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Martin Luther King, Bet You Didn't Dream This...

Why are so few pro quarterbacks bald?

SC GOP Vacation

Fifteen arrested after EDL supporters clash with locals in east London

"Chill out, dear.": An open letter to the New Age Dude

Hunter S. Thompson's 1958 cover letter for a newspaper job

does anyone know about bobbolink?

The old Congress Failed, Support The New Type of Democrats

Listening to Stephanie Miller and drinking a Southern Tier Oak Aged Pumking...

Why is Newt being competitive?

Romney opens 21-point lead in South Carolina: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Woman who dumped dogs ticketed

It's time for Good Idea! Bad Idea!

Tea Party Official on How to Win Over Latinos: Don't Mention GOP

Who Knew? California May Have a Public Option

Here are the facts about Bain and KB Toys, much worse than 'Vulture' Capitalism

Bill Maher's Campaign Prediction: Obama Will Come Out As An Atheist

Why do people think they have to drink crappy, poisonous apple juice from China?

Bond Falls Rapids, UP MI

Happy MLK Day, y'all

If you have cable, you send $8.00 to ESPN each month.

On the Horns of a Delimma

Broncos @ Patriots Game Thread

Gutsy call by Harbaugh

Jim Hightower says organize in 2012

Two heads are better than one

Keep your cool


Cat trying to commit suicide

MFM's dog contemplates suicide

Crazy Republican Ron Paul Calls Elizabeth Warren a Socialist

Dust Devil

Glacier time-lapse images reveal 'epochal change'


Glacier time-lapse images reveal 'epochal change'

Who dat? Screw dat!


My friend has no heat

49ers!! Dat's who!!!!

San Franciso really deserved that win

We've got this 'occupy' website with up-to-date info on my company and our upcoming union contract

So is being a partner in a firm similar to being 'made' in the Mafia?

The Pentagon Attack: Problems with Theories Alternative to Large Plane Impact

There is only one explanation for the 49ers' win >>>

A commentary on the media and standards of beauty: Adobe Photoshop Makeup Parody

Geology Lesson

Re: Walker Recall

Sails in the Sunset

Facebook, Google, other sites face charges in India for insulting political, religious content

Anti-Nuclear Demonstration in Japan

If you have cable, you send $8.00 to ESPN each month.

Psycho-Talk: Liz Cheney's Knee-Jerk Anti-Obama Reaction To 'Trimming' The Military

Huge mountain/teeny climbers

More Anti-Nuclear Japanese photo journalism from my daughter

What are you reading the week of January 15, 2012?

Momma, am I still grounded?

Facebook/POLITICO poll: South Carolina users cool to tea party

What is your favourite kind of pizza? I like the Parisian one. Bechamel sauce, spinach, diced

One Nation Divided: 66% of American Now See Serious Class Conflict Between The Rich & Poor

Man worth $250 million gives unemployed woman $60 and media swoon.

How sweet it is (Pic from tonight's Walker Recall party in Eau Claire)

watching the latest o'keefe idiocy makes me wonder--wouldn't it be a good idea to have a pic of him

Okay, caption this pic of Mitty

Smile when you click on this link

*** Clear Channel is owned by Mitt Romney ***

GM deal moves Volt to China

Gingrich booed over Romney jab at Huckabee forum

49ers 36, Saints 32

I have a question about the Malicious Intruder Removal Team (MIRT)

Police ‘extremely confident’ they have culprit in California homeless slayings

Poll giving Romney 21-point lead was conducted online

Hungary far right demands exit from EU, burns flag at rally

POLL: What's next?

Rick Perry Still Doesn't Know Which Agencies He'd Eliminate

Russian Opposition Leader Detained at Kremlin Protest

Government buyout watch (w/link to list of buyouts)

OK. I bought some Samuel Adams Irish Red to honor the Patriots...

Cannapedia: a Cannabis wiki

After Receiving Bailout, GM May Move Volt Production to China

Couple blame Range for methane in water |

The only reason people dislike Tim Tebow is because he is a Christian

I'm a Bronco's fan

Teacher Retirement System of Texas using new law to withhold information

Oh fuck! A Focus on the Family commercial!

