Exists In America

Pats 38 Ravens 17

Mobile bug

Is a Newsweek subscription worth getting?

Honduras is test of new U.S. policy on gay rights

Honduras is test of new U.S. policy on gay rights

Civil rights icon's son steps down as president of King Center

High court rejects appeals on public prayers, student speech

Leveson inquiry: Murdoch editors warn of 'chilling effect' of state regulation

In a just world people with Romney's background should be going to jail not running for president

Romney Disclosure Reignites Debate Over Carried Interest Tax

I never dreamed I would be saying my liver hurts.

Pa. US rep. says he'll retire at year's end

"Schettie, you're doing a heck of a job."

Racial discussions still important, even after Obama’s election

Australian experts link carbon dioxide emissions effects on fish brain and nervous system

Said on the TeeVee

How Wall Street took $331 million from Philly and its schools

Got one of those errors

"He's playing DIRTY, DISHONEST politics..."

Got my Obama - Biden Calendar today!!!

Sexually explicit tattoo angered Pinkberry founder, officials say

In less than 6 hours, Wikipedia goes dark for a day

Rasmussen-South Carolina: Romney 35%, Gingrich 21%, Santorum 16%, Paul 16%

Which of you jokers signed me up for the Rand Paul newsletter email?

"@Newsweek: know what's truly dumb? Giving a cover story to the TrigTruther conspiracy kook writer"

Star Trek Online MMORPG is now free.

Is Francesco Schettino destined to be Chair of the Republican National Committee?

50 Years Ago, JFK Opened Door for Federal Employees to Join Unions

Hell on Wheels....

Mitt Romney: anchor baby?

Public unions: What's the big deal?

Recall petitions delivered to Government Accountability Board

Violence. I need serious advice, please.

'Get On Board!' Coast Guard Officer Rages At Italian Cruise Ship Captain

IS DU joining in with Wiki?

The Guantánamo facility at 10: an assault on our constitutional government

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WOW! WTF?!..GOP Senator: We Need ‘Child Labor’ To Fight Obesity Epidemic

Did Abercrombie Flip-Flop on Hoopili?

What the hell was John Fox thinking.......

Democracy for America Blacks Out to Protest Corporate Internet Censorship

Syria: 20 miles from Damascus, an oasis of fragile freedom

Having trouble with the smaller size type on iPhone/iPad? This might help:

I found my Indian ancestors!

Red Sox, Jacoby Ellsbury Agree to a Deal

Labor Targets Vulnerable House Republicans Over Union-Busting Bill

the master prognosticator is the HOUSE!!!

NYPD, Feds Testing Gun-Scanning Technology, But Civil Liberties Groups Up In Arms

The Mayor of Milwaukee is on with Reverend Al. Apparently he ran against Walker for Governor?

Union targets vulnerable GOP freshmen on FAA bill

Los Angeles council ordinance requires condoms in porn films

Romney says U.S. should not negotiate with Taliban

Scott Walker responds to 1,000,000 petitions being submitted for his recall

Syrian protesters welcome Arab League monitors, warn of danger from Assad forces

Thousands attend Sopa Rinpoche's funeral; Protests reported

Opening and Closing Remarks by the President to the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness

Turkish report: Israel aiding Kurdish rebels (PKK)

Obama's speech moved to Bank of America stadium to help with fundraising from wealthy donors?

Romney General Election Vulnerabilities Laid Bare in GOP Debate

Turkish report: Israel aiding Kurdish rebels (PKK)

The IR threads finally convinced me to send my camera off to get it converted

Thrill of it All

The Last Days of Neptune in Aquarius

PPP General election Poll-Obama 49 % Romney 44 %

Fantasy time: If you could kick all the Lobbyists off of K Street

Wherein trof attends the 90th Anniversary of his Air National Guard squadron.

Be kind, I was kicked here from Lounge: Give me a clue abt skim milk, soy, probiotics