What diplomatic efforts are being made to soothe anger at urination incident?

Pepsi Finds Fungicide Traces in Tropicana OJ

Dana Loesch Responds"Progressives Felt As Though These Marines Should Be Bowing To The Taliban"

Can we toss around the idea that Congress has broken its oath by not collecting the people's revenue

Hey, crim son, where are you? Let me buy you a drink!

Anybody Read "Retirement Heist" by Ellen E. Schultz? It Will Make Your Blood Boil

Iran sends rare letter to U.S. over killed scientist

Sunday Talk Shows

America Worse Than Apartheid on Black Incarceration

Santorum may win Iowa yet, votes being recounted will know tuesday

Just watched "Fair Game" on television.

Found a cool site called Fascinating History

GO Pats!!!

It would appear...

It Shall be known from this day forward as the "Foxboro Massacre"

Looks like Jebus is busy tonight

New book draws on reality to make fictional portrayal of life in North Korea

If the Broncos lose tonight

How the bomb that didn’t go off changed the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Unity March

I might have hope for public education with principals like this.

SKorean ship sinks after explosion, 3 crewmen die

101 of the innovations Scotland gave the world

Dan Marino: "The only way that Denver can win...

Dan Marino said it best at halftime.......

If this has been posted before, my apologies. However, just in case... :-)

Well, I think that the Patriots are pretty well prepared for the playoffs....

5 musicians playing 1 guitar. Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth

Bye bye, Varitek and Wakefield....Valentine says, likely, NO!

Washington lawmakers want to free up students during the school year to work as farm hands.

Ok, you're all jinxing the Patriots...Denver will come back...

12 students exhibit symptoms similar to Tourette's

Woman acquitted of eavesdropping charges for recording cops sues city

Muslim Woman reports sexual harassment to school, reported to FBI as terrorist

Just before his assassination, President Kennedy ordered secret peace talks with Castro

ACLU sues Indy over newspaper for homeless

What is Mitt Romney's Dukakis in the Tank moment?


I don't give a Phuck if my Pats ever win another game !!!

Wow! 111! Silent Movie Screenwriter Frederica Sagor Maas has died.

What does equality mean to you? I took a water aerobics class one time. A woman

and with your spirit

Carnival Splendor and Costa Concordia are Sisters

Jesus vacationing in San Fran this week

Everything Was Going Great, 'til Jesus Made Me Fumble.

So happy were we to turn in the last of our signatures to recall Walker and Kleefisch

Weather Underground has Monday

Paterno speaks for 1st time since Penn State firing ("didn't know which way to go")

Gingrich Suggests Illegally Firing Federal Employees Over Liberal Views

Here it comes... Somebody catch it!!

Pursuing justice only in cases where it is convenient -- now that is the real scandal.

Taiwan ruling party claims victory in presidential polls

Uncle Sam Rants: Newt, Mitt and Negative Ads

Gingrich Suggests Illegally Firing Federal Employees Over Liberal Views

Imam sentenced to life in prison in JFK airport terror plot

I missed it, who won the Miss America pageant?

Parties advocate reform in weekly addresses

It looks like Hungary has their own version of Hugo Chavez

Why Might the Docs Be in a Fix?

Is Romney being innoculated?

Are schools making kids sick?

Seriously, who you rootin' for--Mitt, Newt, or Santorum?

Joel J. Tyler, Judge Who Pronounced ‘Deep Throat’ Obscene, Dies at 90

France plans to give Legion of Honor award to Myanmar opposition leader Suu Kyi

Police arrest Occupy protesters in Mission (Occupy SF climbed on Wells Fargo roof)

Batman goes metal

Didnt know where to ask this, so ill give it a go here

Weeds collected before the snow hit.

Pic Of The Moment: Victory Near, Romney Begins Push To Rally GOP Base

I'm crushing on the new DU home page. The columns are an excellent idea.


I just sent the deputy to my mom's house.

Homeless Family Housed, Thanks to their Science-Minded Daughter

Just a few thoughts about resistance

Urgent Questions Which Must Be Answered

Latin Scholars: What is the nominative plural of "Santorum"?

LMAO! My 8 year old granddaughter told me today she's starting her own religion

Is the Internet Responsible for Americans Losing Their Faith?

I think I might get into trouble if I were to make and display this sign in my yard...

Will Romney ever HAVE to release his Tax Returns?

Progress Energy customers could be on hook as insurer hesitates on $2.5B payout

Anonymous: Spread the Message. Be the Message.

‘Crunch time’ at troubled nuclear fuel plant

1944 FDR pre election celebrity radio broadcast hosted by Humphrey Bogart

Facebook Is Very Telling...

Santorum is challenging Mitt...

Anonymous. Spread the message. Be the message.

"Estimates place the number of torture survivors living in the U.S. at 500,000".

Why do men hate going to Church?

Is the breakup of the United States imminent?

How do posts make it to the Homepage here?

Jonathan Turley: Losing our liberties

BBC "Couple rescued from submerged ship Costa Concordia"

This is a message from the C of Commerce of a small Tx town which

Hecate update

Tim Burton Talks Beetlejuice 2

Al Gore: Keith Olbermann Is 'Fine' With Current, MSNBC Not Consistently Progressive

Brooklyn dad says Beyonce's security stopped him from seeing preemie twins

I forgot to mention I now have over 31,000 posts

Democrats have a larger Tent.....Here is a link to our Southern Neighbors

PBS Frontline Interviews on Women and Islam

Looking for MLK events in Austin on Monday.

"It Started in Wisconsin..." 2pm EST LIVE call-in w/ Bob McChesney - listen

Barack Obama - Religious Tolerance in America: Address at Iftar Dinner

Dissecting Occupy Wall Street-On the Edge with Max Keiser

Perry unwinds at the shooting range

cooking pork chops

Florida State defeats #3 North Carolina by 33 points

Suspect in O.C. killings of homeless men is an Iraq war veteran (serial killer of four homeless men)

Palestinian Authority Leaders Talk With Israel and Hamas

Martin Luther King's Birthday ... AND ... Robert E. Lee's Birthday (!)

Sometimes, it's sucks to have ADD

Who out there is working to make sure we keep the Senate and take back the House?

Romney Offers Praise for a Donor’s Business (for profit college with a 14% grad rate)

Boehner Faces a Restive G.O.P. and New White House Attacks

Poll needs DU love--on TN bathroom bill

Commentary: Self-Immolation and Buddhism

Of Broken clocks presidential candidates and the contusion of certain white liberals

I am afraid of commitment.

Bob McDonnell stokes VP talk in South Carolina

Nationally, redistricting looks like a draw between the parties

3rd Survivor Found on Stricken Cruise Ship

Bain's Bitter End. (Jungle Book), The Vulture Song.

I am envisioning a checkbox

Tea party planning to meddle with WI signature verification process.

Obama deserves 2 terms to have somewhere near a chance to begin to clean up

China angry at US sanctions on oil firm Zhuhai Zhenrong

In case you missed the lastest from the new repuke hero, here is a little late night fun

"Does anyone doubt that what we are witnessing is a pre-emptory counter-revolution by the 1%?"

2011 National Jewish Book Award Winners

Jewish Gallery Was Far Ahead of Times

CNN slandered "Anonymous"

Reinhold Messner Don't Care What You Think

Why does DU make my computer connect to Facebook?

Stephen Colbert's First Ad in South Carolina:

you be the judge

Sarkozy tries to limit damage after France downgrade

some candidates will tell you what you want to hear

2012 Democracy for America Training Dates Announced

Hungary: Far-right burns EU flag and demands exit from bloc

Four GOP candidates fail to make Virginia primary ballot, judge rules

MSNBC poll: Will Romney's work at Bain cost him?

A sister outsider in “Pariah”

Why Mitt Romney Will Prove To Be a Feeble Presidential Nominee

In South Carolina, a discrepancy on federal spending (LA Times)

Why not cramdowns instead of another bankster rescue?

I object! I object!! I [email protected]!

But this is the exact reason why religion should be kept out of the election . . .

American art takes the stage at the Louvre

New Frontier Strategy SC poll: Willard 32, Grinch 23, Santo 14, Paul 10..

Speculation from Italy: Capt. Sailed Costa Concordia Thru Dangerous Strait off Island Coast

Abramoff on Up with Chris Hayes

ebook version of "Organized Simplicity" currently $0! (normally $16.99)

Sunday's Doonesbury - "The National Museum of Newtisms"

if corporations are people acording to Slick Willard

Reuters/Ipsos poll: Romney opens up huge lead in SC

Koch front group AFP to unleash $6 million pre-SOTU ad campaign against Obama, starting Monday

Subsidies and the China Price

Nate Silver: One reason the Reuters/Ipsos poll may be skewed:

Subsidies and the China Price

BP CEO Dudley committed to Gulf after spill

Krugman: Bain the Betrayer

Bill Belichik just fined toothed the blueprint to destroy a Tim Tebow type offense.

China’s World Trade Compliance: Industrial Subsidies and the Impact on U.S. and World Markets

Iran OPEC government warns Arab oil producers

Help! Something is wrong w/my laptop keyboard!

The Theological Differences Behind Evangelical Unease With Romney

Error Report: "You shouldn't be seeing this..."

John Nichols: Scott Walker, Texas (money) Ranger, cashes in

Ever wonder why some people are soooo blind?

Anyone care to see where the attacks against General Motors are originating from? And why?

CBS sells another timeslot to Focus on Family during much watched football game (Patriots won 45-10)

Iran sends rare letter to U.S. over killed scientist

When Romney ran Bain Capital, his word was not his bond

Toon- The Working Poor Electronics Show

Georgia Republican sponsor of drug testing for welfare recipients gets arrested for DUI

Ready for a good laugh? Newt on MTP this morning talking about Romney

Video: The entire GOP Presidential Forum 2 from South Carolina Saturday, January 14

Putting SOPA on a shelf

My favorite conversation at work today:

Tebow prayed, Brady played

Has this already been posted?

Starbucks severs ties with "Morning Joe," show now called "Smug, Beady-Eyed Morning Douchebag"

The super PAC founded by Stephen Colbert: Mitt Romney is a Serial Killer

Obama's Nefarious Right-wing Plot Revealed!

An example of an inappropriate alert. Rejected, 6-0.

Contrary to popular belief, Romney is the most acceptable candidate to conservatives..

Want to understand the economy? Don't read the press

Axelrod: Romney misses the point

Not at all shocking: Paula Deen expected to reveal she has Type 2 diabetes

I called the rigged phone # to Repeal Obamacare.

Biggest paper in SC endorses Huntsman. Surprise, Mitt, Newt, Santorum, Paul!

Down and Out in the New Middletowns

So Romney gives woman between $50 and $60

McCain Admits Evangelicals Coalescing Around Santorum Bad For Romney

One suggestion for the NUDU

Embarrassed Oregon Town Poised to Cancel Project to Build Bus Shelters for $106,000 Each

rules against coordination between super pacs and candidates tough to enforce

Atheism under wraps in Egypt

C-SPAN Washington Journal -- "Is the United States in decline?"


Capitalism, unemployment and mass incarceration

Capitalism, unemployment and mass incarceration


Russian Space Probe to Crash to Earth Within Hours

Assad 'gives amnesty for uprising crimes'

"Stop Mitt The Ripper Before He Kills Again" (Colbert/Stewart Super Pac's New Ad)

Pakistan Taliban leader reported dead in US strike

Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler hails from Kenosha Wisconsin!

OF COURSE: Republican Sponsor of Bill Requiring Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Arrested for DUI

Jared Bernstein: Mitt Romney needs to get his facts straight

Supply-Side Hero Arthur Laffer Sued for Hyping Ponzi Scheme

Incendiary Language And The Election

Colbert on This Week (VIDEO)

Homeland Security Given Green Light to Monitor American Journalists

Here's why I loathe Timmeh Teblow...

KRUGMAN Asks: "Would you buy a used company — or a used ideology — from this guy?"

Ug- every time I turn around there is another anti-airsoft bill

Costa Concordia vs. the Rocks

How they troll election billboards in Canada

Just watched Moyers and Company with Bill Moyers. This week he is talking about the 99%.

Among the Wealthiest One Percent, Many Variations

2011 NCAA Football Rankings - Postseason

Golden States of Grace {expressions of faith in religious communities outside the mainstream.}

NYT Editorial: What They (Republicans) Don’t Want to Talk About (Income inequality. Class warfare)

LOL---David Atkins from Hullabaloo--- John 3:16

Am I this out of step?

For your Sunday sermon - The Drum Major Instinct by Martin Luther King

Offsetting Global Warming: Molecule in Earth's Atmosphere Could 'Cool the Planet'

Pssst. Republicans.....

Riot police and protestors clash in Romania

Examining claims that cells from aborted fetuses are used to make flavor enhancers/vaccines/drugs

Wis. man arrested for playing too much cowbell

Does the green helmet guy advertisment bug anyone else?

Analysis: Tax breaks on autopilot with little debate

Get me another bungy cord...

Toon- MLK the 99%er

Israel, US cancel missile defense drill/Jerusalem Post

Today I am one of the New York Giants biggest fans

Toon - Romney...

Prediction: Midgets, er, Giants go down hard.

I'm Confused: It's Okay to Kill Afghanis, But Not Okay to Urinate on the Bodies?

Could a cartoonist PLEASE do one with Airforce one w/ dog kennel strapped to roof?

The rich must have started working much harder in 1980

LAT Editorial: Hunted by the 'super PACs' - GOP candidates are feeling the heat.

FYI. If your vehicle is stuck in snow,turn off your traction control.

Scott Walker vs. Martin Luther King

Big Government? Obama Has 273,000 Fewer Federal Employees Than Reagan

Iraq court: Sunni VP must stand trial in Baghdad

Watching The McLaughlin Group...discussing Michelle Obama.

Want to See Every Tree in America?

Lighter side of protesting...

Oh WOW!!!!1 The Showtime series 'the Borgias" is Excellent!

What if they had a gender war an no one came.

Now anyone can look like a supermodel!

Who was that lame musical guest on SNL last night?

DHS to Give Talk on “Deceptive Dating Tactics” at Online Dating Conference

pope toon

paper protection: more education, better legal protections needed to prevent cases of domestic



After Supporting Health Care Mandate In 1994, Santorum Now Says He Never

Skinner: Do you know what percentage of DUers has

Lets talk FUDGE!!!!

Sucker: How Cable Companies Make You Pay For Channels You'll Never Watch

A great write up about the upcoming Mars Retrograde in Virgo.

Could Obama's “natural birth” case in GA affect at least two GOP candidates?

Flotus at BET Awards..

JOBLESS RECOVERY: "By their lights, the perfect recovery would necessarily be 100% jobless."

Colbert: 'I've just started exploring' primary bid

84 Year Old Protester: 'People say to me, "Are you crazy? Why don't you just retire?" I can't'

So Is Congress waiting Till The Last Minute again To Finish Tax Holiday and Unemployment Extention..

In Loving Memory of Rev. Dr. King

If Tebow Was A Muslim....

plants that are good for pets to eat.

Brevard man pretended to be dentist, pulled teeth out in home

'No plans' for Western military action on Syria, Iran

In Loving Memory of Rev. Dr. King

I Like You Better on Facebook

Also for each post hidden a person gets a -5 percent off the total score.

CSPAN2: Jack Abramoff on Book TV

Studies Suggest an Acetaminophen-Asthma Link

And here they are! Your Republican presidential candidates!

"Bullied by Girls and Women; One Man's Account."

A speculation about outsourcing -

cleaning up the skatepark {{pic heavy}}

Reps. Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur share many views, but are a contrast in style and records

here kitty kitty kitty, give momma a hug.

Turley in WAPO: 10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free

How fast can you go?

Ricky Gervais Reacts to Young Turks Story on Pat Robertson, God & Republicans

Can someone explain something about private equity?

What’s for the tea party not to like in Romney?

High school newspaper column sparks controversy

Four ways to relieve overcrowded prisons (CS Monitor)

I've seen Jesus referred to as Jeebus and Jeezus.

A Birthday Poem for My Wife

High-Speed Animal Flight Videos Show Hidden Aerial World

Does anyone use air fresheners?

Shiite and Sunni: What are the differences? (CS Monitor)

Almost too close to the truth to be funny ...

Stephen Colbert: "Corporations are people."

Ok I read "Killing Lincoln" by O'Reilly and I have a question.

Socialism, etc...

I made Gumbo today...

Ronald Dworkin: Religion without God.

Michigan has a quarter of the nation's for-profit charter schools. Should we care?

COLBERT PACS HEAT and Super PAC Releases First Attack Ad: 'Mitt Romney Is A Serial Killer'

Single dad trying to take back home occupied by OWS

Norway says 34-year-old Norwegian UN worker kidnapped in Yemen

2012 Democracy for America Training Dates Announced

A book that offers some insight to the pedophile controversies:

There is only one explanation for the Patriots' win >>>

What's for Dinner? ~ Sunday January 15th!

Two NJ newspapers reverse their position and now support marriage equality.

Pollution over China, Visible from Space. (From NASA)

"Corporations are not people"

Silenced musical treasures languish in Michigan vault

Last Petitions Gathered In Walker Recall Effort

Is this an example of an inappropriate alert?

The Dutch - world leaders in Islamophobia

Bernie Fine accuser admits lying about child abuse

German funds plan $2 billion Oman solar project

Five Facts And One Big Lie: A Closer Look At The Oil Lobby's Keystone XL Jobs Claims

Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline - Truthout

Biogas powers fuel cells

Silenced musical treasures languish in Michigan vault

Starting Feb 1, Texas frackers must come clean about chemical, water use

UPDATED: House Republicans Have Tried To Eliminate Up To 7.4 Million Jobs In 2011

Stephen Colbert's PAC Calls Romney a 'Serial Killer'

Interesting post in GD

Pirates! Rupert Murdoch Rails About Obama, Google and Silicon Valley

Unintended consequences of "Right-to-Work"(for LESS)

So, we're sitting around watching the Ravens and Texans playing football, when

China economy slowing

republican mentality

Liz Trotta on FOX defends Buchanan, deplores "Homosexual Lobby"

American Horror Story update...season 2***SPOILERS FROM SEASON 1*****

Perry: Urinating Marines are ‘Just Kids’

Tried unsuccessfully to post Colbert's new Attack Ad on Romney

Does anyone else get the feeling things are going to greatly change in the next decade?

Vulture Capitalist...

China, Saudi sign energy deals during Wen visit

Happy Birthday Dr. King...

State Rep. Kip Smith (Rethug) charged with DUI in Buckhead

Comprehensive Achievements of ObamaCare......

Pentagon Fires at Budget Targets That Can’t Be Hit: Peter Orszag

Harry Reid wants end to GOP's 'obstruction on steroids'

(KY) Jim Waters - Twisted Logic Leads to Loony Meth Legislation, False Claims

Animal advocates wary of euthanasia legislation (ending gas chambers, shooting instead)

On MTP: 'There is a highway into poverty ... and not even a sidewalk anymore to get out'

"If Mitt Romney thinks corporations are people...

Is America Helping Israel Kill Iranian Scientists? The View from Iran - Robt Wright, The Atlantic

Irradiated gravel used for Fukushima condominium

Space probe crashes into Pacific, Russians say

I was just going to let this go....

A question about Oregon and Washington bumper cars:

Romania calls crisis meeting to discuss growing austerity protests

CNN Contributor Dana Loesch Cheers for Urination on Corpses

Tim Tebow---Circumciser!

Sexism = "Is it God’s highest desire, that is, his biblically expressed will…to have a woman rule...

EPA Sees Risks to Water, Workers In New York Fracking Rules

Suspicions rise in Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda's death

Suspicions rise in Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda's death

NYT: Fear of Civil War Mounts in Syria as Crisis Deepens

Costa Concordia Before the Accident - Costa Cruises Promotional Video

Sold in 2009, AZ GOP now wants to buy back State Capitol buildings

Gingrich to release tax returns, challenges Romney

(NY) AG calls for legislation to curb over-prescribing

Reid: ‘The tea party is dying out’

Mayor Lee chose new supervisor largely because she’s a woman (they’re willing to talk)

India polio-free for one year.

Romney takes a hit from the Christian right

Boycotting SOPA Supporters? There’s an App for That

Jesus is Watching You..not reglious, just a clean joke...#16

U.N. chief calls on Syria to stop killings as Assad issues amnesty

Why Romney's 'dog on car roof' story makes him unfit to be president - By Lanny Davis


Is that part of the Presidents job description?..

Egypt's transition to democracy grows more messy

This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids

Just a tad bit heated...

Thank GOD America Won the Iraq War!

Just got Bill Mahar's New New Rules. Ordered it for my Kindle and within 5 minutes it was there

17-year-old holding fake gun during robbery shot dead by Jacksonville police

My new hobby.

RNC Bullshit on President Obama's "Failed Promises" - more Big Lies debunked

LAT: U.S., Israel postpone military exercise amid tension with Iran

New group request: Feminism & Diversity

Ecuador leader enjoys high rating 5 years into rule

Global growth "smoothly" downshifting

There is no effing way Beyonce would get away with this at my Hospital

Foreclosure company starts its own 'newspapers' to run foreclosure notices

Freeper "Gator113" is NOT impressed with "alter" boy Rick Santorum. Rather, it's "GO NEWT GO"

Venezuela: Consulate officials in US threatened

Venezuela: Consulate officials in US threatened

If Romney gives Santorum his VP nom... it'll be a Man-on-Dog-on-Roof ticket in 2012.

Al Zabadany 15-1-2012

What about [font color="color" size="size" face="face"]Text[/font] ?

School prayer bill also introduced

21st Century ‘Yellow Peril?’

Newt Gingrich And GOP Candidates Court Florida's Latinos, Gingrich Wants 'To Create A Cuban Spring'

DVR alert.....Monday Jan on Fox...

Newt Gingrich And GOP Candidates Court Florida's Latinos, Gingrich Wants 'To Create A Cuban Spring'

Does anyone know which city this is???

A weird question about Gilbert Godfried ... former high school teacher ?

Phobos-Grunt: Failed probe 'falls over Pacific' (BBC)

Indiana creation science and school prayer bills

A hello to our newly added hosts!

Looking to understand Eric Cantor's district.

Was this a compliment?

Flori-duh: Bank Foreclosing on O.J. Simpson’s House But Can’t Find Him!

Project Pours Water into Volcano to Make Power

OMFG! Rick Perry said WHAT?

It appears that I'm now a Lounge Host.

Rupert Murdoch Attacks Google, Obama In Pro-SOPA Twitter Rant

Infomercial : "and this amazing coat comes in 3 colors"

Newt has an anti-Romney ad running here that actually concerns me a little for the general election

Bill's New Rules for Jan. 13, 2012


Finally getting around to putting away the Christmas ornaments

Who are you wearing?

I just was flipping through the channels...

The GOP left their fingerprints all over this one

Check my new Avatar in support of H20 Man.

Golden Globe Celebrities Will Dine On Gold As 50 Million Americans Face 'Food Insecurity'

My new Avatar in support of H20 Man's hunger strike beginning tomorrow.

Iran Warns Gulf States Not To Make Up Oil Shortfall

14-year-old girl dies after being injected with heroin by 26-year-old man

Newt: Seamus Story Paints a “Picture” of Mitt

Syria on the Verge of Civil War

Rahm's Rent-A-Preacher and Rent-A-Protest exposed, even to elected state officials

Republican Sponsor Of Bill To Require Drug Testing For Georgia Welfare Recipients Arrested For DUI

Stray dogs in the crosshairs in Harrisburg

Gordon Ramsey is in town this week.

Anti-Whaling Song Part 3

Co-worker "concerned she appeared pregnant one day & appeared to not be pregnant two days later"

WOOT!!!!!!!!! I got My FACE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eleven year-old Barack, traveling with his grandmother on a sightseeing tour of the West...

"Well, that's what they said about Ronald Reagan as well, that, you know, he was unelectable."

Is it a Jersey ..... or maybe a Holstein?

Removing old furniture veneer

So apparently the "c" word is acceptable now on DU.